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Since Anwar has his full statement in his blog, I’ll give you other bits and pieces said during the press conference in PKR’s office today.

During the PC, Anwar says that he had submitted the evidence and document to the police in Shah Alam, which relates in detail how IGP Musa Hassan and AG Gani Patail had ‘pakat’ (conspire) against him during his 1998-99 sodomy trials.

You can read his full statement in English, here.

Other than this, Anwar added that a former Chief Justice (he did not name who) had broke down and cried, saying that “We were under order. We have no choice but to do it”. Is this ex-CJ still alive? Better get a statutory declaration from him, Anwar.

2. Regarding Saiful Bukhairy Azlan, Anwar said it was during the March 8 elections that the former had become a volunteer as all his other aides, like Nik Nazmi, were contesting.

3. Anwar tried to obtain Saiful’s police report but to no avail. He said, it was all “a consipiracy, it did not happen”.

” I have all the evidence and alibi to support me. Last time they stole my diary and never return to me. This time, it is fresh in my memory and I have ample witnesses,” he added.

He said he was prepared for any DNA test. “My hairs are already falling, it can be found everywhere,” he joked, something to that effect.

4. He had asked his wife Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, opposition leader in Parliament, to tell Abdullah Ahmad Badawi that enough was enough. Oh yes. Because we too are tired of these games as well!

5. He also spoke about the cross-over of BN MPs – the meeting which apparently took place where Saiful alleged that Anwar had sodomised him – at the Damansara condo. He was supposed to announce the cross overs tonight but that would have to delay now.

6. Souces said he had received news that his life was in danger a few days before Saiful lodged the controversial police report.

7. He said he would fight his enemies tooth and nail (every inch of the way).



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  1. Philip Lau says:


    I love the Police Report made by Anwar who should and MUST challenge the last FIVE people for LIE DETECTOR TESTS which I stated is used by the EU and the USA Police.

    They are very accurate to prove the truth of the whole matter. Please do something.

  2. Edi神 says:

    we need to stand up and fight! We have been silent for 50years!

    Not sure if Anwar is being do or doing something?

    I dont care, I want peace and posperity!

    we dun need a GAY leader but is he one?

    Any given day, I would take a gay leader over a MUDERER LEADER!

    But I still wish he is straight!

    I rather he is a womaniser than a gay!

    Najib, definately not GAY!

  3. Muslim says:

    Hope everting will be okay to our Bro Anwar. you can see how desprate this people are. Rosma is not sueing RPK , WHY? she knows went you sue you have to go to the court, and she bloody well know that RPK will put alot of shit in her mouth, for telling all the lie. This is the Family of Islam Hadari. Semuanya pembong, pendusta (PM,DPM,Ketua Polis, AG dan sekeluarga) Munafikoon.
    Jangan lah selalu guna kan nama Islam, ini lah satu balasan dari Allah, kerana merusakan nama baik Islam.

  4. Muda says:

    There are three ex – CJ’s after Tun Hamid Omar who did not qualify as he retired as the Lord President .

    The first CJ of the Federal Court – Tun Eusoff Chin
    The second CJ – Tun Dzaiddin Abdullah
    The third CJ – Tun Ahmad Fairuz

    The first two CJ’s were equally men of strong character in their own ways .
    The last CJ is known to be gentler and has bow down under pressure at times . The former AG i.e. Tan Sri Abu Talib Osman and ex CJ ,Tun Eusoff Chin knows the story.

  5. Janganrogolmebelakangly says:

    The result of a lie detector test has no admissibility in court (US and Western Country). The result of the lie detector test is never near empirical considering the facts that a person subjected to the test may have anxiety, mood disorder that will highly effect the result. So, even if tendered by the police, it will be strike out in any law-court.

    Anwar Ibrahim did the right and wise move by hogging the international Government
    to his plight when he clearly knows that the IGP and the AG and the BN regime are
    seeking his befall and worse-off, “silenced” him for good.

    Well done Anwar. Well done. Grab the bull by the horns Anwar. Go Anwar, Go!

    -Just one thing Anwar, I am a bit bored and fed-up with the crossover thing. So, what else is new?”

  6. Hahaha! says:

    Should this case come before the court, have a poll. Let the Rakyats vote for a judge to sit on this case. I am sure the Malaysian rakyats are intelligent and capable enough to
    make a good selection…obviously to the displeasure of UMNO and likes. PM, this is transparency and true justice.

  7. BobbyNZ says:

    Since Anwar conspired with the CROOKS to destroy the Malaysian economy in 1997, the alleged conspiracy of IGP and AG was nothing more than to protect the integrity of the country. He got away with technicalities for sodomy but this time I bet the police has concrete evidence against him. Let the Rule of Law finds him guilty as he certainly is obsessed with men’s rear and “mens rea” is proven beyond any doubt.

    Cheers Malaysians!

  8. […] How IGP+AG conspired against Anwar (side stories) Image from Since Anwar has his full statement in his blog, I’ll give you other bits and pieces said during the press conference in PKR’s office today. During the PC, Anwar says that he had submitted the evidence and document … […]

  9. wits0 says:

    One can, e.g., tell the frantic state of mind of umno from seeing the frequency of spins in Malaysian Insiders peddling all its headlines dressed up like bad news for Anwar.

  10. tamade says:

    Edi神,the Bolehland’s DPM could be a bisexual(you never know), that’s why he is so tame, afterall, he has lots of body evidences (and his balls) being held by Mat Rempit KJ.

    But the Asshole who always talks about his painful sodomised experience in 1997 is definitely a gay, may be he is sodomised by the 800 million dollar man, and since then, beccame a schizophrenic.

  11. crower says:

    1. Again, nothing but allegations by DSAI without proof.

    2. Saiful’s claims also remains as an allegation only, until his medical report comes out.

    3. Sure, only now BN members are hopping. What a good “timing”.

    4. What’s stopping the crossover now ? If there was any more suitable time to show support to DSAI in his trying times, the time is now to announce the crossover publicly.

  12. Grill says:

    1. Again, nothing but allegations by DSAI without proof. – crower

    It`s all over in the police report that Saiful made. So the allegations are by saiful not anwar.

  13. Apapunboleh says:

    it’s like shit hitting the fan, all hell breaks lose. DEATH to the MURDERER, JUSTICE FOR THE DEAD!

  14. kittykat46 says:

    In the last few days, one of the common defences which I have heard from BN/UMNO apologists is that “The government would not be so stupid to try the same tactic again”. What I see is not the government itself behind this (i.e the top leadership) but other elements in UMNO. And YES, they can be SO STUPID.

    You need to have a fair bit of interaction with UMNO types to realise that, unlike most of the general population, many UMNO loyalists actually believe in the original allegations against Anwar. They have been repeatedly telling the leadership the most effective way to counter Anwar is to pin Anwar down with the truth (they believe) on his homosexuality.

    So I’m not surprised this has come to the surface.
    I think the Idiots will now find out its about to backfire on UMNO.

  15. MustaphaOngNZ says:

    “many UMNO loyalists actually believe in the original allegations against Anwar…”

    VERY TRUE. The son of Hussein Onn (fondly known as `keris-mud-din) used to hold `closed door` sessions throughout the country with `bukti` of sodomy.

  16. caravanserai says:

    Anwar police report
    On fabrication charges 10 years ago
    On the current IGP and AG
    Fixing up his case under a higher authority

    What now for the sleeping beauty?
    Will he set up a high power committee?
    To investigate the allegation and clear the perception
    About the tainted branch of enforcement departments

    Ezam the guy who loses his creditability
    Opening up on a wrong tree
    The serious allegations in the country
    Now he doesn’t bark at it

    He is chasing after his former PKR leaders
    Telling his current party UMNO what he will do
    Who will believe him now?
    The turncoat running for the corrupted officials
    Scouting new information to play his game

    PKR and UMNO
    The leaders will challenge each other
    Knowing every inch of each move
    Planting spies and the games of collision
    Trying to knock out in and outside the ring

    Now let the games begin
    Malaysia has so many interesting things to say
    In the homes, cafes, lounges and offices
    She never dulls her people with it

  17. BobbyNZ says:

    Malaysians should never allow a “puppet” of the CROOKS to rule a country that had withstood an economic onslaught of the CROOKS in 1997/8. The excuse they gave was weak fundamentals but now yes now the economy of the CROOKS is crumbling because of shitty fundamentals haha.

    Stand up against the CROOKS Malaysians!!! Dont let that sodomite rule you.

  18. JAMES LOW says:

    These AGing PIGs (IGP?) have been arrogant for too long.
    Come nab them quick before they are gone…..
    Throw in gaol, that’s where they rightfully belong.

  19. Ayoyosamy says:

    I heard so many cases about Anwar’s sodomy. Hope all those sodomised could lodge police report lah.

  20. DSP Frankie says:

    retirement for IGP is extend to 2 years!…
    he he he …. recently in Anwar sodomy case in 1998, he’s one of the crook involved in this case! so, after he was appointed as IGP! that’s great!!!!……
    now, again……. sodomy case is back!……..
    you tell me people………????
    Royal Police is under KDN ( KDN is under Pak Lah )!!!!
    Army is under Defence Ministry ( defence Ministry is under Najib)!!!
    so?….. think about it…………

  21. Concerned Citizen says:

    The RULE OF LAW requires Anwar to be fully investigated for this recent case and also the affidavit or SD of the previous case with Azizan. Didnt Anwar get some leverage for the Lingam Tape? Is he insisting that the Judiciary is biased against him now? The Americans well known for interfering in politics of other countries should stay out! Yes stay out! Why? Cos a lot of the misery of the world is a result of them.

  22. Agigp says:


  23. adzera says:

    the main problem with this country is ‘integrity’. Personally i really doubt the integrity of our police, ag office, judges and even witnesses. They can be easily bought/influenced with money, positions and threats by the people in power. The umno ‘values’ have been instilled in the society and by act of conduct, accepted by the society, for over 50 years. There is no more good simple basic values such as honesty, modesty and integrity in our system, though they may claim or portray to have religious upbringing….in the form of physical appearances and rituals, but deep inside its empty. I often ask myself if these people really have any fear of god and the afterlife.

  24. Jsss says:

    Sloone, what i suggest is get another C4 form rosmah and blown this two guys (IGP& AG) into pcs. Hm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  25. GAYLO says:

    Anwar shagged my arse………….

  26. foxgal says:

    someone better report sodomy against khairy. that could make things worsen. LOL. no need to worry lah, because fitnah (slender) is a “budaya” in malaysian’s party especialy in bn.

  27. Circle of Hands says:

    Gaylo hahahahahahahahahah ! Was it painful or you hardly feel a thing because HIS is too small or does his thing was able to ‘stand at attention’ at all ????

  28. Anonymous says:

    husband like bathing Keris with somebody’s blood
    Wife like play C4 at Killing Field on hubby abandoned mistress
    Best Buddy take his fall for his kick back commission
    Hamidah ponder which to kill…snake or….
    Polis cannot be trusted to protect rakyat without black eye,
    Chief Justice learn to be fair at boot camp…to the BN
    Will the army be around to help to protect these people from the people?

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