But first, did he lie? First he said he hadn’t met the victim of sodomy, then he said he met him at his house:

Najib admitted meeting Saiful Bukhari Azlan a few days before he (Saiful) lodged a police report against Anwar Ibrahim, accusing the PKR leader of sodomising him.

“He came to my house because he needed my help because he was so traumatised. That was it,” Najib told reporters in Parliament.

He added that there was no conspiracy involved in the police report as being claimed by Anwar. “I did not advise Saiful to lodge a police report”.

So why should I be investigated?

That’s what Najib Tun Razak said at a press conference this evening when he was asked about the explosive statutory declaration by P Balasubramaniam linking him to the murdered Altantuya at Anwar Ibrahim’s office yesterday.

Erm…if you were innocent, you’ll say: Come, come one and come all, investigate me!

Instead Najib retorted: Give me one reason why should I be investigated? God, there had been several reasons. But he chose to dismiss them all as “concocted claims” out to tarnish his reputation.

He used the same line as his supporters did “Why happen only now”?

Answer: Bala was never asked in court, was he? When a witness mentioned there was a photo of the three – Najib, Razak (Baginda) and Altantuya, both prosecution and defense jumped at the same time and tried to strike the statement out. We do not forget easily, Najib.

The Prosecution is wrapping up its case. Bala’s statement implicating Najib had been ommitted. What more reasons?

The “deputy prime minister” reiterated he “never,never met” Altantuya. And as if trying to convince himself, he said “I am relaxed…I am still smiling…truth will prevail…I believe in the system”.

Hah! Of course, if the system is in your favour?

Which proved my point when Najib added that the police had investigated the entire Altantuya case and they know everything. How do you know that, Najib? So brazen you are to make such a claim!

He further said he would leave it to the police to investigate the matter (familiar line, isn’t it?) but added that he had rights as a citizen (to do what?).

As a citizen, he is equal before the eyes of the law. Just as he is innocent till proven guilty, he should also be open to investigation. But dear God, can we trust the police, the ACA or the AG?

All of them have police reports lodged against them. An independent commission is indeed urgent now. And to all implicated – ambil cuti lah! (Take leave lah).

Anyway, there are also some cowards among us:

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says he can’t comment on Bala’s SD because it’s “subjudice’.

Subjudice seem to have a different meaning for different cases.

On a SD by Saiful Bukhairy Azlan – where he claimed to have been sodomised by his boss, Anwar, and the latter denied the allegations, Abdullah said the accuser usually denies he was involved in a certain crime?

That’s exactly what Najib did.

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  1. BobbyNZ says:

    I thought that sodomite should be investigated. Why the diversion? Definitely CROOKS advice to Anwar’s camp of sodomites

  2. […] Why should I be investigated? (Take leave lah). Anyway, there are also some cowards among us: Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says he can’t comment on Bala’s SD because it’s "subjudice’. […]

  3. Let’s send BN/UMNO to H**L FOREVER, most corrupted, cheats, lies, robs, etc etc that makes us RAKYAT suffering everyday. We just want change of govt! Enough is enough!!

  4. Edi神 says:

    The Best show on earh…

    *WHo is the Mole?*

    Saiful 1st work in DPM office

    Then work as PKR volunteer

    No the victim of sodomize

    CGPA of 0.8, that’s near to impossible score.

    P.balasubramaniam, a mole? or revealing the truth now?

    We The Rakyat really need to work together, be smart!

    Between, Najib, Badawi & Anwar…

    I will give Badawi a 2nd chance

    Maybe Badawi is the one who ignite this fight?

  5. wits0 says:

    Najib is using that same tired old Madey/umno style sophistry as if it carries conviction these days. Foe example, if S’pore’s LKY can sue, why can’t he, instead of conveniently hiding behind the AG? Not as if he can’t afford the lawyer’s fee.

  6. saya says:

    hi.. im so sad..i am being sodomised by someone..can i see TPM?

  7. Obi Wan Kentucky says:

    “Why should I be investigated?”

    Did he really say that, Sue? Goodness me, this man is NOT fit to be a leader! Its an arrogant call of a person who absolutely have no idea of what JUSTICE system and righteousness is all about! He thinks he’s above the law?

    It’s clear now that with that uncalled for remark, this man must NOT be allowed to be our next Prime Minister. Imagine if Anwar is the one who declares ‘I should NOT be investigated!’. I believe Najib would repeat my exact words.

    Dr M says UMNO now is a party of sycophants. If Najib replaces Abdullah, Dr M better find new expressions to describe that Najib led UMNO.

    God help us all…

  8. temenggong says:

    Umno is turning out to be a club of sodomists, homosexuals, bisexuals, gays and phaedopiles. Najib and Baginda were ‘passing’ Altantuya around. Najib keeps her as mistress then Baginda marries her in Korea.

  9. Kenny Gan says:

    “Why should I be investigated?” Oh yes, he really said it. There’s a video in malaysiakini you can check out.

    We have a severely compromised criminal justice system which can convict innocent men on trump up charges and fabricated evidence but let the guilty off.

    For this to happen need the co-operation of the A-G, the police, the judiciary and the press. All 4 institutions have been severely damaged by Mahathir.

    If they are not repaired, no Malaysian is safe. This fight is not about Anwar, it is about the safety and security of all Malaysians.

  10. Kenny Gan says:

    There is one man who can collaborate what P.I. Bala revealed. He is awaiting trial for murder.

    The truth will set him free but will he still keep quiet? Will he still protect a VIP? Is he depending on the rotten system to free him?

    As for Najib, he is not safe. All it takes is one physical evidence that he was with Altantuya and Razak in Paris and his denial comes tumbling down.

  11. artic turban says:

    a non guilty party would be totaly pissed off if he was accused of murder or sodomy, look at the difference, anwar was totaly pissed off that he was accused of sodomy and than you have mr c4 not so bright spark, he is showing a very relaxed face because he knows if left to the police than everything will be covered up. well that was the arrogance of sadam, didn’t he look pissed when he was hanged, bleating like an old goat, what will you be when you meet you allah one day, a randy old goat? arrogant? god has eyes my friend and you will pay.

  12. lifestyle says:

    When Najib increased the petrol in 2006, Najib asked us to change our lifestyle. The rakyat did and so did Najib.

    Najib really changed from the PD divide and rule style to the C4 sodomy style.

  13. artic turban says:

    alo alo dpm can i come to your house, i feel soooo traumatised because i have been sodomised, I have been sodomised by umno for the past 50 years, can you hold my hand, porah pondah what focking bullshite. bloody bunch of scum, well setinggi tupai melompat jatuh ke bum akhirnya, najib you are going down, why because of greed, stupidity and you couldn’t keep your dick in your pants. so pay the reaper now.

  14. ah long says:

    Kenny Gan, I agree with you 100%. I think there is evidence out there linking Najib to Altantuya. No doubts in my mind. Military intelligence perhaps. after all it was a multi billion dollar national security deal.

    Totally agree with you, put the noose around any of the 3 accused persons neck and see if they squeal or not. All that is needed is one person to support Bala’s claim and Najib is in deep shit.

    That arrogant son of a bitch…..claim no reason to investigate him. Even though all the current evidence is circumstaintial it all seems to point to his involvement. It is so damn obvious that the Altantuya trial is staged to protect him. Everybody is gagged, cannot even mention his name, not even once in the trial. The judge and the prosecuter who did got replaced immediately.

  15. kesava says:

    It is now necessary to examine najib`s history with sodomy. There should be medical examination of Najib and Rosmah.
    If saiful went to Najib`s house, Saiful could have been traumatised by Najib. And is Ezam involved. He was sending messages aout that he is not involved, but the next day the Star says he `is not surprised`.
    Ezam also has to be examined. Awww heck – might as well examine Khairy also while they are at it.

  16. Kherry Scarry says:

    No wonder…stock market also stop trading due to “computer” glitches. What a coincidence……..hmmm….

  17. kesava says:

    And as if trying to convince himself, he said “I am relaxed…I am still smiling…truth will prevail…I believe in the system”.

    That`s a good joke. His system already break down, he looked like he is very sick on TV last night. Like a pale shadow, even his red lecherous lips had no colour.

  18. ghenjis khan says:

    People of Malaysia,

    Even the Mak Chik and Pak Chik from the Kampung say that it takes just one Abdul Razak Baginda to come out and say his peace [piece as well, I suppose].

    The wife and family members know the truth.

    As good obedient Muslims, all they need to do to pray and ask for guidance, courage, what the Muslims say the “iman” to be strong and steadfast.

    Then, persuade their Abdul Razak Baginda to come out and tell the whole truth and face the consequences. There’s life after all this.

    [the trouble with most Muslims they think and pretend as if their Allah God doesn’t know ]

  19. ktteokt says:

    It takes two consenting male adults to commit sodomy. If Saiful consented at the time of the act, how can he turn back now and say it is an offence? I don’t think Anwar pointed a gun at him during the act, did he? Such childish reactions. What more we have a PM who is so biased as to convict before hearing the stories from both sides when it comes to parties from the other boat but for his “Ga Gi Lang”, innocence prevails until proven guilty. How can we have such a PM?

  20. […] not the only one who thinks it’s ridiculous to retort in this manner. Susan has her own take here. In response to Najib’s retort: “Give me one good reason why I should be […]

  21. Kairos says:

    “Why should I be investigated?”
    This rhetorical question by the DPM smacks of sheer arrogance, implying the right to be treated differently as a member of the the rich and powerful elite ruling the country. In fact, as the DPM if Malaysia, a higher standard of responsibility and accountability is needed. After all the image and good name of the country and government is involved. This involves clearing one’s name, especially when the charges are extremely serious and made publicly.
    The longer doubts about the credibility and integrity of the political leadership remain uncleared in the minds of the people, inside and outside Malaysia, the more difficult it is for the country to be governed effectively.

  22. Why is it the turncoat is denying everything when he is confronted ?
    Is this the kind of a man Malaysians are looking for a P.M. ?
    I told you all what kind of a person he is especially the blood line he is from, a turncoat father who died from cancer while in the office of P.M..
    A proven turncoat himself will he also get cancer ?

  23. Nessa says:

    I’m so traumatized with the price of petrol, rice, goods… can I see you DPM?? We are NOT that stoopid la. Gosh, even my grandma could rule Malaysia better! (Bless her soul)

  24. malan231 says:

    It seems that any tom, dick and harry can go to see najib if they have problem…..like this true…….I think i wanna see him after friday prayerlah…….Im traumarised because i will be laid off in 2 months time by my company……

  25. […] Najib asks, “Why should I be investigated?” Susan Loone tells us why. […]

  26. kesava says:

    Now there`s a big question mark. Who sodomised Saiful? – Najib or Anwar.
    Is najib jealous his lover got sodomised by someone else? Is there a love triangle here?

  27. P3 says:

    Tell Najib to make a police report against RPK, Bala and all those who make SDs or allegations against him. Simple…

  28. toyolbuster says:

    The Teenage girl who got raped by a policeman in a Policestation in SJ, well I suppose she was not traumatised enough for Najis to even mention about it publicly. Najib now hear this, the whole nation is still traumatised by this shocking incident and what the f has any of the leaders done for this traumatised family of this traumatised teenage girl. Was he SUSCEPTIBLE to anal exploration to earn your attention. You prick

  29. kesava says:

    Najib loves Saiful, but Saiful loves Anwar (who resists Saiful`s advances). Saiful is `traumatised` in the rejection.
    Then Najib takes advantage of Saiful and makes Saiful lodge a report against Anwar.
    Good screenplay there.

  30. P3 says:

    1st – he came to ask for skolarSHIT…
    2nd – he came to brief me on leewart case…

    proved beyond doubt…Najib lies!

  31. imwatchingu says:

    If Saiful was at Najib’s house, could it be that Najib was the one backdooring the young man and take the opportunity to puy the blame on Anwar, for a prize of course. After all, the PI statutory declaration did hint at his preference for kinky stuff.

  32. P3 says:

    Maybe saiful asked najib to do some repair works..????

  33. kesava says:

    How many more has Najib sodomised?

  34. ah long says:

    “Give me one good reason why I should be […]

    The bloggers here can give you more than one good reason..[..]

    1.) Why the gag order placed on everybody involved in the Altantuya trial and RPK? Nobody can even whisper your name…..
    2.) Who ordered the goons to kill the woman. They work for you….yes or no.
    3.) Where the hell did they get the C4 ?
    4.) Who is powerful even to order immigration records to be deleted? Why no investigation into this.
    5.) This whole thing revolves around the submarine deal does it not? Who is the Minister in charge?
    6.) What about the outrage with Baginda’s wife about somebody who wants to be PM involved?
    7.) The trial has gone on for >12 months and yet neither Baginda or his wife has been put on the stand inder oath. Why ??
    8.) Who is really behind the show trial ??

    Until you clear up all the questions, can you blame the rakyat for jumping to conclusions??

    How come you can be DPM and not have the intelligence to think of even one reason when the rakyat can think of so many ??

  35. kesava says:

    And Mahathir approves of najib`s sodomy whom he wants to be next PM.

  36. P3 says:

    1st – skolarSHIT even he was not a student anymore…!
    2nd – went to see him to report on the leewart…!

    see the lies???

  37. kesava says:

    The police commenced investigations within a day of receiving reports of Anwar having sodomised Saiful Bukhari. Since I have full confidence in the professionalism and consistency of the Royal Malaysian Police Force to act without fear or favour.., sean-the-man expects that P.Balasubramaniam’s statutory declaration will prompt the police to immediately INVESTIGATE NAJIB RAZAK FOR SODOMY!


  38. back2012 says:

    3 possibilities …………..

    First, police might have negotiated with Bala (remember Bala is a ex-police) to omit the ‘damaging’ statements. In return, will get $omething immediately after completing he’s cross-examined in court………guest what !!! The $omething never came.

    Second, ARB now knows he’s victimized. Maybe at beginning NTR ‘assured’ him of he’s release. But now ARB might face death penalty. So the save himself he ask Bala to make SD….. Of course Bala may get $omething. Remember only Altantuya or ARB can verify most of SD. Altantuya no more but ARB is around…

    Third, since ARB and police ‘tak boleh pakai’ , let’s try PKR. Aiya…you think PKR don’t want..aaa. But PKR says, just add extra one..two paragraph..lah.

    What do you think …

  39. P3 says:

    i dun think he will be…

  40. P3 says:

    the most important thing is Najib to make police report…

  41. kesava says:

    Bernama reports another lie by Najib:

    “On the statutory declaration, Najib said because it conflicted with Balasubramaniam’s testimony in court (in Altantuya’s murder trial) and the statement given by him in his police report, he would leave it to the proper authorities to investigate the matter.”

    PI Bala should sue Najib for criminal defamation. This is a very serious comment by Najib and can land Najib in prison as well.

  42. P3 says:

    willhe do just that?

  43. kittykat46 says:

    I nearly fell out of my chair when Najib admitted – Yes, he met Saiful in his house a few day before the police report was made.

    Anybody here ever “dropped by” the DPM’s house for advice ?

  44. MC Leong says:

    The wave that is exposing the ungodly and unrighteous is contributed to the move of God Almighty and the foolishness of men. What is hidden will be exposed. The chains of bondage and fear that intimidates the Rakyat are being set loose by God.

  45. MalaysiaScrewedUp says:



    Use your brain, which one is more evil ?

  46. kesava says:

    If anyone knows PI Bala`s lawyer please advise him to advise his client to make a police report against Najib for criminal defamation immediately.

  47. hasilox says:

    Didn’t he said saiful went to him for scholarship? Now another story. I wonder if he will tell another story later. Is that a behavior of someone who is not hiding something?

    As to the over-used why-now; the arm of law has long reach. It can even reach your butt, najib!

  48. ultraman says:

    why should I be investigated????

    I am just giving that bugger a scholarship to study the art of sodomy.
    I gave some some pratical lesson at my house, while my wife went shopping.
    I hope he will graduate and manage a govt-sponsored INSTITUT PERKEMBANGAN LIWAT, of which I am the Chairman.

  49. Hahaha says:

    “My brain is rot and things forgotten” Can’t even remember I know her, can’t remember I introduced Razak to the murdered victim, Altantuya and can’t remember we had dinner for three in Paris. Perhaps, you need a head transplant, Mr DPM!
    Hahaha, a scholarship seeker needs to discuss his private matter in your home! Go and tell it to your darling Dotty, maybe she will believe you. Only the DPM and his cronies particularly the AG and IGP are above the law in this Bolehland.

  50. ah long says:

    kittykat…..maybe Saifool go to his house to show him the evidence leh….maybe he dropped his pants and show him his ahole to prove the dirty deed had been done and pick up his paypacket before he make police report…..hehehehe

  51. Discrimination69, says:

    See Najib’s body language when he is making his denial regarding his involvement with Altantuya. He looked down or away from the cameras and blinked closed his eyes at the critical point of denial. This is a person’s conscience at work. We can hide behind a lie but not behind our conscience.

    The truth shall prevail. Man plan God dictates.

    Under General Orders rules for civil servants, the AG and IGP should be suspended while investigations are being carried out. Why is the Chief Secretary quiet?

    As lay man, do you think introducing new evidence while a trial is ongoing is sub-judice?

    Under many criminal trials, one of the accused would be given immunity or negotiated sentence to reveal the actual purpetrators of the crime and be the key witness. This did not happen.

    In Murder cases the “pantang” is the GHOST of the deceased must be appeased! We have many angry GHOSTS now surfacing, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    Looks like Toyo’s broom is not big enough to sweep clean.

  52. ccdev says:

    Bloody Mahathir’s fault for creating a system where the powers in charge are not responsible, accountable or answerable to anyone. The freaking ministers run the departments like their own grandfather’s coffee shop. The bloody mamak monkey king conman should be put on trial.

    and yes, i do believe the theory that Anwar rejected Saiful, when Saiful declared his love for Anwar. Saiful in his “woman scorned” rage, turned to Najis, who gave him some “good old-fashioned backdoor lovin'” and turned the situation to his advantage. Correct, correct, correct!

  53. Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat….

  54. kesava says:

    Mahathir loves sodomy. Mahathir loves Najib.

  55. Hatta says:

    Is that Saiful chap related – however distantly – to the PM or DPM? If so, we all know the answer. But please leave Najib alone about rear ending the Mongolian beauty. After all, what’s a bit of shit bewteen “friends”, eh?

  56. As TDM said najis is coward, no balls, already castrated by bodowi! That’s is why he is hiding behind AG and IGP on the expense of RAJYAT hard earned money. What a shame to him, we RAKYAT will spit on him and all BN/UMNO morons are the same tainted as him! MALU, MALU, MALU. All LIES, LIES. LIES, CORRUPTED, CORRUPTED, CORRUPTED1111

  57. Harrison says:

    If anyone suffers from any psychological symptoms, they can always go and seek counseling from Najib.

    What a travesty of justice isn’t it? If then police is fair, incorruptible as of my reply to a commentator Rave yesterday, Najib will be investigated for obstruction-of-justice for withhelding crucial inforfation which clearly reflected that he L…I….E….D. In US, he has already been investigated.

  58. Wait a minute. If what is reported here is TRUE, thenwhat the DPM is saying is:


    Oh my God, what else can our politicians do???????? Since when did the ordinary rakyat have that ease of entry to our key politicians’ houses to complain about a personal and private matter?

    Please Mr Prime Minister DO SOMETHING before all hell breaks lose and the whole world brands all Malaysians as utter fools.

    DO SOMETHING: Either lead, follow or get out of the way !!!

  59. Pembebel says:

    “Abdullah said the accuser usually denies he was involved in a certain crime?”

    Najib should learn from Abdullah. Both are stupid.

  60. Harrison says:

    With Susan’s deliberation and outstanding reasoning like an experience seasoned cross-examiner, I couldn’t agree more. You hit every spot, pointblank! girl….eh, my learned attorney. hahaha. plaudits to Susan Loone. 😀

  61. hutchrun says:

    Investigating Tenaganita for criminal defamation

    Yes Najib can now be investigated for criminal defamation on his comments re: PI Bala`s testimony in an on-going trial in Court

  62. hutchrun says:

    Harrison your comment of July 4th, 2008 at 9:13 am :

    Yes. Najib is now by his own admission, a player in the Saiful allegations re: Anwar. The police have to investigate Najib on that too. There`s tampering of evidence here.

  63. peru says:

    Law of Karma. Believe or not life is a cycle. Malay’s was known to be very polite and humble 20-30 years ago. Then a PM came and told them to be “kurang ajar” and nowdays slowly was changed them to be half malay and half arabs .
    Oh man I lost that old wonderful touching with my friends.
    We need a true Malaysian to lead us but not from AMNO

  64. jan says:

    To tell a lie you may have to tell more lies to cover the first lie. It seems to be the case with Mr C4. His stories are getting to be inconsistent. I don’t see how he could continue to be DPM or leader of all Malaysians. This is just plain bullshit.

  65. hutchrun says:

    Bernama reports:

    “On the statutory declaration, N__b said because it conflicted with Balasubramaniam’s testimony in court (in Altantuya’s murder trial) and the statement given by him in his police report, he would leave it to the proper authorities to investigate the matter.”

    Najib is indirectly directing the AG to commence impeachment proceedings on PI Bala.
    PI Bala must make a immediate police report for criminal intimidation and defamation to protect himself.

  66. JAMES LOW says:

    Why should I be investigated?
    The AG and police know all but I am protected.
    Aiyoh, all these SDs made me so peeved and frustrated.
    Do you think you can get me incarcerated?

  67. How does a nobody like Saiful get to see the DPM? Apparently a college dropout with disastrous results. Yet, this fellow gets to walk right into Najib’s office to seek a scholarship, and have his picture taken with Sharir & other VIPs. He can become Anwar’s aide. And he is even allowed to have a meeting with Najib right in his home! What does it take?
    I have a degree (not given a scholarship, I survived on just RM150 a month for 4 years) and I have never seen even Samy Vellu in person.
    Then again, I have never had my bum screwed.

  68. kittykat46 says:

    I have no interest in siapa liwat siapa. Assuming it was concensual, its between the person and his God.

    I just want to know the answer one question.
    Who gave the order to blow up Altantuya ?

    As Susan asked in a posting last month –

    Who gave the order to drop the bomb ?

  69. blueMoon says:

    hi guys, if u’re having problem with getting sch’ship..lets go to DPM’s house….he surely would arrage for you one~!

  70. Francis says:

    1. Mr DPM, it is known that even a cabinet minister can’t see you unless he/she goes through appointment, time and phone calls. Why is it so easy for unknown dropout to have a meeting with you at your private residence?

    2. If he was “traumatized” (he he), does that mean every traumatized Malaysian has an easy access to your home and time? I’m traumatized, can I come now?

    3. Why did he chose you? Why not the PM? Ahmad Zahidi, the Religion Minister? Zaid Ibrahim, the Law Minister? Karpal Singh, the senior lawyer? Ustadh Hadi Awang, the Politician and PAS Leader? TG Nik Azziz? The Selangor Mufti? The Perlis Mufti? The ACA? The Police? His Parents? His Fiancee? UMNO Youth? Foreign Embassies? Why did he chose you alone? And why is it so easy for him to meet you even in your highly guarded private home where you rest after work while evn MPs can’t meet you there?

    4. You denied seeing, meeting him on Monday. You said he has only met your officer for scholarship purposes (though he has one and left it). What happened to that statement? Why did you buckle?

    5. The boy said he was sodomised one day before he lodged the police report, (Thursday), but you met him earlier and you said he came to complain of sodomy. This means he went to Anwar after meeting you to be sodomised again. You met him when Anwar was in the Holy City of Medina with Dr Aziza performing Umrah, when they came back on Wed. afternoon, the boy said he was sodomised on Thursday. But the boy has been meeting you before. Don’t you think you have sold out your very self?


  71. david chan says:

    Dear All,

    All the news seem worry and tired for all ordinary malaysian,
    seem like all this incident has become more complicated and now we don’t know who telling the true and we all confuse,etc but what can be sure is, separate “Malaysia politic/economy, Altuntaya case and Anwar sodomy case differently”. Now we should worry more about our economy and our rice bowl, as recently MTUC mention they worry by year end 50,000 people will out of job in Penang due to the closing of manufaturing plant,etc…
    MAYBE, we should left where it is…., give Abdullah opportunity to lead the country as he promised CHANGES and we can see there’s lot of changes after the recent election…(as election already over, people already decide, government already form, oppostion already take 5 states,etc), Anwar can stop all the stike,etc and wait for next general election if he really sincere to care for the people and love the country (as all this street strike, etc will bring us nowhere and at last the “rakyat” are the one lost, as investor will scare, etc and maybe we will lost our job if some company out from Malaysia, local company no business, etc, because they worry about uncertainty, it is very bad for the country and our family), for Anwar sodomy and Althanyu case let all the necessary law officer investigate and debate, we see what is the outcome….,
    this is not the time to fight politic, as our economy, family and rice bowl is now very important
    thank you…

  72. panca says:

    What is the ROLE of the PM that holds highest office in the government? Should he continue to be stupid while being idiotic protecting his position protecting tainted minister, AG and IGP that are potentially linked to criminal activities?

    Why is he doing this to the country and the People and the King? He is to be blamed if he does not cease to deny the facts given or proven to him and start taking that drastic measure and actions to relieve the duties of this tainted personalities(personnels), he is bringing himself the worst of enemy by being an accomplice himself!

    When you have to go, go with respect but never let stupidity stand in the way of progress (for the country and her PEOPLE) that lies a last moment of opportunity for you to seize to redeem yourself, lest may come to none but blame and harm to the country.

    Pakatan Rakyat is an elected govt too so is your party that own people elected you in the Feds but how can party comes first when tainted personalities are in cabinet, in the high civil offices continue to run and worsen the country. The country does not belong to you, you are the custodian, the highest and deserves timely and quick decision to disengage these criminal-tainted personalities with immediate effect!

  73. hutchrun says:

    Abdullah also should be investigated for a lot of things.
    Beware preachers who talk about `good of country`, `lose jobs`, `rice bowls` blah blah.

    Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel – Samuel Johnson

  74. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// BobbyNZ said, on July 4th, 2008 at 1:42 am

    I thought that sodomite should be investigated. ///

    Bobby – was it really that painful and traumatic? So much so that you have to keep bringing this up?

  75. Tenuda says:

    i say…. let the police to their job…. let see whether their check Najis BED! Bloody lying IDOIT

  76. david chan says:

    dear hatchrun,
    hutchrun said, on July 4th, 2008 at 10:08 am

    when one day, let see it this way, don’t care who is the government or oppostion, don’t bother whether they do wrong or right,
    IF because of all this blaming game, politic unsure, economy problem and YOU lost your job, no money to buy food, no money to feed family, will you still bother to talk about “WHO RIGHT or WRONG IN POLITIC”…,
    thank you….

  77. Kherry Scarry says:

    That’s what happen when we get a sleepy and day dreaming PM who asked us to change our lifestyle, making comparison between apple and orange – insulting Rakyat’s intelligence, backing the controversial n corrupted officials and thank you for increasing the (“unjustifiable”) fuel price resulting more companies closing down n many will be out of job soon !!!

    Yeah right..make sure your replacement is the person with his picture shown above.

    You’ll be remembered !!!

  78. Marduk says:

    Who can(authorize)delete ‘AMINAH’S’ entry(Immigration) records? The motive we all know. This should leads to the culprit who ordered to plant the C4. I believe the IT guys would agree it not difficult to trace the person(lead) who tampered the records as the computer records the ‘user’ and would finally leads to the culprit. IF only they “want” to do it……:-(

  79. hutchrun says:

    david chan: I have been through all that. Don`t teach me how to suck eggs. Go preach to someone else.
    Thank you.

  80. hutchrun says:

    P Balasubramaniam dropped the second bombshell in less than 24 hours, this time claiming that he was forced to affirm his shocking statutory declaration linking Najib to Altantuya. -Malaysiakini

    Very interesting. It`s getting better all the time.

  81. hutchrun says:

    Now the AG can impeach Bala.

  82. […] via sloone Filed under: politics   |   Tags: altantuya, bala, balasubramaniam, balasubramaniam perumal, malaysia, najib, perumal, politics, rosmah […]

  83. david chan says:

    hutchrun said, on July 4th, 2008 at 10:22 am

    Hope “GOD WILL BLESS YOU” if you in the situation one day or worst (no job, etc) ….

  84. hutchrun says:

    Also making a false SD attracts a prison term. The police should pounce him.

  85. CJFOO says:

    Datuk Najib can I see you without prior apppointment with regards to my son’s application for PSD scholarship? I am a Malaysian of Chinese descent.

  86. hutchrun says:

    Hope “GOD WILL BLESS YOU” if you in the situation one day or worst (no job, etc) ….

    Leave God out of it. I told you I already been thru all that rubbish. Why do you persist in irritating me. Keep your God to yourself.

  87. crash says:

    and he said “the statutory declaration by private investigator P. Balasubramaniam was a “red herring” by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to divert public attention from the sodomy allegation against the PKR adviser.

    “I am very sure that this is a very desperate attempt to divert attention from the sodomy allegation that Anwar is facing now.

    “What is important now is not the matter raised as a diversion, (or as a) red herring. … What people want to know is whether the sodomy case happened or not.”

    Nobody care about the sodomy, we want to know the truth about Altantuya. you called it sodomy or whatever, even if it’s real, it’s just gay anal sex. many are doing it while we speak, nobody care NAJIB. We want the culprit of cruel and brutal murder.

  88. panca says:

    Mr. PM stays Mum on allegations against Najib?! You said…”Tak habis dengan cerita ini?

    That is the Most IRRESPONSIBLE Statement coming from a Prime Minister!!!!

    There are criminal activities, there are CRIMINALS AT LARGE, there are new evidence that can lead to killers, killers of human being, not your neighbour persian cat but someone’s daughter. Where is your conscience? Where is your religion? Where is your god? Where is your late beloved wife with due respect, she is weeping why and how you have turned out to be, “A Bonnie and Clyde”, stop short of being a Direct Killer!

    Your Late wife will be happy and proud and with your belief in your god that you so claimed, do the “RIGHT THING A RIGHTFUL AND GOOD MAN DOES”

    You should ask yourself the meaning of WHY GOD SHOULD BE GREAT?

  89. Harrison says:

    I posted this in Anwar’s blog moments ago.
    Dear Datuk Seri,

    Can I just call you Anwar? I for 1 are among 91% of respondents conducted by Malaysiakini.com who highly felt that the sodomy accuser, Saiful received instructions/ venal from the higher-ups of 1 or more Government Official/s.

    Kindly read the deliberation by our fellow blogger, Susan Loone who gave insight that the interim DPM has a “dark-hand” in the murder of Altantuya Sharibuu.

    Value your friends and supporters who wants nothing but the Truth if you can.

    Visit : https://sloone.wordpress.com/2008/07/04/why-should-i-be-investigated/#comments

    (1) Najib made contradictory press Statement (can be considered as “Cautioned Statement” as he claimed he has nothing to worry and calm).

    a) When 1st the photo of your accuser pops up with an aide of Najib behind a backdrop of inscription that reads the office of the DPM, when approached by the press, he first said that Saiful went to his office to ask for a “Government Scholarship”.

    b) Yesterday, in another separate press Statement, he admitted that Saiful has been to his (Najib’s) residence before lodging a police report against you.

    Questions :
    1)Does the DPM office provides or accede Government sholarship?

    2) Is Najib a Psychologist/ Psychiatrist?

    If the Police is fair, investigations to the proprieties of Najib’s press Statement clearly offers that he knowingly, conceal evidence from time to time, only make negation and justifications when proof is against him (Najib).

    I believe that if this is the UK, Najib has already been investigated.



  90. panca says:

    CJFOO said, on July 4th, 2008 at 10:25 am

    Datuk Najib can I see you without prior apppointment with regards to my son’s application for PSD scholarship? I am a Malaysian of Chinese descent.


    CJFOO…..YES pleeeease come ” CHINESE WILL NOT BE LEFT OUT”

    – that “yeah right” phrase!

  91. Jsss says:

    Najib was claimming that he never know who is Altantuya about. He said Anuar is tarnishing his name and his imej by spreding rumours..I don’t understand what imej is he talking about. Can anyone please explain to me?

    As far as i know, from day one, Najib and Rosmah’s name was mentioned in Altantuya’s murder. So what rumours is he talking about?

    Anyway, this is the right time to tare Najib”s face mask. Now Anuar should come up with proves. So that Najib will get the answer for ” WHY SHOULD I BE INVESTIGATED”.

    Do we need such a horrible man to be our next Prime Minister? What the country will be in future by putting this crook as Prime Minister ? Oh ! I Can’t imagine.


  92. Sheikh Housein says:

    What a great country, everyone seems to be playing “POLICE”.
    So when the next time , I am sodomised or raped, I should go and see the Deputy Prime Minister FIRST, to seek advise before going to PDRM.

    Thank you DPM, Sir, I will make my way to Sri Satria in Putrajaya, the next time around. Since you are so accomodating all visitors especially those traumatised ones, I am sure..I can find my way into your living room and also yes meet DOTTY Dear.

  93. hutchrun says:

    Moderator’s note :

    Forgot to mention that, in answer to a reporter’s question whether Bala’s SD was the only evidence, Anwar said that more would be released in due course.


    Pictures, pictures, pictures and lots of them are what are needed.

  94. Julie t says:

    Susan, Spot on!

    Najib is making an utter fool of himself. Each time he opens his mouth and tries to excuse himself just proves how guilty he is. We are not fooled.

    If he has any dignity, and claims he is not guity, he shoud resign or take a period of absence and asks for this matter to be thoroughly investigated to prove his innocence.

    Is is shameful for us Malaysians to have such nincompoops as a PM and DPM.

  95. gooeyglobs says:

    Hi everyone,

    RPK’s (former blog) malaysia-today.net is now accessible.

  96. Harrison says:

    Wow Hutchrun,

    I checked on Malaysiakini upon your update. Wow, in less than 24 hours, Bala states that the SD was made by him under duress/ by forced.

    Can anyone trust this man any further? He definitely is an unscrupulous man and he but no one is to be blame for his false account that is the Statutory Declaration.

    *Note that a “Statutory Declaration” is made under oath to depose the Truth/account of happening(s)/event(s) which is tantamount or equal to a “Sworn Affidavit”.

  97. bangmalaysia says:

    Shocking development:

    PI retracts stunning statutory declaration


  98. peace brother says:

    Let the truth be reveal and thanks gooeylobs

  99. kittykat46 says:

    Someone had a go at his arse last night ?

  100. hutchrun says:

    Haha maybe he wants to give the impression that Anwar “duressed” him with liwat. Mind you this Bala is a former SB officer. He can`t be stupid. Something`s afoot.

  101. pozdny says:

    Remember Anwar also released that “Correct Correct Correct” video on the eve of the biggest street protest last year?

    He is doing it again now just before the 1-million-people price hike this weekend… I can’t help but wonder if he is orchestrating the whole thing…

  102. hutchrun says:

    I got the impression that what he said in the SD was told him by Razak Baginda. So it was hearsay.
    It may have been pointed out to him that as hearsay it should not be in the SD which should only contain facts.
    But like I say, more grist for the mill.

  103. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46: “Someone had a go at his arse last night ?”

    Via a carrot or a stick, perhaps both?

  104. whispering9 says:

    “Someone had a go at his arse last night ?”…is it true that man’s prostate gland is located close to the rectum. Prostate gland is said to be man’s G-spot. How ‘duressed’ can he be? He is probably shioked.

  105. BobbyNZ says:

    It’s time the police jail those making unwarranted Statutory Declaration lah. That’s the Rule of Law!!!

  106. Francis says:

    I think the damage has been done. It will only bolden the Anwar group and give more public support rather than Najib, IGP and AG benefiting from this new drama which has ingredients of violence threatening. Remember, the 3 are in charge of the entire security apparatus and criminal justice in the nation. If the boy was cowed by mere police men, what’s at stake is higher here and no body wants to be trampled upon.

  107. Sab says:

    Najib, Musa Hassan and Patail are in charge of the entire defence security and justice system of the nation and they are fighting for life. You expect them to lie down? Don’t create jokes here bcoz this nation knows what’s going on.

  108. panca says:

    gooeyglobs said, on July 4th, 2008 at 11:04 am

    Hi everyone,

    RPK’s (former blog) malaysia-today.net is now accessible.


    still won’t work, leads nowhere…..megaclick, balah blah!

    Hope Pete’s site will be restored soon.

    Conspiracy of the ‘GOONS’

  109. hutchrun says:

    Bala dismissed his earlier lawyer. Then Bala says he made the SD under duress.
    The Bar Disciplinary Comitteee had better investigate the 1st lawyer on this “duress” thingy. Separately, the police too should take action on the lawyer for intimidation on Bala.

  110. Abdul says:

    The Malaysian Insider has it. The man was threatened. And to make it worse. He has only removed the Najib part. Hoy…this makes it juicier.

    “He told friends yesterday that he had come under severe pressure after releasing the statutory declaration.”


  111. hutchrun says:

    Update 1pm: Something in Malaysiakini you may have missed:

    “Balasubramaniam’s lawyer has told Malaysiakini that Balasubramaniam was contacted by the police soon after his press conference yesterday. He last saw his client after dropping him off at the Brickfields police station at 4.45pm.”

    Contacted by the police directly after PC? Last seen being handed over to the cops? Retraction first thing next day?………………………


  112. hutchrun says:

    So Bala is right – only that he has been under “duress” to withdraw his earlier SD as it embarassess Najib, AG and IGP.
    Makes sense now.

  113. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:

    Ceramah Perdana Datuk Seri Anwar di Permatang Pauh

    Tarikh: 5 Julai 2008 (Sabtu)

    Tempat: Tapak Expo Pertanian, Seberang Jaya.

    Masa: 8.30 mlm

    Penceramah: Ketua Menteri YB Lim Guan Eng, YB Hadi Awang, YB Dato Zahrain, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

  114. Harrison says:

    Duress from the opponent (namely the Police). Although under coercion from the Gestapo, the whole “Statutory Declaration”- the original and the amended (omission of certain facts) is now easily considered as” null, void and out of order.”

    The police actions of suppressing the truth by undermining the SD by Nala to withdraw certain names-DPM Najib is rendering the credibilities of Nala and his SD refutable by any parties.

    This is what I meant when I repeatedly mention the RMP as Gestapo and their masters are
    the BN, their counterpart, the now defunct Nazi.

    Suffice to say that Malaysia is a Police State under the control of UMNO(some just call “Nazi”).

  115. Silliyful says:






  116. Kapitan says:

    My blood is boiling up to exploding temp. right now!!!!
    MALAYSIA-TODAY site was down the last 3 days.
    When RPK’s SD came out, I commented in your blog that it was so obvious that Najis was the one having affairs with Atantuya Seribukali.
    Now with Balasubra’s SD the picture is much clearer.
    Going through the comments here, was wondering WHY no one can demand the DPM to step down??? Only LKS can mildly ask him to go on leave.

  117. Dark Justice says:

    Bala’s should be prosecuted and jailed for making jokes about his declaration. You can’t just simply declared something today and retract it tomorrow. This news already spread to every corner of the world and he needs to responsible for what he had done yesterday.

  118. comedytime says:

    Ha Ha !!!!

    From all your comments, these I find most interesting :-

    It seems that any tom, dick and harry can go to see najib if they have problem…

    Who is powerful even to order immigration records to be deleted? Why no investigation into this.

    This whole thing revolves around the submarine deal does it not? Who is the Minister in charge?

    I nearly fell out of my chair when Najib admitted – Yes, he met Saiful in his house a few day before the police report was made.

    Anybody here ever “dropped by” the DPM’s house for advice ?

    See Najib’s body language when he is making his denial regarding his involvement with Altantuya. He looked down or away from the cameras and blinked closed his eyes at the critical point of denial.


    “Abdullah said the accuser usually denies he was involved in a certain crime?”

  119. 2 cents says:

    this new SD is not gonna change anything. the manner in which it was done, especially so very quickly and after having been to the brickfields station, just makes this new SD a joke. maybe someone can put up a video of this second press conference so we can really tell whether this one or the earlier one was done under duress..

  120. kittykat46 says:

    I also have a lot of personal problems, including , sometimes, those of a sexual nature.

    Can I drop in and see Najib sometime soon ?

  121. thinkvision says:

    We the people of Malaysia has been taken for a ride by the politicians.

    When politicians were friends everything is fine and dandy. When they are enemies, everyone is f**king everyone else butts. mole’s butt, ex-girlfriend’s butt, driver’s butt, step brother’s butt, but best of all, Najib is f**king his own butt now.

    Why should he be investigated, he asked? Because he is the DPM and our country PM in waiting. If he has no balls to even suggest an investigation, then he is not fit to be our gardener, let alone to be our PM.

    PR wise, he is doomed, to say something like that. People’s mind are working overdrive now to think of every possible scenario that could implicate him to the beauty and her susceptibility to anal intercourse; even though it’s based on hearsay.

    I too am wondering what else they shared during their romantic trip to Paris? High speed ejaculation on board the Sukhoi fighter jet or special deep-sea penetration on board the Scorpene submarine? He could be such a fetish. No wonder he kept pushing for the Malaysian space program to continue. Zero gravity sex perhaps?

    Hmmm…….. maybe next time he’ll be more butt-wiser.

  122. jebatmustdie says:

    “Erm…if you were innocent, you’ll say: Come, come one and come all, investigate me!”

    Tell that to Anwar. 🙂

  123. Harrison says:

    You are wrong “My 2 Cents”. When the 1st SD was deposed in a manner that the declarant, Mr. Nala is in a sane state of mind, no coercion and a self-willing which he even by duress of police in forcing him to omit names/facts will render the declarant as unscrupulous.

    You don’t have to believe my saying but if you have any lawyer friends, you can ask them.
    A Judge presiding the Altantuya’s murder trial will and without any prejudices strike-out this new/fresh evidences as unscrupulous.

    That is the purpose of the top echelon in the Nazi party who controlled the institution of the venal and the vicious-the police.

    Dear Susan,

    I am gonna blog later titled “Institution of the Venal and Vicious”, Who else?

  124. wits0 says:

    Harrison: “You don’t have to believe my saying but if you have any lawyer friends, you can ask them.”

    If you have been to a court case even as a minor witness, but as an observant one, you would have picked up the palpable ethos of the court and its functionaries as to its real regard for actual justice.

  125. Edi神 says:

    We should send Anwar’s wives and Najib’s wives to medical checkup, see who asshole got penetration mark! Maybe also Jeanna Abdullah!

  126. Harrison says:

    “If you have been to a court case even as a minor witness, but as an observant one, you would have picked up the palpable ethos of the court and its functionaries as to its real regard for actual justice.”-Wits0


  127. caravanserai says:

    Do hear about red herring?
    Running wild into the forest
    Group of reporters run
    Nothing is found

    Is it true?
    The music playing
    Jamming the radio stations
    Many want to know

    The truth of the story
    One got into tiny pieces
    Spreading far into the quiet forest
    The clues buried it in the grounds
    Of the soul dust to dust………..

    The shadow play
    The positive ID of the dead
    Police found it hard to prove the case
    So the red herring claimed

    One got buried in tiny flow of fire
    Splintered into the air and earth
    Forever crying in the quiet forest
    Of the wind and jamming roots and branches
    Waiting to crawl out for the light of the day

    About red herring
    The fox runs fooling the hounds
    Into the deep forest and disappear
    Fanning quietly in the elegant mansion

  128. ANg Kong says:

    there are so many twists and turns. the latest being the PI withdrawing his SD. what next? Najib is a woman all these times?? Anwar whist he was a DPM, had a brief affair with Najib? badawi ? badawi is the twin brother of Anwar?
    I’m not even sure now if the latest twist has dampened or drown my enthusiasm …. I really feel everyone is playing everyone. when u see a movie, u have certain expectation, but this has really make a fool of ourselves.

  129. Eric says:

    investigate? wayang kulit saja……we all know who is police always favouring…..

  130. Grill says:

    Friday July 4, 2008
    Anwar: Proof on Najib soon

    KUALA LUMPUR: Evidence allegedly linking Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to murdered Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu will be released in the next few days.

    “The next evidence will come in the next few days. Just be patient. This is not the end. I just want to test the nerve and commitment of the Prime Minister,” said PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.


    In that picture, Mr. Bala does not look like he is under duress.

  131. dlquill says:

    When one commits a crime it is always there. How can one wake up in the morning and face the world and talk of great things, blah blah blah when in one’s heart, the guilt keep troubling him.

    How about nignts, can one sleep? Or when the time is coming to meet our maker.

    Search your soul if you have one!

  132. La Cha Mau says:

    ….and now we, the rakyat is deep in thought whether the person who ran away from the scene in the Noriati Shamsuddin murder case is THIS GUY ALL ALONG. The case must be re-investigated to determine the DNA in Noriati’s rectum belongs to THIS GUY. He seems to enjoy ANAL SEX very, very, very much. A person who enjoys anal sex as much as he does will not ever wear a condom because he loves the feel of the tightness and the velvety smoothness of the rectum and which the orgasm is so much more powerful than vaginal sex. Isn’t that so, my good man.

  133. Roo says:

    “Search your soul if you have one!”

    Sold to the devil incarnate.

  134. Francis says:

    Few observations though:

    Since we are talking about two SD, let’s examine certain points.

    1. Yesterday, he was all happy and chatted with every journalist, local and foreign.
    Today, he refused to talk or take a single question from anyone.

    2. Yesterday, his meeting was announced 24 hrs before it was scheduled.
    Today’s meeting was in obscure hotel where few journalists were called in.

    3. Yesterday, he was a happy man, vety jovial and chattery.
    Today, BN newspaper the Star wrote that he “was visibly perturbed”

    4. Yesterday, he has informed the people and the journalists who were the people who have jailed him, harassed him, omitted his evidence and maltreated him.
    Today, he didn’t say who has forced him. Who has given instructions. Who has mistreated him. He simply refused to talk but run out of the hall visibly disturbed with deep eyes.

    5. Yesterday, he didn’t meet the police before he released his SD in front of world media and local as well,
    Today (yesterday’s night) he has spent in BrickFields where he was immediately summoned after he has released his SD and was taken to the station by his former lawyer.

    6. Yesterday, he has released a comprehensive SD touching on Najib, Musa Safri, Baginda, Police, Prosecution, Witnesses (etc),
    Today, he has released the same SD but the parts that referred to Najib removed. All other people were retained. (Ha ha! I wonder who advises these people.)

    7. Yesterday, he was a well combed man, with office shirt- and well prepared
    Today, he was wearing a dirty T-Shirt with a cap and a was acrrying a plastic bag (black). As his new lawyer talked, he didn’t talk, chat, look up, greet or handshake anyone unlike yesterday.

    ……..These are simple observations that any intelligent being can pick and realise what’s going on. Furthermore, it is not Bala or Anwar who is in charge of the Defence, Security, Intelligence, Criminal and Justice system of this country but the 3 men accused of conspiracy and evidence manipulation. (Najib, Musa and Patail). You don’t need a child to know who uses force. It is not Anwar who seeks shelter at Embassies fearing for himself but the men who exercise that power over the said institutions.

    PS: The Deputy PM doesn’t need Bala to retract any statement which is a perjury now and a criminal act in the penal code. He only needs to file a defamtion suit. Can’t he? If yo are innocent, why trouble yourself with Bala? Just go to the court and said you were defamed and there you go and get your due. When he was asked yesterday, he refused to file a suit, just like he and Rosmah refused to file a defamation suit against Raja Petra. If people are mudslinging you, insulting, incriminating you, and you are innocent, why not seek justice? It is because he knows in courts evidence will be produced and knowing that the Altantuya case has been pre-arranged (we have followed it as a nation), he hopes that by simply denying SDs and refusing to file suits, things will get cooled and he will move on. Heavenly no. Malaysia’s name is at stake. It is not about him, about Anwar or Badawi. It is about this nation and its people.

    NB: If he has no confidence in the judiciary of this country by refusing to seek justice at the courts by filing defamation suits against his accusers, who else will trust the regime? The dead? Oh, I’m sorry…we are alive. Thanks to God!

  135. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// Hmmm…….. maybe next time he’ll be more butt-wiser. ///

    Think vision – I will drink to that.


  136. Lan Chiao says:

    I said forget about the whole damn things!The case will be concluded soon (by the incapable, corrupted, stupid and government controlled pig head judge) that “due to insufficent evidence as no death body was found so far, thus, there has been no murder case…all suspects shall be freed immediately by order of me, the most pig head judge of this Bodoland with consultation from Rosmah (Najib’s wife), Bodowi and the Monkey King, KJ (beruk Rembau).

    The Mongolian girl’s family shall be barred from entering Malaysia to avoid baseless accuse. This is my order again, the fxxking asshole stupid corrupted Najib controlled judge of Bodohland!

  137. Lan Chiao says:

    You people better don’t play play with Bodowi/ Najib cronies which include

    1. Anti Corruption Agent (perhaps the most corrupted agent)
    – If you try to be funny, the ACA will come and investigate you and send you to jail !

    2. Polis Diraja Malaysia – If you try to be funny, the Chief polis will come and box you become black eye (just like how he did to Anwar)!

    3. Military force – If your try to be funny, the bomd expert will blast you off with C4!

    4. internal security – If you try to be funny, they will come and lock you up for being funny

    5. Idiot judge – Before trial you already lose the case

    With these 5 assholes gang up, what else you can do? Nothing! better save your energy to work harder for money

    Long live! Bodohland

  138. Lan Chiao says:

    This asshole Bala is a real crook! He retrated his statement becoz his objective has been achieved i.e. now the Mr C4 is forced to pay him more. This type of species can never be trusted at all. Also, blame on Anwar for not paying him enough. This kind of species is good in benefiting himself from the two clashing parties. If next time you meet with a damn poisonous snake and a Bala type of species, which one will you kill? 3-year old kid also know the answer. Shame on him!

  139. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    Mr. Bala looks scared and jittery on TV walking to the car park.

    I think he got weak after his visit to the police station. Pity him.

    He should have got his family out of Malaysia before he do this. I am sure he is under a lot of pressure.

    Poor Bala.

  140. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    ACA stands for Adding Corruption Agency lah!

    PDRM now stands for Punch Damage Rape Murder

    TDM Tentera Dera Malaysia.

    Malaysia Boleh!

  141. Ctizen Me says:

    Duifference between a wise man and a fool. The wise man does at the beginning what the fool does at the end.

  142. red_daffodil says:

    one thing for sure, homo enjoys those who are homos too, anwar could have hired a homo gigolo, not a normal homo-sapien like saiful !!

  143. New Era says:

    The first SD shows him shaking hands with anwar and smilling. Does it show him under duress? The 2nd SD really shows him under duress, expression is worth a thousand words. So looks like they want to c4 him or they pay him? Whichever u may conclude some months later u may meet a familiar face in BMW and living in an exclusive enclave in KL or PJ. Well he works hard for a living.

  144. confess2u says:

    Retraction Theory No. 1

    He retracted his SD because his life is in danger. Danger from whom ? Did his lawyer receive money from the Najib camp ? His lawyer sold him out, that’s why he changed lawyer. Second lawyer must have told him that his life is in danger because the first lawyer whacked an irresistable sum.

  145. Obi Wan Kentucky says:

    Retraction Theory No. 2

    Errr, ohhh…we’re talking about Statutory Declaration ahhhh???

    Oh sorry la, I thought we talking about another kind of retraction!! You know, the sexual kind…

  146. Freethinker says:

    Malays = If a Malay says it then it must be true. = INDONESIAN
    Chinese = Don’t care loh = CHINA
    Indians = Frightened of being chased off = INDIA

    Malays = I thing and make up my own mind = MALAYSIAN
    Chinese = I want my share loh = MALAYSIAN
    Indians = I will kick before I’m kicked = MALAYSIAN

    People have changed Najis you can’t use the tricks your father used. Ley sei loh.


  147. Commoner says:

    Matters will be solved, be cool !

    Even if not in this lifetime, there will definitely be divine Retribution !!!

  148. pisangoreng says:

    Two massive cocks

  149. Pegasus says:

    Najib should resigned as the DPM immediately as the days goes by,it seems that Najib is very much involve in Altantuya case as what the whole world knows. In any other country,the person would have resigned to face the music. Only in Bolehland, the BN leaders will lie and expect the public to buy the story. Its a shame , the PM talks like a kampung atuk who came to town…(tak habis dengan cerita ini) what kind of PM we have, he is of low quality and doesn’t fit to sit as the PM,he has lost control of managing the country, with his DPM caught in Altantuya case, we need new leadership to steer the nation out from the storm . Najib is a waste ,we can’t be having someone like him to be the PM and lead the nation. If there are any new evidence ,he can kiss the PM seat goodbye. Najib is not above the law ,problem is, he is holding the law in his grip,the AG and IGP are nothing but slaves to BN party. We need a change fast, and Altantuya’s murderers should be punished. Whoever it is.

  150. bangthem says:



  151. Najis says:

    You must be kidding. Why should I resign?? I am the king of the hill. The Police & the Justice system is under my control. I am next in line to be PM. AB is just warming the seat for me. What can the stupid opposition do? They are just wasting their time. Sooner or later, all these will just fade away. Do u really think AB can do anything? His balls are between my fingers.

  152. amoker says:

    Anybody who want scholarships should come to Najibs house at 6.00 a.m. How can we accuse him of scheming things just after finishing his morning prayer? tsk tsk…

  153. hace says:

    Why should i be investigated? Ok, you said that saiful fella went to see you in your house…omg!!! and his hand were cold!!! meaning you touched him or feel him…and in your house…and he was trembling…sounds like someone getting sodomised…ahh…i got it now. Maybe saiful offered you his ass for a scholarship. So after sodomising him, you try to frame anwar. You tasted altantuya’s ass before and now saiful’s. you’re my 1st. suspect.

  154. BobbyNZ says:

    Cant you tell Najib’s body language? Be patient my friends. We got Anwar’s ass hooked upside down now? Anyone cares to spear him through?

  155. confess2u says:

    Reports about the character of Najib

    The Malaysian National Service, a brainchild of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, has been plagued with poor management right from its inception.[14] As of May 2008, there have been 16 deaths in the Malaysian National Service.[15] Najib, on two occasions within a year, has demonstrated nothing but indifference in regards to these deaths. On one occasion, he was quoted as saying that “only” 14 children have died.


    His Children

    Wow, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s children are academically smart.
    Congratulations on your success. However, it seems like both of them did not sit for SPM. Our Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s daughter, Nooryana Najwa has been accepted into
    Georgetown University in Washington DC to read politics and international relations after doing her IB (International

    Education Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammudin Tun Hussein’s son is doing O levels and will be going off to the United
    Kingdom this coming September to further his studies.
    Our Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s daughter, Nooryana Najwa has been accepted into
    Georgetown University in Washington DC to read politics and international relations after doing her IB (International
    Wow, Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein and Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s children are academically smart.
    Congratulations on your succes. However, it seems like both of them did not sit for SPM. Before doing her IB, Nooryana
    had her education in Garden International School. Najib’s son, Norashman Razak had his education there too .
    But Garden International School bases its curriculum on the National Curriculum of England. It teaches the English
    National Curriculum through Key Stages 1 to 4 and Cambridge ‘A’ Level.
    Datuk Seri Najib and Datuk Seri Hishamuddin are cousins. Their fathers were our former Education Ministers. Datuk Seri
    Najib’s father, Tun Abdul Razak, the second Prime Minister of Malaysia, was the education minister in 1955. Datuk Seri
    Hishamuddin’s father, Tun Hussein Onn, our third Prime Minister, was the education minister in 1969. Fast forward,
    Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak became our Education Minister in 1995-1999.
    Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein is our current Education Minister. Well, there goes the saying, ‘like father, like son’
    Hishamuddin’s son and Najib’s kids did not follow the Malaysian Education System (so I doubt they sat for UPSR, PMR
    or SPM) though they come from an ancestry of Education Ministers. Both of their grandfathers were former education
    ministers, one’s father was the education minister and is now the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia while the other’s
    father is the current education minister.
    So why weren’t Datuk Seri Najib and Datuk Seri Hishamuddin’s children following the Malaysian Education System??

    Were our DPM and current Education Minister trying to be kind to not let the government subsidize their kids’ education
    by sending their offsprings to a private school instead of national schools??
    Or is it that both Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein do not have confidence in the
    Malaysian Education System because it is too crap that they had to sent their kids to a private school which follows the
    English National Curriculum so that their offsprings would not be screwed up by the already-screwed-up education
    system in Malaysia?
    Which is which?? I do not know but I am apt to think that the latter prevails.


    Straits Times, Singapore
    DEC 27 1997

    Najib’s ex-wife sues for M$5m alimony

    KUALA LUMPUR — The former wife of Education Minister Datuk Seri Najib
    Razak is
    suing her estranged husband for M$5 million (S$2.1 million) in alimony.

    According to a Bernama report, Datuk Najib, in his statement of defence,
    offered to pay Tengku Puteri Zainah Tengku Eskandar M$36,000 without
    acknowledging liability.

    Bernama said on Wednesday that the Syariah Court of Appeal had postponed its
    decision on her appeal against the Chief Kadi’s Court’s dismissal of her
    application for an order to furnish her with a list of his assets in order for
    her to determine the quantum of mutaah following their divorce in 1987.
    She also seeks to obtain the list of monies or moveable assets which were
    transferred out of Malaysia by Datuk Najib or on his instruction from the date
    of their marriage on July 15, 1976, until July 12, 1992, the date that the
    affidavit was filed.

    However, Mr Mohamed Raziff submitted that Tengku Puteri Zainah had no right to
    the list based on provisions of the Syariah law in the country.

    Tengku Puteri Zainah and Datuk Najib have three children.

    The court dismissed the application on Aug 27, 1992.
    In her application, Tengku Puteri Zainah seeks to obtain the list of
    movable or
    immovable assets belonging to Datuk Najib or in the name of his agents or
    nominees and in the possession of his present wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor,
    with details of acquisition, including dates of purchase, inheritance and

  156. hutchrun says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, July 6 (Bernama) — Police have recorded statements from 18 witnesses concerning the report alleging that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had sodomised his aide, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

    “To date, we have recorded statements from 18 witnesses including several doctors who had examined the complainant (Saiful),” said CID Director Datuk Bakri Zinin at a media conference at the Kuala Lumpur Contingent Police Headquarters (IPPKL), here Sunday.

    He said the case was being investigated under Section 377c of the Penal Code.

    “Police are still in the process of identifying several other individuals believed to be involved in the case and they will be called up very soon to assist investigation,” he said.

    Bakri said a court order would be issued against anyone failing to turn up to record their statement on the date and time stipulated by the police.

    Asked when police would record Anwar’s statement, he said: “It’s all up to the findings of the police investigation.”

    In his report lodged at the Police Beat Base at Kuala Lumpur Hospital on June 28, Mohd Saiful claimed that he was sodomised by Anwar at the `Kondominium Desa Damansara’, Jalan Setia Kasih near here, several times in June.


  157. JeyS says:

    We all know that the police is doing their job for their ‘boss-es’ They never work for rakyat but against the rakyat – that the ploce in lala-land la.

    As for Najib, Rosmah, and the rest of the cronies ….. GOD is waiting for YOU…just be CAREFUL!

  158. syah says:

    mak aku kwn dgn bini najib ….
    mana adew dier gila……!!!
    mak aku pernah pergi CHINA dgn dier….okey jew!!!!
    ini di nyata kan bahawa NAJIB penipu!!!!
    kat akhirat antara ALLAH dgn NAJIB!!!

  159. BollehWOOD says:

    In BollehWOOD, no news is bad news. The show must go on. Yet another prison sentence. Wow!!! Great!!!
    Each time Anwar claims centre-stage, he is taken in. One day he’ll learn who’s boss.
    The show must go on!!!

    In BollehWOOD. who’s pulling all the strings,
    is the greatest mystery.
    One side is PutraJaya and on
    the other side is ISA

    The stakes are high and history repeats itself
    The corrupt executives use under-world tactics
    And the simple and truthful out-spoken go
    Missing-In-Action, in this high-action drama.

  160. JEFFRY BONG says:

    KONG TAI WAH, SEK LUI & SEK LONG +++++lei sei loh —SD1 &SD2 & REVERT to SD1 —om- la -lui- MA -HA -LA LUI- ni -san- ni -ma- ni -ham- poh- kum—-GWDU4M—GP+HP+pmn =M

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