Image: Malaysia-Today. Malaysiakini has confirmed the report.

11.59am: It seems Anwar Ibrahim has in his hands documents to prove that Musa Hassan and Gani Patail had fabricated false evidence to convict Anwar in his 1998 sodomy trial. Which is why, there is now another round of arrest.

10.44pm: I just received information by sms that Saiful Bahari, special assistant to Anwar Ibrahim had been arrested by police and was forced to confess that he was sodomised. Police are expected to detain Anwar anytime now, for sodomy. If this is true, this would be the second time that Anwar undergoes the same ordeal, also for the same reason. For wanting to be PM!

If this is true, it is madness! It seems the fight to be PM between Anwar and Najib Tun Razak has become disastrous. Anwar keeps insisting that he will form a new Federal Government by 16 September. And Najib is no longer waiting for a smooth and slow transition of power. He is saying he will make a decision soon on whether he will contest the country’s no. 2 position if he had enough nominations.

What does this say to Najib’s supporters? Go ahead and nominate me! or Pak Lah, you better set a proper date!

If it is true, this impending arrest of Anwar comes in the wake of several issues – Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s explosive statutory declaration claiming that Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor was at the scene of the murder of Altantuya Shariibuu, together with a “C4 expert” Aziz Buyong and his wife, Norhayati. The “expert” is currently suing RPK for defamation. Najib’s reputation, whether the SD is true or false, is forever tarnished.

And what about PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Khairy Jamaluddin, his son-in-law? They were implicated in the SD as well for having in their procession a miliatry intelligence report about what happenned at the crime scene. Khairy is mulling legal action against RPK.

It also comes prematurely in the wake of the impending fuel hike rally which is set to take place on 6 July in Kuala Lumpur. One million people are supposed to throng the streets demanding that fuel prices be reduced. If Anwar were arrested, this can be turned into a “Release Anwar”, ala Reformasi 1998.

With this news of Anwar’s impending arrest, I almost fell off my chair. My informers tell me the situation in Malaysia, especially in KL is tense. KLites, what do you have to say?

Are we seeing Reformasi II?  Seems like the strategists have no new ideas lah. Though all these may suggest that perhaps, Anwar’s claim to be PM soon, is more than just fantasy. He must be stopped at all cost. It couldn’t be a more “classic” way to do it.

Blogger Black has a take on this as well “Perang Sudah Bermula” (The War Has Begun).

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  1. kittykat46 says:

    Oh My God.
    I pray the goons haven’t totally lost their brains…
    If they try to destroy Anwar using this method (again) , I fear for this country…..its going to get Very, Very Ugly guys……
    I better go buy a month’s supply of Maggi mee tomorrow morning….

  2. wits0 says:

    Pssst…anyone wanna buy a bridge?

  3. kittykat46 says:

    That there is a police report today implicating Anwar is definitely true.

    Anybody can make a police report. Whether the police will actually carry out a real investigation, or somebody made the guy lodge the report, so they can throw Anwar back into Sungai Buloh Prison is another matter.

    I’m going out first thing tomorrow morning to get my pile of Maggi noodles….

    Inadvertently, UMNO is perhaps confirming their fear that Anwar is frighteningly (for UMNO) close to bringing down the UMNO regime.

  4. radiin says:

    hahaha… yes. put him into jail.

    what a lucky man Anwar is! Such an easy way out.

  5. Harrison says:

    I was just back and switched on a local TV news awhile ago when news broke in that a opposition member(they still refer to the Selangor State Government as opposition) lodged a police report against a VIP (not verbatim, as good as I can recollect).

    I didn’t know that it the “sodomite” (fabricated lies to frame Anwar or it’s in the blood of a sodomist??????) was Anwar Ibrahim?

    This is the most diabolical crime to falsely accused and later planted false evidence on someone for a crime they didn’t do.

    Was this diabolical accusations a reprisals to RPK’s allegations of Najib’s wife involvement in the Altantuya’s murder?

    “Then comes this news of Anwar’s impending arrest. I almost fell off my chair.”- Susan’s disbelief on such travesties??

    To be honest, I felt down from a chair and the chair fell down on me. No serious injuries but just minor lacerations.

    Very sinister, isn’t it?

  6. MalaysiaScrewedUP says:

    what the hack is going wrong here … Sodomy again? come on ? … my ass … If Anwar is arrested …. i guess this time around will be much more tence and ugly indeed. I have been very enger since i got to know this breaking news …..

  7. wits0 says:

    Yes, Kittykat46, the police report may be true but but its content is another matter. Not surprising Susan felt the Earth moved and nearly fell off her chair! Sounds like a Richter Scale happening. Your Maggie Mee acquisition may be a good idea around KL.

  8. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    What ? Stupid or what?

  9. Tenuda says:

    Probably Najis and gang got no ideas . . . maybe by following what the old senile man did 11 years ago is the only idea they have to stop DSAI from being the next PM. These time it won’t be easy as what Najis and gang thinks. It will be Hell in Malaysia.

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  11. Aiyoo Tambi says:


  12. BobbyNZ says:

    Told you guys he is or was a sodomist whose after men’s rear. Not only that. He sodomised the Malaysian economy by legalising short selling of currency and stocks in 1997 so that the CROOKS could “gang rape” the economy in the tune of more than RM$500 billion. My comments on RPK’s blog have been deleted and I am blocked to make more comments. Yes RPK is nothing more than a phoney maverick trying to fool Malaysians who are smarter than he thinks. These local crooks are afraid of the truth. I am “reliably informed” and I am not afraid to speak out!

    Do not vote for these crooks who are working with the CROOKS murdering innocent lives everyday especially Muslims.

    Cheers Malaysians!!!


  13. flyer188 says:

    Dear Susan,

    This will be the “Mother” of all the BN & UMNOputra’s FOLLY !!!!

    Fat Mama & incumbent PM in waiting finally felt the “Floor” under them “Shaking” with RPK’s SD etc, so this is the typical “Defensive” reaction mode.

    As such, they have to attack DSAI & create “CHAOS” resulting in the introduction of EOC for the Fat Mama & incumbent PM in waiting to “Walk in” through “Default”….the perfect “TRAP PLAN”.

    Yes, let us all reposition ourselves & family….fasten our seatbelts tight sit tight !

  14. MalaysiaScrewedUP says:


    You sounds like the guys who fucking wants DSAI end up in jail 🙂 What abt Najip with Atantuya ? He should be arrest too for investigation ? Do not spread the lie here.
    We all are smart people who have eyes and ears … and a wonderful mind and do not buy your kind of bullshits …. we know what is right and what is wrong. PLS go to bed
    and RIP

  15. LeMBaH PaNTaI XsElaMaT says:

    What the heck is this??Anwar??Sodomy??Wow…I think he (ANWAR) really did it…All i know Anwar is a weirdo…PM now is a geek.TPM is ready to take over..maybe thats why ANWAR’s daughter have had no time to think or even to look about the security issues in LEMBAH PANTAI!!!!She’s gone mad because of her father is a junky.All other politicians are counting days to see the transition of power from PM to TPM and hence, she dont have anyone to turn to for consultation…Poor Daddy’s gurl…I dont care bout ANWAR..put him in jail or sewer…i dont care..I just want Nurul Izzah to do her job…!!no more sympathy is work..Enough is enough…You promised change!WE WANT CHANGE..NO MORE SYMPATHY…WORK IS WORK…BETTER SECURITY IN LEMBAH PANTAI PLEASE!!!IZZAH!!!

  16. nitrofang says:

    this is the judgement prior to anwar release .

    ” To summarise our judgement , even though reading the appeal record we find evidence to confirm that the appelants were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen

    BUT, the Federal Court could only convict Anwar and Sukma if the prosecution had successfully proved beyond reasonable doubt the alleged offences stated in the charges based on admissible evidence and in accordance with established principles of law. ” – Hakim Datuk Abdul Hamid Mohamad dan Tengku Datuk Baharuddin Shah Tengku Mahmud

    anwar says THANK YOU to the judge.

    same old tactic. those who made confession about anwar wrong doings will be accused of making force confession without evidence. this is justice ala anwar.

    this is just a police report, but BEFORE anwar is charged, mass SMS are already being sent by PKR supporter making bull stories that the victims is forced to make such police report. this kind off bull has been made ages ago in an attempt to sideline from the issue, which is, anwar kaki liwat. the fact is that, the victim made a voluntarily police report stating that HE HIMSELF is being sodomized by anwar. and anwar supporter is adding the emotional fuel by stating that anwar could be arrested again.

    azizan abdul razak – anwar driver
    sukma darmawan – anwar ‘pet’ brother
    mior abdul razak – fesyen designer and tailor to wan azizah
    hairany mat nafees – anwar speech writer.
    munawar anees – anwar speech writer
    ismail harun – sukma friend.
    and latest .. SAIFUL BAHARI – anwar personal assistant.

    tell me, is it really a coincidence that all the person above is related to anwar directly?

    the truth is, anwar memang tak boleh nak buang tebiat lama dia. so, tolong la jangan buat cerita dongeng kata pengakuan mangsa semua di paksa!

  17. Hahaha! says:

    To BobbyNZ

    I have only two words for you f***up

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  19. mediarakyat says:

    Press Conference for Anwar Ibrahim at Shah Alam 2am 29/06/2008

  20. merong says:

    BobbyNZ, LeMBaH PaNTaI XsElaMaT, nitrofang

    sheesh! i am glad there are less people like you now than 10 years ago.

    i am sad, no appalled that there are still some people like you around.

    you know what they say about OTAK UDANG?
    its becoz UDANG HAS SHIT in their heads where others has brains.

  21. […] From Susan Loone 10.44pm: I just received information by sms that Saiful Bahari, special assistant to Anwar Ibrahim had been arrested by police and was forced to confess that he was sodomised. Police are expected to detain Anwar anytime now, for sodomy. If this is true, this would be the second time that Anwar undergoes the same ordeal, also for the same reason. For wanting to be PM! […]

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  23. MustaphaOngNZ says:

    BobbyNZ is Mahathir and Daim`s henchman who was carrying all the Foreign currency in RM1000 and RM500 notes out of the country during the currency crisis. Now they are trying to get BNM to legalise it so it can be put into circulation again.

  24. BobbyNZ says:

    I was a victim of the Asian Crisis and it’s natural justice for me who has been “reliably informed” to expose the CROOKS and the TRAITOR.

    Have a good weekend Malaysians!!!


  25. MustaphaOngNZ says:

    Mahathir, Daim Zainudeen and BobbyNZ were `victims`of Asian crisis. Now they are going after the jews for natural justice. Matthias Chang their lawyer got US Finance Secretary arrested by German Police recently.

  26. kittykat46 says:

    BobbyNZ – “I was a victim of the Asian Crisis ”
    The causes of the 1997/1998 Asian Financial Crisis were many, but Malaysia made itself vulnerable through sheer greed – both at a national and at a personal level. Mahathir is often given credit by the MSM as Malaysia’s saviour. If you dig a bit deeper and further back, Mahathir’s policies were among the chief trigger points.

    I bet BobbyNZ was one of the greedy contra stock players ? Buying and sellling stocks you didn’t own and had no intention to take delivery, making money on the margins ? At its peak, there were guys who made enough money to buy houses, cars etc. on such ill-gotten gains, and they lost their pants and underwear when the stock market crashed….

  27. BobbyNZ says:


    Yes I lost some money on contra playing. But it was my investment in Jakarta that matters.

    It seems you know nothing about the game of numbers in currency and stock markets. May I recommend George Soros book “The Theory of Reflexivity” where he took credit for destroying the Soviet Union economy. The 3 Asian countries namely Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand would be a piece of cake for him and his other predators.

    Dont get personal mate. I did not lodge the police report though I am thoroughly convinced that Anwar is bisexual and the country’s number 1 traitor.



  28. MustaphaOngNZ says:

    Daim, however, does not want Abdullah to retire just yet. He needs Abdullah around until at least 2010 because it will take him two years to slowly bring back RM3 billion in cash. Yes, more than ten years ago, RM3 billion in RM500 and RM1,000 notes were smuggled out to Indonesia. When Tun Dr Mahathir found out he discontinued the usage of RM500 and RM1,000 notes. So the money is now stuck. The notes can, of course, be brought back, but they can’t be used in the open market. Instead, you have to send them to Bank Negara to be changed into smaller notes.

    And this is where the problem lies. How to bring back RM3 billion in RM500 and RM1,000 notes unless you do it over two years and unless the Finance Minister cum Prime Minister gives his permission for Bank Negara to accept them? So Daim has to ensure that the Finance Minister cum Prime Minister stays on at least until 2010 when the entire RM3 billion can be safely brought back and sent to Bank Negara for conversion into smaller notes. And to ensure that the Finance Minister cum Prime Minister is not kicked out of office, Daim is prepared to spend half the amount to defeat the challengers like Tengku Razaleigh and Muhyiddin.

  29. BobbyNZ says:

    Please dont get me wrong. Daim was very corrupt. Corruption is everywhere so is the US administration. But this corrupt Anwar betrayed his own countrymen including his wife, his close aides (one of them my classmate) and the whole nation.

    I hereby declare that I am apolitical and never involved or joined any political party. My contributions to all the blogs is simply to satisfy my sense of justice for the injustices done to me and others.



  30. makfigaro says:

    Just wondering.. is it wrong to have a ‘sodomite’ as a PM. If sodomy is that big a crime, then a big portion of the Malaysian population might not be able to stand for elections. Is sodomy worse than lying, cronyism, bullying and plundering the country’s wealth? (And all done by one particular person!)
    As a Muslim, yes I believe sodomy is a sin, but its a sin against one person… A certain ‘syok sendiri sin done in his free time’ if i may add. But how about the sins done blatantly to the millions of people in the country via manipulating the judiciary and chanelling businesses towards one’s own children! Talk about double standards…blah blah blah.. ‘I can, you cannot, my children can, your son-in-law cannot’. Its all very sickening!

    To Nitrofang, Munawar Anees has absolutely denied any sexual relationship with Anwar Ibrahim – and he was only able to say that after he had served his sentence and left the country.

  31. MustaphaOngNZ says:

    But this corrupt Anwar betrayed his own countrymen including his wife, his close aides (one of them my classmate) and the whole nation.

    Talking c***k.
    BobbyNZ jealous kerana cannot sleep with DSAI wife. `whole nation`? mana boleh? 50% tak setuju u lah. Only less than 50% vote Bn. Better you go Jakarta and take care daim/mahathir money.

  32. BobbyNZ says:

    I have nothing more to say. Thank you all for giving me a listening ear!!!



  33. Muda says:

    My ,my , my !

    Suddenly everyone is awake today !

  34. Hahaha! says:


    I have something more to add, you have exposed your own crooked mind. If you have lost in the share market, take it as a lesson. Don’t go around finding faults with others. Should I think like you, I am not, I will have a whole blooming book to pin on your BN friends. Like I have said earlier, just F***UP!

  35. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    Poor, poor BobbyNZ – we now understand the ordeal you have suffered, what they did to you when you were arrested, that you have to “confessed” to being back-ended by Anwar. Now we can begin to understand why you have been posting all those posterior posts – you don’t have foresight – but I see you do have hindsight.

  36. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    BobbyNZ – if you are the victim of the Asian Financial Crisis, then you should go after TDM – he was the once who wasted billions upon billion of dollars on white-elephant projects and even more untold billions that went missing…

  37. Jack says:

    Hi Friends, watch this video to understand what BN is up to.

  38. potblack says:

    which crime is more serious? buttfucking or serial rapists whom has been raping our nation”s wealth?

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  40. tamade says:

    Susan, we have hundreds of rapists and serial rapists out there who were never captured and punished. The police must work harder to nab them. Our people’s safety are in great danger.

    The charge by the authority on Anwar will definetely backfire. Just listen to the comment made by Bolehland’s PM on Anwar’s latest sodomy case, you can conclude that the last faith of the Rakyat in hoping the Bolehland’s Guomen to change is fast fading now.

    I really pity Zaid, his good effort in rectifying the judiciary pillar, in order to lift the Federal Guomen’s image , has gone down to the drain.

  41. simple sam_NZL says:

    why don’t you grease your rear end & I ll get ang wah to come to your apartment.
    You’re one assh0le.

  42. friend of malaysia UK says:

    Pathetic…that is the only word I can use to describe this farce. Is the current ruling clique in KL totally bankrupt morally and intellectually? The Malaysian judiciary showed itself merely as a political tool during the last sodomy fiasco. Will we see more of the same now?
    Hang in there, Anwar Ibrahim!

  43. This BobbyNZ seems to appear in several blogsites. High chance that he is one of the man employed to disrupt the “righteous blogging”.
    Just ignore this guy, he is a mole planted in this site and also many other sites.
    The more you reply to this guy, the more he is not fall to his trap.
    Beware of mole….

  44. Hunk says:

    As I wonder whether this BobbyNZ is a gay. I dislike gay man. See my self-proclaimed nick.
    HUNK. Strong and works wonder for women only. Sorry for taking Susan’s blog for a ride but this boy irks me.

  45. wits0 says:

    For nutsake, Anwar’s accuser alleged he has been buggered. It’s as if he can’t resist (if he didn’t want to be buggered), being young and strong, against a 60 year old man! Simple question , this.

  46. kevyeoh says:

    so whoever is trying to grab power to become PM needs to become a eunuch first? that way, there’s no chance he’s gonna be charged with sodomy?

  47. friend of malaysia UK says:

    Accusations of sodomy, just like accusations of heterosexual rape, are so easy to make but much more difficult to prove. Was there a video-recording, or if not then another independent witness? Was the accusation made within 24 hours of the reported incident? If so, was the person medically examined and forensic evidence obtained (pubic hair or semen for DNA analysis)? Was the accusation made voluntarily or obtained during the course of interrogation? If the latter, was a lawyer present throughout to ensure that the accusation was genuinely made voluntarily? If there was a delay in making the accusation why did it take so long to have a change of heart?

    With the previous accusation I seem to remember that the date on which the incident was supposed to have taken place was changed 3 times during the trial because Anwar had a solid alibi showing it could not have been on those dates….and still the presiding judge did not throw the accusation out of court on the grounds of zero credibility. Please, please do not expose the Malaysian judiciary to the same ridicule worldwide all over again.

  48. noyawns says:

    This tall 23 year old could not fight off a 61 year old man??!! I can’t believe that! So why should anyone believe his buggered story?!

    This is BN bulls*#t!

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  50. theory says:

    before you read my comment, open your heart and mind and think deeper. Ask yourself a question, WHO WILL BENEFITED THE MOST FROM THIS ACCUSATION? Anwar or Government?..

    I would say, it’s Anwar who will benefited the most from this accusation. WHY? because everybody would not believe the same thing could happened back in 1998 therefore more people feel pity on him and think the government who planted this accusations. The more people supporting for Anwar, the easier he could make the reformations.

    I dont think government would do this because if indeed they did this, this would be the most stupidiest move they could ever think to tarnish anwar’s image since they knew Anwar would benefited most from this accusation and government would be less supported by the rakyat.

    I would say this is a very smart move to gain more political support for anwar.

    The truth is the issue of Anwar vs government is quite tiring and an old issue already. whatever the agenda from this accusation it wont benefit the ‘rakyat’. We should concentrate on the other economy issues rather than keep digging the same old ‘S***’.


  51. peacekeeper says:

    we are far from uniting, we keep complaining about everything. Look outside Malaysia, how the other people in poor country surviving their lives without enough food and water. we are blessed though not a free-from-natural-disaster but we are so much blessed compared to our neighbouring countries.

    Perhaps we only focus too much on our own griefs, we forgot to look around and do not notice others facing worse and bigger problem than us. learn to be thankful and be grateful.

    Create a better world.

  52. Kesava says:

    We should concentrate on the other economy issues rather than keep digging the same old ‘S***’ – theory

    Well, that makes sense. The BN put us all in the s***thouse, so what else to do other than concentrate on S***t.
    And I dunno what nonsense is that about concentrating on economy issues. What economy other than manure huh.

  53. wits0 says:

    “Create a better world.”

    Platitude ever so hollow. Something that won’t happen with hallowed racism that gave rise to addictive elitism with all the manure that they create over time. Riding on the back of a giant crocodile is asking to be eaten and we’re seeing that the crocodile is becoming color blind too.

  54. confess2u says:

    MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting and his deputy Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy’s decision not to defend their posts in party elections in October will not affect the national political landscape, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said yesterday.

    Oh Yeah !!! They are quitting with no balls left to make the same mistakes again and again. They have become wise. See this :-

    How about the whole of MCA members quit BN and join Pakatan. BN will become history.

  55. Aiyzak says:

    Hi Guys,
    I quoted this from renovatio blogged by stephendoss concrning about Anwar sodomise cases issued previously..checked it out..






    RAYUAN JENAYAH NO: 05-6-2003 (W)





    RAYUAN JENAYAH NO. 05-7-2003 (W)











    In this judgment, Dato’ Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim will be referred to as “the first appellant” and Sukma Darmawan Sasmitaat Madja will be referred to as “the second appellant”.

    The first appellant was charged with an offence punishable under section 377B of the Penal Code.

    The second appellant was charged with two offences. The first charge is for abetting the first appellant in the commission of the offence with which the first appellant was charged. The second charge is similar to the charge against the first appellant i.e. under section 377B of the Penal Code.

    Both the appellants were tried jointly. The first appellant was convicted and sentenced to nine years imprisonment commencing from the expiry of the sentence he was then serving in the first trial. High Court Kuala Lumpur Criminal Trial No. 45-48-1998 (1999)2 M.L.J. 1 (H.C), (2002)2 M.L.J. 486 (C.A.) and (2002) 3 M.L.J. 193 (F.C.)). The second appellant was convicted on both charges and sentenced to six years imprisonment and two strokes for each charge with the sentences of imprisonment to run concurrently. For the judgment of the High Court in the present case, see (2001) 3 M.L.J. 193.

    They appealed to the Court of Appeal. Their appeals were dismissed – see (2004) 1 M.L.J. 177.

    They appealed to this court and this is the majority judgment of this court.

    Section 87(3) of the Courts of Judicature Act 1964 (“CJA 1964”) provides that a criminal appeal to this court “may lie on a question of fact or a question of law or on a question of mixed fact and law.” The position is the same as in the case of the Court of Appeal hearing an appeal from a trial in the High Court as in this case – see section 50(3) CJA 1964.

    To summarise our judgment, even though reading the appeal record, we find evidence to confirm that the appellants were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen, sometime, this court, as a court of law, may only convict the appellants if the prosecution has successfully proved the alleged offences as stated in the charges, beyond reasonable doubt, on admissible evidence and in accordance with established principles of law. We may be convinced in our minds of the guilt or innocence of the appellants but our decision must only be based on the evidence adduced and nothing else.”

  56. nation_at_stake says:

    I am sick of Anwar. I dont think he is sincere. He is greedy and like to manipulate people. Government is not really a ‘clean’ politic but I do really think Anwar is not the best leader. there are a few others more suitable and credible to be a leader, maybe for starters like Mukhriz. we need new face, new direction. I doubt the government has done this to him because it seems now anwar has benefited more from this. a few days after the news, after getting more supporters who feel bad about him(very licik indeed), he is now planning to conduct ‘pilihan raya kecil’ and conduct ‘small gathering(10k people??) and he is able rise a doubt about his case in 1998. he is indeed very ‘licik’. he gained his political supporters from other foreign countries by telling them bad stories about malaysia. if you are pissed off with the government, dont divert your support to some incompetent leader. apparently too many unhappy people about the government that they would just welcome any leader even like anwar. he said if he become a leader he would promise to reduce the oil price, by what??! all will he do is selling malaysia story to outsider and then borrow money from IMF or foreign countries to satisfy the public(who seems to know nothing behind about the oil price). Dont be stupid malaysian, I know the government is not perfect and i think they should try to do more but i know it even worse if you choose leader like anwar. he is smart, no doubt but he is greedy and licik. bak kata pepatah melayu, keluar kandang harimau masuk kandang singa.

  57. UMNOchick says:

    Anwar will expose everything swept under the carpet. It was Anwar who formed the ACA during Mahathir’s absence – he was Acting PM at that time. But I don’t like Anwar’s extreme methods of putting himself in th line as a bait. He should show leadership and use other baits instead of being the worm himself.

  58. MustaphaOngNZ says:

    We can be very sure that BN is involved in this latest attempt in `assasinating` anwar politicically. It also helps to divert attention from the economic problems.
    Yesterday 1,000 people were laid off by Nikko (a listed company) in Penang.
    More to come.

  59. lau gnua says:

    feels like a terrorist attack against anwar. mindless explosive tactics to mar his name and ultimately bring him down. a young valuable life is sucked in and stirred into the slurry of a corrupt plan. it sounds no different to me than a school that recruits boys from a young age to prepare them for a one-off event, suicide bombing, at the disposal of the players.

    or, anwar could be really sick. deep-seated kind of shivering sickness that attempts to draw back a veil upon his so-far-gone dirty habits.

  60. friend of malaysia UK says:

    I suppose we shall just have to wait and see the substance of the “accusation” against Anwar, but if it really is a conspiracy against him the conspirators are either mad, or bad,
    or both mad and bad to try the same dirty trick twice. It is all so very sad.

  61. Sewel says:

    Take it from me. the hardest act to do for a man is to sodomise someone. it is very very hard to sodomise anyone physically. even if you use the best lubricant and cream it is very hard to sodomise anyone. so for anwar to sodomise that kid it is very impossible.

    secondly you cannot physically penetrate someone’s bum unless that person allows you to. even then the person has to physically be in a position to allow you to penetrate his bum.

    Thirdly when you penetrate into someones bum you will actually feel pain yourself. so nature and God make sure it is virtually impossible to sodomise someone.

    So i am very sure as a scientist that this sodomy against anwar is a blatant lie. I am shocked at the behaviour of the malays in implicating a malay hero on sodomy. history will show anwar was the victim of a selfish evil vicious malay regime called UMNO.

  62. friend of malaysia UK says:

    It appears that Saiful claims that a consensual homosexual act occured between himself and Anwar. If this really happened then surely he is also guilty of an illegal act under the Criminal Code. Why has Saiful not also been charged with sodomy ,if by his own admission the alleged illegal act was consensual?

  63. friend of malaysia UK says:

    We now learn that Saiful was not charged with sodomy because he was the complainant, and whether or not to charge lies within the discretion of the Prosecutor. How very convenient! In other countries before sodomy was decriminalised such a convenient arrangement used to be known as “The Blackmailer’s Charter” because it was so obviously open to misuse, as it appears to be in this case. I simply cannot believe that the Malaysian Government could sink to such a depraved level as this in order to hang onto power. I look back on former times when an honourable gentleman called Tunku Abdul Rahman ran the Government, and I am glad he is not alive today to witness the wickedness of his successors, because I know this would distress him greatly. Do these clowns not realise what they are doing to Malaysia’s good name overseas? Well, perhaps in their desperation to hang onto power they really don’t care.

  64. whoanwar says:

    Who is Anwar Ibrahim ?

    Everybody should investigate his childhood & as a student in UM before saying that’s he is not guilty. He is a sodomizer…

    All of his family include his father had bad reputation of misconduct & raping thier maid…

  65. milkmaid says:

    Good finally the truth is out about your mother the maid

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