For those of you who can’t view the video, see it @ Malaysiakini TV. Or,at Youtube.

Saiful Bukhairy’s Uncle Pet, who does not want to reveal his real name, wants to meet Raja Petra Kamaruddin. He threw the famous blogger a challenge for “attacking” him in Malaysia-Today.

He said that RPK, who has been revealing several expose about the Anwar-Saiful sodomy case, had attacked him personally by “saying I had sodomised my own nephew”.

Maybe he wants to provoke me, said Uncle Pet, looking obviously annoyed with the whole thing. Uncle Pet said this is no longer between Anwar and Saiful, but him and Raja Pet.

“No problem. Ask him to choose whatever platform. If he wants to know the real Uncle or Auntie Pet. come and see me”.

Uncle Pet is also convinced that Anwar Ibrahim had sodomsised Saiful because the former had refused to swear in the Quran. “Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah”.

So, what about it, Raja Pet? Are you meeting Uncle Pet?  Looks like he wants to show you what’s he got. Heheh!

About the RPK’s latest bombshell, the medical record from Pusrawi, Uncle Pet refuted it and said that Saiful had only spent a few minutes with the Doctor, furthermore, it was only a ‘record’. How can the doctor decide in only a few minutes?

You may also read another opinon about the medical notes by Dr. Mohd. Raffick Khan and decide if ‘Raja Petra had gone overboard in his interpretations of the medical notes”.

I would like to say that RPK has misinterpreted the facts. He has also exaggerated the interpretation of the doctor writings. I think who ever has been advising him , has not given a fair opinion His writings have come to such a skewed conclusion and now his writings is being politicised. Overall, I think this medical note has not proved or disapprove anything.

Will Raja Petra’s “evidence” stand the legal test, and absolve Anwar from all these allegations? We are yet to know.


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  1. 2 cents says:

    ehh auntie..wat happened? cannot see video like that? RPK wont be able to view your challenge removed the video oredi ah, so fast..?

  2. Anonymous says:

    something is very wrong with this Uncle Pet.

  3. wasami says:


    news update : laporan doktor Pusrawi di’sahkan’ adalah palsu …. ? laporan doctor tak sah utk kegunaan pembelaan .. kata law expert …

    Ai yooo yo yo BN counter balik!!!!

  4. robin goodfellow says:

    Raja Pet. Pls ask Uncle Ladyboy to bring his supporters as well; both stupid ones and paid ones. We also come to hentam keromo this mofos kau2 once and for all…

  5. benludin says:

    uncle pet and raja PETra??

    are they related..?


  6. zack says:

    I think there is something going on between Uncle Pat and auntie Saiful .

  7. Lianne says:

    He lied. If you watch the video carefully, his eyes movement were directed to his right which indicated that he created the information. To his left means, a person is recalling information. You can find out about this body language indication from googling them anywhere.

  8. eeyaw says:

    Raja Pet is right! Uncle Pat sure looks like one who did all the back door corridor stuff!

  9. Dy says:

    Who the f*** are you for Raja Petra to see you???? By the way of your talking you seem to be lying all the way. Go to Hell

  10. hello Uncle Pet@auntie Pet,
    you seem to be a person who is capable to deny the truth.
    You are asking to meet RPK…how dare you ?How can RPK entertain a person like you who has a brain the size of a peanut!

  11. UMNO D.U says:

    Dear Susan,

    On topic – Raja Pet has always been a publicity seeking, cult-leader wannabe who has been revealed by some within PKR as a swindler of party funds. This could be a propaganda, but we are inclined to believe his motives are unclear, unlike yours:)

    Off topic to PAS & UMNO – not all UMNO members want this “alliance” to go through either. It’s just another mis-step by our “management” team.

    (Yea yea, it’s hard to believe us, but considering we have 3 million members – allegedly – surely you can’t dismiss the possibility there are some of us who understands and share common ideals relating to democracy and governance)

    Kepimpinan Tidak Memahami Kami

    P/S: Why is our post rejected?

  12. pendapat says:

    Why was my posts rejected?

  13. kittykat46 says:

    Or is it “Auntie Pet” ?
    Really feminine looking person.

    Maybe it was actually “All in the Family” ?

  14. robert13 says: all are making speculations. No offense but, if the uncle Pet wants to meet RPK, RPK should just meet lor. “Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah”.

    But I don’t quite agree with you. I would not think he is stupid that he has misinterpreted the facts. He knew that this report might cause the public to think in another direction that a fabrication story was made so that makes it evident that DSAI was not sodomized so as to confuse to the public.

    However like you said, I agree that he has also exaggerated the interpretation of the doctor writings. He has not given a fair opinion in his writings which have come to such a skewed conclusion and now his writings is being politicized. Overall, I think this medical note has not proved or disapprove anything.

  15. Jsss says:

    I think this uncle pet is going crazyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  16. UMNO D.U says:

    Dear Susan,

    It is regrettable that you’ve chosen to ban us from posting, as evident from the above “test” post under pseudonym “pendapat”. Previous attempt at posting using our normal Name, Mail and Website was unsuccessful.

    We have been nothing but proper in our conduct, and we believe that your auto rejection of our comments constitute your own unwillingness to be open to a more liberal, forward thinking UMNO, because we don’t fit your mould of what UMNO members should act like.

    We apologize if it was a technical error, though we highly doubt that.

    UMNO D.U

  17. Francis says:

    Raja has seen the original report and not simply the Dr’s statement. Read The Wall Street Journal Asia.

    “MalaysiaToday’s editor, Raja Petra Kamarudin, confirmed to us by telephone that he has seen the original report.”

  18. UMNO D.U says:

    Just to re-check if it was a technical error.


    UMNO D.U

  19. UMNO D.U says:

    Guess it was.

    All apologies Susan. We were surprised as hell when a few of our postings didn’t go through for this, and previous posts.

    UMNO D.U

  20. crower says:

    Any one of you ever wondered as to how RPK managed to get all this “hot” and “spicy” stuff ?

  21. temenggong says:

    Its Pet vs Pet then!

    The medical notes is the report. Uncle Pet is probably looking for the same notes typed in A4 letterhead format! Anyway one does not need forensics for an anal examination for evidence of anal penetration.

    Dr. Rafick is playing down the medical report.

  22. sloone says:

    UMNO D.U

    I did not ban you. Your comments, may have got stucked in the Spam. You can always inform me and I will see what I can do. Other do that, too.

    I usually make an announcement if I want to ban someone.

  23. 2 cents says: garang one..

  24. Abdul says:

    Sam1 wrote to that Dollah lover. Dr Rqfique the following:

    Raja has seen the original report and not simply the Dr’s statement. Read The Wall Street Journal Asia.

    “MalaysiaToday’s editor, Raja Petra Kamarudin, confirmed to us by telephone that he has seen the original report.”

  25. kittykat46 says:

    This case is imploding on the government much, much faster than they can spin it.
    Within, like, days time frame, the authorities are going to have to take the plunge to arrest and charge Anwar in court or drop the case completely.

    The current “open” situation is just making the authorities the laughing stock of the whole world.

    Just dropping the case, it isn’t going to be good enough. Saiful should then arguably be facing a charge of criminal defamation (exactly what they charged Raja Petra with).

  26. joker says:

    Looking at this Uncle Pet, my advise for him is repent and don’t bully people just because you know “somebody”. Furthermore, jugding from his behaviour and outlook, can he be trusted? I doubt it! Come on, we know this Saiful is dumbo but why he can easily get a sponsorship from the ministry ? Maybe ACA can check on that as well while we on his case! Since the report is out, how come the police haven’t brought them uncle Pet, Saiful and his fiance, father for intense questioning for misleading facts and collaboration? Why the police keep on wasting their time on the whistleblower and the innocent while the criminal Saiful, his fiance and Uncle Pet got scot free? Are they under the protection of someone????

  27. temenggong says:

    ,Any one of you ever wondered as to how RPK managed to get all this “hot” and “spicy” stuff ?>

    Obviously it was leaked to him by powers that be at the highest levels of govt! Thats how he gets all the information all this while! Lots of people are feeding him, right from the Umno MT, PM’s dept, Bukit Aman and the palace.

  28. wasami says:


  29. Why Cares says:

    Uncle Pete is too blind & believed wholesale what his nephew “SAIFUL” said.

    The way Uncle or Auntie Pete said simply connotes as if he personally saw & legally witnessed SAIFUL being ‘raped’ & ‘Sodomised ‘?

    Pusrawi Medical report provided details analysis of visual & physical facts of the medical examination at the material time. It is Legally binding as it is the “first information” so obtained by a licensed doctor.

    I do not trust 2nd Government Hospital’s report in this case. Want to guess why so many specialists left service ?

  30. ireneyow says:

    Dear Susan,

    That so call himseld uncle pat is really a joker. Everyone in Malaysia knows how to locate Raja Petra and yet he tell malaysiakini to tell Raja Petra to see him. WHO IS HE??????
    How old is he? It seem to me he is still a milk boy. If saiful calls him uncle I think saiful has no other relative older than him (calling a milk boy uncle.)


  31. Dave says:

    Definitely bent!

  32. Noor says:

    This man is not only dubious but a homo in fact. Look at him, how he talks, what he says, how he says and how he tries to grap Islam for his own use. Is he a nut or what?

  33. wandererAUS says:

    Honestly, at first glance, I thought uncle Pete was a woman. I am more amused by his actions than substance that he was trying to relate. I am very suspicious of this character…anything and every thing possible. Damn head, you can sue RPK, no point, challenging him to a duel. I have a strong belief, he must got a handsome kick back from Saiful.

  34. ireneyow says:


    WHO IS UNCLE PAT???????

    He dare not give his full name to malaysiakini.. …
    Proves that he dares to collect money from saiful and become his so called agent uncle BUT dare not tell others the name his parents gave him. He wants to challange Raja Petra. I think all Malaysian are waiting to see a toothless uncle pat after he meet Raja Petra…… SMALL BOY…. WAKE UP AND DO NOT PLAY WITH FIRE…….

    CHEAP !!!!CHEAP!!!!!! CHEAP!!!!!!!

  35. 2 cents says:

    hey dave…this one lagi bent..


  36. danet7882 says:

    UNCLE pet pet,

    The truth always hurt, when it involved someone close “ermm I dunno how close u and ur butt loving neph**”

    But face it, the truth is out and you are telling us not to believe those reports? Wat’s on your mind pet pet? There’s so many doubt any yet you still chose to believe that butt loving??


  37. iskandar says:

    Lets just be realistic here, I would say that it was uncall for Uncle Pet to doubt the doctor’s findings. The poor doctor was only doing his job to the best of his aquired skills and knowledge as a medical practioner . I believe that he has written the report based on his examination on Saiful. As Uncle Pet said, its not between Saiful & Anwar or RPK. Its between him and RPK, then i guess he should leave as that and refrain from making any uncalled statement of the doctors ability. “Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah”. so he says. Duh!

  38. moy says:

    gelanggang raja petra tu kat internet la… kalau nak cabar raja petra..bocome a better blogger than him la…
    and i think RPK is a gentleman and won’t hit women….

  39. temenggong says:

    Looks like most malaysians, not having indulged in it, do not know much about anal sex! Just as well.

    Can you all not see that all these leaks in the last one year is by the Military Intelligence?

    [b]This is the Agong’s response[/b] to the rakyat’s appeal through Bersih and Hindraf!

    It is an indication that the Agong and the armed forces are independent, and are not with the govt and the police!

    How much louder you want him to speak? Well, it’ll get louder for sure.

  40. The Penquin says:

    Why only this Uncle Pet Pet always come out to defend Saiful ? He will always say Saiful’s dad say this and say that….The Uncle Pet Pet dare not reveal his real name and the Saiful’s dad dare not show the face…

  41. barbie says:

    i see man-boobs. more like an auntie than uncle to me.

  42. Patek1472 says:

    1. Anwar commit Sodomy? He can’t because you have to ask the wife.

    2. Najib really did not know Altantuya because he is also not a sodomizer. He likes it straight. Ask his sleeping partner.

    3. It’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so said by every accused in any court of any land. Do you not believe in men when they swear in the name of God, Allah, Yahweh etc?

    More facts at

  43. mark c says:

    If I never hear “uncle pet” speak.. I thought it was female all the while. 😛

  44. kplee says:

    This guy uncle pet( if he is my pet i would make sure he knows what is sodomy haha) must hv got $$$ from Mr. C4 to do this. Just look at him the way he talk and articulate. Disgusting indeed. Dont discuss about medical report when u yourself know nothing about medicine. Trying to be A DOCTOR EH..

  45. artic turban says:

    WHATEVER the kera- jagaan-(umno) spin doctors say today, the first doctors has nailed this allegation into the grave, pure and simple, like an accident scene- the first police report first-hand report is viewed very seriously in first world countries. This is because the demeanor of suspects/ victims is very important to determine the innocense or guilt cannot be masked. therefore the first doctors report speaks for a lot, as after experiencing the first doctors refusal to declare him being sodomised, and having experienced the questions and examinationed, saiful can consider himself coached, so he can present himself and get a better excuse, since the first report says there is no tearing and bleading in the first report what is to stop him from stuffing some hard solid object up his butt in between hospitals. now it will be very interesting to see what the second report says, if it says bleeding than the obvious is reckoned. Now as per regarding the statement by the Uncle Pet/ whatever, if this moron is to be believed, he says that the cause of penetration could not be determined and the first doctor just examined saiful for a few minutes, well those of you who haven’t been to a private hospital, these private hospitals are very serious when examaning apatient, THEY ARE NOT LIKE GOVT HOSPITALS, WHERE THE PATIENTS ARE LIKE CATTLE , they exam a patient throughly, a proper exam is always conducted, on the other hand especially with rape either vaginal or sodomy than even govt hospitals take these exams seriously, the patient demeanor is recorded, , rectal/frontal scopes are introduced and scarring and tears are recorded and bl0od and tissue samples/ swabs are taken. this is S.O.P. for victims in our hospital system, now to say and deny a through examination was done by the first doctor, i.e implying incompetance is opening a can of worms for the pet character, (LAWSUIT) FROM THE FIRST HOSPITAL, the first hospitals bills also should shed new light to the quality and throughness of the exam. TO cut to the chase, if from the onset, the doctor’s examination shows that no blood force trauma is found, patients demeanor, and physical and physcological facts are noted in the report, from onset the doctor has noted that there is nothing remiss in the patient. a short and conscise report is made by the doctors professional oppinion. He has stated the facts, he does not need to write a thesis on it, basically he was being to the point that this is a put up job and doesn’t want to be involved, not knowing the mess he got himself into by seeing this particular patient, my heartfelt pity to the life changing conscquences and torment the doctor went through and is going to by meeting this sinfull saifool.

  46. malaysia says:

    the truth have already revealed and he still wanna argue…lame lame…..he has no right….swearing does not prove anything…i think there is indeed a lot of criminal lied even though they swear on any religion

  47. azisirikit says:

    Aiyaaaa.. you people aaa. That uncle pet/auntie pet is a gay also laaa… The first time we saw his or her face, we know already. You ask all the gays in the world they will confirm it. Why he so eager to be involved? How much money he’s paid? Maybe he was asked to boom boom saiful (which he did) and put it to Anwar. Sudahlah lu Auntie Pet!

  48. panca says:

    Who are you kidding that that is not a medical report?

    Perhaps someone is saying it has to be sworn in the name of religion again that it is a medical report, save your breath! God will be too busy dealing with too many religious swearing!

    The strong reason they chose this hospital was because it is with islamic nature in name that is Pusrawi Hospital instead of a government which otherwise would be viewed as pro BN. Things(results) by the Dr. turned out as usual “as what is” as examined where adverse results could be forced to be changed later. However the doctor, Dr Osman stick to the truth despite being forced. Now they are cooking up story to deny that Dr Osman actual report of no sodomy act,(TRO…To Rule Out) was just a result for a nose. Next step is, even you know what god knows who, they will deny right under your nose to say that Govt. Hospital(satu lagi projek oleh KERAjaan BN) will be the one looking deep into Saifool rear tunnel to authenticate the intercourse.

    Uncle Pet, your mentality deserves the PM position.

    RPK would floor you with just one punch. My advice to you is don’t even try to come near him, you probably hear your ribcage break!

  49. better future for all says:

    Now the show begins.
    Saiful having a virgin arse-hole should have been smart – either get a gay to throughly screw his anus or improvise with a stick himself before going for a medical examination..
    And all this while I thought he had let some homo have fun with his back before going for the medical.
    Now his uncle wants a piece of the action.
    Best for Saiful to withdraw his ‘police report’ and he n his whole family disappear for say 10 years, along with the uncle.

  50. Anonymous says:

    WHATEVER the kera- jagaan-(umno) spin doctors say today, the first doctors has nailed this allegation into the grave, pure and simple, like an accident scene- the first police report first-hand report is viewed very seriously in first world countries.

    artic turban, well said.

  51. mugabe says:

    Big Medico-Legal Question:

    1] What is the difference between a Medical Note and a Medical Report?

    2] Under what Circumtances can a Medical Note become a Medical Report?

    3] Was this Uncle Pet present during the Examination of Saiful Bukhari Azlan by Dr Mohammed Osman Abdul Hamid.

    4] Can a layman [eg “Uncle Pet” ] make uncalled comments ” examined just a few minutes showing the fingers of his hand” or how long does it take for a 20 years experienced Doctor to examine a Sodomy case ?

    5] Why did this “Uncle Pet” mentioned “FORENSIC” as if you need a “Forensic Doctor” or “Forensic CSI” to perform the first examination of a sodomy case?

    6] In the case of a Rape Report on a woman with violence , there are ample marks on the bodily parts and penetration can be easily examined if, reported early.

    Does the same apply to Sodomy case without violence, are there “things” to be examined marks or scratches left on the “bottoms”, thighs, arms, chest, neck, face eg. lips

    7] more importantly, did Saiful Bukhari Azlan NOT GO to the Travers Police Station first [Brickfields first], before going to the Pusrawi Hospital?

    It begs the question, if you have been “RAPED” or “Sodomised”, you go to the Police Station First to make a report, then, the Police would take you to Hospital to be examined.

    Where is the LOGIC [unnatural act] for this Saiful Bukhari Azlan to first go to the Hospital Pusrawi?

    a) It also begs the question, why it TOOK him another 24 hours and he went of ALL PLACES to Najib Razak’s Official Residence and at what time?

    b) since the Police Station is opened 24 hours Najib Razak as a Minister of His Majesty’s Cabinet , must NATURALLY and INSTITIVELY called IGP Musa Hassan or his Police ADC ….

    “mat … bawa budak ini ke Balai Polis …nanti saya bangunkan Pak Lah”

    and the Musa Hassan would immediately ask ” mat bawa budak ini ke Hospital untuk periksa …. cepat “.

    The Government Hospitals are opened 24 hours !

    this is 27th June 2008

    This is a better script …. for the PLOT .

  52. chris chong says:

    problem of our government and his cronies – tak tau malu.

    shitful uncle is one of them. kasihan nenek moyang mereka.

  53. JeyS says:

    Sham..a double sham!

    So RPK not only has to contend with gov but also with this he-she Pet.

    Ala..i just wish these people just close this chapter and finish off this nonsense asap! Wasting our tax money only! (and not to mention making M’sia a laughing stock!)

    What happen to all other pending cases??? Still pending…how so government Malaysia’s answer!! “Masih sedang diproses”

  54. Kherry Scarry says:

    Actually if you happen to listen to Auntie Pet talks, he/she sounds like a BAPOK …I would probably believe if Autie Pet was sodomised…

  55. A Little Space says:

    The uncle’s statement is too much like a coached statement. What does he know about medical examinations? Few non-medical member of the public do and this Uncle Pet does not sound like he knows.

  56. panca says:

    Who are you kidding that that is not a medical report?

    Perhaps someone is saying it has to be sworn in the name of religion again that it is a medical report, save your breath! God will be too busy dealing with too many religious swearing!

    The strong reason they chose this hospital was because it is with islamic nature in name that is Pusrawi Hospital instead of a government which otherwise would be viewed as pro BN. Things(results) by the Dr. turned out as usual “as what is” as examined where adverse results could be forced to be changed later. However the doctor, Dr Osman stick to the truth despite being forced. Now they are cooking up story to deny that Dr Osman actual report of no sodomy act,(TRO…To Rule Out) was just a result for a nose. Next step is, even you know what god knows who, they will deny right under your nose to say that Govt. Hospital(satu lagi projek oleh KERAjaan BN) will be the one looking deep into Saifool rear tunnel to authenticate the penetration.

    Uncle Pet, your mentality deserves the PM position.

    RPK would floor you with just one punch. My advice to you is don’t even try to come near him, you probably hear your ribcage break!

  57. Obi Wan Kentucky says:

    Uncle Pet…what a piece of work eh?

    This guy got something to do with the ‘Pet Pet’ baby diaper company ahh?

  58. ayu says:

    uncle pet exactly looks like “Mat Pet” (drug addict)

  59. Jackson Mangan says:

    It could be that Najib has sodomized Saifool and not Anwar! How about that?! Najib confessed that he met Saifool, so guess what!

  60. miwaki says:

    This pondan is angry because RPK called him auntie,I believe Saiful and this pondan play each other’s backside frequently and they are so good at it that there is no trace of injury after the fun ( or is it ordeal ).

    May be Saiful needs “The Rock” to do it to have any impact on his anus.He he he.

  61. 2 cents says:

    where’s the father? why this uncle pet so involved??

  62. Hell to this government says:

    His real name is Hazli something….The last time I met him, he worked as a draught person.

  63. 2008-FullOfSurprises says:

    huh??? sorry if i missed something… had a quick look at the video… of course mute laa.. office maa 🙂
    is she a he? or he a she? or shim?? :S i tot it’s she at the 1st place… u know… coz i mute… hmmmmm

    ape ni????? sudah laaaaa!!!!!!!!

  64. Hell to this government says:

    He was quite a good person before but maybe “money” telah membutakan this Hazli from seeing the truth..people change and that’s the fact….and to Hazli, if u choose to be burn and rot in hell….then it’s your choice…good luck with your choice…………

  65. Muslim says:

    This Uncle Pet, if I am not mistaken it should have been Antie Pat, He looks llike none other then a “Pondan”. himself.

  66. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    These are all Deviations from the real issue “the unneccessary murder of an innocent Mongolian young mother in MALAYSIA”.

    Why must this great nation, its Institutions, its National Security for the Rayaat, its National Economy & its rayaat suffer for a few “Power Crazy” individuals.

    The nation & the rayaat is getting sick & tired of the whole BN “Charade” which has brought this nation, its Institutions, its economy, down the “Gutter”.

    It is not about being Pro any Party or Personality….

    But the “TRUTH” to restore “Justice, Freedom & Peace” in this great nation called “Malaysia” for Malaysians.

    Let us get back into “Focus” with the “REAL issue” & get back to the “Rule of Law”.

    Just get the named people to PERSONALLY “Sue, DSAI & RPK, etc” if they have nothing to HIDE.

    They can say their piece in the “Court of Law” – Period.

    The rayaat would like to end this “Charade” which has cost this nation “Millions”, going on a “Wild Goose chase”.

    Please “IGNORE” and “STOP” their Running Dogs to do their “Biddings” to “Confuse the Real Issue”.

    We must ALL focus on this….

    “Beyond Reasonable Doubt”

    “In a criminal trial the burden is upon the PROSECUTION to PROVE the guilt of the accused “Beyond any reasonable doubt”.

    This is where “Juries” exist in many nations where “Juries are DIRECTED that unless the EVIDENCE makes them SATISFIED so they are sure of guilt, their VERDICT must be one of NOT GUILTY.”

    Why did we allow Malaysia to abolish the Jury system ???


    Is it the Truth ???

    Who really NEEDS the DNA ????

    WHY ????

    Who will GAIN ????

    At WHOSE expense ????

    Is it inline with the CORRECT Rule of Law – Beyond any REASONABLE doubt ????

    That is why all their charges on YM RPK, DSAI, etc cannot hold up in the Court of Law – Defective and in Bad Faith.

    Meanwhile the Downtrodden rayaat may reconsider “Repositioning themselves & their families Financially, etc , fasten their seatbelts “Tight” to safely ride this “Political & Financial’ Tsunami….

    Who knows…………”Divine Intervention” always works “Wonders” !

  67. panca says:

    Go to Malaysia-Today (No Holds Barred) entitiled: Doctor on the run: police want him to fabricate evidence against Anwar

    read below,

    *Report explanation is here

  68. Drachen says:

    About swearing on a holy book, think about this little paradox.

    A person who refuses to swear on it indicates he either respects the book or fears the consequences of misusing it. In other words, he does not think it is just a normal book that you can fool around with. He is a believer in the power of the book. Thus he will probably obey the teachings contained within the book.

    In contrast, a person who swears on the book without hesitation could indicate just the opposite. He thinks the book is just a physical object without any power or authority over him. He could even be a closet atheist!

  69. NorHaslim says:

    Well, he’s ‘inviting’ RPK for a challenge.. any news from RPK yet about this?
    but i think RPK’s statement about Uncle Pet sodomizing his nephew was a bit too much and clearly RPK has no evidence to suppport his saying.

  70. TigerChan says:

    UMNO DU ,

    I am a Malaysian Chinese Muslim living in Malaysia. I have studied Islam for more than 30 years the traditional way. I like to inform you that UMNO Malays are some the worst kind of liars on earth. Perhaps you have heard of the arabic word “kazzab”, it mean a terrible liar , someone who is fond of making up lies. See the word in the Qur’an (40:28)..inna_Llaha laa yaHdie man Huwa muSri(un) kazzab. = Allah will not guide whoever is a big-time liar. Being Chinese is not being racist. But I really hate UMNO Malays. They have been torturing me for a very time. I am not surprised if they killed Altantuya and will kill others who do not support UMNO.

  71. HEShe says:

    Is ‘he’ a ‘she’ or is ‘she’ a ‘he’ ?

    Or just neither he nor she, she nor he?

  72. […] Uncle Pet vs Raja Pet? Found this video on Susan’s blog HERE. […]

  73. Hunk says:

    Sorry for being purveying my controversial opinion and experience;

    If I am not mistaken, “Uncle Pet” (or looks like him) irked me when s(he) attempted to seduce me when I was at the Bintang Walk 2 years back. Shit! He’s a looks like that pondan but until I can confirmed only then I can say Saiful’s “Uncle Pet” is a sissy.Arghhh hhahahahahahahah.

  74. drrafick says:

    Dear Francis and other readers
    1. There is a big difference in the meaning of the word Medical Report and Medical Notes. If you have any doubt, ask any of your close GP.

    2. The so call Medical Report that Francis says that RPK has seen the original is actually the original copy of the medical notes. It is the same one that he published in his website.

    3. Somehow this two things has been spin to be the same.

  75. once upon a time says:

    Not satisfy with the 1st medical report Saifoo’s got unclet Pet dog to sodomise him and straight proceed to HLK to do the 2nd medical report.

    Correct, correct, correct!

    So is the 1st report valid or the 2nd ?

  76. rumble says:

    The Health Ministry stands by the findings of the medical examination conducted on Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan by doctors at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

  77. Joombala says:

    I have been “reliably informed” that Auntie@Uncle Pet’s full name is Petricia Hitmaiarse.

  78. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi Susan and friends,
    My gills are hurting. If you guys keep carping on this report/record thing please refer to the previous blog. More fun there!
    I would like to pass this to dear old RPK – ‘Knowing your temper, i advise you not to go within 10m of uncle patsy. You might unintentionally ‘cekek’ it with your stare…’ No, brother, we don’t need another drama right now – i’m asthmatic, you know!

  79. Thinkwisely says:

    In fact for the whole episod of this sodomise case, it is not the matter now to judge who is right in between Saiful and DSAI. What is really matter to all the people is the way the authority handle the case.
    Why can’t the police report made by Saiful made known to DSAI even now after he had been asked to give statement. Why not charge DSAI straight away if they have evidence from Saiful’s body part and engage an independant forensic agreeable by both party to verify the evidence. I am sure there are ways to close the case. If there is no evidence, then just drop the case and don’t drag it.

  80. chaptokam says:


    but i think RPK’s statement about Uncle Pet sodomizing his nephew was a bit too much and clearly RPK has no evidence to suppport his saying.

    Do you call that Fitnah ??

    RPK article Good Muslims Bad Muslims go read ………………….

    Is he committing the same when he said that !!

  81. Medical Specialist says:

    Hey guys

    Did you notice the doctor chose his words carefully so as not to mention “Zero Semen” which would be important if he was checking for sodomy. He feared that his practicising licence would be revoked and faced prosecution. Interesting eh? Another stunt by RPK!!!

  82. chaptokam says:

    Hi Hunk , pondan fellas can also play ac/dc so beware ! hahahahah

  83. 2 cents says:

    hey medical specialist..u sure or not u r medical specialist. being sodomised does not necessarily mean finding semen in the rectum..unless the person ejaculates inside…

  84. Hahaha says:

    Why are we all, wasting our time with this ignorant ‘pundan’ uncle pete. He is not even a co-actor, (perhaps privately with his loving nephew Assfull). This family of Assfull including his g/f and uncle pete are nothing, but ants with honey flowing out from their as*holes….sponsored by BN.

  85. John Daniel says:

    I’ve been saying this all to brother Muslims! please stop using al-quran as a tool to swear if you’ve done something wrong or not, I am sorry but this is unacceptable because in reality do this quran will tell u if u guilty or not?, its does not tell you! please dont use religion for your area of politic.

  86. 2 cents says:

    still….does it make any difference..those people are still going ahead with the charge..

    this is a sick country..

  87. Macho but Gay says:

    I want to fcuk auntie Pet backside.

    RPK, if u go I’ll follow….

  88. 2 cents says:

    MT is not accessible again..

  89. cinta Malaysia says:

    First, i cannot for sure distinguish this Pet fella whether he is a male or a female? He/ she has the chest of a man but his/her face appear like a female ,what with his/her shoulder length hair that covers one of his/her eye!!
    I also suspect that ‘uncle Pet’ don’t want to divulge his real name because he is popularly known by many little boys in his neighborhood by that name.
    This fella seems to live alone with only a motorbike-little boys like to ride on motorbikes, right uncle Pet?
    RPK go near this fella and you may become a victim of sodomee!

  90. wits0 says:

    Laughing too much inside already to watch auntie Patsy’s video. Maybe later, if there is any cause to. 😀

  91. uncle d says:

    If saiful is strong as u describe, if would have been strong for anwar to resist him physically.

  92. kwai lan says:

    eh eh ..this guy call himself Uncle..??

    more like mat rempit ada la..

  93. ella-mae says:

    She works hard for her money.. rem Donna Summer 😉 So Auntie Per is also working hard for the money shim needs for sex reassignment surgery 😉

  94. I saw it walkin’ lonely down the street
    Cool like a cat, like crazy clean
    I looked twice again, I can’t believe
    Oh no no no
    It turned around right then
    And looked at me
    I said oh no, it really couldn’t be
    It was a man, it was a woman, too
    He’s a woman, she’s a man
    He’s a woman, she’s a (woman)
    I think it really came from far away
    I’m feeling head uptight so I have to stay
    It takes my hand and says come on, let’s go
    Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go
    We’re goin’ home, it’s nice and warm to say
    He starts to move, she starts to play
    I need a body, why not you
    He’s a woman, she’s a man
    He’s a woman, she’s a (woman)
    He’s a woman, she’s a man
    He’s a woman, she’s a (woman)

    – Scorpions (Tokyo Tapes, 1977)

  95. SweetPotato says:

    Uncle Pet is merely throwing his weight around, after all they are somewhat related to The Family. Uncle Pet did not examine Sai-full, even if he did would it hold weight as he is not a medical doctor.

    It is already bad enough that politics has gotten involved in the so called allegations, don’t bring religion in as well. It’s an insult to everyone’s intelligence to insist that Anwar swear on the Quran. Allah isn’t going to absolve or punish him there and then when he swears on the Quran. Misuse of the religion and an embarrassment to all muslims.

    Uncle Pet sounds like a ruffian demanding to meet RPK outside for a scuffle. What a disgrace!

  96. gooeyglobs says:

    If “uncle Pet” is not what he looks like, that is a male, let us give him the respect because it is not his choice. The issue here is not “uncle Pet” but the truth of the sodomy.

    From one episode to another, the government must take responsibility because it looks like their ultimate means is to deny Anwar his constitional rights and his evident formation of a new Federal Government.

    The good sides of such events give us the true insight what the present government and those plotters are capable off. DSAI and RPK need all Malaysians moral support and the first thing we should do is to keep calm. We must not allow the government reasons to cow all Malaysians.

    The PJ Utara MCA is speaking out now is laudable. Political parties have different ideology but when it comes to a man’s life in jeapardy, you MCA guys in PJ Utara deserve our respect for wanting the truth just like everyone.

    Looking at the present scenario with so many high profile cases that are yet to give all Malaysians the sense of justice, then international bodies must be involved. The government can say what they like, but the bottom line is that justice must prevail.

  97. say it once say it twice says:

    The origin of Allsalmualaikum and Mualaikumsalam is not Middle Eastern, it’s Hokkien!!

    Why corruption in Malaysia will never be eradicated! This is because when officials meet, they remind one another:

    Official A says:”‘Wa salah Lu Mai Kong” (Allsalamualaikum)

    Official B replies:”Wa Mai Kong Lu Salah” (Mualaikumsalam)

    So now we know the origin of Allsalamulaikum and Mualikumsalam is not Middle Eastern, it’s Hokkien !!

    Okay Okay…enough enough, back to Fu*king uncle Pet

  98. 2 cents says:

    i sure wish our beloved Tuanku would do something..
    with the PDRM insisting on charging DSAI despite this new evidence, the whole case appears even more sinister..

  99. Richard says:

    >Uncle Pet is also convinced that Anwar Ibrahim had sodomsised Saiful >because the former had refused to swear in the Quran. “Berani kerana benar, >takut kerana salah”.
    Dare to swear doesn’t prove innocent and vice-versa.
    One can also honour the name of God by not swearing.

  100. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    Will the real muslim man stand up?

    In a room with hundreds of thousand sitting down I saw many hands raised but one and only one man stood up.

    Who is he?

    He is the one who is not a Malay man, not an Indian Mamak, not a Jawanese, not a Bugis, not a kecukan but a Burmese.

    He studied the Koran and became a real muslim and refused to be compromised by fear, intimidation and money. Instead he stands for God and his Righteousness.

    Bravo Doctor! See you in Heaven.

  101. KItasama says:


  102. Gay says:

    How did this scooter riding punk afford a 800K hse in BU?
    Selling backside?

  103. clouded leopard says:

    Anwar should prepare and do a “Vladimir Lenin” because he is not safe so long as UMNO is in power. The wave of changes is too great for UMNO to handle and sooner UMNO will lost power and when the time comes he can return to Malaysia like what Lenin did 1917.

  104. Shabalala says:

    God more UMNO cybertroopers

    To UMNO DU and the other cybertroopers,

    I would not touch on this RPK medical report subject because I believe that Anwar is innocent and you believe he is guilty. Nothing can change that. What I’d like to ask is, why would someone in their right mind support UMNO? Do you guys not see the rampant corruption and chroniysm going on in the country? Do you guys not want a country where its citizens are all treated as equals? Do you not want to succeed on your own instead of relying on the government for help? Do you like seeing the country fall behind the likes of SIngapore, Brunei and so on, thanks largely to the rampant corruption and bribery?

    I sincerely hope you guys could answer my questions,

  105. whispering9 says:

    Frankly, if I am going to cry sodomy by another broke, I wouldn’t want any sympathetic Uncle Pansy Daisy to defend my honor. People is going to scream “Wah, he cannot but you can.” Besides, I have been conditioned to reason that only big burly motor driving beer drinking white guys or sex deprived prison inmates are capable of rape-sodomizing anyone. An image DSAI is neither. So why lah want to continue with the absurd charge. No matter how MSM is going to spin it, majority of the world won’t buy it.

  106. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    Some people like curry to be hot, some sweet and yet some bitter.

    Those UMNO goons like their curry bitter!

    Phark Lah like is with bitter gourd. Dr. Mamak Kutty likes his curry with bile. Najis like it with Shit!.

    What to do?

  107. great pretender says:

    Dear Uncle Pet,

    If someone swear in the Quran that you sodomised him. So can we also concluded that this is true?

    I can’t believe that you are a true muslim.

    >Uncle Pet is also convinced that Anwar Ibrahim had sodomsised Saiful >because the former had refused to swear in the Quran. “Berani kerana benar, >takut kerana salah”.
    Dare to swear doesn’t prove innocent and vice-versa.
    One can also honour the name of God by not swearing.

  108. waswas says:

    It’s good to be on tv, you tube, his name in the blogs, newspapers. Everyone is talking about him- good or bad, doesn’t matter. It is a good motive, fame and money, as it is tangible and measurable. Fame is addictive. Money is addictive. Attention is addictive. It’s time to take lead role …And..the award goes to-SE..PET!

  109. koncave says:

    I would not play around with Qaran. Do you know how many drug pushers were caught with Qaran on them ? Take a murderer, robbers and politicians and ask them to swear their innocent on Quaran, they will do so. The Malays without religion will turn the right into wrong, will turn their wives into prostitutes, will intimidate people to doctor reports. The ulama said a man cannot made himself look like a woman. When I first look at the video, and heard the voice, I was surprise to hear a woman with a man’s voice.

  110. RKP says:

    Something is not just right about this nameless fella.

    His body language is negative.
    His attitude(stance he takes) about this topic is defensive.
    His answers are evasive.( Far away from the questions asked by interviewer)
    His personal identity and whereabouts of Accuser, he is secretive.
    His moves were restless, he never stood in one place for long.
    His reactions to a guest( a stranger) was unwelcoming.

    On the contrary, have you noticed DSAI’s body language?- always confident and welcoming, even to his enemies and accusers.

  111. perakbangkit says:

    hey people…

    let them face to face…. the truth will prevail…. who are we to justify for all the things they do …. until we know, until we hear……. “ammonia avenue”!

  112. main main says:

    Hahahaha……. Bolehland is now regaining the number 1 sodomy spot in the world.

    The Melayu race is the masters of main belakang overtaking the mankali.

    If you are not a sodomite in Malaysia, you don’t deserve to be in Bolehland.

    So why the fuss over this Anwar’s sodomy’s case?

    The Melayu race can never attain the 30% quota with the new NEP if they main belakang masuk constantly……..

    Dey! Mahakutty, you failed in your NEP because you didn’t let the Melayu race main your belakang-lah, bodoh Mahakutty who doesn’t know the predilection of the Melayu race.

    You give them belakang masuk, then they are all satisfied. They are not keen in the 30% quota.

    So Mahakutty, please get plenty of high pressure grease when your time is up because they are many of them want to sodomize you in the other dark side, hehehehehehe……

  113. maxtor says:

    RPK pun satu, tak habis2 nak buat fitnah. Cakap main ikut sedap mulut. Makin lama makin merepek nampaknya. Macam2 benda tergempar yang dia seorang je tahu. Kebenarannya…entahlah.

  114. ken says:

    ha…. Uncle pet fxxx his own nephew. This is great news!!!

  115. amaipo says:

    Too bad. Auntie Pat let the cat out of the bag. Mugabe, you are right. A stupid dungu Auntie Pat can’t even speak proper English. How did he find this word Forensic ? Looks crystal clear all these morons must have met and talk over how they can frame up this case. eeyaw, zack, you both are absolutely right, Auntie Pat did the job on Saiful. You see the way he raise his finger, he would also had use it as the trial penetration on Saiful before he did the job. Hohoho! maybe there are still foreign matters stuck in Auntie Pat’s finger. Pathetic indeed, to see Youth of such uncivilised disposition, what more to hear them abusing the religion. These must be one of the Mat Rempit members. Robin Goodfellow, if ever you maeet Auntie Pat and he is out there on his Mat Rempit job, do not send him to the Police, send himstraight to ell…

  116. cinta Malaysia says:

    what would Syed Albar say:
    ‘Unkol Pet,toloong lah,jangan lagi banyak cakap,saya sudah bingung ne.
    Apa lagi cerita quaran ne,itu doktor sudah cakap tiada liwat,apa lagi cerita.
    Bilang doktor Pusrawi tidak pandai,saya dan banyak lagi YB UMNO pun pegi sana check, memang diorang lebih pakar daripada hospital,tolong lah unkol pet, diam lah, kita sudah banyak malu ne.
    Ini pasal najib la dengan budak saiful kau tu,jahanam semua, tolooong lah unkol Pet,diam.’

  117. you ask for it says:

    If the police build up a case that Antie Pet sodomised his nephew I think they have a better case. Against Anwar a 60 years old man? Please please…. get a life.

  118. CYBERBOY says:



  119. Hunk says:

    Cinta malaysia,

    When I 1st saw the highlights of “Uncle Pet” on TV, I could almost swear that he’s a “pondan”. So I asked three persons opinion, 2 said he’s a pondan and the other said dia main ass. ARGhhhh Haahahahahahhahahahahahahha. So the highest probability is that he main lubang Saiful. Hohoho. :O

  120. yh says:

    is that politicising the note which is from a practising doctor. dont think doc raffick is in a position to comment that the note does not confirm anything. He was not the doctor that checked on saiful. the doctor that did the checking clearly states “TRO” sodomise! Isnt that clear enough? by deliberately trying to make the note opaque, doc raffick is engaging in politics.
    doc make up your mind. wanna be a politician than a doctor. in malaysia, politicians (in corrupt BN) pays well. Just a reminder in case you have forgotten.

  121. wits0 says:

    LOL! But Hunk, after you’ve revealed the entire plot of the HoleyWould Plug Buster, it isn’t worth buying the ticket now!

  122. CYBERBOY says:


  123. Liyin says:

    Auntie Pet sounds like (s)he wants to be a hero on national TV! Why take it so personally for what Raja Petra has said about him(her)? This whole thing is like a comic book now!

    Why is he so convinced that his nephew Saifool was sodomised by an old man like Anwar who has back problem? Why is he so protective and defensive of him? I hope Saifool is the one who’s been lying under the duress of Najib! Saifool was ‘sodomised’ by Najib and now pregnant with the wickedness of Najib!

    Where is the poor Saifool now? Under the protection of Najib?? Maybe, Saifool has been threatened by Najib…

    Sorry if my words are offensive. I hope I am wrong!

  124. People Power says:

    Pls tell Uncle Pet (Uncle Binatang) don’t simply said about swearing in Quran! The animal like him ust spoiled the name of Islam! And this kind of animal is not qualify to talk about religion!

  125. drrafick says:

    I am just saying what is written on the form. You need to be a doctor or at least in the medical profession to interpret the document.

    TRO = To rule out. It means that it needed to be rule out. How, normally by more detail examination and investigation.

    Read my blog, then you would see that I am no politician but a person who speaks his mind.

  126. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    Bolehland cronies like DG Health;D/PIG Ismail; Uncle Pet..have all one thing in common= DENIAL SYNDROME! = SODOMY

    dEEpMC4involvement wih so many turns in circumstantial evidence & direct evidence from Bala’s SDs, is also = DENIAL SYNDROME = MURDER;




    Ravindran Kunjan

  127. TubeMoose says:

    Is he even related to S.B. as claimed?

  128. May says:

    Only God, Saiful and Anwar know the truth!

  129. anonymous says:

    Orang-orang tua bergaduh, akhlak jadi hancur lebur.

  130. I want to see uncle pat too

  131. Uncle Joe says:

    Yes, I too want to see uncle pet

  132. Muda says:

    Medical records , case notes form the basis of a medical report . Any GP or houseman knows this basic element . A medical report is admissible notwithstanding it comes from a private practitioner . The only difference is that it is not a document prepared by a public officer i.e. medical officers in a govt hospital .

    The first medical report or preliminary report will be have to be refered by any subsequent doctors and specialists when examining their patients . Subsequent reports must be in tandem with the first report . Any contradiction found can be considered as a doubt under the adversarial system which will be to the accused’s favour .

    The DIG and DG of Health should checked with their legal advisers before making unneccessary comments which can be cross examined in court by a good defence counsel .

    BTW , forensic medicine is different from the department of forensics at the chemistry dept in P’Jaya or the police crime lab in Shah Alam . Forensic medicine specialists are qualified medical doctors and not chemists or police officers who went for short and intermediate courses !

  133. tamade says:

    The Rakyat of Bolehland is calling all RIGHTEOUS and CONSCIENTIOUS PROFESSIONALS of all walks to stand up and tell these corrupted and evil power brokers that “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”.

    It’s ZERO TRUST for the present Fed Guomen and the top brass of SECURITY FORCE now.

    If these EVIL ONES cannot manage Bolehland properly and they are so obsessed with sodomy conspiracy in order to destroy their political opponent, then step-down and let PR takes over. RAKYAT has enough of their NONSENSE and INCOMPETENCE.

  134. Anoy says:

    Feel like slapping his PUKIMAK face.

    Cakap LANSI, if he and the ROCK(Petra) square off sure he go ICU.

    Bastard scooter rempit like him how to afford to stay in BU?

  135. peace brother says:

    fagot talk so big

  136. amoker says:

    Isn’t it funny that the “The Health Ministry said today that it would stand by the findings of the doctors at KL Hospital”. Does it mean that the minister have seen the doctor’s findings? At the same breath, the ministry is saying that it will investigate the leak and championed doctor – patient bla bla … and they somehow managed to obtain this report. Did Saiful give it to the minister? Did the doctor give it to the minister?

  137. tongkol says:

    Please recall what Najib said ” I got the biggest vote… ” So that’s how he measured his popularity. He forget Penang, Perak, Kedah, Kelantan and Selangor. So are Johore’s UMNO, they think they are strong. Look at Albar, didn’t he make a fool of himself when he sommoned the diplomats ? For whatever reason, he is a fool. And Shahrir is a sadist. He enjoys seeing people suffer. he said sadistically “..kerajaan tidak berhati perut kah…” YES. Kerajaan tidak berhati perut. How much do these people earn and how much the normal persons earn ?

    Now UMNO is cheating PAS, the party which once they called Al-Qaeda. PAS was painted a picture the breeding ground of terrorrist. They called name at Nik Aziz, reported Nik Aziz to ACA and whatever cursed PAS to their very neck. Talking of Malay unity , not Islamic or National unity ?

    Why everyone seems to forget about the degree of Njib and Rosmah’s involvement in Al-Tantuya’s death. Don’t tell us that Najib does not know what his bodyguards did and where they went ? Don’t ever forget about the C4 too.

    Old boy Musa wanted to clear his name. He forget that people never forget his behaviour in 1998’s case. I was sad to hear someone even mentioned his farther’s name doing . To Musa I would like to say you can never clear your name. Rakyat is not blind. If they can’t piss at somebody’s grave, their pissing anywhere else but in their hearts and minds they pissing at those graves.

    Though Pak Lah is not as so smart as many bloggers, yet he is very very much better than GP, MH, Najib, Mahadey, Bakri and many others. If Mahadey is still ruling all the bloggers will end up in jail.

  138. delCapo says:

    “Dude looks like a lady..”

    Reading the comments on this blog alone… RPK is not the only 1 who questions your orientation.
    Auntie Pet u better have a few sisters to bring along when u meet RPK…. hahahahaha

    Why so angry, auntie Pet? Your promised big bucks from whoever, as Saiful’s spokeswoman, going up in smoke??

    Back to Anwar’s case….
    If u r a neutral by-stander.. what will u think?
    1) Damaging evidence to the accuser’s case surfaced
    2) The accused is closed to a by-election, which he will win
    3) Cops & gomen threaten people not to interfere…while
    4) Home minister tells cops to hurry up
    5) Health ministry makes public statement about the case, obviously siding the accused…
    6) Accused is now promptly charged…

    HELLO!!… a bit obvious, ain’t it????
    If u r gonna conspire…. at least write a better script lah!!!

  139. Hunk says:

    Uncle Joe (23:01:42) :

    Yes, I too want to see uncle pet

    Well, Uncle Joe, please wear a steel underwear, k? just in case some unnatural beings waylay u. 🙂

  140. Mr Green says:

    Uncle Pet admire Raja Pet bald head! wuhuuuuuuuuuuuu

  141. Pondans says:

    We pondans hereby attest that when we shag each other’s arseholes, there is no “tear and scar” and “blood and pus”! Koyak lah if that happens. Watch a blue film on arsehole banging to ally your fears please. Or else our business kaput lah!

  142. artic turban says:

    My friend working in the chartered bank is really pissed off because all his cultural thingies have been hijacked by the malays. YES folks MR. BIG, STRONG and friendly is angry, he is quoted as saying, you know this particular race were first insulting us and calling us names, now LOOK AT THEM, bloody morons, no originality at all, bloody copycats.
    First they copied our music and changed it to their language, than their women started copying our lady-folks clothing style, even to the head scarf, than their men joined the bandwagon, started wearing TURBANS, AND GROWING BEARDS AND MUSTACHIOSS (piss-tachio?), started herding cows and goats, hijacked our hockey & cricket, so much so that our countrymen have boycotted these games, NOW THEY HAVE THE BLOODY AUDICITY TO HIJACK OUR NATIONAL PAST TIME, MAIN BELAKANG….. AND THEY ARE CREATING WORLD NEWS… and than you have them saying that they are bumiputras’ son of the soil…. hoi try being original for a change lah, don’t copy others, they even try to copy the chinaman and attempt to become businessmen, I said ATTEMPT, end result all go bust. hai yah find something you are good at lah stop copying others, you are making a mockery out of yourselves, was in singapore lately, they are rolling on the ground laughing at the antics of these people, try to be holier than thou, but they are not. HIGHEST rate of domestic rape/ incest, highest rate of corruption, highest rate of underachievers with scholarships, with gpa of 1.2 very normal. it is a shame this country with boundless bounties is being
    turned into another bankrupt nation. ANY NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS? what a waste. On top of that we have morons leading the govt. everytime they open their mouths what do you get, RUBBISH…The term GIGO comes to mind

  143. anarky says:

    Uncle pet looks even prettier than those thai ladyboys, is he a you know what?

  144. wits0 says:

    The title should be, “Auntie Patsy challenges Raja Petra to a ‘No-Holes-Barred’ “.

  145. doggone says:


    Quote- Aunty Pet.

  146. daryl says:

    Wow…. that is uncle pet…. I thought he is a pretty girl sister to the “liwated” guy. Was I wrong…… I also thought he must be an older guy and now I know why all this BS …. youg people trying to make a few bucks…. to probably get drunk.

  147. bamboo river says:

    First, no full names. just pet names. So, no one can check his background from the ground and above the ground. After all , we can check his details in the bank.
    Challenging RPK to meet him is sure a wise move for him.
    But , why don’t he just go to RPK instead of asking RPK to go to him?
    Better have a ‘debat’ and get Ah Long be the moderator.
    I don’t think he is worth RPK’s salt.

  148. chaptokam says:

    Dr Novandri Hasan Basri

    Pada pandangan penulis sebagai seorang doktor, laporan kesihatan Saiful Bukhari yang ter’bocor’ di Hospital Pusrawi, tidak boleh dijadikan bahan bukti terhadap kes liwat Anwar Ibrahim.

    1. Ianya terlalu ringkas, tidak lengkap dan tidak mengikut prosedur seperti yang ditetapkan oleh pemeriksaan forensik.

    2. Malah pemeriksaan ke atas Saiful Bukhari juga tidak lengkap. Hanya PR (per rectum) dilakukan iaitu menggunakan jari untuk memeriksa anal (dubur) pemuda tersebut. Prosedur sebenarnya lebih daripada itu iaitu termasuk memeriksa anal itu dengan alat proktoskop dan sebagainya.

    3. Dan biasanya, apabila seorang mangsa seksual datang ke klinik atau hospital swasta di mana kes-kes yang bakal dirujuk kepada pihak polis, akan dirujuk segera kepada pihak hospital kerajaan.

    4. Ini adalah kerana hospital kerajaan mempunyai kepakaran forensik serta lengkap dengan peralatan yang diperlukan.

    5. Referral itu dimestikan kerana jika pemeriksaan tidak dilakukan dengan betul dan tidak mengikut prosedur yang ditetapkan, peliwat itu boleh dibebaskan di atas sebab bukti-bukti yang tidak kukuh atau pun technical fault.

    6. Yang menimbulkan tandatanya kepada penulis ialah tulisan doktor itu yang hanya menulis bahawa Saiful di assault di satu sudut di hujung laporan itu selepas simptom-simptom yang lain. Dan jika penulis adalah doktornya, penulis tidak akan menulis ‘tenesmus x 1/52 ‘ sahaja sebagai simptom yang utama seperti tertulis di dalam laporan tersebut. Penulis pasti akan menulis ‘alleged assault’ sebagai perkara pertama dan kemudian merujuk terus ke hospital kerajaan tanpa berlengah-lengah lagi.

    7. Apakah kenyataan ‘alleged assault’ itu ditambah hanya selepas doktor tersebut melakukan pemeriksaan anal menggunakan jari (PR)?

    8.Jika benar, penulis pasti PR yang dilakukan itu hanya dengan ringkas sahaja. Atau pun ianya sengaja ditokok tambah ?

    9.Satu persoalan lagi ialah, setahu penulis, doktor itu tidak akan membuat sebarang prosedur, sentuhan atau pemeriksaan fizikal yang boleh menjejaskan sebarang bukti yang ada KECUALI jika doktor itu tidak diberitahu daripada awal oleh Saiful, mungkin kerana Saiful malu, takut atau tidak berterus terang .

    10. Tetapi andainya doktor itu tahu tetapi meneruskan juga pemeriksaan anal (dubur) ke atas Saiful, ianya menunjukkan doktor tersebut telah melakukan kesalahan yang besar dan tidak boleh dimaafkan KECUALI jika doktor tersebut mempunyai niat yang lain seperti untuk mengada-adakan cerita atau pun menidakkan cerita!

    11.Dalam konteks ini, doktor tersebut telah tersalah langkah.

    12.Memeriksa anal (dubur) pesakit tetapi doktor telah diberitahu yang pesakit mengatakan dia diliwat adalah satu tindakan yang tidak profesional dan memalukan para doktor sekalian!

    13.Cuma yang betul ialah doktor tersebut menasihatkan Saiful ke hospital kerajaan untuk pemeriksaan selanjutnya. Itu sahaja yang betul!

    14. Dan yang menimbulkan satu persoalan lagi, hampir semua media termasuk media antarabangsa begitu cepat melaporkan isu ini TANPA mendapatkan kesahihan mengenai validity laporan kesihatan daripada Hospital Pusrawi.

    15. Padahal, laporan tersebut tidak sekali-kali boleh dijadikan bukti untuk memaksa kerajaan menggugurkan kes liwat terhadap Anwar Ibrahim.

    16. Dan yang menjadi mangsa sebenarnya ialah rakyat Malaysia kerana telah dikelirukan dan tidak mendapat gambaran yang sebenarnya mengenai isu ini.

    17. Memang benar, jika sekali imbas, isu ini pasti nampak meyebelahi Anwar Ibrahim dan rakyat akan marah.

    18. Padahal penulis pasti, Anwar Ibrahim sendiri tahu bahawa laporan tersebut amat mencurigakan dan tidak bermakna apa-apa pun jika di bawa ke mahkamah.

    17. Seperti kata penulis, laporan kesihatan daripada Hospitak Pusrawi tidak valid sama sekali

    Untuk rujukan:-


    General Information

    1. All patients should receive a complete head to toe physical examination
    2. It is the patient’s right to consent or refuse any aspect of the exam and evidence collection
    3. The patient may have a support person (relative, friend, or advocate) present during the exam
    4. If suspected or known oral sodomy, it is preferable that the patient does not eat or drink before the exam, but the patient’s comfort should not be compromised to achieve this
    · Oral swabs, for example, should be obtained immediately if patient
    is thirsty or wishes to rinse mouth
    5. Use powder free gloves and change gloves frequently during exam and evidence collection

    Examination Technique

    Perianal bruising, petechiae, edema, discharge, bleeding, tenderness, abrasions, lacerations, erythema, inflammation, and visible anal laxity

    1. Use good light source
    2. Use magnification with otoscope, visor, or colposcope
    3. Separate anal folds to visualize injuries
    4. Digital exam is not indicated, except if concern for foreign body retention
    5. Anoscopy is indicated only if there is active rectal bleeding or rectal pain
    6. Lubricant should be used for anoscopy. To avoid contamination by lubricant, perform anoscopy only AFTER FORENSIC SWAB COLLECTION
    7. Apply Toluidine blue to identify abrasions on skin surface only AFTER FORENSIC SWAB COLLECTION

  149. Obi Wan Kentucky says:

    Congratulations Mat, err Uncle Pet! You just made yourself look like a fool to everyone. You have the galls to ask RPK to go see you? I’m sure you’ll be relieved to learn that RPK wont waste his time, not because you dont match him with that skrawny brawn of yours, more like you’re not worth the time la.

    And frankly, I find it amusing that one so immature is allowed to represent one’s nephew (or anyone for that matter) in any situation, let alone a high profile liwat case.

    Go lick a stamp or somethng, pet…you’re a disgrace to stupidity.

  150. I like chopin says:

    This Sissy Pet,is he/she a real relative or bogus relative to the liwat kid? Looks like he/she is jealous of Raja Pet’s fame and wants to steal some of the fame and attention for himself/herself.

    Ha,ha,ha…….a sissy asking for a fight from the Fatty Botak!!

  151. I like chopin says:

    Wow,such a brave sissy,asking for a fight with that fat botak Petra!

  152. Jamal says:

    Dear Ms Susan
    “…Uncle Pet is also convinced that Anwar Ibrahim had sodomsised Saiful because the former had refused to swear in the Quran. …”

    FYI, Muslims are NOT required to swear in the Quran. Its not done during the Prophet Muhammad SAW days and neither was it done anywhere else. It is the accuser, in this case, the one that made the police report, that should swear by invoking the name of Allah swt, that such and such deed were committed against him. BTW, even in English Law, the last time i checked, the onus on the burden of proof lies on the prosecutor and NOT the defendant.

    As for your friend Dr Raffick, he was NOT present during the medical examination conducted by Dr Osman on the patient. At best Dr Raffick may just form an opinion no less or more of that of Raja Petra.

    But the thing that’s gonna fry our noodles is, why are the guys in blue, a minister, the head of medical body, the victim’s uncle all got pissed off by the medical report. Why is the police reacting in such a manner and claimed that there are people out there keen in sabotaging the police investigation. Sabotaging? Mmmm sounds like derailing their plan. Isnt it funny that the authorities running Pusrawi are now bent on finding out how the report was leaked and i’m sure those responsible will be heavily pinished as though they commit some heinous crime. Why is the police behaving as though the report is so insignificant and nothing more than pulp fiction?.
    And why is your friend the good Doctor Raffick so cock-sure of his own conclusion? As comrades in the medical fratenity, shouldn’t he at the very least out of professional courtesy, to call up Dr Othman to get his opinion, before coming out with his own conclusion. Just too many damn questions and so few (good) answers…

    But least, you still has some sanity to write without bias and prejudice…..good work!

  153. kutumuthy says:

    Are you a police ? If you are you must be a very stupid one la.

  154. CYBERBOY says:


  155. eeyaw says:

    I think ayoyosamy is the one and only samy value! Scumbag!

  156. mmz says:

    There is noone in BN who can match DSAI and RPK.
    They have to get TDM back.

  157. longman says:

    count me in… i want to see uncle pet too…

    you said “For a tear to take place, the object must have not been lubricated and probably of a decent size. “……. “If it is a big object like a proctoscope and adequately lubricated, there will be no tear.”

    if all were lubricated then, why was saiful said he is suffering a pain in the anus?…
    can we conclude that pain=skin tearing=active bleeding=traces of pus, etc.=sodom

    and no pain=no skin tearing=no active bleeding=no traces of pus, etc.=no sodom

    what ever is in the rpk’s article, i believe him more… perhaps, he viewed it from every point aspects (politically, medically, psychologically etc.) but you only on that particular report…

  158. steven6936 says:

    uncle pet u r the joke of the year

  159. artic turban says:


  160. albert skoope says:

    LOL, hilarious vid, see how he play with hair……. is that prelude
    for girl fight, pulling hair…… big problem RPK got no hair…..

  161. ac/dc says:

    It’s so sad.
    It has come to a stage that even when the truth hits you smack in the face nobody is gonna believe it.
    The truth will prevail and will shock many. Brace yourself

  162. WhatIsThePrice says:

    It has got to a stage where the stake is now very high. My inner most sense is telling me 1) Anwar will not come out alive if he is arrested by the police this time round 2) There is possbility of the much undesired violence 3) anarchy is looming making Malaysia worst than Zimbabwee.

    No one fears anything anymore and too many with self interests are involved. I cried for you my beloved country !

  163. Liyin says:

    If Uncle Pet is smart enough he would not complicating matters further by taking it so seriously & personally about whatever Raja Petra said about him! The Anwar-Saifool’s sodomy case is already a headache to the rakyat. Who the heck is this Uncle Pet, anyway? If he wants to see Raja Petra I suggest he go see him personally instead of telling Raja Petra to come see him! But I don’t think Raja Petra should even waste time meeting such hero-wannabe like Uncle Pet!

    Why not Saifool go see Raja Petra? Bukankah berani kerana benar? Where is he hiding now?!!

  164. schu says:

    none of us really know wat is the real truth…pls stop making any biased presumption..for those who doesnt know uncle pet, pls stop accusing and insulting him.lets pray to God that the real truth be revealed…

  165. Anonymous says:

    pity my dear saiful! you had made the ‘kecoh’ at the wrong time! should hav wait after d election or much later. knw why? now its look like u r doing it on purpose, a conspiracy. whats in my mind now its look like you both enjoyed it earlier at first as a good sexmate but later on when ‘sommmeone’ came and offered u a huge sum of money( 2 million i heard it is right?) out of sudden u go out against him. what a poor DSAI and a shameful saiful bukhari. Money can buy YOU

  166. If you want to hear a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this article for four from five. Detailed info, but I have to go to that damn msn to find the missed pieces. Thanks, anyway!

  167. think again says:

    ireneyow :DEAR SUSAN,
    WHO IS UNCLE PAT???????
    He dare not give his full name to malaysiakini.. …Proves that he dares to collect money from saiful and become his so called agent uncle BUT dare not tell others the name his parents gave him. He wants to challange Raja Petra. I think all Malaysian are waiting to see a toothless uncle pat after he meet Raja Petra…… SMALL BOY…. WAKE UP AND DO NOT PLAY WITH FIRE…….
    CHEAP !!!!CHEAP!!!!!! CHEAP!!!!!!!

    yo,how bout u meet wit uncle pet on behalf of RPK n see who will be toothless

  168. think again says:

    Richard :>Uncle Pet is also convinced that Anwar Ibrahim had sodomsised Saiful >because the former had refused to swear in the Quran. “Berani kerana benar, >takut kerana salah”.Nonsense!!Dare to swear doesn’t prove innocent and vice-versa.One can also honour the name of God by not swearing.

    my theory; the reason y he wan both party to swear by the name of Allah is becuz they r performing the swear which is call ‘sumpah laknat’.in islam,by performing this kind of swear,one who contradicts his swear will be cursed by Allah,tats y this uncle pet thinks tat anwar is afraid to perform the swear becuz he is afraid to be cursed by Allah due to the contradiction of his swear

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