I have just returned from a four day work trip to Nepal. The people were on strike everyday due to fuel hike. The 3rd day I was there, their Prime Minister was asked to resign. He said he would. That day the strike ceased. At the end of the day, he changed his mind. So,the people resumed their strike again.

Before arriving in Kathmandu, I wondered what Nepal would be like now that the people had butted the  BAD King out of the way.

Since the last time I was there in 2004, Nepal had become poorer. The touristy feeling is lost. Everyone looked depressed. Shops are empty. Lots of Chinese goods.

I walked around a bit and captured some shots. Only when I looked at them did I notice that so many issues cropped up in those pixs – police state, globalisation, public transportation, fuel hike, women and agriculture.

I modified the photos because I was tired of the typical looking ones.

Blog posts had been scarce because I was away. I am back now.

Go to my photo blog here: NEPAL WITHOUT A KING.

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  1. xy says:

    when there was a King, blame the King.

    Now the King no more, find another to blame.

    current high prices of fuel and food are global in nature. Many regimes/government will fall as a result, good or bad.

  2. hutchrun says:

    Consider the following few incidents in the last few days-

    * On 22nd June, 750 Armed Police Personnel of the Bagheswari Battalion revolted, got hold of all the arms and equipment and took as hostages 25 high-ranking police officials that included three Deputy Superintendents of Police. They attacked the Superintendent of Police who tried enter the battalion premises and he had to be hospitalised. Their demands were mainly against the poor quality of rations provided and the humiliating behaviour of the superiors. The agitation was led by the Assistant Sub Inspector Tej Bahadur Balayan. It was called off a day later and a “22 point agreement” that will be applicable to all the APF Battalions was signed. The leader of the agitation has threatened that they would renew the agitation if the agreement is not implemented fully. So much for a disciplined armed police battalion!

    * On 19th June, the local bodies throughout the country shut down their offices in protest against the action of the Minister for forests and environment who locked the official in the toilet for over an hour far having gone against his instructions in issuing a stone mining license at the cost of local environment.

    * On 20th June, protesting students stoned the car of the Chief Justice right in the heart of Kathmandu at Puthli Sadak. Another judge sitting in the car had to provide protective cover to prevent the stones from hitting Chief Justice.

    * On 21st June, the principals of six private engineering colleges were held captive for 72 hours for not bringing parity in the matter of fees between the private and government engineering colleges

    * On the same day, the Nepal Oil Nigam fuel outlets were shut down nationwide over fuel supplies.

    * On 19th June, the first year students of MEd resorted to vandalism at the examination centre of Padma Kanya Campus when the invigilator tried to stop them from cheating!

    * Normal life was disrupted on 22nd June when the transport entrepreneurs called for an indefinite strike throughout the nation against the decision of an increase of 25 percent transport fee and providing 43 percent concessions to the students. The students are not happy with the 43 percent and they are demanding more!

    * On 16th June, Jhala Nath Khanal told his party cadres at Dang, to retaliate if the YCL cadres attack them instead of complaining to him. This would amount to UML cadres taking law into their own hands.

  3. alrawa says:

    When I was there in 2003,my taxi was escorted all the way from the airport to the hotel. This was due to a BAN on that day.
    However, on reaching the hotel(D,Annapurna),one of the staff has this to tell me – What to do , you are in Kathmandu!

  4. gymfan says:

    Hi Susan,

    I would like to know what did u use to retouch those photos? Thx.

  5. susan loone says:

    Hi gymfan;
    I use photoshop. That is all, to enhance the colors.

  6. nepaltravelarticles says:

    I’ve got to say, that I’m still in Nepal, and will stay for quite some time. My last trip to and from Nepal, befor my current stay here was in October 07, and the fuel issue was there then. I returned this last June, and the fuel crisis was at it’s worst. Rationed petrol, and lines that stretched for kilometers. As of right now, it’s eased a bit with what the government called “a large shippment” but who knows what that means.

    If you’re intrested, my wife, just wrote an article on the fuel issue called Travel Nepal – Or Lack Thereof…

    I have to agree that Nepal has changed, but I don’t know about the “touristy” feel. IMO, it’s still there and improving bit by bit.

    The rescent political issues sertainlty didn’t help but from what I can tell tourism is still on the rise in Nepal.

    Great pics….

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