We are not alone. Police brutality strikes our Indonesian counterpart, too. Thuggery is universal. It is a state project as well, a state of mind of insecured and coward leaders. In the name of security (and traffic!), police become thugs with just one phone call, one sms, perhaps, one word. Who are the victims? And what is their crime?

Their only crime is to express themselves. These are students at the National University of Jakarta demonstrating against hike in fuel oil as high as 28.7 percent on 24 May.

The police march in. It gives me a familiar feeling of how the police force turn into state thugs when asked to do so.

Police, with helmets and shields chase unarmed and peaceful protesting students. Why are the police dressed so protectively when they are the abusers?

Police are experts vandalisers. Vehicles damaged during the stand-off between police and students.

The only thing left behind are bloody memories and bloody trails.

*Images sent by Indonesia’s Legal Aid Foundation.


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  1. Niamah says:

    In all this God`s gift to BN – the Law Minister Zaid has been silent.
    Silence being assent, he and Badawi have been as thick as thieves on this.

  2. Niamah says:

    I was referring to BMC fracas up there. A point no one has brought up so far. Why was the Law Minister and AG silent. And what did they advise Badawi.

  3. arctanck says:

    Talking about thugs, Lord Coe, the former MP Olympic medallist and chairman of the 2012 London Olympic Committee, condemns Chinese flame protectors as ‘horrible thugs’, to my bemusement 🙂 Have a look at the news here

  4. ah Long says:

    Malasia learn from this. The whole demo in Indonesia is about the hike in oil prices resulting in inflation of around 20%. The price of everything when up by around 20%.

    Malaysia for the time being is protected by our self sufficiency in oil. The gomen subsidy has inflated Malaysia from such high inflation. But already many people are complaining.

    In a few more years when our oil runs out, we will be in a similar situation as Indonesia. The average Malaysian does not understand this and our gomen is too scared to tell the truth and have no plans to solve the problem.

    In around 10 years it will be “game over” for Malaysia unless we take action NOW. But BN & UMNO is too busy feathering the nest of a bunch of crook politicians. Fcuk the people !!!

  5. ah Long says:

    I mean the gomen oil subsidy has INSULATED Malaysia from such high INFLATION.

  6. kittykat46 says:

    Indonesia, unfortunately, has a history of violent protests and police brutality to complement it.

    Once, I was nearly caught in the middle of a Jakarta-style protest. It was quite frightening, because some of the protesters had started smashing the windows of innocent passing cars. Needless to say, the next day I read that the police had violently suppressed the march.

    Violence begets more violence.

    I support the right to peaceful assembly, but street violence is still a no-no to me.

  7. Harrison says:

    I am really sick of this 3rd world police.

    “With great power comes grater responsibilities”-Superman

    With greater powers, comes greeter opportunities to abuse- My perception of the 3rd World Police.

  8. donplaypuks says:


    What do you mean Police brutality also strikes our Indon counterparts?

    It came from there to here! Where is the original home of the Achenese, Mendailing, Menangkabau, Palembanganese, other Sumatrans & Javanese? And the Bugis came from the Celebes.

  9. hasilox says:

    More violences are on the way from across the region if the oil price continue to rise.

    The BMC violence is slightly different though. That was to enforce daylight robbery.

  10. din says:

    If the government allows it, the police will continue to mistreat the citizen. Simple as that. What happened to the IPCMC?

  11. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    The truth is, when Man’s basic Ricebowl for himself & family becomes impossible to sustain or is deprived from him & his basic NEEDs are neglected by the Powers that be….then the ingredient is ripe for his pleas for help, then his protest for his survival, resulting to begging, stealing & all hell will break loose thereafter!

    With the Powers that be still in Denial & continuing to neglect the peoples needs, etc, then they are the ones who are provoking the people to protest & with their Robots reacting with brutality….we will have nasty scenarios which will get worse.

    Talk is cheap & too much rethorics.

    The People must persevere to find ways – propose Short/Long-term workable alternatives & finally to engage with the Powers that be to correct any/all the deficiencies.

    The Powers that be must LISTEN, accept their shortcomings & engage with the People on the alternative proposal to correct any/all the deficiencies.

    Egos, etc must be put aside by both parties to achieve a win-win for the sake of this nation’s Peace/Stability & the rayaat’s wellbeing.

  12. Jed Yoong says:

    that’s terrible. makes our police look like boy scouts.

  13. Niamah says:

    that’s terrible. makes our police look like boy scouts – Very True.

    Even when armed they only look on when the thugs get into action.

  14. Niamah says:


    Hundreds of members of a radical Islamic group armed with batons on Sunday attacked moderate Muslims rallying for religious tolerance in the Indonesian capital, local media reported.


  15. amoker says:

    In fact, i was watching a summary of violence protests in Indonesia over the weekend and was wondering if we can degenerate if our leaders continue their pillage, uninspirint economy and huge increase in human population.

    The increase in BBM ( subsidized petrol) hits the poor very hard and they have no-one to turn to except the streets.

    But Susan, our police should be compared to countries like Hong Kong and Australia with all respect to Indonesia. It is like comparing out cops to Pakistan or Afgan. It still does not make our police right.

  16. tamade says:

    Pak Lah, when are you going to implement the IPCMC? It is already 100 days after BN claims victory in 8 Mac 2008. Come on, don’t forget your mission and don’t distract the Rakyat by diverting the attention to fuel price and judiciary reform. We are waiting and we are watching you. This is your election pledge, remember?

  17. Francisca says:


    As soon as you accept the idea that you are in control of your thoughts you will be able…

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