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Thanks to MalaysianWaves for this reminder.

Indeed, it is easy to blame Anwar Ibrahim and everyone else who criticises the Malaysian government as “US stooge”. It’s easy to blame NGOs too for ‘working with the US’ just because they receive funds from US agencies.

What these accusers do not know and do not bother to find out is that NGOs have other sources, too, from the Netherlands, for example, or from Denmark, or even Japan, an Asian country.

On the other hand, the US is Malaysia’s biggest investor. So what do we say to this?

But then I realise why BN/UMNO is very quick to blame others as US stooge, because they are trying desperately to hide the fact that the Malaysian military is very much “in the hands” of the US.

In 2002, Najib Tun Razak admits readily about the clandestine relationship the government has with the US.  His speech is published here on The Heritage Foundation (Leadership for America) website.

I considered titling my talk today: “Malaysia-U.S. Defense Cooperation: The Untold Story.”

The reason is that for many years U.S. and Malaysian forces have cooperated on a wide range of missions with virtually no fanfare or public acknowledgement. And in spite of its success, our bilateral defense relationship seems to be an all too well-kept secret.”

There have been more than 75 U.S. military ship visits in the past two and a half years.

Inside,  Najib listed down the on-going relationship with the US Army and Navy, which include training exercises,field exercises, US sponsored military education and training, and many, many more.

Consider this: Malaysians are known in the business as ‘Whispering Death?’

  • The United States conducts training exercises with the Royal Malaysian Air Force, flying with and against them in mock battles.
  • U.S. Navy SEALs conduct training in Malaysia twice a year.
  • The U.S. Army does field exercises with the Malaysian army. I might mention here that, for their expertise in jungle warfare, Malaysians are known in the business as “whispering death.”
  • Finally, 1,500 Malaysian defense personnel have benefited from the U.S.-sponsored IMET (international military education and training) program.

In fact, the US even has access to our Intelligence, and Malaysian forces have been protecting US ships in the Straits, says Najib:

The United States averages more than 1,000 overflights per year. Since September 11, this number has increased dramatically, and all requests have been approved.

The United States has excellent access to Malaysian intelligence.

Malaysia occupies a strategic location along the Strait of Malacca and southern South China Sea, and devotes considerable resources to maintaining safe and free shipping lanes for commercial and military vessels. Since September 11, Malaysian forces have been protecting U.S. ships in the Strait.

Malaysia has a considerable number of troops and military assets on our islands to thwart the threat of Abu Sayyaf terrorists in the Southern Philippines.

In addition, Malaysia is actively identifying assets of terrorists and teaching Indonesia and other ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries how to freeze assets.

So come on, who is the US stooge now?

You may also read Ktemoc’s Boleh talks “Rule of law by a lawless ruler“?, for the way we throw ourselves at the British.

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  1. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    This Najis guy is all shitlah!. He play spies with US, he keeps quiet. He dances and plays footsies with US Ok!

    The moment DSAI runs for safety into Turkish embassy, he accuses him of being a mole, a spy, but never ask about his own conduct.

    The bible says this… Why complains about a speck of dust in your brother’s eye when you have a piece of plank in your own eyes!

    This is the arrogance of Najis. Nothing good from this fella. Why can’t he just dissapear and go back to some kampung in Felda and do chicken rearing or tanam jagong?

    Prak Lah

  2. TheWrathofGrapes says:

    And how Malaysia made so much noise and cried foul when Singapore first offered to host the US visiting ships after the Philippines booted the US out of Subic Bay. Hypocrites of the highest order.

  3. wits0 says:

    “Hypocrites of the highest order.”

    Has always been and in other matters too.

  4. Hegel says:


    Thank-you for your excellent commentaries on Malaysian affairs. I, however, cannot agree with the tone of your commentaries regarding the US. The US has not always adhered to its high-minded aspirations of being a bastion of democracy and freedom. Indeed, for much of the cold war period its international policy (mainly through the CIA) was to surround itself with military dictatorships (e.g. Chile, Guatemala etc) as a means to stop the march of communism. The Neo Con project reversed this thinking on its head and propounded the view that liberal democracies were more stable and thus it was in the interest of the US to promote this form of government internationally. In addition, there have been more recent failures of justice such as Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. Despite this history and these more recent lapses of justice, the US (along with its western allies) remain beacons of democracy and human rights. I dread to think what the world would be like without their moderating presence.

    Therefore, the whole dialectic of being a “US stooge” is misguided. Where working with US citizens and institutions promotes security and the spread of democracy and justice, this should be supported – regardless of who does it, BN or otherwise.

    Let us not fall into the trap of using intellectually bankrupt rhetoric even if it shows up the BN as being hypocrites.

    For the record, I am a Malaysian and not a US citizen.

  5. ella-mae says:

    its ok when the Umnoputras do it… its not “ok” if others do it.. sheesh.. them are hypocrites alright!

  6. robin hood says:

    This is bolehland mahhh. We got two sets of rules:

    One for the master and one for the slaves.

  7. umno will banish eventually. This ex mca leader with followers has already defected to Pakatan Rakyat and chain reaction will soon starts.
    Saiful who thought to be one trojan horse actually giving BN longer time to constipate (and the cringed-face)

  8. shaydflin says:

    Bodohlah here.

  9. Menyalak-er says:

    Well, if one has to bark at something let them bark at their own masters.
    This military association goes way back to the Vietnam war era, so its nothing new. The US navy actually brings us much needed cash business in terms of food, fuel and hardware supplies. American businesses would flourish here if not for the lil nappies with an archaic midset.
    The problem is that whenever there is a need for scapegoats – the bumno guys and fundamentalists always, without fail, scream the ‘Great Syaitan’: US of A!
    Its the same everywhere, look at Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Venezuela etc.
    When you ask them where they would really like to live – its again in Great SyaitanLand, whom they think is as decadent as them…
    Yes, be very sure they will cast negative aspirations to dsai as an ‘agent’ of syaitan now. The countering must be done at a personal level, otherwise herd instinct will take over.
    Any stronger word for hypocrisy?

  10. wits0 says:

    From the sixties, it was bumno’s oft repeated mantra, “Don’t ape the West!” But how much that have been be apped and was apped was transient and left no real harm.

    What that meant eventually translated clearly(for all to see) into looking up to the Ayrabs! Talibanization, however lite, will leave permanent damage.

    It also meant herd obedience and no individualism of thinking to arrive at any objective conclusion. Serve their own selfish idiotizing purpose.

    Of course Chaptokam will not be able to understand nor has he read stuffs like, “Malaysia and the Club of Doom”, by Syed Akbar Ali.

  11. suresh says:

    BN-UMNO leaders are world class bluffers. They bluff all the way along. Abdullah is PM for bluffers while Najib is the DPM. One may ask, hey aren’t they PM and DPM of Malaysia?. the answer is No as we have disqualified them long time ago.


  12. mugabe says:

    The CIA has the whole profile of Najib Razak including the “dirty files”.

    It is a matter of time that the CIA will open the file and threatens Najib Razak if he does not “TOE the Line ” .

    CIA has been using this dirty tricks on many world leaders everywhere.

    I believe MOSSAD and French Surete too has a profile on Najib Razak and will use them when the need arise.

    His own Party UMNO must be told of this ie. to the ordinary members.

    PAS may use this to tell the Kampung Folks.

  13. Agencies says:

    Remember the centrifuges where the Sri Lankan got under ISA, but Badawi was let off by the US. In return for what? Badawi and gang also CIA agents now. Dah kena `turn over`:
    Reminds one of Scomi and its centrifuge

  14. wits0 says:

    The Sri Lankan has since been freed but Bad awi’s son was completely cleared. The UN oil for food/Saddam’s payoff scandal wrt his sister-in-law is still murky.

  15. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// Menyalak-er (01:43:36) :
    Any stronger word for hypocrisy? ///

    How about Mahathirsque?
    Or Mahathirish?

  16. eeyaw says:

    Remember what Raja Petra said about the word ‘conscience’ that is not in the malay vocabulary, which umno & its goons used all the time!

  17. Najib has an empty head and a big mouth, he will be out as DPM soon.
    Do not worry about him at all, he would not last till 2010.

  18. Ctizen Me says:

    I have always maintained that Malaysia as a small country must keep the US at arms length. They have the funds and they know how to use it as a knive- for good or bad. I do not have to elaborate just look at history.

  19. chaptokam says:

    Hi Susan
    I wouldn’t care two hoots over this article . They can write what they want to write , they can say what they want to say . anyway its free for them to assume what they want to assume .

    it is easy to blame and label and everyone else who criticises the Malaysian government as opposition sympathisers , similarly it is easy to blame and label and everyone else who criticises Anwar as umno lickers . It’s easy to blame NGOs too for ‘working with the US’ just because they receive funds from US agencies.

    We can expect all sorts of innuendos and insinuations from all sorts of punks and ass***** .

    Stay cool and whack when they go overboard , that’s my policy .

  20. Pull out says:

    Khairy also secret agent:

    As a student Khairy was a fast learner, though a bit of a rebel. He was critical of government policies. In spite of his later pronouncements of admiration for Mahathir, he was not a Mahathir worshipper. Indeed, he was opposed to many of Mahathir’s actions – though only on the sly and never publicly.

    As a student at Oxford, expressing his doubts about Mahathir to fellow Malaysians overseas, he came to the attention of a certain Omar Ong.

    Omar Ong, as can be seen from his rather peculiar name, is an ethnic Chinese. He is the son of Mustapha Ong, former Private Secretary to longtime Minister of Information Mohamad Rahmat and for some time in the diplomatic service in New York and Brazil. Currently living in New Zealand, Mustapha Ong became infamous during the Anwar Ibrahim trials when it was revealed he had tried to bribe a New York ethnic-Arab taxi driver called Jamal Amro to “confess” that he had procured boys and women for Anwar. Jamal Amro refused and instead made police reports accusing Mustapha Ong of trying to bribe him. Of course Mustapha Ong was shielded by Mahathir, even though his over-enthusiasm in trying to “fix” Anwar caused some embarrassment to the government, especially amongst the diplomatic community overseas.

  21. mugabe says:

    This is more interesting : UMNOPutra High Committee to Destroy Anwar Ibrahim
    at all costs:

  22. amoker says:

    Double standard as usual. Najib would be a lousy PM should he become one. All the other governments would have something they can use to theaten him

  23. Rock n Roll says:

    By now surely the CIA already got many pics of Najib. Waiting for right time, then flood the market:-

    On Day 10 of the trial, Altantuya’s cousin Burmaa Oyunchimeg testified that after Altantuya returned from France, she went to Hong Kong to meet Burmaa, and showed her a photograph of Altantuya and her lover, Abdul Razak Baginda, who is accused of conspiring in her murder, and “a government official” taking a meal together. Answering Singh later, after the shouting match in the court had subsided, she said this “government official” was Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

  24. BobbyNZ says:

    The biggest stooge is still Anwar Ibrahim who obliged Al Gore of the Clinton Adm to legalise short selling in 1997 to facilitate the attempted obliteration of the Malaysian economy without affecting their economic interests already existing in the country. Thought for the day!!!!



  25. cakau says:

    Gambler lose money blame everybody else. BN always like that. blame everybody esp. non melayu but themselfs. But willing to sell their mothers for money.

  26. Fortified City says:

    US is a world power that liberated Malaysians from the Japanese rule, when the British couln’t do anything. But the British and the Americans have good relations with each other. So, the British continued to rule Malaysia.

    Now,whats the hoohaa about this world power.Don’t make enemies with the world power.We might need their help once again,sooner.

  27. rev says:

    Najib to open satay stall in lorida, badawi to open mee goreng stall at bondi beach. After they flee malaysia. Ezam to carry toilet paper for badawi.

  28. CJFOO says:

    Quite sometime ago, we were told that TDM need to pay for his meeting with President George Bush whereas MM LKY and PM of Singapore could just get into Bush’s office without much protocol!!

    Where is our esteem?

    USA is the only superpower that could project her supermacy and presence anywhere in the world. In any trouble hotspot, they are there without question, Never mind their motives. The American also have their humitarian side of it. We need them more than they need us.

    Learn from Singapore!

  29. ah long says:


    Don’t you worry about what these buggers will do after they flee Malaysia. I am sure they have enough loot stashed away somewhere they can live very comfortable lives overseas.

    And now they wallop the USA and call them names. Guess where they are going to flee to when the time comes?

    Yes, the USA. That’s where Diam has gone.

  30. Menyalak-er says:

    ah long & friends, diam daim has his tentacles all over the world and he’s still a fixer for hypermamak. Yes, i’m sure the assets (stashed) are well distributed especially in S. Africa, mideast, europe & US.
    RPK wrote a piece recently about ‘someone’ trying to bring back defunk rm1000 & 500 notes from Labuan up to the tune of rm 2bil! One might hazard to guess what all this ‘sorok-ed’ monies are to be used for… They however face problems from bank negara. Why?
    It certainly isn’t US that is undermining the rakyat… its those who call themselves ‘true blue bumi’s’, ‘saviors’ and ‘patroits’ who are directing the wayang. As wits0 says, they’re even seeking the help of the occult…
    Tq, ‘the wrath of grapes’ for that beyond hypocrisy thing!

  31. ah long says:

    What happen to the idea to make all the RM1,000 bank notes void and invalid !!! This was one of Dr M’s most brilliant idea.

    Most of the corrupt loot had been smuggle out of the country by the crooks (including 1 MB who got caught with a suitcase full in Australia) in 1,000 ringgit notes and Dr M decided they have 30 days to bring it back to Msia and exchange it for smaller notes and explain where the money came from before he declare the bank notes void and no longer legal tender.

    Naturally if the money is not “clean” some of them dare not bring it back and they stand to lose all their ill gotten gains.

    Some ahole BN/UMNO had reversed Dr M’s decision and make the 1,000 RM notes legal tender again and open the flood gates for the crooks to bring back their ill gotten gains.

    Those responsible have a lot to answer for. If this is not corruption in the highest order then I am an Eskimo.

  32. kplee says:

    As i hv said, the bunch of gonns now running the government are not only corrupted,greedy, racists but also are real hypocrites themselves.
    Wen it is to their advantage, they called everyone US stooge. But they themselves r the biggest US stooges.
    They will do the flip flop acts like their flip flop, sleepy master.
    Even the whole world is now confused on the goons running the country. They flip flop all the time.

  33. peace brother says:

    What’s the difference, with US or without US, but for sure if got money sure make a holiday trip to US (ask the politician and see), as for me toopoor to go anywhere.

  34. peace brother says:

    What’s the difference, with US or without US, but for sure if got money sure make a holiday trip to US (ask the politician and see), as for me too poor to go anywhere.

  35. artic turban says:

    What you don’t know about is today we would be carrying Indon pasports if not for the US to help deter indonesia’s sukarno-suharto, regime. so please say thank you to the US. This was during the confrontation with Indonesia, who wanted to conquer malaysia. hai yah, can’t find it in the history books, of course lah, go ask the old timers from mindef, the retired generalsand colonels. all this are best kept secrets. our air-force personnell are trained by the US, ON RADAR, FIGHTER SKILLS, GO TO THE SG.BESI CAMP AND talk to the old boys club lah. One of the training camps for navy seals was in johor kota tinggi, melaka is another.

  36. Menyalak-er says:

    Yep, artic turban, not to mention the Brits RAF Vulcans overflying Jakarta with nukes! With all the nuke warships running around the Straits of Malacca, i really wonder about that ZOPFAN treaty, nuke weapons free SEA policy. I guess everybody conveniently forgot about it.
    Also wondering aloud about Mindef purchases of 3rd class weaponry like the polish tanks, frenchie radar systems etc. Much more commission there than the better stuff from US? Ridiculous, and they call themselves partriots!

  37. jeff says:

    Blaming every problem on USA and calling someone as USA stooge is very normal for muslim politicians, they do that all the time since these corruptors know that muslims regard USA as “satan” , and they can score point with the majority.

  38. wits0 says:

    Haha, Menyalak-er, while I could not actually find confirmation that the British nuke carrying Avro Vulcan actually overflew Jakarta during the Indonesian Confrontation, I can name almost all the warplanes that came to/or operated from the RMAF base in Kepala Batas! I can included the US F105 Thunderchief and the F4 Phantom 2 with their rather smoky engine exhausts that came visiting and R and R.

    One Indonesian Hercules carrying parachutists/saboteurs was downed by a Aussie Sabre Jet over the Straits of Malacca with a single Sidewinder missiles it carried at dusk. There was local MSM censorship even then on this and it was decades later in the Net that the full details became readily available to all.

    Suffix to say that the Commonwealth Forces kept M’sia free and we owe them much. It’s the darn moronic AH from umno that try to revise history and stupify posterity.

    The Penangites loved the Aussie pressence, took no offence whatsover when later the US GIs came for their R and R. T’was good for business. That was a good era, Penang looked like a real Cosmopolitan city with a sizeable number of Aussie servicemen and their families. Those days the young Malay dudes who were out for the fashionable stuffs in Penang Road often went for the “wrong soft leather” goods without any misgivings. The people was never more united than during the Confrontation.

    The era started to end when Adam Malik embraced the M’sian counterpart at Subang airport and this was splashed on the newly arrived B and W RTM. Darkness started, slowly at first. S’pore was kicked out. The discernable cracks appeared in circa ’67. And it was all of umno’s damn doing since.

  39. wits0 says:

    Yes, Jeff, Blaming every problem on USA and calling someone as USA stooge is very normal for muslim politicians but now it is openly known as to what sort of unquestioned hypocrites they have been for decades, it is also apparent that they can’t ever give up this bareface hypocrisy.

  40. jeff says:

    witsO, what is the problem with all these umno monkeys? Why don’t they accept the fact that Malaysia is not governed by USA but BN. Americans invested in Malaysia and contributed toward world bank in helping our country toward developed stage through loan from developing country development fund, is that make BN the stooge of USA too? Then how about the military joint training exercises with USA navy n army, will you consider that as stooge too?

  41. wits0 says:

    Bumno monkies have that partisan compulsion to ingratiate themselves with the islamo countries ; they also like to show off to the middle Easterners how “islamic” M’sia is such a successful country. Like they did it all themselves!

    Remember how Tun MahaKutty condems the US and the Jews in that (in)famous locally held OIC meeting? That’s the fatalistic and obsessive unity they crave. The sort of mandatory partisan unity which is made all the more easyier because of the rooted habit of worshipping racism at home.

    Really, I don’t care to consider whether M’sia has become a stooge or not to the US on account of all these happenings. It is the gross and lame hypocrisy of in herd condemning the US by bumno that is already sickening enough.

  42. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// wits0 (03:16:47) :
    Haha, Menyalak-er, while I could not actually find confirmation that the British nuke carrying Avro Vulcan actually overflew Jakarta during the Indonesian Confrontation… ///

    wits0, I remember reading quite some time back that atomic weapons were indeed deployed in Malaysia (Malaya + Singapore) during Konfrontasi. Couldn’t find the particular reference, but there is another reference to nukes in the link below.

    Click to access NCBFlyerIssue8.pdf

    On page 6, the writer wrote:
    /// However our Canberra B(I)8s had another role of Interdiction – it was most unlikely that we would be called upon to “nuke” the Indonesians, but we could, if required, drop conventional bombs, fire rockets or strafe with 20 mm cannon. But I am getting ahead of myself. ///

    The writer’s opinion then was that they would most unlikely be called upon to “nuke” the Indons. What this statement presupposed and presumed was that nukes were available then, and if need be, may be used – but the writer didn’t think the situation will be that bad as to warrant the use of nukes.

  43. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    wits0 – found another reference to nukes…

    /// The political problems of moving live nuclear weapons overseas were already clear. As early as 1957 a storm was created when Minister of Defence Duncan Sandys seemed to announce, at a press conference in Australia, that nuclear weapons would be stored in Malaya and Singapore. In July 1961 Britains High Commissioner in Singapore, Lord Selkirk, advised that even the presence of dummy weapons in the Far East would be politically sensitive.

    Nevertheless, on August 17, 1962, Prime Minister Macmillan authorized the RAF to deploy both live and dummy weapons to Tengah. The live weapons were to be held at all times in their special storage area, but in November 1963, permission was granted to train with dummy weapons in the open.
    Militarily, the justification for these deployments was still the possibility of limited war between the SEATO powers and China. Politically, by making a nuclear contribution to SEATO, Macmillan was trying to gain a measure of influence over U.S. nuclear policy in a region where Britain and the United States had historically been at odds; he was concerned, like a number of post-war British prime ministers, by the risk of U.S. belligerence in Korea, Taiwan, or Indochina. Macmillans ministers had convinced him that British deployments, by contrast, carried no risk. But Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, although generally pro-British, was not informed. (Singapore had recently won independence from Britain as part of the Federation of Malaysia.) The British government had made a visible military commitment to SEATO, choosing to do so through the relatively inexpensive medium of a squadron of nuclear-capable aircraft, but it was coy about admitting, even privately, to the actual presence of nuclear weapons.

    1963 also saw the deployment of nuclear capable British V-bombers (Hanley Page Victor bombers) to Singapore as a deterrent to Indonesia at the beginning of the Indonesian Confrontation. Victor bombers were soon replaced by Avro Vulcan nuclear capable V-bombers. ///

    Read the whole article below:

  44. wits0 says:

    Actually I should say, “The sort of blind ideological unity has made racism at home second nature for them”.

  45. Toro says:

    UMNO will pay for May 13 through its own destruction.

  46. wits0 says:

    Yes, TheWrathOfGrapes, many Avro Vulcans B2 operated from Kepala Batas around that time. Great majestic machines to behold. The Victors were hardly spotted earlier.

  47. jeff says:

    wit0: that is true those umno monkeys like to show the Islamofascist countries in middle east that Malaysia is a true follower of Islam like them, so bashing USA n Israel will get the point across among muslims here n there.

  48. Menyalak-er says:

    Yeah, wits0, the presence of RAAF in K.Batas was halycon age of Penang. Nice reminiscence, as a kid i’d love to see those jets taking off/landing whenever i visited family there… Well we’ve Sukhois/Migs/over-the-hill F18’s, mix and match stuff, and i agree the Vulcan were absolutely beautiful machines.
    Met many US military personnel on R&R in the early to mid70’s as a student, pretty decent guys just out for some fun. They always seemed to pack a ‘piece’ -38 special or colt, but never caused any trouble, and i guess our govt. then was more liberal. Now they are made out to be bogeymen mainly for political brinkmanship…

  49. wits0 says:

    How basically the halcyon days were destroyed :

  50. […] Enough of calling Anwar an American stooge. The current government is already the pot. Susan is right. […]

  51. Menyalak-er says:

    Well wits0, we are fighting a losing war with this bunch of bangsat ‘nationalists’ aren’t we? Misplaced nationalism perpetuated on the ever flawed ketuanan polity. TARazk’s lineage is as despicable as his nationalistic fervor.
    To undo the wrong it requires a radical change in mindset and priorities. Where is the political will? Our ‘dear leader’ would have nary been more suited as my kidnergarden teacher…
    Look at the bastardized version of fascism both racist and religious at the same time – the talibanization and arabization.
    Sure we can blame hypermamak and his policies of intellectual genocide and delusions of grandeur, besides sodomizing the whole nation. But still it doesn’t help us with the present shithouse we’re in.
    Even if dsai does make it through, it will take another effing generation to sort things out. You and i friend will be well gone by then. Those halcyon days we’ll never see again… or even worse we end up watching Dante’s Divine Comedy played out before our senile eyes.
    Bracing thoughts huh?

  52. daffy says:

    Ghazali Sheikh Khalid has been clearly identified as a conduit for Malaysian GLCs (government linked corporations) and other benefactors to make illegal payments to the notorious Jewish lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, to secure an appointment for the then Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad, with President George W. Bush in 2002.

    Abramoff was investigated, tried and convicted and he is now serving time in the United States.

    During the US Senate investigations, numerous leading American newspapers, The Washington Post among them, reported that there was a clearly established money trial including documentary evdience by way of invoices, from the Malaysian Embassy in Washington DC to Abramoff. Funds were also reportedly channelled to various right wing think tanks……

    ………Although Ghazali Sheikh may avoid being indicted for what are seen as illegal activities inconsistent with his diplomatic status, there is a high risk of the media in the US publicising his past.

    In fact, there have been attempts in the power centers of Washington DC to expose this criminal Abramoff scheme to the extent of even calling Ghazali Sheikh to testify in the United States. It is no secret that there are Democrats in both Senate and House of Representatives who would want Ghazali Sheikh to account for his connections to the convicted Abramoff, who continues to be under investigation for other criminal activities.

  53. wits0 says:

    Well said, Menyalak-er, and I like the Malay word “bangsat” rather than the English one of “meanness” in this occasion. It has that special punch here!

    Don’t worry about winning or losing, the Truth is out and will increase in tempo and re-echoed more frequently by others.

    51 years of repressive lies and foul nonsense will find their own paybacks. In this sense, we are winning. No matter if we don’t see the good that must come. Since you’re a doctor, you would have served the Nation. As long as we know also that we, in our respective capacity, were never corrupt and have always been honorable, what we’re sounding out here is actually that something extra. Truth is gratifying for the teller at the appropriate time and this may spark greater overall awareness around.

    Yes, we have been subjected to a bastardized surreality by arrogant imbeciles!

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