Got this from a friend. Could not resist posting it. just for laughs on a Tuesday morning.


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  1. bamboo river says:

    LOL! 🙂

  2. Thurai says:

    Great! Thank you!

  3. queequeg says:

    Dear Susan,
    LOL! Nice way to greet a Tuesday morning! Spot on indeed.
    Pak Lah is just a transitional leader and after 5 years of leading the country has shown nothing significant to mark his legacy…except, of course freeing DSAI.

    I pity the guy sitting in that hot seat now. He’s in a denial mode and very reluctant to face the truth. After reading Dr. M. Scott Peck’s book People of The Lie, I realise that Pak Lah fits the character of someone who “attack” others instead of facing his own failures. He creates havoc in the lives of those around him (the rakyatlah!) When I read this book it sends chills up my spine!

    Pak Lah need to realise that the truth shall set him free.

  4. mugabe says:

    Is the last bottom picture that of one “Lah” when he was a small baby !

  5. kesava says:

    Dunno, that baby looks more inteligent than we where have as pee am.

  6. kesava says:

    Ooops typo:

    Dunno, that baby looks more inteligent than what we have as pee am.

  7. waswas says:

    Que Sera, Sera,
    Whatever will be, will be
    The future’s not ours, to see
    Que Sera, Sera
    What will be, will be.

  8. ah long says:

    Wah…..very dangerous sleep with one’s backside facing upwards.

  9. cinta Malaysia says:

    ‘what will i be when i grow up’ in Malaysia?
    1. i wish i will be known as any other Malaysian as a Malaysian.
    2.I wish my IC do not have have information on race but just Malaysian.
    3.i wish my IC has no information on religion but just Malaysian.
    4.i wish that i have the opportunity to be the best as a Malaysian.
    5.i wish that i can realize that political parties formed on multi-cultural platform
    and not on racial or religious lines.(like Republican and Democrat)
    6.I wish that the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister be elected by Malaysians.

  10. grill says:

    Wah…..very dangerous sleep with one’s backside facing upwards.-ah long

    But badawi has perfected it over all the years. Now he can make wind comes out of his mouth also, but still smells bad.

  11. grill says:

    6.I wish that the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister be elected by Malaysians. – cinta Malaysia

    But the 2 present umno/bn cronies must be hung.

  12. eeyaw says:

    Pak Lah is Pee of an M!
    Should give him a slap in the cheek and say Bon Voyage!

  13. george says:

    “What will be, will be” definitely not for me here…

    Rakyat have been long living in a nation full of false and lies, and it is the time to rebel and set the fire of reformation. We rakyat should not be afraid for the intimadation by the bad racist BN government… we should reject them for the betterment of the nation…

    It will be a long winding road to new dawn of Malaysia and when we succeed, there will be a taste of victory for being free and idenpendent again.

  14. jokers says:

    Be a UMNO politician, no need to have a brain or work…..just KOREK< KOREK< KOREK! Who wants to be a millionaire?

  15. RKP says:

    All the other three babies have a natural smile on them,the last one has no ‘smile’. Better to earn a honest living than earn a curse!

  16. kittykat46 says:

    All the babies are really cute !
    The last one…its kind of dangerous to sleep with your back exposed, isn’t it ?

  17. azisirikit says:

    When I grow up, I want to be a Prime Minister. Among all the PM, Abdullah Badawi is my idiot. Opsss.. sorry,.. idol.

  18. ct says:

    Hahahaha Thanks susan, really brighten up my day, been dark and wet this morning! :))

  19. JeyS says:

    Adorable babies..but not so adorable Lah-la….

  20. Amanpeace says:

    So cute babies..I wonder who is the father? Definitely not my products:-)..Just kidding.


  22. RKP says:


  23. Hj Jamaludin says:

    Bismilah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim
    Hi Susan
    Pic No. 4 mean die ma! PM work done by KJ so ,He had nothing to worried and he need energy at night . Please give him a break. OKay

  24. Obi Wan Kentucky says:

    ‘Bekerjalah dengan saya, bukan untuk saya…dan beritahulah saya perkara yang sebenarnya, walaupun ianya akan menyakitkan hati saya! Tapi INGAT, saya pantang dicabar!!!!!!’

    ‘Oh ya, jangan lupa bagi sampel DNA baru, sebab yang lama punya dah lapuk tak boleh pakai dahhhhh…’

    ‘….dan percayalah, semua ini takda hubung kait’ (p/s. please pronounce the word ‘KAIT’ in 0.000216 seconds)

  25. doggone says:

    Nah, our SleepLah wasn’t like the last kid when he was young. He never slept then. Now, he’s cashing it in with compound interest.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Malaysians are to be partially blamed for the high-handed approach adopted by BN government in handling the current affairs in Malaysia.
    1) Not many know “real human rights”
    2) Not many can analyse the issues well. Easily confused by BN government counter-statements in local newspapers
    3) Not many can stand firmly on the issues
    4) Many can be easily convinced by BN government the affairs BN governmenet wants to meddle with as “internal affairs”

    Latest from World News
    Rice said “part of the comfort level or the confidence that states need to bring to the international system is that their judicial systems are indeed responsive to rule of law and (are) transparent and fair.”

    She also rejected Malaysia’s claim that the Anwar case is an internal affair.

    “The United States doesn’t recognize this very firm barrier that it is simply internal affairs when a case of this kind comes up, but we are going to continue to work with Malaysia,” she said.

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