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Najib Tun Razak is REALLY a coward. So many excuses why he wouldn’t challenge Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. He’s even deserted the man who wants him to be PM – Mahathir Mohammad (malaysiakini).

He says his loyal to UMNO – which his father built up. Hello! That UMNO is dead, brother! The UMNO now belongs to Mahathir – UMNO BARU remember? 1986? Team A, Team B. And which side you were on?

Hey Najib, whether it is true or not, the whole world’s thinking that Abdullah has you by the balls with the Altantuya case. Which is why you are being such a nice and obedient XXX.

So enough of bullshit lah. Lawan tetap Lawan. Oooops! That’s for Anwar Ibrahim and reformasi. For UMNO, it is either REFORMONEY or REFORMATI?

SO! Abdullah does not want to take action on Mahathir for ‘threatening’ the judges? Now who is he to say so? If the police were independent, of course we know they are not, they would take action based on Karpal Singh’s police report on Mahathir.

“I can’t say that I was surprised by the latest allegation, as I have heard so many stories in the past. This is just one of them. This is the first time I have heard about boot camps for judges. I have no reason to doubt that the allegations are not true, unless there are people who say otherwise.” (Abdullah, STAR).

THEN WHY THE HELL CANNOT TAKE ACTION? No action means you are party to this crime, Abdullah! Coward.

Mahathir turns around and say “What veiled threats? Be more specific”. For this guy, it is always a play of words. (STAR)

But everyone’s afraid. Malaysia breeds cowards after cowards.

And then we are told what we all already know – our corruption level is all time critical. I mean it is so bad that it is embarassing, shameful (malaysiakini)

I was told by a 75-year old woman that she was stopped by the traffic police because she crossed the road when the traffic lights were yellow.

The police wanted a bribe and because she was in a hurry (on the way to see a sick friend in hospital), she gave them all that she had in her purse that day. RM15! But they won’t let her go because they wanted more!

There are three of us, the policeman said. “Mana cukup (where got enough -this RM15)?” they asked.

The woman had to open her purse and show them the contents. She really didn’t have the money.

Only then did he let her go. Can you beat that?!


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  1. artemus22 says:

    Oh! Susan, you’ve heard us and you’ve delivered! Thank you! Thank you!
    Susan says:

    “But everyone’s afraid. Malaysia breeds cowards after cowards.”

    It’s true Malaysia breeds cowards after cowards and the most coward of them all are the rakyat themselves. We have been deceived one thing after another and yet, the rakyat still did not have the guts to stand up and vote for a complete change. What a shame!

    As for the one who called himself the ‘true Umno man’, did you notice that his eyes had lost the strength to look straight at people again when he was responding to that particular question at Chatham House? You can lie to everyone, but not yourself. Sooner or later, your conscience will eat you away.

  2. Jong says:

    No more jantans in Umno left, are all in the cemetery.

  3. umno babi says:

    This is a race of lazy useless pigs, some more with crutches, they are like leaches, you have to burn them off, I think the time of lynch mobs has come, start buying the ropes to hang these bastards from the nearest trees, when I mention race I mean the race of united morons never over, with their ketuanan bangsat, bloody loosers who have hoodwinked the other morons who voted for them. najib, no need to say lah, badawi holding his telur in his hands so if he squeek, he is screwed, with his fat short 2nd hand slut of rosmahpundek. both will face the gallows. hoi babi kita rakyat sudah marah, you want may 13, we give you world war 3. all umno dogs we cincang.

  4. lat says:

    It is so refreshing to read this article after reading all the lies from our politicans,

    So say it like it is,cut thru all the bullshit and expose everything for what it really is.


  5. ghenjis khan says:

    The Original UMNO is dead found to be ILLEGAL by the Courts.

    Dr Mahathir usurped and hijacked the name UMNO for his new Party called UMNO Baru.
    He is the member #1 and he has resigned recently.

    How the Hell he got permission from the Courts or Registrar of Societies to do that is mort. And how the Hell they transferred the Assets of an Illegal Party to the new party is the brief for lawyers.

    UMNO Baru members are a bunch of very confused people.

  6. Good Grief!! says:

    The current political scenario sure looks messy and definitely smelly, and needs a thorough sanitization. Is there a janitor who’s up to the task? Can’t think of one!

  7. raj raman 666 says:

    early morning,
    better to wack someone before kena wack sloone.

    i AM MORE INTERESTED IN THE POLICE MAN STORY because umno sudah mau mati tapi hidup segan,mati segan.

    Police-nowdays after pay some coffe money will ask you?

    IN MY HEART AND SOUL WILL SAY-bapak kau ini haram lah but my mouth will say-halal encik.

    rajraman – how u bloggers can manipulate words and atrract the comments.

  8. queequeg says:

    What captured my attention when reading your blog is the despicable act by ’em policemen. Utterly deplorable! If that woman was my mother, I’d straight away lodge a report to the IGP, cc. the PM. (Ideally speaking, of course). In actual fact, we reap what we sow. UMNO managed to spawn numerous types of corrupt mindset and it eventually trickled down to ordinary ppl. It’s time for them to exit the stage & give way to “a new dawn” for Malaysia.

  9. whispering9 says:

    Maybe he just got back from Boot Camp.

  10. Bornfree says:

    What has happened to our beloved country? Who ever form the next gov’t must give their priority to end corruption. It is like a cancer eating into every fabric of our society. Shameless cops for taking RM15 from a poor old lady.

  11. pisang mas says:

    Not only has he got no bola, he is also stupid. Just 5 days before the hike in fuel price, he said this (as reported in the Star)

    Saturday May 31, 2008
    Najib quashes talk of petrol price increase

    PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has brushed off speculation that petrol prices will increase by 40 sen following the government’s plans to restructure the subsidy system, including the petrol subsidy.
    The Deputy Prime Minister said it was untrue and baseless, particularly when the Cabinet had not discussed subsidy restructuring at its weekly meeting yesterday.
    “There’s a lot of speculation and talk going around.
    ‘But none of it holds water. The public should not listen to rumours,” he said.
    Najib said the Cabinet was supposed to discuss the restructuring of the subsidy yesterday but had to postpone it to next Wednesday as several ministers involved in the issue were absent.
    He added that the decision to review the fuel subsidy was to ensure it benefited the target group, plug leakages and loopholes and stop abuse.
    Najib hinted that under the new reform plan – aimed at ensuring a fair distribution of the subsidy – those with higher affordability would have to pay for “petrol closer to the market price.”

  12. hutchrun says:

    He`s lying again. He knows Badawi has got enough material to hang him by his b****s if he goes against Badawi.

    Remember in the Altantunya case Razak Baginda (Najib`s toy boy) was in court kicking and shouting `mampus lah Badawi`.

    Also, Baginda`s wife said `He (Baginda) has no wish to be the next PM`.

  13. kcee says:

    Susan, he’s not in team A or B but in team C….4.

  14. Keris says:

    A strong and brave man is urgently required to helm UMNO and that person is non other than Dr M !!!

  15. bamboo river says:

    Najib is in his most critical moment now. Maybe already cornered at the edge of a cliff. Being COWed backwARD , he has no choice but to stick to the rules.
    Lets wait and see what mahathir has to say about ‘Ian Chin’s’ case.
    I don’t think the pm is well informed about this. Maybe his defacto law minister is doing his job .
    About the police ‘duit kopi’. Am I surprised?
    That is why, some ‘bad’ police is giving the good ones a bad name. Pity them. I meant the GOOD policemen.

  16. hutchrun says:

    When the malaysians were negotiating a Telekoms deal in Senegal they got a French interpreter, a Indian lady by the name of Suparna Biswas, to facilitate matters.

    It is inconceivable that either Najib or Razak Baginda were or are sufficiently proficient in the french language to have done the submarine deal on their own.

    As MggPillai once wrote words to the effect:
    When Defence contracts were negotiated, the contractors would in the final stages adjourn to the next room where Rosmah (Najib`s wife) would be waiting to decide on the commission amounts.

  17. hutchrun says:

    The other surprise of his visit to Russia is his decision to buy 30 Sukhoi jet aircraft. There is nothing wrong with it but it raises eyebrows when the identity of the Malaysian agent is known. The ultimate “dalang” (puppet master) of defence agents in Malaysia is Datin Seri Rosmah Yaakob, the wife of the defence minister, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. The Soviet Union, and later, Russia, do not have exclusive agents for its defence equipment as Western countries, and they hand out agencies to anyone who asks for it, paying what it is due to the one who brings the orders. Datin Seri Rosmah brought them all under her charge. With a husband to shepherd it through, it was easy. Dr Mahathir at one time found this so distasteful that he transferred him to education, where she also spread her spell to be commission agent for computer software for its touted-but-failed “smart schools”. (The software is still not ready, years after the promised date).

  18. hutchrun says:

    To all extents and purposes National Service too is a Najib-Rosmah money laundering venture.

  19. still alive says:

    Umno is dead.
    Long live PR!
    Let’s have a new GE and permanently wipe Umno/BN off.
    For what they did to this great nation –
    Let the word Umno and BN be a curse word!

  20. ironic_law says:

    Hahaha Mr C4 got his ball SQUEEZED by Bodohwi, that is why he is acting like a lapdog. COWARDS always is a COWARDS

  21. This is a typical example of a descendant of turncoat Razak ,who was one of the four sinister persons, including Mamak Mahathir, that started May 13. Was also the one who stabbed on the back of our 1st P.M. to become the second P.M..
    Najib is a turncoat and a bloody coward but is trying to tell Malaysia just the opposite of what he is !

    Tell Malaysia about Mamak’s Mahathir’s election to become UMNO’s president of your last minute decision to support him. Did he not show what a turncoat he was and still is then? It is in his family’s blood !
    What has he done for Malaysia ?
    Nothing except to bear the name of his turncoat father and collect as much ‘commission’, as he could, some of it I might add is left with his younger brother.

    Who are they economic geniuses ? No, through ‘the commission’ that is how the brother is now worth US$100- million (all these wealth belongs to the poor Malays) without taking into account all the hidden wealth.
    Just remember for every reaction there is ALWAYS an opposite equal reaction,your turn will come turncoat!

  22. temenggong says:

    Now we can all read!

    Thank you Susan!

  23. hasilox says:

    Challenge AAB?
    He’ll be on the next flight available to mongolia as a special envoy in C4 defence. lol

  24. boh tong says:

    Wish I was living in M’sia so I am allowed to particiate in your politicking….S’pore is boring…oops I may be made a bankrupt LOL

  25. Jong says:

    Najib coward? ….somebody got him there – dah kena shaolin kungfu masters’ chopsticks lah! They don’t use darts.

  26. Ctizen Me says:

    The new trend is that when you say something you are asked to show the evidence. Well all the evidence is locked-up by the OSA.The other place where you can find evidence is in the throats of Malaysians. To unlock that you must remove the ISA.

    Pak Lah has his work cut out.

  27. pathfinder says:

    leave that guy alone. Deep inside we all know how he feel. He is Praying…praying…..praying real hard. Hoping for forgiveness….? I don’t know… only he knows. And of course Allah knows…….

  28. JJ Ray says:

    Thank you Susan for taking on the ‘powers that be’. As for Najib it would do him good to remember that “a man is judged by his deeds, not by his words”.

  29. ode says:

    Malaysia breeds cowards after cowards.


    nope not malaysia ..

    it is unmo
    that is their pride.

  30. hutchrun says:

    Of course he`s a coward.
    Operation Lallang he baling batu and then lari to Australia.
    As useless as his father who died painfully of cancer.

  31. big baby says:

    Aiya dear sloone, this Najib is still behaving like a big baby sucking milk relentlessly, you know I know and everybody knows.

    Though big babies got balls, but they are still sucking milk. Do you think big babies who are still sucking milk got guts?

    All this Umno big babi-putras are cowards only fit to suck milk. Only those big-baby-umno folks would vote for all this big-baby-umnoputras who would milk the country for themselves and feed the umno big baby voters.

    The only solution to this national problem is to send all this big baby Umnoputras to the orphanage and let the big baby mamak who has the biggest balls with no guts to take care of them.

  32. Jsss says:

    What? COWARD,,,,,,,,, Najis , you dare go against Bodohwi ! Finishlah masuk ISA makan nasi cacing man.

  33. Truthbeknown says:

    Dear Susan,
    If this is what AAB said as reported in The Star:

    “This is the first time I have heard about boot camps for judges. I have no reason to doubt that the allegations are not true, unless there are people who say otherwise.”

    then what AAB is actually saying is that he believes the allegations are NOT true!!!
    Any grammarian out there?

  34. cincai says:

    What do you expect? Pak Lah taking action for Dr.M’s judge handling. He won’t do that. If he does, he’ll loose the government tomorrow. You see, it has ALWAYS been that way. The government controls the judiciary. Everybody knows that. So he won’t dare to implicate Dr.M now in court. Why should he open the can of worms and get himself all dirty? The only way to free the judiciary is to wipe out the BN and its supporters. In other words, a sterilisation of the judiciary system!

  35. JAMES LOW says:

    Whether a cowherd or a coward,

    He is guilty of pulling Malaysia backward.

    If elected the PM , moving forward,

    Malaysia WILL regret afterwards.

  36. TWOG says:

    Thanks a heap, Susan, for the new format. Hated the black background – somehow I find more taxing on the eyes. And the old format was slower in loading…

  37. starbug says:

    On the corruption issue, Malaysia does not have a high level of corruption. Why you would ask. This is because corruption IS PART of our life and a culture if not a religion. Ask JKR, JPJ, the police force and of mother of all, the government.

  38. Robert Teh says:

    Hi! Susan,

    Congratulations! on your new blog format. It’s definitely more reader-friendly but much more important is the quality of the postings and comments. Bloggers must make a difference in shaping the ways we want our Govt to administer this country, spend our money, use our resources and develop our land, mind and soul.

    As for Najib, I think all said and done, he’s just another brick on the wall! Waiting for someone to take the lead, play it safe, and hopefully make it to his destination without a scratch!

  39. hutchrun says:

    I don’t need no face foundation.
    I don’t need no oil control.
    Those sharky sales girls on commission.
    Never let me browse alone.
    Hey, watch it! Don’t spray that cologne!
    All in all it’s just another bitch in the mall.
    All in all you’re just another bitch in the mall.

    I don’t need no lip hydration.
    I don’t need no retinol.
    Just scented candles for my bathroom.
    I should have ordered them from home.
    Hey! Sales girl! Get up off the phone!
    All in all it’s just another bitch in the mall.
    All in all it`s just another bitch in the mall.

    -By Pink Lips

  40. sklee says:

    Najib seems a bit confused!UMNO that his father helped to build was deregistered.
    Everybody knows that.He is now in UMNO Baru which was established by Ex-PM Mahathir.Everybody knows this.So, what is all this bullshit about being loyal to an establishment that is non-existent?He has no choice but to be loyal to UMNO Baru.He is no coward….he is just being realistic!

  41. Eric says:

    Abdullah is really a coward….After incessant attack from Dr. M, he dare not even take action to investigate him given such golden opportunity whether it is for revenge or the sake of justice.

    I’m very disheartened to hear excuse from one who said it was wasting money to form investigation into Dr. M’s alleged threat to judiciary. What a lame reason! The gov owns the public the evidence of truth. We know the truth but we need evidence so that Dr M won’t continue to challenge the court and pretend innocent. Why can spend so much to buy private jet, submarines and others but can’t spend a little on what matters?

  42. Allen Tan says:

    Firstly, Susan, my eyes don’t get sored because the webpage looks soothing.

    Secondly, I worried about Altantuya’s justice as when Najib takes over as PM.

  43. Andrew says:

    Did anyone notice how Najib was putting on his best British accent at Chatham House? Never heard him speak like that in Malaysia. Must be the weather……..

  44. Mokthar says:

    If Bodohwi let Najib become the next PM, then I’m sure Najib will use ISA to catch Anwar & Malaysia got no hope already.

    Hopefully Paklah will let Anwar become our new PM for a better Malaysia.

  45. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    “Is Najib a coward?”

    My answer :

    Najib seems to have played the game well. He clearly knows that it will be
    disastrous and futile to go head on with his boss given the analogy of Anwar-Mahathir saga. And he knows that by silently using other powerful (ex)UMNO-rians like Mahathir, Ku Li, and other influential members, AAB term as PM will be cut short.

    I am at no time for or support Dollah’s policies and his charlatan-ness but if Najib heralded the throne, he will unleash his diabolical policies on many Malayssians whom truly and practice true universal democracies.

    Najib is smart but evil , to answer the question while AAB lost his balls. I think the shouts, threats and challenges of Mahathir shrink em…….

  46. TWOG says:

    A bit off topic, but hope you don’t mind…

    Hi all, how about going to this site and get your own gravatar and make this place more colourful…

  47. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Extract from (lawyer) Matthias Chang’s website :

    “To Fellow Malaysians

    You may have noticed by now, that whenever the Badawi Regime has a crisis eg. The UMNO crisis following the General Election disaster and now the oil price fiasco, the Badawi spin doctors would attempt to divert your attention with allegations against Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

    This happened just before the General Elections with the setting up of the Royal Commission and the wild allegations against Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

    This is another side show to throw your mind and anger away from the oil price hike to a non-issue by a frustrated old Judge who cannot even lie properly. This judge is angry because he covets the post of Chief Judge of Sarawak and Sabah. He cannot understand why Tan Sri Richard Malanjun was promoted to the post instead. He blames the former prime minister but he care not to examine his infantile behaviour. And now, the desperate politicians are taking advantage of his stupidity for their political ends!

    Don’t fall for this insidious tactic of the Badawi Regime and the blogs and websites fronting for Anwar Ibrahim.

    Last Updated ( Wednesday, 11 June 2008 16:57 )”
    To Matthias Chang,

    Just don’t ever call me FELLOW MALAYSIANS ever! You reminds me of someone we really,really know of.

  48. Kesava says:

    Who says Matthias has no interest when he is being sued for RM50 million by NSTP Chairman over statements he made during a press conference in June 2006.

    An interim injunction was also issued against Matthias Chang to restrain the lawyer from further uttering or publishing those statements and from causing those statements to be published.

    M/S Isharidah, Ho, Chong & Menon acting on behalf of Chairman, NSTP.

  49. Jsss says:

    Dear Mokthar,

    Knowing very well, there is no way, Bodohwi will let najis to become a next Prime Minister.

    It will NEVER! NEVER! happen maa! Better give way for Anwar to take over the government for RAKYAT’s good.

  50. wits0 says:

    The effete one is so obsessed by his entitlement compulsion that he’ll do anything to get that. It certainly does not matter if he is unloved on the ground by the majority of people.

  51. Birdbrain says:

    Najib is actually “The Reluctant Politician”!

    Has this occurred to anyone of you that he really doesn’t want to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia?

    Leave him alone, he just wanna to party on……….girls, wine and of course the FIREWORKS too!


  52. Tarap says:


  53. Sofiacumlambatly says:

    I personally think that PM Badawi has cope out from the challenges from Mahathir and his cohorts.

    Najib is the Mahathir re-incarnated as what Barrack Obama refers to John MaCain as George W(alker) Bush.

    It’s now- Badawi + Anwar Versus Najib + Mahathir with a wildcard Tengku Razaleigh.

  54. Jelineloh says:

    Bollocks, still going on…


  55. bennyloh says:

    (my apologies to jeline, for the post above belongs to me)
    Bollock, still going on…


  56. bennyloh says:

    You are more beautiful now with this new site! Thank you

  57. malayamuda says:

    fat short 2 nd hand slut ……………. hahhahahahahaa, that was so funny and true

  58. sloone,

    1. much better template.
    2. how is not coward to you? in UMNO history a ‘gelojoh’ DPM (read: DSAI) will be sacked by the current PM
    3. bring Pak Lah down thru coup d etat will create more chaos in UMNO which is already in such mess. Similarly, bringing down a Fed Government in a blink of 30MPs cross overs also will bring chaos.
    4. the question now is, can najib live up to the expectation? I strongly stand on my right to question and be suspicious of any potential next PM for Malaysia (our country), be them Najib, DSAI, Ku Li, Lim Kit Siang or even you sloone. hehe
    5. Plus, i think pak lah is doing some damage control to his image, so malaysia will benefit a bit if let him there for a while.

    Ok.. Ok.. some of you here disagree with my points.. how to satisfy all, cannot maa.

    chiao for now

  59. saraharista says:

    gods, i was just in malaysia. hahaa. loved this. finally, something other than the horseshit we usually hear.

  60. Robert Teh says:

    ruz ramza,

    Everyone is entitled to his or her comments – that’s the beauty of blogs like ‘sloone’. Not forgeting the advent of the Internet that allows such technological convenience for us to post our comments at the blink of an eye – maybe a tad longer, but it’s still amazingly fast!

  61. Johncumprematurely says:

    “An interim injunction was also issued against Matthias Chang to restrain the lawyer from further uttering or publishing those statements and from causing those statements to be published.”-Kesava

    Interim injunction from WHAT? Does that specify the prohibition of lawyer Matthias Chang from uttering any statements vis-a-vis the conduct of judiciary or was it merely a libel / defamation suit? Was there any case relevance to this?

    Mr. Chang challenged anyone to cite him for contempt was merely the issuance of a challenge to anyone including Bar Council President Ambiga, Justice Ian Chin and the Badawi regime in the absence of any pre court order against him, referring to a differing situation.

  62. JeyS says:

    The police thing happened to me as well. I was stopped for driving and mobile in hand…ok yea i deserve it i know. However I told the guy to write my summon, he was very reluctant. He asked me many times and i knew where it was leading. I told him very nicely that ‘please encik tuliskan saman..i bayar’

    After many thoughts..he let me go with a warning. I can tell you many stories on the speed trap issues too!

    Its well known that Malaysian Police and many government staffs are so corrupt…it oozes from their ears.

    As for the high level corruption..need we say more….NO it speaks for itself very LOUD AND CLEAR. BIG TIME!

  63. robert teh,

    i agree how blog has changed the political landscape in m’sia. But sloone and other millionaires (bloggers) must start to promote responsible and accountable blogging code. Not to say they (especially sloone) post ‘fitnah’ articles, defaming stuff but others lah bloggers ikan bilis sometimes they do use blog as a place to tabur fitnah.

    anyway sloone is one of my must-visit-blogs. so i’m expecting accountable and responsible posting from sloone, and so far, Job well done..

    tell nothing but the truth, without fear or favor.

  64. novice101 says:

    It takes all kinds to make up this world, but Malaysia seems to lack model political leaders in our recent history. What do we need to do to turn things around? More prayers?

  65. Mirage says:

    Anonymous said…

    Consumer affairs minister, Shahrir Samad says there were no direct subsidy from Petronas??? Najib, the coward, had been harping that there were indeed umpteen Billions in Crude Oil Subsidies, if such cowards should become the next Prime Minister the suffering of the Rakyats will go up umpteen times, therefore the quicker it is for Pakatan Rakyat to take over the Government, the quicker the country’s woes and the Rakyat’s suffering be resolved.

    What are these oil subsidies??? This is a hoax story to hoodwink the general public on the believe that there are the purported subsidies. There are no subsidies only a hoax to cheat the Malaysian masses. Every crude oil producing countries allocate a percentage of their production for domestic consumption and the balance for export to earn foreign exchange. What is this nett producer & nett exporter of crude oil talking of the oil subsidies??? Look at Brunei & Saudi Arabia and the many more crude oil exporting countries do, both and all are nett producers & nett exporters of crude oil, there are no changes in the prices at their pumps for both petrol and diesel despite the whopping Crude Oil prices now reaching US$139/- per barrel, they are all enjoying boom and boost to their State Coffers with the greatest windfall of all times with record foreign reserves’ balances and also a boost to their economies, so why are we seeing the reverse in Malaysia??? There is obviously mismanagement of the funds from the power that be. Where are the windfall profits for Petronas gone to from the nett exports before or after being handed over to the Government??? A royal commission should be formed to investigate where have all the profits/funds earned from the exports had gone to???

    Remove this deadly cancerous orang minyak, throw out that rotten tyranny!!!

    It is the right time that this grossly rotten, corrupt and incompetent flip flop tyranny called orang minyak that remove the hoax fuel subsidies & increase the electricity tariffs should also be removed… & to accomplish this, all & whoever, MPs from both BN or Pakatan Rakyat, it is your call now and as all the people of Malaysia are firmly behind you to remove this rot. Cannot imagine that a nett producer & nett exporter of Crude Oil has to do this, look at all the other crude oil nett exporters, there are no increases of prices of Petrol & Diesel at their pumps as both & all are nett producers and nett exporters of Crude Oil and they are now enjoying a boost to their state coffers & economies with a whopping windfall in oil prices of the current US$139/- per barrel that earned them huge foreign exchange reserves from their Crude Oil exports. But in Malaysia the reverse is true as there is no boost to the economy, but only sadness prevailed because the foreign exchange reserves from Crude Oil nett exports earned are poorly managed or badly mis-managed and no one knows where all the profits over the years had gone and we are saying a (large chunk of) the 700 or more Billions earned had disappeared and there is no accountability by the tyranny moron power that be. Otherwise we are having a boom time to our state coffers and a boost to our economy and we should be celebrating and why is that bloke orang minyak/moron is projecting gloom at this wonderful time. All the monies earned by Petronas must have been woefully squandered & cheated by the orang minyak moron or unles otherwise Petronas’President & CEO Datuk Hassan Marican must have badly mis-managed the windfall earnings by selling our Malaysian sweet crude forward at low prices and buying low grade crude oil at a hefty high prices for local cunsumption??? If that is the case all Malaysians including those unborn ones have been betrayed by this cancerous Orang Minyak/Moron who has caused all these serious crimes, anarchies, chaos and inflations beyond comprehensions owing to the greed by this cancerous corrupted power hungry Moron/Orang Minyak who intended to stick to power beyond his welcome!!! For everybody’s guess, everyone knows who this orang minyak moron is???

  66. Andrew says:

    To Mat Chang: And who, might I ask, is the master of misdirection?

  67. artemus22 says:

    One day, a young relative of mine who was giving tuition from house to house was stopped by two policemen on a quite spot. After checking his motorcycle road tax and driving license, they couldn’t find anything wrong with him, but they were reluctant to let him go. Seeing that he had two pens, one red and blue, tucked inside his shirt pocket, they accused him of selling ‘empat ekor’ and demanded ‘kopi duit’ from him. Of course, he refused to be intimidated by them and challenged them instead to go to the nearest police station to prove his innocence. As expected, the two policemen chickened out and fled as fast as they could.

    Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi.

  68. khairy says:

    Wong Chun Wai dah “takeover” UMNO:

    It’s a done deal
    It’s a deal. An agreement has been reached between Pak Lah and Najib over the leadership succession. The announcement will be made at a right time, according to the Prime Minister. The leadership changed, said Pak Lah, would be made at the right time. The only question is when. But it is almost certain that there would be no
    challengers for the top Umno post. It is unlikely that Ku Li will garner enough nominations. Najib has said he would never challenge his boss. Pak Lah will retain his presidency for certain and if he chooses to, then he could provide some clues on the succession plan at the Umno general assembly.

    Posted by The Writer at 4:54 PM

  69. khairy says:

    Wong Chun Wai dah “takeover” UMNO:

    It’s a done deal
    It’s a deal. An agreement has been reached between Pak Lah and Najib over the leadership succession. The announcement will be made at a right time, according to the Prime Minister. The leadership changed, said Pak Lah, would be made at the right time. The only question is when. But it is almost certain that there would be no
    challengers for the top Umno post. It is unlikely that Ku Li will garner enough nominations. Najib has said he would never challenge his boss. Pak Lah will retain his presidency for certain and if he chooses to, then he could provide some clues on the succession plan at the Umno general assembly.

    Posted by The Writer at 4:54 PM

  70. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    “Coward” or” Not Coward”, they are just all playing sandiwara (Malaysia famous “Wayang Kulit”). Who cares? Malaysian now want is a new goverment! A new goverment not belongs to BN bacause we are all fed-up with Be ENd.(Full-Stop!)

    Anwar Ibrahim will be the saviour for New Malaysia Era after all and this is all that we are waiting for and still counting on.

    When things changed there is new hope for rakyat, when things new change the will be the end..and rakyat will still continue to suffer..

    Say No No to Badawi and also say No No to Najib!

  71. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    correction to the above “If things never change then it will be the end..and rakyat will still continue to suffer..”

  72. ah long says:

    WHAT?? Najib as PM?? FCUK me !!!

    Maybe Ah Long in charge of Bank Negara.

    This BN /UMNO got shit for brains.

  73. Ahila says:

    dear queequeg…if the old woman was your mum,you said you would report to IGP/PM????? Are you nuts? Do you think the IGP and PM will take any action? What is the difference from those blood sucker policemen than the IGP and PM….Semua ‘money minded setan’. BUT as you said’we reap what we sow’ is the truth and nothing but truth ! Karma will eventually come and those culprits will pay a hefty sum for thier ‘sins’.
    Yes…Susan, even the so-called ‘smart men in uniform’ too are nowadays ‘cowards’ ,…taking money from old ladies; can you believe that!!!’
    Great LAW-Keepers we have in Malaysia ! Maybe the PM and IGP can be proud of thier look alikes.

  74. Susu Kacang says:

    …since the politics of Malaysia seems to be very unstable…..let’s wish that a coup d’etat ..of any sort… take place soon!

    There’s a new brand of susu kacang on the market shelves….it’s called Cucu Kasang!

    Keep smiling…..and to have the best of this world is Euphoria!

    Stop being euphoric lah guys……muaaaah! I love love all of you……….muaaaaaaah…again!

  75. wits0 says:

    Robbing old women by ’smart men in uniform’ is about as low as a ‘civilized society’ society can go. But the elites are never concerned by such “trivialities” but instead normally scream for proofs with mouth openly open as wide as Batu caves to be fed that. Passing the buck 100%. Anything that reflects badly on themselves are always denied away for they’re obsessed by image, not substance. The official cynicism and the moribund sickness is so thoroughly apparent.

  76. Pegasus says:

    We need a new government ,a new change.

  77. ‘A coward dies many times before his death’
    And this applies to all whether or not he’s deaf
    So you all have to hold your horses while he catches his breath
    For we really don’t actually know his cowardise’s depth

    (C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 130608
    Fri. 13th June 2008.

  78. In the fourth line, ‘cowardise’ (sorry, no paradise yet) should be ‘cowardice’ (cold gamble).

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 140608
    Sat. 14th June 2008.

  79. balannambiar says:

    Who is the Flat Forehead wanted to be no.1?

    In one were to observe closely Anwar’s forehead one would see that he has a ‘Flat forehead.According to my friend chinese Feng Shui Master ,the chinese predictions those with physical feature will never become a great leader or the number one in Malaysia.

  80. “This is the first time I have heard about boot camps for judges. I have no reason to doubt that the allegations are not true, unless there are people who say otherwise.”

    He is saying he believes the allegations IS TRUE.
    “I have reason to doubt that the allegations are true, unless….”

    Remove two negatives and it becomes a positive statement.

    I am no language master, but I do freelance translation and proof read..

  81. Sorry, missed out some words due to anger of Bodowi.

    He is saying he believes the allegations IS NOT TRUE.
    “I have reason to doubt that the allegations are true, unless…” is what he said actually.

    Remove two negatives and it becomes a positive statement, but there is still the “negative word” doubt. Now the sentence is clearer when you remove the words “no” and “not”..

    Screw me.. I hate BN.

  82. billauchris says:

    Malaysians have suffered enough. With Najib as PM with his wife as the 1st Lady, the people of Malaysia will never see the light of day. The situation is already bad enough. With a petticoat PM, it spells gloom and doom for the country.

    In bad times, we must cut down defence budget. Planes, submarines and arms can wait and can be deferred for purchase at a later date. Sociio economic development should take precedence and carried out using the defence budget and not from the hard earned money of the Rakyat.

    If Najib cannot even look straight into your eyes and recognise the priority for the nation, then he is not fit to be a PM. From whatever knowledge we know, MINDEF purchases are highly inflated. The fall-outs have enriched the pockets of many an UMNOputra. If he ever denies having a share, then I will be very surpirsed.

    Next I do not trust people with three-pointed eyes. Such people have the characteristics of being suspicious, selfish, revengeful, greedy and covert. That summarises my view of DPM. Is he fit to be a PM? Obviously not? Let the people have a say like in US.

  83. billauchris says:

    In my veiw AAB is playing game with his Deputy. With the admission of Ezam, he feels very much insecure now.

    As one of you said, his balls are at the mercy of AAB. Ezam’s three boxes of evidences and photographs on Altantuya’s killing iare ominous and fear inducing.

    Ever since, DPM’s mouth has been gagged. He is now subjugated and docile like a puppet on AAB’s string.

  84. tamade says:

    Ha, ha, You mean Dr Money of Bolehland? What a big joke? In 1997, this flur went over to Swiziland for his vacation just before Soros’s gang hit the Asian currencies. What a co-incidence. Why Swiziland? In order to transfer out all the cash before Bolehland went broke? After a while, in 1998/1999, this flur went to Cayman Island and the Caribeans foer vacation, why? May be to deposit all his ill-gotten wealth in the off-shore banks over there, so “without a trace”, smart, Huh? Rakyat in Bolehland out there, you people still want him?

  85. PadeDoh says:

    I think history will judge Khairy Jamaluddin as the solution to all of Malaysias problems. Many scholars have long studided this 32 year old and are at odds as to pinpoint the reason behind his gravitas. Some say its his intelect, others his looks, yet some his personality and the taxi driver, his wife.

    I say its all plus more. UMNO was made for Khairy. Khairy was made for UMNO. In him we will find a Malaysia that is prosperous, decent, with officials of high integrity who will rather starve and do a Mahatma Gandhi civil disobedience trick than approve yet another poltical overlords fantasy project under the epiteth “Saya Yang Menurut Perintah”.

    Yes people, have hope. Pak Lah knows this, the rakyat arent ready for Khairy to be ruler yet. It is our fault, our immaturity and actually UMNO’s too – they should have insisted that he be made Deputy President than just Deputy Youth Leader, but who knows, maybe they got confused and nominated him for the latter when their intention was for the former. People make mistakes, I guess.

    Why do I say Khairy will be such a great leader? Need oil ? Ask KJ and he will pinpoint the exact block off the South China Sea where it can be found? What happens if that piece of deserted strip is claimed for a bunch of Kiasu neighbours? Well give in, prosper thy neighbour, they will come over here more often and then we can reap the effects of the oil + the multiplier effect of the oil as they go birdie and say everything so cheeep… Need a university place but aint “qualeeeeefied”. Come to Rembau and study at Oxford-Rembau School of Fine fArts.

    My point is anyway u look at it – the solution is KJ. Adopt him, accept him, support him, flatter him and perhaps then we can help CNN make sense of this world.

  86. wits0 says:

    Tamade, making frequent globe trotting an established perk was M’s doing. Which other PM did that ever so frequently? Bad awi followed up with a bigger jet(‘family man’ aka nepotiism necessititates) Who keeps a record of their frequency? How little the public knew/knows about their whereabout at a given time? Infrequently and after the fact the MSM might mention when it feels like it. It truly is a very convenient way to squirrel away one’s assets which are not gained legitimately and very fool-proof in direct dealing with bankers.

  87. bow says:

    I would not say he is a coward, but a hoodlum belongs to a racist party which is very good at threatening Malaysians with violence and seditious speech.

  88. confess2u says:

    AAB is trying to bury UMNO so that all umno members will jump ship. When there is no umno left, who has the right to RM1.4 Billion ? AAB is just carrying out the wishes of his previous boss. Just thing whose plan is working ? Kill the goose and take it’s eggs.

  89. mochaquest says:

    No la…he is no coward…he is an assh###e. f**ker.

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