A man of indomitable courage says this to a woman of the same (theedgedaily.com). She is simply “Kak Wan” to many, and doesn’t seem to mind if you don’t call her YB.  With all that is happening around her, I can’t imagine how she manages to remain calm. In fact, if you stand before her, you also seem to calm down. 

This is what Penang CM Lim Guan Eng says about her today regarding the conferring of titles on the 70th birthday of Governor Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas: 

“Wan Azizah (Wan Ismail) was personally recommended by me as it is an appropriate honour for a woman of distinction who has served her husband, family, people and country dutifully and faithfully, always God-fearing and never wavering from her obligations to the principles of truth, justice, freedom and democracy.

“Her indomitable courage under extreme pressure from the entire machinery of the Barisan Nasional during her husband’s (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) imprisonment and her perseverance and tireless dedication to fight for justice for her husband and the downtrodden has lent faith and courage to countless Malaysians,” said Penang chief minister, Lim Guan Eng.

Her dignity in the face of repeated attempts at humiliating her husband and shaming her family’s honour has brought many Malaysians of disparate beliefs and backgrounds together, Lim said.

No, I don’t hate everything about Malaysia.

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  1. Aru says:

    She is great to be the First Lady.

  2. eeyaw says:

    Kak Wan Azizah deserves all the accolades for here steadfastness in standing by her husband during trying times & total discipline in the face of adversaries.
    My salute to Madam!!!

    Btw I can’t help noticing that YB Lim Guan Eng was not given any title but in my heart you deserves one yourself! Another golden trait in the form of humility! My total respect to you Sir!

  3. wits0 says:

    Wan Azizah and LGE require no titles to be great per se. In fact, were they bearing common and usually abased titles, so loved by fakirs and fakes, they may even lose some shine on account of that.

  4. I feel sorry for her.
    Her husband is been charged twice, she must surely can do something about the backside lover husband. She must knows what kind of husband she has.

  5. imwatchingu says:

    I said this before, that Annwar is one lucky dude. A lesser woman would have given up long ago. She’s a pillar of strength not only to her family but to Malaysians irrespective of your political leaning and race. She deserves the honour more than any politician in the country. Congrat, Kak Wan and hold your head high so that we can all take a leaf off you.

  6. Jsss says:

    Datin Seri Wan Azizah we respect you. You are simply superb for a lady.

    Wish you good luck.

  7. Klaw says:

    She, and dozens of other ladies having to lead their family without their absent ISA detainee husbands have my respect.


  8. donplaypuks says:

    She has been a wonderful example to all Malaysians, not just as a mother, wife, professional, politician and person.

    But don’t make the mistake of putting her on a pedestal yet!


  9. Arumugam says:

    For a lady to be brave enough to fight together with her husband. Its indeed a great lady who is loyal to her own husband.

    But their fighting purpose for the sake of governing the country and giving false speculations towards the public by press on behalf her husband’s case is an irresponsible action and unwise.

    Its pity he had a husband like Anwar.

  10. Charlie says:

    She deserves the title, and so much more. For fighting a cause that is so outrageous alongside her husband. No matter my personal and political sentiments against Anwar, I will not hold it against her. She is doing what she believes to be right. May God bless her soul.

  11. wanderer says:

    Greetings from down under, you are the best!
    Don’t mind the sour puss….they have eyes and cannot see, ears that cannot hear and mouths, only good for bad mouthing others!
    Well, it takes all kinds to make this world!!!

  12. Hind-raf says:

    Arumugam wants to marry semi value then they will bankrupt more indians.

  13. gregwar says:

    Yes she really deserves the title after standing beside her many for all these years. Perhaps she too, like the person who proposed her name, doesn’t really care for all the accolades. My own feeling is that both of them want to work for the people who put them where there now. May God shower them with his blessing and give them courage and strength to continue their fight for justice and peace

  14. Kak Wan for First Lady anytime rather than Rosmah….Oooh God help Malaysia

  15. temenggong says:

    She will be a good PM. Looks like its destined to be.

  16. Bornfree says:

    For the man to be great he needs a greater woman by his side. I salute you and I must say Anwar is really blessed to have a wife like you. You will be a great lst Lady. May God bless you and your family.

  17. amoker says:

    Siti Hasmah is one, she is another. These are great leaders irrespective. That reminded me of Mrs Koh Tsu Koon and Mrs Botox. No respect.

  18. Aiyo... says:

    You must be pretty blind if you cannot see the difference between kak Wan and Dotty rosmah! (No offense meant to anyone).
    Simply stating a fact.

  19. Shiok Guy says:

    Congratulation KAK Wan!

    Just to share a story….

    I was going to MCMC to submit some document, and on the letter I mentioned Encik so and so..

    The receptionist said “Should be Dato So and So, make sure you address it correctly”

    I was totally shocked. A lot of those joker does not deserve a state or federal title. Respect is earned not asked to bought.


    Shiok Guy

  20. Emailgoals says:

    World needs woman like these !!

  21. RKP says:

    The fight is not over yet….fight on for justice,equality,uprightness of behavior then Mr and Mrs Anwar will be blessed by the poor of the Land,a blessing of good life they will earn from God.The blessing that comes from the poor of the Land will last.

  22. mugabe says:

    One of Malaysia’s greatest woman .. who stood for her husband and protected her children from the whole UMNO political machinery.

    BTW , as the Federal Court upheld Anwar’s Innocent in total .. the ACCUSERs should be given their due punishments.

    Had this previous case gone to the Syariah Courts .. Dr Mahathir and Gang would have been given lashes and stoned .

  23. hutchrun says:

    The Australian Rudd-er thot he could add 1.9 billion to the economy by not meeting Anwar.
    Now badawi spit in his `white man` face:

    Malaysia to Delay Trade Talks With Australia, Review Says

    By Stuart Kelly
    July 11 (Bloomberg) — Malaysia wants to delay trade negotiations with Australia until both countries join a regional free-trade agreement, the Australian Financial Review reported.

    Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he wanted to focus on the trade deal between Australia, New Zealand and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the newspaper said.

    The bilateral deal with Malaysia was tipped to add A$1.9 billion ($1.83 billion) to the Australian economy, the newspaper said.
    To contact the reporter for this story: Stuart Kelly in Sydney skelly22@bloomberg.net
    Last Updated: July 10, 2008 18:05 EDT

  24. how come lge as CM tak ada datuk …….

  25. Suzy says:

    This woman deserves the recognition…keep
    the services going.

    DSAI, DSWA, Nurul Izza and other family members
    never say die attitude have really moved me.
    In many ways all of them have been so inspiring.

    Cyber regards.

  26. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    Very well said by you & YB LGE (one of our God anointed Leader of this great nation).

    The time has come for us all to IDENTIFY & COMMEND our TRUE PATRIOTIC LEADERS who have persevered, struggled, been humilated & suffered under the hands of the Powers that be for far too long.

    They have vioced our Downtrodden rayaat’s plight & Walked their Talk with us in our struggle for “Justice to our nation, its assets & its rayaat.

    Inspite of all the trials & tribulations, they still maintained their Integrity to continue the struggle for this great nation called Malaysia for Malaysians.

    May I also ad this as a tribute to YB Datin Seri Wan Azizah.

    Dear YB Datin Seri Wan Azizah,

    May the Force be with you !

    You & your team including YB Nurul Izzah have done well to manage & sustain PKR to its present status with you as its Leader. Also with you being the Leader of the Opposition which is an achievement !.

    Who says that Women cannot compete with Men !

    I had mentioned to YB Nurul (at the court with RPK’s case) that I look forward to the day when a woman may become the PM in Malaysia to do this nation & its people proud !

    May God continue to Bless & Protect you & your family in your Noble pursuit of Justice to this great nation, its assets & its Downtrodden rayaat ! Insha Allah !

  27. Uriah Ang says:

    When the Pakatan Rakyat takes over the Government of Malaysia, as Opposition Leader, and Head of the largest Party in the Coalition, she should be the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    Kak Wan as the Prime Minister would be such a refereshing change to the male-dominated testosterone drenched climate of the past. She would bring a welcome change to attitudes and the resurgence of equality as we all know among races, communities, religions and gender.

    She has earned that right to be Prime Minister.

  28. Jong says:

    Congratulations YB Datin Seri Wan Azizah! – a woman of class and a First Lady material!

  29. Anonymous says:

    what the fock husband is a sodomite also pretend dunno only. Sorry i lost my respect to her. how not to when your husband sodomite someone in ur own house also donno.

  30. suresh says:

    She deserves this compliments. In fact I have lot of admirations fro her. She certainly has all the Asian values with tremendous courages yet being so soft spoken.
    Just compare Wan Azizah and Rosmah or may be it’s wrong to compare a gem with glass.

  31. Aiyo... says:


    “You who have not sinned cast the first stone, judge not and you shall not be judged.” Try to be a polished gentleman before giving your comments on a fine lady. If you need to attack Anwar by all means but, do not drag in the wife and family. Man to man, you have demonstrated your low mentality and kuaran ajar
    personality, fit only for the scumbags in BN.

  32. BobbyNZ says:

    Behind that facade is a woman that has accepted the behavior of her husband. I feel sorry for her.

  33. Suzy says:

    Anonymous dud,

    LGE just became the CM this year where as DSWA
    is the rep for Permatang Pauh for the past 3 terms.
    I presume he’ll be awarded the title next year.


    Get over it…

  34. wanderer says:


    Hey DICKHEAD, you are back! No further comment.

  35. Steve Lee says:

    YB Kak Azizah looks like a very sincere and determined woman. God bless her. Keep on fighting for justice Kak Azizah.

  36. suresh says:

    While many of us including LKS, Azmi and others show our concern on the twist and turn of the authorities and their stories there are also some who could come out uttering words that we don’t condone in our decent lives..

  37. A true Malaysian says:

    When DSAI was caught 10 years ago, Kak Wan ran across to Sri Perdana (old one) to ask for leniency from Mahathir’s wife, Siti Hasmah, but her plea was not entertained.

    The hardship that follow has moulded her into one tough lady that she is today. Comparing to all other wives of BN VIPs, Kak Wan is definitely the most qualified to conferred such honour, not one that is bought over.

    The other ‘Iron Lady’ of course goes to Betty Chew, Guan Eng’s wife, who suffered the same predicament of Kak Wan when Guan Eng was in prison. For not nominating his own wife or father, this shows us the true character of Guan Eng.

    Bravo to you Guan Eng, and of course, congratulations to Kak Wan and DSAI.

  38. tag says:

    BobbyNZ (19:06:16) :

    Behind that facade is a woman that has accepted the behavior of her husband. I feel sorry for her.

    I feel sorry for you. You are badly constipated and need to be loosened up. That anonymous can help you-both of you can play tag.

  39. tag says:

    Nurul Izzah Almost Arrested?
    Posted on July 11th, 2008 by Nathaniel Tan
    So says an sms from her aide who is a former colleague of mine. Something to do with her ceramah tonight (Friday, 11/7), which I understand is still going on at the Multipurpose hall of MPBJ, Section 5, Petaling Jaya

    I’m not quite sure what went down, but will just wait for clarification as it comes.


  40. Menyalak-er says:

    Kak Wan,
    DSAI ‘damn’ lucky to have a wife like you – full of inner strength, patience, perserverence, grace, dignity and humility. Words do not do justice…
    I’m sure Sdr. Anwar will agree with this – otherwise we’ll whack him up!
    You will always be the symbol of liberty and freedom to this nation.
    Err, how do we address you from now on: Datuk Seri-Datin Seri-YB-Kak Wan?
    Or should it be YAB Madame Prime Minister soon?
    To the anti-Anwarists’, please don’t slander this sweet lady, she’s better than even your own mothers, who somehow didn’t teach you any manners!

  41. KKLim says:

    Congrats Kak Wan, you deserve the award. With this, hope you will be even stronger in face of adversity and continue to defend the downtrodden irrespective of color, creed or religion. Enlightened Malaysians of all races share the same sentiments with LGE about you and be assured we will continue to back you even if some blind blokes in this blog here is trying to denigrate you.

  42. Mc says:

    Kak Wan for PM? 🙂 Yes.

  43. rozlan says:

    I hope LGE be given the deserving title by other PR states…I Believe LGE is humble.He didnt want to nominate himself like other shameless BN MBs/CMs..

    Anyway DS Wan Azizah deserved the title.I hope PR states will cleansed the honorable titles given so that only deserving Malaysians are entitled for them..Not some useless BN morons whom they themselves didnt know what were their deeds to the country…

  44. Ganesan says:

    Malaysia needs people like her, a inner strengh that no BN leaders have. For her tenacity a lesser mortal will fade away. She is one great person and a leadership is sorely wanted to guide Malaysians. Yes we shall vote her for PM anytime.

  45. Ro says:

    Azizah is a rare being and Malaysia’s finest. She is a lady who retains her cool despite all the shenanigans of Be End (BN) and its lackeys including few nameless marauding bastards in this blog. Her courage and fatigue represents the spirit of the nation. You are very much respected in this nation, much more than DSAI because you have shown unequalled humility and utmost grace.

  46. dunnoalso says:

    enuff of politicking…lets move on.
    lets worry about making ends meet,
    savings for the rainy day, make our
    family happy & healthy.
    Insya Allah it can be done.

  47. Noor Aza says:

    Dr. Wan Azizah is a great inspiration to many woman and girls in Malaysia and internationally! And her daughter is increasingly becoming another inspiration. Please Dr. Wan & Izzah, inspire to achieve true equality and freedom values for us, women and girls here in Malaysia and elsewhere, as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human (UDHR) Rights and Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW); when Pakatan Rakyat finally takes over! Soon enough I hope! And especially with so much violence towards women and girls here, and increasing oppression from Islamic fanaticism as played out strategically by destructive and primitive foreign-based ideology from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan; which unfortunately is real enough, that is increasingly influencing our naive and vulnerable younger generation of educated young men!

    Noor Aza Othman,
    Women for Justice Support Group Project,

  48. bennyloh says:

    Wonderful wife to a wonderful husband. Saw her over the media pleading the Pm’s snobbish wife to get her husband to set him free.
    I for one would never believe that the husband is quilty. Back then they wanted to charge him for corruption finally the rumours I heard is that he will be put away for a make-up “tiew see fatt long” and weeks later, true enough it happened. If I couldn’t believe then, I could not believe the current one too.

  49. tan, tanjong bungah says:

    Hi everyone,

    Congratulations Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah on the award of a datuk title to be conferred by the TYT of Pg today.

    I’ve the utmost respect for Kak Azizah, who can stand on her own merit. To me, she is at least equal to AI if not better. She reasons with calm and composure under the greatest pressure and ‘duress’ and even though I am not one of the Ptg Pauh constituents, I’ve always wished her well. She should be awarded the Malaysian Woman of the Year Award, if there’s one, for someone who has weathered the storms and yet is still standing tall!

    Congrats to LGE also for rightly recommending her and Nicole Ann David for datukship awards.

    The TYT’s birthday awards this year is even more meaningful, with a greatly reduced number of awards and yet still awarding a DSPN Datukship to our beloved squash queen Nicole Ann David. In her case, age is not a factor as she’s the most suitable model figure for young Malaysians to emulate. Penangites and Malaysians are always proud of her – humble and down-to-earth inspite of her fantastic achievements thus far!

  50. artic turban says:

    Visa plan for ‘risky’ visitors.
    One of the risks posed is the possession of bogus passports
    The government has warned 11 countries that their citizens will need visas to visit the UK unless they “significantly reduce” the risk they pose.

    Listed are Brazil, Namibia, South Africa, Malaysia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Botswana, Lesotho, Mauritius, Swaziland, and Trinidad and Tobago.

    A Home Office report identifies bogus passports, criminal acts and terrorism as possible risks posed by visitors.

    It says the new visa requirements could become law by early 2009.

    The new countries on the visa list have a combined population of more than 300 million – nearly 5% of the world’s population.

    We need to decide how to widen the visa net. We cannot and will not shy away from going wider

    Liam Byrne, immigration minister

    If visas are imposed on them, 80% of the world’s population will be subject to visa entry requirements in order to visit the UK.

    Because Britain is a member of the EU, citizens of European countries do not need visas to visit the UK.

    Border and Immigration Minister Liam Byrne said: “We need to decide how to widen the visa net.

    “We cannot and will not shy away from going wider and will, whenever we think there is a risk to the UK.”

    ‘Evidence of change’

    He said the government will now “work with” the countries over the next six months in an effort to reduce the risks.

    “If they are able to show evidence of change then there will be no need to introduce a visa regime,” said Mr Byrne.

    The criteria for the Home Office’s Visa Waiver Test included looking at passport security and integrity; the degree of co-operation over deportation or the removal of a country’s nationals from the UK.

    Levels of illegal working in the UK and other immigration abuses, levels of crime and the risk of a visitor committing a terrorist act were also considered.

  51. BobbyNZ says:

    The denial is painful but the reality is even more hurtful when her husband is convicted this time with Saiful. Using Syariah Court is only a ploy knowing the Rule of Law will find him guilty. Truly Barisan Alternative haha.

  52. Observer says:

    Aru (15:16:24) :
    She is great to be the First Lady.


    Frankly, I rather her be the next PM than Anwar. Please be your own woman, Dr Azizah. I can support you but your husband lost his credibility with me a long time ago!

  53. ktteokt says:

    Kak Azizah is indeed a very suitable candidate for the post! Just hope she will live up to the name of KEADILAN by maintaining “keadilan” to all rakyat of Malaysia, unlike the BN government who only talk about “keadilan” as is written in the RUKUNEGARA (…membina masyarakat yang ADIL….).

  54. peace brother says:

    So well spoken and so true Mr. Lim

  55. Asad says:

    It’s good to see positive role-models for the world’s young Muslim women.

    Check me out at: asad123.wordpress.com. I write about pop culture and religion, with admiration and critical analysis.

  56. Dr. Rosli says:

    I must admit that the trigger point that shot me into politic was the unjust expulsion of DSAI from the government and UMNO and the ill-treatments of him that followed.

    Now, by hindsight, I would say that it was really a blessing in disguise for DSAI to have gone through all those tragic episodes in his life and political career. His root is in struggling for Islam and to this, I believe, he has returned to the point of no turning back, Insha Allah.

    I joined PAS in 1998. I originally wanted to join PKR but its registration was still pending then.

    I told Roslan Kassim then: Let me park myself in PAS first. Later, when things settled, I will join you.

    But before long, Roslan left PKR and I then decided to remain in PAS. Now I am a life member of PAS. I am really grateful to Allah Almighty for putting me in the circle of so many God-fearing people. I wouldn’t want to trade this for anything else.

    In many ocassions, I joined Kak Wan in political ceramahs. She came to Linggi, Astana Raja and many other villages in my hometown, Rembau.

    My admiration goes to Kak Wan. She was so humble and down to earth. She mixed with everybody and for sure, as I saw it with my own eyes, my village people, young and old and men and women admired her. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn into a winning vote for me when I contested against Isa Samad in the general election (1999).

    She is a true leader of the people. She is so modest in whatever she does – she speaks in a moderate tone even at the height of her anger, and as I obsereved, she never attacked, in her speeches, her enemies on personal ground. She always dwelled in facts not fictions and unfounded accusations.

    Given the predicament she was in then, she is an example of a truly patient person, wife and mother. DSAI has a wife not many other men have.

    I pray that Kak Wan and her family will always be in the protection Allah Almighty.

  57. “LGE just became the CM this year where as DSWA
    is the rep for Permatang Pauh for the past 3 terms.
    I presume he’ll be awarded the title next year.”

    oh, lks had become oppos leader since 1969 (how many terms) and still no datuk, or datuk seri. lge before conviction too had become MP and ADUN. and wan azizah even not masu penjara but wife of former DPM. so wan azizah contribution is much better than lge as CM, that what i see in penang governor ……

  58. BobbyNZ says:

    A woman of substance? She would have been first lady of Malaysia now if her hubby had not took on Dr M in 1997 at the prompting of Clinton Administration. Now her ardent task to compromise her faith for the sake of her pervert husband, a sodomite. What a tragedy? What makes it worse now is that Ezam holds “dark secrets” of her hubby that will bring shame on her and her daughter. A very sad woman inside thought she tries very hard to look brave outwardly. I feel sorry for her.

  59. CIA Operative says:

    When the time is near, I will reveal who is the real director behind BobbyNZ and other nicks. For the sake of National security.

  60. Dottie Rosmah says:

    Cheh, Datin only – so common. Give me I also don’t want.

    I want to be known as “First Lady’.

    I want to be number one. Everything else also not worth my time. You all so cheap.


  61. Orang Utan says:

    Hi Bobby New Zimbabwe,
    I think we should reserve a column only meant for you and anonymous. I think u r scared of Anwar to become the next PM. U just think for yourselve who are actually scared of Anwar when he take over as PM? Only those who were behind all the fabrication.

  62. BobbyNZ says:

    Orang Utan

    Have you heard the story of the boy who sticked his finger into the hole of a dyke in Holland? Well he saved the country! For me, I see a gapping hole in Anwar’s “dyke” of power and if I keep drilling on it, his “empire” will collapse. See, I am just trying to save the country I loved so much. (Notice the past tense? Yes he gotta meet me in NZ court. Then it will be David meeting Goliath. I am not the least afraid of him!)

    Good day guys


  63. artemus22 says:

    Kak Wan Azizah has been an inspiration to many of us. Whether she’s a Dato’ Seri, Tan Sri or Tun, she’ll always be regarded as the ‘Ibu Malaysia’ to all of us. Syabas dan tahniah Kak Wan Azizah!

  64. BobbyNZ says:

    I shall not attack her because she is already a very sad “IBU”. My deepest sympathy for her.

  65. […] she was conferred a Datuk Seri title for being a woman of indomitable courage, she resigns as MP for husband Anwar Ibrahim to contest in a […]

  66. Billau Chris says:

    The honour conferred on Wan Azizah is long overdue. Had she been in the BN, her honours in accumulation would have reached the moon.

    I am proud to know that in Malaysia we have such a knowledgeable, righteous and courageous woman.

    Her vitues know no bound. May The Almighty God continue to shower His blessings on and protect her and family in the years ahead.

    May I congratulate you on your conferment and success in whatever endeavour on which you embark.

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