(TOP) When Statutory Declaration (SD) 1 was made at a press conference on 3 July in PKR’s office in Tropicana. (DOWN) When SD 2 was made at a hotel with a new lawyer.

Human beings can lie, SDs can lie. Pictures don’t lie.

Consider these two pictures of PI Balasubramaniam who retracted his statutory declaration claiming Najib Tun Razak was linked to the Altantuya Shariibuu murder – just 24 hours after he made it.

SD 2 ommitted all the parts which mentioned the involvement of Najib in the affair and murder. Only a fool can’t see what pressure Bala must have been in for him to retract his earlier statement.

Bala has been in the police force for 17 years. He would know how important and damaging a SD can be, but perhaps he failed to take the necessary protection for himself and family.

Look closely at the photos and it is crystal clear when he was under duress. His 1st SD was made on 1 July, the second on 4 July.

The STAR has done us a service to the nation by giving us these 2 pictures of the same man in different and difficult times.

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  1. Antares says:

    Good work, Susan… these photos seen side-by-side say it all. Nevertheless, I’m appalled that Americk Singh Sidhu and the PKR folks allowed Bala to enter the Balai Polis Brickfields without a platoon of ninjas to protect him from almost certain AGPification (in case anyone has forgotten, Abdul Gani Patail is the master of blackmail!)

  2. wits0 says:

    Susan is correct. Photos and body language don’t lie. Apply Occam’s Razor : http://pespmc1.vub.ac.be/occamraz.html

    You won’t be err with these, given also what is well known regarding the System in Bolehland.

    No doubt the usual gang of apologists, dissemblers and naysayers will also emerge with the usual stale but-ters and rehashed conspiratory theories, platitudes and placebo verbosity.

  3. democratic says:

    Is it true that he was detained in the police station whole night? PKR hould have protection to him and family. Perhaps they thought since he was in the force he knows how to handle the situation…an over estimatoin?

  4. wits0 says:

    Looks like PKR screwed up this one: http://tinyurl.com/5o58k4

  5. doggone says:

    Note SD2: Bala has got his arms across his chest.

    A little about body language I found on the web.> http://www.learnbodylanguage.org/personal_space.html

    “It is evident that this man is not inviting people into his personal space! The arms across his chest is a strong and frequent body language cue saying: “Don’t come close!” “Stay away from me!” “I don’t want to deal with any of you and especially not to get personally close!” “I just want to stay in my own little safe world.”

    Say a lot about ‘coerced retraction’ don’t you think? As usual, those ‘enforcers’, do BEFORE they think, and retract before they can subtract. You can just hear Dirty Harry scoffing his ass off wondering if he’s got another bloke-buster in the making.

  6. Rox says:

    Pictures don’t lie? What on earth are you talking about, Susan??? Clinton did look sooo sincere with no shifty eyes when he lied. Bala is a f…… crazy man. He had his 15 minutes of fame and got cold feet. What a bloody mockery of the judicial system. People who want their 15 minutes of fame will be lining up to hand in their SDs. A law should be passed to stop the nonsense.

  7. wits0 says:

    Commented same(like Susan) here: http://tinyurl.com/6saoff


    Don’t think the first was made under duress ; the second simply has to be.

    Comment by wits0 — Friday, 04-07-2008 @ 21: 26.28

  8. wits0 says:

    Bubba never came across as sincere to me…not even seem to be. Only Democraps thought he was a great Prez. He was mediocre.

  9. lifestyle says:

    All this fiasco is due to Bodowi alone. Bodowi is the chief culprit. Bodowi was at the plot in the 1998 sodomized case and now Bodowi was at it again.

    Bodowi is the true mother of all bastards by hiring all these corrupt and rotten to the core friends to his cabinet.

    The rakyat booted a good number of his collaborators but Bodowi still retained all these avaricious gangsters to man important posts in the Bolehland . Bodowi wants to ruin Bolehland with all these heinous and rotten to the core bastards to destroy Bolehland.

    Now we have this sodomized case coming up from the Bodowi government. Bodowi fervently appointed Musang Hitam and Abdul Ghani jas the IGP and Attony General ust proves that Bodowi has all the while the intention to use this dirty sodomized technique to silent his nemesis.

    Bodowi should be condemned and cursed for all the present chaos in Bolehland. Bodowi is the number one enemy of the rakyat in Bolehland and all the spears from all directions should be pointed at Bodowi.

    Bodowi must get lost from Bolehland the sooner the better. All the garbage: the price hike, the sodomy and the judiciary debacle were all created by Bodowi.

    Bodowi is more cunning than Mahathir and had outwitted Mahathir. These two devils must be sent for exile if Bolehland to survive from all this quagmire.

  10. mmorpgonline says:

    Muito bone

  11. Good Grief!! says:

    At some point in time SD’s will have completely lost their flavour, and they’ll be worth no more than your regular arse-wipe!

    He had his 15 mins of fame for now, but what will his next 15 years be like? Anytime a statement as serious as this is made and then retracted/redacted, its credibility is immediately suspect.

    Maybe this soap-opera is exactly what the doctor ordered as a diversion from what’s been happening in the country.

    Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  12. sunwayopal says:

    sometimes u cant blame Americk and PKR for allowing Bala to go to the police station, even if accompanied, they can request to interview Bala alone.

    Actually, its in Bala’s hands now, he can still come clean!!!!

    I hope he does, then we will know what sort of pressure/inducement was extended.

  13. Samat says:

    Haven’t we heard of the term ” a man with many faces ‘ ? There are so many of them in our country nowadays. That PI, and even that guy who shakes his hand in the first photo, could easily belongs to this category. So do not be easily duped by them. They are all as bad….

  14. Roo says:

    Those who blame Americk for not having accompanied Bala into interrogation have been watching too many American movies or are TV couch potatoes. I really would like to know what is this nonsense of PKR should have given “protection” to Bala.

    What kind of “protection”? Give him bodyguards to go into the police station? When even children carrying can get tear gassed under the BN what idiotic “protection” can there be under the BN.

    Truly Malaysians deserve the gormen they elected. Watch TV some more and elect BN and talk of rights. Jokers and clowns.

  15. Roo says:

    Bala`s new lawyer has an evil look. It plainly says: “Watch it if you know what`s good for you, if not…..”

  16. you are invited says:

    Najib’s wrong move.

    One SD takes weeks to prepare and the other SD in less than 24 hours after calling in by the police. From the difference of the two SD you know what went through in the police station. Is too obvious, Bala are your wife and daughters okay?

  17. ghenjis khan says:

    Two contrasting pictures.

    On the left picture with his own lawyer which he engaged some 2 months ago, clearly shows a smiling “feeling of a liberated ” person; as if a heavy burden has been lifted from his person. He is enjoyging the company of those around him.

    On the right picture, clearly shows a picture of a very worried face with arms folded [an indication of a protective mode]. His posture shows a person not getting assurances from the person standing in front of him. As if, he is expecting something from the person.

    Kepada semua Pegawai Polis yang beragama Islam , Allah itu sahaja pemilik diri kamu, kamu semua dalah hambanya … jangan lah jadikan diri kamu hamba2 kepada Manusia.

    Allah tetap menyeksa orang2 yang membuat perak peranda di atas muka bumi dan mengzalim hamba2 nya.

    Teguhkan Iman dan tegakkan lah Keadilan Allah .

  18. WE ARE NOT FOOL says:

    Not many people are like LIM KIAT SIANG, LIM GUAN ENG, KARPAL SINGH AND RAJA pUTRA. These people are GOD send to show us what it means to be MAN OF PRINCIPLE. They don’t bend under pressure and cannot be bought.

    After the U turn, I believe the first one more.

  19. Forget about all the statutory declarations at whatever degree
    Only the whole truth and nothing but the truth can set us free
    When the bare truth is fully revealed can we then totally agree
    You can never forever suppress the truth and from the truth flee

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 050708
    Sat. 5th July 2008.

  20. Whether or not one is under duress
    Can be shown beyond one’s clothes or dress
    For there’s always the facial expression to address
    And the body language that’s difficult to truly suppress

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 050708
    Sat. 5th July 2008.

  21. Roo says:

    KUALA LUMPUR 4 Julai – Akuan bersumpah penyiasat persendirian P. Balasubramaniam yang mengaitkan Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dengan wanita Mongolia, Altantuya Shaariibuu, tidak boleh ditarik balik, kata Presiden Majlis Peguam Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan.

    Katanya, akuan bersumpah itu dibuat mengikut prosedur betul dan disahkan oleh Pesuruhjaya Sumpah.

    “Akuan bersumpah adalah dokumen yang mengandungi keterangan yang diberi di bawah ikrar. Pengakuan bertulis di hadapan Pesuruhjaya Sumpah. Dalam kes ini semua keterangan diberi secara bersumpah tidak boleh ditarik balik,” katanya.

    Bagaimanapun, katanya, sesuatu akuan bersumpah boleh diselitkan tambahan atau pembetulan dan seperti dalam kes di mana seorang saksi memberi keterangan palsu di mahkamah dan sesiapa yang membuat akuan bersumpah palsu boleh melakukan satu kesalahan,” katanya ketika dihubungi Bernama di sini hari ini.

    – Bernama

  22. Roo says:

    We are fully satisfied that the first statutory declaration by Mr. Bala was voluntary and with the intention the truth should no longer be hidden from the public – that it was important for us to know the secrets he had carried with him since October /November 2006. Our confidence in the original declaration is based on the information given to us by Mr. Americk Singh Sidhu and our observation of Mr. Bala himself. For the record, his SD was first shown to us on Wednesday 2 July, one day after it was attested to with his attorney on Tuesday the 1st.
    Now the key question arises – which of these two statutory declarations represents the truth? This is the question that the Royal Commission we called for yesterday must immediately deal with first.

    The fact that the retraction was done so speedily and in circumstances where Mr. Bala says it was made under duress but will not name who pressured him speak for themselves.

    Who would have a motive to send Mr. Bala to make such damaging allegations against the police, the AG’s Chamber and Datuk Seri Najib with the idea that he would then withdraw it the next day to attempt to embarrass us? It’s difficult to think of anyone.

    Who however would have a motive to intimidate Mr.Bala last night to retract his statement immediately? Obviously, from the contents of his first statutory declaration, a number of people would have that interest.

    We demand that a Royal Commission be established to investigate the key question stated above – which of these two statutory declarations represents the truth?

  23. Pity-the-dead says:

    After the U turn, we believe the first one more. Bad strategy.

  24. jack n jill says:

    We have to put ourselves in PI bala’s place in order to find out out type of pressure he was facing after the 1st SD.During the PKR press meeting.He clearly say that you will sign anything when you think about your family(wife and children safety).Only God knows what is going to happen next.

  25. Nopeoplefool says:

    Totally agree with Roo . Let put the house in order..the people demand truth.

  26. Bola Hangus says:

    And the oscar goes to… thank you, thank you very much.

  27. PureMalaysian says:

    Even more obvious contrasting photos of Bala’s emotion are provided by ChinaPress today.

  28. hsc says:

    The timing of the first SD and the fact that Mr Bala had made two contradictory SDs may suggest this. While the first SD may not have been made under duress, he was probably lured into making it thinking that he would have the protection of the “soon to be formed PKR government” and even perhaps be rewarded in some way. The smile in the first picture may not have been a “smile of liberation” but rather a “smile of expectation”. I agree that the second picture showed a man who had not been sleeping well the night below, suggesting a “troubled spirit” perhaps because of being subject to duress. Poor Mr Bala. If the first SD is true, to make it and stand firm, he needs to have a strong conscience arising out of the need to do justice for the murder case and nothing else. If he made it because of being lured into it by promises of rewards, he is on swampy foundation, which explains why the retraction came before the ink on the first SD is dry.

  29. Which is which ! ?

    It’s doesn’t bother matter.

    Liar !
    Liar ! Liar !
    Liar ! Liar ! Liar !
    Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar !
    Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar !
    Liar !Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar ! Liar !………………………………………………………………………………………….

    The only word that RAKYAT can say now .


  30. hutchrun says:

    This statutory declaration was then attested before the above said commissioner of oaths, Dr. T. Yokheswarem in my presence, and of course in the presence of Mr. Bala. The contents of this statutory declaration were read in front of this commissioner of oaths who enquired from Mr. Bala whether he understood the contents and whether that was his declaration. After Mr. Bala confirmed the same, he was asked to sign 3 copies and the commissioner attested each copy. Mr. Bala was asked to produce his NRIC to the commissioner and then signed the commissioners recording book.

    I am therefore extremely surprised that Mr. Bala, in the space of 24 hours, has engaged the services of another lawyer and affirmed another statutory declaration swearing the first one was untrue and that he was forced to sign it.

    As I am familiar with the character of Mr. Bala having spent hours with him recording his statement, I am very skeptical that he has signed the second statutory declaration of his own free will and I am convinced he has been intimidated to do so by either threats or promises, as I can think of no other reason.

    Intimidation is a crime. Are the new legal firm, Zul Rafique & Partners – (a pro-establishment law firm owned by Zulkifly Rafique who is Federal Territories minister Zulhasnan Rafique’s brother) parties to said “intimidation” and active participants in comissioning of an illegal act?

    Bar Council must view this seriously and begin investigations. They cannot simply make Press Statements while members of their fraternity act illegally.

  31. danet7882 says:

    From what I see, Siva “purposely” left Bala to the police cause this is the intention of AI to check on how professional the police force or who is giving the instruction.. AI knew this is coming and by leaving Bala to the police is only to ‘trap’ them.. God knows maybe in the next few day we might see a new tape of what happen during Bala’s visit to the police station.. (and from what AI talk about the evidence is actually a tape recording of what happen in the police station, AI might not have any evidence but AI knows that the VIP involved will soon take some action so AI took this opportunity to entrapment those INVOLVED).. Bala is a PI so he must have the ability or instrument to make a secret recoding.. unless he was strip to his underwear..hehehe…

    Now that is why I think they left Bala alone to the police

    wow… i can be a script writer…. MR AI, can i work for you??

  32. malayamuda says:

    looks like Hamidah was right when she spoke in Perak state assembly

  33. American says:

    Clearly this Bala guy ….is no RPK…….at this level…called the SD level…..you need balls……real balls…..

  34. xy says:

    the PI was not born last night. As a former police force, he should know better than anybody else the risk and responsibility of making the 1st SD.

    If he is not willing/capable of standing by it, it would be better not to make it in the first place. His credibility is zero at the moment.

  35. Hellraiser says:

    If our country has both a ‘kaki tidur’ and a kaki perempuan’ as leaders, we’re finished as a nation!

  36. Hellraiser says:

    The police and the judiciary have been sodomised to oppress, repress and suppress truth and the masses!

  37. Hellraiser says:

    The words uttered by this regime are lies……….Nargis, do you expect us to believe you when you cry wolf again! Now that ou have hiked the petrol on us, don’t expect us to give you a shoulder to cry on if you are TRAUMATISED!

  38. Hellraiser says:


  39. chaptokam says:


    You are right , pictures and body language don’t tell a lie .

    However I choose to interpret the other way rather than jumping into the conclusion that he , Bala was forced to retract his SD by way of threats or otherwise .

    My interpretation is that he is obviously very angry , pissed of and down as probably he has been MADE USED of by Anwar , promised by people that he would be protected , for the simple reasons of furthering their aims . Obviously he has been mislead and now he is in trouble because he now realise that he cannot retract his first SD . He is now in hot soup ,waiting to be charged with perjury , defamation or what not . For a person in this state of mind you expect him to be happy ??as in the first picture ?

    I have always feel that all these are DRAMAS to weep up the rakyats emotions against the government . This is staged for the purpose of putting Anwar up as PM .What they don’t realise is that everyone is suffering right now economically with super inflation and we have monkeys performing monkey shows .

  40. Hahaha says:

    Greetings and congratulations from down under! Your contributions made you worthy of
    a good journalist separating you from main media ‘ampu kaki’ reporters.
    Now your mission if possible is to get JUST ONE of photo, the DINNER for 3, Singapore Diamond Exhibition with the 3 together…you will make my day!
    GOD has very mysterious ways of exposing murderers and con-men….even in Bolehland with all crooks and evil doers….a warning to Tun mamak.

  41. American says:

    The inference from his episode…. Najib squeezed Bala boy to retract his statement about kiling Altantunya by using and manipulating all the instruments of this nation….the police, judiciary, army, etc……….Najib fella is a worser snake then Mugabe…Mugabe at least does it openly…..If Malaysia doesnt want to descend Mugabe way…..swallow the bitter pill of a lousy economy now and straighten up this political leadership mess before it engulfs the nation permanently…..

  42. whispering9 says:

    Photo 1 is full of pretentious smiles and glee’s. Photo 2 is just cold feet expression. Somewhere in between is probably the truth. I agree with Rox; since JFK, many people have learnt to lie with photographs. We have one classic example too.

  43. DanielYKL says:

    What ‘under duress?’ His head should be ‘under durian’. That will wake him up and tell the truth! Anyway, yesterday he became a millioniare overnight. Who wants to be a millionaire? – make a Statutory Declaration

  44. DanielYKL says:

    typo = millionaire

  45. ktemoc says:

    as usual, let me play the devil’s advocate, no doubt to the chagrin of my matey Antares 😉

    Photo 1 – all very cosy rosy – Bala has just been ‘used’ by Anwar, the great snakeoil saleman. Bala’s still unaware he was about to be discarded to the woves after the anti Najib poo-flinging exercise has been achieved. Ask yourselves, what the hell was Anwar doing there – he’s an ‘interested party’ isn’t he, so how neutral and untainted was Bala’s SD?

    Photo 2 – no doubt a stressed Bala, after he realized he had been ‘used’ by Anwar and now facing the enormity of libellous charges (what if Razak Baginda doen’t back him up). His probably thoughts: aiyoyo, why did I make that SD, and for what! I was right royally conned liao!

  46. Hahaha says:

    Sorry Susan, my compliment goes to you!
    Keep up with your good work.

  47. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    Bala before… pink of health, smiling laughing and possibly thinking that by his actions Malaysians will see a better future even if it is just a SD. More like a small step towards a giant leap for Malaysians.

    Bala after… his face became pale as ghosts and arms folded and in anger and disgust with himself and the world. His two small balls shrivelled and retracted into his body. Now he is thinking that it is better dead than being alive.

    Malaysian Raayats… It is our responsibility to make that difference! For those who did not do right during March 8, there are always opportunities to make ammends.

    Spread the word, change the mindset of people you come into contact with. Talk to them and show them the evil of the present set of leaders.

    Bala, you now need to be strong. Stronger than before.! God bless you and your family.

  48. CJFOO says:

    PDRM’s efficiency was truly commendable and first class. Calling FBI, Scotland Yard , ICAC, Singapore Police, CIA and M1. Please emulate our PDRM’s efficiency in your discharge of duties.

  49. chaptokam says:

    Hey ktemoc

    All great minds think alike , obviously we share the same conclusion on this .see my comment posted at 8.38am

  50. Damocles says:

    “Only a fool can’t see what pressure Bala must have been in for him to retract his earlier statement.” Sloone

    All I can say is that this country is not only full of fools but idiots and everything similar as well!
    How else do you explain a government like the BN can hold the reigns of power for so long?
    How else do you explain that during those five decades, most of the general elections they won were by landslide majority?
    Just think about that!

  51. hasilox says:

    In the 2nd pic he looks like he has C4 shoved up his butt.
    No duress, no duress. C4 has calming agent. lol

  52. shookboh says:

    ou are invited said, on July 5th, 2008 at 5:59 am

    Najib’s wrong move.

    One SD takes weeks to prepare and the other SD in less than 24 hours after calling in by the police. From the difference of the two SD you know what went through in the police station. Is too obvious, Bala are your wife and daughters okay?

    Correct correct correct correct correct correct what is said above. Don’t say 24 hours to prepare the second SD. Even one minute, yes I really mean one minute is sufficient time to prepare it. Can’t you see the second SD is a word- by- word copy of the first with one very clever (if not how they can rule for half century) exception:- Just add the words AT NO MATERIAL TIME DID in front of the main points of the first SD.

  53. toyolbuster says:

    When a person is subjected to duress (possible cause could also be Durex-ed), it could cause a person to shit in his pants. I am not sure what Bala is holding as shown in the 2nd pic, but it looks like a garbage bag possibly to contain his stained pants. This I would say he is severely Duressed.

  54. toyolbuster says:

    When a person is subjected to duress (possible cause could also be Durex-ed), it could cause a person to sh*t in his pants. I am not sure what Bala is holding as shown in the 2nd pic, but it looks like a garbage bag possibly to contain his stained pants. This I would say he is severely Duressed.

  55. viscrew says:

    looseney, why don’t you let bala sodomized and then made a sd najib sodomized you? I bet your website will hit 10 miilion hits soon. Thank you for the hits..

  56. Not So Fast! says:

    1st pic ……. after he was paid RM???????
    2nd pic …… not at all happy that he was not paid enough for the revised SD.

    Bottom line …… he looks like crook!

  57. kittykat46 says:

    I have no doubt Bala was subject to extreme duress the previous evening. No prizes for guessing who has the power and authority to enforce such duress.

    But I’m also disappointed PKR did not do more to protect such an important source.

    PKR has got dozens of lawyers in its leadeship. Once the PDRM intention to “interview” Bala was known, they should have insisted on legal representation.

    Maybe Anwar deliberately let him lose….my head “pening” lah.

  58. selamat says:

    call for another election promptly in order to save all malaysian

  59. kinglotus says:

    Smiling, shaking hands, answering questions — under duress ? or stone face, no smile, no hand shakes is under duress? I think i am under duress figuring it out. Twist within twist, plot thicken!!

    anyhow will be in the rally at kelana jaya tomorrow… with a videocam… need solid evidences, never know what will unveil!!!

  60. kittykat46 says:

    A person makes a Statutory Declaration. It may be all hearsay, it may be all true, it may be all false. It is his right to do so. He’s putting his name on the line.

    He gets invited to an “interview” with the Kempeitai / Gestapo / Mossad / CIA / KGB / Cheka (you make your choice). The next morning he makes a 180 degree turn and denies he’s a man…

    Polis Maharajalela Di Malaysia.

    I say its time to kick the Bastards out of Putrajaya !

  61. pathfinder says:

    No, not bad strategy. No DSAI won’t see liao. My guess is DPM see liao.

    My point of view. ONE must have analyse the options available to him before such a big mother of all stories be pressed conference. The path has been set for the guilty to move towards the witness.
    Just imagine this, someone SD that you are involved in certain crime that you did not do? You bloody well rushed the Commissioner of Oaths to declare that to the contrary. Then you make a police report.
    You don’t instruct the Police to force that guy(sorry that is strictly my opinion after reading from the MSM) to SD2 that the first SD was under duress. Where’s your intelligence? if you don’t have one employ one la. This type of action like the Godfather style, the gangster way of doing things.
    Surely now we don’t need intelligence to guess who, the Godfather or the Blackeyed Guy, more trustworthy?
    I have to say I felt sorry for the Police. Now their name is tainted evenmore.

  62. Anon says:

    By: Francis on July 4, 2008
    at 10:32 am

    Few observations though:

    Since we are talking about two SD, let’s examine certain points.

    1. Yesterday, he was all happy and chatted with every journalist, local and foreign.
    Today, he refused to talk or take a single question from anyone.

    2. Yesterday, his meeting was announced 24 hrs before it was scheduled.
    Today’s meeting was in obscure hotel where few journalists were called in.

    3. Yesterday, he was a happy man, vety jovial and chattery.
    Today, BN newspaper the Star wrote that he “was visibly perturbed”

    4. Yesterday, he has informed the people and the journalists who were the people who have jailed him, harassed him, omitted his evidence and maltreated him.
    Today, he didn’t say who has forced him. Who has given instructions. Who has mistreated him. He simply refused to talk but run out of the hall visibly disturbed with deep eyes.

    5. Yesterday, he didn’t meet the police before he released his SD in front of world media and local as well,
    Today (yesterday’s night) he has spent in BrickFields where he was immediately summoned after he has released his SD and was taken to the station by his former lawyer.

    6. Yesterday, he has released a comprehensive SD touching on Najib, Musa Safri, Baginda, Police, Prosecution, Witnesses (etc),
    Today, he has released the same SD but the parts that referred to Najib removed. All other people were retained. (Ha ha! I wonder who advises these people.)

    7. Yesterday, he was a well combed man, with office shirt- and well prepared
    Today, he was wearing a dirty T-Shirt with a cap and a was acrrying a plastic bag (black). As his new lawyer talked, he didn’t talk, chat, look up, greet or handshake anyone unlike yesterday.

    ……..These are simple observations that any intelligent being can pick and realise what’s going on. Furthermore, it is not Bala or Anwar who is in charge of the Defence, Security, Intelligence, Criminal and Justice system of this country but the 3 men accused of conspiracy and evidence manipulation. (Najib, Musa and Patail). You don’t need a child to know who uses force. It is not Anwar who seeks shelter at Embassies fearing for himself but the men who exercise that power over the said institutions.

    PS: The Deputy PM doesn’t need Bala to retract any statement which is a perjury now and a criminal act in the penal code. He only needs to file a defamtion suit. Can’t he? If yo are innocent, why trouble yourself with Bala? Just go to the court and said you were defamed and there you go and get your due. When he was asked yesterday, he refused to file a suit, just like he and Rosmah refused to file a defamation suit against Raja Petra. If people are mudslinging you, insulting, incriminating you, and you are innocent, why not seek justice? It is because he knows in courts evidence will be produced and knowing that the Altantuya case has been pre-arranged (we have followed it as a nation), he hopes that by simply denying SDs and refusing to file suits, things will get cooled and he will move on. Heavenly no. Malaysia’s name is at stake. It is not about him, about Anwar or Badawi. It is about this nation and its people.

    NB: If he has no confidence in the judiciary of this country by refusing to seek justice at the courts by filing defamation suits against his accusers, who else will trust the regime? The dead? Oh, I’m sorry…we are alive. Thanks to God!

  63. Ctizen Me says:

    Malaysia needs a cooling off period. People in concerned high positions should go on leave and a independent authority, if need be to include foreigners, should be set up to clear the deck and until such time the internet should be closed down.

    We are now beginning to look more and more like a developing country – many individual citizens are very rich while many people including the government is poor.

    We still have time. Leaders please take the high road and do what is correct for at least if we are not 100% successful we will land on the middle road.

  64. Mat Krepot says:

    At this decade our AG and IGP cannot be prosecuted if they commit crimes
    AG and IGP with their followers are above the law
    Who dares to put them on trial in court…….. tell me !!

  65. kava says:

    Once the PDRM intention to “interview” Bala was known, they should have insisted on legal representation. – kittykat46

    Only on tv boleh lah. Real life very different. In Campbell police station I have heard cries of pain. In B`fields I have seen a prisoner being kicked. In sentul I have seen dangerous looking people in a single cell. It does not need imagination that some prisoners are put into a single cell and beaten up by the other prisoners. These beatings are under order by the cops themselves.
    Insist on legal representation and they easily put you in the lockup first so you learn some manners on insisting.
    Apa? nak cakap lagi – is what they say.

  66. Puakangkang says:

    If you guys wondering what happened to Bala, just ask Nalla Karuppan (Anuar’s X good Buddy) as he had been thru it before. You wouldn’t believe what they are capable of doing.( I heard him saying once). Nalla stood his ground to prove Annuar was innocent.Really got balls man, this guy Nalla. Bala, how I wish you were the same kind.

  67. Dr. Rosli says:

    Susan, you are right. That two pictures speak two thousand different words.

    Our police force under the present government and with corrupt and abusive leaders that we have – look at the cabinet members, if anyone is clean – is so good at forcing people to confess in the way they want it.

    They have the mechanism – throught their torture machine and by threatening people with legal action under this law and that law, not to forget they have the ISA which they love so much – to manufacture evidence and to delete evidence.

    The ISA is their crocodile hole and into it they throw their enemies without having to be answerable for it in the court of law. How confortable?

    If there is anybody who can force people to confess, it is none other than the police itself. And it has an unblemished record for that. And these slaves named high ranking police officers have their master protectors.

    Paying people for a “right” SD? Why not? Money is not an issue. Whoever is prepared to be a party in distorting the justice system, there is handsome payment ready.

    Hey, these power abusers have billions from the socalled commissions in their treasure chects which, in actual fact – if you know it – are paid by rakyat or rather robbed from rakyat’s pockets.

    They have people the like of Razak Baginda to collect the commissions for them. If you want to know the meaning of “barua” or “pak sanggup,” you don’t have to go far. Razak Baginda is one of them

    And Rakyat Malaysia, don’t be so naive lah!

  68. kava says:

    Devil`s advocate ktemoc who has friends established in very high places will have no problems in a police station.

  69. John says:

    10 years ago when Anwar was accused of sodomy he as DPM used his position to try to protect himself. He was later charged and jailed for abuse of power. It looks like the present case is the same, someone up there may be using his position to try change the contents of the SD to protect someone’s ass. Rightly or wrongly this is also abuse of power. That someone too could be jailed like Anwar.

  70. Rick says:

    Bala, if you know anything or anyone involved in this gruesome murder. Please be man about it and tell the truth. Trust me, you & your family will be protected by people’s power.

  71. kava says:

    “Nalla stood his ground to prove Annuar was innocent.”

    Because Nalla was a very high profile person, and Chairman on some public listed companies in which UMNO also had interests. Itu pasal they had to treat him differently.
    If Nalla had been a restaurant owner in Brickfields, he would have been torn apart.

  72. diamond says:

    Dear kittykat46,
    REPLY kittykat46: said, on July 4th, 2008 at 4:28 pm
    David Chan – “Why few days ? why not NOW ? if have evidence, just bring out,”
    Its called the Chinese Water Torture method.
    Very effective. If you prefer to read all negative interpretations, all the time on Anwar, I recommend you visit Ktemoc’s blog.
    I wouldn’t call Susan’s blog Pro-Anwar :-), its just that most of us here are absolutely sick of Barisan Nasional
    ANSWER : For your info, I am NOT PRO-BN or PRO-OPPOSITION but just stated the fact only. Thank you, in fact I read ktemoc’s blog too …, and compare … Just feel that, all this incident bring us NOWHERE, Now economy is bad plus this politic things, worry one day some of us will lost our job as foreign investor will worry if all this “street demonstration, threaten of takeover, etc keep on…”, business will slow down, maybe some will just close …, and we still have family to feed and life have to carry on. SINCE election is already over few month back, government already form, oppostion already won 5 seat and people already decide.., so just let it where it is now and everyone should concentre in our economy, since Abdullah already promise to CHANGE-which we can seen changes aft the recent election, just judge ourself the changes and since opposition already won 5 states, they should concentrate to develop all this 5 states economy and show to the people within this 5 years. …. just my view only …., thank you…

  73. hard to say says:

    we only see this two picture but we doesn’t what is the story head and tail. we doesn’t know why anwar doing there. we can’t assume this two picture. as you all say picture can tell everything. maybe bala call anwar to that place or set up either bala or anwar. now, both party are facing politic. as you know saiful betray anwar when anwar treat him nice coz’ of his inteligent. poor anwar, i believe the road ahead was full of set up. if anwar down, then petrol possible increase and whole rakyat cry for anwar…it is too late coz’ we are damn fool. i didn’t support anwar…but have to believe him wheather or not he do it or not. we must go ahead in democratic way. if the party can’t do better job, let other party given a chance. we must end speculation and nonsense. if the person thinking that his life a worth than 7.8 million people of malaysia are going perish, the person is damn bloody coward. please give other party a chance and prove it…while our life is still enough to count our days.

  74. Jelutong Boys says:

    Please lah, Bala, tell the truth nothing but the truth, so that we could move on. We are bombarded by blow after blow of hot sodomees everyday.. Our Bursa also grind to a halt, maybe the IT guys there also keep talking about you and Sodomees until forget to look at the systems, please Bala Please tell the truth NOW!

  75. The photo on the left showed a man triumphant knowing that what he did is poetic justice meant to bring the criminals to justice. The next photo showed a man completely defeated with a glazed look in his eyes. Those who have been confronted by the full force of the police and being worked over will know what I meant.
    We can only conjecture what happen but the thought of being stuffed with C4, I am sure is not very far from his thoughts.

  76. whispering9 says:

    ‘Maybe Anwar deliberately let him lose….my head “pening” lah.’…a very common tactic lah. Making the first SD more authentic by claiming it was false. Subconsciously, many minds will kick in to fill up the missing links and made even half truth real. LKS wrote about it too. IMHO Anwar didn’t do it deliberately but the one who framed him wouldn’t be very smart not to repeat another mistake. Some of our politicians are unbelievable stupid. Most of the recommendations they mooted in my line of work would make even school leavers drop dead laughing. But there is definitely a hidden nucleus in this cell of intrigue…someone probably from the other side.

    What if he comes up with the 3rd SD to claim the 2nd was made under extreme duress over the duress to make the 1st SD. Are we going to shout out ‘I told u so’. Better to enjoy the weekend then worry about him. Duress or otherwise.

  77. kava says:

    There will be no SD3. Only in court when he is charged will Bala put his defence that SD2 is made under duress.

  78. wits0 says:

    Now, if Bala(and PKR) has the right anticipation and foresight, they might have wired Bala for that ominous interview. What’s so especially difficult these days with audio recording devices that minute? Assuming he isn’t frisk beforehand, of course. Then whatever phone calls he subsequently gets should be recorded as well. Such a thing in hand can be like a poor man’s nuke. Aiyaah!

  79. once upon a time says:

    SD1 vs SD2
    weeks to prepare : less than 24 hours to prepare.
    Spoke & visit lawer several time: Lawyer given to him, where he got time to look for a new lawyer in less than 24 huours?
    Did not visit Police before SD1: Visited police less than 12 hours before making SD2
    Can see him very relax: See he is very worried and no time to put on new cloths even.
    Can see he got enough sleep: Looks like no sleep over the night.
    Can answer question and explain: Cannot take questions.

    SD1 Anwar win round & Najib lost.
    SD2 Knock out Najib (own goal).

  80. Shiok Guy says:

    Whatever it is, SD2 Validate SD1.

    I belief Bala has been used by DSAI in his game plan, I hope DSAI and PR provide full security protection to Bala. But can PR?

    Bala become a piece of a chessboard, he become part of DSAI game plan. Even if he does not come out with SD2, SD2 will come out one way or another.

    Either DSAI or the police will do the job, in my humble opinion the police has somehow fall into DSAI game plan and move! Poor Bala!


    Shiok Guy

  81. david.chan says:


  82. kava says:

    Even if he does not come out with SD2, SD2 will come out one way or another. – Shiok Guy

    How can SD2 come out if the maker SD1 does not make SD2. Please explain on `one way or another`. You mean the aliens have landed and the SD2 will appear out of thin air?
    Najib on the other hand could have made an SD on his own – which he did not. He only made a press statement that it was all lies. Similar to like he did not meet Saiful.
    If Anwar got you as advisor PKR are in the big toilet.

  83. Richard Teo says:

    Since the Home Ministry is responsible for issuing a licence to be a private investigator, the first thing they could do was to threaten to suspend or cancel his licence to practice. That would effectively take away his rice bowl.Alternatively, the new lawyer traced to the address of an UMNO minister could have offered him a deal he could not refuse. $5million in your account if you retarct the S.D1. With that kind of incentive, alot of people would even kill their own mother.

  84. BabyKTemoc says:

    As a commenter, I discern between a disparity between Susan Lonne and papa. The 1st
    deliberated her views based on good-grounds of hypothesis cum dialectics while my papa is the “John Grisham” of Malaysia who unleashed his wild and comical proclaimation like a fortune-teller.

    Having proffering one thousand views like a fortune-teller giving aways a 1000 lucky numbers to her client, when 1of the thousand struck a price, the fortune teller claims credit, gleefully. 😀

  85. How come a Cabinet Minister was able to ‘predict’ one day before Bala changed his SD on Malayiakini?
    May be DSAI should have a video recorder at Bala’s house without his acknowledge to record who came to blackmail him or his family. I would have retracted my SD if my family is threatened wouldn’t you ?

  86. hutchrun says:

    Wong Chun Wai, 47, is the Group Chief Editor of The Star newspaper in Malaysia. He also has a website. He is now Sick, tired and fed up with his newspaper Star which is among those that “let ourselves to be used, or led to believe to anything, by these power crazy politicians”.

    We look forward to his migration just as soon as the MCA releases him.

  87. hantutelur says:

    2nd was under duress. 1st was under table

  88. bennyloh says:

    twisting and kepala pusing turning


  89. J Bao says:

    You guys have got it all wrong. It is happening according to script and getting all the public attention it deserves. How else could Bala & Baginda get out the truth to the people with the whole BN machinery pointing the gun to their heads? SD1 without SD2 is eating maggie mee straight out of the packing whereas SD2 adds all the spicy ingredients.
    As you will note Bala did all the right things in SD1. SD2 is all wrong. Read behind and in between the lines. I can be saying “I did not kill” but in actual fact I did.
    By making SD1 and then retracting it by SD2 in less than 24 hours, Bala has shown to the world that Malaysia Police force is a Mafia Force who will use illegal means (intimidation, black mail etc) to protect their heads and cover-up a ghastly murder. The illegal modus operandi of the police force is being exhibited in broad daylight to the world. After this, the police and BN Govt have no more credibility. The “Emperor has no clothes” is shown all over the world – prime time.

  90. […] Tgk ni, macam boleh caya, hahaha… These photos will tell you when Bala was under duress Posted in ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS, ALTANTUYA SHARIIBUU, ELECTIONS GENERAL, HEADS UP!, MALAYSIAN MADNESS, […]

  91. justis forever says:

    The truth will prevai. Hopefully the judge to hear the perjury case of Bala will be neutral and not influenced by the executive. He has to determine which of the two oaths was done under duress. The photos shown here will no doubt be evidence to adduce presence of duress. To me it is quite obvious. How can a smiling man with everybody else also smiling, be under duress? You got to be kidding. Malaysians are already mature and wise. This latest cover-up spells a bad omen for Msia. We are being led by corrupt officials–corrupt to the core. What will they think of next?

  92. […] via sloone. Filed under: politics   |   Tags: anwar, bala, balasubramaniam, balasubramaniam perumal, balasubramaniam perumal under duress, malaysia, politics, sodo mee, sodomy […]

  93. bangmalaysia says:

    Bala faced a life-threatening situation:


  94. cheriedior says:

    Bala should seek for asylum in US so he can be protected from all the death threats etc on him and his family after making the 1st declaration. Poor guy.

  95. Maya Karin chose a school teacher! UMNO datuks are currently banging balls and jerking off is various directions…

  96. Pegasus says:

    We are in a state of shock with all this SD revelation. Bala is obviously threaten to the point he had to withdraw his SD1. PKR and Bala should have ensure his family is well protected by at least moving them out from the current residence before going for the PC with the SD1. He should be aware that his SD1 is implicating the DPM, and the DPM won’t be sitting down coolly watching this over the news channel without taking some action to clear himself, he is suppose to be the PM in waiting and definitely he would not want his future to be destroyed with this kind of revelation. The AG and the IGP are under his beck and call,these 2 S-holes will drop their pants and bend down immediately when ask to by Najib. They are all in this together,don’t expect them to take any action against Najib and his wife.They will ensure they are protected fully and instead will go after the people who have voice out with evidence such as Bala and RPK.They have lost all credibility and a shame to the nation.
    If only someone comes out with the photograph of the 3 person together (the genuine one and not the superimposed as that of Tian Chua),then Najib has a lot of talking or none at all and probably will bring to end the Altantuya story . Hopefully justice prevail and the murderers are punished. Sooner or later the truth will come out ,May God help us all …!!! Cheers..!

  97. no_koko says:

    No worries… DSAI will come up with irrefutable evidence linking Najib to Altantuya [hasn’t he said he will reveal more?].

    That one will, once and for all, discredit Najib. And the AG and police will have compromised themselves, because the truth in the first SD will be manifest. It will be glaringly evident that the police coerced Bala into retracting the SD.

    That is why PKR and Americk Singh allowed the matter to play out the way it has. True to form, the unholy trio have delivered the second SD. Najib, the AG and IGP are seeing their last days of glory.

    I await with bated breath the shaming of the Rotten.

  98. Ayoyosamy says:

    How come Bala shaking hands with Anwar? In same vein as photo of Saiful with some other BN politicians, are we to conclude he made a false SD for Anwar?

  99. Mat Krepot says:


    To me the left picture Mr Bala looks happy and friendly…..
    but the right picture as if he is facing a ghost or hearing a ghost story….

  100. panca says:

    The 1st SD shows he is smiling in “duress” whereas the 2nd SD, he looked worried in “agreement”.

    He obviously has been “convinced” by those implicated in the 1st SD!

  101. rogond says:

    as long as BN still the government…in any cases whatever wrong or right thier still win.
    because they are well known in making ” sogok dan ugut”. They use the rakyat fund for this activities.

  102. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    I wonder why Bala is such a important witness is not being protected lol….

    How come he is missing and dissappeared in a very short time???

    Probably he is being threaten to delay the finding out of Najis case untill Anwar could not succeed in Sept 08. Maybe also he was hijacked and kidnapped or probably this time being burried as you know Altantuya case can use C4 to blow up the dead body and still no clues……………..As Malaysia PDRM is too busy to crack down sodomy case…

    I wonder what is Bala’s family member’s reaction now?? Anybody out there recognise and knew Bala??? Where is he ah??? How is his family aah?? Has his family logged the Bala’s missing report???Or has he entered the twilight zone???

    Crack all Malaysian head this time…..

  103. BobbyNZ says:

    It was money for honey but now it’s money for false police reports plus complimentary SD!

  104. tamade says:

    Some powerful evil hands are definitely behind his disappearance. Is this an intimidating act from the invisible hands of the evil authority who misuse their power to harass someone who is brave enough to reveal the truth, nothing but the truth, in order to protect their evil political master who has murdered the Mongolian woman?

    If the answer is yes, then this country is moving into a direction whereby the end cout-come will be a situstion like Myannmar and North Korea, filling with gestapo like spies in the street.

    The International rating on Bolehland’s Human Right and Humanity, as well as Press Rating will definitely punge to the bottom in 2008. what a disgrace to the Rakyat.

    If the Fatigued PM still wants to condone the Top Police and the AG in Bolehland, and still wants to cover up for the DPM, the Rakyat will know what to do. They are watching and they are waiting for the right moment to dump these useless political men into a rubbish dump, including all their MPs.

  105. tokjan says:


    u think BN use sogok and ugut? why u don’t blame PKR for misused power of S’ngor State Goverment?
    if u think u’re true proof it…

  106. Susu Kacang says:

    …biasalah tu. Politik beginilah! Bagus lagi kita pergi makan bubur kacang!

  107. HELLRAISER says:





  108. JOECOOL says:

    Hmmm….looks like everyone overlooked something!!
    Study the photos properly..the Bala earlier and the Bala of the 2nd SD are two different people! Yes the 1st one is human… and the 2nd looks like an overweight Zombie with a black bag…just risen from a grave!! (Updated definition of the term Grave: A Malaysian Police Station…where the Innocent is Guilty)

  109. ah long says:

    Bala…..everybody has to die someday. It is a matter of how you will be remembered.

    Bala if you love your country, you must tell the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Any day is a good day to die provided your death is glorious, honourable and worth it.

    Bala, you are not a spring chicken anymore, you had a good life. What is there to fear? What can those aholes do to you?? The worst is to give you a C4 going away present.

    Now isn’t that a lot better than a gold plated watch??

    Anyway now that you become a very public figure, I doubt anyone is that stupid to go any bum you off.

    So have no fear, tell it the way it is. Otherwise how are you going to live with yourself and have people remember you as a liar with no balls.

  110. tokjan says:

    BN corruption can be repaired if all of us gift support to them

    PETROL hike is a global phenomenon.

    And i know the government has the power to reduce the price but our country only have a limited resources of petrol.

    So we need to use it wisely. I think it is better for the government to spent more money into education, infrastructures and developments.

    Please think for our future generations.

  111. Orang Utan says:

    Probably he must have watched “Wild Animal Planet” on Channel 4.where a pack of hyenas devoured their prey in less than half an hour. And also how the wild horses were attacked whlie crossing a river full of crocodiles.

  112. mohan says:

    Each time you fill your tank with fuel, remember so much goes off… Daylight roberry. Never knew of people who voted this government in and get punished. We are in troubled waters, dont take to the streets, easy way out for them, lets wait for the next election. We can make it.

  113. Lady Dark says:

    Haha..Should I say more? Huh…No need laa…

  114. tokjan says:

    if ANWAR be the PM, he also can’t control the price of da petrol…

    and if he can do that, we can see the long term effect later…

  115. Orang Utan says:

    Bala.. everybody has to die someday.
    Easy for ah long to criticize because it not not him who is affected.U see bala aslo has to take care of his family & his wife & children depended on him.

  116. Orang Utan says:

    Being still a net exporter of crude all these years Malaysia should be better off than most countries.With the recent hike in oil prices Malaysia should even be better bcos there is a net inflow of money especially from neighbouring countries. The question is what hapen to all these money?. Why r all people except a few worse off?
    Therefore with a change in govt I think it will definely be better at least they will account for all the money being spent. Someone compare Petronas with Shell or BP. however Shell or Bp started off with the private money without any govt assistance whereas Petronas started off with Govt assistance. So where does the Govt money come from?

  117. thebigtooth says:

    ‘Bala’ means “ball” in Greek.

    Cough, cough.

  118. kace says:

    Pls. ppl have some respect here 4 mr. bala. To me he has got balls to at least try to expose wrong doings with his sd, even though he knows his life and that of his family will be in grave danger. All you guys here who have commented on bala otherwise, i ask that you put yourself in his shoes, then honestly ask yourself if you really got the balls to do what he did. I respect his courage and i believe he was pressured to retract his sd. And certainly no, i don’t believe bala was bribed to change his sd. C’mon…even altantuya’s commission was returned with c4. These guys are not normal guys like u n me. They’re MAFIAs’…with licences to KILL. They don’t negociate with $$$. If you know too much, you just have to die…no other way. They control both the LAW and DARK forces. They’re that powerful. To mr. bala i say, thank you for your trying to fight 4 altantuya’s justice. I believe YOU TRIED YOUR VERY BEST…and that’s what’s important. My prayer are with you and your family that all of you are safe.

  119. kace says:

    1st. pic says…thanks mr anwar, finally i’m a happy man now without any guilt or dark secrets to hold back.

    2nd. pic says…fuck off and don’t touch me…i don’t want a handshake. get the fuck out of here…you loya burok!!!

  120. muhamadazmi says:

    what is going on here.. hoho~

    Bala is smile and angry.. is this a part of the acting.. hehe~

  121. And the Oscar goes to….

  122. Ghazala Khan says:

    Interview Request

    Hello Dear and Respected,
    I hope you are fine and carrying on the great work you have been doing for the Internet surfers. I am Ghazala Khan from The Pakistani Spectator (TPS), We at TPS throw a candid look on everything happening in and for Pakistan in the world. We are trying to contribute our humble share in the webosphere. Our aim is to foster peace, progress and harmony with passion.

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    Ghazala Khan
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  123. […] These photos will tell you when Bala was under duress (Left) When Statutory Declaration (SD) 1 was made at a press conference on 3 July in PKR’s office in Tropicana. […] […]

  124. […] These photos will tell you when Bala was under duress […]

  125. BobbyNZ says:

    Hey, how come Bala shaking hands with that sodomite? So Anwar involved in his false police report and malicious SD lah?

  126. dlquill says:

    no need to do so many SD, just find out who has the authority to delete immigration info and follow the lead & find the truth, remember the show red corner with Richard Gere, the lawyer found the killer by getting the person who can delete telephone records.

  127. BobbyNZ says:

    I am happy to make a Statutory Declaration and lodge a police report that Anwar Ibrahim caused the deaths of many due to suicidal depression during the Asian Crisis 97/98 after he legalised short selling of currency and stocks allowing the “financial predators” to devalue the markets by 80-90% thus almost destroying the Malaysian economy!

  128. kram says:

    Some of us are so quick to criticise.
    I understand the frustration and disappointment.
    PI Bala may or may not be sincere.
    And what if he really did tell the truth in SD1.
    How many of us can honestly say I have the courage to stand up and be counted !
    I know I am afraid, very afraid. It would take me some special circumstances to have courage.
    So we need to be patient, and at least give Bala the benefit of doubt.
    We owe him that.

  129. Orang Utan says:

    I think we should not speculate until we find out what really happen to Bala & his family.

  130. hutchrun says:

    BobbyNZ: I`m happy that you are happy in making that SD and are lodging that police report.
    Can we see it please, if not others might say you are just lying and haven`t done so. Thanks in advance.

  131. hutchrun says:

    Police said today they had asked Interpol to help find a private investigator who has been reported missing since making explosive claims linking the deputy premier to a murder.

    Or he`s been C4ed by sifu.

  132. Mirage says:

    Anonymous said:-
    Which SD is done under duress??? We can see the 2 Photographs of PI Balasubramaniam when both SDs are done to see the truth, it looks very obvious that the latter SD is done under duress of the threat of C4???

    Why not similarly put Najib to a poll to see whether Malaysians of all walks of life believe that he is also innocent and not lying that he never would have known Atlantuya as he had claimed???

    C4, a military explosive, is not something you can buy at a supermarket and can use this to have blown up the Mongolian Woman into smithereens. If the command did not come from the highest level will the policemen and the C4 expert take the commands & instructions from a nobody by the name Razak Baginda to carry out the tasks of the henchmen to murder and took great efforts to destroy the body of the Mongolian Woman beyond any trace but God is great the heinous criminal conspiracy is exposed. There were no motives for the nobody by the name Razak Baginda, the fall guy, the Policemen & C4 expert to commit murder and destroy the Body of the Mongolian Woman except to get cash or seek promotions through dubious means from the one and the only Power with a motive for this heinous crime.

  133. once upon a time says:

    mirage strick home the point.

    Some one like Razak Baginda can never give instruction of using C4, even if he does who would take his command? He is not it the authority of the government or the ministry to give instruction. Further more if no one high up is giving instruction the C4 expert won’t take action, they can only act upon instruction from higher authority. The c4 expert immediate superior won’t give such an instruction because they do not require to remove evidence as this is does not concern them and they have the authority to investigate Altantuya as in any normal case. So some one in the higher authority who want to remove evidence, some one higher than the C4 expert of course and also someone who is somehow linked to Altantuya.

    The 3 whom are now in jail are not the true killer, the killer is the one who give instruction to kill Altantuya and to blow her up. Someone who is high up and walk the corridor of power. Killer Killer!

  134. thebigtooth says:

    Come on guys, this is boring.
    Let’s talk about Britney.

  135. BobbyNZ says:

    You are on the wrong site bigtooth hehe

  136. BobbyNZ says:

    The C4 could have been simply supplied by CIA. Ever considered that possibility?

  137. BobbyNZ says:


    I dont think you get my English right about lodging an SD. I said “I am happy to..” doesnt mean I have to, get it?

  138. Poor Bala, all the best to you.

  139. Orang Utan says:

    I recommend u better visit a psychiatrist. U keep on mentioning that it is DSAI who cause the downfall of the Malaysia economy until u have a phobia about DSAI.I presume yr knowledge is very limited at that time.U r not aware that the issue arises from Thailand which had a spiralling effect on the whole of Asia.DSAI wanted to follow a policy of economy whereas his boss wanted a controlled economic policy.South Korea & Thailand borrowed from IMF but Malaysia did not.In hindsight South Korea & Thailand recover faster than Malaysia.

  140. Orang Utan says:

    Bobby NZ,
    Correction: DSAI wanted to follow a policy of free economy…..

  141. BollehWOOD says:

    A message to Anwar Ibrahim –

    Mastery takes time; and time requires patience.

  142. hutchrun says:

    BobbyNZ said, on July 6th, 2008 at 11:38 pm

    I dont think you get my English right about lodging an SD. I said “I am happy to..” doesnt mean I have to, get it?

    Oh I got your english perfect.
    Put your money where your mouth is. After all it`s your rice bowl that was broken by Anwar.
    You raised the issue. Stand by what you say, instead of flip-flop on “happy to..” blah blah.
    We eagerly look forward to your demolition of Anwar.

  143. BobbyNZ says:


    It is my moral obligation to expose Anwar, the biggest LIAR the nation ever produced! I call him a SODOMITE. I call him a TRAITOR. Let him sue me. Then my defence will include the SD!!! How about that? I am ready for him anytime!

  144. justicescales says:

    Why is it that no one has seen the faces of the two accused? Obviously a show trial and even if found guilty, we wont know who was hanged. Hey BobbyNZ, if you dare to issue challenges to Anwar to sue you, then you should reveal and publish who you are, you ass-wipe. Get off this blog if you cant live up to your challenge.

  145. justicescales says:

    Susan can we start a campaign to find Bala and his family members through the cyberspace?

  146. Mirage says:

    Anonymous said:-

    Tun Dr. Mahathir says there is no evidence but hearsays, yes doubtful until proven guilty but unfortunately all links are pointed to the DPeeM ???

    There are already 3 SDs from 2 persons, one sticked, and the other one retracted and the said SD maker gone missing, everyone especially the PDRM is concerned of his “safety” if he has not been probably already C4ed??? And from the 2 photographs we have seen of the 2nd SD maker we can see the obvious…. Which SD is done under duress??? We can see the 2 Photographs of PI Balasubramaniam when both SDs are done to see the truth, it looks very obvious that the latter SD is done under duress of the threat of C4???

    Which SD is done under duress??? We can see the 2 Photographs of PI Balasubramaniam when both SDs are done to see the truth, it looks very obvious that the latter SD is done under duress of the threat of C4???

    Why not similarly put the DPeeM to a poll to see whether Malaysians of all walks of life believe that he is also innocent and not lying that he never would have known Atlantuya as he had claimed???

    C4, a military explosive, is not something you can buy at a supermarket and can use this to have blown up the Mongolian Woman into smithereens. If the command did not come from the highest level will the policemen and the C4 expert take the commands & instructions from a nobody by the name Razak Baginda to carry out the tasks of the henchmen to murder and took great efforts to destroy the body of the Mongolian Woman beyond any trace but God is great the heinous criminal conspiracy is exposed. There were no motives for the nobody by the name Razak Baginda, the fall guy, the Policemen & C4 expert to commit murder and destroy the Body of the Mongolian Woman except to get cash or seek promotions through dubious means from the one and the only Power with a motive for this heinous crime.

  147. Joshua says:

    Susan’s been ‘vindicated’.

    Bala’s nephews talk about his change of countenance – from relief in SD1 to duress in SD2…

    My 2-cents here:

  148. ujangmuiz says:

    what if the first picture was happy cause he actually been paid for making the first SD?

    And on the second picture he afraid what gonna be happenned after taking payment from making 1st SD then he made the 2nd SD?

    All of this actually can be twisted by everyone in either way. Actually all of you whether UMNO or PKR are making Malaysia worst.

  149. JEFFRY BONG says:

    From the legal point one cannot generate two SD of the same subject.One Yes and the other No. This PERJURY !

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