Elliot Fox from the UN Refugee Agency in Malaysia sent me this.

Today is World Refugee Day. You can be part of the Hands of Hope movement in support of refugees.

It’s hard to imagine what it must be like to be a refugee. To see your village torn apart by war. To escape under horrific conditions to an unfamiliar land where you don’t speak the language. To be alone, surrounded by strangers, not knowing who you can trust, not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

Yet for thousands of refugees in Malaysia and millions more worldwide, this is the story of their lives. But you can help bring happy endings to these tragic stories. There are so many things you can do, and one of them is by learning more about refugees.

If you’ve never met a refugee before, it will blow your mind to learn about what they have gone through just to survive. They are not here for merely a better economic life, they have been forced to leave their homes in order to save their lives. What I have found is that Malaysians are always accepting and compassionate about refugees, if they receive that information to begin with. We’ve realised that the best way to get this information out is through the Internet, and not just through the traditional media.

Elliot Fox, UN Refugee Agency


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  1. oster says:

    Xenophobia has a strong presence in Malaysia. I mean, for decades, there were political parties who ran on a platform of how to treat perceived “outsiders”.

    In Sabah, the problem is further complicated with a widespread perception that many granted refugee status (from the Philippine conflict) are actually illegal immigrants in disguise.


  2. hutchrun says:

    Mahathir is an expert in xenophobia. Now I get phobic when I see his picture – like when I see mosquitos.

  3. Ahila says:

    Same here ‘hutchrun’! You know the feeling when a mosquito dances near your ears…how you feel like wacking it. Exact feeling when I see MMs pict.or even when I hear that annoying voice…that’s my phobia ~

    But BN/UMNO has ‘the Xenophobia’….towards other races.But good pretenders.

  4. […] Saw this video on Susan’s blog. […]

  5. Jsss says:

    Nothing much to say about this people very disgusting. But i agree with our fren HUTCHRUN & AHILA

  6. Kesava says:

    Palanivel: Dr M should remember his own roots
    Jun 20, 08 1:42pm

    MIC deputy president G Palanivel today slammed former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad for accusing party chief S Samy Vellu of being a racist and warned such statements could fan deeper racial sentiments.


  7. Mamak Penang says:

    FACTS ARE STUBBORN THINGS:If asak any myanmar worker he will give full detail …how they after free from detained came back with same passport!.No need the UNCR report or Bukit Aman through investigations on this matter.Mamak sick with these guys!!!.

  8. Kesava says:

    Ironically, however, Mahathir’s involvement in Burma’s affairs may be undermining the authority of UN special envoy Razali Ismail. Some have expressed concern that the UN envoy, who is a retired Malaysian diplomat, appears to be more accountable to Mahathir than to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Thus, while Mahathir’s departure from Asean’s unworkable “non-interference” policy might seem like a welcome change, his new tack appears to be just as self-serving and detrimental to the interests of the Burmese people.


  9. confess2u says:

    Somebody high up there in the Alliance Party (Kapal) before it was renamed BN wrote a booklet which was banned. Can’t remember the name of this booklet but all I remember reading was that foreigners whose looks resembled Chinese and Indians have to apply for visa to enter Malaysia. Those who don’t look like chinese and indians get visa upon arrival. This started about 35 years ago to keep the population of chinese and indians in check.

    Then there was an article on the web (not available anymore which explained how Shia Muslims were marginalized by Malaysian goumen who seem to form a threat to muslim unity as shia muslim beliefs are very different than sunnis. But both believe in the quran but have different methods of prayer and even their direction facing during prayer differ in some cases. Shias are a real threat to Malay muslims. Because they can divide the Malays and pecah the community into two.

    Nowadays it is difficult to differentiate shia from sunni just by their name. This is a matter of great concern to Ketuanan Melayu. In my country, Thailand, there are many shia muslims who are more pious than others and I respect them very much. They fill high posts in admin and other clerical jobs. Even Indonesian Shia Muslims are self-reliant without needing goumen support. Very very hard working people.

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