On the other hand, his former closest ally Ezam Mohd Nor, who recently jumps over to UMNO, has vowed to reveal “SECRETS” about him. We’d like to see those “treasures” now. Come, bring it on!

The police gives him a warning that he has to appear at the police station tomorrow (to give a statement on the sodomy allegations) or else he faces arrest.

But several Muslim scholars around the world believes that Anwar Ibrahim is:

“…to be of the highest ethical and moral integrity, a devout Muslim and a devoted father and husband. He is universally recognized as an advocate for justice and fairness, and he has a long history of promoting Islam and championing Islamic ethical and charitable causes”.

They said they were “deeply concerned about the physical safety and freedom” of Anwar and are ” troubled by the unsubstantiated and clearly scurrilous claims made against him and his character”.

They also acknowledge Mahathir Mohammad and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as having” the formidable political courage in leadership” and has the “example of personal piety and forbearance” that both has given the Ummah today”.

They are paying “close attention to the way” Anwar is treated.

” We have no wish to interfere in the internal politics of Malaysia, or in civil and criminal accusations within the country, which we reiterate are ultimately the business only of the Malaysian state and people. However, the spectacle, ten years ago, of our respected brother Datuk Seri Dr. Anwar Ibrahim sitting patiently in court after having been personally and illegally beaten up by then Police Chief of Malaysia is still fresh within our minds as a travesty of justice and impartiality under the law in a leading Muslim country. We are all still ashamed of that image, which will ever be indelibly engraved in our memories”

Read more in the Islamica Magazine, and for the list of people who endorsed Anwar.

77 responses »

  1. Ann says:

    In Malaysia it is a matter of political survival, do you think
    the UMNO inclined Muslim scholars care so much about religion?
    They are a bunch of munafiquns and subservient to worldly gains
    i.e. money and recoqnition.

    Get prepare for the back lash that is, “mind your own business” by UMNO goons on this letter. The script is so easy to read these days.

  2. eeyaw says:

    They believe Anwar because of the injustice done to him by the people in power using the bureacratic machinery & Bn dogs! Only losers did what they did when they lost the plot! We Rakyat shall once against teach them a lesson in the next opportune time! To you Chedet scum your time is benign!

  3. matador says:

    These idiot UMNO thought they are the founder of Islam and other Islam views are wrong. They forget that Islam was brought upon them through their forefather. Today their ISLAM is only by name. I bet most of this UMNO bastard could not even read the common verse of Quran or probably Al-Fatihah or Doa Qunut itself.

  4. Muda says:

    The holy prophet Muhammad s.a.w. had said that ‘tell thruth although it hurts’ . Honestly , I do not know whether UMNO who claimed to be bastions of Islam would even want to follow what the holy prophet had decreed . What then is the guideline of the UMNO muslims ?

  5. JeyS says:

    Wonder what they will make of Najib swearing on their Holy Quran that he has no relations to the AS murder. GOD so sick people are of money and greed that power brings that they swear on their GOD”s name for a sin they committed.

    Rest my case

  6. MalaysiaScrewedUP says:

    Even most of my friends in HK and Taiwan, Do believe in Anwar !!

  7. JeyS says:

    Your guess is good as mine Muda. Why then do they pray 5 times a day (thats if they ever do) and perform the friday prayers?? Mocking their religion?

    They should have not brought religion into politics as religion is clean and politics is so damn dirty. Some people who have no morals whatsoever, mixes them two and wallah…..we get people like the najibs MM AAB Samy and rest of their cronies not forgetting Bush and the international arena….in this sad world!

  8. skann says:

    I do not believe swearing under oath will settle the issues. On the contrary, more problems will be created because all those involved will surely do it as if they have done nothing wrong. What I believe is “all politicians” do not believe in their Gods from the lies they told, some by commission and and others by selective omission.
    I once suggested all those concerned, be it the murder of the Mongolian girl , or the sodomy accusations, should subject to lie detecting if they still want to continue their denials. This is the scientific way to determine who is telling more lies than the other.

  9. suresh says:

    Everything they say is correct. But those who hold power and position in Malaysia are not interested in moral, good value or at least good advice. They don’t listen but want others to listen.
    can you expect to deaf to understand you?

  10. PHUA KL says:

    Hi Susan and others

    Here’s something interesting from Marina’s blog
    (my apologies: nothing to do with Anwar Ibrahim):


    I truly wonder what makes this individual (as quoted in Marina’s blog) tick!
    Carefully screened and selected “intelligence” from the 4th Floor Boys?

  11. jean says:

    If I have the same big money for those image consultants, I would make the world believe that I am mother theresa.

    Your ability to make people believe in you will not change what you actually are.

  12. Jsss says:

    Hi, Susan not only muslims in several world believe in Anwar, the whole world is believing him. Dosen’t matter muslims or non muslims.

    Accept the brainless BN nuts……..

  13. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    Instead of swearing before the Koran or Bible or Kitab, or whatever…take a lie detector test can or not?

    Ask Lajib, LossMah, Pak Lah, Khairy, Baginda and those implicated to take a lie detector test!

    Finish story. If cannot take 2 tests.

  14. bamboo river says:

    Show me the six boxes of ‘secrets’ before talking about Anwar’s secret recipes.

  15. The lies created by these liars in BN are so cleverly disguised that, they were able to get enough votes to form the govt. I can gauge from the dirty tricks used again in recent events, they are self destructing. Be patient, truth will prevail and justice, back to the rakyats.
    “An egg does not boil twice”…similarly, playing the same sodomy card on Anwar has no credibility.

  16. May I add; same goes with Bala’s sd1 and sd2

  17. 2 cents says:

    just make sure that come next GE, we all make a clean whitewash of this present corrupted gomen, if nothing can be done earlier.

  18. Menyalak-er says:

    Be-eNd has lost the ‘perception’ wars 100%.
    With their feudalistic mentality, it was and always will be knee-jerk tactics.
    They do not have any longterm strategic plan except ‘more of the usual’. Anachrostic ways will not beholden the rakyat to them, especially by intimidation.
    DSAI is a master strategist, but he too must temper his cult like status in PKR.
    I think the intellectual Muslim world is watching the drama unfold very carefully and weighing their next response – as justice is their main concern – not so much on superficial acts of piety. They certainly were not impressed at all by DPM’s antics.
    Our main focus for now should be presevering in this period of uncertainty and rebuilding our secular Constituition with a more mature democracy.
    Let us assume our present administration will continue doing & saying the most ‘comical’ nonsense for the time being… until they are kicked out.
    The world wide economic hubris is here and now, and our dopey PM defends a police-state, say what?

  19. skay says:

    Can someone tell me a webpage where I can read the rakyat comment where they sided the government? I really hope I can read some.
    Otherwise, its look like 95% are objecting the current goverment and the remaining 5% of BN cronies supporting them only.

  20. JAMES LOW says:

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most eligible of them all? One is inept, the other is bald. Though Anwar has also been gored, amongst them he can stand tall. To elect him as PM nobody feels sore.

  21. onuor abraham says:

    Pasti sangat ke semua yang terjadi ni penipuan?Takda kemungkinan langsung ke yang Anwar ni betul2 bersalah?Atau apa2 yang terjadi adalah sebahagian daripada rancangan beliau sendiri?Anwar tu bukannya baik sangat sampai takda kesalahan langsung yang dia buat,..

  22. Ezam Mohd Nor, the TRAITOR, we, RAKYAT will not respect this type of character, DO WE? This shows that he had alot of SECRETS too, even worst than C4 and UMNO moroons. Many of us came to know that he started renovating his ISTANA, where is his MONEY came from? Obviously the RAKYAT will know. Whatever his SECRETS of ANWAR, we RAKYAT challenge him to expose if he dares. We, RAKYAT will not trust this goon EZAM and we still support ANWAR. What can this goon EZAM to us, the RAKYAT. RAKYAT wish his Allah will send him to HELL together with UMNO moroons soonest possible. Then Malaysia, Malaysian will be peaceful!!!

  23. rozlan says:

    Ezam kata mau dedah pasal Anuar dah byk kali dah.Bila agaknya nak dedah.Skg la masanya utk tolong UMNO..

  24. Menyalak-er says:

    Sdr onour abraham,
    Betui cakap engkau, tapi persepsi skg. adalah ketua Um-no telah menyalahi pengunaan kuasa dan ‘in favor’ kpd DSAI.
    Kebayakan tipu-helah telah diaturkan olih kedua2 pihak ni.
    Insyallah, kebenaran akan muncul pada akhirat; sebab main politik semacam ni memang kotor dan patut dihina.
    Kita patutnya selalu berwaspada… kerana Syaitan belum dikenali lagi…

  25. hahaha says:

    When Anwar sneezes, the blockheads in BN get constipation!
    Road block here, road block there, like blue ass flies knocking blindly all over the places. That explains everything!

  26. amoker says:

    In Malaysia, some seemed to be sold that

    Islam = Malay = UMNO.

    Talk about any of it and you can be accused of inflaming the rest.

  27. mugabe says:

    Ms. Sloone,

    FYI. Swearing with a copy [Mushaf] al-Quran [technically, it is just a written copy and cosmologically the al Quran is a Divine Property of the Creator] is only done by the ignorant, and ill-informed Mufti.

    In Islamic Civilisation, there is a system of Justice with Judicial Courts, Judges, Prosecutors, Witnesses, Evidences and Lawyers right from the very beginning [it so happen that during the prophet’s time, he was the Judge/Arbitrator of many cases,even disputes between Jews and Muslims].

    Even the Sultans/ Khalifah, including the 4 earlier Rightly Guided Khalifates, would appear before a Judge appointed among those with impeccable character, intergrity,and have knowledge when a citizen complains!

    Khalifah Umar was reprimanded ; I believe, Syedinna Ali too, when the ordinary citizens complained about their wrongful decisions or actions.

    Coming to this person by the name of Anwar Ibrahim, he is seen by many Muslim Scholars and Leaders to be a person of good character and intergrity.

    These personalities are NO ordinary scholars as they themselves, are seen by the Muslims at large to be of the same good character and intergrity.

    The edifice of the Muslim Scholars, and Scholarships [as we don’t normally use the term intellectual as many Western Philosophers are known to have poor character and intergrity, past and present], are fundamentally, build upon people with strong, impeccable character and intergrity and intelligence.

    The really examplary ones, are required to quote VERBATIM and in the proper order, vocal and precision of every Verse of the al Quran and Hadith {sayings of the Prophet} and the latter, the scholar has to know the “transmitters” right from the Prophet to his Master/Sheikh.

    The “transmission” of the sayings of the Prophet is still going on in some places around the Muslim world …. and any blemish in the character of the Master/Sheikh/Scholar will for some reason or , become impossible for the correct and precise transmission of the Hadith.

    This is also true of those Scholars who memorized the al Quran word for word and with the proper pronunciation which they begin from a very young age.

    Any improper conduct, dressing and partaking of FORBIDDEN things, including food and drinks, in almost ALL cases, the “reciter-scholar” may find his/her memory of the verses and whole chapter, no longer in their memory. [ they are ample examples ]

    Many Western Scholars who study Islam with these Traditional Scholars and eventually become True Muslims will attest to this phenomena, and some of the names I see in the list.

    Mind you, these Western “White, Caucasian” Muslim scholars sometimes surpassed that of our own Malaysian Ustadz.

    A few names would suffice, Timothy Winters {aka aba al hakim murad] of Cambridge [ formerly a Unitarian] , Nuh Ha Min Keller, Hamzah Yusuf.
    Martin Lings [aka abu bakar siraj uddin, deceased], they all speak Arabic and read classical manuscripts.

    It would seems that the Western Muslim Scholars are quite responsible to make known to the English speaking peoples, the works of Rumi, Ibn Arabi, Mulla Sadra and the savant al Ghazali.

    Please bear in mind, it takes Muslims with proper and true understanding of their Religion and have certain amount of proper and true knowledge to know who the scholars are.

    Inevitably, true Muslims would be able to recognize and acknowledge who are their true Muslim Leaders & Scholars, both of the mundane and trivia and that of the spiritual.

    We would not be wrong to say, that the whole lot of the Malay nationalist political party DO NOT in any way measure up to the prerequisites of a Muslim Leadership; far faraway from it. Avoid them, if you can.

    By the same token, not all of the Religious Political Party leaders qualify as superb Muslim leaders, and so is the lonesome leader of the Coalition. They have thus, far shown their good aspects and character of a leader, which Muslims and non-Muslims can trust and follow.

    If, at moment they deviate tangentially, we must abandon and scorn them.

    Those of us who wish to find a Superman or Perfectman, please go read the Comic books!

  28. Dr Ismail says:

    Ezam is the lowest life scoundrel of all. He blackmail Anwar’s secret only to expose them if Anwar go on a streak of exposure of Najib and other cronies which means that he will be reticent of something ought to be told if Anwar yield to his (Ezam’s) threats. If this is not political blackmail I am not sure what his is? Wasn’t this dirty game political blackmail tantamount to corruption.

    It’s feeding time for Bobby NZ.

    Dr. Ismail Merican
    Head of Psychaitrist Unit

  29. Dr Ismail says:


    Though I must say that your elucidation is quite well executed but verbiage and I hope your good-point could be paraphrased.

  30. tukangfitnah says:

    i’m not interested in this newly said treasure. i’d love to know the previous secret – the BOX! where is it? bring it on lah.. coward!

  31. ctchoolaw says:

    The whole world is watching! Now the whole Muslim world is watching even closer. Strong police-state tactics is unacceptable in any culture or religion. The Islamic jurists have made a strong moral statement. This is a major endorsement for DSAI.

  32. J.Yong says:

    The injustice done to our beloved DSAI makes all our hearts bleed. If our top leaders in power think that the people could be fooled so easily by their fabricated lies against DSAI, then the leaders in power are fooling themselves.

  33. Dear respected scholars, this is not the time to think of ‘nicely’ worded sentiments and statements. This is also not the time to be poetic. Please do not say that you are concerned and at the same breath add that you will respect the rule of law within a country. Do something that will right what is wrong please I implore.

  34. hahaha says:

    BobbyNZ, are you not on heat yet?
    I have a double cannons ready for your itchy ass.

  35. Farah says:

    Only in this Bolehland the IGP and the AG can enjoy impunity. In America thay are roasted.

    BobbyNZ, our good-office bought you a water-pistol.

    Staff Nurse
    Hospital Bahagia

  36. hasilox says:

    How come the police is so sexcited over sodomy allegation?

    I think the idiocy of the poolice has reached more damaging level than the C4 murder already.

  37. Charlie says:

    this is worrying..the amount of international attention Anwar draws..which is precisely his intention isn’t it, given that most Malaysians deeply distrust him. His “transition” from his extreme Islamic stance in his Uni days to the rolex donning, silk tie and expensive suits during the height of his political career, from doing what he did to the Chinese community in his Education Minister tenure to now being the fighter for Chinese rights..the Malaysians are definitely not blinded to his chameleon way..it’s only through putting himself as the glorious Man of The Year that he can get support for his cause. his losing cause.

  38. Ann says:

    …given that most Malaysians deeply distrust him…
    …the Malaysians are definitely not blinded to his chameleon way…

    Charlie, which most Malaysians are you refering to?
    The Malaysians were definitely not blinded by giving 5 states
    plus FT to the opposition on 8th March 08 or are
    you simply an ignorant Malaysian?

  39. said says:

    say no to discrimantion

  40. Kenny Gan says:


    You’re scraping the bottom of the barrel to find some dirt on Anwar and coming up with nothing. His extreme Islamic stance in his uni days? Gosh, that must be something like 40 years ago? Were you the same person as you are now compared 40 years ago?

    His education policies as Education Minister? But as he was only implementing what the cabinet decided, this is as meaningless a blaming Samy Vellu for one sided toll agreements.

    Looks like you may have to fall back on the derided sodomy allegations, Charlie and show us what a BN bootlicker you are.

  41. Ctizen Me says:

    Anwar accused warrant for arrest is issued. Others accused nothing happens. I am confused.

  42. TigerChan says:

    UMNO killed Altantuya. UMNO will also kill Anwar Ibrahim.

  43. Orang Utan says:

    Nowadays swearing is like “makan sayur” or eating raw vegetable. So no problem for all of them to swear. If they r afraid of going to hell they should not do it in the first place.However if they really commited all the henious crimes Satan has already reserved a place for them. He has already prapared a grand welcoming ceremony for his friends in hell.
    I think even the lie detector is of no use because Satan has the power to make the lie detector useless.While they r still alive they still have a chance of not going to hell i.e by sincerely repenting and undergoing all the just punishment meted out by the law.

  44. Orang Utan says:

    Jesus said “What is there to gain the whole world but to lose yourself?’ Therefore just think is it worthwile to enjoy just a few short years of illgotten gain on earth and to suffer forever in hell.?

  45. Pegasus says:

    ,Just saw the debate between Anwar and Cheek,and Anwar shone brilliantly with his facts and drowned the Information Minister, Cheek is not on par with Anwar,his comments were going back to 90’s and earlier period and condemning the personality rather then talk about the issue slated for the talk. We just saw how nonsensical the BN minister comments are, might as well bring Chow Sing Chi of the Kung Fu Hustle or Mr Bean to be a minister in BN cabinet,they won’t be out of place.
    Looks like BN make a big mistake in bringing Anwar on TV,now his popularity will shoot up even more rapidly due to his fighting cause move for the rakyat which was watch by most Malaysian. What he says was point blank and straight to the point. We will wait for him to stand in election soon if the police don’t arrest him sooner. The day of reckoning is fast approaching and BN will be desperate to act irrationally to stop Anwar’s influence,but the rakyat is wide awake ,how could they sleep peacefully with the current situation and the soaring cost of daily goods. May we see a new beginning in Malaysia.

  46. TigerChan says:

    I also saw the debate between Anwar and Cheek. What is really laughable is that Cheek said the rise in oil price has nothing to do with buying things in Malaysia is more expensive now. Also …Cheek was attacking Anwar’s personal background which has nothing to do with the topic of the debate.

  47. lsm says:

    If Ezam really reveals Anwar’s ‘secrets’, might as well Anwar shld do the same to him. No need to give face.

  48. wits0 says:

    Yes, Anwar did better although the audience was loaded in favor of Shabby, it would appear, from the extra faux cheers for the later. The point, e.g., Anwar made wrt the IPP was not counterable at all by Shabby Cheeks who resorted to some usual standard rehashed retorts of officialdom.

  49. Muslim Scholar says:

    As a Muslim brother, let me quote from surah Ali Imran, verse 135: Maksudnya: “Dan orang-orang yang apabila mereka telah melakukan perbuatan keji atau menganiaya diri mereka sendiri, lantas mereka ingat kepada Allah,kemudian mereka memohon ampun atas dosa-dosa mereka itu (Anwar) Bertaubat dari sesuatu dosaan itu ialah menyesal akan perbuatan yang dilakukan, bercita-cita tidak akan melakukannya lagi, dan memohon keampunan dari Allah. Justeru itu, orang yang merasakan dia sudah berbuat dosa hendaklah mengerjakan sembahaya sunat sebanyak dua rakaat dengan memperbanyak istighfar di dalam sembahyangnya itu serta berjanji kepada Allah swt kepada dirinya sendiri bahawa dia tidak akan mengulangi lagi perbuatan keji itu selama-lamanya.”

  50. BobbyNZ says:

    Wow Wow Wow

    Just logged into this web page and I see sodomised bees trying to sting me! So desperate kah!!! Suffering from paranoid schizophrenia kah?

    The facts remain:
    1. Anwar legalised short selling of currency and stocks in 1997 so that the
    CROOKS could devalue them by 80-90% thus destroying many livelihoods!
    2. Anwar is an unrepentant sodomite due to his psychological dependance on
    men’s rear due to ingrained conditioning for watching gay porn in his uni
    days! His alibi for sodomising Saiful is therefore “Temporary Insanity”

    Cheers everyone! Let’s watch what happens next.


  51. Farah says:

    Nonono Bob, we care for you. I thought you enjoy playing with your potato gun, no? I am worried about you and the likes of you coz there are still many out there who has this “Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorders” that if untreated will aggravate to Schizophrenia, wore like you, Bob, psychosis.

    Now take your medicine.

    Hospital Bahagia

  52. Ann says:

    ‘We just saw how nonsensical the BN minister comments are, might as well bring Chow Sing Chi of the Kung Fu Hustle or Mr Bean to be a minister in BN cabinet,they won’t be out of place’ ………Ditto.

    Past debates/interviews

    Salahuddin Ayub vs Hassan Merican


    Mahfuz Umar vs SriGading

    Mahfuz won

    Dr Azman vs Ketua Pemuda Umno Muar

    Dr Azman won

    DSAI vs Sadberry Chik

    DSAI won

    So now PR 3 BN 0

  53. open says:

    Did you watch the debate ? There is a new economic theory which says “inflation is inversely propotional to price of gasoline”. Sabry said if a country brings down the price of gasoline it will cause inflation. Now the price of nasi goreng has changed from RM2.00 to RM3.00, nasi lemak from RM0.50 to RM1 etc. That is what Sabry called deflation.

    In the debate Sabry attacked Anwar’s personality. I saw the mental image of many more pro-government people; they see Anwar as someone who should be banished like Altantuya and Bala. They will do what it takes to put Anwar away. The police already said that Anwar is a suspect meaning he would be arrested. Surely it the order comes from from the AG.

    But people are aware of a setup and what a mole is.

    The rakyat knows gasoline price is worldwide. They also know the price is above USD100. Now they also know Petronas is making money out of it. The government got the big share too. Whether we are a small or big exporter is immaterial. The Ministers should look at facts carefully and don’t lie to people.

    If there is an election in a week I think more states would go down and BN will golong tikar; then BN will have to resort to cheating again and pump more money.

    If you miss the debate, try to look for the recording somewhere. It is vital because you can see whether Sabry is a smart person or not. From my point of view Sabry’s mind is one track. He can’t see outside the box.

  54. dlquill says:

    there’s a chinese saying, “when you overturn the pig’s stomach, you will find shit” I wonder what kind of people it takes to betray a friend like this, I think he can sell his own mother when he stop loving his mother!

  55. BobbyNZ says:

    OOps my obsessive compulsive behavior goes again:

    The facts remain:
    1. Anwar legalised short selling of currency and stocks in 1997 so that the
    CROOKS could devalue them by 80-90% thus destroying many
    2. Anwar is an unrepentant sodomite due to his psychological dependance
    on men’s rear due to ingrained conditioning for watching gay porn in his
    uni days! His alibi for sodomising Saiful is therefore “Temporary Insanity”

    Cheers everyone! Let’s watch what happens at Wed 2pm!


  56. ANg Kong says:

    Just a small point i want to add,

    the formation of Petronas, was it not from the tax payers money? regardless whether how minority the annual profits was generated fr petroleum harvested locally, it is only rightful to say that all the profit that has been withheld be seen as a loan fr the rakyat. It belongs to us all.

  57. wits0 says:

    Where Shabby Cheeks creates his sort of “truths”:

    Oil Debate: Some Cocks & Bulls

  58. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    With all the DAILY “Kindergarten” Political “Cat & Mouse” games & coming to the 15/07/08 DSAI & the Information Minister Debate, I have this to say :

    With the Powers-that-be still in “Denial” & maintaining their Auto-Pilot Self-Destruct” mode path there is nothing much more that our new MPs, State Leaders, Aduns, Intellectuals, including DSAI, etc can do to change their “Paradigm”.

    Their motto has been, is still & will always be “Heads I win, Tails you Lose!”

    Maybe we should just give them more rope to hang themselves at every turn towards their Auto-Pilot “Self-Destruct” mode path !

    1. The Topic is already biased ( insinuating / insulting, etc) & not an intelligent topic . Could it not be a specific topic on the ” Recent Fuel Hike introduced by the Government – Pros & Cons”

    2. A Moderator has to be, and be seen as “Neutral” in any discussions / debate, prompt to keep the debate within the topic & to give a specific time limit for the participants to put forward their case with no interruptions, etc.

    3. The Debaters will then be allowed to present their case within that time & the Moderator should use his / her discretion to allow the participants to complete their case instead of interrupions.

    4. “Blood Sucker” mentioned….60% of the debate is off topic (Moderator’s job to prompt/lead them back into the topic) & the Moderator is biased, with preconceived thoughts to intimidate, insinuate & belittle Anwar right from the start.

    5. One is a new Intellectual Minister (amongst the younger ones wanting to show & prove his mettle) who wants to be a Hero & the other a Veteran Minister, ex-Finance Minister & ex-DPM who has been ostracised, insulted, punished, jailed & still being punished by the Powers-that-be because they still feel threatened with his struggle to voice the rayaat’s plight.

    6. Have we not learnt from the US Presidential debates or we “do not want to learn…or is it (by command!) premeditated to “hammer” this participant. ”

    7. Under the circumstances I feel DSAI has more “Guts” than the Powers-that-be to take that “Challenge” and be counted to voice the rayaat’s plight on the unnecessary Fuel Hike with his views to offer an alternative by cutting the National “Wastages” on “White Elephant” projects, etc.

    8. The audience & viewers can then form their own opinions.

    9. “Who provided more RELATED facts on the debated topic” –
    I would DEFINITELY say it is DSAI.

  59. Ann says:

    ‘Salahddin Ayub vs Hassan Merican’

    Not Hassan Merican but Shahrir Samad…sorry.

  60. bamboo river says:

    “Yes, Anwar did better although the audience was loaded in favor of Shabby, it would appear, from the extra faux cheers for the later.” – Witso.
    Paid audience to clap and cheer?

    That Shardberry is not debating but giving a political speech just like all BN Ministers. Thinking we are small kids can be enticed and pacified with false ‘feel so good’ statements. He even failed to answer a question directed to him from one member of the panel regarding the excessive fund accumulated for improvement of public transport system from the reduced subsidy since 2004 and 2008.
    No wonder he is frothing in the mouth. If the debate should go for another half an hour, he may be bleeding from the nose and ears.
    This information minister is very well UNinformed and Unworthy of our cabinet. As Anwar said in the debate, if Ministers in the Parliament cannot understand the crux of the issue, “Problem Lah”
    Where did they get that what Tan Sri Dr from one of the panel? …IPP is not related to gas and oil? Mana dapat itu PHD?

  61. eeyaw says:

    Anwar was sublime……. Not only he had to face off the the Cheek guy but the audience and invigilators as well! Still came up on top and may I suggest BN is digging itself further into the hole and Anwar is getting free publicity as a viable candidate and Pakatan Rakyat is the beneficial party. Thank you BN for kicking yourself!

  62. kesava says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, July 16 (Bernama) — The People’s Justice Party (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) advisor Anwar Ibrahim failed to offer a convincing and sustainable formula in reducing the price of fuel during the special debate `Form the Government Today,Fuel Price Down Tomorrow’.

    Although he spoke eloquently and attracted the attention of the audience, particularly his supporters, with his rhetoric, the formula he presented was successfully rebutted by his opponent, Ahmad Shabery Cheek, who is the Information Minister.

    The minister provided more facts in defending the government’s move to restructure the fuel subsidy compared to Anwar who chose to adopt the populist approach in wooing the audience.

    “Anwar adopted the approach of wooing the audience with rhetoric which struck the audience’s emotion but was less convincing in presenting his formula whereas Ahmad Shabery presented more concrete and reasonable facts,” commented an audience who declined to reveal his name.

  63. Ann says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, July 16 (Bernama) — The People’s Justice Party (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) advisor Anwar Ibrahim failed to offer a convincing and sustainable formula in reducing the price of fuel during the special debate `Form the Government Today,Fuel Price Down Tomorrow’.

    Although he spoke eloquently and attracted the attention of the audience, particularly his supporters, with his rhetoric, the formula he presented was successfully rebutted by his opponent, Ahmad Shabery Cheek, who is the Information Minister.

    The minister provided more facts in defending the government’s move to restructure the fuel subsidy compared to Anwar who chose to adopt the populist approach in wooing the audience.

    “Anwar adopted the approach of wooing the audience with rhetoric which struck the audience’s emotion but was less convincing in presenting his formula whereas Ahmad Shabery presented more concrete and reasonable facts,” commented an audience who declined to reveal his name.

    …as expected coming from MSM what else is there to discredit
    PR, so shallow.

  64. Harrison says:

    Hey Susan,

    I received an e-mail from DS Anwar’s office reminding me to watch the debate from this e-mail : info@anwaribrahim.com

    My perspective was that Anwar gained an edge over his opponent in oratory and intellect. The only point Shabbery may won was that the subsidy will benefit the rich. I’ll give this one to Anwar.

  65. sword of heart says:

    This Badmanwi is a setan. Now this setan Badmanwi knew that racist politics cannot be used since the rakyat saw and knew very well this racist politics applying by the umnoputras racist thugs.

    So this Badmanwi switches to using the religious card, hence we have this Islam Hadhari which is nothing but a religion of the setans.

    Hence we have all this destroying of sky kingdom mosques, temples, churches, body snatching and apostates crisis.

    Now this setan Badmanwi is using the setan religion to get what he wants. This setan religion is nothing but another divide and rule technique to plunder the wealth of the rakyat-the religious way.

    So setan Badmanwi is more vicious than Mahathir. Mahathir just robbed the wealth of the nation but leaved the rakyat alone but this setan Badmanwe not only rob the wealth of the nation and rakyat but also interferes the daily life of the rakyat- the setan religious way of life.

    The setan religion is fit only for the evil setans like Badmanwi and is not compatible is other pious religions.

    This setan Badmanwe deserves to be sunk a long sharp sword into his black evil heart.

  66. kwai lan says:

    before election – ANWAR who ???
    after election – ANWAR..? shivers down my spine la..dun mention his name can or not ??

  67. I like the debate. Not that I like the 2 individuals. I think this kind of debate should continue. If we can have debate for Prime Minister election just like the U.S.A, it will be Coooool !

  68. wits0 says:

    BN is a many stupid things

  69. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha, what debate? In a debate 2 personalities of equal status/intelligence etc. engage in a dignified discouse to defend their positions on a certain subject. This wasn’t… it was like a ‘scholar’ vs. a schoolyard bully.
    DSAI, polished as usual, was armed with facts & figures while the other was frothing from the mouth!
    Most of what the Be-eNd info (watishis name? Cheeko? Chipmunk?) chief said was out of point (as expected) – even my dog cringed at the specks of foam issuing forth and dribbling down his chin… yucks!
    He can’t even do simple arithmetic, much less talk about economics.
    With all that foam issuing from his spout (ala LimKengYaik), it was lucky DSAI was some 3m away! Could have got infected with UM-no rabies…
    Seriously, DSAI’s the man – we can’t afford to keep people like Cheeko around, brave and blur he might have been.
    Sacrificial lamb of the blustering/bumbling dope/C4?
    Rector (rectum) of UUM absolute disgrace – where did he filtch his degrees from, anyone knows? Same bungkum whose trying to sue RPK… aiya, the state of our higher education…
    Hey BobbyNZ and Ayoyosamy, nice to have you(r) back!

  70. Inflasi says:

    Debate on oil hike seem to put blame on global issues by the info man.

  71. ANg Kong says:

    how high did the TV rating go up to? debate like this should be held weekly. It shows who’s an idiot and who’s not. We would like to see who is doing his job and who has been sleeping while in office.

    what abt the ‘valuable air time’, some says…well, i for one is prepared to stay up after midnight.

  72. CYBERBOY says:


  73. CYBERBOY says:





  74. tamade says:

    Yes, not only the Muslim scholars are with him, I think most of the Rakyat stand by his side.

    The dirty Mahafiraun would have charged him under corruption long in 1998 (not sodomy) if DSAI was really dirty and corrupted like the present Fed Guomen UltaManNo Ministers, like the 800 Million Dollar Man, 2.4 Million Dollar Man, The Oxford Kid with Unknown Sum of Money, etc.

    Yes, he is clean, and the Bolehland’s UltaManNo is exceptionally dirty. Therefore, they must oust him, by hook or by crook.

  75. true malaysian says:

    everybody is making their own interpretation on what is happening to the malaysian political war between the bn and keadilan.do the malaysian government be fair enough to the people. do they really care of the well being of the malaysian folks. due to the raising price of oil in the international market which is driven by the supply and demand which i believe been cornered by someone or country with evil plan. most of the countries all over the world get effected. everybody panic. on the other side of the world people go out for demonstration bagging their government to lower down the fuel price and on the other hand malaysian have their own story – sodomy, bribe, killing the innocent, to name the fews. Do u think that what is happening to malaysian political climate lately is something brilliant that come out from those in power who claim to be smart and intelligent enough to lead to country. They are too greed for money and power. i personally think that ” big is dying and small is growing” bn is old enough to lead the country. think about it. (waiting for the true leader of the country).Who it should be….and how it can be done to be fair and just for the people.

  76. Joshua says:

    Thanks for posting this.

    My two-cents here on Dr M on THE ANWAR DEBATE:

  77. whatever says:

    whatever it is….if Anwar is to be believed to lead Malaysia…we are heading to a destroyed Malaysia.

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