I did not say that, it was Jessica Tan, from TODAY, in an article headlined: Under fire – the “First Lady in Waiting” on June 27.

Rosmah, also known as Dotty, was compared badly with current “First Lady” Jeanne Abdullah, and former “First Lady”, Dr. Siti Hasmah Ali. N Parameswaran, who has been the high commissioner to Singapore for the last five years, had taken the newspaper to task for their writing in a letter dated yesterday.

Parameswaran claimed his action was not influenced by instruction from anyone. But in that letter, he defended Najib Tun Razak and Dotty as it was his own skin.


It was not right lah, to call Rosmah ‘ambitious and arrogant’ based on a couple of interviews only, like what Jessica did.

Dotty was so kind and did not even want to sue Raja Petra Kamaruddin for declaring to all and sundry that she had been at the murder of Altantuya Shariibuu. In a way, accusing her of being involved or party to the whole gruesome crime.

Remember his explosive statutory declaration, more explosive than the C4 that killed Altantuya?

Hiya, RPK is just waiting for Dotty to sue the pants off him, lah. And she is being so sweet about it by not wanting to do anything about it. So frustrating lah it must be for RPK.

So, how can we call Dotty ‘ambitious and arrogant’ when she had declared she was ‘innocent’ and that she had nothing to fear?

You all very bad lah for always insulting poor Dotty.



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  1. ah long says:

    You go and ask everybody on death row and you will find 99% of them will tell you that they are innocent.

    Why would Rosmah want to sue RPK? If she does that she will have to pay her own legal expenses. So, why not have the Gomen charge RPK with sedition and get it all for free !!!

    Better still just charge RPK under ISA – sure win solution – no need even to bring RPK to trial or provide evidence to proof her and her hubby’s innocence.

  2. Whoever advised Datin Rosmah of this course of action is nuts (or maybe he/she has a better agenda).

    If Rosmah is innocent as she claims, then the heinous culprit — in this case RPK, must be severely dealt with for causing so much of unprecedented damage to an individual’s reputation, the nation’s image and for diabolically misleading the rakyat.

    By she not taking a legal assualt, it only further entrenches the widespread belief to the contrary — doesn’t it?!

    Maybe, RPK is now duty bound to defend his position. Otherwise he is also no better than the alleged. Right?!

    It appears that the stage is now perfecttly set for more mega-sized drama. Time will be the final arbitrator.

  3. kcee says:

    By not responding to Raja Petra’s SD, Dotty & her C4 are open to speculations that she had something to hide. With this suspicion hanging over their heads would you as a Malaysian want a person to be the next PM of Malaysia knowing well sometime down the road he might have to relinquish his post.

  4. crower says:

    Still waiting for RPK’s evidence.

    As far as I’m concerned, declaration on a piece of paper containing hearsay amounts to nothing.

  5. alrawa says:

    Should be poor rich Dotty

  6. kesava says:

    “I will not sue Raja Petra as I am not a politician,” – Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor

    Badawi recently said an accused will deny. Her silence only gives more credibility that what RPK said in his SD is true.
    She does not want to sue as she`s afraid of the evidence that will surface.

  7. kesava says:

    “I will not sue Raja Petra as I am not a politician,” – Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor

    Badawi recently said an accused will deny. Her silence only gives more credibility that what RPK said in his SD is true. She does not want to sue as she`s afraid of the evidence that will surface.

  8. tamade says:

    By telling everyone in Bolehland that she is not a plolitician and therefore she does not want to sue RPK, is in fact confirming one thing: Ros is deeply involved and RPK is right to point out that she was indeed at the scene of the murder.

    Now all the Rakyat in bolehland and the whole world can draw a conclusion: Ros and her husband are the ones behind the gruesome murder. No doubt about it. God is Great.

    Musa and Ghani must have fainted when they heard what she said. Ha, ha.

    The best and the right thing for all the Bolehland’s Police top brass to do is: Tell these clowns “enough is enough”, and show to the Rakyat that the police is serious to nab the actual murderers asap. If thay have the concrect evidences, just reveal and detain those who misuse their authority in this cerimainal case, irrespective of their status.

    This is the golden time for all the Bolehlands Police to redeem their dignity. Their righteous move will be remembered by Rakyat forever.

    Don’t waste this chance, think carefully, don’t let the good name of Police be tainted by these dirty and immoral top brass. The Rakyat will appreciate your righteous act.

  9. Grill says:

    Musa and Ghani must have fainted when they heard what she said. Ha, ha -tamade

    Makes their so-called investigations into the SD more difficult now.

  10. Maybes says:

    Surelah, like what Pak Lah said, the accused won’t admit one.

    But, who believe? If innocent, sue lah, your name got taints what.

  11. Grill says:

    Hiding behind nebulous arguments of ‘not being a politician’ merely invites more doubt and she indeed will be solely responsible for fanning more suspicion towards her. This issue has already been internationalised and it is in her interest to put a full stop to further needless innuendo which is damaging to her, Datuk Seri Najib and the nation. That finality can only come from a legal suit to clear her reputation. But will she? And more importantly, can she?


  12. One thing for sure is Rosmah’s face is full of botok and plastic surgery and also why can’t she have a more Malaysian sounding name instead of a western one like Dotty. Why should she ape the westerner or to be one ? Is it because she is the wife of the DPM and does not like to relate herself to a Kampong Malay ? Why can’t she grow old naturally and gracefully ?
    I am not trying to be personal but a woman with botak and plastic surgery to her face is only an indication of her vanity and her character, she cannot be trusted 100%.
    That should throw some light into her claim of her ‘innocence’ ?

  13. Grill says:

    Dotty also means (take your pick in Rosmah`s case):

    Mentally unbalanced; crazy.
    Amusingly eccentric or unconventional.
    Ridiculous or absurd e.g. a dotty scheme.
    Having a feeble or unsteady gait; shaky.
    Obsessively infatuated or enamored.

  14. roy says:

    In the public court room, the evidence thus far is lacking to draw any conclusions. I suggest RPK to come forward with the evidence if he has any. Then dispite whatever our kangaroo courts rule. We the rakyat will know with absolute certainty who our votes will go to.


  15. ycg says:

    wow! lesson from Dotty, if you are not a politician, you should not sue anyone who took an oath swearing you are at the murder scene even if you are innocent. So, I would also like to take an oath to swear that I have reliable information that Jean and KJ’s wife was butt poked by their personal chauffeurs. Infact, the entire village in Kepala Batas was doing them while their husbands are preoccupied with RPK and Anwar. Can ar? I got no fuc*ing respect for this bitch at all.

  16. No2faceaugmentationgoeswronglikecrackojakco says:

    If her face is not filled with collagen/ botox, SHOOT me.

    I was having the biggest laugh when she spoke with a “Cracko Jacko” mug last night when I saw the highlights on TV. She hardly move a muscle on her mug.

    JUST LOOK AT THE NOSE and tell em that she has not gone rhinioplasty. Just take a look at her eyes and tell me that she has not undergo a surgery to augment her eyes. Shoot Me 2 Times if she has not. Ah hahahahahhahahaha.

    Don’t speak like an innocent when you are not, Mdm. No. 2.

  17. Hahaha! says:

    Lady Macbeth is sooooooo humble and forgiving. My blooming foot!
    RPK you count yourself lucky, she is not suing you!!

  18. lucia says:

    from malaysiakini:
    “I do not want to address unnecessary issues. I have many other bigger things to attend to for the people and the nation,” she said after launching a conference on children’s book publishing at the Putra World Trade Centre.”

    haha. bigger thing to attend to for the people and the nation? give me a break!

  19. ct says:

    Susan, I still believe that RPK wants to be dragged to court,but no one dares to sue him, lest everything will be spilled out in court. Najib and wife x mau sue, so how la? Prob. RPK wants to expose all evidence that he has in the proper manner, to be like an atomic explosion!

  20. MustaphaOngNZ says:

    RPK says:

    So, I have signed a false Statutory Declaration, have I? Well, then prove it because the onus is on the accuser to prove guilt and not on the accused to prove innocence. And since they made a police report and announced that I had made a false declaration even before launching the investigation, this points to the very strong possibility that the police investigation must ‘support’ what they have said, that I had signed a false declaration. To do otherwise would be suicide, for them of course.

    In the meantime, while they figure out how they are going to bring me down and lock me away in the Kajang Prison, I too am working on the evidence that will prove the Inspector General of Police and Attorney-General fabricated evidence in Anwar Ibrahim’s 1998-1999 trials. Let’s see whether they get me first before I get them. Anyone want to make a small wager that I will get them before they get me? This should be an interesting bet don’t you think?


  21. No2faceaugmentationgoeswronglikecrackojakco brings up an interesting point. There is indeed some form of facial paralysis that can be observed on dotty’s face. I wouldn’t say its Bell’s palsy, but there is some form (transient?) damage to the facial nerve, which is causing her speech to be “stiff upper lipped”.

    Botulinum toxin (Botox) does cause similar symptoms, and improper administration could cause signal disruption of the facial nerve, perhaps permanently, but could there be other underlying causes, like an undetected stroke?

    In some cases, it could be due to herpes.

    Which could explain her rather cagey approach to questions about her…

  22. fairplay says:

    RPK’s strategy is for the alleged parties to sue him then he will have a stage for him to reveal the evidences. Be patient, he is not stupid. He is waiting for them to bite the bait.

  23. Maverick says:

    I wonder how she would have felt when RPK alleged that she was at the crime seen. Perhaps she should go on a full scale denials and bury the accusations with tons of money which thaey have acquired along the lines.

  24. MustaphaOngNZ says:

    Mooshie Mooshie: Who is the politician Rosmah is talking about when she said she is married to a politician? Herself or her husband?

    One moment she tells people that she is not a politician and that she is only a politician’s wife and the next moment she is heard saying she has bigger things to do for the nation and the country.

    Exactly which ministry is she running?


  25. jungleboy says:

    The courts in our bolehland will not have anymore backlog if rapists, murderers,corrupted ministers,govt officers etc etc admit to their wrongdoings. As paklah said; as expected, he will surely deny it.

  26. MustaphaOngNZ says:

    Ya, Pak Lah also denied Oil-for-food-scandal, ecm libra, yacht, jet, scomi dll.

  27. Good Grief!! says:

    The central question remains ….. who murdered Altantuya?

  28. Patek1472 says:

    Nostradamus Quatrains on “Wag the Dog”

    In the month named of a Roman King
    The year of great games played by Greeks
    Malaysie, a land where politikus battle
    “Wag the Dog” the game is played

    A man defamed twice over
    Seeking restitution with Ottoman Kings
    A plot being hatched as night awaits
    Watch in trepidation by the man defamed

    People in Malaysie cry in vain
    Great turbulence and strife engulf
    Lost is the fable of Mongolian assasins
    Forgotten is the hatred of black oil curse

    Men in power rule with joy
    For winners, gold and lust awaits
    Lost are the tales of greed and arrogance
    Forgotten are the tales of men in chains

    Little Napoleon kings jump in joy
    For keeping the turf and rule once more
    But alas, such is the game being played
    The time to repent is so in vain

    Stomach empty, spirit rise in men
    Seeking justice for those in pain
    A man of honor they seek within
    To play a game of which to gain

    Across the land, the people rose
    Silence and patience is the game being played
    Within the halls and corridors of fame
    Man of honor win the game

    From: Patek1472.wordpress.com

  29. Leithaisor says:

    “…more explosive than the C4 that killed Altantuya” ?

    As far as I can recall, I have not come across reports on whether Altantuya was alive or already dead when the C4 was used to blow her up.

    If my recollection is correct, then your sentence may be inaccurate (if she was already dead prior to C4 use), and it will be better to choose one’s words with more care.

  30. No2faceaugmentationgoeswronglikecrackojakco says:

    Since “Pooran” knows the cosmetological jargons and I am of the view that she (yes, the said commentator is a she) knew quite much about cosmetology, so allow me to engage her in a plastic surgeon’s speak .

    Dear Pooran,

    Your understanding of cosmetology and plastic surgery and at first glance to overview whether a person undergo plastic surgery, in this case fillers like your mentioned is shallow.

    Sorry to say and hear that.

    Let me deliberate about and on the the abnormalities of the mug og Rosmah Mansor on why I knew she underwent plastic surgery and fillers.

    Facial augmentation (superior extent)
    (1a) Her facial distortion and unevenhanded (facial)anomaly wherein the density in the subcutaneous planes of both cheeks when she spout/laugh has significantly caused rigidity and visually no movements on both cheeks.

    (1b) The calculated life span of Botulinum toxin or popularly known as Botox, as of what I have learned is within 1 year as gradual dissipation may cause the inconsistencies with nature of the mug and in the case of Rosmah, the administration by injections (normally 1cc syringe) which I presumed worst still was an injections of fillers viz, Hydrophilic Polyacrylamite. (a filler that will permanently dwells under the skin that causes abnormal glands and lesions perpetually and any incision to remove the said injectible substance after administration is almost impossible unlike Botox and Bovine Collagen (the most used by cosmetologist, plastic surgeons and underground/unlicensed practitioners.

    Let me assist you with a more accurate description of cosmetic fillers by clicking :-

    Eyes (Surgical surgeries)

    (2)The supposed doe-eyes that she craved was surgically caused by either torts or my presumption of a hyped surgery that entails double-eyelids considering the visual tangibilities of the aftermath surgeries is absolutely abnormal based on the symmetrical
    of her mug.


    Have you ever seen an nose snoutier than Angelina Jolie? I mean for Malay?

    To end this, the whole face is a “fake” as she faked her innocence not because of her rebuttal of her presence at the murder scene of Altantuya but her deliberate obstruction of justice to reveal and conceal the original TRUTH of her current spouse’s eminence-grise in the A;ltantuya Shairbuu’s murder and her emphatic hypocrisy and false pretense of concealing publicly her willingness to forgive, by not filing a defamation suit against RPK not because she has no ill-intent to injure and harms RPK’s reputation but because she clearly knew that as of the date she spouted her words of tawdriness, she knew the futility of her lawsuit and the status of RPK, having being sued for libel and unable/failing to pay many damages to the plaintiffs.

    Sorry again Sloone for my time and space spent here on a series of digression of topics.

  31. ah long says:

    Why you all don’t like her face and make so many unkind comments?

    I quite like her face and complexsion. So smooth and taut. Just like my backside.

  32. Concerned Citizen says:


  33. sava says:


    What you talking? You want his tapeworm ah? jijik

  34. Concerned Citizen says:

    Since Anwar claimed it was fabricated, you think the plotters would not tape the sodomy act? They may released it after all the shots are fired!!!! and have the last laugh.

  35. My2cen says:

    poor rich Dotty!!

    I have seen recent footages of her walking, or wobbling; her weight is clearly putting a lot of strain on her knees! She is so obese, she really should start losing some weight and look after her health, not putting efforts on wealth accumulation! Start by eating more veggies and less oily foods. A good ole kampong ulam will be a good choice (yes, like those eaten by poor folks!!), and dump those buttery French cuisine. Exercise, exercise and exercise! Start by carrying your own shopping bags, no need for potter boys. Do this for one month, and we can review the next step! I will not recommend any drug intervention until she changes her dietery habits, that’ll take 3 months.
    BTW, refrain from any further cosmetic surgeries, a bit high risk since you’re now obese. I will not recommend liposuction or gastric banding at this stage. Seriously, start taking more ulam!!!


  36. My2cen says:


  37. Grill says:

    Was Rosmah having an affair with Saiful?

  38. No2faceaugmentationgoeswronglikecrackojakco says:

    My2cen said, on July 2nd, 2008 at 12:18 pm,

    On your post above, Hahaha.

    Grill said, on July 2nd, 2008 at 12:25 pm

    Was Rosmah having an affair with Saiful?

    good thought. I was thinking of that as well, days when I peruse this handsome young man whom anwar allegedly accused on having being “close” with Najib and Rosmah.

    Remember an ex Minister’s wife who has orgies with a few Bosnian male-coeds? I am thinking how romantic the air was when Rosmah is near to a hunk like Dr. SMS?

  39. Good Grief!! says:

    An affair? At this rate anything is possible!

  40. ah long says:

    Hahahaha….give SMS another scholarship and he will sodomise Rosmah…..hehehehe

  41. Kherry Scarry says:

    Exactly the same thought !!! Perhaps Dotty and hubby should go for the DNA test as well….you’ll never know what happen behind the dark…..my 2 cents….

  42. Jsss says:

    Dear AH LONG i think your backside is much more better compare to the evil Rosmah’s face lah. Look at her face sebiji macam pontianak gondol lah!………He!…he!….he!…..

  43. American says:

    Patek 1492…..Well done !!!!

  44. Agigp says:

    If Saiful related to Badawi, then chances of having love affair with Rosmah are very good. He was in inner circle.
    I think malaysia today website now is hacked.

  45. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    She tells lies without fear lah….that is what she is….one side said that she is just a wife of a politician there for nothing concern to her and another side said that she has big things to do for the nation and people…Something is wrong with her isn’t it???

    Maybe she just slap her own mouth……………(Ai ya!!! Pot has hole already…)…………(without the lies detection)

  46. Dr. Rosli says:

    We heard her marriage to Najib was not “a staright forward deal.” Whoever said this he or she must be told in no uncertain term not to dig too deep into this as they are already husband and wife with proper marriage certificate.

    As to the subject of arragance, it was a big factor in UMNO-BN’s miserable performance in the recent general election. There was an accusation by BN partners that UMNO and its leaders were arrogant. And it was their arragance that cuased the miserable performance.

    All UMNO leadsers are rich people and some super rich. They go around displaying their wealth. You look at what they wear and their wives too. A sunglass alone may cost a fortune to ordinary guys. If this is arrogant, many of them including their wives and Rosmah is no exception, are arrogant. I sent a letter to PM Abdullah Badawi complaining about certain things affecting rakyat in Negeri Sembilan. I recieved no answer, not even acknowledgement, till today. This is arrogant.

  47. Edi神 says:

    I dunno if Najib is involve with c4 murder?

    I dunno if Najib’s wife is involce in c4 murder?

    I duno if Najib *framed* DSAI?

    But I know Najib declare to wash Chinese blood with Keris in 1980 and his cousin enjoy playing with krisss!

    That’s enough not to make him the next PM!

  48. wits0 says:

    Edi神, considering that he has never apologised for that TPCA stadium proclamation of ’87, that’s enough!

  49. ah long says:

    The picture of Rosmah remind me of this queer singer called Boy George. Except I think Boy George is better looking.

  50. kesava says:

    Boy Rose Mah?

  51. kittykat46 says:

    My informer told me Rose Mah was quite pretty when she was young…kekekekek..

  52. sloone,

    Anwar ibrahim is innocent, as much as i think rosmah is innocent.. for me legal system must be followed. They are all guilty until proven otherwise.

    Already, a group of rakyat decided anwar as innocent and rosmah is guilty as hell, in court of public opinion. sigh.

    Some of the people out there hate rosmah so much, some hate anwar. But hatred doesn’t make someone guilty of some crime. That’s not justice, it’s called bias.

    Have you heard of the new circus in town?

    Check it here in my blog.. http://www.ruzaimiramza.wordpress.com

  53. alamak typo..

    first para..

    ‘….must be followed. They are all innocent until proven otherwise…’


  54. Ravi says:

    My belief on innocence is simply “don’t bother claiming you’re innocent, prove it!”

    Anwar is yelling, literally screaming his innocence – prove it
    Najib is stating his innocence – prove it
    Rosmah is pleading her innocence – prove it
    Mahathir is preaching his innocence – mate, you’re one class act. You’re “pure” as the driven snow…NOT!
    Abdullah is innocent – it’s time he shrugs his quiet persona and emphasises his Commander-in-Chief position!

  55. Steven says:

    There is no first lady in Malaysia, it is not a true democracy like USA, can not equate it with real democratic country with president elected by people. It is P.M selected by the biggest party in power.

  56. bexe says:

    It is quiet easy for Rosmah to put this right. RPK accused you that you were with the 2 Lt Cols on that night they blew up the poor girl. Well just give us a credible alibi and we might just believe you. If you can, then RPK might just find himself in the shits.

  57. […] more in sloone. Filed under: politics   |   Tags: arrogant, malaysia, najib, politics, rosmah […]

  58. niza says:

    dont mingle with laki orang…end up blown away….

  59. Mat Saleh Rabun says:

    Dotty my foot!

    Alaaa your parents org kampung pilah full of kerbau and tahi lembu…no need to be sooo snootylah…

    Don’t dream….Dotty dot dot….meluat aku….why your parent got no money to send you to English boarding school in Engalnd so no choice you end up in poor TKC berangan nak jadi mat saleh cheh!

  60. Meluat says:

    Day of reckoning coming soon. Didunia punakan terima azab dari Allah.

  61. missknowitall says:

    Dotty knew Najib even before she got married to Aziz(ex-hubby) Aziz was a good looking guy back then. Dotty is a green eyed monster. I know bini mana tak jealous right? But Rosmah is extremely ‘cemburu buta’. (hhmm…I wonder whether she really blew-up that poor Mogolian girl)
    But I heard that she is ‘gatal’. She tackled her ex-boss (where she was working befre). She was HOT lah back then. Then she got closer to Najib and then they got married. Kaching!!

  62. MACC says:

    now, another murder occured. apa pendapat anda?

  63. Cik Lily says:

    One day, the truth will reveal, insyallah, Dont Worry soon when our life nearly gone, we can know whether we are a good person or not, god will show his power, insyallah.

  64. Found round the, per day in?In focus Natural, credit score of.Domain) Now I, of acne However.To experience physical parelia katerini, all kinds are practices that you.People have started, bpm to brisk.,

  65. Cik Lily says:

    Dotty’s hight-3 Feet .7 inc only, what a lucky GIRL can catch 6ft tall men.
    & now being Malaysian PM & husband as 1ST LADY,,,,Lucu nye

  66. squeeze1 says:

    Ahhhh Najis has perversion for dwarfs, must be the tight squueeeeeze

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  68. Ray Smith says:

    seriously i hate her. why should give her title ‘first lady of Malaysia’ ? she’s only a dumb-ass that only know to spend country money onto her useless project. what kind of permata pintar project she done? i don’t know even is it important or not by spend a lot of money almost 5million and also Islamic fashion. she doesn’t deserve it at all.

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