Being overseas, I missed this so-called “historical debate”.

However, from what I gathered around the blogs and their comments, Anwar Ibrahim had come out stronger after the live debate with Shaberry Cheek. Though it really did not matter who won or lost. The most important point to make is whether one has answered the questions and whether his answers made sense.

According to many observations, Anwar focussed on the issue at hand, hike in fuel prices, and tried to offer practical suggestions to reduce the prices, whether he was right or wrong was immaterial, as this was a debate, where as Shaberry relied on personal attacks against Anwar’s person.

According to some bloggers, Shabbery did not even answer some questions and deflected alot during the debate, saying that the hike in oil prices wasn’t the government’s fault, it was “global”.

Now why did Shaberry do that? Isn’t it silly and a total lost of TV time? But it’s ok Shaberry must be thinking, coz it’s the government’s money. But are the people paying for it?

Several bloggers have a good account of how they felt watching the debate: malaysianunplug, anil netto, malaysiakini, de minimis, amin iskandar.

Some pro-UMNO bloggers, of course, could not be neutral enough, and say Shaberry did “quite well”. You can also get the same run-down (or non-commital reviews like ‘no clear winner?) I guess with the mainstream newspaper like New Sttaits Times, Star and the Sun?

Someone even said that Shaberry was trying to suck up  to Najib Tun Razak: see hiroblog2007.

Anyway, since I had no idea about the debate, perhaps you could tell me what you think?

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  1. wits0 says:

    The Gomen must be quietly regretting holding the debate at all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To answer your question on why Shabery took on Anwar last night.
    It is a ploy by Shabery to present Charisma Anwar to the Malaysian audience. To proof once and for all that he has substance and not “Cakap tak serupa Bikin”. So don’t blame Shabery for his dismay performance.

  3. fucai says:

    i saw a rude fellow taking rudely to Anwar instead of carry out his duty – to ask a question.
    some one told me he is a VC- my goodness!!

    he has lost the malay culture of being bersopan santun!!!

  4. PureMalaysian says:

    Saw the live telecast of the debate – and think Anwar is hellava great public speaker. He is always able to catch the attention of the crowd and hit hard on the points he wants to deliver. Whether true or not, is another issue; but at least his speech is crystal clear, the intonation is just, and the sensation he brings to the audience is just magnificent. I could even see supporters from BN side on and off smiling and nodding to what Anwar’s gotta say! Believe it or not.

    For Shaberry, may be he has significant points too, but being a novice in this debate, he showed that he is a tad inferior to the big bro Anwar. His speech is not as crisp, saliva always accumulating at his mouth angles, hence needing to sweep and wipe with his tongue; and attacking Anwar personally too much, in his speech. He should have followed Anwar – the way debate has to be – to deliver message across, and to answer the questions thrown by the opponents. But Shaberry didnt seem to be able to handle that well!

    Overall, I enjoyed the debate a lot. In fact, in the future, the govt should conduct more of these open debates live telecast on our TVs. This is something positive and transparent, and the public could listen for themselves what is going on in this motherland, and not always rely on hearsay or rumours whenever something crop up.

  5. Jbao says:

    latest – Anwar arrested on sodomy charge.

  6. kean-jin lim says:

    Susan, you can watch the debate in Youtube now. Malaysiakini have a playlist for that debate. Here is the link.

  7. batu says:

    anwar, maju Dan mara ke hadapan.

  8. 2 cents says:

    saw on malaysiakini and malaysia insider..anwar has been arrested..

  9. Menyalak-er says:

    Hey Jbao, I understand what you’re saying, but will you lay off that kinda ‘predictions’?
    Very ‘geli’ lar. See you at Bkt. Aman @ 2pm?

  10. steven says:

    So call the minister; should deliver his duty as deliver information to Rakyat, why ,why remove subsidy so drastic??? He shall have more points to message it out but instead use “fitna” ( cara BN biasa-lah) to do more more personal attack which is way way out of topics and it is nonsense and non-constructive to Malaysiaan. Let me give him some points how to score: 1)Change rakyat attitude & mindset to be not making WASTE. 2)Reduce WASTE mean GREEN ENVIRONMENT. 3)Reduce WASTE mean sustainable and continual development to country. 4) Reduce subsidy mean tak perlu “TONGKAT ALI” so creat competative envoronment and RAKYAT have to increase competativeness for globalization……

  11. Thinkvision says:

    Anwar had ‘Strawberry Cheese cake’ for dinner!

    That said, we should admire Shabery’s commitment and guts for the debate. (AAB would most probably have fallen asleep on the rostrum while Najib would probably have a C4 counter attack game-plan.) There’s not much he can speak off to defend the BN government on the oil hike issues anyway. Not after Petronas announced record profit again! So the only way to deflect the questions were to resort to personal attack that reflect BN’s sentiment towards Anwar at the moment.

  12. crash says:

    well, i see the whole debate as “facts and figures vs histories and face stabbing”
    i think everybody could obviously tell the outcome of the performance by both of them. At least for now we know how Datuk Seri Anwar could help the Rakyat cope with the current and future burden.

    susan, you got to watch this on youtube. Shabery saliva worth a millions. Some even predicted if the debate go on for another hour he might start puking..

    thou rockybru have another insight about the debate tho… not sure why..


  13. Menyalak-er says:

    Uh fellas, kindly let us monitor DSAI whose in Bkt, Aman now after arrest on truped up ‘liwat’ charges… Pray please.

  14. I am not an UMNO supporter, on the contrary, I detest them and was willing to accept AI just like most of the people in the beginning not any more, so that UMNO can be taught a lesson. But that is not to be.
    As expected AI is arrested for the love of backside.The chaos in the country in the last few days is his style of diversion from his pending arrest. Just like his style of suing anyone, for as much as RM10 millions, who had anything negative to say about him during the election. Just so that individual will not have more things negative to say about him.
    I know. he knows he is guilty and he tried his best to divert the people’s attention from his case.
    First with the complaint to the religious court where four witnesses are needed to prove his guilt and he knows that the accuser cannot do so The next thing is to create chaos in the country hoping his arrest would help divert the pending arrest. Even then he found the smallest excuse not to report to the police. How can a man who would defy the law to prove his innocence ? I am sure he is finish but before that will he explain why he asked all the Chinese to go back to China when he was in the Cabinet and why has he done for the non Malays when he was the DPM ?
    Will anyone want the stigma of been f…k ?

  15. mugabe says:

    Malaysian can forget about Oil or that matter any reforms and simply accept what UMNO plans for the Raayat ie. more corruption, more wastage, mroe environmental damages, more distrusts among the races.

    Anwar being ARRESTED will be charged in a Majistrate Court and detained for 14 days !

    The Syariah Court fellows can go on praying to what ever god the are facing .

    Musa Hassan and Gani Patail will go scot -free. Altantuya murder will be left without the Murderers.

    And we all live happiy ever after ….. this is the FAIRY Tales Malaysians as a whole, by and large, the majority seems to want.

    Ok lah but don’t cry and panic if there is a Major Natural Catastrophe coming our way !

  16. Sagaladoola says:

    My writing on this issue:
    Malaysian Politicians Historic First Debate: Let’s Be Fair to Both


  17. Anonymous says:

    “His speech is not as crisp, saliva always accumulating at his mouth angles, hence needing to sweep and wipe with his tongue;….”

    Yew~ It’s disgusting, i don’t wanna see it, i don’t wanna see it… but the pointless speech of him just let his saliva takes up all the attention.

    Btw, did he answer most of the questions? Hmm…..

  18. songchin says:

    That st.p.d shabery said abt RM 50 billion subsidy, no believe this exaggerated figure, even if they subsidize RM 1.40 per litre also cannot come to this figure?? how can Msian use 35,710 million litre of petrol since 4 June 08 (6 weeks) or 850 million litre of petrol per day??? so his words are rubbish

  19. Jsss says:

    My vote for Anwar. He is the winner of the debate.

  20. JeyS says:

    Najib Manakau…either you so hate anwar or you just talking rubbish.

    I think everyone in this whole country knows that thess sodomy charges like the other one was a frame on anwar.

    Too many things happening in BN’s work to make u complicated and pusing kepala. Thats their ploy. You mean to say that our beloved Najib is an angel and not a murderer?? (or even accomplice? with his wife the actual murderer?)

    They have just jailed a man whom (not my fav too but i am fair) had all things going and a threat to BN (BIGTIME!!!) So they followed suit what your beloved exPM did…”charge la sodomy…tak apa dah guna, guna lagi…frame dia..padan muka dia….kurang ajar dia nak tentang saya ” attitute of Najib, AAB, even who knows KJ!!!!!

    CHAOS POLITICS!!! Only malaysia CAN La….Cheers Malaysia-BN Malaysia BOLEH!!!!!

  21. UMNODU says:

    Hie Susan,

    I suggest you don’t reach a conclusion when you’ve not yet seen the debate. Although at the end of it, I agree with the general opinion that Anwar won. But it must be noted no actual concrete plan was forwarded. Sigh.

    What would you do if you’re in Shabery’s place debating Anwar?

  22. MBI says:

    Shaberry please resign lah, bodoh punya menteri penerangan. Muka kamu memang tebal macam mulut. Otak bodoh macam kerbau.

  23. amoker says:

    Quality of UMNO SENIOR ministers… and he is a brave one. Talk about those with tails in their buttocks, what a lot of losers.

  24. montoya says:

    Bravo DSAI !!! Cool n well managed ur debate. Shabery….. u r really a joker in the house. How come u said ‘Rakyat kita cukup makan la’ . Why not u ask Dato Farid Media Prima slot ‘Bersamamu’ on TV3 for what purpose ?? Is it this slot same like Amazing Race ??? Mcm mane boleh jadi menteri….benggap!!!!!!

  25. hahaha says:

    This debate is not about inexperience or guts, it is FUEL HIKE! A gentleman debater is always more appreciated by the audience than a juvenile ‘ceramah speaker’. Shabery if you wish to project yourself as a BN hero, study your facts on the issue and display your ability to be a clean debater. Remember, debaters are all treated equally once they stand behind the rostrum….no excuses if you failed, be a man and accept the verdict of people gracefully.
    I am not a DSAI supporter, now I am, he has substance and can provide a change of govt.

  26. Volcano says:

    Najib Manakau…you idiot, did he f***k yr backside? Of course not otherwise you would have enjoyed it. Either way you are real dummy or blind? How can you not feel that UMNO is screwing yr ass everytime you stick that petrol nozzle to yr car. You really prefer to be screwed by UMNO day in and day out. And you don’t even realised it. How the hell you know that Anwar is guilty when you don’t even know that you are being screwed by UMNO day in and day out. Check you backside.

  27. PI101 says:

    That so called VC asked a very stupid question as what IPP has got to do with the debate last night? Down right foolishness to the core .

    Again, that reflected pathetically the standard our education. I was ashamed and could not believe my ears when I heard he posed that question.

  28. panca says:

    Anwar debated with points, even pointing corruption of the bn gomen is correct because it is this shoddy, dark hand of administration that will add more problem to the so called “world oil price hike phenomena”.

    Whereas Shabery is very very unintelligent, unconvincing, going in circles, basic and merely dressing on a piece of cake, no solution, very personal attacks on his opponent, unprofessional(some might called his debate stupid), not disagreeing though.

    The bn administration has failed miserably, the new minister of misinformation has well represented the whole umno’s “capabilities” in this debate as well as running the government.

  29. Menyalak-er says:

    Fellas, no point in responding to chinapek mca-roader aka Najib manaKau. He makes up a majority of feudalistic, egoistic, self-centred, unforgiving chinapek who’s world revolves around perceived insults and monetry gain. A real najis bootlicker cum nazi…
    Time to turn our thoughts to passive resistance for DSAI & RPK, lets not give them a chance to declare “emergency” ok?

  30. JAMES LOW says:

    The debate was not particularly lively but personal attacks, though one way, were aplenty. They knew that taking on Anwar is not something petty, so they sent thier best, someone named Shabery. He didn’t answer directly but happy to play to the gallery. My friends and I rated him a lowly 5, an indication that he is that silly!

  31. kafir says:

    Well, 10 out of 10 to Shabby I say, he’s able to speak words that can be understood, even if garbled and pointless they may be – which is a whole load better than his predecessor with his “you you you you you, this democratic country, we got erection every 5 year”. Right? So OK, he floundered like a dead fish and showed exactly how superb the Education system here is when placed in a position that required the use of a brain, instead of just pathetic character assassination jibes and un-refined schoolyard propaganda. But there you go, can’t blame him, look at the bigger boys he’s had as role models all these years, who shout at each other accross the House and call each other monkeys, like they’re still in diapers despite being the nations “leaders”. (I might suggest the term “bleeders” here)

    But one thing that Shabby really needs to learn is ‘how to do a proper power handshake’. It’s actually taught at diplomatic schools you know, but he probably didn’t bother attending that class (oh no wait, he wouldn’t have to now would he, meritocracy? ho ho ho, I forget these things, silly me). Yes, just look at that photo, his power handshake is crap, it looks like Anwars arm had just dropped off and he made a mad dash to catch it and shove it back on. No finesse Shabby, you got to be subtle about these things. I suggest some homework for you, have a look at all the other world leaders on the podiums (G8 summits, EU summit photocalls etc) and observe the graceful ballet that takes place as the leaders gentle jostle for the power-handshake photo.
    Don’t just leap in and grab the guys elbow dude, you’ve got to cup the hand at the wrist, gentle like, subtle; yes OK your hand is more towards camera than his is, but you’ve just gone an buggered it up and made you look like a total amateur, thus totally destroying the point of the excercise. Wah, I hope for your wifes sake you display little more elegence and manual dexterity in the bedroom.
    Credit to him though, maybe he was nervous as he was about to be taken to the cleaners – shame that UMNO didn’t learn from the Zam/Al Jazeera incident that there’s nothing to be gained from putting an uneducated numpty into battle with somebody who has more than a 1/4 of a brain.
    But I suppose it doesn’t really matter much if you know the albatross has a cage ready and waiting for him does it.

  32. Kplee says:

    Shaberry plse go to Cameroun H!land to plant strawberry.
    No worry on drought. He can use his watering mouth to take care of that. Resign and be “CIO= chief in organic planting” in the strawberry farm la.

  33. Arumugam says:


    Personally for the debates my comments is similar from the rocky bru’s comment, is that Shabery played the blame game but not that excessively. DSAI Anwar previously was Minister of Finance, so he has no problem in giving such debates. He was indeed a part of the policy-making BN machine.

    The Info Minister had reminded Anwar that in 1997 he was subscribing to IMF prescriptions, such as pushing up interest rates sky high, which hurt a lot of business people and the layman.

    However both speakers conducted themselves very well. They were not emotional and stuck to the topic.

    Hopefully this debate program could be done frequently in the future for food of thoughts for the public and the government towards development of our country.

  34. Sakinah Abu says:

    Susan, pls get this info to the right person and who can divulge this info…Saiful is Mumtaz’s nephew. And Mumtaz is wotking with Najib’s wife. See the link of conspiracy?

  35. izzatdin says:

    Hujah2 Anwar tidak sekukuh mana pun, apa yang asyik disebut2 saja adalah ‘Kepentingan Rakyat’. Tu je asyik diulang, tapi formula tak kukuh pun..Kerajaan membelanjakan subsidi sebanyak hampir RM 50 billion untuk mengekalkan subisidi sebanyak RM 1.20 seliter untuk harga runcit petrol. RM 5 billion patutnya hanya akan memberi kesan sebanyak 12 sen seliter harga runcit pasaran dan bukan 50 sen, sebagaimana dijanjikan secara bersahaja oleh Anwar. Tapi takpa sekurang2nya berani berdebat dan membincangkan cara aman, sedikit sebanyak kedua2 belah pihak boleh bertukar2 maklumat dan digunakan untuk pertimbangan. Tahniah kepada pihak kerajaan kerana memberi ruang untuk perkara sebegini. Tambahan lagi ruang kepada seseorang seperti Anwar..

  36. You boys out there do not seem to comprehend, I started off by saying I am not a supporter of UMNO, in fact I detest them for the atrocities they have caused for all these years and i still do. Please read that.

    Surely you have read that ,a known devil is better than an unknown one !

    I have written to AI many times to ask why he told the Chinese to go back to China when he was in the Cabinet but he chose not to reply, why?
    Does he want to be the P.M. of Malaysia without the Chinese ?
    Also for him to tell the people what did he do for the non Chinese when he was the P.M. and that too he chose not to explain or may be he could not.
    He is asking the present Government to do away with the NEP ? So do millions of others.
    He did not assure the people what policy he was going to replace NEP with, a new NEP ?
    Was it that difficult for him just to report to the police ? He kept coming up with all kind of excuses and caused all kind of troubles for the people just so he can avoid going. is this the kind of leader or P.M.we want ?

  37. ramli mohd yunus says:

    Susan, please don’t feel sore for not being able to watch the debate. It was all one man show. Anwar has taken Shabery in all account. Shabery could only murmured all personal attacks on Anwar. He was proven to be a `well treated’ defender of AAB’s Government. He served Pak Lah well by being a great defender of Pak Lah. That’s all.

    Anwar should take on Mahathir or Pak Lah himself.

  38. artemus22 says:

    The True PM of Malaysia has arrived! The two challengers couldn’t come close to his feet. To think that our country still has such an empathetic and brilliant leader like Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim made me proud to be a Malaysian again. Bravo Datuk!

  39. macgaiyver says:

    The debate it self is the ANSWER for the whole Malaysian! Generally speaking now beside the FUEL issue who cares whats happening in the High Profile Case?? Meaning that the murders and etc! well may the C4 was set to blow up by a remote control from Mongolia! as everybody is clean than who ?????????

  40. Pissed off says:

    The UMNO govt has been lying to the rakyat. They say the rising oil prices is a global problem and they have to raise the pump prices as in other countries.

    The Petronas boss Hassan Merican was quoted in Star Biz today “its dangerous to be dependent only on Petronas. What if oil prices drop? To sustain payments will be a challenge”.

    The govt needs high oil prices to reap the windfall income. If the oil prices were to fall we would be in deep shit. The govt even with the high oil income needs to remove oil subsidy.

    As long as we are a net oil exporter high oil prices is good for us. We must follow Norway and invest the income PROPERLY for future generations.

    Because of corruption the NEP target can never be fulfilled.

    Just put the right people at the top posts and stop govt interference and corruption, the rakyat will be better off.

  41. TigerChan says:

    Susan Loone ,

    As my name suggests , I am a Malaysian Chinese Muslim . I have studied Islam for over 30 years, the traditional way , I am in a sense very fundamentalist . But I really hate UMNO Malays. They are very cruel, in fact contradicting the teachings of Islam. They are always torturing me in ways which I cannot express in words. Its is because I tell them the truth about islam that make them enraged. I have heard they are trying to arrest you …Susan Loone …but lucky thing you are not staying in Malaysia. I am a great fan of your website. Anyway be careful. I pray that may you be safe and keep on maintaining your website.

  42. Obi Wan Kentucky says:

    Goodness lord…

    On the account of Shabeery’s saliva constantly (and grossly at that!) accumulating at the corner of his mouth, I say ANYONE could have won that debate against him!!!

  43. Rakyat is the real winner in this debate. Let’s ask our PM, DPM to do some of these to show they are the leaders of the country. I can’t wait to see it.

  44. tamade says:

    First, I must salute Ahmad Shabery for his courage. Looks like you are the only one who has uplifted your Fed Guomen and your party’s image a little bit. Well done anyway. Keep it up. You should contest the party’s Youth Chief post, I bet the grassroot will give you full support. They need people like you to spur them on.

    As for other cowards in your party, Karim Raslan in the Star today (N27), said, “And for those in UMNO who shirk the engagement with their political counterparts-shame on you.” He is absolutely right.

    Yes, shame on you: Najib, M.Ali Rustam, Rais Yatim, M.Taib, Muhideen, Mukhriz, KJ and other heavy weights, where have you people gone? You people just leave him to challenge DSAI? Some of you even want to call off the debate, where are your balls?

    Yes, shame on you.

  45. Kherry Scarry says:

    If Anwar had “strawberry cake” that evening, luckily for Zainuddin maidin, else, it would have been Blackberry raisin mixed with sardin for that mamak maidin….

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