Photo: New Straits Times. Why do they need to cover their faces like that? Are you thinking what I am thinking?

The Mongolians are NOT giving Abdul Razak Baginda or Najib Tun Razak any chances. They have sent their delegate to the Asia-Pacific Forum on National Human Rights Institution, the meeting where SUHAKAM, our toothless tiger (even pussy cats got more teeth) got screwed.

As you know SUHAKAM may be downgraded by the International Coordinating Committee, if it doesn’t buck up, and that means, no more holiday trips to Geneva, where the UN Human Rights Council sits. Yahoo!

Anyway, the Mongolian women NGO network issued a statement to the delegates at the meeting in Kuala Lumpur. The network includes: Mongolian Human Rights NGOs, Network of Mongolian Child Rights NGOs and Network of Mongolian Women’s Rights NGOs, all based in Ulanbaataar.

They said they will lobby for their government to review ties with Kuala Lumpur if this case is not dealt with fairness. They better start cracking…

In the statement, the NGOs said that in this era of globalization, democracy, human rights and justice have become the most important issues in any country.

They said: Two years ago, in this country (Malaysia) that is currently hosting the APF-NHRIs, government agents who allegedly used “military equipment, firearms and explosives” have carefully planned and murdered a Mongolian woman, Sh. Altantuya, mother of two children.

The way she was murdered was not heard of in the history of humanity. Altantuya was purportedly blown to pieces with plastic explosives in a jungle clearing in Kuala Lumpur.

Court hearing has taken place for over a year, however, important evidence were excluded, claimed the NGOs.

The issue of explosives and firearms to kill the woman, and who ordered the killing, were questions which were deliberately not asked in court.

Since day one of this serious crime, the Mongolian Government and human rights organizations in Mongolia have repeatedly sent requests and notices to its Malaysian counterparts. However, until today there was not a single response.

Currently, this case is being politicized in Mongolia and politicians are exploiting these allegations for their benefit, while the real perpetrators of the murder (unknown until now, although Malaysia’s deputy prime minister Najib Tun Razak’s closest friend and political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda and two of Najib’s personal aides when the murder took place, are now facing trial in court.

The NGOs urged the Malaysian authorities to decide whether they want to extend assistance to Altantuya’s young children (the youngest is suffering from brain disease and the deceased’s father has initiated a civil suit to demand compensation for the child’s deteriorating condition).

The children are under such hardship, said the NGOs, that their situation is only comparable to those who suffered in the horrible Tsunami disaster.

“Now it is the single opportunity for Malaysia to remedy this situation,” added the NGOs in the statement.

The NGOs also called on the participants of the APF-NHRIs Forum to join their voices to call for justice to prevail in this case.

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  1. Harrison says:

    it’s about time. What took them so long. In fact it was the Malaysian NGOs who propelled the Altantuya murder trial in the absence of attention from the Mongolian Government who compare to the Malaysian BN Government, I would say 50-50 lah.

    Keep up your onslaught on the travesty of the ongoing trial Susan. 😉

  2. ella-mae says:

    susan, i am thinking what u are thinking hahaha. please someone get their photos. so want to know how they look like 😉

  3. susah2saja says:

    The truth will prevail one day with bleak history telling the world, Malaysia was previously a nation that kept on fabricating evidences to avoid VVIPs from receving punishment. Nonetheless, the Almighty God is above all of us, and those whom had involved in this or any other heartless crime will definitely end up in the deepest end of hell during the “judgement day”.

  4. rumble says:

    “Why do they need to cover their faces like that? Are you thinking what I am thinking?”

    They got them married in prison.

  5. rumble says:

    Where dat bugger najib, he also need veil.

  6. crash says:

    why they are given the privileges of covering their face? i can almost be so sure that no-malaysian had seen the real face of these two dick before.

    so what is the purpose? is this a guarantee from whoever that give the order that even if they were found guilty in the court or law for death sentence, they will be sub by other prisoners? well, you need to give them (death sentence) some sort of assurance or reason in order for them not to “even mention your name” no?


  7. NAJIB says:

    Any one calling me?

  8. Anonymous says:

    They dun want to be like PI Bala; being forced to change statements subsequently and ending with nowhere to be found.

  9. why not cover the face when everything is cover up!
    Yes, they may get new identities when they are convicted and luxuriously live somewhere in any of the Asean countries!Some fall guys who are on death row will replace them!
    Remember their their boss will be the Prime minister by the time the trial ends!

  10. Hunk says:

    “Remember their their boss will be the Prime minister by the time the trial ends!”-Cinta malaysia

    Before the trial ends, najib probably will be unseated. It’s either 2 possibilities- whether PAS will form a new alliance with UMNO (to me unlikely) or Anwar will be PM by Sept. 16 2008. More inspiring right now. 🙂

  11. Hangman says:

    NAJIB (11:34:41) :

    Any one calling me?

    Yeah ! It’s time sucker….

  12. peace brother says:

    Bastard, who give Malaysia a bad name

  13. bamboo river says:

    They have to cover their faces becos the gomen is afraid the accused immendiate families may be identified and some third parties may solicit infos that may put their ‘trial’ in jeopardy.
    On the other hand, the Mongolian NGOs should not waste their time and effort getting attention from the gomen since all their communications are one way street.
    Get the International bodies to interfere. Get UN to pressure the gomen.
    Highlight this case at all international human rights forums. Gather cooperation from other foreign NGOs to push for justice and transperancy from the gomen.
    May start from the French NGOs. This is to allow the French gomen to defend their intergrity for potential buyers from other countries may think twice if they want to buy French made defense system.

  14. sloone says:

    Hahaha. Bamboo, I am thinking of something more sinister. But I can’t tell you what till it actually happens 🙂

  15. ah long says:

    I am confused. Who is those two persons covering their faces? Help

  16. Menyalak-er says:

    The idiots responsible for this tragedy of errors should be held responsible! Malaysia’s ruling politicos are cesspools of indecency, lust, megalomania etc.
    Even worse is their own sense of invulnerablity – inbred morons, who can’t see the world as it is, despite the untold millions spent on travelling around the world!
    As usual when the going gets tough, the prime mover(s) of this whole sad episode are traipsying in Southern Africa with the natives, talking about football! Bet they are enjoying themselves with the black magic fetishes plentiful there.
    Heard it from the grapevine that they were to lie low, as per advised by superdopey and cohorts. Next they’ll loafing around the Carribean for vodoo fetishes! However, their main fetish remains their super-orsgasmic c4.
    Mongolia? Never heard of it – not even a single official apology or assurance that Justice will be served.
    I just hope the ancestors of ‘my friend’ Genghis can differentiate between citizens of Malaysia and their irrelevant federal leaders!

  17. wandererAUS says:

    Well done Susan, glad you brought this matter alive again. We should all press on, until the truth surface and justice is done. I hope the bloggers will collectively push this BN evil govt, until they have no ‘hole’ to hide.

  18. eeyaw says:

    I think they are allowed to cover their faces because when found guilty & sentenced to death, other persons will take their place & they will be set free for a job well done! Truly Malaysian Justice!

  19. robert13 says:

    In my personal opinion, I don’t think that DSAI will able to form the federal govt by September 16, but is possible also that umno will form a new alliance with PAS.

    By the way, it is also very strange for the NGO’s to cover up their face. People might come out with bad rumors and speculations about it.

  20. amy says:

    all your reasons are “legitimate”. Btw, heard Najib/wife/IGP/AG have all gone out of the country? To do some more erasing of evidences or to tidy up all loose ends or to finalise all “other projects”???? Someone, please check. I heard that there are still a lot more of other projects going on in Subang Airport, all belong to him by proxy or some other. Please check, Susan. Thank you.

  21. V says:

    Anyone thought of the possibility of Bala in the Altantuya murder case, and the doctor in the sodomy case being offered large amounts of money and fully paid stay in some nice hide-out in neighbouring countries until the matter die down?

    They are discouraged from being in Malaysia as witness to any court case.

    The alternative is harm will come to them and their family if they desist.

    So, an “offer they can’t refuse”.

    Methinks ths might be the most likely scenario. No one will leave their house and property just like that unlike security is promised them.

  22. chaptokam says:

    Dear Susan ,

    I have posted this comment many times but I guess I’ll say it again .

    This could be the final outcome of the Altantuya murder trail . The alternative solution for the two jokers and Baginda .

    They could possibly find Baginda guilty as an accomplice or homicide or second degree murder with a jail term of maybe 10 years with good behaviour , probably out in 5 years as you say .

    For the two UTK jokers they will be found guilty as charged with murder and death by hanging . Now this is the catch . Ever notice when they go in and out of court they are dressed like Ninjas . They are covered from head till toe with their heads fully covered till you don’t even get to see their eyes and faces .

    The catch is here : borrowed from the US under witness protection program .
    They will coincide the hanging of the two with two others also to be hanged at the same time but without the knowledge of anyone except those in the know . These two hanged will be hanged on their behalf , since no one has seen the faces of the two UTK . They will proclaim that the two has been hanged at what time and place etc . But the hanged are not the two UTK , you get what I am trying to say ! .

    After the hanging , the two UTK will get a face lift thru plastic surgery so that nobody will recognise them since no one has seen their faces and don’t know what they look like . Change of indentity , some millions in their pockets and a place abroad to live for a few years until the whole episode is forgotten . Then probably they will quietly sneek into the country as some lng lost relatives and reunited with their families without anyone knowing .

    Malaysians have short memory and all will only exists in history in the Sejarah Melayu . Perhaps it might be a must read piece replacing Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat . Maybe I’ll refer the two UTK as that Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat .

  23. chaptokam says:

    US witness protection program .

    for those who testify for the US Government against high profile cases like the US govt. versus Jimmy Hoffa or the US Govt versus the Sicilian Mafia bosses , etc etc .These witnesses are given a complete makeover , in other words they do not exists anymore . New identities , new passport , new faces , even their own wives won’t recognise them . etc etc . Given new home and money and no one will ever know .

  24. chaptokam says:

    MT all sites hacked today .

  25. danet7882 says:


    Our politics are so “or am” (hokkien).. Semua ni pasal UMNO!! For PAS loyalty, takkan nak pakat dgn UMNO, tak rasa kotor ke?? I’m a Chinese but atleast I respect PAS more than UMNO, more than MCA.. I hope PAS will reconsider any future meetings with UMNO. It’s not about MELAYU or KETUAN anymore, it’s about MALAYSIA….

    APA YANG LAGI MUSTAHAK?? HAK MELAYU?? HAK KETUANAN?? HAK ISLAM?? ATAU HAK MALAYSIA?? Apagunanya jika hak-hak tersebut diperbincangkan atau diperlindungi jika negara kita Malaysia HANCUR??


    by the way, sorry for posting different comment on different issue…

  26. Jsss says:

    Waiting to see Najip & Rosmah to cover their ugly faces soon. Keh!…keh!…Keh!…

  27. danet7882 says:

    If this goes on… malaysian got to cover their face when representing Malaysia in olympics…


  28. danet7882 says:

    MALAYSIA is a sure bet for GOLD in “sukan tutup muka”… 🙂

  29. Ngauchai says:

    So, Najib has settled himself to take over the top post in 2010. Just don’t let anyone with a big N in his name come in between. Do what ever you can to eliminate that threat. Nadzi? Nik Aziz?

  30. eeyaw says:

    Najib desires for the no. one post is just a dream! The next “N” could be aNuar or Raja NazriN or Raja Petra KamaruddiN!

  31. Antares says:

    Actually, the French gendarmerie could easily resolve the Altantuya affair by revealing their records of Najib and Baginda’s movements while in France. They could probably tell us which restaurant(s) the menage a trois dined at and what dishes they ordered. For that matter, Singapore’s ISD could also confirm Balasubramaniam’s story that Najib introduced Altantuya to Baginda at a diamond show in Singapore sometime in 2004. How about it, fellas? Let’s be good sports, OK?;

  32. chris chong says:

    yet, there are umno members believe that Najis is totally clean, clear and smell rose.

  33. kplee says:

    From day one on this trial, I suspect something that this two guys were covered up whenever they go to court. Something is fishy about the way they were covered up. There r many possibilities, one is either wen they were found guilty, they would vanish to another place with different identities and live a luxurious life thereafter. Something poor guys on death roll will take their place. Then Mr. C4 will become PM and live happily ever after.
    I am sure somebody will have a picture of these two blokes. Just post them on the net and maybe also on our MSMs not only for the rakyat to see but more important FOR THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD TO SEE. I for one will like to know who these two arseholes are. Hope someone out there will help us.

  34. ah Long says:

    Maybe the two real ones already left the country. Now they just use substitute. When the time comes they will say the two real ones escape from prison and cannot be found.

    Remember even in Singapore got one terrorist escape from maximum security prison a few months ago and cannot be found.

    Hahahaha….in Malaysia everything is boleh. Baginda also maybe can escape from prison then still have time to go home and pack his bags and bring his wife and daughter also.

    He might even have time to drop by the bank and transfer all his millions to some Swiss account and then book first class air ticket.

    Immigration to leave the country is easy, he has already proven that he got friends inside.

  35. Ctizen Me says:

    When you do something that is right you want the whole world to know and you want to show your faceand wnat to be recognised. But when you have done something wrong you do not want anyone to know and you hide your face.

  36. chaptokam says:

    ah Long shall we wait for them to walk by and pull off their ninja mask ?

  37. CYBERBOY says:




  38. colorsmalaysian says:

    I wonder too !
    Why do they (as the posted pix above) need to cover their faces like that?

    I have never seen any convict has such “covered up” right to face trial !
    Strange ? !

    Haaa…………..who knows…………

    Maybe ………… er…….. easier for those convicts to switch over if required.

    Funny………………really funny indeed…

    Fair trial in Malaysia ! ?
    Maybe not……….wait and see.

  39. peace brother says:

    This two feller really give us malaysian a bad name.

  40. I like chopin says:

    They are not women from the Middle East,are they? If they aren’t ,how come they are covered from head to toes like those Middle Eastern women tourists you see in KLCC?

    Or are they trying to tell us that they are pious Muslims,covering their aurat?

  41. TP says:

    It was love at first sight.

  42. Anak malaysia says:

    Never in the history of Malaysia have the accused in any criminal case, what more a dastardly murder case of the Mongolian woman, been allowed to keep their faces covered permanently. The very fact that they are allowed to keep their faces covered all the time points to the Hand of the Power behind the murder. Pity that Badawi does not seem to realise or is completely bodoh enough not to realise the implication. The man who has ordered that the accused remain covered up is obviously more powerful than he is and he i nothing but a stooge and a nincompoop in the eyes of the powerful lecher. Why the cover up is any one’ guess but you can bet that one answer is that this will give the 2 the opportunity to walk out of Jail the moment the case is over – whatever the sentence the court decides to pass on them – in fact, I am sorely tempted to take bets that this case will end up with all the accused let off the hook as the prosecution has failed to prove that the 3 were in anyway responsible for the killing. Any takers? In any case, whatever the outcome of the case, the two will conveniently walk out the very day the case comes to its expected end and you guys would not know if they are sitting next to you while you are having your teh tarek. Be assured, fellow Malaysians, we HAVE a very dangerous killer primed to take over the reins of the country.
    As some of you guys have rightly noted, all responsible NGOs Malaysian and otherwise, should now be making every effort to bring this case before the International Courts. Action must be taken to bring justice to Altantuya and for Malaysia, deny the Power hungry killer any opportunity of gaining control of the country. It is quite clear that Badawi does not have the balls nor the capability to put an end to this very dangerous person’s political ambitions

  43. johan says:

    here the BN bullies the smaller tax payers. Internationally they too bully a smaller and “of no importance” nation like Mongolia, by not bothering to respond to any of Mongolia’s request. BUT when BIG BROTHER USA whisper, they (corrupt BN) piss on their pants. These are how cowards function.
    I am in the dark, isn’t Mongolia under the protection China/Russia? If is is why then has none of these giants “whisper” to these cowards. Sorry for this naive
    last sentence, am not from Asia.

  44. Topaz says:

    Yeah, it’s quite strange to see the accused being ‘ninja-ed up’. As Chatokam mentioned that high-profiled cases in US, these covering-up were practised. Logically, it should be for the witnesses only esp in Mafia cases as they & their family members would be risking their lives. But are the accused accorded the same also? Maybe some law men can enlighten us.

  45. peace brother says:

    Two faceless malaysian who gave malaysia a bad name

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