Hi everyone,

This is one noble thing you can do for Merdeka 51 – sign or if you have signed, then get your friends, colleagues, lovers, family to sign the BENAR memorandum – for a free and truthful media.

Haven’t we all been shouting about how all the government controlled media have been sodomising us big time. Even if they are under the government’s payroll, what we can hope for is some truthfulness.

Is this too much to ask for? 

BENAR needs your contribution. The memo will be submitted to national leaders on 31 August (Independence day) and state leaders on 16 September (Magic day).

There’s also a Bahasa Malaysia version @ Lucia Lai’s and here. You may display the logo (up there) on your blogs as well.

Please try your best to help the organisers BENAR, Centre for Independent Journalism and Writers Alliance for Media Independence get the numbers they deserve.

Right now the numbers are not encouraging. So, please go sign that memo and do Malaysia a favour.


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  1. penganalisis politik says:

    I do like mainstream media reveal us the truthful news. But if you look in several prospectives, sometimes media mainstream do need to be control to prevent public disorder and riots from occurring in the country.

  2. matt says:

    They say the truth will always prevail,beleive me we have seen it with the likes of eric chia.zakaria megat junid and many more with their miserable deaths.p/s signing petition

  3. chris chong says:

    hey, i did go down to dataran merdeka to join the peace walk for the press freedom few months ago. too bad it was cancelled.

    btw, signed.

  4. Kenny Gan says:

    Frankly, what is the point of submitting to corrupt national leaders? Even 100,000 signatures won’t make any difference. It is an exercise in futility because we have national leaders who couldn’t care a sh*t over public opinion. As for state leaders, they are not in control of the media.

    Harris’ petition to the DYMM Agung to block the appointment of a tainted Chief Justice and appoint a clean person is more important to sign. This is where we have the possibility of making a real difference. The petition can be signed at:


    If you haven’t yet, please do.

  5. lucia says:

    ever heard of the adage a little drop of water makes the mighty ocean? you might think it will not make any difference but eventually it will… maybe not now but it doesn’t matter. what matter is trying to do it… the so called ‘planting of the seed’. we plant the seed now. we may not see the fruits now, doesn’t matter but who knows in years to come the seed might bear fruits.

    yes i know our leaders are corrupt but that doesn’t mean we stop appealing to them. sometimes they do listen. sometimes because of the rakyat’s power – protest, petition, etc – some acts or policies are changed or amended. so please do not discourage others to sign this memo for media freedom.

    oh, i wouldn’t place my hope high on the king at all.

    all petitions are important in their own way. please don’t run down ours while promoting haris’.

    the walk was not canceled at all. all along we had made it clear it is a ‘two by two’ walk… yes in the morning before the talk, there was the walk from dataran to the press club. then after the talk a group of them (including rocky) did walk from the press club to dataran.

  6. Ahjajal says:

    Why must it be on MERDEKA DAY I am going to boycoff this day. Nothing will work with corrupted BN Parliamentarians. They dont care for us only their pockets and bank account. Just concentrate on PP by election and show those
    murderers greedy corrupt BN jokers the way out.

  7. shaydflin says:

    The time is near to the end for all of you who have been initiating hatred forum focusing on Malay people.

    This is one of the blogs which has been the cause for the racial tension among Malays and other Malaysian which is beginning to haunt you back.

    And for the man who is really at fault with himself, a gay.

  8. SitOnThis says:

    “FOR FREEDOM & JUSTICE.” I would gladly gave my LIFE if need to.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. wits0 says:

    Shaydflin, you do exhibit the true psyche of that infernally primitive umnoputraism and its signature toxin of fascisitic decadence. That’s why you always get the third finger wherever and whenever you appear in decent blogs comment section.

  10. Menyalak-er says:

    Not only the third wits0, he/she/shim is amongst the best (or worst, depending one’s view) amongst the palat-ed and fulat-ed cybertroopers they can muster at us benign non mahatir-ed/dopey-ed/SIaL-ed/naji-ed/lumpio-ed…
    We may be very pooly educated but this beruk’s got an i.q./e,q. of say <20, but hey, he graduated with a PHead somewhere in this universe… or so it thought. No point talking about a genus so far ‘behind’ us. Cheers.