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My Sunday morning welcomed me with this piece of news from the People’s Paper: Backdoor deals could break Barisan.

Do ya mean ‘backdoor’ as in sodomy?

All of a sudden I felt that our former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad is all caring, concerned and multi-racial.

He says that “sodomy” between PAS and Umno would further ruin Barisan Nasional. (Isn’t he contributing to this fact as well?)

He aded that UMNO should include MCA and MIC when ‘sodomising’ PAS. He advised UMNO not to ‘show its butt’ to its partners in the coalition.

Look, how he hates this sodomy thingy.

“What will MCA, Gerakan and MIC say?” he asked, innocently.

“MCA leaders are leaving the party, Gerakan is being left behind, and the MIC will be left with only Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu at the rate members are leaving the party,” he wailed.

I thought he was really being thoughtful and caring about the non-Malays in BN. Then lo and behold, I realised that all he actually wanted to say was this:

“Barisan could only be saved if Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi steps down”.


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  1. Grill says:

    I agree with Nik Aziz call for UMNO and PAS to dissolve and be reformed into a single Party. Badawi and Najib should heed the call in the interest of malay unity.

  2. ella-mae says:

    hahaha i read that this morning. TDM has much potential for stand up comedy doesnt he 😉

  3. Patek1472 says:

    1. If anyone thinks as a Malaysian at heart you will never support any of the current political parties who speaks only about championing or protecting their own race and religious interests. Whether it belongs to UMNO, PAS, MCA, MIC, PKR, Gerakan, Hindraf, PBS or whatever new name. It’s called rascism and whoever supports that party is called a rascist. It is no different from aparthied. It dirties and poison your soul.

    2. Those who are rascists but speak with a fork tongue (Jeyklls), hiding it behind other causes like religion, meritocracy, education, poverty etc are even worse than clear cut rascists and can only fit into the category of satans.

    3. Malaysian rascists and the MSN have corrupted the following words which meant differently in other contries ex. nationalism, patriotism, royalists, freedom, liberty, corruption, democracy etc.

    4. Power, Greed and Selfishnish rule in Malaysia and now we include Rascism and Satanism.

    5. See more prophesies at

  4. mugabe says:

    Why are not the Police, AG and everbody else asking for the DNAs of MCA & Gerakan and what about MIC, PPP and the Sabah Sarawak.

    [BTW eventually, they may findout that they all share the same DAN from “Out-of-Africa” Grand Lady ]

  5. imwatchingu says:

    For PAS and Umno to dissolve and merge into a single party is pointless if the same bunch of half-past-six crooks and racists are still running the country. Might work if they are the opposition.

    So what is MCA, MIC, Garakan and the other Mickey Mouse parties going to do? Time is ripe for them to abandon the BN and join PR or will go into oblivion soon. Their members should push for it.

  6. chand says:

    Are photos real? Judge for yourself….

  7. Casey says:

    As far as MIC and MCA is concerned, both Samy and Ling have been sodomised for years. As if this is not enough, Samy and Ling have been sodomising their own cronies in their respective parties. What difference if UMNO persists in continuing this practice?

    MCA members are blind to so many of its leaders antics. Ling Liong Sik has been at the helm of things in MCA and has been enriching himself and his family for years. The elder son become billionaire at the age when we just managed to earn 2,000 Ringgit a month with our degrees. And Ling wished to have his Ling dynasty continue with his 2 sons – keep sodomizing the Chinese in MCA. Ong Tee Keat will never able to beat the Ling family of billionaires. Money politics in MCA is so overpowering. What is a few hundred millions to Ling and His sons. Ling need not come out in the open. His cronies, many still in MCA councils will be bought over to help him spend the ill gotten cash for building the Ling Dynasty.

    I feel sad to talk of MCA as even the porn actor wanted to continue playing the centre stage. He has nothing to hide anymore and thus able to shamelessly continue his trade. Even out of the limelight, he continues to pressures those contractors who have received crumbs thrown by him when he was the MINISTER , to contribute to his uphill journey to the top post in MCA. The ex-Minister who is a liar (opph… sorry lawyer) is also coming back to regain his past glory. It was so very difficult to make an appointment to see him when he was the Minister, and now he is able to see anybody anytime anywhere.

    MCA members, when will you ever learn to vote for the right man to the right post? The Chinese has lost faith in you. There is no urgency for any Malaysian to stop the UMNO sodomizing the MCA. Let it continue to be so. The tragedy is the all non MCA Chinese feel the shame and the disgust.

  8. facial says:

    How Unmo thinks and enjoys belakang plays on the babisan.

    1) Ling Leong Sick- no point lah! he is so sick
    2) Oh guy Tee- he said enough and now introduce his pondan brother.
    3) Samy hv value- still boleh main since he is growing bottom hairs
    4) Good soo goon- good to play, not so heavy can move ups and downs
    5) Next ah sit- this fella is too old sometimes he will bend up for laksadin and ah wang.
    6) Anwar- already tried and now diff. to open.
    7) Lim kick shame- susah, he use his long rocket instead manually do it
    8) Kvast- to big hole lah
    9) Sabahan and sarawakians-stupid fellas but virgin

    By Sleeping PM-

  9. cinta Malaysia says:

    Have you heard of the case of unopened Undi Pos contained in a bag at Kg.Tebobon in Sepanggar Parliamentary Constituency.The bag containing undi pos was found by a farmer cutting grass.The constituency was won by UMNO.
    The fact of the matter is why there are so many undi pos in each constituency.
    The Election Commission must be transparent with the undi pos and display to the Malaysian public for scrutiny?
    Can bloggers discuss this issue?

  10. allen ng says:

    I don’t think UMNO would agree with NIK AZIZ’s suggestion to dissolve the two parties to merge into one.UMNO is only interested in getting the numbers to rule the country and even if to sell their integrity,they would also do it.Whereas PAS is fighting for the holiness and I believe water and oil do not mix,right? NIK AZIZ is a man with principle and he knows what UMNO’s is up to so he berated PAS’s leaders not to fall to the trap of the weaken’s UMNO.

    Meanwhile Mahatir is doing about turn and he is championing for the Chinese and the Indians and I believe is trying to stir the hornet’s nests.Of course the Chinese and the Indians are thankful to him for championing the issue but hope it does not have a hidden agenda.

  11. Joe says:

    MALAY UNITED!!!!!!

  12. qhyttesw says:

    At the rate things are going, all umno(including ex-member doc mamak), pas, mca and mic sodomee-members will die of aids within the next few years. Then this country will become a true paradise

  13. chaptokam says:


    Since you feel that every leader in MCA is not up to your standard ,

    can you kindly name one who measures to your standard ? so that the MCA members can vote for him !

  14. chaptokam says:


    first photo possibilty ,but I noticed the servers standing behind are like the ones in the official Malaysian Banquet rooms where they serve foreign diplomats and dignitaries official lunch or dinners . If this photo is taken here thenis a fake . I f it is taken overseas there’s a possibility ,

    second photo is definetly a fake , same like the one from Tian Chua , superimpose . you can see it quite clearly .

  15. Rakyat Malaysia Cina says:


  16. wanadoo says:

    BN failed to see what the people want in the result of 12GE.every move and policies they may think of are for the sake of their staying in power rather than for the people… Malay & Islam unity rather than Malysian Unity.Ever they failed to pull PAS over they had managed to make a lot of non Malay who voted for PAS angry and will not do so nxt time……is a plus for BN if they call for 13GE real soon.

  17. wanadoo says:

    Frogs will start to jump after BN failed in all their dirty tricks to dismantle PKR

  18. Muda says:

    I used to support the old UMNO with the likes of Tunku Abd Rahman , Datuk Harun and Tun Hussein Onn around . The day UMNO died after the infamous battle between Team A dan Team B , I turn my back on UMNO Baru being the illegal offspring of the old UMNO . In fact , I turn my backs on all parties , PAS included until Tuan Guru Nik Aziz came . I’m not a PAS member but my heart goes to him and wished that he becomes the PM . I’ve never had the opportunity to see him but of all the person in the world , Tuan Guru Nik Aziz will be the person that I want to meet and just say this ” Tok Guru , YOU ARE THE MAN ! “

  19. bennyloh says:

    we are under caring hands of..


  20. wandererAUS says:

    Old Mamak, old Mamak, who the blooming hell, do you think you are. Telling Umno, how to choose a President. Now all of a sudden, you have regained your memory that BN have minor ‘beggar parties’…. showing concern to MCA and MIC, parties that you sodomized for the last 2 decades (not that these two parties are any good). So, your conscience is now pricking you…if you have any!
    Better spend your remaining days locating a nice piece of land, when Almighty call you to rest.
    Maybe God, still want you to witness the destruction of the ‘evil empire’ you have built!

  21. yh says:

    the more the merrier. join the party and enjoy the sodomy orgy.
    but hold on, the spineless and no-balls MIC, MCA, Gerakan, UMNO Sabah, PPP and all other component parties are invited not to partake in the sodomy orgy, but as watchers only.
    Enjoy the watching but keep your mouth, as usual, shut.

  22. Cinta Democracy says:

    “I thought he was really being thoughtful and caring about the non-Malays in BN. Then lo and behold, I realised that all he actually wanted to say was this:

    “Barisan could only be saved if Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi steps down” -Susan

    Absolutely. One can visit his (Mahathir’s) blog and judge how he marketed this “ketuanan Melayu” thingy to conceal his true intention of wrestling his men in dethroning AAB . To trust Mahathir is equivalent in trusting that Jaib Tun Razak does not have a “dark hand” in orchestrating allegations of saiful being sodomized by Anwar. No doubt AAB needs to be sacked, but who in UMNO is pre-eminent?

  23. Hahaha says:


    Even my dog will make a better MP than those in MCA. At least, my dog stay faithful for a right reason.
    Have a nice day!

  24. thinkvision says:

    Effectively Dr. M is saying:

    If I can’t kill off Anwar’s poitical career 10 years ago with the sodomy thingy, what on earth made you (AAB & NTR) think, you can do a better job than me? I should have applied for a trademark or a political patent for this ‘sodomy’ move! So before you get into the sack with PAS, at the very least you should have consulted me. I would have advised you to do a backdoor threesome or foursome on PAS. That way PAS would have been cornered and sodomized into submission and the ‘rakyat’ would not have known what or whom had ‘sodomized’ them! See what you have done now? MCA, MIC & Gerakan (if they are still having straight s*x with you) might be slightly offended because you did not include them in your kinky backdoor rendezvous!

    And by the way, I still want AAB to step down.

  25. thinkvision says:

    Dr. M paused a while and added:

    Remember “Brokeback Mountain?” You wouldn’t want to have a broken ‘Brokeback BN’ at the back of Putrajaya, do you?

  26. caravanserai says:

    What is with the back door?
    Playing hide and seek in perception
    In political games it can ruin plenty
    Of lives and economies……….

    What is with the back door?
    The political leaders seem to engage
    Going out quietly to caress……..
    Exploring the lines to get it right

    Ah the partners sleep
    The coalition leaders close one eye
    They can’t display disunity
    It is with the back door what could they say?

    Passing tips with a smile
    Don’t worry we stay opposition
    For the back door drummers
    Don’t worry silent partners
    We won’t let you lose face

    What is with the back door?
    It seems it is a trend in the country
    Hiding out the truth; engaging in silent mood
    Only come out to show faces
    Smiling and saying
    ‘There is nothing to worry about
    We won’t forget our partners
    We will stay with them through thick and thin
    Until nature takes us all……….’

    So what is with the back door?
    The truth is hard to tell
    Only satisfied smile and mind
    The rest leave it all speculations

  27. Ayoyosamy says:

    Sodomy is in every Malaysian’s lips now! Beware! This word can make Anwar impotent or horny hehe

  28. amy says:

    AAB will need to step down for sure. I’m counting on that! DSAI SHOULD BE THE NEXT PM! I’m chinese btw. Aiyah, you know why TDM suddenly seems so “good”. His bosom friend “LING LIONG SIK” emerges once again-mah! Sure, he gotta support his crony-mah! Seriously, I think DATO CHUA JUI MENG deserves a second chance. He’s a much better person, refined and articulate at all times, a class of his own, as compared to all of them in MCA currently. Don’t talk about the others who just resigned or not contesting. They are history! If ever MCA managed to survive, I would cast my votes for CHUA JUI MENG even though I’m not from JB. Period!

  29. Menyalak-er says:

    Hypermamak again?
    The guy who’s surreptitiously the foremost author of racist supremacy?
    Our own wannabe hitler who’s confused nazism with feudalism?
    Aw, forget it – don’t want to listen, never did anyway.
    Prefer to listen to Ayoyosamy’s ranting!

  30. Antares says:

    Ha ha. Can you imagine a marriage between Umno and PAS? One party is known for its utter wickedness (unstoppable greed, overweening arrogance, utter ruthlessness, total deceitfulness) while the other pretends to be holier-than-thou but is actually sex-obsessed (can’t wiggle your bum on stage, women must sit separately from men, schoolgirls too provocative in white blouses on rainy days). The only unifying factor would be that their membership would be 100% Melayu (unless hordes of Mamaks also want in on the action).
    We’ve seen in Malaysia how poorly monoethnic corporations perform in terms of customer response, work attitude, and maintenance. If Umno and PAS decide to merge as PIMP (Pan-Islamic Malay Party), I predict that they will spend the next generation sabotaging or sodomizing each other to death. A damn good thing for the nation! 😉

  31. yes, again and again, again and again, MCA and MIC will get screwed by UMNO. sigh

  32. once upon a time says:

    Haha this old doc, the more he open his smelly mouth the more the people hate him. Pak Lah is a better leader, at least Pak Lah allows more freedom and bringing in more opposition into paliment.

  33. enter the dragon- from belakang says:


    Tengku Abdul Rahman is the Father of Merdeka

    Tun Abdul Razak is the Father of 513 and Bathing Chinese Blood,

    Tun Hussein Onn is The Father of Muhibah and Wielding Keris,

    Tun Mahathir is the Father of Mamaks and Sodomy,

    Tun Badowi is the Father of Body Snatchings and zzzzzzzzz

  34. malayamuda says:

    Dr Mahathir the Hipokrit has finally spoken

  35. hkengmacao says:

    True, this mamak is a snake, he is not a M…

  36. raja raja cholan says:

    this bloooody mamak should be hanged upside down from the twin towers bridge for not bridging the various communities when the steering was in his hand and now he is talking cock.

  37. wits0 says:

    Another of M’s infernal exercise in his signature sophistry. An atavistic autocrat who thinks he is still in power. How he perverts truth and screwed the country’s consciousness with the aid of the worthless MSM!

  38. chaptokam says:


    Yeap , thats the way to go . I know for a fact that there are many English speaking Chinese who are hesitant to join MCA , simply because all communications and dialogue are in Mandarin . Lately before PRU12 there was a remarkable change in MCA in such a way that dialogues are now in bilingual in Mandarin and in English . This will be good as Chinese educated people has a different ideology and perceptions of issues compared to English educated people like me . Even their attitude towards life is different . English ed. tends to be more Malaysian rather than Chinese ed. who wants everything Chinese . This is a stumbling block to a Malaysian culture .

  39. Bornfree says:

    MCA, MIC, Gerakan, parties of Sabah & Sarawak wake up. Or are you all too ashame & guilty of being sodomised. . Afterall you never have a say of what’s going on so what’s the point of staying. UMNO puteras will do what they like without consulting you. Just leave Barisan

  40. sklee says:

    What is all this talk about ketuanan Melayu?We are not living in medieval time in Tanah Melayu. We are living in multiracial Malaysia in the 21st century.If there is any “ketuanan” it has to be ketuanan Raayat!Tun Mahathir is only interested in getting rid of PM.Being an unrepentant racist since the early sixties
    he has no concern, not to mention love, for the other races in Malaysia!

  41. Spyblogger says:

    Anwar ni sodomy ke tak sodomy?

    Liwat : Perisikan lewat imaginasi

  42. Menyalak-er says:

    Yep, first time i agree with u chaptokam, my man – absolutely!
    Bananas have great difficulty penetrating the dense archaic, ethnocentric mindset of the huaren speaking fellas.
    It’s as if they left their thinking apparatus back inside the village well: Most of them – “me first, then my family, village, province, dialect”… ad nauseum.
    Malaysian? “Pu-huay” (no need)! Unless’ve have to grease bUMNO bums.
    Feudal-mah, just like all the small farts in the former entity called Be-eNd.
    That fella Lingaling couldn’t speaka huaren properly until he reached andropause (male menopause) – haltingly, like 1 word/min.
    Anyway this was true until Ong-eketing reached puberty.
    The rest is history: MCA is liao, just as saMICvalue is elek porek…
    Hey what u guys think is an appropriate name for that hypothetical Pas-bUMNO merger which will never happen?

  43. chaptokam says:

    I agree with Amy that Datuk Chua Jui Meng deserves a second chance. He’s a much better person, refined and articulate at all times. We’ll hope that he receives the support . I understand that he will be announcing that he will be going for MCA President after the divisional elections later tonight . Best of Luck to him .

  44. CYBERBOY says:




  45. peace brother says:

    50 years of independent and things haven’t change much, is it?

  46. cinta Malaysia says:

    I have met and spoken with members of Indian community as well as the chinese community in Kuala Lumpur.All agree that MCA’s and MIC’s assholes are both be devastatingly sodomized by UMNO ,come next GE , they are beyond

  47. Cinta Democracy says:

    I agree with cinta Malaysia.

  48. tamade says:

    Susan, this Mamak PM first sodomised the judiciary pillar and the racial harmony of bolehland, then he sodomised Rakyat’s basic right and human right.

    He also let his cronies sodomised all the Bolehland’s resources and the Rakyat’s monies through privatisation and mega projects.

    Through stupid policies, He forced Rakyat to purchase ill-quality vehicles in order to up lift his ego and all these years, he has caused thousands of innocent lives lost in accidents, however he couldn’t care because he is driving Mercs and BMW.

    He appointed all the dirty and evil political elites as ministers, MBs and CMs and these flurs rape the Rakyat in order to accumulate as much wealth as possible.

    Now, the UltaManNo party has caused a split in PAS through back door deals and negotiations (it has sodomised PR again). This Mamak PM must be laughing even n his sleep.

  49. wits0 says:

    Tamade, actually the Mamak Kutty already screwed M’sia big time when he first pushed his book of demagoguery with wrong facts prior to his wrongly rewarded 22 years as PM.

    If Reformasi is actually meant to be completely comprehensive, everything in the past have to be reexamined and the truth laid bare including the suspicion of his being involved in 513.

    But of course, this seems asking for too much.

    The voting population collectively sinned bad through rewarding the unclean and now must face the fallouts as a consequence. Unseen and undocumented, Karma works impartially.

  50. Richard says:

    What will MCA, Gerakan and MIC say.

    A real funny question. What can they say, really.

    Dances With Wolves

  51. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    M M aka Mamak Kutty has been sodomizing the Raayat for so long and the Raayat begin to love it!

    Our standard of living is going down the drain. Fucklah has asked the raayat to grow vegetables in the terrace house, rear fish in the bathroom, chicken and ducks in the kitchen to be self sufficient.

    Mamak Kutty on the other hand has been asking Raayat to pay through their nose for the Proton tin can. Many died paying while others died through highway accidents. Either way also die!

    Fucklah also talk racial to invoke racial hatred among the different races in Malaysia. His son in law the Monyet does the same!

    What good is there left?

  52. salleh says:

    saya menyokong gabungan UMNO-PAS kerana ini adalah negara Islam dan melayu adalah tuan di sini. Orang lain boleh balik kampong ke India atau Cina. Saya juga menyokong gabungan bersama Brunei dan Indonesia untuk memperkuatkan Melayu dan Islam di benua Asia. Kita akan memerintah demi Allah.

  53. chaptokam says:

    In politics today , there’s a lot of undercurrent . You will find the sea is choppy on the surface right now , but underneath it is tua lau , meaning very strong under currents especially during the full moon . Similarly there are a lot of undercurrents between PAS and UMNO , having a love ,hate relationship . Whether the current love affair will see them making luv in bed and producing a new offspring is yet to be known . The best strategy right now is wait and see whats the outcome of this rubbing and wringly session in bed . But I guess both their partners PAS versus PKR and DAP and UMNO versus all Non Malay Component parties are already getting very edgy .

    Guess the best option is to take the one step at a time action ,and see how it developes .
    This could be UMNO’s strategy to counter Anwar’s baiting of BN frogs . Its like tit for a tat . You try to bring the BN govt down by enticing 20 BN MPs to jump ship I wil give you your own medicine , all I need is just 8 MPs from PAS to get a two thirds majority in Parliament . Which one is easier ? 20MPs or 8MPs ???

    Further with PAS in BN , Kedah goes back to BN ( BN has 14 Aduns and PAS has 16 Aduns ) That makes it 30 out of 36 for Kedah .
    Kelantan goes back to BN (PAS has 38 and BN has 6 ) That’s 44 Aduns out of 45for Kelantan .
    Perak goes back to BN ( BN has 28 Aduns and PAS has 6 Aduns ) That makes it 34 out of 59 for Perak .
    Selangor with PAS having 8 Aduns BN 20 Aduns , PKR 15 Aduns and DAP 13 Aduns . So that makes it 28 against 28 . One more Selangor goes .
    Leaving Penang as sole PR controlled Govt.

    So Folks see it NOW with PAS in BN !!!!

    Federal Govt ( BN ) now has more than two thirds majority .
    Kelantan , Kedah , Perak back to square one ,
    Selangor hanging by a thread .
    Penang left .

    So still want to bash MCA !! think twice . Want MCA to dissolve ?? think twice .
    Want MCA, MIC, Gerakan, and all those BN component parties in Sarawak and Sabah and DAP and PKR to merge to form one big party ?? Wait and see , one step at a time .

  54. Mr. Love says:

    salleh (20:07:10) :

    “saya menyokong gabungan UMNO-PAS kerana ini adalah negara Islam dan melayu adalah tuan di sini. Orang lain boleh balik kampong ke India atau Cina. Saya juga menyokong gabungan bersama Brunei dan Indonesia untuk memperkuatkan Melayu dan Islam di benua Asia. Kita akan memerintah demi Allah.”

    Itu orang ada janji berapa teruna?

  55. newton 3rd law says:


    What you do to others, others will do the same unto you, times many times.

    This Mamak Kutty no doubt had sodomized big time we rakyat and thanks to no interactive response by the rakyat during his 22 year helm.

    It’s a one way ticket and with all the pillars within his control, the rakyat could only tahan and let this Mamak Kutty really sodomized the rakyat cukup2.

    Now with the availability of interactive response and reversible process, this Mamak Kutty has been sodomized constantly by the rakyat in Bolehland and his enemies all over the world.

    It’s reparation time and now this Mamak Kutty is tasting the agony of being sodomized from all angles.

    Hahahaha…. our dear sloonee is really an understanding real friend by putting this old Mamak Kutty here for everyone to sodomize back.

    Well, I hope everyone got his/her climax after the sodomization. Well! If you haven’t attained that, don’t worry, they will be many more opportunities, but no need to get ready high pressure grease, just some singer oil will do, hahahahaha…………

  56. Menyalak-er says:

    Well, well we do have some Malindons running loose around here, do we?
    I thought this was this terrorist agenda thingy was supposedly under control…
    But then, I guess SB/MI’re who’re supposed to be monitoring their activities are more preoccupied messing in other things…
    Hai Sang Salleh, apa jenis monyet kau ni?
    Oh monyet jenis siDajjal ke…
    Ok – tak kesah, kami tunggu Nabi Isa; bolih tunggu kejap?

  57. chaptokam says:

    See this chart

    GERAKAN 2 3
    LDP 1 2
    MCA 15 32
    MIC 3 7
    PBB 14 –
    PBRS 1 1
    PBS 3 12
    PRS 6 –
    SAPP 3 5
    SPDP 4 –
    SUPP 6 –
    UMNO 79 239
    UPKO 3 6

    IND – 2

    DAP 28 73
    PAS 23 83
    PKR 31 40

    Total Parliament seats 224
    PAS / UMNO 23 plus 79 = 102
    The rest 224 minus 102 = 122

    Wait and see Folks one step at a time ,

  58. Feroz Merican says:

    Mahathir has always been a leader that was very conscious of the feelings of Non Muslims, unlike Najib, Hishamuddin and Anwar. Indeed, it was the suppost from the Chinese and the Indians that allowed him to win General elections -remember Semangat 46 and the late 90’s when he lost a lot of support from the Malays for his handling of Anwar’s Sacking and subsequent trial. Naturally, most of you have no memory of the number of times he scolded UMNO and Malays in general for not being more like the Chinese.
    He used to do it every time there was an UMNO General Assembly. Of course he is right that Badawi should resign, he is a weakling and cannot even string two sentences together without sounding like a Standard 4 teacher. But Mahathir is wrong if he thinks Najib should be the next PM, if that happens UMNO will never win another election for the next 20 years.

  59. Justice says:

    I would like to pose you, Malaysiakini, a question. Since being granted official passes to cover functions, I wonder whether you have been bought over by UMNO to play their mischievous and insidious game of splitting not only the Pakatan Rakyat, but also opposition parties such as PAS.You, Malaysiakini, are slowly behaving like NST, Star, Utusan, BH, carrying out UMNO’s mischievous agenda to hang on to power now that it is in danger of being bowled out by Anwar Ibrahim should the defections succeed.

    Malaysiakini do you realize that you are playing right into UMNO’s hands by continuously churning out reports which would pit PAS and DAP against each other and in the process becomes UMNO’s tool in splitting the PR. What’s your point in giving wide publicity to someone like Karpal Singh who always has a lot of negative things to say about PAS which would drive PAS straight into UMNO’s waiting arms and thus make the coalition talks of an all Malay-centric govt of UMNO and PAS a success? May I also ask you why do you carry reports of PAS deputy president Nasharudin saying that the Malays are beginning to believe that Anwar actually committed sodomy? Don’t you realize that you are being used by UMNO to split the PR?

    We were all so happy when you Malaysiakini carried reports about the last general election in a way which exposed all the UMNO/BN’s fraud as well as the lies of the mainstream papers and history was created when the BN lost its 2/3 parliamentary majority and lost 5 states – Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Perak and Selangor – to PR. We were also quite happy when you continued to expose a lot of UMNO’s skeletons. All Malaysians tired of 50 years of UMNO racism, corruption, nepotism and cronyism thought you were actually doing a good job as the 4th estate in helping to send UMNO to its rightful political exit.

    But with your reports of Pak Lah talking about the UMNO/PAS coalition talks followed by Karpal Singh and Nasharudin saying things which would split the PR and playing right into the hands of UMNO, I think Malaysiakini, it is high time you stop being UMNO’s tool to split the PR and undo all that Anwar Ibrahim and PR have so studiously built up to boot out an UMNO that is about to self destruct. Wake up Malaysiakini and do not let fall into the trap of being UMNO’s tool to split the PR!

  60. Feroz Merican says:

    Ha ha. Can you imagine a marriage between Umno and PAS? One party is known for its utter wickedness (unstoppable greed, overweening arrogance, utter ruthlessness, total deceitfulness) while the other pretends to be holier-than-thou but is actually sex-obsessed (can’t wiggle your bum on stage, women must sit separately from men, schoolgirls too provocative in white blouses on rainy days). The only unifying factor would be that their membership would be 100% Melayu (unless hordes of Mamaks also want in on the action).
    We’ve seen in Malaysia how poorly monoethnic corporations perform in terms of customer response, work attitude, and maintenance. If Umno and PAS decide to merge as PIMP (Pan-Islamic Malay Party), I predict that they will spend the next generation sabotaging or sodomizing each other to death. A damn good thing for the nation!

    Totally agree with you, Antares. It would be a beautiful day if UMNO and PAS actually merged, unfortunately, that will never happen, but we can dream, can’t we?

  61. Feroz Merican says:

    I totally agree with you, Antares, it would be a beautiful day if UMNO and Pas finally merged, I can see the press conferences now-one sentence in Malay followed by an arabic translation or a corresponding verse from the Quran.
    I seriously doubt it will happen, but we can dream, can’t we?

  62. wits0 says:

    MCA, Gerakan and MIC, e.g., have always delivered the asses of their voters to be sodomized and yet even today there are die hard believers in them. I guess old superstition still linger on for the brainwashed masochists.

  63. barbie says:

    disguised the power play talks under the cloak of ‘malay unity’?? hmmpphh! malay unites against what? who?

    Malay Unity & The Never Ending Race

  64. Orang Utan says:

    Is MCA/MIC still relevant in malaysian politics? I think not.Just look at the Govt
    dept. after 50 yrs of independent it is still dominated by only one race.Now even the major local bank is following the govt dept in hiring policy.Just walk into the bank and u see what I mean.
    MCA/MIC is only fighting for their own personal interest.

  65. chaptokam says:

    salleh (20:07:10) :

    Kau menyokong gabungan UMNO-PAS kerana ini adalah negara Islam dan melayu adalah tuan di sini. Orang lain boleh balik kampong ke India atau Cina.

    Kau cakap dengan buntut mu ? Kalau orang Cina balek Cina Malaysia tak lama akan jadi hutan untuk babi lari lari . Tau ke bodoh betul hang . Indonesia dulu pun buat macam ini , semua orang Cina keluar , bunuh orang cina apa lagi . Apa jadi ?? Bangkrupt ! tau ke . Lepas tu , panggil semua orang Cina Indonesia tolong tolong balik lah . Duit semua sudah lari ke lain lain negara , tolong , tolong lah balik .

    Tapi itu bukan semua , Indonesia kena gempa bumi , tsunami , banjir , ini lah punishment oleh allah , jangan cuba nasib kau ; Tak lama lagi banyak negara yang tak adil ,yang buat kejahatan terhadap orang orang nya akan mendapat punishment dari Allah . Tak lama lagi , kau boleh nampak dengan mata sendiri .

  66. Orang Utan says:

    Also all nurses in GH also belong to only one race>

  67. Orang Utan says:

    The govt excuse of not hiring other races is bcos no Chinese or Indian interested in the job. They r really giving excuses.Many of my friend applied but no response. However when one of my friend was called for interview in a local bank 99.9% of the applicant only belong to one race.Common dont think other people do not want the job.

  68. Orang Utan says:

    Since the govt forced other private firm to hire at least 30% of bumi why cant they alo hire at least 30% of other races in the Govt dept?

  69. Orang Utan says:

    If you happen to see any Chinese/Indian in the govt dept u really feel that u r meeting aliens from outer space bcos they r so rare.

  70. Feroz Merican says:

    Hi old buddy- I am sure members are leaving MCA, Gerakan and MIC in droves,
    even before March, most of them were only in it for the money and for favours, payback, influence, etc. Now that they are wiped out, naturally they can’t wait to cross over, since they are only following the leader, following the money. If there are die hard supporters of these parties they are probably going to stay home or just quit from politics. The question is how will the Dap and PKR deal with these people who are only in it for themselves, not the Malaysian people. They want influence, power and favours, not to help the nation. Can the DAP and PKR deal with it and not succumb to the same diseases that afllicted and destroyed the MCA and Gerakan?

  71. wits0 says:

    Hi Feroz, that Madey was seen to be supported by the Chinese and Indians over the Semangat and the ’98 Reformasi things may be due to the fact that these people rather trust the devil they knew rather than what was offered to them as the then new alternative. That’s for the elites while the ordinary voters were actually in a stuporous state of confusion sorta. Remember how blatantly Madey (and the MCA) betrayed the Suqui people, even calling them “Communists”.

    It’s is true, Madey cultivated better relationship with the capitalistic MCA elites than Bad awi and gang. He also had the time. But that means ultimately little for the grass roots.

    The Anwar today is also much more “user friendly” than the one in ’98. The point of no return has been passed for the relevancy of the %#$@! BN component parties. The spell has been broken, too much water has flowed under the bridge. Whether PR will succumb to the same self-servingness has yet to be seen but greater openness and transparency will clearly make that more difficult overall.

    BN is in irrecoverable decadence.

  72. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    How so true indeed, “What goes around, comes around”, “Pot calling the kettle black”, “Do unto others what you would done unto you”, etc, another cry baby.

    Hellooo, Had ALL our BN Leaders been Truthful, Honest & Sincere in Honouring their “Sworn Allegience” to our King, to “discharge their “Duties”with “Dignity, Honour & without Fear or Favour” to this great nation & the rayaat in the last four decades……

    There would not have been the need for any “Protests, Petitions, or even the unnecessary murder of an innocent mother, the “Evolution of Bloggers” & SDs, kidnapping, etc.

    To be a LEADER of this great nation, one has to STRIVE for it & face any CHALLENGES Personally, to EARN the “Respect and Support” of the members & rayaat.

    This great nation & its Downtrodden rayaat seek nothing but the “Truth” from BN & their Leaders and Malaysia badly NEEDS “True Towering Malaysians Leaders” with the “Most Honourable & Incorruptible personalities“ to manage this nation with Dignity, Honour & without Fear or Favour” from any Quarters or Backers.

    They must be “Powerful, Authoritative but FAIR”, also be Humble in person in discharging their “Principled & Unbiased” allegience and duties to this nation & its rayaat.

    If BN, their Leaders & ALL their Scumbag Running Dogs continue to be in “Denial” even at this 11th Hour……No worries Mate !

    We give them “More Rope” to “Hang” themselves at every “Turn” with their “Lies” until they “Stumble and finally Fall Flat” on their “Mountain of Lies” (Shit) towards their “Demise” soon.

    Even MM accidentally let the “cat out of the bag”….so “Devine Intervention always works Wonders”.

    Have no Fear, Politicians COME & GO and their “Self-Destruction” is more evident everyday.

    We the Downtrodden rayaat are here for the “Long Haul”…so be UNITED and FOCUS on our COMMON struggle for “Truth, Justice and Freedom” for this great nation Malaysia for Malaysians.

    Don’t you ALL as God fearing, Law abiding, Tax paying, Peace loving Malaysian Citizens want to be able to “Dream about, be given the Opportunity to work hard towards it and Achieve your Malaysian Dreams???”

  73. Menyalak-er says:

    “BN is in irrecoverable decadence” – good one wits0!
    This is truly the ‘fog of war’, there will always be victims of friendly fire.
    The knee jerk reaction doesn’t just come from the Bolehliwat fellas, we also have a blabber mouth in Singa Singh roaring in the Pearl.
    Yes things are difficult and the rakyat are in a fugue, if not downright fedup of the shenanigans.
    In this war, the first to blink will bite the bullet – and i think DSAI now being the ‘better of 2 evils’ is keeping up the pace. Notice he hasn’t commented much about this ‘storm in teacup’ Pasumno episode…
    Yet the paradigm shift has happened and there is no turning back, and the nation’s fortunes now lie in the hands of PR. If they sink, we’re done for…
    I think i’ll go and watch the ‘Besame (which sounds very nuch like Pasumno) Mucho’ on you tube, esp. the one featuring Lisa Ono… Cheers.

  74. DR SURESH KUMAR says:

    Hi Susan,

    Yes it is very intriguing indeed to see Maharacist Mahathir is concerned that umno-pas talks dont exclude the other component parties.Let me be a bit analytical about this here.

    Mahathir has probably realized that UMNO which has already lost its integrity is now playing with fire by holding talks with one of their sworn enemies,just to hang on power.He also knows that MCA,MIC,GERAKAN etc are fuming on the sidelines.Since the rakyat have voted no longer along racial lines in the 12th GE,these talks between UMNO and PAS will be construed as belitlling the intelligence of the rakyat again .This man is probably having sleepless nights thinking what would happen if MCA,MIC,GERAKAN ,PPP and other BN component parties from sabah and sarawak too decide to hold talks amongst themselves and eventually join PAKATAN.Well nothing is impossible in politics.That would be total annihilation of UMNO and BN en masse.Well the plot is getting thicker day by day.Never have I seen such interesting political plots in all my years in Malaysia.I am following all these now with a new found interest in Malaysian politics since 25th nov 2007 after the rise of our HINDRAF brothers ,far far away from home sweet home.

    May god bless our beautiful nation and save her from all these political rascals.

  75. Payback Time says:

    Umno being the backbone of BN is just like driving a Proton Perdana with 3 deflated tyre [ MCA. MIC. GERAKAN ] not to mention the gearbox problem {probably made of plastic }…so they need to find a partner fast..anyhow front door or backdoor for political survival. Looks like the 3component party is no longer relevant anymore..a real sodomise nation indeed..forcing your little brother to eat shit is very bad karma

  76. Hi !

    Chedet said
    “……….. He aded that UMNO should include MCA and MIC ………”

    A person like him will never changed. As he never like a secular or non ketuanan Melayu country.
    Actually , he meant the MCA and MIC should remaining as a shield or puppet for UMNO.

    Hope this “truth” does not offence anyone indeed.

    We, RAKYAT deserved to live in a secular , equality and quality country .

    RAKYAT the Power of Nation

  77. Ayoyosamy says:

    Political sodomy? Interesting. What about a politician who betrays his country’s young and growing economy to “Currency and Stocks Paedophiles”? That is the worst form of political sodomy and the culprit is the Traitor Anwar Ibrahim in 1997. Now his alibi is “I thought Saiful was a gal and his arsehole a pussy!”

  78. chaptokam says:

    Something to take our minds off politics

    I posted this comment sometime back , today there is snow in Sydney , never happen since 1836 .

    What will happen in 2012 ??
    Already we are experiencing a pole shift right now of 26 degrees . The true north has shifted and its no more in the north pole . It has shifted to Siberia .
    All these info can be obtained from NASA or JPL ( jet propulsion lab) Because of this shift we are seeing ice caps , glaziers melting . By September Greenland will no longer have ice and so is the artic north . But Western governments are not telling you this , to them is global warming . Take a look at China at the beginning of this year ! Guandong was covered with frozen ice for two weeks which has never happen . There was snow in the Aman, Jordan and in Bhagdad ,Iraq !!

  79. Orang Kampung says:

    Habis lah Anwar
    Dah lama liwat meliwat
    Kita semua sabar
    Sebab you sakit otak

  80. maxtor says:

    Its not like when PAS and UMNO bermuzakarah means both of them are against the other race. TDM please don’t make things worse.

  81. 1 mata buka says:

    People like Mahakutty, Ling Liong Sick, Lim Keng Aid, Semi value, najib, Bodowi, Lee Kim Sai, Lim Kit sial and others will die with their eyes open, like the picture our dear sloone putting up above!

    If they want to close their eyes when they have mamposed, very simple, just guillotined their pricks and shaft into their assholes, then their eyes will close voluntarily.

    This is their last will. Their life will be complete and their dream totally fulfilled.

    They have been sodomizing the nation and rakyat all their life.

    THe final chapter is closed with each and everyone of these sodomites sodomizing their own selves with their own prick shafting into their own asshole when they have mamposed.

    However, their eyes will reopen if someone removes the prick from their asshole.

  82. Observer says:

    Yes It was ‘Mamak’s Sodo Mee’ that sent DSAI behind bars. The fun and laughter will be when scumbags UMNO uses the same ‘Mamak’s Sodo Mee’ tactics on PAS guys.

  83. bamboo river says:

    I don’t know if Mahathir is really serious or he had lost his sense of direction.
    Since when is MCA and MIC is in his main agenda besides UMNO?

  84. SodoMee says:

    Hi everyone, one restaurant has some out with a new recipe : SodoMee in honour of Anwar. It’s located next to PKR’s head office if you can find it.

  85. the executor says:

    This Mahathir, Ling Liong Sik and Samy Vellu must return all the loots they plundered before sending for hanging.

    That’s the only way corruption can be checked.

  86. CYBERBOY says:


  87. merchant222 says:

    To the MAMAK, don’t try to show you are an ANGEL. If you are, then I say to you that “you are” an ANGEL in DEVIL’s Clothing. “YOU ARE, THE DEVILS ADVOCATE”.

    You are a corrupted leader who corrupted all in BN and civil serpents so that you can prolong your premiership. I think you should go back to India. The Malays gave the Indian turned Bumiputra a 22 year rule and up till today still want to question the “ROBBERS” of Malay rights? Come-on lah, wake up, you guys were being stupid and smart at the same time. The stupid were those who voted for racial rhetorics, The smart were those UMNOPUTRAS who voted for corruption to fill their own pockets.

    Who played whose back-side? Malays, period.

  88. BobbyNZ says:

    Malaysia would be a strong economy today to withstand the “economic tsunami” coming from USA if not for the betrayal of that sodomite who legalised short selling of currency and stocks in 1997. It would be like Dubai or Shanghai!

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