What kind of Home Minister is this!?

How can he not know the whereabouts of a “hot” witness like PI Balasubramaniam Perumal?

How can we expect him to keep the country safe when he can’t even pin down a fellow Malaysian?

A Home Minister can easily summon immigration records to check if Bala had left the country.

With his powers, he can summon almost anything, or walk into any homes, to find who he wants.

How else do they terrorise people with the ISA and throw them into Kamunting?

But he acts like a naive fool and says (theedgedaily.com) :

“Why you asked me? I also don’t know. I am sure he is somewhere and he might be safe with his family. But I don’t know where he is,” he said when met at the Parliament lobby yesterday.

Who should we ask then? Our grandmothers?

“Some people are looking for him but could not find him. But I don’t know where he is.”

So, why do we need a Home Minister? Better just stay at home!

Asked if there were any immigration records of Balasubramaniam leaving the country, Syed Hamid said he was not aware of it.

If the answer is ‘No’. Just say so. We can always look elsewhere. Which makes me suspect that he is still within the country, and may perhaps be in “unsafe hands”.

Such shifty answers breed speculations!

The minister said he was leaving the matter to the police. “It’s up to the police whether there is any action to be taken or something that we should take action on. The police need to look into it,” he said.

That may very well mean: case closed.

And this is the man who says he offers protection for everyone?

Please-lah, go home and stay home.

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  1. wits0 says:

    The son of a road side medicine man sells snake oil still. Who’s buying though?

  2. coolooc says:

    This minister is a shame to the country. Doesn’t the government have someone else who can speak better! He talks nonsense most of the time. No wonder Malaysia is going down the drain. Corrupt ministers, stupid ministers and racist ministers. You name them we have them.

  3. reek says:

    Semi Value, Najis, Hisppukidin, Bodowi……….all these idiots of the corrupt Umno government – one thing is certain – majority, a very high majority of the public does not believe anything the stupid, lying and corrupt Umno government says anymore.

    This Umno government has zero credibility with the people of Malaysia and one of the reasons is the public is more knowledgeable and intelligent than all those idiots in government especially those dumb shit heads in Umno.

  4. miya says:

    I think these idiotic Umno ministers have a competition going on as to who is the biggest idiot, that is why everyday one of them comes out with an idiotic statement.

  5. vesewe says:

    Those Umno pea-brained morons are products of Mahathir. Difference is that Mahathir did all the talking and walking and kept his morons in cages.

    Now, Badawi is not the talker nor walker, if fact, he is the sleeper. So much that these pea-brained morons have been let loose to display their stupidity of the highest degree.

    Malaysia is now famous internationally for having morons running the country, one such moronic act was being performed live on Al Jazeera. Please don’t mention anymore name, we may have underage kids reading.

  6. doggone says:

    Now, if you see a snake and Shit ‘Cocktok’ Apa, what would you do? Warn the snake. Like ..” Hey snake, there’s a walking, talking, piece of turd coming your way. Slither away or be cocktalk to death.”

    Well, how can we blame him really. Do you expect the Finance Minister to have someone smarter to compliment himself in his lineup of Ministers? Anyone wanna bet 10 to 1 that whenever this Hoong (empty) Minister opens his gap, you want to switch channel but can’t. We just couldn’t resist listening to craps !!!

  7. wits0 says:

    Very good observation: “Mahathir did all the talking and walking and kept his morons in cages.”

    For 22 years, an unwary person might even have gotten the impression that umno grew a bit more sane and mature while it sank into greater decadence!

    Now the facts are splashed plainly all over the world via CyberSpace.

  8. doggone says:

    Anyone has got anything good to say about this so called Hoong (empty) Minister?


    I have. He is a shining example to prove that even morons can be Ministers. That it is the ‘in’ thing to be interviewed on international TV to make a fool or oneself and the nation you represent without feeling like an idiot.

  9. wits0 says:

    A potato begat a spud and the spud presented a nation as one of tuberland. Now it comes home to swagger.

  10. Charlie says:

    For all our sake I hope the police is treating this as a top-priority case. Just let us finish with this already and move on. Although I must say, that Pak Lah hasnt’ thrown them all into jail to preserve peace speaks volume

  11. rajraman666 says:

    This the best of you sloone.
    POINT BLANK,not comical but true facts of yesteryear leaders.
    rajraman.coolooc you press the right button about Malaysian politician.

  12. thinkvision says:

    Actually the Home Minister does not even trust his own government… coz someone else higher could delete the immigration record based on their own whim and fancy… so he was telling the truth… he couldn’t tell for sure whether Bala is still in the country or not… so he was implying… go and ask his boss!

    His boss will prepare an answer for him anyway. So to be safe, he just pleaded ignorance and hopefully no one will point the finger at him if anything untoward happened to Bala and his family.

    Top HOME Ministry functions include:
    H – Harassment of all political opponents with police force and ISA
    O – Obliteration of unwanted ‘SD holders’ and unwanted girlfriends with C4
    M – Mongolian immigration records monitoring, updating & sometimes deletion by popular demand without the knowledge of the puppet Minister in charge
    E – Extermination & elimination of witness & evidence for VVIP, also without the knowledge of the puppet Minister in charge

  13. ktteokt says:

    We actually have Multi-purpose Ministers in Malaysia who will “fit in” just any portfolio. Look at all the re-shuffles so far. A minister of education can suddenly become minister of defence, minister of health can one day turn minister of information and so on. Even the PM himself is “burdened” with three ministerial posts. What else can’t happen in Malaysia, the Bolehland!!!!

  14. rozlan says:

    aiya…who know he is the one who held PI Bala..Of course he will say dont know la..

  15. tamade says:

    Susan, well said. You are not on strike, but you always strike these ruling elites right on their head.

    The PM said the Rakyat always trust the opposition more than the ruling Guomen. The Rakyat trust the Blogs more than the MSM. Why? Did you find an answer? Go to the blog and find out yourself.

    But then, judging from the bunch of Cabinet members in Bolehland, majority of them are incompetent, inefficient, utter nonsense and never bother to listen to the Rakyat. The worst thing is that the sleepy PM always praise them in contrary to the views of the Rakyat.

    Their rotten culture starts from past 50 years, and they only beg for the votes during the GE, after that, that have forgotten who they are, and they will transform themselves into becoming the Boss, Rakyat become the slaves.

    The GE on 8 Mac has not changed them. The only thing they will listen is when the Rakyat wipe them out when times come. Then may be they will kow-tow to the Rakyat. Rakyat is the Boss, not these clowns.

    The Rakyat has voiced, are you listening, Dear PM? Are you listening, cabinet mins and Mps?

  16. Margeemar says:

    Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar branded PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as a United States ‘snitch’.

    I don’t get this budak nakal Hamid. This idiot of a Minister was a disgrace to all Malaysians with his schoolboy command of the English language. Who can forget how he got ‘thrashed’ by Singapore’s then Foreign Minister Prof. Jeyakumar (now Deputy Prime Minister) during the meeting on the water issue between Malaysia and Singapore. Those present saw how this pathetic individual fumbled with his words and was clueless as to how to counter Prof. Jeyakumar. This is the same idiot who caused us to lose Pulau Batu Putih (Pedra Branca) to Singapore. He thinks he is tough and smart. The real truth is that this swine is just a spineless coward with a lot of space between his ears.

    Only a moron like Badawi would find him useful. That’s why he is the Home Minister because he can say and do anything stupid but yet get away just like the low life officers of the Royal Malaysian Police. After all, birds of a feather flock together. All his macho talk is nothing but crap. Syed Hamid, listen carefully…YOU ARE NOT EVEN FIT TO DRINK DATUK SERI ANWAR’S URINE THOUGH IT MAY HELP GROW BACK SOME HAIR ON YOUR BALD HEAD!

    So do us all a favor, shut that hole in your face less you want Saiful to rear end you!

  17. Foreigner says:

    Give him credit …. he’s a very believeable LIAR!

  18. Klevar says:

    This No1. son of the Albar group is an idiot – just as his father was. He should be kicked out to jaga some lembus which is the only thing he is good for.

    Even the Star knows where PI Bala is:
    Cops: Bala in Asean country


  19. Good Grief says:

    Luckily we still have someone like Susan and RPK who cast some wisdom light in our political scene after we had been deceived and ruled by the Indian, Mahatir, for 22 years.
    Sadly, many still hold this Indian in high esteem; the burden of the economy and the social unrest kicked up by this Indian still do not wake them up in the slightest bit.
    How long do we have to endure before we could ride out of this political darkness?
    Why are people still voting BN????

  20. Diva Chin says:

    Hidup Mamaklayu!

  21. Klevar says:

    History will see Mahathir as a Loafer:

  22. eeyaw says:

    This Albar guy reminds me of the cartoon character, Patrick in Sponge Bob Square Pants. One day Sponge Bob (SB) was trying to have a conversation with Patrick but got no response so he check on him bodily and when SB opens Patrick’s head he saw that the latter brain is full of cobwebs.!
    Memang Goblok Punya Minister!!!!

  23. Kenny Gan says:

    The police have been feeding us stupid statements like, “Bala may have gone overseas”, “Bala could have left the country” and “we’re not sure if Bala is still in the country”.

    Come on! Don’t take us for fools. We know there’s such a thing as immigration records. Just say say definitely whether he has left the country or not. And what is this sandiwara about calling Interpol to help when you are not sure he has gone overseas? Not that it’s under the purview of Interpol as Bala is not a fugitive.

    When these people try to lie and pull the wool over our eyes, they are not even smart enough to lie convincingly. Bodoh! And I’m not referring to the rakyat.

  24. danet7882 says:

    This guy “the home minister” should have just stayed at home lar… everything oso dunno…. the reshufle of cabinet minister are puzzling… It’s just like putting someone with PHD in medicine to take care of the finance department and so on.. LOL PM, u should put people with real knowledge not judge by their influence… look at the paper, you can see those VVIP being award with PHD, watsorever.. ask those VVIP to really sit for exam lar, see how much they score!!
    Our country got so many genius in various category but the PM tend to choose those “katak dibawah tempurung” to lead the country… sooner or later we are all going to be katak too!!

    When I reflex back on the submarine deal which the “COUNTRY” had to pay commision to close the deal.. Apa ini, kita bayar menteri dengan gaji tajaan rakyat untuk “bekerja” bukan hanya duduk bayar komisen kepada orang lain untuk “bekerja”… if like this ME oso know how to be a minister!!! If this minister can’t get the job done himself, CHANGE HIM!!

    Why the authority wants to blame the blogger? Without the blogger many truth wouldn’t have made known to the PUBLIC!! WE rakyat cannot depend on the MSM to provide the truth.. look at what happen with RP sd, the MSM took 3-4 days before reporting it.. BIASED, UNDER CONTROL… without the bloggers providing preasure do u think the DPM will admit that he met SAIFOOL at his residence??
    LOOK DATUK SHAFIE, we rakyat are mature enough to know wats to be believe or not, we know wat is fact and wat is fiction, so let me tell u this, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND JUST DO YOUR WORK, IF YOU GOT NOTHING TO DO… JUST PEGI TIDUR, atleast we don’t have to hear any nonsence from u… opps please tell your other UMNO-led minister the same thing….

  25. Diva Chin says:

    The Loaf owner … moral of the story..After 22 yrs, I’m still making $$$ from your daily bread! grin!!

  26. BiorBeno says:

    Who say he don’t know… he pretend only. Anwar reported to American also he know one. Some more he also can count… how many people went to Protes. He also know all Ambassies in KL doesn’t read papers or internet so they don’t know what’s hapening in Malaysia, unless of course if Anwar reported to them.

  27. apapunboleh says:

    Sad to say, another by-product of UMNO and Malaysia Boleh attitude.

  28. Anonymous says:

    You guys are all nonsense! I am proud to be MALAYSIAN.

  29. Klevar says:

    Hamid Albar was the Defence Minister when the submarine deal was approved in principle.
    Surely he knows a lot about what happened. Najib got into the picture later.

  30. rostello says:

    For Home minister
    This fool should be sacked for what have said. What kind of minister he is?
    This bastard together najis must be the culprit hiding PI Bala & not fit to act in this drama. To IGP force, you guys stop fooling people & find the culprit as you guys know . Did u guys did
    1. Trace the last person contact PI Bala on 3rd July?
    2. Passport records?
    3. Inquiry The 2nd lawyer of the 2nd SD DECl?
    The timer starts now…….. days numbered!!!!!!!!!!

  31. danet7882 says:


  32. Klevar says:


    That`s a troll. Ignore it.
    An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who posts controversial and usually irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the intention of baiting other users into an emotional response[1] or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.[2]


  33. songsam says:

    If Bala is not missing people will preassure Najib to sue Bala which I think Najib should do to clear his name off. If Bala wnt missing it is easier for everybody. The case is almost close. Najib cannot be pressured. But Rosmah must still do it; sue Rajapetra and pull him to court. Let lawyers do their work. Public can also make their judgement. If Rosmah is clean then she is clean.

    For any lies and fitnah, just sue those people.

  34. Hj Jamaludin says:

    Saya rasa beliau tidak boleh sama sekali dipersalahkan dalam apa jua masaalah, bagi pendapat saya yang salah adalah wartawan yang memberi soalan yang susah untuk beliau menjawab. Di dalam musyurat kabinet atau umno beliau telah diarah cuma perihal macam mana nak jawab perihal kenaikkan minyak . so wartawan tolong tanya bab minyak je. ok

  35. machitam says:

    now, here another “bodoh” statement from this guy(Home Minister). …

    KUALA LUMPUR: Calls by the opposition for a commission to investigate allegations against the nation’s top two lawmen were squashed by the home minister yesterday.

    Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said the government’s actions would not be dictated by the opposition as they had their own way to govern the country.

    “We will determine the course we are taking and not make moves or take action based on what has been said or done by the opposition,” he said.

    “There will be no commission formed just because it has been proposed by the opposition. We do not want to jeopardise the authority of the police.

    “If Anwar (Parti Keadilan Rakyat de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) takes control of the country in September as he predicted, then he can determine how to run the country.

    “But until then, we have our own way of governing the country.”
    It’s not about your way or my way. It’s about justice. It’s about a criminal actions that were believe to have been committed by persons in the top ranking of the goverment. It’s about the integrity of Goverment of Malaysia. Not the BN or PKR goverment. If the leadership of this “corrupt” Home Minister can cordon this high profile criminals, then what will happen to this country.

  36. robert13 says:

    Hello all,

    Even he DS Syed Hamid Albar could not pin down a fellow malaysian called Bala; or he actually did knew but tend to keep it unreveal for certain purposes.

    I would not blame his credibility regarding this matter, besides the minister has a lot of works, not like us have the free time to give speculations around the clock.

  37. he’s just respecting his right to stay hidden and travel overseas. surely the minister should not be so nosy to butt into someone’s itinerary.

  38. Klevar says:

    Now this umno loafer `botak` with no chin has another problem:

    KUALA LUMPUR, July 9 – On the backfoot with calls to swear on the Quran to repudiate sodomy claims, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is going to complain to the Islamic authorities.

    The opposition leader will make his way to the Federal Islamic Affairs Department next to the National Mosque today to lodge a report about the sexual misconduct allegations.

    It falls short of swearing on the Quran as demanded by his male accuser and religious figures but will go some way to regain the upper hand as police quicken their investigations.

  39. Ahmad says:

    I completely agree with you Susan. PM and all the MPs are just using bloggers as a scape goat. They know for a fact that they are many, even thousands of blog that report everything based on actual facts and not just simply doing it for th fun of it. Honestly, I think that the generation gap is too big for them to understand the we are the new generations of Malaysians that do not believe everything the MSM reports unlike our parents or grandparents that trust MSM. Maybe at point in history MSM is reliable because that is the only to keep up with the news and events taking place in the country. But that is no longer the case. If PM and his MPs are event remotely smart then they can use the power of the bloggers to their advantage.

    All of us know the events and thing being reported in the MSM are always edited or pro BN. This is clearly reflected during the March GE. The goverment should understand that they can no longer control information exchange. However, this is not he case, they are still trying using all of ther resources as much as possible. One example is through the domination of internet by TMnuts (not a spelling mistake). I mean ask yourselfs why are still being offered the 1mbps connection when our neighbours have moved on to faster and better services. According to some people I know one of the reasons apart from TM making money is the goverment trying to monitor and limit the use of internet (I maybe wrong but if anyone have any info pls to get in touch with me.)

  40. CYBERBOY says:

    Once again, it goes to show that the Home Minister are talking out of turn. We want as many foreign friends to know how dirty this regime can be. ….like the Mugabe and Thanh Shwe regimes. We know that the regime is afraid that the truth about this country will go round the world. So much so they are trying to smear bloggers.

  41. CYBERBOY says:

    @kenny gan ,

    you comments hit the nail on the head ………of the Home Minister. Well done!

  42. ct says:

    Syed Hamid has passed the expiry limit, way passed. Should be shown the exit door.

  43. ct says:

    I heard over the radio this morning, wed, that bala had contacted his nephews but refused to tell them his whereabout.? Hmm any truth to it? got to wait until the msm pick up the story

  44. Klevar says:

    Msm already got it. It means nothing. He said he`s in an asean country. Bull. He could be anyway in m`sia and forced to use a satellite phone by his “kidnappers”.

  45. Klevar says:

    Not game over yet for Abdullah
    July 9 – It’s not game over yet. Yes, the senior Umno leaders of Selangor, Penang and Perlis has thrown their support behind Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to contest the top two positions at the party polls in December.

    Yes, in all likelihood the other states, including Umno powerhouses Johor and Sabah, will also give their backing to Abdullah and Najib before the branches begin their meetings next week.

    But for supporters of the PM, these verbal assurances are being taken as that – verbal assurances. The only statistic that matters is the number of nominations Abdullah receives from the 191 Umno divisions.

    Said a senior government official: “It is not time to celebrate yet for the PM. There is only value when this support is translated into nominations.”
    A member of Abdullah’s team added: “At the moment, the backing for Pak Lah and Najib is a psychological boost. No more than that.”


  46. Anonymous says:

    His father was an immigrant from Indonesia himself (even my grand father immigrated here 60 years before him) who somehow became an UMNO M.P. (may be for lack of local born Malays with some brains) ?. That did not mean he had any and he should not have being an UMNO member.
    He and all the UMNO M.Ps. had no answer to Lee Kuan Yew, when questioned why the Malays were and still are given special rights when they were immigrants themselves like the non Malays That was when Singapore was part of Malaysia. He could only resort to violence. Displaying what little education he had or his lack of education. He was also one of those radicals who kicked Singapore out of Malaysia. Unfortunately he did not live to see what happens to Singapore to day that Malaysia will never be. What is going to happen when there is no more oil to keep them going.
    Therefore the Malays have no right to claim they granted the non Malays citizenship in exchange for any right to question the N.E.P.. Which is what they do all the time because UMNO could not and still cannot find an acceptable answer.
    The Malays were and still are descendants from Indonesia ,the Sultans came to Malaya as chief of the pirates of the Malacca Straits. Whereas the Indians from India came to work in the rubber plantations and Chinese from China who came to work in the time mining industry. That actually started to get Malaya going.
    Also why do they built an Indonesian House in the middle of Lake Garden in Seremban ?
    To remind the people (especially those from Seremban ) where they came from ,Indonesia originally, that was what the old history book taught us in the colonial days, the whole truth. It only further proves that the Malays were from Indonesia and were themselves immigrants like the non Malays and they are not the sons of the soil and never were never sons of the soil.
    The real sons of the soil, are the aborigines and are still the poorest in their own country and should be the one to get the help first instead, they got robbed of everything.

  47. CYBERBOY says:


  48. Hahaha says:

    Home Minister, my blooming foot!!!!! Again, what do we expect from a man with
    shit in his head. It is Minister of his caliber will further bring down the already bad reputation of this corrupted government. Sometimes, I am left wondering do we in Malaysia have so limited talents or it is about time we kick this UMNO government out, once and for all!
    Don’t be too disheartened my fellow decent rakyats of this Bolehland, “When there is a will, there’ll be a way.”

  49. Athiru says:

    Hi Susan,
    What do you expect from mediocre sekolah-hadhari-grads? To rule a country! You must be joking. Just look across the causeway and be surprised to see the string of academic qualifications ALL the Ministers have! That is the simple reason why a country with no natural resources can be well administered and become prosperous. But look at ours – a bunch of brainless monkeys fighting for bananas and peanuts at every parliamentary sessions.

  50. Wow…… another Malaysia Boleh record made !


    Maybe just a joke of the day by our home minister…………

    Do you mean that Bala and the family leaving the country without going through our Immigration Malaysia ?
    If he and the family really left the country ,how they sneak away ?


    If not then why need Interpool to help out ?
    Or maybe is a joke which was made by Criminal Investigation Department director Bakri Zinin himself.

    Our home minister ! You owe the RAKYAT one more “un-resolved” answer.


    Everything can happen in Malaysia , if you can live up to 90 years old !


  51. Klevar says:

    KUALA LUMPUR: Private investigator P. Balasubramaniam, who disappeared with his wife and three children last Friday, has been located.

    Sources said police here with the help of Interpol traced his whereabouts to an Asean country but declined to name it or say when he would be brought back.



  52. yobie says:

    another stupid answer the minister. They also like artistes..love gossip to become popular for their vote in UMNO election..not more that that.

  53. wishuponastar says:

    If Bala and family chose submarine as a mode of transport will it show on the Immigration records?
    I’m just naively wondering guys.

  54. Jt says:

    Someone should do an education background check on all these moronic umno ministers. I bet most of them are unqualified for the positions they are holding. Yet these are our leaders, voted into parliament. Shame on Malaysia.

  55. P2 says:

    BN men always bring shame…so is SHA. What more to say…

  56. bamboo river says:

    He could have just say ” I don’t Know” End of interview. Giving rhetoric replies to reporters as it we are all seetoopid.
    Can’t blame him though, that is why he has to stay at HOME minister.
    My take is Bala might have gone hiding in the neighbouring country. I hope he will turn up at the right time and do something RIGHT.
    So, Abdul Razak Baginda’s positon is questionable now?
    Altantuya’s spirit will make the guilty person/persons surface soon.

  57. amoker says:

    Yep, the Federal CID said that police are not rushing to get the statement from Bala, did not know where he is and prob could not care. So, this is in contrast with this Hamid chap who said police would give him protection. The trouble is, the police did not care! So, how to find a missing guy if the police cares no hoot. ANd Hamid sounds like he also does not want to know.

    Ah… surely this is linked. Perhaps people just want things to fade away

  58. ajip says:


    advise PKR to be careful, maybe this Bala will say that he is being forced by one of PKR member. this (trojan horse/maybe member or ezam) PKR member will confirm it. I think the law firm also will be implicated. because the owner of the law firm is the one who help Dr Munawar in 1999

  59. Zaki says:

    saw Hamid Albar on tv3 news last night. he said “no news (about Bala) means good news”. so i guess the plan is to silent him long enough that people will eventually forget (or get fed up and go on strike like a few bloggers). will we forget?

  60. onour abraham says:

    cakap senang laa..ko pergi cari sendiri tengok dapat ke tak..jangan bila nampak kelemahan orang tu terus2 nak serang..bukan semua benda semudah macam yang kita cakap..

  61. Hahaha says:

    Please do not doubt his intelligence. Like all crooks, he uses it all for a wrong reason. Hav’nt we all experienced these for the last 30 out of the 50 years of UNMO led government. This shit head certainly is not fit to be a Home Minister!

  62. wanderer says:

    I am sure the Malaysians are intelligent enough to draw a conclusion on this character.

  63. UN says:

    Another king of denial, all learned from Mahathir. If you can’t prove you’re innocent then you just deny it. All deny deny deny.. from top post minister to bottom. BN’s will be sure down to the drain in the next election, same old ppl with the same old style of handling matters. What can i say more, just wait for the next election.

  64. jungleboy says:

    We malaysians grumbled about our moronic ministers, whereas our neighbour singaporeans are thanking god that we are having morons ruling malaysia. If we have brains running malaysia, singapore will not be competitive and the citizens cannot cari-makan whatnot with our many natural resources and they having nothing except brainy leaders.

  65. Peace says:

    DS Syed Hamid Albar tak layak jadi Minister. Polis Malaysia hanya pandai saman kereta.

  66. Jsss says:

    Susan, this albar guy is not a good muslim, he speaks lies all the time. He is not fear of Allah so is not a big deal for people like him to swear on Quran.

    I felt sick and tired listening or reading to his statement in media. Contains full of lies.
    ” Come on lah albar ! we are no more stupied to believe you anymore. All your statements are bullsheeting to cheat people.”

    Now his is playing another new drama saying that PI Bala is missing not in the country. I am very sure Bala and his family safe under his custody. How come as a home minister he dosen’t know wheater Bala is in the country or out of the country.

    Please lah albar ! behave like a qualified minister okay!.

    For your information albar , we as a rakyat Malaysia, its so shameful for us to have you as a Home Minister in this wonderful country.

    I suggest you to take rest and give chance to someone who is really capable to take over you. I believe many capabilitity guys are out there is waiting to crab your post.

  67. Scorpion says:

    This BOTAK always like to DENY and make the citizens a fool. Such a negative character!

  68. wanderer says:

    What can we expect from a bloke with a shallow mentality and a BIG head.
    He will be better off to continue his old man’s trade ….. selling medicine in bazaar malam.

  69. jean says:

    What? What do you mean you lost your pet snake?

    Syed hamid asked but I dont know whether he was asking najib or anwar.

  70. Grill says:

    The police will be visiting Raja Petra Kamarudin’s lawyer, J. Chandra of ABRAIN & Co., at his office at 3.00pm today (Wednesday, 9 July 2008) for his statement to be recorded. It is believed that this is a sign the government is going to charge Raja Petra under Section 203 of the Penal Code (making a false Statutory Declaration).

    Chandra’s legal firm prepared the Statutory Declaration signed by Raja Petra on 18 June 2008 alleging that three other people were at the scene of the crime the night Altantuya Shaariibu was murdered.

    The police recorded Raja Petra’s statement at the Sentul Police Station on Saturday, 5 July 2008. He was repeatedly asked the identity of the informer named in his Statutory Declaration but Raja Petra stood firm and refused to reveal the informer’s identity and told the police he was prepared to go to jail if necessary just to protect the informer.

    The police then assured Raja Petra they will guarantee the safety of the informer and he replied that they were not able to protect Bala — who also signed a Statutory Declaration a few days before that and has since gone missing — so how could he trust the police.

    Raja Petra revealed that he had met Bala the night before the press conference of Thursday, 3 July 2008, and had spent six hours with him. According to Raja Petra, Bala had been working on his Statutory Declaration over a period of two months and he appeared high-spirited and very excited and did not at all gave an appearance that he was under duress.

    Furthermore, after the press conference, Raja Petra had lunch with Bala and he was still high-spirited and excited and they had planned to meet on Saturday night to ‘celebrate’. Then, on Friday, 4 July 2008, he suddenly changed his stand and appeared very disturbed, giving an impression that someone had got to him and had forced him to sign a second Statutory Declaration which said that he lied in his first Statutory Declaration and had signed it under duress.

    In light of what happened to Bala, argued Raja Petra, it would not be wise to reveal the identity of the informer at this stage. Nevertheless, if the police decide to charge him for making a ‘false declaration’, then the informer will surface to confirm what he had told Raja Petra.


  71. Suresh says:

    Idiotic moronic liar in cahoot with the murderer Najib.

  72. Suresh says:

    Idiotic moronic liar in cahoot with murderer Najib

  73. Ultraman says:

    Who to ARSE???
    ARSE HomeMinister???
    His ARSE is busy.
    Eating SODOMEE

  74. Volcano says:

    With him we lost much of our income from water, recently we lost our island to singapore because our conterpart can’t talk sense compare to Prof. Jeyakumar. Now he also lost our Star PI Bala after Bala reports to the polis. Now he got the cheek to tell us that he don’t know where Bala is. Aiya this minister reminds me of the minister in the “Yes, ministers” series. He pretend to know alot about nothing or did he pretend that he didn’t know anything?. Both cases sounds like the same erection minister which was voted out recently. Come next erection I am going hard to erect some beauuuuuu…..OK sorry I got carried away….next erection I am going to vote him out with or without hard on.

  75. tumpang tui says:

    aiya…. this koperal hamid albar always talk nonsense. same as what he did as defense minister. that why the army folk call him koperal hamid. memalukan malaysia saja.

  76. Richy says:

    Read between lines of Hamid..,

    ” Why you asked me? I also don’t know. I am sure he is somewhere and he might be safe with his family. But I don’t know where he is,” he said when met at the Parliament lobby yesterday. Get it? He says he was sure Bala is somewhere with his family. It shows this less intelligent baldy talks and ass u mes all others stupid. Since police says they know Bala is in one of the Asean countries Hamid cannot deny his acknowledgment of Bala’s whereabout.
    I just can’t bear to see how these guys treat Malaysians. They have no respects for our intelligence.

  77. matt says:

    Destroy umno and all this rubbish that is happening in malaysia will stop until then nothing will.Why do u think the madhatter is screaming his lungs out aloud as he knows that if this plague[umno] is allowed to live it will carry on giving these morons life.

  78. allen ng says:

    Hello Susan,

    This Kojak Minister talks rubbish.He said that there will be no charges against the private investigator of Abdul Razak Baginda,P.Balasubramaniam.But the police is looking for him right and left for his 2 SDs’.

    This Minister is really trying to curry favour towards the Pak Lah’s regime but I wonder his bodekness really help him for promotion or not.

  79. Harrison says:

    My take-Bala and his family was threatened by someone, suspected to be Najib and his underlings and given a bribe in shipping out the whole family oversea.

    It is shallow to assume that Bala, his wife, and 2 children could en masse be murdered like Altantuya. To kill 4 members of the family will substantiate that the murder can only be premeditated by the highest level of authorities , in this case DPM Najib.

    Syed Hamid was talking utter rubbish having even offer protection for Bala’s family. If Bala left the country with his family planned by the police with perilous consequences if he returned, then perhaps at the safe-hands of his new found land, he probably could reveal what has really happened and why, with immunity of course or Bala could spent the “bribe” for the rest of his life.

  80. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    Yes, our struggle for Justice must continue to seek the truth !

    1. http://www.youtube.com/user/malaysianews

    1. Is this Funny, Pathetic or Sick !!!

    2. California coastal town creates parking havens for homeless


    AFP news – Every night at dusk in this wealthy Californian coastal town Barbara Harvey, puts down food for her golden retreivers Phoebe & Ranger
    & watches as they go for their evening walk. Not long afterwards, the 66 year old mother of three clambers into the back…..

    Can this happen here in Malaysia to the “Downtrodden” rayaat trying to make ends meet…???

    2. Malaysia will be faced with the Financial Tsunami soon
    & Politicians are still in Denial….too busy with their own Personal agendas !!!

  81. Kenneth says:

    Something is not right!

    1) First the police say they don’t know if Bala has left the country, now they say he’s overseas in an Asean country. Shouldn’t they know it from day one? How can a family of 5 bypass immigration?

    2) Police say Bala was found with the help of Interpol. Too fast to be believable.

    3) Bala told his nephew he was not free to talk. If he is overseas, he should be safe to talk. Why was the call only 2 mins. long?

    I think Bala is still in the country, held prisoner with the knowledge of the police. The people holding him were under pressure to let the public know Bala is alive, hence the phone call. Bala is not out of danger yet.

  82. hotICE says:

    coolooc said:

    “……. Corrupt ministers, stupid ministers and racist ministers. You name them we have them.”

    He left out inept, incompetent, moronic, dumb, idiotic, retarded, repressive, overbearing, pathetic and about a million more! lol

  83. Jeremy Lee says:

    The man is not even half his father. Bloody useless.

  84. caravanserai says:

    Home Affairs
    Sleeping through
    Such a case
    He dares to say
    He doesn’t know

    Follow his boss
    Sleeping through his job
    When the top honcho closes one eye
    What else his down lines will do?

    Push around
    Acting busy for sometime
    Then let others do the follow through
    Like in this case
    Ask the Police

    It is his duty
    To get the information quickly
    What we have seen of our ministers
    Good at passing the buck
    And calling the people
    So many names
    Then we wonder why we voted them in
    Are we crazy of the pain belittling our senses?

    We never get it right
    With the cabinet members
    They are into their own world
    When election was done
    The people interests fall far behind

    We ask for it
    We never dare to change
    Even we know it is the truth
    We dare not forge ahead

    We let compliancy sets in
    Sitting on the cushy chairs
    Feeling the good vibes of it
    Now we realize something needs to do
    We can’t let our livelihood slides
    It is time we asked for change

  85. Andy says:

    WHat else can be said about malaysia and malaysians?? It is so sad to see so much mud slinging here. When we throw something , some of it get back to us too..so be more careful of what you throw..

    When we point a finger, four more get back to us..

    Let us rise above the mud…we are and deserve better, don’t we?

    THought we are proud to be malaysians?

  86. rozlan says:

    Polivce said he is out of the country.But many believe he is still in Malaysia unless the police could provide immigration record…

  87. Andy says:

    Our country is endowed and bestowed with many intelligent rakyats.

    Just consider our friends, school mates, neighbours, cousins, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts..

    We know many of them did very well at school, and furthered their studies locally and abroad. Doing very well too in the job market…

    Indeed many malaysians, some of them may have also commented and participated in discussions here and there…

    Malaysia is indeed a place rich in human resources…let’s capitalise on it..

    Work towards a brighter and better future…

    We have what it takes….

  88. Andy says:

    WHat i am trying to convey is that in these trying times, with so much negative and souls-sapping events going on in the country, we cannot allow ourselves to be drowned in anger, desperation, hopelessness, and the sense of ill-being and loss of direction. We have a life to live out..and our future to take care of..
    If we allow ourselves to be influenced to the extent of losing hope and left wondering what to do next and unprepared, we would be doomed…

    We have to look at the positive side of things as well so that we can have the hope to carry on with our own missions in life…we certainly cannot afford to let ourselves down, can we?

    So, no matter what the politicians say, no matter what the ministers say, let’s soldier on ..we have to work towards our own future….

    Good luck folks!

  89. xy says:

    politicians are, always, politicians.

    trusting politicians 100% ? at your own risk and cost because they are politicians.

    just like emotional love, the deeper it is, the more disappointed it is when things go otherwise.

  90. machitam says:

    how can you get a good night sleep on a ship while the captain and the crew are steering the ship towards the iceberg. Furthermore, the crew is hiding the life jacket, life boat, emergency rations etc.

    Howcome you can still sleep soundly when one of the passenger of the ship be e blown to pieces by the crew and the captain says….let the crew decide…they are professional…

  91. longman04 says:

    Well … I hope the (go) home minister are serious la .. scare later the same may retract his words .. or later he may say it was taken out of content or give us some silliy excuses LOL.

    Btw if (go) home minister are in his shoes / position, would you seek the PDRM protection ah ???

  92. Grill says:

    Badawi Cabinet Sheep Wreck!!!

  93. guy fawkes says:

    dear susan,

    we have many incapable ministers in the cabinet, most comes from umno, they pick cronies, they dont choose people with ability and credibilty, the leader like to choose cheerleaders and gang followers.
    i u can bang the opposition, and say good things bout ur boss, u are hired, that the criteria of cabinet selection. to be able to do well in the job does not required.
    also everyday the media keep spinning not unworthy news of propanganda matters. it’s insult our intelligences. maybe one day they gets ur blog hacked and unable to place commentary like malaysia today.
    the image of the current goverment is so fragile, they will do all dispecable things just to influence ‘public perception”

  94. Orang Utan says:

    If Bala wanted to sneak of the country he can easily do so by bypassing the immgrant dept.There may be a boat or helicoptor to take him to the neighbouring country.Since millions of illegle immigrant can just seank in & out of Malaysia easily why not Bala? So we cant blame the Home Minister for his ignorant.

  95. Orang Utan says:

    Is there any possibility that Bala maybe in a submarine? I mean foreign submarine?

  96. guy fawkes says:

    also heard from the vineyard that this guy is going to run for vice president in december, so expect a lot of sandiwara , anwar bashing, najib worshiping from him. also he has phobia of immigrant workers as this guys origin from Arab.

  97. Pegasus says:

    We indeed have clowns and idiots as ministers in the cabinet. SHA when he was the Foreign Minister ,talk English that only he could understand better.This guy was a shame and I had expected he would have been drop from the cabinet after the 12th GE,somehow Bodowi has the utmost confidence in him to be the Home Minister as if there are no other qualified Malaysian that he could appoint.
    The quality and qualification of our Cabinet Ministers are nothing compared to those in S’pore Cabinet, our goons could not even hold the ground against them. During Dr.M regime, we were frequently losing the talks with S’pore as they were better educated ,as theirs were chosen based on merits and qualifications ours were chosen based on who you know.No credibilty,capability or the intelligence to talk well. There are so much happening in Malaysia,and SHA seem to be nowhere when needed, probably in sleeping mode as his boss. What a shame we have such low quality people in the cabinet when there so many Malaysian capable of doing a better job then him. Lets wait for Pakatan to form the goverment.

  98. billauchris says:

    It saddens me when a Minister like our Home MInister who talks nonsense and who does not seem to know the resources under his portfolio to track a Malaysian who has been reported to have disappeared with his family after making the 2nd SD.

    From the second photgraph taken of Bala, he looks saddled with worry and serious thought. His body language speaks louder than his words.

    Had Bala been threatened and coerced to leave the country? Or, had he been bought off and advised to stay incognito and incommunicado in a foreign country and never to return to Malaysia?

    Could I or anyone sao easily believe that an ex-Special Branch Officer can be so chickened off by mere threats or reprimands? Can it be possible that his and his family lives have been threatened that really caused him to retract his 1st SD and disappear with his family?

    Can Bala be safe under the local police custody? I think Bala knows best what the police can do to someone who is under its detention or lock-up.
    If our former DPM could get a black eye while under the police custody, how much worse a commoner could be treated and be subjected?

    The Rakyat is fed up of all the wayang kulit that is being orchestrated by the so-called responsible leaders of the country. We will see how long this can last.

  99. wits0 says:

    SHA is the typical product of umno’s dynastic system. His dad was regarded by umno racists as “wira bangsa”. It’s natural that spudhead should identify himself with the red lips one since both comes from the similar type of background – riding on their old man’s “glorious” name.

  100. once upon a time says:

    This guy is not even a true Melayu, he is a product of Arab + some prositute from Indonesia. His dad acted like a true Melayu racist so that they can call Malaysia their home.

  101. Andy says:

    dear machitam,

    Well, I did not suggest resting on our laurels. I suggested soldiering on..

    Which means we ought to be proactive and not to dwell too much on the negatives, while being aware of the actual situation…

    Positive thinking and action, with prayers, may help change the mind of the captain…or, change the captain of the ship itself, thus saving all onboard..

    Sounds naive. However only time can tell if we are running head-on towards the iceberg, or being steered clear and safe…

  102. donplaypuks says:

    Albar should have had the info at the press of a button, since no one can leave the country without having his passport manually or machine-checked, unless Bala Pee used false passporst!

    But what it does show is that despite the Govt having spent billions on chip-based pasports linked to IC’s and computerised systems, the numerous entry/exit points from the country are probably not linked i.e. they do not talk to each other like say, S’pore. So, info is probably being processed manually to update computer records. That’s probably why the Minister did not get any info for days!

    This is what our brainless MP’s andADUNS should be raising in Parliament. Who is responsible for a system that does not work in an emergency. How the heck can we seriously keep track of terrorists who seem to fly in and out of KLIA at their whims and fancies?

  103. donplaypuks says:

    Anyway, wait for the 3rd SD which will say the 1st SD is true and who intimidated Bala Pee to retract the 1st SD. No prizes for guessing who!

    Watch this space.


  104. Payback Time says:

    Hi Susan; Bala and his family is in Thailand with the consent of PDRM..if our Home Affairs Minister is ignorant about the fact then he is not qualify and fit to hold that post… what a disgrace..Mr Albar your action determine your destiny

  105. Payback Time says:

    The other hot witness is Razak Baginda…he could be next on the firing line

  106. Jong says:

    No one is safe in this country anymore. Bala and family must have been bundled away and kept against their will. The phonecall to his nephew, could have been made with a gun to his head!
    As for the minister, its time he too be investigated by ACA. My gut feeling he has a hand in corruption that led to the Altantuya murder.


  108. ah long says:

    Jong…….How many times must the Gomen tell you. THERE ARE ONLY 3 PEOPLE involved in the Altantuya murder.

    Anybody who say there are more than 3 kena ISA, ok.

    When are you people going to learn how to count?

  109. eeyaw says:

    If he is the product of an Arab and an Indonesian maid then how to describe him ar? A Bedouin Goblok?

  110. Scott Thong says:

    Bala is, coincidentally, hiding in the house next door to where Mas Selamat is hanging out…

  111. Grill says:

    Hqamid Albar was Min Of defense when submarine deals was approved in principle. Najib was only putting into action what Hamid approved.
    Hamid also dont want Bala back I think.

  112. kittykat46 says:

    An unfortunate foreign national and her travelling companion has her immigration entry records expunged.

    A controversial Malaysian PI and his family have no immigration exit record.

    What or who do they have in common ? Who is powerful enough to get Jabatan Immigresen to delete their database record or to look the other way for a whole family to be taken through without their passports being scanned ?

    Be afraid, Malaysia, be very, very afraid….

  113. ah long says:

    In Malaysia if you want instant fame (maybe fortune also) just go an make SD.

    I also got peep into Najii’s window and saw “something”…Maybe I also go and make SD….hehehe Najii got no balls !! But I saw Rosma having lesbian affair with 1 Mongolian looking woman.

    Since Rosma wanna be next 1st lady she had her lover silenced before she can blackmail her.

    How’s that. If people can believe in Santa can surely believe me also.

  114. peace brother says:

    Typical smart alec anwers from all talking only ministers, very sad.

  115. longman says:

    he’s just same with the previous home minister… always say “i don’t know”… what should we call peoples that are always don’t know?… simple… either stupid or dumb…

  116. Grill says:

    How about “Idiot”?

  117. Grill says:

    If people can believe in Santa can surely believe me also. – ah long

    Can. But only after you make that SD. That is what SD is for lah. Banks make you sign SD a lot when you get loan. You think they do it so they can laugh?

  118. Grill says:

    Is Badawi the King, asks Mahathir in rubbishing Badawi on his “treachery” comments which were supported by the msm.
    My question: Is the msm trying to replace the King with Badawi?
    WCW please answer.

  119. kesava says:

    Botak Head shines his head with Brasso is it?
    Satu macam kilat saje.

  120. SCREW says:

    i am truly sceptical of the investigations led by the ACA against Gani And Musa. They had cleared one another in the past.

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