I think I might be happy if I can’t cover Parliament. This is a place where nothing happens except giving MPs, from both the political divide, the platform to show off their irritating elements.

The real stories, my friends, are on the streets, in the villages, at the court houses, where real people’s stories need to be told.

Newspapers are so lacking in this aspect. The political dimension of a social issue is what needs to be reported. Not what politicians do and say all the time!

Why do we need so many journalists per agency in Parliament? Nothing seems to happen there that is anything worthwhile. No quality debates. MPs questions get answered then what? I think it’s a bloody waste of time.

Remember Raja Petra Kamaruddin and the infamous statutory declaration?

For example, Raja Petra’s allegations in a statutory declaration against Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin, Najib Tun Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor, and one Aziz Buyong, did not happen in the August House. Here is where we need at least 5 reporters to carry out an investigative story as to the origins and motivation of the allegations.

Lest you find me arrogant for saying this to my reporter friends, allow me to say that I had the chance to cover Parliament for about 4 years. I found it a nice place for networking, for that is where you can obtain the mobile phone numbers of ministers and MPs, and get to rub shoulders with them as well. For sometime, it was my playground, but on hind sight, I realise, I gained nothing much other than having some VIP remember my name.

For some, that is a place to buddy with those creatures in their official suits. Sometimes, they buy you a drink. And if you think you can get juicy bits from them, I don’t think so.

For others, it is a way to escape from the stressful and nitty gritty stuff at the office. The entire place is air-conditioned, you see. For some, it’s a more enjoyable place to be than, let’s say, an estate where Malaysian Indian workers are being evicted.

But all the same, it is great to see reporters taking a stand and showing their displeasure at the Parliament ruling.

The photo of cameras strewn all over the cordon limit at the Parliament lobby is a sight to behold. I loved it.

Well, no reporters at the lobby, better for us all isnt it? After all we have bloggers in Parliament,don’t we?

But at last, we can’t expect them to be balance and fair in their reporting, can we? They represent their politics and parties now.

So why did we elect them there in the first place?

Hiya, for me, the answer is: Don’t Know.

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  1. Ronald says:

    Right as a matter of fact reading papers is a waste of our hard earned money and time. Too much self glorification by those corrupt politicians and much worst i feel their IQ level is quite low.

  2. Topaz says:

    Mainstream Medias are controlled. Talk a lot & the permit will fly away. In parliament you’ll observe that many MPs are dozing off. Maybe they’ve nothing to say especially the BN’s heros. But I just cannot imagine how an MP could compare the ‘Roof Leak’ with the ‘Women’s Period’. I’m sick of our racist & perverted honourable nincompoops who are not worthy of the slips of ballot papers to check on. It’s not so hurting that they just keep quiet as ‘they will also serve who just stand & wait’.

  3. stcin says:

    Last monday’s live from 10.10 -10.50am was my very 1st but rather boring to see 3 ministers replying to the questions asked & was to their advantage usiing their fluent mother’s tongue BUT S’gor MB was rather ‘ unsteady’ as compared to DAP’s veteran
    Dr. Tan’s fluent BM apart from his ‘steadiness, relaxing & facial expression’ ! BORING !?
    no wonder , at times as reported, some were dozing off BUT what to do, had to be present to make claims what ! not sure if they really CARE for peoples’ misery & problems ! For 14 days, what is the total claims, please enlighten, tq.

  4. kcee says:

    There was never a time that I truly look up to the Politicians of Malaysia for they do not represent me nor do they have help me even an ioata. The way they carry themselves tell alot about their selfish interest for their own or their parties, never for the interest of the Rakyat. The matter is aggravated by the impotent MSM who are forever parroting what the people in power wants to hear, hardly the truth.

  5. Pengundi Senyap says:

    Well well well… my suggestion is all journalists do not cover BN MP’s at all. Let all Malaysian wondering who they are!!!!!!!!

  6. Tan Ah Kow says:

    Everybody just stop buying newspaper la, simple. Let those monkeys rot in their own filth. Journos can do more worthwhile things with themselves.

  7. Tan Ah Kow says:

    Everybody just stop buying newspapers la, simple. Let those monkeys rot in their own filth. Mainstream journos can do more worthwhile things with themselves. Like improving the quality of their writing and reading more and more widely. Our print media, all in all, is one big waster of wasted pulp.

  8. Kesava says:

    When I was very young my father bought me a toy monkey, which when keyed would start beating a drum.
    BN politicians always remind me of that toy monkey.

  9. lulai says:

    susan, couldn’t agree with you more. the real news are out there not within the coziness of parliament, listening to what the MPs say. of course we still want to hear news of the MPs, parliamenentary going on but journalists should concentrate more on the real news that everybody can relate to, that can touch people’s hearts. it’s good to note though that sometimes we do see in the MSM interviews of the public on what they think of certain issues like the rise of petrol price and so on.

    anyway, i don’t agree that the media should be banned from entering the lobby at parliament.

    sign the memo

  10. Dr. Rosli says:

    That is the place where idiots – not all – are hurling insults at each other. Of course it should not be so but unfortunately, that is the standard of debate in our parliament. Ministers rarely attend the parliament session in display of their arrogance.

    Parliamentarians must have full-time research officers paid by the Government like in the West so that they can talk with facts when debating issues. Under the BN Government, we don’t expect this to happen – knowledgable and well-informed opposition parliamentarians can cause them a lot of trouble.

    Let us make record of attendance and participation in debates of our members of parliament an open book for public scrutiny. Then only voters can make proper judgement.

  11. Hahaha! says:

    I agree and well said. No news is good news!

  12. caravanserai says:

    Let there be blanks
    In the lives of the BN leaders
    Let there be no coverage
    Of the silly things they use to say

    Now MSM media feeling the heat
    Maybe thinking of losing sales
    Wake up editors and the owners
    Do the rightful show……….
    Don’t write about them at all

    Parroting the glorified statements
    Party whipping our elected representatives
    We are the fools electing these cowards
    And see what we get in our daily lives

    And the DJs spin
    The old songs all the time

    Let there be total black-out
    Let these BN goons feel the heat
    Like the poor knowing not what the day will be
    So go on pack your bags and disappear
    Why wait for crumbs showing you no dignity?

  13. aadya says:

    Yes, i do so agree. We can always here from Tony Pua and Jeff Ooi from the parliament. 😛

    But I’m sure the decision for the “barring” of journalists had a valid reason to it.

  14. amoker says:

    Its the siege mentality. Everybody else is bad and have a bad agenda, so we must exclude them. Don’t government know that the siege is not from the outside but inside? Suddently, the MSMs who have been doing work for the government is given the cold shoulder.

  15. Kesava says:

    Selangor cancels Utusan subscription……….

    Nik Nazmi also added that there was no gag order issued to the heads of departments on news releases to the Utusan media.

    A check at a few local authorities revealed that the administration unit had cancelled the advertisement contracts and informed newsvendors to stop the delivery of Utusan publications.


  16. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    Malaysia Parliament is like Rabbit Holes. There are a lot of times we can see one sided by BN people and most of them are hyprocrites and always tells stupid lies by twist and turn.
    When relevant questions are post they often block and hide..
    Most of the time Oppositions are always ambushed..

  17. BobbyNZ says:

    May I suggest Parliament make 4 July “Save Malaysia Day” to commemorate the role Petronas played in saving the nation from chaos and anarchy for the 1997/98 Asian Crisis brought about by the CROOKS who would be celebrating their Independance Day.

  18. Onekampung says:

    I can’t agree with Dr. Rosli more, that is a place where idiots, of course not all, play monkey and hurling insults to each other, and some of the MP, sad to say, have the lowest IQ and EQ when they utter words from their mouths. Bung Mokhtar is one classic example. I think this MP has no brain, or having his brain i the ass. he is not fit to sit in the house at all.

    Wonder how he got elected. Bung Mokhtar, talk something more sensible lah! You are a shame to East Malaysians! When can you start talking something that makes sense?

  19. sammychong says:

    true susan. i cant agree more. no quality debates done yet. except for shoutings and insulting each other..barricades the press media from accessing the lobby and lounge of the parliament?better as well preventing them from entering the parliament building..that looks more security and safety to me..is quite insulting to do such actions to the media press..they are just doing their jobs..the media plays an important role and should be given some spaces..

  20. oknyua says:

    “… vip remember my name”?

    This is the worse. “Ah, Mr..xxx, do you know anybody in this bank? Ah..Mr.. do you know where to get this contractor? ….Mr …. do you know which company hiring; my nephew had just graduated. Mr…. any news on any merger or takeover? I need to make some money lah…”

    They come in jacket and perfumes, finger jade ring, ties clipped with gold pin. I really hate it. vip blood suckers.

  21. elle says:

    I agree, in fact my family and my friends have stopped buying newspapers. Long before that we have stopped watching the news on TV3 (not to mention TV1). AAB supporters are confused, the meaning of loyalty is misconstrued. well let me ask you all a simple question here… I am loyal to my husband, does that mean I am not allowed to ask questions, let alone questioning him? Does that means that I cannot have a different opinion from him? if I ask questions, or make it worst, if I am questioning him, or critising his eating manners…..I am considered not loyal to him???? duh!!
    I think the fact to the matter is, all these people are protecting themselves. I have never in my professional carreer support anyone whom I don’t have faith in. Respect must be earned. Old and young makes no difference, either you are competent, or you are not. I respect an elderly person as an elderly person and not as a PM. That is the difference. For that matter, don’t you think AAB should have some respect to our ex-PM? as an elderly person at least, and as a person who gave way to him to be what he is now? and a leader to most Malaysian?

  22. Jsss says:

    I would say is better to stop reading newspapers or if possible boycott buying them as well. Atleast can save some money.

    After all the unhealthy news are published in there.

  23. Hunk says:

    Yes Jean, I seconded.

  24. Hahaha! says:

    Mr PM I don’t believe in you before, why should I start believing in you now. You have the 3 stooges as your aides namely DPM, AG and IGP, what good can we expect to come out of this Bolehland?
    PM, I will reform the ACA agency, DPM leave alone for now, I having a good meal, AG I have to attend extra courses in Law studies and IGP, let me plan how to rope in more innocent raykats at peoples’ rights rallies. Alamak! we are getting there.

  25. Andrew says:

    elle, did Mahathir show any respect for Tunku when he called the latter a senile old man? What goes around comes around.

  26. Onekampung says:

    I think Mahathir has gone a little overboard. Giving advice is ok, but bashing the person he chose like nobody is another matter.

    Mahathir has a world of experience to share, but do it statesmanly lah. In fact, he should have just retired happily and let others run the show.

    Saving UMNO? My foot! UMNO is rotten and corrupt. If UMNO does not change its arrogant attitude, comes GE13, it will be no more relevant.

  27. kittykat46 says:

    The PM has a dishonourable history of lying with a straight face.
    Still want to trust him ?

  28. HUjanturunkelak says:


    “The PM has a dishonourable history of lying with a straight face.
    Still want to trust him ?

    Dear Kittykat, many who don’t trust him(AAB) will vote for him/BN with the exclusion of PR voters. This is Malaysialah, a spitting image of the world. Don’t believe me, you can ask those who have PR status in the 1st Word Country.

    If you don’t mind, I am cursing, Pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    to these oxymoron voters who complaint about the recent fuel hikes among others.

  29. daniel says:

    If lying is what it takes to guarantee some things about the country’s future. That’s supposed to be so called “tipu sunat”.

    But again, back to the topic. The ruling for the reposters was pulled back this afternoon by the speaker rite? But I do agree on 1 thing, the Parliament should be uphold for it’s honourary image. So i dont know what exactly were they were planning to uphold by not allowing so number of reporters in the lobby. But also, I do not feel the Parliament should be a place to create havoc and to pull off some cheap publisity stunts. (Like birthday celebrations, lobbying, bring telur to Parliament,etc)

  30. kcee says:

    Well Daniel what about the time when the umno gang slaughtered a cow at the car park of Parliament House to celebrate….? This is precisely the way they treat the Rakyat of Malaysia!

  31. ANg Kong says:

    how difficult is it to prepare a copy of minute for all discussion during the session?

    even better hire someone to take down every single word said during the session, u know like d one in court house…

    and publish them on the web for public viewing.!!! i wanna see how many times words like monkey.. gorilla …. pulang balik ke china…. get mentioned and by whom!!

  32. kittykat46 says:

    There is an official transcript of all discussion in Parliament. Its called the Hansard.
    But it is not verbatim, and it is more of a description of the discussion. A lot of the “drama” is missing. Its only published in Bahasa, but it is available on the Parliament website.


  33. Edi神 says:

    Badawi got a hard job in hand! Harder than we taught, 1st time a Msia PM being challenge this strongly!

    with PAS doing all this ISLAMIC trend is hard to see why the country isnt falling in pieces!

    Who is friends? Who is Foes? I bet they themselves doesnt even know!

    Badawi did give us something in his short stay! FREEDOM of EXPRESSION!a

  34. Griller says:

    Parliament is an abattoir:


    Can’t call it bad or good.

    But bloodshed equivalent to sacrificing six cows and ten goats was splashed in the compound of the solemn Parliament House on July 10, just to celebrate the recent wedding of Abdullah and Jeanne.

    It’s a precedent in the 50-year nationhood since Merdeka. But we can’t really say whether it’s a good or bad omen for this country. Only time will tell.


  35. Joshua says:

    I think Malaysians MPs are better than Taiwanese MPs. At least the former don’t throw chairs in Parliament like the latter.

    Oh, well.

    Susan, please run for election. I want to vote for you!

  36. tamade says:

    What’s there in Bolehland’s parliament? Well, Susan, after RPK revealed his Statutory Declaration, the 800 Million dollar man, Mat Rempit KJ and AAB are so worried that the reporters will go after them, so they come out with “stupid idea” (borrowing this phrase from Dato’Wong),restricting the reporters etc.

    When reporters asked the 800 Million Dollar Man about the illegals in EM, he said he didn’t know the figures and he declined to answer the question of illegals getting Mycard thru Project Mahathir. Seriously, do you think these dirty leaders will flush them out? (Come on, these pseudo MyKard illegals are their secret weapon in the GE) Your guess is as good as mine. So the sandiwara will continue in order to fool the EM.

    Then we have the Mamak Finance Boss claiming that inflation is no big deal. Bolehland can handle nicely. In fact, many sectors have set 1 July as the date for price hike which is between 30-40%. With this kind of inflation, Bolehland’s economic situation will deteriorate further. Looks like this flur is still day dreaming.

    To most of the middle income rakyat out there, you have to prepare for the worst, you pocket is going to dry up soon. Sell your shares, unit trusts, and keep your cash in foreign currency fixed deposits (better interest rate and better return). After all, “cash is king”.

    As for the AP boss, this guy says that the sale of all the big cc and posh cars will not be affected. Well, just ask the AP holders, you will know the answers. Believe me, the car price of these posh and luxurious cars with APs will tumble like dominos.

    If you analyse the statements made by these Fed Guomen Cabinet Ministers, you will shake your head in disbelief. They still think that the RAKYAT is stupid and foolish? Pathetic.

  37. HUjanturunkelak says:

    Just take a peek at Mahathir’s latest racist posting:-


    and the sycophants balls-carries really sucks. I only read 10 comments and my eyes refused to go further.

    Extract from Chedet.com

    By Mahathir Dictator Mohamad

    1. Ramai orang Melayu yang kesal kerana diwaktu yang genting ini, diwaktu mana berbagai masalah melanda orang Melayu di negara tercinta ini, mereka berpecah dan bersengketa sesama sendiri.

    2. Umum tahu perpecahan melemahkan, sebaliknya perpaduan memberi kekuatan. Berhadapan dengan anika jenis masalah dan tekanan, orang Melayu amat perlu kepada perpaduan sekarang.

    3. Pada tahun 1946, diwaktu orang Melayu diancam kehilangan tanahair mereka, orang Melayu bersatupadu dan menentang British. Walaupun mereka lemah, miskin, tidak bersenjata, tetapi demikianlah kekuatan hasil perpaduan mereka sehingga British terpaksa tunduk kepada tuntutan mereka dan Malayan Union digugurkan.
    4. Walaupun sebahagian daripada orang Melayu kemudian berpisah daripada UMNO untuk menubuh parti PAS tetapi majoriti orang Melayu terus bersatupadu dalam UMNO.

    5. Tiga kali lagi parti serpihan UMNO ditubuh dan mencabar UMNO, tetapi perpaduan majoriti orang Melayu dalam UMNO dapat dikekalkan.

    6. Tetapi Pilihanraya Umum 2008 menunjuk bahawa perpaduan dalam UMNO sudah luntur. Ramai ahli telah sokong parti lawan atau mengecualikan diri dengan tidak mengundi atau merosakan undi mereka.

    7. Seruan kepada perpaduan sahaja tidak akan mengembalikan mereka ini. Sebabnya ialah perpaduan dengan sendirinya tidak akan membawa kebahagiaan. Perpaduan hanya akan membawa nikmat jika perjuangan yang diusahakan mempunyai matlamat yang dicita-citakan. Perpaduan kerana perpaduan tetapi perjuangan diselewengkan tidak bermakna dan tidak membawa rahmat dan nikmat.

    8. UMNO hari ini tidak lagi berjuang untuk bangsa, agama dan tanahair. Ia berjuang untuk pengekalan kuasa dan kesejahteraan Presidennya. Perpaduan yang dituntut hanya untuk menyokong Presiden.

    9. Ini baik jika Presiden dapat membawa parti dan negara kearah kejayaan dan kebaikan. Tetapi apa yang dilihat ialah keburukan dan kehinaan bagi parti dan negara.

    10. Dibawah kepimpinan Presiden ini UMNO dan Barisan Nasional telah kalah teruk dalam Pilihanraya Umum 2008.

    11. Perpaduan dalam UMNO sudah berkecai.

    12. Parti-pati komponen Barisan Nasional juga kalah dengan teruk di Semenanjung.

    13. UMNO tidak lagi dihormati di dalam atau di luar negeri.

    14. Generasi muda Melayu sudah anggap UMNO tidak relevan.

    15. Negara Malaysia tidak lagi dianggap sebagai negara contoh oleh negara-negara membangun lain.

    16. Wilayah milik negara telah terlepas ketangan negara kecil di selatan.

    17. Singapura dilayan seolah-olah ia adalah kuasa besar sehingga pembangunan dalam wilayah Malaysia perlu mendapat kebenaran Singapura, sehingga keputusan Perdana Menteri untuk tidak bangunkan jambatan mengganti tambak Johor terpaksa dilapor dan dimaklum kepada bekas Perdana Menteri Singapura oleh Menteri Luar Malaysia.

    18. Ekonomi negara kucar-kacir sehingga pelabur Malaysia pun tidak ingin melabur di Malaysia.

    19. Harga minyak dan semua barang meningkat tanpa kawalan dan bermacam-macam lagi.

    20. Haruskah orang Melayu bersepadu untuk menyokong semua ini?

    21. Perpaduan adalah untuk kebaikan, bukan untuk kemudaratan.

    22. Jika kita harus ada perpaduan, ianya hendaklah dengan tujuan memulih semula maruah dan kejayaan bangsa dan negara.

    23. Tidak ada sebab yang kepimpinan yang ada sekarang harus diperkuatkan dengan perpaduan di belakangnya.

    24. Sebaliknya perpaduan yang perlu diadakan ialah untuk menyingkir pemimpin yang telah bawa kecelakaan kepada parti dan negara.

    25. Janganlah desak supaya diadakan perpaduan tanpa mengambil kira hasrat dan matlamat ia diadakan

    Just wonder, dia “babo kah?”

  38. HUjanturunkelak says:


    Many Malaysians are not foolish as thier counterparts in Myanmar but it happens to be that the tyrants called Governments and Military Junta has imposed theirr outrageous laws on us.

  39. ANg Kong says:

    thanks kittykat46..

    if english is allowed inside the parliament…. how come the hansard is not available in english? too malu for orang putih to see?

  40. Well, I must say that I enjoy watching our Malaysian Parliament in session.

    In the absence of a circus in town, our Malaysian Parliament can truely take its place. The BN Clowns do provide some entertainment when they make a fool of themselves. The words the BN clowns utter resemble that of the circus clowns. Don’t you think so? They can’t even conduct themselves well to show that they are the “appointed” representatives of the Malaysian community. Their vocabulary is so very low (especially when they are at a lost for words and trying to coin some English words.

    I just hope that RTM will not cease airing the Parliament sittings as they provide such joy during such times as now with the increase in fuel and everyday commodities.

  41. Just wanna inform you this blog have been officially nominated as a candidate for …

    The Greatest Malaysian Blog – JOURNALIST


    Message from:
    the X opinions (http://thexopinions.blogspot.com/)

  42. Ctizen Me says:

    Many developing countries that became independent the same time as us are all suffering. One common factor in all of them is the absence of the rule of law. In many the elite of society had emsculated the instititutions of government thus allowing those in power to commit murder and get away with it..

    These countries will never be able to recover even if their economies pick up. I hope the my country learns a lesson from these failed states and like all wise countries do at the beginning whatt the foolish country tries and fails to do at the end.

  43. Ctizen Me says:

    Opps line two replace emsculated with “emasculated”

  44. awangsenior says:

    Good if media can do the coverage so that u all can see clowns nadzri, lim, kapal, bung and other similar species.

  45. Edi神 says:

    why? dont the gomen care about public image?

    give us explanation please!

    The media like Thestar cant be trusted as well.. ha!

  46. daniel says:

    Well Joshua.

    Probably the ruling was to ensure that our Parliament do NOT become like the Taiwanese Parliament 😛

    If our Parliament going to be so well known for a “circus”, malu la.

    kcwee, it kat luar Parliament lor. The others I was referring to happened in the Parliament’s lobby. But nvrmind la, small matter only.

  47. tomatoinc says:

    something sensible coming out from susan! yay! 😀

    jst kidding.

    our parliament is a joke, no doubt. sadly, what can we do…

  48. Bila says:

    Also now RPK has grounds for defamation against PM, DPM and Khairy for calling him a liar.
    This is getting to be great fun.

  49. roy selvan says:

    Whats happening to our Country?

  50. roy selvan says:

    Arent the Ministry suppose to be doing their jobs.Rather than always talking politics.Are we the rakyat being take for a ride?
    I choose to fast and pray for my Malaysia.Thats where god wanted me to be born.This is where I will die,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  51. hindraf5+1 says:

    Now that the Rakyats are finding difficulty in making a decent living and since there is no oil money left, dear sloone, how did the Nepal government managed to abolish the Monarchy system in Nepal?

    I think the Rakyats just cannot subsidize the profligate, obsolete and parasitic Monarchy system in Malaysia.

    It’s time to ask the sultans and Agong to bingkus and start becoming useful citizens again like the once parasitic Nepal king.

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