11pm  (Bkk time): The last I heard of him was that he had left the KL Hospital where they wanted his blood sample. But I am uncertain whether he allowed them to take it as his lawyers had advised him not to do so, as his arrest was not according to procedure?  I heard he had been brought back to the police station in KL, where he will stay in remand. Not sure how many days. Around 700 people were still protesting his arrest.

Why was he arrested? – “He was arrested as we had reason to believe he was not going to show up. We wish to point out that Anwar had initially agreed to meet us on Monday but failed to keep his appointment.” Federal CID director Bakri Zinin (STAR online).

6.00pm (Msian time) – Crowd swells to 500++, police gives warning, but yet to take action.

Update 3pm (Bkk time): According to media reports and sms-es, Anwar Ibrahim’s supporters are already gathering outside the police station to protest his arrest. Many, many local and foreign journalists are present, too. Really de ja vugostan 1998.

By the way, if the police had arrested Mahathir Mohammad in the same manner, I would also have made a big noise.

Anwar Ibrahim was arrested on his way home after being questioned by the ACA on his report on the IGP and AG, and before he could even go for questioning at the Kuala Lumpur police station. Real foul play. A press statement from his office says:

As he entered the neighborhood of his home, a contingent of ten police cars, half unmarked and half patrol, forced the two cars in Anwar Ibrahim’s entourage to stop. There was a contingent of 20 balaklava-clad masked commandos (UTK) who accosted him, reminiscent of the forces sent to arrest Anwar Ibrahim at his home in September 1998.

An officer approached Anwar Ibrahim and demanded that he accompany the police in an unmarked vehicle to the Kuala Lumpur Police Contingent Headquarters. His lawyers were not permitted to travel with him to the police station.

His wife was informed about the arrest:

“I’m apprehensive because my husband – it’s been 10 years down the road. He is not well, he has a bad back for which he has (undergone) surgery,” said (Anwar Ibtahim’s wife) Wan Azizah Wan Ismmail, who appeared visibly distraughted and numbed by the news. She was in Parliament. “From the brief conversation, he said that they (the police) were not gentle.”

It is learnt that Anwar is to be charged under Section 377C of the Penal Code which relates to ‘carnal intercourse against the order of nature’.  (Malaysiakini).

Read more of his arrest here:

Malaysia’s Anwar arrested over sex charges
Irish Times – Dublin,Ireland

Lawyer says Malaysia’s Anwar has been arrested on
International Herald Tribune – France

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar arrested: lawyer
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia

Malaysia’s Anwar faces arrest
Aljazeera.net – Qatar

Malaysia’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim arrested
Radio Australia – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia

Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim arrested
BBC News – UK

Anwar Is Arrested in Malaysia After Sodomy Accusation (Update1)
Bloomberg – USA

Police Arrest Malaysian Opposition Leader
Wall Street Journal – USA

200 responses »

  1. PureMalaysian says:

    A move already expected from the BN monkeys.

  2. kittykat46 says:

    I worry things are going to go downhill from here.

    Anwar arrested, put on trial. What kind of trial ? We shall see…
    If Anwar is found guilty, he may die an old man in prison.

    If the trial is seen as unfair by most Malaysians, there’s going to be endless trouble in the country. Yes, seen in that context, Monday’s lockdown may have been a practice run for the coming clampdown.

    Pak Lah – Sig Heil !

  3. suresh says:

    Police Bastards

  4. Eric says:

    BN is trying its best to deny our choice of gov. Sad – we are having a gov that we all don’t want….call this democracy??

  5. suresh says:

    I lost faith in this counry

  6. Eric says:

    Anwar was warned that he would be arrested if he didn’t turn up at police station by 2pm…..now, it’s isn’t 2pm yet!

  7. Adham says:

    i’m ashame of this malaysia, all thanx to the government we have now.

  8. iammi says:

    cruel and vindictive….

  9. shtan3 says:

    A very sad day for Malaysia.

  10. NS says:

    All the comments here have forgotten that Anwar was supposed to appear at the Police Station on Monday. He failed to do so citing some flimsy excuse. He is not above the law and the deadline was set by Anwar not by the Police.
    I think he is being very clever by getting arrested and it will work out in his favour hopefully

  11. William Eow says:

    Burma in the making……….

  12. afinan says:

    hell will break loose

  13. Anonymous says:

    we don’t want you abdullah, can’t you see? nobody likes you.

  14. rina j says:

    yeah i coudnt have agreed more

  15. Rozlina says:

    what a shame. what has malaysia become? a circus?

  16. pro-Mahathir says:

    what a shame. what has malaysia become? a circus?

  17. Eric says:

    Sorry NZ, the last words police was Anwar would be arrested if he didn’t turn up by 2pm today. I didn’t forget.

    Suppose if you said you would go Cameron Highland vacation and later you said Genting – so you had confirm it was Genting, right?

  18. Kenneth says:

    This is a repeat of 1998. The police pigs are acting like he raped Saiful which is impossible. If at all sodomy has occurred, it must be consensual, even a 10 year old can figure it out. So does it warrant arrest in this high handed manner? Why isn’t the police investigating Saiful for consensual sodomy? We all know why, this is all a conspiracy.

    Next we’ll find that he’s denied bail. There’ll be heavy repercussion from this. The country will become an international pariah soon.

  19. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi Susan, its not foul play – its Fowlplay – chickenshit!
    But as expected, drama… next humor and fake-porn in justiceland.
    Guess it’s up to dear Wan Azizah to whack them up now!
    Stuff pdrm – DSAI remanded for 14days? Will they survive ‘passive civil disobedience’? Anyone care to enlighten us?
    Oh thanks mugabe, still haven’t got your angle. Your nome de’ guere was methodist at one time – i thought they prayed…

  20. ZH says:

    Terribly unlawful and uncalled for. Making a mockery of justice. Now it’s up to the Rakyat to bring down this f-ed up government.

  21. Kenneth says:

    This is a repeat of 1998. The police pigs are acting like he raped Saiful which is impossible. If at all sodomy has occurred, it must be consensual, even a 10 year old can figure it out. So does it warrant arrest in this high handed manner? Why isn’t the police investigating Saiful for consensual sodomy? We all know why, this is all a conspiracy.

    Next we’ll find that he’s denied bail. There’ll be heavy repercussion from this. The country will become an international pariah soon.

  22. chaiong says:

    RPK’s website hacked again!

  23. A very sad day .. today, the pdrm who supposed to takecare of a person until it is proven guilty..but what happen, just to record a statement from a witness/suspect or accused by a schoolboy, u have to arrest him….

    i hate this!

    Wishing to DSAI’s family ..take care and w’ll fight…

  24. wan BMC says:


    don’t trust the police…they can’t be trust!!!!
    they also can’t differentiate between 1.00pm
    and 2.00pm…
    All Police officer/policeman SHAME ON YOU!!!

  25. allen ng says:

    The police is not trustworthy anymore.I understand that Anwar was given until 2pm deadline – to come to the police station for investigation with regard to the sodomy’s case.But,I understand they came to pick him up before the deadline.No wonder Anwar does not trust them and it must be back to square one.

  26. piddypot says:

    Why can’t they be so dedicated when there are so many other more serious crimes out there? Kidnapping, assaults, murders, rapes…you don’t see them sending convoys to investigate? One sodomy allegation (mind you…an old man) – they get extra kan cheong! I am so so mad to hear about this violation, and being a family victim of 5 years unsolved assault crime can I trust the Governement any further? Why can’t the Government hear my family’s cry for justice?

  27. mh-j says:

    NS…please get your facts right before posting any comment/s!!! If you have been following the progress/updates on this matter you would not print your comment here as such…..

  28. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    All of us Malaysian are angry now!!!!

    Another story like Nelson Mandela…

    Shameful goverment and shameful IGP!!!

    Those BN supporters morons we hate you!!!! You will regret and your children will hate you too unless they have no brain and blind…

    BN hyprocrites God Dam You All!!!

    Useless Goverment under BN!!!

    M’sia will be internal war and chaos if you don’t believe because u deserted us BN morons…BN you are true selfish, wonder your children and family’s future is not worth important than your own fame and money power…

    Simply BN morons who don’t know the word of shame and do not admit to own failures and incapabilities!!!

    We rakyat HATE YOU BN!!!

  29. amoker says:

    Lost in debate so arrest DSAI.

    And a serious note, the police has shot its foot again. Excessive force in Hindraff, Bersih and Cheras. Lousy judgement in indellible ink, stories of corrupted police, lousier judgement in 14th-July-KL-lockdown-fiasco and today, totally renegated on its promise not to do any arrest if he come in before 2 p.m. Mr Zinin, as a consequense .. you lied to the public.

  30. JeyS says:

    BN’s ploy to anger all and put the blame on ai and its pkr! They cause chaos and yeap we take the blame.

    By the way. maybe Ex MM is the master mind behind?? get him out put his fav najib in no contest…the next few hours will sure be tension.

    By the way..I just wish that all PKR and Anwar’s supporters don’t fall into BN’s ploy! Be careful guys

  31. khalib says:

    What the shit are you talking about -NS?

  32. madtrix says:

    So easy, isn’t it? Create a case, when there’s no case. Charge the guy and try him on fabricated evidence. Succeed or not, he’ll be out of politics for years. The flame of change is taken out, and Malaysia will probably never recover from this again !

    So sorry for this country; we started with so much promise …

  33. chaiong says:

    Try the following IP # to access to MT: , ,

  34. apapunboleh says:

    As of today, Malaysia is now no longer a democratic country. The ruling BN regime now rules the country with an iron fist and uses the police and army without any hesitation. It is a matter of time that they will shoot on unarmed civilians.

  35. Rah rah says:

    Be prepared for “Traffic Jam” again this few days!!

  36. Kenny Gan says:

    BN pigs are scared shitless of Anwar. They will do anything to get him out of the way including arresting him on ridiculous charges that he sodomized a 23 year old youth by force.

    BN, you have lost the moral right to govern. Just get out and let PR take over. The rakyat hates you. If you don’t believe it, call a snap election now.

  37. JIN Bedil says:

    Just put SIL as PM la like that

  38. hahaha says:

    These bas****s, I am lost for words! Perhaps, PM Rudd should impose a boycott on Malaysia….he took a similiar step against Zimbawe. One small step to have a debate made everyone crowing, that democracy has finally arrive at our shore…think again. This is just the beginning of a payback campaign by the this corrupted UM-NOgovt. You can arrest one man, you will NEVER BREAK THE WILL OF THE RAKYAT!!!

  39. Vijay Kumar says:

    Everyone should remain calm, I smell a ploy here to provoke street demo’s and arrest more Pakatan leaders, lets stay off the streets.
    I dont know about you but I smell a crossover of BN reps that can topple the government.

  40. steven says:

    RAKYAT spirit may not die from this moment. Turn your anger to SUSTAINABLE POWER to overturn this unlawfull BN . We may use our voluntery force (not able to buy by money but only with TRUELY MALAYSIAN HEART) to do over justice when the time will come….

  41. Why all this drummed up arresting in full force like as though Anwar is an ‘Osama’? Please Mr Prime Minister, at the end of the rope you are solely responsible for such police action as you head the PDRM. Your credibility, leadership and sincereity are on the chopping block. If your public relations advisors are not saying it then we shall out of love for Malaysia.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Foul, biggggggg one!

  43. Malaysian Ah Moi says:

    Speechless la……

    Y they have to do this DSAI again and again…I really feels bad & sori for DSWA & Nurul & family..Anyway, no matter how or wat charges against DSAI, he is our Hero….

  44. Eric says:

    Hi lovemalaysiaforever,

    >Those BN supporters morons we hate you!!!! You will regret and your children >will hate you too unless they have no brain and blind…

    BN won this election because Sabah and Sarawak voted it. As long as they still vote BN, we have no hope of a better gov.

  45. Malaysian Ah Moi says:

    wah….jialat liao…dunno where they going to take him to tis time….

    Who can confirm?? To IPK?? or………………………

  46. panca says:

    They are the law, they are lawless. Malaysia has no democracy, and what justice? It’s very depressing that this is still happening to Anwar. There is now the police ‘goons’ looking for YM RPK…..

  47. UMNODU says:

    Dear Susan,

    Yes, it is disturbing. Not because of the arrest, but because of people’s reaction to the arrest.

    It presupposes the fact that Anwar IS innocent. Compare these reactions, with the reaction from the public when an accused rapist was arrested for questioning.

    We are just disappointed how people treat one man differently from others. We must remain objective.

    We hope that IF Anwar is innocent, the truth will prevail. If NOT, I hope it could be proven to the public as well.

    What would you do if you’re Shabery Cheek?

  48. clearwater says:

    This is clearly an abuse of power by those who are supposed to protect us. Law enforcement manpower manipulated by the corrupt to intimidate its own citizens. How despicable. An overwhelming show of force to coerce one man who was not allowed within 5 km of Parliament just 2 days ago. A convoy of 15 police vehicles as escort to arrest an unarmed 60 year old man – must be some kind of world record.

  49. Eric says:


    I don’t know if majority of west Malaysia supports BN but from the election results it seems yes…..i really really hope they will change their mind……

  50. temenggong says:

    Luckily rpk’s SD2 is ready! But he will be arrested first, possibly today.

  51. Muda says:

    A repeat of 1998 ! I hate reruns unless it is a P.Ramlee movie.

  52. JeyS says:

    STAY CALM!!! This is what BN wants….our rakyat to run helter-skelter and then use this to kick out PKR….


    We all know who is behind this

  53. hasilox says:

    Oh poolice.
    Rumor has it that the infamous backside is now oozing lava, after another visit to dit-pit-m office. lol

  54. redfox says:

    what the f**,kangaroo court again ?

  55. waswas says:

    how do u people know that ai is innocent? i doubt him after he refused to mubahalah. before that i was on his side but then…i doubt. but deep down i wish he’s innocent..but … i doubt.

  56. lid says:

    The police said that they would arrest Anwar if he didn’t turn up at the IPK by 2.00 pm. Why arrests him at 12.55pm? The police are liars! This is clearly an indication of selective prosecution. The police is clearly serving the interest of umno & bn. Anyway I’m very confident that PAKATAN RAKYAT will very soon rule malaysia. ANWAR is our hero and future PM.

  57. shiver says:

    Justice for the 2 A’s!!!

    Anwar and Altantuya!!!!!

  58. Whycares says:

    UTK were irritated because DSAI have having lunch with his children before 12.50pm.

    WA was issued yesterday, technically UTK can arrest DASI even anytime from yesterday.

    Remember Session Court Judge who threw outhindarf case was later charged for falsifying court documents? That is why WA is easy to obtain ….

    BN executive body will paint DSAI as a Villian.

    I Immigration records can be erased, what more evidences fabricated to corroborate a tramped up criminal charge.

    It is to frighten BN MPs from jumping ship.

    Syabas to all Peace makers.

  59. Ann says:

    Freaking sh.t

    Malaysia is now confirmed at par with Myanmar and Zimbabwe.

    Gosh I can’t believe I’m still leaving here…

  60. jean says:

    Sue, quite emotional arent we all? He MAY BE innocent and he MAY BE guilty you know?

    Okay, its one hour early but if I am innocent, I would run to the police station yesterday.

    And before saying the police is guilty for breaking their promise by 1-hour, could we assume that they are innocent too until proven otherwise? As bad as they (the police) are to some of us, atleast they did not say or assume that anwar is guilty or innocent up to this point…

  61. fergie says:

    Aiya .. just a bunch of buffoons trying to show us who’s BOSS la! Deja vu. I read of pleas to Agong to intervene. Fat hopes.

  62. PHUA KL says:

    History teaches us important lessons. There is strength in numbers!

    Some examples of popular responses to tyranny:

    1. General strike e.g. May 1968 in Paris, France (ended Charles de Gaulle’s rule)

    2. Refusal to obey unjust laws e.g. Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt March of 1930

    3. Mothers of the Plaza de Mayor in Buenos Aires, Argentina i.e. weekly protests for their loved ones who had been “disappeared” by the military regime of the mid-1970s

    4. Chilean women banging pots and pans to protest hyperinflation during the rule of President Salvador Allende

    5. People Power movement of the Philippines (ended the rule of Ferdinand Marcos and Joseph Estrada)

    6. U.S Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

    Don’t give up hope for change, people!

  63. Ally McBeal says:

    Oiii POLICE……go and find Nurin’s Murderer and look for sharlinie la better…..

  64. moonriver says:


    Watch ya talkin’ about? Anyone with a SOUND mind will not compare AI with some ordinary fella on the street! What presupposition! Given all the circumstances that surrounds us today, a thinking man should rightly believe that AI is INNOCENT! In a true court of justice that would be the only verdict. So there!


    Tara baca ka? Ulamak said no case for mubahalah! Get off the fence and jump into the dead sea!

  65. Harrison says:

    The arrest of AI reflects the every-ready abuse of power relentlessly by the Malaysian Gestapo who shows no respect for the rule of law and maintainence
    of peace and order as an entrusted institution of law and policing.

    If you consider Anwar’s arrest at 12.55p.m, an hour earler than the given time-frame having attended physically at an ACA offoce at 10.00 a.m.m the same day, it reeks out a possibility without a reasonable doubt that his arrest was premeditated by the powerhouse.

    Only Anwar Ibrahim detractors with unconscionable will have Anwar as a punching bag instead of the perpetrators (politically and their instrument of law-the police).

  66. JeyS says:

    I believe there are some die hard BN fans here who are trying to FAN our hatred and then WHAM…we kena. Mind you these ‘physco-bloggers’ are lurking around…cyber-troppers from BN…

    People like UMNO- whatever- do, no point getting mad with them. They are just shallow as the BN-ites and Umno-ites la…

  67. JAMES LOW says:

    Shabery tried to debate and to keep abreast, but Anwar wasn’t even put to the test. In the horizon, Najib appeared not to have taken a rest, for the crimes he had committed and he knew best. So went the police to extract this thorn in his flesh.

  68. panca says:

    The bn govt will go all out to frame a man who can fight for the people and they will allow another very questionable senior minister who has denied involvement in the mongolian murder case.

    This is how the bn run this country, this is how the bn run down the People’s choice of government they want.

    Yes there are lots of idiotic voters for bn to govt., see how lawless they are!

  69. anti bn says:

    our goverment sucks

  70. My2cen says:

    Anwar arrested today, and RPK to be arrested tomorrow. Ops Lalang II in the making. All those who made SDs may also face the same fate… What can we ordinary citizens do? Any leaders out there to give us a practical solution if we don’t take to the streets? Lawmakers? Lawyers? We’ve long given up hope on those in the govt and their associates.. plus judges…

    Curse those idiots who voted BN in!

  71. crash says:

    i start to tears for all that have happened and happening in malaysia. I love my country but….

  72. Eric says:

    It is better to be under British colony rather than being ruled by BN

  73. 2 cents says:

    i am crying my heart out for this nation..!!!

  74. Mirage says:

    Anonymous said…

    Why the PeeM and DPeeM must go now because these liars who blocked and spinned lies & deceits in the MSM of the non-existent Oil Subsidies and hike the fuels prices for revenge against the Rakyats for their Poll Defeats in losing the 5 States & 2/3 majority in Parliament, cannot rule for long as they have destroyed the BN and lost the trust of all the Rakyats??? This is why Tun Dr. Mahathir is always correct, they the cancerous dual must be removed by surgical knife immediately internally or externally.

    Why the Malaysian Police is more interested in the allegation of DSAI than those against of DPeeM Najeeb??? Also, the Malaysian Police has now been tarnished by not serving the Rakyat’s interests but instead becomes the tools for the BN to cling on to Power by bullying the ordinary citizens fighting for their basic rights!!!

    Also, why hasn’t the police found the source from where did the C4 came from and the culprit C4 expert who placed the charges and detonated the C4 on the Mongolian Woman, there could not be many real sources of the C4 and nor are there many C4 experts in Malaysia unless there is a conspiracy to cover up. Also, the Immigration Entry record of Atlantuya’s coming into Malaysia was deleted but the Police did not get the Immigration Personnel Culprit who has had the access into the Immigration Computerized System for the Entry Records to have done this in his conspiracy with the Murderers, there could not be many who have authorized access to these Entry Records.

    The Malaysian Police are all not only bullying thugs but also all are cowards who are cowed by the mighty high ranking BN politician and are cowed into covering up for him.

    The Malaysian Police are nothing but all bullying thugs who know how to bully the ordinary citizens fighting for their basic rights like fighting for the access road in Cheras and also bullying the ordinary citizens who recently protested the fuels price hikes, which did have a domino effect resulting in price hikes in foods and essentials, which should not have been hiked in the first place as well because Malaysia is the nett producer and exporter of Crude Oil and we should be enjoying the windfall profits from Crude Oil like all Oil Producers and Exporters if the Country’s resources are not badly mis-managed by the greedy, corrupted, incompetent & moronic cancerous high ranking BN politician who helm the BN Government to hike the fuels prices not out of necessity but out of greed in order to plunder, cheat & rob the Malaysian Citizens of their Purchasing Power & reasonable cost of livelihood in revenge for their GE12’s losses to the opposition. Throw out that despotic moronic cancerous rotten tyranny soonest possible to stop the rot now otherwise Malaysia’s wealth could be decimated in no time with such chronic cancerous rotten tyranny at the helm of the BN Government. So therefore in order to desperately cling to Power they now attempt to use the Police to do their bidding by whatever dirty tricks and cook up evidences to put DSAI away to save themselves harmless by their under-handed tactics shamelessly as can be seen by planting Saiful to work for DSAI in-order to trap and remove him at the slightest chance.

  75. Expat says:

    It is so sad for me to see what happens to Anwar today. Today’s event is simply a reinforcement of why I left M’sia 25 years ago. There was no justice, no democracy and rampant corruption before. If anything else, what I can see is things got worse in M’sia now. I hope there will be a strong movement to oust the government and restore justice in M’sia!

  76. Jsss says:

    Why no justice in this world? We hate you bodowi!! The nation is cursing you!!! . You are a heartless horrible power craz man.

    Bodohwi! you make sure nothing bad happen to DSAI in the prison as what the mamak did to him when he was in bloody power to cover all his wrong doings.

    Dear Frens, Lets we togather pray for DSAI and his family. Sure our prayers will be answered. May GOD bless DSAI and his family.

  77. hahaha says:

    Hell fellas, becareful, the ‘twister’ AG and the limbo rock dancer IGP are up to the their dirty tricks, their evil minds are not resting. They cannot depend on Botak because he may screw things up!
    I personally think, the army and police exercise are not for show. They are baiting the rakyats to come out to demonstrate, we just have to out smart these scumbags.
    Be patient, work for a change of government and these as******will be rich migrants going to UK, Australia and Indonesia.

  78. Nun, Volk, steh auf und Sturm brich los!

  79. Anonymous says:

    my heart goes to puan azizah ..wish u all the strenght to overcome this AGAIN

    for those who comment under the context of presume guilty until proven innocent, think n think again with ur heart n conscious

  80. kram says:

    I have tears in my eyes the past weeks and for the wrong reasons. We should shed tears of joy, not this !!!!!

  81. amoker says:

    Its just the way the police conducted themselves, it seemed that while ‘ people here judged that Anwar is innocent”, the police behave like Anwar is not. Why can’t the rakyat be balancing the character assasination that these police did?

    And surprisingly, Khairy caused a pandemonium in parliament minutes before the actual arrest. Would he have information of the impending arrest? (http://anilnetto.com/accountability/anwar-wins-debate-hands-down-but-is-now-arrested/) And Azmin question how did KJ got a police report on Anwar’s case, even when the report is not out yet?

    Did KJ miscalculate the timing? Like Saiful and Najib when they tried to collaborate on their timing?

    Welcome to rumour world. All created by lousy decision makers we call government and police management. Thanks ya, you all have managed to put Malaysia back to the map.

  82. new nation says:

    WE maybe looking at the coming of a POLICE STATE.

  83. Arumugam says:


    His lawyer Sankara Nair said the police told Anwar that he was being arrested for investigations under Section 377C of the Penal Code for alleged “”carnal intercourse against the order of nature.””

    But asked if Anwar was handcuffed, Sankara said he was not.

    The police had on Tuesday given Anwar a 2pm deadline to answer allegations of sodomy.

    Anwar was at the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) headquarters in Putrajaya earlier Wednesday. He left the ACA headquarters at 12.10pm, saying he was satisfied with the ACA’s line of questioning.

    He said the ACA had not completed its interview, but he had to cut it short to make his 2pm appointment with the police to answer questions over the sodomy allegation made against him.

    From tunkuaisha’s blog, she stated that:

    “The police arrested anwar at his house because:
    1) arrest warrant already issued
    2) they don’t want hundreds or maybe thousands to follow anwar to police station at 2pm which bring chaotic situation there.

    Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with the police act.police will interrogates him and if necessary they will remand him. After that he can be bailed out.If he has done nothing wrong there’s nothing to be afraid off unless he had done something. ”

    So basically let the authorities do their jobs and investigations. The PM had already given his words regarding his safety on the issues. So there is no need to worry about.

  84. ahmadBorat says:

    all shits happened becoz of this guy: SAIFUL!!

  85. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    May God continue to “Bless & Protect” YB Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Azizah, her Husband & family against the Evil Traitors of this nation.

    Monday 14th July 2008 Was the beginning of a “Black & Sad” day for K.L, Malaysia & its Downtrodden rayaat !

    This ridiculous Political “Cat & Mouse” saga still continuing…….

    With the Powers-that-be still in “Denial” & maintaining their Self-Destruct” mode path there is nothing much more that our new MPs, State Leaders, Aduns, Intellectuals, including DSAI, etc can do to change their “Paradigm”.

    Their motto has been, is still & will always be “Heads I win, Tails you Lose!”

    Maybe we should just give them more rope to hang themselves at every turn towards their “Self-Destruct” mode path !

  86. Kenny Gan says:

    Ride on the BN train while you can
    When Malaysia goes down the drain you’ll remember
    They shut those prison doors
    Not just for Anwar
    But for all Malaysians
    Not just for Anwar
    But for everybody.

  87. […] Loone reports: Anwar arrested at his home, hundreds gather to protest Anwar’s arrest (with lots of links to foreign news coverage): Anwar Ibrahim was arrested on his way home after […]

  88. chaptokam says:

    Eric (12:54:13) :

    BN is trying its best to deny our choice of gov. Sad

    Anwar was warned that he would be arrested if he didn’t turn up at police station by 2pm…..now, it’s isn’t 2pm yet!

    Sorry NZ, the last words police was Anwar would be arrested if he didn’t turn up by 2pm today. I didn’t forget.

    Hi lovemalaysiaforever,

    >Those BN supporters morons we hate you!!!! You will regret and your children >will hate you too unless they have no brain and blind…

    Eric : Let me reply and explain to all your comments :

    In the first place Anwar’s lawyer has already confirmed that a warant of arrest has been served . If you are knowledgeable enough , it means Anwar is to be arrested on sight . This means he can be arrest anytime , doesn’t have to be 2pm as what you have been insisting that it’s still not 2pm when he was arrested .
    In this case he was arrested based on their investigation to the sodomy report and not based on him not seeing the police by the 2pm deadline .

    You are obviously very disturb mentally from your comments by cursing all BN supporters who have nothing to do with the police action to arrest Anwar .
    Don’t put all the blame on Badawi and the govt . They are also aware that any unjustified prosecution will also affect and harm their image . If the Govt is responsible for this , they will not only arrest Anwar , you can be sure all opposition MPs will be picked up and send to Kamunting , and you can be bloody sure when they do that , they couldn’t care two hoots about what you call them and what the international community may say about them . You can go scream profanities at them and they couldn’t care less , probably they will arrest you for insanity .

    All this is basically that sodomy report lodge by Saiful and Anwar will have to prove he did not do it . For now public opinion is that Anwar is not involved and is innocent , so the police will have to prove beyond doubt that he is guilty . So cool down ok and don’t get so emotionally about this .

  89. Muda says:

    Didn’t Pak Lah recently stated that Anwar will not go through the harrasment of 1998 when the balacalava , leather jacket police forced their way in his house . Infact Pak Lah said he regreted on thec way the police treated Anwar in 1998 . Hmmm … it seems Pak Lah is good at what he does best .. LYING and MORE LYING !

  90. lucia says:

    i agree fully with what mr mirage had posted. very true! exactly my sentiments. to quote a part:

    “Why the Malaysian Police is more interested in the allegation of DSAI than those against of DPeeM Najeeb??? Also, the Malaysian Police has now been tarnished by not serving the Rakyat’s interests but instead becomes the tools for the BN to cling on to Power by bullying the ordinary citizens fighting for their basic rights!!!”

    ya. i thought our PM said nobody is above the law? why wasn’t the DPM questioned or arrested when there was allegations against him? and his allegations were even worst than anwar’s! much much worst. anwar’s one is actually personal – something that is not illegal in other country, while the DPM allegations were so serious.

    it’s sad lah. the police, the judiciary… all not serving the rakyat’s interest at all. they only know how to kow-tow to BN VIPs esp. the umnoputera VIPs!! damn damn damn!!

  91. wkp says:

    the idiot professional Malaysian police force asked the people NOT to listern to rumours, and the most idiot Min. of HA. listened in all the foll rumours. That was why the massive traffic jam last Monday 20080714.

  92. MOD says:

    Malaysian people not united enough, if you guys want to topple the government just act like Korean people, go out demonstrate and raise your right as a Malaysian citizen. Make sure in big scales, police or army can’t do anything till the PM resign voluntary. Government cannot be formed without the support of its citizen and any law like ISA must be abolished to show Malaysia is a democratic country. I can say Malaysia image as a free country already tarnished and investors will think twice before pour their money into this unlawful country.

  93. MalaysiaScrewedUP says:

    I feel really sad indeed. !! This BN monkey …. you want to screw us…. let’s die togather !! fucker

  94. wits0 says:

    Yes, Lucia, that’s the nature of the real utter abomination that the system has made itself into.

    After the debate where the ‘best of their best’, Shabby fell on his face, someone got cold feet, became chicken and the cops leap into dutiful action and play fowl! Earlier they thought that they could have rattled Anwar prior to the debate.

    Could a 6ft tall, 23 year old man get himself sodomized, without his consent, by a 60 year old man with a bad back?!

  95. tzarina says:

    Anwar arrested because the police “feared” he won’t show up at 2pm.

    RPK to be arrested tomorrow because SD is false.

    Altantuya is blown up.

    Najib is scott free.

    Bala in hiding.

    Rosmah is shopping.

    Badawi is sleeping.

    Khairy is jumping.

    Farewell Malaysia.

    We are fuked.

    Malaysia is Doomed. Justice is Dead

  96. Susan,

    Raja Petra is on the way to join Anwar. He is supposed to report to IPK KL, tomorrow, 10.am.

  97. Harrison says:

    “Could a 6ft tall, 23 year old man get himself sodomized, without his consent, by a 60 year old man with a bad back?!”- Wits0

    That was the question I posted sometime ago but a blogger seems to slammed the thesis. That warped blogger failed and/or deliberately to understated that the alleged victim was sodomized not once but on repeated occasions which if taken into the affect of the alleged victims credibilities, a strong aspersions are casted on why he had not take the appropriate actions only to help himself to enjoy the act only to have come to his senses after occasional rapes.

    And his presence at the DPM’s office and the DPM’s house is most questionable.

    There are few bloggers around running their concocted propaganda and there are also bona fide bloggers who based a case on investigative fact-finding even if they may be wrong at times. I deter myself from visiting bloggers with ill-intent on a subject of their anathema.

  98. tzarina says:

    Ah yes…not to forget…

    Malaysia Today is Hacked.

    “Luke is a Bastard!” is the hacker’s message.

    Goodbye Malaysia.

  99. Jamila Osman says:

    Hey Guys, who is Saiful? He is Mumtaz’s nephew and who is Mumtaz……ask Rosmah!!!!

  100. Thinkvision says:

    The high and mighty Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has a point to prove not just to Malaysian but to the whole world. The buck stops with him and he is fully responsible for what is happening to Anwar and this country.

    After sleeping on the job for nearly 5 years and bankrupted of any fresh idea, he finally has to fall back to the tried and tested idea on how to bring Anwar to justice. Mahathir should be very proud of his protege.

    Only a weak leader, lacking in self-confidence will resort to a show of force, the UTK and the convoy of vehicles just to detain an old man with bad back. What can Anwar do to them? Karate chop them? Escape from their clutches with 100m dash in 9 seconds? Sodomized them?

    By stuffing Anwar in jail, he could probably sleep better now and also cured of his long standing ‘political impotency’ problems too. Now he can fully concentrate on how to r*pe the country and her people to no end. Congratulations to you, Pak Lah. You are truly our ‘special one’.

  101. malayamuda says:

    This is the work of a ” Muslim country ” ?

    Why the fuck you guys saying this is a Muslim country ? Is this Islamic ?

  102. wits0 says:

    Harrison: “I deter myself from visiting bloggers with ill-intent on a subject of their anathema.”

    Hahaha, how true. Our 2 sen is till worth that much. For that matter, even an otherwise good blog may have moronic commentators out to set himself out as an authority of sorts(just so as to brow beat other commentators unnecessarily just so as to make himself appear cleverer!), This happens even in LKS’ blog with one punk whose feet wasn’t even on the ground for a long time. He also said Susan’s blog has porn and that there’s no such thing as a bad law!

  103. gooeyglobs says:

    I have just returned from where the crowd has gathered. The crowd is going to swell. The police copter was flying around. After office hours, many will gather to show support. Ther are two entrances/exits, go to the one opposite Pudu Prison.

    Tomorrow it is Raja Petra’s turn. The PM fears July 17. It is going to be a busy day for me too.

  104. songchin says:

    No democracy lah! Got demon-crazy, will they use ISA?/

  105. apapunboleh says:

    This time, Anwar and RPK will be bashed like nobody’s business and blown to bits with C4.

  106. waswas says:

    if there’s no case as mubahalah and u people dont trust the police, the judges, the government…..i dont see why we should trust dsai as well. he’s not a saint. why is he playing hide and seek with the police. if he is innocent just go and give statements. And i beleive that the police won’t do such thing in purpose because these action will definitely harm their image and credibility. They are not stupid! they have issued the warant remember…! i doubt…maybe dsai likes to be arrested so that he can gain another symphaty. in my opinion…we should sack out all those leaders that we have doubts in , not only the opposition but the government as well. They have make our lives miserable enough, but remember we are not powerless. i just want to know the truth…. The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

  107. OnLooker says:

    All that drama. We seem to be in Holly/Bollywood or Hong Kong. Police must mask themselves, why? Afraid to let people know who you are? So many police to arrest 1 old guy who is unarmed? Isn’t that over-reacting? The police couldn’t even come in on cue, they were too early. Jumping the gun, we call it. The BN has always lived in Fantasy Land, its no surprise they ape the Hollywood movies and imagine this is some “Hawaii-5-O” movie in the making, they’d call it “Gerak Khas 2” because “Rambo100” wouldn’t be a suitable title. Bad acting and even worse directing by a bunch of senile, mediocre Nobody producers. Hah! Someone should have videoed this and submitted it for the ‘Worst Movies Ever’ Award. The Police should be given an old boot and the BN a huge hole to jump in! When that happens, democracy will be the winner!

  108. ROGER says:


  109. Tulan Liao says:

    After 8X only lodged police report, even the old auntie who sell vegetables in Selayang market also don’t believe the latest story, no common sense, are they mad or what?

  110. Sagaladoola says:

    Ohh gosh …. people do not learn from history … … sigh ….


  111. citizenken says:

    think of Anwar as a human being, being deviod of his human right and respect. our empathy as a fellow human and god’s child like us going thro all the discrimation , bias, unfairness and twisted law to manhandle a politician that poses threat to a rulling goverment.
    the intergrity of the Goverment is at question? what if Anwar is one of us, the ruling elite will get u thro all mean by manipulation ,twist, spin

  112. sunwayopal says:

    i have one question to ask and if this doesnt prove that this arrest of DSAI is politically motivated , I dont know what is!!!

    I ask you this, from Merdeka 1957 up to now, can you tell me how many Malaysian males have been arrested for the crime of sodomising another man (lets leave alone conviction).

    Just tell me how MANY Malaysians !!!!

    ZERO!!!!! Other than Datuk Seri!!!!

    Not politically motivated???? 51 years from 1957 to 2008!!!!ZERO!!!!!!

    statistically speaking, it is an IMPOSSIBILITY to arrest and convict a person of such a crime when for 51 years theres NO SINGLE ARREST!!!!!!!!!!

  113. waswas says:

    Tuan liao

    Kid who is raped by her father made report after 20 times maaaaa. She’s been blackmailed , scared, doubts…will her mother beleives her, the shamed, people will think badly of her when she tell the truth. But…she’s a kid and a girl and the culprit is her father . i guess saiful is a kid and a girl deep inside and the culprit is as old as his father ..

  114. verysad says:

    Yeah, the kid who goes to Najib and tell him all the rape incident instead of going to the police. Hmmm… and still can smile to the reporters instead of hiding his face…..

  115. Preston Lee says:

    Let us not so quickly judge who is innocent or guilty. But lets judge the manner in which PDRM carries out its duties. How many rapists and murders are still not brought to justice? How many missing children still not found? How safe are our streets? Seems the PDRM worked super efficiently against one man who seems like a bigger threat to the goverment while they lack at protecting the rakyat from rising crime rates. Who can justify this?

  116. moonriver says:


    I can’t believe this! So…..you cannot locate the dead sea aaa?? Tak pa lah, River Klang also can lah. And take Shyfool along with you too, whats the point of living when you have been sodomized 8 times! Might as well be dead.

  117. Arrest in haste and regret at leisure
    Let’s not abuse the use of undue pressure
    For ultimately in fair justice we all treasure
    With the good Lord above to all of us to reassure

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 160708
    Wed. 16th July 2008.

  118. JeyS says:

    We are not safe not with PDRM acting like this.I just saw lots of police near jln duta courts. They don’t look safe to me anymore.

    I dont trust these guys anymore.

    Even if any of these is true (I am sure its not la – its sooo obvious – even a school kid can see) that man should not be arrested. Where the hell is he going to run? If so he wants to run, why not earlier….why stay and face these a-holes? You think he wants to f****p his chance in Pmship with a sodomy case (b4 the act la).

    Makes no sense la these whole episod. Makes no sense…… Bet AAB was sleeping when this happen. His no 2 mastermind with M’s help.

  119. […] To read more of DSAI arrest in international newspapers please see at the end of this entry. […]

  120. […] 2 – 7.27PM*** Check Susan Loone for more updates on Anwar’s arrest and RPK’s impending one […]

  121. […] Read the source » Share and Enjoy: […]

  122. Jobie says:

    Let not be a repeat beat of 1998 to Anwar this time.

  123. ChangeNow says:

    Now it is time to CHANGE

  124. […] post by AFP and software by Elliott Back Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where […]

  125. ILOVEMALAYSIA says:

    This is another NONSENSE ACT by our APA PUN BOLEH BN government, elected through non-transparent election governed by a so called INDEPENDENT Election Committee with its world-class “Director”. Come on, if you really think all Malaysians are as stupid as you think, if you really still think your same old trick would still work, if you really think when someone go against you, you can simply put them in jail, you are very very wrong. The RAKYAT have only limited tolerance, do not provoke the RAKYAT anymore. Isn’t the MESSAGE from 8 March election CLEAR enough, why the people at the TOP still soooo BLIND. Don’t they understand the RAKYAT can actually pull them down? Do not provoke the RAKYAT, do not.

    Please do your job properly, please help the people to have a better life. We have already given you another 5 years, please show to us you can improve the situation. Don’t keep on sending people to jail with all sorts of nonsense Act like ISA. The MESSAGE is very clear, when you send leaders of HINDRAF to jail, not only Samy Vellu toppled, you lose 5 states. If you send Anwar to jail, guess what will happened?

  126. Orang Utan says:

    The BN is down to their last card. They have to take this last course of action. Either U die or I die.

  127. rozlan says:

    We have to accept the facts that as far as PDRM is concern the opposition leaders and their supporters are PDRM sworn enemies…As dogs they have to obey their masters at PutraJaya.If they were asked to bark they will barked,Ifthey were asked to bite they will bite…The whole force had been indoctrinated in such way to follow blindly whatever being dictated by Putrajaya.

    As a very corrupt force they will naturally support the corrupt parties…The polices didnt have much problem to survived in this high inflation era.Other than their salaries they have extra incomes in the form of bribes which they receive consistently ..The Gemas squabbles among them recently are good example how corrupt they are..UMNO will not change.They will get worst till the end

    The struggle for democracy still have a long way to go but we must go on and never give up

  128. ANg Kong says:

    Talk abt unfairness and abuse of power. u cant get any blatantly obvious than this. I would hav thought bcoz DSAI is in the public eyes, one would be sensitive abt it, But no….let’s surround them and all throw into jail.

    this is time for change, rakyat is becoming more n more sensible. No more gullible we are. Tomorrow RPK….let’s c what happens

  129. Sagaladoola says:

    My writing on this issue:
    Anwar Arrested ! This is 2008, That Was 1998 !


  130. oh-no says:

    Malaysia will be in chaos soon, arresting someone like Anwar with a lots of hardcore supporter will make them more united than before. The accusation of sodomy really illogical, how can someone like Saiful 23 years old got sodomized by a 60 years old man like Anwar? as if Anwar did sodomized Saiful then how do you know Saiful been forced? he might do it willingly with Anwar you never know. Do you think DNA can prove someone guilty or innocent without cross examination them individually? You can always obtain someone DNA and plant it to the crime scene. Police need to show the whole nation what kind of evidence they obtained before charging someone in the court. As we know Malaysia police very corrupted from top to bottom, you can’t just said lets police handle the matter quoted by DPM. We need independent investigator from United States or Britain to carry out the investigation in order to restore public confidence towards the BN government. simple as that.

  131. smilingdragon says:

    Ever wonder why the sudden ‘arrest’ of Immigration Officers charged for corruption? Question..who deleted altantunya record? record of DSAI n Saifool travelling could be fabricated???
    After the debate and the ‘unnecessary’ forceful arrest of DSAI I know of MANY who were ‘fence sitter’ or BN suppoter have vow to support/ vote for PKR

  132. JeyS says:

    WE NEED CSI NY or Miami here….

    What a laughing stock..BN made us to be

  133. smilingdragon says:

    New post at u tube re: DSAI arrest by CID head..you make your own conclusion..

    CID chief defends Anwar’s arrest

  134. chaptokam says:

    Suggest if you are pissed off with the situation in malaysia , better migrate now saves you all the agony of seeing your beloved being arrested . Frank opinion .

  135. artemus22 says:

    On one hand, we are like living in hell. They seem to take all the good guys away and leave the devils to us. On the other, I have a feeling that we are at the end of the dark tunnel and soon the light will appear.

  136. J says:

    NS are you BN’s HO?

  137. K.K. . says:


  138. Malaysia’s political landscape defies all common sense understanding as much as learned minds. Something seriously is going wrong. Yet none can stop the wagon. There is an invinsible hand at work. The fate and futre of all can only remain at a perilious stake given these mysterious developments that we do not see anywhere else in the world. Right? Wrong?

  139. dlquill says:

    phua kl, dont forget about romanov of russia, they storm his palace with sickles and changkul. also The sun king: louis the 13th palace of tiles became shambles.

  140. MR.WONG says:


  141. Kenny Gan says:

    The conspirators plan, the idealists dream, the evil ones carry out their unjust orders, the people hope…but through it all, God is watching. How it will end is still unclear. Cheer up everybody. Things will work out in the end with the force of truth breaking the dam of lies and deceit. Sometimes goodness may take a roundabout way to come through. Don’t give up hope!. Justice will Prevail!

  142. knotHARAM says:

    Half of BN ministers would be in jail if Anwar became PM.

  143. ExCIA says:


    Our $1 billion cash sent to Anwar in a container in 1998 by 4 undercover Syrian businessmen goes to “smoke”. What a waste! Wonder if some of that monies hidden someone in Anwar’s compound. Hope the police dont find out.

  144. bennyloh says:

    this is the way we do it…


  145. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    UMNO/BN fears has led to the arrest of DSAI & later today, RPK. PIG Musa Hassan & AG( presumes he is Above GOD ) Gani Patail are devils that wear law clothings(not Prada!!!).
    Is it not surprising that on the day of DSAI’s arrest, PIG Musa is awarded a medal by HRH Sultan Brunei ( now for info. recommended by M’sia’s ambassador, the former Dy.P.olice I.nspector G.eneral Jamil Johari, the chief script writer of the 1998 episode of DSAI’s trauma).
    At the same time, DPM Najis was awarded Dato Seri Utama by HRH Sultan Kedah. As all are aware, PIG Musa & DPM Najis are in the middle of a controversy involving murder. PIG Musa & AG Gani are being investigated for fabrication of evidence and abuse of power in DSAI’s Black Eye controversy. What great public relations!!!! Boosting one’s image while the whistle blowers are ARRESTED!!!! Till today these culprits are not relieved of their duties in public interest ( according to General Orders & government protocol ) not to mention accountability ( collective responsibility, too – BN government should resign )
    The PR people in the BN government must take all Malaysians to be FOOLS!!!! The joke is on them, as we have the last laugh. DSAI can be harassed, incarcerated etc but to no avail will he be weakened but will become more stronger powered by PEOPLE POWER and come out with a bigger explosion ( ofcourse not with the help of DPM RUUSMA & her C4 experts ) but the voice of the people.

    Let us pray for DSAI’s & RPK’s safety & wellbeing always

    GOD BLESS DSAI, RPK & All Peace & democratic Malaysians.

    Ravindran Kunjan.

  146. once upon a time says:

    The day will come for the people power to vote in a new government, those who are the true criminal will have to serve jail.

  147. the french revolution says:

    Bodohwi, if you dare to touch any strand of saudara Anwar’s hair, the 28 millions rakyat will see to you very terok for the rest of your life.

    Bodohwi will be 100% responsible for any harm done to saudara Anwar and shall be responsible for any consequences that are happening in Bolehland.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” — Edmund Burke

    “There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men.” — Edmund Burke

    “Those who have been once intoxicated with power and have derived any kind of emolument from it can never willingly abandon it.” — Edmund Burke

    “FREEDOM IS NOT FOR THE TIMID.” — posted as an announcement outside a Unitarian Church in Texas on Sept. 17, 2001

    “The future doesn’t belong to the faint-hearted. It belongs to the brave.” — Ronald Reagan

    “The land of the free will cease to be when it’s no longer the home of the brave.”– Rick Gaber

    “Perhaps the meek shall inherit the Earth, but they’ll do it in very small plots . . . about 6′ by 3′.” — Robert A. Heinlein

    “Patrick Henry did not say, ‘Give me absolute safety or give me death.’ ” — John Stossel, “20/20”, ABC-TV, Aug. 3, 2001

  148. the people's power says:

    Oh God the almighty, give us the power now to destroy all these evil satans.

  149. Kherry Scarry says:

    Why our sleepy PM so quiet ??? Is he still in his slumber ??? Or he is not aware of the whole issue…or tunggu nanti saya baca laporan dulu ???

    Hopeless PM !!!

  150. Drachen says:

    They’ll keep AI in prison as long as they can. They need the time to try to mend the cracks in BN.

    They’ll also try to squeeze info out of him – who are the 30 MPs hopping over to PR, where is the incriminating evidence, who are RPK’s sources, etc.

  151. […] Anwar in jail…how many days? [image] 11pm  (Bkk time): The last I heard of him was that he had left the KL Hospital where they wanted his blood […] […]

  152. Underdog says:


  153. kesava says:

    Aksi orang yang terdesak…

    Berikutan berita penangkapan Anwar Ibrahim, semakin yakinlah rakyat bahawa kerajaan kini makin takut dengan cabaran politik yang ditampilkan oleh penasihat PKR dan Pakatan Rakyat itu.

    Dalam beberapa minggu sahaja, sudah banyak contoh kejadian misterius yang membuatkan orang ramai makin yakin dan percaya terhadap Anwar Ibrahim – ‘kehilangan’ penyiasat kes Altantuya selepas dua pengakuan bersumpah, ‘kemunculan semula’ dan ulang-tayang tuduhan liwat terhadap Anwar, ‘laporan perisik’ yang mengatakan bahawa PKR bercadang untuk mengadakan demonstrasi yang mampu mengganggu keamanan negara sehingga seluruh KL perlu di’roadblock’ dan kegagalan PDRM untuk membaca waktu (yakni jam 2.00 petang) dengan tepat sehinggakan polis khas berbalaclava perlu menangkap Anwar.

    Semua ini membayangkan kepada rakyat bahawa kerajaan UMNO/BN kini semakin takut dengan Anwar – sehinggakan isu-isu yang telah cuba digunakan dengan gagal 10 tahun lalu perlu diulang-pakai. Kejayaan Anwar untuk memalukan wakil kerajaan BN iaitu Ahmad Shabery Cheek di depan seluruh rakyat Malaysia secara langsung dalam debat petrol menambahkan lagi ketakutan mereka. Jika sebelum ini, rakyat hanya mengesyaki bahawa para menteri BN tidak mempunyai kebijakan, debat tersebut telah membuktikan pandangan mereka.

    Sekarang rakyat hanya menunggu – apa lagi yang akan mereka lakukan sekarang? Apa lagi modal yang mereka ada untuk terus mengaibkan Anwar dan memperbodohkan rakyat?

    – Rustam A. Sani

  154. bamboo river says:

    In parliament yesterday, KJ demanded Anwar to take the DNA test. WTF! He may as well shut up and stay in Rembau.

  155. GERAM says:


  156. Angry Rakyat says:

    The 28 millions rakyat in Bolehland will float and sink with DSA, period!

    You evil satans better heard this, especially Bodowi, Najigsaw and Tahik Hamburger.

  157. amoker says:

    Sodomized 8 times in 3 months ( taking away GE times)? Wah, Anwar Ibrahim would have been very free with nothing to do loh and no people to meet. And Saiful would happen to be there or easy to be summoned.

    When Najib or Saiful lied about the timing of events, did the police go and catch them?

  158. along says:

    KJ is another goon. Now with DSAI under arrest, he only now dare to stand and bark. Wait till someone soak his blood on a pig butcher knife. Wonder if he can sleep eveynite in peace not dreaming someone going after his sissy life.

    Police is useless now. Kennot solve theft, rape, robbery case, but good at doing all this show to the public how ‘macho’ they are. Where is Malaysia security is heading? Now, our country is the laughing stock for other countries because from the outter part, we are like country of muhibbah, smile always … and for truth sake, this is how Malaysia goverment “demokrasi” way of promoting it’s real attitute. To all foreign investor, are you willing to invest into a country that ready to reap ur arse off for your money and use the ‘dark force’ to throw u into jail when you no longer needed?

    IMO, Bodowi kennot, Najis kennot… who else we can choose. Sometimes, i really hope if DSAI and Chedet can sit together, leave all the greed and EGO aside, work this out and stand up for our nation. We need strong leader and the one really looks into the hearts of the nation!!!!

    SAY “NO” TO BN!

  159. edessa ebiet says:

    perkara yang terjadi pada anwar sukar dipercayai dan saya ingin tahu siapa di sebalik semua dalang ini.siapa “boy” yang mengganggap dirinya diliwat by him. Stupid thing!
    badannya besar dan sudah cukup matang memikirkannya. kalau la benar Anwar “did” mustahil dia tidak melawan dan diam saja bila diliwat oleh anwar, kecuali ada orang lain melakukan untuknya and “claimed” dengan anwar. Tak masuk akal. sya harap mereka yang melakukan hal ini menerima balasannya.Hidup PKR!

  160. Hungry bulldog says:

    Mr. Badawi and gangs, whether you are pm/ministers and no pm/ministers, the rakyat will piss on your graves.

    Better cremate your carcasses and feed to the stray dogs to avoid this.

    Bodowi and gangs are stupid dying dogs.

    Dead dog

  161. Abdul says:

    The police detained DSAI in the police cells because they want to take his hair samples that may have fallen while he was asleep and say that they were found in the condo. Can someone warn DSAI of that NOW and also his lawyers about it? Do it now and now.

  162. Hungry bulldog says:

    Malaysia is a blessed nation with plenty of natural resources but unfortunately also attracting a lot of greedy and evil devils.

    The children of God must obliterate all these greedy and evil devils before these devils obliterate us, our children and nation.


  163. superga wellies says:

    Bodowi, Najib and Hamid should be in minced meat by now.

    Minced meat

  164. Honour Truth & Freedom says:

    Guess what’s the police next move will be? The minimal medical checkup they did is enough to ‘nail’ Anwar. Because they will fabricate the ‘DNA’, something along the line of: ‘we found that the DNA semen (they will have to ‘backdate’ this ‘evidence’ lol) found inside that poor chap’s butt to be a ‘perfect match’ to the DNA samples collected from Anwar when he did his ‘minor medical checkup’. Ta-DA, then followed by a ‘backdated’ report (saiful’s) fully in tandem with the ‘DNA evidence’ and other fabricated evidences plus ‘reliable key witnesses’ e.g. ‘top CSI/forensics officers’ n of course would you leave out err… the compassionate n newly elected national Sodomy Counsellor, Mr you-know-who? Then Anwar will be tried in a the most ‘Corect’ court in the world n the verdict delivered by the most ‘compliant’ judge. You know the rest… Then again this is just my imagination running wild…. heh heh so don’t go after me o… this is the perception many Malaysians share, the blame is on you… yes you who gave us this ‘perception’. Oh man this is better than any CSI episodes…

  165. kesava says:

    Latest on Anwar
    Anwar released on police bail this morning after statement recorded. Will leave KL police headquarters shortly.

  166. kesava says:

    DSAI is to be freed on bail and he will held a press conference at his Segambut house at 2PM

  167. macgaiyver says:


  168. JeyS says:

    AI freed on bail yes..and we were caught in a traffic jam…welcome to malaysia..YOYO LAND

  169. JeyS says:

    If they nail him for these charges…i think there will huge ruckus…from in and outside of malaysia.

    Once bitten twice shy…..been there done that..no thank you

    We have the worst judicial and police system! Yes we think even overseas there are thugs, corrupt police and politicians (which country doesn’t have la) But ours has taken it to beyond and infinity!!!

    The Khairies, najibs, AABs,MMs,Samies.etc in waiting (future generation) is learning to aspire like these goons…sad for OUR (the few who wants justice and peace) YOUNG ONES are so doomed.

    I actually prayed yesterday nite that he be released…not that he is my hero but a human 1st and its not fair to be subjected to these thugs no-fair play.

  170. kesava says:

    The difference between 20 minutes and 50 minutes is the village idiot who could only have become a Prime Minister by virtue of a NEP.

    Otherwise, his rightful job would have been that of a taxi driver or kerani.

  171. xy says:

    I commented the following in the posting “Anwar, see you in September”
    i took the liberty to hv a brief calculation on the man-in-waiting, on the cosmic forces at the time of his birth and mapping that into this year’s cosmic orientation, it doesn’t look too encouraging, especially from July 22 to Sept 21.

    it will be a frustrating environment, just like damp heat environment after a shower followed by strong sun light.

    time will tell.

    What this means is that, AI will be close, but no cigars in 2008.

  172. kittykat46 says:

    With very minimal amounts of DNA -less than one gramme of tissue, DNA can be replicated a million times through PCR (polymerase chain-reaction) techniques.
    What comes out won’t look like any human tissue, more like goo, but if someone really wants to plant DNA evidence, it can be done. The technology for such replication only exists in government owned labs and some high-tech private labs overseas.

    Of course, a proper forensic investigation can also reveal if such DNA “evidence” didn’t come from normal human flesh or fluids.

    That’s why its so important the investigation into this case must be transparent and meet world-class standards.

    Hey, I’m a PR supporter, but I also do not want trouble in this country. But if the Regime tries a repeat of the 1998 kangaroo court, I’m afraid there is going to be TROUBLE, and things could get very ugly.
    I’m Very Sad for Malaysia this morning.

  173. chaptokam2 says:

    hello chaptokam my dark side, hope you rot in hell with all those BN MF’s in this god foresaken land together with your current and next next generation if this is what you wish for. anyway my thoughts are that BN fresh from receiving the billions from petronas can now be very loud and afford to mobilise all their cronies adn whatever means available to silence all who oppose so that they can continue spin their web and of course divert all attention of msians onto frivolous matters so they can quietly behind the scene siphon off all those money before their time is up (if ever). GOD SAVE MSIA!

  174. kafir says:

    Well, at least the government is finally achieving its goal of “transparency”.
    Yes boys, your motives and methods are amazingly transparent, out there for all to see. “Mess with the big boys, get ye to jail”.

    Soon we will see this “transparency” in action in the Judicial system too I suppose

  175. Mr Rip Van Wrinkle has decided to take a 2 years slumber at the expense of the raykat. The recent happenings are not his doing, they are the sinister machinations of the PM-in-waiting who has been more or less given the green light to run the country the best way he see fits. Beware, Rakyat , more deeds of evil are on the way.

  176. bamboo river says:

    Good, now Anwar is released on bail. People , wait for the big bang and see the aftermath.
    C4 guy is shitting in his underwear.
    KK46, have a cup of kopi O kau kau. Be optimistic.
    Get angry but not crazy! 🙂

  177. Patek1472 says:

    Malaysians are Doomed? Rakyat Malaysia Pupus?

    Jeyklls and Hydes in Malaysia. Are you? (Ask your children.)

    Jeyklls dan Hydes di Malaysia. Adakah anda? (Tanyalah anak-anak anda).

    Posted at http://Patek1472.wordpress.com.

  178. KC On says:

    Hello…. ai yo….. you think policmen are so free to arrest him ah? The dirty tactics run by “AxxxR” coz he wanted to make tremendous news in the world again. Malu je… that all rakyat have been fooled. Hello…all, Don’t simply follow ppl. Use your “cow” sense.

  179. What a joke! says:

    Malaysia police really that hardworking and on time? why was that when someone report a robbery etc, took police more than one hour to act. Really unbelievable to said Anwar cannot make it on time at 2.00pm.

  180. peace brother says:

    Another chapter of History in making for our kids study.

  181. Menyalak-er says:

    OK fellas, really pissed off now huh?
    What is our next step besides barking to show our frustrations?
    Those GOONS are deaf, dumb and blind to everybody except their cash/bank accounts & genitalia; even to the rest of the world!
    Let’s not do something against our national laws or moral-ethical code…
    and show them we’re better than them.
    Remember Gandhi who took his inspiration from Tolstoy who took it from Jesus? It eternal stuff…
    Let us not do anything i.e. “ponteng” period – a nationwide strike, as some of us mentioned in another blog (refer to ‘Joecools’ comments in previous page).
    Lets put our heads together and go figure… Yes/No.
    “Lets Get It On”… Marvin Gaye.
    Now we gigit, no longer menyalak.

  182. CIA-KGB says:


  183. BobbyNZ says:

    Learnt something interesting from Dow Jones last night “Naked Short Selling” ie selling without borrowed shares. Imagine the US financial turmoil going beserk over 22% drop in Dow Jones. Can you imagine the damage done to beloved Malaysia in 1997/8 when the stock market of Malaysia (then Rising Tiger) plummeted by 80-90%? Also the Malaysian currency too! Thanks to Petronas! No thanks to that Traitor who legalised short-selling in 1997!

  184. CommonSense says:

    Saiful promoted to Special Assistant within 3 months? Interesting indeed!

  185. NZGayman says:

    I think BobbyNZ and Ayoyosamy are really the same bugger !
    Nothing logical to say, just playing each other’s a*se the whole day long.

    Can I join in ?

  186. songchin says:

    So, Federal CID director can simply arrest anyone so long as he had reason to believe that person is going to commit a crime (even before crime happen??).
    What st.p.d explanantion is this??

  187. DARK KNIGHT says:


  188. Bradgelina says:

    Hi Susan,

    Our country has express deep concern of the rule of law and justice system that de jure must be meted out on every life in your home soil, Malaysia.

    I was deeply concern in the style the Malaysian police with balaclavas in arresting Anwar like a training exercise to waylay and arrest Mat Selamat.

    Please, if you have a new topic, I would appreciate it as well as your commentators and visitors.

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

  189. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    The police fail again as they have no cogent evidence against DSAI. This “incredible excuse of Bodohkri Zinin” on DSAI’s arrest, as mentioned by Mr. Param Cumaraswamy, is ridiculous, afraid to produce DSAI in court as the lawyers will submit that the arrest was “illegal”/ Section 111 is not compelling on DSAI, how did the police convince the magistrate to issue the warrant; an earlier court order by Sentul OCPD barring DSAI & his supporters 5km from Parliament, will result in “contempt of court” ( ofcourse, even that court order was obtained mala fide ) as IPK KL is within that 5km. BIG BULLY PDRM!!! or PIG MUSA….sore loser!!!

    We should now have a poll or signature campaign to ASK HOME MINISTER ALBAR SYED, PIG MUSA HASSAN & A(bove) G(od) Gani Patail to RESIGN IMMEDIATELY IN PUBLIC INTEREST.
    If PDRM has evidence they should charge DSAI on sodomy immediately, otherwise, charge Sayfool for false report.

    Power really corrupts absolutely!!!!!!

    PEOPLE POWER…..x 25 million.

    Ravindran Kunjan

  190. tamade says:

    The story line of the latest sandiwara n Bolehland goes like this:

    DSAI has found new evidences on the Mongolian woman’s murder as well as the hard evidence of that top dirty cop and the “prosecutor head” ten years ago for their crimes.

    These top guns feel very embarrassed and humiliated after they were summoned and interrogated by ICAC. So they now team up with the murderers of the Mongolian woman to save their ass. These dirty buggers are in the same boat now.

    On the other hand, The Wizzard Kid from UK together with the sleepy nice old man, are laughing side by side, because they are holding all the hard eveidences and they hold these dirty flurs at ransom.

    Off and on, the Wizzard Kid will pour some kerosene on these flurs, and they are busy putting off the fire, so no time for the political counterparts to form the new Guomen as planned.

    The Director of this movie is: Steven Mahafiraun.

    The Producer is: The Former Greediest White Misai Banker of Bolehland (busy hunting in Africa Safari currently).

  191. frust says:

    Actually if Ang war is not a threat to the BN, would he be arrested just for sodomy. What is wrong with homosexual. Dont tell me non of the BN is a homo or any of their chilldren is homo. Even sodomy between male and female, it is a fact. The islamic law on sodomy is no longer relevant, it needs review to current time. Maybe Ng Yen2 can look into this matter. Homo is borne in those born as homo. We must empathise. In fact they are very creative and honest and very faithful.

  192. waswas says:


    People are not “born” homosexual or bisexual…. This is a choice that a human makes for themselves… Allaah punishes those for their choices in this life…Like those who choose to steal, choose to lie, choose to commit zinaa, etc…. but Allaah does not punish for the way that He created us, born female, male, spanish, chinese, etc…. these are not choices, but HOW we live is a choice in every sense of the word… This idea that people are “born” homosexual is from the Kufaar and is not based on Islamic Law,

  193. waswas says:

    frust no more,

    Allaah created Adam and Eve not adam and steve, and from all three semitic religions, christianity, judaism, an Islaam, we see that homosexuality only brought destruction onto itself….in other words, they were destroyed by Allaah….thus there is no “gay history”, their only history is destruction, and there is no “gay pride”, since they were humiliated through the wrath of Allah.
    do not let lust rules the head my dear frust.

  194. roy selvan says:

    The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of human beings who suppress the truth by their wickedness. God is angry at sin—angry at the passive sin of ignoring God, and angry at active rebellion. This anger is being revealed, perhaps in nature, or by scriptures that say that sin will be punished.

    However, wicked people suppress the truth, even though they have a chance to know. Verse 19 says: Since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them.

    How did he make it plain? Verse 20: For [ever] since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. Even though we cannot see God, we can see from his creation that he has eternal power and he is supernatural.

  195. realylife says:

    hemm , i saw in news today that Anwar already freedom . Hope the law will be done the right things.

  196. waswas says:


  197. KC On says:

    Please dun spend so much time to publish articles on this politician… Anwar. He is not to be deserved for the reader of ur blogspot to read the whole story.. bla..bla.. It’s sucks. Just a Gay Politician in Malaysia.

    Honestly, I feel shameful for Malaysian to have such “heck” opposition defacto leader. He has no nuts at all. Irritating article!

    Hey… get something more interesting news instead. TQ!

  198. HOHO says:

    Where got hope man malaysia? All the police high level fellows simply talks and give great liars. They think the rakyat are all stupid and believe what they shit with their dirty mouths, esply the botak Menteri, all the time talking nonsense. This type of standards also can become minister, Terrible-lah, malaysia punya quality leadership!
    I support 100+++% whatever RPK wants to f***k this BN govermen !!!

  199. waswas says:

    read this blog…u’ll see anwar in different perspective.


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