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So! The fuel ban on our neighbour Singapore will be known today? But it is the face of Malaysians that I see turning red.

How exactly is Malaysia going to resolve the problem of fuel consumption and hike in fuel price I am not sure yet.

Malaysians are complaining that more than 90% of Singapore cars and motorcycle owners that pump petrol in Johor Baru are Malaysians with a Singapore Permanent Residence (STAR).

Johor petrol kiosk owners fear losing their business. Blogger Simply Jean puts it very nicely:

Since 90% of the Johor petrol kiosks business comes from foreigners, petrol kiosks say they “will die” without business from Singaporeans. I doubt the petrol kiosks will risk the fine of RM250,000 just to get more businesses from Singapore motorists. Is this a good or bad implementation?

Another Singaporean blogger says that Malaysia plan to impose the ban due to Pedra Banca, and thinks the act by Malaysia is totally crap.

Instead they should just make foreign vehicles pay full price minus the subsidy. We don’t mind paying full price really cause it’s still cheaper than topping up fuel in our own country. It would be a win-win situation (My World in 60 seconds).

Yet another of our friendly neighbour over at Sharon Ing’s Blog fumes that:

Thousands of Singaporeans flocked Malaysia for Groceries, the spending power of Singaporean was so much so that they don’t mind paying Market Rates for the Fuel.

Seriously, I really like to rant again on how much contributions we had towards the economy of JB, a small privileged subsidy is a considerable sense.

Will JB lose its tourists from the Island state if the ban comes into effect?

Johor menteri besar Abdul Ghani says ‘no’. But ‘yes’ says Channel News Asia:

Some Singaporeans said they may cut back on trips to Malaysia once the proposed ban on the sale of petrol and diesel to foreign registered vehicles within a 50—kilometre radius of Malaysia’s borders takes effect.

But why do we care so much for our relatively wealthy southern neighbour that we have to rethink whether we want to ban our fuel or not on them? We don’t make such a big hoohaa when our northern rakyat are also fuming:

Abdul Wahid Bidin, acting president of the Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia, said 90 percent of the usual customers of some fuel stations near the border were from Thailand.

“There are complaints from the dealers that they’ve got no business, no customers at all,” Abdul Wahid said, expressing hope the ban will be lifted soon (IHT).

Is the ban really a temporary measure? The way Malaysian ministers ‘flip-flop’ over their statements and decisions, very few are likely to believe them.

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  1. hutchrun says:

    It`s a BN state and I`d love for them to do it.

  2. ah long says:

    Bodoh, just charge every Singapore car coming in RM100. They can fill up their car as much as they want.

    The money collected can be used to build more schools & hospital in Johore.

    So simple.

  3. hutchrun says:

    This is a very good ad for the succes of that Iskandar region project. The sleeping s`porean investors now face reality.

  4. cyphuell says:

    ah long Says:

    June 3, 2008 at 6:46 am
    Bodoh, just charge every Singapore car coming in RM100. They can fill up their car as much as they want.

    The money collected can be used to build more schools & hospital in Johore.

    So simple.

    good suggestion… charge them upfront to cover petrol subsidy, per entry

  5. tony says:

    most of the tourists from the island used the saving from our petrol to shop and eat and yet the businessmen look on them as our saviour. malaysians working there pay road tax to them yet they expects to be treated as equal in buying fuel. by the way what happened to the jpj law in the 60″s that forbids malaysians to owed singapore registered vehicles??????????

  6. pet says:

    Why should Singaporeans enjoy our benefits ?
    Have you really seen how these S’porens drive on the highway. No respect for our laws and they dont give a damn to local drivers.
    After some of them say, what is our RM300 fine to them.
    To me…they are just cheapskates. Claim to live a ‘high five’ kinda lifestyle but actually begging in our country for petrol.
    To me…this is a good move to curb the ever increasing traffic coming from the south island.

  7. Keris says:

    I agreed with PET. But first must choke off the water supply, then the poultry supplies, then the gasoline… in no time S,pore will comes a begging maybe even return the little light house to Msia. If still not happy then go to war lah…that will be spectacular

  8. caravanserai says:

    Petrol kiosk owners
    The North, The East and The South
    They think about money
    They cry of businesses going away

    Subsidized petrol for locals
    It shouldn’t be sold to foreigners
    Even though these tourists bring
    Business houses profits

    Locals working in Singapore
    Owned registered vehicles there
    Returning home to pump petrol
    Now showing red faces
    They shouted it isn’t fair!

    Wait a minute
    The locals don’t buy local cars
    They don’t want to use public transport
    Giving economy returns to Singapore
    Yet crying foul of the fuel subsidy
    Is it fair to the country?

    Are the petrol kiosk owners depending on foreigners?
    Are they saying locals hardly drive around in the South?
    When money is the motivating factor
    It is hard to see a straight road

    We should enjoy our hard earned benefits
    Giving out by the government

  9. hasilox says:

    This will another mess judging by the way it’s handled so far. Spore already got 3/4-tank rule for all their vehicles leaving spore. How much can they be affected? I think it’s just another grumbling of ‘price increase’ for them. The real issues are the businesses and petrol-kiosks near the borders.

    Satu lagi projek BN, satu lagi huru-hara. lol

  10. tony says:

    it’s sad to see that there are people willing to gives away our subsides just because its a bn govt. lucky these are not members of pr or we might hv to question their motives??

  11. xy says:

    sporeans do not pay taxes in malaysia. subsidy on fuel is to help general public of malaysian citizens.

    the question is the method, whether it is a direct ban or collecting back the cost of subsidy thru’ other means.

    a mkt price without subsidy is probably a fair way to address this issue.

    Effect on local businesses? all businesse have to adjust to changing environment. I think it is non acceptable that government should subsidize the success of private businesses. This is poor use of tax money.

  12. kittykat46 says:

    Typical of the Flip-Flop administration. Talk big first, figure out how to implement later. If cannot implement, just backpedal….

    Why should the rest of the country subsidise the survival of a few dozen petrol stations along border areas? To use Biz-school terminology, their business model is no more relevant.
    Nobody owes you a living. Oh, unless, of course, these are “connected” types.

    Wait till they try to remove the subsidy to the rest of the country. I’m still wondering how they are going to do it, without creating chaos and/or unequitable solutions.

  13. Lallang exile says:

    Dear Gomen

    I think we should use the tax domicile as the yardstick here. Those who left to become Singaporeans pay Sing taxes and not Malaysian, why should we subsidise them thus with public funds derived from taxes?

    If it was the other way round, do you think the Sing gomen would allow Malaysian cars to fill up on their subsidised fuel? No way, right?

    All cars with a foreign registration plate, including Singaporean and Thai cars, should be charged the subsidy.

    It is about time we conserve this precious, expensive commodity for our own consumption for one day, it will run out. And that one day is not too far away.

    The Malaysian Gomen have been far too meek, before long and before you know it, it’s not just Batu Putih, it’s gonna be the whole Johor and the rest of the Peninsula!!!!

    The water rates are already a joke!!!

  14. F. Lin says:

    This is what happen when you have a government that is so use to do things their ways. Suddenly, when task to do things the right way they fumble and tumble because they are not capable. As a government we need to plan not react. I am not sure Malaysia can last five years under BN… Hopefully, my prayer will be answered soon…

  15. Lallang exile says:

    The Star letter highlighted by Sue doesn’t make sense.

    Arulrajoo, you can’t be paying taxes both sides, whether for business or employment.

    Opting for a Sing register not only saves you the Sing entry charge, it also absolves you from paying the regular road taxes in Malaysia. Plus the insurance which Malaysian insurance companies would be losing out.

    You can’t have the cake and eat it – stop asking the rest of your Malaysians who pay both road taxes and the regular tax to subsidise you.

    I am surprised that the letter was printed at all, since it is unashameldy selfish and nonsensical!!!!

  16. Lallang exile says:

    And yes, we are all sick of those Sing-registered cars flouting speed limits and parking limits. I wonder how many of them pay the fines ultimately.

    About time they pay their dues for our precious, subsidised fuel.

  17. sandyow says:

    The oil subsidy belongs to Malaysians. We paid for it. Why the heck should foreigners be entititled for something that WE pay for. In this case I support the government’s move. Why are there still people siding our neighbours in this case (just because you hate the govt n BN you find any reason to slam them for their decisions?) THINK STRAIGHT. We dont have iol reserves for another million years, at least by doing so we can stop other people for using OUR petrol with OUR special subsidized rates. That accumulates to more fuel resreves for us dammit! It IS for our own benefit in the long term that’s what is important instead of short term business and tourist profits!

  18. Subsidised Fuel says:

    Malaysian with Singapore PR driving Singapore registered vehicles shouldn’t complain about losing the fuel subsidies because most if not all these fellas donot pay income tax in Malaysia! They want to enjoy the best of both world, IS THIS FAIR??
    These PR working in Singapore get paid in Sing$ (more than double the MR), paid taxes in Singapore but only reside in Malaysia for the lower cost of living here. What is this meaning of Singapore Permanent Residence if YOU are not residing in Singapore??
    Minister Shahrir is right, these PR shouldn’t get subsidised fuel!!

  19. amoker says:

    The malaysians who are PR in Singapore want the best of both world. Earn in Sg and pay MY rate for petrol. That is just greed. Don’t **** about how badly you are affected because you are so self centred. In fact, i don’t think many of you came out to vote in the last GE or even pay taxes here. My sympathy is towards those really poor who need the subsidy.

    I do support this but let down by the government again on implementation.

  20. kcee says:

    The Singapore Government already foresee the problem with differential pricing in petrol agest ago. It’s just the case of the Malaysian Government stumbling over what’s the best way to do. Truly a half past six people in power.

  21. Devan says:

    Doubt whether the Flip Flop PM and his bunch of stooge ministers will do that. But logically speaking, foreigners driving OFF from Malaysian border can only have half tank of fuel. If more then they should pay for it!

  22. Anonymous says:

    HAHA….i just concluded that nearly every malay here is so jealous of singapore

  23. Kesava says:

    Malaysia’s plan for a showpiece economic zone in its south is in doubt because of the uncertain fate of the country’s prime minister and a lukewarm response from big investors in nearby Singapore….

    ….But Malaysia’s track record in getting such grand projects off the ground is patchy and Singapore developers are looking to booming China and India instead, worried the plans will be shelved if Abdullah loses power. “It’s Abdullah’s project. If he’s not around, no one knows what’s going to happen as different prime ministers will have different priorities,” said Suan Teck Kin, an economist at Singapore’s United Overseas Bank (UOB).

  24. Ahmad Navi Abdullah says:


    A Singaporean comes to KL and returns. His tank is near empty on reaching JB. Cant he fill up? Somehow the whole idea stinks. Charge them the full amount for the fuel. Don’t ban them from refueling. Have pumps that charges the full amount for Singapore registered cars. Both sides win.The Singaporeans get their petrol and our dealers get their sales.

  25. frogger says:

    very simple…i am malaysian, u r malaysian. u get subsidy i must get also…fair right?

    a. i also sing what?
    — u wanna stop expats workers in kl from topping up fuel?
    — u wanna stop me from voting bcos i sing pr?
    — u wanna stop m’sian w/ non-proton cars from topping up fuel? these pple got $ paid more for jap/european cars so they can afford it right?
    — u wanna stop me from paying all kind of taxes? yeah bro..i run business deal w/ s’porean and i pay a lot more tax than 99% of u losers

    b. don’t stupid gov don’t subsidize fuel lah
    — car sales will drop, proton will fail. maybe we can then avoid car taxes so jap car become cheaper! i be so happy!
    — no subsidy ok! i can afford it.

    c. having my cake and eating it..
    — if i could, i’d be working in jb and getting decent salary doing so! u think is fun to get up at 530 am everyday and rush to s’pore through jam and all?
    — in 1st place, gov ignored jb development so there isn’t enough decent job here..if we all stop dealing w/ singapore, unemployment rate will soar. business will be shuttered bcos nobody in jb got money. what do u guys care?
    — most of u don’t even live in jb. wat do u know of our troubles? u hv no idea of economics in jb. u really think jb will survive w/o s’pore?

    JB == a f**king backwater town. w/o s’pore, we be no better than ipoh, muar, segamat or one of these provincial places.

    u jokers in kl talk so much, come live here lah.

  26. frogger says:

    “Malaysian with Singapore PR driving Singapore registered vehicles shouldn’t complain about losing the fuel subsidies because most if not all these fellas donot pay income tax in Malaysia! They want to enjoy the best of both world, IS THIS FAIR??”

    — hey! do u pay any taxes? let’s face it, remitted $ to a bonus to any country. juz look at philipines and the billions its citizens remit home. how tat really helped. so sing pr $ good in jb and good for jb. wat u done for jb lately?

    “These PR working in Singapore get paid in Sing$ (more than double the MR), paid taxes in Singapore but only reside in Malaysia for the lower cost of living here. What is this meaning of Singapore Permanent Residence if YOU are not residing in Singapore??”

    — nooo…most of us actually lived in jb all our live. we true blue johorean ok. no staying here bcos cost of living lower ..

    — can i say u live in kl bcos it has got great public transportation system? or nice restaurants? or whatever? can i then accuse u of staying in kl for the wrong reasons? a dumber argument i hav not heard of….u muz be quite young eh? to make such a comment?

    — i don’t want subsidized fuel!! please take it all away. i do not want my country’s $$ to be wasted subsidising fuel and it is not tenable. plse take it all away. even kl folks do not deserve subsidy. they get higher pay than rural folks, stay in nice houses, have lots of fun,probably a professional w/ nice job. WHY should they be entitled to any subsidy at all? can the gov pls take it away?

  27. Allen Tan says:

    You people lah! Now for those who voted BN, you should be regretting. Anwar said he would reduce fuel price when he takes over govt.

  28. Lallang exile says:


    U complain banyak, banyak. If u don’t like to work in Singapore coz you’ve got to wake up at 5am, it’s your lot, don’t complain and expect others to sympathise with you, thus granting u subsidies and other freebies!!!

    FYI, Perak, where many of us hail from, is no better than Johor despite years of contribution when the tin industry was in its glory days.

    Now, what did the poor Perakians do?
    Sit home and whine?

    If you hadn’t already noticed, many went to KL, Singapore and the rest of the world. I need not mention the big names from Perak, do I, who have done very well overseas. Ditto for the other less developed states in Malaysia.

    Now, like it or not, frog, you will enjoy no subsidy since u do not pay taxes here. Like Paul says, “those who do not work shall not eat.”

    Who cares for your bloody “remittance” to your bank accounts each month!!!!

    And yes, you want the whole world to “chou nei” or accomodate/indulge your selfish agenda in exchange for long term considerations for the whole nation.

    LOL, why don’t u move to Singaland for good???Or perhaps they did not offer u since u are not good enough????

  29. Lallang exile says:


    Yup, reduce the price and go bankrupt in a couple of years.

    Don’t be delusiona! Abandon your denial mode and wake up!!!

    The oil price hike is international and affects every country that consumes oil. We cannot escape this fact, only thing one could do as a consumer is to use less.

  30. rais says:

    I am very disappointed with my countryman complaining about the Malaysian Govt’s plan on their petrol subsidy policy. Malaysia has the rights to the welfare of their own country. Let them solve their problems their way. There are many reasons to visit Malaysia like visiting friends and relatives or for a holiday than just buying petrol. Spore PRs and exMalaysian should now get used to the fact that you cannot get the best of two worlds. To my Malaysian neighbours it is your headache so find your own medicine and don’t listen to others and get more painful with emotions in the process.

  31. ktemoc says:

    Yes, Anwar – he can make fuel prices come down, no doubt like he promised to reform Malaysian politics, presumably starting with party hopping.

    But maybe we misheard him, maybe he was saying “Deformasi”, and not “reformasi? 😉

    When he went to Australia for a Shakepearean Workshop he told the audience that Shakespare and the Quran comforted him whilst he was in prison, so I beg leave to paraphrase a few lines from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Act 2, scene 1

    And, gentle friends,
    Let’s give in boldly, but not half-heartedly;
    Let’s cave in on fuel as a dish fit for the people,
    Not keep it as a treasure only for the gods;
    And let our hearts, as the IMF master wants to do,
    Stir up its servants to an act of stupidity,
    And empty our treasury completely on subsidy.

    and then from As You Like It, Act 1, scene 3

    Now go we in content
    To avarice, and not to prudence

  32. sandyow says:

    Someone said Anwar can lower fuel price?

    Gimme a break, wake up and smell the petrol! How can you actually believe a single PERSON’S promise to reduce fuel prices? Surely someone cannot be so simple minded.

  33. freewave says:

    Dear fellow malaysians who lives in Singapore but spend in Malaysia,

    If you earn Sing Dollar, what’s the big deal pump the petrol in Sing Dollar over in Singapore? Because of you people, the standard of living in Johor has been raised to a level where it’s not fair for the locals. Remember, they don’t earn Sing Dollar, so don’t cause more headaches for the people who work and live in Johor!

  34. loonytunes says:

    The trouble is most of the petrol station owners are bumis. Being buttered & fed on subsidy mentality for half a century. It’s very hard for them to understand or adjust to any good business policies. They only understand what is easy money.

  35. freewave says:

    “Since 90% of the Johor petrol kiosks business comes from foreigners, petrol kiosks say they “will die” without business from Singaporeans. I doubt the petrol kiosks will risk the fine of RM250,000 just to get more businesses from Singapore motorists. Is this a good or bad implementation?”

    Crap. I don’t see there are 90% vehicle on the road in Johor Bharu with Singaporean number plate.

  36. pemudaumno says:

    my suggestion is why dont we have special pump for the foreigners….non subsidized price..whilst for malaysian just the normal pump with subsidized price

  37. Orang Miskin from Outskirt of Kuching says:

    I personally opine that since most Singaporeans have no objection to pay non-Government-subsidize fuel on Malaysian soil, it’s as simple to just enforce unsubsidized fuel on Singaporeans. To prohibit them to have fuel in Malaysia is very illogical and detrimental to tourisms.

    Of Uncle Ktemoc’s comments :-

    “Yes, Anwar – he can make fuel prices come down, no doubt like he promised to reform Malaysian politics, presumably starting with party hopping.

    But maybe we misheard him, maybe he was saying “Deformasi”, and not “reformasi? 😉 ”

    I reminisce in one of susan’s topic when UNcle Ktemoc was casting aspersions on the credibility of Anwar Ibrahim in the pre-election days, Susan Loone even have to bring Keadilan’s Elizabeth Wong to negate Ktemoc’s diatribe of Anwar as Uncle Ktemoc said “voting Anwar is tantamount to voting Umno”.

    Dear Uncle Ktemoc,

    I have already beleive you since the “froggie” issues manifest. RUMOURS are circulating in Kuching, Sarawak that Anwar offered CM Taib Mahmud’s son, the interim Assistast Minister of tourism the post of DPM if Anwar becomes the impending PM. I am not sure the credibility of the rumour but
    surely began to doubt Anwar’s credibilities since the post-elections.

  38. Lallang exile says:


    This is Ktemoc at his most poetic!!!

    Let’s award him he ” Cyber Poet of the Year”

  39. kai says:


    I hope none of you guys work in the diplomats division in Malaysia, right? Or else we could have a diplomatic situation here. Care, I say “Could”

    Before I join in, does anyone here know if there are any goods and services offered by the Singaporeans that are partly subsidized by the government regardless of who you are? Like the health department, education etc. Think!

  40. kai says:

    Pet says: “Have you really seen how these S’porens drive on the highway. No respect for our laws and they dont give a damn to local drivers”

    Hi Pet,

    Whilst this has nothing to do with the price of petrol, I was in Malaysia (north) for 2 weeks in April. Although I didn’t drive, I was on the toll ways a couple of times. Believe me when I say that “Lewis Hamiltons” were on the same toll way with me when I was there. I didn’t see any foreign rego plates, but they all went like a flash. Turning without signal, driving on the middle of the white dotted lines, have no courtesy to predestians, and I can go on and on and on. I am sure they are all buatan Malaysians. Is it only Singaporeans drive badly?

  41. kai says:

    Xy says: “a mkt price without subsidy is probably a fair way to address this issue.”

    Hi Xy,

    This is an excellent idea, but did you know that many people are actually living below the poverty line in Malaysia? Of course I don’t think you are since you have suggested such a wonderful idea. Only last week, in Indonesia, people went on protesting in the streets as their government increased it leaded fuel price from 4500 rupiah to 6000rp per litre (RM2.08). Indonesia was previously a net exporter of fuel until recently. Majority of their citizens earn less that US$100 per month.

    I am sure your idea may not have any impact on you, but I am afraid the rest of the population may not agree with you.

    Xy, incase you wonder, we paid about A$1.45 to $1.60 p/l (RM4.93) here in Aussieland. Price fluctuates depending on which day of the week, weekend and long weekend (cheapest is usually on Wednesday night). We do produce oil here too but I am not sure of the quantity. We sell LPG to China worth billions. Every litre pumped into the car tank includes government tax of 35%. Mitsubshi closed their manufacturing plant in Adelaide recently as people stopped buying those V6 or V8 vehicles.

  42. Vindictive says:

    Oh how I miss the wise Dr Mahathir. With he at the helm Malaysia was for every country to envy. Malayisa was one of the most strongest and richest country in Asia which even the Japanese acknowledge. After he stepped down the country started to go down hill. He is the one who dare to stand up to the bullies including Singapore. Look at our current pathetic stage.

    We should all start a petition to bring Dr Mahathir THE GREAT back to be our PM. He is a statesman who could easily ranked with the greatest in the world. May he live for another 100 years

  43. kai says:

    Hi Frogger, I do understand your flustration. It is unfortunately that only places like KL/PJ/Klang valley matters to the government. Ever wonder why can’t they have say the F1 race in Sabah, the 1998 Commonwealth games in Sarawak or have some other major projects built outside these areas?

    In Aussieland the State government is responsible for their own development. Every major developments offered (both locally or overseas) are fought by almost all states government, including sporting events such as F1, 500cc motor race, Olympics games, and even the HQ for Air AsiaX, Tiger Air etc. This is just not providing investments but also developments in those winning cities. The advantage of this is that people can move from city to city to work without comprise on their pay or living standard. Yes, I agree with you that Ipoh was a bit disappointed with hardly any major developments. Ninety-nine percents of all graduates head straight to KL the moment they completed their studies. I wonder why?

  44. kai says:

    Hi Vindictive

    Sure there are no typo error in your message ie “Malayisa was one of the most strongest and richest country in Asia”

    Could this be read as “Dr M was one of the most strongest and richest person in Asia”?

  45. kai says:

    Oooops, please change the word from ‘was’ to ‘is’

  46. talking cock says:

    The biggest looser is going to be the owner of the biggest petrol pump next to the Johor railway station and mind you it belongs to the Crown Prince whom is a Melayu.

  47. Temasek says:

    It is unfortunate that many describing Singapore more like an enemy.The typical thinking of these people will not help in relationship.Some claims that Singaporeans drive like rocket on highways,others think that they are arrogant while one suggest that Malaysia should go to war.
    Now,with these kind of thinking,no wonder Malaysian Minister or MP always aim Singapore as their scapegoat.It has become a culture to speak without thinking.It normal for people to find something which is value for money.Like how Malaysians seeks jobs here,because of strong Singapore dollars.
    The way some bloggers here commented reflect well of Malaysia parliament.
    Giving names,talking without thinking and acted emotionally.
    Subsidy will never help a country in long run.People will continue to ask more when price go up.They will always turn to the government for help without trying to look for solution.
    How can a country developed if the government had to spend 55billion per year?Ministries can never run their operation well because the federal government had to cut the allocated funds.
    The correct way to handle price hike ;

    1. Spend only on what you need.
    2. Advice the government to work out a better public transport (can start by bringing the subsidise down and use the funds to improve land transport)
    3. Control ownership on cars.
    4. Stop blaming foreigners on the hikes.If you cant afford petrol,please dont buy car.

    Stop believing that a person can bring the petrol price down.If so,why every country in the world are bringing the price up?Malaysians should face reality that this is a global problem.It needed the whole world to address it.By blaming the government,Malaysians will only deny the reality.

    For those who think going to war is a solution,please help yourself by flying to pakistan and note down what you can see in a war country.Think before you speak.I believe that Singaporeans or the thais can managed without Malaysian’s petrol.

  48. xy says:

    @kai : “This is an excellent idea, but did you know that many people are actually living below the poverty line in Malaysia…”

    Kai, you are too quick, I am refereing to selling them at mkt price to Sporean or non-residents who do not pay malaysian tax.

    Actually your assumption might just work, sell petrol at mkt price to all malaysian (+ tax paying residents) and non-residents.

    Fuel subsidy coupons are then provided to those below certain income line.

    This is probably fairer as those who can afford fuel at mkt price should pay for them at mkt price. Fossil energy is a limiting comodity, and we should all develope consciousness not to burn necessary fuel. It is also environmentally more friendly to burn less.

    Hope this clarifies.


  49. kai says:

    Hi Temasek

    I won’t argue with you on your posting, even though I have few comments on what you have said. You won’t like it.

    However you can’t blame Malaysians for having some form of anti-Singaporeans (or your government). I myself had a few bad experience at the Causeway check point (Singapore’s side). You somehow feel like you been treated as a citizen from a third world, not like Malaysia, but like one of those ulu third world ie an african state. Perhaps you may have been away from home for too long (if you are a Malaysian) or perhaps you are now holding a difference passport which may received preferrable treatment. Even the white ass here treats me better that those Singaporean buggers treated me at the Casuseway. BTW, I have relatives (Singaporeans) living in Singapore too.

  50. clarisse yap says:

    wow, so many comments! i can’t follow! but i am with sandyow, subsidised fuel and the rest on the same line. we paid for these subsidies. we deserve them. not the singaporeans. problem is, if we do that, will it discourage tourism from spore? or how about we issue them tourists a pass that should be presented at fuelling? or is it a silly suggestion…

  51. kai says:

    Hi Xy

    Ooops, sorry lah. ingles no good lah!

  52. mamanview says:

    What? subsidizing Singaporean through my tax? no way!!! charge them non-subsidize price.

    And those petrol station owners are profiting from our Malaysian Tax money? come on lah…

  53. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    Just charge any foreign cars coming in for RM250.00 for up front (this will help to generate more income to the goverment to build more public service facilities like goverment clinics and upgrade/repairs of roads for the rurals)

    This also will help to reduce their cars coming in to avoid congestions to parkings and roads moreover they will car pool as well.

    By doing this we will increase for our bus, taxi, railway and also airways businesses as well.

    It will be a “Win-Win” situation to cut down foreign cars summons as well.

    Simple isn’t it!

  54. Dy says:

    Aaiya!! All talk.Singaporean needs to pay higher and also for the PR holders.They have never contribute anything to us Malaysians.

  55. frogger says:

    hey lallang…u not whining but u go kl work ya? it’s bloody migrant workers like u tat cause kl property/rental/services prices to be out of whack with the rest of the country no? or u want to say u still rotting in ipoh happily?

    we johorean no whine we go s’pore work bcos we nid to eat. apparently pple from ipoh can eat “si bei feng”.

    spr living in jb absolutely pay tax, in case u r ignorant. service tax, land tax, property tax, stamp duties, sales tax….u think only got income tax?

    spr = malaysia citizen. u don’t know diff between these pr and citizen. u can hold both ok…being citizen i insist on my rights. hav the gov remove all subsidy or change the system (e.g., subsidise low income earners)..but like hell i will give up my rights for pple like u..u can very well afford unsubsidised petrol, rice, cooking oil watever…

    further for your considerations….50,000+ johorean travel to spore for work everyday on bike alone. and u know wat? they aren’t even spr just work permit holders. now…u were saying? they can’t top up petrol bcos they ride s’pore plated bikes?

    sure i complain if i want malaysian got rights wat…otherwise u can also stfu

    dear muz u make a year? i assume u make lots more than your typical street sweeper, janitor, jaga kereta etc. how abt u don’t get subsidy for rice, flour, cooking oil etc etc…fuck man don’t be holier than thou..u eat and breathe subsidies u do not deserve…and behave as if it is wrong for someone to make more $$ than some others…

  56. Sam says:

    Why worry? I would just change my car plate to malaysian to get subsidised fuel and then change back to singaporean after filling.

  57. pet says:

    Kai says :
    I didn’t see any foreign rego plates, but they all went like a flash. Turning without signal, driving on the middle of the white dotted lines, have no courtesy to predestians, and I can go on and on and on. I am sure they are all buatan Malaysians. Is it only Singaporeans drive badly?

    Hi kai,
    At least I am in my own country.
    When I am in a foreign country I respect their laws.
    But ppl from island down…….poor attitude and no respect at all..
    Beleive me, I drive a lot from north to south on our beautiful highways that the ppl island south can only envy !!

    Furthermore, why come to Malaysia to fill ur tanks…and for those locals with Singapre PR…ya..ya…love to work in singapore for their salary but still come to out homeland for your petrol…and say that Sinagore pays better….??????

  58. Kesava says:

    Now go we in content
    To avarice, and not to prudence

    Pump price at ‘market levels by August’
    Jun 3, 08 1:01pm
    # breaking news Currently petrol sells for about RM1.92 a litre. If petrol is to be sold at full market prices, it could be as high as RM4 a litre – about 100 percent above current levels.

  59. nor'aini says:

    u want fuel..either it is rm 1.92 or rm4.00..just pay for it

  60. wits0 says:

    Sure, just pay for it. No choice.

    But RM4 ringgit will buy more than fuel and that’s when the “fun” will begin with the Crunch of August.

  61. whispering9 says:

    At RM4/lit, no one will take kindly to politicians, ministers, towkays or cronies in big flashy cars.

  62. those malaysian with sgpura pr, shut up and just go pump your car in the island. you earn sing $$$$, you spend in sing$$$$ and that’s fair. don whine just becoz you’re malaysian you’re automatically entitled for the subsidy when you not even fork out a single sen to pay road and income tax (and also samans) . you don like waking up 5am, go pindah to the island, best is forego malaysian citizenship.

    banning is perfect move, don think of implementing 2 price system that will even confuse the gas station owners. and 3/4 full tank for sure is enuf for them to travel around JB, otherwise you should seriously need”to change your lifestyle”!!!!

  63. wits0 says:

    Haha, let’s see:

    1.0000 Gallons (US) = 0.8327 Gallons (UK)

    – therefore if 1 US Gallon costs US 3.90, this means I UK Gallon costs US$4.68, making it about (3.25×4.68) RM15.21 per gallon.

    Presently, locally, 1 litre cost RM1.92,
    – therefore 1 gallon(4.54×1.92) costs RM8.72

    But not to worry, the ministers will then quote petrol price in the UK which is roughly the equivalent of US$8 a gallon.

    The fallout will hurt.

  64. Vindictive says:


    Agreed with you that Dr M is once the strongest PM in the worl. But he is not the richest. His earnings are all legitimate likewise his sons prosper because of their business acumen. Dr M will never allow his sons to become corrupted politcians. Malaysia need a PM like him which is above board and I believed he was made a scape goat in Lingam’s case. I mainatin my stand that he is innocent. He is a beacon in Asia

  65. johorean says:

    just charge non subsidized fuels to foreign cars, NOT bannthem from filling up. win win ! btw, malaysians working in singapore does contribute, they buy houses, shopping, etc and they are bringing in foreign funds into the country.

  66. singapore pr says:

    anonymous dud,

    u should think before writing anything stupid. we pay saman too, ok??? r u just jealous coz u cant earn SGD like us ? we can afford to pay non subsidized fuels lah. use your legs to think !!!!!!

  67. Dy says:

    Stupid Singapore PR… Children Talks..You stay in Singapore.Dont Think Malaysia Needs this kind of idiot.Jealous??? of what.I am living happily here.
    Just stay in singapore and dont come back.

  68. whispering9 says:

    Dear singapore pr,

    Not insinuating or anything. Just curious. Do you pay Malaysian RM Tax or Singapore Sing Tax? Anyway, why do Singapore PRs still want to call themselves Malaysians, really buffled me lah. It is politically correct to be addressed as Malaysian Singapore PR? Oh man what a mouthful of diplomacy.

  69. Baby Harrison says:

    Having read this commentator “Vindictive”, your zealotry of Mahathir Mohamad reflects your atavistic and despotic worship of the wild and the uncouth.

    If Lee Kuan Yew would have replaced Dr. Mahathir for 22 as the premier of Malaysia, we would have been a 1st world country.

  70. singapore pr, FYI, me too a PR and work in sgpura, but i accept that the malaysia gov should ban sgpura registered cars pumping malaysia oil. it’s not implemented in the whole country but only 50km, and for 3/4 full tank is not enuf to drive around JB ???? if you cannot tahan the oil price, sell away your damn car or move to the island, best is convert to singaporean and don think exercise your right in malaysian election again….

  71. […] been quoting my entries on Our Malaysian Neighbour hur hur hur… one such blogger is called Susan Loone where she wrote on an entry regarding fuel ban. And of course in return I went through her blog. […]

  72. confused says:

    pandangan juah.
    harga petrol, kini kawalan / kuota / diskriminasi keats orang jiran.
    pump asing, harga asing, zon asing, dll.
    sejak dulu, kawalan / kuota / diskriminasi keatas orang kelas dua disini.
    masa depan, globalisasi, kawalan / kuota / diskriminasi keatas orang asing sedunia.

  73. kai says:

    Hi Pet,

    This is a bit off the track here. Sorry guys.

    Laws are made to be respected in a country regardless of even if you are a Martian (if there is any!). What do you expect from those foreigners do when they see the locals behaving like a thug on the road? Is it one set of rules for you and the other sets for foreigners? Where is your logic?

  74. kai says:

    “Agreed with you that Dr M is once the strongest PM in the worl. But he is not the richest. His earnings are all legitimate likewise his sons prosper because of their business acumen. Dr M will never allow his sons to become corrupted politcians. Malaysia need a PM like him which is above board and I believed he was made a scape goat in Lingam’s case. I mainatin my stand that he is innocent. He is a beacon in Asia”

    Hi Vindictive

    Thanks for your reply. PLEASE no more. I just can’t stand it anymore. I am hurting from my chest down………….from laughting………………………………………..hahahahahaha…………hahahahaha………..hahahahaha………………hahahahaha……………..hahahahaha…………..PLEASE no more, please, you are killing meeeeeeeeee………beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!!

  75. kai says:

    Stop insulting or complaining about those PR Malaysians or Singaporeans in Singapore. They didn’t set the rules in the country. They are just exercising the rules of the land. If you are not happy with the benefits they are receiving, go see your leaders and complaint about it. What they earn, by how much, at what currencies is none of your fricking business. How they spend it, where or when or even remitting home by how much is their business. Be more sensitive when posting your comments. No one in Singapore pointed a gun at your head to sell them fuel at subsidizing rates.

    I only see jealously, envy here in an aggressive manner.

    Go and see your good old leaders and asked them why the ringgit is in such a jack shit situation? Why Singapore can do so well and yet, we are still miles behind?

    I suggest that you, the first thing you should be doing is to get your good damn government to remove any tourism promotion currently going on. Take that fricking ‘Visit Malaysia 2008’ banner off, unless they do not buy our fuel, don’t eat our subsidized foods, etc. Close all borders, and rot if they cares?

    I am ashamed of some of the comments posted here.

    Yes, I am proud to be away from home. Yes, I am a traitor, but a happy one too, especially when I see these kind of childish comments posted. At least the white ass here treats me with respect. And you wonder why I still hold a Malaysian passport, well it’s people like you that I am trying to piss you off. It gives me some sense of satisfaction too.

    Grow up Malaysia!

    Has any one been to Singapore and stay at a hotel at half rate, discount only applied to Malaysian passport holders? Are you complaining that too?

  76. […] Fuel ban raising temperatures down south [image] Image from So! The fuel ban on our neighbour Singapore will be known today? But it is the face of […] […]

  77. Kherry Scarry says:

    About the ban on petrol sales to Sing, NO WORRIES coz, most Petrol stations owned by bumi. Hope they could learn a thing or two on how to survive else either asked for more fianncial assistance, subsidy, interest free loan,….from the Govt sure can survive one…for bumi !!!

  78. Lallang exile says:


    Hey, katak bawah tempurong!!!U are the one who is croaking, not me!! I am very happy and contented where i am.

    Unlike u, I have ventured far further, including Singapore which offered me PR when I arrived to take up the job.

    You are belittling people from all other states just coz u want the Gomen to continue a stupid, unsustainable policy.

    Thank goodness most Johoreans i know personally are not like u.

    U must not be good enough to qualify for the sing pr………………..ha ha

    u can continue croaking till the cows come home but the subsidy will be removed for foreign registered cars, a little bird tells me…..

  79. Lallang exile says:


    BTW, where I’m staying, petrol is almost US$2 a litre now becox of the government tax to deter private cars on the roads. Public buses and taxis get subsidies, though.

    But there is “red oil” sourced from across the border that one could buy more cheaply if one dares to venture into the illegal hideouts. The oil is tainted red by the gomen for obvious reasons.

    In any case, i think the Johreans will do a roaring business hawking subsidised petrol to the foreigners illegally when the subsidies come off.

    Just like moonshine in the US…………………….

  80. bamboo river says:

    All this will eventually fall back on us Malaysians. The gomen can make their flip flop decisions and the victim will eventually be us . S’pore is not stupid.Later you will see new restrictions, entry charges, passenger charges, student fees , workers taxes etc will be impose on Malaysians. They are very cunning and smart.
    We are smart too but our gomen….don’t think so.

  81. Payback Time says:

    Since Singapore has impose a 3/4 tank ruling for those travelling to Johore, we do the same when they leave Johore. Don’t tell me they come in and deliberately run off their unsubsidies fuel just to refuel at our pump. If indeed they manage to run dry their tank then imagine the kind of place they would have travel to and the amount money downloaded into our economy..let them leave with what thet come will be a fair decision and much easier to least we save 1/4 tank

  82. yh says:

    great coz come next election, BN will lose its last strong bastion. Come on, quickyl implement this idiotic program and drive all the petrol stations within the 50km out of business. imagine, residents have to drive kms away just to get their petrol. ha2, they will curse and when the time comes, no more BN.

  83. tamade says:

    Susan, according to M Kini report, the fuel price will be at market price (RM4.00 per litre) in Aug 08. If the BN Guomen wants to withdraw fuel subsidy, then i think the BN Guomen must:

    1. Make the PETRONAS accounts for the past 40 years PUBLIC and transparent, we want to know where the money has gone.

    2. Withdraw all subsidies given to private independent power plants and make them pay for the cost, since they have raked in Billions of RM for the past years.

    3. Make the Agreement signed between the BN Guomen and Highway Toll operators PUBLIC. Withdraw the subsidy and sign a new agreement and rectify the clauses which are unfair to the Rakyat. Surcharge the people who prepared and signed these agreements.

    4. Take over all Toll collecting highways and clear away all the tolls booths. Make it free for all Rakyat to use the Highways..

    5. Compel all BN Federal MBs, CMs, Cabinet Ministers, their deputies, the YDP, Chief Secraetaries, DGs, and all govenment departmental heads, GLC heads, including all their family members to declare their assets and make it PUBLIC.

    6. All those mentioned in 5, should have their company cars (or govt vehicles) changed to smaller CC like Proton Saga 1.3, Perodua 1.3 and similar class vehicles. Sell all the posh and big cc cars.

    7. All CUSTOM, IMMIGRATION and other Enforcement Dept Vehicles be changed to smaller cc cars to avoid fuel wastage. They have to increase their job competence and efficiency in order to off set the effects stem from the move.

    8. All those GLCs and similar private companies who monopolize a particular sector should be compelled to contribute a certain percentage of their profit (say 40%) in establishing a special research fund to find an alternative fuel source asap.

  84. kittykat46 says:

    Time to bring out the old bicycle… gas emissions, consumes no petrol, good exercise…..just don’t get knocked down by the passing vehicles.

  85. TWOG says:

    Why all this ballyhoo and hullabaloo? Boo-hoo!

    A simple solution really. Just don’t subsidize the petrol and diesel. Charge the market rate. That way, you will not have the Singaporeans and Malaysians-in-Singapore-registered-cars coming over to JB to top up petrol. In any case, the subsidies in the south is very little – Singapore registered cars need to have 3/4 tank before they can enter JB. The real subsidies are really up north. And the even bigger culprits are the huge tanker-loads of petrol hijacked by the cronies – those are the real smugglers.

    Just stop the subsidies and all these shenanigans will be a thing of the past.

  86. Lallang exile says:


    BTW, how much is the going rate now for the permit to buy a car in Singapore?

    Last I heard from my Sing friends is that it is still pretty expensive, in relation to the price of the car.

    In other words, not many Singaporeans can afford to have cars because of:

    1) the car permit

    2) high cost of cars plus taxes

    3) high cost of petrol

    4) high cost of parking spaces.

    Those Malaysians with Singapore registered cars should be quite well off to afford one since Singaporeans themselves find it a luxury!!

    Shahrir, be firm about it, don’t cave in to these people…….

  87. I don't mean it says:

    You people might not know but it is by law that PR must drive Singapore registered car in Singapore, you are not allowed to drive Malaysia registered car. I think with strong Sing dollar and good PAP government it is not a problem to pay higher petrol price.

    Just compare this two guys, one working in Sg and earning S$1000 and another guy working in KL earning RM1000.

    Morning wake up:
    Newspaper – S$0.70 RM1.30
    Maggie 0.40 0.80
    Kopi 0.80 1.50
    Petrol 2.10 2.70
    Nasi Lemak 2.00 3.60
    ———– ———–
    6.00 9.90
    x 30 days 180.00 297.00

    Singapore guy got balance S$820 = RM1927 to buy other things and holiday. Malaysia guy got balance RM703 and Ah Long is coming after him.

  88. belakang masuk says:

    This Bodohlah is a first class bukitaik, come next election, he and Maha Kutty will go to hell together fighting each other.

    Bodohlahchipai and Maha Kuttytaik Melayu, pergi kasih hantu cocok belakang.

  89. freewave says:

    frogger, if you don’t pay malaysian tax, just shut your fucking gob.

  90. freewave says:

    frogger, i f y o u d o n ‘ t p a y m a l a y s i a n t a x, j u s t s h u t y o u r f u c k i n g g o b.

  91. Nick says:


    The Internet is a collection of interconnected documents and other resources, linked by hyperlinks and URLs.. However, "the Internet"…

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