You know what I think, they all deserve to drive in this, for them to remember the sufferings of the rakyat, now that Malaysia is having its highest inflation rate in 26 years!

Everyone’s angry and fuming about this extravagant show and abuse of power and yet he goes ahead and approves them for the Terengganu state excos’ use. (Malaysiakini).

I am talking, of course, about the RM3.43mil purchase of mercedes benz by government officials in Terengganu whose salary and luxuries we the rakyat are paying for, through our sorry asses and God knows where else.

But can we fault them when the Prime Minister himself gave his blessings, when he couldn’t careless about how the rakyat feels?

What arrogance!

How unpatriotic also to have bought all the excuses of the Terengganu chief minister that the Perdanas are unreliable and costly.

And what about the fact that the ACA had been visiting the state secretariat to investigate about the high cost of maintaining 16 Proton Perdana executive cars? What becomes of it now?

It seems nothing matters but senseless pride, arrogance and total ignorance of other people’s opinions.


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  1. BigMouth says:

    Obviously they need to close the lid on this pandora box quickly less it escalates into another finger pointing exercise. The maintenance cost is exhorbitant!!

  2. Aboo says:

    Sis, nice pic !!


  3. 2 cents says:

    and i was thinking that perhaps i should start walking to work to save on petrol..and to make sure that i am able to put food on the table and pay my taxes… 😦

  4. ella-mae says:

    Hey Susan, you should know by now how easy it is for the corrupt to make money in this country. Even the foreigners know they can get anything they want done here easily :-S

  5. Scarlet Pimple says:

    I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it no more. Any explanation can satisfy Pak Lah. Meanwhile what about the ACA? Now it is “explained” like Rafidah Aziz, no more follow up and no more guilt?

  6. not surprised says:

    Dear Susan

    What did u expect PM to say ?

    The MB of trengganu has already found the solution for him to change his own car as well as a reason to answer all the big headed Bumis why you should sell Proton now. Now he can justify to Idrus why he was replaced.

  7. Amanpeace says:

    Hello susan, I quoted this from Dr. Chua ssoi lek article which I found to be useful for describing your article regarding about the usage of merz compared to proton perdana. U can check it anyway at (

    “Some Malaysians may be nationalistic in the wrong way. We are proud of the production of the Proton but pride should not blind us to the fact where quality is concerned, Proton can never measure up to Mercedes. While the initial outlay may be more expensive to purchase Mercedes as compared to Proton Perdana (differences of about RM70, 000), the reality of it is that high cost of maintenance of Proton Perdana Executive is a well known to any members of administration, who uses Proton Perdana Executive.

    For long distance travel, it is safer and more comfortable to travel in Mercedes than Proton Perdana Executive. It is a question of value for money. Since there is substantial savings in maintenance between a Mercedes and Proton Perdana Executive in the long term over a period of 5-6 years, it is wiser to purchase a Mercedes. It’s a question of value for money plus safety. To me, it is as simple as that. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. We can be patriotic in many other ways.”

    Regarding the inflation rate of malaysia which is the highest in the past of 26 years, you can’t possibly put all the blame towards the current government. The inflation risk is based on the current global economy anyway, reminding me of the economy crisis 1998.

  8. azisirikit says:

    The election of MB Trengganu. Bodohlah says, biarkaaaann……
    The election on MB Perlis. Bodohlah says, biarkaaaaann…….
    The purchase Merz by MB Trengganu. Bodohlah says, biarkaaaannnn…
    5+1 states goes to PR. Bodohlah says, biarkaaaann….
    BN going to be C4ed. Bodohlah says, biarkaaaaannn….
    Rakyat is suffering. Bodohlah says, biarkaaaannn…..
    Police and Judiciary makan duit. Bodohlah says, biarkaaaannn…
    Bodohlah zzzzzzzzzzz. BN says, biarkaaaaaann….

  9. imwatchingu says:

    Their excuse that the cars were not safe tells you how selfish these morons are. So it’s ok for the ordinary people but not good enough for them? What pisses one off is the flimsy excuses they gave. For the amount of maintenance spent on the cars you could actually amour-plate them like a tank. Why, there are even enough money left to gold plate them.

    These are bunch of crooks who are so used to living it up at our expense that anything less is below their status. It would have been so much cheaper to rent the cars on a yearly basis provided the providers are genuine car rental companies, not bloody cronies who set it up to screw the rakyat. It’s time we make sure these fools do not enjoy the trappings of their positions beyond the next general election.

  10. gooeyglobs says:

    I get to know that when a state’s car is sent for maintenance, the bill is RM800.00 per unit, and only to specific workshop. Can anyone confirm?

  11. Drachen says:

    Moral of the story: BN will not fight for the rakyat. There is nothing to motivate them to do it.

  12. thinkvision says:

    We have our own “Borat” PM that is a case of borderline lunatic with the genes of a moron. His deputy claims that their official rides are Proton Perdana but he approves the use of Mercedes Benz for Terengganu state’s exco. Next, we will have a wave of states’ exco demanding the use of Mercedes Benz & BMW as well. 13 states x 3 million = RM39 million.

    Then all the MPs, Ministers & deputy Ministers will ask for the same benefits too. At the end of day, the PM and DPM will probably have to be driven around in Rolls-Royces! Anyone holding shares of Proton better dispose of their shares soon! The pilot has bailed out from his plane mid-air!

    We are indeed heading for an economic disaster soon.

  13. MalaysiaScrewedUP says:

    The picture is awesome !! hahaha

    What i think now …. Proton can “Ta Pau” by now. They can’t even sell to gov …
    who else will they sell. “Ta Pau” it and rakyat will be less burden for helping Proton.

  14. Expat says:

    Dr. Chua Soi Lek article on Proton vs Merc is an expression of his personal opinion. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion in a free society (let’s at least assume that M’sia is a free society)

    Mercedes certainly has the prestige but NOT reliability. Extensive benchmarks over many years conducted by US, UK, AU and NZ Consumer organisations have established that if you want reliability, you go for Honda (Acura) or Toyota (Lexus) end of story. Mercedes and BMW have consistently rated among the least reliable and most expensive to maintain cars in the long run.

    Below is an URL to the US Consumer Report on car reliability:

    Consumer Reports 2008 Annual Car Reliability Survey:

    “European makes account for 17 models on the Least reliable list. This includes six each from Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen/Audi.”

    Consumer Reports 2007 Annual Car Reliability Survey:

    “For the first time in recent years, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (V6 RWD) is no longer below average, although an all-new C-Class has been introduced for 2008. Despite this, Mercedes-Benz still hovers near the bottom in Consumer Reports’ predicted reliability scores comparison.”

    Proton is no angel but to claim that Mercedes is worth the huge sum of money for its reliability is pure ignorant at best and disingenuous at worst.

  15. better future for all says:

    That’s the way for these upstarts to travel – in a bullock-cart.
    Serving the people means entitlement to luxury and prestige.
    Best these excos resign n look for a job.
    The people are suffering n they use an excuse to travel in grand style.
    The MB says that it costs 20 cents per kilometer (after calculations).
    Best check properly – there is no where such a heavy n big car use that little fuel!
    Excuses – Umno/BN is good for.

  16. Observer says:

    Why all the noise now, you are the ones to be blamed. Even if you
    have not voted them into power, these skunks still rule this Bolehland
    by treachery. Keep counting their atrocities and decide in another
    4 years or so!

  17. amoker says:

    Kesian proton. Kena by its own government who supposed to protect it. When Petronas get attacked, all hell and sundry came defending it. When it comes to Proton, nobody cared cause it has not much money left.

  18. amy says:

    ella mae is right when she said that even foreigners think that everything in malaysia can be “bought”. I know of a well known french company presently operating in old subang airport where they once remarked that “malaysia boleh” (snapping his fingers) if they want to get something done. The gall of those french idiots!

    Inflation can be curbed if you spend wisely! We all know that malaysia has flushed its money down the toilet umpteen times due to bad management! It’s a fact! This is not about penny wise pound foolish. Chua Soi Lek has used it on the wrong context/instance. Do you know how much malaysia could have saved with all those billions!!!! especially those from petronas, epf, etc…. what have we?

  19. eeyaw says:

    Where is the no 1 supporter of Proton? Hello, hello Chedet! Are you there?

  20. ctchoolaw says:

    Susan, I love the pic. Gave my day some laughs.

  21. once upon a time says:

    Don’t blame them, they are only doing it to tell you all guys that Mr Lim G E is doing fine in Penang and your vote for DAP isn’t wasted.

  22. whispering9 says:

    “To me, it is as simple as that. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. We can be patriotic in many other ways.” …by arrogant ex Minister.

    Proton is literately forced down our throat by imposing exhorbitant taxes on other car makers. Don’t lecture Malaysia on ‘penny wise pound foolish’ when you drive ‘tax-free’ mercedes, lament on high road accidents, talk about ‘changing life style’ but reward yourself with luxuries and perks. Apparently, the car policy the Gment sets for us is not good enough for their own kind…the politicians. Damn angry lah. If the government is so concern about comfort and maintenance cost, then abolish the taxes on other car makes, otherwise don’t talk c@#k.

    “Regarding the inflation rate of malaysia which is the highest in the past of 26 years, you can’t possibly put all the blame towards the current government. The inflation risk is based on the current global economy anyway, reminding me of the economy crisis 1998.”

    Did he do maths? 2008 minus 26 years = 1982. Yeah, you can blame it on the current government and ironically, also dangerously here, praise TDM. 1998…blah, Mr. CSL you are 16 years short on your math.

  23. mugabe says:

    Now that Pak Laj FF, has approved and blessed the purchase of the Merces, the BPR [ACA] fellows will cease all investigations into the repairs and maintenance of the Perdana V6 Executives.

    They can offer the car the the Government Drivers as they are the ones who may have cuased the need for repairs and send them to the 25% mark-up repair shops.

  24. cinta Malaysia says:

    When comes to corruption this BN Government is merce-less!!!!
    The report from Morgan Stanley stated unequivocally that Malaysia lost RM 300 billion due to corruption over last of 20 yrs.Thats a lot of money folks!
    The answer is change the BN Government…are you ready to change BN MPS?? Get yourself counted amongst the uncorrupted…move to Pakatan!!

  25. AAB needs every UMNO member’s support so he will stay as UMNO President in the coming December’s election. He will therefore grant all UMNO members’ request at this time including the Mercedes request. After all it is not coming from his own pocket.
    This is pure corruption UMNO’s style!

  26. rumble says:

    “Each time I go to Bukit Aman, I am told to be patient but till now I have not received my pension.”

    Meanwhile, a former senior officer of the General Operations Force claimed that he was sacked after he invited Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat to breakfast two years ago.

    The officer informed Nik Aziz of his problem several days ago and Nik Aziz said the officer claimed he has not received his pension.

    GOF Southeast commander Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar said he was aware of the case but refused to comment.

  27. NonsenseBN says:

    I reckon whole Malaysia government department use Mercedes Benz instead of Proton now. Even stupid PM agreed what else to say more? Don’t buy Proton and buy Toyota or Mercedes Benz if you can afford it, that’s what government trying to said. People who voted BN in previous election, i would say “Padan Muka” and make sure you work harder to pay more taxes to help your BN buy more Mercedes Benz. You deserved it!

  28. ben says:

    I know we shouldn’t condone extravagance but don’t forget the other exposure, PROTON’s incompetency. Just look at how many MBs, CM who came out to complain about Perdana [it’s same with the other models] high maintenance cost. That means for 23 years they’ve been sweeping it under the carpet using taxpayers money and all of sudden, the worms are slowly crawling out.

    Someone mentioned to me that when Tun Musa Hitam [DPM then] was asked colour of Proton executive would he liked, he replied ‘nipple pink’ because it’s for suckers!

    The bigger issue here is more than the 14 units of Merc E200. We should seriously stop subsidising Proton and enrich a few AP cronies since we have been removed of fuel subsidy. For every car that we buy, we’re subsidising Proton and the few AP kings.

    An economic agenda to consider

  29. rumble says:

    “He will therefore grant all UMNO members’ request at this time including the Mercedes request…..”

    He can do that but what is he going to do with all those smallholders who are now going to be suffering serious losses as the palm oil price has dropped by RM400/MT this week alone. All those smallholders in FELDA/FELCRA estates etc are going to suffer as they find their earnings considerably diminished, with fertilizer prices remaining high.

    UMNO is in for a bad time.

  30. rumble says:

    The lady replied, “You see, this maid that I got, she wakes up at 7am. How can a maid wake up at 7am? ”

    Gobind raised his eyebrows, “Yes…?”

    “She should be waking up latest 6.30am! Where got maid wake up at 7am one!” the lady complained.

    Absolutely stunned, but maintaining his ice-cool composure, Gobind asked, “Ummm… yes, and how may I help?”

    Without missing a beat, the lady responded, “Well, I voted for you in the last elections, so you must come to my house and knock some sense into the maid’s head!”


  31. rumble says:

    So RM2 billion of Federal funds have been expended on Terengganu, the richest State in Malaysia.

    Failing this Terengganu has a court case initiated by the PAS Government which the BN State Government has not withdrawn.

    The Federal Government will now have to find some RM5 billion to give to Terengganu. Where is this money going to come from? Obviously from the Federal Consolidated Fund.

    Basically the Federal Government will lose RM5 billion because it had assumed that a tame Terengganu Menteri Besar would collaborate in some of the most wasteful projects for the State and the country.

    I am told that a Disneyland designer was engaged to design the “Crystal Mosque” and theme park. Must cost a lot.

    Some contractors made tons of money getting projects without proper processes.

  32. naha says:


    This is my first ever comment on your blog, which I visit daily.

    I’m a bit miffed by all this jiggery-pokery over Proton vs Merc. Why can’t these monkeys use cheaper imports, like Japanese cars which most people would agree are built to last, instead?

  33. Then it is also time to go after HIM who wanted so much to set up Proton despite all the experts telling him then that Malaysia will live to regret that move.

    True to matter, today we openly admit that our Proton cars ARE not up to the mark. How much of the nation’s wealth has been wasted!?!

    And so they are coming full circle now and going back to ‘imported’ cars.

    Meanwhile, rakyat, you can afford to absorb all the mistakes of the government. So carry on buying Proton cars. After all that is all your money will let you buy anyway. And just be erady to fork out the high maintenance costs.

    Or if you cannot afford maintaining it, go for ‘celup’ parts. plenty of it in the country. Only problem is one should be prepared to die on the road.

    Its okay to meet a road accident. Rakyat is only part of the statistics.

  34. ben says:


    Exactly! For those who are so blind nationlists, can be seen in Rockybru and Dr M on this matter, I would to post this question to them. Assuming that there is no more AP and import duty is ready as per AFTA, then whatever that you’re paying for say WAJA at RM60k, you’ll be able to drive a Toyota Corrolla and the list goes on. So don’t be too emotional about national pride and what not. If we want to talk about national pride, then look to Nicol David [now Datuk, I wonder why they give her datukship whilst she is still playing. I find it a bit awkward to address her and in fact she feels the same too in press conferences]. I don’t know where their priority is.

  35. allen ng says:

    Birds of the same feather flock together.It is the same as the previous administrator.They are all the same and just know how to spend extravagantly.No wonder our economy is in the mess with these type of people helping to plunder the wealth of the economy.Don’t tell me that the 5% of oil royalty is too much for the state to finish it off!

  36. Edmond R says:

    This is all because of the Mercedes Mentality that is deeply ingrained in all our megalomaniac leaders. You may read more here
    Edmond R
    Betel Nut Chronicles

  37. wasabi says:

    One cow power, fit for these clowns.

    Injustice,arrogance, and wealth cause nations to fall from power, and others then rise to take their place. We are only dust and ashes; what have we got to be proud of? Our body decays even while we are alive.

  38. Hunk says:

    They should evaluate Government officials by conducts. The redundant should be driving and not be driven by a paid driver.

    The State Govern by PR and the rest by the BN is like hell and heaven. LGE of Penang travels economy class, eats at the stalls by the roadside.
    Down with this BN regime.

  39. ANg Kong says:

    Malaysia continues to rot…. but for how much longer?

  40. Can ANY of the BN leaders beat LGE for his humble simplicity in lifestyle yet highly qualified and including intellectual capability?

    Name me ONE BN fellow who opted to stay in a link house after taking power?

    Name me ONE BN fellow who flew economy when in power?

    Name me ONE BN fellow who ate among commoners at roadside stalls after taking power?

    Yeah! They will instead BARK “LGE is seeking cheap publicity lah!”

    This country needs more leaders in the likes of LGE if we are at all going to get out of the shit. That is the HONEST truth.

  41. Menyalak-er says:

    Sorta knew this would come up, but i guess Susan had to find the perfect picture… haha, is this from Bangladesh, Myanmar or what? Look at the Cow!
    U mean that there are really people visiting Dr. Chua SL’s blogs? My, my i must be a DUMB ASS! Anyway, i think he’s the proper person to ask about maintainence. Which one, more costly to maintain? Most likely the ‘hotel’ one!
    Hey give Pro-Tong a break, its not that everyone of us can afford a Jap/Korean car!
    So what it’s a junk as soon as it’s bought and breaks into 2 in collisions with Cows? Or is so defective that no words can describe yet – we leave that to MM, our most wise mamak.
    That’s what we the rakyat are there for – mannequins for testing death traps.
    Therefore, we must all do our National Service.
    The same goes for our most-esteemed State Assembly Persons who just rolled out from the bUMNO assembly plant – totally defective!
    No to Toyota, Honda, Mercs etc.!
    Yes to the ‘Perdana’ experience of ex-YB of P.J Utara for all bUMNO’s!

  42. RKP says:

    Whole bunch of foolish and selfish people !!! They should be thinking of how to solve the rakyat’s problem of filling the petrol tanks of their kancil vehicles for them,instead,as usual they are cracking their heads on what luxury car will be more economical to own. Jungle people who haven’t sat in a Merc. before,I suppose.

    Why do these jungle people get elected?

  43. ghostbusters says:

    Hahahaha… Dear Ms sloone, this Mr. Clean Syaitan has no choice but to consent because if this Mr. Clean Syaitan refuses, can this Mr. Clean Syaitan clinging onto his satanic power?

    Now this Mr. Clean Syaitan is depleting in power and needing the sum of other satanic powers in order to stay alive in powers.

    This Mr. Clean Syaitan is just a deja vu of the previous dictatorial soul-less Syaitan, they are in immersing themselves in the rakyats’ blood baths in order to desperately survive in their thirst for more bloodbaths.

    The previous dictatorial black-souled Syaitan gave himself two years to drain the bloodbath and now this Mr. Clean Syaitan is following suit, cleaning the bloodbath until the meticulous ratyat blood is completely drained.

    So this Mr. Clean Syaitan cum Mr. Nice-guy Syaitan will have to relent to all the satanic desires of his subordinate syaitans, after all the subordinate syaitans requirements/greed is just a tiny drop of blood as compared to the Niagara-falls of blood this Mr. Clean cunt Mr. Nice-Guy Syaitan and the previous black-souled Syaitan are gulping relentlessly for all their lives.

    Yes! These two soul-less Syaitans of the Millennium should be transporting the all travelling in a firing bullock-cart to Hell.


  44. artemus22 says:

    I think the idea of changing the cars from Perdana to Mercedes Benz is not about the exorbitant maintenance cost, but personal safety. When every where you go PEOPLE SPIT AT YOU, you’ll forget about national pride and think only of your own safety.

  45. KPLee says:

    The sleepy head PM and Mr. C4 DPM have said to the rakyat that we MUST change our lifestyle in order to survive. My goodness, now i realised what they meant lifestyle change was “lifestyle in style la”. From Third world Proton to First world Mercedes. Really amazing. Poor rakyat.

  46. sandyow says:

    But seems like the Pakatan ruling also following suit, seems like they are planning to buy Toyota Camry for the Selangor excos….?? Hmmmmm….. From where lah the funds all? WHo said only BN leaders want “extravagant” lifestyles 😛 But Toyota not TOO extravagant lah…. But still…. take public transport or that kereta kuda lah! Save environment some more!

  47. wits0 says:

    The “Mr Clean” and “Justice Bao” manifest himself in this manner for all (who have eyes) to see.

  48. ironic_law says:

    %^&7 Chua Soi Lek la, since he became the Malaysian PORN Minister, he earn too much (thanks to his ACTING career) that he lost touch about the suffering of other Malaysian. As for Bodowi hahahaha do I need to mention anything, BIG FISH got his share mah so he give SMALL FISH their share also lo but does he really care about the PUBLIC OPINION.. Nah! In 2 more years he will also RETIRES so what the heck does he need to bother about his REPUTATION woh hahahaha. About the Terrenganu excos, aiyo too lazy or cannot find a reason to satisfy your KOREKing ahh had to resort to Mercs ahh.. Hmm for Perdana service you all uses RM230K p.a. la so for Merc pulak how much woh RM1 million p.a. ahh aiyo how much only cukup la for you all, no wonder la this country is going down the DRAIN hahahahaha CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN hahahaha

  49. potblack says:

    Just watch the 8pm news on TV3. That bloke(Terengganu MB) cant even pronounced Mercedes properly. Hello,MERCEDES ,ok, not MERDERDIS.

  50. Ctizen Me says:

    Malaysians have finally found out that anything goes on public dough. And never forget that the Treasury is not bound to accept the highest or lowest bidder.

  51. Hitam Had says:

    Hi slone, good of you to remind us what we can afford for ourselves… 1 cow power!! The electorate still has not grasped the concept that in Malaysian politics, the prize of successfully conning the electorate to elect the favoured few into office is to give them the unfettered power to spend our money for the next 4-5 years.

    Look at the report that a 25% mark-up is added to the repair of the Perdana cars. The tragedy is that no one has openly spoken out about the fraudulent billing.

    This admission is unbelievably naive. Are we condoning the overbilling just because the Government takes 2-3 months to pay the bill??

    If this is acceptable to the ACA, then the ethical standards of the ACA must be in the pits and only God can save us. Has anyone wondered whether the mark-up is to cover kick-backs?


  52. ella-mae says:

    more rotten stuff in trengganu. u guys think maybe.. just maybe the current MB is trying to trap the previous one 😉

  53. ray111 says:

    do you think that sleepy head cares about the rakyat? He has flip/flop again. Just watch the 8.00 pm news and the trengganu MB says sleepy head approves the usage of the mercedes for the excos last nite and then again today, sleepy head says that the cars can only be used to pick up foreign vips only and not for exco! So you tell me, who the hell flip and who the hell flop? sarcasticaly the mb apparently upset over the issue answered a question by a reporter who ask about the BPR investigations on the drivers of stateexco over high repair bills and the mb says that BPR should also investigate federal projects at trengganu namely Monsoon cup, crystal mosque etc>. Haha smell a rat in his statement? apparently he is pretty upset about the flip/flop sleep head and i can feel turbulent relationship between the mb and sleepy head! LOL….

  54. Richard says:

    Yes, umno is always blessed, be it for money or race. I see no civil society groups jumping to condemn this wastage of over 3 million ringgit but they are screaming at PR spending of 300,000 ringgit.

    Civil Society Groups At It Again

  55. Anonymous says:

    There are several perspectives we could view this matter
    1) Car perspective
    Sure Mercedes is better than Proton; comfort, quality and reliability
    2) Cost perspective
    Mercedes is definitely more expensive
    3) Value for money perspective
    Arguable. Based on better comfort, quality and reliability you can always argue it is more value for money though the cost is higher
    4) Governance perspective
    It had been a top-down directive to order proton perdana for those circumstances. Now it will be an issue of consistency of that top-down directive, Abdullah would face problem soon or later.

    We see that Abdullah Badawi this time round immediately surrender to Ahmad Said. Ahmad Said won the other round in MB issue with the backup of Sultan.

  56. CYBERBOY says:



  57. abdul says:

    I bought a Kancil 660 in 1995. If V6 is considered unsafe what about this Kancil guy. This car took me all over Malaysia, touching every state. Today if it rains outside, it is also rains inside. It has never been overhauled like the 5 year V6 in Trengganu. It does not siphone my money.

    Who sign the checks paid for services ? Didn’t he see the exorbitant price ? Then they said the clerk made mistakes in typing the report. I am wondering how on earth these inefficient guys can become MB and learders. Big guys like these can do cincai work and use excuses after excuses.

    Politicians pride themeselves with big cars. What they should do is to take their cars along with them when they die.

  58. ktteokt says:

    Just where the hell is their spirit of “KEPIMPINAN MELALUI TELADAN” which they promoted???? Short memories indeed!!!

  59. Anoy says:

    Better spent on Mercedes than to waste it on MonsOOn Cup!

  60. mikewang says:

    What is a merce compare to an airbus ?
    Do you think our PM has the moral authority to tick off the Terengganu MB ?

  61. matt says:

    I think P. RAMLEE saw Malaysia in the future when he made movies remember the movie with Ahmad Nisphu where he says”ayahanda marah, and Ahmad Nisphu says, tak ambil ambil lah semua yang ada” the part pak zzzz gives in now.

  62. donplaypuks says:

    If the difference between a brand new Perdana & Merc is only $70,000, Please ask Choi Soi Lek to buy me one. I’ll pay cash.

    Thye forget, these asre-holes who live in ivory towers that cars bought for Govt usage does not attract sales, import tax or AP costs. But are you seriously telling me that a brand new Kompressor costs only about $170,000?

    I bet if a proper audit is done that it will reveal, like the way the previous ADUNS spent millions on uselees projects before the GE, that many instances over over-invoicing, false declarations (e.g. purchase of new CD changer & car hi-fi passed billed as gear-box replacement) and frauds have been committed with the help of very vompliant work-shop foremen.

    Know why no warranty claims have been made? Because they would be subject to inspection by Proton & the insurance Co and the fraud incovered much, much earlier.

    Why has the State Secretary & his internal audit dept not ben questioned for dereliction of duty?

  63. Anoy says:

    The PORN actor is using his littlehead, not his bighead. No shame, now want to contest for the top post of Malaysia Corrupted Ass-ociation.

  64. tamade says:

    So now all BN controlled states can follow Trengganu’s example to spend millions to purchase a fleet of Mercedes or BMW for VIPs. Now, the whole world knows that Proton cars are of ill quality and unreliable.

    Imagine, how many lives have been lost in accidents all these years due to vehicles which are not road worthy. This is extremely big sin. “Dosa besar”, really.

    And many more valuable lives will have to perish as this company still produces the same vehicles. Dosa, dosa.

    Or may be all Cabinet Ministers must also be given a Mercedes or BMW for entertaining foreign VIPs since their lives are more precious than the Rakyat?.

    On the other note, Proton has proven to be a failure as billions of Rakyat’s blood and sweat money have into the drain. So it’s high time for Proton to be sold to a foreign partner asap before more monies evaporated (thanks to the “brilliant idea” of dictatorial Mamak PM years ago).

  65. My2cen says:

    I am very sure the Terengganu chief minister has his own 6 boxes of evidence against the PM’s misuse of funds in T’gganu, otherwise how can he get off scot free? So PM has to close one-eye Lah! A big slap in DPM’s face after his last comment…

    Yes, now Proton can bungkus alredi, serve them right for terminating the talks with VW last year! They actually thot that they are so good and can survive on their own without a partner when all the other carmakers are trying to restructure to keep business going…

  66. patriotism aside, but to say perdana maintainence >> 40k per each car is big joke. it’s like buying a new car. given proton has ample of local parts suppliers, it does not make sense that fixing that car is $$$$ than benz.

  67. Orang Cherdik says:

    Anwar suka meliwat
    Dah lama dia macham ini
    Dengan Saiful lupa ingat
    Habis lah ada DNA bukti

  68. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    Old foks used to express frustation when angry with their chidldren who were young and foolish by using a familiar Tamil quote, ” you should drink the urine of “good guy”( normally referring to a elder brother, a relative or neighbours chidldren). These “corrupted” people of greed, couldn’t careless(tidak apa) attitude only can be found in the flip flop gomen.

    The should all “DRINK THE URINE OF CM LGE OR CM K’TAN TOK GURUTO OBTAIN SOME OF HIS SENSIBLE BRAIN TISSUES” – DNA PROVEN”. No harm as even PM Desai used to drink his own urine to be healthy….proven as the urine contains minerals’.

    Tok Guru, years back, had assisted a chinese family, whose car had broken down. He was driving his old Merc after evening prayers when he saw them. He invited to his HOME(not official) He mixed teh O and biscuits for his guests who were seated on the carpeted floor but no furniture and called his PA to get a mechanic to repair the car. The family did not his position but were grateful. They were only shocked to find out later that he was the MB.

    LGE went to prison for a young Malaysian girl who raped by….you know who!! He flew economy class ( even category M PSD govt staff travel Bus/First Class); He stayed in his dad’s house to reduce costs of renovation to official residence. The list goes on.

    Well,……do I need say more! We know that the gomen of Bolehland can do anything to increase their personal wealth, status, satisfy their lusts, practice cronyism, nepotism, double standards etc etc at THE EXPENSE OF “RAKYAT’s” sweat, hard work, blood earned and money.

    Another “wayang” by the 2 sen worth ACA!!!!!

    God Help US!

    Ravindran Kunjan

  69. Honque says:

    Pak Lah tukar decision 2 jam sekali pasal mercedes ni

  70. wandererAUS says:

    Susan, I am not aware you have such great sense of humor. Perhaps, you should
    have one of that ‘super vehicle’ for yourself…only, please remove the cow
    and replace it with our great PM!

  71. maxtor says:

    MB Terengganu sudah menyusahkan orang dengan membeli dulu sebelum mengusulkannya. Sepatutnya dia consult dulu sebelum buat keputusan. Sekarangn nak jual balik pun susah juga, kerana ia akan menyebabkan kerugian juga. Lain kali berfikir dulu sebelum bertindak.

  72. wits0 says:

    When “Internal Affairs” makes for Infernal Affairs:

    “..Rice allso brushed off Rais Yatim’s statement that this was an ‘internal affair’, saying ‘ The United States doesn’t recognize that it is simply internal affairs when a case of this kind comes up. We want to see transparency and for rule of law to be completely followed..’ which means to say this is now US business and you all better not mug around with human rights… ”

  73. hutchrun says:

    If Rais Yatim is really his father`s son he should impose sanctions on the US on this latest insult of Rice on the Malaysian Govt.

  74. hutchrun says:

    …only, please remove the cow and replace it with our great PM! – wandererAUS

    The PM is the chap you see in the driver`s seat – a most fitting occupation for him (only `ketuanan melayu` put him where he is today).

  75. wits0 says:

    We don’ see that display of “jantanness” of Rais Yatim here…the sort that is demonstrated in keris waving, e.g., by his ilks.

  76. hutchrun says:

    Rais Yatim got no balls between his legs – they are in his mouth. Most of the time he doesn`t understand what he himself is talking. Only realises it a few days later.

  77. lion says:

    If you are into Malaysian politic, you would not forget Rais Yatim. He is one Minister, who had critcised the International Security Act (ISA) in his thesis for a PhD, but changed his skin just like that when he rejoined UMNO and was appointed a cabinet minister in-charge of law… and defended the ISA like his own baby.

    With that kind of quality the BN ministers are having, it is no wonder then, when the same Minister, now heading the Foreign Affair Department, came up with a rubbish proposal…. to require women going abroad alone to get family consent to prevent them from being used as “drug mules” by international syndicates.

  78. bamboo river says:

    The Merc issue is actually a diversion to get ‘approval’ from the rakyat to accept the fact all state gomen will now use Merc. No more Proton.
    So, to the people of Trengganu, the state gomen are telling you ” please accept the fact we have to use Bend See”
    Bend down and see how we screw off your tax money.
    This will set a precedent to all BN state control to switch to Merc.
    Any vacancy for sales rep in Mercedes? 🙂

  79. matt says:

    Hell hath no fury as a mb scorned,now we watch the fun, merc mb now says aca should investigate crystal mosque and the monsoon cup.UMNO DULU DAN SELAMANYA PLUNDERING.

  80. chaptokam says:


    But are you seriously telling me that a brand new Kompressor costs only about $170,000?

    I guess so , could be cheaper . You got any friends in Langkawi ?? Ask them ?

    The excise duties for all imported cars are from roughly 150 percent to 325 percent , I am told but pls check , might be wrong .

    A Honda Jess sold here is over a hundred grand , but in Langkawi costs only 51 grand , this is at the lower range . So the actual cost between the Merc and the Proton might be aound 70K as what CSL mentioned .

    Further , Merc have been fully tested and the reliability is still the best among a range of cars as they have been used as taxis in Germany should attest to their dependability . Well the purchase was done by the previous govt , they are only now receiving it .

  81. chaptokam says:

    to donplaypuks

    But are you seriously telling me that a brand new Kompressor costs only about $170,000?

    I guess so , could be cheaper . You got any friends in Langkawi ?? Ask them ?

    The excise duties for all imported cars are from roughly 150 percent to 325 percent , I am told but pls check , might be wrong .

    A Honda Jess sold here is over a hundred grand , but in Langkawi costs only 51 grand , this is at the lower range . So the actual cost between the Merc and the Proton might be aound 70K as what CSL mentioned .

    Further , Merc have been fully tested and the reliability is still the best among a range of cars as they have been used as taxis in Germany should attest to their dependability . Well the purchase was done by the previous govt , they are only now receiving it .

  82. soupcon says:

    KUALA LUMPUR: Terengganu can keep its 14 Mercedes Benzes bought for RM3.43mil recently but they can only be used for foreign dignitaries.

    How many foreign dignitaries visited that State to justify the purchase? Any cost-benefit analysis?

  83. soupcon says:

    KUALA TERENGGANU: The authorities should investigate if there was graft in other high-profile projects in Terengganu and not just the issue of high cost of maintaining official cars, said Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said.

  84. soupcon says:

    The ACA should be transparent by also going after the ‘big’ cases« DATUK AHMAD SAID

    He said the Anti-Corruption Agency should not be selective and should also conduct investigations into projects like the prestigious Monsoon Cup sailing event and the Islamic Civilisation Park.

    In an immediate response, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said this was up to the ACA.

    “If the ACA finds reasons to initiate investigations into them because there is suspicion of elements of corruption, it is up to the ACA to decide,” he told reporters after the National Academic Awards 2007 in Kuala Lumpur

  85. Anoy says:

    Stupid Bodohwi,
    It will do more damage for the Merc to remain idle and to run it daily.
    Lease it to the resorts as limousines to generate some income.

  86. hutchrun says:

    These foregn dignitaries must have been in Badawi`s mind allowed to use the Merc – Mohd.Taib,Adnan Mansor,Khairy Jamaluddin or Patrick Lim…….

  87. Orang Cherdik says:

    Anwar suka meliwat
    Dah lama dia macham ini
    Orang Asing pun terlibat
    Condi Rice datang sini

  88. hutchrun says:

    Anwar suka meliwat
    Dah lama dia macham ini
    Orang Asing pun terlibat
    Condi Rice datang sini – Orang Cherdik (09:18:02) :

    Why are you spamming?

  89. Rumble says:

    When someone would enter a chat-room full of friends who were in mid-conversation, and when the newcomer tried to turn the conversation in an unwelcome direction, two veteran members of the room would begin typing in the Monty Python “Spam” routine at high speed. They would fill the screen with “Spam Spam Spam eggs Spam Spam and Spam” etc, and make all other communication impossible. The other members of the room would just wait quietly until the newcomer got disgusted and moved on to a different room.

  90. wandererAUS says:


    A snake can shed its skin, but, will still remain a snake!

  91. Rumble says:

    NST |While controversy rages over the Terengganu government’s choice of official cars, in Sarawak it is a non-issue as the official cars for ministers and assistant ministers had always been either the Mercedes Benz or BMW.

    The Proton Perdana are used only by the heads of department but the model has since lost favour even among this group due to claims of high maintenance cost and reliability issues.

    “The state has not bought a Perdana for a number of years now,” said a senior government official who declined to be named.

  92. james says:

    First statement: PM: Terengganu must follow decision to use Perdanas for exco members
    Second statament:

  93. james says:

    First statement: PM: Terengganu must follow decision to use Perdanas for exco members
    Second statement: Terengganu’s Mercedes Benzes only for foreign VIPs, says PM

    Now the rakyat have to pay for the maintenance of two types of expensive vehicle. What a wonderful country this is.

  94. I feel sorry for Terengganu people including myself. The changes in the head of state government is the classic case of out of frying pan into the fire!

    Idris Jusoh is the type who kow tows to Pak Lah (and all his cronies) for whatever reason without questions while Ahmad Said is the type who dares to disobey his top boss perhaps because he became MB not by being anointed by Pak Lah directly. But the difference only ends there. They have have many things in common that is they care only for themselves and their political interest NOT about the rakyat. The resource-rich state will forever be among the poorest states in Malaysia.

    How unfortunate we Terengganu people are.

  95. Wiseguy says:

    Many of my friends own Perdana and some of them have done 300,000km in their 7 to 8 years but none of them have major problem. Besides the normal service, changing of brakes n etc, and the normal wear and tear they are no major repair done. I’m sure other perdana owner can attest to this claim.In my 50 years, i have not come across owner of any brand vehicle having to pay repair cost more that the cost of their car. What the MB is saying is that the life of the so call YB are more precious than the normal rakyat. They have to be seen to be doing their job in their merc.. To save on cost the MB should insist that the cars be only serviced at Proton or EON, the authorised workshop, then I’m sure you won’t find these ridiculously inflated cost. Proton can never be compare to the Merc, but if maintain it properly , it can be as good a car. The govt of Germany drives Merc, the French Citron, India their nation car, China the same and so on and so on…… So in conclusion We should also do so without question.

  96. Orang Cherdik says:

    Anwar suka meliwat
    Dah lama macham ini
    Mengapa orang asing terlibat
    Kita akan tahu diMalaysiakini

  97. wits0 says:

    “..Rice rejected the earlier claim by her Malaysian counterpart, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Rais Yatim that the United States was meddling in Malaysia’s internal affairs by raising concern over Anwar’s arrest.

    She said the United States would continue to speak on cases involving human rights and politics although it did so “in a spirit of respect for Malaysia”…”

    Rice apparently respects the PEOPLE.

  98. Orang Utan says:

    So when r they going to lelong all the Perdana? If anyone heard any news please let us know bcos we wanted to buy.

  99. CYBERBOY says:

    This is what Rais Yatim says to the US, “Whatever others say outside is irrelevant”.

    To this let me say, “You’re not only ignoring the outside world’s opinion, but also the general opinion of those people of your country who have castigated the recalcitrant ways of the government” .

    Therefore, you’re like a schoolboy who refuses to obey not only his or her parents at home, but also the teacher in school.

  100. Menyalak-er says:

    Orang Utan, why u so masochistic-ah?
    You dealing with scrap metal-ah? That’s what happened to my Pro-Tong Perdana you know.

  101. wits0 says:

    Orang Utan, ’em Perdanas will be sold for a song to connected officials, ler. That’s the standard procedure in Bolehland.

    Cyberboy, Rais, AAB and company merely equates respect for gomen with respect for the denizens of a land. Just as Madey Kutty always makes a hollow mantra out of, “da people, da people,” in his past speeches, while caring mainly for his own elitist crowd.

    That explains the haste why the gomen hastened to fix Anwar. My guess is the US/Condi’s States Dept. knows that and they know that Anwar as better and friendlier for biz with M’sia as well compared with AAB’s crowd which is an overhang of Madey’s type H/P 6 cronies. Which explains why the the biz cronies with the gomen are all out to condemn the US stand. What do they, the local connected capitalist, care for the ordinary salaried people? There is a hidden class conflict within Bolehland.

  102. ktteokt says:

    I remember DBKL once bought a few Volvos and it was also a big issue then. But this matter has been silenced after a while. So I guess this time around, it is still the same manner the problem will be handled.

  103. Grill says:

    Dr Mahathir was asked to comment on the high-level talks between PAS and Umno on issues concerning Malays and Islam.

    He advised Umno not to turn its back on its partners in the coalition.

    “What will MCA, Gerakan and MIC say?” he asked.

    He warned that Barisan Nasional was already in ruins, with members of component parties “running away”.

    “MCA leaders are leaving the party, Gerakan is being left behind, and the MIC will be left with only Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu at the rate members are leaving the party,” he said.

    Dr Mahathir said Barisan could only be saved if Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi steps down.

    NO MERCY!!!

  104. Ctizen Me says:

    Governments and business organisations all over the developed world have discontinued the provision of official cars except for head of State and a handful of elected officials. The rest are given a realistic car allowance to enable them to lease a car or purchase one to fit their life style and maintain it at their own expense.

    As a citizen I do not think that I should be funding the life style of the rich and not so famous. If the official is eligible for a Proton Perdana give him the money or monthly allowance and let him decide if he wants a BMW MB or RR. Believe me they will buy a Wira and perhaps invest the rest which will be good for the economy.

    Government has also set up SPENCO a firms that provides Proton Perdana to JUSA officers. The cars a bought duty free for RM60,000 and leased to the government at a very lucrative price. I am told that in 18 months the purchase price of the car is covered. My suggestion is why not give the JUSA officer the monthly lease payment to SPENCO as a car allowance and then allow him to buy his own car and maintain it. By this way all this waste of adminstrative time will be put to an end and both the government and the JUSA ofiicer will be happy. It is a truly win -win situation.

    During the 1997 finacial crisis it was reported that Gas Stations in Korea refused to fill up foreign made cars. Happy Motoring.

  105. Grill says:

    Robert Tan’s other company, Spanco, was hastily given approval for the privatisation of government transport by the Privatisation Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department. The company’s services were criticised as weak and costly, and I had asked for some clauses in the agreement to be reviewed.

    Because Tun Daim had an interest, all my comments and objections were sidelined by Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir.

    -Anwar Ibrahim

  106. Grill says:

    Press Statement
    by Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew

    (Petaling Jaya, Saturday): According to some press reports on May 13, the Federal Government has to pay a whopping RM400 million to a vehicle fleet management company, Spanco Sdn Bhd if it terminates its contract before the deal expires in 2019.

    The government pays about RM100 every year to lease and maintain some 4,500 vehicles used by Ministers and top government officials. The deal was
    signed in 1994 when Tun Daim Zainuddin was the Finance Minister under the Mahathir’s administration.

    It was reported in March this year that the Government ordered an audit of the company in December last year and the audited report suggested that it could save about RM30 million annually through a review.

    The Government has no merits whatsoever to enter such a lopsided and “scandalous ” agreement with Spanco Sdn Bhd in the first place. All it should do was to buy and maintain the vehicles, instead of resorting to leasing which is much more expensive in the long run.

    The Government has certainly abused its power by signing a 25-year privatisation contract for at least two reasons: the life-span of any car used by the Ministers or top civil servants seldom exceeds 10 years, and no governments should take for granted that it would continue to rule the country for the next 25 years.

    The Prime Minister should immediately direct the ACA to investigate why such a ridiculous contract could slipped through the Ministry of Finance under the ministership of Tun Daim Zainuddin in 1994. RM400 million is no small amount by any standard. It could have been used for other charity projects and educational programs beneficial to the people. The ordinary Malaysian citizens should not be paying for such expensive mistakes made by top government leaders.


  107. Menyalak-er says:

    Absolutely right, both Citizen me and Grill!
    Even the JUSA guys aren’t happy with the present set up, and that was why the Treasury circular came up in Sept ’07, which actually started this whole mess. They’re just pissed off with the Perdana (and their personal drivers). Yeah, some of them prefer to get their own cars – tax & maintainence free of course!
    Spanco is one of the most ridiculous entities known – Korek2 supreme!
    No need to tok-kok about polis/judiciary if those buggers can’t get rid of this damn daim entity! Must be done simultaneously!
    If those fellas think that DSAI got dirty stuff (wh. he does), daim’s is the abyss of shit! Although we shouldn’t be overly fixated on past corruption, the powers to be must first clean up daims, lingalong’s and samy’s shit plus all those fecalent ‘leakages’.
    Stop those idiotic “corridor thingy” – and change the frigging system, as per LGE’s (etc.) suggestion. This Merc thing is just a symptom of the decay…

  108. Menyalak-er says:

    Oops! My last comment about this merc. thingy got wiped out.
    The JUSA guys are actually very fedup of the Perdana (and their drivers).
    Thus the treasury circular dated Sept ’07; as was divulged by the T’gannu Sec. in the MSM (although nobody caught on…). Anyway since this is not OSA stuff, everybody in JUSA and lower rankers knew about it.
    This is the reason why this ‘controversy’ erupted in the first place – it was actually a mistimed, mismanaged and ill conceived thing by that Idris fella.
    All the tok-kok about Polis/Judiciary by the present regime is hot-air if not done simultaneously with stopping the ‘leakages’/hemorrhages from entities like Spanco and the ‘diam daim’ linked GLC’s!
    PR when they do take over, will be swamped!
    It is time they started to recruit the JUSA on their side. Otherwise they’ll remain confused and stutter – because with their ‘inexperience’ – they just can’t manage this level of corruption and incompetence!

  109. Obi Wan Kentucky says:

    Not too long ago, I remember our Pak Lah called on Malaysians to ‘CHANGE THEIR LIFESTYLE’ to adapt to the fuel hike.

    It is very much obvious here that certain quarters up north dont fathom that concept well. Changing lifestyle to them means from Perdana to Mercedes?!

    Oii, pakai Kancil la…

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