So why are you interested in garbage? The problem with garbage is, if it doesn’t get cleaned up, it becomes really poisonous, and that kills worst than a c4!

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  1. I don't mean it says:

    look and sound like but is not me!

  2. Hahaha! says:

    Anyone capable of blowing the poor Mogolian lady to pieces have no fear even to GOD.
    so what is a little denial. It is quite a common knowledge for an elite/s to get away with murder in this Bolehland, until the judiciary is reformed, don’t expect to much to come out of this case.
    Let those guilty face The Almighty and let their conscience prick them so that they will have sleepless nights.

  3. gooeyglobs says:

    If any one wants to talk about fortitude to seek for the truth, don’t ever try to take on Raja Petra. It is better to shut up and let the truth prevails in court. Dr.Patau Rubis offers a good solution for the DPM and his wife to swear in the Bidayu ceremony is indeed an excellent way for truth. The denial and hide behind the power vested at one’s disposal has a story to tell.

    So for Dr. Patau Rubis, someone, somewhere when you least expected will come and say to you: Shut the F— up will you?

  4. Susan binti Hansome says:

    In court, opposing parties, plaintiffs and respondents/ defendants, deposed under oath, duly being sworn that they will speak the truth, nothing but the whole truth.

    If everyone’s telling the truth, who’s lying when they are contesting against one another?

    It is more accurate that reality assails this word called truth- “History is written by winners”!

  5. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    It is not he
    It is not me
    It is not she
    So it must be the C
    What C?
    See Liow by C4

    So catch anybody after 1 year?
    Still trying to!
    It seems all are innocent
    Therefore, we shall go and catch some writer
    His name is Petey
    Like that also can kah?

  6. robin hood says:

    Looks like me, fat like me, even the kebaya looks like mine. Nope, definitely not me.

    Ahhh, methinks this lingam speak is turning out to be the ‘denial phrase’ of the century.

  7. Dark Justice says:

    Someone please hire FBI to investigate this matter, All Malaysian people wants to know the truth behind this gruesome murder. I don’t believe the victim’s got murdered just because of the money she demanded. Its just doesn’t make any sense to blown up someone because of that, why not hire a hitman? why used policemen to do the job? How on earth policemen simply can access C4 explosive? What a tragic news to Malaysia justice. So many unanswered questions, this matter should be solve at international court, Since its involved both Countries. What a shame to Malaysian court of justice.

  8. hindraf5+1 says:

    The Razaks are specialists in divide and rule game. Like father like son.

    Looking at the various races in Bolehland, the PD’s hotel story, the Scorpen and Sukhoi’s deals and the poor little Mongolian girl, the Hindraf 5 in Kamunting – these are all the divide and rule game played by the Razaks.

    The old Razak was gone, now this current Razak would be joining the Old Razak soon.

    The Razaks would continue playing the divide and rule game wherever they are, probably deep down under…..

    Imperialism Plays Old Game of Divide and Rule

  9. BobbyNZ says:

    Hey guys! What about Anwar? Isnt he in denial mode? He was banging arseholes and he is so coward to hide it in his closet. I have been “reliably informed” that a tape of his doggie antics exist and hope it gets played on YouTube. The sooner the better so that nation can be entertained during this economic hard times. The CROOKS supporting his party financially are themselves reeling under their own financial crisis due to shitty fundamentals. Now their past have caught up with them. It’s time Anwar’s past catch up with him. 6 years in prison for a traitor who caused at least RM$500 billion loss to Malaysian economy in 1997/8 is too small a penalty. Let him rot in jail for trying to forment more trouble to the country.

  10. BobbyNZ says:

    Yes that traitor Anwar “sodomised” the Malaysian economy in 1997 by legalising short selling of currency and stocks so that the CROOKS can came in and “gang rape” the economy leaving the nation at least RM$500 billion poorer. The economic scars are still evident to this date. So friends, repudiate this JUDAS SODOMIST!!!!

  11. Facial says:

    KJ and sleeping Pm talking to their wives

    We hv not seen it ( military report),but we hv inserted it into our buttocks.

    We are in deep shit now and become murderers.

    How to take it out , you hv to ask the Maddog (ex PM)

  12. ghenjis khan says:

    The following people were named in RPK’s SD. Pak Lah speaks for himself. Khairy Jamaluddin speaks for himself. Rosmah Mansor was spoken by Najib Razak.

    Acting Colonel Aziz Buyong and Lt. Colonel Norhayati remain silent.

    The whole of Malaysia are kept GUESSING. This makes an excellent REALITY SHOW.

    And the Descendants of Ghenjis and Kublai Khans are preparing to defend the honour of the slain heroine.

  13. hutchrun says:

    First concerns the Affidavit that Razak Baginda submitted to the court during his bail application hearing in the Shah Alam High Court. Justice Segera had initially cautioned Razak’s lawyer that there was no necessity in submitting an Affidavit since it was only a bail application hearing and, anyway, bail is not allowed in murder cases. But the lawyer insisted in pursuing the matter in spite of repeated warnings from the Judge. So the Judge had no choice but to accept the Affidavit as it is the right of the accused to defend himself/herself the way he/she sees fit.

    Justice Segera then read the Affidavit and remarked that, after reading it, he is even more convinced that Razak is guilty. How then to grant bail, notwithstanding the fact that bail should automatically be denied anyway in cases of murder? Justice Segera was then immediately removed from hearing the case and was replaced by a junior judicial commissioner.

    Note that Justice Segera is a senior Judge and the most suited to hear this very controversial and high-profile case. Was he removed because he had prejudged the case or because he was now privy to certain information that may influence his decision or because they want to ‘kill’ the Affidavit?

    This was the first bone of contention. Karpal Singh, who is holding a watching brief on behalf of Altantuya’s family, then raised this matter during the trial and he asked the police officer on the stand as to why they did not investigate the Affidavit since much has been revealed in that document. The police officer replied that they did not investigate the Affidavit because ‘tidak ada arahan dari atas’ (so instructions from the top).

  14. hutchrun says:

    It is most ironic that RPK, in addition to Raja Petra Kamaruddin, also stands for:

  15. free says:

    What about the royalty? He didn’t say anything, did he?

  16. Patek1472 says:

    Nostradamus Quatrains on Malaysie

    In the year of the great games started by the greeks
    Hosted by the nation of heavenly emperors of times before
    In a land called Malaysie
    Great turbulence and strife engulf

    A land where a Genghis Khan’s Descendant was shred to bits
    Blown by the winds to the heavenly clouds
    Where the accused are finally crowned
    Amid great trepidation and acrimony

    Then arose among men of honor
    A man of the faith of Mohammedans
    Kings and Rulers let him reign
    And a new nation was born

    Great leaders bring forth divination and revelations
    A land of many tribes divided was thus united
    The color of men was blurred and lost
    By great competition to give their best

    Herein lies the destiny of men
    Who showed the meaning of democracy and humanity
    Religions and languages flourishes as times before
    A land as peaceful as Shangri La

    Malaysie, a stopping point of travelers must see
    Back to the days of great Sultans and Rajas
    Nations and men afar come to seek their wealth
    Knowledge, trade and life flourishes as before


  17. daniel says:

    Denial The Nile? RPK’s mind games to lariskan his malaysia-today. That’s what in it for him?

  18. D.R says:

    Many things can indeed be gained from the SD.
    – fame?
    – to promote something?
    – destroying the image and reputation of certain ppl?
    – justice?

  19. Grill says:

    written by Flex65, June 27, 2008 | 09:57:28

    I feel ashame that RPK has to go to this extend to uncover the truth. What will the world think of Malaysia. Has our government become so corrupted until one has to risk his life to get to the truth?

  20. Harrison says:

    Raja Petra surely has something up his sleeve. Maybe this is all he wanted. When laws are no more sane laws, that’s when the neo-American Gunslinger pops up (metaphorically speaking).

  21. RKP says:

    Everyone knows that their faces are as ugly as their acts,so please do not show their faces on the TV or newspapers anymore.It sickens to the core!

  22. BobbyNZ says:

    Time for a laugh guys

    Anwar went to a Medan restaurant and waiter asks : Pak,nak makan apa?
    His reply : Soup Bontut. Waiter then asks : Nak apa lagi pak? Bisa main bontut ku? hahaha

  23. kesava says:

    Bill Clinton, Lee Kwan Yew and Mahathir arranged to go on a world tour, traveling on a plane which can only take 4 people, including the pilot. Just before they left, Bill Clinton suddenly announced that he would like to bring his little nephew along.

    ‘But the plane is designed to take 4 people only, and I’m afraid it may crash!’ worried the pilot.

    However, Clinton insisted, and finally the boy was allowed to board the plane. True enough, the plane encountered problems and was going to crash, but to their dismay, there were only 4 parachutes.

    Clinton grabbed the 1st parachute and exclaimed,’ my life is the most valuable!’ and jumped down the plane without a second look.

    Lee Kwan Yew grabbed the 2nd parachute and exclaimed,’ my life is just as important!’ and jumped down.

    Mahathir, not to be outdone, grabbed the 3rd parachute and exclaimed,’ I’m the greatest Prime Minister of Malaysia, the most important of all!!!’ and also jumped down.

    Now, only the pilot and the little boy was left. The pilot said,’ Boy, you still have a long way to go in life. Take the last parachute, and I’ll sacrifice myself.’

    The boy looked at the pilot and smiled, ‘Oh, we’ll both live. Just now that Malay man took my schoolbag and jumped down with it!’

  24. Ahila says:

    wait a second…yeap..does look like me; shape pun like me…but NOP; not me lah !
    Somebody else…perhaps I have a twin that my mum did not not tell me about ah?
    PakLah also said not me mah!
    I …VIP mah; can slip like belut mah!
    Nobody can touch me mah….this is BoHleHland mah !
    Truth and Justice…sampah mah…my hubby said mah!

  25. confess2u says:

    Non-Malays are stupid. They duped everytime. Ketuanan Melayu.


  26. confess2u says:

  27. Charlie says:

    naturally in every dispute, one party will allege and the other party deny. More so this case involve high profile power players. That’s common knowledge. So what good does it do to call names and throw mud?

  28. daniel says:

    If RPK has some very good LINKS with the PM (OR any PM in the making), he will be saved the prosecution. The PM controls the AG what?

    Depends again what RPK’s motive really is. I certainly do not think he’s doing it out of sheer bravery. I smell a BIG rat behind the whole SD issue.

    A big PM in making rat (?)

  29. daniel says:

    All this again for some certain political individual/party’s interest. People like you and me duped into believing something which is not. But like soap opera, very engaging to see what’s next.. But it certainly a do or die situation for RPK. Hope whatever he’s planning for works. ANd hope too he better have protection.

  30. Citizenwatch says:

    The way BN and especially the PM and DPM go about with their daily routines despite RPK’s SD, among other things, as though nothing happened, is probably pointing to a bigger major plan by these heartless UMNO politicians. The 9MP Mid-Term Review is a subterfuge to buy time and also with the hope to convince the rakyat current economic woes are a result of global problems and will dilute whatever mismanagement and corruption by the government.

    Despite their flip-flop ways, they are planning something which we have to be cautious about. They can either have the strategy of cut and run or continue with ruling, ‘business as usual’ with protracted strategy of misinformation through MSM until the next GE. Meanwhile, someting is up their sleeve while we underestimate them.We can’t let our guard down and get caught unaware.

  31. Jsss says:

    What more can say power in their hands, honesty always dosen’t pay. Anyway goes around will come around so RPK don’t have to worry. GOD is there to protect innocent people like him.

  32. TAN C.H says:

    lt wasn’t me,and it wasn’t he!!!so finally everybody get free,including Abd Razak and Najis de Razak.Damn u Mr.Najis.

  33. Pegasus says:

    Unbelievable , the way things are going,facts will be twisted and chucked to a corner ,the AG will do his wayang kulit show,the culprits involve will somehow escape the gallows. I am waiting to see how these events is going to end along with the rest of the Malaysian. Wonder how justices could be served and if Altantuya’s murderers are punished severely for the crimes committed. All signs are pointing to a misplace justices and the truth hidden. May God Bless All,may truth prevail and justices is served.

  34. tamade says:

    Typical picture inherited from the 50 years rule of the corrupt elites in Bolehland: The corrupted, shrewd and wicked political leaders of Bolehland Guomen who always project themselves as moral guardians and religious figures, yet involving themselves in one of the most gruesome murders in Bolehland, what an irony.

    We are here mourning for the death of an innocent human being, murdered by those who should be sent to hell, and yet there are Assholes and Sex Maniacs trying to show off their Anal skills in this Blog, what the F@#%$.

  35. Kapitan says:

    One day a teenage boy asked his father, “Dad, what is politic?”
    Dad answered: Let me set an example with our family,
    I have all the money so we’ll call me THE MANAGEMENT.
    Mom receives most of it, so we’ll call her THE GOVERNMENT.
    We’ll call the maid THE WORKING CLASS, you are THE PEOPLE
    and your baby brother THE FUTURE.
    Boy:’I don’t understand, dad !”
    Dad:”Think about it for awhile son.”

    That night the boy was waken by the cries of his baby brother. He went to him
    and found out that his brother had soiled his diapers.
    He went to tell his mom but she was fast asleep.
    He then went to the maid’s room and found that she was having SEX with hid DAD.
    He went back to his room and banged the floor but no one bothered.

    Next day… Son: “Dad, I understand politics now.”
    Dad: “Good, now explain to me in your words.”

  36. Indeed the DPM and his ‘2nd’ Lady are truly facing some very serious crisis in their life. Waking up each morning can be a nightmare not knowing what else is blowing up for the day.

    Whether they are both innocent or have any complicity is strictly the job of an honored Court.

    But what is true till this day is that the entire Internet media is filled with ‘no mercy’ stories and responses for both of them. I have yet to come across any ONE coming in full defence of the DPM and his 2nd Lady.

    Okay, we can just for a moment assume that bloggers are all blood thirsty vampires of heinous agendas. So what can you accept but ‘all lies’.

    But, even the macik and amah or ahsow at the countryside pasar have whispers of ‘sssshhhh!!’. talk to any shop keeper in small towns or urban centers and they have shacking heads for responses.

    The question is: Why is this negative perception of the DPM and his 2nd Lady so pervasive?

    As we all have come to know within the corridors of knowledge and learning, reputations are not formed over a single incident in one’s long life. It is as a result of what you say, what you do, what you don’t say and don’t do over long periods that catapult into a rock-solid image.

    Therein then lies some serious soul searching for all parties implicated.

    J. D. Lovrenciear

  37. songchin says:

    They should sue RPK to his last ringgit, that colonel already did it. and make a SD (deny everything).

  38. tamade says:

    Below are some Sandiwara Stage show Scripts and Monologue of Bolehland Cabinet Minister’s Denial Syndrome:

    PM, KJ: The young lady’s death has nothing to do with me, I don’t know anything. (Actually we received the report but we cannot reveal, we must hold the 800 Million Dollar Man at ransom. We wonder where the hell this RPK got the news from.)

    DPM, Wife: Nothing to do with me, I don’t know her, I was not at the site (Actually: we know who are at the site and who are the killers, but we must deny to the last minute. We have destroyed the evidence, nobody will know, except the Al-Mighty.But He will forgive us because we are doing good service to Bolehland).

    DPM: We have to scrap the M.Rail and PG Ring Road, but will resume when the time is ripe, not because we want to punish the Island Rakyat (Actually:Who ask these folk to vote us out, now they have to suffer, padan muka…Stupid…We will only resume these projects when we are back in power, so wait slowly lah, you idiots…Any states who vote us out, we will do the same to them, got to teach them a dear lesson…)

    DPM:We will flush out the illegals in the Land of Highest Mount. But we do not know the real numbers of the illegals (Actually: We know very well the exact number. They are registered under the Project Mahafiraun. We can trace the serial numbers on the ID. But we will not flush them out, they are our secret weapon in winning the GE. We will flush out some of those who don’t have ID but if they come back thru back door, it’s not our business anymore.)

    PM Dept Min: I am not the one who cordon off the area. This has nothing to do with me.(Actually I give the order, these fellows are a nuisance, with all their cameras flashing…)

    The Consumer Min:The Guomen have to raise the price of the petrol, in tandem with the world oil price, otherwise the deficit will widen (Actually: we need the money to develop the Corridors to benefit the Rakyat, …Oop, sorry, slip of tongue, the cronies who own the land and the contracts)

    The Chairman of Oil Com:We have limited oil reserve and the reserve will dry up in 2016-2020. (Actually: We are now drilling the oil wells on the shallow seabed, we still haven’t touch the deep-sea oil wells. But we must frighten the Rakyat, otherwise how to raise the price? The Oil Reserve in Bolehland actually can last till 2050, Ha, ha.) Note: Kindly go to, the answer is there.

    The Mamak Finance Min: Our annual growth rate for 2008-2010 will be more than 6%, US slum and high inflation will not affect the economy of Bolehland (Actually:The growth is driven by domestic consumption, but since most of the Rakyat have no more money to spend after the price hike, and every sector’s cost has increased 30-60%. the growth rate will drop to may be 3-4%. But inflation is more than 10%, and then the stagflation will creep in. headache for me lah. But no choice, FDIs are running away,I must not make the investors panic, otherwise they will dump heir shares and unit trusts…sigh!)

    AP Min:The car prices will not drop, AP holders no need to worry. The car sales is robust. People are still very rich, see, they can afford to buy cars even after the petrol price hike.(Actually: I have just given out thousands of APs to my cronies, if the car prices came crashing down, then koyaklah, my friends…)

  39. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    Hello Bobby-MC-NZ,

    I see you are lurking here again. Do note that this topic is about those related to the murder of the Mongolian girl. Why are you so obsessed and fixated with Anwar’s derriere?

  40. NZGayman says:

    Somebody did something to BobbyNz’s behind some 10 years ago, and he still can’t forget the intense “experience” , if you know what I mean.

  41. UMNOchick says:

    Stop spreading lied about UMNO. Make sure you have solid proof to support your allegations.

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