There is a rumour that a warrant of arrest has been issued to Anwar Ibrahim in his house in Segambut. But the KL police chief has denied it. He was said to have been arrested on Monday, but some rumours say it is this Friday.

Don’t believe me? Reporters are all waiting in anticipation outside Anwar’s house in Segambut.

Others rumour that it may be on Aug 8, Anwar’s birthday? Wow. What a great way to say “Happy Birthday”. And Anwar would have a great time celebrating, too, and increasing his share value in the market of mindless political trading.

If he gets arrested before the mother of all by-elections – Permatang Pauh, it would certainly help add more spice to Anwar’s election campaign. More sympathy votes for Anwar.  Even fence sitters would shift. Human beings have an inborn soft spot for the underdog, you know.

Who knows, maybe Pak Lah feels that Anwar has to win this time? How else to keep his restless but subdued looking deputy,Najib Tun Razak, on his toes?

According to M(alay) STAR, it is Anwar who tried to pre-empt his arrest by informing the police that he is willing to “meet the police” to answer any querries regarding those sodomy allegations against him. (Thanks to commentator ShahJehan for the heads-up).

Anwar’s lawyer, Saiful Izham Ramli said a letter was sent to the IGP so that Anwar can be informed of his “arrest”, unlike the ambush that happened on 16 July. A surprise arrest, while he was on the way to the police station to give his statement on the allegations. He was supposed to make it on time for the police deadline, but alas.

“Anwar can go to the police station himself, no need to sent a team of police sporting balaclavas and leather jackets anymore,” said Saiful (not the alleged sodomised victim).

Anwar is currently out on police bail last 17 July, after he spent a night in the jail, and would have to report back to the KL Police HQ on 18 August.

If they do not arrest him by then, can we safely say they have nothing on him?


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  1. bennyloh says:

    Malaysian madness-Still on Butt’s rage


  2. kittykat46 says:

    I think this particular report is a rumour.

    Of course, its only a matter of time before Anwar is charged with Soto-mee 2, given the obvious determination by Bedol and Botak to proceed.

  3. Fortified City says:

    A wrong move politically now will cost BN great loss to its hold on power.

    Bye bye BN!

  4. My Dear Sloone,

    Check out the below link and do give me a call once u read the article. I miss you dear.

    With Love,
    Shahjehan KPS
    Bukit Mertajam

  5. NorHaslim says:

    Pure rumour..
    with the intentions to smear another scandal to favour the Anwar’s camp.
    Cheap way of buying attention if you ask me.

  6. Only those no balls will instruct arrest anwar.
    If really the HKL medical report leaked to DSAI and shows no sodomy take place, why still no news from PKR?

    Check out


    What is going on now?

    Sintana Penang

  7. Philip Lau says:

    Hi Susan,

    I doubt the rumour is true. Without doubt, I am positive PM Abdullan knows that Anwar is going to win this Bye-Election with a huge majority inspiteof BM/UMNO buy votes. as alleged. Please note that not all VOTERS are fools.

    2. They are are determined by hook or crook to see that Anwar is NOT elected. If Anwar is NOT elected, the Malaysians will be very sad. But this is very unlikely.

    3. Even if Anwar is elected as a MP to replace his beloved wife, it will ONLY the begining of PROBLEMS for Anwar. UMNO I forsee by hook or crook will see that Anwar will NOT become the NEXT PM, because Najib is THE OBSTACLE. He will do unusual things to see he will be the NEXT PM as promised by PM Abdullah.

  8. Stars says:

    Very possible. Anwar`s birthday on Aug 8. That is friday and target date. 3 days to go.

  9. Love Malaysia says:

    Dear Sloone,

    Sorry, you are either wrong or misunderstood.

    1) You’ve mistaken warrant of arrest with invitation.

    2) Anwar is invited to a function in Bukit Aman & it’s not an arrest.

    3) No lock-up, questioning or even detention. Instead, there’ll be abundance of food, drinks & guys.

    4) Anwar have yet to RSVP regardinf his attendance.

    5) The purpose of this invitation is to invite Anwar for a casual chit-chat. It’s alos seen as BN’s way to throw a party for Anwar. That’s why only males are invited & they’ll all take off their pants & bent over for anwar to do the drilling

  10. Futureman says:

    All who has defended DSAI on the latest sodomy allegations. Please hold your horses and consider the probability of the below.

    There have been hints on and of in regards to the possible evidence in regards to the sodomy allegations. Syed Hamid – Home minister also hinted when he said that the medical report is one of the evidences that the police have. Have you all heard about what is a handphone with a camera is? Now days even school kids carry one around. Why is Saiful so confident and also the police. If he indeed was send as a mole, then he would have done a video or audio recording of the alleged sodomy incidents. Look this also happen in Lingam’s case. The police must have got this idea from the Lingam’s case. The police and not saying what evidences they have but are very confident this time around. Special Brach personnel are highly trained and Saiful would have gone thru some training before he was send in as a mole. That part of his girlfriend is all rubbish. He is a gay and that is why the SB chooses him.

    If this audio or video is leaked one day before the PP voting day, all will be lost for PR and DSAI. The BN with the help of the police have done there homework this time around. The police will not arrest him before the elections as, DSAI will look the victim. It may be far fetch but you never know. See the confidences in the BN and the police. They do not need a medical report. You will not find tear marks in a practicing homosexual. Tear marks in his arse will be is if DSAI screwed Saiful’s virgin arse.

    I am not saying DSAI is wrong and Saiful is right but consider the above with an open mind. There have been a lot of hints and SMS in regards to the Audio/Video recordings.

    I hope all who have a stake for DSAI to win the elections go into damage control mode incase the above is true.

  11. Ever wonder if what’s claimed to be inserted into the arse
    Turns out to be really nothing at all but a total made-up farce
    Will there still be any trumped-up charge that will hold fast
    With all sorts of sick gimmicks that can only virtually last

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 050808
    Tue. 5th Aug. 2008.

  12. Stars says:

    KUALA LUMPUR: Umno Deputy President Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has refused to comment about an Anti-Corruption Agency report against him and party president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    “I do not know about any report or anything about it,” he said when asked about the report.

    Earlier, Umno veteran Datuk Mazlan Harun had lodged an ACA report on the two leaders for alleged abuse of power.

  13. chris chong says:

    they have spent too much in producing sodomy 2. they will not pull the break.

    the climate ending can be anytime from now.

  14. ANg Kong says:

    it’s still not too late to discuss once the warrant is released for real. To talk abt a hypothetical scenario now adds very little to the situation.


  15. Fortified City says:

    BN politicians are well known among the Americans as bribers says one report.
    To offer bribes or receive bribes is equally an illegal act.Your hands are too dirty to serve Malaysians as MPs.

    With Anwar’s case, Malaysia will go down even more, if BN mps bribe to twist the true story. We hope President Bush will stand for true justice and by the way he isn’t that stupid to not know what is happening in Malaysia actually.
    He can’t ignore it either.

  16. Abdul says:

    The Straits Times Singapore has this rumour as well.

  17. kplee says:

    If it was really an invitation to chit chat or whatever it is, Anwar must beware. They may do something to what he eat or drink or for that matter the air he breathe. Desperate people will do desperate things u know.
    One more thing our DPM claimed that he have not seen any report against him. But he knows there is a sodomy report on DSAI. imm….Practicing selective memory la like our mamak kutty.

  18. UMNO D.U says:

    Dear S,

    Caught between a rock and a hard place.

    I’ve also heard rumors regarding this explosive evidence which actually might not stand up in the court of law (the same court of law that you and a lot of your readers seem to disbelieve wholeheartedly), but will sway the public opinion against Anwar.

    Whatever it is, without a solid piece of evidence, no arrest would be forthcoming, unless they are on a kamikaze mission (which we seriously doubt).


  19. UMNO D.U says:

    Oh btw,

    kplee, read sarcasm.


  20. My Love Sloones,

    Check this article:

    Wartawan, penyokong Anwar panik
    Jimadie Shah Othman | Aug 5, 08 6:51pm
    Kumpulan wartawan dan penyokong Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim yang berada dekat rumahnya hari ini panik – bukan kerana kehadiran pasukan polis yang diura-ura bakal menangkapnya, tetapi gara-gara sebuah van Poslaju hampir terbalik depan pintu pagar rumah itu.

    Kejadian itu menyebabkan beberapa wartawan dan petugas PKR yang berada di situ bergegas menahan van tersebut daripada terbalik sewaktu memberikan laluan kepada sebuah kereta yang melalui jalan sempit depan rumahnya di Bukit Segambut.

    Kejadian kira-kira jam 4 petang itu dipercayai akibat jalan masuk ke rumah Anwar agak tinggi sehingga ia hilang keseimbangan dan tayar belakang sebelah kirinya terangkat.

    Sewaktu kejadian, pemandu van itu sedang menunggu seorang lagi kakitangan Poslaju menyerahkan bungkusan di rumah penasihat PKR.

    Sehingga jam 4.30 petang, kira-kira 30 wartawan dan jurugambar mula berkumpul di luar rumah Anwar.

    Kumpulan ini mula menuju ke situ bermula jam 2.30 petang lagi apabila tiba-tiba muncul desas-desus terbaru di kalangan pegawai pentadbiran dan pemimpin PKR bahawa Anwar mungkin ditahan.

    Desas-desus itu muncul selepas polis diura-urakan telah mengeluarkan arahan menangkapnya.

    Kebimbangan Anwar ditangkap menghantui PKR sejak munculnya laporan polis terhadapnya berhubung dakwaan meliwat pada 28 Jun lalu.

    Ketua polis Kuala Lumpur Datuk Muhammad Sabtu Osman bagaimanapun dilaporkan menafikan mengeluarkan arahan tersebut.

    Beberapa pemimpin utama parti dilihat mula memasuki kediaman ketua mereka itu bermula jam 3 petang, antaranya Zuraida Kamaruddin (ketua Wanita PKR), serta beberapa ahli Majlis Pimpinan Tertinggi seperti Khalid Jaafar, Dr Xavier Jayakumar dan Latheefa Koya.

    Turut kelihatan memasuki rumah tokoh pembangkang itu, S Manikavasagam (ahli parlimen Kapar) dan Amirudin Shaari (Adun Batu Caves).

    Anwar, ahli keluarganya dan naib presiden PKR Sivarasa Rasiah dipercayai berada lebih awal di dalam rumah.

    Penasihat PKR dijadual menyampaikan satu ceramah di Bentong, Pahang malam ini.

    Khamis lalu, PKR meramalkan Anwar akan ditahan dalam “tempoh 48 jam” berhubung kes dakwaan meliwat bekas pembantunya Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan bagi menghalangnya bertanding dalam pilihanraya kecil Permatang Pauh.

  21. wandererAUS says:

    The police have no concrete evidence on him that is the reason, Umno is trying desperately, to pass the bill in Parliament……on compulsory extraction of DNA from serious criminals. They need to plant something in the ‘valuable saiful’s ar*ehole’ Professional photographers keen to make some handsome bucks on the valuable ar*ehole?

  22. machitam says:

    what saifool should do is show his damn arse live on tv. the narration can be done by Auntie Pet…place and time? contact agendadaily. then there can be live
    audiences. only invitees can be present. venue? auditorium DB lah mcm biasa..

    No DNA…..No arrest… that is the missing link!

  23. Pengundi Senyap says:

    6/8/08 is SPR to announce for by-election date.
    Nomination day is 18/8/08–the date which DSAI to report to KL Police and will be keep in Police station for 2 weeks.
    The election date is 23/8/08 (7 days champaigning period)
    Then where is DSAI??

    In KL Police station? or ……….
    Let guest whats next……

  24. MelaysiaScrewedUp says:

    Hello, my butt is pain …. can someone pls help me, i wanna to see Mr Najip for help …. Plss.plsss. 🙂

    There is no case at all !! That is why they have been struggled to produce the polis report and so on ….

  25. machitam says:

    ooi good man, yang you refer itu bukan malays! itu umnobodos lah

    i forgot to mention this MO….using race and religion as a target or subject of provocation..

    another agent provocateur it’s seems!!??

  26. Menyalak-er says:

    Fellas, my own sources tell me that this is really going down.
    It has nothing to do with whether they can win this court case or not.
    They are desperate, and don’t give 2 hoots to what others think.
    There is talk that N-name is canceling his scheduled trips these 1-2 weeks, so that his vindictive Mdm. Lumpiolus can see for it/herself the take-down.
    Yes, by end of the week – so be prepared.
    We do hope that good sense will prevail, but who says those clowns have any sense at all.
    Not so cheery.

  27. KittyHawak says:

    Fortified City, the country’s reputation has gone down the shit hole long ago during the Mamak Kutty’s time. Now part II is being orchestrated bring more
    shame and disgrace.

    Do you thinks that G.Bush will be interested in this shit hole land? The little oil
    will evaporate in another 10 years or so and Bush would not want to waste
    money here. Bush know that if he digs, they will be no oil but he will find shit
    and plenty of it!

  28. KittyHawak says:

    Good Man could be a BN provocater!

  29. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46: “Good Man could be a BN provocater!”
    Exactly, the viral pattern is a very old one.

  30. MelaysiaScrewedUp says:

    No doubt ….. that “Good Man” is an BN ass licking dog …
    hey … There is nobody is stupid and lazy in this world ….. everyone came to this world with a brain, 2 eyes, 2 hands and 2legs fair and square. How ever in BN … not the case ……:-)

  31. machitam says:


    Thank You,

    menyalak-er, go to the site poited by Abdul……most PKR leaders were at DSAI house at 3 pm today, including Lawyer Sivarasa. No impending arrest.

    I think the police were laughing to the floor or playing hide and seek. beware this good man, he’d used racial & religious slurr. This MO was long gone.
    This is year 2008… and there still people playing with racial overtones.

  32. Police Insider says:

    Miss Sloone

    Yes it is confirmed that he has been arrested on charges of sodomising Saiful in Kota Kinabalu. He is now been driven in a Black Police MPV to the Subang International Airport. From there he will be flown on a special police plane to Kota Kinabalu to be formally arrested and charged. Tomoroow morning he will be produced in the Kota Kinabalu magistrate court and granted bail. It will be to late for him to fly to Penang to file his nomination papers. BN candidate will will be default. The BN government has decided it will risk international and local condemation for depriving DSAI a chane to contest the by-elections. This risk they have calculated and can handle it as they will be still it power. If DSAI is not arrested then all will be lost. this is the calculated risk that they have decided , when UMNO had their last supreme concil meeting. The argument was what the west has done after Mugabe spite on their faces. This is not going to happen here because the west has a interest in a stable Malaysia. The raw materials Malaysia produce i.e palm oil , rubber , tin, bauxite , coal ,oil , gas , cocoa, coffee and etc. The west willmake alot of noise but only bark but will not bite. It does not want to destablize a moderate mulsim country or the whole region wil be radicalized if the act againg the BN government.

    It is all a power play for money and power and nothing else. Nobody is fighting for justice.

    DSAI wil face atough time in Kota Kinabalu and the crowd will be hostile against him. The people of Saba are still angry with him for arranging defections of PBS state assembly members and the fall of the Christian chief minister. I suspect harm will befall on him and that is what the BN government wants to happen.

  33. saade naal says:

    ooii good man..why u so like that aahhh..
    im sure saifool had constipation becoz u were stuck in his ass..
    now that u managed to crawl out of his ass…u talk shit…

    baruaaa la lu…
    i advise all here to ignore this load of crap..(pun definitely intended)
    p/s good shit man u can always crawl up my ass…the environment down there suits yr lifestyle…

  34. Menyalak-er says:

    Tq, machitam, abdul.
    Slight miscom.; notice i said end of the week? Notice the 1-2 weeks thingy?
    There is still elbow room btw, there’re some good guys left who’re fighting tooth and nail agst. the plotters (make a guess). The wrangling is at the very upper rarified regions, and we’re not privy to that.
    I sincerely hope for a judicious outcome, as all do.
    This fella ‘good man’ kinda sad species ain’t he?

  35. AJ says:

    Good Man,

    Dont make such cheap shots via cyberspace when you know there is no one around you that will bash your head the moment you get into diatrabe of such racist crap remarks!

    I bet all Chinese or Indians reading your comments would agree that what you wrote were uncalled for and nothing but hinges on pure, hard-rock hatred of the Malays.

    Unless perhaps, you want to share with us your once upon a time nightmare of some Malay goons sodomised your arse real bad that your ill perception of the race became permanent!

    I am a Malay..and I love the peace loving, fair and just Chinese and Indians in Malaysia…

    You’re not such a good man after all, c**t!

  36. Good Man says:

    Go screw yourselves the good for nothing opposition chinese and Indians. Go and commit incest at home.

  37. telur dua says:

    This Govt and their lackeys are so inhumane, cruel and vicious. Hell is the only place fit for them.

  38. cinta Malaysia says:

    The BN government not only sodomizing Anwar with fabricated conspiracy but also the rakyat of Malaysia.
    Today the price of crude oil has dropped to USD 116.40 per barrel(see online price).
    Is the BN government still subsidizing the at rm.30 cents per liter or actually making a profit from the Malaysian public?

    I believe that the price subsidy was based on USD126 per barrel.

    We are to wait till September to get the new pricing for our petrol.The BN government would have a field day for one month to fleece the Malaysian public without subsidy.The Malaysian public may actually be subsidizing the BN Government!

  39. People Power says:

    It the rumours is true, this will be another OWN GOAL for BeeNed govt!!!

  40. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    Let us not get racial nor discriminative. We definitely respect your right to voice your opinion…….without contravening the Constitution. The opposition comprises of all races inclusive Malays, Chinese, Indians & Others.

    The best thing that can happen in Malaysia is democratic competition of a two party system; a thing which was never dreamt of by umnoputras/bn ( and people like Goodman ) who are sore losers; greedy,corrupt, racist, discriminative, selfish and want the whole economic cake for themselves, “blind” to accept the actual interpretation of the Concstitution.

    Yes, we the opposition (not only Chinese & Indians, but, all races) are definitely “GOING TO SCREW” THE UMNOPUTRAS/BN ( including Goodman) OUT OF GOMEN ASAP!!

    Then, the umnoputras/bn could taste a bit of their own “treatment” on the RAKYAT!!!


    God Bless DSAI, Dr Osman, RPK, all rational Malaysians.


    Ravindran Kunjan

  41. machitam says:

    cinta malaysia,

    Altantuya case – core and miscelaneous expenses RM45M
    So do mee 2 – allocated budget – 30M, used up – 37M
    Permatang Pauh – allocation – 35M, forcast expenditure may reach 50M

    Total allocation = RM45 + RM30 + RM35 =RM110M(internal Loan)
    Expenses paid = RM45 + RM37 = RM82M
    Balance = 110 – 82 = RM28M
    need another = 50 – 28 = RM22 on top of that for P. Pauh
    just a small amount only, what is that, chap chap..tokam oops..suei

    with crude oil price at this level, Goverment make tons of money. they say for the future of our children. rakyat must “faham”. kita tak boleh “buang” duit sesuka hati. rakyat kena berjimat, guna public transport. scorpene sub, sukhov jet, helicopter, missiles, C4 oops…(c4 boleh buat dalam negeri tak? guna minyak sawit bleh?)

  42. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    The PULICE will arrest DSAI a day before and let him out on bail a day after compulsary filing for the by election

    What can he do about it?


    Cry? Sue?

    Balawi will say that the police are doing their job. I don’t know. I just woke up and took some juice my wife make.

    Balawi will say that there are more important things than DSAI… i.e like how to plant a bitter gourd! His wife Jin will then appear on national TV to show all and sundry to reduce to lifestyle… a new lifestyle.

    Park Lah

  43. sabahan says:

    ooi goodman

    You have no business writing such racist comment. Don’t even call your self a malaysian. You have brought shame upon yourself and your ancestor.

    I am a chinese sabahan.

  44. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    Some disgression here…

    Malays are Lazy?

    I have a Malay clerk who works harder than the Chinese boss! She comes to office at 7.30 am and goes back at 5.30pm. The BIG boss in Singapore goes back at 3.30 pm and talk a lot of kock and bull. Take all the profits and give minute raise. Ask for the moon and give only rainwater for salary.

    I also have a Chinese accountant who can count!

    Park Lah.

  45. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    Park … I mean .. a chinese accountant who CAN’T count!

  46. matt says:

    Maybe saifool had a camera hidden in his ass but there were no takers hence the constipation problem he had.Maybe they made a mistake and planted it too deep hence no images LOL.

  47. Ahila says:

    LIke what my fellow brother Ravindran says…..we are together in this country, like it or not…we have to stick together to fight for justice. We are already on the path now, Pakatan is all in all. United ..we will be beat the bias lords of BN/UMNO gov.
    May God Bless The Good Malaysian and Bring the Ignorant to the Righteous path of Pakatan Rakyat.
    It a sure WIN in Permatang Pauh.

  48. Menyalak-er says:

    Hey Khairy, hahaha… you got Korean ancestors arr? What’s with the park?
    Tq, ravindran, matt & ahila, needed some perking up, otherwise bleak, well lets get it on!

  49. Hahaha says:

    Hey Goodman;
    Your racial slur especially towards my Malay brothers is most uncalled for and should be strongly repulsed. Your intention to chose this topic I suspect, is to create hatred among the different races. I respect your right to speak but, you must be aware, the sensitivity of your opinions. Maybe you will fare better in Tkemoc blog, he will embrace you with open arms. I give you the benefit of my doubt, of your intention and spare you my unkind words.

  50. matrix says:


    As much as i respect your freedom to express your views impartially or biasly, but if u wish to establish your self as one creditable blogger, i find you tend to stretch your imagination to far most of the time.

    Would like to read your more objective expression of views, if you can, or else will have to kiss you blog sayornana!

  51. wandererAUS says:


    You are doing fine. If anyone find you going overboard with your opinions, that is his business. He has a freedom of choice and depart from your blog. I say to him, areverdeci my friend, have a happy journey!

  52. telur dua says:

    Phark Lah, Said Hameed, Rice Yatim, Kerismudin, Mukris, Gunny Patael and Musang Hasang dll please repent now. Allah is watching you.

  53. Kapitan says:

    Good-man you must the ‘Joker’ !!!! Anyway in the end you will meet up with Bad-man, I mean Bat-man….hehehehe

  54. wits0 says:

    I have known Susan’s Blog since it had around 36K hits and I’ve stayed. It is just about unbiased as a Blog could be. I don’t waste time with *&#@! blogs.

  55. Menyalak-er says:

    Err…, i’m dense, what is that matrix fella jawing about; impartially or biasly? kiss sayonana? is that Jap? or related to nanah… i don’t get it
    Susan have you been naughty? Getting pple tied up in knots…

  56. BN will try their utmost to put Anwar behind bars so as to prevent him holding any cerama for his forthcoming by-election. But will BN be so stupid as to carry out such an action?

    Not all BN ministers are that stupid, I bet you. They will have to analise the entire scenario so as not to create any political unrest. BN has all to lose and nothing to gain. The entire world has put a focus on the political scene and by putting him in jail will further destroy the credibility of the government.

    BN should accept defeat and listen to the voices of the citizens of Malaysia who will decide whom they want to run our down-trodden country. The numerous cases brought up lately on corruption, etc. has further eroded the trust of Malaysians on the present government. 50 years of corruption is definitely enough. That is why I say “Enough is Enough” That’s what it is.

    Either Malaysia sink with BN rule or change for “hopefully” for the better with a total change of government

    I sincerely hope that the people of PP will come to their senses and vote wisely for a change even though it will be damn difficult to correct all the wrongs which were done over the past 50 years. Thanks to BIG M.


  57. chaptokam says:

    good man (18:39:13) :

    Good Man (20:34:11) :

    Which one is the original and which one is the imposter ?? hahaha

  58. chaptokam says:


    kiss sayonana? is that Jap? or related to nanah… i don’t get it

    Kiss sayonara , not sayonana , yeh its jap , means kiss your blog goodbye !

    Should tell the joker omangko siri anata , bagario .

  59. cinta Malaysia says:

    The Malaysian Police is no longer interested to enforce the law but rather has become an arm of a corrupted Government to perpetuate its grip on power to plunder a country!

    Only in Malaysia that police can send innocents to jail through fabrication of evidence or simply through the use of ISA or emergency ordinance.

    Only in Malaysia that police can defy Magistrates order.

    Only in Malaysia that police are themselves crooks and drug peddlers e,g the million ringgit worth of drugs stolen from the Johore Police Station.

    Only in Malaysia that police works with the drug lords ,prostitution gangs and robbers.

    Only in Malaysia that police can delete immigration records.

    Only in Malaysia that police rape girls in the police station.

    Only in Malaysia that police can murder foreigner with a c4 grenade.

    Only in Malaysia that police and Attorney General prefer criminal charges to those who provide evidence.

  60. dunnoalso says:

    good man
    why do u have so much hatred for the malays?
    Why do u generalise so extremely?
    the best ….exist in all races. Unfortunately the reverse is also true.
    Maybe u r blind in yr heart & in yr mind.
    U need help badly….u r a poor excuse of a human being.
    Repent….or u will burn in hell…or earlier on this god’s earth.
    Or …maybe u dont believe in religion? but only hatred?

  61. CTW says:

    Human rights and responsibility always go together. There is no human right if there is no responsibility and there is no responsibility if there is no human right. There is such a thing called hate-crime towards other races which must be kept in check, otherwise it is a betrayal of freedom and liberty. I hope Susan could moderate the blog.

  62. jungle guerilla says:

    If Anwar goes to jail for nothing, there will be a guerrilla war in Bolehland.

    Wow! sloone will spear the rakyat against the lawless/ruthless/illegitimate police thugs, ha ha ha…

  63. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    Dear all,

    I think we should just ignore “good man” – this man is only good at stirring sh1t. Probably one of ’em planted here to create trouble and distract attention.


  64. wits0 says:

    CTW: “..There is such a thing called hate-crime towards other races which must be kept in check, otherwise it is a betrayal of freedom and liberty. I hope Susan could moderate the blog…”

    It has always been but then, tell it to the umnoputras and the Jln. Riong publications, especially the Malay medium ones. They have always have had the special license to promote such. That’s the duplicitous ways which must go! So it seems that under this sort of circumstances, the unorganised sort of hate speeches are far less dangerous than organised fascist ones from the System which constantly occurs and for ages. We know who is promoting such all along!

  65. wits0 says:

    “Good man”, sounds like another low grade cybertrooper.

  66. […] Anwar going to jail? (update) There is a rumour that a warrant of arrest has been issued to Anwar Ibrahim in his house in Segambut. But the KL police […] […]

  67. Mo rub says:

    Syed Hamid: Conversion to Islam forum not a good idea

    PUTRAJAYA (Aug 5, 2008) : Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said today it is not a good idea to hold a forum on conversion to Islam as it can create misunderstanding and tension among the society.

  68. SkyHawk1982 says:

    Good Man,

    Your blatant racial slur on the Malays is uncalled for. No one race
    by color or creed is superior to another. If your perceptions are refined,
    then what you wrote would not have come out of your mind. In actual
    fact, the Malay customs and etiquette are something remarkable you
    will not find in developed countries. Some of what you have said maybe
    true to an extend but it is not the overall picture.

    What you have mentioned about the UMNOPUTERA, Government and
    Badawi is true to every word. They are the main cause for the Malays to
    be lazy by feeding them from cradle to grave. If only the Malays would
    have been left to stand on their own with a little assistance from the Govt.
    the other races, they too would have produced some results. When one
    particular race denies economic and business opportunities to the other
    races, the Govt. intervenes and feeds the Malays but this was overdone
    by the UMNOPUTRAS. They used this situation for self interest, illegal gains
    corruption, greed and power craze. I can go on but I wonder if you can

  69. gasser says:

    “Anwar going to Jail. PM and DPM free” :

    ACA report: What’ll happen to PM, DPM?
    Aug 6, 08 9:11am
    Let us all guess what is going to happen to the PM and DPM.- will the ACA will find ‘no evidence’ and case be closed?

  70. badman says:

    Good Man (20:34:11) :

    Go screw yourselves the good for nothing opposition chinese and Indians. Go and commit incest at home. place and time..lets see who superior?? talk is cheap

  71. daffy says:

    When the mouse laughs at the cat, there’s a hole nearby.
    — Nigerian Proverb

  72. LimDokSa says:

    If Saiful used a camera, then it’s was a setup. Then it’s no more an assualt but two willing parties….so both will be charged?

    Another possibility….those who conspire (incl the courts) say Anwar is guilty…..then Anwar produce a doctor’s report certifying that he was suffering from ED even before the time he was accused of sodomy! How to “dongkrak” Saifool ass when Anwar can’t even achieve an erection..!! (Oredy 60 yrs old and with back problem against a young strong man….not easy lah!! Some at 55 yrs or even younger oredy struggling..!!)

    Guess everyones jaw will drop….!!and the proceeding has to be ajourn again…? Police will say they need to investigate further……. (amend the report to include the word “VIAGRA”?). Susah lah…..

    Mr Anwar, sorry no hard feelings….

  73. daffy says:

    Guess everyones jaw will drop….!! – LimDokSa

    Badawi`s pants also.

  74. wits0 says:

    Daffy, “Badawi`s pants also.”

    It already happened whilst much earlier it was just on fire.
    We’re just seeing the replay of “fulats”. Someone please
    give him a sarong each time the emperor has no pants!

  75. good man says:

    All you Malays , Chinese , Indians who support PR, go home and screw your own arses or better still go and screw you dogs,cats, cows or your family.That is all you all are good for. When things go bad blame BN but when things are good praise BN. OOOiiii lalang , I think all you all need is roundup and so you all are no more. Screwed brains.

    Face the fact DSAI is a homesexual. How can he survive in prison for 6 years without sex in a all male prison. screw his fellow Immates or get screw by them in the arse.

  76. Bronze Wall says:

    Can a corrupt throne(rule) be allied with God
    one that brings on misery by its decrees?
    Psalmist (Singer’s) Version.

  77. plunge says:

    Imam Badawi knows all.

  78. plunge says:

    Imam Hamid Albar also knows all:

    Syed Hamid: Conversion forum not a good idea

  79. Menayalak-er says:

    Dear “good man”,
    Have already done all those things you suggested, now we want to screw you…
    After all we are like dsai, hope you can accomodate us all in one go? Yeah, we also screw at home – i.e. homEsexual!

  80. SkyHawk says:

    Malaysia is Malay land and you all Chinese and Indians should be thankfull to be in this country. If you were in India or China you all be be in the villages and working in the padi fields.

    Consider yourselves lucky that the Malays in Malaysia let you all stay in Malaysia. Do not insult , blame or be ungreatfull to thr Malays or we all will gang together and send you all back to China and India including “good man”

  81. Police Insider says:

    Beware of Susan Loone. She is a government informer who is paid to feed misinformation.

  82. Ping says:

    If you were in India or China you all be be in the villages and working in the padi fields. – SkyHawk

    But but the malays should be greatful to the non-malays for taking the weeds out of the padi fields and put them in front of desks in air con offices.
    Malays are ungrateful. The more you give the more they want.

  83. Putera Kinabalu says:

    Aiya….penulis blog ni pun kaki penipu besar macam anwar juga. Bahalol betul…anwar ditangkap ketika dalam perjalanan ke rumahnya dari putera jaya, buka ditangkap dalam perjalanan ke balai polis lah bodoh. Manusi putar belit macam penulis ni perlu di liwat baru sedar dan insaf.

    Hah….anwar ditangkap dan di jail……? elok lah tu….sumabt ja malaun seorang ni ke dalam penjara….kecik2 tak nak mampus….dah besar menyusahkan rakyat….sedap nak sendirri-sendiri…bila susah dibawanya rakyat susah sekali…elok lah peram melaun ni kat penjara…baru aman sikit negara ni….sebok mengurus hal buntut dia ja…..banyak hal lain lagi yang penting nak diurus oleh kita. Sibuk nak jadi PM, hal buntut tak terurus…berangan nak jadi PM……mampus mati berangan lah melaun sekor ni….


  84. Menayalak-er says:

    Opps goodman I forgot to mention I also have screwed my malay neighbours – mothers , sisters, daughters , sons , fathers , and their livestock.

  85. Putera Kinabalu says:


  86. Menayalak-er says:

    Oh yeah, my friend chaptokam, no lah, sayonana… This word comes from somewhere in between Dante Aligheri’s “Divne Comedy”, between ‘Inferno and Purgarasio’. But thanks for the thought.
    BTW, i love all Malaysians, despite their ‘bitchiness’ irrespective of race, religion or creed.

  87. Send me Good man IP address if you have it.

    ……..I will check him out if he is worthy of my attention. Could be the usual cawangan jobless rempit youth who ampun bodek to be taken for a free meal!!

    make no mistake Mat Kilau will take them down if it is a Big Wig place…..

  88. machitam says:


    The racist and the agent provocateurs are swarming this place!!!! what is going on? what’s happening to the “racist” blogs?

    i despise racism. karazcic, KKK, Nazi, S. Africa Apartheid etc. discussion with these people will lead to nowhere and a feeling of dissatisfactions and prejudice will be blown up. it will negates our goals of living in harmony in a malaysian malaysia.

    No point participate in this racist slurring…

    Susan Loone, i hope you can step in to moderate.

  89. Edi神 says:

    THere are 2 saying about this…

    either Anwar want to be arrested or He try avoid being arrested by contesting in this by-election.

    Love goes on.

    Time fly!

  90. Menayalak-er says:

    Hey thanks Menyalak-er (10:55), copycating names are the mother of all FUBARs.

  91. wits0 says:

    Not to worry, Menyalak-er (10:55) is doomed for banning. 😀

  92. Menyalak-er says:

    Ah, machitam, wits0, the depths of which we have fallen to… maybe its partially our fault too – racism without end, which the bumno guys are perpetuating. And we let them over 2 effing generations!
    Hahaha, the problem is they have no idea what’s this is about!

  93. wits0 says:

    Not of much concern, Menyalak-er, ’em detractors are of very poor quality. But of course, sometimes they send in the “best of the best”, only to get whuped as well. They give more hits for Susan directly and indirectly. 😉

  94. Commonsense says:

    All you bloggers out there, just don’t respond to racist comments. There are obviously some people out there just wanting to have a laugh over the angry reactions that they are intending to cause. Just use your common sense. It is just not worth reacting to these racist comments. Don’t give them that satisfaction.

  95. chaptokam says:

    Detractors are of poor quality , ya they have not yet engage in a full scale , its only us , but we are not part of them as what we are made out to be . We are lone birds flying in a flock of different species . Species that sees others with suspicions . The best of the best are not here yet . The flotilla haven’t arrived , there’s no need for it .

  96. hailtheking says:

    what is anwar’s next move? that’s the question

  97. FugDemAll2Hell says:

    Chaptokam asked:
    good man (18:39:13) :
    Good Man (20:34:11) :
    Which one is the original and which one is the imposter ?? hahaha

    Answer: Here’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so G.. help us all. 😉 wink, wink.

    These are two different persons but they work in the same office. They were once unemployed graduates but filthy-rich ECRO decided to help these jobless graduates by hiring them to act as cybertroopers. Their job is to visit various blogs that are critical of ECRO, and leave provocative and offensive messages in order to create dissension and make trouble. They also try to hack into these websites and take them down. Malaysia Today appeared to have been a victim recently when it was obviously hacked into and became unavailable for a short time.

    Wondering what is ECRO?

    ECRO (see, it rhymes with scarecrow) stands for Evil Corrupt Racist Organization. It’s an organization which is rich beyond anybody’s dream having acquired massive wealth through a variety of nefarious schemes plus robber-baron style strong-arm tactics, all from a deeply entrenched culture of unbridled rapacious greed.

  98. james chua says:


    We can talk all day long, at the end of the day, Anwar will need all the help he can get. Is there a fund set up to assist Anwar? If there is, please publish it so that we can help too. Anwar is going to need the best legal and forensics team to get him out of this. And all Malaysians with any conscience owe Anwar such support.

  99. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// Soon they will get Anwar once the DNA Act becomes law and Anwar can no longer refuse to hand over his specimen. Then, once they have obtained Anwar’s specimen, the Chemistry Department will be able to ‘discover’ it on Saiful’s underwear. Then they will be able to arrest and charge Anwar. And, who knows, they might even be able to convict him as well. /// – from Malaysia-Today

    This looks ominous. But not all is lost. I suggest you let Anwar know that once the DNA Act is passed and he is compelled to give his sample, tell Anwar to give the police, instead of blood or semen sample, 30 strains of his hair. And make that public hairs, instead of pubic hair, otherwise they will turn around and say, aha, how come there are pubic hairs in Saifool’s A-hole.

    P/S – 25 hairs are sufficient to do a DNA profiling, but let’s be generous and give them 30 hairs.

  100. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// Menayalak-er (11:41:00) :

    Hey thanks Menyalak-er (10:55), copycating names are the mother of all FUBARs. ///

    Menayalak-er and those who have been “cloned” – maybe you want to go to the link below and get your own gravatar – that way it is not so easy to impersonate you.

  101. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha, friend theWrathofGrapes, u’r the man!
    Yes no haploid cells, just diploid. We’ll be able to differentiate…
    Anyway, i prefer it in N-names and Mdm. Dottie Lumpiolus nether os!

  102. Vijay Kumar says:


    Is there any truth on the leaked HKL reports…..other than a few blogs the silence is deafening,

    According to this report, HKL doctors pricked by guilty conscience leaked the report to Ampang Assemblywoman Zuraida Kamaruddin.

    YB Zuraida Kamaruddin, Ahli Parlimen Ampang telah mendapat tahu isi laporan yang dikeluarkan oleh HBKL yang menyatakan bahawa tidak ada unsur-unsur liwat oleh Anwar Ibrahim keatas Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

    Hospital Kuala Lumpur hari ini telah mengeluarkan laporan di mana Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim tidak terlibat dalam kes meliwat Saiful. Laporan ini telah di bocorkan oleh salah seorang pegawai di hospital berkenaan dan Pejabat Parti Keadilan telah menerima laporan tersebut pada tenghari tadi.

    Ternyata Dato Seri Anwar tidak bersalah dan pihak kerajaan cuba untuk mereka cerita demi kepentingan politik mereka. Sejurus menerima laporan tersebut ketua wanita keadilan Puan Zuraida Kamaruddin telah menghadiahkan sejambak bunga bagi mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada pihak hospital berkenaan kerana tulus, jujur dan amanah.

    10 Jambak bunga yang di hadiahkan sebenarnya ada motif yang tersirat.Bunga yang di hadiahkan YB Zuraida adalah untuk menyampaikan mesej bahawa pihak Parti Keadilan sudah mengetahui mengenai laporan perubatan tersebut. Pihak Hospital agak terkejut kerana laporan yang asal itu telah di bocorkan.

    Menurut sumber sejurus laporan perubatan rasmi telah di keluarkan ternyata DSAI tidak bersalah namun Pihak Kerajaan berusaha untuk menukar fakta dengan menyuruh Pihak Hospital untuk menukar kembali laporan tersebut. Namun malang ianya sudah terlambat. Salah seorang pegawai di hospital berkenaan sudah tidak mahu terlibat serta bersubahat untuk melakukan jenayah tersebut. Walau selicik mana sekalipun jika pekara itu benar walau di sorokkan tetap akan timbul kebenarannya.

  103. SameSame says:

    I think this good-man fella and policeinsider…is one and same. Why do we have to tolerate people like this fello..

    Aiyoo…stay out of here if you can’t contribute a worthy piece…

  104. SameSame says:

    So tomorrow we can expect bad crawl and stand still in KL!!! Worst I stay close to Jln Duta courts!!! ….

    Anwar is being charged for the crime he didnt do…and the poeple who have done wrong things are scott free…HOW SO UMNO-BN AH??!!

    Altantuya will never get justice as people who suppose to uphold it are screwing it big time!

  105. oversee says:


    the first good man is not the same as the second good man

    be careful the real writer

  106. George says:

    Referring to SkyHawk (10:35:20) posting…

    guess he lived in a cage sometime ago… and like to sodomise his mum, dad, grandiii…sons and daughters… and always play his didi whenever he is free or bored… 50 years long, he has produced a school of excellent sodomisers and lead their way in the cage…

    shame…on u… engkau akan kena balasan…

  107. George says:

    btw, the story is not yet finished here… so 1 day, he and his sodomi gang walk out of the cage and to explore new arsers…

    They r shocked and quietly run back to their cage and never found again! why???

    The reason was their didi was over exercised and cannot be straight and full erect…or simply too tiny and short… compare with the didi in the free world…hahaha…

  108. ST Ettiene says:

    i think the EC can create a victory for BN in Permatang… think of it – they have only 1 location to concentrate on this time. If they can fix up the Polis/Judicial – i am sure they’ll do a job at this location.

    99% certain it will happen this time & there’s nothing the little people can do abt it.

  109. mal says:

    Dont understand what our govenment is doing. Obviously doesnt make sense anymore. One day before, there was proof from a doctor that there was no sodomy and the next day the govenment charge Anwar for sodomy. Our govenment has turned into a personal and private investigator. What about so many other sodomy cases of ordinary people (non political). The government should also charge those people who sodomise each other and those adults who sodomise non-consenting parties like the children. Our court would be pack with sodomy cases this year.Its dog business and monkey business now.Where is sex education the govenment has been talking about years ago. It didnt happen. Is our Education Min sleeping or busy sodomising the rnation’s wealth to satisfy their pleasure of personal wealth.Its time the government look into legal rights of homosexual citizens.The time will come we cant run away although we wish to even the developed countries has to face with this realities of life.BN people, come down from your laurel and go around places of ordinary people to see and understand how they live and the sufferings instead of confining in limousines hotels conferences and live in fantasies and being carried away.Be realistic and down to earth. Now too late for BN to do that as most of them have tasted honey.ONly the Opposition can save this country and let the citizens live an enriching lives. Make no sense. How can our citizens be having a hard time making ends meet when our country is so rich in resources and plentiful and yet we middle income earners cannot cope with 2 jobs (husband & wife working and yet had to work 2nd income each).Where has our wealth gone to. The resources and wealth of the country should be enjoyed by all and by each and every citizen.Government should cut down on our citizens burden eg taxes, rates, tolls, petrol,cars price all the necessities of the ordinary people but instead the Govenment made us pay more each year.How to live now with cost of living so high?.Nation so rich but people getting poorer and life getting freaking tougher. The people dont buy this crap business of BN.Save our people and our country from being “raped” and “sodomised”.

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