I am banning this imposter.  Why do you need to immitate someone else, especially a regular commentator on this blog? Because you don’t like his or her view? Then argue intelligently, and your comments will be approved. I don’t moderate. But I hope people respect my decision enough not to abuse this space.

Impostering is a crime on this blog. Views, no matter, how deranged, are even forgiveable. Understand?

Ps. For others, if your comments are not published. Please alert me by email or whatever. My spam bloc is very sensitive :). Also, do let me know of imposters. They’ll get the ban.

chaptokam | clear@goggle.com | IP:

  • Susanmore imposterschaptokam (13:24:54)

    chaptokam (13:27:25)

    chaptokam (13:28:26) :

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  • chaptokam | clear@goggle.com | IP:, Hunk and Wit0,What are your problems ? Blogging is a democratic space. I can write whatever I want. Can’t you people understand that.

    I am an original Penang Hokkien and my surname is Larn and am proud of it.

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  • chaptokam | clear@goggle.com | IP: envy Uncle Pet lah. Wish I am him.with his nephew, always play SODO ME AND SODO HIM.

    uuumh, so much fun.

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  • chaptokam | clear@goggle.com | IP:, 2 cents, Fairplay, Izzit, machitam, The Joker, wits0, mugabe, Anonymous,you guys all pro anwar, you guys stinks.

    Send me your mamas and wives., let me play with them.

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  • Chaptokam | clear@goggle.com | IP: are right i am a lang chia pek do nothing but wank at home all the time.

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  • CHAP TO KAM | chappy@goggle.com | IP:, IZZIT and Uncle Peat.I am sorry. I am a good for nothing scumbag.

    I apologise for the ranting and if i do it again i am poofter who like to screw dog, pig and sheep.

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71 responses »

  1. Yong Peng Hong says:


    Please concentrate more on your job
    Dont act too smart with yout bullshit writing ang thought!

    Yong Peng Hong,
    Bandar Tun Razak

  2. Hunk says:

    Hands High to Susan’s justifiable actions.

    Susan, you should read my last comments on the fake “Chaptokam” and I reposted it here:-

    Hunk (13:47:20) :

    To : chaptokam (the original one)

    Understood loud and clear of your ordeal. that was why I alluded “Chaptokam” (Real or Impostor). S/He was sniping commentators not because the aforesaid commentators were making patriotic statements like I beleive Anwar is innocent without providing good-grounds framework of arguments to suggest that the will to indict Anwar is manifestly and undoubtedly involve a high level of conspiracy, inter alia.

    However I am defending the impostor the right to say it. Why? Becase he is Uncle Pet and I hope Uncle Pet will defend me my right to opinion. But please, don’t touch or get near me. Ah hahahahhahahahah.

    The fake Chaptokam may be Uncle Pet. Hohoho. :O

  3. Yong Peng Hong says:


    Please concentrate more on your job
    Don’t act too smart with your nonsense writing ang thought!

    Yong Peng Hong,
    Bandar Tun Razak

  4. Hunk says:

    Take notice that there may be attempts by Uncle Pets’ cybertroopers to invade and pollute this great blog by all means. 🙂

  5. Bill says:

    Mr Yong,
    If Susan’s writing is not to your liking, go take hike! You are not welcome here!

  6. the joker says:

    This chaptokam dserves to be sodomized. I thinks ths chaptokam has offended alot of people.

    So use brain before shooting, or better change your name to chapansai… he he he ….

    Bolehland jokes

  7. wandererAUS says:

    Yong Peng Hong piss off. Susan’s blog believes in pure dmocracy if that is alien to you, I suggest you go and lick more asses. This place is for free and loving people. I suspect you are a type, who is more malay than the malays.

  8. Susan,

    Just ignore freaks like this chaptokam.. He is just a loser who goes around getting attention. He thinks it’s funny and i believe he targets ladies bloggers only.

    Cowards don’t deserve any of our attention. So don’t waste time on idiots like this..



  9. zeroIn says:

    What a weird and immature person he is.

  10. To Mr Yong,

    What Susan do in her free time is none of your business.. It’s her right and we shall all respect that.

    We can also respect your right in reading bloggers’ articles and posting your comments. But do not… Do Not Try to Tell People What They should do unless you have something to prove otherwise.

    Where’s your blog in the first place? Show me what you got!

    Bah! Just another coward.

  11. vi says:

    Mr Yong, (14:00:23)

    you are like coming into other people’s house and complain about their furniture, kitchen, garden etc… why not just stay at home and polish you ass hole….

  12. Abdul says:

    That hermaphrodite Chaptokam stinks to the high heavens and dirtifies dignified places everywhere, not onlt in Sloone’s blog but in Malaysia-Today. I don’t engage disturbed hermaphrodites of his (her) ilk. Sheesh!

  13. waswas says:

    Thanx susan,

    It’s important to get rid of this imposter. I’m a big fan of chaptokam. his comments make sense and very intelligently written.
    When i read the imposter (fake chaptokam) comments, i was frustrated and i thought he might be suffering from an identity crisis. I thought maybe he was so devoted in his theories and hyphothesis and lost his sanity.
    Now ..everything make sense!! thankgod. 🙂

    and this for u..imposter!
    Just how long do you believe
    You can fly on those papers wings
    The storm has come to tear you down
    And rip you from where you don’t belong

  14. Shower says:

    This fella actually came out from the coal mine/deep hole- he thought that he can pick some gold /Chaptohkam), I suggest we send him to see Saifool so that he can dig some gold from his hole.

  15. Abdul says:


    I can swear that’s not your true name, unless of course you are a distraught child of the MCA sore loser in Bandar Tun Razak. Huh. Go and commit suicide, imposter.

  16. sunwayopal says:

    Now, heres what i dont understand. If UMNO were really sincere, why dont they offer to merge with PAS in the states where they control! and give up the Mentri Besar-ship to PAS. Say in Johor, Negri, Trengganu , Melaka or Pahang?

    Why does it have to be in states held by Pakatan? states like Perak and Selangor ??? Why? Why??? Why??? Why???

    You can tell here its because they want to create a backdoor opening back into power, PAS should ask those UMNO dogs to join up first in those states and ask UMNO dogs to give them the Mentri Besar post and see what happens……those UMNO dogs will laugh in their faces!!!!!

    they will never give up their own states, wake UP PAS!!!!!

  17. chaptokam says:



  18. Obi Wan Kentucky says:

    Bapak saya ada cakap, kalu suka keta mercedes, masuk la blog mercedes.

    Kalu suka keta perdana, masuk la blog perdana.

    Ni lu suka perdana, tapi lu masuk blog mercedes…apa hal? Lagi bikin kecoh.

    Kalu lu tak suka, toksah masuk la…tu pon mau pikir ka?

    Saya suka ini blog, pasal saya suka apa ini orang ada cakap, dia punya komen punya orang ada cakap, saya pon bole cakap…tapi cakap ikut cerita la, lu keluar topik apa hattt?

  19. oknyua says:

    It still hasn’t entered my mind – just why would anyone want to impersonate someone else in cyberspace? I would like to impersonate Nina Wang’s husband and claim his 20 billion – if that is possible. OR would it be possible to impersonate Proton Services Mechanic? There’s quite a lot money to be made there.

  20. room619 says:

    Hospital: It wasn’t a sodomy examination
    Jul 30, 08 4:04pm

    breaking news Hospital Pusrawi denies that its medical officer Dr Muhammad Osman Abdul Hamid conducted a sodomy-related examination on Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.MORE He’s not a specialist
    Doctor’s findings leaked to media

  21. oknyua says:

    But other than this impersonating issue, the last thread was interesting.

  22. Jsss says:

    chaptokam, Apalah lu ni. Hai yah! yah!

  23. chaptokam says:


    Thanks a million ! seems a lot of people doesn’t like what I comment , not to their agenda or liking . In fact most of my comments lately was on the medical records and in fact I tried not to bring that guy’s name into the picture , still somehow you know lah what happen . I expect further onslaught from them from other usernames . Matter of fact most of my comment are based on my knowledge as I see it and fairly as I call a spade a spade . Well guess I have to take it with a pinch of salt on these personal attacks . But imposters , still can’t figure out why they have to resort to that , probably getting very desperate .!!

  24. wandererAUS says:

    Once again, it has proven that commentators in Susan’s blogs are fair minded people and respect each other’s opinions, rightly or wrongly….whether, we agree or disagree is immaterial, as long it is kept healthy.
    Susan, I salute you and keep the wheel turning…otherwise, my life will be too dull! hehehe

  25. Yong Peng Hong says:


    nothing proud of u.
    i recoment you delete your blog and change your career.

  26. ilyani says:

    hahaha @ Yong Peng Hong

  27. kj says:

    Yong Peng Hong, you goon. Shut your f***king mouth and go to sleep in your coffin!!! If you don’t like susan, you can f***K off!!!

  28. chaptokam says:

    Mr Yong Peng Hong

    why out of the blue you ask Susan to delete her blog and change her career ?

    Is it because you are the IMPOSTER ? !!

  29. Cumene says:

    Aiyar, Yong, ‘recoment’? Itu pun salah eja?

  30. machitam says:

    i had missed the bus…..

    i don’t think the chaptokam that targeted me was an imposter…anybody can confirm that….am i missing a point here?

  31. waswas says:


    Most of them don’t like your comments bcoz when they want to believe something, they’ll see all the arguments for it, and become blind to the arguments against it. and the imposter , he’s just being jealous and want to ruin your reputation. hehe.

    Yong Peng Hong,

    I wonder why you hate susan so much and yet keep peeping in..silly willy. Beware! Hatred is never ended by hatred but by love.

  32. mark c says:

    as much as i know, there is no subspeciality that deals in buggery in all branches of medicine.

    Any trained medical doctors can examine the rectum and see if there has been signs of recent trauma, you don’t need any specialist to determine abrasion injuries.

  33. ella-mae says:

    Yong Peng Hong, why dont you delete yourself and take care of your job instead huh….

    Susan, loonies do love you dont they… hahahaha. Anhyhoo, The Dandelions adore you. Let us know if you are ever going back to Nepal. MissJolie will point you to the Willy Man’s direction.

    Muuaahh, Susan. You totally rock. Don’t ever stop blogging!


  34. wandererAUS says:

    Yong Peng Hong, I don’t detest you I feel sorry for you. You must be the sort of guy with a distorted mind full of hatred. Whatever may be your comments, this Susan’s blog will remain popular to friends and foes…except a cu*thead like you!

  35. jonathan says:

    How do you ban such people from yur blog? I use blogspot.
    For me if someone can’t discuss issues beyond just using four letter words in whatever language, speaks of the emotional, psyhological and possibly physiological dysfunction he is facing. Such people who utters 5 words but six of them are bad words :P)
    We bloggers have experienced our share of such unwarranted language… but we know ourselves at least it’s some saving grace.
    Do keep on blogging as thank goodness there are more normal people in cyberspace :P.
    Is that fello malaysia or what?

    smile 😛

  36. DoubleGlory says:

    Understand why you ban imposter. But why expose his IP and email. Did you not wow not to disclose these info ?

    I believe you should not, even an imposter identity.

    I suggest you remove them.

  37. chaptokam says:


    I have this article from this blog . http://stephendoss.blogspot.com/

    The Osman Conspiracy?

    Pretty interesting article .

  38. wits0 says:

    DoubleGlory: “I believe you should not, even an imposter identity.”

    Does a criminal get accorded the same rights as an innocent person?

  39. LGE says:

    This chaptokam syndonym sure makes the 49% PR voters angry. So better change the name before more aerial bombardments from the PR supporters.

    There is no kam to chap but shit, you stupid chaptosai.

  40. chaptokam says:

    Hi wits0 i am fully with you on this though sometimes we tend to think differently , that’s normal .

  41. DoubleGlory says:


    wits0 : Does a criminal get accorded the same rights as an innocent person?

    Why not ?

    Are you telling me a criminal loses his/her human rights.

  42. wits0 says:

    DoubleGlory, In overly liberal Britain, it has happened that house owners were penalized for using undue force for protecting themselves against armed intruders. Fine way to experiment with Human Rights that assiduously.

  43. Confused says:

    This is the one of few blogs where comments are not moderated. That should not give the impression that we are anonymous. This type of misuse hiding behind another uder’s nick is cowardly and justifies publishing the IP. Just my opinion.

  44. Anonymous says:

    chaptokam is such a nuisanse. while I do not condone the act of imposting, I also advise you to review the amount of sh*t chaptokam splashs into your blog. In short chaptokam is sampah sarap Malaysia.

  45. Patek1472 says:

    13. Free speech is a right of all Malaysians. (True or False)?

    13. Kebebasan bersuara adalah hak semua rakyat Malaysia. (Betul atau Salah)?

    Answers at http://patek1472.wordpress.com

  46. Anonymous says:

    chaptokam is indeed sampah sarap Malaysia. See for yourselves.

    chaptokam – “Are you having your period now ?”
    :: Susan, don’t harbour this chap. His behaviour is exactly like Kinabatangan MP.

    chaptokam – ‘As a Buddhist …’
    :: chaptokam acts to be religious and a buddhist at times

    chaptokam – ‘Prayer is the door of meeting God.’
    chaptokam – ‘‘My religion tells me I have every right to defend myself from devils ……’
    :: chaptokam’s statements do not align himself to buddhism as a matter of fact.

    chaptokam – ‘I can stand on my own against a whole bunch of cybertroopers’
    chaptokam – ‘If you can’t take the heat go fly kite !’
    :: chaptokam most of the time forgets his religious behaviour and shows his true color

  47. wits0 says:

    Chaptokam sounds very much like a Monsterball clone, if not actually himself.

  48. matrix says:


    No matter how much u try to explain/justify yourself, one basic thing that never changed, i.e. from the comments of your blog readers, to a large extend reflect the quality of your writing/blog/thoughts.

    always keep an open mind and think out of the box.

  49. chaptokam says:

    wits0 I sounds very much like Monsterball , looks like Monsterball , talks like Monsterball , but sooory to disappoint you I ain’t him . Korek, korek , korek
    I ain’t him . Probably he’s also reading your comments now . OK Goodnight !

  50. chaptokam says:

    Anonymous pls don’t hide behind your anonymity , its just like a person without a face , you know what I mean , only cow**** hide behind that . Btw the seventh month is only a few days away ………all those without faces are coming out .

  51. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear irrepressable chap (aka monsterballs?), lets go and do some sodome-yoga. No we musn’t let Susan know, otherwise ‘mummy’ trouble la…
    Now letsee… Position 1… ready?

  52. doggone says:

    Hi there Susan ,

    The thing about cyber-troopers is that you can pin them down after reading a couple of their comments. Their sole purpose is to contradict the truth and try to sway fence sitters. They are totally lost with the rest who hold rational thoughts.

    They come with different resume and command different salary scale. Like Yong Peng Hong’s ‘nothing proud of u’ and ‘ I recoment’ that falls into the ‘cheap unskilled labour’ category. Once in awhile they entertain and evoke unanimous laughter, but most of the time they remind us of our proficiency in the language we write in. Literary calibre aside, their presence certainly spice up the concoction of comments in a blog, if only they do not make a nuisance of themselves.

    Maybe the government is really on an austerity drive. To buy a larger quantity with the same amount of money, it is inevitable that one has to sacrifice quality. Spammers are cheaper than Troopers, so, here they come…!!!!

  53. wits0 says:

    Doggone, Yong Peng Hong is pathetically unskilled, even worse than BobyNZ and Ayoyo combi. Oh, not that one would necessarily reads them at all!

    Chaptokam is a lightning rod that evidently brings not much blessing to Susan’s blog in his wake.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Indeed chaptokam is sampah sarap Malaysia. What has he rubbished here?
    1) a religious buddhist when he wants to sound like a saint.
    2) rubbished about “women period thing” when he wants to bully the ladies.
    3) sounds like a hooligan when he runs out of points in an argument.
    4) acts blur too when he runs out of points in an argument.
    5) “selectively” and “over zealous” to accuse DSAI sodomised Saiful.
    6) talks a lot of rubbish. “Genuinely” sampah sarap Malaysia.

    While chaptokam does portray certain characteristics of a BN-cybertrooper, an overall evaluation of such a character suggests that this chaptokam is sampah sarap Malaysia.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Oh one more thing in case people here wonder whether that applies to which chaptokam as there are now chaptokam(s). Ok, the answer is that sampah sarap Malaysia applies to chaptokam(ORIGINAL).

    ————–Evaluation of chaptokam(Original) —————–
    Indeed chaptokam is sampah sarap Malaysia. What has he rubbished here?
    1) a religious buddhist when he wants to sound like a saint.
    2) rubbished about “women period thing” when he wants to bully the ladies.
    3) sounds like a hooligan when he runs out of points in an argument.
    4) acts blur too when he runs out of points in an argument.
    5) “selectively” and “over zealous” to accuse DSAI sodomised Saiful.
    6) talks a lot of rubbish. “Genuinely” sampah sarap Malaysia.

    While chaptokam does portray certain characteristics of a BN-cybertrooper, an overall evaluation of such a character suggests that this chaptokam is no doubt sampah sarap Malaysia.

  56. chaptokam says:

    Anonymous is that all you can parroting about me and nothing more ? Just like a broken old record being played repeating the same silly song .

    Like I said pls don’t hide behind your anonymity , its just like a person without a face , the seventh month is only a few days away ………all those without faces are coming out and guess you’ll be meeting your buddies very soon . Perhaps you can complain to them . Hehehe . Don’t forget to buy roasted pork and ‘money’ for them . ok hahaha .

  57. Anonymous says:

    Sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam, who gives you a damn?

    Anyway just to let susan see it better what sort of rubbish this chaptokam(orginal) is……

  58. chaptokam says:

    wits0 Chaptokam is a lightning rod that evidently brings hits to this blog . Take a good look at MT today and compare that to Susan’s . Imagine an article or two a day can attract so many commentators , simply because they offer a very wide range of opinions . Readers are not stupid anymore even though they may not comment , but they know this blog is very fair to all parties .
    On MT , they post nothing less than ten articles a day , and take a good look at their commentators , getting less and less , sometimes not even more than ten , only those posted by RPK perhaps attracts more . The commentators are the usual group , you can tell , and they are very fierce attackers , like a pack of hyennas going for the kill on any anti Anwar postings . Moderators also delete comments on that . Eventually , they are going to destroy their own web MT . Readers and many commentators are already complaining about MT like a pro opposition cyber site and this invites hacking by UMNO cybertroopers . . I think I have said enough . Just my opinion , nothing more .

  59. Deja-Vu says:

    “wits0 Chaptokam is a lightning rod that evidently brings hits to this blog . Take a good look at MT today and compare that to Susan’s . Imagine an article or two a day can attract so many commentators , ….”

    Exactly how monsterball used to talk.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Oh one more thing in case I forget. This sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam has been a LOSER in Malaysia Today. His rubbish(s) posted to Malaysia Today have always been getting very GOOD NEGATIVE scores.

    Nevertheless, this sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam does not seem to be able to accept the fact of his GOOD NEGATIVE scores. He seemed to look forward to some blogs without comment vote up/down feature to pacify himself.

    Susan’s blog does not have comment vote up/down feature. This sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam, (without a mirror for him to look into) ASSUME that his rubbish is very welcome by the readers in susan’s blog.

    Sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam, it is a waste of time to blast sampah sarap you know. Go to see yourself better in the mirror; let say at Malaysia Today with comment vote up/down feature.

  61. wits0 says:

    Monsterball was in his second childhood and (in Freudian terms)anal retentive. The similarities are merging.

  62. Shiok Guy says:

    Sorry for been naive..

    Where don’t impose sign on before commenting?

    Shiok Guy

  63. chaptokam says:

    Anonymous you are becoming very personal and annoying , I suggest you go look yourself in the mirror and see whether you can see your face , faceless . Are scores that important to you ? or are comments more important ? This will be my last comment to you . NO MORE Toyol ! As far as I am concerned you are dead .

  64. Anonymous says:

    A brief description of original chaptokam blog style.

    I happened to stumble upon this original chaptokam contribution in various blogs.

    I have yet to read any of his comment in moderated blog.

    I have stumbled upon his comments in Malaysia-Today blog and 90% are rated into negativity.

    This original chaptokam is a self proclaimed UMNO cybertroppers cum mole who frequents unmoderated blog with the same identity with one intention. His intention is to pervert the minds of RPK, Anwar or PR supporters.

    Anybody posting comments favoring any of the above, he will first suggest negating ideology drawing them to anti PR reformasi stand.

    Next this original chaptokam will antagonize those he fails to “brainwash’ by repeatedly spamming comments against particular individual until he or she gave up that blog.

    His third approach is adapted for the more persistent poster, by pretending to agreeing with them on simple issues in exchange for support towards his issues; which are normally countering or antagonizing.

    There exist a team of UMNO cybertrooper police. They enter various blogs to tuned into the cybertroopers and weed them out with the sole intention to provide peace for other posters (for many had been discourage to provide their ideas).

    The other UMNO cybertrooper is BobbyNZ.



  65. chaptokam says:

    Anonymous very convincing , Sounds like my style , looks like my style but not me . Thank you for all your attention on me . Look s like you wasted your time checking me out . hahahaha . Right now there’s only me chaptokam . But from the way the new anonymous or is it the mutation of the faceless anonymous writes , I can be damn sure its the mutation of the faceless one . Ya tonight they are all coming out at 12.00 midnight sharp , so they have to put on a mask to show their mutated faces . Don’t forget burn a lot of 1 billion Zimbabwe notes tonight , ok !!!

  66. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous (17:16:26) ,

    Agreed. That sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam while uttering a lot of inconsistent nonsense about other things, has been surprisingly quite persistent in attacking DSAI and Pakatan Rakyat.

    No matter how UMNO-cybertrooper like sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam in my opinion, is still tak ada standard langsung.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous (18:45:19),

    Does it take you long to identify chaptokam as sampah sarap Malaysia and monsterball.

    These two descriptions so appropriate for the original chaptokam.

  68. billauchris says:

    My dear Susan,

    You should deserve an big accolade for the time and efforts you spend daily to update bloggers on the political, social economic situations taking place in Malaysia.

    Thus far I find your reports topical, informative, educational and beneficial. Most of the subscribing bloggers have been quite responsible in their comments. They are forthright, outright and downright. But some I notice try to be uprighteous and holier than thou. Come what may, please disregard the disturbing comments and incisive remarks from the so-called imposters.

    The quality and standard of your blog and for that matter any other blog depends on the subscribers. If they are good, responsible and sincere in their comments, then no doubt any blog to which they subscribe or affiliate will be held in great esteem.

    Your site bloggers cut across a wide section of people. I am sure they have the wisdom to know the difference between the bad, the good, and the ugly.

    Let us at this juncture congratulate Susan for having attained three million “kissers” to her site. That is by no means an easy target. For the cynics, imposters or “incinerators”, this may pose a challenge for them to start their blogs and measure their success against what Susan’s benchmark.

    Let us be responsible bloggers and not “foggers” out to cause animosity, disharmony and friction among the modern communicators of the modern media world.

  69. chaptokam says:

    billauchris wow very well written . Hats of to you !!

  70. Scott Thong says:

    Lol Susan… I got a weirdo sock-puppeteer who both attacked and defended Obama on my blog. Stopped appearing after I called him out.

  71. Taylor says:

    Hey Susan,

    I’m glad I saw this post of yours. It seems to me that many people deliberately adapt other peoples names and post unfavorable comments with it. It happened to me all the time. Sometimes, people post favorable comments with it, but I can’t put my finger on what they are trying to achieve by doing so.

    I think it’s a very bad form to do so. It was like framing people for something they didn’t do.

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