DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang has suggested that Najib Razak relieve himself of his duties as deputy prime minister “until all questions implicating his credibility, especially arising from the statutory declaration by private investigator P. Balasubramaniam, are investigated and cleared”.

Lim said Bala’s SD has “challenged the truth and veracity of various statements and denials by Najib in connection with the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu in October 2006 – that Najib had not known or ever met Altantunya”.

He added that Najib and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi cannot allow Bala’s SD to go unchallenged as it raises grave fundamental issues as to their fitness to hold high political offices in the land.

Lim reminded us of the emotional scene at the Kuala Lumpur magistrate’s court on 16th November 2006 when Razak’s wife Mazlinda Makhzan lost her cool and shouted at journalists:

“My husband is innocent. My husband is a good man. He supported me and protected me. Why are you writing all these stories about him. He is not out to become the Prime Minister. Why are they doing this to him?”

Mazlinda’s emotional outburst in November 2006 have now been resurrected to the very fore of public consciousness by Balasubramaniam’s statutory declaration, crying out for full clarification.

Lim said Bala’s SD are issues of urgent definite public importance for which Parliament should take immediate cognisance by having an immediate debate, unless and until the Prime Minister can act promptly to assure the Malaysian public that the government is prepared and capable of responding swiftly, credibly and responsibly to the crisis of confidence in the government precipitated by the Balasubramaniam statutory declaration.


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  1. ANg Kong says:

    why korek korek korek for so long, if ada evidence/proofs… show it all out lah!! whether it’s the truth or not, the info is trickling like a leaking tap….

  2. data says:

    Najib says F**k you.
    Badawi says “He`s a Liar”
    AG says case closed
    IGP says “We`ll get to the bottom of this”.
    Judge says “Irrelevant”

  3. kcee says:

    “Go on Leave”

    Over my Dottie’s body! says C4


    All Malaysians must voice out their curiosity and demand that DPM steps down as too many SDs, by good and rational, God fearing men.

    Set up Royal Commission with police & prosecution powers. Detain all concerned without bail pending outcome of commission’s enquiry report.

    PM must be responsible and stop treating Malaysians as IDIOTs. Too much revelations have exposed the corridors of power. In fact BN government must withdraw as there is already a no confidence motion amongst the “minds” of Malaysians.

    Do the necessary as God fearing/preaching PM.

    Ravindran Kunjan

  5. gooeyglobs says:

    Whether the DPM likes it or not, it is better for him to take leave. If he is patriotic as he expected Malaysians to be, this is the logical way to show. Do not use what ever power vested to create hadrship for the people. Many of you in the government have done damage to the country and do not worsen it. Anyway, there is nothing much to expect from the PM in such situation. Come what may!

  6. data says:

    “I have given evidence in the trial of Azilah, Sirul and Abdul Razak Baginda at the Shah Alam High Court. The prosecutor did not ask me any questions in respect of Aminah’s relationship with Najib Razak or of the phone call I received from DSP Musa Safri, whom I believe was the ADC for Najib Razak and/or his wife. ..” Balasubramaniam


  7. why should bijan go on leave when he’s innocent. in fact he should sue anwar and bala (of course after AG and CJ consultation first, and make sure the case a guarantee win) just like anwar sue saiful to increase his innocence credibility.

  8. Kenny Gan says:

    To think this could be our future PM (shudder)!

  9. data says:

    Star editors and journalist do not know how to read N-a-j-i-b:

    PETALING JAYA: Political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda’s private investigator P. Balasubramaniam says the police omitted information about the relationship between a senior politician and Mongolian murder victim Altantuya Shaariibuu in his statement.


  10. Lemon Tree says:

    Why take so long to show the evidence.

    Show all NOW !

    Looks like…. DSAI washes Najib’s dirty linen in public…

    Najib keep on denying it…… until when?

    The truth will prevail?

    Whatever it is.. please change the GOV peacefully.

  11. Obi Wan Kentucky says:

    I think the key person now COULD be Rosmah.

    Remember, she has kept her quiet and weathered all allegations.

    But, a wife who knows more than everybody else about her husband’s secrets could very well turn around and blow the whistle, just like any other jilted wife would do.

    Keep yourself posted, turn of events could get (pardon the pun) very explosive!

  12. hasilox says:

    He could have long leave behind bars, if those are proven true. Holiday allowances still applicable? 😛

  13. jan says:

    C4 couldn’t control his dick that’s why he’s in all sorts of trouble. Padan muka.
    Raja Petra is right, we should send such characters to hell.

  14. data says:

    I heard Najib too will hold a press conference in Parliament at 17:45hr today. I hope he can explain how much he spent for the dinner in Paris, joined by Altantuya and Razak Baginda.


  15. kesava says:

    Moderator’s note : Forgot to mention that, in answer to a reporter’s question whether Bala’s SD was the only evidence, Anwar said that more would be released in due course.


  16. foxgal says:

    serve her right.


  17. kesava says:

    Clearly as per Bala`s SD, Najib is a sodomist.
    It also turns out that Najib knew Saiful (who has been sodomised) who wanted a `scholarship`.

  18. MalaysiaScrewedUp says:


  19. I had offered advise to the DPM through my Letter to Editor (that was posted on M’kini and M’today) recently, asking him to step down from ALL posts untill his name is cleared and the REAL crook is severly punished.

    But no. Perhaps he never read it or his personal / political advisors never saw it I beleive because my advise fell on deaf ears.

    Today it is too late to do so DPM. The shit has not only hit the fan but also refuses to go…….

  20. ghenjis khan says:

    My humble conclusion is that the UMNO Malays & Supporters are still in the State of Denial .

    They have not come out from the self imposed cocoon and insulated shell and even IGNORANT of their religious duty to give support ONLY to righteous and true Muslim Leaders.

    If they keep wanting to be IGNORANT and create Corruption and Injustices, their God will definitely ABANDON them .

    They will suffer from their own making. The are fasiq.

  21. kesava says:

    He said that new allegations of sodomy, levelled on the weekend by a 23-year-old aide who said he had been sexually assaulted by the opposition leader, were orchestrated by the government to prevent him from seizing power.

    Anwar said that leading figures in the government had targeted him with the sex scandal because they feared he could use information on the Altantuya case to bring about their downfall.

    “This has actually triggered this battle,” he said.


  22. Kenny Gan says:

    I wondered about RPK’s SD and why Rosmah would be at the scene.

    Now another bit of the puzzle has fallen into place.

    Hell had no fury like a woman scorned!

  23. tamade says:

    This time, Bolehland’s Pak Lah cannot pretend that he doesn’t know anything and just stay sideline. He must be impartial and must not simply praise those top brass without knowing the implications on he himself.

    If he is still hesitating on whether to relieve the duties of those top Guomen brass which have links with the murder case and mis-use of authority, then it is high time for him to be replaced by someone who is more suitable.

    Come on, Pak Lah, this is the time for you to flex your muscle and please be impartial.

  24. ghenjis khan says:

    and it seems that the UMNO Ministers are using the occasion to CAMPAIGN for UMNO supporters …

    Syed Hamid Albar and just now on TV3 Mahuyddin Yassin ….

    telling we Malaysians or rather the Malays that Anwar is aTraitor and liar !

    Can somebody educate this 2 ignorant Muslims, the Prophet Muhammad sought HELP from the Abyssinian King to protect the early Muslims.

    You know why? Because many of the UMNO members and supporters are like the “Jahilliyyah” Quraysh …exactly that.

    And this aristocratic Malays are feudal and have no sense of Justice and fair-play.

  25. David says:

    Is there any law in Malaysia that could be use to impeach the PM and the Deputy PM?

  26. Edi神 says:

    who to believe?

    Najib or anwar?

    Let’s ask them both to show their pennis, see who got F8ck asshole before!

  27. Edi神 says:

    Rosmah, going spohhing spree

    due to Najib didnt touch her for 10years

  28. Ravi says:

    as much as I would not like to see a murderer or conspirator to murder out free, it is paramount that while this case is investigated without prejudice by the police and trialled without biasness in court, it’s important that the current DPM stays in his position without any pressures from public, unless the PM himself requests it or the individual himself wishes to do so.

    If there is clear evidence that DS Najib did have influence over the murder, then it’s up to the Police to arrest and courts to charge him. But thus far, there is one Stat Dec from an ex-cop who was himself working for an accussed, makes declaration based on hearsay. It will be interesting to see if Razak Baginda will corroborate with Bala’s statements on whether he showed him any alleged sms’es or communication.

    Remember, the political wheels are spinning in M’sia especially as PKR is accussing Govt of falsifying and manufacturing sodomy accussations. Najib on other hand is accusing PKR of sidetracking the issue with a false representation of their own. Who do you believe? No one – but let the police do their work without all this crazy chatter, and make your comments once there is an actual charge…


  29. Harrison says:

    Ravi said, on July 3rd, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    Having read Ravi’s (sorry I can’t say her (up)take, coz it sounded so ridiculous that I wonder he was the “Female-Saiful-for-Hire”) comments, your ridicule to place the trust on police investigations merited me to ask you whether have you benefit anything from the police, I mean upperhand.

    I assume you are duly aware that The Royal Police Commission formed sometime in 2004 touring all States procuring public appraisal found police to have abuse their powers, massive corruption, torture of prisoners under lock-ups/ jails are amongst the primary misdeeds and misconducts that entails the much awaiting IPCMC, but unfortunately has not been enacted till date.

    Of Najib’s denials of behind orchestrating Saiful Bukhari’s police reports of being sodomized by Anwar Ibrahim, I find DPM Najib is nothing but a cunning liar with his whimsical vagaries that reflected his true diabolical character.

    When 1st approached by reporters when Saiful’s photo was taken with one of his aide behind a backdrop that reads “Deputy PM’s Office” he did not tell the whole truth but only said that Saiful went to his office to apply for a Government Scholarship.

    In Malaysiakini’s report (link below) he then said/admitte that Saiful had been to his residence and even consulted him fro his advise when allegedly sodomize by Anwar wherein Najib claimed that he left it to Saiful whether to lodge a police report or not.

    The whole charade of Najib Tun Razak reminds me of a few character who will use everything to lie only when irrefutable proof surface against him.

    The next time you feel unwell, you can go to the DPM’s office. maybe you will walk out more satisfied.


  30. panca says:

    IDIOT has lost integrity, continue praying and lying to his god!

  31. Kenny Gan says:

    WoW! When Saiful needs advice, he drops in to the DPM’s house for help. Can any Ahmad, Ah Kow or Ramasamy do that?

    Does he think we are all idiots? It stinks like a vile conspiracy.

  32. hutchrun says:

    Najib liwat that mongolian lady.
    So to make the medical examination of Saiful even more plausible, Saiful must have got his `scholarship` from Najib in the latter`s house a few days before making the report.

  33. Margeemar says:

    These are indeed troubling times we are living in. Saifulgate, Altantuyagate etc.Very often the Opposition has been accused by the BN regime of destabilizing the country by their actions. So what about this latest development where the IGP is talking about bringing in the Army to police the People?

    The Royal Malaysian Police has lost all credibility in the eyes of the People and also the World as it stands accused of being a tool of the BN regime. Now, we hear that the Army will for the first time may be deployed to keep order. The days to come will see the People taking to the streets to exercise their democratic right of Freedom to Assemble. Unfortunately the BN controlled Police will surely not allow it. Should the People go ahead, we may see for the first time, the Army confronting the Rakyat.

    The BN regime is in its final days. They will use this opportunity to declare Emergency with the help of the Army and Police to smash the opposition and retain power.

    We, the Rakyat (People), must not let this happen. This Scribe beseech of His Majesty Sultan Mizan as the Supreme Commander of the Malaysian Armed Forces for the sake of all peace loving Malaysians, to Command that the Armed Forces stay in their Barracks and not allow itself to be used by the unpopular BN regime to oppress the Peoples Will.

  34. JUstice says:

    I hope the scumbag will get charged with the murder of altantuya and spend the rest of his decaying lifetime behind bars. Long live Anwar and out with the old Governemnt please. We are sick and tired of your ‘excuses’ and covering up. Reformation!!

  35. confess2u says:

    Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Menteri Pertahanan
    Malaysia SANGAT PERCAYA DAN YAKIN kepada Almarhum
    Kolonel Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Fawzi bin Mohd Basri
    (mantan Naib Chancelor UUM) untuk menjadi Pengerusi
    Majlis Program Latihan Khidmat Negara.

    Dr. Fawzi Basri juga adalah penyelidik yang telah
    membongkar kisah rumah-tangga Najib. Najib yang
    sudah beristeri sanggup merampas Rosmah Mansor dari
    suaminya yang pertama. Orang Negri Sembilan sangat
    tahu kisah ini. Sila rujuk Thesis PhD sepenuhnya yang
    memuatkan surat-surat tawar-menawar antara Najib dan
    bekas suami Rosmah. Rosmah tergamak meminta cerai
    dari suami pertamanya untuk jadi isteri menteri dan
    memaksa Najib menceraikan isteri pertama.

    Para peserta Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKB)
    berhak mengetahui …. adakah mereka dididik supaya
    sesat dan berakhlak rosak sebagaimana Najib dan
    Rosmah ? 41 kem PLKN bertujuan untuk menabur RM25
    juta kepada kroni-kroni dalam UMNO. Kepada para
    pembekal uniform, boot, makanan, minuman dll peralatan

    PLKN … wang bayaran mungkin tidak sampai ke tangan
    anda sebagaimana beribu-ribu kontraktor yang jatuh
    bankrupt, ankara korupsi dalam UMNO/BN. Sila jawab
    wahai Kolonel Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Fawzi bin Mohd


  36. bennyloh says:

    nice name for a country


  37. Anonymous says:

    Which planet does Najib comes from? So unlike his father! And why is he so heinous? It angers me, at the same time saddens me greatly. His father really cared for the good of multicultural rakyat! (although he was mostly a product of past history of British times; thus existence of racial-based parties at that time). This’s what Anwar is about; but this time both a product and great maker of history, when Malaysians are finally tired of By the way,race/religious-based politics; because actually, they found out, it’s such a blessing to have dynamic multiculturalism. Imagine, we would have long been dominated by Taliban-style rule if only Muslims exist or dominate almost completely in this country, like in the Middle-East (the horror Saudi-style!) or Afghanistan/Pakistan/Bangladesh! In fact, I know many kampung Malays who switched to supporting Anwar after the first cruel incident; just barbaric!

    By the way, all of you morons who are so prejudiced; get a life (I don’t have time for diplomacy for Nazi or Taliban-thinking people!)! If one wants to be gay, not gay, liberated woman, sexy woman etc, what the hell has her/his private lives to do with you sadist and fascist morons! You, fanatical Muslims or something? As usual, extremist religious ranting justified such injustice and prejudice towards other human beings!

    Noor Aza Othman.

  38. lau gnua says:

    well you may have heard of the land of Sodom, stated in religious books like the Holy Bible (not sure about Quran). God detested the sin-infested ways there and took a step to burn the area with fire and disaster. The extremes of perverseness of their ways must have been similar to what we may see today. A God-fearing nation must be established. “Kesedaran tentang Tuhan” Don’t turn into a godless nation, saying God is non-applicable and yet build our lives around a self-sufficient pseudoculture.

  39. AyoyoNZ says:


    All these pro-Anwar crying foul over one dead mongolian whereas they forget Anwar abetted with the CROOKS (quoting BobbyNZ) during the Asian Crisis 1997/8 and caused so many deaths (suicides) in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia when people’s rice bowls were smashed.

    Shame on you all. You become bloodguilty like Anwar whom I have been “reliably informed” is unrepentant about banging arseholes. Tell you guys a joke

    One day God asked Anwar : “Anwar, why are you banging arseholes?”
    Anwar replied : “I learned it from the Americans O God”.
    God replied : “Havent I put it writing that arseholes are not for shaging?”
    Anwar replied :” I thought things have changed” God told Anwar off ” You still shit from the same arsehole dont you? I see shit coming off your mouth!!! you SODOMITE”

    Ayoyo, if this sodomite becomes PM, might as well renamed Malaysia as SODOMIA

  40. kesava says:

    If one wants to be gay, not gay, liberated woman, sexy woman etc, what the hell has her/his private lives to do with you sadist and fascist morons! – Noor Aza Othman

    Gays also can be fascists. The nazis used to have weird sexual parties and much research has been done on that. How do we know that fascist najib has not sodomised pretty boys, maybe when he was in UK? maybe that` is where he learnt it all. Maybe he did it to saiful the scholar from uniten also.

  41. ah long says:

    Go on leave and don’t come back

  42. kesava says:

    ah long:

    How can man. According to PI Bala`s SD the bugger likes to “come back”.

  43. Shivasregal888 says:

    ANg Kong said, on July 3rd, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    “why korek korek korek for so long, if ada evidence/proofs… show it all out lah!! whether it’s the truth or not, the info is trickling like a leaking tap….”

    Hahaha, Anwar appears to be drip feeding the revelations on Najib and Co using the Chinese water torture method. The Americans will say that it is very effective . There will be more to come. ….Stay tuned!

  44. JAMES LOW says:

    Go on leave if you’re not a liar.
    Rakyat shall holiday you in Mongolia.
    Bet you won’t cos you’re gutless.
    Go if got balls and come back headless.

  45. Veryupset says:

    With all these things that r happening can i wonder that there could be a riot?

    Coz d PM still WANTS to be in power & no way will he give it up to Anwar. If Anwar becomes PM, BN knows they all have to vacate their seats & positions & tak bole cari makan anymore. So, to hell with what Malaysians have to say! As long BN has Bodowi their arse r covered.

    There could be a state of emergency.

    Putting the army on our street? What does this mean? Get it…?

    Malaysia has NEVER been this screw up before! NEVER…! Y can’t our current PM see that? He’s NOT for d people. He’s only for his …….!!!………….???

    Very very upset lah !

  46. Jsss says:

    Is better for Najib to resign from DPM post rather going on leave.

    What more is he going to prove to clear his name since Anuar have strong evidence to prove all his lies.

    Ooi !!!! Najis……..balik lah kau rehat seumur hidup dengan pontinak Rosmah tu. Kau dah tak layar nak jadi PM lagi!.

  47. peace brother says:

    Acid bath also cannot clean the stained mark away.

  48. panca says:

    The only way for najib is the highway. Go on leave, now is the time and opportunity to go holidays, away from bad politics, perhaps go overseas, the countryside, the grasslands. After when you are cleared, you can come back to claim your DPM seat, it still awaits you when you found to be clean!

    Take this opportunity to have time off with your beloved wife Rosmah, a wild ride bronco billy on the grasslands is of course a lifetime experience worthwhile not to be missed whist the Rakyat take care of shaping good governance govt, of course including removing dirty gabbages, loads of baggages still accumulating at putrajaya.

  49. jungleboy says:

    He must had hold his hands while grinding the piston valve. How else did he knew they were cold? Can you see a cold hand or leg?

  50. Hello says:

    The SD is a real bombshell – bigger than C4

  51. Hello says:

    Don’t keep Malaysian issues under wraps! The foreign media must know the truth. Malaysia must not be allowed to become another Zimbabwee or Myanmar.

  52. Hello says:

    Don’t cover-up your ass——BN! You’ve no credibility with the rakyats. The police oppress, the judiciary repress and the mainstream media suppress!

  53. prabaganesan says:

    I don’t like Najib.

    But still we asking people to resign or to go on leave based on hearsay. Then we are all going to be targets. Everyone.

    I do agree that the policemen who removed Najib’s name from the police report have to face the music. And if Najib is linked to the decision then he goes.

  54. Shivasregal888 says:

    Dear Malaysians,
    There is a rally planned for this Sunday.

    Do not attend!

    Spread the news. Tell your mother, your father, your sisters, brothers, your children, friends everyone you know. Don’t give the goons the excuse they are looking for to impose Emergency rules. If an Emergency is declared, Malaysians will all be stuffed. The dream of having an alternative government will be over.
    Just be calm
    Stay calm
    Be alert but not alarmed!

    The end is nigh for the BN govt. We have waited 50 years. We’re getting there soon. So just don’t stuff it all up by attending the rally and let them have their way. The BN Govt is flounderng and cornered. Don’t give them even half an oppourtunity to bring in the troops.
    God Bless Malaysia

  55. […] Go on leave, Kit Siang tells Najib He added that Najib and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi cannot allow Bala’s SD to go unchallenged as it raises grave fundamental issues as to their… […]

  56. our-monkeygovernment says:

    najib is not fit to be dpm and represent rakyat malaysia . he should resign immediately for investigation to clear his name. Our PM by right should instruct him to resign all goverment post IF PM gots balls to do so.

  57. ah long says:

    You all so smart know everything except how to catch him.

    He refuse to go what can you do?

  58. desperado says:

    our pm is still sleeping so what can we do. i think he will only wake up five years later when next election comes againl

  59. BobbyNZ says:

    Lim Kit Siang should go on leave. As a Malaccan in the good old days with my classmate in his inner circle, I heard horrible tales…………

  60. Ravi says:


    first and foremost – Ravi is a very common guys name – in case you need it further spelt out – I AM A MAN …NOT A WOMAN…

    Secondly, it’s pathetic if the country just wants to mudsling without there being an actual charge. My philosophy is the same be it Anwar or Najib. Anwar is being accused a repeat sodomiser, Najib a philanderer and accused of muder. And I am willing to maintain my faith in the Police force, and it’s not blind faith. The police force around the world gets ridiculed, not just Malaysia. And the fact the Police comes under the purview of the Home Ministry, and since the PM relinquished his role, I think it’s about time, Malaysians at large tried cutting some slack about the police and judicial system and seeing if the independant process will function.

    So Harrison, stop being a prejudice and let’s see how these 2 investigations progress over the coming weeks/months.


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