The STAR newspaper has gleefully published a story on the subject of bloggers going on strike as if it is representative of the blogsphere. PLEASE DO NOT INSULT US!

This is certainly not the time to go on strike. Malaysia is evolving and everyone wants to be a part of it, no matter how big or small our role is. No matter how far or near we are.

Only cowards go on strike at such an important point in our collective history.

Oh, wait. They are either cowards or hypocrites,to go on strike when things are not going as they wish for the politicians they love.

But then, as you can see, those advocating a strike in the blogsphere are all the same – mainstream -mindset. Can you blame people who have been comfortable all their lives now suddenly facing the challenge of their lives?

I can tolerate ‘cowards’ to a certain extend, but ‘hypocrites’?

This is the time when our collective voices and pressures can help the truth to surface. It is so important that the truth surface now. Or, else, another 50 years of garbage will be ours to keep .

Us keeping quiet now is what those dirty politicians would like. So they can go on fooling the rakyat and stealing our money. Silence is consent!

This is really the time to fight on. To plow on, to question. In order words, to make lots of noises!

I am a Malaysian, a blogger, and I am NOT on strike !

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  1. Muda says:

    As the saying goes :


  2. Phelps says:

    Fight like what? Like the cat spraying bullet in yr website?

  3. pah eng cheong says:

    Its a pity it is too far for me to go from Ipoh. Last week I attended the PR’s rally at the Perak stadium, Ipoh. I am 62 years old Chinese, and I have never seen such unity displayed among Malays, Chinese & Indians. Its is so trilling to be among Malays,Indians & Singhs, all emotionally charged, together shouting ‘Hidup Rakyat’ again and again. There was no sitting space but was offered a seat several times by Malay guys (may be because I am old). I really envy you KL guys. I hope Anuar will come to Ipoh soon.

  4. Harrison says:

    Dear Sis,

    I am not following Susan. Who goes on strike and why?

    This Bala and Saiful thing is hogging the limelight too much. ‘:->’

  5. Diva Chin says:

    Spot on Susan.
    All the crab about facing hard times and being fed-up now when they have billions in the bank accounts……bloody hypocrites!

  6. angeline says:

    we want to change the govt,until then we cannot go on strike….we must continue to expose all wrong doing and all abused of power got to stop.
    susan, please help us malaysian to achive what we are fighting for, a real and peacefull malaysia to live in for our future genaration.
    God Blessed You and Malaysia

  7. Dala says:

    Can’t agree more. It’s all about what’s in it for me. Malaysians have had a good life for 50 years. Although much money was apparently squandered, there was still plenty for the people. For years we have been the envy of our neighbours.
    Now things are rough, just like what our neighbours experience often and here many Malaysians seem to have tired out. To achieve the freedom that you so desire, there has to be sacrifice. Are we ready to sacrifice?

    BTW, on a lighter side, did you know that there was a song called ‘Sodomy’? Well it’s from the musical ‘Hair’ It was popular back then, many teens singing it not knowing what the heck it meant.
    You can listen to it here

  8. lucia says:

    i share your sentiments, susan. that’s true. why go on a strike when things are just getting so hot? sure we are all fed up of all these political stuffs going on now but all the more for us to keep on talking about it AND allow others to talk about it (comments) even though others view differ from us. it’s not as though that when we go on strike, those problems will not return! if you go on strike, and come back, it will be back to the same thing, so what’s the point.

    yes indeed, it IS at this most crucial time that we need all the voices and support we can get for the truth to surface (so don’t ever think of stopping/strike!)

  9. Diva Chin says:

    The ‘pendatang’ who contribute to the country in taxes and sustaining the economy are ‘NOT PATRIOTIC” while the so called “PATRIOTS” are the ones screwing and robbing the country blind…..I’m Fed-up, my foot!!!

  10. Hahaha says:

    Susan, am I surprised with these hypocrites? They are only serving their own interests and the corrupted politicians. The old saying goes, “A devil in disguise.” Don’t mind them.
    We live by our conscience and let GOD be the judge for our souls!

  11. toyolbuster says:

    There have been certain issues I couldn’t agree with you, but heck, you are spot on on this and I give you my vote. Why being selective on issues or is there a connection. Hmmm I wonder.

  12. Harrison says:

    Just missied my rounds in the blogosphere quite sometime ago. The only blog I frequent is yours, LKS, Ktemoc( lately) Hahaha.

    Upon making a tour moments ago, I think I get what you meant by “But then, as you can see, those advocating a strike in the blogsphere are all the same – mainstream -mindset. Can you blame people who have been comfortable all their lives now suddenly facing the challenge of their lives?” -Susan Loone

    I will be saying this until I die. The father’s a monster and one of the filial plays eminent, socializing with fellow bloggers, NGOs etc, etc.

    That is the reason I never want to join the Community of Bloggers in my State. They want your full details, name, IC, dwelling address so that the police can get you anytime.

  13. Robert Teo says:

    Those who still live in UMNO and MCA who are doggies in nature, are stealing the rakyat wealth for next 50 years. MCA dogs are worst off then the real dogs. The difference between MCA dogs Vs. Real Dogs :-
    1. Real dogs do not have the ability to cheat although they follow their masters around
    2. Real dogs do not abandon their own race
    3. Real dogs are much-much cuter
    4. Real dogs do not have fat salaries like MCA dogs…MCA ministers are earning RM30K per month while they watch the poor rakyat work like salves


    MCA – Malaysia Cronies Association

  14. whispering9 says:

    I agreed with you on this 100% even though I don’t like the fact that our politicians are dragging our economy into the grave by their constant bickering. As long as they mud sling or sin, we must talk about it. Pity…this ‘strike’ is preceded by a good article by Marina on Moral Hypocrisy, yet they are now guilty of it themselves. Page One Sunday Star highlighted this ‘fed-up strike’, yet the following pages were dedicated to running down Pakatan. Yeah…I am on your side.

  15. wits0 says:

    Indeed. where’s the logic and rationale for going on strike now? That sort of reasoning bespeaks of the perversion of perception so endemic in a sodomized nation headed by the umno and its true believers of brain washing perversion. Let the chaffs instead be clearly separated from the grains NOW!

  16. lookingaround says:

    fighting like cats and dogs…its a never ending story happening nowadays in malaysia..the innocent people are always the victim….

  17. Pah Eng Cheong,

    Anwar will be coming to Taiping this Tuesday. More info at

  18. […] Only cowards go on strike Posted in MALAYSIAN MADNESS, NEWS, OPPOSITION POLITICS, POLICE, POLITICAL by sloone on July 6th, 2008 […]

  19. Philix says:

    Why strike? Many events have happened since the last election..mainly caused by the ‘fight’ between those who want change and those who resist to change. Change does not happen overnight. At the moment its change in motion..meeting and up against resistance and hindrances..Is it a right choice 2 call for a strike now?

  20. allah s child says:

    actually its good that lot isnt blogging cos reading their hogwash was too much for me especially ketuanan melayu advocacy mm clan
    take a permanent break and let us do the talking
    sheesh she s talking about getting food on the table
    why dont she have a garage sale and sell all her bounty treats and join the rest of the middle class on the verge of poverty line with rising cost of living

  21. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    These so called mainstream bloggers and one from The Star wants to go on strike when the going gets tough! I thought when the going gets tough, the tough gets it going?

    Every individual in Malaysia counts in these difficult days. There will be more difficult days ahead!

    Don’t take a sabbatical now for heaven’s sake! If we want heaven to wait, then Prophet Mohammed can summon the mountain to come to him. Guess what? That did not happen!

    Instead SAW Prophet Mohammed says the mountain did not come to him becos if that happens, many people would have died!

  22. frankie says:

    Reason given was too much politicking and sodomising. I say fuck these strikers. If there is too much scenes which bores me, i walk out from the movie theater. I don’t go on strike. Same thing with them, if they find any subject an overkill, write bout something else. To go on strike, well, fuck you bloggers, too much success just made their heads bigger. Fuck you.

  23. elizabethwong says:

    hear hear!

  24. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    A lot of people in Malaysia thinks that the society, government and even dare to think that God owes them a living! God is no man’s debtor and don’t dare think like that!

    We as a nation need to collectively think and act right! There is no short cut to success. Only hard work, sacrifice and community thinking can get all of us somewhere!

    Right now, Malaysia have a bunch of leaders who serves themselves, their family and cronies.

    How far can that that us Malaysian? Not very far I am afraid. We need a mindset change and this is a 90 degree change, otherwise we are doomed!

    Can we take a rest now? I don’t think so!

    Shame on those who think that everyone besides themselve owes them a living! They will continue to create self interest group whether it is political, race, color or creed.

    Shame! Shame! Shame!

    Shame becos you can’t think as a society, as a nation and as a global society!

  25. tan, tanjong bungah says:

    Hi everyone,

    Those bloggers who go on strike are playing on the fatigue of some people/rakyat over all the accusations/slanders circulating, making the people and the country the laughing stock of the world. It’s true though that many Malaysians are getting fed-up with what is currently happening – the endless political struggles, making the country looks like so politically unstable that our economy is surely going to suffer.

    All these accusations and counter-accusations is not doing any good to the country and its economy. If we pause for a moment and think – all these boils down to one of three possibiliities on the status on both men who claim to be the prime minister-in-waiting:
    (i) both are innocent of the slanders circulating,
    (ii) one of them is a liar, or
    (iii) both are liars.

    To find out, just like what LKY and his son in S’pore did when slandered, the two contenders for the prime minister post should sue whoever they claim to have slandered them. Then the truth will prevail. Why is it that you’re so reluctant to sue? Afraid that the truth would come out in court?

    Don’t forget that God is great and may not bless both the contenders, and another person may become the PM when the present one withdraw from the scene. Man proposes and God disposes!

  26. kittykat46 says:

    Now is the time to stand up and be counted.
    I guess we know what these striking bloggers stand for….or who they stand with…

  27. el says:

    they only represent a few… but then claimed as malaysian blogger on strike… lol…

  28. Anonymous says:

    shame on those who go on strike. They try confuse peoples by saying that the current politic and economic situation is because of the fight between anwar n najis.

    They are wrong. this culprit of the current situation is the murderer who still denying publicly, who still shamefully play the law in his hand together with the corrupt authority.

  29. kwai lan says:

    Spot on Susan…
    how to jump ship in the middle of the ocean yah…
    once leave port..must reach port la…whichever port it may be..
    so…dun simply say jump becos the seas get rough…
    its part n parcel of the journey mah…
    sometimes smooth, sometimes rough…
    hv to take everything in stride mah..

  30. wits0 says:

    Events have now vindicated our collective animosity towards the earlier idea of “AllBlogs”.

    WCW wrote in his blog about being fed up with politics? His semantics is never ours. If he thinks the papers have been misused, would he give up his Latukship in protest?

    TheStar will continue to insult us like Banana.

  31. Web Sutera says:

    What’s strike? I dun know lah!

  32. matt says:

    Thought these things happen only in bolehland now it looks like its spreading into cyberspace,have a backbone and make your stand.

  33. RKP says:

    Malaysia is modern day’ Sodom and Gommarah’.The word sodomy has its dervative from Sodom, name of a city that was filled with homosexual activity.God had to destroy
    Sodom with ‘fire and brimstone’He regretted creating them, just like Babel (Babylon) and the whole world when he destroyed with floods during Noah’s time.

    Malaysia is a reminder of the past.Malaysian ‘so-called leaders’ are playing with will burn them eventually. We need righteousness and justice in this country then only will the powers of wickedness have no place in Malaysia.

  34. tehsin says:

    Ya some make me wanna puke with their hypocrisy…those who have benefitted from cronyism at its epitome, now feel the crunch, and see life from outside their silken cocoon and are suddenly “sickened”, whereas we have been subject to the sickening play of power, corruption,dirty politics…ie the reality of life as a regular hardworking rakyat for decades….

  35. peacenik says:

    Phelps has a point… why do you have that cat there? If you intend to say you’re fighting injustice and oppression, it’s come across, unfortunately, as an endorsement of hatred, anger, violence. Why a machine gun… why not have him use some C4!?

    Growing up as a boy, I loved warplanes, toy guns. A bit wiser now in middle age, I see them in the context of Iraq and the other conflicts. They are instruments of war. Politicians see killing in ideological terms, as a means of achieving ends, far removed from the gristly, the pain and grief they mean in human terms.

    So, your manic, murderous cat is at odds with what I think you are.

    Other than that, you have a great site. Thanks and regards.

  36. LIMZ says:

    Bravo Susan for keeping up the struggle for truth and freedom, especially in times like these. I’m absolutely disgusted by how the mainstream press frame this issue in this way to try and mislead the public and divert the rakyat from this drama which asks tough questions about the trustworthiness of the govt, the police, and the judiciary. In no way is this drama irrelevant, but the mainstream press is asking us not to give a sh*t. I’m very disappointed with the bloggers who are “on strike”. Whose agenda are they serving now? Oh wait, Marina M, Wong CW…. aren’t their identities clear enough?

    Keep up the fight!

  37. tamade says:

    Brothers and Sisters Bloggers, Susan has the courage. All must support her. If those paid cyber troopers(well we pity them, they are jobless and they need to feed themselves and their families also, they have no choice but to kow-tow to their political masters no matter how) keep on sending irresponsible remarks, just ignore them and/or moderate their comments.

    Please keep on posting the themes which are related to the future of Bolehland. We cannot afford to be complacent, if not, this Bolehland will become a TAK BOLEHLAND like the Robert Mugabe’s dictatorial kingdom.

  38. Sab says:

    Before we talk, who are the boys and gals who called for strike? They are dirty minded entrenched cyper troopers of the Najis gang who are feeling the heat as Malaysians demand the truth. These bloggers tried to play with words, engage in sideshows, distract people, miscommunicate but they can’t go through bcoz the people are very alert, awake and demanding. Now that they felt the heat, they say let’s behave like the mainstream (read BN leaflets) media and the chief towkay Wong Chun Wai says let’s stop the heat. This comes after Najis lamented that “slaner” was spreading very fast the internet. OH, you are the chief of. We want you to sustain it till you drown in it.

    Blogger Desiderata laughs of at the ingenuity of these Najis gang.

  39. Orang Utan says:

    Someone compared Petronas to Shell and Exxon. Shell & Exxon stared off with indivual effort & money whereas Petronas is started by the Govt using the taxpayer money.Righfully we rakyat should have a stake in its profit. Instaed they enact various taxes to squeeze until our last drop of blood.

  40. Mr Smith says:

    My take on Rocky, Wong and Marina here:

    “Why the histrionics Rocky, Wong , Marina”

  41. toughcookie says:

    two thumbs up!

    why should we let the dirty politicians be freed of their wrongdoings so easily…charge them and make sure the public knows how much sins they have committed!

    Chickens…you can go on strike BUT I WANT MY JUSTICE!!!

  42. Margeemar says:

    MARGEEMAR THE SCRIBE IS NOT ON STRIKE! I am appalled with certain Bloggers who say they are going on strike. Why? Supposedly they are fed up with the Najib-Altantuya and Anwar-Saiful saga. I can understand ass wipers like Wong Chun Wai and Marina Mahathir but what surprised me most was certain prominent Bloggers who I thought were going to fight the good fight till the tyrannical regime of BN/Umno is defeated and cast into the abyss.

    I’m together with the likes of Sloone, RPK, Haris Ibrahim Nathaniel Tan etc in fighting this evil in Blogosphere until this Evil entity called Barisan Nasional is cast into eternal damnation. Truth must prevail over falsehood. Even now, we hear how the BN/Umno evil regime is using God’s Holy Name to cover their evil deeds and claim innocence while cursing those who are standing up and speaking the Truth.

    The BN/Umno regime certainly wants to break the will of the Bloggers by getting Bloggers to be at odds with each other. I appeal to everyone to boycott those Bloggers who are behind this stupid strike. They are as Sloone put it, nothing but hypocrites. We must strive to ensure that no one gets away from the crimes they have committed. We are not going to forget anything. We’ll keep the fire burning! We want Pakatan Rakyat to reveal the crimes the BN/Umno regime had committed in the states they used to rule. The Truth must prevail. No more cover ups.

  43. wits0 says:

    Mr Smith, I’ve always regarded these 3 as incredible and seeking the credulous. I don’t go to their blogs.

  44. Candi says:

    Kudos to you!

  45. Birdseye says:

    It is indeed ironic that the Star uses this quote from Ahiruddin Atan aka Rocky: “It is making me fed up how real-life politics is being dumped on us in cyberspace”.

    Well, who dumps real-life politics on us? It’s Rocky and others like him! To be fair to rocky he did express caution over the RPK and Bala (1) statutory declarations. Many other bloggers and their faithful followers were quick to assume that RPK and Bala (1) spoke the truth in their SDs. They may well have but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Even Abdul Kadir Jassin felt that Pak Lah’s statement that he did not receive a copy of the military report was deemed by him to be not good enough because it was not in the form of a statutory declaration. No wonder the MSM tanked during his time – and still does of course.

  46. overseas says:

    it’s amazing that anyone such as this blogger would want to go on strike. I remember Malay Mail of which you were the editor was sometimes full of crap. We still buy the paper because there were also great articles and news that were worth reading. We could differentiate what was good and bad. Now you say that you are going on strike. How sure are you that it is the right thing to do if you are interested in knowing the truth. Come on , go on strike ? Good – close down your blog and don;t come back.

  47. toughcookie says:

    cowards, if you are fed up then just shut up lah~

  48. gregwar says:

    Well done, Susan. You have the courage to differ and also to expose these “bloggers” who most of the time claim that they are speaking for “all bloggers”. They (see the list in theStar) and the rest of the ilk can sit in their comfortable hideout and cry their hearts out. Meanwhile real bloggers like you and the likes of you who really love and care for this country will go on reporting for us what is really taking place without taking sides. God bless you

  49. hutchrun says:

    So the Star is telling ALL Malaysians proudly that they should go a Hartal:

    Hartal (also hartaal) is a term in many Indian languages for strike action, used often during the Indian Independence Movement. It is mass protest often involving a total shutdown of workplaces, offices, shops, courts of law as a form of civil disobedience. In addition to being a general strike, it involves the voluntary closing of schools and places of business. It is a mode of appealing to the sympathies of a government to change an unpopular or unacceptable decision.

    Hartals are commonly used in Pakistan, India and BanglaDesh to topple govts. Wong Chun Wai to be detained under ISA soon for calling a hartal?

  50. Orang Utan says:

    I think it is the tactics of the govt to tell all of us to keep quiet.As citizen we need to know the thruth and to see that justice is being done.Those quilty should be prosecuted and sentence accordingly not the innocent. There is a Chinese saying ” the soldiers can set fire but the citizen are not allowed to light even a candle”

  51. hutchrun says:

    Nope. I am *not* on strike unlike some bloggers; I don’t fancy being an ostrich when the calling is to elucidate, not obfuscate, more so if one claims to be a writer.

  52. KK says:

    Well, there are bloggers, there are bloggers, and there are bloggers. There are those who have almost from the beginning have been fed-up with the mainstream media and journalists, happily or directly/indirectly coerced by the powers-that-be, acting as a BN mouthpiece. The are interested in social reforms, not so much political personalities. Another group are those who started blogging following the March 8 elections, apparently waking up to the fact that bloggers and other netizens were not monkeys, morons, whores, etc after all. They are the reactionaries and think that they could also make use of the net to win over the rakyat, directly or indirectly, to the status quo and restore the BN government back either to the former glory days under Mahathir or a new BN government that exhibits just as much a strongarm method of governance. Who are these bloggers? Well, Wong Chun Wai, Toyo, and, of course, Mahathir himself, just to name a few. Finally, there are those bloggers that on the surface are an ambivalent bunch because they sometimes talked progressive and willing to slam the mainstream media and the BN government. They are savvy. But when push comes to shove in the rough and tumble of politics, their true colors reveal that deep down they long for the good old days of Mahathir’s ruthless, shameless, strong-arm rule, or they would like a Mahathir leader to rise to the occasion and take over the BN government from what they see only as a weak, flip-flopping Abdullah as PM. And who might these bloggers be? Well, see the Star report on bloggers’ strike, for starters.

    Perhaps all this is as it should be because the net is ree for people with different mindsets to offer their two sens. As long as it stays that way, it does offer a democratic space for different views to be raised. And that should be celebrated, especially when the mainstream media continue to behave, well, mainstream.

    But what’s soooo indicative of the mainstream media mentality at work is shown by the Star and Chun Wai. C’mon, just two socio-political bloggers out of many on strike and a big deal is made of it judging by the prominence given to the story? Or three because Chun Wai should also be included. Actually, it is because of that he used his power as Group Editor in Chief to get his paper to give the story so much prominence. Is this not going back to pre-GE 12 mainstream media mentality? The specifics of the politics or politicking might have changed but then, does one really expect things to remain the same so that when things did not work out to one’s expectation/satisfaction one decides to throw a tantrum, which is what the so-called strike (what a self-inflated word!) amounts to?

  53. anti-rocky says:

    dear susie, i tell you why the star ran that frontpage story. it is because datuk wong chun wai is a wanna-be. he always wants to be in the IN group. and at the moment, he thinks the IN group is bloggers such as rocky, jeff ooi and marina mahathir. why do you think chun wai decided to blog??? and he thinks that by running such headline in the star (which is not owned by wong chun wai but the mca) he will be accepted by the IN group. little does he knows that rocky, nuraina crack jokes at him at the NPC.

  54. Kenny Gan says:

    I have serious suspicion of Rocky Bru’s agenda. I believe he is anti-Anwar, anti-Badawi and pro-Najib. Shame on Rocky, I may be wrong but he is obviously not neutral.

  55. amoker says:

    I share the same sentimen. Yep, the current ‘turmoil’ is unprecendented but nobody has the gut to correct the wrongs. In the process, things may seemed out of control but it maybe for the better. Change is never a comfortable process. we just need to carry on. Would status quo ( money politics, raping of natural resources, racism, supremacy ) be better?

    IN the essesnse, that was what i wrote to Chun Wai and Rocky. Be patient. Have your rest and recharge.

  56. Jed Yoong says:

    ain’t he sponsored by najib somehow? how can his sugar daddy in trouble liao kan?

  57. bennyloh says:

    I’ll take forty -winks and I am back ..


  58. peace brother says:

    That is why i don’t buy the damm paper for honest news

  59. 2choochoo says:

    Dear Susan,

    I do wonder why Star frontpaged bloggers’ opinion. Their editors need bloggers’ views in news reporting?

    It also seems sudden why these bloggers are sick of politics.
    Maybe these bloggers just dont care anymore..

    Thank you.

  60. tsudomy and duress says:

    i am with u susan
    only cowards will give up.
    as for certain bloggers male or female( pro Govt all along) hv a hidden agenda
    (dont hv to mention names)
    to DSAI the rakyat is still with you (all Races)
    lawan tetap lawan even though you are up against the full force
    of their machinery (esp everymorning on TV1 )
    50 years of squandering is more than enough
    i call on all readers to carry on marching

    inshaallah we will have a new govt come SEPTEMBER 2008.

  61. MC says:

    From what I can see, they’re just going on strike for a day or something; I can understand how they feel – partly. Like them, I’m also fed up from all the things, in fact listening and reading about all this things happening in Malaysia depressed the hell out of me. I even told people that I’m going on a ‘news fast’ because I couldn’t take all the negativity anymore. But I see your point, sloone – NOW is NOT the time to stop blogging. We need bloggers more than ever before.

    But while most bloggers are concentrating on the scandals and controversies, which ones are talking about things that the rakyat need like public transport, etc? I think we need some bloggers to talk about that too.

    Well, I guess I know what to blog about! Public transport is my little pet peeve/project right now.

    Just my two cents.

  62. abc says:

    bloggers on strike? someone seems to have been bought over by c4, like bala.

  63. abc says:

    as the saying goes ” everyone has a price” and c4 has got plenty of money to buy whoever he wants. looks like c4 has spent quite a a lot a money these few days, but why should he care? he’ve got plenty more to plunder when he become pm.

  64. FUBARed aka Menyalak-er says:

    Hi Susan & fellow commentators,
    Just a little intro; the monicker given stands for “F***ed Up Beyond All Repair”.
    Thats how we all feel with regards the shenanigans this past week, BUT…
    Its just the beginning of our Annus Horriblis (Q.E’s quote – no pun intended), and these so-called socially responsible bloggers want to go on strike?
    Can’t stand the stress? Then they should go contemplate and blog about their nether parts! Don’t need them.
    For 30yrs, we the FUBARed needed to repair our pride and spirit, and this is the only oppurtunity for the next generation. Kick Be-eNd out now!
    Otherwise, our legacy will be another bunch of ‘No-Speaka-Ingerlis’ morons!
    The enlightened and educated no longer take MSM as the gospel truth; and good bloggers are the alternate news.
    However, there are few like Susan here, who are above petty politics and influence.
    Leave personal agendas aside and comment on what affects us FUBAReds, the common folk who are literally ‘dying’ to make ends meet.
    And YES, our dire state is due to corrupt, evil, despotic politicians who make flip-flop decisions and have the I.Q. and E.Q. of <80 (cretins)!
    So let the good guys blog on let the light shine…, instead of hiding like a conered rat!
    Kudo’s to Susan the Most Responsible!

  65. a simple heading by Star gets all the so called responsible Bloggers hot up !

    Bloggers blog for fun mostly , some to show off , some for ad income. Strike ?

    OMG . dont get it all wrong ! What hypocrites , did bloggers take anybody’s money ? or owe anybody anything ?

  66. Anonymous says:

    So far, Marina Mahathir has not made her stand on her view of her father’s deeds…and yet she can comments on others. Hypocrite? Coward?

  67. hutchrun says:

    Wong Chun Wai of the MCA blogs for money, power, influence, self imposed grandeur etc. Rocky ex-UMNO supporter in malay mail till he got kicked out now a closet Najib supporter would be doing the same. Let them go on strike.
    The rest of the world keeps going on while these jerks have got off.

  68. ah long says:

    Hahaha….BN & UMNO everyday also pray to God all the bloggers go on strike. Better still if all of us drop dead.

    Unfortunately no such luck fellas. We are alive and blogging and will continue to be a pain in the ass, in a manner of speaking.

  69. hutchrun says:

    That reminds me. Marina too had a great time when her fayher was around. For one thing the ad agency she was with was able to get the MAS advertising contract. Now she wants to go on strike. No loss to the blog world this one also. Get lost and take care of your senile father.

  70. hutchrun says:

    Bloggers strike? I’ll save my comments (watch out, WCW) for tomorrow 🙂 – Nathaniel Tan

    WCW- Wong Chun Wai- Waste Carrier Wai

  71. wits0 says:

    Marina Mahathir is very much her father’s daughter and lives in a different and aristrocratic Blogosphere universe. She can blog about rich man’s malady like AID/HIV prevention and what not and mention nary a word about what is more pressing.

  72. Kenny Gan says:

    I never go to che det site, I only read when the old fart is quoted. Now he’s blaiming Anwar for victimizing him, spoiling his name in US and Europe and attacking his lawyer (Lingam) so he has no lawyer to defend himself against Anwar’s suit now. Let me just say I feel like vomiting from the trash he spews out.

    After what he did to Anwar in 1998, this is like a rapist blaming his victim for causing him mental distress. And he thinks the people are fools who can be cheated to with blatant lies. He’s the fool himself for thinking he can get away with it.

  73. wits0 says:

    I’ve never once clicked on his blog as I’ve never once voted BN.

  74. hutchrun says:

    wits0 said, on July 6th, 2008 at 7:05 pm – I’ve never once clicked on his blog as I’ve never once voted BN.
    Is it progress if a cannibal uses knife and fork? — Stanislaw Lec

    That applies to TDM and his `progressive` family.

  75. abc says:

    Susan, i love you. You are my hero

  76. wits0 says:

    Progressives obfuscates, Hutch, all the time. We’ve seen enough of that everytime.

  77. Panda says:

    How can these jokers appeared on The Star claimed to be representing all the bloggers??

    Clearly, it’s same old cheap & dirty trick at play again…. really disgusted and getting fed up with all these stupid act!!!

  78. ultraman says:

    Notice that those bloggers who want to strike are those copycat bloggers. So many of them have jumped on the band wagon of late and are muddying the waters. They are out to create doubts and disunity among the blogging community.

  79. kittykat46 says:

    Right now, the BN regime is facing an AOS – All Options Suck situation.

    Saiful police report against Anwar – Rakyat suspect 1998 Rev. 2
    Put Anwar on Trial – Rakyat suspect 1998 Rev. 2
    Let Anwar go free – No need to say, lah…Anwar will extract Max-Max political gain

    Bala SD 1 – Implicates Najib
    Bala SD 2 – The act of Bala contradicting SD 1 – Implicates Najib
    Bala disappears – Implicates Najib or some other section of The Establishment

    Things are getting real flaky for BN.

    Ah, wait a minute, Badawi looks like a hero right now…make way for Captain Malaysia…

  80. ultraman says:

    Have doubts about that rocky chap for a long time. Comes across as one that can be easily bought … and turned.

  81. wits0 says:

    Police seeks Interpol aid in locating Bala? Translates : Immigration butt’s suffer fu lat.
    After sodomizing the nation, even the institutions suffer fu lats.

    Medical exam on Sai-full given to MSM simply? Fu lat for MSM. GH KL already denied. Not a regular practice. True.

  82. whispering9 says:

    How about Captain Doofus?

  83. sheela says:

    Well said my dear.

  84. Susan and all readers,

    I protested on Rocyy’s blog that they should NOT go on strike as this is a defining moment in the nation’s 50 year history. But that comment was blotched out!! So much for cowards.

    I urge you and your blogger friends to REMOVE the three bloggers from all your sites.

    Only those who believe and remain committed in the fight against corruption, authoritarianism, and mismanagement will be welcome in the blog-sphere.

  85. wits0 says:

    W9, with a little bit of luck, Iraq may name Captain Doofus’ sister in law in its suit over the UN’s ‘Oil for Food Scandal’.

  86. JeyS says:

    Ehhhh Maybe I am out of loop..but what strike ah?

    What are they striking about?

    My own blog site has been out of date but that doesn’t I am strike isn’t it.

    I know Kit,sloone, niamah,ktemoc and rocky…are still around so who is on strike?

  87. JeyS says:

    Oops…so rocky is a doubtful character? Hmmm…..

  88. Panda says:


    This clearly indicates that Rocky has some reason (incentives) to do so by striking out your protest….

    BN machinery at work!

  89. Seng says:

    I’m not on strike 🙂

    Last night (Sat), I attended an open-air ceramah by Pakatan Rakyat at the Seberang Jaya/Permatang Pauh Expo grounds where Wan Azizah, Lim Guan Eng and Anwar Ibrahim spoke.

    I decided to blog about my experience here, and I’m definitely not going on strike –


  90. sam says:

    only cowards stay at home

  91. kwai lan says:

    rocky rock at all
    marina..hmm father feeling d heat oledi…so infectious huh..
    wong..aiyah…mca mouthpiece onli mah…
    we…keep on going lor

  92. tsudomy and duress says:

    rocky , marina , wong chun wai can go join UMNO
    if they accept you guys.

  93. mindspring says:

    I am very disappointed with the bloggers who want to go on strike, but I guess it is all part of the game and I have to respect their decision to do so.

    I will continue with my little bits of blogging – because all that is happening needs to happen in order for a new dawn to begin.

    As the saying goes, without breakdown there will be no breakthrough….

    So irrespective of how much more crap floats up, MindaCergas will keep on going.

  94. jay says:

    Well said Susan!

    Change is never easy…the fruits of labour will come one day…

  95. YeeBody says:

    Permit me to put my 5sen. To those supporting strike, why need one?
    Genuine bloggers are likened to marthon runners. They are with stamina and purpose. Genuine bloggers know when to pace and when to sprint. In times, you’d see these marathon runners do not pick up that cooling drink being freely offered though the throat and body badly need it.
    I do not have the above qualities thus my being a non-blogger – But that does not disqualify me to voice my strong opposition for those genuine bloggers to go on strike.
    Please keep on sharing you talents in blogging to enrich those souls that do not qualify to blog. These non-bloggers may contribute in other ways for a more prosperous Malaysia.
    Warm regards.

  96. tamsa mazin says:

    spot on Susan. Bravo!

  97. Orang Utan says:

    According to “The Star” everyone is fed up of the bickering & politicking.In the first place who is the one who cause all these troubles?Definitely we have to get to the bottom of all this unless u want a crimelord to rule over us.If the person is proven not guilty then everybody will be happy & relief.Or else evrybody will be worried who will be the next victim.Ok there is a lesson to be learnt here.If u want to earn these type of money be prepared to face the worst.There are so many movies e.g Godfather I,II,III.& gangster movie as an example to show u on how they silence their victim.

  98. You’re absolutely right, Susan. Bless you.

    Rocky, Marina, et al.
    “If you tire from running with men, how are you going to run with horses?”

  99. Alan says:

    I think the bloggers that were on strike were just fed up with all the scandals. As the whole world now is anxious about economic recession, global warming and food shortage, the politicians in our country are only care about their self-interests.
    These are the short-sighted move and they are going to destroy our country in the near future if these scandals are persisted.

  100. Harrison says:

    Rocky is the interim All-Blogs President and Marina Mahathir has been a columnist for the Star. So, Wong Chun Wai exploited by splashing the headlines that bloggers are on strike.

    1)Of Marina Mahathir- Strike? Ok. So that your old man could use the absence of any exchanges to unleash his platitudinal tirade on his political adversaries.

    2) Of Rocky – Comments:I am a blogger and surely his view does not represent me at all. I don’t care a damn about the shit of” All-Blogs”. When I started to blog, there is no regulation that i should join or become a member of a blogging community. It will make the Police far easier in kicking down my door.

    3) Of Jeff Ooi – Wah! Now an MP?s A MCA MP in a DAP suit. Shit, I shoouldn’t have donated to Jeff during his pre-election campaign. I would rather go for a foot-reflex logy.

    4) Of Wong Chun Wai- I have long protest the MSM but in retrospect, everytime I read the Star paper, I rustle away from any articles written by Wong Chun Wai. He only cares about another accolades- A Tan Sri-ship. :>

  101. BobbyNZ says:

    I am glad the police making progress in the latest saga of Anwar’s sodomy case. This time his arse on fire for sure.

  102. Pegasus says:

    Congrats Susan, spoken as a true Malaysian, we don’t need cowards such as Rocky Boo and Marina who have back off when the going is tough. Now, is the time we have to make our stand and be united in voicing out our concern as this is our country and whatever happens is our responsible as we owe it to our children and the future of this great nation. It is dirty out there and we have to clean it up as the BN party have mess up the country’s wealth and have practically wipe out the nation’s wealth and the most single damage -divided the people by race.I still remember as a kid during the 70’s before Mahathir took over, the people were very much united, and the religion or race were not a issue at all. Its after Dr.M took over, that race and religion were brought in and the BN regime divided the people and ruled the country. After nearly 38 years ,the people of all races have united and taken the bull by the horn and brought it down in at least 5 states. Another election, and the citizens of Malaysia will be able to get rid of the BN regime, that day is approaching fast, and all the people especially in the mass media should be doing their part in getting back the country to its rightful track. Bloggers plays a big role in this era and going on strike is letting down your children and the nation .They should be on the forefront and be leaders as the current BN leaders are corrupted to the core and mismanaging the country.

  103. bow says:

    They can go on strike as long as they want, i respect their rights to do that! Make no difference to me since i do not read their blogs especially one who is related to dr M.
    Blogger united will not miss them for sure.

  104. Harrison says:

    If I go on strike, I started off by calling BobbyNZ a true idiot. U better lurks about at MM1 and MM2 blogs. Your breath stinks. And YES, this is a personal attack. A character assassination on BobbyNZ.

  105. singapura says:

    Can someone please explain to this blurblob what a blogger strike means?

    You mean, bloggers stop blogging?

    Ha-ha-ha! Are you serious? Virtually the only avenue for anyone to keep up with the real news in Malaysia is…..going on strike?

    Oh my, this is so cool! The circus gets better and better!

    You deserve an Oscar for holding the first bloggers’ strike in the history of the Internet!


  106. KJAN says:

    Rocky, Wong & Marina – these morons should be informed that all bloggers will strike really hard on those tyrants till justice prevail in the nation. Wong, take note – a better story in Star newspaper!

  107. ImranJ says:

    I agree that it seems `weird’ that a blogger decides to go on strike. But if you look deeper, the basis of their intended strike is shared by the `silent majority’. Come on, GE12 is over and done with. The people have spoken and our leaders chosen. But why is the political bickering still going intensely? And why has it gone to such dirty and low tactics .. which both BN and PR are guilty of.

    Yes we must stand up for our rights and protect our future. But we must do it in a civil and ethical manner. No character assassination! No `fitnahs’! No lies or presumed truths! No vengeance! No unethical party cross overs! A movement, however good its intention, if executed wrongly and unethically, will not make it any different from the movement it is trying to replace.

  108. Aiyo says:

    A desperate man with an itchy ass sold it to Nagis for 2 pennies. How does that grab you, Bobby NZ

  109. Dr. Rosli says:

    Remember, public rallies had toppled so many governments.

  110. Shanker says:

    Wong Chun Wai – only worried bout his pay packet. What Mr Smith commented in his blog bout him contributing to the present troubles of this country is spot on.

    Marina – The Great Pretender?? Always trying to sound like she’s all for liberty & justice. But also always (and conveniently) ignoring the fact that her dad is the number one causal factor of all that is wrong with M’sia.

    As for Rocky – Ah…once an NST man, always an NST man….

  111. wits0 says:

    That’s exactly what they’re, Shanker.

  112. Clasidog says:

    Somehow my blog has been linked to yours and I am trying to figure out why.
    My blog is a canine related blog…no politics whatsoever…don’t get me wrong I am not complaining apparently you are very popular and I got a lot of hits referred from your site.
    So I had to come see what your blog was all about. Pretty potent stuff you have going here!!! Best of luck with your cause..

  113. pete_1108 says:

    While we’re on the subject of bloggers who pretend they’re antiMSM, anyone have a take on this KTemoc chap? He’s so full of vitriol for Anwar, thrashes Badawi, but is unabashedly defensive of Najib… in other words, he’s practically a Matthias Chang, Tun M’s pet poodle.

    Might it even be the good Tun himself, writing incognito?

    Notice the name’s Comet K in reverse. Why comet? Cos he fancies himself a shining star in the heavens. Ends in K, as does the word Mamak. And the reversing trick’s just his proclivity for rears and sodomy.

    I dunno…just a wild guess.

  114. […] Only cowards go on strike The STAR newspaper has gleefully published a story on the subject of bloggers going on strike as if it is […] […]

  115. The Mystic says:

    errrmmm Susan, not sure if you noticed…but, the ones going on strike are related to or pro Mahathir, or pro BN.

    How convenient, seeing that Mahathir’s blue eyed boy is currently sailing choppy waters.

  116. hutchrun says:

    Now this is another reason that is increasing my aversion towards the STAR. It yawned: Simply fed-up: Malaysians have had enough of political bickering. Who are the Malaysians who are fed-up? How many percent of Malaysians are fed-up? If Wong C W is fed-up, I dont remember us (maybe the MCA) appointing him to represent us Malaysians. Consider this audacity: …And even bloggers are getting sick of all the shenanigans – and are laying off politics for a while. Good on them. But Rocky and Marina do not represent bloggers. Or have I been missing something I am not privy to… some special invite to DPM “meet the bloggers” do recently.

  117. hutchrun says:

    In the blogging community too there are now “Running Dogs” of the Barisan Najis. Leading the pack are WCW and Rocky.

  118. hutchrun says:

    pete_1108 said, on July 7th, 2008 at 3:47 am

    While we’re on the subject of bloggers who pretend they’re antiMSM, anyone have a take on this KTemoc chap? He’s so full of vitriol for Anwar, thrashes Badawi, but is unabashedly defensive of Najib… in other words, he’s practically a Matthias Chang, Tun M’s pet poodle………….
    I dunno…just a wild guess.

    Oh that fellow, not difficult to understand it when he has admitted (on this blogsite) to venerating Gandhi`s pubic hair.
    Me, I`d just toss it into the garbage bin.

  119. kesava says:

    All this running dogs go on a long strike lah. This 1 day 2 day thing is nonsesnse. Make it 1 month baru ada effect. Otherwise macam budak merajuk saje when dont get lolly pop.
    UMNO Bigdog also striking with Rocky and WCW:

  120. cuddlyfamily says:

    The story in the star was just spinning an angle. It was from my understanding from Rocky’s blog/Marina’s blog that they just didnt wanna blog about the recent “sandiwara”, just about other concerns (like fuel hikes, financial mismanagement etc etc).

    It seems so easy to whip us all into a frenzy, based on a headline story of spindoctoring.

    I don’t think they are striking just taking a break on the recent big scandal, which frankly I’m also tired of. I’d rather know what is happening reg: financial mismanagement of our taxpayers money etc.

    But then that’s just my POV 🙂

  121. kesava says:

    I am not tired. More please.

  122. Baby KTemoc says:

    pete_1108 said, on July 7th, 2008 at 3:47 am

    While we’re on the subject of bloggers who pretend they’re antiMSM, anyone have a take on this KTemoc chap? He’s so full of vitriol for Anwar, thrashes Badawi, but is unabashedly defensive of Najib… in other words, he’s practically a Matthias Chang, Tun M’s pet poodle………….
    I dunno…just a wild guess.

    NO! Please don’t say bad things about papa. Papa’s uptake about matters is of his perfunctory wild and inter alia, unfounded speculation while his counterpart Susan Loone for e.g. based her comments on good-grounds framework of dialectics.

    A eminent blogger (or perceived to be) is deemed and seen to be as impartial and peons to no political parties and/or anyone (in this case if the blogger him/herself is a member of any political party).

    Papa’s anathema of Anwar Ibrahim (Yes, I agree that Anwar was inter alia, if not a catalyst resulted in Ops Lalang when he was Education Minister) e.g. on quasi every postings of papa’s that merited Anwar’s name a mention, papa took his gun from the holster and “Bang” Anwar. E.g.

    When Saiful was sodomized having the thesis at hand that Saiful was a planted mole inter alia;-

    1) Najib lied/ obstructed justice at will by lying when approached by reporters on his 1st public interview wherein he claimed Saiful went to his office to apply for a Scholarship.
    Papa dislodged his senses by asking why a school dropout would go to a DPM’s office for a Scholarship?

    2)In another separate interview later date, Najib glibly averred that Saiful went to his residence to consult Najib after being allegedly sodomized. AND READ THIS PROPERLY AS NAJIB CLAIMED THAT HE LEFT IT TO SAIFUL WHETHER TO LODGE A POLICE REPORT OR NOT!

    Papa’s damning vindictiveness on Anwar and ever-readily placing him on his crunch-books without unbiased dialectics and framework of bona fide thesis is a resultant that papa’s take in his blog can only be perceived as bias and deprived of elements of good faith. Whenever papa plays arbitration of Anwar Ibrahim and his adversaries, baby Ktemoc is calling for papa’s recusal.


    Baby Ktemoc

  123. robert13 says:

    Well. It is just like sammy velu’s statement, “brave people die once, but coward people die many times”.

  124. DanielYKL says:

    What strike? You can go ahead but I got so much to write.

  125. bamboo river says:

    Why STRIKE? Why now? What happened to the promises made before and after GE12? What happened to the so called ‘voice of the people’ thru Blogging?

    Ain’t Altantuya is being the victim of this political tyrany? Ain’t the citizen’s rights and dignity being ‘SODOKed’ all these years not worth the blogging bytes ?
    So, what comes first? To the bloggers I meant.

    Ahhh, Just can’t comprehend what is the truth and and what is false in this blogersphere.
    “We will fight to the end” is just another ‘song’ downloaded in our mind.
    Even the kids now will fight for their rights from the big guys who ‘invaded’ their playgrounds.They will call their papas and big brothers if they are outnumbered.

    Susan, keep fighting and we will stand beside you. Oh yah, this reminds me of your previous post ” Drama Queen” revisited? LOL.
    I was not on strike, not now , not in the future as long as ‘NEUTRAL BLOGS” exist , I will be there.

  126. kittykat46 says:

    Wah, BabyKtemoc, you dare to criticise PapaKtemoc, ah ?
    These days he paints everyone who picks on his arguments as an Anwarista…I find it a waste of time to visit his blog these days…

  127. Grill says:

    KT – Kaki Tipu

  128. fucai says:

    anwar is her father/s most hated enermy -to you expect her to promote Pakatan??

    THe old man has been very lonely these few days – no one asking interview him!!

    SO, as a daughter must helpt to divert attention lar!!

  129. solinvictusrex says:

    Lamers abound. Just make a competitive post on craigslist and see how quick it gets flagged.

  130. Orang Utan says:

    U seemed to be so frightened of DSAI that u constantly aimed yr attack on him.
    R seem to be shivering whenever DSAI name is being mentioned. Frankly do u have anthing to hide? Then why r u so scared of him?

  131. BollehWOOD says:


  132. Damocles says:

    Some bloggers have been “turned” by the government.
    Remember, some time ago, it wanted to toady up to bloggers?
    The whole aim is to destroy the blogosphere!
    Don’t know how many have fallen for the trap.

  133. Malaysian4Malaysians says:

    Hi Susan,
    Don’t get agitated that easily by those who wish to strike, let it be for I think they are just a handful. Quite honestly I think those who appear in The Star today are those individuals with no br… and selfish. What these people failed or unable to see the bigger picture. Whilst I am not an advocate to high level bickering nonetheless the present political hypocracy (with exception to few, very few) must be cleansed for the sake of our future generation.

    Sure less forcus on peoples’ livelihood impact on the population at large particularly lower income group but what the hack when so much has been siphoned and nothing for the Rakyat and many more billions will continue to disappear if they are left to hold on to high offices, same predicament prevail, so what’s the different! I’ll say get the truth out and waste no time even it means that our suffering remain…. for the sake of our offsprings we need to persevere…and try to make ends meet.

    Enough is enough, our oil well is running low so are we to continue giving our blessings to enrich themselves and make us look like fools in the eyes of the world or are we to take charge of our own destiny…. that Malaysia is for Malaysians irrespect of race,color,religon, status and position….and that rule of laws apply to all.

  134. BobbyNZ says:

    No no Orang Utan, I dont shiver at DSAI. I shiver at Orang Utan. hahaha

  135. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    You are spot on !

    Well, as they say “When the going gets tough…..the tough gets going !”

    Bloggers & commenters are concerned citizens who do it with passion & they are all affected by what is happening & voicing the “Downtrodden” rayaat’s plight without fear or favour !

    We are the “Law abiding, tax paying, peace loving, responsible citizens” of this great nation called Malaysia for Malaysians, networking wth our investigative journo-bloggers, lawyer bloggers, professional bloggers, etc trying to identify, inform, discuss, rectify all the 3 decades of Political, judiciary, national security, economic, transparency, racial, etc DOWNSLIDE to this present state of “Craziness & Lunacy” !

    So, please keep on blogging & commenting cos you are all the most cost-effective “Alternative True Media” – the last bastion for the Downtrodden rayaat !

    Cheers Susan & all your fellow bloggers & commenters. Keep up the good effort !

  136. Jt says:

    I used to frequent Rocky’s site but I have stopped now when i realised that he has hidden agendas. Marina’s, now and again I will pop in but she has her own agenda too so I have stopped. WCW, like Jocelyn is a hypocrite and backside (a) fanner. If they are serious in wanting a better Malaysia, a Malaysia free of corrupt politicians, a strong economy, a just judiciary why are they going on strike? There is so much to do. And good bloggers are doing a fine job in ferreting out liars and murderers. Who are they kidding?

    They remind me of a war movie I saw some time ago.. THis soldier who was supposed to go to the frontlines, was hiding behind trees, well shielded from the bullets while his comarades fight on fearlessly with the enemy. Later when they are all dead, he emerged and claimed their victory.

  137. husain says:

    Ahhhhhhh STRIKE
    Ahhhhhhhh Rocky
    AhhhhhhhhWong Cun wai
    Ahhhhhhh the strike ? ?
    Perhaps sold out to the devil
    Ahhhhhh ?
    From then to now , facade is changing, cost of living is high, cant survive on blogging,
    VSS payments are gone
    Ahhhhhhhhh Strike only 48 hours ? cooling period for THE deal
    Ahhhhhhhhh the deal ? ?

  138. sloone says:

    Ps. What is even worst is one says something just for publicity and glamour sake but dont carry out the deed at all. Hypocrites to the core!

  139. wits0 says:

    WCW’s version of being, “On the Beat”, means, in Chinese parlance, ” Spread thighs wide and sing folk song.” Whatever that means, usually should fit. 😉

    I’ve been with Susan since the beginning of the rightful vilification of the “ALLBLOGS” (members must reg) poppycock.

  140. […] mean that we don’t care, or that we shouldn’t care. I have to agree with blogger Susan Loone that the BN mouthpieces’ ludicrous generalization of the people’s sentiment is a real […]

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