“There have also been reports of the Police Special Branch (SB) officers hitting the detainees’ penis and inserting hard objects into their anuses. The physical abuse has often been accompanied by vulgar and obscene words” – abused under the ISA (GMI – Abolish ISA Movement or Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA).

Why celebrate MERDEKA with such pomp and frills on 31 August every year?

Go to hell with this archaic law. It’s been 48 years since the draconian Internal Security Act came to force.

A law that allows for detention without trial, that allows you to disappear for an indefinite period of time, a law that breaks your loving family, a law that allows for torture. And a law that allows the state or rather UMNO to dictate your every move.

As long as we impose this evil and cruel law, we are still very much colonised by the Queen of England. It is a British law anyway. Why do we condemn the west so much and yet succumb to this ancient law of theirs?

Sheer colonial mentality, that’s why!

Why celebrate independence day or Merdeka when we still abide and live our days and nights by British laws?

Why do we fight for our sovereignty when we worship at the kingdom of the Queen of England?

Sheer moronic stupidity is all I can say.

Malaysia is NOT truly Asia, but just a part of England, as we are subjected to the same laws.

The ISA has its origin in the Emergency Regulations Ordinance 1948, which served its purpose and was subsequently repealed when the Emergency ended on 30th July, 1960. However, the power of detention without trial under Regulation 17 was subsequently transformed into Part II of the ISA (GMI).

And then, so much for our show of machoism against our Southern neighbour, Singapore. We had to copy-cat them. No wonder they are laughing at us.

In 1989, ISA detainees’ recourse to the courts of law was further curtailed when we dutifully followed our southern neighbor in ousting judicial review in matters concerning the minister’s power to detain any person under ISA. With the amendment, detainees can now only challenge the detention on procedural grounds. (GMI).

So tell me, why are we celebrating Merdeka? We are either British subjects or Singapore slaves.

Under the ISA, detainees are subject to an initial 60-day detention period in special police holding centers, allegedly for the purpose of investigation. No judicial order is required for such detentions. The locations of these holding centers are kept secret, and detainees are transported to and fro in blindfolds. Visits by family members are purely discretionary and, contrary to Article 5(3) of the Federal Constitution, detainees are denied access to lawyers. As a result, the ISA has morphed into a powerful instrument of fear and suppression. (GMI)

However, there is a glimmer of hope:

Since the March 8 general election, with 82 Members Parliament and five states under its controls, the Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance) representatives have shown commitment to free the detainees and repeal the ISA. Several of State Governments concerned have also provided the much needed aid to the detainees’ families. (GMI, in welcoming these commitment and measures taken by the Pakatan Rakyat governments).

Lets hope with the BN/UMNo’s losing support and ride into irrelevancy, we will see the day when:

  • Detainees are immediately and unconditionally released or prosecute them in a public and fair trial.
  • All laws which allow for detention without trial, such as the ISA, Emergency Ordinance (EO) and Dangerous Drugs Act (DDA) are repealed.
  • All detention camps where detainees are held without trial are shut down!
  • All detainees – past and present – held without trial, receive an apology from the government and are provided with compensation for their suffering, anguish and the injustice perpetrated upon them.
  • All complaints and cases of victimization, torture, cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment, tyranny and abuse of power in relation to past and present ISA detentions are investigated, and to prosecute the perpetrators by establishing a Royal Commission of Inquiry for the said purpose.

Will we ever see that day come? It’s really up to us.

The only way to fight such stupid laws is to stop the fear (fear only the truth) and start to say “NO”!


45 responses »

  1. wits0 says:

    Cruelty and criminality aside, that’s the hallmark of expedient convenience and laziness in governance. Of course, ineptness and repressiveness as well from the ISA.

  2. cinta Malaysia says:

    ISA is the remnants of the British colonialist law that is perpetuated by the BN Government.
    What is the bad side of the British is perpetuated UMNOputras whilst the good side of the British like Judiciary system is disregarded.

  3. […] Original The Spanking Writers […]

  4. Hahaha says:

    No sex, we are British!
    Sodomy Malaysia!
    Make your choice.

  5. crash says:

    Super BOMB drop at MT.com… Highest level of corruption by PM & DPM.


  6. matt says:

    Don’t blame the british as they left us a very good system to manage our country.Blame mamaktir as he knew, only by turning Malaysia into a police state he would have total controli.e ISA.Another legacy he left was to have 95% of the civil service to be bumis.

  7. Philip Lau says:

    Hi Susan,

    Internal Security Act in place of the Emergency Regulatuions. ISA here in Singapore has been doing absolutely well. As from today, 1st August 2008,
    Eddie Teo, the Head of ISA here in Singapore I believe, is now the appointed Chairman of the SINGAPORE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION. This is his reward for knowing well to play the Game and loyal to his master. It is a very useful tool for suppression in countless of ways good or bad for the nation.

    For those who like to know more of the above, please read this book just published “MALAYA’S SECRET POLICE 1945-60 THE ROLE OF THE SPECIAL BRANCH IN THE MALAYAN E3MERGENCY” BY Dr Leon Comber who was appointed as the personal assistant of Sir Henry Gurney, in 1949 who was assassinated by the Malayan Liberation Army, under Chin Peng.

    Dr Comber was the husband of Dr Han Su Yin, an Authoress, many of you the older generation, must read one of her books, LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDOURED THING. Dr Comber was here in Singapore two weeks ago to deliver some lectures. They were residing in JB two doors away from Dr Ismail,the Deputy Prime Minister at one time.

  8. wits0 says:

    Mamaktir wasn’t the only culprit that sodomized the country. Abdul Rahman Yaakob screwed the educational system in the name of nationalism and unity by trying to fix what was not broke, for hegemonic and political reasons. Today there is none of unity and little of nationalism unless one means the surreal umno sort of hollow tribal hubris. Mamaktir screwed the System inverted all round.

  9. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear Susan,
    It is apparent when they scream “close down Guantanamo” they conveniently forget about “Kamunting”.
    They use archaic extrajudicial methods to keep the restless populace quiesant.
    Any truly democratic system does not need this perversion of justice, but hey, we are still feudal right? To torture, maim and use sadistic methods is an anachrostic way of extracting information. But this cannot only to be attributed to ISA, our nice polis do it everyday! The daily morbidity and mortality toll in our ‘ordinary’ polis lockups will scare the beJesus of any upright moral society. The common man on the street can’t be bothered by this as long as he is not persecuted.
    Ergo, to them ISA is just another word. Justice is another person’s problem, and their sense of justice revolves around their pitiful little world.
    They do not yet realize that the alternative word for ISA, is bISA.
    A majority in this country has no moral compass, 2 generations have ‘disappeared’ under our own nose… ISA? Tak tahu… Free speech? Apa tu… Harga minyak naik? Oh! Itu saya tahu…
    See this is what politics is about in this country, let us not talk about higher ideals, until we change this rotten system of governance.

  10. su says:

    There is nothing funny about Susan’s post here.

    All of us should have access to our basic rights. Our basic human rights are supposedly enshrined in the Constitution, our Supreme Law. But it seems the Constitution is being abused by people who only talk about the Constitution in ways that they can benefit. Nowadays, even the Constitution is a subject of ridicule, and yet we say nothing but “this is funny”?

    The ISA is a law that strips us bare of our basic rights. It is a law that spits right at our faces, one that ridicules our dignity.

    The ISA as a law in itself is already an insult to Malaysians. The acts of torture done in the name of “rehabilitation” are completely inhumane.

    If we talk about the ISA as if it had nothing to do with us, we are only paving the way for the powers that be to abuse it even more.

    Susan is right. It is up to us to say no.
    “Us” doesn’t mean the wives and family of the ISA detainees. It means us, the civil society as a whole. It means us, the people of Malaysia, all 27 million of us.

  11. observer says:

    It was the Mamak from Kerela who use this law as a vital instrument
    to safeguard his 22 year of Draconian rule.

  12. eeyaw says:

    In the event Anwar takes power the first order of business is to remove the draconian ISA together with OSA !

  13. Dave says:

    Dear Susan, these are not laws that are needed nor appropriate in this day and age, it is a form of draconian measure to serve them as insurance for when they feel threatened they will use it. This morning, I had to pull out a poll ‘ Are we better off colonised’ at my blog after 24hrs because of ‘threats’ from above. ( Sincerely, not joking! ) And had made an appology at my blog.

  14. wits0 says:

    Gordon Brown recently had a hard time securing detention without trial for terrorist suspects for 42 days. That’s how far their own “ISA” has watered down in a civil society respectful of Human Rights.

  15. betul jugak cakap awak – let’s do away common law and install sharia law just like wat ex-cj fairuz said. better still, let’s go for hudud to all malaysians regardless muslim or not ……

    let’s rally for anti isa, anti common law, anti democracy, down imperialisme….

    i wonder if lks, karpal, lge subjected to the same treatment before, lks, lge care to highlight ?

  16. kittykat46 says:

    The ISA is unjust and inhumane.
    On top of that its a symptom of plain laziness and incompetence in getting evidence to have a real criminal case to charge the so-called security threat in an open court.

    They may be able to throw in everything including the kitchen sink in a must-win case against Anwar, but Bolehland’s prosecution service is a den of ineptness for day-to-day cases.

    There are people who have been detained without trial for more than 10 years, without the opportunity to have their case heard in court.

    What is it that they are supposed to have done ?
    What gives the government the right to lock somebody up for so long without having to prove their case in a court ?
    Why can’t the person be given the chance to defend himself in a court ?

  17. Billy says:

    My personal feeling is this. Don’t do away with the ISA yet. If there ever come a day when the Pakatan Rakyat take over the reins of the government, I want all the ministers to be rounded up and locked away under the ISA. Let them feel what it is like to be taken away from their families for an unknown period of time, let them feel what injustice is all about, let them feel what it is liked to be tortured under intense interrogation deprived of sleep and if they do sleep, let them know what it is like to lie on cold cement floor. Let them know the meaning of being dehumanised by wearing prison uniforms and having to squat in a row for morning roll calls. Let them know what it is liked to attend re-education camps that racism is bad and multi-racism is good. Until then and only then when all these morons have undergone such an ordeal, then we can proceed to revoke the ISA for good.

  18. Tak Nak says:

    Hey guys – I hate the ISA, and all the Emergency Laws. But can’t really see how that equates to still being colonised. It’s a shocking set of laws for sure, but actually all Malaysian laws (barring Syariah) are based on the English Commonlaw system, which really isn’t that bad at all, honestly it’s a decent set of civic laws if used properly. Now rather than getting upset at the old colonials – who are now dead and gone, well and truly gone – perhaps you should be looking at the here and now. The British abolished the death penalty and capitol punishment sometime in the 60’s. The UKs version of the the ISA was abolished in the 90’s (once Northern Ireland settled down a bit) but was recently brought back following September 11th 2001, so that they could jam as many “terrorists” in prison as they felt like. Why did it go away? Because people complained a lot about it. If this place was still a colony wouldn’t the death penalty have gone already?

    I know it’s a hard thing to do, but perhaps now is the time to get over the “shame” of being colonised, and have a look at what you gained as a nation from what amounts to many hundreds of years of governance knowledge passed on/enforced by the British – stuff like town planning (vis: Georgetown, P Penang) and road building, abolishing slavery, building railways, an economy and a civil service. OK, so they made a great big cockup when they left, but, well, the war cost them immensely and they couldn’t keep up with the pace or the costs, so cut and ran. So I don’t disagree that the ISA and all those nasty totalitarian laws that make innocent people with consciences disappear are evil, but, well, maybe it’s just time to stop blaming the Brits and move along. After all, we of my generation have no idea what happened over here in the colonies (oh did I forget to mention I’m a Brit, well I am and shame on me, ok? I’ve said it now) really we don’t, nobody told us, it’s only by visiting Malaysia that I learned for myself. Honestly, compared to a lot of former members of the fallen Empire that I’ve visited, you guys really didn’t do too badly (re: Tazmania and the complete genocide of aboriginals, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe – not visited, just read about -, USA and the massacre of Natives, Australia and the massacre of natives, Ireland and the massacre/oppression/starvation of the Irish, West Africa and the Slave Trade, India and the widespread exploitation and oppression of Indians plus forced emigration through deception, China and the forced colonisation via the Opium Wars and a bunch of other stuff that ain’t so nice). Most of the people that came here and wrote about it really really loved it here, and liked the people a lot (although I think you all drove them a bit mental, and I can sympathise with that a little bit).
    They spent more money developing the infrastructure here and in S’pore than they did anywhere else in the world.

    Not trying to preach, really not, but I think that Malaysia would greatly benefit from a good pinch of maturity (politically and socially) and a sprinkle of objectivity when it comes to reviewing history. We all could, every country in the world would benefit from a bit of objectivity.
    What has happened has happened, the thing is are you prepared to learn from it or not?

    Signed A BRIT who loves Justice and Freedom of thought and expression.

  19. speaking of british subject, beside listening to tun great cj fairuz do away common law, i guess you should propose to malaysia gov to withdraw from commonwealth like burma, it keeps reminding us we’re british subject FTW. better still, revamp sejarah pmr and spm and erase that section of history rom 1824 to 1957…. just piece of opinion….

  20. Tak Nak says:

    P.S: Billy. Oh Billy oh Billy Billy Bill. Please, please, please. Revenge is not the answer. Revenge is a most ghastly method, and all that you will gain from such a thought process is the nightmare of making yourself in the same image as your enemy. No Billy my friend, please banish such caustic notions from your mind. This way of thinking leads only to the vicious cycle from which there is no escape, the downward spiral of action reaction, eye for an eye tooth for a tooth. But what about when there are no more eyes left, and no more teeth? Then the hands, the feet, the legs and arms, the buttocks the torso, until all you have left is a decapitated head and a big pile of blood and gore.

    Wouldn’t it be much nicer to stand there and say “well we thought about putting you all away and making you suffer. But we decided that it’s below us, we won’t stoop so low as to be on your level, so you may go free”. Isn’t that the only way to freedom? Real freedom? Think about it Billy, for revenge may taste sweet at first, but what do you do when the sweetness has gone? You already have a taste for it, so who next? Look to history and you will find the answers. Revenge only breeds resentment, like all evil thoughts it does more damage to you than it will ever do to them.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Most original article about ISA I have seen in 42 years. Thank you very much


  22. Tak Nak says:

    P.P.S: Who knows who Draco was? (as of Draconian) No cheating on Wikipedia please

  23. Anonymous says:

    “There have also been reports of the Police Special Branch (SB) officers hitting the detainees’ penis and inserting hard objects into their anuses. The physical abuse has often been accompanied by vulgar and obscene words” – abused under the ISA (GMI – Abolish ISA Movement or Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA)”

    Shouldn’t the above be investigated by the police/ ACA as well. It sounds exactly like what Anwar is being charged of doing to Saiful.

    Curiously, how many ppl have been charged for sodomy in Malaysia – those transexuals that were recently arrested in Kelantan, the gay sex dens that were raided in Penang a few months back?

    How come Anwar is the only one where full might of the Police and Judiciary seem to be focusing on. aren’t there more serious crimes that are going unsolved – snatch-thieves, car-jackings, kidnappings, etc…

  24. Dr. Rosli says:

    When Pakatan Rakyat assumes power, God willing, by the end of the year or earlier, ISA will be a history. That law of the uncivilized people or jakun must go and this is going to be PR Government’s first agenda.

    ISA is against all religions.

    I would suggest to the PR Government to pay compensation to all ISA detainees, past and present, dead and alive for the untold deprivation aflicted on them by this uncivilized, cruel and draconian law.

  25. JeyS says:

    observer…must tell you something..if truly MM is from kerala..then he is a malyalee mamak!

    LOL… Q : if you see a snake and Malyalee what do you do? A: you kill the malyalee first and then the snake!

    We M’sian let the M-Mamak rule us for 2o plus years – we are the fools….we should ‘habis him’ from begining la…then all these tak jadi….

  26. ktteokt says:

    Simply the “Law of the Jungle”, where is “George”?

  27. blueMoon says:

    wakakak….malaysia tday

  28. KITTYHawk says:

    Agreed with Billy. Let PR come to power and release the present detainees held without trial. However, all the previous administration irrespective what portfolio they hold, needs to be treated as the same as the present detainees . People who rape the Gomen coffers are to be treated like high profile criminals and no mercy shown. This will include the Mamak Kutty from Kerala. What he had sown is the outcome of the present group of Umnoputras and Gomen Administarators!

  29. machitam says:

    this guy here is responsib le for Draconian Law……once he put his signature on the piece of paper with your name on it…off you go. no need to explain anything. you are a thret to the national security.

    hi kekawan…..i’m a Bald Eagle aba aba, i’m looking for somebody who are willing to stay in my “Kamunting Legend Villa”

  30. groo says:

    A: you kill the malyalee first and then the snake! – JeyS

    But whyfor kill snake? Snakes eat pests like rats.

  31. RKP says:

    The idea of this blog is to suggest changes in the existing systems, the delivery of the systems, the approach to the system, the suitability of the systems and so on.This may come in the form of :
    personal opinions, comments,suggestions, new-revelations,retrospection,innovative ideas,information,thought-provoking phrases,conscience pricking words and so on.

    So, let us keep an open mind. Don’t take it personal. Its part and parcel of brainstorming for the nation’s competitiveness and progress.

    If we have made mistakes in the past, its okay for adults to make mistakes.
    Lets make positive changes in the right direction.

    W e cannot be a lawless country and at the same time abuse the law, especially when you are entrusted with the responsibility of being lawmakers and enforcers of the country’s laws.

    The lawmakers must ensure that law enforcers do not abuse the law. So,Who has the responsibility to ensure that lawmakers do not make laws that are abusive by nature?

    Yes, the rakyat themselves, because they are the ones who are at the receiving end of the brunt of that law. If they feel it, they will cry foul. We must be firm but fair to all because one unfortunate day,lawmakers or law enforcers might face the brunt of that cruel law themselves.

    Law is not cruel. It is not suppose to be cruel. Laws are there for the relevant authorities to control and manage the country with public order not disorder.

    If the law brings public disorder, then lawmakers must sit down and brainstorm again and see whats wrong or what went wrong or terribly wrong.
    Make positive changes, if that doen’t improve the situation, change the law if you have to. See what will bring public order. Abuse of the law will not bring public order.

    They are two sides to crime prevention, like there is to a coin.

    One is the enforcement of the law , the other is proper rehabilitation of offenders. I’ll bet you we have high rate of repeat offenders in this country.
    This is what you call this whole package a proper ‘criminal justice system’.

    I am sorry to use this allegory but I will borrow Pavlov’s ‘dog’ for this one.

    If you know that this ‘dog’ bites and it is fierce and if left on the street will terrorise others or will bring harm, then by all means lock it up in a ‘cage’ hidden faraway from society. Let the streets be safe.

    But while the ‘dog’ is in your custody in the ‘cage’, don’t just leave it ‘caged’ and release it out into the streets when the time comes. Don’t use ‘force’ by beating it to make it lsten to you when it is in your custody either. The ‘dog ‘ will go out when ‘uncaged’ and be even fiercer on the street. It will do the same violence you did on it as a law enforcer, to other vulnerable victims on the streets. They will become repeat offenders due to the law enforcer’s negligence and careless attitude.

    Make attempts to make the ‘dog’ unlearn its old habits while its with you. Train the ‘dog’ in such a professional way it will become law abiding citizen again. If they fail in society again and become repeat offenders, then we have fail too. We have to keep looking for new methods to professionally change them. In that way , law will not be cruel.

    When does law become cruel? When as law enforcers we have lost patience.
    Patience is a virtue that you must pass on to offenders. You must be able to influence your subjects with your example of patience, Just like a teacher is patient with their students.More than what you say, how you live will speak louder. You have to a role model of a law abiding citizen yourself.

    ISA is it necessary? As I said it can be abused and very easily abused because there is no fair trial involved.You have to men of very high integrity to handle ISA detainees. Seriously thats lacking.


  32. ah Long says:

    Detention without trail under ISA may be law, the Government may not want to repeal the law BUT if we had true democracy and separation of powers then we have noithing to worry about.

    The seration of power divides the authority into 3 distinct bodies:-

    1.) The legislators (Government) that makes the laws.
    2.) The executives (polis) that excute the laws.
    3.) The judiciary that interprets the laws.

    Now, for example the legislators (Government) passes a bad law e.g the ISA, the first line of defense for the rakyat will be the executives (polis) refuse to arrest those that seem to be breaking that “bad” law. The second line of defense is the judiciary can refuse to enforce the law by finding the defendents not guilty and releasing them.

    The separation of powers is not entirely dead in Malaysia, there has been cases where the accused had been freed by the courts according on habeas but the separation of power is being increasingly diluted by political bodies to further it’s own agenda.

    This is WRONG.

  33. telur dua says:

    Recently, one disgusting and HP6 Minister said that the ISA is not cruel.

    God works in mysterious ways. This HP6 Minister may just end up being incarcerated in Kamunting one day when the tables are turned. Then he can tell me again if it is cruel.

  34. machitam says:

    ah long,
    the Executive is the Goverment i.e the PM,dpm,m etc
    the Legislator, i.e the Lawmakers i.e Parliment..
    the Judiciary, self explainatory….

    anyone care to add…

  35. the man from uncle says:

    This is a Batu Caves law which applies to the nuisance bats in Batu Caves.

    Wow! Bodolah is still using this Batu Caves Law generously.

    Is this Bodolah some kind of Batman or what using this archaic batman’s law?

    Dey! Bodolah, Batman is a hero who fights for the people like us against tyrants and does not jail people at his whims and fancies lah?

    You no batman better goes back to your archaic caves in Pulau Balik and serves the cows and chickens there Lah!

    Bodowee the outta lawless caveman…. ha ha ha ha ha…

    Dey! This is the Real Batman man!

    Batman-The People’s Hero

  36. hindraf5+2 says:

    This law is against humanity and only barbarians will apply this law.

    Hello Mr. Badiwi, don’t be a hero, you no Genghis Khan nor Kublai Kahn but a C4 Khan applying this law of the barbarians.

    Release all ISA detainee at once or we the rakyat will report to the Majesty Queen of England of your barbaric misbehavior and boot you out of the Malay Kingdom and declare you a British slave again.

    Either you are with our queen of England or keris, the choice is yours!

    You shall taste how is it like in Kemunting Dungeon.

  37. wits0 says:

    Meantime watch this Mamak Kutty, the man of irony and hypocrisy attacks Tony Blair:

    Bodohland has no shame and it’s fundamentally umno’s culture.

    And Bad awi chorused with : http://tinyurl.com/6afyo2

  38. chaptokam says:

    Very interesting discussion by Tak Nak . Maybe I add a little bit . In the first place , ISA should never be used against political dissension . Political dissidents should be charged and prosecuted in a court of law .

    ISA should not be abolished or repeal but to be re-examined and redefined to apply to people threatening National security .

    By National security , it should cover people involved in issueing of fake identity cards to immigrants , fake passports to criminals with intention to allow them safe passage way to other countries , terrorists who kill innocent victims thru bombings , serial killers , rapists whose case cannot be prosecuted in court due to lack of evidence , heavily armed robbers or would be robbers where automatic weapons , semi automatic weapons , grenades or other cache of weapons are found in their possesion or are believed to be possess by them with a possible alibi for discharge .

    There can never be absolute freedom or absolute democracy . That’s where god’s laws are formulated to curtail abuse of absolute freedom of speech rights or democracy . When I mean absolute it means absolute .

  39. machitam says:

    chaptokam said,
    …”ISA should not be abolished or repeal but to be re-examined and redefined to apply to people threatening National security…”

    “…rapists whose case cannot be prosecuted in court due to lack of evidence,..”

    rapist…and sodomy include? same catagory what! wowi…najis and bodohwi will quickly buy this idea.

    watch out, leaders, mp’s of the opposition. they don’t need saifool anymore.

    IGP just write it down on a piece of paper, give it to balde eagle alba(not related to jessica alba) to sign, and…walla….off you go to kamunting indefnitely…

    is that what you’re thinking …..

  40. suresh says:

    I have urge to utter the 4 letter words right on their faces. But since it would affect others who read I refrain from saying that:

    F**k the baskets
    F**k the baskets
    F**k the baskets
    F**k the baskets
    F**k the baskets
    F**k the baskets
    F**k the baskets

  41. johanssm/KhunPana says:

    “There have also been reports of the Police Special Branch (SB) officers hitting the detainees’ penis and inserting hard objects into their anuses.

    Saifool and his uncle pet-pet , pls read the above.
    It was the polis who ‘sondol” saifool’s booty.
    If the medical report from GH said saifool’s booty have wear and tears, you know who to sue , ok?

  42. citizen says:

    Dear Non Malays,
    Maybe u guys get some steam off by writing the same kind of shit day after day. , u guys are non-malays which makes u 2nd class citizens and are not worthy of anything in this land. This is malay land. Your forefathers have already sold u out LOCK,STOCK AND BARREL. Whether or not Anwar fucked his coffee-mule is none of your business.Get back to work and don’t forget to pay your taxes.Eat your pork meat but make sure the pig farm don’t smell.

    Idiots.Don’t u know how to read,Go look at the constitution,it clearly says that u guys don’t deserve ANYTHING.U get to work and play here but no noise please. U r supposed to be smarter than malays, so find money on your own and don’t expect any handout from the govt.. Govt. money is MALAY money.U r saying that the malays are stupid ,but think carefully, who pays and who enjoys. u pay and we take and have big fun spending it.We r the winners u pig brained idiots.

    But we cherish the non-malays no matter how despicable and lowly they are.They are loyal and always abide by our rules and PAY THE TAXES.

  43. gossyk says:

    Excellent blog and very interesting information. And the information actual for today? http://pis-dec.ru/mapp.html

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