A sack would be just the thing that SAPP needs. That way it is easier to leave BN without quitting. It’s also easier later if SAPP wants to be an independent party and support PAKATAN RAKYAT when or if it comes to power. Or, if it wants to jump! That way, SAPP does not have to deal with moral issues of cross overs with its constituent. “We got the sack! What else to do!”, its MPs can say. It’s a win-win situation for SAPP.

As for Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, whatever he does or say at this point, is pointless. No matter how many pledge their support for him this afternoon – there’s an emergency meeting it seems! But the only emergency I see is UMNO splitting in a thousand ways! And the MPs who get the sack become HEROES!

And what did I say about blackmail? I don’t know who’s blackmailing who. But the Prime Minister says that:

I have not been able to satisfy his personal greed (Bernama).

He meant party president Yong Teck Lee. Yesterday, SAPP wanted to call for a vote of no confidence against the PM.

Yahoo! It’s happening…and happening fast. And history in the making at that. For this is the first time a no confidence vote has been smacked on a prime minister (of Malaysia).

Yet everyone knows it’s impossible to happen. Will it be allowed in the first place, in Parliament?

Sapp will find it impossible to raise the motion on Monday because both the ordinary and substantive motions require a member of parliament to give sufficient notice to the House.

Fourteen days’ notice is required for an ordinary motion, and two days for a substantive motion. (malaysiakini).

Whether these MPs cross over (to Pakatan Rakyat a.k.a Anwar Ibrahim) or stay independent, it is a brave move, and has been very much expected. Sabahans after all are getting smarter by the day.

Any move to weaken BN/UMNO is a MOST welcomed move. Those in UMNO, even those who are anti-Abdullah, do not realise, to attack Abdullah is a move to weaken UMNO, not Abdullah. The man has his sweetheart, his family, his jet planes, his farms. What will UMNO be left with?


Sabah “Progressive” Party (SAPP), you’ve finally lived up to your middle name. Or is it? Or is this just another way to enrich some politicians?

The party announce today that it will call for a no-confidence vote in Parliament on Monday, and on Friday will decide whether it wants to stay in BN or call it quits.

Only that a no confidence vote and wanting the government to give into your demands are two conflicting things.

Why would you still be in a coalition when you no longer have confidence in its leader? And then at the same time, you want this leader and his government to give in to your demands?

It’s like a gamble. Or we can call it blackmail.

Why can’t you decide to quit right away? You have only 2 MPs and 4 state assemblypersons. Is it worth rocking the boat and kicking up a storm?

I know. I know. You can cause a ripple effect for other MPs to break away from BN, or jump into PAKATAN, or simply become independent and throw their support behind PAKATAN, making Anwar Ibrahim’s dream come true and September 16, a reality.

Will Abdullah be able to give Sabahans heaven and appease SAPP? Remember, I said that this may be a way for politicians to enrich themselves.

Or does UMNO think it does not need SAPP in its coalition? Is that an insult to Sabahans? Ahh…so many questions.

Lets wait till Friday for good news, or another disappointing one.


131 responses »

  1. Jughead says:

    Where are those UMNO guys who wave keris and those who used to tell mosquito parties to cheese off!! Show them the ketuanan melayu or now silence is golden.

  2. kluangman says:

    Jughead – sabar

  3. hasilox says:

    No problem. No problem.
    Don’t believe? Ask ali rustam. Tak suka boleh keluar 😛

  4. azmaaan says:

    Helllo Jughead.

    What r u trying to do, to create racial tension between the malay n other races? I m not really comfortable withur statement there ‘shiow them the ketuanan melayu’ n u r trying to challenge the malays, gp back to ur hometown and ask what happened on 13 may 69 prefreably ask ur great4grandfather, and posibillity u won’t exist today if the tragedy didn’t stop. Look what happen to indonesia couple years back when particular races keep on question the indonesian malays?? whatever u think u must remember it is Semenanjung Tanah Melayu not Tanah Jajahan China or Chinese mainland.

  5. matt says:

    If only this can have a snowball effect like the rise of petrol then we can see what goes around comes around.Hope this year will see the death of umno.

  6. Kesava says:


    Stay on with BN

    Leave BN & Non-aligned

    Leave BN & Join Pakatan


  7. Kesava says:

    The Sanglang state seat in Perlis, which was won by Umno, has been declared vacant by the Election Court in Kangar, paving way for a possible by-election.


  8. ghenjis khan says:

    there are only 2 SAPP MPs , one to Propose the Motion of No Confidence, the other to Second.

    82 PR will vote for it [ not too sure about the odd Pasir Mas MP?].

    Plus 2 = 84 ……. where are the rest coming from?

    Can always make some money here … some BN MPs can always threaten to join the Vote unless some RM xx million are coming their way ……

  9. wits0 says:

    This gonna SAP the vampire gomen for sure. Wooo hooo!

  10. SHYAN says:

    Hello zzamaaan,

    May 13 is a stage tragedy by Umno. There are a lot of crystal clears transcripts in proving that. Chinese do not feels shame at all abt the 13 may because they victims of the political lamb …. If you are Umno guys …. you should be the one to be shamed and you should the the one “Racist” ….. Is Islam teaching you that ?

  11. Kesava says:

    SAPP has THREE MPs not TWO

    P171 Sepanggar
    Enchin Majimbun Majority 11461 Voters: 39251

    P173 Putatan
    Makin Marcus Mojigoh Majority 6283 Voters: 34935

    P190 Tawau
    Chua Soon Bui Majority 4867 Voters: 42560

  12. Kesava says:

    KUALA LUMPUR: The vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi cannot be tabled on Monday as this has to be done in accordance with the Standing Orders of the Dewan Rakyat, said Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz.

    The Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department who is in charge of Parliament said that under Standing Orders rule 27, a notice for any motion had to be given in writing 14 days in advance.


  13. Kesava says:

    I see little possibility of SAPP’s No Confidence Motion against Abdullah as Prime Minister being tabled and debated on Monday unless there is a second political tsunami in the next few days, with waves of support from other Barisan Nasional MPs from Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsula Malaysia making it a credible parliamentary move.

    Whether the SAPP no confidence motion is tabled and debated in Parliament on Monday, its very announcement has set off political shock waves in the country confirming the longstanding, widespread and deepseated discontent of the people of Sabah at their unfair treatment by Umno leaders, whether at Federal or State level.

    -Lim Kit Siang, MP


  14. Freedom says:

    Hello, azmaaan, you block head, May 13 already a history! Even if it happen now we non-malay will fight thill the last BLOOD!! Don’t use this to threathen and don’t compare indonesia, the president there still need chinese, you know or not, BLOKHEAD F*****R!!! Talk COCK!!!!

  15. D_Dollah says:

    Yes, Go SAPP! Go SAPP! Go SAPP! Lead the way and show BN that its time to ‘die’. Pak Lah can becomes Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea after 16-September.

  16. Freedom says:

    Good say SHYAN, I agreed with you. UMNO is the one who started May 13! The racist party, corrupted, robbers, jealous, greedy and etc, etc.!!!

  17. Ng says:

    Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. BN is shaking now. It start with losing 3 MP and sooner and later more to come. People are fed up with BN. Everything seem to go up under BN. No wonder they are called BN meaning Barang Naik. I hope SAPP will leave BN and join PKR, a multi racial party. I like to see the BN stronghold in sabah and sarawak shakened. People of Sabah and Sarawak must rise up for change and lead the way.

  18. bennyloh says:

    Any more morn’ like this one?


  19. LILO says:

    SAPP leader’s no balls one lar, he’s just taking advantage to scoop more money for himself. Remember himself also a former Sabah CM and nothing change to Sabah too. I think he just trying to promote his own party to a national level. Everyone’s want to be famous mah..

  20. David says:

    More shockwave to come by the end of this week.
    Fasten your seat belt, PL!!!

  21. David Lim says:









  22. Hahaha! says:

    When will the malays in Umno grow up? Still harping on the shameful event of May 13th.
    Don’t issue a challenge to other races who are citizens of the country, learn to build
    a fair and uncorrupted party and earn the respect of fellow Malaysians…..least of all, don’t boast of having a half-bred mamak to teach you how to be a lesser malay!

  23. anarky says:

    love to hear it from Ali of Melaka to tell the Sabahans to get lost.

    Just love these Igorick-goons from BN.

  24. I don't mean it says:

    Why SAPP is not quiting BN? This could be the spin Dr of Najib to discredit Pak Lah so that he could get the PM post earlier. Correct, correct, correct!

  25. confused says:

    see, someone will say / write, I told you so,
    your leader is incompetent to handle any situation, issues,.
    no use, it is too late already.

  26. Johnny Cheah says:

    Come on SAPP don’t waste time, jump ship. Also get your friends from other political parties in Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia to follow you. It’s better to leave a sinking ship than to go down with it. Leave those UMNOputras. They only take care of themselves, you people should know that long time ago..BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys should have voted opposition during the 12th. general election. Then today we will not have a UMNO BN government and no price increase for petrol and diesel. And of course no increase in prices for the things that we eat and use. So, since you are carrying the fight to that sleepy head. ensure that you fight him to the very end. GOOD LUCK I THINK YOU WILL NEED IT BADLY

  27. Ahila says:

    Ahoy! Ship sinking!………….
    Quick Sapp,jump now and save yourselves and fellow Malaysians. High time and bravo for standing up for righteousness. As for BN/UMNO gov…..you too can save yourselves or sit repenting for the rest of your lives.

    Way to go brother Shyan……..on May 13th. Some still dont know history…..keep repeating only what they’ think’ happened.Proudly declaring Ketuanan Melayu but have been under Mamak ruling since merdeka…; .even the word ‘bumi’ is a Tamil word.

  28. Vindictive says:

    Yes yes !! that’s the way forward. Should give serious consideration to bring back Dr M to helm the nation again. We will be united, strong and be respected by our neighouring countries once again. Oh how I missed the glorious days !!

  29. jeancumlately says:

    Is Islam teaching you that ? … SHYAN

    Excuse me. Why are you dragging Islam into this? Did your religion thought you that? Nah… I dont think you would even understand why I asked.

    Sorry to say but anyone with half a brain will notice that the one who shouted racism are actually racists themselves. Listen to what came out of their mouths. Its just like Ku Klux Klan asking for equality.

    …and jughead, congratulation for being the first commenter. But I dont think you should even open your mouth. Read your own comment and ask yourself why you should not even be a malaysian in the first place. Equality for you? Learn what respect means first.

  30. goreng pisanger says:

    I hope Pak Lah, Doctor Goreng Pisang and all the evil culprits will be arrested for misgoverned the country and plundering of nation’s wealth.

  31. blackkill says:

    hey jeancumlately..

    From what you mentioned.. i think ur not better than anyone here. I don see you respect other as well. So pls behave n use ur brain!

  32. American says:

    Malaysia has become unstable……for how long????………will there be a clear ruler to get this country going again……or will it be forever a political battle…with elections every two years……..the root cause of this country’s instabiity is UMNO BARU…….they need to be taken out…..

  33. F. Lin says:

    It really make me sick when people attack others based on their race or religion. Yes to those Malaysian ethnic chinese that thinks they are God of the world. Before you can be on top you need to be able to fight justice for others and not look down on others. So, before you attack those who preaches Ketuanan MElayu please make sure you do not cross the fine line of racism yourself…..

  34. bondoun says:


    Racial tension only happens in the your part of the country so far. Sabah and Sarawak are peace loving states. We are not racist as you are. Infact, if you have to deal with the illegal aliens like we do you’d probably use your “ketuanan Melayu” on them. Ketuanan Melayu apa tu? Di Sabah & Sarawak tidak ada “Ketuanan Melayu”!

    Rememberm if we were to pull out of Malaysia, we are better off. We can still manage! You are a jerk and without your silly pride “ketuanan Melayu” you are nothing… Even a mamak can use the “ketuanan melayu” after all he is indian.

  35. Lid says:

    Bravo SAPP. I think you really should leave BN and pave the way or others to leave too. Malaysians are really in need of a new government that will look into the needs of the rakyat and up hold the Ketuanan Rakyat policy.

  36. Bola Hangus says:

    The circus needs a lion tamer..

  37. hang jabat says:

    Yes! There should be an uprising like this long ago. No wonder my dear sloone is in jubilation.

    Malaysia is only having a real real mederka if all this Binatang Nationals are booted out, and all their loots plundered from the nation returned and all of them must be sent to a no-human island for eternal exile.

    The rakyats don’t want to see their stupid and ugly faces from the Binatang Nasional anymore.

    This Binatang Nasionals are enemies of humankind and should be skinned alive.

    With all the oil being pumped out from our land at super speed 24/7 year in and year out relentlessly and now they said our oil fields are empty. These BNs have been treating our oil-fields as if belong to them, blatantly looting all the oil money and putting them into their pockets without blinking an eye.

    When the ‘black gold’ is exhausted, they now eying the rakyat’s wealth for their evil get-rich fast plan.

    Without ‘black gold’, these BNs can’t feed their parasitic supporters, hence we have all these squabbles in all the component parties of the BNS.

    There will be no peace and stability in Bolehland if all these Binatangs Nasional are busily fighting for powers, lands, oil fields and women among themselves.

    There is no future for the rakyat and the rakyats’ children if all this Binatangs Nasional are ruining our country.

    Yes folks! It’s time for an uprising destroying all these BNs who had been destroying the nation. These traitors of the highest highest level must be arrested and sent to jail eternally if justice is to prevail in this world.

    There is no future in Bolehland with all these rotten to the core binatang2 ruining this Bolehland eternally.

    Have no mercy on all these ruthless Binatangs Nasional, or else the whole Bolehland will be annihilated by all this soul-less syaitans.

  38. Keris says:

    hey dun be too happy. Crunch time – sent in the soldiers to curb the ” revolution “. this had has happened in the past in many countries. whoever control the barrel of the guns has absolute power. the way these recent developments are heading, the country is going to be in deep deep shit. Bring back Dr M pls

  39. SOS says:

    Hello azmaaan,

    Are you related to Robert Mugabe or what? Who are you to threaten people with racial riots and bloodshed.

    So, you admire Indonesia very much eh?! Well, why don’t you migrate there.

  40. Kesava says:

    At least Ali Rustam fights for Sabah independence.

  41. Kesava says:

    Badawi said: “I have not been able to satisfy his personal greed”

    That means Badawi admits to satisfying personal greed of MIC, MCA, PPP etc leaders and politicians.
    ACA should immediately begin investigations into the bribery corruption of Badawi and his deputy Najib.

  42. I think soon when the oil in Sabah and Sarawak has run out, UMNO might kick Sabah and Sawarak out of Malaysia the way they did to Singapore or be treated as 3rd class citizens.
    Singapore, without UMNO, has gone on to do a lot, hips, better of, for their people and has become the envy of many nations of the world. Especially Mamak Mahathir so jealous of their every achievement ! As always he uses different excuses for his own failures to match them.

    They are only interested in your natural resources and if I was a politician in Sabah or Sarawak I will be looking at ways to get out of Malaysia as soon as I can and be independent of yourself. Surely you can, more than, look after yourself and get out of the colonial masters of UMNO. I must say, they have failed you miserably.
    What has UMNO done for you since you joined Malaysia for all these years ? May be corruption and you do not need to be taught that. They are trying to teach you how to get things done when they themselves need to be taught and just after they got themselves rid of the British under hips of false promises.
    Were you not better off when you were with the British ? Stop treating UMNO as your master and decide on your own destiny.

  43. KLMAN says:

    As long as ppl like azmaaan are around, this country will never grow forever. Instead of joining our hands to throw out the vermins (BN) of the country, we have a hero who is talking of history which he is very ignorant. The unpleasant incident was started by UNMO cohorts when they realized the they have lost power. Moreover, having reviewed above 42 responses, I find only one poor brother Azmaan has been fed the wrong concepts and kept away from the truth.

    Come on Brother Azmaan, join us and lets be proud to be called MALAYSIANS. We are all destined to be here in this wonderful country and will continue with our generations to come. Lets work together to make this country free of corrupted politicians who are the sole reason for you to stand apart from us.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Pak Lah might be old but his brain is still not mature enough.
    That is why he cannot make any decision well.
    He might be the PM of this country but the real thing is that it’s his wife (Jeanne) who is running the country.
    K.J is just only an adviser.
    Most of Umno supreme council knew about it but chose to keep quite because they will being provided with mass fortune.
    Only Najib is the one who is “suffering” because he’s being blackmailed and threatened.
    Pak Lah and his gang have nothing to lose because if the country collapse, they will leave for another country to settle down happily.
    Pak Lah have not only fully forgotten about his first wife but also had broken his words of promise to his mother, the day he was chosen to be the PM.
    Pak Lah did’nt know that the longer he stays on, the greedier his gang will be.
    That’s why he cannot please all of them at one time because our country’s fortune is nearly depleted by now.
    One by one, his party member will betray him and most of them are using the same tactic that he had used on us that led to his downfall .
    “Cakap tak serupa bikin” is the only weapon now being use by his party members against him.
    During the 12th GE, he was so confident that he will win but it really jolted him but not that much.
    Now is the time that his very own members are planning big to sent him “flying high”.
    Watch out for our MCA and the MIC!
    “Word of promises ” nowadays are not worth even a penny under Pak Lah’s rule.
    Prepare for the change!!!

  45. mh-j says:

    Sounds like a lot of either ‘low mentality/ intelligence /I.Q’ bore people leaving their comments here….nothing to be learned! jeancumlately….you are an exception, it shows…your level of intelligence and most of all MATURITY!
    It takes maturity to respect and and be able to express oneself in a dignified and subtle way. In short, classy!!

  46. caravanserai says:

    SAPP on the roll
    Rocking the sleeper awakes
    What’s happening? What’s happening?
    As he rubs his wide eyes
    As the sun rises beautifully in the sky

    The tabling of ‘No Confidence’ Vote
    In Parliament sitting one day
    The coalition partners jumping to defend
    For the country or their positions they chase?

    The opposition parties gearing up for the battle
    The agenda of toppling the BN government
    SAPP sets the ball rolling
    The ripples in the political landscape

    Now we will see
    The goons and the champions of the people
    Throwing into the gallery
    The gladiators eyeing each other
    Words, papers and pens
    Waving high telling cajoling whining
    SAPP going for peoples’ interests

    The grounds set to vibrate
    Into Parliament House it will be known
    Will there be sufficient numbers?
    Are these MPs got guts and balls?
    Are they just the barking dogs?
    We will know soon

  47. matt says:

    Azmaan this a place we can vent our feeling’s thanks to Susan and accept them with open minds.Please lah get rid of the blinkers that you are using and see this world in wider sense.

  48. susu kacang says:

    It is the dream of every Sabahans and Sarawakians that oneday they’ll truly be masters of their own ships….but for now we are still here…in order to stabilise the sored federation.

    SAPP’s move is tactically strategic. Jumping out of a sinking ship is an act of betrayal…and it knows very well before hatching “the no-confidence” plan that there were parliamentary regulations’ impediment. Meaning to say…SAPP wants to be thrown overboard…

    Sabah and Sarawak are going to form their own political front….which when all works out well will then merge with any of the Malayan-based existing political fronts…BN or PR!


  49. Kherry Scarry says:

    SAPP have woke up !! The rest in Sabah and Sarawak stop dreaming…better wake up too and show to all that Ketuanan mentality doesn’t work in Malaysia !!

  50. kwai lan says:

    must say SAPP got balls, even with so few MPs…the rest talk more than action..at least somebody must start d balls rolling rite ?

    as for GREEDY ? duno la..whether bodohwi is more power GREEDY…forever in state of denial n sleepy state…

    lets face it la…politicians all are greedy la…power, $$$ or watever ..so whatever u say abt SAPP reflects on u oso

  51. Edi神 says:

    Is sweathearts with an “S”!!!

    well done abdullah!

  52. kittykat46 says:

    And so the Kabuki drama begins…..
    I think, by the time the curtain comes down, Badawi will no longer be PM.
    Not so clear who gets to be PM, and which party will be in power.
    In the end it may be all just sound and fury, signifying nothing.
    “Mongol” Najib still gets to be the next PM.

  53. sklee says:

    Whether the motion get to be tabled at all is immaterial.What is important is that SAPP may be sacked.This is a golden opportunity for PBS,UPKO and PBRS to express support for SAPP and be sacked as well!They can reunited to become the original PBS… a powerful
    force in Sabah once upon a time!PBS…I mean the original PBS…can play a meaningful and effective role in giving back to Sabahans their political power!

  54. starbug says:

    SAPP, the time has come to prove that you are no longer a party of slaves. Do not bow to UMNO like what MIC, MCA, Gerakan is doing now. These people in BN doesn’t have the balls to speak up and would only care about their own benefits.

  55. wits0 says:

    Kittykat : “And so the Kabuki drama begins…..”


    It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. And Anwar is considering making her do that in KK. Meantime Yong Teck Lee’s famous sideburn is causing bush fires in the dry season. There seems to be a climate change of sorts emerging from the decades of repressive inertia of a doped State.

  56. amoker says:

    OH, so scared when threatened with MAY 13 …

    Anyway, I think Yong is brave. With whatever fault he has, he still stick to his principle and fights it. i dun see other politicians like this except to ridicule an action that they do not have guts to do.

  57. ktteokt says:

    It’s time to abadon ship for all component parties of BN. Let UMNO be the sole party left in BN and decide whatever it wants, the racial way or otherwise.

  58. bennyloh says:

    No Need to sack-lah, he has decided..

    Dick Whittington?

  59. im4freedom says:

    Yes, Yahoo to that. East Malaysians are not as stupid as Umno wants to believe. It’s a brilliant move by SAPP. Bodowi got sapped, man. Who’s the idiot now!

  60. matt says:

    Mhj n jeancumlately yr english tells me pro umno lackeys.

  61. Hahaha! says:

    My response to azmaan:

    What is the difference between a Malaysian Chinese and an Indonesian Malaysian?
    Yes. I left Malaysia for a better country, does that tickle your balls! Sudah lah half-brain!

  62. confess2u says:

    ….and there was an uprising….

  63. Kherry Scarry says:

    Let the dog sleeping dog lie….let the sleeping Badawi and BN doze off….ZZzzzzzzzz…….But let Sabahan and Sarawakian awake and revITALIZE………

  64. Jsss says:

    Dear frens, stop arguing on racial issue matters. Always bear in mind, we are RAKYAT MALAYSIA. Come let’s show the BN that we 3 races are united in this country under Anwar Ibrahim’s administration.

    Don’t waste time lah! let’s give moral support to welcome SAPP MP’s to crossover to PKR form BN.

  65. jeancumlately says:

    Mhj n jeancumlately yr english tells me pro umno lackeys… matt.
    Lemme guess. You were trying to write write that comment in english, right matt?

  66. wits0 says:

    “”This is a psychological blow for the government,” said Tricia Yeoh, director of the Center for Public Policy Studies think tank in Kuala Lumpur. “It will boost the confidence of the opposition in their bid to take over the government.””

    Verily, verily. Lover-ly.

  67. balannambiar says:

    YTL just a drowning man will clutch at a straw:YTL you make a bed,so you must lie on it.Can you trust a great liar and a great actor.

    …First he Cheat Abim,
    …Then Cheat PAS,
    …Then cheat UMNO,
    …Then Cheat TDM,
    …Then Cheat Pak Lah & Khairy,
    …Then Cheat Non Non Malays
    …Now cheat the Sabahan’s
    …Next Cheat DAP + PAS + SAPP ,
    …Future The Country?.
    May God Bless our Country!

  68. Bidayu says:

    Hey, Guys, enough of all child-liked argument. Time for us to join hands to build a better malaysia for all malaysians. In actual fact, we would be better off without you. In Sarawak & Sabah, we don’t have much problem with racial and religions problem. We are all peaceful loving people under the race called Sarawakian and Sabahan. No such thing as the so-called Ketuanan. The press from semananjung side is nothing much but racial and religion, either malay’s right or PAS’s muslim issue. The whole thing is about them, as if we the natives dayaks, kedazan,dusun etc as the majority in Sarawak & Sahab as christian not existing.

  69. Rakyat Malaysia says:

    very true Bidayu, the racial tension only existed amongst malay from west Malaysia. In Sabah and Sarawak we don’t have such issue. UMMO is the main culprit to create more racial tension.

  70. Milan says:

    Good said,Bidayu. Certainly, we Sarawakian & Sabahan (regardless any race,we are one) overall is better off than the west. We don’t understand the word Bumiputra, we don’t need the outsider to dictate us and steal our resources. We don’t need the shrewd and cunning mind as TDM or umno’s Melayu Ketuanan. Mosy of west malaysian always reluctant to leave Sarawak or Sabah after working & living here for a couple of years or more. Their comments were that the people here are very simple, sincere, helpful and friendly which you couldn’t find in the west malaysia.

  71. susu kacang says:

    ….SAPP…….Sabah activates peoples’ power……..

    ….even the Sabah district of Keningau is larger than Melaka!

    If Borneo Malaysians can’t be the Prime Minister….then for the time being let one of them be the First Mate of the Ship!

    …let’s expect the unwished episode!

  72. Rakyat Malaysia says:

    Please show your support by visiting the website below, don’t forget to vote too, cheers.


  73. Mamak Penang says:

    We are now becoming more racist then ever before!.Read back the comments wisely is this a racist attitude..we want the country changed we have change first.Stop talking about UMNO,MCA,MIC,DAP,PAS,PKR if you can tell me which party is not racist.Do not tell me PKR?.You youngsters don’t know about Anwar!.Talk about the Malaysian Malaysia like what the Sarawakian is telling.We have to start now to preach specially to the Malays how could we live together in this beautiful country!.Let them what is the concept of Malaysia Malaysia rather than just accused them!.We have nothing to loose if we pleased them with nice idea’s and how to implement towards the nation building!.A small leak will sink a great ship!!!!.Don’t count the chickens before they hatched:Careful with people talk sweets!.

  74. Angel says:

    Please show your support by visiting the website below, and you can cast your vote too. Cheers.


  75. Gunung Kinbalu says:

    …odoi dogo! As a little pawn Yong puts the mighty queen under check!

    Guess that the little pawn wanna be heard….RCI on illegal immigrants and illegal issuance of MyKads to the unqualifiedS…political autonomy…20% oil royalty….etc!

    How nice would it be should the PBS, SAPP, USNO and UPKO be sharing one umbrella! Our Dayak brothers in Sarawak are merging as one….

    Kanou….misompuru di wagu tokou do nokoguli noh Tataba ih natagakan…….

    Join hands with our Sarawak brothers and sisters for a more justified representation of us Borneon Malaysians within the Malaysian Federation!

    Need not PR or BN to decide for us! Together with Sarawak….when united under an only political umbrella….we will move Malaysia equally with our Malayan partners!

    Viva Puteri Huminodun and Santubong…..

    ….let’s heal the sored soul of Puteri Gunung Ledang!

    Lord of the Nunuk Ragang…

  76. Gunung Kinbalu says:

    …and anybody here at Sloone’s Saloon sip Sabah’s home-made alcholic brew called Montoku?

    After bingeing on Montoku ecstatic trips…I never miss my mouthful sips of Susu Kacang!

    I love Susu Kacang…

  77. confess2u says:

  78. artemus22 says:

    “One small step for Sabah; one giant leap for the whole Malaysia”.

  79. Chia says:

    It is every Sarawakian & Sabahan’s dream that together one day we could form a Nation we call our own. This dream goes on from generation to generation till one day we will see the light. To all my brothers and sisters, together we will work hard to achieve our dream. Let us pray….

  80. PadeDoh says:

    SAPP what u do is no good! We need Pak Lah and friends.

  81. bungkak says:

    Malaysia-Today.net Archive

    Can Abdullah Badawi Be Trusted After All the Lies About the Oil Price Hike?

    Abdullah Badawi berbohong lagi

    Tun Dr.Mahathir:
    Orang Melayu punya hak tuntut sebahagian kekayaan negara tanpa ambil hak orang lain

  82. Orang miskin says:

    Biasalah, semua ahli politik BN memang ular besar. Ada yang menuduh SAPP tidak setia atau penkhianat bla bla bla..guna BN untuk menang election dulu, apa beza dengan BN guna taktik mereka tidak akan menaikan harga minyak sebelum election. Apa jadi sekarang? semua barang naik dan rakyat kena tipu sekali lagi. Lama lama semua orang makan ubi kayu kerana tidak sanggup beli beras yang semakin lama semakin mahal. haha..

  83. bungkak says:

    Many non-UMNO members of parliament will jump out of BN and form alliance with the opposition. So even if the 35 renagade UMNO mp’s subsequently rejoined UMNO, it would still leave BN with less than 112 seats and UMNO will not be able to regain control of the government.

    Full article : http://politics101malaysia.blogsome.com/2008/06/01/dr-m-outlines-plan-to-oust-pm/

  84. bungkak says:

    Dr Mahathir Mohamad has warned of possible unrest, accusing the PM of failing to assert his authority.

    “Now we are seeing the different races making demands on the government, which they perceive as a weak government, reports AFP.


    My question – should a Malaysian have the right to question the government ?

  85. bungkak says:

    SAPP are New Malaysia Heroes. Hail and Respect them for creating history. Our children will always remember SAPP in their school history books for doing the right thing – kick BN out.

  86. izzatdin says:

    inilah sikap biadap yang mereka tunjukkan

  87. Kapitan says:

    AAB might resign and say now is the right time to pass the baton to najib….THAN AND ONLY THEN THE VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE FROM ALL DIRECTION POURED IN… NO CONFIDENCE VOTES AGAINST C4 NAJIS !!!

  88. […] one other thing I found interesting was from Susan’s blog: Sabah “Progressive” Party (SAPP), you’ve finally lived up to your middle name. Or is it? Or […]

  89. Dollah & Najib says:

    To izzatdiin, facts please…else go bacck and learn math and science in English !!

  90. Kesava says:

    Reporter friends who were there said that Razak shouted again and again, “Matilah kau Pak Lah! Matilah Pak Lah! I am innocent! I am innocent!” Then he went into a mad rampage and kicked the chairs and doors in the courtroom. Even the Judge was shocked and did not know what to do. Both the defense lawyers and the prosecution team were also all shocked.

    The story goes that Razak Baginda’s father whispered instructions to his son to incriminate his former boss Najib Tun Razak. The instruction came from the Pak Lah camp. This was yet another deal they were trying to make – Razak Baginda’s life for Najib’s head.
    [ ]
    The Sun newspaper carried the story, complete with Razak Baginda’s outburst. However, the Home Ministry asked The Sun to withdraw their first run which carried the ‘Matilah Kau Pak Lah!’ outburst by Razak Baginda. The Sun had to withdraw thousands of copies of their print run early this morning.

    Strange things are happening in the country folks. No angels are involved. Only devils.


  91. kittykat46 says:

    “Dr. M warns of unrest”. Mahathir is acting his usual disgusting gutter politics. Just as he has in the last 3 decades. Whenever he faces a political crisis, out comes the “Malay supremacy” card.
    Its just UMNO types trying to create the semblance of racial unrest.
    Down on the ground, ordinary Malaysians are more worried about paying their daily meals and bills , no thanks to the Barang Naik regime.

  92. whispering9 says:

    What is the poverty baseline for a small family in urban life? RM1500.00? Aisehman puts it at around RM3600+ which I agreed. At this point, I won’t bother about leaping frogs or leprechauns. If DSAI wants to be PM; just do it and stop making grand statements, otherwise, attention is distracted from the real economical issues that need to be arrested.

    What I want is for my Pakatan State to alleviate the raykat burden as much as possible…preferably by creating a rich and mature environment for growth and economy. No more wasteful white elephants and crappy inconsistent policies. Do this and the federal government can be Pakatan in the coming future.

  93. Angel says:

    I think our PM definitely has very low IQ, what a childish statement he made on today news. Is that the way to solve Sabah issues by giving high post to our corrupted Sabah Minister? no wonder all Sabah MP tutup mata and mulut after receiving all the goodies for themselves.

    Also, Sabah CM said federal government never interfered state government matters. Then who should be sacked by not performing well to solve the Sabah issues since BN took over. He also stated that BN giving Sabah billions of ringgit under Ninth plan. Hello? already Ninth plan why Sabah still far behind in term of development and infrastructures compared to other states?
    All rakyat Sabah and Malaysia want to see action and not the stupid media news everyday.

  94. bow says:

    Who is the greedy one here? Enjoy special status and privilege, holding several minister positions, family members are billionairs and GLC owners all at the expense of our country oil wealth and natural resources, talking about “personal greed”!hypocrite!!!

  95. izzatdin says:

    Yong Teck Lee is not a good leader..he had a chance to make changes but, nothing change..and now he put the blame to Pak Lah saying that it is because of federal government Sabah is still like that..

  96. Azmin says:

    GREED is the human nature. Which politician in malaysia is not greedy and receiving all the goodies for themselves. Even the pm himself, will he willing to sacrify his high paid salary and luxucious life style for the poor? Doesn’t his position as pm benefit his whole family members in their way of life and business opportunities? This is a material world, you can’t find a man without this greed. In this bolehland, no one is a hero to die for his people and country. All the politicians first thing is to fill up their pockets first. Can you name a poor politician in BN? Care for A life as Mahatma Gandhi, anyone of you?

  97. free says:

    So pak lah is helping pakatan rakyat indirectly? what a smart ass!

  98. Kesava says:

    Is Najib`s GREED involved:

    Fri Jun 20, 2008 3:59am IST

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – A Pakistani man pleaded guilty on Thursday to illegally exporting parts for F-5 and F-14 military fighter jets to Malaysia which prosecutors said may have eventually ended up in Iran.


  99. artemus22 says:

    Abdullah: “Yong put greed before Sabah” (The Star, Friday, June 20, 2008)

    I can say the same to Abdullah: “Abdullah put greed before nusa and negara”

    Why still cling to power, when he has failed miserably as a leader and put the country in such a shabby state? He should step down with immediate effect and let Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin take over and put the country in order again.

    Abdullah, we the rakyat have NO CONFINDENCE in you!

  100. bungkak says:

    The Selangor government has no right to question the Tourism Ministry’s decision to appoint a Barisan Nasional assemblyman as the State Tourism Action Council (STAC) chairman.

    Selangor STAC chairman Datuk Subahan Kamal said the Federal government had the right to appoint whoever it wanted.

    “The Selangor government must remember that the Federal government is under the BN.


    Well not anymore. BN just got buried in an ocean floor like the titanic.
    We are happy to get rid of undesirable elements and scrap metals that are finally leaving us brighter and lighter.

  101. matt says:

    jeancumlately you mean those comments

  102. wits0 says:

    “Abdullah: “Yong put greed before Sabah” (The Star, Friday, June 20, 2008”

    Chimney calling the kettle black, at best. He also said that Madey’s name calling mode is harmless. Both live in glass houses, of course.

  103. jeancumlately says:

    jeancumlately you mean those comments

    matt, is that a statement or a question? Lemme guess, some buttons are missing from your keypad, right?

  104. comedytime says:

    Mahathir is right about AAB. He will be the last to jump off the sinking ship. What a true Captain he nurtured and raised. Long live AAB in the place called :-

  105. Lallang exile says:


    Greed asides, do we want the likes of Yong TL to govern us?

    I give up, i see no way forward no matter.

    good day everyone!

  106. Kesava says:

    KOTA KINABALU, June 20 — The Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) supreme council today endorsed the decision to support a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in the Dewan Rakyat on Monday.

    “After considering all views, the supreme council decided to endorse the motion,” party president Datuk Yong Teck Lee told reporters after chairing the supreme council emergency meeting.

    Yong, however, said there was no decision on the party pulling out of the Barisan Nasional (BN).

    Thirty-three of the 35 supreme council members, with the exception of deputy presidents — Sepanggar MP Datuk Eric Enchin Majimbun and Likas assemblyman Datuk Liew Teck Chan — who are overseas on official duty, did not attend the meeting held at the party headquarters in Luyang, near here.

    The meeting was held to discuss the party’s political direction following the declaration by Yong on Wednesday that the party had lost confidence in Abdullah’s leadership.

    Yesterday, the BN convened an emergency supreme council meeting in Kuala Lumpur and decided that no action would be taken against SAPP for the moment as it was not clear whether its call for a no-confidence vote in the Dewan Rakyat on Monday against the prime minister was a personal view or that of the party. — Bernama

  107. Harrison says:

    Dear Matt,

    Jeancumlately is a witty-witty chappie. I like the way she replied you. I am even no match against her at all. You can call it a keelover. Hahahahahahahha. Look at how she mould your remarks to her own credit. Every bits of it.

    Don’t believe me? Ask Susan. Arrrrgh ahahahahahhahahahahhaha. 🙂

  108. makfigaro says:

    I’m afraid I have to agree with Lallang Exile. I just don’t trust Yong Teck Lee’s looks..and is it true that he formed a new party after he broke ranks with his former party president Pairin Kitingan?
    I guess its like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea.

  109. wits0 says:

    Makfigaro, indeed, neither do I trust YTL(or his looks) from a decade or so back. Or for that matter, the self-serving Pairin brothers. I think, however, this is of secondary consideration for the moment. Even among devils, there are lesser and greater ones.

  110. bungkak says:

    KUCHING: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) have mutually agreed to merge to consolidate the Dayaks’ political strength.
    The breakthrough came following several rounds of talks between top officials of the two Dayak-based Barisan Nasional component parties.
    With the agreement, the two parties have shortlisted three names for the merged new party: Bersatu Rakyat Sarawak (Beras), Demokratik Rakyat Sarawak (Deras) and Bersatu Progresif Rakyat Sarawak (BPRS).
    The merged new party, which has 16 state assemblymen and 10 MPs, will beat Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) to become the second biggest component in the state coalition. SUPP has 11 assemblymen and six MPs.
    Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) led by Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud is the state Barisan backbone.
    SPDP’s secretary-general Sylvester Entrie said his party and PRS had agreed to merge as it would be in their best interests.
    He said the two parties would get feedback from the grassroots on which of the three proposed names should be picked for the merged entity.

  111. kittykat46 says:

    We have been so principled we let BN screw us blind for three decades.
    We have been so principled we allowed BN to hoodwink us to the point that we have lost our ability to think for ourselves.
    This country is being raped by the BN elite and we still continue to bask in our principles.

  112. whispering9 says:

    Yeah…so screwed that we think it is good for us. And good for our children.

  113. wits0 says:

    So screwed and brainwashed that the truth can be blinding like the headlight from an oncoming truck on a dark country road for some who cannot face it.

  114. Kesava says:

    YTL (not Yeoh Tiong Lay) looks a bit like he is Tengku Razaleigh`s younger brother.

  115. Mamak Penang says:

    He to shave his Elvis Style sideburn….he..he..he..!it is ok..kesava?.

  116. Kovil Power says:

    Jughead….watch up with your words. Have you seen a kriss before and know what can it do?

  117. Gina says:

    Under the Westminister conventions — that apply to the Dewan Rakyat — a No Confidence motion takes precedence over all other business. Such a motion is NOT and NEVER IS Govt business! No Govt presents a No Confidence motion against itself!

    All those idiots saying that it does not have to heard are WRONG or LYING. Being Malaysian, they are just probably plain ignorant and/or just lazy and do not know or understand the rules. J

    ust as well the public has more sense than some of these YB types.

  118. Fariq says:


  119. Lallang exile says:


    Let’s watch what will happen to YTL now that the ACA is pressing charges against him.
    His latest moves – motivated by greed again – has now forced him to defend all his greedy and dubious actions for the past 20 years.

    I have not seen nor heard what he has done for us, the longsuffering rakyat.

    This frogging business does serve at least one purpose – all the worms are released at last…………………….

    Would u vote for YTL?

  120. makfigaro says:

    Yong Teck Lee would benefit from a complete makeover. Redo the hair(!), shave the moustache and sideburns, get a new wardrobe and most importantly send him for a public speaking course…that might help him a bit.
    And no, I would still not vote for him. He looks too much like Tunku Razaleigh..

  121. matt says:

    harrison will add you on as another lackey.

  122. mochaquest says:

    aiyor…badawi won’t angry one….more angry…later high blood pressure then have to retire…then cannot makan makan $$$$ already. Different people different opinion mar…why sack sack???


  123. Shardik says:

    Yong Accuses Abdullah Of Political Bribery
    Saturday, 21 June 2008

    Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) President Yong Teck Lee Friday (20 June) said he was a senatorship and an envoy’s post by the Prime Minister’s Department on Tuesday (17 June), a day before he declared that the party had lost confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    The former chief minister said he regarded the offer as “political bribery” to stop him from voicing out issues related to Sabah, Bernama reported.

    “The offer was delivered to me through the chief minister. He (the chief minister) said that if I agree, the prime minister would make the announcement.

    “I said I’m going to reject it even if the announcement is made… so it won’t be nice,” he told reporters in Kota Kinabalu.

    Yong was asked to comment on a statement by Abdullah yesterday that he had offered the two posts to the SAPP president.

    “There is nothing personal but I’m surprise when he (the prime minister) mentioned about personal greed… I’ve never asked for personal things from the prime minister.

    “The senatorship is suggested by the chief minister. I said, fine but I rather not accept it because people would see it as an attempt to shut me up. So it’s not true that I had personal greed.

    “I also said that if it is true, let other SAPP leaders who are qualified (to be offered the posts),” he said.

    He also questioned what he said was the “perfect timing” for a corruption case to surface. Its is an attempt to cultivate a climate of fear,” he told reporters after chairing the SAPP supreme council meeting.

    The Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) said today it was investigating Yong over an alleged bribery case involving RM5 million when he was the chief minister in 1996.

    This was following a revelation in the Kuala Lumpur High Court yesterday that Yong had ordered the payment of over RM5 million profit from the sale of shares belonging to a state-owned company to his selected agents in 1996.

    Yong said: “In this particular investigation, the ACA had taken my statements four or five years ago. I don’t know how many hours I was at the ACA office, don’t tell me it has suddenly resurfaced Saturday (21 June).

    “The timing is perfect,” he said. (MySinchew)

  124. ram says:

    BY THE WAY… On the eve before parliament sitting and after the Yong Teik Lee’s manoeuvre for Sabah politics, Upko led by federal minister Bernard Dompok upped the ante a little higher. This is what his deputy, Wilfred Bumburing, offered as double-speak:

    “We cannot deny that we share Sabah Progressive Party’s views on issues pertaining to the migrant problem,” he said.

    “We are firm about this and we are unhappy about a so-called Cabinet Committee to tackle Sabah’s illegal immigrant woes.”

    Bumburing said a similar committee set up in 2002 only had come up with one meeting.

    “It’s almost forgotten and now they are talking of the same thing,” he said, adding that a Royal Commission of Inquiry was a better option.

    Upko has better chips, for the gambling table, than Yong’s SAPP. It has four MPs: Dompok who is also Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Bumburing who is also Tuaran MP, Dr Marcus Majigoh (Putatan MP) and Siringan Gubat (Ranau MP).

    SAPP has only two MPs.


  125. Lallang exile says:

    Hey guys!!

    What happened to his motion?

    Lost it or already nabbed?

    Just as i thought…………………..

  126. Onekampung says:

    Everyone notices that a day after SAPP’s Yong Teck Lee vowed to move a vote of no confidence on PM Abdullah, the ACA said it would investigate on a corruption charge on Yong. What a mean and dirty tactic it is!

    I view this from 2 angles. Firstly, the ACA may give the whole world of reasons and say this is only a coincidence, who will believe it? Second, if the charges are true, it means the ACA has been sleeping in the past, or we can only say the reason it did not investigate on Yong Teck Lee was because until recently, Yong was still supportive of BN. The moment he goes against the BN, all kinds of charges will be levelled on him.

    The ACA is really stupid enough to do this bad timing to give the public a bad image of itself, which is already down the drain, if it still has any ctredibility.

    Does it mean that even if you are corrupt, but if you support BN, we will not investigate on you? So all those BN guys who are corrupt (you know it too well yourself), you better continue to kiss BN’s ass.

    Abdullah should give the ACA director a better piece of advice, since the ACA only reports to him.

    There should be a better way for ACA to handle this case, because by doing so, it has lost all its credibility.

  127. bow says:

    At least there is one brave Sabahan political party that has backbone in east Malaysia, which is quite a surprise. It is better for east Malaysians to seize this slimy open” window of opportunity’ before it closes for the sake of Sabah future than remain quiet.

  128. I don’t know how many hours I was at the ACA office, don’t tell me it has suddenly resurfaced Saturday (21 June).

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