July 11: The PI’s house was broken into, what were they looking for?

July 9: Fear not, the man is alive, and seems to be in one of the ASEAN countries.

Another twist to the story of Balasubramaniam’s statutory declaration. The first one, said to be made under duress, not the second.

The New Straits Times, which I seldom read, reports:

The nephews of missing private investigator P. Balasubramaniam have added further controversy to their uncle’s statutory declarations (SDs).

They insisted their uncle was “happy and relieved” after signing the first SD on July 1 and felt there was foul play involved when he retracted the sworn statement.

Brothers R. Kumaresan and R. Segaran said their uncle told them he was “at peace with himself for revealing the truth” but they could not explain why he later made the retraction.

“What was clear was that he looked worried when he went public with the retraction. The SDs don’t matter now. What is important is that we want him and his family back,” Kumaresan said.

“His children are still young and we feel something bad has happened to them.”

Is this heresay again, as some parties claim the first SD was? Or, does it add credibility to the SD made in public on July 3?

With Bala missing, and Interpol on the look-out for him, more and more people are believing that he was threatened to retract his SD the very next day.

Sheeeeeesh! SDs sounds very much like some disease these days.

Wherever Bala is, let’s pray for his safety. Laws in this country are no more protecting, but have become weapons that the powerful can use to undermine justice and truth.

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  1. rozlan says:

    well things getting hotter now..I just swa Najib on tv last night.He look shambled and downtrodden

  2. NorHaslim says:

    It’s true that SD and perhaps the law of our country is now considered unreliable since the emerge of the much popularized allegations between Anwar vs Najib. Its a shame such thing happened.
    Well, what is done is done.
    What we can do now is to hope for the politicians to come into a realization that what they are doing now is tarnishing the country’s image in the eyes of the world.

  3. hutchrun says:

    Ah so. He`s on his journey to Shambala:

    Wash away my troubles, wash away my pain
    With the rain in Shambala
    Wash away my sorrow, wash away my shame
    With the rain in Shambala […]
    Everyone is helpful, everyone is kind
    On the road to Shambala
    Everyone is lucky, everyone is so kind
    On the road to Shambala […]
    How does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala?

  4. anna says:

    i believe the first SD. i hope bala is safe 😦

  5. crash says:

    let’s see if he dissappear tomorrow.. 🙂

  6. Charlie says:

    Funny as this may sound, I sincerely hope the disappearance is just another plotting. no one deserves to jeapardize so much, and his entire family at that, for someone else’s politicking. Not only the laws, its instruments such as the SDs are now laughing stock. I hope whoever started this trend feels happy that his intention to dismantle our system to shambles is taking effect.

  7. back2012 says:

    I think najib hidden them with help of Military !!!

  8. hutchrun says:

    Bekas peguam Bala buat laporan polis

    Peguam Americk Singh Sidhu hari ini membuat laporan polis meminta siasatan dijalankan untuk mengetahui orang dan/atau orang-orang yang menyebabkan penyiasat persendirian P Balasubramaniam menyatakan yang akuan berkanunnya dibuat secara paksa.


  9. Yunus Ali says:

    I really pray that C4 is not involved in the disappearance of a family unit.

  10. gooeyglobs says:

    Malaysians are educated, rational and most of all they are peace-loving people. Such good nature has been tested to the limits by the arrogant government led by the most disappointing Prime Minister Malaysia ever had.

    Like it or not, the PM is responsible for what have taken place, rallies, price hike, police, judiciary and whatever that are coming. The most appalling of all is Altantuya murder case. New evidence have surfaced yet feet dragging to expose the truth.

    The Lingam tape – the Royal Commission had its conclusion, yet silence fell. The Sodomy Conspiracy is the new chapter that has tainted Malaysia further. Now the military is gearing up liken an intimidation.

    The pro-active Malaysians have done their part and the silent majority must not be pushed to the edge. What Malaysians do not want is to be forced by circumstances to stage protests.

    Now what? Balasubramaniam had gone missing!

    Looks like the Barisan Nasional government is incapable to handle the present crisis. Please leave and don’t pull the nation down with you.

  11. Lady Dark says:

    Pulak dahhh!!!

  12. Orang Utan says:

    Rationally speaking I think we should not blame our PM too much. He inherited a system which is not easy to change.For eg he needed the support of the UMNO delegates to keep himself in power.If he were to sack all the corrupt govt ministers then he himself migh be in trouble.In reality saying is eay doing it is another thing.

  13. kittykat46 says:

    I doubt if Najib gets a good night’s sleep these days.

    Justice for Altantuya.

  14. hutchrun says:

    Meanwhile, Americk said Balasubramaniam left his office in Ampang at 4.45pm together with the lawyer’s bodyguard.

    “My bodyguard informed me that they did not go to the police station. Instead, they went for dinner in Cheras and Balasubramaniam was dropped off at his home in Rawang about 9pm,” the lawyer said.

    Americk said the bodyguard also told him that he met Balasubramaniam’s wife that evening.

  15. matt says:

    The one thing i find interesting is the fact that a legal co called zul rafique n partners was involved in the second sd.

  16. John says:

    Because of the way the 2nd SD was coerced from Bala I am now convinced the 1st SD is the gospel truth. And by extension I am also convinced the VIP actually knew Altantuya and somehow connected to her demise.

  17. kwai lan says:

    like wat najis said..
    the TRUTH shall PREVAIL..
    now duno ur truth or my truth…
    look like najis ‘truth’ shall not prevail….

  18. wits0 says:

    Najib: It is all a political game

    Therefore it’s just about winning. No truth necessary, iow!

    How convenient!

  19. tamade says:

    The Rakyat in Bolehland will not believe the police’s statement that Bala and his family members may have gone oversea.

    Bala is not alone and he has his family members. How can he leave the Bolehland “Without A Trace”, and vanish into thin air just like that? Then what is Syed Hamid doing? Sleeping or busy “snitching”?

    The Rakyat still remeber someone who is very powerful has wiped out the Mongolian woman’s immigration record, and if Bala had gone oversea, his records would have been wiped out as well. But the chance is quite slim because Interpol is looking high and low for him. If he was found, he will have to come back and testify.

    Therefore, a few guessings and conclusions can be made:

    Conclusion 1 is that the murderer who masterminds the gruesome murder of the poor women with C4, must have forced Bala and his families to hide in a secluded place where nobody can find them. He may release them or kill all of them before or after after the case is concluded .

    Conclusion 2, Bala must have sought refuge in Bolehland because he is under duress. He must have been threatened by the evil murderer to “hide somewhere” until the case is concluded.

    Conclusion 3, the evil hands who murdered the poor woman, have kidnapped Bala, and murdered the whole family, (but this time, without C4), may be burried them alive.

    We can just hope and pray that Bala and his family are safe.

    Dear PM, are you listening to the voices of the Rakyat in the Blog?

    Don’t forget your promise. We are watching you , we are also monitoring closely the performance of your mediocre and incompetent Cab Mins closely.

  20. Chips says:

    One big blunder!!! 5 decades of corruption, deceit, deception and the list goes on and on!!! PM should step up to the plate and put right what is wrong and stop sucking up to others afraid to loose the Malay majority. The system is screwed up, we need leaders who are ethical, intelligent, a visionary who has the interest of the nation at heart. We need to have all races involved in running of Malaysia. Indians, Chinese, Malays and minorities group who have what it takes. Every race has their essence to contribution to the nation. Fair practice for all religion. Justice for all and no one is above the law. MONEY POLITICTIONS should be dealt in the most serious manner. AG & IGP enough is enough !!! Thousands of ways to stop IT!!!!!! Freedom of media, speech, radio etc! For once in my life I wished I understood Tamil since it has a better coverage than TV3. Someone tell me why????

    This shenanigans of 2008 is the product of the past PM. Cleaning up’s gonna take another 5 decades if those involved in screwing up is not voluntering to step down and face justice. All 4 swines up there. PI has made his exit so has Altantuya, Norita, Cannny Ong and the list goes on and on again. We pray PI & family are safe we have you in our prayers!

    What human being can carry such a horrendous crime to murder someone’s daughter a human being and go to bed at night!!!! Worst still his is second man in the Country!!! Shame on you … dispiccable selfish SOB not fit to walk this planet. You should self destruct and pay the price for your sins. Your wonderful bini & you rot in hell!!!!

    Bloggers honest citizens who wants a say is thrown in jail. Your crime is ok, deserves a cheer, Yeah????


  21. Muda says:

    Will the real ‘script writer’ please stand up !

  22. AskerMalayu says:

    PI Bala & family is suspected being held captive by Military Intelligence in a detention camp. Police MAIN WAYANG!

  23. green grass says:

    better pray for Bala safety…….better hope that Bala will not speak with a double tongue. I wonder within 48 hrs he made a 180 deg turn. this guy is scared the shit out….i don’t know….if a man made an SD implicating the DPM and indirectly the Police……on a high profile murder case, he must be in deep trouble. and he knew about it. but didn’t he MIA just after the first SD?

  24. Chips says:

    Does HITLER & SADAM HUSSAIN sounds familiar???

  25. moonheart says:

    What kind of person/persons or the mastermind behind this murder… would kill a lady and blown her body to pieces with military C4 is beyond me…
    It is just pure evil…

    Since most Malaysians are religious… hey, what did they teach you… since I believe all religion teach and preach good and do good…etc… are you human.. no conscience..eh..

    Im so ashame being a Malaysian nowadays… being a laughing stock of the world in this Bodohland… tak malu ka?..
    And the funny thing is… I always felt being a second class citizen in my tanah air ku which I was born…

    Im so so SAD…

  26. Hahaha says:

    Whoever was the murderer/s of that poor Mongilian lady must be made to pay for the crime. No one is above the law, it is just a matter of time the culprit/s will be exposed. I say to the murderer/s, meantimebe cursed by horrifying dreams and let you piss in your pants. The ghost of Altantuya will be right behind you!

  27. ah long says:

    Bala & his family gone into hiding to count his money lah. That not too smart fellow takes long time to count even up to ten. So he will have to hide for a while.

    Sorry to his nephews, Bala not yet whole family mati, so you cannot have his car and his Lolex watch.


  28. guy fawkes says:

    better run, Mr Bala ‘s Nephews

  29. Kenny Gan says:

    If Bala is voluntarily hiding, whether overseas or here, why no word to his nephews when he should know they are sick with worry?

    Can somebody answer me this question?

    Can the police come clean on whether immigration records indicate he and his family have gone overseas instead of speculating? Stop this stupid wayang kulit!

    BTW, Interpol is not looking high and low for Bala. Interpol is for fighting international crime. He is not a fugitive from crime, never been charged and this doesn’t come under scope of Interpol.

    Police calling in Interpol is just another wayang kulit. They are not even sure he has gone overseas

    What is happening to this country?

  30. wits0 says:

    It does sound very much like a wayang kulit. So far there’s no report, I’ve come across, that describes the detail of their disappearance…like how much things and personal effects from their house was apparently taken or none at all and whether any sign of house removals were seen by neighbbours etc. Very crummy MSM reporting with no details worth their beans. It sounds like it’s, for the greater part, deliberately a black out.

  31. Kenneth says:

    What do you expect from goons who don’t even know how to lie properly? Can u image a police force saying:
    “He may have gone overseas”
    “He is believed to be overseas”
    “We haven’t ruled out the possibility he’s overseas”, etc.

    Are Malaysians all idiots? Say something sensible you STUPES!!

  32. Dr. Rosli says:

    All things considered, Bala’s second SD appeared to have been done by him under duress.

    Who could have possibly forced him to come up with the second SD?

    Well, our police force is capable of committing this illegal act as it has the machinery to harass, threathen and force people to just admit things out of their own free will. They can even make people disappear. The records are there for Malaysians to see.

    ISA is a tool the present government has successfully used against so many innocent people to protect power abusers and corrupt and immoral leaders.

    We pray that Bala and his family are safe.

  33. Chips says:

    Why detention camp?? That’s for illegal’s! That white hair troll got to wake up from his slumber and realise that the rakyat are not so stupid. Even the roti chanai man, every bloke on the street knows & taxi drivers are better than CNN knows ……. !!! WHO DUN IT ?????

    Bala was suppose to go to India, maybe he’s gone one way ticket after given the ultimatum ???


  34. Pegasus says:

    Ah Long, I think you must be a mentally retarded person,I could only sympathize with you .What we have here is the future of PM in waiting,Najib’s involvement in the murder,along with his wife and the other 2 person. Bala has given a SD1 which is so damaging and serious enough to warrant the attention of the nation and people .If proven the impact will be tremendous and of course hopefully the death of BN .Money is not a issue but the truth is. He can’t count up to ten?. Are you so stupid or do you mean to say he can’t count up to ten thousand? He and his family could have gone into hiding ,then again,he and his family could be behind bars ,hidden by some people who have interest in the case or maybe even killed to hide the truth ,the possibility are many and all signs are pointing that this man have been cornered and force to retract his first SD which looks to be genuine. Lets pray that Bala and his family are safe and sound. We may never know when something like this will hit us.

  35. Chips says:

    Bala is not going to let his nephew know where he is coz they may also dissapear eventually !!!!

    Najis has all his cronies working round the clock !!!!


  36. Aru says:

    He is safe and willbe released when he is rehablitated and hails UMNO and BN.

  37. daniel says:

    razak baginda, 27 million malaysians (minus those umno&bn lapdogs) are praying that you come to your senses in the coming few days and that your conscience will get to you before the trial ends. just name the mastermind behind all these charades.

    if you have nothing to hide, i apologize from the bottom of my heart.

    if you are hiding something because your family’s life is in danger if you blow the whistle on that mastermind, then my heart goes out to you.

    if however, you are keeping quiet to protect someone for the money, or for any other reasons apart from possible harm to your family, then may you too burn and rot in eternal fire of hell (in your akhirat or whatever you call it).

    you, and you alone, decides 27 millions malaysians’ and their future generations’ very future in malaysia.

  38. Kenneth says:

    “Bala is not going to let his nephew know where he is coz they may also dissapear eventually !!!!”

    He doesn’t have to tell them where he is, just that he’s alive.

  39. poorah says:

    Bala is ‘kept away’ by the goons ( which they are very efficient, all for a wrong reason) to prevent him from making further changes or retraction to his SD2 until the case is over. Obviously, they are very confident of winning because in this Bolehland we have ass licking AG and IGP that will twist and turn with the evidence. Who is the culprit who did the murder? Your guess is as good as mine!

  40. danet7882 says:

    wat d fuk…. why no one seems to have an answer???? PDRM why no intel??? this proof our police force still lacking behind…(should have ask them to wear shorts just like the 60’s).. what bout the imigration??? are dey still using log book to take note (or they dunno how to use the computer??) what bout the ACA?? sit in the office wait for 10am and 3:30 for their kopi time??? what the heck… semuanya tak guna….

  41. Andy says:

    It made no sense for Bala to retract his first SD. Something must have happened the night before for him to do so. It is also not a coincidence that he just go into hiding afterwards. All these make no sense at all.

    Something grave is happening to him.

    The retraction and his absence are inter-related. No need for a genius to tell that.

    What has become of our country??? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    We malaysians deserve better.

  42. Chips says:

    AG & IGP why so quiet … you should be out there defending yourselves…. !

    How much of the rakyat’s tax money are you enjoying …. bloody foools! You so call top gus out there are not bothered about the price increase since you have enough to see you thru the next generation whilst the Malaysian pull thru this hard time. YOU can have your fancy lifestyle and fancy holidays but remember what goes around come around. When the LORD strike his will strike hard! I hope your concience kill slowly but surely. Disgrace to Islam! Looks like your days are numbered and we will have the last laugh. The ghost of the Mongolion lady will haunt you for the rest of your lives … , if you live that long!

  43. Chips says:



  44. Mirage says:

    Anonymous said:-

    Tun Dr. Mahathir said there is no evidence but hearsays, yes doubtful until proven guilty but unfortunately all links are pointed to the DPeeM ???

    There are already 3 SDs from 2 persons, one stuck, and the other one retracted and the said SD maker gone missing, everyone especially the PDRM is concerned of his “safety” if he has not been probably already C4ed??? And from the 2 photographs we have seen of the 2nd SD maker we can see the obvious…. Which SD is done under duress??? We can see the 2 Photographs of PI Balasubramaniam when both SDs are done to see the truth, it looks very obvious that the latter SD is done under duress of the threat of C4???

    PeeM denies that there never was a Military Intelligence report on this case???
    The Military Intelligence never did make a report on this case although the Military Explosive C4 was evidenced to have been used by the Police investigating this case. Also the deletion of Alantuya’s Immigration entry records into Malaysia also showed evidence of this conspiracy as who could possibly have taken & done such actions???

    Why not similarly put both the PeeM & DPeeM to a poll to see whether Malaysians of all walks of life believe that they are also innocent and not lying that DPeeM never would have known Atlantuya as he had claimed???

    Since there were no C4 missing in action nor were not accounted for in the Military C4 stock then how this C4, a military explosive, which is not something you can buy at a supermarket and can use this to have blown up the Mongolian Woman into smithereens. If the command did not come from the highest level will the policemen and the C4 expert take the commands & instructions from a nobody by the name Razak Baginda to carry out the tasks of the henchmen to murder and took great efforts to destroy the body of the Mongolian Woman beyond any trace but God is great the heinous criminal conspiracy is exposed. There were no motives for the nobody by the name Razak Baginda, the fall guy, the Policemen & C4 expert to commit murder and destroy the Body of the Mongolian Woman except to get cash or seek promotions through dubious means from the one and the only Power with a motive for this heinous crime.

  45. Chips says:

    With such goones & cartoons running our country maybe my gramdma on the wheelchair should try to contest for the next elections …. since she sleeps all the time !!!!!! LOL

  46. Chips says:

    WHO was the last Defence Minster ???? Can’t remember, !!!!! “There is nothing to SAY” !!! I DO NOT KNOW HER”” !

  47. Jelutong Views says:

    The last person(s) who met up with Bala please come forward and shed some lights. To the mastermind of this murder case, though your god could forgive you but your karma, which has engraved in your nerve, will not, it will haunt you for the rest of your present life and maybe next life.

  48. Kenneth says:

    Sami Vellu….what the f@#K are you doing about this? You claim to represent the Indians but now you keep quiet. Shame on you!! Podah!

  49. Kenny Gan says:

    Newsflash from malaysiakini: Missing PI makes contact with nephew

    Private investigator P Balasubramaniam has finally broken his silence and made contact with his nephew R Kumaresan late last night via a short telephone call.

    “He said he was okay, but could not talk freely,” Kumaresan, who stressed this point several times.

    “When I tried to ask of his whereabouts, he could not answer,” said Kumaresan, who did not elaborate despite being pressed on the matter.


    Looks like he is held prisoner. This came about after a candlelight vigil held for Bala at Brickfields. Looks like those pigs who imprisoned him were pressured to let him communicate out. After the sandiwara by the police anybody wants to guess who’s responsible?

    So is there any further doubt he was under duress when he filed SD2?

  50. Jed Yoong says:

    ada sumpah tak? kini trend sumpah-lah, sista…semua kena sumpah lepas tu sumpah lagi yang dulu sumpah paksa…sumpah, paksa, paksa, sumpah…

  51. guy fawkes says:

    it all about submarine commission.that not kacang putih bizness. it’s as big as C4 explosion.

    ” it all about perception in politic” as told by the PRESSMAN AND RAKYAT SODOMIZER WONG CHUN WAI.

    our UMNO goons are trying so hard to malaysia look like DISNEYLAND and UMNO the ultimate numero uno party.

    Corruption has drain these country and chief corrupter UMNO will control & spin any media to protect their image.

    From manipulation of press, propanganding, tarnishing cybernews and blogger. warning from home ministry. hacking on malaysia today. police and AG. these stupid UMNO goverment will try all means to stop all negative perception of the leaders ,party and goverment from the preception of the rakyat.

    if they were survive this terms, they will be humilated in the next election, the rakyat would rally even to the rural area , the deepest jungle to bring them down.

    so u can blame them , they are try to build Fantasia and busy do plastic surgery, applying botox and any means to make them look good but they forget to take care of the bottomline of the Rakyat

  52. Chips says:

    SO now ….., “The Very Clever Man” decided to bring out Bala after all the speculation from the rakyat! SO now we KNOW Bala’s alive but sounds like he had a gun to his head whilst talking to his nephew. Hhmmm…. “WONDER WHY”?

  53. Joshua says:

    Susan’s been ‘vindicated’.

    Bala’s nephews talk about his change of countenance – from relief in SD1 to duress in SD2…

    My 2-cents here:

    Well done, Susan.

  54. Kenny Gan says:

    Yes, sounds like he had a gun to his head while talking to his nephew just like kidnappers letting the hostage talk to prove he’s alive. The question is, how long are they going to hold Bala? Or is he in some secret indoctrination boot camp and he’ll come out praising Umno?

    So now the public knows he’s alive but held prisoner. But what’s the purpose? It must be to keep up the duress and prevent him from withdrawing SD2. So are we officially a police state now?

  55. Chips says:

    Probably BRAIN WASHING Bala …… in captivity! Maybe SD 3 will emerge….!!!!!!!!! S T U P I D …. Wayang Kulit Champion !!!!!!!!!!!!! Treating human beings like animals … what right has he to do so???

  56. Chips says:

    Listen carefully! You should step down gracefully and face the concenquences of your actions with belov. bini be life imprisonment/hanging or whatever means and the croones along with you. All bad air to eliminated once and for all.

    Please do so, so that other ethical, intelligent, morally sound leaders can take the responsibility of leading this nation to prosperity and also to face the hardships & challanges & at least we know they have our best interest at heart and bring MALAYSIA back to its Glory. Our future generation will inherit all Malaysia’s achievements and we can only move forward from then on.

    No matter how hard you try to hide the facts the more it surfaces and its never gonna go away until justice is ruled. We thought you were more intellignet that this but you removed all doubts, clearly!!!

    I wonder if you even bother!

  57. temenggong says:

    Rpk spent 6 hrs with Bala after he made the first SD.

    Rpk knows the details. Wait for it!

  58. kittykat46 says:

    Occam’s Razor – Based on all available information, the simplest explanation is the most likely one.

    Based on all available information ie. SD1 took months to prepare, SD2 less than 24 hours, the difference in Bala’s demeanour etc. ,

    The simplest explanation is SD1 is true.
    Najib must stand aside to make way for a free and open investigation.

  59. robert13 says:

    Hello all,

    Now its getting confuse. Anyway, I would not believe all the SD rrevealed by RPK and Bala. The statement were not concrete as those are just hearsays and could not be proof evidence. Everybody can make a hearsay and SD. Its just RM4.00 anyway.

  60. Klevar says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, July 8 ─ Another police report was lodged on private investigator P. Balasubramaniam today ─ this time by Americk Singh Sidhu, the lawyer who represented him for his first statutory declaration (SD) dated July 1.

    Americk lodged the report at the Brickfields district police headquarters at 2.45pm, accompanied by two lawyers.

    In his report, Americk denied the allegation made by certain quarters that he was involved in the first SD signed by Balasubramaniam on July 1.

    “I want to clear my name because certain quarters have said that I was involved in putting Balasubramaniam under duress to make his first (statutory) declaration,” he told reporters after lodging the police report.

    Americk claimed that Balasubramaniam did not consult him before making the second SD and so he did not know anything about it.

    He, however, did not deny the possibility that the second SD was signed by Balasubramaniam under duress.

    “Balasubramaniam spent over two months to record his first statutory declaration which was revealed on Thursday, but he only took less than 24 hours to retract it and signed a new one,” he said.


  61. sohomee says:

    guys better watch out…we also can be dissapeared anytime by now…

  62. Klevar says:

    Kumaresan also took to task Federal CID director Datuk Mohd Bakri Zinin for saying that he (Kumaresan) did not want to give his cooperation in the case.

    “Since Saturday, I myself made arrangements to brief the police on this matter. They just told me that they had begun investigations and had recorded statements from my uncle’s neighbours apart from going through his house (in Rawang) and running a background check on him,” he said.

    He added that all his attempts to trace their whereabouts so far had been unsuccessful. – The Daily Express

  63. apapunboleh says:

    No matter how, Najib will NO LONGER be eligable for the PM post…….tata

  64. kittykat46 says:

    This Bakri Zinin guy is gunning for future IGP, lah.
    If he can nail Anwar for good, and “kau tim” the Bala allegations, he will be amply rewarded.

  65. Eric says:

    Our country is now worst than being colonized by the British…at least the british wasn’t so bad. It’s like we are still fighting for independence from BN

  66. george says:

    wait a minute…things still much under control… say DSAI… dun worry, mates… this is all just drama and prologue… let’s these BN morons (Najis, AAB, KJ, AG & IGP) work till their pants dropped try to deny all but only lies and use his dirty to shut our mouth up…with various tactic and threatening news.

    Only when everything seem going their way, DSAI will shows his “BIG DI” aka. the evidences and whole drama is ended in a most dramatic way… no more lies, no more can deny, no more dirty or threatening tactics but only guilt and confessions. Hell is open it doors and welcome all these morons…

    Vote of no cofidence at Parliment and the BN government is going down and another GE is to held and PR won majority over 2/3.

    hahaha… just wait & see….coz i got very reliable source who holding all these evidences…. u got 2 believe it.

  67. Omitoufu says:

    Spirit of Altantuya,
    Spirit of Altantuya,
    Spirit of Altantuya,
    Come out,
    Come out
    Come out

    Get the culprits
    Gte the Culprits
    Get the culprits

    Spirit of Altantuya
    Spirit of Altantuya
    Spirit of Altantuya.

  68. LimDokSa says:

    BN politicians is a group of gangsters/crooks. They just could not be bothered about what what were written about them. What is important to them is power…..to be in control of the country! So to achieve that, they will lie, cheat, intimidate, cover-up, kill and etc….etc….
    Politics is a very dirty & dangerous game!

    In the case of Bala, if the actual truth is as stated in SD1, then Najib hv to hold him captive at all cost, even to the extend of disposing Bala forever if necessary just to cover his ass! He is sure worried that if Bala is set free b’cos he knows Bala can always turn around and claim that SD2 was made under duress!! Very dangerous game…… Bala’s nephews, if they knew too much are at risk too!

    Somehow if this BN group is cornered, all evidences are against them and they are going to lose………do you think they will give up? They are power crazy…..will they declare martial law and continue to rule….?

  69. allah s child says:

    yah now i dont believe in ghosts
    francis U , altantuya , audrey
    brutally murdered
    no hauntings

  70. Citizen.voice says:

    I hope our honourable PM will quickly do something to our country’s justice otherwise our country’s image will be down the drain. More than 25 years ago, when we traveled overseas foreigners either thought that we came from jungles or Singapore. Malaysia has gained its name throughout the years but unfornately,now instead of better, it grows worst. Sad to say ” Malaysia is now famous for raping, robberies, killing and murdering” but most of the cases are not dealt with justice. Our Government declare we’re a democratic & multi-racial country!! Watch out! men may manipulate with justice but GOD is always there watching us. HE will vindicate one day!

    If our DPM thinks that he is innocent, he should come out to prove himself but I hope everyone should not trouble GOD, in another word ” swear in God’s name” as even kids won’t accept their little mistakes. I would like to recall USA’s former President, Mr. Clinton’s case. I really respect the USA’s ways of handling cases WITHOUT FAVOR & PREJUDICE. I hope our PM should have such a good attitude too.

    I am very disappointed with the school authority’s statement on 22/7/08 which highlight that Mr Bala’s children will be thrown out of school. QUESTION raised ” Are the children themselves ran away from school?” All Malaysian should know it’s not the children’s fault. “Who’s fault then?” only God knows! I really don’t understand why the Ministery of Education is so thoughtless and so harsh to the innocent kids. Please release the children and let them be normal again. I am worried that they will grow up hating the society.

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