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Wasn’t there a hadith where Prophet Mohamed told Salman the Persian and Bilal the Abysinian to please vacate the premises while he and the other Arab Muslims get together and discuss ‘Arab Unity’?

No, there bloody wasn’t.

So I wonder, how is it PAS, with its majlis ulamak this and that, its lajnah this and that, its Tuan Guru (Tok Guru was most admirably against this idea) and all its pious Muslims can contemplate talking about RACIAL unity? Further, how can it talk about race with UMNO? UMNO the political party who has thus far, according to PAS, perverted Islam with Pak Lah’s Islam Hadhari? UMNO, who were denounced by PAS as ‘kafirs’ because they rejected shariah law?

What has changed all of a sudden that PAS would sit with their mortal enemies?

The answer, ladies and gentleman, is very simple. PAS does not represent Islam. It never has. PAS represents the impulse to acquire power by the ulamak class who have used Islam for their personal benefit. PAS has been given statements for years which has reflected this both callous and fascist attitude towards Islam.

By sitting with UMNO, PAS has truly exposed itself as a party without any principles. To sit and discuss ‘Malay unity’ with a party like UMNO which clearly rejects PAS’s notion of the Islamic State shows that PAS is willing to reconsider anything, anything at all so long as it is a first step to power.

The racial factor can r and should never figure in a party which considers itself ‘Islamic’. Islam, clichéd as this may sound, rejects any notion of racially-based allegiances. Therefore, if an entity considers itself Islamic, it should never sit down with an entity which bases itself on a non-Islamic principle such as Ketuanan Melayu. What about the Chinese and Indian Muslims within PAS? What will they do during these ‘Malay unity’ talks? Maybe the Tuan Guru would tell them to kindly vacate the premises because in his Islam, they are temporarily unwelcome? More likely, the PAS head honchos would obfuscate matters by changing Arabic words round and round to remove the poisonous connotation. Muzakarah has already become muqabalah and for those easily taken these Arabic terminologies (without understanding it), this already signals an A-OK because Arabic language automatically denotes you know what you’re talking about.

The victims in this debacle are the members of the Pakatan Rakyat and not so obviously, the Malay people. PAS and UMNO have been playing with Malay sentiments from the beginning. The Malays have become like a shuttlecock in a badminton game, lobbed and smashed back and forth. Sadly though, the majority of the Malays do not seem to want to escape this political quagmire. There is a world of philosophy and political ideologies out there. The Malays can easily transcend the racist philosophy of UMNO and the islamofascist ideology of PAS.

As for the DAP (since PKR is characteristically silent), I ask you not to allow yourselves to be suckered by PAS once again. You have Penang and from what I hear, are doing a good job running it. This is all that matters. Leave the political intrigues for those unable to do the work. You will then attract the more intelligent and capable Malay people and we can move towards a Malaysian Malaysia.


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  1. crower says:

    I am a strong believer of democracy. When the people have unanimously voted be governed by their choice of leaders, it should stay as it is. UMNO’s proposal to administer Perak jointly with PAS can be considered as a the killer blow towards the very basic principles of democracy. Such a move and if so accepted by PAS, will betray their voters. Similarly the same should be said about DSAI’s move to form a new Federal Government cum September 16th. The voters have cast their votes, they have made clear on who should govern the on the federal level, and it should stay as such. Any party hopping by any MPs is against the very basics of democracy. It’s high time that politicians should realise that the power comes from the people and they (the politicians) are here to serve the people.

  2. wandererAUS says:

    PAS is just another political party only in disguise of championing Islam. Now, having gain a little more power, the minds of PAS leaders are beginning to look sideways. The minds may be willing, but the flesh is weak…difficult to resist, earthly temptations of ‘POWER’ and ‘HONEY”.

  3. eeyaw says:

    It’s like mixing water with oil except that it will never dissolve but in politics anything can happen. But this union is blatant treason to Pakatan Rakyat & the dissapointed voters will never forget ! Munafik!

  4. blueMoon says:

    This shows the true colour of PAS. Race is important then religion. Am right Tok guru Hadi,Nas?

  5. Far says:

    PAS doesn’t understand why it won. They think they are popular. They won because of efforts laid down by certain people and the anger against an evil AMENO.

    Someone says this as well:

  6. ag says:

    i dont get it. why r u guys esp dap so scared. so far pas hv not made any decision that umno wants, so what’s the problem

  7. Shiok Guy says:

    Add another label on top of the able…
    How about Unfaithful and Ungrateful Partner? I will say Bye Bye PAS, and will convince others too..

    I am so sick of their mindset! No racial or religion based party for Malaysia. Period!

    Shiok Guy.

  8. simple says:

    Not qualified to talk about Islam, infidel.

  9. simple says:

    Ini olang olang udang otak, muah mampusi, lembu susu mali, isap tuuu ahhh, mampus mi, ma…..; heheheheh, No more Pakatan. GTH pakatan. DAP Gerakan, mapus, mme amam kskljhm , dkjhk , jat

  10. mugabe says:

    We have said elsewhere [ following the Hadith of the Prophet] that as The Hour draws near, the Muslim Community will lose its True Scholars and with it the True Muslim Leaders.

    The Muslims would have lost its capacity to recognize and acknowledge its True Leaders making way the rise of False Muslim Leaders.

    What you see now is exactly what is happening, the Muslim Coomunity at large are becoming more ignorant of the “al din” and many are becoming Ignorant of their own Ignorance.

    The False leaders are NOT true to their words and deeds, prone to all kinds of Corruption in all manners & forms.

    Once in awhile there come an individual who would remind and renew and rejuvenate , but they are far in between.

    [Please do not for a moment believe that the Mentor-Leader of PR is one of those, he is NOT, but as long as the this Mentor-Leader of PR continues to listen and be close to the True Scholar, he would be alright].

    He is quite safe to vote just to be the Political Leader … and must always be mindful of the harsh words coming from the Scholars .

    And that the Excellent character of the Menteri Besar of Kelantan is for many to emulate.

    [ I can’t say for the rest , a particularly those that have been ruining this country for the last 50 years ]

  11. Crotalus says:

    I once pointed out that according to PAS(or muslims), politics and Islam are together. Politics goes hand-in-hand with their religion in Islam. Unlike other religions, politics and beliefs/religions do not mix.

    So when PAS said that they met with UMNO to discuss issues pertaining to Islam and not about politics……two Islam/Muslim political parties meeting up for a talk but has no political agenda on their list? Wahaha..cute.

    My latest blog post questions the existance of the so-called Pakatan Rakyat. The recent statement issued by PAS Kedah MB Azizan (without a doubt) pointed out that Pakatan Rakyat no longer exist, since he said the Pakatan Rakyat is not an alliance…it is just a ‘pakatan’ to counter BN during the GE.
    So what is this about?

  12. Frrancis says:

    Pas is unprincipled. It hookwinked the non-muslim’s votes by saying Pas For All. Now i am convinced Pas is not for all : it is only for the Malays , it is only for power at all cost. How can a party supposedly based on god be favouring only one race over the other. Why should one race be special that only unity among them is worthy of muzaqarah ?

    I will never , ever vote for Pas again. Hookwinked once is enough. Once bitten twice shy.

  13. ag says:

    and me a PAS member vote for dap cheras

  14. This is Muslim for you !

  15. Tak Cinta BN says:

    To someone, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is their GOd.

  16. Malaysian Niah... says:

    This will be the last time a non muslim will ever vote for PAS …
    PAS had a chance but he stab its non muslim supporters under the PR umbrella in the back ….

    Back Stabbers never gain … especially the public ones.

  17. Menyalak-er says:

    Yeah simple, simple kaffirs the jahanam’ve have no right to speak.
    But we’re even worse than ulars remember? Esp. in that wonderful cobra filled state called Kedah. Look at the knee-jerk reaction of the MB vis-a-vis Singa Singh’s roar. Unbefitting! Hissing against roaring… Pathetic.
    The real Pas will remain with Tuan Guru Nik Aziz, and the ‘pus’ from their ranks will be expunged. Noticed how he (Tuan Guru) upped the ante? And the bUMNO guys brayed!
    The whole episode is actually a smokescreen by superdopey and L4 guys, to sow seeds of discord amongst us. Let us not fall into this trap – we must remain alert to their provocations.
    Having spoken to some of the grassroot Pas youth, they’d rather ‘korban’ than join up with bUmno. A lot of this guys actually are DSAI’s admirers.
    That Ezam-ed guy is piling in the pressure to the Pas assemblymen in Perak without much success. Just as PR is doing the same nationwide, with questionable success…
    Not only this, look at samic’s overtures to Hindraf – what a hilarious idiocy!
    The mca fellas, if they still exist, can’t even play with themselves yet the msm gives them acknowledgement in one or two paragraphs. Podah!

  18. LeeZ says:

    hey u guys… chill out ok!!!

    have u seen any of the PAS ADUNs or MPs hopping over to join UMNO/BN??

    geezzz… after all this… you guys still wanna believe the MSM reports???

  19. humm says:

    oo what the heck! so PAS is talking to UMNO, so? why are you so fired up if it does not matter? and what does PAS has to do with islam the religion. If you cannot differentiate between islam and muslim, then don’t even try to debate. Go and read first. And what about defending DAP? Boy if after all the bad mouthing from DAP and PAS, and suddenly then can tolerate each other in PKR, don’t you call that double standard? Just when PAS talked to UMNO, they are BAD. When you are in bed with them, all is GUD! And for all the followers, be from any parties, all these have nothing to do with your ticket to heaven. Why can’t be independent minded person and just admit what is wrong, when it is wrong! The independent thinking majority taken only one side, the one that is right!

  20. sklee says:

    PAS talking to UMNO concerning Islam and Malay Unity is not new.It has been on and off and on again, depending on UMNO’s strength!When UMNO is weak, as it is now, the talk will take place.PAS is in a dilemma.Not to talk will create the perception that it not interested in Malay Unity.To talk gives rise to pertinent uneasiness among the other Pakatan partners.PAS will talk, at the same time it is committed to Pakatan.The danger is that , this may affect many voters who voted for Pakatan in the hope of a new dawn for Malaysia.If PAS gives in to temptation, then that is the end of Malaysia as we know it!

  21. TigerChan says:

    I know Nik Aziz very well. There is no such thing as PAS will compromise with UMNO. Nik Aziz’s words and statements had always been exploited by the media and the press. They have been twisting and distorting.

  22. Jsss says:

    I am not a PAS supporter but still i voted PAS. Now i regret for voting PAS. Next election sorry! no way! just forget about it.

    Tuan Nik Aziz, i am very sure PAS going to loose 4 states in GE13. Mark my word. It will happen.

    Good Bye! PAS.

  23. yog7948 says:

    What can PAS do? The real culprits are those mono paused top ranked three stooges of PAS.. TG Nik having hard time digesting all these nonsense from those three.. even Mahfuz become a victim.

    Please don’t bugger PAS, they know what to do in the next coming party election. If they still never change these three stooges and those having the same mind set as them. eg. MB Kedah. PAS will slowly loose the favors of the Malaysian.

  24. robert13 says:

    To all commentators respected and bloggers,

    You all should think like mr. Humm is. His opinion describes the best among all.

    People should not be fired up just because PAS open conversation with UMNO. PAS had the rights to do so. The coalition of the PR does not strict each parties to communicate with other parties, so what is wrong with that?

    As he said earlier also, people should not play debate when they don’t have knowledge about Muslim and Islam. I would not do that either if conspiracy about Chinese or Christian religion merge up.

    Race and religion issues are very sensitive. Don’t make them as one. Peace for us all in malaysia.

  25. The Islamist in Umno may join the new entity (a new islamic party)together with Pas but the liberal UMNO’s will all go to PKR..mark my word!This may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for Malaysia!!

  26. adam says:

    mark my words… go on and vote against PAS. i can asure you that UMNO will be returned to power in perak, selangor and kedah. PAS will keep kelantan and possibly…possibly PKR and DAP can keep penang.

    just mark my words jsss…. so please feel free to vote against PAS

  27. Soldier of Allah says:

    peace be upon us…

    seriously speaking…ain’t we jumping into conclusions???

    for those who’ve learned history…

    where the 4th caliph of Islam, Saidina Ali, was proposed by the opposing Umaiyah (he felt that, He Umaiyah should become the 4th caliph) to have a pack (a collaboration) where both of them must resign from their postion at the same time and allow people to select the one and only leader of ISLAM.

    but it was a trick. Umaiyah didnt resign while saidina ali kept his word. and so Umaiyah, still in his position took over as the new leader (breaking the collaboration)

    in the name of God, i am not make comparisons from this piece of history to what is going on in this country.

    but we can take lesson and learned from it.

    I would like to enphasize that:

    1) it is not PAS who made the offer. but UMNO gives the offer to PAS to show thier goodwill (though i highly doubt there is any)

    2) secondly, PAS has yet to make any decisions on the matter…so why the racus and confusion???

    3) consider UMNO giving similar offer to DAP…will u be as mad as ur mad as ur now towards DAP???

    4) dont u see the trick now? UMNO trys to play a trick…diverging people’s attention from the havoc itside its own party…making PAS as scapegoat….

    5) if ur being sensible…i would like to ask one more thing…do U support a party bcoz of the people inside it…or u support its ideology???

    It is a seriouly important question……………………….

    now…TOK GURU has repeatedly saying that he strongly opposed the meetings and any alignment wif UMNO…that is not good enogh for you right?

    the see it this way…DAP dpes not agree to PAS ideology of forming an ISlamic country..

    and so does UMNO and BN…they rejected ISLAM…thats why they created a new faith – ISLAM HADHARI – to rejec syariah law and many other islamic practices…and also to allow corruptions, gambling, alcoholic drinks factories ~

    and so…do u now understand???

    its a game of tag…and a game of trust….

    a wrong picking might cost us another rm billions of corruptions and a very sinful act (for muslims community)

  28. Robert Teh says:

    In the last General Election, I had supported PAS and told my non-Muslim friends not to fear PAS but to support the party because it is a Party fighting for social justice for all races and religions in Malaysia.

    Today, I am not too sure about that support anymore. The only saving grace for PAS (to me) is they still have leaders like Mohammad Nizar, the enlightened MB of Perak. He is one gracious, fair and noble state leader in this country and I admire his administration and his team of administrators in Perak. To me, they are doing a far better job than their counterparts in the other Pakatan Rakyat led state govts.

    May God continue to bless the good MB, Mohammad Nizar and his able team in the Perak state govt.

  29. machitam says:

    I think PAS is enjoying this… UMNO is the one who approach them. UMNO is just like the “the croc who is pin under a tree trunk”. what if PAS push aside or the slam the door close to UMNO face. then they will tell the malays that PAS reject malay unity. let’s listen to this desperado UMNO. what actually they want? remember, UMNO has garner a big chunk of the malays votes though it is eroding very fast. PR formula took some of this so call malay votes.

    don’t forget…Tok Guru in a jest suggested for both UMNO and PAS to be dissolved and form a new malay-islamic party. will this fomula works? you know malaysia bolehland. majority of them(in UMNO) still vote along racial lines. PR component party though united by our beloved leader DSAI, still has this internal bickering between DAP and PAS. this not good. respect each other ideology. work on a common goals i.e for good governance and rakyat benefit. BN failed to do that. MCA and MIC have lost their support. DAP must uphold their multiracial ideology.

    Thus….nothing to worry. there is more good than harm on the discussion. don’t jump the gun. Hadi still consult PR leadership. Tok Guru would not stood too low. remember when Dr M resigned from UMNO. TG was more forgiving. when someone ask him whether PAS will accept dr M if he want to joint PAS , TG said ” he was a good leader, he is an asset to UMNO and why not, he will be an asset to PAS.

    but to me Dr M is a condemed person because he destroy Malaysia. he is a MAFIA god father…and Dollah bodowi continues this stupid legacy….

  30. ag says:

    ya right robert because dap need pas to hold on to the power of perak state.

  31. romsam says:

    This race stereotyping is actually the work of the present day government, headed by the Umno racist using race and religion as a tool to stay in power.

    The native of this land a.k.a. son of the soil are the native (Dusun, Iban, Kadazan, etc) of Borneo and the Orang Asli (Dayak, Jakun, Sakai, etc) in Peninsula. Not you malay arrogant pieces of shit!

    Before the arrival of Islam into Malaya, the different races live in harmony without questioning race or religion. They may be cultural different but they accepted each other.

    After independence, race was used by the Umno racist, and then formulated the NEP, which divided everyone. The Umno fascist use Islam in schools, universities and workplaces to segregate, and in the name of fighting PAS.

    The modus operandi of Umno has always be, divide and rule, and the devil is in the detail and implementation of the religious department.

    Umno is king in creating diversion, when they are cornered, use race and religion. Race and religion is the most explosive issue and they have used it successfully since independence.

    All this is done to perpetuate their hold on political power. It is for Umno benefits to play the race card, because this is the only way to ensure their hold on to political power. And 50 long years have proven them right. The race card works well and works every time!

    They have succeeded in keeping the races apart socially, and fanned animosity amongst the races with their discriminatory and racist politics.

    All give politically reasoning – well here goes a correct one – malay is lazy because of Islam.

    How can one pray 5 times and yet be expected to be productive? Wait for the foreigners to come and set up their factory and having to cater for Islam needs!

    If malays embrace other religion then there is hope for Malaysia – otherwise your hope is in the existence of Umno terrorist liars – don’t count on them being there forever – we are factoring in Umno racist absence in our business plan!

    The problem with malays is that they forget too easily. It was the Chinese, Indians and Malays who fought for the independence.

    The NEP was design to help malays catch up with the Chinese and the Indians. Now looks like after 40 years, the malays are still behind and very proud of it.

    Still want to receive handouts from the government! Still afraid to fight it out on fair ground with the Chinese, Indians and other races! Fearful is the malay race!

    Without the government subsidies and supports – I don’t know how many malay businesses will still stand? So when can we see some towering malays and who dare to refuse government help and still succeed?

    Grabbing other people success and call it your own success is not success but a disgrace!

    Their laziness caused the nation’s economy to slump and resources are wasted. They take 5 days to complete a day work. Malays always think that they are helping the other races when they are lazy. For God sake, please wake up! You are doing it for your own, not for anybody!

    Majority of the nation need to be educated again. On the meaning of Malaysia.

  32. yuking says:

    · Canada is a multi racial country like Malaysia.
    · Canada is a relatively young country like Malaysia.
    · Canada is a very progressive country.
    · Canada is one of the G7 countries.
    · Canada is one of the highest per capital income in the world now.
    · Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world now.
    · Canada allows both English and French as its official languages.
    · Canada builds many 100% government subsidized French primary and secondary schools and French medium universities.
    · Canada has very liberal policy in education and language.
    · Ratio of English speaking citizens vs. French speaking citizens is almost similar to malays and Chinese in Malaysia.

    What is Malaysia now? Discrimination, discrimination and more discrimination!

  33. fargowin says:

    Malaysia has the misfortune of being ruled by Muslims, hence their intolerant attitude to you non-malays.

    It was the Chinese and Indian minorities that have begun to lift Malaysia out of third world poverty, and those malay bastards should be grateful to them for this but like I said before, that is too much to ask from a Muslim.

    Malaysia is a xenophobic country – the bitter truth is that malays are afraid of competition from other races – they are indeed lazy and want everything for free.

    If Malaysia is to divide into two countries with malays taking the east and the west to the Chinese and Indians – watch the malays starting to migrate to the west illegally for a better future.

    It is no wonder Singapore is a country which is 50 years ahead of Malaysia. Malays are fool racists indeed.

    The writer should know that most of non-malay community realised what the government have done to them is unforgiven.

    If we still depending on government we won’t be in top position in overseas, for example (70% in NASA is Indians), two-thirds of the community of practicing doctors in Singapore is Malaysian Chinese.

    We (non-malay community) have been proven our intelligence around the world but not in Malaysia. So what we have do just emigrate or use Malaysia as an investment base.

    Actually we (non-malays) should know that government will never change their policies unless there is a protest, here we don’t do that – that is the problem, anything the government says we just simply raise the Barisan flag.

    It will be good idea if we emigrate, like one say in English, ‘Where is a will, there is a way.’

    But always remember the will for non-malays is not in Malaysia.

  34. ruyom says:

    Let me tell this.

    The malays have been Hindu and Buddhist from the beginning of time, and only became Muslim beginning from the fifth century. Most malay words bear Hindu and Buddhist influence from Sanskrit. Arabic only forms a small portion of Bahasa Melayu.

    ‘Bahasa’ is also Sanskrit for ‘language’. The British meanwhile, called the malays East Indians as opposed to Indians from India. They never associated the malays with Arabs.

    I have nothing against things Arabic. Arabic culture spawned modern technology and science, together with Indian, Chinese and yes, the malay culture.

    But to make the malays 100 percent the product of Arabic culture, is to reduce them to an artificial people, a people without their own identity and history. It is cultural genocide.

    Are we trying to say that without a Bangsa Malaysia, we cannot progress? That is absolute nonsense. In the older days when nobody spoke of Bangsa Malaysia, we had more respect among races. Now it seems we are heading towards the opposite direction.

    If Umno has the answers, there is nothing to fear. But the question is, does Umno have the answers?

    Attempts to ensure that divisional will be interpreted by outsiders as Umno’s paranoia.

    So Umno, please answer.

  35. UMNO D.U says:

    Well, not all UMNO members want this “alliance” to go through either. It’s just another mis-step by our “management” team.

    (Yea yea, it’s hard to believe us, but considering we have 3 million members – allegedly – surely you can’t dismiss the possibility there are some of us who understands and share common ideals relating to democracy and governance)

    Kepimpinan Tidak Memahami Kami

    P/S: Why is our post rejected???

  36. vesewe says:

    Fool of you, Muslims only 20% of world population, others 80%. The majority rules.

    Why don’t you Muslims become ‘murtad’, the world will become a much better place, no more suicide bomber, free flow of pork, alcohol etc……….Muslims are missing all these – that is why they are so backward.

    Why are Jews so powerful?

    There are only 14 million Jews in the world; seven million in America, five million in Asia, two million in Europe and 100000 in Africa. For every single Jew in the world there are 100 Muslims. Yet, Jews are more than a hundred times more powerful than all the Muslims put together. Ever wondered why?

    Over the past 105 years, 14 million Jews have won 15 dozen Nobel Prizes while only 3 Nobel Prizes have been won by 1.4 billion Muslims (other than Peace Prizes).

    Question: So, why are Jews so powerful?
    Answer: Education.

    Why are Muslims so powerless?
    Because we aren’t applying knowledge.
    Because we aren’t diffusing knowledge.
    Because we aren’t producing knowledge.

    Question: So, why are Muslims so powerless?
    Answer: Lack of education. Quality education to be exact. Uncontaminated education to be precise.

    It is already being mentioned in Islam that these Jews were gifted by God with knowledge. Jews is for Jews.

  37. San says:

    We made a decision to emigrate to Australia 15 years ago deserting my high fly corporate position with our three children.

    If history could turn back, we would still do the same.

    It is a joke when our three children are fully qualified in their respective professions, then our Malaysia leaders only realize that “Actually English is very important in this era of globalization, let us go back to English again in our primary school for science and mathematics subjects”.

    It is fortunate that we had our own thinking and were able to jump out from this “black box” of trial and error type of management in practically every aspect of the government administration machinery. As a result, our children do not waste their precious years.

    Our children enjoy the experience of equal opportunity not only in education but also in employment. That has a very strong impact in character development because then they believe in themselves, i.e. their own ability and equal opportunity available for personal development to the fullest extent.

    And they could fight for their own rights too simply because the environment encourages them to do so, i.e. freedom to think, and freedom to express. They enjoy their work in their respective professions and they have both close Australian and Asian friends.

    The Australian authority treats the problem of racial discrimination very seriously and takes action very fast. I still remember those days when my youngest son was teased by certain racial remarks by his schoolmate. My wife reported the case to the school authority and after a proper investigation, the Aussie kid was made to make a public apology to my son and was suspended a week from school attendance.

    Australia herself is a country of migrants from all over the world, the Italians, the British and other Europeans also never give up their citizenships although they may stay for over many many years. If they tell you to go back to China, you have equal rights to tell them to go back to whatever country they come from. “Fight for your rights” is the spirit.

    What we are concerned is actually the management of the country. There is enough wealth to be distributed among all the people who can theoretically enjoy better life, better education and better medical facility. But the poor management and evil corruption have eroded away what the people deserve. If people demand a change, “racialism” is always a powerful tool to protect the regime.

    The Australian government extinguishes any little spark that concerns racial issue. There are strict laws and they are very good in enforcements. The two party systems ensure no one monopolizes the government. If the government is not good, people will vote it out for sure.

    It is a land of plenty, and of equal opportunity for everyone. One will make his way if he is prepared to seize the opportunity and work hard for it. No one believes in “God” will give, and most believes the creation and reward from their own hand and intelligence.

    Though we pay high taxes, the future is more or less ensured as in case we are sick or in difficulty, we have all the assistance from the authority. It is the rights for every kid in Australia to have the opportunity to finish his tertiary education if he could make an attempt and possible financial assistance is always there.

    Australia’s economy is very robust now and most universities graduates and school leavers are doing very well. My three kids who are qualified as professionals at a very young age are doing very well. They would not have achieved that type of level if we were to remain in our country of birth. Thank God!

    We face less racial discrimination in workplace and university in Australia than in our country of birth.

    The ironical fact is that we are being treated more a first class citizen in our host country than in our own country.

    Human rights, good administration, equal opportunity and transparency convince us that it is no point wasting our precious time in our own country.

    If you really miss our own country, earn and save more money in the host country and join the shiver hair program later on. If you have the money, any country will welcome you for sure.

    In general, it is an educated society. People talk not shout, and people reason not accuse and more over, it is a much cleaner and more beautiful place to live. I am pleased with my decision and have no regrets at all.

  38. julee says:

    Yes, the erosion of freedom on expression and choice has robbed us non-Muslims and Muslims alike, of our basic human rights.

    This country has become ‘talibanised’, religious fanaticism uncontrolled, daylight robberies and corruption.

    Malaysians, let us stand together and stop the rot. Enough of these nincompoops, regime change is the answer.

  39. konek says:

    In an inspiring documentary produced by Discovery Channel tracing the origins of the human ‘Eve’, archeologist Dr Majid established that the present-day Negritos are the descendants of the earliest human migrants from coastal Africa. This is based on mitochondria DNA as well as material history.

    Does this mean that the Negritos, being the first inhabitants of a geographic space that is now known as Malaysia, are the real ‘Bumis’?

    Historians would have us believe that a second wave of migration from the Asian mainland saw the displacement of the Negritos by another group, also known as the Proto-malays. Today, we do not distinguish between the two groups and collectively call them all Orang Asli – the original peoples.

    Since this is a malay term and not a neo-colonialist construction, it simply means that the malays themselves acknowledge that they are not the original peoples as they had encountered the Orang Asli on their arrival in the malay Peninsula and differentiated themselves from this first two groups.

    Present-day malays, constituting a third wave, came much later, hence the term Deutro-malays. This means that successive waves of migrations have left sediments of linguistic, culture and beliefs imprints here in Malaysia. But because of the coherence of malay culture, the whole region came to be known as the malay world or ‘Alam melayu’.

    This world was at the crossroads of international trade and the malays were active participants of this exchange of goods and services. Their world was open-minded, tolerant and plural. From animism, to Hindu-Buddhism and latterly Islam, the malay world was open to foreign influences.

    Without any doubt, the Indians and the Chinese have been welcome here for many centuries. Some traded, married local women and established long-standing ties with the malays. Some of these ‘Peranakan’ communities have been living in modern-day Malaysia far longer than some Indonesian communities.

    But to the malays, Indonesians of all shades whether Mandailing, Javanese or Batak are of the same root. They are not seen as immigrants although with the rising rate of crime in Malaysia and its attribution to Indonesian migrant workers, this view may soon change.

    There is no question about this underlying malay cultural context to modern Malaysia and Indonesia. The latter maybe a bit different due to the great influence of the Javanese but is essentially part of the malay world. With the emergence of the nation state, we have to define what is Malaysian.

    In the case of the latter, we have failed to achieve a consensus. If the divide between the bumi and non-bumi is to be enshrined as part of the national identity, then there is no such thing as ‘Malaysian’. If a Malaysian is anyone with a Malaysian passport, then there needs to be equality among the ethnic groups.

    The real challenge is to think out of this box. Does it really matter if one’s ancestor came from Indonesia, India or China? What really matters is the commitment to Malaysia and loyalty to the state, our imagined community.

  40. aston says:

    The very foundation of Umno are lies – lies about May 13 riot, lies about secularity of constitution, lies about special right, lies about supremacy of court, and of course lies about the NEP.

    How can our accountability and transparency not be limited by the very lies of the foundation of our governance?

  41. Bypassed says:

    people are not blind,People who is the one decided who will stay and who will down.Remember the people who vote for PAS is actually vote for PAKATAN RAKYAT!No racism

  42. reek says:

    Show me when do the malays consult or ever extend their hands in friendship. Do the malays really treat non-malays with equity and fairness?

    Seriously, I think all races in Malaysia treat each others at arms length. The malays expect other races to kowtow to them and never the way around. For example, Chinese and Indians were made to learn and study malay culture but the malays are not made to learn and study Chinese and Indian culture.

    Why do the malays have to be in a superior position (oppressive one at that) all the time? What is wrong for Malaysia to have, say a Chinese chief justice or an Indian chief of armed forces or even a prime minister!

    How do we expect them to continue with their goodwill if we do not ever treat them with equity and fairness? I think the malays are paranoid and are projecting their own insecurity onto others.

    That is my point and it is time that we begin to envision the land of ours from an inclusively point of view instead of exclusivity point of view. We have to begin this starting point somehow, somewhere and the time is now.

    You are wasting your time by presenting the facts. Fact means nothing to them and you should know that by now. The Malaysian Muslims are seriously stupid and severely retarded. I am simply having fun. I work with them everyday and I cannot describe to you their inability to formulate simple logic.

    As an adult trying to make it in the real world, I have developed a clear understanding of what goes on around me.

    And this what I believe is the real situation in Malaysia. As long as the malays get their way in how things are done in Malaysia – there will never be any serious development in Malaysia.

    This is the fundamental. Please avoid giving example of successful malays, because economically, the numbers are too darn low to mean anything. Negligible they call it.

    Malays must realise that as humans – they are I suppose equal. But as peoples, they have attitude that is exactly like the aborigines of Africa. Completely hopeless, no matter what you give them.

    The malays can never win – for as long as they chose to do things the way it is done now. Eventually, the other races would consume them economically, and they would be second class citizens. This is a matter of time.

    My opinion is – the only way for them to succeed, is to take away all special rights and learn to get by on their own abilities. The stupid and weak malays would die – and only the bright ones would survive.

    They are doing themselves a favour by taking away their special rights. Because look around you, the other races are getting stronger because our weak ones are dying.

    We will continue to get stronger. And there will be a day, when we control all the financial means in the country. Then it is a matter of buying off each one of you puny malays – and then take over the country.

  43. danet7882 says:

    Actually PAS is not for Malays or Islams, it’s for PAS members only, and mind you not those small fry but those sitting on top.. JUST like those gomen in UMNO, MCA, MIC…

    PAS + UMNO = PUSMANO nice right?? In future we will have this one race party called PUSMANO, ghee sounds like PUSSYcat..


  44. george says:

    just wait and see… no point having a turf of month wars over blogphere… MSM just instigate the issue bought up by UMMNOO to PAAAS to cause unsettlement among PRRR.

    Wat most important now is observe their tactic and plots and PR should now start their talk on further strengthen their pakatan and to get too carry away by the temptation and greeds.

    Pls be discipline and be faithful to rakyat’s votes….

    PAAAS, I forgive u becoz of Nizar, MP Perak and Tok Guru Nik Aziz… please remember this will be the last time and not next time again… Otherwise the dawn of New Malaysia will never come again… 😦

    Then will u ever dare to look into rakyat’s eyes again and listen to their pleas anymore?

  45. panca says:

    When political parties are insincere, selfish(opposite of selfless) and undermining the Rakyat confidence and when that threat becomes real, the Rakyat will just have to move on and desert them.

    The Rakyat is a word itself UNIVERSAL, so no matter what race and religion you are, the policies are simple….UNIVERSAL and remember “without ambiguity in essence”, Just Pure Simple UNIVERSAL VALUES FOR ALL.

    Don’t Play Partisan Politics, it will have enormous bearing Next GE, and the BOOT is what one will get!

  46. george says:

    Dear Reek, stopped being such racist…

    Look at the bright side. We all are just only human being, a creation of GOD… and sure with some defect or weaknesses and strengths as well. Please do condemn our races here… It will not do any good and distort the topic that we are discussed here…

    Being born as Malaysian, we have to accept that this country is indeed a beautiful country of multi racial and culture and religion… We all should work in a good team spirit… and treat everyone as brother and sisters in a big happy family… sometimes bad urguments can be happen…

    Take it as a challenge… be patient and start to work much closer as they are your family members… one day, the dawn of new Malaysia will come.

  47. Patek1472 says:

    1. If anyone thinks as a Malaysian at heart you will never support any of the current political parties who speaks only about championing or protecting their own race and religious interests. Whether it belongs to UMNO, PAS, MCA, MIC, PKR, Gerakan, Hindraf, PBS, DAP, PPP or whatever new name. It’s called racism and whoever supports that party is called a racist. It is no different from apartheid. It dirties and poison your soul.

    2. Those who are racists but speak with a fork tongue (Jeyklls), hiding it behind other causes like religion, meritocracy, education, poverty etc are even worse than clear cut racists and can only fit into the category of satans.

    3. Malaysian racists and the MSN have corrupted the following words which meant differently in other countries ex. nationalism, patriotism, royalists, freedom, liberty, corruption, democracy etc.

    4. Power, Greed and Selfishness rule in Malaysia and now we include Racism and Satanism.

    More facts at

  48. machitam says:

    “..All give politically reasoning – well here goes a correct one – malay is lazy because of Islam.

    How can one pray 5 times and yet be expected to be productive? Wait for the foreigners to come and set up their factory and having to cater for Islam needs!
    t racist
    – romsam-
    what a shalow mine this guy has! this guy is dangerous.
    he is not racist but anti-Islam.
    1 of 5 prayer i.e Zohor prayers is during working hours. we muslim tolerate this and we do our zhohor prayer during break times.

    where is this guy come from?
    if he is from china, do gambling restrict productivity?
    if he is from U.K or Australia, do drinking beer at the bar restrict productivity.
    if he is a “pariah” then he has a problem in dividing his time! but please don’t be bias on religion.
    “you don’t believe of what I believe..and i don’t believe of what you believe..”
    There is not much different between a jew and a muslim in term of religion. we can include a christian even.

    but please…you can attack UMNO or PAS or a “Malay” but please don’t attack religion(Islam)….please!

  49. chaptokam says:

    Imagine three naked guys together each one behind each other .The first one is PKR , The second one is PAS and the third one is UMNO .

    PAS being behind PKR is screwing PKR , (ie playing out PKR with their deals with UMNO )
    PAS being behind UMNO is enjoying the sodomising by UMNO at the same time while PAS is enjoying it , PKR in front is feeling the pain .
    UMNO who’s behind PAS in enjoying it and pushing harder to go deeper . Thinking what the hack I paid them I want my money’s worth . hahaha…….

    Place where this happen ? In a moving train , imagine the train moving and braking motion , back and forth , hahaha .

    Only the first guy rugi lah , feel the pain all the time while the two guys feel the shiok ……………hahahaha .

  50. reco says:

    why don’t u non muslims read and hear and understand carefully what the pas leaders said.why jump the gun

  51. george says:

    but if u play the scenario of moving train…to a freak car accidents on the road everyday…in the same manner… UMNO->PAS->PKR

    1) who will be suffer the most, at first hit? PKR, sakit at back
    2) who will be benefit at the end? PKR, got claim insurance from those hit from the back
    3) Who will be the victim of the day? PAS, coz it got hit front and back
    4) who will be the loser of the incident? UMNO, kena saman and lost his NCB

    Mind to ask? where is DAP, MCA, MIC and etc at this scene? spectator or passer-by only???

  52. chaptokam says:

    DAP, MCA, MIC and etc at this scene? spectator

    Sitting in the grand stand with a packet of kachang puteh , enjoyng the movie .

  53. RKP says:

    The ones who are screwing up everything here are the many ‘Indian-Chiefs'(ICs) in PAS. Unlike PKR and DAP, PAS has many ‘indian chiefs’.Today you will hear of this I/C in Selangor saying something, later in the afternoon another I/C in Kedah will say just the opposite thing. In the Harakah, another village head will say another thing. Then the overall I/C will deny it in the morning news.

    They themselves don’t trust their own ‘Information Chief’, how do you expect us to trust what they are saying.They are fickle-minded. They are double-minded. “A double-minded man is always unstable in all his ways” If they have to decide on the 31st July that means they are double-minded on whose side they want to be.

    But, wait a minute, Tok guru Nik called them ‘snakes’. are they already bitten by the snakes. Has the poison sunk into their system fully within a short period of time.this must be very poisonous snakes.

    Can we save them or should we save them ? Can PAS please put their act together by having one clear leader for everyone to follow within their party like PKR and DAP. About PAS being suspicious about DAP, why don’t they just listen to Perak MB and hear first-hand news how the three parties are coping together.

    Maybe, just my suggestion for PAS well-being, can we have Perak MB NIzar to lead PAS nationally. We need strong leadership in PAS that will seem unshakabe from within and without.

  54. kj says:

    Don’t worry let PAS join UMNO. The next GE we, RAKYAT will send PAS to HELL FOREVER!!!

  55. rumble says:

    Good-bye, Syed Hamid? So far, in Kota Tinggi where Syed Hamid is the incumbent division head, three Umno branches have nominated to retain him.
    Ten have nominated Daeng Malik, his opponent.
    The Kota Tinggi division has 46 branches.
    Yesterday, Daeng Malik applied for an injunction against Syed Hamid to bar him from further defaming him. It seems that Syed Hamid has been going around to tell members his opponent is a bankrupt. Daeng’s contention is that a bankrupt cannot stand for party elections, anyway.
    Syed Hamid’s popularity is at its lowest. When he was Foreign Minister, we lost Pulau Batu Putih, the crooked bridge, and the Majidee camp. He also sued a journalist who had just completed a tour of duty in war-torn Iraq in 2003.
    PM Badawi promoted Syed Hamid as Home Minister after the General Election in March.

  56. sepp says:

    I suppose one comment would not be able to change the midset of some here but I’ll say my piece anyway.

    I’m a Malay, a Muslim and a woman. And I have been embarrassed by the conduct of some fellow Malays, Muslims and women alike. But it’s neither fair nor smart to condemn all for conducts of a select few.

    Before anyone dismisses me as a silly Malay girl, I’m a young professional, a foreign graduate thanks to my parents’ own hard-earned money and an Australian PR holder. I left my first job with a top consulting firm in KL for another when a non-Malay boss told me that I should capitalise on being a Malay as there were so few of us in the organisation.

    How is it smart to condemn PAS & UMNO for holding talks on ‘Malay Unity’ while making disparaging remarks about Muslims and/or Malays in general anyway? How different are you then from the people involved in these talks?

    Of all the conclusions that we can jump on to, why does it seem hardest to see that a small group of individuals, likely with their own agendas are not representative of a whole organisation?

    I long for the day when the political scene here is mature enough that we can see beyond individuals and races, and focus more on ideologies and policies instead. Reading through the comments though, my heart sank with realisation that this probably still is a distant dream.

    My personal opinion is that the whole situation is just another political game played by both sides. People are free to agree or disagree, but we ought to remember that jumping to conclusions would probably mean that someone somewhere is gleefully watching you reacting exactly the way they want you to.

  57. halim says:

    umno members are muslims too. At least they mandi wajib unlike those whom you love so much.

  58. wasabi says:


  59. maxtor says:

    Benda yang pada asalnya hanyalah perkara kecil diperbesarkan. Tak perlu terlalu memandang buruk perkara sebegini.

  60. zimbabwesia@malaysia says:

    please stop all this racial overtone, religion stamping things… As Tok Guru Nik Aziz said, Pas will never and can never forgive and join BN. As for the stooges in Pas, namely Nasharuddin, Mustapha Ali, just let their party members decide what to do with them. All this racist remarks, not voting for PAS in next election will only benefit UMNO & BN guys.

    And one more thing….

    If u guys still inciting racial remarks and an all out war emerge between races in malaysia, just guest who would stand to lose the most???

  61. CYBERBOY says:



  62. JohnStamos says:

    Focus fools! Divide and conquer the BNs first, before we kill each other. Dang!

  63. HELLBOY says:

    There is a dilemma faced by every Malay Muslim. While every Malay is a Muslim, not all Muslims are Malays. Therefore Islam and Race are two different issues which every Malay faces. Even in the Middle East there are 73 sects of Muslims. Muslims are divided throughout the world. In Islam there is no unity. But Malays can unite. The unity unfortunately is heavily dependent on politics. In Malaysia, Malays are divided into 3 political parties. PAS, UMNO and KEADILAN.

    Dirty politics have tarnished the name of UMNO badly. That’s why UMNOputras are called Kafir by PAS. Keadilan is new an so far clean but has become a victim of UMNO. PAS – i salute you with all my heart. You are the genuine Malay and Muslim.

  64. billauchris says:

    When PAS, DAP and PKR entered into a pact before the election to fight BN under PR at the 12th General Election on 8th March 2008, I felt elated and delighted that Malaysians have finally matured and realised the need for having a two-party democratic system in Malaysia.

    As a result of the alliance, PR gave BN a beating at the GE in which BN lost control of five states as well as the federal territory. Besides, she lost the 2/3 majority in the lower House, Dewan Rakyat.

    UMNO have been weakend at the GE. Many Malays are rejecting their ways of governing the country, They are in a state of disarray and will do all it can to restore its Ketuanan Melayu. They are desperate even to the exclusion of its other partners in trying to merge with PAS. They just could not be bothered anymore about the coalition. As such I foresee that there will be a lot of problems and intriques deliberately created to cause disharmony, instabilty,
    frustration to derail the PR plans and efforts to succeed in the five states under its control,

    See what BN have done in recent times – the baseless accusation of sodomy, the disappearance of PI Balasubramaniam, Dr Osman affirmed that Saiful had not been sodomised and his subsequent disappearance, the crazy and highly inflated motor maintenance bueget, reneging on the PM’s word to revise prices of gasoline and diesel when world crude price drops. You cannot deny that PM had not spoken.

    The country rejoiced at the results – an affirmative action to tell the BN that they could not longer fool and pull wool over the eyes of the citizens of Malaysia all the time. During the past 50 years, BN had not shouldered nor done the onerous duty of governing the country effectively, efficiently and fairly. Instead, you had squandered the country resources through various dubious means which include corruption, divide and rule, inequitable distribution of wealth and socio-economic opportunities, lob-sided civil service, religious persecution, creation of GLCs to benefit the UMNO cronies,
    etc The list goes on and on.

    Now an attempt is made by BN to merge with PAS in Perak in the name of Malay unity to govern the State. If PAS have any decency and dignity, she should desist from doing so. This unholy alliance is at best only for short term. In the long term, the electorate in Perak and other States will reject you at the 13th General Election. Please understand what is written on “the wind of change” and the aspirations of the Rakyat.

    As a Party subscribing to Islamic teaching and prinicples, by your recent actions, you merely show that you are just a bunch of empty vessels who just make use of religion for your own selfish ends. Prove me wrong if you can. What you are doing is not only disgusting but also revolting. If PAS continues to act in such an irresponsible and insensitive manner, then you have no business to talk about religion any more than you have lost your credibility to do so. You fellows are more secular than what you think you are.

    Someone asked me today how I felt about the developments in Perak betweeen BN an PAS. My answer is, if PAS plays into the hand of BN, then it is the start of PR’s disintegration.” The electorate should now voice their objection against such a move.

    If UMNO is not behaving, then it should allow and not blame her other component partners to explore the feasibility of merging with PR. Let there be no-holds barred. That is what I call JUSTICE

  65. Ayoyosamy says:

    PAS now “yo yo” kah? I think they dont like to be associated with a sodomite lah! hehe. In their recent causus meeting, they saw anwar’s video and exclaimed “ayoyosamy!”,

  66. bamboo river says:

    The proof is in the pie.
    If Tuan Guru Nik Aziz can lead Kelantan for more than 18 years , being humble and down to earth, I don’t think any Umno big shots can even move a millimetre of Tuan Guru Nik Aziz’s chair. What’s more to make him merge with Umno.
    Only probably some over enthusiatic PAS so called leaders are being trapped by Umno using Islam and Malay Unity as the bait.
    We will see. I trust Tuan Guru Nik Aziz will able to overcome this matter without even getting off his chair.

  67. george says:

    Trust me…but I deeply hope that PR (DAP,PAS & PKR) can really stay united and work out their relationship to tackle many BN dirty plots and tactics.

    Be remain resilliance and strong as 1 single body and be discipline…

    As I want 2 see PR goes strong… and fulfil their promises to Rakyat…

    I still feel that BN has not realised their humilated defeat in the last GE and never want to accept the fact that Rakyat have rejecting their way of governing the nation… It’s is time again to give them a big lesson to learn and to behave themselves and be fair to all races and religion and do not always resort to racial comment and instigations to dishormonise the nation.

    No matter how, their boat is goes on sinking despite their attempts to restore rakyat faith and I all can I predict is their passangers (component parties) are ready with life jacket and prepare to jump if situation get worsen.

  68. […] Saya tidak akan meletakkan artikel tersebut di laman ini. Walaubagaimanapun sesiapa yang berminat untuk membacanya boleh klik di sini. […]

  69. george says:

    I believe this dialogue between UMNO & PAS pose a challenge to PR… nevertheless, if one taking it as opportunity risk, it might making PR even much stronger if all these talk remain and seen as silly and dirty tactics by BN-UMNO to shaking the cooporation between the PR parties at the end of the day.

    Let’s don’t jump to conclusion, wait and observe the situation… BN-UMNO is getting too desperate now to find a cause for their survival of Ketuanan Melayu… They r just being too greedy now…and they might also will affect their component parties faith and confedence to keep staying in BN… and this will come back and haunt them one day…

    Remember, no one can get all as wish… simple as that!

  70. I like chopin says:

    PAS is nothing more than a bunch of sex maniacs while UMNO is a bunch of thieves.They are equally racists and stupid.Just wish they dissolved and dissappeared in thin air.Good riddance!

  71. Feroz Merican says:

    Why are you all so surprised about what PAS has done? Did you really think that they believed in a Multi-Racial Malaysia? Did you buy the stories that they were so accomodating to the Chinese in Kota Baru and Kelantan? Did you never listen to Dr M when he said Pas was the most dangerous and traitorous party in Malaysia? That they would do anything to destroy our cultural fabric and our economic future? So that they may institute a law that is 1500 years old? Apparently British Civil Law is nothing compared to God’s Law. My generation has known all about PAS since the early 80’s. Politics is all about tactics, and Religion is the dirtiest tactic of all. I am not surprised. And you shouldn’t be, too. Welcome to your worst nightmare.

  72. TP says:


  73. whatisit? says:

    i went thru this blog and the comments, mostly on PAS side or PKR side so i guess it’s better to be on the audience side. observing and at the same time be as neutral as possible because that is the only way for you to know and to come out with rational and sensible opinions.

    free your mind and look at the bigger challenges…

    if PKR is going to be the ruler of this country, what can it do to the religion, race and political direction? I dont see any difference than the BN. BN started it’s foundation at the clear direction, so does all the new parties. but is PAS, Keadilan and DAP can merge as ONE? it is so obvious they have different agendas, different view in religion and clearly different political agendas. BN itself so unstable that most people lack of trust with this current government.their political issues become so much complicated that we do not who can fix it. The biggest challenges that the ‘new government’ should be able to tackle is:

    Unity – we talked about unity from time to time but i still believe the its the biggest problem in Malaysia. while they talked about uniting the races, there’s obvious difference between chinese, malay, indian, indigenous races in sabah and sarawak. why? because we always treat each other differently according to races. the truth is most malaysians are very very racist.. and that’s because we are not ‘trained’ to be malaysians. you probably malay-malaysian, chinese-malaysian but not malaysian-malay, malaysian-chinese etc.. you dont see where you ‘belong’ first.. but you see your ‘race’ first.. and that’s why there’s no patriotism in this country. History is important for us to remember that it was the malay who has ruled out the tanah malaya for centuries, but it was the unity of many races that this country gained its true independence and it is also important to remember that Malaysia is consists of tanah malaya, sabah and sarawak .. you cant no longer uphold to the theology ‘that one race should rule’ forever.

    For the sake of the future true Malaysia, teach the new generation to love the country by start making them to know what malaysians should really are.

  74. pozi says:

    very simple calculation if u people out there think PAS won b’cos the non-malay votes, well I’m a malay, vote for DAP and DAP won in my constitution. U think DAP won b’cos of the non-malay votes , go to hell. Come GE 13 my vote + my whole f’mly n friends will go to BN. Dont push PAS to the wall u know the outcome. UMNO invited PAS for a talk so what’s the problem…????

  75. Umar says:

    another posting with discrimination,cynicism,hypocrisy,anti-malay,anti-islam and everything that goes along with it.

    i find your article not thought-provoking but more on instilling hates towards PAS.

    we dun need your consent to talk to anyone.

    so what?

  76. TP says:


  77. zimbabwesia@malaysia says:

    Feroz Merican (11:12:46) :
    Did you never listen to Dr M when he said Pas was the most dangerous and traitorous party in Malaysia?

    My GOD!!!! This guy is DR M worshipper!!! Do we need to listen to him? ahaks

  78. chaneeen says:

    yo people
    don’t get too carried out by reports from main stream media. I thought we should know better by know to not believe most of the reports they brought to us right? Try read to know PAS’ side of the story.

    And by the way…a lot of people think that PAS members and committees only come from pondok schools or middle east institutions. In actual fact, PAS have members of many different backgrounds, uni students, oversea graduates, professionals, doctors, lawyers, successful businessman etc. You can run the background check on PAS’ MPs and candidates and you’ll be surprised to know they have more merit than many other politicians from other parties.MB Nizar is one example, but there are many2 more. And no, they don’t have any ‘cables’ etc unlike UMNO members.So please don’t think that PAS is a narrow-minded party..a lot of its members today are modern & progressive, though they are still God-fearing people (which means they can be liberal and all but not to the level of UMNO which corrupts everything for their own interest). But of course, human are still human. But like I said..before we make any assumptions, listen to their side of story first. And before we can condemn or judge people, get to know them first. Fear of unknown causes us to discriminate peopla and make our own (flawed) assumptions

  79. rose says:

    I don’t understand why people are so emotional on this. This is just a ploy by UMNO, played up by main stream media. Now many of u said that u won’t vote/support PAS anymore..while PAS have never ever said that they will leave PR or whatever. Read for God’s sake! You guys are just like those people in BN who condemn people as guilty before they can even be proven otherwise just for the sake of what YOU want to believe..not the actual truth. And what is all this talk which borders or even dipped in racism? how can we progress as Bangsa Malaysia when you people who konon2 fair and not racists hurl accusations and condemnations on other race? Is there no lazy people in other race?And FYI, our country is like this is because of BN & UMNO. Do you think other malay which is not connected to BN/UMNO got any of the perks/privileges etc.? the word is cronyism, nepotism…not race. And btw, if only malays are racist then please highlight why it is next to impossible for malay to get job in companies owned by other races?or to get opportunities in industry monopolised by other races. Don’t give me the crap about qualification etc…i’ve met many non-malay who can’t even speak/write proper English even after growing up in big cities like KL (which is illogical, unlike malay kampung folks with limited facilities and exposure to English so of course it’s even a surprise if they are even any good in English), even have lesser qualification (academic/experience even communication skills) than another fellow Malay candidate vying for the same job in a company owned by non-malay…and yet no surprise, the less qualified non-malay got the job. tell me.
    Our way forward should be to strive for Bangsa Malaysia…not by going backwards inciting racial statements etc. Be fair. If you want to cite people as racist then go look into your own mirror first

  80. JohnStamos says:

    I am a non malay and I voted for PAS in Kelantan. You non malay fools should not talk dirty about PAS. I know what PAS is in Kelantan. Go to hell with you all who condemn PAS for you all are just like UMNOs who trust only in TV news and daily newspapers without coming living in here Kelantan at all. Islamic rules what? Who cares! Why be afraid like f**king rats to that Islamic identity of PAS? Who cares, as long as non malays and non muslims living in here happily with it. Get lost you don’t know jack!

  81. Kumar says:

    i am appalled to read your blog relied your source to the mainstream media like the star and nstp. i believe you also were influenced by karpal’s provation on PAS. karpal never likes PAS. who is he anyway to question about PAS? you think DAP can rule Kelantan as PAS does? to hell man.

    i am indian but i am happy to live in kelantan under TG Nik Aziz. we all love him. you outsiders never been to kelantan to see yet want to portray bad images abt PAS.

    DAP is a party for chinese.accept that fact for god sake. meanwhile, PAS is for everyone. no where in the quran says Islam is for malay. hence, it explains why i support PAS>

    Islam promotes unity among all people under one umbrella. if PAS promotes islamic country and it comes with good governance, so be it. why so scared of PAS? cant u accept that we chinese and indian are ‘migrators’ to this land? they rule the peninsula way before we came as a miners and rubber tappers.

    if you want to continue living under BN or DAP, so be it. but, can they promote justice,fairness and most important thing; can the rakyat be happy under them?

    i just wish dinasours-aged leader like karpal can keep his mouth shut!

  82. AG says:

    IPOH, July 30 ― Perak Pas Youth today lodged a police report alleging that the statement by Perak Umno liaison head Datuk Seri Mohd Tajol Rosli Ghazali inviting Pas to merge with Umno to form the Perak state government has elements of corruption.

    Perak Pas Youth chief Norazli Musa lodged the report at the Ipoh District Police Headquarters here at about 3.30pm.

    Tajol Rosli, in his statement yesterday, invited Pas to merge with Umno to form a stronger state government with the Pas representative retaining the Menteri Besar’s post and the State Executive Council memberships being given according to the suitability of the leaders within the coalition.

    Speaking to reporters after lodging the police report, Norazli said Perak Pas Youth would also lodge a report with the Anti-Corruption Agency as follow-up to the police investigation.
    “The statement by Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli Ghazali clearly contained offers of positions which could be construed as a bribe which contravenes the Anti-Corruption Act 1997,” he said.

  83. Sagaladoola says:

    My writing on this issue……

    Will PAS Embrace Islam Hadhari or Join BN?


  84. groo says:

    Dr M: It’s like cross breeding cat and kambing
    Tarani Palani | Jul 31, 08 7:22pm

    A merger between arch-rivals Umno and PAS would be like ‘cross-breeding a cat and kambing (goat)’. This was former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s take on the much talked about issue.

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