There are 44 differences between UMNO and PAS, says this blog: malaysian-choice. (see image too).

I see people are getting alarmed at the ‘secret’ talks between PAS and UMNO. PM met PAS leaders 3 times in the past, declares Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s policy paper, The Malaysian Insider.

I am not at all anxious about UMNO meeting PAS to talk over Malay Unity and Islam issues. Are you?

They seem to be doing it quite a lot, as the newspapers tell us, but all I see is that UMNO is becoming more disunited as ever. The talks are not very successful, are they?

UMNO does it all the time – trying to give the impression its becoming buddies with PAS, whenever PKR or Anwar Ibrahim seem to be in the spotlight.

Remember, the September 16 deadline is too near. How can UMNO just sit on their laurels and let the Oppositions sweep them off their feet?

UMNO is always trying to destablise PAKATAN RAKYAT and its not-so-diehard supporters that there is a possibility that PAS will jump ship.

PAS on the other hand is also very smart. It does not lose anything by showing its openess to UMNO, or any other party.

Truth is, PAS is more wary of PKR, saying it trusts DAP more than the latter. This is of course, ‘secret’ statements of some PAS leaders, in ‘private’ conversations with me.

Can you trust me?

What UMNO is trying to do, but which it is not very good at is: divert attention from its glaring weaknesses and dying relevancy in the entire political scheme. It tries very hard these days, but seem to be losing more and more grounds.

Tell me, if UMNO were so strong, why would it need to dialogue with PAS?

All UMNO is interested in is NOT Malay unity but UMNO unity, and it hopes to leverage on its meeting with PAS to show its support base that it is doing all it can, even consorting with the Opposition – people they bitch about every second, to ensure that Malay unity can be preserved.

From what I see, Malay Unity is indeed intact. It’s just UMNO unity that is falling apart.

This is an old trick lah. Find a new toy, please, UMNO. Or begone!

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  1. Kherry Scarry says:

    Reading between the lines during yesterday’s news, Bodohwee was implying the “success” – (syok sendiri) of the few meetings between PAS and umno. On the other hand, Nik Aziz adamantly said those meetings were on personal basis only, nothing to do with the party. Really respect Nik Aziz on his stand, hope it stays that way.

    Bodohwee so desperate getting PAS support now !!!

  2. Birds of feather will fly together !

  3. clearwater says:

    I hope you are right, Susan, but the talks still disturb me. Is Malay and Muslim unity a bigger issue than Malaysian unity? What gives? Are we still locked inside ethnic and religious boundaries divided by irreconcilable differences till we become a failed state? We appear headed that way. Pakatan Rakyat seems to have stalled with PKR leadership distracted from the critical issue of strengthening cooperation between the 3 partners. Neglect your partner at the risk of losing him/her. Surely DSAI appreciates this simple truism.

  4. chaptokam says:

    I posted this article in MT on the 14July so it look like my prediction coming true .:

    Drama King Anwar Ibrahim will not become PM .

    If these two articles are read in the correct perpective PR is as good as Goodbye .
    Article 1;
    PM welcomes PAS’ willingness to discuss Malay issues
    By JANE RITIKOS , Star
    Monday July 14, 2008 MYT 7:16:12 PM

    PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has welcomed PAS’ statement that it is willing to hold discussions with Umno on Malay issues and Islam, describing it is “a good and important move”.
    Abdullah, who is Umno president, said that there were issues that the two parties which represent the Malays need not bicker about, especially those relating to the race and Islam.
    “If we have more understanding on these issue than the Malays will also have less problems,” he said in response to PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang interview with Harakahdaily in which the latter said PAS was willing to sit down with Umno to discuss issues of mutual interests.
    Abdullah, who was speaking to reporters after opening the National Summit on Urban Poor and Low Income groups Monday, said everyone would agree that more should be done for the good of the Malays by addressing issues affecting them.
    However, he said the Malays too, had to take into consideration the interests of non-Malays.
    He acknowledge that there was previous talk of a similar discussions between the two parties and hoped that it would come true this time.

    Article 2:
    PARLIAMENT, July 15 — DAP leaders distanced themselves from the alleged anti-government demonstration planned for yesterday. In a carefully-worded statement to the Press, they did not deny or confirm if there was a meeting organised by “other parties” but they said the DAP was definitely not a part of it.

    PAS doesn’t see eye to eye with PKR see recent interview with Tok Guru
    Different ideology , recent malee in Kelana Jaya Stadium involving the the rock band Black Metal show proves this .
    When the Anwar sodomy issue came out , PAS and DAP was at the side lines , doing nothing , just watching not a word or show of support .

    Better face reality than having false hopes .
    so PR you want to form the govt , Day Dreaming .
    Anwar you want to be PM , also Day Dreaming .
    Better change your drama scripts , its only suitable for Hollywood or Bollywood .

    Here are the other dramas courtesy of PR .

    The fact that DAP and PKR and PAS running the five states has shown that there are short comings in the way they run the State Governments .

    PKR – Selangor already having problems with several issues like the suspension and eventual sacking of the Menteri Besar’s aide for soliciting funds thru the use of the MB’s letter heads , the award of rubbish collection contracts , the appointment of councillors etc etc . Addition : Aide to the PKR MB Special Assistant punching PKR MP Loh , very violent personality , these PKR chaps .

    PAS – In Kedah awarding contracts for logging in water catchment areas which will probably affect the water catchment areas in Penang as Penang draws a lot of its water from the Kuala Muda River . These PAS Govt are quite adamant in wanting to proceed to give concession to logging companies to log for timber at water catchment areas . Water is a prime comodity now and water issues are important to the state .Big issue on this if they go ahead , we are watching .

    DAP – Penang , we have Guan Eng talking like a opposition gun slinger forgetting that he is running the government . Issue is when the Federal Government decides to cancel the PORR and Monorail he came out gun blazing demanding that Pak Lah gives Penang RM4.7 Billion to allow them to do the projects on their own in the MSM . He has forgotten that the people who voted for him DID NOT want the PORR project , especially in those areas like Jesselton Heights , Gottlieb Rd and Gurney Drive . On top of that you think Pak Lah will give him the money thru his demands in the main stream medias ?? He must be an ass to do that . If PM were to give him , PM is finish , giving in to demands by the DAP . On the other hand he should have gone quietly to PM’s office and talk to him like a son talking to his father . Papa give me some money , nobody around to hear you asking for money , only you and him . If he decides to give you at least he won’t loose face . UMNO people in Penang won’t say that Pak Lah very soft , everything also give understand or not Guan Eng ?? , talk to PM and maybe , I repeat MAYBE might get one of the two projects . ? Further I were you I will only request for the money for the MONORAIL . But now you can considered it as GONE from the INEXPERIENCE Penang CM .
    Addition ; Condemns BN of cronyism but practising it himself by accepting an MOU from TanSri Tan Kok Ping to built the PORR by private placement . PORR is one project Penangites doesn’t want and Tan is Financial backer for the DAP during the last GE where he allowed the usage of the Han Chiang indoor stadium and school field for DAP’s big rally . He’s the chairman of the school board and besides that he donated large sums of money to DAP , So this is payback time by DAP . So who says DAP doesn’t practise cronyism ?

  5. sunwayopal says:

    There is a BIG VERY BIG difference if Pakatan and DSAI comes to power vs the current BeeEnd power structure and you should highlight it in your blog.

    If DSAI ever comes to power, people should not worry, because DAP and PAS comes to power also as EQUAL partners. Lim Kit Siang and Tok Guru will not just let DSAI do as he wants.

    This will truly be a check and balance govt. Likewise , PAS cant do as they want without angering DAP and also DAP cant do as they want without angering PAS. Because if any of the 3 walks out of Pakatan, Pakatan Rakyat will fall as the Govt. So , all 3 parties work together!

    That is the difference vs DSAI 10 years ago when he was in BeeEnd.

    In BeeEnd, everybody knows Badawi and Najis can do as they want. UMNO rules BeeEnd as Superme King. All the rest, MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc etc etc are just running dogs! That is why you have corruption galore!

    That is the real difference between a Pakatan Rakyat Federal Govt and the current corrupt govt we have.

  6. eeyaw says:

    The bumbling Pee M is grasping at every positive spin to cheer himself up from lack of one!

  7. Abdul says:

    I know your empty rantings in Malaysia-Today as well where you only come foaming at the mouth when you want to vomit at the shoes of Anwar. You are a sore loser. Listen very well boy:

    The idea that PAS as a party will dialogue with AMENO is far fetched and I know that very well, being a PAS man myself. All this is syok sendiri by AMENO to distract its marauding hordes who up to now have never understood where they were hit. PAS is with Pakatan for good and at no time will it hold party-to-party dialogue with AMENO. It is official. Dollah met 3 non-elected PAS “leaders” and pretends to have met PAS. The man is sick. Read what Husam said today at Harakah Daily.

  8. rozlan says:

    WE must remember that UMNO is very cunning…past experiences should gave PAS some hint about UMNO back stabbing behaviours…PAS must not forget that they are the one who suffered must in the hands of UMNO.Some of their members had been shot and severly injured.Even one of them had been murdered in Padang Terap Kedah during a by election in the 80s ( I forgot the exact date).Some of the members had been ISAed on issues not their faults (Operasi Lalang) . PAS controlled states were subject to discriminations until now.Luckily PAS leaders prudent expenditures as well support from its supporters fro all over Malaysia managed to save the states from bangcruptcy…

    Now is not the right time to discussed anything with those UMNO snakes..For sure they will spit venom.Now PakLah had spit out his venoms by revealing that PAS had met with UMNO 3 times..It had put PAS in defensive.Remember that UMNO had succeeded in putting PKR into defensive mode with DSAI liwat case.

    Now two party in PKR is busy with their defensive postures.So the next one will be DAP..

    Why did PAS l;eaders were so stupid and plyed into UMNO hands again??

  9. kesava says:

    Why did PAS l;eaders were so stupid and plyed into UMNO hands again?? – rozlan

    Because they are stupid (i.e. a little better than idiots). I keep saying but very few listen. Now they know. Go support PAS some more.

  10. kesava says:

    Badawi is fighting for his political life after UMNO Pekan division nominated Najib to President`s post. So 2010 may be oof-the-calendar.
    Same idiot who abused his power and said DNA is “old” and is therefore unreliable. Same village idiot who called RPK a LIAR before investigations. And PAS stupidos are teaming up with him.
    A gathering of birds of similar plummage.

  11. wits0 says:

    Does No. 1 even realize he has now no pants on after his ‘fulat'(pants drop) over the “DNA being too old” gaffe? Earlier his pants just merely caught fire.

  12. Bigjoe99 says:

    The only way UMNO and PAS can come together. The idea that Islam brings all Muslims together is an illusion. The Islamic world biggest problem is it is highly fragmented otherwise it would have dealth with terrorism themselves and lead in solving the Israel-Palestinian problem.

  13. good man says:

    For the Chinese and Indian Malaysians, PAS is no doubt a bigger ‘evil’ because of the revolutionary changes they would bring to the country.

    This despite the rampant corruption and abuse of human rights by the current BN regime.

    The real question we should ask is, why have we (Malaysians) ended up in a situation where we have to choose between the lesser of two evils?

    The Chinese and Indian Malaysians (as well as the Ibans, Kadazans and the rest) being the minorities, really can’t do much.

    The question should be posed to the malays instead. It is only when the malays decide to ‘reject’ the racist and feudalistic Umno as well as the religiously fanatic PAS – can a strong, meaningful alternative focusing on progressive and moderate agenda emerge.

    As a Malaysian of Chinese descent, I will vote and support a political party which is multiracial. A party that seeks justice upholds the rule of law and a return to the sacredness of the constitution.

    Many matured democracies have seen a change in government many times over. This is proof of a working and healthy democracy. But many Asian countries have not demonstrated this in that they have had the same political party ruling since their independence.

    The ‘ruler’ mentality is very strong in the minds of Asians but it has bred corruption, nepotism and stifled progressive thoughts and fresh ideas for the development of the nation.

    Often leaders stay on way past their shelf life, scheming and fighting tooth and nail to stay on in power.

    It is my hope that Malaysia will be the first among Asian countries to demonstrate maturity in allowing an opposition party to take over the helm of government should the scenario warrant it.

    Will there be smooth transition of power and can the security forces be counted on to ensure peace and harmony? We can only wait for the day.

  14. shinwee says:

    “The Malay Dilemma” revealing the weaknesses of malays. But did they do something to amend their weaknesses using the correct way, like work harder, compete equally, etc?

    They did with the fastest way, implementing unfair policies. How many of you all will agree that the policies are not benefiting the malays?

    From the society to the education and to the economy, all policies were meant to “close” their mind and body.

    Is Pak Lah announce that NEP will stay, as long as the gap between the rich and the poor exists. In a free economy, this will always be the case. How can the gap be narrowed if they do not work hard? Just ask any economists how an economy works.

    Let us assume that they are trying to perform “transferring wealth” to the poor in this way, it would be better to practice socialism or communism, where everything belongs to the country and no personal assets are allowed.

    After 38 years of NEP, how has it benefited the country as a whole? No one benefited in the end except those in power.

    The most important thing is that the malay goes back and tell his children and grandchildren that in Malaysia, all you need to do to survive is stretch out your hand and ask for handouts. If you malays don’t get it, then use force.

    Many non-malays in this country share the same view; Give in to them. Why bother to fight? Can you win possibly? Give in, and eventually it is not the non-malays who will get hurt. It is hurt the malays themselves.

    A friend of mine used to say that if you want to kill off someone, spoil him.

    The non-malays are not afraid of the malays asking for handouts. They are worried that they don’t and start to become hardworking like non-malays.

    This plot begins to sound more like the X Files – the only way to fight the future is to collaborate with the alien invaders!

  15. mugabe says:

    Malay Unity or UMNO Unity, that is NOT the only question. The uppermost question should be Malaysia Unity in Diversity, in Plurality, in Mulit-Religosity, in Multi-Ethnicity.

    There can never be a Bangsa Malaysia but Bangsa Malaysia of Malays, Chinese , Indians and Bumiputras of Sabah & Sarawak Malaysians.

    Difficult and almost an impossible goal but you already see that in Pakatan Raayat, althoug it may seem a precarious existence. It is the most viable alternative to the pretending & superficial Barisan Nasional.

    Malay Unity is not quite right as there are Indian Muslims, Chinese Muslism and Muslims.

    UMNO is totally and largely a Nationalistic Party right from the day it was established to gather all the Malays into one Group. But at the same time, Parti Islam Semanjung [PAS] too was established to continue the traditions of the Sultanate Systems since Melaka.

    UMNO Malays are those who are NOT sure of their true religion; just as they were not too sure of being a Hindu-Buddhist-Pagan before Islam came. Just look at the Balinese. They remained Hindus just because they were separated by the seas from the mainland Java.

    UMNO has never and will never bring about a True Muslim Leader ie. a leader who really understands his Islam which acknowledge the existence of God’s other Creatures to respect the Wealth and Bounty of God’s little Kingdom called Malaysia.

    UMNO and now Pak Lah is trying to DIVIDE the PAS members into little corners of once again the Malay Supremacy, Ketuanan Melayu “Mein Kampf”.

    And the other UMNO leaders are harping of the very REAL fears that their lievlihoods and cosy living on Corruption, Abuse of Power, Cronyism, Nepotism and liberal Hand-outs of Contracts and Projects may no longer be available.

    Experienced Professional Muslims who are Doctors, Engineers, Architect, Contractors, Accountants and IT specialists rather compete fairly and in the open. They rather show their professionalism, skills and talents than to obtain contracts and projects by foul means , by bribery, by corruption .. it is just against the very teaching of their religion.

    And what is wrong for a Muslim Professional to work and join forces with honest, skilled, talented Non-Muslim professionals or businessmen or companies.

    And why would a Non-Muslim professionals, businessmen and companies would want to bribe, corrupt a Muslim Civil Servant, or Muslim Minister?

    Pak Lah and his other UMNO leaders are really DIVIDING the Malays into becoming UNSURE of their True Calling as a Muslim citizens.

    Pak Lah and the other UMNO leaders are HARPING on the FEAR FACTOR making the ordinary Malay abandon their “al din” ie. to become good, honest, strong, professional, educated, knowledgeable, citizens rather than support a Party that is widely acclaimed to be full of corruption and abuse of power and a very feudalistic party.

    [anyway, I am no PKR, PAS, UMNO, DAP member or supporter …..].

  16. konek says:

    “The malays are lazy, the Indians cannot be trusted, and the Chinese are greedy……….”

    The above statements said a lot of things about the unity in this Malaysia country. The statement implied a great failure on the part of government through the government policies in share, education (the major one), contract giving, and so on. You can name it.

    Through the “divide and rule” policies, each race become suspicious to one another and result was the above finding.

    After 50 years, the nation is more divided and a lot of money wasted due to bad and irresponsible decisions.

    The past administration policies are divisive and failed in most areas. Wealth not properly distributed. Backbone of the economy, being the small to medium size businesses, ignored.

    Our Malaysia reporters and editors all do great injustice to us and to our future generations. We no longer publish the truth but half-and-no-truths, propagandas and slants. The press misinforms. They all have secret agendas. A noble profession has turned into the oldest profession. Oh woe!

    See, journalism is no more a profession in this country. It is just another occupation for BN pet poodles, hangers-on, mercenaries, and profit motivated businessmen.

    Bottom line is all 50 years under the cover of representing their communities, they have forged the faustian bargain of public positions for a share – even crumbs – for a seat on the gravy train, not daring to push for their constituencies interest beyond the point of the other side’s showing displeasure so as not to jeopardize the other side’s patronage in dispensing a bit of the power, largesse and influence.

    That I submit is the real public immorality. Not kissing or hugging on the parklands.

  17. yuking says:

    Do you also know that the May 13 incidents, the Chinese were victimized wrongly?

    In truth, before 1969, the malays were in despot state yet Malaysia’s economy was vibrant.

    Despite the Chinese being more economically prosperous, but in truth they only owned not more than 20% of the nation’s equity.

    The bulk of the nation’s wealth went to Britain as the British still controlled most of our country’s wealth, i.e. tin and rubber.

    But Umno didn’t tell the malays that. Instead, they told the malays that most wealth are going to the Chinese and therefore, the Chinese are making the malays poor.

    Umno didn’t want to tell the malays that it was Umno who agreed for the British to remain in control of Malaysia’s wealth. And that Umno dare not retake the wealth away from the British.

    Furthermore, the MCA and MIC didn’t help as well as they too benefited from the anti Chinese and anti malay sentiment.

    So, when problems cannot be solved and the malays were openly rebelling against Umno, the easiest escape is to blame the Chinese and innocent Chinese blood was spilled for Umno madness.

  18. PHUA KL says:

    Abdul 8:12 is correct!

    The so-called “talks’ with PAS are a sign of UMNO’s desperation.

    As Anwar goes around the country speaking at ceramah, the crowds will get bigger and bigger. I predict that soon, they will step in and try to stop him.

    (They made a big mistake in letting Anwar debate on TV where he outshone
    the Propaganda Minister. The personal attacks failed. Thus, you can be 99.9% confident that there won’t be a second TV debate).

  19. San says:

    Mahathir was telling half the truth when he said he tried for 22 years but failed to change the malay crutch-dependent mindset.

    The truth is the malay mindset is firmly rooted to NEP, and he is correct on that score. But did he change the malay mindset during his term? He shed his crocodile tears, yes; but changing the mindset of malays, no.

    He should in fact be credited or more appropriately discredited for making the malays formed their present crutch-dependent mindset. He used his book “The Malay Dilemma” for political advancement.

    During Mahathir regime, NEP has gone perverted. Malay millionaires and billionaires were created through monopoly and state funds.

    NEP should have ended after it has run its course in 1990, but Mahathir did not end the NEP. He did not bother to end NEP just because NEP protected his political interests. He left it as a baggage for Pak Lah.

    Pak Lah claimed to do the right thing, to be prime minister for all communities. He cannot deliver because he cannot be what he said he wanted to be if the NEP hangs over his head. What was worst be his son-in-law had supported the position of that keris welding imbecile.

    Was this a plan to make Pak Lah look weak? I wonder.

    Mahathir could have changed the malay mindset had he wanted to, by being fair to non-malays in ending NEP during his regime. He did not.

    He created enough problems for the country. Today per capita GDP of Malaysians is only one-sixth of that of Singaporeans.

    When the oil and gas run dry in this Malaysia in two decades, our Malaysia per capita GDP will at best be better than Burma, although some of the government companies CEOs might still travel around in helicopters.

    Mahathir should of course continue to voice his views, since Malaysians have freedom of speech, but nothing said about freedom after the speech!

  20. fong says:

    Then let me re-quote Lee Kuan Yew:

    Singaporean politician Lee Kuan Yew of the PAP, who publicly questioned the need for Article 153 in parliament, and called for a “Malaysian Malaysia”.

    In a speech, Lee Kuan Yew bemoaned what would later be described as the Malaysian social contract:

    “According to history, malays began to migrate to Malaysia in noticeable numbers only about 700 years ago. Of the 39% malays in Malaysia today, about one-third are comparatively new immigrants like the secretary-general of Umno, Dato Syed Jaafar, who came to Malaya from Indonesia just before the war at the age of more than thirty. Therefore it is wrong and illogical for a particular racial group to think that they are more justified to be called Malaysians and that the others can become Malaysians only through their favour.”

    Eventually, and Singapore became an independent nation in 1965, with Lee Kuan Yew as its first prime minister.

  21. mugabe says:


    I just want to see Justice is done in the Altantuya case by Pak Lah and his so called UMNO Malay Unity Government of a Malay IGP, a Bumiputra AG, a Malay Judge, Malay Prosecutors, Malay Police Officers, Malay Army keeping the C4, Malay UTK personnel, a Malay Strategist and Submarine Consultant, Malay Utusan Melayu, Malay Bernama, Malay RTM, Malay Minister of Justice, Malay Home Minister , Malay DG of Immigration responsible for the records of the In-Out of Altantuya …..

    see whether all these Malay can show their values of Justice.

    If only these people are True Muslims !!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. romsam says:

    50 years after independence, the people of Malaysia are still searching for an identity. Are they malays or Muslims first; are they Chinese, Indians or Malaysians first?

    This identity crisis is a result of the failure of the BN government, which has ruled Malaysia since independence in 1957, later as the expanded Barisan Nasional.

    The truth is that the malays of this country partly owe their independence to the non-malays. The reason was that the British refused to give independence without an agreement from the non-malays.

    Another argument put forth by the pro-malay special rights group is that, they made a compromise by giving the non-malays their citizenship and in exchange the malays must be given their special privileges.

    This argument is the most ridiculous I have heard thus far but in their ignorance some Malaysians still think that citizenship is for a certain race to give. This logic would mean that the minorities will always be seen as foreigners who will never be equal to the malay bumis.

    Well, special rights are for the equitable share of bumi wealth.

    The kampung people remain poor. They continue to eke out a living farming rice and fishing. They are kept shackled by their religion with their lives resigned to fate. I know that the bumis in Sabah and Sarawak are not equal to those in the Peninsula Malaysia.

    There can never be equal footing – not even among people of the same race. Why is it that after 50 years of independence we need to perpetuate these special rights for special people?

    It saddens me to see the country I was born in and raised stagnating in so many ways – ideologically, sociologically and technologically.

    My dad is a racist; so is my mom. Similarly racists are my brother, sister and relatives. All the Malaysian friends I now have are, and those I had were or at the least had been, racists too. Well, perhaps thanks to all these people, I have become – and remain – a racist as well.

    You see, we are the members of a much larger community: Malaysia – the racist nation!

    The term community is somewhat misleading. We are not united as such as a nation should be. We are only united by the fact that all of us – at one time or other – had been are or will become racists……….

    And heap praises on our nation and on the ideals that are so central to its psyche: long live, racism! Long live, racist Malaysia – the model racist nation!

    It is no wonder our civil participation is as backward as it is.

    Do you have any idea why Singapore is almost the first world country or 30 years better than Malaysia?

    One could argue every country has its own policies and laws that place prejudice on certain parties – yes, that is true, but none so shamefully as those who (Malaysia) not only boast about it, take the credit for the successes of these people whom they slam their discriminatory abuses on, and have no intention to change it (and that said with a smug look on the face).

    Bangsa Malaysia? Bah, humbug!

  23. JeyS says:

    What is happening here is the total manipulation of the govt and to scare her citizens shit so everyone will run helter-skelter and then they call shots….and gain back the citizens ‘fear-driven no choice but need BN’ vote.

    People of the corn!!!! Wake up dont be like your PM la. If you want truth, lets get the truth. Yea you must be saying she yada-yadaing..but people power have been proven power. If we let these people over-write us with fear..we are never going anywhere but we will just rot in this wonderful place slowly turning into HELL!

    Firstly you know what we should do..ban MSMs…don’t buy papers (I have not since long time ago) and then slowly we move on from there. They will get the picture…in time (hopefully with their duh brains – sooner) The fall back of this is economically we will be hit and we must be brave to handle that too. Ride it out…like we have in the past years.

    As for these talks…just cakap kosong aje. If PAS goes over and supports UMNO, hahahahahaha….Nik is up to something then (he is no stupid la) and as for PR (DAP/PKR and/or PAS) – get your bloody act together…and start walking the talk!!

  24. wihong says:

    I am glad, I got my residency in other country, I am showing off, yes, I am happy, I don’t have to face those silly Malaysia politicians drama again.

    Wish you people, for those talented one and the rich one, just pack up and go to other countries, they don’t appreciate us, we won’t stay!

    As they say, we not happy, we can pack up. So I listen to them – since we Malaysians have to listen to the government “all the time”, or some people will treat us, May 13 will be happen again.

    I am a good Malaysian Chinese, I listened to my teacher in school, I studied hard, I didn’t manage to get into local university, maybe it is too packed with their people and leave me no seat.

    I paid my tax when I worked for a year full time after I graduated from my college diploma set, I paid my tax for them to build for the 10 thousand ringgit a street light in Cyberjaya.

    I never voice out in the public that I was treated unequally, because they might jail me and left a big black mark on my police report. And what the “finance” promised me from an award I received 2 years ago – still heard nothing from them, even I contact them, they said who are you? Chinese name, they don’t care anymore since then.

    So I am a good Malaysian, a non-malay Malaysian, I obeyed all Malaysia rules, and I decided to leave the country. I mean, what is the point staying in the country you don’t like?

    Am I still love my country Malaysia? Ho yes I still, a bit since some of my family members are still there if not I won’t be here anymore……….well maybe after another 20 years, after those “certain type” of malays already opened their mind, maybe I will return – return to buy a piece of land for my grave yard.

  25. Pengundi Senyap says:

    Salam sejahtera semua.
    Ini adalah salah satu strategi UMNO untuk buat Pakatan Rakyat berpecah.
    1) Kes liwat DSAI-siapa kata DAP dan PAS tidak buat apa-apa.
    Lim Kit Siang berada bersama-sama DSWA kat IPK KL dan membuat kenyataan bersama mengutuk tindakan konspirasi BN kpd DSAi. Juga Karpal Singh telah meminta PM tutup mulut jgn buat kenyataan bagi pihak polis untuk siasatan tuduhan liwat olih saiful.
    2) Kes tunjuk perasaan harga minyak naik-PAS/DAP/PKR bersama-sama membuat perarakan menuntut harga minyak diturunkan. Tengok sahaja 4 MP berbasikal kePArlimen-PKR/DAP/PAS
    3) PM telah berbincang dgn wakil PAS untuk kesatuan orang islam dan Melayu. Tetapi org PAS hanya minat penyatuan org ISlam tanpa mengira kaum. Disini kita dpt baca propaganda UMNO-memukul canang berbincang dgn PAS supaya pihak PKR/DAP akan melihat mereka dipinggirkan. Juga UMNO cuba menagih simpati org cina/india/dll supaya hilang sokong pada PR terutamannya PAS kerana semasa PRU12 mereka mengundi calun PR tanpa mengira apa parti mereka. Dan banyak lagi propaganda dan strategi UMNO untuk melemahkan sokong rakyat kpd PR dgn segala cara termasuk membuat porak-peranda dalaman dlm pembangkang terutamanya PKR. Kerana mereka tahu PKR adalah parti pecahan yg ahlinya ramai dari UMNO.

    Kesimpulannya saya menyeru Pakatan Rakyat membuat strategi baru dan lebih berahsia untuk mengambil alih kerajaan dgn membuatkan UMNO lalai. Sebelum ini DSAI cuba mencanangkan yg ada 30 MP BN akan lompat parti (strategi menyerang UMNO) dan kita lihat UMNO kacau-bilau. Sekarang mereka menyusun strategi menyerang PR dgn dakwaan liwat DSAI dan perjumpaan dgn PAS. Mereka akan secara saikologi mendapat simpati drp org melayu juga cina/india dan lain-lain.

    Juga ada kenyataan dlm blog-blog yg ditulis bersifat mengalih perhatian semua kaum supaya berfikir semula untuk menyokong BN.

    Wahai semua BN dgn agen-agennya tidak akan mudah mengaku kalah kerana mereka menyalah-guna wang pembayar cukai untuk menjayakan kerja subersif menimbulkan rasa keraguan rakyat kpd Pakatan Rakyat. Mari kita sama-sama menyokong dan memberi peluang PAkatan Rakyat memerintah dan melenyapkan BN/UMNO dari muka-bumi Malaysia.

    Hidup rakyat Malaysia (semua kaum)…..dan terus maju bersama Pakatan Rakyat..jgn terpengaruh dgn strategi BN/UMNO.

  26. fargoman says:

    It is been interesting to read such free-flowing comments on an all “Malaysians” free for all.

    The “malays” are not a race. I am so sorry that you are only hearing this now. The rest of the academic world has known it for years.

    Evidence, and not mere gut-feeling please.

    From Yunnan to Taiwan, to Philippines, to Borneo, back to Cambodia, then to Kelantan, mixed with Achenese, Pattanis, Negritos, Javanese, Jakuns, Indians, Chinese and Arabs again.

    In short, a Chinese mixed sub-race. Why not just say Chinese?

  27. UMNODU says:


    That is why you need a strong and united Pakatan Rakyat, led by a leader whose ultimate goal is to build a strong PR, not just to come into power.

    We support a strong, credible opposition. Only a strong PR will ensure a corrupt-free Barisan. Azizah should take the lead, and let Anwar worry about becoming the next PM himself.

    While we “layan” the never-ending sandiwara…

  28. ruyom says:

    Malaysians are generally rational, moderate, flexible and capable. During my visits to various international cities, I have met a number of Malaysians who are working, residing or doing business there.

    They are resilient, adaptable and as competitive as people from the developed countries. Many of us who are residing locally hold similar traits and qualities.

    However, moderate and sensible Malaysians give up too easily when faced with challenges on their own home soil. We allow a small platoon of radicals to dominate and patronise us, and dictate to us their values promoted through shortsighted racial and religious political rhetoric and sentiment.

    Socially, we continue to tolerate attempts to divide us fundamentally through the rewriting of our nation’s founding history by promoting the supremacy of one race against the rest. Our children are told that they should appreciate their legal existence in this country because they are bound indefinitely by a social contract collectively adopted by their forefathers.

    Why talk about national unity when the intention is to divide the society forever? True unity cannot be achieved through subordination. All human beings are born equal in a democratic and civilised society. No one needs to remind us to love the nation.

    Politically, we continue to tolerate extreme ethno-religious practices even though we realise that such a political model is at the lowest denomination. The aspiration of creating a civilised, peaceful and successful multi-ethnic society is an unrealistic dream in a society where racism and religious fanaticism can be used as political capital.

    Again, the majority of moderate and sensible Malaysians continue to throw our support grudgingly to these politicians although many of us do it for the lack of a viable alternative. This can no longer be used as a legitimate reason to keep the present political model.

    Proponents of and human rights, multiculturalism and non-racialism must demand for a totally new political landscape. To progress, we ought to adopt a progressive and proactive mindset. We must learn to appreciate the wealth of our diversity and celebrate our freedom to practice our cultures and beliefs. We must restructure the current social order.

    Politicians and policymakers are not political masters but public servants entrusted by the society to represent our collective interests. They must listen to the voices of the people.

    The implication of our lack of courage to stand up against these radicals is severe and destructive. Moderate Malaysians, who represent majority of the society, must reclaim their rights and rightful place in the society.

    Only through a collective rejection of the radicals can we influence fairer policy formulation and implementation in the country.

    Otherwise, policies that are motivated by racial and religious fervour will continue to haunt us and retard our progress. Forever, we may never know how far a truly united Malaysian society can progress on the world stage.

  29. wandererAUS says:

    Umno @ As*H**es are con men, doing what they do best! They sodomized PAS before and have deceived the malays for all these years, only to uplift the wealth of a few leaders. What Malay unity do you think the have in mind? Ask the poor Malays, how well have they been looked after all these years. It is only those with political connections benefited the most, only ‘Tiny Crumbs’ once in a while fall to the poor Malays and Non-malays! All these calls for Malay unity is simply a disguise to be seen as doing something for the Malays. Suck my marbles!
    There is a need to call for Malaysian Unity, No unity we will all perish together! Racial politics are becoming the thing of the past, if Umno, Mca and Mic fail to see this, they deserve to be wiped off completely come next GE…… at the the latter two political beggars!

  30. din says:

    chaptokam, you can analyse all you want, but you are so lopsided . It actually show your lack of intelligence and ignorance of the current ground feelings of the rakyat. Anyone following this country’s affairs can tell you something is really wrong with the BN government. After 50 years of control, the country is so much worse off in so many areas – economy, education, corruption, race relationships, and crime rates are just some examples. Since before the March election, umno has already been fighting among themselves. Of course, TDM, plus his son, helped a lot.

    You talked about DSAI as drama king. Have you forgotten the many real drama kings in umno itself? If you are honest to yourself, you will admit that all umno care about is holding onto power and maintaining their self interests. Even BN politicians in Sabah and Sarawak complained about not being recognized for their contribution in the election, and not given good positions in the government.

    You whacked the PKR governments in Penang, Kedah and Selangor. Pause a while here. Dont you think it totally shameless that the previous BN government in Selangor and Penang removed, hid and destroyed volumes of state documents that belong to the states officially?

    You talked about Badawi withholding money from Penang. Isn’t this ‘robber mentality’? Whose money are you talking about? With due respect, is it Badawi’s duit sendiri or the rakyat’s money????? In case you forget, this country’s assets and tax money rightly belong to the rakyat, not the government. It is precisely the fact that so much rampant corruption and mismanagement that have caused the rakyat to suffer so much hardship.
    Of course you wont condemn the Trengganu BN exco lavish, or rather wasteful spending of taxpayers’ money by buying new mercedes and discarding ther proton perdana cars. Of course, you will not praise Guan Eng for trying to save rakyat’s money by travelling on cheap air fares.

    Whether DSAI gets to be PM, we will wait and see what happens. But one thing is certain since the rakyat spoke on march 8th, i.e., BN and umno is totally irrelevant and is already sinking. You can’t fool the rakyat all the time.

  31. Dr. Rosli says:

    UMNO is in disarray. Its partners in BN are weak. The UMNO-led BN is losing the support of the rakyat by the day. And Pakatan Rakyat is getting stronger by the day with a growing support from rakyat. You just read the blogs. You can hardly find 2-3 commentators out of every 10 who give comments that are favorably to UMNO-BN on almost all issues affecting our country. I would not be an exaggeration to say that the majority of rakyat Malaysia hate the present Government.

    If the Malays are divided into varoius parties so are the non-Malays. So the notion that the interest of the Malays will be in jeopardy if they do not come together under one banner is quite difficult to sustain. I would say that rakyat Malaysia of all races will be united when they see justice is upheld and when they can feel that the wealth of the nation is being shared equitably and when there is respect for each other in the true spirit of unity in diversity.

    It is a blessing that our country is a multi-racila country. It makes us realized how important unity is. The Arabs are basically one race, but they are not united. I strongly believe that it is Allah Almighty who brings peoples into unity. No amount of wealth can unite them. UMNO is a very wealthy Malay-based party. Are the Malays in UMNO united?

    If PAS going to UMNO for the purpose of uniting the Malays, I would say that: forget about it. But if the objective is to invite them to come back to true Islam and to tell them to turn UMNO into an Islamic party and to tell them to abandon Islam Hadhari and to invite UMNO members to return to its root, that is, PAS, I would say let’s go for it.

    But it is for worldly gains, we’d better forget about it. We cannot, for 2-3 ministrial posts, betray the growing non-Malay supporters of PAS and we cannot betray hard-working down-to-earth members of our party. And we cannot betray the trust that our partners in Pakatan Rakyat haved placed on us.

    No Muslim should let himself get trapped in the same trap twice. This is a time-tested advice of our Prophet PBUH. Take it. Don’t question it. Lest we forgot about the bitter 1969-71 lesson of the “Terus Talak Tiga” expulsion that UMNO rendered on us.

    I am the believer of the theory that UMNO is all out, doing everything that it can – no consideration of halal or haram at all – to destroy the growing trust rakyat are now giving to Pakatan Rakyat. When UMNO leaders are condoning the spreading of fitnahs in soceity, what kind of God-fearing people are they?

  32. kesava says:

    VoxPop: ‘Let’s not pay 2008 income tax’

    ‘Can we, the helpless rakyat, organise something to tell our politicians that we are sick of their behaviour?’

  33. Kherry Scarry says:

    If umno talk to Pas about Malay rights, should MCA, MIC & Gerakan talk to DAP & PKR about Malaysians?

    Fair enough ?

  34. amoker says:

    It is ironic that as a religion, Islam is for all races. At the same breath, the power-fools determined that Islam is only Malay’s agenda. Please la, if want to talk on how to protect your own race, dun bring religion in. If want to talk about religion, should race be the yardstick?

    On both counts, PAS is at a lose-lose situation.

  35. kittykat46 says:

    Ayoyo Chaptokam ,
    “TanSri Tan Kok Ping is Financial backer for the DAP during the last GE”.

    Anyone Penang businessman/ senior executive who actually does business with Tan Kok Ping would know he’s a BN supporter of decades long standing even from Lim Chong Eu days (though never actually a BN member).
    Of course, things are different after March 8.

    Much of Tan’s business base is in Penang, now he has no choice but to deal with the DAP-led state government.

    The same way many Selangor and KL-based Chinese businessmen are now trying to be buddy-buddy with PKR.

    I thoroughly dislike this Government-Business nexus in Malaysia. It breeds corruption. I’ve got no doubt State Govt. people in DAP/PKR/ PAS will get tempting “offers” along the way. Some may even be entrapment projects by BN operatives.

  36. Woes to the non Malays and in non Muslims when they ‘fly’ together !

  37. Anonymous says:

    Who cares if Pas were to team up with Umno!
    It does’t change the rakyat’s perception.
    What we are suffering is the present economic situation and if the condition worsen, most will not be able to bear anymore.
    Till that time more rakyat will automatically join forces to force the present goverment to step down.
    Facts is facts and truth is the truth and even if the goverment were to keep on lying, it won’t cover up anything, unless the government is to feed everyone of us with food and cash.
    Even if Pas were to team up with Umno, they too will be doom.
    We cannot denied that if not for the Pakatan, Pas would not have won much more seats out of Kelantan.
    Others who support Umno will also have to go because without majority support from us, it will be no use to them.

  38. Wash-Wash(Mr. Actually) says:


    Do you need to respond to commentators like Chaptokam, Najibmanakau, BobbyNZ, and Ayyosamy and the likehoods? To me, they are the RTMs (1 and 2).

  39. Yunus Ali says:

    “From Yunnan to Taiwan, to Philippines, to Borneo, back to Cambodia, then to Kelantan, mixed with Achenese, Pattanis, Negritos, Javanese, Jakuns, Indians, Chinese and Arabs again.

    In short, a Chinese mixed sub-race. Why not just say Chinese?”

    fargoman (09:28:31) :

    Exceptions: Arabs are Semites, same race with Jews; Indians have 2 races, either Dravidians or Aryans.

    To be specific, we are all Mongoloids.

  40. JeyS says:

    Hum-drum of life in malaysia ain’t it?

    Read Vox and suggestions on not to pay tax 2008 …..and that might just get us a penalty and no mercy fine..

    If this govt goes on like this, they are not only pulling themselves into the graves they are digging happily but also its rakyat.

    Asking them to get their act together is also not viable….at total loss in this hopeless situation!

    Are we gonna throw in the towel or can PR stand firm and work it out for all of us? PAS maybe a lalang but the head lalang is also too smart…to fall into U**o trap…(even that i cannot 100% say for sure!!)


  41. kittykat46 says:

    I would say if PAS actually linked up with UMNO, it would lose the majority of its core supporters, as well as the non-Malays who trusted PAS enough to vote them in GE12.

    Malays who vote for PAS generally do so because they can’t stand UMNO. Makes sense ?

    Having said that, there is a feeling in PAS that its contribution to PR is being marginalised and not recognised. PKR won many more Dewan Rakyat seats than PAS in GE12, but often on the backs of the PAS machinery. On top of that, there’s the usual tension with DAP and to a lesser extent, Anwar Ibrahim.

    So this is probably PAS’s way to win back its position as an equal partner to PKR and DAP.

  42. wasabi says:

    Is Susan Loone a beautiful woman….well just curious. Dont blame me…i was trying to search a photo of hers.

  43. cherrytree says:

    i admit i was slightly worried bcos i read the malay papers everyday. still, hadi awang did not help matters by talking about how open he was to discussing/cooperating with Umno. Or so the papers report.

    the younger Pas members (as i hear they are the ones feeling the most dissatisfied with PR) should learn from history, how Umno has repeatedly fooled and used Pas. ‘Cooperation for Malay unity’ is a farce and if Pas buys it, then they do not deserve the support of the people. we dont want stupid, gullible leaders – whether from Pas, PKR or DAP. beware of Umno’s forked tongue!

  44. Volcano says:

    Wasabi, I hope so, email me if you found her 4toes.

    Anyway, here is my views. Obviously there are differences. these differences will be there all the time. Even internally within PKR there are differences, that applies to PAs and DAP. Now the differences within or without must be managed. Open Communications among the parties will enlightened the others. Don’t let doubts come into between. BN is planting the seed of doubts so that the PR will divided. Yes divided we fall, united we rule.

  45. kittykat46 says:

    If you must know, this is a photo of Susan Loone from last year.

  46. ben says:


    You’re spot on. It’s actually I scratch your back, you scratch my back. For UMNO it’s more to rebuild their morale. And PAS is to send signal to PKR and DAP don’t forget me. This is very healthy because we don’t want PR to be a repeat of BN. Every party is equal. No one party should show that he’s the big brother like how UMNO behaves.

    We should support a two party system and say no communal politics. Even Ong Tee Keat is brave enough to broach on multi-ethnic party. Read Ong Tee Keat gunning for MCA No. 1

  47. Ah Nay Sui Ah says:

    Wah susan,

    U that pretty ah? based on a link provided by Kittykat46. U looks beautiful Susan. Actually I was being misinformed by variation of your looks by a variation of the ones who had met you. 🙂

    Susan, will you marry me? 😛

  48. Boyfriend of Sloone says:

    Don’t ever ask such a question again, alright?

  49. JeyS says: gone disarray just like malaysian politics….

    So malaysia boleh la!

  50. gooeyglobs says:

    I have been eyeeing her too and far too long. So…..?

  51. wandererAUS says:

    Susan; “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” I am sure you have both susan,
    facial and heart. I hope this will satisfied my friend Wasabi. Cheers!

  52. Aiyoh, you guys (in particular chaptokam),

    “PM met PAS leaders 3 times in the past, declares Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s policy paper, The Malaysian Insider.”

    “Anwar meeting BN 4 MPs”

    Can’t you guys see the similarity? The Gomen is so damn stupid and bongok (the Malay word for dumb ) they haver to play the same game DSAI is playing – whether DSAI is telling the truth or not about the 30 MPs, only God knows. But I strongly believe that PM is trying hard to break PR by coming out with this statement.

    Check this out:

  53. river says:

    i think UMNO,PAS dan the malay people all benefits from this meeting.i see it that way.i am sure UMNO and PAS has their own agenda but then again they must be reminded that the discussion is not JUST about politics.rather more towards the betterment of malay and islam society.

    i dont think PAS and UMNO gonna collaborated under one roof.this is more like resolving problems between them.

    in conlusion,if you take a positive approach for a good cause then the outcome will be both positive and good as well :).

  54. kittykat46 says:

    Ummm…we were discussing UMNO and PAS.

    Suddenly the subject becomes….

    Susan…sorry…I’m also guilty of going off topic…..kakakaka….

  55. Menyalak-er says:

    G’day glorious day, ain’t it? Very excellent and astute observations so far…
    But get this right first, the “Malays” in this nation are indeed heterogenous and they belong to the “Austronesian” race, with admixture of Sino, Aryan, Semitic etc genes. The “Orang Asli” are Negritos (e.g. Semang) and proto-Malays (did someone mention Jakun?).
    There is actually no ‘true’ Malay sociocultural heritage because you can see the glaring differences between the Achenese (Kedah), Champa (Kelantan), Meningkabau (N.Sembilan), Riau (Johor), Bornean/Kalimantan (Pahang/Trengganu) etc.
    The ‘glue’ that holds this diversity together is Islam – way of life and religion. Malay politics today (with the exception of PKR)?
    1. We the hyperfeudalistic UM-no, which superficially calls itself Islamic, but is patently not…
    2. Pas with its “semi”-Theocracy, is supposedly multicultural; but is not and will never be at the rate its going…
    When feudal lords ‘mate’ with theocratic lords, what is the result (as per history, in W. Chrisendom in the 9-10th cent.)?
    The “Dark Ages”… eating turnips time!
    Will this Machiveallean plot succeed? Only if Pas renegades on Islam, or UM-no relegates feudalism – both quite impossible to imagine at the moment.
    Yes, there will be cross-overs from Pas (refer to MT) by desperate insignificant wannabes – and you can be sure MSM are going to have a field day!
    Yes, Pas is somewhat unhappy working with PKR and DAP at the ‘middling’ level; but the advantage is that their theocracy is intact and they’re supposed to be in communication with the ‘Truth’? Ah-yes, read Harakah…
    Therefore: Do not worry, for you cannot even change a single hair on your head!
    Meanwhile, the Goons are clutching at straws and checking out the relevance and revelation of DNA (which they still can’t pronounce in full). Go figure…

  56. chaptokam says:

    Anyone Penang businessman/ senior executive who actually does business with Tan Kok Ping would know he’s a BN supporter of decades long standing even from Lim Chong Eu days (though never actually a BN member).

    Kitty I know that TKP was a BN supporter . I happen to know quite a lot about him actually personally . I don’t want to go into that . He was as everyone knows very close to Chong Eu . When Turtle head ( Koh Tsu Koon ) became Chief Minister he drop out of favour with them cos Gerakan wanted to rid the party of Chong Eu’s roots , thats why Lim Chien Aun ( Chong Eu’s son )and Boo Chang left the party to join MCA . TKP follow suit and supported MCA and showed his dislike for turtle head . However things didn’t look rosy for him with OKT as MCA president . In fact he was backing Chan Kong Choy . Before the GE , CKC got into trouble with the PKFTZ 4.6 billion issue . During that time it was known within the circle that CKC was on the way out . And that was sometime last year . He started changing sides even before the GE .

    ” Of course, things are different after March 8.

    Much of Tan’s business base is in Penang, now he has no choice but to deal with the DAP-led state government. ”

    This happen I mean change of horses happen before March 8 . He knew as we also knew BN is going to lose big . Like I said I was told he made a personal donation of 200k to DAP and allowed them to use Han Chiang for their rallies . Normally Educational colleges would want to steer free of politics . So all this happen before march 8 . So now is I scratch your back , you scratch mine .

  57. wandererAUS says:

    A little light moment will do you fellas, the ‘deep thinking brains’ a world of good. At least, not like BN scumbags they are thinking how to fatten their wallets while we are thinking.

  58. better future for all says:

    PAS has no biz talking with Umno.
    They are testing PR coalition.
    Have the leaders no sense of dignity that they must proselyte with Umno since they are in the Opposition group.

    Talk about being religious – what thet are doing is being unfaithful to the PR coalition.
    They would rather talk n maybe join the Devil than oppose them n fight them!

    Sick of their attitudes – never-ending from Islamic state to Hudud law to Dress code to Joining Umno.

  59. Bigjoe says:

    Let me give another perpective on why UMNO-PAS merger will not happen. Because its like the big question on sex – who is on top? There is no way UMNO and PAS can get together to be just friends not for long anyway. It has to be a marriage but in a marriage especially this one, someone has to be on top. If you look up and down the line of UMNO and PAS, you realize that they will never figure out who is on top. Abdullah is probably the last of UMNO leader that is willing to be the be at the bottom in a marriage with PAS. Look up and down and you will realize that all of PAS and almost everyone in UMNO leadership after Abdullah will never accept being on the bottom.

    They may flirt with each other, imagine the possibilities and even foreplay but in the end, they will never intercourse because it would be rape of one over the other..

  60. matt says:

    If anybody remember this words “we won’t let a snake from the same hole to bite us twice” well they were from Nik Aziz and his word is still respected in Pas.

  61. Politicians love to play the musical bed with strange bedfellows
    They don’t care too much as long as they fit inside as follows:
    There will be unequal sharing of the birdnests as with the swallows
    They must be able to float even when the water level in bed is shallow

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 210708
    Mon. 21st July 2008.

  62. jean says:

    How come the rumours on PAS and UMNO talking about Malay things made the chinese and indians all excited?

    Relax lah… its just rumours kan… with all the 44 differences, why worry? PAS surely has more similarities (or lesser differences, whichever way) with DAP then UMNO? Well, they are working together in PKR, right? Right? Right?

    May be I should be writing about 45 differences between PAS and DAP lah… that will not be difficult. But how come they are working together?

  63. Scott Thong says:

    Susan, reading the list of differences, it strikes me that it portrays:

    A) UMNO as corrupt, ignorant and misguided,
    B) The above is because UMNO is straying from its Islamic roots.

    I mean, the point about UMNO ‘giving Muslim rights to nonMuslims’ as a negative thing… Does this mean nonMuslims will be relegated to dhimmi status if PAS takes full control? Not that it has happened completely in the PAS controlled states, but seriously, these sort of ‘comparisons’ don’t really help to give nonMuslim voters confidence in PAS’ benefits over UMNO.

    If choosing between Anwar or Najib comes down to whether one likes vipers or cobras more, it seems the same may be said

  64. Scott Thong says:

    Well, at least for the little nonMuslim mice… As Difference #1 seems to indicate, do you want Ketuanan Melayu or Ketuanan Islam? Does the Constitution even recognize a difference?

  65. whispering9 says:

    MCA should talk to DAP…maybe Chinese also need unity 😆 and MIC should talk with Hindraf (SV sure needs the unity). Then we can be renamed as The United Races of Malaysia. 🙂

  66. Joeawk says:

    In what ways are the Malay not united. I have not heard about them. Is it becausethey have different political leaning that make them not united? I have been scratching my head until my scalp bleeds and still I can’t get it.

    Can UMNO or PAs leaders tell us about the unity they are attempting to address.

  67. […] Malaysian Choice via Susan Loone’s feature comes the following 44 differences between PAS and […]

  68. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi Scott Thong,
    You seem to be fixated on th issues of “Ketuanan Melayu” and “Ketuanan Islam”.
    As if there is no other alternative in this “accursed” nation of ours?
    Have you been caught in the “mousetrap” yourself? Is our Constituition secular? Do you know what the Constituition says? Who are you trying to ‘frighten’? Yourself…
    Get real, that’s what the results of GE12 tells us. Enuff of lies and endless threats!
    What is there to fear, except fear itself?
    Are the “non-Muslims” fearful of either UM-no or PAS? No, we have decided.
    Yes there are forces moving in this country – must they always necessarily be “Dark”? Can you see the Light?
    GFK (Go fly kites), if you remain trapped in this “sindrom”.
    Cheers, woof!

  69. ktteokt says:

    The Chinese says, “One is afraid of the dark after meeting with a ghost”. I think PAS should know this. After partnering with UMNO many years ago and being part of BN, PAS discovered its “second class” status and moved out. Would it then be so stupid as to get back into the same old “cage”? If it does, it is really, really DUMB!!!!!!

  70. ah Long says:

    Matt,……but somebody let the same hole bite him twice !! Hahaha.

    Jean, there may be 44 differences but as Scott had pointed out there is one similarity – they are both snakes.

  71. ah Long says:

    chaptokam…..I heard he donated to both parties, DAP & BN so no matter who win he also got favour.

  72. ah Long says:

    Wah……ayak…….look like my mother-in-law.

    A younger version maybe but still look like me MIL.

  73. RKP says:

    If you highlight one’s race, again and again,which race will the child belong to: who have mixed-marriage parents? Which religion will they follow? Such parents have resorted to bringing their children to both their different places of worship and confuse the child even more.All these are man-made problems,can’t you see?
    What is religion? Religion has its derivative word from latin “ligive” meaning codes of living.The letters ‘RE’ simply means repeat what was written before us.
    Jointly the word ‘re-ligion’ , the meaning itself has nothing to do with God. Any tom,dick and hairy can write codes of living.

    Faith has got to do with God,but faith with God has to follow with actions that He requires or else it is not faith at all.Not for lipservice only.Thats how it seems today.Nobody is convinced about God with our lifestyle.

    If you really believe in God show us the example with your life not with your lipservice. Faith is personal conviction that God exists.He does! If He does,do your actions show that you reverence and fear Him? So far, judging by the way things are going in Malaysia, very few fear or reverence Him.

    So what is all the boasting about? Whose ‘code of living’ is better? If it is better show it with your life not with your ‘book’.I hope we put this matter to rest by taking heed to rebuke..

  74. Crankshaft says:

    It’s all just playing on speculation again. We don’t even know what they talked about.

  75. ktteokt says:

    I look at this as a “final attempt” by UMNO to “unite” the Malays. It’s a BIG disgrace to hang up the UMNO signboard above PWTC when it has been unable to unite the Malays since its inception in 1946. Calling itself as the “United Malays National Organization” is such a disgrace when all the PMs had during their term of office called for “MALAY UNITY”. Better to change its name to UNITING MALAYS NATIONAL ORGANIZATION (uMNO) (notice the small u and not a capital U).

  76. chaptokam says:

    ah Long (16:57:10) :

    chaptokam…..I heard he donated to both parties, DAP & BN so no matter who win he also got favour.

    Businessman all like that . Yea am aware of it , thanks .

  77. songsong says:

    What is the point if the Malay are united, and the rest are disunited, Can Msia go far?? Should be talking abt Malaysian Unity, without which, DON’T hope for Msia to progress further.

  78. Pegasus says:

    Its all about Malaysian unity. After 50 years of BN rule,the Rakyat have waken up and realise that we have been kept divided and fill with hatred towards one another due to the race card played by the BN regime . The public have realise we have been taken for ride all these years by BN leaders. In order to stay in power that keep talking about the May 13th incident and it occurring again if the public do not toe the line. BN have divided and ruled us by instilling fear among the people, they are happy to rule this small rich country,while robbing and plundering the nation’s wealth. They were more interested in enriching themselves in the name of developing the nation.
    These UMNO bandits went on to be millionaires and billionaires on the expense of the rakyat. They hijack the NEP which should be helping the poor malays.Daim Zainuddin,Tajuddin Ramli,Ling Liong Sik, Samy Vellu ,Dr.M are robbers who have nearly bankrupt the nation.Combined they have siphoned billions off the nations coffers. Today,we are feeling the effect from all this as we had left most of the fighting to a smaller group in the past. But the last
    10 years the internet world has played a big role in carrying the truth and the alternative news to the people. BN trick or treat begin to show and people begin to see the true colours of these BN regime.
    The rakyat had enough of this and in the 12th GE,history were make when, the Malays,Chinese,Indians and others races united and nearly kick out the BN regime. The people are united on the ground,its the BN and UMNO politician who divides and fill the heart of the people with hatred as this is the only way for them to be leader of their race and keep control of the people. The bloody MIC is a good example, Samy Vellu is supposed to be fighting for the indian rights in the cabinet for the last 30 years, but as Dr.M says ,he did not do that rightly. Sarawak chief minister is another big time robber who had accumulate his billions by robbing his state over the last 29 years. The people stayed poor and with infrastruture thats badly needed in the rural area are neglected ,the state stayed backward. Now, after the backing the people of both the state to BN government in the 12th GE, the BN regime have started to pour the billions after all this years of neglecting this 2 states. What the people want is a government which is clean and manage the country well ,takes care of the people irrespective of its race and religion. Its the BN/Umno leaders who are damaging the nation with their statements and ideas which are ridiculous to speak at times. Pakatan won in at least 5 states but that not enough ,BN should be kick out for good, there should be no more place for racist parties. A party should represent all races , stand for the people rights and look beyond skin colours. BN should be buried, let Pakatan rule . A crime worst then sodomy is betrayal by the ruling party towards its citizens. The trust is long gone. Lets give the PR a chance to form the goverment and see how they fare. Malaysian Unity is utmost importance then UMNO regime unity.

  79. chaptokam says:

    This is them:

    As I said, you can take the blokes out of UMNO but you sure as hell can’t take UMNO out those PKR blokes!

  80. chaptokam says:

    How about this from KTemoc fellas !

    Well, I can say the same for PKR, because yesterday I read in the Star article titled Open dialogue with all Malay groups, Umno urged, that Mohamad Fairus Khairudin of PKR and Penang’s Deputy CM, urged UMNO to invite all Malay organisations if it is serious about holding muzakarah (discussions) on Malay issues and Islam.

    In fact he pointedly said that UMNO should be inviting PKR’s Malay leaders, besides those from PAS.

    Note his “PKR’s Malay leaders” as opposed to ‘PKR leaders’, or even ‘PKR’s Malaysian leaders’.

    He reckoned it would be an interesting development if all parties representing the Malays were able to gather at one table for discussion.

    Interesting only? In fact I would dare say someone in PKR would be totally ecstatic, rapt, and in blissful nirvana.

    Fairus of course chanted the agama dan bangsa mantra: “It is a big issue of finding common ground for the betterment of all Malays and Islam.”

    I must ask PKR to make up its mind as to whether it’s a multi-ethnic party as it claims, or a nationalistic (Malay) party as demonstrated by an ethno-centric enthusiastic Mohamad Fairus Khairudin.

    As I said, you can take the blokes out of UMNO but you sure as hell can’t take UMNO out those PKR blokes!

  81. Richard says:

    A PM with two heads, (some call it a two headed snake) one head “I am the PM for all Malaysians”, and the other head “We need a Malay Agenda”.

    Confusing PM, don’t have the quality to lead just power crazy.

    Times Are Bad, Politicians Are Bad And The Government Is Bad.

  82. Orang Utan says:

    Hi “datuk’ Susan,
    NEP should not be based on race. We have seen that after so many yrs in existence that it is being exploited by a few in the expanse of so many.

  83. Are there really 44 differences between UMNO and PAS ?
    No !

    ” Malay unity = UMNO unity = Racist unity ”

    Suck !…………

    The phrase mentioned above just like a product has changed it’s packing but the content still the same.

    So whether Malay unity or not is not really benefit all, because Malaysia is a multi races , multi religions and multi culturals country.

    We need
    ” Malaysians unity = Anak-anak bangsa unity = Malaysia progressive ”

    Rakyat the anak anak bangsa Malaysia

  84. wits0 says:

    Pegasus, all these 50+ years of harping on unity have been done with largely the wrong spirit attached to the word.

    Mostly, “unity”, has become more of a dirty word because of its deliberately divisive scope and application. It is that form of “unity” that is shorn of integrity(see that Susan’s byline?).

    “Unity”, as used thus, hides that main sinister intention to attain hegemony of one community or group of people OVER another, using the wrong and flawed ideology incorporated at the behest of the elites in power and for their own focussed benefits.

    BN component parties buys it(the racisr ‘unity’ canard) lock stock and barrel in the most moronic manner and contributes to the overall guaranteed failure of actual unity. They know they can never obtain a fair deal(even had they tried!) but only help gave wrong credence and legitimacy to umno.

    So, “unity”, is never the highest virtue nor can it be sought blindly when stricken with the wrong spirit and purpose. “Unity” will strike back at the very people who depend on it to avoid changes expected by a changing world. Like the Arab world, their value placed on “unity” alone avails them not today any more. They have expended their own Karmic credit and grace and instead face grave disunity within their own ranks. Ironic and poetic is the result of tribal meanness of habits.

    How many times do you squeeze a orange dry, soak in water and squeeze again?

    Susan is 100% correct with, “Integrity above Unity”.

  85. tamade says:

    Frankly, the UltaManNo is bankrupt of idea now. So they have to divert the attention away from the Bolehland’s rakyat: the talks with PAS, and the sodomy case on DSAI.

    They messed up the country for the past 50 years, and they still never learn from the recent 12 Ge. Now they want to use Hadi Awang and Nasarudin as life jackets to keep them afloat.

    Well, i am not sure how well the life jackets can support them, but one thing for sure, with this kind of tsunami waves around, the life jackets can only save a few of the ruling elites at most.

    At the end of the day, the life jackets will be thrown away and torn off like pieces of junk. No one will remember them.

    The majority of UltaManNo grassroots do not favour PAS and the majority of the PAS Grassroots will never want to stand side by side with the corrupted UltaManNo ruling elites.

    I just couldn’t imagine Hadi Awang and Nasaruddin standing side by side with the person who murdered the Mongolian woman (also named as 800 million dollar man) and the 2.4 million dollar man, negotiating deals with the sleepy old man who are telling lies, working hand in hand with a corrupted rapist who raped an under-age girl, etc.

    Nik Aziz is right, UltaManNo is trying to split PAS and i believe the grassroots and the people are not stupid.

    The life jackets will never be used again after the ruling elites are saved. Next time, they will take a helicopter instead, no more Titanic.

  86. Orang Cherdik says:

    PAS kena diliwat
    Sekarang sudah sedar
    Nak bertemu UMNO
    Untuk beli “viagra”

  87. Orang Cherdik says:

    Habis lah Anwar
    Tuduhan kes liwat
    Amerika nak campur
    Tapi dah lewat

  88. chow says:

    Wasabi has fallen love with susan loone connected by kitty-link, it is typical reaction of “love in first sight” of Malaysian idol. Well done kittykat.

  89. Anoy says:

    “………….extravagant, fond of borrowing money but slow in repaying it….he is however lazy……”

    according to Frank Swettenham

  90. chaptokam says:

    British policy

    Divide and Rule .

  91. Menyalak-er says:

    Yo Chaptokam, can i talk to you, man to man?
    I disagree with you in almost all things especially the need to change the system, now.
    You see my friend, many people panicking because Um-no is talking kok with Pas. Stock market ‘liao’ mah…
    But, its Ok that we talk? No bad feelings because my spiritual master says don’t talk religion ok?
    But tok about poor marginalized “peasants”.
    You chinapek and maybe i also chinapek, but more important we both Malaysian! We care about the poor right? Karma and all that…
    Come we tok’kok about whether Pas/Um-no Malay, Indian or Chinapek poor better!
    We leave these clowns to talk about things that is beyond ken of mortal men – conspiracy of ketuanan this and that, smoke without fire and tok,tok, tok! Same thing over and over again… rice bowl also break like this.
    Until even BobbyNZ, ayoyosamy, those megalosers in 1997-8 oso cabuted! Now they no longer interested because no money here – tok’king about peanuts and broken bowls… Maybe Orang Utan oso interested?
    Since you anti-Anwarist and i say we got no choice at the moment but Anwar, can tok’kok or not?
    About poor people i mean…

  92. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    I am of the same opinion with you.

    Hey ALL you God fearing, Law abiding, Tax paying, Peace loving Malaysians…..

    Have no fear….if God brought us there….have Faith & He will surely guide us out of there !

    Ultimately God will anoint the “True” Leaders of this great nation, not necessary from any party….

    In the mid 40s after the 2nd World War & japanese administration…..
    The Colonials administered Malaya with their “Divide & Rule !”….

    Our Forefathers & the “Malayan Independence” groups also had their Trials & Tribulations….& had to be UNITED in their struggles to achieve “ONE GOAL”……

    The Independence of Malaya from the British Colonial administration – Merdeka.

    Tunku our Bapa Merdeka together with his first cabinet were established, honest, sincere “Noble” individuals of multi-race & multi religion who had worked & struggled to give Malaya, then Malaysia including all of us “Democracy, Justice & Freedom”….until Tunku was “Betrayed” by the Elite Nationalist Ketetuanan group (maybe some are still alive !)

    Sadly, the the Powers-that-be (our OWN kind “Divided us again & Ruled” !) have screwed this great nation, its assets & all of us for almost three decades….

    We are now at a crossroad….& YOU have a CHOICE…..Do we all want to allow the Powers-that-be continue to destroy this great nation, our nation’s assets including our Children & Grandchildrens’ Future…..OR…

    We UNITE & FOCUS on the main issue TOGETHER to support our “Defenders of TRUTH, JUSTICE & FREEDOM…

    For the BETTERMENT of our great nation, its assets, its Downtrodden rayaat & our Children & Grandchildrens’ Future !

    Yes, I have a dream….that soon we will Overcome…to See….!

    Malaysia for Malaysians…where EVERY Malaysian citizen can dream about, be given a chance to work hard towards it….to ACHIEVE their “Malaysian Dreams!” Insha Allah.

  93. bamboo river says:

    So, says Badawi. ” Oh my darling knock three times”
    You just don’t know what’s the perceptions of the people towards you after all the ‘yes and no’ flip flopping decisions you made previously.
    I am not a bit worried at all, in fact IF the meeting really occured, this will make the umno people more worried than us.

    BTW. Witso, once the ‘fulat’ happens, only thing left is the ‘newphin’.

  94. chaptokam says:


    its Ok no problem we can talk? No bad feelings , we can try to see how to change them for the betterment .

    The stock market is also one worrying aspect , all the markets are up by one to three percent percent except us , damn !!!

    Luckily I have most of my portfolio in the China and Far East unit trust funds except for two which I bought six years back .

    Ok as I said no problem talking , as this is also one good way of getting feedback from matured and intelligent people . But I cannot respond immediately cause today I have things to do . But will try to respond asap.

  95. chaptokam says:

    To all those proPKR (Pakai Kasut Recon)

    Siapa untong ?? UMNO , PAS , PKR Malays

    Siapa rugi ?? Semua Cina semua India

    Siapa bodoh ?? Semua Cina dan India yang support PAS dan PKR .

    Siapa pandai ?? Semua orang yang hantam PKR punya Anwar . Dia lah yang buat PAS merunding sama UMNO .

    Bodoh betul ini Anwar .

  96. john weinthal says:

    For as long as major arguments hinge around identity by religion and ‘race’ Malaysia is a lost cause.
    Neither religion or race, not to mention how one votes, is the business of anyone but oneself.
    Neither race nor religion should be shown on Mykad or other id such as Passport, in job application forms or any Government intervention in one’s life.
    Elimination of all such official identifiers is an essential first-stage towards creation of a Malaysian stat of mind and reality.
    In many western countries it is considered poor manners to discuss religion or politics over a meal with friends. These matters are personal. It goes so far that I do not even know the religion of some of my closest friends – I do not care so long as they are ‘good’ people and treat others ass hey would wish to be treated themselves.

  97. john weinthal says:

    For as long as major arguments hinge around identity by religion and ‘race’ Malaysia is a lost cause.
    Neither religion nor race, not to mention how one votes, is the business of anyone but oneself.
    Neither race nor religion should be shown on Mykad or other id such as Passport, in job application forms or any Government intervention in one’s life.
    Elimination of all such official identifiers is an essential first-stage towards creation of a Malaysian state of mind and reality.
    In many western countries it is considered poor manners to discuss religion or politics over a meal with friends. These matters are personal. It goes so far that I do not even know the religion of some of my closest friends – I do not care so long as they are ‘good’ people and treat others as they would wish to be treated themselves.
    Discrimination on grounds of race or religion is illegal and heavily punished in many advanced countries – Malaysia should aim for same. This should include inn tenancy agreements, job descriptions and club membership applications.

  98. Mat Krepot says:

    UMNO is no more a reliable party, with corrupt self interest leaders at helm.

  99. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear john weinthal, absolutely correct!
    But you can see from the comments posted thus far, how the system of ‘divide & rule’ has bred 2 generation of racists, bigots, religious fanatics and self-interested people. There is no genuine empathy for others.
    Revolution takes time and effort, especially changing the perceptions of the common man; therefore as Mat Krepot says we should choose a party/ies that will accomadate that change. No longer the ‘usual’ way of doing things.
    Yes, a paradigm shift in mentality.
    “Feudalism” (and all its negative cannotations) is so entrenched in this blighted nation, that it must be dismantled once and for all for the good of its citizens. Meanwhile, we can only hope that wisdom rules.

  100. bennyloh says:

    neither Malay unity nor Malaysian unity it’s …


  101. Penangkia says:

    “This happen I mean change of horses happen before March 8 . He knew as we also knew BN is going to lose big . Like I said I was told he made a personal donation of 200k to DAP and allowed them to use Han Chiang for their rallies . Normally Educational colleges would want to steer free of politics . So all this happen before march 8 . So now is I scratch your back , you scratch mine “.

    Wah! Chaptokam, you know BN was going to lose big in Penang before the election? You are a tang kee from which temple? Must join your temple to get 4 digit since you are so chun.

    You were told that Tan Sri TKP donated RM200k but no evidence right. This is defamation you know…………………..

  102. Anonymous says:

    very disappointed with PAS.

  103. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-er :
    “There is no genuine empathy for others.”

    Only bathetic cum hate speech, fully legitimized only for some political people and never others. No need to fudge the Bubur cha cha and mince words any more.

    The shame that’s fully exposed in the Internet Era to the whole world. Complete worldwide fulat again O basi Rais. Eat your heart out over the little that the US States Dept. has said!

  104. Orang Cherdik says:

    Habis lah Anwar
    Tuduhan kes liwat
    Amerika nak campur
    Tapi dah lewat

    Nak tuduh Najib
    Sendiri busuk
    Nak tuduh Pak Lah
    Sekarang habis lah

  105. myview says:

    PAS can trust UMNO ? UMNO’s people could kill it’s own people, how on earth UMNO is going to sayang-sayang PAS. PAS should never never forget what UMNO’s government did to Trengganu when PAS took the state before. UMNO cut the oil royalty. When UMNO wrested back the state it ousted some administrators ( not even PAS ) and place them with UMNo members. I talked to one high ranking UMNO members from Kelantan, he cursed and belitted NIK Aziz. Someone up there said Chinese is greedy, I think UMNO guys are greedier, and in many ways have cheated the Malays of their land. Don’t ever forget how insulted the menteri Besar of Kelantan by not inviting him in one of the state’s big events once.

    I see UMNO as sombong, angkuh and at one time a tyrant party. If you are a Malay, would you take a Malay drug pusher, murderer, robber, cheater etc to be your friend just because he is a Malay ?

    All along UMNO wants to kill PAS. They plant moles in PAS and Keadilan, sent police to Muslim’s gathering like mosques and suraus to spy on them, trying to make people believe that PAS is linked to Al-Qaeda.

    Many years go I told several friends that UMNO will fight among themselves and they will fight very hard. Najib’s fight with Anwar may end soon when Anwar is put in jail, but his fight never end. he may have to fight with other UMNO members who want him down. 2 yeras later Pak Lah will sit back and look at Najib and laugh the loudest.

    Two weeks ago while at hospital waiting for a doctor, one elderly Indian lady pointed out at Bala’s picture in my Star paper saying “..mana pergi orang ini…INI KES BESAR PUNYA..” The plain old lady’s whisper echoes many millions Malaysian. INI KES BESAR PUNYA….INI KES BESAR PUNYA…

    Ini Kes UMNO punya.

  106. Rakyat Malaysia says:


  107. izzatdin says:

    Semua nak besarkan isu ni. Benda yang asalnya bertujuan baik, dipusing2kan untuk memburukkan UMNO balik. Biasalah golongan2 macam ni, tu jelah kerja, sentiasa mencari kesilapan dan kalau takda kesilapan, akan direka satu berdasarkan point yang ada sekarang.

  108. kitasama says:

    Perak govt PR led by minority PAS MB. BN govt led by minority PM/MB ? MALAYSIAN UNITY.

  109. wits0 says:

    Put it simply, “unity” that’s intended as a means to bully and oppress others contains little of morality or ethics. As such, over time, such “unity” must swing around to consume its own true believers with all that’s rather ill.

  110. Anak Malaysia says:

    don’t believe most of the things that we have heard from the press, especially if it comes from a BN-led media!

    I’m not denying that a meeting has been held between PAS-UMNO but somehow, I do believe that the whole issue here has been blown out of proportions in the same “malaysia boleh” kind of spirit of the BN led g’vmt.

    They have the tendencies to go overboard by assuming the role of the police, the judge and the executioneer’s all in the same time. Not only PAS, but we as the rakyat also have got a role to play. Know thy enemy. As far as I’m concerned, UMNO and BN has got two very effective trump cards to be used. Anytime. Anywhere. Any place… The first one is racial’s issue and the second one is about religion. It’s our duty as a rakyat, not to dance to the tune when this racial and religious trump card is being played each time.

    If we want to start talking about Malaysian Unity, it must first come from us. Dont expect anything from the current government as their very own survival very much depends on these two issues. We must first acknowledge our differences and have mutual respect for each other.

    Until we actually try to bridge the current racial divide, the Malaysian Unity, at best will remain just as an elusive dream.

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