Image by Wits! THANKS! Don’t you just love these cats?

You know, I don’t want to brag. But I would be very rude and ungrateful if I didn’t say THANKS to all my wonderful readers, commentators and not so nice cyber troopers, who gave me 3 million hits in 2 years.

I started this blog in mid-June 2006. It seems like light years away. This small achievement is a victory for free speech. For freedom of thought. For tolerance. For love of words. For Merdeka.

Wow! I feel so honored, and so loved. I don’t have a (x) prime minister dad, nor have I done any publicity stunt, and still you came back, day after day. Keeping me company, keeping me informed and sometimes, bringing me back to reality, too.

What would I do without you? It’s for you that I do not believe in a blog strike!

Some of you may have noticed, I’ve got myself a new blog in Malay, to commemorate 51 years of MERDEKA.


The Merdeka mood will be a little different this year as Malaysians have spoken out loud and clear at the 8 March elections.

Tsunami or Tsudomy, we’ve got to plow through these uncertainties. No one said it would be easy. No matter who’s the Prime Minister, or who are his or her  minions, we’ve got to make them accountable to us. Yes, it’s not the other way around.

I started this Malay blog because the truth is, sometimes I think in Malay. Some ideas, issues, simply can’t be expressed in any other language than the one you’re educated with. I don’t know if it happens to you, but it does to me.

I speak to my friends, whether Malay or non-Malay in Bahasa Melayu, too.  It’s so natural.

I also fear, somewhere deep inside, that if you don’t dabble in your native language once in awhile, you might forget it, especially if one is overseas. But that is yet to be the pitiful part. 

The sorry part is that, with this new blog, I’ve been accused of “Menghina Islam” for my latest post: Teruskan UMNO-zakar-PAS. 

The only thing I did was shortened the arabised word ‘muzakarah’. And since UMNO and PAS love to ‘die-logue’ with each other so much, it’s only appropriate that the word link the two like twins. 

Since when did criticising UMNO and PAS become ‘menghina Islam’ ?

You tell me. But promise me you’ll peek into my Malay blog sometimes, I promise to surprise you.

Until then, see you everyday till we hit 4 million, ya.


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  1. I Love U says:

    ******SALUTE********Always love u Susanie. 😀

  2. gooeyglobs says:

    Congratulations Susan! Let the kitty meows.

  3. I Love U says:

    I love when u write in Malay Susanie, coz it’s so bloken. One day if decide to open a real kopitiam, I’ll be amongst the 1st customer. I just saw your photo the other day and you are beautiful sis. U looks like an angel. Awak tidak cinta saya?
    Betul? 🙂

  4. I Love U says:

    Looks like another Kiitykat, why lah Wits0, awak juga suka kucing? I love u Susan and all. Sorry to ask this question, but where is Monty? To be honest many misses him here. He used to be bad but he is civilized now.

    U r the best Susan. Besok kita bertunang k? 🙂 He he he……

  5. robin hood says:

    Arrrr, cheers :)))

  6. amoker says:

    Keep it up Susan. Too bad there are not self potraits of you in this blog. I know how Kit Siang or Haris looked like.

    Anyway, forget about these chaps who seemed to go from one blog to another and accuses them of being anti-Islam or etc. And of course, the UMNO= Islam and PAS= Islam people around.

  7. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear Susan,
    Congrats and all that, really – that number will climb at exponential rate, as we ‘old ducks’ weigh in. Get ready some hard work.
    Thank you for this oppotunity actually, as i said i would not’ve bothered to blog at all if not for you.
    Syabas and God Bless you.

  8. Chin says:

    Keep up the good work and God Bless you !!!

  9. Harrison says:

    Keep on BLOGGING. You really ROCKS THE WORLD. Hey I bet Lim guan Eng may have made some comments under a nick. 😀 Don’t believe me?

  10. wandererAUS says:

    Susan, just sing me a nice melody. It is pretty cold down here, my pleasure to
    have your company. All others, invitation closed!

  11. BobbyNZ says:

    My heartiest congratulations Susan,

    Your site has given me the wonderful opportunity to expose this Artificial Intelligence whom CIA tried very hard to keep their promise to get him the PM post which he lost for taking on Dr M and legalising short selling 1997 to facilitate the CROOKS sabotaging our growing economy then. I am on CBNC news and they blame shitty fundamentals and “naked short sellers” for Dow Jones spiralling downwards. Perhaps the CIA undercovers in Malaysia are screaming for more funds to bribe the potential “MPs crossovers”.

    I celebrate the fact that Malaysians are not a gullible lot.


  12. simple says:

    level 5 english.

  13. BobbyNZ says:

    My heartiest congratulations Susan. I am glad to contribute what I am well-informed and “reliably informed”.

    Cheers from Kiwis

  14. simple says:

    may be the last . lessssssssy braiiiiiny lo ma.

  15. ella-mae says:

    congrats, susan… i’m sure u would have noticed the dandelions have listed you as one of malaysia’s best… u totally rock, susan. we wuv u.. muaahh

  16. Ayoyosamy says:

    We, Indians, say ayoyo Susan. Many more hits to come oops come or cum?

  17. liquidsnakemi says:

    That is a really nice picture. I also hope that you get more hits in the next couple of years.

  18. I have started to like your blog and I will be paying more regular visits .
    Congrats Susan on your 3 million hits!

  19. Antares says:

    Amaaaaaazing, Susan! You started blogging six months ahead of me… and I’m happy to see 125,000 hits on my blog! David Rothschild is reported to be worth USD300 trillion. I said TRILLION. A few days ago I had RM3,000 in the kitty. All a question of scale, isn’t it? Bravo, woman, bravo! 🙂

  20. su says:

    Congrats Susan!

  21. rajraman666 says:

    May The “SERENE SMILE OF BUDDHA” always with you sloone.


  22. doggone says:

    Tsudomy? Oh ya..I remember chowing down a lot of it along Madras Lane years ago. I always arse AhSoh to ‘tambah’ mee since I couldn’t afford double-up but was willing to recompense with only half the meat. Growing up as a teenager with very little in your pocket was malnourishment of the hungriest. But 0.50 sens does fill me up for awhile if I look at AhSoh imploringly. After some time being a regular there, she’d just top up for the young lad with a bewitching grin. Ya, the early 80’s holds much fond memories for Tsweetole’me.

    Sodo…oops..I mean, so, do you think you’ll be back for Merdeka x3 this year, Susan?

  23. GeoGeo says:

    Sawardi Susan.

    Greetings from NZ…

    Been catching news from back home via your blog and enjoying them.

    Congrtulations on the 3M hits.

    Some of the Kises are mine….he he

    Carry on the good work..



  24. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    My heartiest congratulations to you on your Magnificient achievement of 3,ooo,ooo hits.

    Just keep them “Juicy” articles in your Blogsite & you will hit the 4,000,000 in good time.

    Cheers, have fun wherever you are & keep Blogging !

  25. cinta Malaysia says:

    To susan,
    Thank you for your insights that provided us here a clean and matured debates and at times serve us outlet to release our displeasure that are unjust and undemocratic pervading the system of our Government .We travel this path in the hope that Malaysia will have a better tomorrow than today.

  26. mugabe says:

    I like the other cat holding the AK47 …reminds of Patty Hearst if you are in her generation …..

    Congratulations! 3 million can surely find the MURDERERs of Altantuya that must be our goal !

  27. bamboo river says:

    Congrats Susan!
    3, 🙂 🙂 🙂 , 🙂 🙂 🙂 !

  28. bamboo river says:

    Oh BTW, Susan, time to change that “2 million +hits and counting…!”. : -)

  29. Anoy says:

    I dun like cats but loves pussy 😉

  30. hutchrun says:

    Great goings, keep truckin`

  31. mohdzawi says:

    Congratulations on the 3M hits. Keep on blogging. That is all we ask of you.

  32. wishuponastar says:

    Its good Susan you don’t have a PM for a dad or else you would be boring us with what he eats for breakfast,how smart he is inspite of his misdeeds to our beloved country because which all the organs of the government are now suffering from terminal cancer.

  33. imwatchingu says:

    Congrats, Susan. I enjoy reading your blog for its up-to-date and bare-knuckle reporting which one never finds in MSMs. Keep on blogging, sis.

  34. wits0 says:

    Susan, if you have a PM for a dad , you would be living in a parallel universe, in surreal detachment from our real world. You could then only be a great pretender to us.

  35. Diva Chin says:

    Like your gut and the way you go for it!
    Been with you for quite a while.
    3 Cheers and congrats SU.

  36. sodomised says:

    Congrats Susan! Been reading your blog for 5-6 mths and enjoying every bit of it. Keep on blogging! I need my daily breakfast read!

  37. JeyS says:

    Bravo Susan

    Congrats from a fellow blogger too (I will probably never hit that amount!! )

    Cheers and keep on the good work.


  38. brotherhood of man says:

    I want u to save all your kisses for me and I want sotongmee only, can or not? Thanks sloone for everything and all the best.

    Save your kisses

  39. Congrats on reaching three
    Don’t let the cat climb up the tree
    It’s not just the language that’s free
    It has to be the message you share with glee

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 290708
    Tue. 29th July 2008.

  40. eeyaw says:

    Thank Susan! Your news are eon years ahead of the MSM in the search for a better Malaysia! God bless you!
    Also appreciate your fight for justice for Altantuya!

  41. Well done Susie,
    Your blogs keep this stoke impacted body and brain of mine a little more attentive than it should be. I look forward daily to reading your blogs daily and that is the only amusement I have left in life.
    Keep up with your good work.

  42. Dr. Rosli says:

    Congratulation Susan. Really a big hit on your blog. Bye.

  43. jonathan says:

    Hi Susan
    Meow, meow, meow (feline talk for congrats i supposed) and thanks for your feline-licious blog. I wished you had a PM dad so that you can catch those ‘dirty rats’ and put them in bottomless sewer.
    keep up scratching those slimy balls ;o
    my neighbour has nasty cats that dunk its dung in my place and steal my food… any help how to shoo them away?
    smile and may you get many more visits

  44. chaptokam says:

    Congratulations on your 3 million hits . May my Jatukam Ramathep and my Buddha bless you . Om Mani Padme Hum .

  45. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// Wow! I feel so honored, and so loved. I don’t have a (x) prime minister dad, nor have I done any publicity stunt, and still you came back, day after day. ///

    Nor are you an (x) prime minister, or related to royalty…

  46. kesava says:

    Many more millions at the finger tips on da way.

  47. clearwater says:

    You have 3 million hits and I have 3 cats. When you hit 4 million, I will raise my cat population to match you, maybe. Anyway, syabas! Keep it coming.

  48. Muda says:

    Kungsi ! Kungsi !

  49. Robert Teh says:


    And please continue with whatever you are doing as a lot of folks in cyberland appreciate your selflessness, dedication and true grit, in wanting to make this beloved country of ours a better place – for us, our children and their children, to live, work and play.

    We love you.

  50. kittykat46 says:

    Congratulations, Susan !.

    You’re doing a great here…keep it up.

  51. matt says:

    Well done Susan more to come.

  52. Vindica says:

    Hi Susan,

    Congratulations! After coming to visit your blog sometime ago, I have stayed on as I like it. This is my first post to this site. Thank you.

  53. george says:

    My BIG thanks to u my dear sister, Susan on the Blog.

    I will stand alone to support for freedom and justice.

    Particularly I really like the way you commented “Since when did criticising UMNO and PAS become ‘menghina Islam’ ?” Which is really piss off and I don’t see any big deal of it…except for UMNO and PAS extremists…

    Let Malaysian build a new Malaysia for all races.

  54. najib says:

    u the best susan. love ur blogs. too bad i share the same name with the biggest arse hole in the country. at least i do the name better justice. take care susan. keep up the good work

  55. peace brother says:

    Congratulation and jubilation, will tell the world to known this is a good site to be in.
    Thank You

  56. Bolehwan says:

    Congrats, Susan! This blog is certainly a must for my daily consumption. Well done!

  57. dan says:


    I have a gumbie cat in mind, her name is Jennyanydots.
    Her coat is of the tabby kind with tiger stripes and leopard spots
    All day she sits beneath the stairs or on the steps or on the mat
    She sits and sits and sits and sits and that’s what makes a gumbie cat
    That’s what makes a gumbie cat
    When the day’s hustle and bustle is done
    Then the gumbie cat’s work is but hardly begun
    And when all the family’s in bed and asleep
    She tucks up her skirts to the basement to creep
    She is deeply concerned with the ways of the mice
    Their behavior’s not good and their manner’s not nice
    So when she has got them lined up on the matting
    She teaches them music, crocheting and tatting

    I have a gumbie cat in mind, her name is jennyanydots
    The curtain cord she likes to wind and tie it into sailor knots
    She sits upon the windowsill. Or anything that’s smooth and flat
    She sits and sits and sits and sits and that’s what makes a gumbie cat
    That’s what makes a gumbie cat

    But When the day’s hustle and bustle is done
    Then the gumbie cat’s work is but hardly begun
    She thinks that cockroaches need employment
    To prevent them from idle and wanton destroyment

    So she’s formed from that lot of disorderly louts
    A troop of well disciplined helpful boy scouts
    With a purpose in life and a good deed to do
    And she’s even created a beetle’s tattoo!

    ((tap break))

    For she’s a jolly good fellow!

    Thank you my dears

    © T.S. Elliot

  58. Patricia says:

    Thank YOU, Susan. Read you every day, but haven’t commented, because everyone else who does is more pandai than me lah.

    Cheers, and here’s to the next three million hits!

  59. Jsss says:

    Susan, your blog is simply super. Keep it up.

    The meow! meow! is so cute.

  60. Blogreader says:

    Hey Susan, one of the reasons why i frequent your blog is because of, yes, you dont have a PM father. But the most importantly is, your blog gives me a sense of belonging, because you are so different from Marina Mahathir and Rocky! These 2 sissy spoilt brats! Yes Rocky doesnt have a PM dad, but i think now he feels Tun Salleh might as well be his dad. I personally feel he’s losing it. And you and Bernard Khoo and Haris Ibrahim and RPK.. the four of you will make a great team!!

    Keep it up, and stay true to your beliefs! Most importantly, do no see yourself transformed into another Ahiruddin Attan or Marina Mahathir! AA and MM.. haha.. such co incidence!

    Honestly, i dont know why, but i despise them!

  61. lucia says:

    3 million hits within 2 years! wow! congrats, susan, congrats!

    glad to note that you had started a BM blog. will drop in now and then. don’t worry too much about those people who accused you of ‘menghina islam’. since i blog a lot on umno and also once in a while islam, i had been getting that accusation many times before. i bet your BM blog will soon get lots of hits too! keep it up!

  62. waswas says:

    Just believe in what you’re doing, and keep doing it.

  63. bamboo river says:

    Jonathan, can’t help it. But , I do like cats & dogs.
    If you have problems with your neighbours’ cats, don’t blame the cats. Blame the owner.
    Maybe this can help you..
    1) Plant lime or lemon tree in your garden .Cats do not like lemon/lime smells.
    2) Put up plastic /steel 1″ x 1″ square fence about 2 feet from the ground around your existing fencing. Not bigger than that or it will strangle the kittens!
    3) If the cats/kittens is tame enough, catch them and return to their owner in person. After a few times, hopefully the owner will be more considerate.
    4) Never feed the cat (if you are inclined to) in your compound.
    5) If the cats pee ed or ‘donated’ excrements in your compound, use lemon based dish washer to wash them off. You may use lemon based floor detergents to wash your porch once a week.
    6) Most of all, treat the cats with respect and love. Cats can be ‘nasty’ if you mistreated them . 🙂

  64. JAMES LOW says:

    3m ways to screw the rakyat.
    3m racist and seditious acts and utterances.
    3m habits to dish out sub-standard statistics.
    3m avenues to impede the intellectual development of non-bumis so the nation goes down together.
    3m practices of corruption.
    3m propensities not to be fair,just and impartial.
    3m addictions to wealth and power.
    3m prosecutions for RPK and Anwar.
    3m ideas to cover-up all the above.
    Something positive, we gave Sue 3m hits.Congrats!

  65. Shanker says:

    Congrats….keep up the good work..

  66. hazel says:

    Congratulations. Enjoy reading your blog,please keep wirting.

  67. cliff richard says:

    Wow! Sloone 3 million hits and counting, congratulations! Let us have celebrations here now…..


  68. ah long says:

    How come no one from BN send congratulation messages?

    Afterall you help to make Najib Tun Razak a household name.

  69. wits0 says:

    Blogreader, “Honestly, i dont know why, but i despise them!”

    You do – instinctively, at least. 😉

    One talks about hibiscus while the hottest news around definitely isn’t about flowers! One can’t be serious being as incongruous as that. Both beats about the bush. T’was simply not right that Emperor Nero should play the harp and compose poetry while Rome burned. Hahaha! I exaggerate, some, of course.

  70. longman says:

    your kiss is accepted… shiokkkk…

    congratulations… kiss only kaaa?… no yam seng yam seng?…

  71. elviza says:

    Congrats Susan! you go girl….

  72. rumble says:

    Congrats. Yam cake celebrations.

  73. RKP says:

    A great medium for expressing messages,views and opinions, especially on the very manipulated political agenda of this country. IT opens us up to personal involvement and participation in the current issues affecting our country that you always kick-off first with a bang.

    A commendable ‘milestone’ and achievement for you in the blogging world. The
    blame-game, ‘childish’ accusations, intimidations,scare-tactics all sounds too familiar. We know where it is coming from.You are only doing your noble job given to you. There is still sooo much work to be done.

    We wish you good health and a alert mind always.

  74. susah2saja says:

    Congratulation, i found out about this blog from a friend long ago and i’m addicted to it since then. You’re well on the rite track to that 4M hits. Keep up the good writing and I can’t wait to read another one soon.

  75. KPLee says:

    keep it up Sue. Great job

  76. Jo says:

    Congrats Susan, with your brave reporting you can be sure of continuous hits. I visit your blog everyday.

  77. zulkifli says:

    By now I think the PM, DPM, HM, FM and all the other F…………G Ministers must have realised that they are in deep shit and are sweating.
    World opinion on Malaysia is diminishing
    Umno empire is crumbling
    UMNO ship is sinking
    BN leaders spent their time bickering
    BN component parties don’t know what UMNO and the others are doing
    Enforcement agencies are rotting
    About the judiciary, are they so trusting?
    Our economy is now rolling and thumbling
    Inflation has now come a biting
    Pulau Batu Puteh yes an act called “vanishing”
    Everything BN does is now bemusing
    Most of the Minister seem to be uncaring
    They all say things in bolehland is promising
    They only talk, talk, talk and keep on talking
    My fellow countrymen prepare yourselves for more happennings
    BN has now resorted to courting
    What can be more scary then BN”s intimidating
    BN’s resolve is now very knaniving
    Oh Malaysia my beloved country I feel your bleeding
    How much more can the rakyaat take this misgivings

  78. rainstorm says:

    Congratulations! Ppl come back 2 u coz u speak the truth! I visit ur blog almost everyday & enjoy ur writing. Take care. Cheers!

  79. LimDokSa says:

    Hi Susan,
    In no time you will hit 10 million!!
    All the best…!!

  80. azaytun says:

    top tenan ….

  81. 3 million congratulations.

  82. AhChin says:

    It is not surprising that your blog attracts so many readers. I first read it by chance and sort of get addicted to it, for good reasons. Justice is such a rare commodity we get to see under this this government. And you speak loud and clear to the powers-that-be for it. Keep speaking out like you do now. Wish you good health.

  83. Kapitan says:

    Susan You got OOMH, and I’m addicted to your blog. The very first thing I do when I on my computer is click into your blogsite, read your articals and most of your blogsters’ comments. Next on my list are zorro,MT, anteras. miss crankshaft etc etc……. I’m just an uncle (65yrs old) blog-hopper. You are doing a very good job, and you can be assured of another million KISSES coming to you in the next two or three months!!!

  84. Casey says:

    Congrats. I came to your blog a few weeks ago, and now I visit it almost twice a day. Good job done. We know you love your blog as much as we do.

    keep doing what you like best.

  85. CYBERBOY says:

    CONGRATS!!!!……….WOW…..3 000 000!!!!

  86. Yunie says:

    Congrats, Susan. I am addicted to your blog. It is a MUST READ blog for many of us, malaysians who are living abroad. For many years, I was depending on the online news i.e. the star and new straits time, and was mislead by them. Your blog has become my daily” newspaper”. Keep it up, Susan. May God Bless You and Take Care of You Always. Cheers!!

  87. liquidsnakemi says:

    You have some very good photos and your blog entries are very high quality. Keep it up and congratulations.

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