Image ‘punishment for sodomy’.

We have become a nation of sodomy.

I felt sick to read somewhere that people are comparing the statutory declaration of Raja Petra Kamaruddin and the police report of Saiful Bukhairy. How can it be compared, one is a murder case, where the perpetrators (if guilty) get hanged, while the other, can be imprisoned for up to 20 years, and out by 6 (with good behaviour)? In one case, the body of the victim was blasted into a million pieces, in the other, there was probably a little tear in the asshole. I believe for some, loyalty to politicians have blinded their sense of justice beyond repair.

* In case you are new to this blog, Raja Petra has a SD on the deputy prime minister’s wife Rosmah Mansor, that she was at the crime scene of a murder of a Mongolian woman named Altantuya Shariibuu; while Saiful had recently lodged a police report claiming that Anwar Ibrahim had sodomised him.

2. While a SD and a police report are in place, we can see the difference in which the police and media have reacted to the two cases. In the case of the SD, the silence was deafening although blogs and online news reported it, while in the second, it looks like almost a royal celebration that Anwar Ibrahim had F*** someone in his butt. The same it was for Chua Soi Lek’s sex scandal on VCD.

There is some similarity though with the cases of Anwar and Chua- both are sex related, and both claimed political assasination.

3. It’s quite laughable that people are telling others to let the police investigate this case. Haven’t they learnt anything? Anwar had declared he had evidence against IGP Musa Hassan and AG Gani Patail. Now, how can you expect the police to function properly in this case? All have become interested parties. There has to be an independent party to carry out investigation, but who?

4. Some people ask me if sodomy is possible between an old man and a young chiko. Anything is possible, I tell them. How can we judge by just looking at people’s age? But we have to remember 1998, where Sodomy Part I happenned. Where all the political intrigues happenned. Where evidence was skewed to arrive at only one conclusion: Guilty. And if you can still believe Sodomy Part II, after Sodomy Part I, then let me just say “God Bless you”.

5. I don’t really appreciate the personality attacks on the alleged victim: Saiful Bukhairy. As a citizen, he has a right to make a police report. I don’t appreciate Anwar’s counter attack by using the defamation act. Lawyer Charles Hector says, that it is against Pakatan Rakyat’s ideals to do this as any Malaysian is equal in the eyes of the law. What if everytime someone makes a police report, he gets sued for defamation? Then, I believe, the entire justice system will fall apart. Anwar can do well to be generous: “May Allah forgive this young man. I never sodomised him,” is all Anwar should say, if he is innocent. But it seems, there are two victims here: one is a victim of alleged sodomy, the other, a victim of sodomy, too, but by his political enemies.

As it stands now, the boy Saiful has gone into hiding, so has his alleged perpetrator. And Malaysians are once again alive, what with this sex scandal making waves day after day. Even Saiful’s fiancee is not spared, her photo making its round in the internet. As I said earlier, blind loyalty to a politician can really blind till people become heartless. To the fiancee: I don’t blame you if you sue those who take you for a ride and think they can gain some hits, and popularity by exposing your photos.

6. Saiful, it seems, is buddy with many UMNO-lites. And that is exactly Anwar’s and PKR’s problem. So desperate they are for members and supporters, anyone goes. At least, have some discretion, especially if someone is to be taken in as a personal aide. Have they no principles or strategy for their recruitment section? Do some background check lah. If the answer is NO, then Anwar deserves this, and PKR will continue to be sodomised by its arch enemies.

7. As for the media (not intended for Malaysiakini) having a field day: it is not about ‘breaking news’ or ‘news flash’ or even ‘exclusives’. It’s about saving their own skin. I don’t think the media bosses are happy when 16 September comes. The day that Anwar vowed he will form a new government. Imagine how many of these ‘bosses’ will be sacked or whipped till their pants tear when Anwar and his lot comes to power? There goes the answer to why is there such a media flurry over an alleged sodomite but total silence when it comes to murder?

8. Malaysian Insider says that these are “confusing and uncertain days”. I don’t see it as such. It is very clear and certain that Barisan Nasional/UMNO is no longer able to take the heat or shame of having lost so badly on March 8, that the all out war is on. This lot does not respect the people’s wishes for a new Malaysia, and their paid agents – the police, the media and others are all conspiring to ensure that it does not take place. However, from where I see things, this episode will only hasten the dying of a greedy and corrupt race (not by ethnicity). This race is called BN/UMNO.

Can’t they see that people no longer believe such lies, even if they were true. Therein lies the danger. The line between lies and truth are no longer discernable. This is what happens at World’s end, doesn’t it?

I don’t blame others for calling us a sodomised nation.We’ve become quite a joke for others, you know.

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  1. Hitam Had says:

    Spot on slone! We have been so violated as a nation by those in power that the thought of being made accountable for their actions if and when they lose power is something that they cannot allow to happen at whatever the cost.

    One can only hope and pray that the inevitable transition will not be as traumatic as that experienced by other unfortunate countries.


  2. MW Ng says:

    It goes to show that UMNO/BN will do anything even murder just for political survival. I’m truly angry, dissapointed and ashamed of our present government and the People who voted them into power.

  3. caravanserai says:

    Sodomized nation?
    We better follow south of the border
    Passing enactment making it legal
    No more filing report…………….
    Under Islamic law may be it is still taboo
    Depending on how one interprets the Holy Scriptures

    The accuser alleged report
    Now he has gone into hiding
    Newspapers and blogs speed quickly
    It tries to focus on the news
    Forgotten about other pressing tragedies

    The truth or lie
    The police should be impartial
    Yet I feel there can’t be
    For what they did years ago

    Anwar holed up in Turkish embassy
    Possibly of death threats on his life
    It is better to be prepared and be sorry
    In this he acted sensibly

    When the cats get cornered
    They react frantically to escape
    They don’t see and care
    They just want to run quickly away

    Here we have these scenes
    Blowing it up in most people minds
    The BN/UMNO leaders can’t sleep peacefully
    So they hope something can divert
    And let them sleep and recuperate

    And they forget
    When the cats escape blindly
    Leaving trails behind
    It will be the end my friend

  4. Kerinchi Guy says:

    so… how does one thread a moving needle ?
    or did saiful not resist at all ?

  5. wits0 says:

    Malaysian Insider says that these are “confusing and uncertain days”.

    Yes, MI is a clear spinner with its own agenda, not unlike the Dud Star.

  6. I don't mean it says:

    This is a sodomised country having been sodomised since 1971. I can’t imagine how people so loved to be sodomised and publicly declay it and if they want us to believe their story they better show us a “Sex Tape” just like what Chua Soi Lek’s sex scandal VCD prove. Otherwise they are just fablicating stories under payroll of some people who walk the corridor of power. If you say someone important Datuk is having sex with some babe like Chua did than I might still say is possible but sodomise a male? F..K off and get lost! By the way how many percentage of adult male from Saiful Bukhairy stock ever been sodomised in their life? Don’t tell me is double digit.

  7. Siew Eng says:

    Bravo, Suz!

  8. Hunk says:

    I happened to see he highlights on RTM news late last nite chancing my luck by being an avid channel surfer, and one segment highlighted the tyranny of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe as it elucidated how he robbed the “whites” of their land, arter the British left.

    It enhances to Mugabe’s bestial transgression of Human Rights in it’s own country when opposition members were under coercion.

    This is how the BN Government see the travesty of justice and Human Rights abuses in Zimbabwe. The same perception that the Wetern civilized country sees “Democracy” in Malaysia.

    Susan wrote “We have become a nation of sodomy.”

    You are right. Absolutely.

    I have association with some expatriate having domicile in Singapore and Malaysia and they highly appraised Singapore for it’s transparency in business dealings whereas
    in this famous BOLEHLAND, you know lah…………………………FULLSTOP

  9. Antares says:

    Sodomy, anyone? It’s nature’s own birth control device! Instead of outlawing it, we ought to be encouraging it – and not just between consenting adult males…. 😉

  10. Magge Mee says:

    Excuse me,

    That picture up there is gross. Where is the man’s hand dissapear into? I am eating my magge mee and now I feel of throwing out….Aiyoh

  11. you are invited says:

    Anyonw with more infomation of this asshoe Saiful Bukhairy please post it on the internet:

    Name: Saiful Bukhairy
    IC No:
    Father Name:
    Father’s Company:
    Mother’s Name:
    Girfriend Name & Address:

  12. Ahila says:

    I agree with Magge Mee…very gross indeed ! &#@/?*@x%yuck
    But the situation the country is even grosser. Sodomy part 2??? Does the gov think the people of Malaysia are all imbeciles? Is this to turn heads from the earlier hot issue….Rosnah at Murder site? Possible right?
    As for Saiful – if you are playing a dirty game with UMNO against DSAI : Be prepared to face your Karma ! The same for all those involved ; IF this is a conspiracy- your end is fast approaching. Oh God……….I cant stand all the filth thats going on politically.
    May God Bless justice loving Malaysians!!!!

  13. Charlie says:

    I echo the sadness that our country is being in the mid of the spotlight for no good reasons. Conspiracy theory abounds and who know which one will hit the bull-eye this time? I don’t think it might be entirely BN’s doing, why is Anwar seeking refuge in such a high-profile manner? he is “escaping” a criminal charge, not a political one, and I said “escape” because charges are not pressed yet. I also wish their side can disclose more information, instead of I’ll-tell-you-when-I-need-you-to-know. What kind of threats exactly? and from whom? the Government? I’d think there are more subtle ways the Gov would attempt his assasination. And if everyone can clearly see the flaw in the plot if this is entirely BN’s machinations, I dun think any strategists would be this foolish, to risk vindicating Anwar yet again after he trumped in the court of public opinion 10 years ago, though he escaped on a technicality flaw in the appeal. And it’s now no secrets where those pictures were plucked from, and it’s not difficult to associate those pictures with a former student activists, so to not reveal its source or when they were taken further throws doubts on the PKR side. Our country is sodomized, by ambitions and ruthless politicians.

  14. Hahaha! says:

    I like to imagine if this bloke called Saiful did’nt resist against someone who was going to sodomise him, he must have behaved like a bitch on heat and allowing his as*****to be stuffed. Play the game well my itchy friend if you are not careful, the next time you may have your as***** blown to pieces by C4

  15. funny, sodomy case should be treated as rape case where the victim’s names should be held. what happen if anwar rape a pkr stud instead, would the victim identity spread also.

    that wan azizah, she should have known this better – she brandished her blackberry and let the media knows who the victim is. i wonder if there’s police act or law that can charge pkr and anwar’s wife for disclosing the identity…..

  16. Hunk says:

    I pray for the safety for Anwar but wait a second, I just get the news in and some extract
    “Katanya, beliau juga akan mengumumkan penyertaan empat ahli parlimen komponen BN, termasuk dua dari Umno, bersama pembangkang minggu ini.” -Anwar Ibrahim outside the Turkish embassy

    Hunk : Oh no, not AGAIN!

  17. cannot blame the victim, who can resist and retaliate anwar’s advance when he could be most powerful man in malaysia. anwar could have offered him reward, or threatened him, hence confused him that he should not fight back when anwar made the move….

    sad sad.

    btw, it’s really unfair for the boy to have the identity blown open to public in the midst of police investigation to ascertain if it’s indeed a sodomy case……

  18. Payback Time says:

    50yrs of Merdeka and been rule by a GOON 1party policy has mould our nation into one of the most currupted country in the 21st name it..PDRM,JUDICIARY,GOVT DEPT and Civil servant..they are corrupted right down to the core. Some of our minister are laughing at their Asean neighbour..repressive Junta Myanmar and Africa Zimbavwe..i think they are laughing back at us now…we are really a sodomised nation indeed..forcing our littler brother to eat shit!!!

  19. wanttolaugh says:

    saiful’s pics taken with a number of umno mps, inlcuding dpm’s special officer outside his office. so budy with them. isn’t this suspicious? he wanted a scholarship according to najib. Defense dept give scholarships?! What kind of scholarship? To a person who self-confessed he’s lousy at his studies?

  20. wanttolaugh says:

    anonymous dud, obviously an umno dud. how is fair when anwar is named and smeared and saiful’s name be withheld?

  21. flyer188 says:

    Dear Susan,

    This sure is a sad period for this great nation…

    There is nothing wrong with this great nation called Malaysia…..

    God created this universe with its diverse nations, etc & beings as innocent & pure with a basic universal norm as mentioned in all religious text.

    This universe has enough for everyones’ need but not GREED !

    Then Man interpeted those basic norms…to be better, etc…for MONETARY gains & now blame God for Man’s folly which has resulted in Global warming, disasters, famine, etc.

    There was nothing wrong with Malaysia, UMNO, MCA MIC,etc.

    Our Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, “Bapa Malaysia” & his 1st cabinet were all established Noble & Humble people (professionally, financially & socially with good family backgrounds), had NOBLE intentions for this nation & its people to achieve Independence from the Colonials.

    Everyone in general was of ONE mind – multi-cultural with no racial, cultural & religious barriers – it was a beautiful Malaya, then Malaysia where everyone were friendly & buddies – males, females, young & old !

    Since then…..WHERE DID WE GO WRONG ????

    Our Bapa Malaysia was “too friendly with with all his children, adopted children, etc & his rayaat” so he was betrayed, back-stabbed & the rest is HISTORY !

    Yes, “This universe has enough for everyones’ need but not GREED !”

    Man then created…& we the rayaat went along to support the need for such leaders,policies,etc.

    The cycle of soft, to firm, to autocratic leaders evolved as the rayaat chose/elected them.

    When the job was done, the euphoria (patronised by their cronies, supporters within & outside the Party) brought the leaders to the next level of confidence & firmness, to overconfident, then autocratic & finally arrogant.

    The monster that the rayaat chose/elected/created becomes uncontrollable & refuses to listen to the peoples’ sentiment, pleas, etc, to accept criticism, to apologise & correct the situation – in self denial !

    “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” – The Greed for Status, Power, Croonies, Supporters & Money !
    To step down gracefully would be POSSIBLE (like Tun Tan Siew Sin , one of our admirable Finance Minister & many others during his time ) if they have Honour, Dignity, Integrity, Transparency, etc without any Skeletons in their closet…..but with our present Politicians and their “Gravy Train” which they encouraged. Their “Gravy Train” WILL NOT ALLOW them an “Honourable Exit” until their agendas are “Fulfilled/Rewarded”.

    Anytime anyone points their finger at somebody, three fingers are pointed at themselves – we are the cause of our problems or rather…WE allowed it to happen !

    History has shown us over and over again…but Man never wants to LISTEN & LEARN – as in the Phillipines with Marcos, Indonesia with Suharto, Singapore with LKY & now it is at our doorsteps.

    Each & everyone of the Politicians, Govt servants including us… have a choice to decide.

    Recycled politicians have past histories which might not be acceptable to Head of States, parties , constituencies , our investigative bloggers & the rayaat.

    I personally believe that ultimately God will anoint the True Leaders of this great nation not necessary from any party.

    Who knows…a Phoenix could arise from the ashes of BN as a True Leader for Malaysia & Malaysians!

  22. BobbyNZ says:

    Yes! The national economy was “sodomised” when Anwar in his capacity as Finance Minister, legalised yes legalised short selling of currency and stocks in 1997 and opened the door for the CROOKS to “gang rape” and plundered no less than RM$500 billion. The government was morally responsible to save the nation from chaos and anarchy (like what happened in Thailand and Indonesia) using Petronas money. Today Malaysian companies and individuals are still suffering from the trauma. The country has never been the same since that “sodomy” attack.

    The police and government would not be so foolish to repeat earlier charge of sodomy against Anwar (which he got away with technicalities) without concrete evidence. I strongly believe they do possess sufficient evidence to make this public. Otherwise no reason for Anwar to behave this way. He could simply dismiss the allegation and get on with his daily routine. Granted, he was set up. However he would not be caught if not for his obsession with men’s rear. (No doubt about ‘mens rea’ in this case’).

    It’s interesting for the Malaysian public to see what unfolds.

    Cheers Malaysians. The day has come!


  23. Turncoat Najib,
    Scholarship applicant got to take photograph with three Ministers to qualify to apply ?

  24. tamade says:

    Suasan I agree 100% with you.The political leaders of Bolehland have not learnt their lessons.

    The Rakyat have been suffering for years with the high crime rates where innocent lives are lost, women and childlren been sexually assaulted, innocent people threatened and beaten up by thugs and hooligans etc. Where are these people who are supposed to flush out the criminals? What have they done to prevent these criminals from striking again and again?

    These political leaders have made a big mistake this time. The Rakyat couldn’t be bother now. Whether Anwar’s semen is found in the butt of that young man or not, most of them won’t care. Whether the DPM is a womaniser or not, they don’t care, they are concerned whether he is the mastermind behind the murder of poor Mongolian woman or not. This is dead serious. Don’t divert the attention, it back-fires.

    The theme will still be on the rising inflation and mis-management and cover-up. The Rakyat sooner or later will be choked due to financial constraints, and they are concerned on how to survive under the rule of present Bn Guomen.

    F@#$% the sodomised political leaders, they messed up Bolehland for the past 50 years and they are trying to resurrect their evil souls after the 8th Mac GE by talking about sodomised case again. This time, Rakyat is not going to endure anymore.

  25. Kesava says:

    RPK says:

    In fact, the move to declare the Statutory Declaration false started very early in the day. The Statutory Declaration was signed on Wednesday, 18 June 2008, and handed to the prosecutors in the Altantuya murder trial the following day. On Friday, 20 June 2008, the Attorney-General lodged a police report on the basis that I had made a false declaration.

    How did the Attorney-General know it is false? Again, the Attorney-General ‘locked’ the police. Since the police report was based on a false declaration and since the Attorney-General has said thus, the police will now have to concur or else the Attorney-General too would lose face.

    We must remember that even before the Altantuya murder trial started the Attorney-General had announced that only three people and no others are involved in the murder. The Attorney-General had pre-judged the case and effectively ‘locked’ the judge. If evidence surfaces in the course of the trial which points to the possibility that more than three people are involved, the Attorney-General would look very stupid and would probably open himself to allegations of trial-rigging, which is a criminal act.

  26. Kesava says:

    RPK further adds:

    But then this will not be the first time that the Inspector General of Police and the Attorney-General have been accused of trial-rigging. According to Anwar Ibrahim, he has evidence that the Inspector General of Police and the Attorney-General had fabricated evidence during his 1998-1999 trials. In 1998, the Inspector General of Police and Attorney-General were the investigating officer and prosecutor respectively. Anwar was about to give this evidence to Malaysia Today so that we can expose it when, suddenly, the latest sodomy allegation exploded. Is this fantastic timing and a mere coincidence or something more sinister?

    Have no fear, Malaysia Today is here, and once we get our hands on the evidence we will certainly reveal it to prove that the Inspector General of Police and Attorney-General conspired to fabricate evidence in Anwar Ibrahim’s 1998-1999 trials — unless they get Anwar or me first of course. Anyway, if anything happens to Anwar or me then you will know why we were silenced. But the evidence will definitely not be silenced. It will still surface, with or without Anwar or me. And let the conspirators beware because they will have to face the wrath of the people.

  27. Kesava says:

    The greatest sodomists in Malaysia have been Mahathir and the UMNO.

  28. borneo headhunters says:

    that saiful gay guy is so sial!!disgracing the youth group..mengada-ada want to become student leader konon..go here and there and do nothing..stupidity,kaki ampu,amik gambar with menteri this and that as if he is so f*&king great!

    i hate these golongan that academically so poor and yet mengada-ada, pura-pura aktif ass!!these are leeches that needed to be destroyed, buried alive, or buang negeri!!

    if he’s around borneo, i will chop his head off..worst still, behead him!! F&^k u, saiful the gay guy!!u r rubbish, hopeless, your potential is ZERO!!

  29. Kesava says:

    When then IGP Rahim Nor was beating up Anwar in the cell downstairs, at about 9pm, Gani patail (now AG) was sitting upstairs in Rahim`s office.

  30. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// Yes! The national economy was “sodomised” when Anwar in his capacity as Finance Minister, legalised yes legalised short selling of currency and stocks in 1997 ///

    You are a pathological liar similar to your alter egos of Matthias Chang and TDM. No one in the right mind, no speculators worth his salt, will attack a strong currency. Precisely because TDM sodomized the Malaysian economy for the past 2 decades that it became vulnerable to attacks. Thailand was a classic example of a bubble economy – borrowing long to fund short. Borrowing forex to fund local projects. Sorry, no free lunch – which was why it was attacked. In Malaysia’s case, there was relatively little foreign borrowings compared to Thailand. However, tens and hundreds of billions of ringgits were squandered either in dubious white-elephant projects or went missing in someone’s pockets and Swiss accounts.

    Anwar did the right thing. Those who took the IMF route rebounded quickly – look at Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea. Malaysia wanted a quick fix and it is still suffering now as it never learnt the lesson, or took bitter medicine.

    Legalised short-selling has never been a problem if the fundamentals of the economy is sound. Many countries have short selling, but they don’t come under attack.

    Malaysia was experiencing its biggest bubble prior to the the Asian Financial Crisis. You lost a bundle in the stock market. Then you should know this – the China plays, the timber plays and the casino plays – they were all trading at more than hundred times P/E multiples. With such a huge inflated bubble, all it needs is a prick like Soros (oops sorry, Soros is not to be blamed, as your master TDM finallly had to admit.)

    BobbyNZ – why don’t you round up your gang of zero-inflation-at-10%-growth Noddynomic economists and try to attack the Chinese RMB and see if you can succeed.

  31. simple sam says:

    >>>> anon dud: cannot blame the victim, who can resist and retaliate anwar’s advance when he could be most powerful man in malaysia. <<<<<

    power ful man? anwar? who has to seek refuge in an embassy? you’re really a DUD,.

    the victim is at least 6 foot tall – you’re saying he cannot resist a man with a severe back injury.
    maybe if he is so man – he could have got a cctv recording of his bun fck.

    DUD indeed

  32. pet says:

    well…looks like another diversion from the Najib and Rosmah scandal….what better way than to use the asshole. After all, that is all the BN can think of..asses…maybe they are full of them…
    At the same time….UMNO still thinks that Malaysians are still a butch of fools and idiots..
    God..pls help save is your wisdom that can prevail some justice in the nation..dont allow us to become another Zimbabwe or Myanmar..

  33. Apapunboleh says:

    Saiful is a fagot, nuff said.

  34. amoker says:

    From what i read, the story maybe something like this. Looks like he failed to keep his grade in UNITEN, and that is also a scholarship. So, now you know why government does not want to release the name of scholarship recipients. Too much time spent being a ‘student leader’ and that is how he got buddy with government officers. Decided to go to UMNO ( via defense ministry ) for another scholarship ( probably to take flying lesson ) at about the time of GE. At this time, he is volunteering in Keadilan. Keadilan leaders then got a whiff of his potential credibility later. 3 months later, he accused DSAI of sodomizing him.

  35. Hahaha! says:


    If you have been screwed by your own folly,don’t blame others. You speak with your brain in your aasssss! Do you like to know what your BN masters have done to this country? Obviously not, because a dickhead like you live on frustrations and bitterness.
    I defend your right to speak but, I certainly will not defend your selfish and self- centred
    rubbish intentions.

  36. “From what i read, the story maybe something like this. Looks like he failed to keep his grade in UNITEN, and that is also a scholarship”

    you din read the whole sentence – he’s a student leader lar. since he’s a student leader (just like ketua pengawas in high skool),, though he held low cgpa, but that does not mean he cannot apply for skolarship given his poor family background and exemplary co-curicular record.

    and bout anwar, if he’s indeed sodo your bro or rape your sis/daughter, would you cry foul or blame the victim coz “anwar” is weak or he’s pkr leader. and what would you feel if your bro/sis/daughter identity blown open like this, and everyone start blaming him/her.

    so ugly malaysians. i can oso say najib, baginda, sirul and azilah all innocent, that mongol lady probably too depressed kena rejected and bomb herself with her home made nitrate bomb, how would u like that story.

  37. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    Seems like PDRM (Polce Department)of Malaysia is carrying it’s most priority investigation in protecting people’s asshole….instead of protection for human’s safety.

    Mana ada misi keselamatan negara bagi kes-kes high profile pembunuhan, ancaman dan conspirasi???

    Does this means the police have nothing else to do instead of only catching sodomiser? Hey there are alot of rape and kill cases, robberies, major drug trafficking cases, petrol smuggling cases,minor kidnap and kill cases does tis means the asshole Saiful is more important than Nurin case?? or even Altantuya’s case??

    Jadi, there is no capacity proven in PDRM lah..mana ada jaminan keselamatan pada rakyat Malaysia?? BN is absolutely given their wrong message to rakyat…No Peace at all!!!

    Saiful mungkin nak jadi the second Razak Baginda, scandal, bribery and accuse…

  38. Grill says:

    `but that does not mean he cannot apply for skolarship given his poor family background`

    Huh. Poor family background. Where got? The family staying in one of the richest neighbourhoods in malaysia – Damansara. How can they be poor. They got very good connections in UMNO I`m sure all that contracts and so on.

    Story is he was trying to be pilot kan? So he go to Najib (Defence minister) to get Air Force scholarship lah. Now we know why Air force got so many crashes. They scratching their backsides when in the planes.

  39. roy S says:

    Be prepared.
    Those who do not repent.I for one fear the anger of the living god.
    We are all sinners but God forgives our sins if we are sincere.Thats why we are always encourage to go and sin no more.We Malaysian have to pray for this nation.Lets fast a day all together. Lets do it this Friday.As fridays are always prayer days for all religions. God see the evil in this nation.If he strikes, than it might bring severe consequences.
    It really saddens me to see humanbeing being treated so unfairly.If DSAI is innocent for god knows everymans heart, how hurt it will be for him to be treated by his fellow brothers in faith.
    All we have right now is hope and faith.
    What is it for a man to gain everything in life the wrong way than loses his life to meet the maker.
    Remember we only send a short time in earth( Our BODY and Soul dont even belong to us) where will our spirit going to spend eternity………Think and ponder a moment
    my Friend.

    Roy Selvan………………

  40. “Huh. Poor family background. Where got? The family staying in one of the richest neighbourhoods in malaysia – Damansara. How can they be poor. They got very good connections in UMNO I`m sure all that contracts and so on.”

    that’s not my word, is his own reply on the comment in the very same blog – he said his family pokai coz have to bear his mother medical fees lar. so probably given he’s student leader (whether thru election or pintu belakang), bumi, and poor family, why cannot apply skolarship. he may desrve it better than those rich brag aim for cgpa 4.0 who knows nothing but just studying …..

  41. Grill says:

    If what Roy say is true then let lightning strike the next UMNO Supreme Council meeting in Putra Jaya.
    If not, leave God out of it.

  42. Grill says:

    `he said his family pokai coz have to bear his mother medical fees lar`

    Ok that wat he say. Everybody`s family have to pay medical fees. Stupid excuse he got. Any hospital will charge fees yes? Next time he will say must eat that`s why they they are poor. If he so concern he should not be getting low marks in Uni. This one umno punya kaki tipu.
    QAs a child they manja him too much. If only his parents had beaten him ever day maybe some akal can masuk.

  43. malaysian guy says:

    try search in wikipedia, the word ‘sodomise’. Out of the first 20 results return, 2 related to Anwar

    We are really a sodomised nation?

  44. roy s says:


    Decay to Destruction has a time.

  45. if polis got guts, they should charge azizah for disclosing the identity of the sodo victim (though internet is faster than her). everybody is equal in eyes of law, and every victim of rape/sodo should have their id protected as basic human right, whether is malicious or true, the polis would conclude the findings. where got ppl saying he’s guilty (here sodomised) and not claming innocent. else, can i say anwar has the license to sodo, since no one believe the victim, and the polis cannot take action.

    anwar family memang tak respect the law, he ran to turky embassy to avoid being arrested at the guise of assasination attempt (why din rpk do the same), his wife disclosing the victim details said he;s planted. imagine baginda’s wife to protect baginda that he’s husband is innocent.

  46. Grill says:

    Decay to Destruction has a time.- roy

    Itu fatalist talking. Don`t interfere in god business then. Man take care of man business. Leave god out.

    `if polis got guts, they should charge azizah for disclosing the identity of the sodo
    victim` – anonymous dud

    Only if he`s underaged they can charge.

    `he ran to turky embassy to avoid being arrested` there was no arrest warrant. police not even take statement.
    – he ran to Turkey embassy kerana assasination attempt notice. He came out after he got guarantee (actually itu guarantee tak guna but…..) of safety. Also maybe he has deposited some documents at turkey embassy for `safekeeping`.

  47. ah long says:

    Easy to solve. Examine that fellow’s asshole to see iif no more virgin…..hehehehe
    Then swab his asshole for DNA evidence……don’t forget to examine the mattress !!!
    Very important the mattress, someone has to carry it in & out of court latter on.

    Also someone has to examine his dick to see if got shit on it !! ahahahaha

  48. “Only if he`s underaged they can charge.”

    so disclosing rape/sodo victim above >21 yrs cannot be charge. wow. i like that. you;re implying it’s ok to disclosing rape/sodo victims that reach adulthood.

  49. continue from above, so it’s ok for rape offender, open up a blogsite, disclosing his rape victim (still alive) id to further humiliate her while in court case if the victim > 21 yrs old.

  50. Grill says:

    Yes rape offender can do that. If he cannot please quote me the law on that.
    Can even take out full page advertisements in the newspapers.

  51. noyawns says:

    I’m no supporter of AI – but just wondering about these things:
    1. 23 yr old tall fit guy “forcibly” diliwat oleh 62 yr old man?
    2. Desa Damansara Condo is pretty pricey for this 23 yr old “aide” – and it’s his house? Or his family’s home? Or someone else paying rent for him?

  52. Margeemar says:

    The events that has unfolded in Malaysia look eerily similar to Zimbabwe.

    In Zimbabwe, we had the Opposition leader seeking refuge in the Dutch Embassy. In Malaysia, we have the De facto Opposition leader seeking refuge in the Turkish Embassy for his safety.

    The only difference between Zimbabwe and Malaysia is that at least the gorilla regime of Robert ‘The Beast’ Mugabe did not plant sodomy allegations against Mr. Morgan Tsevangarai of the opposition MDC.

    It looks like the ZANU-PF and BN-Umno are pretty much similar in many ways. Both are corrupt and racist.

    Coming back to the allegation of Dato Seri Anwar’s alleged sodomy against this Saiful creep, only a die hard BN-Umno supporter or an idiot will buy this crap.
    Anwar is within reach of the corridors of power in Putrajaya. With the momentum going in his favor, why would he want to screw things up for himself at this juncture?

    If I were in DSAI’s shoes, and assuming that I were gay with an uncontrollable urge to screw some one’s ass, it would be easier and safer for me to get a ‘ladies boy’ and pay him well for our mutual satisfaction. After all, it wouldn’t take much effort to find one in KL. I wouldn’t do it with a member of my staff who just joined the team only 3 months earlier.

    As for Saiful, is this guy for real or what? If you claimed that you got your ass screwed the first time, why the heck did you do nothing and got your ass screwed a second time? I smell a rat here. They say a picture paints a thousand words. Go to this site and you will know what I’m talking about.

    It looks like the BN-Umno regime is in desperation mode, thus they and their cohorts, the IGP and AG are trying to prevent the inevitable, Pakatan Rakyat forming the Federal Government and Dato Seri Anwar as Prime Minister of Malaysia. A lot of dirt will be uncovered and I bet the new prison in Sungai Bakap will serve all the BN-Umno goons, 4th Floor Boys, Mahathir, IGP, AG, MR. EC Chief and gang pretty well!

  53. Hahaha! says:

    Hey, Income tax dept. you got work to do! Now it is exposed that this bloke Saiful is owning or renting a condo in Damansara he must be an above average Malaysian. Why does he needs a scholarship? I am very sure there are a lot more Malaysians more deserving…obviously, not a dropout!!

  54. sava says:

    Who owns that condo:

    The luxury unit is said to be worth at least RM2.2 million (S$900,000), and its monthly rental rates range from RM7,500 to RM15,000. The condo facilities include a fitness centre, sauna, swimming pool, and squash and tennis courts.

  55. sava says:

    Looks like the condo dont belong to the sodomee Saiful. He has another house:

    During a visit to Mr Saiful’s house in Bandar Utama in Petaling Jaya yesterday, Malaysiakini chanced upon someone who claimed to be Mr Saiful’s uncle.

    According to the man, his nephew had gone into hiding, and there has been no contact since news of the report broke on Saturday evening.

    ‘But I believe in Saiful,’ said the man who refused to give his name.

    ‘He is a good kid, and all that he has done, he has done with honesty. I just got back from Perak, and we have not been in touch, but I know why he lodged the report.’

    Teary-eyed, the man said that his nephew reported the matter as he wanted to expose Mr Anwar for what he was.

    When asked about Mr Saiful’s alleged links to Umno politicians, the uncle brushed it off.

    ‘We have got no help or connections with Umno. All he wanted to do is to expose the heinous crime,’ he was quoted as saying by Malaysiakini.

  56. e.g
    court case mr A raped miss B.

    mr A open up a blog site, calling press conference brandishing blackberry disclosing miss B pictures and names, cussing, cursing, and swearing her that ‘s she’s a lying f*cking b*tch who Mr A not really acquainted to her, just knew her she’s one of the neighbourhood resident. and she made polis report against Mr A that he raped her one night. Mr A gonna sue Miss B for the damage she has cost to Mr A coz Miss B made polis report, and the press published the news and everybody in neighborhood knows Mr A is rapist now. So Miss B is the villain here, she lied, she’s making crocodile tears, she’s making Mr A life miserable by telling everyone he raped her, though Mr A has been charged raping but acquited.


    to all rapist wannable, this would be good method for you to retaliate, like what mr future PM had done over here, and there’s no law to protect rape/sodo victims > 21 yrs old. now thinking back, i remembered nazri spar with lks over setting witness protection act, so there isn’t one currently. welcome to malaysia.

  57. Jsss says:

    Hei , bloody saiful how many millions does the BN idots (NAJIS) offer you to do so?

    You better watch out. You are the sodomy HERO in everyone’s mind now. I should say you better be careful. If ever anyone saw you walking on the street maybe that’s the day end for you. What! you think are we stupied to believe your make up story to stop DSAI from contesting in the by election. Hey! even the foreingner’s in this country are laughing and look down on the BN government towards their disgusting political action towards DSAI. What a shame for BN.

    AGAIN ! i am reminding you Saiful, you better be careful, you may escape from justice but not from “ALLAH YANG MAHA BERKUASA.”

  58. tan, tanjong bungah says:

    Hi everyone,

    1. Since RPK mentioned that Malaysia Today was about to receive evidence on the fabrication of evidence by the IGP and AG on the 1998 case, let’s hold our breath a whiile longer. Wait for the evidence to surface before making judgment and further comments on the present case!

    The evidence should be forthcoming soon as it was supposed to be handed over to MT last week.

    2. On a related issue,

    (a) how’s it that a proven drop-out from a university (on scholarship!) with a ridiculously low CGPA, be awarded another scholarship to pursue pilot training! What about his previous scholarship commitments/bond at the university?
    No penalty clause(s)?

    (b) how is it that he can afford to be staying in the Damansara area condo, that is reported to cost more than RM2 milllion with rental there around RM7500 to RM15000 per month, and still be classified as poor and hence entitle to a scholarship, not once but twice!!

    Anyway, let’s also wait for the present sodomy case to unfold. With the judiciary currently being reformed, let’s also wait for the law to take its course!

  59. old news, but a bit relevant

    “Airline hostess abducted and raped twice (June, 2006)
    Police sources said the stewardess, who is married to an air steward of a local airline, had gone to the shopping mall to buy milk for her six-month-old baby about 8pm.”

    so the star should disclose the stewardess identity for public curiousity sake coz the law does not prevent rape/sodo victim > 21yrs old to be protected. and the star, nst, utusan could have their papers sold out when they do this!

    btw, why everyone keep on saying that chap owns the condo. the condo might not belong to his anyway, who knows one of the pkr circles.

    i’m not side everyone, but i think the way ppl react and vilify the chap is too much. by law, he’s one of the ordinary victim kena sodo and launched polis report on this.

  60. CJFOO says:

    This time I must really congratulate The Polis Diraja and its Forensic Team for the first class efficiency and lightning fast response. They must have put FBI, Scotland Yard, ICAC and Singapore Police Force to shame.

  61. Grill says:

    so the star should disclose the stewardess identity for public curiousity sake coz the law does not prevent rape/sodo victim > 21yrs old to be protected. and the star, nst, utusan could have their papers sold out when they do this! – anonymous dud

    Now you are talking nonsense. If the papers want to they can. I`m sure if Rosmah (Najib`s wife) or Rafidah Aziz got raped they would do it.

  62. BobbyNZ says:



  63. hutchrun says:

    STOP PRESS and RapThe.Net were suspended due to pressure from the Malaysian government. We have backups of everything – nothing is lost! Sites have now moved to new servers, and will be back up the 17th of july. Please do not remove torrents etc, we WILL be back up on the 17th! See you then! Enjoy your summer! /x0r

  64. tan, tanjong bungah says:

    Hi anonymous dud,

    The question is “how is it that he can afford to be staying in the Damansara area condo, … ” ? There is no claim here that he or his family owns the unit.

    Like everyone else, we are interested to know who owns or rents the unit. So can some investigative journalist probe this.

  65. wits0 says:

    BobbyNZ: “STOP PRESS!


    This CyberTrooper believes he is making an impact. Not!

  66. hutchrun says:

    (We received information from a number of sources, including from the Intelligence Unit from a neighboring country informing us that there is an attempt to assassinate DSAI and that several hired killers have been brought into the country recently).

    The PKR MP went on to list down FIVE attempts at DSAI’s life since the 1990s. “… sebab itulah kami membuat keputusan menasihatkan DSAI menerima tawaran Kedutaan Turki untuk melindungi DSAI”. (… that’s why we made the decision to advise DSAI to accept the Turkish Embassy’s offer to provide him refuge).

    The Turkish Embassy, however, has said there was no such offer made to Anwar.

  67. BobbyNZ says:

    The statement by the CROOKS confirms what I am saying all the while. Anwar is the worst traitor the nation has ever produced for his role in legalising short selling of currency and stocks in 1997 so that the CROOKS can devalue them by 90% equivalent to no less than RM$500 billion.

    Remember always; the TRUTH is mightier than the CROOKS who are killing lives everyday especially Muslims.



  68. Anonymous says:

    imagine how hard it is to shoot at a moving target let alone able to do it many times. Even with a stationery target it is almost impossible to score all the times unless the targets is willing

  69. hutchrun says:

    Mahathir and UMNO are the worst CROOKS in the world.

  70. hutchrun says:

    Why are Malays so worked up and angry about Israeli soldiers killing Palestinian civilians? Palestinians are not Malaysians. They are not even Malays. So why poke our nose into something that is happening so far away in a land we have never visited and to people we have never met? If we have no sympathy for non-Malays killed in our own country why are we so nosy-parker about the same thing in a far away land?

    The Umno State Assemblywoman from Sungai Rapat, Hamidah Osman, revealed the attitude of these Umno women last week when she insinuated that if you see an Indian and a snake, you kill the Indian first. Yes, that is what she meant. Hey, f***k you; Raja Petra Kamarudin is not seditious. This Umno State Assemblywoman from Sungai Rapat and that other Umno State Assemblywoman from Kampong Medan (now retired), who both endorse the killings of Indians, are. – RPK

  71. hutchrun says:

    The Umno State Assemblywoman from Sungai Rapat, Hamidah Osman, revealed the attitude of these Umno women last week when she insinuated that if you see an Indian and a snake, you kill the Indian first. Yes, that is what she meant. Hey, f***k you; Raja Petra Kamarudin is not seditious. This Umno State Assemblywoman from Sungai Rapat and that other Umno State Assemblywoman from Kampong Medan (now retired), who both endorse the killings of Indians, are. – RPK

  72. hutchrun says:

    The Umno State Assemblywoman from Sungai Rapat, Hamidah Osman, revealed the attitude of these Umno women last week when she insinuated that if you see an Indian and a snake, you kill the Indian first. Yes, that is what she meant.

  73. Harrison says:

    Physical description :

    The alleged victim : Approx : 5’10”, well-built, 23 y.o.

    The alleged sodomite : Approx : 5’7″, underwent slip-disc surgery years back, 61 y.o.

    The victim alleged that Anwar had sodomize him several times. Unless, by his own consent, or reluctantly did it, I see no way in the boy’s claim that such event-that he was sodomized on several occasions before he broke his silence is valid, using common dialectics unless Anwar puts a gun on his head.

    Anyone sees my points otherwise, starting with aforesaid hypothesis rebuttal.

  74. “using common dialectics unless Anwar puts a gun on his head.”

    if your boss (ceo) sodomise/rape you, do you retaliate, and this boss is short and old and grumpy. some ppl do, even resolve killing him. but not all ppl as strong (mental) and brave. else why got so many sexual harassment reported…..

    makes me give another scenario:

    ceo (or coo) Mr A was charged with rape by sec Miss B who made polis report. Wife of Mr A cannot tahan, open a blog site, encourages her husband employees to spam about Ms B that Ms B is b*tch and liar who scantily clad and likes to seduce ppl. And Mr A even consult his 9 lawyers to sue Ms B for the damage incur on him, including loss of clients’ (public) trust. It is well-known that Mr A has been acquited with rape charge before with her former sec.

  75. Harrison says:

    anonymous dud said, on July 1st, 2008 at 12:45 pm,

    By your reasoning, would it be accurate to say that the victim was unscrupulous?

    Imagine this : If a handsome guy meets up a lass and had consensual sex, only later the lass knowing that she was dumped by a playboy, decided to lodged a police report of being rape.

    However, this is a whole new different case here.

    By all means, you can’t help the rapist on separate dates and later pucker-up the courage to take appropriate actions? This will be the plaintiff’s arguments (one of them) as I highly forsee later but they still need the result of Police investigations including the findings of DNA (semen), CCTV footage, witness testimonies, etc.

    Gtg. I promise to engage anyone on this later.

  76. Hahaha! says:


    A Dickhead is a Dickhead! I am not interested in whoever becomes the PM. For your information I have left Bolehland a long time ago. I stand the middle ground and despise
    frustrated asshole like you. My main interest is to see a better Malaysia….if there is still a hope. How does that grab you?

  77. “Imagine this : If a handsome guy meets up a lass and had consensual sex, only later the lass knowing that she was dumped by a playboy, decided to lodged a police report of being rape.”

    who knows, the victim could be introvert, timid. and after rejecting numerous times, the aggressor turns aggresive, either verbally, mentally threaten the victim that the victim has to relent. if you go thru some rape/murder trial cases you would have come thru cases like this where old grumpy man can even subdue 30-40 yrs woman, though the woman is stronger than that man (there’s case a woman repeatedly raped by taxi driver for 10yrs long). so is it wrong for the victim to relent (though he can physically fight back) after mentally defeated. you know anwar lah, he knows how to play with words and dangling carrot … just like how he amazes his audience about the fuel price.

  78. kittykat46 says:

    A lot of UMNO Dud brains here. They love eating Sodo Mee.

  79. george says:

    it is just another conspiracy ploy by UMNO to silent those oppose them. They know how to ploy well and thinking that rakyat is so simple to believe them again and again… fuel price hike is merely an excuse for UMNO to get funding to support their supporter and make they to work for them… they want FULL CONTROL.

    Fuel price and subsequent consumer price hike have trigger most rakyat to a higher point of anger and disastisfaction to government and the coming demo will be good time for them to turn it into riot for another good reason to execute law of emergency to get back FULL CONTROL of Malaysia and once for all eliminate all resistance parties….

    A part from this, this is a rumour that UMNO have invited PAS to join under BN for the sake of Malay Unity….if this work…it will be the end of all our fighting… there is the end of nation to further UNMO want for FULL CONTROL…

    It is all about FULL CONTROL and GREED!!!

    Sodomy is just a small matter to me…

  80. Harrison says:

    A recent (different) case, a prominent lawyer reminds the court that does the victim of “rape” knows the consequences if the accusation of her being rape is false. A case that after the victim is raped, she has sex with her boyfriend before lodging a police report.

    Here is another case of false police reports of being raped:-

    In the “Sodomy 2”, the “victim” claimed of being sodomized on few occasions which raises the questions of why he have not lodged a police report when he was sodomized on the 1st occasion. So, being introvert and passive for SEVERAL TIMES, will an impartial Judge buy your arguments?

  81. thought that chap says the recent one on thurs …..

    launching false report is illegal and criminal act. but during polis investigation and the aggressor threaten to sue the victim (for launching polis report) isn’t a form of intimidation ?

    boy, i wonder if rapist would do the same.

  82. aiyoo tambi says:

    moving target, stationery target……………hahha you make a person imigination run wild…………Crakos Crakos,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Aiyoo

  83. roy s says:

    People have choices in life. Creation always need Creators help.
    Comment but dont Condemn

  84. chiewee says:

    Dear Harrison,

    Sodomy is a crime, and it doesn’t matter whether the victim was a willing participant in earlier acts. So, as an impartial judge, I would have convict the victim and the preparator for the first few consensual acts, and convict the preparator of the latest non-consensual act.

    Furthermore, as a rule of evidence, a defendant cannot use the “rape shield defence” by claiming that the victim’s prior consent in previous sexual activity means that he would have also consented to the latest act.

  85. Kapitan says:

    Agree with you totally. The September dateline is close. BN/UMNO is no longer able to take the heat or the shame of loosing power.
    Heads will roll if the power do change hands. The wishfull thinking of DSAI: “I want a smooth and peaceful hand over…..” will face a ‘tsunami’ of its kind.

    The Asian King-of-Gamblers, Mr.Standley Ho, once said “Opportunity will knock on your door once in your lifetime. You must know how to grab it or you loose it.”

    A businessman also said,”Upon the plains of Hesitation lies the bones of countless millions, who upon the Threshold of Success sat down to wait and in waiting THEY DIE.”

  86. […] A sodomised nation A sodomised nation […]

  87. Bola Hangus says:

    Oh huchuloon, i think many malays/muslims care about palestinians cos they are our muslim brothers and also the fact that the zionists have stolen muslim lands. The same way that they feel that their rights and soveregnty are being encroached by the other pendatangs in this land.

    The indian snake joke isnt the first time being said. I think its a common phrase knwon to all malaysians. I do business with indians too but i definitely will bring an antidote against snake bite as a precaution. Its better yo be safe than sorry huchuloon.

  88. Bola Hangus says:

    I think that sodomites should all burn in hell. They are the worse degenerates of a society spreading disease to the rest of us. However, tho ones who falsely accuses another of being a sodomite should suffer a worse punishment.

  89. Harrison says:

    To: chiewee,

    If you really get what I am trying to point out in my various exchanges with “Anonymous Dude”, it’s clearly not about the criminal offence-sodomy, the very crime itself should be instituted on both parties, the sodomite or the victim on the merits of my arguments.

    Sorry for rehashing this again but to refresh my memory, I was pointblank casting aspersions and doubts on the allegations (police report) made by the victim wherein my last posting I wrote;

    “In the “Sodomy 2″, the “victim” claimed of being sodomized on few occasions which raises the questions of why he have not lodged a police report when he was sodomized on the 1st occasion. So, being introvert and passive for SEVERAL TIMES, will an impartial Judge buy your arguments?”

    and in my earlier postings I compare the physical disposition between the victim and the sexual assailant.

    (1) Can one personally believe that the accuser/ victim, after the 1st incident having been sodomized, has not taken necessary steps to lodge police report and only puckered-up his courage to do so after being sodomized on various occasions?

    (2) Given the physical description of the victim, he could effortlessly escaped the aggressor/ sodomite.

    Placing of a scale of credible or incredible, I find that the victim is somewhere in the middle.

    Furthermore, that was just peanuts. This victim’s photos with several cabinet Ministers
    entails his credibilities further on the lam when one of his photo taken with the inscription of “Pejabat Perdana Menteri” office, and duly acknowledged by the DPM Najib himself who averred that the boy went to apply for scholarship even mired both
    (the victim and Najib himself) credibilities.

    Do you go to a DPM’s office to apply for any sorts of scholarship, loans or any educational facilities? Something new to me.
    Anwar filed a civil suit against the complainant on grounds that the police reports lodged was mala-fide. Anwar, for the records, if I can recall has filed at least 2 defamation suit against 1) Chandra Mustafa, 2) KJ.

    in this case, I cannot really see of any success of the plaintiff’s (Anwar) lawyer in obtaining the complainant’s sheet police reports lodged/ caution statements/ visuals recordings of CCTVs/ logbook movement records before a criminal trial.

    You can’t see a criminal trial before or concurrently running alongside a civil suit of the same case, can you, chiewee?

    The “victim”will be held liable for lodging a false police report that is jailable and losing the defamation suit only if the

    a) police investigations found that no case against Anwar.

    b) the victim is a liar during police investigations

    c) when Anwar is charged and entered defence and acquitted by a Judge

  90. BobbyNZ says:

    Anwar is a sodomite and he “sodomised” the nation in 1997 by legalising short selling of currency and stocks so that the CROOKS could “gang rape” the economy and impoverished the country by no less than RM$500 billion. The most despicable traitor the nation ever had! His downfall is imminent even though the CROOKS attempt to rescue him!



  91. wits0 says:

    BobbyNZ has to keep raving or else his paycheck will stop coming.

  92. Good Grief says:

    IGP & AG!
    Can we still have a impartial court or law to protect us??
    All because of a demon Indian named Mahatir in our midst!
    All the damages done and yet behave as if nothing had ever happened!
    Create blog to praise himself; just to cover his TAIL !
    Billions mismanaged by him and embezzled by him through corruption and nepotism and the $$ hidden somewhere!
    He and his family enjoys and we suffer.
    There are still naive Malaysians supporting this demon I really do not understand??
    Good grief…..

  93. Pegasus says:

    BN government have been sodomised on March 8th and have not recovered since, they can’t walk or talk straight. These S-holes are scared to death of what Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat are capable of doing when they come to power. In order to ensure the Pakatan Rakyat are not allowed to carry out their work, they have practically came out with controversy week after week to make sure PR slips and fall on their face.
    After bending for so long, BN could not stand straight and are extremely afraid of what is in store for them.Well, lets hope the change we are waiting for will take place soon.

  94. Circle of Hands says:

    Cheers BobbyNz ! Picture this; Anwar as Sodom then who would be Gommorrah (I hope the spelling is correct!) Maybe its wrong for me to say the latter comprised of those who supported him, huh ?

  95. abc says:

    the whole world is watching us becoming a nation of sodomites ( like sodom & gomorrah), and they are having a good laugh. dsai sodomise saiful, ocpd sodomise his two policeman woking for him, c4 saying altantuya can be had from behind?????? Please clean all this sh** up before we become the laughing stock of the world!!!

  96. Anonymous says:

    nb ,n
    bbm,bb mbb
    bvbmgvlklgbööh ,h,b,,nb

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