A new online paper will hit the cyber space come this August. It’s called THE NUT GRAPH. Though a new kid on the blog, it will be run by experienced, well known and award winning journalists.

Two of its main team players include former SUN journalists Jacqueline Ann Surin and Cindy Tam, who co-founded Malaysian Votes before the March 8 electoral Tsunami. Others include experienced editors and also a former journalist from Malaysiakini.com, who also used to work for BBC Chinese.

It’s crispy tagline “making sense of politics and pop culture” promises new junkies a wider spectrum of news and commentaries, perhaps more indepth analysis (?), and seem to promise its readers that it will help “connect the dots”.

For those who are not familiar with the term ‘Nut Graph’, in journalistic lingo, it is the (one or more) paragraph(s) that expressed the gist of the story, shortly after the lead. It’s news written in feature style, and can be more descriptive and even more analytical.

Perhaps, it can be a refreshing departure from the hard core news we are fed every day and night, whether mainstream or alternative, print, broadcast or online.

I am looking forward to The Nut Graph. The more views, the better, the more chances we have of arriving at the truth.


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  1. peace brother says:

    Looking forward to THE NUT GRAPH, meantime will not buy the paper as suggested earlier. Thanks

  2. wits0 says:

    Whatever graph it comes out with will not cause me to buy it.

  3. azisirikit says:

    Free OK lah…

  4. justicescales says:

    wits0: u r truly a zero. azisirikit: what a cheapo u r. Both of u passing judgment without reading it first. Talk about blind prejudice or just plain cheapskate.

  5. That’s great news. Looking forward to it.

    Since our local news are controlled by the Government, only blogs will tell the truth. Only feel sorry for those who don’t read blogs and only believe in the local newspaper.

    Just wondering: If the Government tells the people not to believe in SMS’s and Blogs, why did they take it so seriously to create massive traffic jams by instructing the police to put up road blocks everywhere? Anyone who can throw some light on this ridiculous act by the Govt and police?

  6. wits0 says:

    justicescales, you love calling people negative very readily don’t U? Not all “prejudices” are necessarily unwarranted. Only the pc self anoited crowd jumps for that everytime.

  7. AAB says:

    I hope it is not an AMENO project like the Malaysian Insider which is an extension of the NST. I also hope that it is not what Malaysia Votes was and wanted to be. Malaysia Votes was a useless blog financed by KJ and it flopped, so they left it. No body will consume the hogwash of AMENO and its Ali Baba writers.

  8. Francis Ng says:

    It’s great to know we are going to have more informed news. Thanks for the info…that makes my day. Have a good day!

  9. bamboo river says:

    So far the only news that I really read are from this blog,Kicker,MT and a few ‘neutral’ blogs.
    On MSM, I used them as references to gauge the neutrality and transparencies of the gomen.Till now the MSM are yet up to our expectations. But can’t help myself not reading Tunku Abdul Aziz’s column on Sunday Times.

  10. sklee says:

    Thank you Susan for the info.Waiting eagerly for the launch in August.Yet another online paper ia a definite plus for the alternative media!

  11. tenny says:

    not the best name, but any alternative media will be most welcome.

  12. kate says:

    I would go online to check it out but I would keep a close eye on any sign of ‘brainwashing’, though. I liked Jacqueline Ann Surin’s ‘Open letter to the PM’ but she killed whatever respect I had for her with that puerile, lame report on what she did one Saturday afternoon while the Bersih rally was on.
    Thanks for the info, Susan.

  13. Maybes says:

    Hope it won’t go NUT….

  14. justicescales says:

    ya wits0 go bury yourself under ur tempurung.. go buy the msm and dun support the blogs

  15. Heya, it’s interesting to hear how a theory is that KJ was behind Malaysia Votes! How intriguing indeed.

    Jacqueline Ann Surin and Cindy Tham, who are behind The Nut Graph are really very genuine souls who are on a mission for justice. I did a video interview with them recently, and if you’re interested, watch it here – http://thebackpackr.com/the-dynamic-duo-from-the-nut-graph/

    Cheers, and may justice for Malaysia prevail!

  16. Ruhani Rabin says:

    Just expecting some fair information from Nut Graph.. Everyone Can make stories.. Only few can deliver the bare truth.. 🙂

  17. paul says:

    Wow. Very Good news. Thanks for the info susan. At least we can read more up dates of news and events than waiting for media reports mostly on routine leaders talk, talk only. Perhaps The Nut Graph be launched Malaysia Day, eh.

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