What did everyone do to our bloody money! (cutie cat image from icanhascheezburger).

While Mahathir Mohammad complains he had handed over 1.4bil (of cash, properties and what not) to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, no one asked him: Only RM1.4bil? After 22 years, is that all UMNO can manage?

How did he manage it anyway? To get that RM1.4bil? Why are so many UMNO Malays still so poor? Especially the grassroots?

Abdullah is of course keeping mum over the issue, why doesn’t he come clean and tell UMNO members where’s the cash? Does Najib Tun Razak know where it is? The money has to be handed over to him anyway, since he is slated for the Premiership?

Yeah. Najib, this is a good time to ask Abdullah where’s the dough, man. You don’t want to inherit a brankrupt UMNO, do you?

I heard they are heading there already. No wonder Abdullah’s eager to let the party go. He’s got the ‘honey’, by the way. Joceline Tan of the STAR had just reminded us about his wedding anniversary.

And what do you have? Dotty. The dots are getting dottier by the day.

Then Khairy Jamaluddin supported by Lim Kit Siang ask that Petronas accounts be made public. That’s a good one. Yeah, tell us where has all the money gone to? How many companies have been bailed? And how much is left?

Money, money, money.

Only when the country has been plundered and almost brankrupt then only talk about money.



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  1. wits0 says:

    You trust a fella, a public figure, who can’t even reply straight when asked whether he was getting married? He can be said to have denied it since he said it was “just a rumour”.

  2. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    But ofcourse what is RM 1.4 Billion….& 4 years down the line of “Jolly Katak” non stop…your taxpayers money but I am d boss….somemore my wedding anniversary approaching soon….where got enough ma!!!

  3. Keris says:

    Once Dr M handed over the rein and of course the money, his duties and responsibilties is done. Go after the present custodian for an answer

  4. toyolbuster says:

    Ask TDM wheres the 40B. Why ask AAB for the crumbs when he should be asking Daim about the biggie.

  5. kesava says:

    The 40 richest malaysian….

    20. Mokhzani Mahathir


  6. whispering9 says:

    In mature democratic countries, the public servants usually serve as the eyes and ears for the rakyat. Technocrats and bureaucrats also have some degree of autonomous from the political system since their positions depend on the people and not the system. However, in our present system, only the inner circle of big shots from one political party decides what is right or wrong.What is lawful or not lawful. Where and what to spend. It is not inconceivable that they can easily empty the state coffer. Public servants must stop working in servitude.

  7. ktteokt says:

    AAB is a famous man of denials. His denial about re-marriage is but one small thing. He even denied dissolving parliament but the very next day, it was dissolved. He denied raising the price of petrol and “shazam”, price of petrol goes spiralling up the skies. He denied petrol price increase will affect prices of other commodities. What else can’t he deny? Very soon, he will deny that he is PM of the nation when the nation is plundered!

    Is such a man fit to lead Malaysia? What Wawasan can we expect from him in 12 years?

  8. caravanserai says:

    Yeah where is the money?
    Filling the holes so many out there
    Living in high society
    Spending to keep cronies smiling
    No Brutus at the back

    The garbage trucks
    Arriving at clock work
    Throwing all rubbish
    Maybe something else
    We never know

    Oh yeah honey
    Where is the money?
    I leave it with you
    And you got married
    A new flame in your life

    What can I say?
    Diverting sensitive questions
    Let the many know
    I never hide at all

    The leader smile
    The dogs wagging tails
    Looking hungrily for the T-bones
    The coalition partners stay mute
    Saliva flowing with the breeze

    The susurrus whisper
    The many gang up on the streets
    Oh honey give us back our money
    It is our sweat and tears

  9. kesava says:

    I am ready to hand over power to a party faithful, says Mugabe (sic. Badawi)

    In February 2007, the central bank of Zimbabwe declared inflation “illegal”

  10. Keris says:

    The 40 richest malaysian….

    20. Mokhzani Mahathir

    What’s wrong with that ?

  11. Harrison says:

    ktteokt made substantiative facts that AAB is a reneger. Yes, he lied. But I am wondering how mush has Dr. Mahathir lavishly “absconded” (since Mahathir never shed light on this stealth “bank”,) given his own account that he handed over RM1.4bil worth of properties including pecuniary to his successor?

    When I was a toddlre, I always believe that “dogs are wo/men’s best friend” but when I grew up, I found it difficult to dispute that “Money is manusia best kawan”.

  12. kesava says:

    Keris, nothing wrong with that.
    But he only made it after his papa became PM. How did he do it? Why is his papa talk only of badawi.
    We want to know more.

  13. kesava says:

    One way Mahathir family screwed rakyat:

    But pharmaceutical drugs cost more than in the rest of the region because of the monopoly shared by a company controlled by the Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Mahathir Mohamed’s son, Mokhzhani Mahathir, and the finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin-controlled Renong. No drug company can tender unless a Mokhzani-controlled company is paid a commission, variously between three and per cent, a commission which should make him laugh all the way to the bank if it were not for his huge bank loans.

    This ensures that drug costs remain high. The Renong-controlled PharmaNiaga also controls the privatised National Pharmaceutical Control Library, which must test all drugs brought into the control, and can decide which can and which cannot be sold on the local market. If the Prime Minister remains long enough at the helm, his son’s venture into the medical field would ensure he would provide all support services of hospitals in Malaysia. He already controls the Pantai Hospital group. However much the government talks of a fair deal for Malaysians, it is no more than a fair deal for the two groups.

    The cost of branded drugs rise so frequently that, like the road tolls, they are beyond the reach of most Malaysians. Common everyday drugs like pain killers are far too expensive. Cardiprin, a specially-concocted aspirin to thin the blook, which I take, cost about RM9 for 28 here, but I get them from Australia through a friend and there is costs about A$7 for 100 tables. Aspirin, which is what Cardiprin is, is easily available in the United States for a few dollars for a bottle of 500. The cost of one branded multivitamin tablet cost the equivalent of 14 sen in India and RM1.50 here. Price gouging is common in most pharmacies, though they justify it by rising prices.

  14. Harrison says:

    When I was a toddLER

    So many spelling mistakes, maybe I am losing my sex appeal these days.

  15. Shanker says:

    Where’s the rest of the $$? Well, if we ponder on the list below, perhaps that would give us some clues:-

    1. Bail-out of Konsortium Perkapalan by Petronas (btw- TDM’s no-brainder son was helming it then…so what is he complaining bout Scomi? Oh yeah, that’s Tai-Chi tactic No.1 – deflect attention away)

    2. IPP payments – yup. When you force TNB, & therefore, the consumers, to pay for capacity generated but not used….

    3. Putrajaya, KLCC, Twin Towers

    4. All the tolled roads

    5. E-Village

    6. Sepang & F1

    7. Proton

    8. Perwaja

    Get the idea. Hey wait a minute, all these moolah was spent when Senor Mahathir was in office la…

  16. jungleboy says:

    Keris is probably the top 5 in his kampong. If tdm is still the pm, keris probably will be the 5 in his state.

  17. maths says:

    what’s RM 1.4 Bln?

    if the total population is 24 million,
    then it’ll be just over RM500 per head.

    do u think this number makes sense?

  18. moneyX3. What's so funny? says:

    I wonder how much MCA has in it’s coffers? Perhaps Samy Vellu can disclose how much money MIC has. Anyway how does UMNO get RM1.2 bil in the first place? Isn’t the main source of income being member’s subscription? I do not think member’s subcriptions less expenditure gives surplus of RM1.2bil since 1988. If that is true, MCA should have in excess of RM1.2 bil since it has never been “bubar” since its formation.

    Also, if Kesava is right, someone is slowly killing Malaysians by denying them cheap medicine. Lovely. Killing us softly with expensive medicine.

  19. Alex says:

    Once TDM condemned bloggers and now he is blogging ……why? .Because no one is praising him ….which he needs to boost his ego…ha ha .So naturally his blog will only contain full of praises of him .All a drama (sendiwara ) for which we are well know .so who ever writes unpleasant articles about him in his blog…….will be thrown out .Cannot expect anything better is’nt .Ignore him lah . wasting time reading his blog

  20. maths says:

    global pharmaceutical firms and their associates are the biggest rip-offs in the world.

    i hv great respect for india’s decision to develop the generic drugs at very low cost. this should be the way for all poor and lesser developed countries.

    the world talk abt human rgts, a roof over one’s head, three meals a day and access to basic medicare r the the very core human rgts.

  21. wits0 says:

    “Also, if Kesava is right, someone is slowly killing Malaysians by denying them cheap medicine. Lovely. Killing us softly with expensive medicine.”

    I think MGG PIllai wrote that. Well, it’s quite obvious that since ’01 itself Vitamins have gone up in price a lot. Vitamins like vitamin C and common pain reliever like Panadol actually are very very cheap to produce but retailed very expensively. On top of that they’ve jacked up even more what’s actually very cheap. And it happens right across the board with more expensive medicine.

    Wer’ll never find people like the sycophantic latuk in the dud Star ever analysing the pharmaceutical situation!

  22. chew for justice says:

    dear susan,
    where’s the money,you mean big money that ‘belong’ to Umno or the Rakyat ? either case, I think the answer is obvious to most including these fellas; toyolbuster and keris and etc. They all or almost all go the the professionally-corrupted politicians in malaysia bolehland and when you have 2 or more gangs of these politicians with conflicting interests, fighting and arguements between them are inevitable between the leaders of the gangs (eg. MM vs AB) and their beneficiaries/supporters( eg. toyolbuster vs keris).
    The very sad thing is that they are fighting and arguing just for power and money for themselves and their cronies, instead of the rakyat, as they would like you to believe.

    More and more people need to realise that the Mother of of all the prolblems, now and those gloom in the future, in this malaysia bolehland, is non other than the crooked Umno-BN system of political patronage that promotes corruption, cronyism and nepotism at a great cost of good and effective governance.
    Unless this happens and the people take collective action to demand an overhaul of the system, malaysia bolehland is doomed to be a failed nation.

  23. jungleboy says:

    Alex, 100% agree with your comments on tdm blog. Out of curiousity, I visited tdm blog on OPENNESS (didnt want to waste energy and time before) and can only find praises for him (must had lifted his ego skyhigh). I also suspected that any negative comments were censored, or only his puppies read his blog which i doubt as his blog hit millions.

  24. ghenjis khan says:

    they have given it out to those 1-Owner with 5 cars all less than 2000cc.

    this millionaire will get RM625 x 5 = RM 3125 why?

    he owns 3 Merces C200 and 2 x BMW 320i all cars have less than 2000 cc.
    [value exceeding RM 1 million ]

    or combinations thereof, yes indeed Pak Lah you are helping the poor !

  25. amoker says:

    So, UMNO have billions in war chest ….

    And we wonder where the petrol money goes?

  26. boh tong says:

    if I am a Malaysian I die die also will wanna be a politician esp with the ruling party. But as a S’porean hmmmm………….

  27. Keris says:

    kesava said, on June 16th, 2008 at 10:24 am
    Keris, nothing wrong with that.
    But he only made it after his papa became PM. How did he do it? Why is his papa talk only of badawi.
    We want to know more.

    you are just making an assumption. Show proof pls. If not there is no case

  28. hutchrun says:

    Maybe if Pakatan forms a new govt. we will get to see lots of proof as the can of worms is opened and the tumbrils begin to roll.
    Anwar says Sept 16, well that`s that then. After that should be very interesting.

  29. jebatmustdie says:

    Currently, when the Chinese wanted to lessen the privileges given to the Malays since Merdeka (quotas, religion and language etc), why can’t the Malays call the Chinese racist? But when the Malays wanted to protect what they have, why did the Chinese call the Malays racist?

    Just asking.

  30. hutchrun says:

    Of course the malays should call chinese racist:

    But in Teluk Intan on Saturday Dr Mahathir hit back.

    He noted that every time Malays discuss matters related to their own race, they were accused of being racist or chauvinistic. “There appears to be an attempt to stop Malays from speaking about our rights. If we speak about our rights, we are called racists. If they speak about their rights, then it’s alright,” said Dr Mahathir.

  31. Siti says:

    Jeb, I think because non-bumi (indian, chinese and others) have been treated as 2nd class citizen all these years. Only now they are asking for fairer shares/rights. Read more than you will understand the situation. Not to forget that Malaysia’s Merdeka status form by these 3 races and not malay alone. So should benefit all races and not a particular race only.

  32. jebatmustdie says:

    But this is what most Malays are feeling rite now. they do not feel that TDM is racist just for protecting the privileges of the Malays. TDM did say that the Malays must protect their rights without impeding the rights of other races set since Merdeka. But in his calls to protect this, he was labelled as racist by the Chinese. What he stated were facts anyway. How can people say he is using the racial card and inciting racial hatred when what he only said was the Malays must protect their rights. The article in Malaysia Insider was misleading in its last 3 paragraphs.

  33. Surind says:

    Cheaper Beer & Cigarettes For A More Emotionally Healthy Malaysia!

    Dear Bloggers, can we start a new campaign? also to request PR to lower the prices if they take over the federal gov.


  34. jebatmustdie says:


    So if there is a 2nd class citizen, who are the 1st class citizens? The Malays? Are you a Malay? Do you feel like you’re a 1st class citizen? If the Malays feel that they are 1st class citizens, why are they not satisifed with the current leadership? Who made up the largest number of poor citizens in Malaysia? The chinese? These are the main issues right now. The chinese can lament that they are treated like 2nd class citizen but in reality, the Malays are lacking in so many ways. There is a difference between reality and what is on paper.

    Sure, on paper, the Malays got a little bit extra treatment by the govt’s policy. But other races were not mistreated that they were left to be poorer and poorer. That is what TDM saw. He saw that the Malays cannot brag about this so called ketuanan Melayu when they are lagging behind. He was scolding these elite Malays who forgot their less fortunate brethren and forgot about their struggle to protect the less fortunate Malays who formed the majority of the citizens. in the effort to be popular, these so called elite Malays took up other races’ struggle such as transparency in judiciary or fight the ISA.

    These two struggles are good for the nation but they are not critical for the majority of the Malays. The majority Malays would like its Malay leaders to fight for other forms of struggle which were not taken up by the Chinese (as they are not related to them) such as Poverty, Cheap Medical treatment, Language and Education. Those so called Malay elites had forgot about this critical struggle. This is what TDM was criticising.

    Thank you.

  35. hutchrun says:

    The notion of Bangsa Malaysia introduced by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in 1991 as part of his Vision 2020 was aimed at bringing greater national integration among the various ethnic groups within the country. The concept as put forward by Dr. Mahathir was however not spelt out in very explicit and clear terms. Moreover, whatever that was espoused by Dr. Mahathir was not totally accepted by various groups.


  36. jebatmustdie says:

    Dear Hutchrun,

    Bangsa Malaysia must not be confused with race assimilation (pls refer http://news.aol.com/story/_a/canadas-pm-makes-official-apology-to/n20080611174709990033 and http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2008/06/11/america/NA-GEN-Canada-Indian-Apology.php), correct?

    Bangsa Malaysia is about National Unity. Where people come together in the effort to materialise Vision 2020 (Developed Malaysia). It is not an assimilation of some sort (like in Indonesia, Australia and Canada).

    Each race still retain their culture and heritage. The underlying factor is, the Malays will no longer need the special assistance by 2020 since it was hoped by TDM that by that time, the Malays are more successful and can stand on their own without the crutches handed over by the govt. But his effort went awry, not by his fault but by the fault of these elite but lazy Malays who had benefited the most from these ‘crutches’ and failed to redistribute their wealth. Their greed had blinded them. For eg, thru political patronage (which was hoped that they could employ more Malays and enrich other ordinary Malaysians and gain more knowledge and experience), these so called elite Malays had sold their govt project contracts to the chinese at a more expensive prices (thus save them from doing any hardwork and making quick buck from it). In the end, it was the Chinese who got richer. TDM didn’t blame the chinese for this. He blamed these few Malays who forgotten about the real struggle (as per my earlier comment). Furthermore, with Pak Lah on the helm, he had less strength and less determination to scold these Malays since he and his family members are one of them! This is what the majority of the Malays saw currently. That is why, TDM had a lot of supporters among the majority of the Malays. Because what he said, was nearer to the mark.

    Thank you.

  37. mahajinx says:

    Mahajinx is a doctor who doesn’t practice good medicine. Mahajinx is akin to a hp6 doctor. If you give him a healthy patient, Mahajinx will not examine the healthy patient properly but just operate the patient at his whim and fancy.

    At the end of the operation by this hp6 Mahajinx, the patient becomes cacat. A leg is twisted, a hand is crooked, one eye is blind, a ear is deaf and the patient becomes dumb.

    It’s better for Dogtor Mahajinx to do nothing nothing and receive his monthly gaji buta salary.

    When Mahajinx became the PM, that’s what happened to Bolehland- a ‘cacat’ Bolehland after his reign.

    Mahajinx is a jinx to Bolehland. Everything he touches becomes ‘koyak’.

    Mahajinx better dudok diam2 before Mahajinx becomes hot-doggy soup for the Koreans.

  38. BobbyNZ says:

    Maybe Petronas, after much extravaganza during Dr M’s reign, may be worth only MR1.4b too !!!

  39. tamade says:

    1997, Mahafiraun refused the IMF aid, unlike Korea, Thailand and Indonesia (Korea has since jumped tremendously and we are still crawling like snail).. So where the hell did this dirty crook get the money to set up Danamodal and Danaharta in order to save his cronies and “stopping the CIA from taking over Bolehland”?(his most notorious phrase).

    I guess maybe Mahafiraun forced the Oil Rich Company of Bolehland to sell millions of barrels of light sweet crude oil in advance (maybe for the next 10-15 years, starting from 1998) to the G7 members in order to secure enough fund to bail out all his cronies and sons.

    At that time maybe the price was fixed at USD 35-50 which was considered high and this flur must be laughing then (he thought he has signed a good deal). But then the Bolehland’s Oil Company is now losing more than USD80 per barrel because the market price has climbed to USD135.

    This old man is still the advisor but he said that he has no access to the accounts, do you believe him? See how cunning and how wicked this Mahafiraun ?

    By the way, it seems that the biggest oil company of Bolehland wants to table their accounts next week, but will these accounts be tempered? Will they table all their details since 1974?

    All the Rakyat has been shortchanged by this flur and his cronies. This country’s future is doomed and cursed. The next generation will become the real victims. Poor Bolehland’s Rakyat.

  40. theironwang says:

    damn i thought there were gonna be more kitty pictures


  41. jeancumlately says:

    Geez… I thought what what TDM did was to talk to the malays about the malay’s problems. I dont think he asked the malays to kick out or rob anybody. Why the hue and cry and the jumping up and down? A father scolded his children for being not up to the mark and face the risk of being left behind. What is your problem?

    Tamade, that was an old argument and there are counter arguments on that. You seriously believe that Korea is ahead of us now due to the fact that we did not go begging for IMF’s assistance?

  42. Richard says:

    has anyone read this

    I’m surprised why Abdullah doesn’t know the constitution

  43. Richard says:

    let’s read it and hv a good laugh

  44. Andrew says:

    The big cat asked the little cat to look after a little milk. Now the big cat is hissing mad he didn’t drink ALL the milk.

  45. vokoyo says:

    I wish to point out that the Orang Asli, not the malays, are the original inhabitants of Malaysia. Most of the malay Malaysians came from Sumatra and other parts of Indonesia. They only migrated here much earlier than the Chinese and Indian Malaysians. It does not mean they deserve privileges or rights just because they were the pioneer immigrants.

    It is true that there have been abuses under the name of malay special rights and it is the duty of the malays in particular, and all Malaysians in general, to stop it so that the rightful malays get their rights, and the non-malays get their rights as citizens of this country.

    It is a sad thing to say, but I do believe the main thing that is holding back malays is not the Chinese or the Indians, but the malays themselves. That is why Badawi and Mahathir have been quoted as telling to throw away crutches and work hard to face the challenges of globalisation.

    The malay and others of the same mind should learn to stand on their own feet rather than claim for special rights and privileges. The world is becoming globalised and if they don’t change their attitude, they will only become beggars in their own country.

    As for the malays who insist on hiding behind the veil of malay special rights – you have lost the respect of non-malays a long time ago.

    We also suspect that the current situation will, unfortunately, get worse if no action is taken now. Why? Because our kids in school hardly mix with each other. They will grow up with little understanding of their fellow Malaysians, and with the suspicions that exist, it will be worse.

    The truth of the matter is that polarisation in Malaysia is caused by the discriminatory practises of the government – especially after the NEP – rather than vernacular education.

    The NEP is upheld for the rich and not the poor in Malaysia.

    Whether we admit it or not, the problem is that the special rights and privileges given have now resulted in only a selected few malays getting richer and richer. The bulk of the malays, especially in the rural areas are not benefiting from the system.

    Poor people are poor people, rich people are rich people – no matter which race they come from.

    The poor in Malaysia must be served but I am sure all taxpayers feel that this should be done in a manner which is blind to age, ethnicity, gender and religion.

    What is wrong with extending help to all deserving citizens based on merits and needs regardless of race?

    The Malaysia problem is that rich do become richer. And because of the political system, the players are the same.

    Out of control – this is all I can say about any type of enforcement and the level of corruption in Malaysia. No idea what Badawi has done in his four years in office but judging from the ground, I guess nothing much.

    If you have ever heard of the simple saying, “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach him how to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” you will realise that many non-malays have learned how to fish but the government is still handing out fishes to the malays. One day the fish will run out.

    If you want to say discrimination is here in the US, yes, of course it is. Can you name a country where it doesn’t happen? But let me tell you one thing – if you go looking for it, you will find it. But in Malaysia, you don’t have to go look for it because it seeks you out, slaps you in your face every which way you turn, and is sanctioned by law!

    Official figures have more than one million Chinese Malaysians emigrating over the past 25 years. Why did they emigrate? I am sure the government knows.

    For most professionals, living abroad has its own ups and downs. But you get dignity, fair treatment and respect for your ability. You get a voice too. And ears to hear you.

    Brain drain by the tank-loads is what we get. Every single year, Malaysia loses people who could potentially contribute to the country immensely.

    So malay, you may keep your rights and perpetuate them. Such things are archaic. Who loses in the end? Your country, which should have been a first world one by today.

    I sympathize with those that have benefited from the NEP, but the bad news is that the price he pays for his progress is much higher than what he pays for his benefit.

    These special rights and privileges were once a necessity for them to move forward. Today, after many decades, they find themselves still standing in the same place.

    It is a shame that our history has been constantly twisted so that our younger generation has no understanding of Malaysia’s foundation and its true aspiration.

    It is arguable that if not for the contributions of the Chinese and Indian Malaysians who helped in the development of this country tremendously, Malaysia would probably be in same category like Indonesia or the Philippines, if not worst.

    To improve the malays lot, more have to be made to work in private companies where competition is real and what count is your ability. If special rights only help malays to become government servants, then all the more reason not to invoke special rights.

    But of course, the present ruling elite drunken with wealth, will continue to fight this dream to ensure that Malaysia is kept divided so that BN can continue to rule.

    Alternatively, Malaysians may begin to realise the dream of a new Malaysia.

    The bitter truth is that the majority of this nation don’t see the need to change things yet and until then, we can do little about it.

    The bottom line with present day globalisation is this: compete on a level-playing field or you will lose. Plain and simple.

  46. syinly says:

    Poor people all over the world are wondering where is the money.

  47. yuking says:

    New Cabinet:

    Prime Minister – Anwar

    Deputy Prime Minister – Lim Kit Siang

    Agriculture Minister –

    Community Minister –

    Culture Minister – Farish Noor

    Defence Minister – Azmin Ali

    Education Minister – Nga Kor Ming

    Environment Minister – Teresa Kok

    Finance Minister – Tony Pua

    Foreign Minister – Ramasamy

    Health Minister – Tan Seng Giaw

    Home Minister –

    Information Minister – Jeff Ooi

    Law Minister – Teng Chang Khim

    Manpower Minister –

    Sports Minister –

    Technology Minister – Nizar

    Trade Minister – Khalid

    Transport Minister – Liew Chin Tong

    Tourism Minister –

  48. kok says:

    The special position of the malays as prescribed under Article 153 of the Constitution is limited in scope to only the reservation of reasonable quotas in these 3 sectors: public services, educational places and business licenses.

    Hence, the present rampant racial discriminations practiced on almost every facet of our national life are mostly violations of the Constitution. Examples of these violations are:

    (a) Racial discrimination in the appointment and promotion of employees in publicly funded bodies, resulting in these becoming almost mono-raced bodies. These bodies include: the police, civil service, army and various semi and quasi government agencies.

    (b) Imposition of compulsory share quota for malays in non-malay companies.

    (c) Imposition of compulsory price discounts and quotas in favour of malays in housing projects.

    (d) Completely lop-sided allocation of scholarships and seats of learning in clearly unreasonable proportions that reflect racial discriminations.

    (e) Blanket barring of non-malays to publicly funded academic institutions (that should include the Mara).

    (f) Barring of non-malays from tenders and contracts controlled indirectly or directly by the government.

    Our Constitution provides for only one class of citizenship and all citizens are equal before the law.

    The presence of Article 153 does not alter this fact, as it is meant only to protect the malays from being “squeezed” by other races by allowing the reservation of reasonable quotas on certain sectors of national life.

    However, this Constitution has now been hijacked through decades of hegemony of political power by the ruling party to result in the virtual monopoly of the public sector by a single race.

    The ensuing racism, corruption and corrosion of integrity of our democratic institutions have brought serious retrogression to our nation-building process in terms of national unity, morality, discipline and competitiveness of our people.

  49. Matt Y says:

    Where’s the monay? I believe some went into the pocket of certain Umno family in Klang.

  50. artemus22 says:

    The following information came from Fong Po Kuan’s blog at:

    Look at how they spent
    1. RM 100 million on renovation of Parliament building and leaks thereafter;
    2. National Astronaut Programme – RM 40 million;
    3. National Service Training Programme – yearly an estimate of RM 500 million;
    4. Eye on Malaysia -RM 30 million and another RM5.7 million of free ticket
    5. RM 4.6 billion, ’soft-loan’ to PKFZ
    6. RM 2.4 million of indelible ink

  51. hutchrun says:

    Citizen X has said it well here:

    The point here is to pump the cash (savings you get in floating prices to world levels) to the consumers, especially the poor.

    ii) Some planners still do not realise that it’s not about prices at the petrol stations but rather about the multiplier effect that fuel has on basic necessities like food, transport and electricity that hurts the poor the most. As such, cash rebates on road tax are definitely not the world’s best method if you are thinking of the poor.

    Consumers, poor and rich, are still the most efficient decision-makers when it comes to deciding their priorities in hard times. With additional cash in hand they will naturally decide how to reduce the additional ‘pain’. Their new consumption levels will eventually decide the market price level for all goods.

    The law of demand and supply will punish unscrupulous traders as it always does in a free market.

    iii) The key is not just to be thrifty when domestic prices are high but to pump cash into consumers’ hands to avoid/delay the slowdown since wages are not really growing in tandem.

    As much as it’s true that you have to save to avoid a recession, you also need to spend to get out of one.

  52. Bidayu says:

    Thank you, Vokoyo for your good comments. For Sarawakian and Sabahan, our natives are the REAL BUMI but the malay make so much noise than any other of us as if they are the rightful bumi!!! So arrogrant race.

  53. hutchrun says:

    Malaysiakini reports a 30,000-strong turnout to hear Anwar, Kit Siang, Mat Sabu and the Chief Minister of Penang speak on Sunday night.
    [ ]
    The bigger ‘gathering’ story in The Star (June 16) is headlined “Biggest turnout at Ipoh Starwalk since inaugural event in 2004”. And oo-o, this article is accompanied by a crowd picture – big one in colour!

    What the Monday paper did not report on the Penang Sunday gathering was that it was the first time City Stadium – a government facility – has been allowed use by the state for such a purpose since the government changeover. The Star printed no picture as usual. Can we assume the People’s Paper holds the rakyat supporting Pakatan to be faceless?

    Last night was Majlis Malam Bersama Rakyat; compare the paper’s piddling expression, “a leaders-meet-the-people session”.

    And about the fuel hike, The Star did not report Kit Siang saying it was “unconscionable, unjust, brutal and too drastic”.

    The Star did not report Anwar’s accusation that failure to manage the economy by the Umno-BN government had caused the rakyat to suffer. And that he said it is “morally indefensible to support a government that is corrupt”.


  54. hutchrun says:


    Petronas seals gas supply contract with Japanese consortium

    20-02-02 Malaysian national oil company Petronas has sealed a $ 6 bn contract to supply LNG to a consortium of three Japanese firms for 20 years. The sale and purchase agreement was signed between Petroliam Nasional’s (Petronas) unit, Malaysia LNG Tiga, and the consortium comprising Tokyo Gas, Toho Gas and Osaka Gas.
    Petronas said the contract to supply 1.6 mm tpy of LNG for 20 years beginning April 2004 was valued at about $ 6 bn at current prices. LNG will be supplied to the consortium from Malaysia LNG Tiga’s plant in Bintulu in Sarawak state on Borneo island to receiving terminals in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, it said.

    Petronas holds 60 % equity in Malaysia LNG Tiga, the Sarawak state government 10 %, Shell Gas 15 %, Nippon Oil LNG (The Netherlands) 10 % and Diamond Gas Netherlands 5 %.
    The Malaysia LNG Tiga plant is the third production facility at the Bintulu LNG Complex and is scheduled to begin commercial operations in early 2003 with an annual production capacity of 6.8 mm tons. Once operational, it will make Bintulu LNG Complex the world’s largest LNG production facility in a single location with a combined capacity of about 23 mm tpy, Petronas said.

    The Japanese consortium currently receives a supply of 4.28 mm tpy of LNG from the other two production facilities at the Bintulu complex under existing long-term contracts. Apart from the Japanese consortium, Malaysia LNG Tiga last year signed an agreement to supply up to 900,000 tpy of LNG to Tohoku Electric.
    Malaysia supplies about 25 % of Japan’s LNG requirements through nine utility companies in Japan.

    Source: AFP

  55. lexxxtacy says:

    I agree 100% with Alex, its rediculous

  56. wits0 says:

    Hutchrun : “The notion of Bangsa Malaysia introduced by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in 1991 as part of his Vision 2020 was aimed at bringing greater national integration among the various ethnic groups within the country.”

    How can a most unfair and racist person(‘leader’) be able to pull that of? One who knows not what is truth. Therefore I never bothered to read about it then.

  57. hutchrun says:


    Well, I didn`t buy his `goreng pisang` either 🙂

  58. hutchrun says:

    Well, I didn`t buy his `goreng pisang` either 🙂

  59. jebatmustdie says:

    Therefore should we assimilate into one race or be made further apart? The concept of equality and meritocracy is not spelt out in very explicit and clear terms.

  60. Charlie says:

    I’d like to think we can comment fairly on issues affecting us without bringing in trivial stuff like the getting married one..And it’s almost laughable how one could think the present mess and the answer to the Q : Where has the moolah gone? can be found by asking the present man only.

  61. wits0 says:

    When a public figure is to be assessed wrt his inherent credibilty, his past actions and past record during his service as a public servant needs to be examined. Especially so, when he has been given such high flung accolades which are actually dubious. A public figure is not quite like a private person ; a higher standard pf integrity is normally expected. Otherwise the Health Minister needn’t have resigned.

  62. whispering9 says:

    “A public figure is not quite like a private person ; a higher standard pf integrity is normally expected.”

    Depending on which yard sticks. The Health Minister or the Prime Minister. 🙂

  63. kesava says:

    This would have been debited to entertainment expense:

    A decision by backbenchers to slaughter six head of cattle and 10 goats in the compound of Parliament House to celebrate Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad’s marriage..


  64. kumoiku says:

    nice blog..download nuendo free..

  65. tamade says:

    Jeancumlately, you are right in pointing out that point, but the reason I mention it here is because we are now feeling the heat of the Mahafiraun’s policy. The impact on the economy will be very huge and Bank Negara may have to raise interest rate in order to curb inflation and our GNP will be reduced drastically.

    Time is bad, really, because this time around, we do not have enough oil to sell in advance and the only thing we have in abundance now is the palm oil export which I think, will be able to buffer the widening defict to a certain extend. But how long it can last, I am not sure. The whole situation currently is quite similar to the initial stage of 1997 financial crisis (the Guomen departments have been directed to cancel all meetings in hotels etc, just like some of the measures implemented by Anwar I during that time).

    As for Korea, Chaoxian or North Korea is facing problem of course, but their brother, South Korea has emerged strongly after the IMF’s aid (Sime Darby is distributing the Hyundai cars which is renamed under Innokom, while Naza is selling Kia , and not forgetting LG and Samsung etc).

    Mahafiraun has misled the Bolehland’s Rakyat that if IMF were to come in, then Bolehland will be at their mercy and the Rakyat will become beggars. (Everyone knows that his real intention is to protect and save afew selected cronies and also his sons.) This need not be so because the leader can always bargain with IMF since Bolehland is one of the commonwealth member and has rich resources.

    The wise leaders can work hand in hand with IMF, may be follow some of their good advice, while at the same time, take drastic actions to wipe out corruptions,nepotisms, and focus on a Structural Reform. Oil monies can be used to do a lot of wonders, but instead Mahafiraun used this opportunity to save his own cronies and the majority rakyat who have been devastated still suffer the consequences of his impact till today.

    Now, Mahafiraun is termed as the saviour by many people for the financial crisis, but Bolehland has to pay a hefty price for that, and may be you are one of them who is being taxed (or may be I am wrong). But I really pity the next generation, judging from the racialistic and extremist tune Mahafiraun keep on singing nowadays.

  66. jebatmustdie says:


    Can you give any valid reference saying that those county which were helped by IMF perform better than us after 1997? Just because we sell south korean cars? In fact the austerity package which was introduced by DSAI (mirroring IMF’s prescription was more destructive).



    thank you

  67. Mamak Penang says:

    Dear Susan, why you never talk anything about MCA and Chinese?.I think the MCA having more money then this UMNO?.Always poking the Malays especialy about UMNO?. This is their internal affairs nothing to do with the DAP or Non-Malays.Are you trying to smear hatred between Malay community?.Are you a racist?.This blog is full of other races why not write something about the Malaysian Malaysia?.I think you have capabilities to write good article about Nation Building in non- Malays view!.Very sorry if Mamak hurts your feeling.Every time I visit your blog for good significant from Non-Malays of view!.But seems you live in this blogs for popularity and and something like those who live in glass houses should not throw stones and please susan put the cart before the horse!!!.good day!.

  68. whispering9 says:

    “those who live in glass houses should not throw stones”…honestly speaking, politicians and their cronies seem to pride themselves nowadays by living in bulletproof glass houses. It just won’t break no matter how hard you throw stones. Time is changing and methink this quote is out-of-fashion. We should throw stone.

    Talk about MCA and Chinese. Hahahaha…didn’t everyone realise now after the election…MCA is Not Chinese. Chinese is Not MCA. MCA is UMNO. Or MCA was UMNO if what DSAI said is correct, correct, correct.

  69. Pegasus says:

    All the money are with the rich and in-famous. For the past 30 years ,year after year ,money was rob,plundered,siphoned off and transfer out from Malaysia by those in power especially by the BN leaders. They have bought properties overseas and some are residing in their new home and only come back once in while to ensure their interest is taken off here.
    We may not see those money again,today,the nation is in a pathetic state due to the badly mismanagement by the BN regime of Malaysia’s resources and wealth. Those who comes to power ,seem to be making sure that they ammased as much wealth as they can while in the government, can we blame them, when all the ministers and the Prime Minister present and former are also busy making as much as possible.
    Hopefully when Pakatan Rakyat comes into power, then we can go after all those bandits.

  70. kesava says:

    No milk today, my love has gone away
    The bottle stands for lorn, a symbol of the dawn
    No milk today, it seems a common sight
    But people passing by don’t know the reason why

    How could they know just what this message means
    The end of my hopes, the end of all my dreams
    How could they know the palace there had been
    Behind the door where my love reigned as queen

    – Herman’s Hermits

  71. tamade says:

    Dear Jebatmustdie, Thailand’s, Korea and Indonesia’s GDP for the past few years surpassed the Bolehland, and the inflow of FDIs also far exceeded Bolehland. The structural reform introduced by IMF has put them on the right track of future development. However,their internal problems are far more complicated than the Bolehland, and once they solve these problems, it will be a different story.

    During the 1997-1998 period, the financial melt-down in Asia did cause a lot of hardships, currencies devalued and interest rate climbed. Yes, the austerity measures prescribed by Anwar I had caused many sectors to suffer(but I presume these measures must get approval from Mahafiraun first before its implementation, right?), and later on in 1998, Mahafiraun adopted the capital control measures (Paul Krugman did praise him for these bold moves, but not for long, when he found out that it was meant to bail out the cronies, the tone changed) which help to stabilise the situation.

    In short, my point is Mahafiraun used the opportunity to bail out the cronies and he did not carry out the structural reform like South Korea, so we are lagging behind now. Mahafiraun was very smart at that time and he followed the example of China (imposing similar capital controls) and came out with his own set of policies.

    You see, even till today, Bank Negara is following closely the move made by China. If one day, China allows its Renminbi to float freely and be traded offshore, Bolehland will do the same (but looks like now the Mahafiraun is very unhappy with Bank Negara because he wants the currency pegged at say, RM3.20 to 1 USD, while Bank Negara allows it to float within a tight range, different in opinion).

  72. wits0 says:

    W9: “Talk about MCA and Chinese. Hahahaha…didn’t everyone realise now after the election…MCA is Not Chinese. Chinese is Not MCA. MCA is UMNO. Or MCA was UMNO…”

    Spot on. MCA never really represented the Chinese but made a disgusting show of that and the only thing worth marvelling about it is that it took so long to be openly rejected.

    The Gerakan is another pathetic dog(apology to real K9s). Umno is the Malay elitist fiefdom which all these supplicates to for their own elitist ends. It was always in their best interests to make people stupider than they’re. Now after 51 years, all their good Karmic balance simply ran dry. They shall not rise again.

  73. bux.to says:


  74. bungkak says:

    The Lyin King

  75. bow says:

    RM1.4 billion is not even enough for a private jet, speed boat and mansion in Australia, are you sure that is all you left for UMNO? TDM!

  76. billauchris says:

    This letter is indeed a revelation to a certain degree of where our country money went. But it is still nebulous but read on. Hence we need to demand transparency from Petronas to explain why they did what they did; or do what they do. Certainly we shall not allow the country to reduce Petronas to Petamina in not too distant a future.

    Read on, my friends, the letter of lamentation from Joseph Pairin.


    In view of the shocking developments as inevitable results of the sudden oil price hike, I woul like to raise several issues with regards to the situation in Petronas which I believe most people are not aware of. This is especially pertinent in the face of several revelations, such as the fact that the oil wells in Sabah will dry up six years from now. The issue has also been raised that Petronas “could go bust in 2018”, forcing us to ask: Where have all the huge amounts of Petronas money gone to?

    Had Petronas been managed so badly that despite it being the nation’s biggest money earner, it is now facing the possibility of going bust (bankrupt)? The first problem with Petronas is the fact that it was designed to be a secretive organisation. The Petronas agreements have been classified secret.
    Why? What clauses are in the agreement that the people should know? This secrecy also include the secrecy of Petronas’ detailed annual report which is shielded from public scrutiny, making it an organization without public accountability.

    The other shocking revelation that had came to my knowledge is that 80% of the oil produced by Petronas is not sold directly to the world market but is channelled through six ‘option holders’ who obtain the supply from Petronas below market prices. These option holder agents are the ones reaping the benefits in the oil price hikes. Who are these people? Why are there in the first place?
    Why had such a system been created for Petronas? Are these people in fact representing certain private interests?

    It is also understood that this supply through the option holders is sold by contracts with a binding agreement for 20 or 30 years, causing huge losses for Petronas when oil price increases, as Petronas would then have to continue selling at the old agreed price. Only 20% of Petronas’s supply is sold through direct open bidding. Because of these arrangements, Petronas is sadly not maximising its revenue by dealing direct with the open world market. Instead it has been incurring incalculable losses for the nation and for the people. How much this monstrous loss is, we will never know.
    The Members of Parliament and the state government should boldly raise up this very important issue in Parliament or directly with the federal government for the benefit of the oil-producing states. As soon as possible, leaders of the oil producing states should seek for a review of the oil royalty rate and push for a differentiation of prices and benefits for the oil-producing states and the non-oil-producing states.
    This review is being offered by the alternative government which is committed to giving the oil-producing states at least 20% oil royalty. This is a window of opportunity for all of us to demand for a review of the Petronas agreements, and to make Petronas more open and transparent. Parti Keadilan Rakyat also demands that the system of having the six option holders be abolished. A new system should be created in which the three oil-producing states are in control of the marketing arm of Petronas, to make Petronas trade directly in the world market with the aim of maximising revenue for the benefit of the nation.

    Obviously, Petronas is a huge business organisation which is not accountable, secretive, and has been open to a lot of abuses, including the decision to use its revenue to bails out various individuals who faced bankruptcy as results of the Asian economic crisis ten years ago. It the federal government truly wants to be responsible and accountable to the people as it claims it wants to be, it can begin to prove its sincerity for excellent governance by looking into the problems with Petronas.


  77. Onekampung says:

    D.r Jeffrey, please don’t forget when Anwar Ibrahim was the DPM and the Finance Minister, he had all the information privy only to the very selected few. I am sure he is also aware who the “six option holders’ are, why not he expose this and tell the public? I for one will be keen to know.

    Is it so easy talk lowering petrol prices, or even give additional subsidies so we can enjoy driving bigger cars like what is being promised by the Pakatan Rakyat. In view of the current sky rocketing fuel price, be careful, and responsible when you make a commitment. We rakyat have our eyes wide open. We just hope you don’t inculcate the habit of subsidy syndrome; Malaysia can hardly afford one.

    Tell me how you are going to do it! When you promise something, you certainly have a plan and the mechanis to do it, right?

  78. bow says:

    There is no such thing as “fuel subsidy” in an oil producing n exporting country, since we are using our own crude oil, instead of paying world market price, we are paying product cost; unless you believe the nation’s natural resources belong to umno only, not the “rakyat”, then they can claim it is a subsidy.

  79. Mamak Penang says:

    27Jan1999-Petronas Sign three PSC with Murphy Oil Corp. of United states for Blocks SK309 and SK311 offshore Sarawak and Deepwater Block K offshore Sabah.According to the aggrement ,Murphy Oil would own and 85% intrest each block SK309 and SK 311 and PETRONAS would own 15% through Petronas Cari gali Sdn.Bhd.Deep Water K is 16,500 Squre Km. Sittuated 140 Km from North west Of Kota Kinabalu. 20% for Petronas trough Petronas cari Gali Sdn.Bhd and 80% for Murphy Oil Corp. United States.Ask TDM may be he forgotten sometime…!How many years the Aggrement should be?…They already sold whatever in this country…the left behind is only Bukit Cina,Tg.keling and Kampung Melayu…For mamak nothing left!.Only Nasi kandar?.

  80. Onekampung says:

    Mamak Penang, looks like you really know something about all these deals. Tell us more lah!

    Sometimes we let the Mat Salleh screw and squeeze us left, right and centre, and we are still laughing. Petronas one of them?

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