I believe some of those in Anwar Ibrahim’s party can be overzealous at times. They go all out to protect their “supreme” leader, at whatever cost. But then, it should not be at the expense of innocent parties.

These people can be quite annoying. I experienced it myself at the party’s headquarters in Petaling Jaya. They can be quite rude. They do not know that a little manners can get them quite far.

At a time when the party needs all the support it can get, we hear stories of violence against photograhers?

Embarassing, and only legitimises Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar’s claim that we need more police in Permatang Pauh. See earlier post.

On Sunday night, Guang Ming Daily Loh Hoay Hoon, 25, was allegedly kicked, choked and hit on the head by a group of PKR security personnel. She was allegedly assaulted by a group of men who tailed her at the carpark after a ceramah by PKR supreme leader Anwar Ibrahim in Seberang Jaya, Penang (Malaysiakini).

But PKR is saying that the men who allegedly assaulted Loh was not from the PKR camp. Like I said earlier, could this be ‘agent provocateurs” at work already in Permatang Pauh?

PKR’s Tian Chua has issued a statement saying that the party regrets and condemns the incident.

That the party has investigated the matter and found that the man who allegedly assaulted Loh was not a member of the Security Squad. The party’s Chief Security, Mazlan Mohd Zaid, confirmed the matter.

Tian Chua said that it was probably planned by ‘certain’ parties to create chaos in a gathering which saw about 30,000 participants; and that the party was willing to assist the police invstigation in locating this ‘mystery man’.

He furthered said that it was unlikely that it was the party’s men who did it, as they had always welcomed the press, to cover their events.

PKR was committed to a peaceful and will ensure the safety of the people, particularly, the press, so that the incident will not repeat.

Party president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has contacted Loh, and assured her that the incident would not happen again.

I do not know if by now, Loh has accepted the apologies. She has lodged a police report and the Malaysian Association of Chinese Photographers is planning to boycott PKR’s campaign. Seems like these incidents have been repeatedly happening?

MCPA deeply regrets that PKR’s top leadership has failed to look into their shortcomings and allowed similar acts of violence to be perpetuated. This is highly unprofessional,” said the statement.

PKR really has to buck up and be more vigilant when it comes to things like this. All eyes are on Permatang Pauh and their ‘supreme leader’.

Extra care must be taken to protect the people who are attending those PKR events, not Anwar Ibrahim.

As any opportunity to show PKR as a violent party is on the top agenda of those who do not wish to see Anwar become MP of Permatang Pauh.


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  1. george says:

    PKR must top up their security to protect rakyat while attending to their ceramah or talk… it no an excuse that there are any agent provocateurs at work already in Permatang Pauh…

    Keep up with your good image and with god blessing… DSAI should win this by-election by a good majority…

  2. jonathan says:

    Call a spade a spade and a thug a thug, a goon a goon. Please don’t find excuses for such thuggery. The more you try to explain yourself, you are doing exactly what we are being treated to right now. Admit, confess, apologise, compensate and kick out these goons…better still lock them up. Read Fists of Furies on my blog… Haven’t they learnt from the way they appointed the Coffee Boy and how it turned out. Hey you fellows, still so relaxed and sloppy are you in appointing those to safeguard members of the ‘inner sanctum’ and their ’emperor’ himself?

  3. Wong Chee Kong says:

    Nowadays nobody in Malaysia can be trusted. How can anyone trust anyone if the very top leaders, the judiciary, the police, etc etc cannot be trusted with the atrocious things that they say and do?

    Therefore I take it with a pinch of salt over the alleged (and I use the word “alleged”) assault on the photographer. For all we know the photographer was not telling the whole truth or she was someone planted there to create this incident; or the PKR person who was alleged to be rough on her did not really do the things that he did or he was actually someone BN planted to do such things; and so on and so forth.

    This is Malaysia. Everything PUN BOLEH.

    The only thing that I truly believe are all the blatant Mat Rempit attacks that have been going on and which the MSM have not been reporting.

    And the other things that I truly believe are all the blatant abuses of power and authority squandering the rakyat’s tax contributions every minute and second of the day. Yet all these go unreported by the MSM.

    And I also believe that day-in and day-out there are rampant cases of rape, incest and sodomy but the authorities do not attend to these with the urgencies that they show in the sodomy case of ONE SINGLE person. Yet the MSM don’t report a damn about this situation.

    The list goes on. I’m T-I-R-E-D!!

  4. penganalisis politik says:

    Sloone, they are overzealous at most of the times. The protest in the stadium, now its the attacking to the female reporter. What’s next then?

    Yet some of us expect the oppositions to top up their security to protect the rakyat? Its pathetic. Even innocent parties become their victim since the previous incidents, how do we want to expect for secure from them? Its the same that some of us throw the blame towards the police if they are deployed to the election venue. Now this is double standard.

  5. not PKR follower says:

    “Loh said this was not the first time PKR security personnel were rude with photographers.

    “Previously when we covered Anwar in July at the same place, the photographers were badly treated.”
    – the Star

    “PKR state secretary Abdul Malek Abul Kassim expressed regret over the behaviour of the official, adding that stern action would be taken by the party to prevent a recurrence.

    Most party officials who act as guards were PKR members and not trained professionals, he added.”
    – source from the Malaysian Bar

    Anwar’s “bodyguard” gotta have some training first on how to communicate and not just talking using their fist and strength.

  6. KNB says:

    And yes, they will shamelessly point their (dirty) fingers to DSAI’s supporters for the ‘unwanted violence’. Yeay!

  7. loris says:

    From the pictures in M’kini, the guy in a sleeveless t-shirt with a green cap can be seen choking the photgrapher.

  8. 2 cents says:

    wong chee kong (15:36:21) :

    tat makes two of us..
    i like to request that we all boycott the MSM..nothing good comes out of them anyway, so wat for waste money..let’s all start a nationwide boycott..starting with NST, the Star etc..etc..

    so tired too..

  9. nur says:

    PKR security people should wear uniform like the PAS Unit Amal people. That way we can differentiate a real thug from the security people.

  10. machitam says:

    agent provocateurs !
    has always been the modus operandi of BN, umnobodos goverment. mahathaik is the pioneer of this MO. His guru is Mugabe or vis a vis.

    – using swat team to arrest DSAI,
    provoke PR supporters resist arrest, to go to the street. and they will say PR rioting.

    – planted SB’s in peaceful street demo,
    SB’s will kick, shop’s doors, burn garbage bins, throw stones or molotov cocktail to reflect that it was not a peaceful demo but a riot

    – spray “acid” water cannons and smoke bombs at a peaceful rally/gatherings so to provoke retaliations. later arrest the leaders and followers and charge them under ISA or even charge them for murders.

    – and the journalist/photograper things a good example of projectings that PR/PKR supporters are “hooligans” or gangsters to instil fear on the voters and gave bad image to PR. The said photographer had said that she knew the man and he had assaulted her before. I believed that this is one of the “agent provocateur “. MO: while another partner photographer standingby, ignore instruction not to come near, force aggressively her way thru human barrier though been stopped and snapshot/videotape the required scene.

    the so do mee things, it’s a killing two birds with one stones. don’t you think so?

    any tom, dick and harry can interprete them and many others ways you can think off. as simple as ABC..

  11. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    100% korek!Korek!Korek! agent provocateurs at work…. SB! BTN! Tiga Line! Umnoputeras/bn disguised rascals…….ID them and publish their faces for all to see!

    Hidup DSAI! Reormasi!Reformasi!Reformasi!

    God Bless Malaysia for Malaysians.

    Ravindran Kunjan

  12. Hitam Had says:

    I wonder if the photograph is of any help to the police if the perpetrator is indeed an “agent provocateur” from the BN. The police would probably either need to invest in or invent some high tech equipment to positively identify him, which may not happen any time soon.

    Since the police have not arrested him already and paraded him for all to see, I would speculate that there is a high probability that the PKR is not involved.


  13. sklee says:

    I tend to agree with you that this may be the work of agent provocaters.On the hand, based on personal experience, it can be said that some of the PKR people can be too overzealous.I can remember an incidence very clearly.There was this open- house in Cherok Tokun to celebrate Hari Raya Puasa then.I was among a crowd when Anwar made his appearance.As I was walking towards him to wish him, I was rudely blocked by a few overzealous supporter.Anwar saw the incidence and walked over to shake my hand.

  14. Jsss says:

    The BN/UMNO devils may create problem during the election day. DSAI & PKR supporters should take extra caution.

    Hidup PKR!

  15. paochingtian says:

    2 Cents,

    Yes 2 cents we RAKYAT agreed with you to boycott MSM, the Star, NST, etc, etc are all like to do evil because they are also running dogs of BN/Umno. We, will never expect them to do good for RAKYAT. The soars loser, umno goons started to plant saboteurs to create fears to RAKYAT. We, RAKYAT should not fears and we wanted to CHANGE GOVERNMENTfor the better future. CHANGE WE BELIEVE IN AND WE MUST CHANGE NO MATTER HAPPENS!!! SEND ALL THOSE BN/UMNO GOONS TO HELL FOREVER!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, IT’S NOW OR NEVER!!!

  16. so what if mcpa boikott the press, they boikott they’ll lose to “english” paper full coverage with anwar pictures ….. at the end chinese MSM will rugi only….

  17. moonriver says:

    I dunno. The full details of the incident is somewhat blurr. What happened before the lady got assaulted, nobody says. Why was she ‘tailed’?? This is a crucial time for DSAI and Pakatan Rakyat, and for Malaysia as a whole. Overzealousness in protecting DSAI, in preventing any possible untoward incidents happenning to DSAI, should be forgiven I think. This is Boleh land remember? Who knows some desperado is out there aiming to do harm. So security personnel for DSAI have to be (as they should be) extra careful.

  18. ah Long says:

    I am also tired….if PKR security stuffed up then admit to it. Don’t simply try and blame the other party. After all isn’t PKR suppose to be better than the other bloke?

    Learn from your mistakes, a simple apology will do wonders for your reputation and win the people’s hearts and respect.

  19. Remember that BN always have power and money…
    Not surprise if it is going all out to make Anwar a loser…
    So Pakatan Rakyat please do not be over confidence…

  20. ANg Kong says:

    so now they take laws into their hands..?? *shaking head*

    I hope they will look into their security arrangements ASAP. We dont need another gangster leader.

  21. peace brother says:

    Just haul up the big guy with the green cap to make an apology to the photographer will do. Big man bully an woman, what type of man is this, I mean does he has no brain or otak udang. Stupid

  22. kplee says:

    I have not seen the incident. Not fair to comment. But BEWARE. They maybe a plot by the ruling party to disgrace PKR. Hope that PKR officials are on their toes to keep track of all the ruling party supporters on goings. WE need all the rakyat help too to ensure a peaceful and fair election. U bet there will be people with vested interest from the ruling party to try sabotage the PKR voters. I am sure PAS, PR, and DAP will have the necessary means to counter these.
    These blokes have all the power and money in the world.

  23. kosmoa says:

    if these bunch of lowlife are let loose without control,PKR image would be dented n tarnished to a rather significant extent n of course that includes me n my friends!!it would be no difference from umno who are exhibiting the traits of a coward going after the weaks,get to the bottom of the entire issue,get rid of these thugs n require these goons to FO!!PKR, the manner how u are going to handle n resolve the concerned issue would be vital,not jus for the sake of permatang pauh re-election,it would be long term.

  24. wandererAUS says:

    I hope, this uncalled and unjustified behavior of PKR goons be quickly corrected and the those responsible sacked. A good image of the party is most vital, we must stay above these low class Umno thugs.

  25. gorshan says:

    this can be a great public relation coup if either DSAI or Wan Azizah go down personally to meet this reporter and say sorry. a leader that knows how to say sorry will greatly endears themselves to the rakyat and this will translate to more votes. PKR guys should now go all out to identify these thugs that assaulted the photographer and prove that these thugs are either their men or not and if their men then just say sorry or else kiss public sympathy goodbye.

    got balls or not to carry out this little challenge , PKR?

  26. jojo says:

    For goodness sake…this is where PR have to be very carteful. Whether of not this was an outsider or not, all this justly will badly reflect PR. This is important. This must not happen again. The ruling party is just waiting for even the smallest boo boo to take place. PR must be take heed…Good reminder for PR not to get too big headed now or in the future.

  27. The photographer only shoots with the harmless camera
    Let not others be rude and shoot with their foul loud mouths
    And be cruelly crude by brutal use and abuse of arms and legs
    May we all be spared from those who suffer from such mouth, hand and foot diseases

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 050808
    Tue. 5th Aug. 2008.

  28. kosmoa says:

    PKR,beware,these sort of incidents n behaviours…including the one that happened at kelana jaya are going to drag u down as a party with a babaric cultures…these thugs n beasts could be driving away a lot of ‘supporters to be’!don’t count only on quantity,quality is much more vital to convince malaysian that u could be part of good governance!

  29. tony says:

    what’s wrong with all those pkr members and their supporter? they try to justify their actions by blaming goons and whatever excuses they can think of, people who are manhandle and punch deserves it, and the guy who report sodomy is wrong too………..sighed………………

  30. TAI CHOON TOI says:

    You are right that the guy could easily be Agent Provocateur. Look at his hair cut which is more like the SOH-GEH-YANS, without Uniform of course. Norally these sort creatures troublemakers wear caps to cover themselves from full recognition… just like Lingam did when he was with Judge Chin in NZ remember that photo.

  31. People Power says:

    Just a very simple question -Who will benefited from this Incident?!

    Ask Malaysian Association of Chinese Photographers who is planning to boycott PKR’s campaign NOT TO FALL INTO THE BeeNed Govt TRAP!

  32. Jed Yoong says:

    more BN tricks
    never change one…

  33. Fair says:

    Please look at the photos closely. There are a number of people in PKR uniforms, a guy in a black shirt, and there’s the thug in a singlet and cap.

    The uniformed people are most probably PKR’s security personnel, and the guy in the black shirt is probably a higher-ranked personnel. You can see that these trying to stop the thug and trying to break up the scuffle.

    As for the thug, who knows his identity? He’s clearly the odd one out. He’s either an agent provocateur, or a hot-headed ordinary citizen or Anwar supporter.

    PKR reps are making visits to Guang Ming’s Penang and KL offices to apologize and clear up the issue even when the identity of the thug is yet to be known.

    The problem is… no one really looks at the photos in detail. All these negative perceptions are formed. And BN are capitalizing on it.

  34. Kapitan says:


    PKR . shoudn’t apologize so readily. Anwar’s bodyguards are doing their job.
    It seemed they cannot be more cautious. Attempts to assassinate Anwar might be in the card to stop this PP election.
    Close-range weapon can be concealed or contraped as the”‘Press’s” camera.
    Did anyone check her camera?

  35. fomca says:

    loony susan, agent provocateurs my foot. please do not make up excuses for anwar and his gang. how would you like to be manhandled by thugs?

  36. chaptokam says:

    What Agent Provocateur ? Are we all so easily duped ?? We are all supposed to be able to think for ourselves whether this is right or wrong and the poor girl gets beaten up and we blame or insinuate that its the work of Agent Provocateur , just because somebody says so ??? OMG what sort of people are we ?

    If its Agent Provocateur its so easy to establish that . The photo of him is there . Don’t assume . Haul him up , parade him . Everyone should know whether the punk is their guy or not their guy . Whats so difficult !

    Jed Yoong (22:34:48) :

    more BN tricks
    never change one…

    getting this statement from a blooger like you , leaves much to be said . It shows thru your personality and character . Just put yourself jed in that girl’s shoes and someone makes the same comment as you did !!

  37. My2cen says:

    I think PKR is careless and got some ex-UMNO thugs to be bodyguards. I saw them ‘protecting’ Khalid Ibrahim at the Kelana Jaya stadium, and boy, they were extremely overzeolous in carrying their job!! There were 10-15 of them surrounding Khalid, and kept pushing people away as Khalid made his way into the crowd. Come on-lah, if there’s a sniper, he will stil get shot ok. Wear a bullet-proof vest lah, more effective. These guys got no training at all. At least watch tv-lah. You can see how bodyguards are supposed to act and behave in any of these Hollywood movies. First, wear smart suit and sunglasses. Stand at the boss’ side and rear, with more guards at the different corners to monitor the area. That’s all you need to do. No need to shove people around unless someone actually grab your boss!

  38. maxtor says:

    Melampau betul mereka ni. Dah laa perempuan, agak2 la. Kalau betul pun tak suka media arus perdana, pakai lah otak tu, tak payah la sampai pukul, cuba orang pukul kakak ko, marah tak? Kenapa buat perangai macam orang dah takda otak, ni lah jadinya kalau dah taksub sangat dengan Anwar, otak pun hilang entah kemana. Sampai tak boleh berfikir. Lepas tu bila dah jadi macam ni, taknak mengaku pulak, cakap bukan orang diorang. Apa benda ni? Semua pun buat perangai Anwar, menuduh sana sini. Tahniah, ini lah budaya yang dibawa Anwar, budaya keganasan, budaya berdemonstrasi, budaya yang mengganggu keamanan. Esok kalau betul dia jadi PM habis hancur negara dengan budaya keganasan yang dibawanya..

  39. wits0 says:

    At least the apology was prompt.

  40. born free says:

    What Agent Provocateur ? Are we all so easily duped ?? We are all supposed to be able to think for ourselves whether this is right or wrong and the poor girl gets beaten up and we blame or insinuate that its the work of Agent Provocateur , just because somebody says so ??? OMG what sort of people are we ? – chaptokam

    Certainly more thinking than you, and that doesn`t mean something you should be preening yourself about.

  41. These are the kind of supporters AI has!
    They are only the reflection of the kind of the aspiring next P.M. he is, no doubt there will be denials.
    I have asked AI of why he asked the Chinese to go back to China when he was the DPM and also what he has done for the non Malays when he was in the cabinet. He has, to date, not the courage to answer them nor the courage to denial them not to mention apologise for them.
    These same supporters (thugs) of AI threatened me with all sorts of abusive actions and calling me with all sorts names, no educated human beings will even use those words and threats in public.
    These are the kind of supporters AI has, I can’t even imagine what kind of P.M. he will be, if ever he becomes one.
    These supporters will go out to do more harm than UMNO has !

  42. I like chopin says:

    Anwar’s security tighten up or loosen up ??? !!!

    Nonsence !
    Nonsence !
    Nonsence !

    please read ****”thesun” dated 060808 page 2*****
    ” PKR sorry for assault on photographer ”

    …………………………State PKR secretary Abdul Malik Abul Kassim said they had identified the person responsible for grabbing the neck of Loh Hoay Hoon, 25, of Guang Ming Daily and are checking to see if he is a party member, adding that if he is, he will be sacked from the party,” said Abdul Malik, adding that one or two in the group who accosted the photographer are PKR members while the rest could be volunteers.

    “This action is uncalled for. PKR do not have a practice like this and this is obviously an over-reaction by the men.”

    Party information chief Tian Chua said the squad chief in Permatang Pauh Mazlan Mohd Zaid, who witnessed the incident and came to the photographer’s aid during the scuffle, has confirmed that the attacker was not part of the squad…………………………..

    Question was why the attacker,an unknown person can be a bodyguard for Anwar ?
    Or is PKR now denying the truth of the incident ?

    Is so, then the group have to be fired for doing wrong, being rough and negligence !


  43. Mo rub says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5 — The Hindu Rights Action Force claimed today that it has uncovered more than 200 Special Branch officers within its midst.
    “Hindraf’s genuine supporters should be aware there are many who pretend to be our loyal supporters but in fact are ‘agent provocateurs’ planted by parties interested in destroying and dismantling Hindraf’s struggle for the Indian community,” Hindraf chairman P. Waytha Moorthy said in a press statement e-mailed to The Malaysian Insider.

  44. plunge says:

    Another agent provocateur at work:

    PUTRAJAYA (Aug 5, 2008) : Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said today it is not a good idea to hold a forum on conversion to Islam as it can create misunderstanding and tension among the society.

  45. This is a true reflection of AI !
    Abusive languages will be thrown at you if you ever post anything negative about AI, they are no better than the present UMNO, the people are trying to replace.
    They are uneducated people and thugs that he associates with, a true reflection of AI, the person he is.
    Is this the kind of leader the people want ? Why does not he want to stand in the Kulim by election ? Surely that will be a true test of his popularity ?

    I dare him to tell the people what he did for the non Malays when he was part of the racist UMNO and why he asked the Chinese to go back to China when he was a very much a part of racist UMNO. Why? Because he has none I am sure.
    Also why did it took him a few years after he left the prison to lodge his complaint of the present AG and IGP with the evidence that he is supposed to have ? Why ????
    I would have thought that the complaint would have been lodged as soon as was discharged from prison.

  46. chaptokam says:

    born free : Certainly more thinking than you, and that doesn`t mean something you should be preening yourself about.

    I really certainly don’t quite understand your Engelishi lah . My dictatornory lon’t hav lis wod ” preening ” lah ? Is it Indialish ??

  47. chaptokam says:

    Wa , a lot of counter intelligence agents here . They are so good they can spot Another agent provocateur at work 500 miles away . Must be accessing thru NASA’s space hubble telescope looking down .

    The Hindu Rights Action Force claimed today that it has uncovered more than 200 Special Branch officers within its midst. Looks like everyone of them is a special branch officer . Do they really need to infiltrate 200 men into a small organisation like Hindraf and blow away their cover ?? If I know my organisation has been infiltrated , I probably feed those moles wrong information rather than exposing their cover . They can sometimes be very useful if you know the way , just like the CIA or MI5 where they have another unit dealing with the counter intelligence . When Kim Kirby (MI5)was known to have defected to the KGB he was fed ‘supposely ‘secret info to the Russians .

    Probably should be renamed Hantu Rights Acting Forcecibly

  48. chaptokam says:

    najib Manaukau (10:51:05) :

    This is a true reflection of AI !
    Abusive languages will be thrown at you if you ever post anything negative about AI, they are no better than the present UMNO, the people are trying to replace.

    This reflects the same picture Raja Petra had on them in his article The Cult called PKR . Najib Manaukau , you are NOT alone in this opinion .

    What do you expect from a bunch of moronist cultist who worship Anwar Ibrahim like he’s the Adolf Hitler of Malaysia . Heil Hitler , Heil Del Fuhrer !!

    My advise to you , JUST IGNORE them and treat them as non existent .

  49. Anonymous says:

    more and more umno-cybertroopers are being hired as Umno just approved enormous budget for Permatang pauh election campaign.

  50. Anonymous says:

    see how sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam how he liken DSAI to Hitler.
    “Anwar Ibrahim like he’s the Adolf Hitler of Malaysia . Heil Hitler , Heil Del Fuhrer !!”

    Sorry, chaptokam. From the international viewpoint, the way you try to tarnish DSAI only suggest your level of tong sampah….. Nevertheless truly sampah sarap Malaysia.

    “Malaysia truly Asia”, “Chaptokam truly Sampah Sarap Malaysia”

  51. CYBERBOY says:


  52. CYBERBOY says:




  53. chaptokam says:

    Anonymous dumkoff , fergen ash loft.

  54. mpv says:

    have pity on pariah dogs like chaptokam..they got no life..since they r born zombi,naturally they become balachi barisan najis..mau hidup maa..

    regarding the incident,well,there r over zeolus supporters in every parti politik….these r dangerous times..camera can easyly b converted into a *piu piu*

  55. Scott Thong says:

    Now wheeeeeeeennnnnnnnn did I remember hearing about political supporters assaulting a member of the press…

    Oh yeah.

    Megaton Punch! UMNO Supporters Punch Guangming Daily Press Photographer

  56. pressure says:

    Do they really need to infiltrate 200 men into a small organisation like Hindraf and blow away their cover ?? – chaptokam

    You are an idiot. Yes the SB does do such things. If you donno then you are idiot living in malay paradise.

  57. pressure says:

    Probably should be renamed Hantu Rights Acting Forcecibly – chaptokam

    Indians dont need your intelligence. They have enough intelligent people of their own. They dont need a shithead like you. You go suck hamid albar`s lollipop.

  58. pressure says:

    Probably should be renamed Hantu Rights Acting Forcecibly – chaptokam

    Indians dont need your intelligence. They have enough intelligent people of their own. They dont need a disgusting fellow like you.. You go suck hamid albar`s lollipop.

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