“Bala left for fish head curry in Brickfields. He had a friendly chat with an ASP who wanted to congratulate him on his first SD”. The the next day…he made a new one. Read more @ Anil Netto.

Earlier I said:

It seems everyone’s lying, and at the end of the day you don’t know which LIAR is worst.

I am of course referring to P. Balasubramaniam who now retracts his earlier statement. His new statutory declaration says that he was forced to sign it under duress.

He was present at Anwar Ibrahim’s press conference. He was teary-eyed, but he should have said something.

Who forced him to lie? This must be the most important question now.

In his new SD, Bala de-implicates Najib’s link with Altantuya Shariibuu. He has even changed the lawyer who represented him earlier.

There would be countless theories to say that Bala is a pathological liar himself. Or that he had been forced to change his statement. Or perhaps, someone had used him to make Anwar look like a fool?

Because Najib said last night that Bala had lied in court and he leaves it to the police to deal with it.

And if that is not a threat, what is?

But whatever it is, no one would ever believe Bala again.

And his role as witness in the Altantuya trials must be striked out. In any case, there should be a mistrial. And Altantuya’s case handed over to an independent justice body for a re-trial.

This is only fair and might even redeem Malaysia’s deteriorating name in the eyes of the world.

Perhaps, the lawyers among us can shed some light?

Bala’s first SD had done a great deal of damage to Najib. He’s about turn has done even more.

Who will trust Najib again?


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  1. Grill says:

    Friday July 4, 2008
    Anwar: Proof on Najib soon

    KUALA LUMPUR: Evidence allegedly linking Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to murdered Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu will be released in the next few days.

    “The next evidence will come in the next few days. Just be patient. This is not the end. I just want to test the nerve and commitment of the Prime Minister,” said PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.


  2. D.R says:

    Mr. Bala should have come clean on whether he changed his SD because someone is threating him to do so or that his fears of lying take the best of him.
    The more people speculate the more it will go out of hand. by then, the truth will be so far that it’s unreachable.

  3. Roo says:

    PKR vice-president R. Sivarasah, who is a lawyer, said it was obvious now from Balasubramaniam’s statutory declaration that it would lead to a mistrial of the Altantuya case.

    He said it was timely that Balasubramaniam had come forward with his sworn statement because it allows the prosecution to do something about it.

  4. PureMalaysian says:

    What’s going on in Malaysia’s politics lately? With every twist and turn from day to day – now that no one can be trusted anymore. Not Pak Lah, not Anwar, not Najib, nobody. Nobody! Everyone IS a liar in politics. I think politicians don’t believe in God or the law of Karma – they are crazy for power and wealth. At the end of the day, they can’t bring all these to another dimension/world. Can’t they understand this simple rule of life?

    Very sad.

  5. Grill says:

    Mr. Bala`s new lawyer:

    Update 3pm: Malaysiakini Super Sleuth Li Tsin alerts me of another damning bit of info:

    “Balasubramaniam’s statutory declaration was affirmed before commissioner of oaths Zainal Abidin Muhayat, bearing an address that is traced to Zul Rafique & Partners – a pro-establishment law firm owned by Zulkifly Rafique who is Federal Territories minister Zulhasnan Rafique’s brother. “

    Dunno about you, but that piques my suspicions for sure. Here’s the longer quote from Americk, who along with YB Sivarasa, is scheduled to give a PC later this afternoon:


  6. Kapitan says:

    woooow…shit all around now !!!!

    Balasubra togather with his assistant must have had good funs in the hotel room with the three Mogolian beauties. Bala’s assistant remindrd him that he had the video-clip of them alltogether.!!!! hahahahaha.

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  8. Apapunboleh says:

    Arrest Bala under ISA and banish him to an island for life.

  9. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:

    There you have it…. Truth will eventually prevail !!

    Update 3pm: Malaysiakini Super Sleuth Li Tsin alerts me of another damning bit of info:

    “Balasubramaniam’s statutory declaration was affirmed before commissioner of oaths Zainal Abidin Muhayat, bearing an address that is traced to Zul Rafique & Partners – a pro-establishment law firm owned by Zulkifly Rafique who is Federal Territories minister Zulhasnan Rafique’s brother. “


    Dunno about you, but that piques my suspicions for sure. Here’s the longer quote from Americk, who along with YB Sivarasa, is scheduled to give a PC later this afternoon :

    “”Meanwhile, Balasubramaniam’s lawyer, Americk Singh Sidhu, who was with the former yesterday when he made the stunning revelations, was “absolutely unaware” of the latest development.

    Americk told Malaysiakini that Balasubramaniam received a phone call from the police soon after his press conference yesterday to report to the Brickfields police station.

    “I advised him that as a law-abiding citizen, he should go and see them. So I fetched him to the Brickfields police station at 4.45pm yesterday and I haven’t heard from him since,” he said stressing that he has failed to contact Balasubramaniam since this news broke out.””

  10. david chan says:

    Dear ALL,

    YES, we are all confuse now,
    Anwar saying ….
    “The next evidence will come in the next few days. Just be patient. This is not the end. I just want to test the nerve and commitment of the Prime Minister,” said PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim”.
    Question :
    Why few days ? why not NOW ? if have evidence, just bring out, it is Anwar hiding somethings or take few days to think “what his next move ?”. Last time he always mention, cross-over from BN, until now we seem NONE, WHERE IS THE PEOPLE ?, not need to wait until the last minutes ? and when we think back, seem like “someone” bring us to take a “roller coaster” ride,ha,ha….Mmmm, Now guess we have to question ourself, can we believe in Anwar ?
    thank u …

  11. Scott Thong says:

    Now both statutory declarations will be investigated even though Balasubramaniam retracted the earlier one.

    PKR Youth chief wants police to investigate ALL the declarations, including RPK’s earlier one.

    If this really happens, whoever shat the sheeeeeet will be in for it, when the fan it all hits.

    Hoping for it…

  12. Charlie says:

    anyone’s guess is only gonna be as good as the next person. But whatever in between that prompted the retraction of 1st SD and 2nd SD should be made known. But if he was threatened by one party or another then it’s going to be impossible. Or maybe he got cold feet after the sensational first SD?

  13. sohomee says:

    funny to see the tone of sloone recent entry. it seems that she also become confuse of her own idea of malaysia political strategy. he he he…

  14. Scott Thong says:

    Yucks… Forgot to unbold. Try this clearer one:

    Now both statutory declarations will be investigated even though Balasubramaniam retracted the earlier one.

    PKR Youth chief wants police to investigate ALL the declarations, including RPK’s earlier one.

    If this really happens, whoever shat the sheeeeeet will be in for it, when the fan it all hits.

    Hoping for it…

  15. kcee says:

    Whatever lah!
    I still want Justice for Altantuya!!!

  16. toyolbuster says:

    Bala or no Bala, I think we already know the truth even before the trial got started. They can hide behind their own laws that they have created, but they cannot hide come judgment day. God is Great.

  17. Richard Teo says:

    Quite obviously, Bala was bought to give the new version of the statutory Decllaration totally absolving Najib from any involvement of the mongolian murder.Earlier it could be possible that Baginda being frustrated at Najib’s inaction could have used Bala(paid of course) to make the S.D implicating Najib. When Najib caught wind of what’s happening he assured Baginda that everything was taken care and to instruct Bala to retract the earlier S.D. Thats why Bala had to redo another S.D absolving Najib

  18. deekay says:

    This one is just like cleaning the town up after the town just hit by atomic bomb.

  19. jasgill says:

    which lier is worst.

    Err lier or liar?

  20. ghenjis khan says:

    Next time, if you are an “IKAN BILIS” an dhave “dirty things” against Big White Sharks [a school of them], for heaven sake … discreetly negotiate for RM XXXX lah.

    Still can use lawyers as brokers ….

    Otherwise, you get threatened, your wife, your children even your relatives.

    [even if you go to the Pope (Mussolini’s time in Italy) what can he do , don’t try the Mufti … they simply take away their Perdana or Bangalow .. they will cry ]

  21. WhyCares says:

    Bala only backed out after he was called up by the Brickfield Polis.

    He sensed danger and fear of the ‘invisible hands’ expressed all over his face.

    The 2nd SD legally corroborated the contents of the 1st SD.

    Denial does not change its ‘Statement of facts’ .

    Syabas to all Peacemakers

  22. 2 cents says:

    toyolbuster..i agree with what you say, but you know…most of the time, people don’t really let the hereafter bother them too much. we can see from all the past abuses already..if they can get away with anything, now in this life time, they will..and maybe just beg for forgiveness from the Almighty on their deathbeds and thinking that all will be fine..

  23. momo says:

    If you say it loud to yourself that Anwar is guilty as charged …
    ……Then everything will fall into place.

    The Liar is the Sodomist all the while.
    So simple.

    Let put it this way :

    I am NOT GUILTY :

    That is why I ran for my life and hide in the embassy hole leaving my wife and daughters outside to protect me.

    That is why the embassy kick me out as soon as possible.

    That is why I threw false allegation on IGP & AG Attorney on not-related 10 years old case.

    That is why I have not declared my whereabout at the night of the sodomy event.

    That is why I pays someone named Bala to declared that he hear razak say that najib say that najib having sex with the mongolion girl.

    That is why the next day, Bala retract part of his SD, after half-realising that he is standing on a “soon will be proven Sodomist” against “soon will-be PM”

    err …. did I say say ‘Not Guilty’ … I need to retract that back.

  24. driving me crazy says:

    actually, it was anwar’s people who killed altantuya in the first place. Back in 2006 as anwar had learned about the relationship between razak baginda n altantuya.

    he planned the whole thing to frame najib.

    how do i know? because musa safri was anwar’s adc’s assistant in 1997. musa safri was specifically appointed by pak lah to be najib’s adc in early 2005, after anwar was released just to keep tabs on najib’s activity.

    do background check on this please

  25. kovenant says:

    Well…what i find a bit disturbing is also the fact that Bala’s Lawyer dropped him off at the station at 4:45pm yesterday. Knowing very well that the SD yesterday was going to be a big shockwave to the nation and we are talking about heavy accusation here against our DPM….. as your lawyer…. wouldn’t you be required to also follow your client to the police station? isn’t it Bala’s right to have his lawyer present at the time of police questionning? why just drop him off and go???

    Your client needs all the protection he needs and all you do is hand him over in a silver plate to the enemy??? WHAT IS GOING ON???

    Weren’t Bala, his lawyer, Anwar, PKR…anyone preparing some sort of protection for him???

    i just find it very very very strange……

  26. ron says:

    Susan Loone, and next month there is a MEGA ECLIPSE in EARLY AUGUST 2008.a lot of fun in Malaysian politics!!Watch the planets in play!

  27. gooeyglobs says:

    Truth is always the truth no matter how it is twisted. However lies cannot be twisted (because it is already twisted) and no one has the super mind to remember all the twisted lies. The slip of the tongue will come along because the guilt is pricking with pressure. When the cat is out of the bag, then the hounds are released to finish off the cat.

    How then the guilty could lie through the teeth? It is simple, the guilty could not because there are no teeth that could give a hard bite but blame it on the denture. The naked truth will prevail, yet again the ultimate vested power provides a silky layer of protection ( however transparent to the flesh) to remain unseen.

    So, who will tell the truth, the whole truth nothing but the truth? Such “truth” will be told by those not using the mouth but the arse. It stinks!

  28. Jsss says:

    Bala is playing political game. Sure the truth will reveal soon.

    Don’t care who is lier but we must know who murder Altantuya.

  29. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    After the 1st SD, Bala should take his family out to some kampong and hide. Throw away his handphone or something like that!

  30. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    This Bala guy has no spine!

    He gets money kah?
    He gets threatened kah?
    or did he song song do a SD here and a SD there?

    Now his credibility is gone!

    No one, not even the courts can treat him seriously.

    He is a joke, a joker!

    Maybe he should take a polygraph test!

  31. caravanserai says:

    The tales of twin city
    Front door swing; backdoor jams
    Crowd waiting the doors just lock
    Eyes staring silent rules the day

    Then the ice-cream man drops by
    Ringing his copper bell
    Eyes turn to look at him
    As he walks slowly by

    The swing door still jams
    For few seconds the lives move by
    Lies and politicians
    Red herring and the sly fox
    It seems it never ends
    The ping pong ball dancing magically away
    The crowd just stares no word to say

    Looking at the score board
    The exit sign turns red…..
    What now? No electricity?
    The country’s economy turning down

    Lottery on SD
    Some sincere some for money
    The personal conferences defending the status
    The people listen eyes open wide
    They don’t want to hear anymore
    Tell the truth
    Let us all go home
    To watch the drama queen
    Telling her story once more
    Ya baby give it to me one more time (patrick teoh)

    The door swings open
    The crowd rushes out breathing slowly
    As they walk towards they destinations
    Yeah baby gives me one more time!

  32. Jsss says:

    Actually who is the Lier?

    Very simple answer. All the BN Lanuns lah. He…he….he

  33. merlin says:

    If you see an Indian and a Cobra, kill the Cobra first then the Indian will make numerous SDs, since the Cobra is a protected animal.(sic) Is this what Hindraf is all about?
    What a waste, good men sitting in Kamunting for scums whose only love and loyalty is Mr. MONEY.
    Believe me there are many out there.

  34. Dr. Rosli says:

    Bala’s statutory declaration and statutory de-declration aside, the issue is who ordered the two poor policemen to murder Altantunya? What good reason they have to commit that murder on their own accord? These two policemen were no more than “budak suruhan” doing what they were asked to do and blindly. The investigators must trace back to the real person or persons who ordered the murder.

    Razak Baginda and Najib were buddies then. They traveled alot together. Razak never denied that the poor lady was his girlfriend and they have been together many times. If Najib claimed that he did not know the late Altantunya at all, it is to say that Razak Baginda did not know Rosmah at all. Then one can see that Najib’s claim is garbage.

    The case is our police force and justice system were sodomised, with bad bruises remain, by you know who. How can we expect justice can be upheld.

  35. sohomee says:

    at least bala shud wait after 24 hr to retract the afidavit.now suddenly it can be considered in msia guiness record…

  36. kittykat46 says:

    David Chan –
    “Why few days ? why not NOW ? if have evidence, just bring out,”

    Its called the Chinese Water Torture method.


    Very effective.

    If you prefer to read all negative interpretations, all the time on Anwar, I recommend you visit Ktemoc’s blog.

    I wouldn’t call Susan’s blog Pro-Anwar :-), its just that most of us here are absolutely sick of Barisan Nasional.

  37. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    My father in law wants to access the internet to find Malaysia Today but cannot! What is happening? Can anyone tell me?

    My father in law is a fanatic of MT.


  38. Equalizer says:

    I am just hoping Anwar comes out with his concrete evidence soon.


  39. miwaki says:

    Actually how many “statutory declaration” can one person make in one day for the same insident ? I won’t be surprised this PI will make another one in the next few days when the price is right.

    I’m no fan of statutory declaration,with or without this statutory declaration,I think people’s perception on Najit is more important.Only Najit’s supporters would believe Najit’s statement that he never met Altantuya,the rest are with Raja Petra.

  40. Joe says:

    Khairy, MT also kena sodomised so badly that the site gone lar.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Khairy Kemulutin said, on July 4th, 2008 at 4:31 pm
    My father in law wants to access the internet to find Malaysia Today but cannot! What is happening? Can anyone tell me?

    My father in law is a fanatic of MT.


    Use this url: http://malaysia-today.net/

  42. Philip Lau says:

    Hi Susan.

    Your Heading “WHO ACTUALLY LIED?”

    I stated countless of times Malaysian Politics now at this juncture is who is actuallly telling the truth. It is all very simple. The Polygraph is used as a LIE DETECTOIR utiilised by the Police departments, FBI, CIA, Federal and State Departments and by numerous private agencies. In Singapore it is used under very strict supervision. It works very well, indeed. Why don’t you test it on Perumal Balasubramaniam? The three parties you mentioned. Even this applied to Raja Petra Kamaruddin as I do NOT think he is making up the story as he was reliabley informed,

    2. You need not use an Expensive one. Use a Simple Lie Detector. Here is a Simple Lie Detector that can be built in a few minutes, but can be incredible usefulwhen you want to knowif someone really telling the truth. It is NOY as sophiscated as the one used by the professional usebut it works. IT WORKS BY MEASURING SKIN

  43. Lemon Tree says:




  44. Roo says:

    Think about this. The police already summoned Bala to balai after Bala released the SD. The lawyer dropped his client at the balai, but did not go in with him. Strange no? Obviously they knew what was going to happen.

    Even in Vietnam War because of torture etc the americans allowed their soldiers to talk whatever nonsense the other side wanted. This was to prevent harm to their soldiers.
    So Bala talks whatever nonsense the cops want him to talk.

    But someone is holding some trump cards. There are some incriminating pictures of Najib and Altantunya which will surface in the next few days that will make Bala`s 1st SD credible. Bala will then say he was forced by the police to make SD2.

    And Najib will be a dead duck. Also the IGP and AG.

  45. Roo says:

    Good. Another bright spark at Rocky`s:

    Lt Gen Mohd Salleh Ismail, the Director of our Malaysia’s Military Intelligence, said just now that there is no military intelligence report on the Altantuya murder case as claimed by Raja Petra Kamaruddin in a Statutory Declaration.

  46. driving me crazy says:

    you guys are barking at the wrong tree… trying to make assumptions on the lawyer dropping him off at police station la etc…

    the fact is, altantuya was a SECRET lover of razak baginda. Dr Rosli made a false assumption. If it was secret, why would razak wants to introduce Altantuya to Najib (who would have people surrounding him all the time). Razak would never want to reveal his secret lover to the world lest his wife would found out.

    Dr Rosli should step in his object of criticism before he can produce good assumptions.

  47. driving me crazy says:

    you guys are barking at the wrong tree… trying to make assumptions on the lawyer dropping him off at police station la etc…

    the fact is, altantuya was a SECRET lover of razak baginda. Dr Rosli made a false assumption. If it was secret, why would razak wants to introduce Altantuya to Najib (who would have people surrounding him all the time). Razak would never want to reveal his secret lover to the world lest his wife would found out.

    Dr Rosli should step in the shoes of his object of criticism before he can produce good assumptions.

  48. NorHaslim says:

    David Chan,

    I agree with you. Anwar is full with questions. Why don’t just reveal it now? Why have to wait for a few days to reveal the evidences…..?
    now, tell us the truth do you have the evidence at all?

  49. Obi Wan Kentucky says:

    Bala has retracted his SD??????

    I smell something fishy… or does money has fishy smell?

    Anyway, I’m fed up with all this farcical, tabloid, circus sensationalism that we’ve seen through these last few days courtesy of our politicians.

    My call to all the politicians…STOP YER STUPID CIRCUS ACTS (I don’t care if you’re screwing your neighbor’s dog) AND START DOING YOUR ENTRUSTED JOBS!

  50. chaptokam says:

    I am neither a fan of both and I have critised and I firmly believe Najib is involved , however the latest chain of events have led me to be pissed off and I feel I ought to express my distaste and feelings.

    These are a bunch of jokers plainly there are two persons involved ,one a Jackass and another a Sodomass with their only intention of becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia without due consideration to Malaysians in general and the image of the country in general . Today Malaysians are already bracing for hard times with or without these Wong Sa and Yeh Fong soap operas . Today instead of trying to solve our economic problems with oil and petrol price increases affecting all daily usage comodities , transportation , bus fares , electricity tariff increases , super inflation of around 12 percent , we have these two Morons fighting to see who delivers the knockout punch . What a joke , this is the greatest joke of the century in Malaysia .

    All these sandiwara’s are done for the purpose of only one thing . I want to be the PM of Malaysia . I don’t care what happens to Malaysians , you die by the roadside , cry ,curse , go on rampage , no food to eat, no place to stay , kill out of frustrations , I don’t care and I don’t want to know as long as my opponent gets kick out and I become the PM .

    What is the point of everyday trying to get the rakyat to protests , making use of the rakyat for that purpose ? or to hold a one million rally ?? for whose benefit ?? for the jackass own benefit!!!

    If you have the PROOF , bring it out and settle it once and for all .

    Coming back to the issue on the PI
    His lawyer has this to say when he made the SD;
    Americk said: “We’re not saying what he heard is absolute gospel, this must be distinguished. Balasubramaniam is not in the position to determine what is true or not.”
    So does this imply the PI is either lying today or yesterday. Basically he is paid to do the wayang for the benefit and to sway public opinion to the Jackass .
    How can you make a SD based on HERESAY ???
    A SD is a document recording accurate chain of events that happened NOT on heresay .
    Today’s SD is to do away with all the heresay .

    So whats there to say ? how can a court convict someone based on heresay ??
    If you Anwar as you say have SOLID PROOF , bring it out OK !!
    NO more wayang please .

    RPK is still the most reliable and still the BEST when it comes to bravery and on willing to stand up on what he writes . He should be the PM of Malaysia, not you two opportunists.

  51. penyokong PR - bangsa Cina says:

    guiness book of record here i come. yahoo 3x

  52. xy says:

    we need a new generation of leaders without the baggage of the past to lead the country.

    all the players finger pointing at each other belong to the old school and are in the middle of a heated game to scoring square with each other.

    Daily lives are getting tougher with inflation and huge threat of global slow down.

    Get real and do something concrete for the people. Stop the games pls, enough is enough.

  53. driving me crazy says:

    pro anwaritas do not smeall anything fishy when anwar was caught sweating over the fact that he frequent the desa dsara condo quite often?

    to u ppl anwar smells like roses all the time is it? no sins at all?

    no negative assumptions, hearsay, hypothetical guess, bad perception abt him going there often?

    you guys are biased. that would be the downfall.

  54. Devan says:

    Najib is the culprit!!! Together with his Princess Rosmah…
    Why were his bodyguards involved in the murder? Who asked them to help Razak?
    Its the biggest consipiracy of all…….Najib,Rosmah,IGP,AG,DSP Musa,The Lt.Col’s !!!!
    Who will investigate all this CROOKS?
    Why did Najib deny he ever met the victim. The evidence is there…..Anwar blast Najib’s Balls with C4 if he ever them!
    Najib Is a LIAR …u can see it in his eyes. So is Rosmah!!!! RPK is right.
    And not forgetting the other great LIAR in Malaysia….Bodowi !!!!

  55. 2 cents says:

    malaysia today up again..yeah…


  56. ah long says:

    Catch this Bala idiot and give him 20 strokes of the rotan and 10 years prison.

    This sort of thing is not play play.

    Also this Anwar, if you have evidence then bring it out. Don’t play play.

    You want to play, go and play with Saifool’s backside.

    And Najib, one day you say you don’t know Saifool, then next day you say he came to your house. come on lah, all this is on record and you cannot deny. Now we know you are a damn big liar. Gotcha.

  57. wa wa says:

    there is a possiblity of Mr Bala is another “planted” agent like saiful?-
    as another strategy to clear himself again, to make a reverse fill movie- ? possible???

    if this is the case. no wonder he is smilling in yersteday press confrence
    he is prepared.
    he want anwar to look bad and stupid.

    how can PKR or anwar take anyone simply from the roadside to be evidence withness?
    If it is not the case. then the next questions are:
    1) who brought him to anwar be the evidence? is it last minute new evidence? hpw sure that anwar that this Mr Bala will not play him off?

    How can an important evidence provider to be allowed go to see police in the Briekcgfiled alone? not accompnay by his lawyer and the supporter?
    Mr bala is such important, he shall be protected serouosly like anwar now.
    how come his movement so free? and no one taking care or monitor his security all times in case there is strick baclk?

    2) where is Rja Pertra proof for the najib wife is involved? show it now!

    show the proof nowwa

  58. Pentium says:

    If Bala had made the 1st SD under duress,.. can anyone imagine WHO would and COULD put him to do it? It can’t be the police as we all know who’s side the police are on. Can’t also be Razak Baginda, the poor chap’s still in jail and his name was all over the 1st SD and did not look good at all. So it’s Anwar?? Anwar and PKR are not in power and position to put anyone under duress for such thing. Nor do they have the monies to pay Bala for such a brave act??? Nxt suspect would be PM himself? could it be PM who threatened Bala and forced him to make the 1st SD? Hmmm… that would also implicate that PM does not fancy his DPM and probably wants to get rid of him ASAP. But hey… the PM had ample evidence and time to “gantung” the DPM, why didnt he do it?

    So who’s left??? If no one COULD put Bala under duress for the 1st SD, then we can conclude that Bala lied in his 2nd SD, about the reason he made the 1st SD in the first place. Which means, he probabaly lied about everything else in the 2nd SD as well. Notice that omission of “u-know-who” is all over the 2nd SD.

    If u ask me, this was a neat trap to get Najib and police force to act desparately and obviously to conspire against the law, and they went into the trap like ducks to water!!

    Cant wait for the next episode….

  59. Harrison says:

    Susan in fact made two important points to be accessed:-

    (1) “But whatever it is, no one would ever believe Bala again.”-Susan Loone

    Commentary- Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt.

    -Another person who’s character and dossier must be investigated is non other than his 1st lawyer, (I commented based on (http://jelas.info/) )Americk Singh Sidhu.

    Americk claimed that:-
    Americk told Malaysiakini that Balasubramaniam received a phone call from the police soon after his press conference yesterday to report to the Brickfields police station.

    “I advised him that as a law-abiding citizen, he should go and see them. So I fetched him to the Brickfields police station at 4.45pm yesterday and I haven’t heard from him since,” he said stressing that he has failed to contact Balasubramaniam since this news broke out.”” Extract from Jelasinfo

    (1) Did lawyer Americk notify the office of Anwar Ibrahim upon dropping Bala off since his client’s SD was revealed at PKR Headquarter?

    (2) Having fully aware of his client’s deposition in the SD that cast strong aspersions and severe doubts about Police work (who Bala claimed that Najib’s name and other facts obtained by the police whether written/ caution statements was never mention during the trial of Altantuya) why has Americk failed to notify Anwar Ibrahim or any PKR members when he clearly knew by commonsense that his client will highly be subject to reprisals (beatings, coercions, etc. certainly not to claimed a reward)

    (3) Bala, Upon being telephoned by the police, whom was with lawyer Americk in a motorcade even dropped Bala off at Police Station Brickfields. Did he notify Anwar/PKR members after his client received a call from the police and after he dropped-off Bala immediately?

    The inference worth to be access here is why lawyer Americk failed to take immediate and necessary steps in informing Anwar/PKR members when he clearly (Give me a break, even a street-sweeper knows the peril await Bala) if no complicity between Bala, Americk and others?


    (2″)And his role as witness in the Altantuya trials must be striked out. In any case, there should be a mistrial. And Altantuya’s case handed over to an independent justice body for a re-trial” -Susan Loone

    Yes, agree. But in England and in Australia but not here. The whole charade was staged from the very beginning in dismissing a Senior Public prosecutor in the 11th hour as well as a Presiding Judge which was also replaced.

    * The motive of the Police is to coerce Mr. Bala to make very serious amendments, in this case, omissions of DPM Najib Razak and his act (that Najib never had sex with Altantuya) with the primary aim to discredit and undermine Mr. Bala (if Mr. Bala was not planted at the first place) character to assume that Bala is a whimsical person, and what legality can an arbitrator/Magistrate/Judge can assume any credibilities of Bala’s SD, let alone allow the admissibility of this SD serve as fresh/new evidence in the ongoing trial?

    1st Statutory Declaration is deposed by Bala uncoerced, and willingly on his self-proclamation that he wanted to see justice done when his statemments taken by police was not mention by the Prosecutor in the murder trial. (at free will)

    2nd Statutory Declaration omitted certain personalities and their actions. (under duress)

    Under duress from the police? The inference- Bala is an unscrupulous man.

  60. 2 cents says:

    better not take sleepy head for a fool..each time the eyes close..the brain is probably strategising…

  61. drrafick says:

    Enough is Enough! Read my writings at http://www.rights2write.wordpress.com

  62. Pentium says:

    Oh by the way,

    You guys have to learn to be patient la… Evidence cannot be put forward just to satisfy the crowd. It has to be presented in ways and timings that would shut the opponent off. U can’t give away hints or clues of yr evidence else the opponent would concoct counter attacks beforehand.

    So just wait for the “check mate”, and be patient.

    Oh one more thing. I didnt see Anwar sweating about his visits to the condo. Of course the conspirees would choose a crime place where he had visited. Otherwise, we will see a “siaran ulangan” of the tivolli Villa…. stupid Musa Hassan. His matress carrying didn’t give him enough balls to be a man. Instead he chose to stick to his masters and bark all the way. Woof woof…. sit boy sit…..

  63. Francis says:

    The new lawyer for Bala comes from the law firm of Federal territory minister’s brother; Zulhasnan Rafique who rigged himself in after he was beaten by a young PKR man, the son o KL’s 1st Mayor.

  64. BobbyNZ says:

    Okay Okay

    Everybody lied. But we must consider effects to lies to abhor who the worst liar is. Undoubtedly, it’s no one else but ANWAR. Why? His obsession with men’s rear is so well known though he cowardedly even seek US assistance. But worse of all, he “sodomised” the Malaysian economy by legalising short selling of currency and stocks in 1997 and opened the door for the CROOKS to “gang rape” them to the tune of no less than RM$500 billion. It is still suffering the trauma of the effects now. Otherwise, it would be in a position to weather it like China! So the worst liar is Anwar Ibrahim aka Artificial Intellingence!

  65. Francis says:

    Since we are talking about two SD, let’s examine certain points.

    1. Yesterday, he was all happy and chatted with every journalist, local and foreign.
    Today, he refused to talk or take a single question from anyone.

    2. Yesterday, his meeting was announced 24 hrs before it was scheduled.
    Today’s meeting was in obscure hotel where few journalists were called in.

    3. Yesterday, he was a happy man, vety jovial and chattery.
    Today, BN newspaper the Star wrote that he “was visibly perturbed”

    4. Yesterday, he has informed the people and the journalists who were the people who have jailed him, harassed him, omitted his evidence and maltreated him.
    Today, he didn’t say who has forced him. Who has given instructions. Who has mistreated him. He simply refused to talk but run out of the hall visibly disturbed with deep eyes.

    5. Yesterday, he didn’t meet the police before he released his SD in front of world media and local as well,
    Today (yesterday’s night) he has spent in BrickFields where he was immediately summoned after he has released his SD and was taken to the station by his former lawyer.

    6. Yesterday, he has released a comprehensive SD touching on Najib, Musa Safri, Baginda, Police, Prosecution, Witnesses (etc),
    Today, he has released the same SD but the parts that referred to Najib removed. All other people were retained. (Ha ha! I wonder who advises these people.)

    7. Yesterday, he was a well combed man, with office shirt- and well prepared
    Today, he was wearing a dirty T-Shirt with a cap and a was acrrying a plastic bag (black). As his new lawyer talked, he didn’t talk, chat, look up, greet or handshake anyone unlike yesterday.

    ……..These are simple observations that any intelligent being can pick and realise what’s going on. Furthermore, it is not Bala or Anwar who is in charge of the Defence, Security, Intelligence, Criminal and Justice system of this country but the 3 men accused of conspiracy and evidence manipulation. (Najib, Musa and Patail). You don’t need a child to know who uses force. It is not Anwar who seeks shelter at Embassies fearing for himself but the men who exercise that power over the said institutions.

    PS: The Deputy PM doesn’t need Bala to retract any statement which is a perjury now and a criminal act in the penal code. He only needs to file a defamtion suit. Can’t he? If yo are innocent, why trouble yourself with Bala? Just go to the court and said you were defamed and there you go and get your due. When he was asked yesterday, he refused to file a suit, just like he and Rosmah refused to file a defamation suit against Raja Petra. If people are mudslinging you, insulting, incriminating you, and you are innocent, why not seek justice? It is because he knows in courts evidence will be produced and knowing that the Altantuya case has been pre-arranged (we have followed it as a nation), he hopes that by simply denying SDs and refusing to file suits, things will get cooled and he will move on. Heavenly no. Malaysia’s name is at stake. It is not about him, about Anwar or Badawi. It is about this nation and its people.

    NB: If he has no confidence in the judiciary of this country by refusing to seek justice at the courts by filing defamation suits against his accusers, who else will trust the regime? The dead? Oh, I’m sorry…we are alive. Thanks to God!

  66. toyolbuster says:

    Hey this is Lying Malaysia Year 2008. Lets join in the fun of lying, Now Everyone Can Lie.

  67. JeyS says:

    you know all these nonsense is waste of our time.

    GOD knows who done it and this bolehland nothing is ever going to come out right! They should call this land – the LALALAND! Everything is so LALA politicians, people like the idiot Bala and then politicians wannabe,the sils wanna be of the politicians, their wives, their children so on.

    We the nutcase rakyats…will be running round the bush with their tales’ spinning.

    People…..welcome to LALALAND! more LALA’s coming soon!

  68. Hahaha says:

    Najib lied twice within a fortnight in connection with this bloke,Saiful, I place my trust more with Anwar…obviously to the displeasure of a lap dog associated with BN

  69. wits0 says:

    Who has the greater means, clout, predisposition and history of lying?

  70. BobbyNZ says:

    It doesnt take a person with high intelligence that the CROOKS have employed some full time “liars” for Anwar to condemn the present govt and try to persuade readers to Anwar. What a bunch of CROOKS who lie for money!

  71. Harrison says:

    All I know is that BobbyNZ is not a liar but suffering from dementia. hahahahahhahaha

  72. tamade says:

    Some Great Figures in the Book of Record in Bolehland :

    The Biggest liar and Greediest politician~ 800 Million Dollar Man & his wife who was at the site

    The Most Fatigue PM in Bolehland~ AAB

    The Most Twisted Tongue and Wicked PM~Mahafiraun

    The Most controversial CPO~Musa

    The Most controversial AG~Ghani

    The Most Draconian Act~ ISA

    The Most Sodomised Party~UltaManNo

    The Most Powerful Group~Rakyat

    The Most Coward~S.Hamid

    The Most Hooligan Min~N. Omar

    The Most AP Min~M.Yasin

    The Most Feared Lawyer~Lingam

    You can use your imaginations to add the relevant ones if you want.

  73. tamade says:

    Oh, I forgot, the Most Sodomised flur in this Blog? Anybody has an answer?

    The answer is that CyberTrooper of UltamanNo who came back from South Hemisphere.

    Agreed? Or you have better answer. By the way, I am Heterosexual, not a gay and not a bisexual.

  74. BobbyNZ says:

    I am truly surprised how fast the responses are and how frequent! Who else??? Crooks paid for money to lie for Anwar.

    Good nite you arseholes!



  75. Philip Lau says:


    It can be increidble useful when you wish to know if someone is reallly telling the truth. It is not as sophiscated as the one used by thr professional use but it works. It works by measurement of skin fesistancewhich goes down when you lie.

  76. caught in the act says:

    this thamby sivarasa is so stupid!!!!! slandering najib by saying bala was initmidated..

    how and when was he intimidated??? in the nasi kandar coffeeshop???

    where is the proof? bodoh!

    stupid idiot! i also can slander him la like this!

    sivarasa and anwar paid bala to make the fiorst untrue SD.

  77. tamade says:

    The Rakyat of Bolehland would like to appeal to those who are RIGHTEOUS in the Police Force and the ARMY, think carefully and deeply:

    1. If the CPO, AG and their Selective subordinates were guilty of their crimes, what would you people do? Are you people going to sit there watching these flurs sodomising and tarnishing the good image of the police force or vice versa? Remember, you are the RAKYAT’s friends and protectors, not their enemies. The Rakyat really count on you.

    2. If the Defence Minister and his wife were actually involved in the gruesome murder of the poor Mongolian woman and yet pretending nothing has happen, what would you do? Are you people just going to sit there watching and kow-tow to him or vice versa? The Rakyat count on you.

    This is the Right time that you all must do something. Dr Rafick, your comrade, is almost at the edge of Explosion, don’t hurt his heart anymore.

    Think what you can do for the Agong, for the Rakyat and for the Country. Have your courage and the Rakyat will be with you always.

    God Bless You All.

  78. chaptokam says:

    We are fools to be used by them .
    Lets not be fools by not attending any rallys or protests at the moment until things are much clearer.

  79. allen ng says:

    I suspect this Bala was intimidated by somebody who maybe threatened his life or else how come less than 24 hours he has changed his mind. Malaysians are no fool and the truth will be prevailed soon.

  80. Ctizen Me says:

    A member of the human race is dead. We want to know who did it.

  81. ajip says:


    i think, bala is purposely sent by najib to give wrong SD.

    thats why najib was smiling yesterday and said

    “Saya amat relaks. Macam yang boleh awak tengok, saya boleh senyum. Saya tidak risau kerana kebenaran akan terbukti” (sumber : utusan)

    he was so confident yesterday. he knew that “kebenaran akan terbukti”

    now i am thinking whether RPK was also given false info. hope i am wrong. did RPK received info from Bala? see latest news from Rockybru

    dalam RPK SD, dia ada menyebut pasal KJ dan AAB. sekarang kedua-dua KJ dan AAB telah dikaitkan. kedua mereka menafikan menerima apa2 maklumat mengenai kes altantuya. Jikalau najib melawan AAB dalam pemilihan presiden UMNO akan datang, AAB tak boleh nak ugut najib dengan kes altantuya. akhirnya AAB akan ditewaskan najib.

    ingat tak najib ada berkata yang dia tak putuskan lagi samada ingin bertanding jawatan presiden beberapa minggu lepas

    sekarang, najib akan kempen yang dia difitnah. sama macam anwar dulu, dia cuba dapatkan simpati.

    kenapa bala nak buat SD bulan ni? kenapa saiful report isu sodomi bulan ni? kenapa semua ini berlaku sebelum kempen pemilihan UMNO?

    lagi satu

    see the way che det condem KJ in his latest posting.

  82. red_daffodil says:

    that bala formerly was a ‘bala’/’bad luck’ to najib
    now seems the flip flop bala, a bala to anwar
    so, I suggest – bala, go mandi tolak bala lagi senang maa..

    the whole malaysia dah kena bala!!

  83. wits0 says:

    Using a stick and a carrot at the same time can generate new SDs.

  84. Hahaha says:

    Harrison your description of this asshole BobbyNZ is too polite a word. I have always refer him as a cock-eyed DICKHEAD and a born looser with an axe to grind. Leave him alone not worth the time and trouble.

  85. tamade says:

    Allen, I think your guess is right. Bala and his family members lives must be in danger. That’s the reason why the SD2 emerged. So who is guilty? Kindly refer to malikimtiaz.blogspot.com

    Ajip, the reason why the 800 million dollar man keeps on smiling is because he knows very well that his own people will take care of Bala and his family members and Bala will have to retract the SD1.

    The Rakyat in Bolehland are not fool. I believe Malik and Dr Rafick. Their analysis carry weight.

  86. joyce says:

    Anybody notice that SD 1 is stated to belong to a Balasubramaniam but SD 2 belongs to a Balakrishnan? Read the first lines of both SD. Intentional or merely a typo? If the former, then SD 1 is not effectively retracted and still stands, no?

  87. cjfoo says:

    With Anwar and Najib going at each other’s throat, the biggest benefitor is AAB no doubt.

    With Najib’s integrity shattered,who in UMNO would trust him now?

    AAB could delay the handing over of the premiership to Najib and at the sametime remove Najib as a threat to him. Its killing two birds with one stone.

    What happen now more than meet the eyes.

    Think about it.

  88. NO FEAR says:

    Pusing = Porah = Chicken.

  89. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    New Malaysian Comedy Hits the Screens!


  90. hahaha says:

    what ever it is….it is still very clear, everybody knows who is the culprit.

  91. hahaha says:

    after threaten with c-4, patutlah Mr Bala takut and tarik balik the SD. siapa yang paksa dia tarik balik SD tu, tak payah cakap pun jelas la…

  92. hopeless says:

    Malaysia is in a mess now. Don’t we have better things to do? What about our economy??

    Hope all this monkey show will end very soon.

  93. Harrison says:

    Dear Susan,

    I read the 2nd SD of Bala a bit late: http://www.nst.com.my/Current_News/NST/Friday/Frontpage/20080704122101/Article/index_html

    You know what I think? I an quite confident that Anwar Ibrahim was set-up by Bala and his first lawyer, Americk to humiliate Anwar and PKR.

    The 2nd Statutory Declaration was deposed to wholly debunk his own 1st Statutory Declaration of Najib’s involvement and everything Razak baginda and the late Altantuya confided in Bala of Najib’s connecting/involvement.

    Even Sukma darmawan who was coerced into signing a false police statement against Anwar has repeatedly confessed during and after the trial of the said coercion. RPK even went to jail for standing by his SD.

    The parody is that he(Bala)claimed of being under duress if one read the link, he clearly meant the 2nd SD.

    If you read the link, one will sense that Bala are hired guns than Bala under threats by the Police/authorities. The whole saga was a masquerade (false show). Class Act, Class Act!

    Anwar Ibrahim has to be careful of people around him. For the Greatest strategy in War is espionage. Class Act.

  94. Harrison says:

    Malaysia has become a joke of the world when the slogan “Malaysia Boleh (Can)” was been a subject of punning whenever travesties occurs.

  95. xy says:

    PR should focus on making the 5 states they run into a much better place.

    Rome is not made in a day. Why such a hurry to become a PM?

    Start from the 5 states. It will be rightly yours whe people see the difference.

    In the meantime, it is economy, economy, economy.

  96. panca says:

    Bala will come back to do another SD to declare he was under threat therefore he undeclared the first,which made the second absolving najib, follow by the next upcoming SD when he will response that he now is a free man to do the ‘rightful thing’, back to the first SD.

    By then he would be a well-to-do man, living dangerously rich!

    I am of the view that anwar would have expected him(Bala) to stray or betray with Najib life on the line. Altantuya didn’t get the money she was promised, that amount would be one big load’ enough’ to gag a PI diarrhoea mouth! wouldn’t it?

  97. AyoyoMalaysians says:


    I wake up early Saturday morning and find loads of shit spattered on this blog by paid liars! Everyone gets excited over one dead mongolian prostitute! Hey, what about many all over the world especially Iraq and Afghanistan killed by those CROOKS supporting Anwar with money and blog liars? Are they not more accountable?

    Wake up to reality man! Face the Truth. Dont be like that phoney maverick, Raja Petra. It’s time the Police put behind bars all those who make unsubstantiated Statutory Declaration. It’s a mockery to the judiciary system that acquitted Anwar of sodomy on technicalities.


    p/s better run for cover as more shit will be splattered!!!

  98. BobbyNZ says:

    OOPs I am allergic to morons!!! including morons who lie!!! hahaha

  99. Ayoyosamy says:

    I am allergic to liars too BobbyNZ especially gaylos who lie!!!

  100. Felow Mamak says:

    Interesting Dr M mentioned that the judges believed Anwar committed sodomy and they let him off the recent one. Now Saiful’s case is exciting!!

  101. BobbyNZ says:

    The most compelling evidence would a tape shown on YouTube with Anwar’s permission. Even then, the CROOKS propaganda say otherwise like lookalike haha

  102. Ayoyosamy says:

    Cannot win those CROOKS lah BobbyNZ. Now they are beaten at their own game of stocks as their economic fundamentals are so shitty. I lost count how many trillions they owe others. The last Khomeni who asked his money was attacked. Big Brother? More like Big Bully hehe

  103. Ayoyosamy says:

    Ya lah. That will end all the bickering going around the blogs!

  104. BobbyNZ says:

    Dr M, as Pm during the first sodomy charge would know a lot lot more than the public. So read between the lines carefully.

  105. Fellow Mamak says:

    That’s why he spoke out cos he knows the Truth about Anwar.

  106. Ayoyosamy says:

    Imagine on Anwar’s inauguration day as PM and his sodomy tape is released simultaneously, the whole nation would exclaim “ayoyo samy”

  107. BobbyNZ says:

    Then all wll be convinced he is the greatest liar in Malaysia!

  108. Obi Wan Kentucky says:

    So, this Statutory Declaration, what does it mean and what implications does it carry?

    Can retract retract wan ahhh? Akuan berkanun or akuan bersumpah nih?

    Can tarik tarik wan ah all this sumpah sumpah?

    If laidet wan ah, tomorrow I make statutory declaration against my boss la. The f’ler cilaka guy wan la. Next day can tarik balik whatttt?

    Very nice la this concept. Can tarik tarik wan…eh, my marriage certificate can tarik balik aahh?

  109. ultraman says:

    Isn’t it possible that both sides have been sodomised by bala too, huh?

    – remember bala was special branch (M’sia’s secret police), an insider who have seen all the dirty tricks these people played and the extent they would and can play. Of course, he got his kakis in there, maybe even all the way to Musa. Together they hatch something … leave the rest to your imagination lah!

    Ask yourself this though – what motivated him to initiate SD1 to start with? Hindraf? Pohdah dei!

  110. Roo says:

    BobbyNZ said, on July 5th, 2008 at 2:10 am
    The most compelling evidence would a tape shown on YouTube with Anwar’s permission.

    Why ask Anwar permission. Hishamuddin Hussein Onn was showing the tape to UMNO members throughout the country also. It did not compel anyone. Why not you put the tape on youtube.
    We also agree with you, rafidah aziz and mahathir that anwar beat himself up in prison and continued beating himself after he was unconscious.

  111. Roo says:

    All who have made SD with Banks for housing loans etc can now retract the same and the Banks cannot chase them to repay the loans because documentation improper.

  112. […] Who actually lied? “Bala left for fish head curry in Brickfields. He had a friendly chat with an ASP who wanted to congratulate him […] […]

  113. Bola Hangus says:

    tommorw SD #3,

    1- Remains found were that of Jimmy Hoffa
    2- accused perpertrators were lee harvey oswald and john wilkes booth
    3- Charlotte corday was at the scene of the crime
    4- the gullotine was the device used.
    5- they all went back in UFO

    tu la bala, dont smoke too much curry powder.

    ha ha ha…wat the hell is this country comin to?

  114. BobbyNZ says:

    For your information, I am 4 hours ahead of you. Poor guy who doesnt know how that the earth turns haha.

  115. BobbyNZ says:

    Police should start imprisoning those making false statutory declaration under provisions of ISA so that crooks dont get alway with trying to stirr the public with lies!

  116. Left for curry fish head , my foot. Most likely left to meet with the sharks, thereafter quickly changed his mind, knowing fully well that if not, he might have gone home with missing llimbs , body and head.

  117. Sab says:

    Look at it again boys and gals:

    By leaving Bala alone, Anwar and his group wanted to show one thing: that there is a clear consistence of manipulation in the criminal justice system by Najib, Musa Hasan and Patail who are interestingly the least professional people we have ever heard. Anwar wanted to show that they (The police-Najib-Musa-Ghani) always fabricate evidence, manipulate the system and cow people. What makes it even more inspiring is that Bala just made his 1st SD in front of the world media while laughing and saying…“Oh, if you spend one night in those joils…you will sign…” (etc). So Anwar has scored big here. Even before the evidence is produced against Najib in relation to Altantuya, by forcing Bala to retract the parts that are related to Najib and leaving the rest in tact makes it more potent. ASP Tony who has jailed Bala before and Musa Safri of Najib’s office and all other accusations were left alone but Najib’s part removed. That there is clear conspiracy and consistent manipulation has been established. The Star, a BN leaflet did a marvellous job by showing a dejected, teary-eyed and forlorn Bala crying to the Heavens unlike the earlier jovial, happy, chatty and engaging Bala the previous day. The damage has been done and I’m of the opinion that Anwar and co. were deliberate in releasing Bala so two objectives are attained:

    1. To show the dark forces who manipulate the system, cow witnesses, omit evidences, conspire to cheat and deceive.

    2. To discredit the SDs so that in order for Altantuya to get justice, the judge(s) will have to examine afresh and demand to know which SD represents the truth and this is what Najib is avoiding. He has avoided the matter going to court and that’s why he has refused to file defamation suit against Bala and Raja Petra despite the fact that he is obliged to do if he is innocent. In either way, the damage has been done, the manipulation already established and there can no be conclusion to Altantuya’s case unless the SDs are examined by a court of law and lawyers and you know what that means and who has been doing all he can to avoid such outcome and fate.

  118. gooeyglobs says:

    Hi Friends,

    Raja Petra has been called to Sentul Police Station at 5.30 pm. A convoy of supporters will be there.

    Please be there to give support.

  119. najib can rest in piece right now. ge ahead resign. we hate you and your rosmah.

  120. Obi Wan Kentucky says:

    Najib said today in Pekan, Pahang “Malaysian politics has now reached a stage of employing dirty tactics including disregarding the country’s laws…”

    But a couple of days earlier on TV, when asked if he should be subject to police investigation, he said, “Why should I be investigated?”

    So, who’s dodging the law now? Sheeshh, not another flip flopper for Prime Minister!

  121. confess2u says:

    Next headline in the making

    NAJIB ACCUSES ROSMAH FOR MURDER. He can get another one only if the ambitious and arrogant wife of his goes far far away. That will be killing two birds with one stone – Altantuya and Rosmah.

    Conspiracy Theory No. 1

    Najib sets up Rosmah in video (doctored, of course)

    Conspiracy Theory No.2

    Najib makes SD against Rosmah, She goes into police custody, he wins Umno elections, AAB steps down, Najib becomes the next PM. Najib sends RPK and Anwar to ISA
    Law and Order is restored again.

  122. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// BobbyNZ said, on July 5th, 2008 at 2:03 am

    OOPs I am allergic to morons!!! including morons who lie!!! hahaha ///

    BobbyNZ – I really pity you for the fact that you have to take antibiotics everyday for the rest of your life. Must be pretty tough on you to be allergic to yourself.

  123. BobbyNZ says:

    I couldnt help laughing when I heard the Americans reminded Malaysian govt about ” Rule of Law” when they illegally went to war on Iraq in the pretext of FREEDOM. What a load of shit talk. All Malaysians should not be hoodwinked by these “murderers of the first degree”. Only their nucliear arsenals prevent their President to be tried for war crimes! And now they come to Anwar’s aid and supply him money so he could employ full time PAID LIARS!

  124. BobbyNZ says:

    When Anwar’s sodomy tape becomes available, it will be very expensive due to copyrights issue as Anwar wants his royalty hehe

  125. rai says:

    I am one who believes the 1st SD by PI Bala. To me, the retraction he did not long after looked sooo OBVIOUSLY forced out from him.

    Najib will pay for all the evil crimes he did. Pay he will here in this world and the hereafter. AMIN

  126. BobbyNZ says:


    Have you considered the real possibility that Bala was paid for the 1st SD and when threatened with imprisonment, he quickly changed his SD and disappeared for dear life knowing his life in danger for “breach of contract” with Anwar?

  127. Chips says:

    murder cases to be investigted:

    Norita Shamsuddin & Canny Ong – 3 main so call top one najis, police & judge

  128. the whisperer says:

    they must think we’re idiots if we’re to believe that Bala was not under duress. A crime has been committed and although the guilty ones and ones implicated in it have been publicly dragged thru the mud, we Malaysians watched as justice gets defeated by tyranny and corruption before our very eyes. In most other countries, this wouldnt be happening. Wrong is wrong and yet wrong in Malaysia is transformed into “saya difitnah”, “bloggers are to blame”, “I know Najib and Rosmah are innocent: PM”. lying in public.

    and they all call themselves orang Islam yang alim. no shame.

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