Do you think Anwar Ibrahim should be allowed to get away with this?

“Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today promised to bring down prices once the Pakatan Rakyat assume control of the central government.  How strong is this commitment? Well, the man dubbed Malaysia’s prime minister-in-waiting said “I will resign immediately” if a Pakatan government is unable to roll back the subsidy cuts which have produced a steep 78 sen rise for unleaded petrol to RM2.78 a litre and diesel by RM1 to RM2.58 a litre.” (Malaysian Insider)

How does he intend to do this? Perhap, he can be more specific.

Now, if this is not an empty promise, would you give him a chance to rule as prime minister? Or, do you think all his smooth sayings are merely a desperate move to become PM. Either way, does it matter?

He still promises 30 MPs in the frog-line, and admits that he meets them in secrecy. But all we see are PKR members jumping into UMNO and BN instead.

I’d like to see the tables turn quickly. Malaysians will be losing so much with the recent price hike, is there anything else? 

By the way, there’s no kick lah, having that former ABIM president and MCA what’s her name join PKR.

But we all got a big kick when Ezam Mohd Nor made a turn about. Ai-say…man.


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  1. bondoun says:

    It’s time to walk the talk! I think Anwar has been saying a lot, but where is the beef? We now have a shaky government, but when Anwar takes power and later finds he cannot deliver and quick, what does this mean for Malaysian? Another chaos in government? The one thing that I know will work is that Pakatan can reduce corruptions, abolish ISA and other nasty things that is worst than fuel prices. So, at least the change.

    We cannot afford to keep changing PM every time we cannot deliver one item of promise. This is all talk of pleading for chance to be PM and nothing else!

  2. CheeseBall says:

    Malaysians have waited decades for a change in government, so another couple more months is insignificant in the whole scheme of things!

    As for PR taking over, there’s at least a sign of hope that the country could be changed for the better.

    The general populace must get rid of their mentality of accepting/living with an obvious deadly and known ‘cancer’ to themselves, and for once, be brave enough to try out a potential ‘cure’ in the form of Anwar.

  3. abc says:

    It’s time to elect a chinese PM to rule the country

  4. AAB says:

    The man is known for waging a deadly psychological warfare that AMENO is wondering when they will be hit. I hear people like Tengu Razaleigh were part of those who made deals with him and I think he knows much about it. On Petrol, there is a MEETING today of all Pakatan leaders as reported in the Sun, right? They are harmonising their platforms on this. Because the govt gets billions but doesn’t use them to improve transportaion but used to salvage and bail out corrupt AMENO and Bee-Ann (BN) entities and failed projects. This is 4th time it increased with no benefit at all.

    On why did the MSM didn’t hoot about the ABIM for President, Dr Manuti and other AMNO leaders plus some MCA gals/guys and Olympia College Chiarman and TAFE Founder, I guess it will hurt their feelings. Anyway, the 8 boys who followed Ezam to AMENO quit PKR two years, right? Nothing new here! Today, Murkiz Mahathir says Ezam needs to “cleanse himself of sins.” Ha ha ha! The sins are demading Mahathir to be judged, after all Ezam said this one month ago as well. Let AMENO guys fight it out while Badawi is undermined by his own ministers. Wonderful and free for all. Join the party now…where are my popcorns? He he he!

  5. syahrul says:

    To abc, don’t ever try to make that kind of suggesstion because till the end of the world, chinese will never become PM of this country.

  6. ali b .talib says:

    guess…… time for change first…..later we decide if things will be implemented…..the truth is power is all that matters…

  7. AAB says:


    Don’t bring AMNO petty culture here, ok boy? Unless of course you are an AMNO cheap shot in the 1st place.

  8. Ahmad says:

    Now the BN-Barang Naik manifesto proved that they are only thinking of their perut-Never they think and chain-effect of fuel hike. Let take some examples:
    a) All transportation charges will go up-definitely all food prices go up.
    b) Bus operators said increase in operating cost 40-60%. This mean all bus fares go up to 50%.
    c) Non-control items such as vehicle spare parts and labour services to go up at least by 30%.
    d) Non-control services such as professional fees to go up (legal, technical etc).

    The BN Ministers and MP’s will claim-back from goverment on all the above expenses-they are not complaining as they perut are taking care-but what about rakyat????-where do they going to claim-BN goverment???.

    Before 8th March 2008 GE, Najib said there will not be any fuel increase in 2008. Now he is lying-can we ask the Shah Alam boy who made police report against PR Selangor state goverment to make the same police report against BN and Najib- we challanged him if he is not kaki bodek/ampu BN/UMNO.

  9. Keris says:

    Let petition for Dr M to be back as PM. he did wonder during the 1997 crisis and he will definietey leads the country out of this douldrum. Malaysia’s only hope pinned on him. Pls do it before its too late.

  10. kcee says:

    I think the days of deep subsidy is over. What we should do as an oil producing nation, we take the middle path, say subsidise 80 sen off the market price reviewed every 2 month. Also remove all APs immediately.

  11. Daniel says:

    For many other countries, when the government does not perform, the head of the government steps down! Same goes to the Minister when the department performs badly. But in M’sia … mana ada?? For BN and Pak Lah who had taken the country into such a shitty situation — corruption is norm and condoned, inflation is hiking, crime rates rocketing, white-elephant projects everywhere even into the outer space ..the list can go on — they still have the guts to continue running the central government?? Fine, they are thick-skin for that matter but now they drop a bomb-shell to the citizens with >40% fuel price rise!! What a stupid act by the government! What low intelligence this group of BN idiots have by claiming it is because of international oil price pressure! By right, as an oil-producing country, Msia should benefited from selling oil at higher price to other countries while maintaining a lower price in domestic consumption! This benefits all the citizen and in return, the people appreciates this effort of the government. In return, the BN will gain back the trust and support of the people if more revolutionary measures continue to be carried out. However, the stupidity of this government is apparently shown out by not doing the above! BN thought the general public is blind? Go fly kite…everyone knows the government has become poorer because of many years of blood-sucking daylight-robbery corruption and now it does not have much money to fund those mega-projects which are again going to benefit those UMNO/BN dracula and cronies so that Pak Lah will get good support during the year-end UMNO election! That is why the easies thing to do is hike up the prices of fuel and electricity. Petronas and TNB will benefit, hence UMNO will benefit because both Petronas are TNB are owned by UMNO idiots! Now, the only solution is to overthrow Pak Lah’s government and bring in Anwar and team. Though the future is uncertain with Anwar taking power, it is still a change and opportunity for our citizens to have a better life and for the country to be in better shape! !! Go for it, Anwar. but mark your words which you committed!! Don’t fail us!

  12. Umara says:

    We hope Anwar can do something.

  13. Abdul-Joh says:


    The doldrum we are in was caused by Mahathir, so he can’t be the solution again. It was he who refused accountability in 1997 and later put the nation at stake in many instances and finally in last hurrah brought Badawi to serve his uneding, egoistic needs only for AAB to laugh at the old man and take instructions from his SIL. You are the 1st one to claim a disease (Mahathir) is the cure for the disease. You must be intellectual midgit and a buffoon.

  14. Joshua says:

    i say give anwar a chance.

    pak lah has proven himself to be flip-flop so far.

    najib just ‘go with the flow’.

    mahathir is certainly history.

    anwar, hopefully, the new hope for Malaysia.

  15. Jasus says:

    Yes! brother, please go taking over Bolehland and make her a great nation.

    Rise Anwar Rise!!!

  16. malayamuda says:

    i will go for Anwar

    lets give him a chance to prove himself

    Mahathir has proven to be corrupt, besides he doesnt have Daim to pull him out of this economic mess. Besides he is old and forgetful. We wouldnt want a leadership crisis in case he drops dead in ofice !!

    Mahathir is alone. He doesnt even have a party. He is history

  17. ah long says:

    I was hoping that Anwar won’t make such a statement because I don’t know how they are going to do it. There is a lot of money to find to bring back the subsidy.

    And you can be sure that before BN get kicked out they will spend every last drop first.

    I have no love for BN/UMNO but I think thye hole they have dug for us in the last 50 years is very deep and any successive gomen is going to have a hard time getting us out of it.

    Difficult as it may be I think it is still better than BN continuing to dig our graves even deeper.

  18. Lallang exile says:


    i reproduce a quote from the washington post of a fella commenting on anti fuel price hike strikes in India:

    “I am totally against the strikes since it is all about politics and faking concerns for people,” said young entrepreneur Ishan Ahmed, adding any party in power would have been forced to raise prices.”

    Don’t be fooled by Anwar and the likes of Tian Chua!!!

    What is happening is a world phenomena.

    Do u want to see the country go bankrupt and the ringgit worthless when our oil runs out in a decade or two? Or earlier if choose Anwar’s formula.

    It is time we face reality and stop the denial syndrome perpetuated by Anwar for his political agenda.

    And, stop the profilgate use of the resource – we could if we try for the sakes of not just our pockets, but the future of our children.

    And for those who harp on that we are an oil-producing nation, so are the US and the UK. Both have hiked the price of petrol seceral times in tandem with the rest of the world.

    It is suicidal to follow Anwar’s path – it will be a disastrous policy both in the short and long term since it is not sustainable.

    Let’s push the present government for better transport – better trains, tubes and buses – to give the people a choice.

  19. Kesava says:

    It can`t get any worse than now if Barisan Pakatan forms the next Govt.

  20. Lallang exile says:


    Yup, how come the jumping is going on the other way round?

    Losing commander in chief Ezam should speak volumes on what is happening.

    And, what is happening in the Selangor State Exco? Unlike Perak which managed to sort itself out – Selangor is still up in the air.

    How come no one from PKR itself questions this?

  21. Lallang exile says:


    Is your system blocked? Shouldn’t be too much traffic at this time.

    can’t post or lost my postings but kesava managed to.

  22. Lallang exile says:


    i reproduce a quote from the washington post of a fella commenting on anti fuel price hike strikes in India:

    “I am totally against the strikes since it is all about politics and faking concerns for people,” said young entrepreneur Ishan Ahmed, adding any party in power would have been forced to raise prices.”

    Don’t be fooled by Anwar and the likes of Tian Chua!!!

    What is happening is a world phenomena.

    Do u want to see the country go bankrupt and the ringgit worthless when our oil runs out in a decade or two? Or earlier if choose Anwar’s formula.

    It is time we face reality and stop the denial syndrome perpetuated by Anwar for his political agenda.

    And, stop the profilgate use of the resource – we could if we try for the sakes of not just our pockets, but the future of our children.

    And for those who harp on that we are an oil-producing nation, so are the US and the UK. Both have hiked the price of petrol seceral times in tandem with the rest of the world.

    It is suicidal to follow Anwar’s path – it will be a disastrous policy both in the short and long term since it is not sustainable.

    Let’s push the present government for better transport – better trains, tubes and buses – to give the people a choice.

  23. Kesava says:

    I had no problem posting so far today.
    But sometimes other days I jus can`t post in the blo so I give up and do some other surfing.

  24. […] Anwar Ibrahim to resign from KeAdilan if Pakatan Rakyat fail?  tag this | permalink | trackback url |  |  […]

  25. Lallang exile says:

    dear kesave,

    thanks for your replying. my two earlier posts just dissappeared.

    i tried three times but it just says duplicate exists.

    anyway, have a good day.

  26. uruswaja says:

    I suggest its time govt look into applying malaysian style govt intead of Colonial style. Abolish all pereference for the parliment to use FREE toll, FREE petrol. Let them pay just like all the rakyat. The problem these day like Pak Lah and all the cabinet minister who MADE the decision but they NEVER feel the true life.

  27. RKP says:

    Can you think of another alternative government than PR ?
    Promises are promises and they must be kept or else… you know, what has happened to BN will happen to them too.

  28. malaysian says:

    sorry, but i dont trust anwar ibrahim. seems like he’s just plain ambitious and is all empty talk. i dont think he’s smart (Dr M is intelligent, even though I’m no fan of Dr M) and more importantly, i dont see integrity or honesty or any sincerity or passion in Anwar Ibrahim to serve the country and help Malaysia. And i mean SERVE. I would like to see a person holding high public office such as PM post have the desire to SERVE instead of the desire to be IN CHARGE. i think Anwar has the “in charge” mentality rather that the “serving” mentality. he’s just good at talking.

  29. Kesava says:

    uruswaja: I think there should also be a pay cut for all cabinet ministers by 50%. Remember, how the last time they gave themself naik gaji. If Badawi want rakyat to share `the pain` then all cabinet ministers should also potong gaji.
    Lagi Najib`s wife should be banned from flying with him overseas, that Badwi punja Jean also.
    Also the gomen must lelong badwi jet and yacht. He don`t need it anymore.

  30. tan, tanjong bungah says:

    Hi everyone,

    Why increase fuel price when not taking peremptive moves to minimise or eliminate excuses for transport companies to charge more on such announcement?

    Why only now announce an increase in quota of fuel subsidy to transport companies after these companies increase their charges, setting off a chain reaction of price increases in all types of goods and services?

    It’s shocking that knee-jerk and ad-hoc solutions are put forward, which clearly shows that the fuel price increase announcement were made without much thougt of consequences!

  31. ray111 says:

    i am rather sceptical about the wholr isssue, does he really have the numbers to cross over? i really hope he have the figure and will make the dateline or else he will kaput and go bust. did he mention how much he is going to bring down the price of fuel? 1 cent or 2 cents?

  32. khalib says:

    You heard the man, he will resign immediately, if PR is unable to deliver. So why worry.If we need for a change ,then go for it.Meanwhile let him do whatever is necessary.

  33. crower says:

    Anwar has to show the mechanism that he has in store to tackle the oil price hike issue. Remember, oil price hike issue is a world phenomenon and it not limited to domestic only.

    The plan which Anwar must unveil should include the mechanism to solve the current problem as well as possible higher oil price hikes in the future.

    Malaysians are not like before, we think more critically nowdays.

  34. kai says:

    Hi Lallang

    I have the same problem this morning too, but not on this topic. The other one. Perhaps the site has picked up our posting as spam.

  35. sklee says:

    For the record, those who jumped back to UMNO were former active members of Kadilan/PKR.They are not the present leaders!We should give DSAI a chance to try and fulfill his REFORMASI promises.What we do need is two alternative viable coalitions or better still two viable parties to choose to form the government.We can then have our democractic right to choose our government!Perhaps, DSAI should be patient and wait for the 13th general election.Let AAB stay as the PM for as long as possible .We would like to see the 5 opposition states govern their respective states effectively. Show us that the PAKATAN can deliver at the state level!

  36. cincai says:

    pak lah or najib or anwar.. or whoever cannot be PM for malaysia. all of them have too many skeletons in their closets.. i’m for nik aziz as PM. islam is for all regardless of race.

  37. ycg says:

    I dont think rolling the fuel price back is the SMART solution. If he rolls it back, he will benefit the wrong class of ppl. The question is how long can he hold the price of oil back for? In the end, the poor will still feel the pain. I am for a better system to compensate the poorer citizen. It is also important for PR to come up with concrete measures to spur the economy further & stop the brain drain…i think that is the solution.

  38. Devan says:

    At least DSAI is a gentleman…he says if he cant do anything to bring the price of oil down…he’ll resign!
    Never in Malaysia we have these sort of Ministers who resign when blunders or any fiasco happens in their Ministry unlike overseas.. public opinion will force the Ministers to resign.
    Now we have a stupid PM ..creating fiasco after fiasco, blunder after blunder,flip-flops after flip-flops, lies after lies….and we have all the other Ministers ALL YES MAN……scared of losing their JOBS and side income !!!
    SHIT….when will this bodek gang ever will come to their senses?????

  39. TWOG says:

    /// Keris Says:
    June 9, 2008 at 7:51 am
    Let petition for Dr M to be back as PM. he did wonder during the 1997 crisis and he will definietey leads the country out of this douldrum. Malaysia’s only hope pinned on him. Pls do it before its too late. ///

    Keris, are you joking??? This is the guy who caused the whole mess in the first place, and you want him back??? Malaysia has far too many motorists who would otherwise not be able to afford cars and petrol. Dr M came up with Proton and to induce and seduce Malaysian (whether they can afford it or not) to buy cars. And to make it even more seductive, petrol prices are heavily subsidized.

    BTW, you have so many mistakes in that one paragraph. And again, you have to thank Dr M for switching from English to Bahasa – an entire lost generation of people who, like you, cannot string together a proper sentence in English.

    😦 😦 😦

  40. ROSLAN says:


  41. matt says:

    Do you know since d election nothing has been done about all of the abuses unearthed in the 4 states held by pakatan govt.There is only one way of correcting this CHANGE THE FEDERAL GOVT.

  42. sloone says:

    Sorry guys;
    I just released many comments which got stucked in the spam guard.
    It’s all here now.

  43. sandyow says:

    Politicians will always be politicians. Anwar IS a politician, so what do you expect? We should always take what they say with a pinch of salt (especially so if you are talking about ANWAR here).

    His number one agenda which is to be a PM is undeniable and shining thorugh all too obviously. So we should be wary of his many agendas and promises.

  44. ghenjis khan says:

    jam yesterday, jam tomorrow but no jam today ….

    Malaysia in Wonderland !

    anybody for strawberry jam ?

  45. uruswaja says:

    I support KERIS….. Bring back DRM….!!!!

  46. I think there would not be many Chinese left in Malaysia if Anwar becomes the P.M. of Malaysia. He once said in a rally that if the Chinese who were unhappy in Malaysia they can all go back to China.
    That was when China was still way behind and not a superpower that they are today and would he dare repeat that ‘advise’ again these days ?
    He might not be aware that many Chinese Malaysians have taken up his ‘advise’ and gone back to work and prosper in China and have no intention of ever returning.

    I have on many occasions, in many of my blogs, asked him to repeat that ‘advise’ but to date he has either dared nor the courage to do so but may be he has an explanation to what he had said.
    Still I think he owes that to all the Chinese Malaysians who are still in Malaysia and contributing in its development , what will Malaysia be without the Chinese and when the oil fields begin to dry up in the next few years? Would he still want to be the P.M. without the Chinese like his wife ? May be another Mamak, a half Arab or even a half Thai!
    UMNO cannot find a true Malay to be the P.M.! They have to amend their laws to have half breeds admitted to UMNO and become their leader.

  47. sas says:

    hi sloone

    i think this is a promise made a desperado..
    honestly i adore him but if he up as pm by having frog jumping..
    sorry…my admire to him will be gone…

    for if he honest enough why cant he make suggestions to the government on how to manage the petrol price…put a side your own ambition to be PM as this oil price is burdening the whole nation..

    please do the right thing…

    but what i’ve heard is he will be using all the money in petronas/epf and all GLCs to fund the petrol you like to see this way of managing fuel subsidies?

  48. Dr. Rosli says:

    Let us put some trust in Anwar. He has said it many times. The “frogs” are already on the line. We are only waiting for the “go” wissel to be blown. You know what will happen to Anwar’s credibility if he can’t deliver whatever he has promised? A total disaster, that is. On bringing the retail price of petrol down, as an Economist, I know for sure it can be done. Keep the strategies secret first until we rule the country, by September as promised by Anwar. Fighting corruption? This we can do, right away. I am sure Anwar is fully aware of the adverse implications of non-delivery of his promises to him personally and to Pakatan Rakyat as a whole. On taking corrupt leaders to court, we know for sure Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, even with Ezam around, does not have the gut to do it. Pakatan Rakyat can.

  49. Kesava says:

    When at least 30% (or more) of the price is based on speculation and by hedge fund players, I would say that Anwar is right that the price can be brought down.
    Yesterday I heard on Bloomberg that actual production cost is USD50 per barrel. So the M`sian Govt under Mr. Badawi has lost on its speculation, and the rakyat are paying for the Finance Minister`s blunders.

  50. Ahila says:

    If we love Malaysia, then we should be prepared to have a Wisdomful PM ! If we are are looking for such standard then why are we demanding only a Malay should be a PM. DO you mean that you are willing to sacrifice this country as long as a Malay PM runs it ,even idiotically! If we care about this country…we should ask for a capable leader no matter what race or religion he may belong to. If I can accept Anwar, why cant you accept Lee or Ramu?????? That’s why broadmindedness is essential in bringing up,otherwise we will have a selfish lot to ruin this beloved country!
    Take a good look at Singapore ! As for Anwar; it is a blow for PR supporters for mentioning the word ‘resign’. If you do resign; the country is nearer to dooms day. BN cant be trusted; PK unpredictable !!! Decide and speak with wisdom, leaders !

  51. exzede says:

    we want to see the mechanism of fuel price roll back. if not its only cakap kosong, DSAI…

  52. crower says:

    So what if Anwar has made a statement that “he will resign if he fails to reduce the oil price”.

    He’s a politician, it’s in the nature of every politician to say things for the sake of votes regardless whether it is the BN, DAP, PKR, PAS, MIC, MCA etc.

    Mere talk is useless.

    Show and explain to us the mechanisms first.

  53. Johncumlambatly says:

    /// Keris Says:
    June 9, 2008 at 7:51 am
    Let petition for Dr M to be back as PM. he did wonder during the 1997 crisis and he will definitetey leads the country out of this douldrum. Malaysia’s only hope pinned on him. Pls do it before its too late. ///

    Just got to be joking. I rather rot in jail dying righteously than selling my soul
    to the evils.

    I am beginning to doubt Anwar since he keeps rehashing the BN MP crossover
    for him to be PM. My contention-are the 30 or more MPs pre-eminient?

  54. First says:

    It’s even possible that, a few years hence, we could see a sustained period of plentiful oil supplies and low prices, meaning $50 or below.

    A similar scenario occurred following the price explosion in the 1970s and early 1980s. The price spike caused the world to cut back sharply on oil consumption. By the mid-80s, oil prices had fallen from almost $40 to around $15. They remained extremely low for two decades.

  55. merlin says:

    There is no justice. 90% of Chinese pay income tax while 10 % of Malays only do so.
    Now if the Inland Revenue is more efficient; can you imagine how much they can get if the Malays pay, especially the corrupt ones with 4 wives, 4 palaces and maybe 20 Mercs and BMWs.
    The amount collected may be more than the subsidy that is paid for the car fuel. That is taking into account that they are 60-65 % of the population.
    Think about it?

  56. TWOG says:

    Anwar, Badawi or Mahathir – just wondering who most meets most of the criteria below:

    DSM Criteria

    A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

    1] has a grandiose sense of self-importance
    2] is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
    3] believes that he or she is “special” and unique
    4] requires excessive admiration
    5] has a sense of entitlement
    6] is interpersonally exploitative
    7] lacks empathy
    8] is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her
    9] shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

    😡 😡 😡 😡 😡

  57. rog says:

    hi to all,
    recent election turmoil not just lesson to BN and its component parties,but to us as well.
    to proof that no matter who is appointed,we together with the rest people just merit out of social behaviour and control behaviour.
    at such,we need change and maybe again changes till there is reliability in all level administration.
    we have acted now,similar notes can be submitted not only to make people in power to learn but power to change.
    let the flow go….we have te technologies to divert,

  58. U aim at the Wrong Target says:

    Whatever u say, if Mahatir, the man who s ashamed of his bloodline is still loose, nothing can be made good.
    Tomorrow he will be racist and fan the racist fan and disturbing the minds of the Malays again.
    Put this evil man in jail and then recover all the stolen wealth from him and his sons. The coffer will swell. You will also reduce corruption!
    Then go aftr Diam, CM od Sarawak and Sabah…..Open up Petronas’s account…
    Without this, I can’t see how you can achieve anything. Like the corrupt doctor says if the body has gangrarian, you have cut if off….
    He has given you the clue…..

  59. bungkak says:

    Anwar said that “under normal circumstances we do not agree with crossovers” but because the Barisan was in a constant state of denial and the economy was mismanaged, Pakatan Rakyat had no choice but to lead the country. He added that Malaysia was an oil exporting country and Petronas was not transparent in declaring its accounts.

    “Billions of ringgit have come in the form of oil revenue and we still do not know how this money is spent. “Petronas must be accountable and transparent in Parliament as the oil is a national reserve and its revenue must be shared by the rakyat. Increasing the price of oil is not the proper thing to do,” said Anwar. Fuel Price Hike Protest at Kuching
    Protest on Fuel Price Increase by DAP
    Reconsider decision, urges Wan Azizah
    Oil Price Increase Unjustfiable

  60. La Cha Mau says:

    Susan, who cares if Anwar Ibrahim cannot as promised roll back the fuel price increases. What we want him to do upon assuming control of the government is to decree Martial Law and order a one week nationwide curfew. This is order to call-in the Malaysian Army and weed out ALL corrupted leaders of Barisan Nasional leaders, government civil officials, police officers, customs officers, immigration officers, the Attorney-General, all High Court Court & Federal Court Judges, etc etc including all members of their immediate and extended families with the sole objective of their executions by beheading and personal assets seizure held in Malaysia and throughout the world. If they refused to reveal their assets then they will be brutally tortured with more of their extended family members beheaded. All these torture and executions should be held live in Stadium Bukit Jalil on prime time television to be cheered on by the stadium’s full capacity Rakyat.

  61. Edi神 says:

    they are stupid but they think we are stupid too!

  62. La Cha Mau says:

    …..and if foreign governments were to intervene and protests on our Human Rights violations then Anwar should have their Ambassadors and citizens arrested and subjected to the same punishment as an example to the rest of the world. Then and only then can Anwar Ibrahim resign immediately as promised after the one week of justice meted out for the personal pleasure of the Malaysia Rakyat.

  63. George says:

    This time, the game need to play like such, whoever can bring the petrol price down will become the PM. hahaha…

    To syahrul, ur mind is so racist and full of UMNO Ketuanan thinking…why can Malaysian Chinese be PM on day??? Whatever policy that did not reflect the true picture for the nation should scrap and to implement a better one.

  64. Hope says:

    Bring back Mamak Mahathir? It will be the biggest joke of the century! This old man is a spent force and only represents the past..a self-interested and a grumby old ass!
    I rather give a try with Anwar or anyone for the matter who believes he/she
    can contribute to the betterment of Malaysia. So you loving arse lickers of
    Bn make way and let others who have the vision to build a better Malaysia.

  65. Ya, I think Anwar should be more specific also.

    Perhaps he should be specific i.e. decrease how many cents, within how long etc :O

  66. By the way, I wrote a news article about Anwar’s claim:

    马国前副首相安华:若执政 油价必跌

    Sorry, Chinese language only.

  67. […] DS Anwar menegaskan Pakatan Rakyat akan menurunkan harga minyak jika PR memerintah, dan menambah beliau lebih rela kehilangan jawatan daripada membiarkan rakyat merana. […]

  68. jhbm says:

    Bring back mahatir? are you nuts? Most of the sampah-sampah facing AAB started during his 22 years. Pulau Batu Putih, sapa yang suruh refer WCJ?

  69. ktemoc says:

    I say, you guys have been talking about Anwar, and I very nearly missed it 😉

    Yes, recall please that this man has also ‘promised’ political ‘reforms’, and what has been his first ‘reform’ since the general election? Party hopping, defections, slimy frogs!

    Yes, the perpetuation of UMNO’s insidious post election modus operandi (remember Sabah? remember who was the UMNO man behind the froggie leap) – you sure can kick the bloke out of UMNO, but you can’t kick the UMNO out of him

    Then there’s the smaller issue (but nonetheless demonstrative of a particular bent) of him telling Nallakarupan not to stand as a VP in the PKR party election – now, no matter what we may say of Nalla, the question we must ask is, wasn’t that a perversion of the democratic process? So if he couldn’t at least pemit decent democratic process in his own party, how would he able to for the nation …….. as has been evidenced by his boast of defections by BN MPs?

    … so much for his political ‘reforms’ (more of deformasi), so much for his ‘promise’. So do you still want to believe another of his ‘promise’?

    Alas, as they say, none are so blind as those who refuse to see (sigh).

    And ignoring the pressure of global oil price is the height of economic management irresponsibility. It’s easy to make populist promises but it’s also a reflection of LAZY or BANKRUPT policy, or both.

    Malaysians demand responsible innovative politico-social-economic reforms, not more of deformasi.

  70. Keris says:

    Hi all of you should read the beloved Dr M’s blog. So full of wisdom ! I maintain my stand that ONLY he can rescue Malaysia. His wisdom is second to none. Look at how far Malaysia has progess under his wise rule. He is not afraid to stand up to the West and the little red dot. In no time I am very sure our countrymen will be asking for the return of the truly Great Dr M.

  71. Johncumlambatly says:

    Kit suavely begs a (true?) answer “Why not now?”on whether Anwar’s intention is achievable at the BN’s all low today (the unpopular fuel-hike), when Anwar keeps on dallying around spouting of inspiring audacities of forming a PR government in 2008.

    Anwar should follow Barrack Obama and start penning “Audacity of Hope”
    en-route President-ship. But now without my doubts.

    Don’t believe me that Anwar is working “hand-in-gloves” with Pak Lah to commit self destruction of the BN regime, give me another month, if it does not manifest, ask Susan for my e-mail, then I give you a written consent to shoot me.

  72. Johncumlambatly says:

    Oh welcum back Ktemoc,

    We need you on this (case). “:)”

  73. sandyow says:

    If ever Anwar does “resign”, Pakatan Rakyat I think also will lingkup along with him. Because it was Anwar’s Pakatan Rajyat ideology all the way and there’s no other person in PR that able to hold PKR, PAS and DAP together like Anwar.

  74. Malaysian says:

    Who meets DSM criteria by TWOG
    May my humble self offer a guess?

    anwar ibrahim?

    btw, compare two very unpleasant situations? which one will EVEN MORE unpleasant or scary?


    current govt with all the bn cronies (right now being very critically scrutinized and being bashed right left and centre by the rakyat) and also being pressured to perform?


    new govt (with Anwar Ibrahim) with all the ‘lompated frogs’ bn cronies who just changed parties but not principalities, plus a few real heroes like lge (just for window display). and half the country hailing the new ‘HEROES’ and (shortlived?) public euphoria.

    People say we need to just CHANGE, any change. mm… if DSAI becomes PM and doesnt deliver on promises or gives dumb superficial economic reforms, or sell our rights to IMF, what can we hope next?

    I am a non-Malay and even though I dislike Dr M’s rhethorics and racist stance, I still thank and really respect Dr M for leading Malaysia out of the previous economic crisis. At least he is intelligent and had economic brains (I’m not proposing to bring Dr M back though)

    Why does Anwar Ibrahim need the PM platform to fight? Can’t PKR fight for the rakyat now where they are? Already BN is denied 2/3 majority. If DSAI has a very brilliant plan to save the current situation, can he be so magnanimous as to share the specifics with us instead of going after the PM platform. After all the new proposed govt is also going to be filled with the same old ex bn cronies what!

    For me, my humble opinion is to pressure BN to clean up its act, clean up corruption and many more etc… (and hopefully to review oil price hike … esp the amount of the hike)

  75. Malaysian says:

    And may I add, let PKR sort itself out first, take more definable shape and form, let us see how they do, and in the next general election, let the rakyat decide and VOTE.

  76. First says:

    Hohoho good thing KTemoc is not Anwar advisor. If not we have the crook Nalla in Parliament.
    Talking of oil policy, Petronas should table its accounts in Parliament. Rakyat want to know how much that gambler Nor Yaakob lost on oil speculation like he lost hundreds of millions in BNM on the pound sterling in `92.

  77. TWOG says:

    /// I am a non-Malay and even though I dislike Dr M’s rhethorics and racist stance, I still thank and really respect Dr M for leading Malaysia out of the previous economic crisis. At least he is intelligent and had economic brains ///

    Malaysian – this I have to disagree strongly.

    Dr M was the one who single-handedly led Malaysia INTO (not OUT of) the Asian Financial Crisis – with all those useless non-productive white-elephant projects. Too much undeserved credits have been given to him for the currency control. The worst damage was done when he raved at the world, when he raved at the Jews and when he raved at George Soros. The capital control was imposed after the worst damage was self-inflicted and the economy was already on a rebound. Even a dead cat will rebounce when you drop it from a great height. Basically, he locked the barn doors after the horse has already bolted. The proof of this was that Korea, Thailand and Indonesia, which had much more foreign currency borrowings and were in much deeper sh1t than Malaysia, recovered much faster.

    You must be kidding when you said Dr M has economic brains. Just one example will suffice – he wanted 7%-8% GDP growth every year for more than 20 years with ZERO inflation in his Vision 2020. Now, high growth and zero inflation? Which economic planet is he living in? No wonder some economist referred to Dr M’s economic policy as Noddynomics.

  78. Johncumlambatly says:

    “Hohoho good thing KTemoc is not Anwar advisor. ”

    If Ktemoc is Anwar’s advisor, you will see, hear Ktemoc talk some kok every minute of every day. Ktemoc better off pair with Bung Mothar in Parliament talking more koks and bulls.

  79. rajan says:

    Hi people,
    I believe that the move to displace BN with PR should be thought out very carefully. Yes ! I too WANT the MPs to shift their might to PR. The problem will be,i believe for the delay, is WHO WILL BE THE PM if DSAI is not an MP to qualify to be the PM. To be one, DSAI MUST be a MP first. He MUST be elected by way of at least a bye election. Theres some ruling as to the time frame when a bye election could be held after a general election. HE UNITED dap ,pkr and pas against the peoples enemy.
    I believe he is waiting for that TIME.
    The faster the better. Who will then resign as an MP to allow him to contest.MIND you the Complete and total force of BN with their huge WAR CHEST will be after Him. They will try to crush him. NOT IF THE PEOPLE can protect him by VOTING for him. His WIN MUST with a high majority.
    Which seat is he going to contest ? How will the composition of that seat going to be or IS. For him to win with a decent majority ,he will need to overcome the SPIN about him.
    Let the MAN make his move according to his planning.Lets not push him too hard.If he makes it, it will be BYE BYE BN forever. If he loses, its all spoilt milk. We the people must give him our undivided support which BN will try to take away by discrediting him.
    So PKR, DAP and PAS please dont screw it up for him. MIC, MCA,PPP,GERAKAN ,just DO IT. JOIN PR . If you all are in BN, your people are sure going to forget you. Three quarters of the people you try to represent have jumped ship.

  80. Act-ually says:


    The moron (one of mahathir`s whizz kids) did not lose hundreds of millions then. It was more like:

    In 1990, Bank Negara Malaysia became involved in the Pound Sterling speculation. The speculation activity failed and costs the central bank USD 4 billion.
    In 1994, the bank continued to pursue the speculation activity and further lost USD 2.2 billion.
    Finally, in 1994, the central bank technically become insolvent and was bailed out by the Ministry of Finance

  81. Huang Siew Hock says:

    Anwar Ibrahim is a brave man to dare announce that he will bring down the petrol price or he will resign! Well, we Malaysians should take his word and hold on to his word. If he fails to DELIVER, then we should demand that he resigns, assumning thatr he does not do either. It is a FAIR DEAL, Deal or No deal ? I always believe that every man ( and woman) should be given a CHANCE to do his thing. And if he fails to do what he promises, we VOTERS can always KICK him out!

    Here is a man who gives us a CHOICE: either be stagnant and allow BN to dig a deeper and deeper hole or to allow somebody else to DO the job. I am sure he will do many things RIGHT:1. the Judiciary will be REFORMED;2. the ACA will be revamped and made more transparent; 3. the TENDER system will be OPEN to all comers;4. the MALAYSIAN ECONOMIC AGENDA will be in place;5. SCHOLARSHIPS for ALL BRIGHT students will be given; 6. OPEN COMPETITION in schools, colleges, Universities, jobs, promotions; 7. OPEN economy which allows OPEN competition within and without the nation; 8. FOREIGN INVESTORS will be given a free hand to compete for business here( whichmeans MORE jobs will be created)
    9. EFFICIENCY in the CIVIL SERVICE ( with less red tape and no corruption); 10. EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES for all Malaysians; 11. CARE for SABAH, SARAWAK, PERLIS, TRENGGANU where the many POOR people are; 12. Malaysia will be able to compete with the world; 13. NO WANG EHSAN like in TRENGGANU; 14. NO RECHANNELLING of State PUBLIC funds : STRAIGHT deals!

    Give him a chance! He deserves it! The VOTERS want him! Let us see what happens? Of course, he must win a by-election!

    S.H. Huang

    Will the BENEFITS outweigh the costs of having a PAKATAN RAKYAT Government ?

  82. Act-ually says:

    Also the AG (not accountant general, but attorney General the Gani Tail) has to be thoroughly probed and made accountable to inculcate a greater confidence in the Govt. He has been one of the main culprits.
    And a Royal Commission should be established on Najib.

  83. Malaysian says:

    Anwar Ibrahim has not exhibited any economic intelligence or wisdom in all the years he was in politics. Did he grow new brain cells? Will he suddenly become very intelligent (in economic terms). Will he consult economists? Who will he consult? Hopefully economists who love Malaysia? I REALLY HOPE SO. I also hope he can discern those who love Malaysia and those who dont.

  84. Act-ually says:

    Only when you take the horse to the water will you know if it`ll drink it.
    Unless everyone prefers Najib the Great Economist, Or Khairy Jamban another great economist as next PM. Or as keris suggest bring back Mahathir for the next 22 years.

  85. hutchrun says:

    Badawi knows he is on his way out, he needs to maximise the plunder so that he’s as rich as the rest if not more when he leaves.
    There was a musical piece played by “The Shadows” the band that used to accompany Cliff Richard in those days it was called “Come September” And now Anwar seems to be playing that tune quite often, I am told Mahathir hates that piece, it makes him feel eerie, it gets him off the chair, it makes him crazy and so does Badawi.
    Now I think all Malaysian s should play that piece “Come September.”

  86. Malaysian says:

    I am not anti Anwar but I noticed that most everyone at malaysiakini is hailing Anwar Ibrahim as the next “our only hope” PM.

    Just wanted to give objective views. Looks like there are no viable candidates to lead us. So sad for Malaysia.

    We should all start praying for our country to have wise leaders with integrity. I know I will.

  87. jebatmustdie says:

    wait a minute… will he reduce the oil price from rm2.70 to rm2.50 or from the original price of rm1.92 to rm1.80?

    If he reduces only a few cents from the current level, anybody who becomes PM can do that. what i want to see (which he even promised b4 the PRU12), is to lower the fuel price lower than rm1.92

    no excuse. he said he will lower the price of fuel even before the pru12. so i would want to see how he will do that. but if he is saying that he will only reduce 10 sen from the current rm2.70, then he is just spewing rhetorics and just playing with words to get some lousy support.

  88. hutchrun says:

    Khairy too is not too bad as next PM, but Najib won`t let him and mahathir hates him.

  89. To bring back that corrupted Mamak ? Although however much I do not think much of Anwar, the once racist ( I can hope he has changed ), should still be given a chance to get rid of UMNO, the party that brought in Mamak, and all the atrocities to the Malaysian people.
    Never again in a billion years should the corrupted Mamak be brought back to run the country again. We must thank the Almighty to have the Mamak waiting to be indicted for all the atrocities he caused. Just remember ‘every action has an opposite reaction’ corrupted Mamak ! Bring back the money you stole and ‘invest’ in Europe and Japan.

  90. wits0 says:

    Hutchrun: “Badawi knows he is on his way out, he needs to maximise the plunder so that he’s as rich as the rest if not more when he leaves.”

    As Dr Spock might say, “That does compute”.

    And Occam’s razor would also agree.'s_Razor

    Come September midi :

  91. hutchrun says:

    Awww shucks the music `Come September` was by Bobby Darin – and not The Shadows.

  92. hutchrun says:

    Mena to Help Transpower Get $5 Billion for Asian Power Project

    By Will McSheehy

    June 8 (Bloomberg) — Mena Financial Group Ltd., the Dubai- based investment bank, said it won a contract to help Malaysia- based Transpower Energy Ventures Bhd. borrow about $5 billion for a south-east Asian power project.

    “We’ll probably arrange 25 to 30-year loans next year,” Mena Financial Senior Executive Jeffery Lau said in a phone interview from Dubai today. “The project will cost about $5 billion to $6 billion, and we’re working on the exact mix of debt and equity now.”

    Transpower plans to build a 3,000 megawatt coal-fired power plant in Indonesia with a transmission line to Malaysia, Mena Financial said in an e-mailed statement earlier today. Jungwoo Construction Co. and Korea Electrical Power Corp. will help build and operate the plant, it said.

    Tenaga Nasional Bhd., Malaysia’s state-controlled power producer, will raise electricity prices by as much as 26 percent in the first increase for two years after the government cut fuel subsidies, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said June 4.

    To contact the reporter on this story: Will McSheehy in Dubai at

  93. wits0 says:

    “To bring back that corrupted Mamak” ?

    Nary a greater class of imbecile like this sort to write this.

  94. Malaysian says:

    Wise leaders with integrity refers to no one at all. Just plain old wise leaders with integrity period. So lame, right?

    I just cant think of any one person at this moment whom I’ll root for for PM post. So I’m just going to invoke the power of prayer and that’s all I’m going to do 😛

  95. ah long says:

    I would have preferred Anwar to be honest. He should have told us that if and when he becomes PM he expects to find that the country’s treasury will be plundered empty by 50 tears of abuse.

    He should be honest and tell us not to expect miracles. He must be realistic and tell us that we cannot simply roll back fuel prices (a little bit maybe). It will cost tens of billions of ringgits that we don’t have and the only way to get this money is from eliminating waste and corruption.

    Anwar be realistic and honest and you will win the peoples trust. Tell us it is hard, don’t make stupid promises you can’t keep. We the people are not stupid. Don’t make the same mistake as BN and treat us like idiots.

    WE need a change of gomen but we don’t want to jump from the frying pan into the fire.

  96. hutchrun says:

    More tax payers` money flushed:

    Najib officiating the opening of a public toilet!
    Najib in Great Britain, pretending to be on 4 day ‘working’ visit

  97. wits0 says:

    “Wise leaders with integrity “?

    Umno can’t produce such.

    If Anwar can largely do away with instituted racist discrimination, that automatically reduces the chances of runaway corruption.

  98. willy says:

    No problem with subsidies. It has not changed substantially. The way it has been done since day 1 was we sell our high grade crude and buy back lower grade crude for local refining and consumption. The price differential between the 2 grades have not changed since crude was at USD40/ barrel.

    Therefor the so called subsidy has increased by way of increase in local consumption basically.

    We sell more (650KBPD) than we consume (400KBPD). The profits alone from the excess 250KBPD more than covers any increase in consumption. Even if production has gone up to USD50/barrel which seem questionable, afterall 3 years ago they were selling the same thing for USD40 and years before that at USD25.

  99. hutchrun says:

    S’gor graft probe: ‘Immunity’ for whistleblowers
    S Pathmawathy | Jun 9, 08 5:58pm

    The four whistleblowers who have accused a top state official in the Selangor Mentri Besar’s Office of corruption will be given “immunity” should they come forward to provide more evidence.
    Group told to give info to committee
    Whistleblower: It’s a small matter

  100. tamade says:

    I believe Anwar has some sense in handling this crisis. He has been jailed for so many years, humiliated by his own people and subordinates, and he must have repented for what he has done to the non-bumis during his days of power. This is the punishment of God. I believe he has changed and we must give him a chance. He was the former finance minister and I believe he knows how to solve the problem. Actually, it’s easy. Just get rid of those dirty ones like what the Phillipinos tried their former President Marcos, we will have enough monies to provide subsidies to the Rakyat. The person who has never changed and repented is Mahafiraun- the racist ,who has been playing racial cards since 1969 till today. The party which will never change is the one filled with extremism, racism and hegemony (of course the dirtiest one) in Bolehland. How pathetic?

  101. artemus22 says:

    CheeseBall says:

    “Malaysians have waited decades for a change in government, so another couple more months is insignificant in the whole scheme of things!”

    I don’t think that all Malaysians are eager for a change in government.

    Previously, I used to think that we failed to establish a Bangsa Malaysia because we’re divided between the Malays and the Non-Malays, but now I just realized that it was not the case.

    We’re actually divided between the ‘modern-thinking’ city folks and the simple-minded rural folks who are afraid to move out of their shells. These rural folks are so easy to manipulate that once you throw them some goodies, they forget about anything else.

  102. wits0 says:

    That’s why, atemus22, methink ,Anwar, is taking ample time to have the message of hardship sink into the rural voters to whom he also has the reach. There’s nothing like pain as a teacher of reality as the escalating costs strike at the very basics. The city people knew the truth for a long time already as to who’s wantonly responsible for the malaise in society.

  103. rm1juta says:

    when?????why so long!!!!! Anwar talk too much……still no action.

  104. songsong says:

    Only a moron wuld wan TDM back to handle presence economic problem.

  105. nainnarart says:

    You have to do something!

  106. bamboo river says:

    Anwar is letting us to feel the pain while withholding the antidote . At least he has a strong and affirmative cause to lead the country when time comes.

  107. hutchrun says:

    Hey, Where Did Lazarus Go? :

    “WEB EXTRA: Dead Man Wandered From Accident Scene”–headline, Langley (British Columbia) Times, June 5

  108. mabeusi says:

    Sometimes old rulers are not liked simply because they rule too long. Four presidents have ruled Indonesia since Soeharto was deposed from his 32 years in power in 1998. However, no light has been seen at the end of the tunnel yet. But for Anwar, pls rise, who knows you really are better one.

  109. newbie says:

    i just hope the govt be fair to me and i guess many others who drive a more than 2.0l car.I drive a volvo 2.4l 1989 old. now i have to pay roadtax rm711 a year, and now no rebate somemore.Compare to a new bmw 2.0l, got unfair. To sell my car, nobody want to buy an old workhorse like volvo.Please review back based on age of the car.I am just a pensioner,and many pensioners drive old continental cars.

  110. newbie says:

    ….and another thing. I hope the new Selangor government,please build the interchange for Sg Buaya township which has been long overdue since 1996.The last BN govt just empty promises,now i hope the new govt can build it quickly. Please help us,there are many many people in the township have been suffering all this years. If Toll also naik soon,then it is going to be more difficult for the folks. YB Khalid if you read this,please intervene and help! Transport Minister please help!!!

  111. Harrison says:

    I think someone is wrong here. Vehicles that entitled to RM625 rebates are under 2000c.c. which means that if your vehicle (not Jeep) is 2000 c.c., you are untitled to any rebates. 🙂

  112. Billau Chris says:

    How can we achieve a more reasonable price of gasoline per litre? First we need to change the mind set of the BNputras.
    Secondly, if Petronas is not co-operative, nationalise it and bring it back under the control of the Govt. Thirdly, appoint responsible people to the management of the nationalised oil corporation. Fourthly, cut down all unnecessary, unproductive and unprofitable projects. Fifthly, be frugal and prudent in govt. expenditure. Sixthly, have a magnanimous Malaysian mentality working towards and for the good of all its citizens regardless of race, religion and creed. Seventhly, take a harsh stand against corruption. Eightly, practise an open tender system. Ninthly, appoint trustworthy people to the cabinet and not those with tainted background; and tenthly, be transparent in walking the talk.

    If the above ten commandments are adhered to, we can achieve and enjoy low priced gasoline and diesel.

    If Annuar ever be the PM, I will write to him and volunteer my service to bring down the price of gaoline and diesel. But, only on one condition, do not throw the racial card at me.

  113. […] Pakatan Rakyat akan menurunkan harga minyak jika PR memerintah, dan menambah beliau lebih rela kehilangan jawatan daripada membiarkan rakyat merana. Tindakan ini juga dilihat telah menepis kaitannya dengan penyertaan Ezam Md Noor kepada UMNO, di […]

  114. xy says:

    One time sharp fuel price hike timing is worst possible nightmare for any government, esp one that’s trying to hold itself together.

    All life-activities require energy, whether this energy comes from food or fossil fuel. A coherent long-term energy strategy is therefore essential for the continual prosperity of any nation. Sharp fuel price hike, at one stroke, will trigger a whole chain reaction and before we know it, prices of everything will start to climb.

    Malaysia is blessed will oil resource. But it has also become a curse ‘cos not much is spent/researched on sustainable alternative energy. It takes a long time to develop these alternative energy sources.

    We are mortgaging our future generation for our benefits if nothing is done to long-term energy policy. One day, our oil wells will dry up. When that day come and it will be a cold shock if we are not well prepared as a nation.

    Lower-income groups need to be assisted to ensure they can access at least the minimum level of energy required. An indirect way, either thru’ energy rebate coupons etc is better than simply subsidized fuel across the board for everyone. Cheap oil is the very reason pushing up demands globally.

    As there wasn’t a consistent energy policy in placed, sudden price hike of this magnitude will definitely bring great burdens to the masses.

    Hope future policy makers will take initiatives to develop a more dynamic and robust long-term energy plan. Simply relying on our own oil wells is not a strategy, for one day, the wells will go dry. And that day probably will come sooner than we thought.

  115. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    In my opinion, recycled Politicians & Senior Piliticians have contributed in the past (may have opened the doors, some have succeeded positively then, but fell out thereafter, some have had one of their “Gravy Train” members implicate them in corrupt practice, etc) thus leaving some “skeletons” in their closets.

    As such our investigative journo-bloggers could in time to come “Haunt” them of their past deeds, some might not be acceptable to some of our Head of States, some might not have their infrastructure (Malaysian cronies, financial backers, spinmasters, etc) anymore to make any strong case for the needed change/s, etc.

    DSAI I believe has been associated with Paul Wolfowitz, the chief architect of the Iraq War, shortly after his release and also for supporting Wolfowitz selection to head the World Bank.

    We also have strong US & other govt intelligence here even in K.L & they are always looking for “Underdogs” who will in time to come be their “Puppets” & Malaysia’s sovernity could be jeopardised…be sold off to IMF, World Bank, etc.

    A commenter in Sloone’s blog had indicated that this is the 2008 wu zi year….so be aware & fasten our seatbelts !

    There will always be “Situational” leader/s & “Overall” leaders, but are they the actual TRUE Leader/s FOR MALAYSIA ?

    All our past PMs, Tunku, Razak, Hussein, Mahathir, Abdullah were the “CHOSEN” leaders (also elected by the Malaysian rayaat) who had contributed to this great nation in one way or another.

    Sadly, because Tunku as “Bapa Malaysia” the architect of our nation’s Independence was friendly & close to the Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc – his children, adopted children & his rayaat……the UMNOputra group then betrayed him & created chaos, so he had to resign.

    Razak was the father of NEP policy during his tenure but died in office.

    Hussein the “Gentleman” and father of National Unity during his tenure had a heart bypass operation & had to resign due to his health.

    Mahathir came in strong initially as a “Situational” leader, achieved much to put Malaysia in the World map & could have been the most dynamic PM for this nation if he had graciously stepped down then….but sadly his “Gravy train” of cronies, etc implicated him & by overstaying his tenure, he ended up having to step down ungraciously.

    Abdullah came in very strong with his promises initially but with the “Euphoria” & his OVER RELIANCE (without learning fast to be in CONTROL) on his SIL & the 4th floor boys, the agenda shifted drastically to “Mine Malaysia Plan” vs 9th Malaysia Plan.

    Within 4 years the nation’s Infrastructure, Assets, Economy, External & Internal Security, rayaat’s welfare, etc were neglected, abused & corrupted to what it is now.

    Still in Denial with his “Gravy train” of cronies, etc who have misguided/ implicated him & by overstaying his tenure, he could sadly end up having to step down ungraciously also.

    If after the the last GE they are still in Denial…. then we will give give them enough rope to hang themselves at every turn until their demise.

    Ultimately God will anoint the TRUE leader/s from this nation….not necessary from any party !

    Who knows a “Phoenix” could arise from the ashes of BN !

    May I add this Star Online Citizen’s Blog comment from engleberthumpadink.

    Monday, May 19, 2008
    Regarding the late Tun Sardon Jubir – he was proper brilliant

    Posted by: engleberthumpadink, quote :

    “I’ve just finished reading the biography of a truly great man. And yet now I’ve finished I feel nothing but sorrow as I look at the people that run the country now.

    Tun Sardon was a man of the people, ok he felt more affinity for the Malays, as he was a kampung boy himself, but the Tun Sardon Foundation that still bears his name was started to help the poor and disabled from all races, without prejudice.

    This man lived and died for Malaysia, his hard work and lifetime of sacrifice produced benifits that each and every Malaysian still feels the effects of now – he was a key player in the Merdeka movement, he personally visited every single hospital in the nation and made sure they were all improved, he oversaw the construction of Stadium Merdeka, the building of the E-W highway, expansion of Port Klang and Penang port, improved telecommunications here, was the UN envoy and pushed forward the development of Penang whilst governor, as well as being involved in charity projects and visiting a different masjid every week in order to be always with the rakyat and hear their problems.

    Here was a man of the people, by his own admission, a man. He came from humble kampung roots – his father worked hard and got together enough money to send him to London to study, even though Sardon was elligable for a grant. Tun Sardon worked every hour god sent as a student, then as a lawyer and after that as a politician.

    He never stood there with his hand out saying, “where’s my one?” he made sure that what he got was earned through hard work, long hours, sweat and campaigning. And yet, when he died, he died in debt. Why? Because he gave it all away to those who were less fortunate.

    Would you believe a government minister giving it all away to the poor and needy? Hmmm, let’s have a look at those so called “elected reprasentatives” who are currently driving the country off the proverbial cliff, would they give away any of their millions? Would they give away all of it?

    Ha ha ha

    Where have all the educated politicians gone? Where has all the kindness and compassion to all races and religions gone? Where have the “elected” leaders who care about something other than their own power and pockets gone?

    Will we ever see his sort again? I sincerely hope so” unquote.

    # Footnote : Autobiography : Life & Times of Tun Sardon Jubir by Cecilia Tan – Pelanduk Publications

    # Tun Sardon Foundation website :

  116. billauchris says:

    Our BN Government has never played the role of Robin Hood who according to legends robbed the rich and paid the poor. The recent fuel price hike merely proved they they robbed the poor to pay the poor. I called them the Robbing Hood.

    Let us not for a moment think that the Government is so thoughtful and considerate that they are giving vehicle owners their paltry rebates. Where do all these rebates come from, friends? They are from the increased petrol price. By increasing the petrol price by 41%, I estimated that the Goverrment would have bagged in something like RM41 billion! This more than covers any contingencies including their ang pows.

    The last increase of 4% brought home a comfortable RM4.0 billion which was supposed to be utilised for improvement of public transport. Mana ada, Pak Lah? Another incident of NATO.

    You now announced that 1 million people in the Klang Valley will benefit from the extended LRT. What about the people in Subang Jaya, Kampung Harun, the kampung-kampung lining Jalan Kelang Lama, Taman Sentosa, Overseas Union Garden, Happen Garden, Taman Desa, Taman Seputeh? Don’t you think that they deserve better transport facilities as well? They have been neglected and suffering for the past 4 decades, my friend in case you do not know history of Kuala Lumpur.

    Though I stay in an area where the oppostion is strongerst, it does not mean that you ignore and neglect many people who might or are your supporters. I just hope that some improvement comes to Jalan Kelang Lama before I rest in peace.

    KL planners, please do your work.

  117. MalaysianScouser says:


    One question – Don’t you guys feel tired of all the existing politician in Malaysian Politics?

    Most of you seems to have the abilities to be better leaders than the existing politicians, and I bet you all can unite and FORM a new breed of politician to replace the existing ones.

    Com’on… enough of giving hopes to Anwar. He is no better than the losers we have seen in Dollah. Najib will only make it worst.

    Instead of rallying support to any existing politicians… go form a forum of 222 capable new recruits amongst yourself – and make a 3 years plan to gather supports and promote yourself to the Malaysians from Perlis to Sabah & Sarawak. Tell them that all the 222 of you are Malaysia’s only hopes for changes.

    If there are 222 people out there that can do this… IT WILL BE for BETTER MALAYSIA!

  118. MalaysianScouser says:

    Let us DARE TO DREAM!

  119. anon says:

    I nominate MalaysiaSouser. 221 more. Next, please.

  120. fauzi says:

    Pakatan Rakyat provides a strong option to Malaysians for a change in government. Due to Anwar invovement in the last general election, PAS and especially DAP has a chance to rule. Give Anwar a chance. If he is worthless, we can change him.. no problem. People Power

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