He was brought to court and charged for criminal defamation against the Deputy Prime Minister’s wife Rosmah Mansor, but refused to enter a plea, whether guilty or not. The cops went for him because he claimed that he was reliably informed that Rosmah was at the crime scene when Altantuya Shariibuu was blown to bits by C4 explosives in October 2006.

His arrest and charge came a day following the arrest of Anwar Ibrahim, who has also been challenging the government and making allegations which linked Rosmah’s husband Najib Tun Razak to the murder of Altantuya.

He refused to plead anything as he said the charges against him were both “defective and malafide”. He then posted bail at RM2,000, and was freed.

“I’m in the mood to f*** the government. What more do you want me to say?” That’s what he said when he was released.

That’s Raja Petra Kamaruddin, the people’s hero all the way!

Yesterday, I said:

Is this the deal that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had to agree to, in order to secure his position as prime minister until 2010?

If Najib Tun Razak were given a choice, he would want the seat sooner. But Najib has crap on his head. And so, I am sure that negotiations have taken place, and as it turns out, it is a win-win situation for both. They have shifted their burden unto two individuals courageous enough to challenge the status quo.

So the deal would be deflect – transfer – and divert:

First was the arrest of Anwar Ibrahim, and now Raja Petra Kamaruddin, for criminal defamation. The latter has to report to IPK, KL, tomorrow.

Both personalities have targetted Najib Tun Razak, the “PM-in-Waiting”, for allegedly being involved in the Altantuya Shariibuu murder.

127 responses »

  1. Harrison says:

    Malaysia under Hitler. The worst surrealistic nightmare. This is the dead of democracy.

  2. eeyaw says:

    Malaysia is in a hurry to leap frog down to alphabet ‘Z” as in Zimbabwe! Bodoh is following chedet’s footstep!

  3. hasilox says:

    New title recipients in town!
    ThanSwee Badawi
    SiFor Najib

  4. kittykat46 says:

    Why hasn’t Najib been arrested yet ?

  5. Yang says:

    The only way to end all these is to take over the present government, replace the IGP and AG, investigate and prosecute fairly the guilty ones which will most likely ends up having the present #2 found guilty and the #1 found hindering justice and put behind bars. If this doesn’t happen soon, you and I know how all this is going to end!

  6. Harrison says:


    I am sure you meant (General) Than Swee of SLORC. Malaysia has really turned into a draconian, police state. The only way to redress democracy is to call in for the UN interference. Plaese, please George Walker Bush, bring your marines here.
    I almost spent the whole day negating my day-works on the developments.

  7. clearwater says:

    To clear his name, Najib should sue RPK in civil court for defamation. That is, if Najib is innocent and without blame. To use the police and the AG office to harass RPK is a desperate act of a desperate man. The Malaysian public will decipher the truth their own way, having lost all faith in the impartiality of enforcement agencies. Justice in Malaysia has once again proved itself selective and controlled by those in power. It has been a sad week for truth and liberty in Malaysia. Parliament lockdown, DSAI’s arrest and now RPK’s impending arrest, all despicable acts of those corrupted by power.

  8. fergie says:

    Too much “cover-up” causing this paranoia. Guilty parties fear the truth is emerging so they have to silence the “accusers”. Abuse of power is rampant in Malaysia. We minions are at their mercy. Tragic. Hope opposition supporters act wisely. Don’t want emergency law imposed else all we have worked for will be in vain.

  9. Ahmad says:

    Well, what do you expect from criminals and murderers (Najis and co.)? You think they will quit and simply go away? This is not about Anwar or RPK but about us and our children. We better fight and fight hard and leave a message to history and to future generations that we have resisted evil.

  10. Let’s pray that things will not become worse before they become better
    Since there are already far too many issues concerning basic bread and butter
    But when we all sit down to analyse the question “What’s really the matter?”
    Let’s tackle the crux of the matter without making anyone getting fatter

    (C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 160708
    Wed. 16th July 2008.

  11. AHoo says:

    So how low can they go ? They may be able to take him captive for now with some ‘ creative charges ‘ but they cannot take away the spirit of the rakyat that know the truth from lies. One is not guilty till proven and why arrest someone just because they pose a threat or a thorn in the flesh ?

    With such a govt today, we will be blessed with sufferings till kingdom come. That’s the choice so many east malaysians made or was it the work of some genius who know how to manipulate people’s choice ?

  12. kesava says:

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng (17:32:05) : Let’s pray that things will not become worse before they become better

    Anwar was right on TV last night when he said things are going to get much worse in 2/3 months time because of BN policies.

  13. JeyS says:

    I am lost for words…..

    DAMN Sick BN!!!! they have totally floored all of us.

    On serious note, they must be scared shit to have done this.

    What crap is that they arrested AI bcos they thought he was not coming to IPK HQ???? DUH to THE FULLEST.They really taking us for idiots more and more la. Then go on by saying he (AI) was suppose to come to IPK straight after Putrajaya ACA. Pls la he was suppose to be there by 2!!! He was on his way. Since when police think??? They do everything without thinking!

    Tired la with these ********$$&&&###……all the names u can find la!

    Sorry susan, no offense ok (on the swearing)

  14. blog? says:

    sending your frustration and comments to this blog or any other blog won’t help change the goven. People!!!! ACTION NOW!!!!! and stop harping…..anyone dare?? Think……maybe there is another way or Is There???

  15. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    ….And now our Blogger icon YM RPK to be arrested “again” TOMORROW,,,when they are having their “Hands Full” with DSAI’s arrest TODAY !

    May God continue to “Bless & Protect” our YM RPK, Marina & family including DSAI, YB Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Azizah & family against the Evil Scumbag Traitors of this nation.

    Monday 14th July 2008 Was the beginning of a “Black & Sad” day for K.L, Malaysia & its Downtrodden rayaat !

    This ridiculous DAILY Political “Cat & Mouse” saga will be the “Mother” of BN, UMNO & UMNOputra’s FOLLY l

    With the Powers-that-be still in “Denial” & maintaining their “Auto-Pilot Self-Destruct” mode path there is nothing much more that our new MPs, State Leaders, Aduns, Intellectuals, including DSAI, etc can do to change their “Paradigm”.

    Their motto has been, is still & will always be “Heads I win, Tails you Lose!”

    Maybe we should just give them more rope to hang themselves at every turn towards their Auto-Pilot “Self-Destruct” mode path !

    To all my fellow God fearing, Law abiding, Tax paying, Peace Loving Malaysians, please stay COOL & Do Not fall in their TRAP !

    Just reposition yourself & family, fasten your seatbelts Tight, be UNITED to ride this Political Tsunami & the fast approaching Financial Tsunami !

    Have no Fear….Have Faith as God will continue to “Bless & Protect” the Malaysian rayaat & their “True Defenders of Justice & Freedom for Malaysia & all Malaysians”.

    I have a Dream…..& we shall overcome soon….Insha Allah !

  16. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    The police never has the urgency to capture the kidnappers of Nurin

    They came in full force to arrest Anwar who was willing to go to the police station. The ultimatum was 2.00pm not 12.55pm.

    I guess the police cannot tell time !

  17. […] excuse this painfully lame can only point to there being greater conspiracies afoot – I am still trying to find the truth; there is much haze… Also: full support for […]

  18. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    If both Datuk Seri Anwar & Raja Petra are jailed in there will be a GREAT CURSE TO BARISAN NASIONAL, PAK DOLLAH, NAJIB & HIS POLICE GANGS…

    As we all Malaysian now pray for blessing for DSAI & RPK and none are praying for these two hooligans…

    God send a signal this morning… a crying rain for the injustice of Malaysia goverment and we will all wait for the rainbow ..God’s Power…

  19. […] ***UPDATE 2 – 7.27PM*** Check Susan Loone for more updates on Anwar’s arrest and RPK’s impending one tomorrow. […]

  20. NO says:


  21. Rakyat Malaysia says:



  22. Dr. Rosli says:

    I think, we are fast becoming a state under emergency rule. The Government of Abdullah Badawi is laying the pretexts and if Pakatan Rakyat and it supporters are not careful in dealing with the situations and play to their tunes, it may fall into the government’s trap.

    The arrest of DSAI is an act of provocation. Once DSAI’s supporters come down to the street as what happened 10 years ago (when Queen Elizabeth was here to officially open the Commonwealth Games), it will one too many reasons for the state of emergency to be declared. With support for the Abdullah Badawi government is dwindling by the day, the declaration of the state of emergency is a life-saver.

  23. Ctizen Me says:

    In Zimbabwe, too, a former President by the name Banana faced an Anwar when he showed an interest in the Presidency.

  24. Noor Aza Othman says:

    First Anwar, now RPK! The Nazi Umno and Gestapo police don’t like justice being defended for the sake of rakyat’s good! Barbaric criminals including rapists and murderers get off scot-free many times; where even unfortunate Altantuya’s murderers and possible rapists are confident about being freed eventually since they talk about “performing Haj” if freed! And yet these Nazis Umno leaders keep describing this is what Malay-Islamic civilization is supposed to be about under their so-called progressive what-the-heck-is “Islam Hadhari” civilization!! But hang on there dear brave Anwar and RPK! Both of you have set such new chapters, and progressive ones, in Malaysian history in this sorry nation-state!

    Noor Aza Othman.

  25. Menyalak-er says:

    Oh yeah this was ‘thoughtfully’ engineered right!? Panic button reaction!
    State of emergency applies only when their ‘expected’ happens.
    They’ve got DSAI and are “getting” RPK. Evil is limited and cannot cope with good surprises… MM is too fossilized to advice najis properly…
    PR and all rabble-rousers must stay calm, get 24Hr watchers on IPK and inside info. Time for some MPs’ to cross the parliament floor especially the unexpected ones (assuming of course they are good-guys). Must have faith our YDP Agung, ‘cos judiciary and excecutive already koyaked…
    As DSAI himself says, its gonna to take some time to play out.., even ‘Sivaji the Boss’ took 2 hrs. right? Soon… soon…

  26. shweta says:


  27. peru says:

    malulah aku dengan tindak-tanduk AMNO. manalah nak taruk muka-muka si mic & mca & gerakan & ppp dll. tahu abang salah tapi apa boleh buat. paham-paham ajelah.

  28. allen ng says:

    What a co-incidence! Arresting Anwar today and RPK to be charged tomorrow must be a big joke,right?

  29. bamboo river says:

    Just becareful with people in your league.
    They had started to do the sweeping. Someone among them are already started to show their true colors. Friends or traitors?

  30. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Dear Noor Aza Othman, you made many credible points on your take of your (19:51:38) posting.

    On The Royal Police Commission findings on police misconducts has established variation of police abuse-of-power and other misdeeds. Instead of conducting their duties without fear or favour in maintaining peace and order with prompt evenhanded actions, they are the criminals that we fear more than the hoodlums on the streets.

    I am thinking of another theory since Pak Lah publicly announced his transfer of power to Najib in 2010. The Question is whether is he is still in charge now?

  31. Anonymous says:

    the dark side has come today. Malaysia is ging to be rule by the dark side. like in myanmar, zimbawee

  32. paloi says:

    that stupid kj ask for anwar’s dna, may i ask what for? I think Chemistry Dept PJ still have Anwar DNA profile from 98 case. Maybe kj want to cucuk that dna in sepol bontot hahaha

  33. JeyS says:

    You know bamboo river,may he/she be friend or traitor..the truth is sometimes very hard for them to swallow. Thats BN’s trademark mah.

    Tell me the truth…..but please lace it before you tell me ok…BN style

    WHO likes being told the truth??? If you are fearful…then you have to worry.

  34. ben says:

    As we wait anxiously for this uncertain time, read Post Apocalypse

  35. Time to act says:

    On this particular point, should the BN wishes to stay in power have a fair and clean fight. Don’t use all the dirty tricks and lies to hold on to power…..patience has a limit. When the wealth of this nation has dried up, the true revolution will begin, either on the streets or by the ballot box…either way, the people want a change. All corrupted and evil doers must be brought to trial without mercy.
    A taste of their own medicine but, with a just and fair judiciary.

  36. JOECOOL says:

    I’ve been overwhelmed by this feeling of numbness ever since i heard about the arrest..and the police giving such a stupid excuse….honestly folks how long are we going to articulate in the blogs? Pretty words …but no action! How much longer must we pretend that there is light at the end of the tunnel? Believe me folks they’ve hypnotised us for the past 50 years…and chances are that they will do so for another 50 years to come..yeah that the naked truth….whether you like it or not!!! People like the Bar Council and others with some degree of influence should find ways to restore justice and sanity to this country. Another option would be to seek an audience with the King by our representative…ex-ministers,judges & other influential but ‘clean’ people who share our plight…to present the TRUTH. Really folks i hate to say this…its high time we act…not just continue writing!!

  37. Kenny Gan says:


    I agree we all have to act. Another 10 years of BN corrupted rule and we’ll be sliding down to ZImbabwe standard. No need to wait another 50 years.

    All BN MPs who care about the country should jump ship now and let PR take over the govt. We are dealing with a very immoral govt. who will do anything to cling on to power, even oppressing the rakyat. Waiting for the next G.E. may be too late.

  38. Menyalak-er says:

    Sdr Joecool,
    You just hit the nail on the head! Precisely no action! Now go see what Sdr. Haris Ibrahim & Gang are saying… Remember “passive resistance”…, no hot-headed stuff! Tie that with Marvin Gayes “what’s going on?” Now scoot, and lets talk about it NOW…

  39. ANg Kong says:

    ppl, be cool…. didn’t DSAI says he will show his triumph card sometime in september to tip the balance in the house of parliament ?

    at most, he will be in jail for a mere 2 months before his sentence is overturned in a ‘true court’ in the presence of the coming new government.

    the po-lice said they have reasons to believe tht DSAI would not turn up….. mind sharing those reasons with us ? or was it bcoz najid said so. This Musa guy fought for the rights of his fellow policemen when he bcame the no.1 mata, he seemed like an ok guy first. Musa ah Musa, resign lah and tell the world the truth, tell us how u were forced to do things under duress (seem like a popular word lately) etc etc

    state of emergency? dun be silly lah…. this wont happen.

  40. apapunboleh says:

    Seig Heil Badawi !!!!!
    Seig Heil Najib !!!!!
    Seig Heil BN !!!!!

    You guys are no better than Hitler!

  41. citizenken says:

    dirty goverment, they wont let him out so soon, no bail, detention for another 14 days. they wont let him campaign the election, they will drag past sept 16 and say “look Anwar ‘s lying””no takeover by sept 16” “he is a liar cannot be trusted and dont hope he can keep his promise on fuel price reduction”
    najib and badawi make a pact on handover, the agree to be in unison to attack anwar and defend UMNO BN from being topple. the BN govt is getting unpopular each day, desperate sensitive to perception of the rakyat. day by day..they are commit blunder, now they will try to hide all embrassment… by slowing streamyx, hacking popular alternative news in the net.


  42. Dear RPK,
    The righteousness of truth predates to the prophets.Truth instill fears to the guilty.So do not fear truth but fear not telling the truth!
    May your walk to the hall of justice emboldened you with truths!!
    I know , you and I and majority of Malaysians loves this beloved country of ours promised on prosperity and brotherhood,may you be blessed with the strength of your conviction on truths!
    you will always be in our prayers with this sorrowful tears for Malaysia!

  43. Daryl says:

    This is conspiracy either you like it or not. UMNO can deny them but all the eveidence and timing is there. You can fool rakyat for 50 years but I hope you cannot fool them for another five years.

    Hopefully, PR already have the PDRM officers line up to take over from this UMNO security guard officers when they come to power.

  44. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    cinta Malaysia,

    The point you say is absolutely true but only if this is England or Australia where truth normally prevails. Ever heard of the quote that “History is written by winners?” 😉 This is BOLEHLAND 😉

  45. Julian says:

    I don’t get it. Why would the police arrest someone who gives info? Does that mean that the people should only give evidence if it does not implicate the leaders? Crap.

  46. You have every reason to remain being strong
    When you are neither guilty nor in the wrong
    You can still go on to sing your own theme song
    From coast to coast the whole day and night long

    (C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 170708
    Thu. 17th July 2008.

  47. AxedCIA says:

    Dont you guys be fooled by RPK! How could he call himself an “independant” when he was obviously our “tool” to help Anwar become PM? Damn that fool did it again!

  48. HOHO says:

    Dear Susan,
    I think we need to bring awareness of these mess to all our rakyat. Vote them out! Note down whatever shit they said and let “Kamar” rewards them. No More BN (Barisan Nuts)!!

  49. bamboo river says:

    The most important factor now is not to create any problem that will give the cops the excuse to act. Their strategy is to round up all the main players and leave the downline to fend for themselves.As advised by Anwar, remain calm.
    Go back and plan the next move. It must work for the first time and no other option. Political action that is.
    Riot and unnecessary public disorder will only trap ourselves.
    Roadblocks already initiated. Just be on alert and keep your ears and eyes open.
    BTW Jeys,
    In friendship , truth is pain, in politics, truth is medicine.

  50. amoker says:

    What is the probability that the 2 biggest thorn in the UMNO’s flesh is arrested on the same day? If by natural justice, highly not probable.

  51. kesava says:

    And once they get charged, pics of Najib with Altantunya should hit the streets.

  52. JAMES LOW says:

    Are these law enforces, citizens protectors or are they cartoons? They seemed to serve only the BN goons. Whilst the RAKYAT is being treated like baboons, their leaders suffer incarceration in locked-up rooms. Let’s send all fabricaters of crimes and murderers to gaol or boot them into the far corners of the moon.

  53. peace brother says:

    Our wawasan 2020 have being just flush down the loo hole, so the next time you see big generator set in the street bearing the 2020 logo think of the loo hole! boleh Malaysia.

  54. OBSERVER says:

    I hope the dud Kevin Rudd is reading the news from CNN,BBC and
    other news agencies about current affairs in Bolehland. Very grandly said democracy is flourishing here. Rudd next time don’t open your mouth .

  55. Sagaladoola says:

    My writing on this issue:
    Now, Anwar Released, Raja Petra Arrested and Charged !


  56. tamade says:

    The Bolehland Police should arrest Mahafiraun and Tajuddin A R for their seditious remarks instead of going after RPK. We are still waiting for the police to charge them. There should be no discrimination. Or elws, Syed Hamid, Wan Farid, Musa and Ghani must quit.

    These two flurs are trying to stir up racial sentiments, this is TREASON, and they should be detained under ISA and be sent to Kamunting Camp.

    As for RPK, he did not do such thing. In fact ,all this while he is trying very hard to create harmony among all the people in Bolehland. He should be given credits instead.

    He is a man of great conscience, and he wants to see the master mind and the murderer of Mongoilian woman being punished for their crime, so what’s wrong with that? After all, every Rakyat in Bolehland wants to know who is the master mind behind all these. If RPK had exposed the real identity of the killers, the police should investigate and charge them, why nab RPK, the whistle blower?

    But, they act as though they are the body guards of DPM and his wife. The DPM and his wife should file a defamation suit against RPK, why the police did it for them? Very fishy and weird, isn’t it?

    You people out there still think the Rakyat is stupid? No more.

    Ironically, the acts of the police and Bolehland Ministers are the true catalysts which enhance the true spirit of Democracy and Freedom in this country and in the heart of the Rakyat, which will pose another bigger tsunami in the future for the corrupt elites and their party.

    Yes, God is Great.

  57. The PM- in- waiting must be snickering up his sleeves now that the attention has been diverted to focus on DSAI abd RPK.
    But we are not going to let it be cloudy, so I now shout : WHERE IS BALA NOW? IS HE STILL ALIVE? HAS HE BEEN C-FOURED?

  58. malaysia born says:

    “……is a win-win situation for both”

    Did Malaysia won anything with that deal? The whole arrangement suited two personalities. What about the other 24 million? Doesn’t they matter?

  59. Harrison says:

    I rarely read most comments but Tamade has always leave interesting points to be ponder.

    “He is a man of great conscience, and he wants to see the master mind and the murderer of Mongoilian woman being punished for their crime, so what’s wrong with that? After all, every Rakyat in Bolehland wants to know who is the master mind behind all these. If RPK had exposed the real identity of the killers, the police should investigate and charge them, why nab RPK, the whistle blower?”- Tamade

    Yeah, you certainly made some good points here. Taking into the accounts of RPK himself that the Police cannot be trusted alleging that the now CID Director who assaulted him has not been charged based on RPK’s police report back in 2001.

    Now, the Jugge presiding the Altantuya’s murder trial has rejected the admissibility of SD1 and SD2 (retraction of certain subjects and matters) as suspected prior that Bala’s was unscrupulous and of course we know that the Government is behind this to protect certain powerhouse.

    Of course this is Bolehland, in other 1st World counties the course of action will be to establish a RCI to investigate why Bala retracted his 1st Statutory Declaration who he claimed of deposing it under duress, an act which defies any sorts of sane logics

    1) His (1st)lawyer claimed that he took 2 months to draft the contents of the 1st SD.

    2) He did not show a slightest sign of duress within the time-bracket of executing his 1st SD to the time he walks out of the PKR office.

    3) He was called by the police station and the later day came SD2 whom Bala claimed of being dispensing it under duress.

    4) Later he(Bala) is in foreign soil. Why must he run for cover when it is clearly
    not Anwar Ibrahim who is behind his withdrawal of his 1st SD?

    The inference to be gained among other crucial uninvestigated hypothesis including why the Presiding Judge of the Altantuya’s murder trial has not order an investigation of the erasure of travel records by Altantuya’s friend reflects there is ostensibly a cover-up to protect certain important person/s in this case.

  60. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    How did hairy know that Anwar should give a DNA unless he is the one who ochestrared the whole thing?

    20 or 50 minutes … it makes no difference lah! If the police can give an ultimatum and not abide in it how?

    Can’t they wait 20 or 50 minutes longer… it also makes no difference mah?

    Furk lah

  61. Crankshaft says:

    OBSERVER (13:11:15) , about Kevin Rudd saying democracy is flourishing – perhaps he meant we’re no more sitting down like idiots and doing nothing. This time we’re discussing issues and protesting the abuse by the government.

    Initially, I was quite irritated as well, but my colleague opened my mind to it. Don’t let the mainstream media twist the original words.

  62. wkp says:

    It is another political game all directed by the most idiot government actors, right from the bodehwi, dpm, monkey of the HA, the police force and all the bunch of idiot fools.
    We just keep enjoy watching this political game until the NEW and UNSUSPECTED political tsunami comes one day, who knows?

  63. What a joke! says:

    SYED HAMID said DNA don’t lie, then Botak head lie then. Who can trust police anymore? all controlled by government ministry since 50 years ago. All government servants praise their government like their saviour. Please bring foreign investigator to conduct their own investigation and give them fully access to all the evidence collected. We need more transparency how government agency handle the matter, otherwise, no one going to believe Anwar is guilty or innocent. Some how, certain monkey brain BN MP do believed Anwar was involved in doing such thing, in that case those BN MP whom accused Anwar must be the culprit behind all the allegation. Police should investigate them too. How would they know Anwar really did it? seem like they know the truth quicker than police.

  64. Abdul says:

    Gunny Pathell tried to fabricate “evidence” but one judge told him off, does that mean the Lingam appointed judges are getting fewer or fearful?

  65. ANg Kong says:

    I have nothing against RPK/DSAI. I just wish all parties stop pointing the middle finger at each other. This has dragged long enough, stop playing cat and mouse, it is time to drop the ‘atomic bomb’. If u have the evidence to sufficiently put someone away for good. Please, this is the time to show your hand. Although this fiasco is exciting for us all, there has been little progress in term of substantial physical evidence. It’s all ‘say you, say me’… reminds me of a song by Lionel Richie!

  66. kesava says:

    Raja Petra freed
    Magistrate says charge incomplete, according to Suara Keadilan. Well, well, well, is this a black eye for the AG or what? Anyway, thank God he is out – for now – until the A-G can come up with something else. Brave magistrate, though!

    Raja Petra dibebaskan, hakim setuju pertuduhan tidak lengkap

    KUALA LUMPUR, 17, Julai (SK)-Hakim Mahkamah Majestrit hari ini bersetuju untuk mengatakan bahawa pertuduhan keatas Raja Petra Kamarudin adalah tidak lengkap.

    Beliau akan dibebakan sehingga Peguam Negara meminda dan membuat satu lagi pertuduhan baru keatas beliau.


  67. WallingtonRob says:



  68. BobbyNZ says:

    Everyone please, I am here to say a few words about RPK. My blogs on his website have been erased. So much about “No Holds Barred”! My foot! He is just a phoney maverick, a crony of Anwar. He even changes his mind on his pleas in court (after being advised by Anwar?) His phoney SDs is a joke in the western world!

  69. ExCIA says:

    We are experts in fabricating lies like going to war with Iraq. So we give free advice to Anwar to claim “fabrication of lies” against him as the best defence for now. And our propaganda machinery will support him all the way.

  70. nikmj says:

    RPK, I know you are so brave enough to talk openly, but then you have to realize that the Malaysian style democracy is is not up to date… As such I advise you to to prepare for the consequences bcoz what you said in your SD could bring you into deep shit …


  71. frust says:

    People, if there is unrest or riot, can the Rakyat sue the Government for causing it. Mahati would be very happy to see chaos now so he could escape his Lingamgate case. Be calm people, dont fall into BN trap. The May 13 now is withing UMNO – BN/Malays vs Malays. The Bar Council – pls do the needful. Do the walk with Anwar & RPK.

  72. rpk4pm says:

    This Bodowi, Jib and Mid deserve to be fcuked by every rakyat in Bolehland, but I transfered my right to you for all the hassles these fcukers caused to you.

    You deserve to fcuk them cukup. Enjoy yourself RPK.

  73. frust says:

    Sick and tired of all these BN crap and post Mahatarism style. Bodowi no balls Najis alot of shit (najis) to wipe, so Mahatir had to poke his nose into the current PM administeration. Things changed drastically after Mahatir met Najib in secret meeting (PM Bodowi really bodoh to allow his deputy to meet his villain predecessor). I believe stronly that the 2 arrest of our beloved RPK and Ang war is the brainchild of our Mahatir and he is the mastermind because our PM Bodowi has lost his “sail” and direction and doesnt know what to do now (to be a bad guy or a good guy). Now he just let his ship steer on its own fate. He says “you guys fight-lah, nothing to do with me. The only way, BN step down gracefully and give PR a chance to steer the ship. Because BN people have too much shits in them, that is why use dirty tactics now and suppress the truths. Mahathir, Najib & Badowi all have cases so cant take action against each other and therefore equals to no justice to Malaysians. Only Opposition can bring the truth and justice to the rakyat and the country. Detox our justiciary system before reform is possible. RPK & Anwar, u r sacrificing your lives for the rakyat, we are 101% behind you.You have our support all the way.Stay cool and be strong and calm and tough..the tough gets going the goings get tougher.
    Allah be with you.

  74. ahlifikir says:

    Apa kata kita ramai-ramai berkumpul dipejabat BPR untuk berdemonstrasi
    dan memberi sokongan untuk BPR menyiasat penyalahgunaan kuasa
    oleh PDRM dan AG. Kalau selama ini kerajaan melarang orang ramai
    berdemonstrasi untuk menentang kerajaan, kali ni mereka tak boleh larang
    kerana kita menyokong BPR membuat siasatan.
    Kalau BPR boleh menyiasat Immigration, kenapa PDRM & AG tak boleh?
    Kita akan sokong.

  75. artemus22 says:

    Berani kerana benar, that’s why Raja Petra is not afraid of any syaitan.

  76. 2 cents says:

    MT site down again…. 😦

  77. Mirage says:

    Anonymous said…

    Why the PeeM and DPeeM must go now because these lairs who blocked and spin… in the MSM of the non-existent Oil Subsidies and hike the fuels prices to revenge against the Rakyats for their Poll Defeats in losing the 5 States & 2/3 majority in Parliament, cannot rule for long as they have destroyed the BN and lost the trust of all the Rakyats??? This is why Tun Dr. Mahathir is always correct, they the cancerous dual must be removed by surgical knife immediately internally or externally.

    Why the Malaysian Police is more interested in the allegation of DSAI than those against of DPeeM Najeeb??? … And to arrest the RPK and to charge him with criminal defamation is not the work of the Malaysian Police because the defamed person should sue RPK …??? Why should the Malaysian Police IGP, AG & Botak Home Minister did the bidding for the DPeeM??? They have conspired to twist facts and cook up false evidences against RPK, because they need to tell the World that the PeeM and the DPeeM are not lying & that their conspiracy to protect the murderers & block justices would not create liars out of them with their MSM spins from their spin doctors therein.

    Also, why hasn’t the police found the source from where did the C4 came from and the culprit C4 expert who placed the charges and detonated the C4 on the Mongolian Woman, there could not be many real sources of the C4 and nor are there many C4 experts in Malaysia unless there is a conspiracy to cover up. Also, the Immigration Entry record of Altantuya’s coming into Malaysia was deleted but the Police did not get the Immigration Personnel Culprit who has had the access into the Immigration Computerized System for the Entry Records to have done this … there could not be many who have authorized access to these Entry Records.
    Is the Malaysia Police really that incompetent in the Murder investigations or but in reality cowed to be the Coward to protect and cover up for the high and mighty Power that be of the real motives of this heinous criminal conspiracy.

    The Malaysian Police (seem) to know how to bully the ordinary citizens fighting for their basic rights like fighting for the access road in Cheras and also bullying the ordinary citizens who recently protested the fuels price hikes, which did have a domino effect resulting in price hikes in foods and essentials, which should not have been hiked in the first place as well because Malaysia is the nett producer and exporter of Crude Oil and we should be enjoying the windfall profits from Crude Oil like all Oil Producers and Exporters if the Country’s resources are not badly mis-managed by the greedy, ..incompetent & moronic … high ranking BN politician who helm the BN Government to hike the fuels prices not out of necessity but out of greed … (eroding) the Malaysian Citizens of their Purchasing Power & reasonable cost of livelihood – (perhaps) in revenge for their GE12’s losses to the opposition?.

    … stop the rot now otherwise Malaysia’s wealth could be decimated in no time…

    We must all give our full support to DSAI and RPK the brave-man among all the cowardice of the BN Government with their tools the AG, IGP, Home Minister Botak and the tainted judiciary who could be biased in the trials against both the accused. If the trials in courts are biased then the whole World would condemn & boycott the Malaysian Government for their evil deeds for good.

  78. peace brother says:

    RPK you are an true inspiration to so many down to earth malaysian today, what ever you do there will be many of us around here to support you, and by the way ignore people like idoit BobbyNZ.

  79. Mat Krepot says:

    This is what happened when a country is rule by a corrupt govt. police and judiciary, fears and unrest to the citizens.

  80. caravanserai says:

    The rules of the game
    It benefits the drivers
    More than the walkers
    This is Malaysia police system
    Bidding by the political warlords
    Suppressing the Rakyat rights

    When SD is made
    The named persons should be investigated
    No half truths or giving special courtesy
    No one is above the law
    Yet in this political equation
    The ruling elite seems obvious

    RPK stands on his ground
    The true gentleman never wavers
    In-spite of forces stack on him
    He fights it back on his terms
    Believing what he reported is the truth
    Unless the police can proof otherwise

    The PM and his deputy must be investigated
    No such thing as granting favors
    Nobody can bypass the rule of law
    But here it is not happening

    The black dogs never dare
    Only barking on the walkers
    Afraid of the drivers
    With tinted dark screen vehicles

    The trust of the Rakyat
    The BN coalition better says goodbye
    The way it is now happening
    I won’t be surprised the party disintegrates
    Into the cesspool of its own dirt

  81. tamade says:

    Let’s the Rakyat and the whole world F%$# this bloody Guomen and the top brass of the security guards for their evil political masters.

    Or may be RPK should send all these corrupted ruling elites to hell. We will celebrate non-stop for 100 days. How about it?

  82. Ann says:

    Lets see, TDM has been constantly accusing DSAI is a friend of
    western government and press ( Malaysiakini 17/08/06 ). Then why is it that his case has been a concerned by the Japanese government and muslim scholars all over the world? This old man is plain delusional…

    Agence France-Presse – 7/17/2008 3:58 AM GMT
    Japan says seeking information on Anwar

    Japan said Thursday it will seek information about the arrest of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim during an ASEAN meeting next week.

    Japanese Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura is due to head next week to Singapore for meetings with his colleagues from the Association of Southeast Asian nations.

    “Japan hopes to use the occasion to grasp the situation so as to decide how to react on the matter,” chief government spokesman Nobutaka Machimura told reporters.

    Anwar was freed on bail Thursday after being arrested on new accusations of sodomy, which he dismissed as a conspiracy to thwart his plans to topple the government.

    The US said Wednesday that Anwar’s arrest raised “serious concerns”.

    Japan considers Southeast Asia a key area of influence and entered a free-trade agreement with Malaysia in July last year.



  83. kram says:

    Dear Susan,
    Thanks to you, Harris and others for the update.
    It is very difficulty to get into MT for news, so we do depend on people like yourself.

    Thanks again

  84. justicescales says:

    All Barisan MPs who are keeping silent on these selective prosecutions of Anwar and RPK and selective non-prosecution of Najib and KJ and Badawi: you are as guilty as Badawi KJ Najib IGP AG CID Chief Bakri etc. History and the Malaysian people will note and record that you chose to keep silent when there is an opportunity to change Malaysia for true sons of the soil..who are no longer just Bumiputras but all born here in Malaysia. Where is your voice, Ong Tee Keat? Where is your voice, Bung Mokhtar? Where is your voice, Samy tak tahu malu? Etc Etc. Gutless politicians, the whole blooming lot of them.

  85. Philip Lau says:

    What is going to happen to Malaysia, No Law and Order? It will most probably be like Robert Mugabe of Zimbawei or worse like the Affidavit of Razak stated that Najib’s Chief Inspector killed a number of people.

    For the former Police Inspector General beat and nearly killed Anwar is a good example, the falsification of documents by both the PRESENT POLICE CHIEF AND ATTORNEY GENERAL when both of them were Investigation and Prosecution Officers respectively. The world knows that the man behind thIS Tragedy is this Tun Dr Mathathir, who without doubt will be punished for his own corruption, deeds etc etc

  86. Pegasus says:

    RPK and Anwar should use their trump card now, if they have any evidence in the Altantuya’s murder. The real muderers should be punished and justices should be done and roll out to her family. Till today,there are so many questions not answered ,the public would like to know how the C4 were release and who authorize it, who authorize to delete the entry reports of Altantuya in immigation list,all this are not look into, a foreign citizen was murder cruelly in our land by our Police personnels and the police are using all resources to look into a sodomy case rather then investigate deeply into Altantuya’s death.
    The BN MP’s are all silent on this, the beruk from Rembau silence in this case is very obvious,he should have the balls to demand Najib to have his DNA tested too.Lets see how the case goes…

  87. Rakyat Malaysia says:

    rakyat malaysia sepatutnya meliwat kerajaan BN.
    hidup kerajaan PR.
    DSAI lawan tetap lawan.

  88. MUH says:

    Umno buggers never learn; if what happened in 1998 is repeated; there won’t be any Chinese and Indian votes to save their asses comes 13th GE like 1999 GE.

  89. Suzy says:

    “Lets see, TDM has been constantly accusing DSAI a friend of
    western government and press ( Malaysiakini 17/08/06 ). Then why is his case been a concerned of the Japanese government and muslim scholars all over the world?…”

    Next BN will say DSAI is a Japanese stooge…

    PR 08 – 016

  90. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    All this is “wayang tinggi productions”!!! Buying time!!! Charging a person in court does not mean he is guilty the moment the charge is read!! PIG Musa & AG Gani P are “shitting bricks”; involved in numerous controversies; trying their best to cover all “holes” in the allegations – they need DSAI’s DNA otherwise it’s Sayfools word against DSAI’s, no court of 2008 will buy that ( oops except Mr.Hacks Augustine Paul – but he’s in the Federal Court ) & they need to know what exactly RPK has as evidence. They tried asking him to reveal but he said NO! When arrested u/s 113 of Criminal Procedure Code the police must give a caution before recording a statement. The accused can remain silent and say ” saya mahu cakap di mahkamah”; whereby the police are stuck as the caution statement must be recorded without duress, promise or threat and must be voluntary.

    Tell PDRM to go fly kites!!! They never learn after a Royal Commission Report recommending to the government to set up IPCMC. PIG Musa is the first person to reject the IPCMC! Why? He’ll be investigated not once but many,many times.

    Let’s get rid of PIG Musa, Gani P, Bakri Zinin, Hamid Albar by demanding their immediate resignation in public interest as they have all lied in DSAI’s arrest & detention & RPK’s charge under S.500 Penal Code: Criminal Defamation. In the history of PDRM S.500 has been used only twice, including RPK’s case. The other is Sharifah Aini who was reported by Siti Nurhaliza. Both these cases were recommended by PIG Musa.

    God Bless All.

    Ravindran Kunjan

  91. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Why must tax payers pay for DeePee M Ruusma & C4 experts to fight their case of defamation. In the history of PDRM, as far as I am aware, only 2 cases of Criminal Defamation u/s 500 Penal Code were filed, ie Sharifah Aini charged as a result of Siti Nurhaliza’s report & now, RPK’s case. Both these cases were recommended by PIG Musa. Siti N was a staunch supporter of Mahadey s/o Mohd Kutty; now Ruuusma C4. PIG Musa, Gani Pak Taik, Bakri Z( who owns an island in Sabah ), Minister Hamid Allbald should be forced to resign by PEOPLE POWER for their ” incredible lies “.

    God Bless

    Ravindran Kunjan

  92. guest says:

    Can you guess which persons here are cops ? They plant cops in mosque and temples, in PAS and Keadilan. The government think rakyat do not know the dirty tactics. The police should be aware of what’s happening in Iraq, Pakistan etc. The day for vengeance will come. Take note of the sombong officers who show their arrogance on TV. Do they think they will rule forever ?

  93. /m says:

    RPK is my very own ‘renegades of funk’.

    “Now renegades are the people with their own philosophies
    They change the course of history
    Everyday people like you and me

    We’re the renegades we’re the people
    With our own philosophies
    We change the course of history
    Everyday people like you and me”
    – Rage Against The Machine

  94. rpk4pm says:

    Yes! dear RPK, the horrendous setans deserve to be fcuked everyday by the rakyat. These setans from the governments forgot that they were servants who should serve the rakyat in Bolehland!

    But these horrendous setans are masquerading as servants taking advantage of their positions to steal, rob, rape the rakyat.

    Just imagine if a servant doing all these illegal things in your home! The servant would be asked to lick the master’s balls and be fcuked in no time. The servant better follows instructions or else will be the mercy of the master.

    Only setans will defy the orders of the rakyat (the boss) and doing all the flagrant dirty works.

    These setans should be arrested and sent to the Arabs’ desert living together with the Arabic camels there.

    These setans are just not in congruous with the rakyat their boss. No way horrendous setans can take care of our homes nor the peace and security of our homes and country.

    The horrendous setans must be booted out of our homes and country and be contained, secluded and confined in one no-life place, let alone roaming freely on the streets/ deserts/ jungles.

  95. true malaysian says:

    this is the first time i visit this blog and i found out that most of the comments given is against the government, everybody is finger pointing to those in power, their wrong doing and abuse of power. Actually u all are frustrated and sick kinds of people. To me this kinds of things is not new, history shows that such things happen again and again. so, keep the fuck up.

  96. JeyS says:

    RPK…also people like bobbynz and ayoyosamy (must be samyvellu’sbest friend).

    Just a bunch of imbiciles..not knowing what to say or do…

    What a way to get cheap thrill for these 2….tsk tsk tsk tsk

  97. bamboo river says:

    RPK is looking forward with glee on this matter. I am sure he is enjoying his cigar and blowing smoke rings.
    If anyone can accuse RPK’s SD is a joke to the western world, than this gomen is a comedy to the the whole world.
    Sit Bobby sit. Good doggy.

  98. To all Malaysians,
    RPK says he is ready to F-CK the Government!
    The only missing is U (YOU)!

  99. Sagaladoola says:

    My writing on related issues:
    Raja Petra and Anwar Updates


  100. UNITED says:






  101. PHUA KL says:

    It seems to me that RPK is the type of person whom,
    if you try to control and silence him, will resist and fightback/shoutback even harder and louder.

    Hack his site? There are plenty of mirror sites elsewhere.
    Arrest him? He becomes even more heroic in the eyes of the public.
    Try to shut him up? Even more Malaysians and foreign observers will turn to his site and ignore the Mainstream, Khairy-controlled, Media.

    Stupido regime!

  102. peng says:

    So am I Susan!
    Oh how I wish some damaging evidence will fall from the sky.
    So that I can go f them all & once and for all wipe them off the surface of our country!

  103. tukangfitnah says:

    me too. fcuk the govt.

  104. Saroji says:

    It’s a case of the BN versus the people, the police versus the people. Remember Marcos’s Phillipines?

  105. The Empire ... says:

    Looks like people are writing the obituary of BN. Don’t forget, an injured animal is extremely dangerous. It will wreak havoc and destructions before it goes down. And if it doesn’t go down for a period of time, it becomes stronger, more evil and deadly. The Empire will strike back …

  106. colorless says:

    RPK was ready for the UTK guys. His house has barbed wires on top the concrete fencing.
    Two years is a long time for Najib. Once the beans are spilled, Pak Bodoh & SIL will be the happiest people in PutraJaya.

  107. Kherry Scarry says:

    Someone is going to f Dotty…..

  108. colorless says:

    RPK was ready for the UTK raid on his house by putting up barbed wire on top of the concrete fencing.
    Sure RPK will realish the moment when using his trump card in open court. That’s why Najib won’t last the next 2 years.

  109. Kherry Scarry says:

    You put RPK in the court and all the evidence pours out one by one….are you ready Dotty and Najib ?

  110. rozlan says:

    So now liwat 2 movie script had started ha…

  111. izzatdin says:

    PEncacai Anwar yang sebenar. Suka buat kecoh.

  112. roy selvan says:

    There is something enviable about people who commit acts of injustice but escape
    prosecution. The world is plagued by corrupt leaders, and yet we wish we were more like them. We desire
    not only their power and prestige but also their ability to buy their way out of punishment. They are our role
    models: as students, many of us cheat on tests, buy papers from online databases, and steal money from
    our peers. We desire the easy life, the life that is filled with pleasures. Justice is for others, the ones who
    commit big crimes, or really, for anybody but me. According to Socrates, however, the good life is not the
    one that most of us desire but rather the life of the just man. In this paper, I will argue that justice is far
    better than injustice, even when it means that one must seemingly forfeit some pleasure or measure of
    Socrates turns the prevalent worldview upside down. He says, “The admirable and good person…is
    happy, but … the one who’s unjust and wicked is miserable” (Gorgias, 470e10-12). Upon first examination,
    this claim does not appear to be true. Saddam Hussein, former dictator of Iraq, was undeniably evil. It is
    hard to imagine why Socrates would even consider that a person like Saddam Hussein could be discontent,
    nonetheless miserable. He had power, palaces filled with all the comforts money can buy, not to mention
    the authority to begin the process of “Arabizing” Iraq without anyone to stop him. Socrates would argue
    that Saddam is happier now, in the custody of Iraq and the occupying powers, than he was during his reign
    as dictator, as he is now paying his dues; justice is being served -Socrates’ philosophy on justice is what most Americans have been socialized to believe, yet that
    belief is incomplete. Many assert the virtues of justice but complain upon receiving a speeding ticket.
    Thus, many would agree that “a man is just, not willingly or because he thinks that justice is any good to
    him individually, but of necessity, for wherever anyone thinks that he can safely be unjust, there he is
    unjust” . What is it about justice then that Socrates says ought to spur us to live our
    lives justly, instead of purely for pleasure? Quite simply, the just life is the happy life. The just man is the
    one who controls his inner beast rather than allowing the beast to control him .Perhaps those with addictions best understand the importance of having control over one’s own behavior;
    feeling ill and unable to perform for lack of caffeine, or any other drug, is certainly not the ideal life. Selfcontrol,
    then, is key to a happy life. Nevertheless, as Socrates illustrates and as our parents
    and teachers tried to tell us, self-control is essential for a just life. According to Socrates, one ought to be
    “self-controlled and master of oneself, ruling the pleasures and appetites within oneself…. He should not
    allow his appetites to be undisciplined or undertake to fill them up – a never ending evil” .The happiest man is the one who can accumulate all the wealth and power within
    his capabilities, in a just manner, resonates with many of us. We desire such pleasures,
    He claims that the man whose appetites
    are undisciplined “could not be dear to another man or to a god, for he cannot be a partner, and where
    there’s no partnership there’s no friendship” . Few would give up companionship for all
    the riches in the world, yet this is precisely what Socrates says unjust men do for much less gain. College
    students, politicians, and businessmen are ambitious and often isolate themselves from others because of
    their ruthless zeal for surpassing all others in power and wealth.
    So ….Yang Berhormat-RPK inside you are a Happy man more than others. May the Almighty -Protect you and your Family.Whats the point a man gain everything and the whole world and than losses his life to be in eternal damnation.
    Have a nice a day u all………….

  113. Aiyoo tambi says:

    I think DSAI should Jerkoff on KJ s face. May that way he could collect the sample he needs.hahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahhah

  114. ah Long says:

    Ayoh…..Fark Lah can fcuk Najib. I fcuk Dottie. I like a bit of fat…..built fo comfort. Hehehehe

  115. Dala says:

    Hi Susan

    It’s been almost 3 days since you did a post. We are missing you. Are you OK?

  116. ImranJ says:

    Remember, a SD is not a statement of truth, it is a statement of what a person thinks have happened and he is willing to stand by it by this formal statement.

    RPK, you have to produce the relevant evidence. If not, the courts cannot proof guilty. The principle of justice means that Najib and Rosmah are innocent till proven guilty. The burden of proof lies on the prosecutor, not the defendant. This is the same concept as Anwar being innocent of the sodomy charge till proven guilty.

    RPK, an emotional and confrontational approach to this issue will not work. Bring in hard facts and share it with the country.

  117. Onekampung says:

    RPK often stuns the readers that he has plenty of evidence against this guy, that chap, etc etc. He was also kicking up a big fuss and made a scene in the court room. Do it in a gentlemen way, produce the evidence, and bring Najib and his wife to justice if he has it.

    He said, “What makes you think that I don’t have the evidence?” Well, I for one, don’t quite believe it until he proves it. RPK, just like Anwar, is dying to see Najib’s fall. If he has the evidence, you think he will still wait?

    It doesn’t make sense.

  118. Aiyoo tambi says:

    Why so bodoh one??? Evidence only can produce in Court Case(Provided Legal System is not Corrupt) Evidence given to police blown up with C4….Kampung memang Kampunglah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  119. chand says:

    Aiyoyo onekampung will be the judge? and he`s blogging here?
    Recuse yourself.

  120. kesava says:

    How come no one`s made a police report against Badawi and Hamid Albar for interefering/directing police investigations.

    DSAI went to prison for telling the cops to speed up investigations. Now we have this Badawi and Hamid Albar that needs to be investigated and sent to prison for abusing their power.


  121. new era says:

    The way this anal episode is playing out, sodomy rerun, murder thru c4, police in IRA style, SD and further SDS do point to the analogy of rome burning while Nero was playing his fiddle or willies, wateverlah

  122. ah Long says:

    Onekampung makes sense. RPK tell us the evidence, we are dying to find out.

    Imranj, I agree with you also. RPK share with us your evidence lah.

  123. […] that Najib’s wife was present when the Mongolian model was murdered. The blogger was subsequently charged with sedition and criminal […]

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