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  1. Devan says:

    EZAM can go and join the group of RICH at UMNO.
    If you cant beat them join them…….a REAL FROG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cikgu BARD….stick to ur principles…..salute u

  2. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    Chegu, where you join we don’t care.
    Don’t join the devil and make it bigger
    We are not saying the devil is who
    As a Chegu, you should know
    Otherwise, go back and teach in school.
    If you are tired go and sell cendol
    But never, never join the devil.

  3. happening says:

    ezam resign from umno to join pkr and resign from pkr to form gerak and now he GERAK himself to umno.
    howdah this man

  4. Firdaus Omar says:

    Better get rid of him….at least kita tak de musuh dalam selimut..a thorn in the flesh, as Musang Hitam said.

  5. NO ISA! says:

    Dont speculate about Ezam before he make the statement tomorow… We only can make conclusion after all he meet PM today. But for what reason he has to meet PM? Are Ezam trying to tell Pak Lah to step down as the corruption case took Malaysian system?

    My feeling about Ezam is he has to join UMNO if want want money and high post in politics. Why nobody PKR people ask Ezam to join PKR back?

    Are Ezam is ggod enough to lead the country? I think not. Enough you Ezam! You have no reason to join UMNO after you been in ISA Detention Camp before!

  6. NO ISA! says:

    You have to join PAS if you are the true leader to boikot corruption in Malaysia!

  7. hellothere says:

    umno get people like ezam katak lagi mati cepat

  8. lebaijanggut says:

    money talks…

  9. kittykat46 says:

    Ezam ? Definitely going back to UMNO. Already expected that would happen when he left PKR last year.
    Gerak or more like Gertak was just a temporary parking place. Gertak has been singularly irrelevant.

    Chegu Bard – I think he has a beef with the PKR leadership, but not jumping ship as yet. The two are very close, so it will be interesting how it turns out.

  10. max says:

    Whether Chegu or Ezam joined UMNO is irrelevant, what is relevent is whether they can change UMNO from the inside out if they joined, or least becoming one of them

  11. Tinta Kinabalu says:

    Apa beza Pak Lah dengan Ezam…..2×5 ja..dua-dua kaki lompat…yang beliau satu ni sat umno…sat lagi 46..lepas tu…umno baru…buat muka selembik minta simpati, menang jawatan…dapat jadi menteri…jadi TPM…dan dalam dok ligat nak naik jadi PM…janji manis macam-macam…lepas tu…..Pak Lah mudah lupa……….munafik kot……yang seekor lagi ni……sat UMNO….sat PKR….sat lagi….UMNO…..mana tahan…dia ingat dia cabut…PKR jatuh…takdir Allah mana dia tau…..mungkin itu hikmah Ezam keluar PKR…..PKR menang besar….dia frust…tak jadi adun, tak jadi MP…tak jadi apa…asyik gerak ligat…ja…mana tahan…..dia ni skill dia setakat tulis ucapan saja….macam si nazri kahaq tu cakaplah….ezam pakar tulis ucapan…nazri hanya pandai baca ucapan…tukang cakap lah bukan tukang fikir………

    so ezam…..ni….jangan hairan…manapun di join…..tungganglangganglah…dia lari dari PKR…Pasal anwar dan azmin tegas……ezam tak dapat makan….dia join umno pasal dia tau pak lah tu lembik…………,dia harap dia dapat makan-makan…..tapi dia lupa yang tak lama lagi bala akan menimpa umno……

  12. have you ppl watch infernal affairs that recently shown in tv3 ?

  13. gooeyglobs says:

    What a fuss! Let him GO, it is his choice. When PR comes into power he will come back.

    Psst… It could be DSAI strategy.

  14. hutchrun says:

    Well, Ezam never released those 6 boxes of corruption he had. So now he`ll return them to UMNO. Or he was lying right from the begining and was blackmailing UMNO, bluffing the rakyat at the same time.

    “The question on my mind would be where the hell is those 6 boxes which contains influential documents that could benefit the party…I guess he sold it at the Ebay”.

  15. hutchrun says:

    Well, Ezam never released those 6 boxes of corruption he had. So now he`ll return them to UMNO. Or he was lying right from the begining and was blackmailing UMNO, bluffing the rakyat at the same time.

    “The question on my mind would be where the hell is those 6 boxes which contains influential documents that could benefit the party…I guess he sold it at the Ebay”.

  16. azisirikit says:

    Hai lah Ezam, Ezam. Zam Zam alaKazam lah hang. Pi naik kapai yang nak tenggelam, baguihlah. Hang pun bukan berguna pun. Anwar dan Azmin pun hang tak boleh handle, macam mana nak jadi ketua. Jangan mimpilah hang. Hang dah kena jolok ka? Buat apa yang laung2kan GERAK tu? Hang tunggu tengok sikit haghi lagi, apa akan jadi!

  17. hutchrun says:

    “He (Ezam) wants to come back to UMNO. I accept him,” Abdullah told reporters as a smiling Ezam stood next to him.

    Ezam, who was PKR’s youth chief before quitting, claims that many party supporters have grown disenchanted with Anwar, a former deputy prime minister under Mahathir.

    He said the party’s main problem is that it has stopped focusing on the concerns of ordinary members, and control of the party is concentrated in the hands of “an inner circle of the elite at the upper level.”

    Ezam’s defection, while providing good news for UMNO, is unlikely to cause a dent in the PKR, which is at its height of popularity after the March 8 elections in which the ruling National Front coalition suffered stunning losses.

  18. ghenjis khan says:

    there goes down the drain all the big shouts about fighting corruption ..

    money and positions can buy just about anybody ….

    who cares about principles and conscience ….

    one day you are here the next you jump to another there …

  19. hamzah says:

    the chinese has a term for running dog, right?

  20. TsuChong says:

    Wow his speaking style is very much like DSAI.

  21. hornbill9 says:

    Not many UMNO youth leaders are happy that Ezam is now in . With his chrismatic personality,.he will shove aside many of the present youth leaders.

    He could even take on KJ anytime now and wins hand-down.

  22. If this guy is so sensitive that he quit PKR out of jealousy because he could not stand Anwar paying more attention to Azmin do you think he can stand the antics of the UMNO warlords?

    As it is, no right thinking person is joining UMNO at this moment, this move just show what kind of brain this person has. Let him rots among his breathen of the same feathers and together they can go to hell for all we care.

  23. toyolbuster says:

    I shall reserve my comment but when it comes to umno politics, anything is most possible. I wouldn’t even discount the possiblity that DSAI might rejoin umno. However, I wouldn’t say the same for RPK. or Susan or Bernard or Haris or Rocky and the likes.

  24. Kenny Gan says:

    Can we believe Ezam is joing Umno for nothing? Hasn’t he been bargaining hard?

    No, I don’t think so. Perks and position will come later. It’ll be interesting to see how the loyal Umno members will take to being sidelined in favour of a ‘turncoat’. Ezam will be a thorn in Umno’s flesh. He will bring in miscontent and infighting and be the subject of suspicion and mistrust. Serves both right.

  25. xy says:

    guys, if it does happen, it is just politics. The same all around the world. Don’t tell me you were born last night?

  26. ultraman says:

    I notices the speaking style as well … but he’s not original lah. There’s only one DSAI.

  27. Muda says:

    There are no permanent enemy nor friend in politics . Ezam is just following what Dr.M , Ku Li , Rais Yatim and the whole of Team B had done before .

  28. David says:

    He might be going in as an undercover .
    Politics and secret society are much the same in nature.

  29. sklee says:

    I am disappointed.I used to attend his Ceramah when he was with Keadilan.
    Looks like the man who was so against UMNO and corruption has make a complete U-turn.This prove that he was not sincere when he establish GERAK after he left PKR.

  30. caravanserai says:

    Ezam gone back home
    The UM-NO bed he goes
    Smiling sweetly thinking of his lost love
    “I am home, honey”

    When he was in PKR
    He fought and went to jail
    About freedom and corruption
    BN government caught him in
    Now he forgot and wanted the spoils
    In prison maybe he thought about it

    When he fell out in PKR
    He forgot about politics
    He hides behind Gerak
    Still talking about freedom and corruption
    Until today he applies to rejoin UM-NO
    He frogs into the sinking ship
    The ‘Titanic’ sending distress signals
    Ezam gone overboard…………
    “Honey, I am home!”

    When he walks around
    He will find the loopholes
    Water dripping sleeping isn’t to dream
    Summer kisses sorrowful songs
    He is trapped in his own folly

    Lack of patience
    Lack of perseverance
    Thinking of rising to the top
    Never willing to wait for a time
    He may lose all his creditability
    Going into UM-NO again

  31. Abdul Kadiak says:

    Kalau nak mengumpul harta kekayaan, lebih baik masyuk UMNO, gerenti projek berjuta2 menanti. Dapat 1-2 projek buat sekolah pun sudah mencukupi … misalnya peruntukan RM 35 juta tapi nilai sebenarnya RM 15 juta, yang selebihnya untuk kite le… kalu nak senang bagi orang lain mengerjekannya, kita dapat RM 5 juta pun dah o.k. = ‘modal di atas angin @ putar alam = penyamun tarbus! Ialah kalaulah masih berterusan spt sebelumnya, tentu susah hidup, setakat pakai proton saga bolihlah…bini pun nak bergaye juga.
    Maaf, ini sembang bodoh cakap orang kampong laah tapi realitinya macam itulah.

  32. Pegasus says:

    There is no honour left in Ezam, going back to a party that he was critical about the corruption and mismanagement. Money and position could have promise to him, but for a man of principle he should not have join the party but then again ,what do we expect from a fallen man. Guess its better to get rid a man of his substance as his words and deeds does not hold water. Good bye Pulau Putih,Goodbye Ezam and Goodbye BN…

  33. wawa says:

    in UMNO history, some return to UMNO- bcs they still have supporters/or they still want to grab power/no where to go/have capital of the opposition secret to sell/or they have scandals in UMNO leaders hadns-like corruptions/ Or SEX scnadals..hahah..
    which one will be ezam’s going back to UMNO (if he is).

    why this point of time-UMNO like kapal tenggelam, Ezam still go back???

    Or he has no boat anymore and desperate to be MP/menteri like his PKR friends?
    what is his offer to Pak lah for taking him back-?
    UMNO or any parties are not orphan home or welfare house that will take any kuching on the street…….

    think abt it..:-0

  34. sang kelebai says:

    Segalanya mungkin dlm politik. Hari ini kawan, esok musuh, lusa jadi sahabat balik. Semuanya adalah atas nama politik. Ezam ada agenda sendiri bila masuk semula UMNO. Mustahil Ezam masuk kapal yang hampir karam dengan kapten dan kelasi bercakaran tanpa ada muslihat yg tersembunyi. Pastinya kedudukan KJ akan tegugat dlm perebutan jawatan Ketua Pemuda UMNO Disember nanti….kita tunggu dan lihat apa episod selanjutnya….

  35. meo says:

    ezam blows himself.people still remembered he vowed firmly in Sumpah Keramat tour.and he betray everybody who prayed against his detention under ISA.pity him.
    where all those boxes?

  36. wawa says:

    as politician sumpah keramat is like making a fancy kisses to anyone they want to be win their hearts over. of course am not sure whether as muslim , simply make vows whether will be judged later after dying. Only god knows abt this :-0

    10 years ago, when almost every weeks the reformasi leaders include Ezam who called for street protest.. they themselves will be the last one who came when the crowd numbers was big enough,
    then they will give speak awhile and shouted like anwar., even they will walk, smile and speak like anwar!!

    After thei rhetoric speech,trhey will be guided by their security men and sudenly dissappeared friom the crowd!

    when FRU came. when the lay people were arrested,beaten and in the jail. these leaders are at home and need to be chased to rescure their people in jail….

    so, u think this is a true leader? if u realise a person like this can be trusted.?>??

    Those who dare to walk on street, confronted FRU and jailed- and till today many of them loss their jobs, study, nver being known as “keaders” and fame/name/power. they are REAL reformis and hero to be remember and make the democracy in malaysia progress/.
    Their heart and mind is pure and wanting justice for all,.
    Not for power, name and fame.

    sorry to say that they are not “walk” into ISA by wish
    (sorry i am not suggeting ISA should be used)

    donot romantcise these people.
    they are become hero by “enviromnent” and :timing.
    They “smart” in catching the “timing” anmd “opprinity” making themselves like hero.

    Pay our tribute to those thousands of true reformist or malaysian who dare took risk to be arrested and dare to walk on the street in year 1998-2001.

  37. I have a very serious problem with my latest ‘engagement’
    Not knowing exactly where to wear my engagement ‘ring’
    When I get such an open offer to be engaged to the ‘government’
    I’m not too sure if this is another ‘national service’ or ‘sting’?

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 280508
    Wed. 28th May 2008.

  38. Noor Aza Othman says:

    I’ve met Ezam; and he seems a nice down to earth person unlike most of the Umno elitist idiots! I think Ezam has this typical dream that Umno can be reformed from within. He will be disillusioned soon enough when he realized as I was, that Umno is like evil capitalist scum, cannot be reformed since it’s a fascist, sadist-macho, elitist and racist party right from the beginning; at the root of it! Not along the way, as ordinary Malays thought!

    Noor Aza Othman.

  39. Fan says:

    I think unless he lost his brain, he wouldn’t join UMNO. There is something. Because during the elections, he was campaigning for Saifuddin Nasution of Machang-Kelantan (PKR). So, may be he is looking for something. May be he was sent. May be his anger at Anwar for showing seniority to him which should be because of age and position, he is angry. Well, I don’t know. But whatever reason he gives, he is in deep shit. I think he wouldn’t benifit UMNO because AMNO has 3.5 million members, but may be there is something. Is he going to destabilise? Fight the Mahathir camp inside? If AAB gives him senatorship while he denies that favour to UMNO loyalists who lost in the elections or who are division leaders in Pakatan Rakyat states, what would happen?

  40. billauchris says:

    “Ezam sudah jadi Asam”, a man in the street remarked when I passed by Petaling Street on my way to Madras Lane for a bowl of laksa. That is the place I find so many people talk shop about politics – from top to bottom, from peace to disaster, from integrity or good governance to the scourge of corruption etc.

    Then came the subject of Ezam. The man who sat beside me asked for my opinion about his defection to UMNO. My habit of response is to respond with a question, “What do you think?”.

    The gentleman shot out like a machine gun condemning Ezam’S cross-over so soon – hardly three months after the general election. He used all sort of colourful words to curse and swear at that che’gu whom he claimed had let the rakyat down miserably.

    When I told that gentleman that he joined UMNO to destroy UMNO, he answered, “No way, his movement will be carefully watched and his freedom is gone. They will subject him to a long period of tests, trials and tribulations. Not so easy lah! You look at Ku Li, until now, the UMNOputras cannot trust him.. Ezam must undergo a period to rot. The subtle way they can break him is to induce or tempt him to perpetrate criminal offences like accepting bribes, favours, vaporising enemies with C4, money laundering etc. Then they open a dossier for him. Then, he cannot spe….ak. You understand me brother? Umno likes crooks only – those who do not have good track records.”

    So what can you and I do. Tell all your friends, relatives and associates to boycot him, snub me and ignore him. Treat him like a leper and he will be an outcast.

    “Eh Brother, don’t be like that, Don’t you think you are a bit too harsh on the so-called Ezam, the Asam.”

    “Brother, you do not know. I don’t trust most of the BN-nites including the UMNOputras. They do not mean what they say. The UMNOputras always think they are more bumiputric than the BN-nites.” Hence, they cannot see eye to eye with one another.”

    I then asked, “This is the first time I come a across the word ‘BN-nites’. Why do you coin such a term for the BN-ners? The BN-ners do F… A.. during the day time; at night, they are like owls and rodents frequenting posh nite-clubs. karaoke and lounges smoking Havana Cigars, drinking expensive branded liquor and have fun with the CROs. When they get high, they molest them and pretend nothing will happen to them. They don’t allow the commoners to enjoy themselves. How can they be fair?”

    “But, that is their business after office?”

    ” But they cannot be so immoral as to stoop that low in the eyes of the public who elected them to office”.

    “Now come back to Ezam, you don’t want to friend him, ah?”

    “I become su…oi if I ever touch him. I don’t want to see him, don’t want to listen to him and don’t want to talk about him from now on. I will pray for his downfall. and this time my friends and I are not going to let him go so easily. If he comes to me constituency, I will throw or pelt bad eggs at him. I do not like turncoat.”

    “Let me tell you another thing about turncoats like him. They are not sincere in what they think, say or do. Each time they crossover to another party, they will cook up excuses why they did what they did. They say ‘A’ when they mean ‘B having in mind ‘C’ but actually ‘D’. You know they are like snakes”.

    “Eh, brother, I hardly know your name. Anyway, nice to talk to you. I am so and so. Hope we meet again here next week again.”

    “Yes, my name is ….” Nice to meet you.

    I hope the sharing above just reveals how the common man in the streets feel about opposition members joining the ruling party UMNO.

    Now I understand why this commoner used the phrase to describe “Ezam sudah jadi Asam”.

  41. hilal says:

    Chegu, where you join we don’t care.
    Don’t join the devil and make it bigger
    We are not saying the devil is who
    As a Chegu, you should know
    Otherwise, go back and teach in school.
    If you are tired go and sell cendol
    But never, never join the devil

  42. bamboo river says:

    Good for him if he can change the system in Umno.
    But , alas, politics mah. Even zebra can loose its stripes and turn into a mule.(Only in politics)

  43. john smith says:

    I tot they are supposed to have the so called “ANTI-HOPPING LAW”

    what happend now ??
    lol,nvm i was a DAP VOTER LAST ROUND. im proud of it and now im gonna start telling everyone in malaysia…..

    do u want your kids to suffer ??
    Vote for a change….

    look at the way the EC talks,like a pisang goreng seller.

  44. hutchrun says:

    SHAH ALAM: Datuk Dr Tan Kee Kwong became the second Gerakan leader to take up a post with an Opposition-led state government.

    The Federal Territory Gerakan chief and former Deputy Land and Cooperative Development Minister was named as co-chairman of Selangor’s special task force on land issues.

    Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said the other co-chairman was former Land and Cooperative Development Ministry secretary-general Prof Datuk Dr Nik Mohd Zain Nik Yusof.


  45. […] Pak Lah wants Ezam, Ezam wants UMNO [YouTube] Video – Charismatic Ezam talks about corruption. And now…Ezam crawls back into UMNO: [image] Image from […] […]

  46. hutchrun says:

    Many like Najib do not trust Ezam. They know the 5th colum (A fifth column is a group of people who clandestinely undermine a larger group to which it is expected to be loyal) has penetrated:

    Najib: It’s up to Ezam to gain confidence

  47. Lallang exile says:


    Wonderful! We now have another leader in waiting besides the keris-brandishing gang and the SIL. And Ezam is the most promising guy to emerge after a long while.

    Now, we’ve got to be fair to AAB – he should be commended for welcoming Ezam since Ezam will be a direct competitor to Khairy’s aspirations in Umno.

    As for Ezam, I like the man, much more than Najib, SIL and Anwar put together. I do not need to mention ku li and muhyiddin since their expiry date have long passed.

    Ezam, press on and don’t let them deter you……….I’m putting my wager on you to win the race!!!


  48. ktteokt says:


  49. tamade says:

    Frankly, he will be having tough time in UMNO as those warlords in there will not welcome a rising star, who is blocking their path. Anyway, since he has made up his mind, hopefully he will bring with him the true spirit of Democracy and continue with his noble objectives of Gerak and cleanse UMNO thoroughly. Let those corrupted ones and paranoid racists be put in prison, that’s what we hope. He can also team up with the shrewd KJ to convert UMNO into a respectful party with dignity.

  50. kittykat46 says:

    You’ve changed your main posting font to Courier (? – not sure ).
    I prefer the old font…Courier is OK printed on paper, but not so easy to read on a computer screen.

  51. bamboo river says:

    Aiya,kk46, don’t lah asked for change.
    Last time I had problem reading the text. Changed my specs and reading is okay. Suddenly Susan changed the font. Looks very clear than before.
    Now you want to ask for change again ahh?
    My next spectacle bill will be posted to you .:-)

  52. kittykat46 says:

    Ok, lah….Only now I have to set Internet Explorer to 100% when reading Susan’s blog…:-)

  53. Andrew says:

    Hmm, wasn’t his sister one of Anwar’s detractors? A leopard can’t change its spots.

  54. Does all these politic movement benefit Malaysian?

  55. By the way, I watched 8TV recently, showing many parliaments moment.

    oh mine, those are not important news and but I really have to admit, I laughed non-stop when I heard this:

    “Tarik Balik, atau Tunjuk Lesen”. haha

  56. kazam says:

    Pak Lah macam tulah. . loser surrounding himself with loser macam Zaid Ibrahim.. Ezam…

    Ezam akan bantu Paklah pertahan presiden UMNO?

    Boleh blah la orang tua…

  57. evileena says:

    Ezam have its own agenda…. hope Che Det was around like before. Nobody dare to challange him!!

  58. railcoop68 says:

    Ezam should be intelligent enough to know that the UMNOPUTRAS are using him for a ‘political’ purpose and that his membership in UMNO is no hassle to anyone. UMNO cannot be said to be that stupid to trust a characted like EZAM. Kataks are normally eaten up by snakes in Nature.

    So Ezam should be aware of the numerous snakes in UMNO.

  59. wawa says:

    no joke la

    in Malaysiakini chinese version tiday reported that:(http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/83625): 批评公正党丧失马来主导色彩-依占称受阿都拉改革感召回巢
    郭史光庆 | 5月29日 下午1点34分

    The difference btw me and anwar is:
    anwar change the PKR become the party for supporting/upholding multi culturalism/etnic equality.
    its againist my principle of it bcs we should support the ketuamam melayu and regads malay as the tuan.Now, anwar make the malay had lost their respects all otehr races.
    this is why i return to UMNO.
    bla bla bla and bcs the Pak lah is the leader serious anti corruption.

    so, is that clear enough?
    Ezam has the ideolgy that similar with UMNO- ketuanan melayu.

    it is indeed good to know about it.
    at least we should understadn why he go back UMNO
    bcs he is the supporter of ketuanan melayu.

    its better he and his fellow not remain in the PKR as this will pollute the PKR ,multiuculturalsim ideal.

    let pray for his soul will be peace inside UMNO with the ketuanan mekayu~!

  60. milah says:

    Poor ezam. Look what youve done to yourself. Now every decent person in Malaysia hates you and think you ‘re an absolute worthless guy. And you know what… you are ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS!

    If ezam thinks he can change UMNO from the inside out and help Pak Lah Hadhari to be rid of Rasuah…. hmmm… He must be a fool if he thinks he can fool us with that! Why, UMNO is reaping, living and breathing with rasuah. Will be interesting to watch what Ezam wants to do. Oh but then again, why bother…. This guy is quickly running out of relevance to the country. The sooner we forget his existence, the better….. So… ezam,… who??

  61. ukun says:

    salam semua rakyat malaysia,
    Sebenarnya kerajaan lama sudah cukup bagus tapi sekarang yang perlu kita buat ialah bukan tukar kerajaan tapi kita tukarkan pemerintah.Kita tahu ke kerajaan baru ni boleh membela rakyat?Dah 100 hari lebih pemerintahan tapi kita tengok kat parlimen seolah2 budak berhingus tak nampak profesional langsung,sama je dengan yang ada malah nampak buruk lagi.Lupakanlah Dsai,suruh dia duduk rumah berehat ngan isteri anak dan cucu.Kita ramai2 sokong tok guru (Nik Aziz) Insyaallah selamat kita dunia akhirat.

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