When the going gets tough, a little humour is necessary. Got this funny pixs from Kenny Sia. He has an equally funny post to go along with it. He equals the mud-slinging between the two – Najib Tun Razak and Anwar Ibrahim – as a ‘bitch-fight’.

Sorry about that, Feminists.

No wonder Kenny’s top in the blogsphere and I don’t see him screaming about a blog strike.

Anwar’s very quiet, too. Planning a new strategy? Where’s the evidence against Najib? A bitch fight will amount to nothing without those implicating evidence.

Mahathir Mohammad has something to say as well.

“I don’t know why he (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) should go for Datuk Najib. It wasn’t Datuk Najib who reported his behaviour. I think he has always been attacking Datuk Najib. Maybe he thinks that Datuk Najib is standing in his way of becoming the Deputy Prime Minister (or) Prime Minister.

“Anwar cannot join Umno … I don’t think Umno will accept him. The allegations against him (Najib) were all hearsay. There is no proof. You just say that he did something, but you have to give proof. You can’t just say that ‘I heard somebody did this’. That is not proof”.

Anwar standing in the way of Najib becoming prime minister? I thought it’s the other way around.

Or maybe, in another words, please go for someone who really benefits from these bitch fights.

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  1. PureMalaysian says:

    Hilarious! 😉 two thumbs up!

  2. someone please heret the joker to ISA/kamunting for “re-education”……

  3. hasilox says:

    Then hor, who is in the way of altantuya?
    She shouldn’t blows herself up, erased immigration records, conceals evidence and now, makes bala disappear. She is the real bitch i guess. 😛

  4. Bola Hangus says:

    yes, we have yet to see any evidence DSAI. At this rate i dont thing the mudslinging will bring PR into power. How much can you replay the fuel issue? Pas is already scaring people wth their talibal ideals, DAP also no different.Tak dak modai ka? I’m more concerend about anwars stand on malay sovereignty and what he has in store to govern the country. If just cakap saja, nevermind lor…

  5. billauchris says:

    There is a saying that states, “Mud-slung is ground lost”. I thing a lot of time has been wasted. If there is any concrete evidence against one or the other, let it be out and be provided to the authority concerned to investigate the alleged offence of blowing up Altantuya or Sodomy.

  6. billauchris says:


    The second sentence should read, ” I think …” Regrets for the typo error.

  7. kittykat46 says:

    “i dont thing the mudslinging will bring PR into power”

    Anwar and PR needs to focus very sharply on the Cost of Living issue. And not just talk about bringing the petrol price down. I don’t buy that one.

    Its the regime’s weak spot, and everyone, unless they are a multi-millionaire, is facing that problem every morning when they wake up.

  8. Joshua says:

    AHA thanks!

    I seldom visit kennysia.com though he’s a blogger celeb.

    We do need some humour at this hour.

  9. Richy says:

    If someone were ask me “why do you dislike Mahathir so much” this is one of those reason. Mahathir has no conscience at all whenever he comments on someone he dislikes. I just can’t bear his inhuman attitude. Supporting a leader is ok and it’s individual right. But for this old man to say ” where is the proof in Najib’s case and it’s all hearsay”.
    What is wrong with this former PM? He has become completely senile and lost his wisdom and just. I saw Munawar’s statement in the video clip and one thing is certain. Mahathir has to pay for his bad deeds.

  10. JAMES LOW says:

    Great pictures are for everyone to see.
    Slug it out,see who is to bleed,
    PM’s seat,either can reap,
    They are no suckers I totally agree.

  11. Antares says:

    It’s obscene to compare Anwar with Najib, even if both happen to be gunning for the job of PM. Anwar has been to hell and back and maintained his dignity, integrity, mental focus, and resilience of spirit. He is the most qualified and experienced politician and being kicked out from Umno 10 years ago stands him in good stead to lead Malaysia out of the mess created by Umno. What has Najib ever done – apart from fuck and lie about it and steal from the public cookie jar? And don’t forget his lineage. Najib’s dad was the May 13 mastermind… and Najib himself once waved his stupid keris and said it will be washed in Chinese blood. Is that the sort of character we want to hire as a public servant? Come on, people, it’s NOT a “bitch-fight” between Anwar and Najib. It’s a battle between the braindead Umno past and a future under Pakatan Rakyat charged with brilliant promise and infinite possibilities!

  12. Richy says:

    talking about the pictures, Anwar is not seductive but Najib very much seductive. Maybe that is why Najib is attracted feminine.

  13. JeyS says:

    Good laugh…great body!

    They can mud-sling, shit-sling, I just want results and action. They talk only la..I mean the gomen. They (gomen) act on nonsense however when real deal, tak ada power or takut power.

    As for M – who is he la too say such things, he is old news.

  14. Muda says:

    Has Dr.M felt remorse when quitting UMNO because the way he speaks about Najib and UMNO reflects that that he does . Or it a plain case of GILA TALAK by the former PM !

  15. Hahaha says:

    When bitches fight and tearing each other’s ass, the irresponsible master sits and enjoy the show…my problem solved!!

  16. LeeZ says:

    For me, I don’t really care who becomes PM/DPM, as long as it is not those from BN!!!! Enuff of ’em already!!!!

  17. daniel says:

    frankly, even if anwar’s a sodomite i can’t don’t) really care much. yes, the situation has come to this for me. perhaps, if and when PR comes to power, wan azizah can be pm? i’d like that. then, truly, malaysia boleh.

    yes, there is no concrete proof (yet). but the string of ‘persuasive’ factors from the first day when razak baginda right up to the sudden dissappearance of pi bala all point towards one person or small group of persons. all these years, all those articles, all those fishy details, all those short-of-directly-incriminating ‘evidence’; all offered by so many writers/observers – how can i dismiss that? ok, these are not evidence. but what is evidence? in the eye of the law? arghhhh 🙂 all these so-called ‘hearsay’, i’d take them, thank you. good enough for me and the court of public opinion. ok, i cant speak for others.

    am i tired by these ‘charades’? no….t yet. hahahaha! keep ’em coming (but must also take time to manage the economy lah).

    granted, najib & gang are still innocent until proven guilty. i’ll have to swallow this fact. it’s only fair. but my mind…my lop-sided thinking. it just won’t let go.

    i guess what i’m trying to say is this – anyone, but najib.

    re your pic: in politics, they say, anything is possible. but….yucks! godforbid. 🙂

  18. Harrison says:

    Haha. Interesting this Kenny Sia guy. Who is the real pondan I ain’t sure but all I know is that Najib is the bigger of the 2.

  19. peru says:

    I will not forget the way Anwar (1982) join AMNO and together with Madey instrumentally raping our schools with his islamic agenda and damaged social fabric among our young children’s. I am very worried Malaysia 10 to 15 years on road to ex-Yugos (by race conflict) and Pakis (by religous extremist).
    Double blow in making. But I am willing to give Anwar a chance if he is fighting for all MALAYSIAN.

  20. wits0 says:

    Anwar is capable of repenting ; Madey Kutty is amoral and completely arrogant. That’s the world of difference.

  21. Eric says:

    Yea I don’t care whether Anwar’s sodomy is true or not. That stupid Saiful better think more for the country. If true, then only himself has to be blamed for not defending himself. By the way, why couldn’t he defended himself then? Wasn’t he much fitter and energetic than the 60 years old man who have backpain?

  22. Eric says:

    Frankly, Bala also had a chance to become hero but he chose not to

  23. eeyaw says:

    You forgot to show Najib’s excess luggage, Dottie in her elements when she’s angry! See her scorn when Altantuya got entangled with her C4!

  24. grass says:

    it’s not humour to me….

  25. eeyaw says:

    The picture reminds me….

    If Anwar is “Sodomarie” so Saiful is the “Sodomight”
    and Najib into “Lesbo’ with Altantuya ar!

    Don’t think I will have another soto mee or bo2 char2 in a long while, lol!

    Susan naughty you!

  26. daniel says:

    aiya eric!
    if saiful is a victim then i am sorry for him lor….but my lop-sided mind can’t resist in thinking that perhaps there exists an ulterior motive… i mean, it may sound preposterous, but could it be he chose to be, if indeed it ever happened at all, buggerred and then use it as a ticket or sorts to fame? nah…how could i think of such a thing? how could i? hahaha!
    if not pm anwar, then pm wan azizah. and later, pm nurul izzah. i’m all for it. no no no to pm kitsiang or pm hadi awang. malaysia, as a whole, is not ready for either of them. we are not ‘matured’ yet as a people. maybe a few more generations, i think.

  27. ktemoc says:

    After reading my matey Antares’ burst I feel like rushing off to join PKR and become an anwarista, but then I am reminded of the word Kana’ut.

    As for my other matey Wits0’s take, that “Anwar is capable of repenting …” I still see Anwar’s 1994 frog hunting inclination are as strong as ever – he even boasts about it regularly. Maybe Wits0 matey’s concept of ‘repenting’ is slightly different from mine 😉

  28. Pengundi Senyap says:

    Good picture though..
    But at least PakLah & KJ can sleep well and shyponing more……….

  29. robert13 says:

    I found it was interesting beauty between them:

    1-they both have individual sex issues
    2-they both have good looking faces
    3-they both reach for the same goal to take the helm (PM’s position)
    4-Both are hypocrites and liars in the politics issue
    5-both have a same position (Anwar was last time DPM in 1998)
    6-they both are powerful man (have a strong influence in the politic party)

  30. Benny says:

    Think those of us been through in the 80’s will not forget what these politicians had done to us. What Antares and Perus’ comment s worth noting BUT I would like to add that I don’t mind give Anwar a try as he almost rises from ashes . I give him benefit of the doubt as the very machinery that he came from had betrayed him , in no small part thanks to our ex-PM.

    I am hopeful that one day , we will truly have a leader that really represent the peoples and champion their causes . That will be the day for us to celebrate and cheer .

  31. Aji says:

    The stories covering both are a sure “zig-zag” but exhibiting their photograph in that manner can also be termed as near sodomy , its sinful.

  32. yoy says:


  33. Margeemar says:

    The arrogance of the BN/Umno regime continues to baffle me. Even after the bitter humiliation of defeat in the last General Elections, BN/Umno leaders are still going about their own arrogant ways. The controversial BN/Umno MP from Kinabatangan Bung Mokhtar Raden interrupted proceedings in the Dewan Rakyat this morning by whining like a school kid to the Deputy Speaker that the Opposition were given more questions to ask than the BN MP’s. He said it was unfair of the Speaker to do so.

    Completely irate with the childish behavior of Bung Mokhtar, someone from the Opposition understandably called him ‘bodoh’ (stupid). This led to Bung throwing a tantrum. When asked to sit down by the Deputy Speaker, he unprofessionally gestured the f**k sign which schoolboys normally use when throwing tantrums. This was done on live TV.

    This guy, Bung Mokhtar is not fit to sit in Parliament. His ‘samseng jalanan’ (street thug) attitude would not help make our Parliament a First World Parliament. This guy is simply ‘biadap’ and ‘kurang ajar’. I bet that the imbecile newscasters on TV3 will not dare to call him this, though they had no qualms in referring to the Pope as ‘biadap’. Where were you Bernard Dompok? TV3 owes the Catholic community an apology here.

    I’m not surprised that this street thug won his seat unopposed when his opponent from PKR failed to turn upunder mysterious circumstances on nomination day for the Kinabatangan Parliamentary seat in the last General Election. Speaking of Kinabatangan, just last year large tracks of forrest in the area were cleared by illegal logging. I wonder what Bung Mokhtar has to say about this.

    Lastly, I wonder what the female MP’s from BN intend to do about Bung Mokhtar’s lewd gesture in their presence. If they fail to censure him, I take it that they approve of what he did. What say you, Ng Yen Yen?

  34. lucia says:

    ROTFL! very funny indeed!! kenny’s the best!

    btw, there is also a funny good poem in my blog which i received via email (some may have already seen it).

  35. tsudomy and duress says:

    DSAI is still our best bet.
    go PR go 3x

    god willing insyaallah DSAI will be our next PM by Sept 2008

  36. hutchrun says:

    After reading my matey Antares’ burst I feel like rushing off to join PKR and become an anwarista, but then I am reminded of the word Kana’ut. – ktemoc

    Thank Gandhi`s pubic hair, PKR is now spared.

  37. hutchrun says:

    Ktemoc Kana’ut:

    I knew you manipulated the two lassies into that situation, angling to get them to strip.

  38. hutchrun says:

    Ktemoc Kana’ut:

    I knew you manipulated the two lassies into that situation, angling to get them to strip.

  39. crash says:

    anybody here have a brown paperbag? for head covering?

  40. crash says:

    ohhh my… this is so fucking hilarious! i apologise for my rudeness. but i can’t help it.

    i did not expect them to be so inviting with their cleavage, sorry honey but thats the truth. now i truly understand why all the liwat meliwat.. damn..!! susan…

    can i have your permission or well kenny.. to keep that photo?

  41. zul says:

    forget about najib or whatever sd1 or sd2, just asking Anwar why wait till sept 16, just anounce u r goin to contest in by-election asap n if he did get thru just dont wait till sept 16, just do it immediately, i think most of us can’t wait…

  42. Velu Samy says:

    Mahathir should stay off . He himself is being implicated in so many issues which took place when he was the Prime Minister. He has been dragged to court to take the witness stand. The Government made an open apology and paid a token compensation as a mark of apology to the previous learned Judges. This Judiciary probelm also happened when he was the Prime Minister.Teh world knows what happened during his era. So many things are surfacing day by day implicating him. The proverb says – It is easy to find other peoples fault but very hard to find ones own. The Lake can reflect the clouds and trees but the lake knows not its own depth.

  43. wits0 says:

    In KTemoc’s world, Anwar is pure and unalloyed evil, and the full force of his paranoia is so focussed on Anwar that his consciousness on anything else becomes rather marginal.

    Hopefully he remembers to do his toiletry daily.

  44. Maybes says:

    Mahathir said “Anwar cannot join Umno…..Umno will not accept him”. Is Anwar so hard up want to join Umno?

    Wake up lah, Mahathir, even u are out of Umno. Lousy mentality party, who want to join?

  45. guy fawkes says:

    frankly, if anyone has proof or able to produce it, they will vanish the next day and the proof and evidence will dissappear together with the person.

  46. guy fawkes says:

    if we want concrete proof, we have to summon the ghost of altantuya from the spiritual world and ask her .
    if we can’t , this case will submited to malaysian x-files for 1) C4 2) missing immigration file 3) two SD in matter of 24 hours 4) missing PI and family
    submarine ‘s commisions is BIG money , can buy and influences many ordinary people, probably even AG and IGP.

  47. Meyalak-er says:

    Yo fellas,
    Its just a matter of perception; and everybody is already making a big fuss on who is telling the truth. Can’t wait ah??!
    There can be no justice if Altantunya’s case is not re-investigated and the ‘real’ culprits exposed; nor Anwar’s ridiculous jilat-liwat case…
    In this psy-war, DSAI has messed up Umno real good – that they are terminally constipated, and licking their own arse…
    Bung Mokthar even had to making lewd popping gestures&sounds in Parliment today in lieu of farting! (TV1)
    Just be patient, there is no need to be skeptical about PR strategy and attack nor BN desperate defence.
    We have up til mid-Sept. for DSAI to deliver or eat his own shit. Anyway BN’s credibility is 0, Mamak Khuathir’s is negative.
    This is actually a 6 month sitcom, and the outcome will define the very soul of our nation.
    I bet most of the bloggers have never been pregnant and never suffered birth-pangs! Neither have I…

  48. Maybes says:

    There is a survey on this Najib Altantuya case in Malaysiakini.com. Go vote lah.

    Malaysia Today is back here

  49. rajraman666 says:

    You never stop from amusing me.

    rajraman.Your evidence can be USE in BOLIHLAND>TAK BOLIHLAND ACTUALLY.

  50. Crankshaft says:

    Oh dear. That picture is very disturbing. 🙂

  51. Pegasus says:

    Between Najib and Anwar, there is better prospect in picking and electing Anwar as the PM. BN is wasted ,so is Najib. Anwar may not be angel, but its more safer to support him for PM then Najib who has lost all credibility. His so call innocence is a murder to watch. Lets get Anwar and Pakatan to form the government fast. BTW, I think the picture is hilarious…, good to lighten up after last week roller caster week.Cheers!!!

  52. exzede says:

    Mahathir thinks that the PM must always come from UMNO.
    He’s obsolete.

  53. […] Latest evidence on Anwar and Najib [image] When the going gets tough, a little humour is necessary. Got this funny pixs from Kenny Sia. He has an equally […] […]

  54. Klevar says:

    (Harakah) – Naib Presiden KeADILan, Mustaffa Kamil Ayub memberitahu bahawa parti itu akan membawa dan merujuk kes fitnah terbaru terhadap Dato� Seri Anwar Ibrahim itu kepada Mahkamah Syariah Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan pada jam 10.00 pagi ini.

    “Supaya dibicarakan apabila berlaku lemparan tuduhan sumpama ini,”tegas beliau semasa berceramah dalam majlis “Tour Anwar Ibrahim Seluruh Malaysia” di Dewan Changkat Jering dekat sini malam tadi.

    Katanya, KeADILan akan ambil tindakan sedemikian kerana mengikut nasihat Ulama luar negara dan tempatan termasuk Mufti Perak, Dato’ Seri Haji Harussaini Zakaria supaya jangan dilakukan bersumpah bersabit dengan kes tuduhan dan fitnah liwat sebaliknya harus dibicarakan di Mahkamah Syariah.

    Beliau menegaskan, seorang ulama dunia Islam menasihatkan bahawa kes Anwar itu memerlukan pihak menuduh untuk membawa empat orang saksi yang telus dan adil bagi membuktikan tuduhan.

    “Sebab itu Anwar akan rujuk kes ini kepada Mahkamah Syariah mengikut hukum syarak untuk membuktikan bahawa beliau tidak bersalah,” tegasnya.

    Katanya,”kalau betul maka dipersilakan kemukakan empat orang saksi yang adil oleh pihak penuduh. Kalau tidak kes berkenaan itu mesti ditarik balik dan dibuang.”

  55. P2 says:

    THIS IS STUPIDITY of what you said as press freedom…you are as stupis as others…behave!

  56. Eric says:


    I’m sure even if Kit Siang becomes PM, he will do more good to malays and non-chinese……compare with the bad BN gov…….don’t u agree?

  57. NZGayman says:

    Wow, I’m having a “reaction” just looking at these two super-power leaders.

    Najib, sayang, you look very pretty-lah.

    Anwar looks too Butch…

  58. BobbyNZ says:

    Technicality again? Since Syariah Court needs 4 witnesses. Doesnt change the truth does it?

  59. xy says:

    whatever the truth, dirty laundry should not be washed in the public, there is proper avenue. If a man is guilty, he will pay for it, it is a matter of time, if not this world, next.

    washing dirty laundry in public just drag the whole nation down, nobody benefits.

    if anwarr is a better candidate, so be it. however, he needs more patience and refrain from getting into shouting matches with his foes. He will earn much greater respect if he keep working in improving the livelihood of all citizens and they will reward him with proper mandate come next GE.

  60. daniel says:

    dear eric

    kitsiang cannot be pm; not in this generation. the reality of it is that malaysia as a people cannot accept that – yet. i agree too. as for whether he’d make a better pm than, say muhihihihiyidin, and i am reluctant to say this, he wouldnt be. in the far-ahead future, my bet is on someone in the mould of guan eng but that’s not the point here.

    however, a few more generations down the road, i pray now that it becomes a reality.

    sure, ali, chong or muthu or our bumi friends, anyone should be able to become pm. but for it to happen now, it’ll be a ticket for saboteurs to raise hell in the name of ‘ketuanan you-know-what’. think chaos. think indonesian riots. nobody wants that. not fair to malays too.

  61. daniel says:

    i used to joke that malaysia only has two ways to go into the future – singapore-like or indonesia-like. for the former, melayu tak suka. for the latter cina tak suka.

    so, we mould of country (painfully long and winded road ahead) into a malaysia. as malaysia as possible. here in malaysia, cina is not china. indian is not india. not in ma

    not all past 50 years of bn rule was bad. the tunku era was, let me indulge a bit here, heaven-like. at least i was told that. ali, chong and muthu were buddies. their kids were. genuinely.

    then came tun razak. then we found oil$$$$$… and t’s downhill from then onwards.

  62. wits0 says:

    XY says : “whatever the truth, dirty laundry should not be washed in the public, there is proper avenue. If a man is guilty, he will pay for it, it is a matter of time, if not this world, next.”

    While I surely agree with you, XY. imbibing too strictly to this code could also cause too much passitivity in people. Sometimes we have to remember that we create our own reality of here and now as well. In fact if we never wash dirty linen openly, the public may never be aware or wiser. I should feel that pragmatic balance and self-responsibility wrt to the given situation help. Our institutional avenues are badly flawed so that one size really does not really fits all. Theory and reality have to be balanced and attended to.

  63. abc says:

    hey!!!! stop all this!!!! i just wanna see justice done for altuntuya. that’s all!!!!!!

  64. eeyaw says:

    Don’t think it matters whether we need 4 or whatever no. of witnesses! Either one of them and Saiful have to be accountable to GOD for He’s Here Yesterday, Today & Forever! He knows if one is telling the TRUTH or LIES!

  65. […] *gambar: terima kasih kepada sloone. […]

  66. Antares says:

    Hi Susan, sorry for using your blog to tell dat Masked Marauder Ktemoc I’m NOT his “matey.” He seems intelligent enough and he writes very well too, but a real pity he hates Anwar Ibrahim so intensely – that puts him squarely on the side of BN, who have a real reason to hate Anwar. Unless, of course, Ktemoc once had a crush on Anwar and was rebuffed? Is that why he’s doing an Umi Hafilda on Anwar? I openly state my admiration of and support for Anwar Ibrahim as the most qualified man for the PM’s job. Much as I admire Kit Siang, Karpal, Guan Eng, and many other leaders of Pakatan Rakyat, Anwar is the one with enough political agility to keep the coalition together – at least for the next few years. After that we hope o be living in a New Malaysia where race, religion, gender (and sexual preferences) are no longer divisive issues!

  67. wits0 says:

    Hello Antares, he also calls me, “matey”, too but I surely don’t share his pedantic takes, whether it starts with his worship of Gandhi’s pubic hair or based on his known established derangements like Anwar.

    The guy’s so mysterious that his name is not given or even a caricature of himself shown in his blog. Not that I’m going there. Yet he sure makes much trumpery stuffs repeatedly on the same themes. Even Susan would know little more about him.

    It’s hard to imagine that anyone else would persist in making a fool of himself like King Canute ordering the tide not to rise unless he is paid for his fruitless effort, at least., don’t you think.

    Poor Walter Mitty flying a Boeing 757!

  68. hutchrun says:

    Actually unlike ktemock, king canute was not exactly being a total fool.
    The Kingy was in fact sick of the sycophants who thought the world of him, that he made sure all the court was there so he could prove that he was a mortal and fallible like them.

    This as opposed to ktemock`s nazi veneration of that useful idiot gandhi`s pubic hair.
    His total disconnect with reality in that walter mitty existence is so obvious that he now runs with bigdogs and flies with barkingmagpies.

  69. Ganesan says:

    The problem with Mahathir is that he has never been truthful.His forte is manipulation of facts.He is very supportive of Najib so his son can find hope in UMNO heirachy, He hates Anwar for reasons best known to him alone. Any fool can see through his schemes to topple Abdullah and put Najib in his place. For najib no proff, put for Anwar a heresay evidence is enough to bring him down.

  70. Truth says:

    Evidence are fabricated and the whole police force, Media and goverment are against the possibility of finding the truth!

    Malaysia’s judiciary and constitution is bought by the government. BN will go all out to cover this case as it will put Najib’s neck on the gallow. He carries the image of BN and with his dismissal, it’ll be the interesting downfall of BN.

    Opposition party will take on the leadership and alot of questions will arise and alot of prominent political icon will be questioned. Questions that’ll lead to trillions of ringgit siphoned into the corrupted BN.

    Pakatan Rakyat must take over the government to enforce a change! New policies that’ll protect us civilians from the abuse of law enforcement officers. New policies to give the rakyat the right of voice out and be heard.

    A change to empower the rakyat!

  71. nuruddin says:

    semua tak boleh percaya..
    Macam-macam boleh direka..
    ramai yang dapat dosa..
    Ada ke yang boleh pahala?
    Wahai Melayu..
    Kembalilah ke pangkal jalan..
    Islam akan menyelamatkan kalian…

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