His sources are ‘big’ wigs. How can he go wrong?

Raja Petra (Kamarudin) claims that he still has information regarding the Altantuya Shariibuu murder case and in time he will reveal more.

When asked from where he got his information, he did not deny that he had many sources, which included members of the royal family as well as senior Umno members. (Guang Ming Daily).

Coming from RPK, we can guess easily which royal family.

Anwar Ibrahim says he also has more evidence on Najib Tun Razak, linking him to the Altantuya murder case…like a bollywood drama.

Would it be that most elusive photo or video that purportedly shows the trio – Najib, Altantuya and Abdul Razak Baginda having a dinner in Paris?

Should we pressure these two characters to reveal what they have? They would be fools to do, as these ‘evidences’ are their trump cards.

RPK is expected to go to court on October 6. Anwar is facing a sodomy charge. So surely, they need these amunitions to ‘protect’ themselves if not anything else.

After all, it is not these two who are beholden by law to seek justice for Altantuya. What about the police? The court of justice? Why don’t we pressure them to reveal the truth?

So far, we have not heard from the three accused in the Altantuya trials. Will the right questions be asked of them? I am sure, if they are, we will get the answers we want.

But until then…May the Universe conspire to reveal who Altantuya’s murderer(s) really are.

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  1. Ultraman says:

    Keep them well (the evidents), Nail them hard (the murderers)!!!!!!
    Meanwhile, let them SQUIRM around like worms.
    One by one, the birdies will pick them up……. They can squirm but cannot hide.

  2. caravanserai says:

    The suspense account in accounting
    When you can’t find a solution to a problem
    Put it there until such time for developments
    Let the truth blossom somewhere in time

    RPK seditious case will be up for mentioned in 6 Oct 08
    He shall not disclose anything more anyway
    He has to bring his triumph card into his trial
    In this way nobody can get away………

    The canned of worms crawling out
    The sunlight is too hot to stay inside
    Years of hiding in the cold storage
    Even the Polar Ice melts now

    The players can’t hide
    No way could they sleep easily every night
    Justice must be served no matter what others say
    For darkness can’t be had all day long

    The sparrows gather on the poles
    Hanging on cables and tree branches
    Eyes narrowing on the canned of worms
    It is matter of time……….it is feeding
    The worms have to surrender
    Praying for its last rite

    The financial director ponders
    The entry in his accounting books
    He hasn’t found his solution
    The truth is still somewhere
    Teasing the masses inflicting pain to the accuse

    The sparrows can wait
    The sun roams with brilliant light
    Dirt will be swept away
    Only shadows need confirmation
    Is it the truth or something else?
    Behind pillars, nooks and corners

    In court will hear
    The truth will prevail
    Justice finds the solution
    The country needs closure
    And move ahead

  3. azisirikit says:

    Aiiiiyaaaaa… please la… no more achi acho laaa… Just reveal everything and get done with it. The people are fed-up already laa… PakLah!… please la…. get the judiciary right lah for god sake! Do we want to burn in NERAKA JAHANAM?

  4. george says:

    no one is such foolish 2 make SD if they do not have good evidences, rather just hearsay now…

    I believe that both DSAI and RPK are well prepared with hard evidences before declare war on DPM, AAB, IGP, AG and their supporters (including the army).

    Thinking back now, they must be very worry now. Whole nation and international are watching the cases very closely…


    Truth will prevail at the end.

  5. crower says:

    1. You have something, better reveal it.

    2. The longer you keep it to yourself, the less credible you are as a witness.

    3. The people are getting tired of all of this.

    4. So far what we have are S.D’s that are full of crap. Even the ah moh selling fruits by the roadside can make such an S.D claiming this and that.

  6. Jsss says:

    No patience to see the 2 (najib and rosmah) and the failure AG & IGP’s creation after Oct 6.

  7. UMNODU says:

    Hie Susan,

    What about their duty as citizens of Malaysia?

    Do they only keep evidences to protect themselves? To only come out with the truth when it is convenient for them?

    I am just an ordinary grass root member. I am removed from the upper echelons of UMNO politics, and I for one would not be at all affected if it’s true Najib is directly involved in the murder of Altantuya. I would not hesitate to denounce him. This is true for most grassroot umno members who has no interest etc2.

    Therefore, my call is for the truth to be exposed as soon as possible. Not when it is convenient for them, not when it is politicized as such. This is a murder case, for God’s sake. Not some “suka-suka acah sini-sana” (although a lot of “suka-suka” seems to be going around …hehehe).


    The Unfairness of It All

  8. daniel says:

    “people power” brought down marcos in the 80s. the people of the philippines got the balls to carry it through. i am not saying we, malaysians as a people, do not have the courage. i am not saying that. no.

    what? people vs bn, aca, ag, pdrm, the army etc…? where are the rulers in this equation? i suggest, work on current bn MPs. but that, up until now, is proven to be a fat hope too. sigh….

  9. kittykat46 says:

    The truth will prevail in the end.
    Marcos’ downfall can be traced back to the murder of Aquino.

    Will the BN regime’s downfall also result from a murder cover-up ?

  10. Arumugam says:

    Hello all,

    The FG is receiving pressure form every corner. No mercy. Its sad.

    The same issues is used to pin the main board leaders of the government. Wow, I wonder if they could hold on much longer. If burst, surely occur public disorder. ISA people should be in stand-by mode for now.

    People showered anger with the current situation. What will the FG do to solve this chaos?

  11. matt says:

    Do we really read what we write [eg.i demand we kwow n we should be told]these people dsai n rpk are putting their lives at risk for us to have a better Malaysia.
    So please people let them be and don’t give hurtful comments when you know that there so much also that you as Malaysians can do.

  12. eeyaw says:

    Raja Petra is doing what you call “Killing me softly with the evidence” By doing what he did he is giving sleepless nights to C4 & Dottie! I think his Royalty source is not his cousin but the previous King.
    Justice for Altantuya!!!!!

  13. doggone says:

    The moment RPK or DSAI show all their cards, they would immediately set the whole UMNO machinery in motion to run them to the ground without a bat of an eyelid for collateral damages.

    Show them your penknife and they show you a parang. Show them your pistol and they show you the cross-hair on their sniper rifle. Show them all your evidence and they’ll make you disappear without any evidence. We can thump the table and doubt whether RPK or DSAI has any further proof. We scream ‘fed-up’ because we are not under the cross-hair. Can we put ourself in their shoes for a moment before we talkcock… and then some.

  14. wanderer says:

    Maybe, that is the reason for Pak Lah to extend his stay for 2 more years. Nagis
    will be poooocik by then. Unless, scums like AG and his buddy IGP twist and turn with the evidence…won’t be a surprise though. Everything is boleh in this Bolehland, a murderer gets a way with murder!

  15. bambam says:

    Just imagine if RPK suddenly becomes like Rocky.. muahahaha.. mati loh.. hopefully if that happens we still have Susan and Haris to fall back on.. if not.. that means Spartan 300 got defeated!!

  16. kesava says:

    “Coming from RPK, we can guess easily which royal family.”

    Either Agung or S`gor Royalty?

  17. matt says:

    Just had a good laugh after reading rocky’s blog about dr m birthday.Even his birthday is a mystery to malaysians everyone seems to be guessing the date,well i think he has two birthdays one when he was a/l and the other when he became a bin.

  18. Suzy says:

    Hi there;

    I have been following your blog and your commitment in the
    Altantunya’s murder case. Keep up the noble work even if the
    nature of the case is so blurry with all the cover ups…
    well so much hype about the independent judiciary system.

    Cyber regards.

  19. gooeyglobs says:

    I believe there is no hurry to release the evidence. DSAI and Raja Petra are the masters in the political chessboard who know how to make their next move. Lets be patient because UMNO has many players too and are paid by us the tax payers to play the game. We tax payers are been raped, sodomised and c4ed at one go.

    I believe in Pakatan Rakyat. I trust that PR can turn the nation around and we do not have to live with uncertainty and fear. What do you have to say brother?

  20. ruyom says:

    In very recent times, the starting date for the study of Malaysia history in the schools has been conveniently fixed around 1400 CE. It probably coincides with the founding of the Sultanate of Malacca by Parameswara.

    Today, Malaysia school children only learn a little bit about the early Proto malays and then are conveniently taken on a historical quantum leap to the founding of Malacca.

    Early Indian works speak of a fantastically wealthy place called Savarnadvipa, which meant “land of gold”. This mystical place was said to lie far away, and legend holds that this was probably the most valid reason why the first Indians ventured across the Bay of Bengal and arrived in Kedah around 100 BC.

    Apart from trade, the early Indians brought a pervasive culture, with Hinduism and Buddhism sweeping through the Indo-Chinese and malay archipelago lands bringing temples and Indian cultural traditions. The local chiefs began to refer to themselves as “rajahs” and also integrated what they considered the best of Indian governmental traditions with the existing structure.

    I learnt Malaysia history in the 1950s and taught it in the 1960s and 1970s in secondary schools. All the history textbooks at the time had the early Indian connection specifically mentioned in them. Teachers of that period taught about the early Indianised kingdoms of Langkasuka, Srivijaya and Majapahit that existed from as early as 100 CE.

    Anyone can see that Parameswara, the founder of Malacca, has a clearly give away name that points to the Indian/Hindu influence. No one can deny this, and all our children need to know about this. They have the fundamental right to learn about this aspect of our history too.

    Why don’t our children learn about these early Indian connections today? It needs mention here that this early Indian connection has nothing to do with the much later cheap Indian “coolie” labour influx that the British brought over to man the railways and plantations of Malaysia from the late 19th century onwards.

    The malay language as we know it today is already fully impregnated and enriched with many foreign words. This is good. Malay therefore has been a bahasa rojak from early times itself.

    Rojak itself (and also cendul) is a Malaysia food developed by an Indian Malayalee Muslim community known as the Malabaris who hailed from Kerala. They were also referred to as kakas. We now wrongly credit the Penang mamaks for this great food.

    The very word “Melayu” itself is most probably of Indian origin from the words “Malai Ur”, which means land of mountains in Tamil. Singapur, Nagapur and Indrapur are very common Indian names that have similar backgrounds.

    The early Indians were probably inspired by the main mountain range that looks like a backbone for the malay peninsula and thus named it Malaiur. The word “Malai” is undoubtedly Indian in origin as is the case with the word Himalayas and we all know where it is situated.

    Many malay words, from describing malay royalty (Seri, Raja, Maha, etc) and common everyday terms (suami, kerana, dunia, cuma, bakti), all have Indian connections. The undeniable Indian connection in the word Indonesia is also reflected in the name itself.

    The Indian factor that influences even the prevailing malay culture in terms of music, food, dress and certain other everyday practices like betel chewing and bersanding is another thing over which a loud hush prevails. Why?

    Such knowledge of the roots of this great country, be they Indian, Chinese, Arab or whatever, can indeed very strongly facilitate the ongoing efforts of the government to make our children think of themselves as Bangsa Malaysia more readily and more easily.

  21. Hon says:

    Malaysia belongs to the ethnic Chinese as much as the malays. The malays are not the original aborigines in malay Peninsula. They have only arrived in Malaysia just a few hundred years earlier than the Chinese who have been there since the Tang Dynasty or earlier.

    And there are many other indigenous peoples in Sabah and Sarawak who are not related to malays at all. Therefore Malaysia is not the country of the malays alone. It is just as much the country of the Chinese and the many other races from the Indians to the many aborigines and indigenous peoples.

    For the Chinese – the British colonial era was much more beneficial than the current malay bully era. During the British colonial era the malays were polite and the Chinese held just about all the highest positions in the government and the police.

    Now there is hardly any Chinese left in the government and the police. And while the Chinese were allowed to do any business during the colonial era, they are now not allowed to do anything other than own a few shops.

    The society was also much safer during the colonial era. There were hardly any crimes when the efficient Chinese police officers ran an efficient police force to minimize crimes.

    And the Chinese were very safe being able to call on the protection of the Chinese dominated police. And the government was also very clean, corruption free and efficient under the British rule.

    Now the government is just a cesspool of corruption where nothing is done. Therefore, for the Chinese – the malays are the daggers in the heart. If Malaysia had remained under the British rule, it would have grown as rich as Hong Kong. The worst thing that has happened for the Chinese is independence.

    The Chinese have migrated to Malaysia and other Southeast Asia places as early as the Tang Dynasty more than 1000 years ago. For instance, Mountain Kinabalu means Chinese Widow (Mountain Kinabalu is in Sabah, East Malaysia).

    This shows how long Chinese peoples have been in Southeast Asia. Chinese have certainly earned the right to feel they are rightful citizens of any country and place in Southeast Asia.

    Furthermore, United Nations does not discriminate against immigrants in any country. The UN does not sanction a set of rights for so-called immigrants and natives. All have the same rights. Even in UK no Chinese or Indians have to pay more for food or for housing. But in Malaysia they do. Therefore, the Chinese and the Indians don’t need to tolerate this.

    It is also bad logic to say the Chinese are recent migrants to Malaysia. As indicated above, the Chinese have been in Malaysia hundreds of years before America was even ‘discovered’ by Columbus.

    If the white Americans are entitled to consider themselves masters of America, then certainly the Chinese have even more moral right to consider themselves masters of Malaysia.

    As I have pointed out before, Sabah and Sarawak are not homelands of the malays. The Chinese were in Sabah and Sarawak long before the malays were ever there.

    The Chinese have been there longer than the whites have been in America. The Chinese have been in Sabah and Sarawak even longer than the malays. The Chinese have been responsible for most of the wealth of Malaysia. Therefore, they are entitled to consider themselves equal owners of Malaysia.

    As I said, the Chinese had been in the government, the military and the police under the British but are now out of the government, the military and the police under the malays. The Chinese were also allowed much more freedom to do business under the British than under the malays.

    In fact, the Chinese can now do no more than own small shops. So it is obvious that the Chinese had been better treated by the British than by the malays. Just because the British had created division between the Chinese and the malays does not mean the Chinese are now treated better by the malays.

    I have no doubt at all, that if the British had not left, Malaysia would be just as developed and prosperous as Hong Kong or Singapore. The stupid malays have ruined the Malaysia economy while robbing the Chinese.

    I didn’t see the Chinese fighting the malays under the colonial rule. If there were any fighting – it started after the British had left when the malays started killing the Chinese in the May 13 incident in 1969. And now the malays are constantly threatening the Chinese with more massacres similar to the May 13.

  22. romsam says:

    Many malays don’t like to admit it, but once upon a time, they were not Muslims like everyone else!

    Malays were part of the migration of Polynesian peoples whose original home was Yunnan in China to South-East Asia in what is known as Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia……….

    At that time the Orang Asli were already well settled in the malay Peninsula, so that makes them the most legitimate of the bumis.

    Malays were animists then for hundreds of years until Indians crossed Bay of Bengal to South-East Asia and spread Indian and Hindu culture to the peoples there.

    Hence we had the great Hindu kingdoms which later also became Buddhist kingdoms of Langkasuka, Srivijaya, Majapahit – but main thing to note is that racially the peoples were malays and speak old malay language.

    Islam only came to South-East Asia from 1400 after foundation of Malacca by Parameswara. Again from India crossed Bay of Bengal and spread Islam to South-East Asia. Malacca sultans were among the first converts and the rest is history.

    Please note that the malays have been Muslims for only 600 years and have been Hindus/Buddhists very much longer – at least 2000 years. Malay culture is very much influenced by Hindu culture including Sanskrit words like the wayang kulit, raja, maharaja, etc.

    Unlike Javanese, who are proud of their Hindu/Buddhist past reflected in great empires like Srivijaya and Majapahit, malays are generally ashamed to dwell on their pre-Islamic Hindu/Buddhist past.

    On the contrary some malays try to be like the Arab wannabes, trying to cleanse the malays of their Hindu/Buddhist past – in this even the songs and films of P Ramlee become victimized!

    If Islam had not come to South-East Asia, malays would still be Hindus/Buddhists like the Balinese which is not a bad idea, as Balinese are considered very peaceful people.

  23. coolooc says:

    To me, Malaysia is run by institutionalised bullies, corrupters, gangsters, goons, infidels, liars, monkeys, scumbags, thieves and all that are mentioned in the Book of Hell!

  24. konek says:

    It is no secret that Parameswara was an Indian and a Hindu prince until he married a Pasai princess and converted to Islam and adopted the Persian name Iskandar Shah.

    There seemed to be no problem telling the truth as I just expressed it during my school days. The school textbooks were quite clear on this – but not today, I am told.

    Once again the ‘insecure’ Umno-led government had to wipe out any references to this famous Melaka prince as being Hindu and belonging to the powerful Hindu empire Srivijaya.

    So all of a sudden our museums, school textbooks etc, all refer to Parameswara as a malay prince. Umno’s lying, mind you, is not confined to the mainstream newspapers.

  25. jean says:

    Oh Hon… not that again…

    Whenever there is a murder case, and it happened that a malay might be involveld, the whole malays in malaysia from the kampung to the pekan to the bandar would be put to trial.

    “The Chinese were also allowed much more freedom to do business under the British than under the malays… In fact, the Chinese can now do no more than own small shops…” – hon

    Hon, I didnt know that. Now I know that Vincent Tan, Ananda. etc are malays, and all those supermarkets and department stores are owned by malays. Thanks for the lesson.


    There seemed to be no problem telling the truth as I just expressed it during my school days. The school textbooks were quite clear on this – but not today, I am told – konek

    Well, I am told alot of things too. So should I say because I heard somebody said it it or I do another BALA and make a SD or should I make a claim to British Government for RM 1 Million?


    “The stupid malays have ruined the Malaysia economy while robbing the Chinese.” – again, hon.

    Tsk…tsk…tsk… I am a malay hon. I never robbed anyone. I worked for the car that I am driving and it never crossed my mind to rob my chinese neighbour’s merc. I dont think my mother or my father did that either. How about yours?

  26. suresh says:

    It has come to a stage where you don’t trust police even for a cent. They had no idea of Bala’s whereabouts until two days ago but suspected he could have left the country. Later it was revealed Bala had contacted his nephew to confirm he was safe. It did not stop there. Bala was so worried and touched by Malaysian Police concern for his safety so he had contacted them voluntarily the same day to say he was well and sound. Or was it the Interpol that told our police intelligence unit of the whereabouts of Bala. It is all more than Bollywood Drama and late legendary director/producer cum actor Raj Kapoor wouldn’t even come close to our IGP. (Oops… I forgot he has actor’s blood in him as his famous brother is close to legendary status)
    Today’s NST had an article on the filthiest condition of Bala’s dogs. I’m sure those dog lovers will agree with me on this. If you have a dog and you were to go away for few days no matter how urgent it is, you would never fail to ensure someone to feed and care your dog until you return and most of us it’s another member of family. Bala’s dogs seem to be well taken care all the while. Perhaps police forgot to realize that as I understand they don’t know what it means of having loving pets or showing care except enslaving themselves to the powerful.

  27. wits0 says:

    One thing I particularly admire the Indians for is that they love their dogs and usually take good care of them, whether they themselves are poor or not and regardless whether the dogs are the humblest mongrels or not.

  28. Orang Utan says:

    Maybe bala dog refused to be escorted out of the house together with Bala & family.Dog also got their dignity you know.

  29. 1) picture dinner together is nothing, bijan can always play “oh now i remember”
    2) fresh evidence/documents by setev is nothing, bijan would say “it’s just business”
    3) royal family knowledge is nothing, bijan would say it’s hearsay…
    4) SD is nothing, bijan would say it’s lies and slanders
    5) missing immigration record is nothing, bijan would say it’s not his ministry, and is human error.

    so basically, nothing can implicate bijan. and he will safely become PM (when the country out of oil, and the wealth becomes zero) – not a single shred of evidence point bijan to murder ……

  30. and bijan would say:

    6) bala is nothing, this guy lied in court, and he will lie again in his SD!

    bijan is cool……

  31. mosesfoo says:

    Hello Susan,

    About your last suggestion, ie, that the universe conspire to obtain justice for the late Altantuya, I say we go for it. Let us pray, meditation, wish, act on it, and what have you so that justice prevails.

    It is time for the spirit of righteousness to reign in the heart of humanity.

    Take care and God bless.

  32. new era says:

    Susan, a student reported how BTN create lies and twist the truth about the opposition and the history of the country. Comments which are Anti chinese, and anti indian comparing indian with snakes. Same comment like the BN state assembly woman of perak about Malaysian Indians. All indians if u have read this do not vote for BN for the rest of your life please spread this among ur community. Racism being promoted to student while national service is proportedly to promote interraction between all races. Loads of bulls by BN governement. Where are u MCA and MIC?

    The link on this is Below

    http://www.malaysiawaves.com/2008/07/umnos-latest-psy-war-materials-ex posed.html

  33. ImranJ says:

    If RPK has the evidence, what’s holding him back? Lets get it over and done with. But if and until that happens, Najib deserves what all Malaysians and humans deserve: the right of innocence till proven guilty.

    And to Hon the racist, if you want to go back that far into history, then we might as well go all the way back. That all humans come from Africa. So the real original settlers in China (and everywhere else) are Africans. How far back is too far? I don’t know but lets be reasonable. I think your imagination is going a bit wild there so I wouldn’t even waste my time commenting on crap 🙂

  34. tamade says:

    Susan, you are right. If the Bolehland Guomen proceeds to prosecute RPK or DSAI, I am sure when they are brought to the court, another few nuclear bombs will explode and it will shock the whole nation and the whole world.

    Chances where RPK’s case be postponed again and again by the relevant authority are great, maybe the case will be put off eventually (the Guomen will not want the evidences to be revealed in the public).

    As for DSAI, Saiful and his gang have to work overtime to prove that DSAI is guilty. The person who adviced Saiful to challenge DSAI to swear by the Al-Quran is indeed very foolish.

    Rakyat are asking why CPO ,AG, DPMC4 and his Rose are spared the swearing? After all, they are also involved in their respective cases.

    Discrimination? Double standard? Well, this is the Culture and Characterictic of UltaManNo. What do you expect?

    Hopefully, the murderers of the Mongolian woman will be punished and the top brass who misused their power be sent to the jail.

  35. San says:

    In Malaysia, the Chinese are suppress. Yes, I think so too. Is not so much a matter, whether the rich Chinese entrepreneur made it, but is about our rights as a Malaysian citizen!

    As a Malaysian citizen, don’t you think that we have the rights to affordable education like anyone else in the world? As a Malaysian citizen, don’t you think that we have the rights to assemble, protect our religion and voice our expression?

    I can almost guarantee you that the Umno malays treat the Europeans and Japanese better that their own Malaysian Chinese.

    Don’t the Umno government realize that there are many more Chinese entrepreneurs who didn’t made it! There are many who still live below poverty line with no education.

    If you attend some of the Umno division meetings or Umno Youth meetings, the amount of Chinese bashing in the meeting is unbelievable.

    But if the non-malays were to hold a meeting talking about non-malays rights such as citizen rights or religious rights, immediately Umno brand the non-malays as causing racial and religious tension.

    If the malays can’t treat their own citizens fairly, how much respect do you think they will earn from the international community!

    Obviously some leaders like Mahathir, don’t give a shit what international community think of Malaysians, until he needs money or trade, then he will start to bribe.

    Robert Kuok, so called richest Malaysian has set up his head office in Hong Kong more than 20 years ago because he knew that he will never be able to expand his business had he continued in Malaysia.

    Krishnan, spend most of his time in London. The richest Malaysians now are the AP kings and they are still growing. The malays already control 45% of the KLSE and had it counters like Carsberg, Genting, Guiness, Magnum, Toto, their market share is probably 55%.

    Can we publish the names and identify all the nominees and settle the issue once and for all! The people who are suffering are all the poor irrelevant of race.

    The malays have been so selfish. Chinese, Indians……….leave Malaysia if you don’t like it here that is what malays always say. Malays have to see the fact that they are also pendatang from Indonesia. Even Pakistanis with PR enjoy privileges like malays.

    The Orang Asli have been always marginalised. Their option is convert to Islam to live like others. The malays have set in their mind Malaysia and everything belong to them.

    Even Indonesia doesn’t have such racist category. Nowhere else in the world have bumi/non-bumi double standards citizenship. So what Lee Kuan Yew say is right.

    You somebody miss the point here. You always look at the successful Chinese entrepreneur but you didn’t look at those non-successful one.

    As for the malays, you don’t have to fight it out with other competitors. All you need is to join Umno and you will get government project. That in fact is the biggest corruption. The malays are usually the biggest corruptors in most government business.

    Let us just say, all Chinese become Muslims. There will still be difference between Chinese and malays. I can still guarantee you that the Chinese will still be more successful, because we don’t sit under the coconut tree and hoping for coconut to fall. (As how the late Tunku Abdul Rahman describes the malays.)

    Let me tell you, the Japanese, Koreans are also corrupt. But they are still more successful. Corruption is not the major hindrance of the progress for the race. It is the race’s self determination and initiative that decide the race progress.

    NEP is the biggest legalise corruption practice ever establish in world history. Umno, in the name of malays protector, uses NEP to enrich their families and their friends.

    If you are not one of them, malay dude, I pity you. But if you are a smart malay, you should be like Japanese.

    Malays have dominated the police, army, government ministry, government projects and KLSE big capital companies. What else do you want? Bungalow house, Mercedes Bens and maybe a printing money machine.

  36. yuking says:

    I have the same thoughts. The Islamic peoples, especially the malays, think they are somehow superior because they don’t eat pork.

    Or reverse, they think the Chinese and other pork eating peoples such as the Americans, Europeans, Japanese etc, are filthy because they eat pork. But the truth is the pork eating peoples are much healthier, wealthier, and overall superior.

    The life expectancy of the Japanese is the highest in the world and the Japanese peoples eat a lot of pork. In fact, judging by the life expectancy, the Islamic peoples have the shortest expectancy or the most inferior level of living standard. If this means that they are inferior, then they certainly are.

    Maybe as suggested, the malays should copy the Chinese and start eating pork to improve themselves overall. Obviously, not eating pork hasn’t helped them to advance.

  37. vesewe says:

    (1) Some malays will say:

    · Without Mahathir, who is going to fight for us?

    · Without Mahathir, where can Malaysia go?

    · Without Mahathir, we will all die?!.

    (2) Independence malays will say:

    · I don’t need Mahathir to make a living.

    · I don’t need Mahathir to fight for my respect and dignity.

    · I don’t need Mahathir so that I can gain recognition on my own two feet.

    But sadly to say, most Umno malays fall into category (1). The malays mindset, when are they going to change!

    Umno malays mentality:

    They want money but they don’t want to work for it. They want investment but at the same time, they are afraid of being taken advantage by foreigners. The real fact is, nobody is taking advantage of them.

    The fact is, Umno malay leader has spoil their own malays.

    The fact is, Umno malay leader has never think about the malays.

    The fact is, Umno malay leader in the name of “fighting for the rights of malays” has abuse their power to enrich themselves.

    The fact is, Umno government has destroy their own reputation by being unfair to their own citizens include their own malays.

    The fact is, Umno government has display no respect for international rules, no fair play, don’t play by international rules, being a recalcitrant like Mahathir, and hence no respect from anybody on earth.

    The fact is, Umno government is corrupted to the core and always wants something in return by just giving speech and signing a few documents.

    The fact is, Umno government does not get much recognition from other nations except for third world countries like Zimbabwe, Somalia and Cuba.

    The fact is, Umno government can never provide high skills job to the malays. MNC company can provide high skills job to the malays.

    The fact is, there is no substantiate fact to justify that Umno malay leader has improve the education levels of their own malays.

    The fact is, so many malays can’t get high skills job is because Umno malay leader has fail to emphasize education as much as Chinese parents onto their children.

    The fact is, Proton is failing. The fact is, MAS is failing. The fact is, Malaysia is failing.

    The fact is, malay land will never be develop, unless Malaysian Chinese, Singaporeans or MNC company invest and create value out of it.

    The fact is, Mahathir has brainwash malays into believing that Umno will be their free welfare system, insurance system, and also provides money and food for all malays as long as they can.

  38. fargoman says:

    The Chinese are not in control of the economy at all. Consider this:

    Tenaga, Telekom, Proton, Petronas, Maybank, Genting accounts for more than 50% of the market capitalization of KLSE.

    So basically malays already control more than 50% of the economy.

    But problem is, only a few malays enjoy ownership of the economy and businesses while the rest are bleed dry. These people are millionaires and billionaires man. That is where the lies about the Chinese controlling the economy comes in, to keep themselves in that position.

    So the ordinary malays are angry because they feel the Chinese stole their money. The Chinese and Indians and others are angry because they feel they are further discriminated on top of discrimination.

    Non-malays on the other hand owned only 10% of such equity.

    People like the Robert Kuok group were so pissed that the government pressure them to sell their business, they shifted their headquarter to Hong Kong. But when we want the world to see that one of the richest tycoons is from Malaysia, when we want fame, we said Robert Kuok is from Malaysia, not knowing that he has long gone.

    What minister mentor Lee Kuan Yew has said is absolutely true. It is a simple fact. The Chinese and Indians have been marginalised since 1957, so what is new?

    While the Chinese have been economically strong, the Indians have been lagging behind, simply by being a minority race in Malaysia and by being led by a complete moron for the last three decades. What is Najib so upset about?

    Prove your worth as a race that can stand on theirs own two feet and succeed and you will have our respect. Until then, please just stop making a complete idiot of yourself and shut your gap.

    This goes for the entire Malaysia cabinet. You are all a disgrace and a bunch of corrupt hypocrites! Malaysia would have been much better off if it had remained a British colony. Only then would there have been equality.

    The malays are fall into the trap of other Umno malays should treat like shit in Malaysia. When we demand over basic rights, they always like to quote Singapore malays on not holding public position……….Please la, Singapore practise the real meritocracy, not the fake one like Malaysia.

    Do Singapore systematically marginalised the malays there, the answer is definitely no, do Singapore practise discrimination on education or limited their entry to university, do Singapore limited the critical field business license to the malays, do Singapore force the Singapore malays sold off their business to the Singapore Chinese, the answer is again a big NO.

    And this make Singapore malays stand high when compare to Malaysia malays.

    What make the Malaysian Chinese not happy is, we already being discriminated by our home country, when anything go wrong in Umno or in malay community, the Malaysian Chinese will be the target – for shooting or divert the attention to their own problems.

    Have you wondered why there are fewer Indians than malays in the general population in Singapore, that there are many more Indians than malays in high positions in politics, medicine, law, business, and many other fields that require talent and hard work in Singapore!

    In Malaysia, there are tongkat or crutches available, but in meritocratic Singapore, even the smaller minority Indians outperform the bigger minority malays.

    To Chinese, education is the most important thing to their next generation, so don’t ask me why Chinese insist to have own stream of education until today.

    To tell you frankly, I feel much comfortable when I move to UK, after few years I know they will offer me citizenship being a professional here. And as far as I know, there isn’t a classification on the citizenship, I will get equal treatment as others fairly.

  39. researcher says:

    Malays are a diverse group of Austronesian peoples inhabiting the malay archipelago and malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia.

    The original Austronesians from southern China crossed the strait of Taiwan and settled modern day Taiwan around 8000 – 4000 BCE.

    These first settlers landed in northern Luzon in the Philippines. Over the next thousand years up until 1500 BCE, their descendants started to spread south to the rest of the Philippine islands, Celebes, northern Borneo, Moluccas, and Java.

    The settlers in Moluccas sailed eastward and began to spread to the islands of Melanesia and Micronesia between 1200 BCE and 500 BCE respectively. Those that spread westward reached Sumatra, the malay Peninsula and southern Vietnam by 500 BCE.

    According to the Encyclopedia of Malaysia, the Negritos, who number approximately 2000, are regarded as the earliest inhabitants of the malay Peninsula.

    They are of Australo-Melanesian affinity and probably descend from the people of Hoabinhian cultural period, with many of their burials found dating back 10000 years ago.

    They speak Austroasiatic languages, as do their Senoi agriculturalist neighbours. The Senoi and Proto-malay arrived much later probably during the Neolithic period.

  40. Ayoyosamy says:

    When members of the royal family used their royalty to influence the rakyat away from the Truth, then the rakyat has the right to be “reliably informed”. When they realised they have been fooled, then they must brand these royal members as nothing more than “political pimps”. I have exposed one, RPK.

  41. aston says:

    The truth is Chinese inject entrepreneurial and economic progress in South East Asia. If the Chinese left Malaysia, your economy would be on the verge of collapse and will become little more than a backwater hellhole.

    There are very simple reasons why Chinese do not fully assimilate into malay society. It is because the malay people are very hostile and disrespectful to the Chinese. It is well ingrained in their society, this anti-Chinese sentiment.

    Also, given this hostility, why should Chinese integrate with your society? Let me tell you, it is a very simple reason. Unlike primitive tribesmen minorities in your territories, our civilization and culture is actually far superior than your malay culture.

    We are the inheritors of one of the greatest civilizations in human history. Why do we want to downgrade our cultural knowledge and perception, and accept a backward and undeveloped primitive culture?

    You Malaysians, Filipinos and Indonesians need to learn from the example of the Thais. They are friendly to Chinese and many Thai Chinese are very integrated and are loyal to Thailand. However, they also have links to China and bring the two countries closer.

    Hence, China and Thailand enjoy very strong relations and all of this bodes well for Thailand economically and politically. It is no wonder Thailand has experienced a great deal of economic progress.

    Too, I lived in Malaysia before and let me tell you that Malaysia is not rich. The government owes a lot of money to Japan and other countries. The nation is corrupted! In outside look, you think Malaysia is rich but the truth is Malaysia is very poor. A lot of projects have been cancelled such as new airport in Kuching, and etc.

    Indeed right, in Malaysia the malays are like shit. They disrespect the Chinese. And you want to know why the malay government has money? It is because the tax! Chinese pay high tax to the malay government where the malay government even use quota control!

    The malays given of special treatment, the government give money to the malays because without this, the malays will have nothing! We Chinese in Malaysia depend on ourselves! We earn money on ourselves!

    The Chinese in Malaysia is dropping rapidly, one day and one day will come, when the malays don’t like Chinese and riot, then we Chinese move away and hahaha! Malaysia will become like Indonesia!

    Now look at your Indonesia, last time when Chinese there, the government can be rich. Now when Chinese gone – your country like shit! Hahaha! This is dream funny!

  42. BobbyNZ says:

    It’s sad when members of the royal family become “political pimps” for the most despicable Traitor cum Sodomite of the country. Syabas to Pak Lah!

  43. zana says:

    Oh Yuking…

    There is really no need for those comments. I don’t know which “Islamic people/Malays” you are referring to. I am a Muslim and a Malay, and I have sat at the same table with friends while they eat pork. It is about respecting each other’s way of life. Not eating pork for Muslims is something that is connected to the religion. I respect yours and you respect mine. Simple as that. From your writing, I get the impression that you may not have friends who are Muslim. Otherwise, why would you say something that would hurt your friends.

    I am really, really, REALLY sad to read all these race-based comments, be they from Malays, Chinese, Indians or whoever. If we want to build a Malaysia Malaysia, then we have to rise above all that. Our country is ailing and the thing that will make her stand strong is the people. It is us, people!

    I remember reading a comment in a blog by someone months ago that said something along the line that we are in this together. If one race falls, the other races will prop up that fallen race and so forth. I liked that spirit so much that it has stuck in my mind until now.

    The motto on our country’s crest says “bersekutu bertambah mutu” or in other words – together we stand. If we keep dissing each other, we are only helping widen the cracks already existing in our country’s foundation.

    So to those ultra-racists out there, you can ask yourselves whether you want to be one of those that help build the country or one of those that help bring her tumbling down.

  44. ktteokt says:

    Just get these IDIOTS to read what they have written in 1970, their infamous RUKUNEGARA which states “membina masyarakat yang ADIL”. What the hell is ADIL when they want to maintain Malay Special Rights? Can these two, which are extreme ends be made to meet somewhere in the middle? Such nonsense. Legislate for the purpose of legislating, that’s all!!!!!

  45. eeyaw says:

    The last couple of blogs are veering off the subject matters of your postings! They should discuss your postings not shooting elsewhere!

  46. emanon says:

    Zana, I concur. Yuking’s comment is uncalled for.

    It saddens me to read some of the other racist comments. You don’t fight racism with racism, do you? Hatred breeds hatred.

    I know there are a lot of policies that are unfair and we want more equality for everyone, but why hurl abuses? What are we fighting for? Equality, fairness and justice?

    If you want people to treat you with fairness and respect, discard all your ethnocentric views and treat others with respect first. Otherwise, you are no different than those you condemn.

  47. Eric says:

    hi kittykat46,

    I think we cannot compare Malaysia with the Philipines. BN gov is far smarter than Marcos’s gov. BN controls the court, police, FRU, media, ISA, and you can name more. With all these under its control, it seems to be mighty BN. Furthermore, west malaysia is voting for BN. With that, BN can be assured of Federal gov after any GE. How to remove BN then?

  48. bamboo river says:

    We all knows that RPK is damn sure the evidence/s in his hand will be revealed. Only thing is it must be at the appropiate time and platform. That SD1 and SD2 fiasco probably gave RPK another better option to plan his next move.

  49. bamboo river says:

    “Maybe as suggested, the malays should copy the Chinese and start eating pork to improve themselves overall. Obviously, not eating pork hasn’t helped them to advance” -says Yuking.

    Hey yuking,
    I suggest you spend your weekend in a pigsty and maybe stay there for good.
    Your comments shows you are an ignorant,recalcitrant and brainless moron.
    Better still, go have some pig brain soup.
    BTW, I do consume pork.

  50. jean says:

    …why should Chinese integrate with your society? Let me tell you, it is a very simple reason. Unlike primitive tribesmen minorities in your territories, our civilization and culture is actually far superior than your malay culture – aston

    aston… you are talking garbage. You are calling Malays as racists while you yourself diplayed a characteristic of a typical racist pig who think that his culture is always “superior” then others. Its okay for you to eat pigs but its another thing to act and talk like one.


    Indeed right, in Malaysia the malays are like shit. They disrespect the Chinese – aston.

    Did your words sound like you respect the malays? If by not respecting the chinese, you called the malays “shit,” then what are you? Have you checked what came out of your mouth? Its what “shit” means to the rest of us.


    I could go on and on to show how piggy you are but I have too much respect for my non-malay friends, my colleagues and my staff. Go to hell.

  51. dlquill says:

    If you have read the book “the jungle is neutral” by Larry Chapman, the independence of Malaysia was impossible without Chin Peng, There is a saying “a lawyer is only a lawyer and a bandit will only be a bandit, but if you put the two alliance, you will create a revolution”

  52. dlquill says:

    example like china during the ching dynasty, Dr Tsun yat sen joined with Mao Tse Tung who is the warlord took china back from the manchus. inshort you need strategy and muscles.

  53. Anonymous says:

    whiny little Arsenal funs,.. all you can do is moan about ManUtd’s success. We have a rite to be arrogant, simply because United is a better team than arsenal,.. The only thing you can celebrate is that bit of luck you can the unbeaten season,.. Well we’ve won the premiership twice since and the champions league once and (oh yea…) we beat you 4-0… thats why we are proud and arrogant when it comes to inferior teams like arsenal. And of course why would I care about Ramsey when I have Rooney, Tevez, Saha, Manucho, Nani, Ronaldo, Giggs, Anderson, Scholes and maybe Huntelaar to cheer for ????

  54. Anonymous says:

    My eldest boy applied to enroll himself into M.U..
    In his application form he was asked to choose three subjects he preferred to study. He duly did that but he was never given to study anyone of the three subjects and was asked to study a subject he never applied for-Geography ! His A level results were 4 As out of the four subjects he sat for. He was not given a place to study Medicine, Dentistry or Chemical Engineering were his choices.
    His Bumi class mate just managed to pass the HSC, was offered to study medicine but failed several times in the course of becoming a doctor. But unfortunately he pasted away a couple of years later.
    We immigrated and my son was enrolled in a prestigious varsity in that country and eventually became a specialist. His present contribution is highly appreciated and has a team of white students under him. It is a know fact that will never ever happen in Malaysia.
    So leave that forsaken country before it is too late !

  55. ImranJ says:

    I’m shocked by the level of racism in this blog, particularly on this thread. So much for `Ketuanan Melayu’. It seems many in here are shouting about `Chinese superiority’ instead. What a load of crap that they are not even worth commenting upon!

    To those who swear and curse, grow up! Any moron can do that. Your moronic statements do not bear any credit, rather it `enhances’ and `reveals’ your stupidity and immaturity.

  56. Good Grief says:

    “I didn’t see the Chinese fighting the malays under the colonial rule. If there were any fighting – it started after the British had left when the malays started killing the Chinese in the May 13 incident in 1969. And now the malays are constantly threatening the Chinese with more massacres similar to the May 13.”
    Now we have, why? Because of one Indian. Mahatir, who assumed himself a Malay, poisioning the minds of the Malays to get pwer and enriched himself. Like the Indian say, a snake never knows the potent of its venom on its victim. Now this fellow still stirs hatred and sits comfortable in his high office as if nothing has ever happened and eveybody is at fault except him.
    How to pin him?

  57. zulkifli says:

    Our grand home minister has said he called for road blocks to provide securiy and saftey for the rakyaat. Good show old man.
    While you were busy guarding our security and safety some small neighbour had just simply relieved one of our islands from right under our noses.
    Good show again, when you busy entertaining some foreign dignataries, you mentioned all investigations are according to the law. But you did not reveal that you have not given DSAI the “s………y” police report.
    This shows how you try to hoodwink the foreign envoys. And the way you try to decieve the dignataries makes it looks like you are the law.

  58. but this case I not yahu what his finishing

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