Yesterday, the Human Rights Torch Relay (HRTR) came to Malaysia, from Canada. It’s next stop is in Taiwan. It’s aim was to highlight the Chinese regime’s worsening human rights abuses prior to the Beijing Olympics.

More information on the human rights torch can be found on their website. This is definitely an alternative torch that rivals the one that is going around the world to finally arrive in Beijing for this year’s Olympics.

Very strong messages could be found here. How would the Chinese government or its supporters response to this?

NGOs, democracy and human rights activists, persecuted groups and concerned supporters rallied on Tasik Perdana (Lake Garden) to receive the ceremonial arrival of the Global Torch.

“I feel very proud to join the HRTR event today. I think it is a very sacred activity with a sacred objective, which is to save the lives who are persecuted by the Chinese regime,” said Mr. N. Surendran (photo, carrying the torch), representative of group and ambassador of the HRTR event.

“It is not just for Falun Gong, but also other persecuted and dissident groups, like Tibetan people and so on. I am very happy that this event can be successfully held. I believe this event will focus world attention on what the Chinese government is doing.

“The Communist regime is putting pressure to the world to stop democratic expression of protests against the Olympic torch. I think it is a shameful act by the International Olympic Committee to have ever awarded the Olympic to the Chinese regime.

“I think all countries should boycott the Beijing Olympic. I think its absolute nonsense to say that sport should not be mixed up with politics. This kind of statement is addressed by people who are sitting comfortably in their air-conditioned offices, and who are not being murdered and oppressed by the Chinese regime. This is not about politics or sport; this is about stopping people from being murdered,” concluded N. Surendran.

Initiated by the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG), the Torch is a global grassroots campaign to press for an end to human rights atrocities in China before the Olympics in August.

In it’s website, the HRTR says that it:

“…strongly condemns the arrest of 1878 Falun Gong followers since January 1st 2008; Chinese regime’s ruthless crackdown in Tibet; support of corrupt regimes in Burma and Darfur; and persecution of Christians, lawyers, reporters and all who have effectively become “prisoners of the Olympics” as a consequence of China’s pre-Olympics whitewash”.

Mr. Roger Chan, representative of the Human Rights Committee of Bar Council, was one of the invited speakers of the event.

“This morning I come here to support the torch of humanity. The purpose of this torch run is to raise awareness on various problems. The serious problem here is the allegation of living organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners. Once we come to allegations about human lives, we got to be very serious about it. We need to ensure all these problems are looked into,” said Roger.

“Today we are not here for just a simple gathering, or to against China. We are here to support humanity and to expose the problem of live organ harvesting,

“I would say that this is a very good event to create awareness. We believe the Olympic cannot go hand in hand with the atrocity committed against humanity. The Chinese regime should stop all form of organ harvesting immediately and should open the organ transplant records for survey by the independent human rights organization, like United Nation or Amnesty International,” said Roger.

*Images by participants of the torch relay in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

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  1. I believed in the theory of Karma -you reap what you sown. Perhaps for all the actrocities commited by the Chinese Communist regime against humanity especially the gentle and humble Tibetan people ,this massive
    earthquake in Sichuan is the retribution for the Communist regime.Much as I pitied the innocent earthquake victims, I did not donate a single cent
    although I did for the Burmese cyclone victims. If China is rich enough to build so many world class stadiums for the Olympics ,surely she had enough money to help the earthquake victims.

  2. Shower says:

    1) Mr. N. Surdaran Singh -you should be in India to help and fight for your sikh/pujab rights instead of making a fool of yourself here. Going forward the other races such as Khasmir and Indian Muslims also need your help too.How about Patani in Thailand, the Shans in Burma, Kashmir, Manipal and Nagaland in India & the list goes on. Why is Tibet and FaLung Gong are so special to you?
    @ Rojak Tan- why did you off out last minute from the Investigate Team of Cua Soi Lek sex tape. Are you helping OKT to fight the running dogs ” rights” in MCA ?.

  3. BeWay says:

    Notable highlights from India;

    * Only 2 days ago, at least 31 people have been killed and scores injured in western India in two days of clashes between police and members of a farming caste
    * In 1992, thousands of Muslims were slaughtered in Gujarat.

    A life in India is not worth more than a life of an animal. What human right does the so-called human right activists fighting for? I wonder which fake God they are praying to.

  4. come police – where’s the FRU when you need them to wake these torcher up with chemical laced spray.

  5. miwaki says:

    Falun Gong is something I can’t accept as the founder is enjoying life in US of A but his followers are doing the dirty jobs for him in China.Before you people worry about the human rights of China,please keep your own country free from draconian laws such as ISA.

    No matter what do it here,China is still a force to be reckon with in the olympic.Want to bet ?

  6. where’s the police when you need them – the FRU to wake these torchers up from their daydreaming with chemical laced spray ….. best is tembak them with tear gas …..

  7. Lallang exile says:

    Concerned voter,

    Good for you. Save your pennies. China, indeed, does not need it from u.

    If u or your family was in that earth quake, how would u otherwise pontificate on “karma” and “human rights? Have u bothered to see Sue’s pic essay on it?

    A massive earthquake resulting in the loss of thousands of lives is a great human tragedy. Everyone who calls himself or herself a human being would feel a pang of sympathy, donations asides. Doesn’t matter whether it happened in China, USA, UK, India or Malaysia.

    If you cannot even empathise with the pain and horror involved, you do not qualify to discuss human rights.

    Not in or outside this forum.

    I reserve my comments about the Falun Gong. But it has NOTHING to do with the earthquake.

    Shucks, I am absolutely ashamed of you as a Malaysian!!!!!

  8. Lallang exile says:

    concerned voter,

    You can wait for your “retribution” for the harsh judgement u made on the poor people who died in the earthquake.

    Remember, Malaysia is not more than 50 miles away from the Rim of Fire in traversing Sumatra.

    And, you are just another voter. Please don’t attach importance to yourself by attaching a “”concerned”” to your status!!! The next thing we know, you’d be demanding to be called YRH or HRH or YB!!!!!!

  9. tamade says:

    Susan I have some questions here. Is Fa lun Gong a Buddhist Sectarian or a new school of thought disguised as Buddhism? What is the true objective of Falun Gong, a so-called NEW RELIGION which is too involved in Politics? Who is this founder of Fa Lun Gong, namely LEE HONGZHI? Why is he claiming himself as the GREATEST MAN of ENLIGHTENMENT now and nobody can surpass him, not even Lord Buddha? Where is this so called founder now? Is he really enlightened like the Lord Buddha 2500 years ago? Has he preached Dharma like Lord Buddha and other Shangha? How many books have he written based on his level of Enlightenment to enrich the Lord Buddha’s profound teaching? What is this guy’s connection with CIA in order to demonise China? Do the Malaysian Falun Gong followers really understand the Eight Fold Path of Lord Buddha? People out there, think carefully if you really want to join Fa Lun Gong. Find the answers yourself. You will be stunned.

  10. ah Long says:

    When I was weak….you call me the sick man of Asia

    Now that I am strong, you want to talk human rights.

    When we were falling apart, you march in your troops

    Now we are putting the broken pieces together,

    Free Tibet you scream, it was an invasion.

    When we had more than a billion people

    You said we were destroying the planet.

    Now we are limiting our numbers, you scream human rights abuse.

    When we embraced communism, you called us the yellow peril

    Now we embrace the free market, you hate us for being capitalist.

    When we were poor, you said we were worst than dogs

    When we lend you cash, you blame us for your debts.

    When we buy oil for our industries,

    you call us polluters and blame us for global warming.

    You go to war for oil and you call that liberation and freedom.

    When we were lost in chaos and rampage, you want rule of law for us

    When we uphold law and order, you call it human rights violation.

    When we were silent, you said you want us to have freedom of speech,

    Now that we are silent no more, you say we are brainwashed racists.

    What do you really want from us ???

    We want, one world, one dream and peace on earth.

    This big blue earth is big enough for all of us.

    Quoted from memory from an article I read somewhere on the internet.
    Author unknown.

  11. wits0 says:

    “The Chinese regime should stop all form of organ harvesting immediately …”
    So should the allegation of the same in the recent conflict in Kosovo be investigated and stopped.

    Mr. N. Surendran should also remember the Indian Caste System and the lot of the lowest caste. the Dalits. This has been a very long human rights abuse that’s “impossible” to change, it seems.

    Dhimmi Carter boycott the Moscow Olympics but what did it achieve? He botched badly even the rescue attempt in Iran over the American Hostage crisis. In hindsight one might even say that the Russians should have been left alone in Afghanistan and not have given a chance for the Talibans to emerge.

    Better to separate sports from politics.

    Fa lun Gong is quasi political movement and not led by an unenlightened leader. Although it may be said that Buddhism has been far too passive, it is uncertain that Fa lun Gong is the answer to this usual deficit.

  12. susu kacang says:

    …the Fuck-Long-Gong…is subversive towards China well-being! I am not happy with Malaysia’s government policies…but ” EARTH IS NO HEAVEN!”

    To have a “best world” is euphoric! Anwar, Mahathir, Najib, Badawi or even Sammy Vellu….they and us are playing poker on earth!

    Suzy…..where’s my susu kacang?

  13. kittykat46 says:

    I don’t really want to get entangled in the politics of this.

    As a practicing follower of Amitabha Buddhism, I would say Falung Gong is a perversion of the Buddha’s teachings.

    However, I would also add that the Human Rights Torch relay has a right to pass through Malaysia unmolested.

  14. Lallang exile,what is wrong with you ? Can’t stand different views? Must everyone share the same view with you ? If you can’t ,then you shouldn’t go into blogs. There are so many different views,can you dispute all of them to suit yours? And who are you to judge whether I qualify to talk about human rights etc. We Malaysians can talk about anything under the sun! This is a democratic country,remember.Case closed.

  15. wits0 says:

    “not led by an unenlightened” should read “not led by an enlightened”.

  16. mimi says:

    Falung Gong, in my observation, is led by a conman financially and politically supported by the West to screw up Chinese minds so that Chinese remains supertitious and bckward. It is like the Brits selling opium to the Chinese in the 19th century.

  17. ah Long says:

    Did you all know that in front of every Chinese embassy in all major capital cities around the world there is a permanent Falun Gong protest group stationed in the front of the embassy 24/7/365 !!!!

    Who is funding all these??? Is Falun Gong a religious or political organisation??

    And people from India should not talk about organ harvesting in China. It is a well known fact that you can openly sell your kidney for money in India. Isn’t that organ harvesting for money??? How about selling blood to the blood banks or even the cornea from your eyes ??

    I believe in China they only officially harvest organs from executed criminals.

  18. whispering9 says:

    To me the word is ‘sexy’. It is sexy to antagonise China and the Olympic. That is why, they ignore the other violators like Burma, Sudan, Kosovo, Moscow, India…the list is so loooong. Then, there is this question of hypocrisy, just like when Mr. Company So & So CEO presents a gigantic mock up cheque of RMX0,000 for victims of the recent disasters. Anyway, I think Falung Gong is ?????. Nothing wrong if they want to parade through our country. Wonder who is funding them?

  19. tummybelly says:

    Lallang exile, another point for you to take note. Never measure a person’s sympathies or lack of it by pennies! Doesn’t a moment of silence or a prayer for the dead souls qualify as sympathies ? And how do you know that I didn’t observe this ? Just to clarify with you,not picking a quarel.Remember,to each his own view!

  20. susu kacang says:

    …ooooi Ah Long….Falun Gong….is a CIA-planted element to break down China…just like it did on the former USSR!

    By the way….how is RPK…(the nextMB of Perak doing?)….heeeeheeehee!

    I feel the earth move under my feet….GUYS…imagine if a terrible earthquake gonna happen somewhere in tanah semenanjung!

    Lallang exile…it MAY happen!

    Suzy dear…have you ever mixed 2 parts of whiskey against a susu kacang?

    Gunung Kinabalu

  21. KK Lim says:

    To concerned voter,

    I think u are a sick and sadistic creature for saying that innocent people being killed in Sichuan is a form of retribution/karma – whose karma ? The innocent chinese people who died or the Chinese government whom u hate ? If u do not want to donate anything for the poor victims, that’s within your right but to justify what u do by saying it’s their karma to die ( to to be punished according to your belief ?) for the actions of their government (which u do not agree) is a reflection of your hypocrisy and despicability, sickness.

    As for those who is attempting to link the campaign against the Olympics to the Chinese government’s human rights record, I can only say you people are nothing but pseudo human rights champions. Reason is very simple. You don’t wait until Olympics to do this – you should have done that long ago. Human rights abuses in China didn’t exist only today – they were there long ago. In fact, I would think the HR situation in China today is very much better (improved) over the years, and definately better than many countries that proclaim themselves a democracy or developed. Go to China, stay there, do proper studies. talk to people there. Don’t just be an ivory tower critic/campaigner.

  22. jughead says:

    You want spare parts when you need kidneys, lungs etc? You can go to Indian and Phillippines. There are gangs who will cheat poor Indains and Fillipinos and harvest from them and they pay them very little. Hundreds of Rich Yankees, Ausssies and Pommies are going there. These countries are worst than China as they cheat the people to lose their organs.

    The Falung Gong used to march around the city and play big bands in front of Bank of China. They CONFRONT the Government. Mind you China is still a COMMUNIST Country and there are corrupt Government Officials and they are no different. But if they are caught, they have to pay for the bullets when they face the firing squad. But Malaysia can escape from such judgement

  23. nikpeterson says:

    Like the Dalai Lama and his group of conmen, Falun Gong is certainly supported by CIA through its front organisation National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The US and some rightwing regimes in the West are using the century-old trick to exploit religions and superstition to WEAKEN and CONFUSE non-Western minds among their enemies or potential enemies. Read my blog for details.

  24. CTW says:

    There is time to protest and there is time not to protest, no matter how righteous we feel we are. When China is struck by a natural disaster of this magnitude of 60.000 over dead, 350,000 over injured, 24,000 over missing, 5.4 millions homeless and 69 dams in danger of collapse( See BBC sources), do we still have a heart to protest at this moment? Spare a moment to put ourselves in the shoes of the survivors. Is the path walked by Falun Gong a path with or without heart? I am not so sure now.

  25. susu kacang says:

    …what is your favourite drink?

    I LOVE SUSU KACANG…..and of coz…SUSU IBU!


  26. Facial says:

    Susan, Surderan & Rojak Chan do you all know that Lee Hong Zhi had instructed a family to set fire on their only daughter in Tiananmen Square. Her parent rolled her with plastic petrol tube over her body and upon arriving at Tiananmen Square then set fire to her and then to themselves. This lovely girl was only around 13 years old.

    You should write to CCTV China to request for a copy of the documentary regarding the interview how this pitiful girl relate her sad sad sad episode. Her burn was beyond recognition and very scary.

    This was the work of Fucklung Gong.

  27. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    Every human has dignity and rights…

    A right to live a peaceful life
    A right to earn a living
    A right to speak their mind
    A right not to impose their will on others no matter how small or weak they are.
    A right to be heard and a right to hear others
    A right to do what is right in the eyes of God
    A right not to listen to others when they speak ill.
    But never exercise our rights at the expense of others….

  28. A Voter says:

    Susu Kacang is here only trying to be funny. I hope susan doesn’t have to pay for your “pollution” of this good blog.

  29. temenggong says:

    Lots of chinese chauvinists, apologists and simply ignorant ones who know nothing of Falun Gong emerging from the closet here in this forum. I am just appalled with shallow malaysian chinese!! We shall deal with them appropriately soon enough. I know what to do.

    For the moment here is a poem in Chinese from Sichuan (English translation by Alex Tang, a Toronto-based earthquake engineer) written after the recent quake. Pay heed to karma and rebirth.

    The Road to Heaven is Too Dark

    孩子 (Child)
    快 (Hurry up)

    抓紧妈妈的手 (Tightly hold your Mom’s hand)

    去天堂的路 (The road to heaven)
    太黑了 (is too dark)

    妈妈怕你 (Mom is afraid that)
    碰了头 (you hit your head)

    快 (Hurry up)

    抓紧妈妈的手 (Tightly hold your Mom’s hand)

    让妈妈陪你走 (Let Mom keep you company)

    妈妈 (Mom)
    怕 (I am afraid)

    天堂的路 (The road to heaven)
    太黑 (is too dark)

    我看不见你的手 (I cannot see your hand)
    自从 (since)
    倒塌的墙 (the wall collapsed)

    把阳光夺走 (it took the sun light away)

    我再也看不见 (I cannot see )
    你柔情的眸 (your lovely eyes again)

    孩子 (Child)
    你走吧 (You can go)

    前面的路 (the road in front of you)
    再也没有忧愁 (has no sorrow any more)

    没有读不完的课本 (there are no books that you cannot finish reading)

    和爸爸的拳头 (and your father’s fist)
    你要记住 (you have to remember)
    我和爸爸的摸样 (my face and your father’s face)

    来生还要一起走 (let’s finish walking this road together in our next life)

    妈妈 (Mom)

    别担忧 (do not worry)

    天堂的路有些挤 (the road to heaven is a bit crowded)

    有很多同学朋友 (I have a lot classmates and friends)

    我们说 (we all say)
    不哭 (don’t cry)

    哪一个人的妈妈都是我们的妈妈 (anyone’s Mom is our Mom)

    哪一个孩子都是妈妈的孩子 (any child is Mom’s child)

    没有我的日子 (the days without me)

    你把爱给活的孩子吧 (give your love to the children alive)

    妈妈 (Mom)
    你别哭 (don’t cry)
    泪光照亮不了 (tears cannot light up the road)

    我们的路 (our road)
    让我们自己 (let us)
    慢慢的走 (walk slowly)

    妈妈 (Mom)

    我会记住你和爸爸的模样 (I will remember your face and father’s face)
    记住我们的约定 (remember our appointment)
    来生一起走 (of walking together in our next life)

  30. Dear all,

    I am a Falun Gong practitioner in Malaysia. First of all, thanks Susan for posting the story of HRTR.

    I gathered the “Dafa” or teaching of Falun Gong about 4 years ago.

    I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and a very serious Gastric problem, my right eye was almost blind because got crack on surface.

    There was one night I felt I was going to die, and suddenly just think of losing all my love one.

    Not long after, my brother introduced me the book of Falun Gong and I always like “Chi-Gong”, so I thought, why not? and I practice the Chi-Gong.

    My health improved in just few months time or shorter, I can’t remember. I just follow the teaching of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.” My previous very very bad temper also become better and now I hardly has any bad temper.

    CCP or Jiang Zemin jealous about Falun Gong and the founder of Falun Gong, and they keep on demonize and lies about the practice, so many lies that I can’t one by one explain to you.

    Even if my teacher Mr. Li Hong Zhi has political agenda (although he only wants people to benefit for health and moral), Even if he has ties with CIA or USA, I think it still doesn’t justify the CCP to kill and practice genocide on millions of Falun Gong practitioners, it’s about personal belief, freedom and do what they want which is non-violent and not affecting others negatively.

    I hope those who has misunderstanding about Falun Gong to read the Nine Commentaries (

    This will help you to understand the Communist Party’s strategy on wiping out the Falun Gong community.

  31. FOFG says:

    Hi CTW,

    All human beings in the world are saddned by the big earthquake in SiChuan. All of us are sad and hope to help.

    The earthquake has already happened, and many children died because of the lousy school the Communist Government build.

    Check out the government buildings in SiChuan, none of them collapsed!!

    Falun Gong plight and earthquake are both urgent matter. CCP is killing Falun Gong like Crabs, Shrimps in the restaurant, and harvest their organs like animal.

    If you don’t believe, try call to China’s hospital and request for a organ, see how fast you can get it. The average waiting time in the world is 4 to 8 years. Try your luck in China, I bet you can get within weeks or months. Where the organs come from?

  32. amoker says:

    I still don’t understand why they are here… where did they get the money to fly around the world? Makes you wonder … i used to read , who gave out details on how US works out their foreign policy. This sounds like one of them. The others are like those colour coded democracy ralies etc.
    They sounded to me like a US based propoganda. Linking other group’s condition to their own, they sought to gain support of neutrals. And the same China Bashing rethoric.

    HOwever, I respect their right to be heard.

    China is no angel, so is US or even Malaysia. I am just tired of these anti Palestine, anti China, anti Russia, anti Venezuela, anti whatever countries that does not appease the big brother. The same anger when politicians / civil servants here try to appease their big boses instead of standing up for rakyat. So, do your run but don’t pull other people into dirty ponds.

  33. Hi amoker,

    Thanks for posting the question about money and ‘fund’ of Falun Gong.

    I practice Falun Gong since 4 years ago.

    I didn’t get single cent of “funding” to clarify truth of Falun Gong.

    If I lied to you, then I am not following the teaching of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forberance”.

    If I don’t follow the above 3 principles, very simple, then I am not Falun Gong practitioners or I am a very new practitioner who is still striving to improve more.

    Let me give you a scenario, if I pay you RM100 a day, would you want to protest outside the CCP embassy in Jalan Ampang? Where police are there waiting for us all the time.

    or go join the Human Rights Torch Relay where seen police are there monitoring the event and rushing us to leave quickly.

    Falun Gong is not here to get money. We are using our own money to clarify the truth and explain the lies by the CCP on us.

    Falun Gong practitioners need to be a good person, getting other’s money is not a right thing to do for us. We need to earn a living, just like ordinary people.

    CCP demonise our group and always come out new justification why they can kill the Falun Gong practitioners in China.

    Hope I answer your doubt.

  34. Lallang exile says:


    So Tummy belly and “concerned voter” is one?

    C. Voter,

    You said:

    “And who are you to judge whether I qualify to talk about human rights etc”

    Exactly!! Giving u a taste of your own medicine!!! Who are u to judge that the devastating earthquake was a consequence of China’s policies towards the bloody fa lun gong/ WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE???

    Now, what about the tsunami not too long ago? Did all the people die because of “retribution” for the domestic policies of their governments?
    In this case, there were many countries involved. Did all those governments “sin” so badly that their citizens died as a price?

    Fact is, your enlightening analysis and reaction to mega disasters just won’t do, concerned voter and tummy belly. I should say they do not represent the typical Malaysian.

    And I repeat it’s fine that you do not want to contribute financially to help the victims.

    BUT don’t go round passing judgement where hudgement is not due and dissaude others who want to help out in this terrible disaster.

    As for your rights to practise and further spread your spin about fa lun gong, go ahead. But not at the expense aof the poor wretched Sichuan earthquake victims, many of which are young innocent children.

    I repeat, both your reactions are not typicall of Malaysians of all races!!!

    And Ah Long,

    Thanks for digging out the poem that i shared during Sue’s olympic torch post last month. You sure have fantastic memory.

  35. Lallang exile says:


    Thanks for not defiling this blog by uttering blasphemous remarks about the quake victims.

    BTW, what did happen to your leader Li hongzhi? Last i saw him in person some 15 years ago. He did sound sincere, although those present were tryiing hard not to laught since hiis ideas bordered on the hilarious to the lludricous!

    And, doesnt’t your malaysian chapter get any gravy from Li’s benefactor uncle sam?

    the qi gong part is not bad actually, but not much different from tachi.

    cheers, kawan, and watch out for the blue uniforms during your rally.

  36. tamade says:

    Dr. Amir of Malaysia is the QiGong Association Chairman. He has been writing weekly column in the Sunday Star’s Fit For Life section. Mr. Chang Jiang Hao can always seek his advice. Any Qi Gong, if practiced properly by people who follow the advice of QiGong Master, will be able to provide health benefits to the practitioners. If Fa Lun Gong were to remain as a QiGong Association and cut itself from political entanglements, I believe it will be a different story. And if Fa Lun Gong were to dissociate itself from Buddhism, it will be less confusing and misleading.

  37. Lallang exile says:

    Dear bloggers,

    BTW, please take the trouble – despite the assurances from our Government that big ones won’t hit here – and find out how to react in the event of an earthquake.

    Peninsular Malaysia is very near to Sumatra which lies on the Rim of Fire . In the recent Sichuan biggie, places as far off as Beijing and Bangkok also recorded the tremblor. I had always wondered about the hotsprings along the Main Range and the sinkholes in Perak.

    Take care.

  38. temenggong says:

    “And, doesnt’t your malaysian chapter get any gravy from Li’s benefactor uncle sam?”

    This is the ignorance and chauvinistic condescension that has to be dealt with.

  39. Hi Lallang exile,

    You are funny about the blue uniform. The Malaysian police deal many times with local Falun Gong practitioners already.

    There was one time I protested out the CCP embassy in Jalan Ampang, one police came and confiscate my IC, and asked me to go to the police station opposite the Ampang Park.

    I was ‘detained’ there in the lobby for more than 8 hours. There were about 4 of us ‘detained’ there. During our presence, there were many phone calls in there from their bosses to discuss about actions on us.

    At that time the police also thought we are bad guys, so we just kindly clarified the truth with them. After about 2 hours of staying there, the police started go know us more and find out we are just ordinary kind people of Malaysia.

    The female police started to joke with us and the atmosphere became less tense.

    The police interviewed us one by one, and told us it’s “illegal” to gather outside the CCP embassy, and they planned to ‘take action’ or something.
    (It seemed to be). We were not scared because we know we didn’t do anything wrong but to raise awareness and protest against the CCP’s persecution on Falun Gong practitioners in China.

    We patiently explained to the police about truth of Falun Gong and why we protested outside the embassy. Our rational and calm explaination finally able to convince them we are just ordinary people with righteous purpose.

    The police started to relax a bit and had good chat with us and being much more friendly. Fortunately, they released us at 2am at midnight. That was my first encounter with our police force. Just a story to share :).

  40. Lallang exile says:


    You wrote:

    “Lots of chinese chauvinists, apologists and simply ignorant ones who know nothing of Falun Gong emerging from the closet here in this forum. I am just appalled with shallow malaysian chinese!! We shall deal with them appropriately soon enough. I know what to do.”

    Are you labelling all who question fa lun gong ignorant?
    You sound exactly like the Pighead in Animal Farm who decried that all the animals had to accept his word as law. No questioning.

    Please recognise that Sue’s blog is frequented by a majority of clear thinking, questioning adults besides fascist souls like you. And BTW, most of us had heard and come into contact with this cult (yes, this is a qigong+buddhist=china bashing cult) long before you even heard of it. And, your leader didn’t sound like u do. Call me condescending again, i don’t give two hoots for your opionion. ha! ha!!!

    And, are you going to put us all in a evil spell?

    Good Lord…………………..

  41. To Lallang Exile and KK Lim and those who share your sentiments. You can called me by any degrading names you liked. After all I don’t know who you are and I am not interested to anyway. How can you explain why some people die peacefully while others die from natural disaster? Why some people are born into peaceful countries while others born into turbulent countries. Doesn’t this got anything to do with their past deeds?
    You can read up from the book ” The Karma of Cause and Effect” Unless you don’t believe this law then there is nothing else I will say anymore.
    Moving on to donation.Do you realise there are more millionaires in China today thanks to Deng Xioping open policies than all the population of the whole Malaysia combined! They should be the first in line to help their comrades. Our help is like an ant helping an elephant in distress! Right here at home we have countless people suffering form terminal illness. Though not vicitims of natural disasters,they are equally deserving our attention and help. This is all I wanted to say on this matter and I will say nothing more whether you agreed with my views.

  42. Lallang exile says:


    Thanks for sharing your experience with the police. You sound like a gentle, sincere person. And it’s a good thing that nothing happened to you in police custody.

    Please beware of your comrade Temmengong who spews junta-like threats rather than the peace-loving tenets of your faith.

    Take care, Chang.

  43. temenggong says:

    “As for your rights to practise and further spread your spin about fa lun gong, go ahead.”

    And you keep your religion and ‘spins’ to youself too!

  44. victor chang says:

    What is the West and its running dogs so supportive of not only Falun Gong but also Dalai Lama ? The answer is clear: these cults are mental opium for the Chinese to make them weak, confused, and argumentative.

  45. temenggong says:

    “Good for you. Save your pennies. China, indeed, does not need it from u.”

    WTF you know! China asked for 3.5 million tents and India sent 600,000. What did Malaysia, S’pore, HK and Taiwan sent?

  46. wits0 says:

    Temmenggong does sound like the fascist type whose choice of the word “chauvinists” almost typically presume that Chinese alone are chauvinistic in M’sia. As if, by well known rote propaganda. And also as if the knowledge of Chinese endows one with superior intellectual understanding per se.

  47. temenggong says:

    “Please beware of your comrade Temmengong who spews junta-like threats”

    Heck, I’m not chinese nor buddhist nor falun gong. What an ignoramus! Met your match, huh? Rip you apart christian bitch! I’ll be watchin u!

  48. temenggong says:

    I just read your piece at 9.44

    Fascists? “Long before you heard of it” ?

    Listen, I am old enough to be your grandad! So just STFU!

  49. Lallang exile says:


    Calm down, temmenggong, lest your arteries and your heart can’t take it.

    please ask your english teacher about the context of my sentence tht u quoted, since u obviously missed the point! And, we all know i don’t have any spin to spread (for gain unlike u). Just enjoying some lively banter among fellow bloggers.

    And, no swearing. You sound all worked up and pretty angry. Oops, i must have hit the jugular vein!!!!But we should still preserve a sense of decorum out of respect for Sue.

    have a good night’s(morning) rest!

  50. temenggong says:

    Okay, chilled!


  51. wits0 says:

    Temmegngong, indeed watch it, at your age it’s easy to busrt a cranial artery.
    No point in doing so. Better just adjust your tengkolok to fit your swollen head.

  52. Dear all,

    Since many of you are talking about earthquake. Let me give a brief sharing about it.

    As I’ve told you, the CCP always find new excuse to demonise Falun Gong, it is not surprise this time they are using the “Earthquake” to demonise us again: Saying Falun Gong don’t donate money, Falun Gong still protest the CCP during China’s disasters, Falun Gong this and that +++ (It’s never ending, trust me).

    I think if CCP has a chance to associate us with terrorist, they will do so.

    Falun Gong people is just ordinary people. I have a lovely wife and being a Senior Consultant in a Japan IT Firm.

    I am just the same like all of you, except may I practice Falun Gong (Chinese Yogo/Tai Chi like exercise) once a while in the park. and I study the teaching of Mr. Li HongZhi. Well, that’s all folks…really, like I said, I don’t lie, really.

    Many Falun Gong has donated money, I am sorry, I have not yet donated, because I really don’t trust the CCP embassy taking my money.

    I am considering donating to the “Fuo Kuang Sang” association, the Buddisht association, I think in Klang or somewhere. I was there during the CNY this year, very beautiful place with very beautiful decorations.

    Check out the CCP’s latest agenda in Flushing New York to use “Earthquake” to demonise Falun Gong again.

    Photos of CCP hired people to bully Falun Gong:
    (Friends of Falun Gong alleges the CCP pay USD90 a day for the Chinese to mob Falun Gong event in NYC, those money might came from the earthquake donation) – I have no comment abt the allegation, up to you to judge.

    Chinese consul General admits to orchestrating Mob in New York

  53. Lallang exile says:

    Sue and fellow bloggers,

    Temmengong wrote this to me:

    “Heck, I’m not chinese nor buddhist nor falun gong. What an ignoramus! Met your match, huh? Rip you apart christian bitch! I’ll be watchin u!”

    He is threathening me outright, isn’t he? He is livid with rage!!

    Gonna put me in jail using ISA or OSA? Sounds pretty familiar, huh? Maybe it’s M himself!!! Or his underlings!!!!!

    Sue, please monitor his IP closely as he is beginning to sound like Jeff who took a death threat agaisnt that Sun journo.

    Have this – i.e. a blogger threatening another – happened in your blog before?

  54. temenggong says:

    No, I’m not Mahatir or his underlings! So, relax! Got you, huh? Scared, huh?

    You should watch what you say, gal! There is a plenty of persons better than you!

    I’m in Subang and will be in Waikiki this Saturday evening.

  55. Lallang exile says:


    Seriously, it does sound like M himself!!!

    And, what i have written is true, i,e, i have met with li before at a pc. and he wasn’t like temmenggong!!!

    now, what did i say to warrant a threat such as “Rip you apart christian bitch! I’ll be watchin u!

    Does he have my IP? Are we all under the shadow of the terrible M? Even in blogosphere?

  56. Steven says:

    When every bad people do bad thing, some people don’t see it, they thought it was good thing. When they know about it later they will be sorry about it, but it was too late. AMOKER don’t wonder where our money come from we as a Falun Gong Practitioner we don’t smoke, don’t drink liquid, so we can save. We work as you work during working hours. Don’t listen to what people said. See any of your friends are Falun Gong Practitioner or not, If any try to ask them how they feel after they practice it. TAMADA what you said that is Mr Li HongZhi is a Enlightenment being, who can say. Mr Li HongZhi only teach us to be a good people. When Jesus & Buddha Sakyamuni around in 2500 years ago who said they are Gods and Buddha, only when they when to Nirvana for Buddha Sakyamuni and Jesus was prosecuted to died by the bad people. Then when they saw Buddha Sakyamuni rise to heaven and did Jesus rise to heaven, Only people down here worship them as Buddha and Gods. So was that time around are this people call Buddha Sakyamuni or JESUS as ENLIGHTEN BEING. So thing well or read the Zhuan FALUN and understand what is all about Falun Gong before you made any comment or you will regret later when you said bad mouth about Falun Gong.

  57. temenggong says:

    I know all IPs as I have an IP Locator!

    Relax Lallang. Who is M or Li?

    So do we have a date on Saturday with rpk?

  58. Lallang exile says:


    is it jeff himself then?

    he must be really mad with me over my posts recently on the housewife thingy and the recent one on m. maybe my dear friend Guan Eng gave him a rapper after our posts…………

    And temenggon,

    i am not scared of u. rather surprised at your inelegant, triad-like language, that’s all. And don’t show off by saying u are in subang and then waikiiki.

    what’s the bi…g deal man? many malaysians have been all over the world, you katak bawah tempurong!!!(oops, i broke my own rule now, see what bad influence u have on me?)

    BTW, people like u should not go to Waikiki Beach, or Hawaii for that matter. Coz you will pollute the quiet, beautiful islands with your fiendish, evil airs…………

  59. temenggong says:

    Chang Jiang Hao, Steven and others,

    What do these people know about Falun Gong, Buddhism or meditation? They care not to know as they have their own perversities. Besides our media here and in china is just like the umno controlled media, giving their usual spin.

  60. temenggong says:

    Oi Lallang,

    Waikiki in PJ lah! Near PJ swimming pool lah, Ah So!

  61. Lallang exile says:


    come out with it, man! so u are jeff after all since u didin;t deny it.

    be man enough and admit it. stop hiding behind a pseudonym.

    and, unless u are connected with sue, how can u access my ip even if u have the mighty locater?

    u really sound like jeff…………..especially the tacky waikiki bit. and i don’t believe the grandpa bit too.

    too bad i knew LGE before u did…………..

  62. Mao Tse Tung says:

    Part of continous atttempt to interfere China’s growth so that China is weak in order for the West to conquest and control us.

    I feel so sorry for Dalai Lama to be make use by the West in attempting to disturb China Olympic Games. How can Dalai Lama profess to be Budhhist?

    Long De Zhuan Ren, remain Long De Zhuan Ren!!!!!!

  63. Lallang exile says:


    unless u are rocky of course since i’ve posted only on sue’s and rocky’s.

    mad, heh? ha. ha.ha. ha.

    for someone to sound so vindictiice, u must be either:

    1) jeff or

    2) rocky

  64. Lallang exile says:

    Dear Comrade Sue,

    wherefore art thou, sue?

    our posts on M and jeff, at least, seems to be effective and
    monitored closely. I’m delighted to know that.

    your comrade at arms.

  65. temenggong says:

    “too bad i knew LGE before u did…………..”

    Oh, really!

    I knew Kit Siang before LGE was born!!

    I don’t know Sue at all! I have never met Jeff! I voted for Guo Brune and Hannah.

    Meet me in Waikiki with Raja Petra Kamarudin and Ronnie Liew on Saturday okay?

  66. Bryan Choong says:

    Dear All,

    Please chill it. For the benefit of all, Fa Lun Gong is not Buddhism. If any one of you would like to compare notes please check out the actual teachings of Lord Buddha before any of you start to confuse any parties.

    BTW, Lord Buddha gained enlightenment or Nirwana & not perceived to have gone to Heaven like posted by someone just now.

    If anyone would like to understand deeper on Buddhism please let us know we will post the link & contact parties for eager learners. Buddhism is NOT a Cult!

    Science ( Earthquake ) should not be confused with Religion likewise Sports with Politics.

    Let the World Heal for A Better Place for All of Us.

    May All Be Well & Happy!

  67. temenggong says:


    My earlier post just disappeared.

    I am not Jeff, not Guan Eng, nor Rocky. I knew Kit Siang before LGE was born, okay! Nor do I know Sue! I voted for Guo Burne and Hannah, okay!

    And yes, I’ll be at Waikiki’s with Raja Petra on Saturday. U coming or wat?

  68. Lallang exile says:


    “Science ( Earthquake ) should not be confused with Religion likewise Sports with Politics.

    Let the World Heal for A Better Place for All ”

    Well said!!!

    You sound more like Li, even though I don’t agree with u on tht part about buddhisim.

    good night, kawan!!!

  69. temenggong says:

    Dear Mao Tse Tung,

    “Part of continous atttempt to interfere China’s growth so that China is weak in order for the West to conquest and control us.”

    This is china’s self imposed fantasy. The reality is the rest of the world don’t care about china. Get it? And don’t trust the china propaganda that says otherwise.

    And don’t think that the Dalai Lama is more stupid, or less cunning than you, or Mao! We all think the same way.

  70. A Voter says:

    Communist China is among the globe’s abysmal Human-Rights records. Freedom of religions especially Christian (Roman Catholic) are cooped under
    the Communist doctrine and not under de jure, the Vatican. Other than such draconian rules, TRUE Christians will have to go underground.

    I don’t see Falun Gong a cult but I do see Communist China a true cult.

  71. Hi Steven,

    Seems like we are the 2 Falun Gong practitioners here in Susan’s blog.
    Just a comment lah, but no offence ok? I don’t think it’s appropriate to tell people they will regret later if they bad mouth Falun Gong.

    If they bad mouth about Falun Gong, then which mean they maybe not fully understand about the indirect negative effect of Communism on our daily life. For example, don’t belives in heaven, existence of gods and believe that a human being can struggle the world.

    I think we should be more kindly clarify the truth to those who don’t understand Falun Gong. Also I think we shouldn’t ask people just go to study Falun Gong book simply because they bad mouth Falun Gong. Falun Gong shouldn’t force people to study and follow, if they are interested, then they will find out themselves.

    Hope you don’t mind my frank comment about your posting.


  72. robin hood says:

    To mix politics with sport is sheer bollocks.

    Let`s just say for example: You can`t go to school cause you can`t even for the life of you recite the alphabets from a to z. So you drum that into your thick skull for umpteen years and voila!, one fine day , you think you have finally mastered it.

    And so you try to enroll yourself only to get this reply:

    Your application is rejected cause `you do not eat your dinner in the toilet`.

    Errrr, sheer bollocks, right?

  73. xy says:

    It is important to study history when discussing China.

    China has a lost century due to the weak government of Qing Dynasty and was raped and plundered by the American, European and Japanese.

    It took tremendous sacrifice for the country to be united again after WWII. Any Chinese government worth its salt will never want to see a repeat of fate of late Qing Dynasty.

    What’s Falun Gong? Many of past China’s uprising started from “country-side” folks. Falun Gong took advantage of these less educated mass to enhance the objective of its leader, currently living luxurously in USA.
    He claimed to share the same birthday as Buddha and therefore by implication that he is a Buddha. When Falun Gong says you don’t have to go see a doctor when falling sick, just practsising falun Gong, i think I have a problem there. Of course such proposal is very very appealing for the poor country-folks.

    Freedom of religion is one thing. When it is a cult, then a repsonsible government needs to intervene. Didn’t U.S.’s FBI took action on the Branch Davidian etc, or Japan against Aum Shinrikyo?

    Tibet is a very complicated issue, with its root cause started in late Qing Dynasty/early ROC when the country was weak and British “encouraged” Tibet to unilaterally go independent. Also, just look at the fact of an average life of Tibetan compared to pre-1959.

    Dalai Lama is a great religious figure. But what did he do to improve the average folks in Tibet during his time. He and his elitist ruling class controlled the wealth of Tibet, including 90% of Tibetan who were essentially slaves to the ruling elite class.

    There are certainly a lot more China can do to improve the well-being of its people. Be realistic, it has improved a lot over the last 20 years. Unless of course you have not been to China and see for yourselves. It sis certainly much better than Malaysia. Don’t just read Western newsmedia.

  74. BobbyNZ says:

    I understand that there are more Falun members than communist members in China. Once it declares itself to be a political organisation, it will rule China. Another “political chameleon” sponsored by the CIA for the furtherance of the “holy cow” ie democracy.

  75. Dear Xy,

    If you are interested to study China’s history, I recommend you to read the “Nine Commentaries of the Communist Party”.

    During the cultural revolution of China, MZT tried to destroy all traditional culture.

    In recent year, the CCP was trying to eliminate the Chinese Characters and make our Chinese Charaters looks like the Vienamese type (Han Yu Ping Yin).

    80 millions Chinese people died unnaturally during the 50 years of CCP tyranny. (Cultural Revolution, 64 massacre, Falun Gong, Tibetans ++++)

    I am not trying to tell you to “Vote” for Falun Gong, Falun Gong is not a political group, I am just telling you the truth.

    If China is so strong, why the images we see from the SiChuan Earthquake tell a different story?

    Very badly built schools killed how many innocent Children? Who is accountable for this? Have you seen the CCP buildings still stand strongly after the earthquake?

    Taiwan, a democractic Mini China, is still much much more advanced than China if you compare the standard of living, the maturity of the people, the overall more well behaved people with no Communism ideology, and having the precious human rights and freedom.

    When is China going to catch that standard?

    I believe only if CCP falls, then China only has hope, Chinese people only can enjoy a better life… Most importantly, the organ harvesting of Falun Gong, the torturing of dissidents, the killing of tibetant, and suppression on underground Christians, will then come to an END.

  76. xy says:

    By the way, US government has been financially supporting the Tibetan Government in exile in India.

    US government is all-over the world doing this type of things, in the name of promoting democracy. Well, lets don’t be naive, it wants to control the world.

    Saddam might be a bad dictator, but is Iraq today a better place to live than during Saddam’s days? How about Afghanistan?

    It is either about Oil or trying to surround either Russia or China.

    Or look at it another way. Who is the biggest culprit for recent sharp rises in grain? US of course. US subsidises its farmers for planting nothing. It promotes beef (which has one of the worst efficiency in converting grain to meat). If an average American eat less meat, and plant more grain, the world will have more than enough to feed with greater population.

    Food will be US’s next weapon against other countries that do not kowtow to them. Well, US is sohpisticated, so often we don’t see its direct implication on humanity.

    Dr. Yuan Longping was the “Father of Hybrid-rice”, developed the tecnique to produce high yielding rice. His techniques was unselfishly exported to SEA, India, Africa and America (in 1979).
    In China alone, Dr. Yuan’s Hybrid-Rice produces extra rice to feed another 80 million people annually compared to conventional rice. That’s real contribtion to peace and stability of the world for food is one of the key factor of conflicts between mankind.
    How often do we hear about Dr. Yuan Longping internationally? Close to zero.

  77. Dear BobbyNZ,

    Actually I really have no idea where the allegation about CIA sponsoring the Falun Gong come from?

    Ok, let’s put it this way: Let’s say if Falun Gong is really USA/CIA, Let’s say if Falun Gong really is a political party, or it’s going to turn to be one even though all its book stated that forever we won’t be one.
    Let’s say if Falun Gong is really a cult; Let’s say that if Falun Gong is really something something something.

    No matter how we put it, 100 million Falun Gong practitioners in China are still a Human Being; Human Beings shouldn’t be treated so badly by the CCP, putting them to labor camps (Labor camp mean more than 12-14 hours working per day, in order to brainwash their belief), persecute them, and kill them and organ harvesting on them. Falun Gong practitioners, as a human race, shouldn’t be treated like that. They deserve Human Rights as well.

    I think if we simply view Falun Gong pracs as human beings who have done no harm to all of you here obviously, should be treated fairly, and given the rights to defenc their belief and practice.


  78. BobbyNZ says:

    Dear Chang,

    I am against human rights violations too. But I certainly would not stand in front of an oncoming train to “exercise”. I understand the founder of Falun is now under US asylum and promoting his cause. People have many more choices to “exercise” than his techniques. So to stop the human rights violations, I suggest the members all try other alternatives.


  79. F. Lin says:

    Tibet rioters killed innoncent people it is okay in Tibet. Military protect the public and killed some violent protestors and it is against Human Rights. So, where is the fine line you are drawing when these innocents victims were burned to death.
    God Bless all of you hypocrites.

  80. ivan yeo says:

    Chill la guys! Did u notice the picture of the girls all wearing white? Wonder that woman Munirah get steamed up or not?

  81. Dear BoobyNZ,

    I am very glad to hear that you are against human rights violation :).

    Hm…I really have no comment about your suggestion asking us to find alternatives….:)

    As I know only in Taiwan itself there are more than 600,000 individuals practice Falun Gong. Many used to have serious illness and very bad temper or other moral issue.

    If you would like to suggest an alternative, perhaps you would want to compare your suggestion with Falun Gong teaching first.

    Appreciate your time to chat wt me in Susan’s Blog.


  82. hutchrun says:

    SHAH ALAM: The Selangor government has pledged to help the families of Internal Security Act (ISA) detainees by providing welfare assistance.

    Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said several steps could be taken to help the wives and children of these detainees, to help them through difficult times.

    The state government could bear the travelling costs for families to visit the detention camp every week, he said.

    The children could get scholarships to further their studies, and ways can be found for the wives to become entrepreneurs.

    “Life can be difficult for them but they must continue to fight,” he said after receiving a memorandum from Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI or Abolish ISA Movement) here on Monday.

    Khalid said GMI’s move was in line with the state government’s call for the abolition of the ISA and OSA (Official Secrets Act).

    GMI chairman Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh said there were six families whose sole breadwinner had been detained since 2002.

    “Six years is not a short period — these sole breadwinners have lost their jobs and their children are suffering the consequences.

    “There are also two detainees whose wives have sought divorce because of the long detention,” he added.

  83. kittykat46 says:

    I’m quite amazed at the response on Susan’s blog when China, Tibet or Falun Gong is raised.
    Personally I think the Falun Gong movement is a charismatic fraud.
    But I defend their right to exist and I don’t like the way they have been persecuted.

  84. wits0 says:

    Double speak on the ISA, letting in foreign law firms, and about liberalizing the Blogosphere/Info. Simply repeal the first. Who gains from the second which is something not being addressed at the root. And of course, there’s also the menacing printing press and publishing act which stays.

    He is indeed from the Dark side.

  85. hutchrun says:

    Who gains from the second..-wits0

    Zaid`s firm reputedly the largest in M`sia (I think 150 lawyers) will benefit most.

  86. hutchrun says:

    WELCOME to Zaid Ibrahim & Co, a full service premier Malaysian law firm. We are the largest law firm in Malaysia with more than 130 lawyers in offices located throughout Malaysia. We have successfully developed legal solutions for many of Asia ’s largest deals in the private and public sectors.

    Also, with offices in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, we have regional reach and a distinctive edge on the Asian legal perspective. With our full range of commercial legal services, no matter which industry you are in, we have lawyers with industry-specific focus as well as experienced corporate commercial lawyers to assist you.

    We also advise governments, statutory bodies, major Malaysian, American, European and Japanese corporations and local and international financial institutions.

    Zaid Ibrahim & Co

  87. wits0 says:

    Kittykat : “Personally I think the Falun Gong movement is a charismatic fraud.
    But I defend their right to exist and I don’t like the way they have been persecuted.”

    I share your view.

    I’m leery of (9) commandments. Don’t think any unenlightened man/leader is entitled to issue “commandments”.

  88. hutchrun says:

    [ This could snowball ]
    The image was startling: A Chinese official on his knees, begging.

    The Communist Party secretary of Mianzhu city pleaded with protesting parents — whose children were killed in a school collapse during China’s recent devastating earthquake — not to complain to higher authorities, the Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper reported Monday.

    Despite Jiang Guohua’s pleas, the parents of the 127 children who died in the collapse kept marching Sunday and eventually met with higher officials, who told them the government would investigate.

    The march was the latest example of growing anger among Chinese about the quake, especially the fact that nearly 7,000 schoolrooms were destroyed while school was in session. Parents at several schools have held protests, defying the government’s general disapproval of such demonstrations.

  89. Real mainland Chinese says:

    A whole family set themselves on fire? a CCTV news film?
    The TV report even succeeded in fooling me when I first watched it. Gosh they (the communist) are good at manipulating – that I should fall victim again, after Beijing University Professors once believed that a small patch of deeply ploughed land would yield a ton of grain, because it was reported by “Ren min ri bao” (The People’s Daily), and myself made to believe President Liu Shaoqi was a “traitor” and “people’s enemy” when the whole country’s media turned on him in the early days of the “Great Cultural Revolution”.

    Take a look at this, fractions of seconds in the details of this CCTV piece have given away the secrete – the “play” was obvious directed by someone with the aim to incite hatred, this time on Falun Gong.

    I felt silly that even someone like me should have been fooled in the first place by the CCTV report, but now all the “anti-Falun Gong” noise and campaign suddenly dawned on me and everything started to make sense. I then visited the Falun Gong web sites and the more I read the more things have all come together, the pieces of a grand jigsaw puzzle.

    Leaving this “set fire” topic, from reading this blog I can clear see that some of you are obviously of Communist Chinese education background, like myself in the past and that’s why I could tell. Religions are seen as “deceiving” and “used by the west” to work “against China”, etc.

    I am all too familiar with the semiment (cleverly manipulated by long term exposure to propaganda) wanting to be protective of China’s communist authority, mistaking it for the sake of face and proud of the “motherland China”.

    Could still remember when I saw the gigantic shelf in “Dong Dan Shi Chang”(major produce market in Beijing in 60’s -80’s) put on a full display of beautiful fresh greens and fresh friuts during the “difficult” period in the 1960’s (Cultural revolution time; this was a minor difficulty period with food supply, compared to the major one in the Great Leap Forward that caused millions of death). We all knew the display meant that wester visitors had just been. It was “ping pong” deplomacy time and the food display was a show for the foregners. And how did I feel?

    I felt very proud and happy: – at such difficult time, my country have managed to show a good look to these visitors from the “capitalist world”, so our faces have been saved!

    Did I ever complain not having enough coal to last the winter or even those rationed food that need to be stamped on our little “fu shi ben” ran out of supply? of course not. We were all so grateful to the “Party” and to Chairman “mao” who were ours and the nation’s greatest saviour!

    So we were a generation being fooled. Now it pains my heart to see yet another generation being fooled, just in a different way, in the time of material plentiful for the elite class.

    The real essence of China’s communist rulers has not changed. In my youth we were openly told to take joy in “fight with heaven, fight with earth, and fight with man” in “class struggle” and be cold blooded when it comes to “class enemy”. Such enemies include all those have their own mind and does not follow the Party’s current thoughts.

    And the Americans! Gosh we are trained to hate them, to the degree that they could be wiped from the face of the earth and all could be justified.
    Just see this one:

    Mind you that General Zhu Chenghu’s view is not uncommon in China’s true ruling class, the sons of the red army who are still loyal to the communist ideal of “liberating the whole world” – making the world red.

    But in that process, do they really care about motherland China? about its people? Think, think think hard.

    Millions of Falun Gong practitioners in China, aren’t they our brothers and sisters too? Why does a regime make enemy of such vast number of its own mainstream citizens if it is a normal, sensible one?

    Many overseas Chinese are carefully guided by their propaganda to think of “face” first and be grateful to the communist who has “made China strong” so that we overseas Chinese now can stand tall; ask yourself do you understand and care about the long term invisible suffering of the vast majority of the Chinese people who actually have to live in communist China?

    Ask also of yourself, which one of the countries affected by the WWII has not recovered, and their people have food and clothing within 1-2 decates? whereas China actually had already made quick recovery in the 50’s but then continued to suffer set backs in one political battle after another? Great Leap Forward, Cultural revolution, and on and on and now campaign with such energy, using such money, against Falun Gong?

  90. xy says:

    Buddhism is not a religion in the sense that contrary to most other faiths, it has no God in a single entity. It only has Buddhahood.

    So it is very misleading to suggest that Sakyamuni’s death was similar in fashion to that of Jesus Christ, persecuted, died and raised to heaven from death.

    On the contrary, Sakayamuni, being the Enlightened One, decided it was time for him to leave the earthly body and to enter the deathless state of Parinirvana in Kusinara, surrounded by all his key deciples. His body died as any other human beings. He didn’t rise from dead and go the heaven.

    For heaven and hell to Buddhism is the same thing. It all rests with the heart. Hell is heaven and heaven is hell, depending on your state of mind.
    Master Hui Neng said “…本来无一物,何处惹尘埃”.

    In Buddhism, birth and death are simply our desire to cling on this samsara world. There is death simply because we say there is a birth.

    In Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra, it has clearly stated that 色不异空, 空不异色; 色即是空, 空即是色; 受想行识, 亦复如是。

    Falun Gong may import certain teachings of Buddhism, but whether it is Buddhism, they themselves will have to find it out. There isn’t a need for us to judge them.

    Li Hongzhi is not the first one to form a new sect, neither will he be the last.
    The essence of Buddhism is timeless, there isn’t a need for new interpretation.

    Namo Amitabha.

  91. Bryan Choong says:

    Dear Friends of Susan;

    It is hoped that Religion on Buddhism be handled in the Rightful Manner during discussion. I sincerely hope that the interested parties be guided to the Right Path as propagated by Buddha himself. Do note that there are lots of Bona Fide Temples & Monks who learned Scholars who will provide proper Guidance on the Matter.

    By using religion a lot of people can be mislead & manipulated, hence it is proper that Responsibilities can taken & cautioned when this is raised.

    With due respect to Our Muslim friends & others who are not Buddhist, it is best that certain non experts in ( Buddhism ) religion be able to abstain from commenting.

    We do not want our fellow friends to be confused in this matter.
    Like mentioned before if we are interested maybe there are other Forums or events whereby Multi Faiths

  92. Jana says:

    We are not a political organisation. Only when the persecution started and thousands of Falun Gong practitioners were being dragged from their homes in the middle of the night beaten tortured and never to be seen again; only when the Ccp sent propoganda all around the world to defame us and slander us did we then speak out and in 2 short years we managed to turn things around now so that many many people / Govt’s all
    around the world can see that we are not what the Ccp lies about us.

    Tomorrow if this persecution ends do you know what we will do?

    We will go back to the parks in China out in the open and do our meditation and study our books together. WE will pack up our signs and banners and cultivate in Falun Dafa whole heartedly. WE know that this is so good and can help many people to become better people that we want everyone top practice it.

    Being political means to wanting to race for a position in parliament to run the country. Falun Gong practitioners have much loftier aims than living in the world and running a country. We are just not interested.

    This is a religious persecution against a group of people who strive to be good and embody truth, compassion and forbearance. Which is in direct opposition to what the ccp ideology is right? That’s why they persecute us, and others as they don’t want people to be good and believe in Gods Buddhas or Lamas. They want the people to believe in them only right?


    A photographic record of nature’s fury, and my deepest heartfelt wish for the Chinese people

  93. Facial says:

    Someone said!!

    But I defend their right to exist and I don’t like the way they have been persecuted.”, but

    Go & ask some Hongkees what had happened to a sick family who refused to see doctor while expecting Fucklung Gong to send them to second level of paradise.

  94. Bryan Choong says:

    Dear Friends of Susan;

    It is hoped that Religion on Buddhism or any other respectable religion be handled in the Rightful Manner during discussion. I sincerely hope that the interested parties be guided to the Right Path as propagated by Buddha himself. Do note that there are lots of Bona Fide Temples & Monks who learned Scholars who will provide proper Guidance on the Matter.

    By using religion a lot of people can be mislead & manipulated, hence it is proper that Responsibilities can taken & cautioned when this is raised. E.g. Danger Zone -Temples Mediums or even non bona fide monks have cheated & molested ignorant victims – some reported & others not.

    With due respect to Our Muslim friends & others who are not Buddhist, it is best that certain non experts in ( Buddhism ) religion be able to abstain from commenting.

    We do not want our fellow friends to be confused in this matter.
    Like mentioned before if we are interested maybe there are other Forums or events whereby Multi Faiths forums can be initiated in a cordial manner but moderated by actual bona fide religious leaders.

    It would be good if we can use this space provided to dedicated an actual time & date, to pray for all those sufferings whether they are from China or Myanmar or even Palestines for that manner.

    Let us generate Positive Thoughts for Everyone & walk the Middle Path so that Mankind can be salvaged.

    Positive Energy breeds Positive Thoughts & Positive Actions.

    With due Respect to Susan maybe she can call for a dedicated time for all of us irrespective of Religions & Background & Pray or Observe a Few Minutes of Silence for the Deceased & Victims.

    May All be Well & Happy & May you continue your journey of Life with Great Success & Happiness.

  95. Just like a child you decide on all that the child’s needs when the child is born. Like wise give the Chinese Govt. time to ‘grow up’. Do not expect them to be like the western world in the short time they are in. But are they not ‘democratic’ enough now, in just a few years since their revolution ? Everyone from everywhere wants to get into China now! Give them a few more years and you too want a piece of China.

  96. Edi神 says:

    I believe most got their own agenda that are contradicting thus only the strong survive!

  97. Hi Facial,

    I regret that you used harsh language on our group. We have done nothing to harm you and your love one. Falun Gong is just group of people who believe in the Chi-Gong practice with some spiritual belief. We admit that we believe in Paradise, and we believe that we need to be better person everyday by following the “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forberance” pricinciples.

    Honestly, I don’t think about “Paradise” all the time, actually, like I’ve told you in my previous posting, I almost felt like a dead man during the time I had serious illness. I was sitting in my car in the car park (at late night, after a long OT), I felt I was going to die and will lose my love one. My heart was pounding so fast that I thought I am going to have heart attack. After I practice Falun Gong, I never have such condition, and no MC leave for more than 4 years now.

    My mother said I pretend to be “Not Sick”, she also object Falun Gong at first. I told her, how can I pretend “Not Sick”?? I am truly a healthy people without major or minor illness now, maybe once a while cough a little bit lah but it cure very fast and my immune system is much stronger.

    It’s just my real experience. I get nothing for makring advertisement to you, if I make fake exaggerated advertisement of Falun Gong, then I am not being True to myself.

    Yes, Falun Gong believe in Heaven, Hell and existence of Gods. I think whether or not you do not agree with its teaching, it’s really up to you. But most importantly, I think we should respect other’s rights to exercise their belief themselves which is non-violent, not harming others in the society, and post threats to the world peace. Falun Gong did nothing wrong and with rational and logical research, you can find all negative news on Falun Gong are all fake stories told by the CCP.

    Some said Falun Gong not allow people to go see doctor. For my case, I am not sick, I feel great, so I don’t need a doctor.

    If you want to practice Falun Gong today, and if you still want to go see Doctor and take pills, I can assure you that nobody will stop you from doing that. So Why say Falun Gong stop people to see Doctor? This is not a logical allegation at all. And no offense to our doctor friends, we all know that pills are DRUGS and POISON. My sister in law’s husband is a organ transplant doctor in General Hospital, he said he never want to take pills (he is not Falun Gong), he said he know the pills could be harmful in some way.

    So is he in any Cult also?? 🙂

  98. Facial says:

    I am trying to tell the world that Falu Gong did asked the sick member in Hong kong to stop seeing doctor and just waiting at home.

    Further Lee Hong Zhi did persuaded a parent to set fire to their daughter at Tiananmen Square. Write Chinese CCTV for the documentary.

    Susah!! why bring up games vs human rights in this blog.

  99. xy says:

    This forum is spiralling down.

    As Bryan Chong has suggested, there are enough existing source in the internet world we can find out more about falun gong, buddhism, daosim, christianity, islam etc etc.

    We are all adults who are able to read and be responsible for our own choice.

    i have no inclination on falun gong. I practise Qigong/meditation as it is and I follow the teaching of Buddhism, Laozi and Kongzi. For me, there isn’t any need to mix all of them together.

  100. Hi Facial,

    Cool down 😛 Don’t be susah. Relax a bit ok?


  101. amoker says:

    Thanks Chang and all who wrote. It is good to learn and engage. Again, there are areas that I do not know well and learn. There are also areas that you may not know and should not be discounted off.

  102. Lallang exile says:


    i said i know LGE, not his old man!!anyway, that comment was made based on the guess that u are Jeff.

    see, u ought to be in the geriatic ward by now instead of discussing current issues with yours truly who belong to another generation(world).
    coz i do not want to be the cause for your admittance to ICU!!!

    take care, atuk.

  103. xy says:

    Isn’t it time to move on?

    Let me share with you Kongzi’s wisdom :
    “知之為知之, 不知為不知, 是知(智)也”.

    Namo Amitabha.

  104. temenggong says:

    Sorry to disappoint you Lallang, and for the misunderstandings last night. Take care!

    Falun Gong is getting a bad press when they are the only ones standing up to the CCP brutes on a humanitarian basis. All of us should be proud of them, and the other groups such as Cheng Yen and Ching Hai.

  105. Dear Friends of Susan,

    NTV7 had coverage on the Global Human Rights Torch Relay in KL.

    You can view it after 7th minute of the news:


  106. 729 NO ISA! says:

    Boikot ISA! Government use ISA to retaine their power in politic. Boikot Utusan!

  107. sklee says:

    Falun Gong is a cult.Period.What human rights?!A cult is a dangerous organization!The timing of the so-called human rights torch circuit is farcical, to say the least.

  108. Hi Sklee,

    Communism is a real evil cult. 80 millions Chinese died because of the CCP.

    Beware of the Communist infiltration in Malaysia.

    Many TV stations we watch nowadays are CCP propaganda.

    There are so many overseas Chinese people oppose Falun Gong and support the CCP and love the CCP.

    I am really really curious, why these Chinese people stay in USA or overseas if they love CCP?

    Why don’t they go back to China and support CCP.

    This is a question I hope somebody can answer me 🙂


  109. kittykat46 says:

    Christianity was once a cult. Buddhism was once a cult. Islam was once a cult. Every one of the world’s great religions started off as a small group of misunderstood and often disliked adherents.

    I’m not trying to equate Falun Gong to any of the world’s great religions – its just my principle that if we start persecuting people simply because their beliefs are different, that is the road back to the Dark Ages.

    If they start killing people or rob defenceless old ladies, by all means throw the law at them, otherwise they have a right to exist.

  110. Dear All,

    NTV7 had coverage on Global Human Rights Torch Relay in KL.

    You can view my clicking my Name’s URL link. (7th Minute)


  111. It would appear there is no need to send your children to medical school just send them to become members of Falun Gong!

  112. Hi kittykat46,

    I salute your unbiased viewpoint with a sense of historical knowledge.


  113. Shower says:

    What are you talking ” going back” . Look at yourself first, you came out from the same country maybe from different hole.This is the diff.

  114. ah Long says:

    The truth is no Communist party – no China. Communism is not prefect but under the circumstances what choice did the country have.

    The Koumintang was one of the most corrupt regimes in modern China. Chang Kai Sek was a bigger thief than all the UMNO Putras put together.

    He tooks hundreds of millions of aid from the United States and did nothing to defend the country against the Japanese. The US general in charge of the Sino operations during WW2 resigned in disgust.

    Even before the Japan arrive the Koumintang army already retreated. One of the beave army units try to defend Nanking and got no help from his fellow Koumintang units. The result – the rape of China.

    Mao Tze Tung also is not prefect. In his latter years he remained silent during the Cultural Revolution and caused millions of deaths and a great deal of misery.

    But there is no denying the contributions that Mao and his comrades made in his younger days.

    We must pay credit where credit is due. We cannot say absolutely that Communism is no good – full stop.

    You look at history and TV and business reviews today……lots of Chinese Americans have indeed gone back to China to build the nation. The atomic bomb, the missiles and the Chinese space program would not have happen without the help of American Chinese. This is a fact !!!

  115. wits0 says:

    Sklee and Kittykat, especially, here’s the The Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame:

  116. wits0 says:

    “Chang Kai Sek was a bigger thief…”
    He was also a darn traitor when he told one of his army corp not to resist the Japanese invading army. That army corp disobeyed his orders and were not resupplied. HanSuyin mentioned that in one of her books.

    The CCP today also has a long history of Human Rights abuses and shoddy and sweeping propaganda. To say that the Dalai Lama was behind the Olympic boycott is a lie because he did not advocate that.

  117. wawa says:

    Dear all:
    Dalai Lama in his book had mentioned the beuty of communism and the great conytribution of MZT.Even he felt to be member of Communist Party member. He also mention there is so much similarity between communism and buddhism. Please read his book that explained his life and exile experience.
    The point is that the Holiness have never regards “communism” as “evil terrorist” belief, even cold war time, MZT and CCP had supported many
    communist insurgency including the Malaya (Communist Party of Malaya)
    Worst that ISA was enacted by British to aim to use for these red armies terrorist force in Malaya (BN inherited this ISA till today).
    My point is that:
    1. His holiness never regards communism or CPC is evil as regarded as many of their cold war time impreialist westen power or even by our own BN givernment since merdeka.
    Even though it is a well done fact that CPC has hosted so many international communist comrades leaders all over the world- during the cold war time-in order to support the ARM struggle in these cuuntries (Philipine, Malaya, Thailand..) they all were claimed be “terrorist red armies and most asian government banned these terrorists.
    So, who is “terrorist”, how we define it?
    in the history, where we had seen His holiness had taken any arms and associated with terrorist violnece?
    It is CPC who were aiding those ‘terrorist red armiest” in asia that use violence.

    So, ne honest to history about this fact.
    and also be honest to the fact that the current BN is not even drop a blood to gain “merdeka” for Malaya
    It was so many anti japanese/british red armies “terrorist” that foungt for the merdeka.

    So, we shall thankful to contributiion to CPC and Great leader Mao who had aided so many communism insurgence in Asia/malaysia who fought for merdeka in Malaya.
    But yet, we should see clearyly that in the later stage during cultural revolution, Mao had lost his true communism spirits. His intolerance of diffreneces opiniuonsm srooundig by power crazy ppl caused a great disaster to China. even there were many books being published now.
    Even prosecution to their own CPC leader like Chne Du Xiu who gought for the working class poor in China.

    I hope we can see clearly that China today is no more base on communism principle, because the “deviant” practice of its current CPC leaders making its rush to free capitalism idea (the evil they claimed during the cold war time) and rushed to sit into the WTO for further assist the growth of the capitalism agenda all over the world. Many Chinese capital investors in latin america had vetry bad labour and enviromental practices, as same we accused the west capitalist investor had done to asian land.
    Chinese government today is a fake communist and joined the path of ”
    Imperialist economism” to other pooer countries in this earth.

    It is such a sadden fact to realise.

    Theredore, please understand the history and true nature of the communist party/its policies today, then you will realise that the old communist good days had gone!

    His Holiness Dalai Lama was never againist communism and CPC.
    He only aganist the inhuman human rights violations happen inside the Tibet. To respect the cultural and religion practices of minority inside China. I am sure you know that China is no only “han” ethnic, there are many minorities, even many of us who call ourslves Chinese in malaysia-maynot be Han etnic.
    In malaysia we always call for justice and equality for all ethnics groups. we against discrimation on minority. yet, come to China,
    we ignore about to respect the minoroty and diffrences of beliefs.
    We suddenly become BIG Han sentiments.
    Is our principle of multiculturasim and equality is only for malaysia?


  118. xy says:

    I have great respect for Dalai Lama. But it is also important to 听其言, 观其行. (observe one’s actions with his words).

    Tibetan Buddhism has attracted a lot of interest world-wide in modern times, books like Book of Death certainly has helped to promote its philosophy.

    Looking deeper, you will find this Tantric Buddhism quite difficult to accept, for one of its techniques of practise to achieve enlightenment is unacceptable in modern times. Certainly I would not send my young daughters to practise Tantric Buddhism.

  119. Lallang exile says:


    And, thanks for the invite to Waikiki. Would be great to meet u guys, though it sounds more like the geriatic ward!!

    Or maybe a trap to apply the ISA? Gotta water my nasturtiums now……..

    Good Day!!

  120. Lallang exile says:


    Please leave Chang alone, and let him spread his faith. He has the right to his opinions, though his version of Chinese history is rather inaccurate. H

    Let’s move on to more pressing, important issues.

    What’s the status on the old snake? And, when is Anwar announcing the new govt?


  121. Hi Lallang,

    Thanks 🙂 I think this Susan’s blog is getting too long also 😛


  122. wawa says:

    Dear all
    I agred with Lallamg exile

    Whether we agred the philosphy and practice of Fahlun Gong
    , the bottom line is the we had voiced our views and respect on disagreement of views.

    Wherher Tbetan Buddhism is both actually practice of sutra and tantric even buddha had taught, Or it is not.who is true holly buddhist , who is not…who will go to pureland first :-0

    maybe we should have a special occassion let all the chinese historian, great buddhist experts to debate in their forum.

    I am more worry abt whther earthquake will come to malaysia after the Bukit Tinggi Pahang had experienced .
    and the goverment has no inforrmation for us whether will come to other parts of malaysia!!
    whether we know how to rescueourslves when eartrhquake happening

    good luck to all of us then 😉

  123. camy says:

    Falung Kong followers and suicide terrorists are in the same genre. All the followers were brain washed so that when they sacrifice themselves by giving up their lives, they expect to have 69 virgins to embrace them when they go to in heaven.

    No wonder they are so many followers who are willing to die for Master Lee, the God of men.

  124. victor chang says:

    Falun Gong is a simply a bunch of supertitious escapists who are being exploited by Western Dirty Trick Departments to try to screw up China’s and Chinese minds. Nothing more and nothing less.

  125. Peace says:

    To Shower: Human rights knows no boundary. At least Surendran took part. What ‘s your contribution ?

    To Annonymous Dud: You are just like a naughty child wanting to be mischievous, without knowing the real reason for your action. You have shot yourself in the foot.

    To Miwak: The reason Falun Gong Founder has to live in exile is becos Chinese Government simply won’t give him a fair go if he were to return. I agree with your comment that China will be “an Olympic force to be reckoned with”. But does that entitle the Chinese government to slaughter her own citizens ? Removal of draconian ISA is the duty of all Malaysians. We have ourselves to blame if we keep it with our votes.

    To Tamade: You appear to have read some of Master Li’s books but are not happy about his explanation of Buddism. You are under the impresssion that Falun Gong is competing with Buddism for desciples and are therefore not happy there either. Falun Gong is not a religion and it has nothing to do Lord Buddha. There is therefore no neccessity for Falun Gong disciples to understand the teaching of Buddism. However, Falun Gong adherents are very respectful of Lord Buddha.
    You have asked people to find the answers about Falun Gong ( Don’t be surprised that some of them may actually embrace Falun Gong, having gained more insight into it.
    Lastly, Falun Gong is not a political movement. All the anti persecution activities that you see only started since late 1999 (7 years after commencement of persecution). I strongly believe these campaigns will cease once pesecution stops. We need to have compassion to anyone who endures unnecessary suffering. Dear Tamade, if you are by any chance a Buddhist, you will always have this in your heart.

    To Susu Kacang: I believe forgot your parents/teachers have taught you to be polite when talking to people. If you want to join this blog again in future, please refrain from using 4 letter words. Falun Gong is not subversive towards well being of China, as you have suggested. Instead, they are trying to save the name of this great nation of China which has been dragged across the floor by the Chinese Communist Party. You have to be very clear in in your mind about these points:
    China = A great country with 5,000 yrs of history
    Chinese people = A great race who have built wonderful civilisation in China
    Chinese Communist Party = A foreign concept imported into China about 100 years ago. Overthrew a democraticaly elected government in 1949. No democratic election allowed since.

    Now you can see that the distinction. Falun Gong is against the persecution by the Chinese Communist Party. They are not against China and the Chinese people.

    To Mimi: What you are saying is God does not exist ! Then you must demolish all the mosques, temples and churches becos they preach God which existence cannot be proved by science. You might like to know that many great men (Ghandi, Issac Newton, Einstein etc) have a religion to cherish. Are they superstitious ? Falun Gong’s teaching requires honesty, compassion and tolerance which are universal virtues. I am sad about your inaccurate observation about Falun Gong. I strongly recommend that you befriend your local adherents. Over time, you will have 1st hand insight and then you will then be able to pass accurate comments about Falun Gong.

    To Ah Long/Nik Peterson: Falun Gong adherents only started to appear outside Chinese Embassies after commencement of persecution (in July 1999).
    On weekdays, most of the people there are oldies (retirees). There are some younger people there on weekends (off work). They are volunteers who go there to tell passers-bys the truth about Falun Gong. Ah Long/Nik Peterson, assuming you were a Falun Gong adherent and that you have been misunderstood by the public by large (due to inaccurate media info). You now want to go to the Chinese Embassy to tell people your side of the story. Who could you bargain with about salary to do this ?
    Now, I have a big ask, you have to trust me on this one : No one is funding them.
    Now, there is a vast distinction between the Indian & Chinese organ trade. In India organs are sold voluntarily. In China, they are taken from both condemned prisoners as well as prisoners of conscience. Please read only before dinner because you might throw out !

    To KK Lim: In 2001, when the Chinese Government bid for the right to host the Olympics, they promised heaven & earth that human rights will be improved. 7 years later, things have in fact gone backwards. This is why people have to sieze this last window of opportunity to raise their grievences. It’s all about timing of exposure. When a person visits a Chinese city, all this person sees are modern buildings and glittering neon lights. I call these illusions. Ah Lim, you need to apply for permission to visit a prison, a labour camp. You need some insiders to tee up a meeting with a dissident to sample a taste of the other side of the coin. It’s not beatiful, believe me.

    To CTW: The protest is about the Chinese Comminist Party & not against the Chinese people or the great nation of China. (please see my rely to Susu Kacang above). Falun Gong practise compassion and I’m sure they have compassion at heart for the quake victims. You need to ask a question: Why was early warning of the quake submitted to the government suppressed ? Why so many school collapsed but government offices stood up ?

    To Facial: If you tell someone from China about CCTV’s footage on the Tiannmen self immolation incident, they will laugh at you. Many people already know the whole thing was a Communist Party deception to incite hatred against Falun Gong. In fact, the Human Rights Commission in the UN declared it a hoax in the same year this incident took place. Now that you have watched the CCTV version, it would be beneficial for you to watch he same CCTV footage again, but this time in slow motion, to discover for yourself all the inconsistencies and lies. You local Falun Gong adherent will give you one slow motion DVD for free. (remember – no funding from anyone).

    There are too many blogs to go through to answer one by one. However, the profile of bloggers are quite consistant. They think Falun Gong is bad, is political and funded by the west to slow China down. This level of comprehension is understandable, given that the sort of media coverage of Falun Gong in Malaysia is rather misguided. The main reason for this is our media’s refusal to think for themselves and tend to parrot what the Chinese Government says. Then, it’s the $$$. We want to do business with China and we exercise “self potong” for any negative news about China to suck up to the Chinese Government.
    I have found some overseas Chinese more patriotic than the Chinese Chinese themselves. In the case of Malaysia, orang Cina have been 2nd class citizens for years and they think a strong China might be able to change their fortune. Sorry to disappoint you. It won’t. Chinese Government has always insisted on “no interference of domectic affairs” (Taiwan, Tibet). They will not help when Malaysian Chinese are in trouble. Look at the killing, rape of Chinese in Indonesia. Have the Chinese Government ever uttered a word of protest ?
    Many so called leaders of our Chinese community have been on VIP tours to China, all expenses paid for by the Communist Party. Who do you think they call master when their service is required to run down anyone who disagree with Beijing, such as Falun Gong ?
    Chinese Communist Party is taking advantage of our democratic system. Their party mouthpiece, People’s Daily is printed in Malaysia & handed out for free. Astro’s channel, Phoenix is a Chinese Communist Party funded station. Don;t beleive me ? Has it ever, ever said anything negative about China ? Now that Chinese media has found its way into Malaysia. Could Sin Chew Jit be sold in China ? You know the answer. Our citizens are sub conciously under the influence of all the Commie media, plus the deficiencies of our own media system. Is it accidental that our people display a lack of understanding on Falun Gong issues then ?
    I hope to see a strong China, with her people living in propersity, equallity, and be given back their natural rights of democracy, freedom of association and faith (enshrined in the Chinese constituitionm by the way).

    Come on fellow orang Malaysia, open your eyes. An unelected regime run by the Commies aren’t as cute as a panda. It has teeth & claws which do hurt !

    Thank you Susan for posting this. Thank you all bloggers who contribute your comments, whether we agree with each other or not.

  126. CTW says:

    ‘In the name of…’ so much cruelty has been done. For sharing, I quote Nalin Swaris ( The Buddha’s way to human liberation’:To have the power to name a thing is to determine ‘its inner essence’ and to exercise power over it; to subjugate it by defining its ‘the final truth’. Down the centuries,”In the name….”(the names are Legion, the power discourse is the same) has been used to bless and to curse, and to justify the genocide of entire peoples. The Buddha understood the violent character of the desire to name and to dominate….

  127. Facial says:

    To Peace- I was surprised you called the CCTV China’s version was documented and the local Fulung Gong version in slow motion is real, what a joke!!!.How do you feel when a lovely girl called up in hospital bed that she wanted to go to school and asked why her parent set fire on her ??.

    How this Local F*Lung Gong did it, in UN or USA ???.

  128. itioop says:

    Falun Gong is just the 20th century version of the 19th century’s “Heavenly Kingdom of Eternal Peace” (Tai Ping Tien Kuo) Rebellion, which cost China the lives of 50 million people and threw back its development by another 100 years. Both leaders actually dreamed that they are the relatives of Christ… coincidence?

  129. oster says:

    How much of this alleged threat of violence from the Falun Gong is substantiated truth and how much is it a generalisation, such as the ones used against HINDRAF to suggest a spectre of a threat?


  130. Hi Guys,

    I beg you to stop helping the Communist Regime to attack Falun Gong.

    Just like our friend temenggong said,
    “Falun Gong is getting a bad press when they are the only ones standing up to the CCP brutes on a humanitarian basis. All of us should be proud of them,”

    Why help the CCP to spread hatred? Why not come to our daily or weekly practice site? To talk to us, find out more and discuss?

    We are not here to force people to practice Falun Gong.


    Can you help us? and Millions of Kind Chinese People Who has different views than the CCP ideology?

    Please…Thanks so much.


  131. xy says:

    F.Gong’s basic tenet : 真, 善,忍. From the advocates’s response, I hardly see evidence of “ren”. You seem to have reasons for everything that does not go your way.

    Confucius (in his very first chapter of 论语) said : ” 人不知而不愠, 不亦君子乎。”.

    I don’t agree with many things CCP did or does, but at least it hold the country together, preventing it from becoming the feasting ground of the West.

  132. Hi xy,

    If you meet a Falun Gong practitioners, and you don’t see any 真, 善,忍. Don’t be surprised.

    Sometime I don’t “Ren” as well, I still have little bit of bad temper, but I try to control it to lowest level as much as possible.

    We are just human being, we will make mistake, but the difference for us is we look inward and continue try to better.

    I hope you don’t be too hard on us, why must ask the Falun Gong practitioners to be perfect?

    If they are not perfect, so the CCP should persecute us?

    Think about it.


  133. xy :
    I don’t agree with many things CCP did or does, but at least it hold the country together, preventing it from becoming the feasting ground of the West.

    Response by me: xy, do you know how many protests, how many riots, how many appeals happening in China everyday?

    All Bad news are covered up, and keep the image of “HARMONY SOCIETY”.

    Oh…I am really sad our fellow Malaysians are affected by the CCP propanganda….


  134. xy said: “but at least it hold the country together, preventing it from becoming the feasting ground of the West.”

    My responce: ” China is already bullied by the West now. Go to Wal-Mart in USA, see all the “Made in China”, so cheap, it’s like free stuff”

    The west is using China’s cheap labor…who sacrifices? The normal Labor!

    Those who are rich are the small group of CCP leaders.

    CCP in turn, is using the Cheap labor to maintain their regime.


  135. xy says:


    I travel to China almost once every month, and I know what’s in your mind.

    China is a country with 800 million farmers. As they try to make the country stronger, they also have to try to ensure everyday, there are enough to feed, to shelter the 1.3 billion people.

    If the West care so much for the liberty and livelihood of Chinese people, how about taking 50 million each? That’s the quickest way to help realise the dreams of these Chinese.

    It is impossible, for any government at this stage of development with such a big and complex society, to satsify all the demands of the people. There will always be areas to improve. The question is priority and the survival, both survival of the country and the ruling party. This is basic politics, same every where.

    Don’t take the simplistic view of debiting CCP for everything that goes wrong in China. (I saw some comments even blaming the recent earthquake with CCP). Lets be fair, if you look at the changes that is occuring in CCP in recent years, I can’t think of any political party in world with such power is willing to undergo changes to improve itself to serve its people better.

    China is still a developing country, only the Western powers insist that China is a developed country. Unless the country has reached a certain level of affluence with corresponding level of education and sophistication, democracy is not the answer to govern such a big/complex country.

    Of course it is good to have democracy. I can bet with all my money on the table that if China introduces democracy in a way that pleases the West, it will either become a Philippines or its component provinces becoming independent one by one, with the aids of the Western powers. Is this what you want to see ? Of course this is great news to the West and Japan. Are you one of them?

    No Chinese in the ruling position will ever risk the above.

    BTW, why is democracy the only system? U.S. is the champion of human rights. If you visit U.S. without a health insurance and you fall sick. Sorry mate. That much for human rights. Don’t be naive.

    Freedom of mind, we all have freedom of mind. Whoever can stop you from thinking whatever you want ? Nobody. Freedom of mind exists in the heart, it doesn’t need any external forms to support it.

  136. facial says:

    Hi, do not sing the western tune of cheap labor and let see one day the CCP and Indian Congress withdraw all the cheap stuff from the market in USA and EU.

    Then you will see how these western suckers running around with expensive animal skins.

  137. xy says:


    The suppliers in China to WalMart etc are almost 100% private enterprises now, nothing to do with CCP. When was the last time you visit China?

    You are correct, it is the West companies like WalMart who bullied these Chinese companies (many owned by overseas Chinese). I know some of these suppliers personally. One can only say these orders (contracts) are similar in philosophy to the unequal treaties of the 19th centuries.

    China has not much choices at this stage, it has not reached the position of bargaining power yet.

    And you turn around to blame CCP for Western greed?

    As I said, you all have a reason for whatever that’s not right from your perspective in China. It is all CCP CCP CCP and more CCP.

    As I said earlier, if the Western powers care so much about hu,an rights/freedom of speech, please each take 50 million Chinese back home. Back up your morals with action.

  138. Hi Facial, xy,

    I think we are a bit out of topic to discuss the west & China in this Susan’s Blog about human rights.

    I do sincerely hope you support humanity, human rights, even though you might not agree with the teaching of Falun Gong, or somehow you think Falun Gong is not showcasing what it claims, I really don’t want to force you to accept Falun Gong.

    But I really hope you can know the CCP is killing Falun Gong and selling their organs like animal now.

    Please support humanity.


  139. xy says:

    I support kids in China directly so that they can access education to go to the next level. I can’t support hundrds or thousands, but I am doing my little part.

    There is nothing positive whatsoever just to complain and blame CCP.

    If everybody were to chip in his/her own little ways, surely we will see a better China in the next few generations.

    Basic Buddhist philosophy tells us that we are all connected. They Are because We Are. There is no “holier than thou” here.

  140. Independent Organ Harvesting Investigation Reports available for download:

    If you really read the investigation of organ harvesting, you will know this is true, and happening in China.

    I am sad the earthquakes happened, but do you know the suffering of living organ harvesting is much much more severe?

    The most severe suffering is actually when somebody shut your mouth, torturing you to give up your spiritual belief, and harvest your organ.

    I really think we should see the matter from a common sense point of view. and not mixing the West, China, Country, Politics issues together.

    Let’s hope the persecution will end soon.

    dear xy, Facial, I know from the bottom of your hearts, you do not want the atrocity to happen also…please correct me if I am wrong.


  141. xy says:


    I am not naive to some of the things you raised.

    On organ harvesting, yes it is bad to do that.

    May I give a rather shock analogy here.
    In many societies where prostitution is illegal, whenever they catch the trade in the act, it is always the prostitute that pay the price.
    A trade only become possible when there is a client and service supplier.

    Who are the recipients(clients) of these organs?
    Are you helping to increase the awareness of the clients?
    Many of these clients are foreigners, because they pay high price (though still low compared to their home countries with long queues).

    Just don’t blame CCP for this and CCP for that. It doesn’t do any positive things.

  142. Dear xy,

    Thanks for some comment about the organ harvesting.

    I also really really don’t want to blame the CCP.

    But it’s CCP itself started the Persecution on our friends who are Falun Gong practitioners in China.

    I just speak out on behalf of those who can’t.


  143. Dear friends,

    I have a scenarios to share with you:

    A cold-blooded murderer tortured and killed a victim. He then used his propanganda tool to spreads that the victim deserved to be killed, and why everybody should against the victim. All the people thought the victim is a bad person, and deserve to be killed and tortured. People started to blame the victims, rather than the murderer.

    A friend of the victim, then speak out on behalf of her. saying that why we shouldn’t believe the murderer. Most people react back to this friend and say the victim should suffer the murder because of many reasons.

    Friends of Susan, do you know, Murder is murder, the Murderer itself is wrong and we should blame the murderer but not the victim.

    We blame the victim, one of the reason could be we are not the Victim themselves, and can’t feel the pain of being bullied and tortured.


  144. facial says:

    He said,”But I really hope you can know the CCP is killing Falun Gong and selling their organs like animal now”.

    Who is selling their organ now ?, only their conscience/ god knows lah!! Do not blame CPP if someone wants to be a prostitute ( refers xy).

  145. xy says:


    My experience in China is that if you don’t bother CCP, they will not bother you.
    There are still many Qigong practioners in China. You see these books in bookstores everywhere. Nobody bothers them.

    In fact Li Hongzhi himself was once sponsored by the Chinese government for his works on Qigong. One can only say that something sour happened along the way and there are always 2 sides to the coin. Li danced with the government and he should know better the rules of engagement over there.

    I am an ardent Qigong practioner. And I have masters I learnt from in China. Just Qigong, nothing else. And there are Qigong “masters” who are just businessmen, to use the polite word.

    As to “xiulian”, that’s granted whether you are Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Confucius followers.

    As I said before, there is no restriction on freedom of mind, even in prison. And with Confucius’s ” 人不知而不愠, 不亦君子乎。”, that’s good enough for me.

    For “What’s in a name, that which we call a rose?”.

    Namo Amitabha.

  146. Dear Facial,

    You can know more from the Independent Investigation Report.
    The 2 investigators from Canada, David Kilgour(ex-MP) and David Matas (renowned human rights lawyer), are totally independent from Falun Gong. They did the investigation themselves and as a volunteer without any payment.

    Both of them are reputable individuals, basically, since the release of their report, there is no answers to challenge their findings at all.

    Except just many personal attack bashing on them from the Chinese regime.

  147. Hi xy,

    You are right to some extent saying :
    “My experience in China is that if you don’t bother CCP, they will not bother you.” So it really prove that they have no tolerance at all to all others who are different from them.

    Falun Gong really didn’t bother the CCP, it’s small group of CCP leaders (Jiang Zemin) itself scare of losing their benefits and start to make Falun Gong as imaginary enermy to scare and showcase to others : “Don’t challenge the CCP”.

    It’s a typical strategy used by the CCP to maintain its regime: DXP said, “Kill 200,000 to get 20 years of ‘stability’ of China(CCP)”.

    So if people agree to kill 200k of Chinese? then we are falling under the Communism idealogy of Struggle the Heaven, Struggle the Earth, Struggle the humankind.


  148. xy says:


    I have no intention to further lengthen this blog.

    I have heard of this zillions of times. As I said, there are always 2 sides to the coin. Truth is always somewhere in between.

    May I end my noises to this topic with a verse from The Diamond Sutra : “…应无所住而生其心.”

    Namo Amitabha.

  149. Ok xy,

    Nice blogging with you in Susan’s Blog “May the truth saves us all”

    All the best.


  150. Orang Chin says:

    Just a quick comment about all this organ selling and its comparison to being a prostitute (XY & Facial).

    The question of demand & supply in this instance is totally irrelevant. What is relevant is you simply can’t cut people up !

  151. wawa says:

    Haha seems like the debate has not stopped since yesterday noght. am sure it had make the nerves of many ppl up down till today.

    As buddhist, i wish to make a prayer to all of us, include the CCP.
    May all sentient beings are liberated from roots od suuferings
    May them gain happyness and roots of happyness

    Practice impartial compassionate especially for those you hate, disagred,., had hurt you or inflicted by negative emotion

    these people are not your enemies

    it is their ignorance,negative emotions/desries that are enemies to be overcome.

    I hope our heart and mind alwys be the compassionate we are what type of buddhist, non buddhist. As we know non of us know what is the absolute truth unless our mind are compassionate enough to take our all our bias to others.

  152. Orang Chin says:

    Hi XY,
    Some time back in 2001, ex dictator Jiang when asked by French reporter about the timing of free election in China, he answered
    ” Chinese people’s IQ at the moment is not ready for it”

    How insulting ! 7 years have passed and the current leaders in China still hang on to Jiang’s gospel.

    Give the Chinese people the ballot boxes. Let their wisdom decide what’s good for them. A democracy based on the US is only your assumption.

  153. facial says:

    Hi the equation is not simply , it takes two hands to clap i.e if the animals want to prostitute no body can do anything.
    Just look at what these western animals are doing to Burma, holding people’s food and demand to go in to Burma first only then release the food to the victims.
    Is this also a simply equation of “”cut people up”” ?????????

  154. ah long says:

    Stomach full you can talk ballot boxes and human rights.
    Stomach empty and your family dying in front of you from hunger then see you talk what.

    If the cat catch mouse does it matter if it is black or white. If your stomach is aching from hunger do you care about the ballot box?

    There is still a lot of people in rural China whose main worry is a roof over their heads, a warm jacket on their backs and two meals a day.

  155. Montana Best says:

    Thank you “real mainland Chinese”. I can feel that you are speaking from the heart. I think you had just about summed up what a lot of mainland Chinese are feeling right now but don’t have the freedom or resources to do so. Thank you to all those who had enlightened me to the truth of Falun Gong. I am much indebted and a better person for it. It is important that people are presented with both sides of every story. Let’s face it, who can beat the huge propaganda machine of what is a Communist Regime. It is their livelihood … to lie and deceit. I don’t doubt that Falun Gong will be able to overcome the Communist hate propaganda as ultimately, goodness always prevail over evil. Lastly I am so glad I had persisted with this blog as initially I thought I was just being webbed into the paranoia of the bloggers, unfounded accusations etc which doesn’t add credibility to the blog. Incidentally, I am from Australia. Thank you once again to all those who had proof on what they are discussing. May truthfulness, compassion and forbearance prevail.

  156. Orang Chin says:

    What is the root cause of stomach empty ?
    Why does the Commie have to open up the economy & called it “market economy with a socilaist character” ?

    Answer: Centrally planned economy of the communist system has starved to deaths millions of Chinese people. To avoid popular revolt, market economy has to be introduced. This itself is an admission that communism just does not work. Having decided to open up economy but want to save face + want to retain dictatorship, communist party control must not be relaxed. This is to ensure those in charge & their cronies can hang on the power & wealth (sounds a bit like our country..too..) Hence, “market economy with a socialist character” !

    Had the been ballot boxes to put the interest of the country ahead of party, market economy would have been introduced long time ago. Millions of Chinese lives would have been saved. It could also have been possible that our great nation of China is now running ahead of Taiwan & Japan !
    Ah Long my friend, at least you are aware and concerned about the plight of Chinese people in the kampong area. That’s compassion. Thank you Ah Long !

  157. xy says:

    子曰 : “知之為知之, 不知為不知, 是知也”

    Namo Amitabha.

  158. Montana Best says:

    Heck, I’ve just read this on the web. I felt compelled to post it.. I am hooked!

    Subject: [Newslist] OpEdNews, Newtown,PA – Heck of a job, Commie
    May 20, 2008
    By John Kusumi

    It’s about the news media.

    Heck, they never reform their ways, nor even acknowledge any error on their
    part. That sentiment could apply to the leaders of China, America, or the
    talking heads of U.S. network television. They may be growing accustomed to
    my occasional blasts and bricks for them — I write, more prolifically than
    I would like to, about the foibles and follies of all three groups. It’s not

    just musing, either. I give speeches, write articles, and work on a book
    manuscript titled ‘Genocidal Correctness.’ To indict the news media is easy
    — all it takes is to write about some aspect of how they conduct business
    as usual. The faultiness cannot be narrowed down to one report; rather, it
    is their M.O. (modus operandi) which is faulty.

    Before the earthquake in China, it was easy to say that America’s media was
    wrapped around the little finger of Communist China. Now, has the earthquake

    revealed anything in this regard? No! –After the earthquake, we can say
    again that America’s media is wrapped around the little finger of Communist
    China. America’s media trips all over itself to be fawning spin meisters for

    the Communist Party, which presumably must be great, glorious, and correct.
    (Note. The Communist Party is not great, glorious, nor correct. The
    Communist Party is China’s obstacle to a satisfying future.)

    When I finally issue my book, ‘Genocidal Correctness,’ it is likely to
    conclude that ABC, CBS, and NBC should simply shutter their discredited news

    divisions. But, even before we get around to the release of that book, I
    would say that there is a higher priority: U.S. news organizations should
    discontinue having news bureaus and foreign correspondents in China. Not
    long ago (but before the earthquake), I sent an email to the Foreign
    Correspondents Club of China. They had released news about how tense and
    threatening was the environment, based on a nationalistic backlash and
    fervor that was stirred in China by the Communist Party, against Western
    news organizations which had reported sympathetically about the Tibetan
    uprising. (In particular, there were protests against CNN and Jack Cafferty,

    who referred to the Chinese government as “goons and thugs.” In essence,
    Cafferty was accurate but made a poor choice of words.)

    In my email, I expressed zero sympathy for the FCCC. When foreign
    correspondents go to Beijing, they operate under a compact that is akin to
    selling their souls. Even if a written contract does not specify the deal,
    it is widely understood that foreign correspondents get access to the
    authorities in Beijing, and in return those correspondents write little or
    nothing about Falun Gong. Now in the absence of their souls, those
    correspondents are whisper-quiet about persecution that Falun Gong endures
    on a daily basis, due to China’s ongoing crackdown against the peaceful
    spiritual practice. This editorial policy is akin to leaving the Jews in the

    gas chambers. My email struck a balance: they have zero sympathy for Falun
    Gong, and I have zero sympathy for the FCCC.

    There is a future date in history that will be like opening the gates of
    Auschwitz, and then it will be clear what these Beijing correspondents
    assisted with covering up. In that eventuality, perhaps I should also
    recommend Nuremberg trials for those particular journalists. So by now, my
    recommendations resemble a three step formula: (1.) Shutter the Beijing news

    bureaus; (2.) Shutter the ABC, CBS, and NBC news divisions; (3.) Conduct
    Nuremberg trials for the ersatz journalists who perpetrated the lengthy
    cover up of Chinese human rights abuses.

    However, I think I realize that there are likely defenses that could be
    raised. The Beijing correspondents could say that they wrote and filed many
    stories that were buried by the managing editors in the U.S.. And, the
    managing editors could say that they were unaware, or missed it, or didn’t
    get the memo. In other words, some media types might get off the hook by
    pointing the finger at the other end of their operation. Was this a failure
    in the field in Beijing, or a failure at headquarters in the U.S.? –For the

    news consuming public, it may be unimportant to play the blame game. From
    the public’s perspective, the only sure thing is that the news media is
    lousy. But as I research my book, I would be happy to hear from any Beijing
    correspondents who found Falun Gong stories turned away at the headquarters
    level in the U.S..

    I really don’t expect cooperation from the Beijing correspondents. I really
    flamed them in my email, and referred to U.S. corporate media as “filth in
    the form of humans.” There truly are lives being lost in the Falun Gong
    story, and whether it is foreign correspondents, managing editors, or
    executives at the media — they are making life-and-death decisions, playing

    God, and choosing to err on the side of death (death plus good relations
    with the Chinese government — apparently those good relations are more
    important than life itself).

    Now, Sichuan province lies in ruins, and the occasion is kindred to that of
    Hurricane Katrina in the United States. What did President Bush say at that
    time? “Heck of a job, Brownie.” –He was patting FEMA Director Michael Brown

    on the back for a job well done. Now in the present day, what is the news
    media saying? “Heck of a job, Commie.” –They are patting the Communist
    Party on the back for a job well done in response to the Sichuan earthquake.

    In the former instance, it was President Bush who was disconnected from
    reality. In the latter instance, it is the news media (largely relying upon
    the reporting of their Beijing-based foreign correspondents) that is
    disconnected from reality.

    What is happening here is that the Communist-controlled Chinese domestic
    media is patting its government on the back, and the reports are being
    picked up and passed along uncritically by Western journalists, who are
    supposed to know better than to pass along Communist propaganda, unedited.
    About 5 million Chinese people can see right through that “lipstick on a
    pig” strategy, that is used by the powerful when reporting to the powerless.

    Residents of Sichuan are likely to demand justice, sooner than the U.S.
    media notices any problem. I will be surprised if residents of Sichuan are
    like residents of America, who were hit on 9/11 only to have the attack
    smoothed over with news media narrative that passed along Bush adminstration

    propaganda uncritically. The media still hasn’t noticed any problem about
    9/11; they have gotten over Katrina even while survivors are still homeless;

    and, they are not likely to report any problem in the wake of the Sichuan

    Perhaps this is what China and America have in common: Powerful people
    congratulate themselves. The larger masses of ordinary citizens are lucky if

    they are given a ham sandwich and a road map as they hit the road. The
    common people are getting the short end of the stick, while the news media
    resembles my observation that they are “the corrupt, flacking for the
    corrupt.” They are fat and happy people, reading “the news” from Easy
    Street, and they keep their feet on the desks about genocide. I have
    something to say, and it’s not “God bless the news media.” No, no, no! ….

    * P.S. – Note. Someone showed me a lawsuit that was filed by offended
    Chinese people against CNN and Jack Cafferty. It is a frivolous lawsuit that

    will rightly be laughed out of court. However, CNN should have hung tough.
    It looks bad (for them) that they apologized AGAIN to the Chinese.
    Commenting about the CNN apology, a Chinese person wrote: “Relax. Media like

    CNN are doing the US more harm than good. CNN should also apologize to it’s
    own brain-bashed American audience. When the curse fails, the witch dies.”
    * * P.P.S. – Note two. In a lighter mood, I recently made up these

    AP: Absent Professionalism
    ABC: Assinine Buffoons and Clowns
    CBS: Could Be Sociopathic
    NBC: National Buffoons and Clowns
    CNBC: Commercial Nitwits Being Corrupt
    MSNBC: Military Sales, No Ballots Counted

    Authors Bio: The first Generation X presidential candidate, John Kusumi was
    the 18-year-old for U.S. President in 1984 (Independent / Practical
    Idealist). He is the founder and Director Emeritus of the China Support
    Network, formed with fellow Americans in 1989 to respond to the tragedy of
    China’s Tiananmen Square massacre. He is also a leader of the Freedom First,

    Olympics Second Coalition — a combination of many groups that are opposed
    to Beijing’s Olympic Games unless China first is free. He is also a
    columnist, podcaster, public speaker and advisor to leading Chinese
    dissidents, with material at

    Original Content at

  159. Orang Chin says:

    “If the animal want to prostitute, nobody can do anything”.

    Thank you XY, for I now know the prostitute yu are referring to is the Chinese Government who responds to the demand of organs from potential customers.

    PS – Your next dinner invitation to the local Chinese Embassy is now withdrawn & your future visa to visit China will be refused.

  160. xy says:

    Orang Chin,

    Tks for the tips.

    “…知之為知之, 不知為不知, 是知也”

    Have a good day.

  161. Orang Chin,
    Your said:”
    PS – Your next dinner invitation to the local Chinese Embassy is now withdrawn & your future visa to visit China will be refused.”

    Actually I know some active Falun Gong practitioner able to enter China.
    Hey, don’t scare of the CCP embassy, we have nothing to hide, Evil should scare the righteous, we will gain more than losing if uphold the principles of morality.

    Truth prevails.


  162. Orang Chin says:

    With XY now gone into deep meditation !
    I Miss all the wisdom he has.

  163. xy says:

    Orang Chin 同志,

    I have no wisdom to offer. Wisdom or whatever only make us blind.

    Have a good day.

  164. Orang Chin says:

    OK, thanks for no making me blind.
    However, please don’t call me comrade. That’s out of date, insulting and dangerous.
    In the party these days, we clad ourselves in western style suit and call each other “boss” to reflect our new found wealth. As our past dictator Deng once said, “Let some peolple become rich first”. So, we party members have helped ourselves to become rich first. Who cares about the others !
    In Poland today, you will never get a government job if you were a comrade before. In other words, members of the communist party are banned from government employment to punish them for their past atrocities committed against the people of Poland. I anticipate this day will come to China. So, NO comrade for me please.
    please !

  165. xy says:

    Orang Chin,

    Tks for the enlightenment. You are great.

    Gate Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha.

  166. wits0 says:

    Sure, XY, “Gate Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha.”

    Of which I might translate in a nutshell(my way) also as, “Ultimately nothing matters.”

    But while we’re still within the given “Reality”, there is need sometimes to speak out against falsehood rather than to avoid all such because of partisan sensitivities. It’s a personal responsibility therein. In Buddhism, there can be also an excess of passiveness.

    In this respect, I tend to agree with Lama Ole Nidal:

  167. xy says:

    @Orang Chin,

    regret if I have offended you.

    I prefer not to translate the mantra, because it is mantra tradition.

    In Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra, it is said that “色不異空。空不異色。色即是空。空即是色。受想行識。亦復如是”.
    Why so difficult with ourselves? If we win, so what? if we lose, so what? It may appear passiveness.
    Confucius reminded us constantly : “人不知而不慍,不亦君子乎”.
    Sorry I didn’t do the english translation. Not good at it. It is better you google it for quality translation, if required.

  168. wits0 says:

    XY, a good translation is here:

  169. wits0 says:

    XY, a good translation is here:

  170. Unlimited says:

    Seriously now,

    Chinese Oppression? Falun Gong?

    A Falun Gong peace demonstrator lit herself and her baby on fire before.

    That’s occult.

    I for one salute China for what they have become. They were once bullied into becoming nothing but a peasant state by the Japanese. Then they became the world’s factory floor when the gates opened.

    Now, they are a commercial monster with a renewed zeal for everything military. China shows us that you can still operate and succeed under a powerful police state, just like Hitler did.

    All dissidents should be crushed quickly and without remorse. Little do people know, riots and unrest costs a country a boatload of money loss (and even life loss). And when a coup d’etat ensues, the new government fails outright.

    No doubt I will now come under fire from all the nice-peace loving hypocrites that scream murder and profanities at another road driver on Malaysian driver, but I could care less. I for one, am utterly glad that order has once presided as a true master over chaos.

    Blood has always been spilled for Freedom and Peace, don’t you banner-waving, computer-bound hippies ever forget that.

  171. DDT says:

    Learn Chinese history & current affairs at

  172. Sungei Gombak says:

    Unlimited :
    Postman has delivered your Chinese passport. Go back there since you like so much !

  173. Sungei Gombak says:

    Open the door, the courier is outside with your honourary Chinese citizenship & passport.
    Catch the next flight & don’t come back since you like it so much there.

  174. Sungei Gombak says:

    I used to regard Mao a hero until I read Hung Chang’s book “Mao The Untold Story” in which Mao is unmasked and responsible for the death for 40 million Chinese people.

  175. Orang Chin says:

    I’m not qualifdied to enlighten anyone.
    There is some problem with this site tonight.
    Please check this site everyday. I would like to share some Qigong experience with you.

  176. Orang Chin says:

    Being a truely patriotic overseas Chinese, Unlimited is refred to Peace’s blog of 28 May.

    According to Unlimited, “all dissidents should be crushed quickly without remorse”. If he has his way, people like Anwar, RPK etc will be written off in no time.

    Tiananmen SQ incident has been delcared a deception. Many Mainland Chinese have found the antidote to this poisonous concoction of the Commies but not Unlimited.

    People with a religion are in general peace loving. How dare you call XY, witsO “hypocrites” ?

    We now definitely have a problem. A monster crossed between Mouse Shit Dung + Hilter, come complete with little red book & authentic salute has surfaced.

  177. Orang Chin says:

    The Tiannanmen SQ incident is a hoax and has been declared a deception by the UN. Many Mainland Chinese have found the antidote to this poisonous concoction of the Commies. I hope you do soon.

    In general, people with a religion are peace loving. Your statement” peace loving hypocrites” in this instance has insulted XY & witsO. I think an appropriate apology is required.

    I’m very shocked at some of you comments regarding dissidents and hope you are not a monster crossed between Mao & Hilter, complete with little red book & authentic Nazi salute !

  178. shower says:

    Extracted Susan’s blog on “Human rights and Fulun Gong” by Temenggong on 23th May 2008 at 8.23pm.

    For the moment here is a poem in Chinese from Sichuan (English translation by Alex Tang, a Toronto-based earthquake engineer) written after the recent quake. Pay heed to karma and rebirth.


    This poem was actually by Chinese Government aftermath of fire on Tianaman Square and is an edited version.

    Now someone uses it for!

  179. Reactor says:

    Yesterday I went back to Mimaland and found a few Orang utan monkeys jumping over trees along the Gombak river. These monkeys were there waiting for visitors to throw them some chips but non at all.

    So in order to catch attention they mudded the Gombak Sungei with shits and hoping the people in the heart of Kuala Lumpur will pay them a visit.

    What a sorry state lah!!!

  180. DDT says:

    We better wind up this topic for now and get ready for the next big one – The authentic Tiananman SQ massacre on June 4 1989 !

    (I do apologise if I ‘ve got it wrong because the Chinese Government said it didn’t happen)

  181. Sungei Gombak says:

    It was highly possible that the stench came from your car seat. Remember, it was a hot day and the roti chanai you ate didn’t quite agree with your stomach.
    However, eyesight check recommended. Mimaland & River Gombak have never been orang utan (monkeys ?) habitat !

  182. Sungei Gombak says:




    这些“爱国者”应该知道,如果你得到了某个洋国的公民身份,你就不再是“中国人”,而只是“华人”。你应该爱你所属的国,对它尽义务,做贡献,这是做人的起 码道德。如果你对故土还有感情,请你帮她从野蛮走向文明,而不是为虎作伥,拉着她坠入黑暗;如果你拿到某个洋国的绿卡,你欠着母国和居住国的双重的人情, 你应该为两国的相互理解、交流和友好而尽心竭力。你们如果希望中国有一个良好形象,就应该去清除她身上的污垢和浓疮;你如果愿意看到中国人在世界上受人尊重,首先你们应该学会作一个文明人。遗憾的是,你们一些人的作为,正在为CNN那个主持人的话做注解。你们应该明白,也许在你们的语言暴力之下,CNN的 记者不再说这样的话,但会有更多的人在心里会说那句话。

    你们生活在文明的环境里,却没有被文明化(civilized),反而学会了向文明撒野,向那些野蛮人看齐。你们享受着自由民主,却为专制唱赞歌,要你们家 乡的父老乡亲们承受专制的苦难;你们受惠于西方的福利,为西方国家贡献着GDP和财政 税收,却希望家乡的父老们勒起腰带搞军备,搞什么神五神六,好让你们在外国人面前扬眉吐气;你们跑到外国去读书,却说中国的教育是最好的;你们中有的人听见家乡的父老们痛苦的呻吟就暴跳如雷,因为这会使你们在洋人面前感到自卑。你们可知道,一个受到压迫和虐待的无助的弱者,希望别人知道他们的苦难,这是最 可怜的一点希望。你们居然发现了CNN那么多的错,可见你们经常看CNN,可你们应该知道,在你们的故乡,看CNN只是洋人大人的特权,而对我等草民属于非法活动。


    请不要对我说,你们既了解中国,也了解西方。我知道,你们中许多人,对中国非常无知,对西方怀着深深的偏见。你们没有像我们那样,经历了中国思想解放的艰难历程,一点点地清洗掉老毛时代注入骨髓的毒汁,从自已生命的体验中升华出个性解放、自由民主的需求。你们中许多人,连红卫兵年代打上的烙印还没有洗刷干净,有的人还抱着知青时代的乌托邦理想,在老毛时代就落下了受虐狂的病根,至 今还沉浸在对老毛的怀恋和对邓小平的漫骂中,不受虐待就不舒服,看着你们的同胞继续受虐待就羡慕。

    你们许多人只与华人打交道,整夜整夜地在CCTV前打发时光,沉迷于国内都没人看的中文版的垃圾肥皂剧。CNN那句“辱华”的话,我怀疑你们抗议的人群中,到底有多少人看了,又有多少人能听懂。许多留学生,满脑子国内教育给他的偏见,他们是极端应试教育产生的残次品,从学校到学校,不接触社会,只读对考试有用的书,很少读别的书,上大学把很大精力用在考托福、雅思 上、既不了解真实的中国社会现实,也不了解真实的中国历史。我曾一次次看到中 国留学生愤怒的与洋人争辩:我就是从中国来的,中国不是你说的那个样子。我事后不得不善意地提醒他/她:中国是那个样子,人家说的是事实,你不知道。

    你们恨铁不成钢,觉得我们这些土鳖们不如你们爱国。可你们应该知道,令你们能够在洋人面前可以炫耀的天文数字的GDP,每一元钱都是我们的血汗凝成;使你们可以在洋人面前自夸的飞弹军舰,每个零件都是从我们身上索取的。 我们为这国奉献着一切,我们也在这国里承受着一切。这国应该怎样,应该以我们的感受为准,而不是以你们的面子为准。你们要爱国,先做出一点牺牲,就先牺牲一点你们的面子吧。向外国人老实地承认,你的家乡有许多问题,家乡的父老乡亲生活并不开心。然后,你与那些真诚关心中国命运的老外一起,做点事情,让中国也成为“正常的国家”,脱去野蛮,成为现代文明社会的一员。


    这国实实在在是我们的,你们只是看客。这国家不是一个供人意淫的空洞的符号,它是由像我这样一个个草民组成的。它实实在在充满着我们的欢乐和痛苦。你们爱国,却对构成这国的国民的处境漠然处之。你们为CNN 的一句话如此亢奋,你们可曾为父乡亲的屈辱生活感到过心的痛吗?你们的冷漠让国人齿寒;你们爱的国,是抽空了一个个鲜活生命的空洞的国,你们对这空洞的符号的迷狂让国人瞠目,不知你们为何这般矫情。这国对你们只是脸面,对我们,是日复一日的生活,是一句话是否会惹祸上身的担忧,是清洁还是污浊的空气,是股票和物价。谁能使我们过上快乐的生活,谁就是爱国。无论是贡献知识捐献钱财,还是批评他的弊端促其变革。




    5/3/2008 12:55:31 PM

  183. Orang Chin says:

    I’m back. Sorry I was busy over the weekend. Reading more books to contribute to this marathorn blog. Are you ready to listen to my qigong experience ? It’s rather long. I don’t want to waste my time writing it when you have again gone into deep meditation & all that Louzi + Konzi stuff.

    Please send me a small signal that you are there. Much obliged.

  184. DDT says:

    Carrying a Torch for China
    Skip the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, Mr. President.
    by Ethan Gutmann
    04/21/2008, Volume 013, Issue 30

    It was my four-year-old son’s first demonstration. But he was getting cold, the police were manhandling the Tibetans to the point that there might be a stampede, and I wasn’t sure if the bus that had just rushed by at such an unseemly speed actually carried the stupid torch, so we headed for the tube and home. My son wanted to know why people kept saying “China, stop the kitty.”

    “It’s ‘stop the killing,’ ” I corrected.

    I tried to explain for the nth time: “Suppose you have a neighbor who has a dog. And he beats the dog. You can hear the dog crying all day. Then the neighbor comes by and invites you to bring your dog .  .  .”

    “Daddy, we don’t have a dog.”

    “I know. We will sometime soon. I promise. But pretend. The neighbor wants to invite your dog–and every other dog in the neighborhood–to a dog party. A big dog party. Black dogs, white dogs, yellow dogs, red dogs .  .  .”

    “Or a mouse, it could be a mouse party, Daddy. Or a cat party .  .  .”

    Okay, I thought, he gets it.

    It wasn’t until I got home and saw the paramilitary blue and white tracksuits flanking each torchbearer, and the wolfish Chinese army profiles so familiar to anyone who has lived in Beijing that I got it. I regretted not dropping off my son with some kindly Tibetan woman and trying to stand in front of the bus myself.

    I have been agnostic on the utility of boycotting the Beijing Olympics. I prefer to consider the Olympics nothing more than a sporting event. Host cities should do their job: spend their $30 billion and get out of the way. But the Chinese government, in its insecure and bullying fashion, keeps pushing its luck with acts like the army-saturated torch welcoming ceremony in Beijing and the endless torch relay with its unprecedented scale of 85,000 miles and 20,000 torchbearers, scheduled to hit not just every Chinese province, but major capitals on every inhabited continent, as if we were all part of a new Chinese world order. Most of all, by adding their goon squad of “flame attendants” with no apparent diplomatic status into the scene–hovering retentively, manhandling Londoners, and barking orders at the torchbearers–Beijing has made it abundantly clear that this is not about the Olympic spirit, but about power, Chinese power.

    The torch relay is an unforced error by the Chinese government, and it deserves every bit of mayhem and farce that London, Paris, San Francisco, and all the cities to come can provide. At a minimum, a boycott of the political opening ceremony looks like the inevitable, if imperfect, compromise. But we should do it eyes open, aware not only of Chinese culpability for the current mess, but also of our own.

    Back in 2001, pretty much every U.S. newspaper editor tacked the headline “Who’s Hu?” on the obligatory backgrounder introducing the incoming Chinese president, Hu Jintao. The pun was usually more interesting than the article; the singular accomplishment in Hu’s otherwise colorless party career was his suppression of the Tibetan revolt of 1989–100 people were massacred. With Hu now firmly in control, it’s not surprising that the current Tibet crackdown appears cleaner than the first: well rehearsed, coldly efficient, with most of the blood splendidly isolated from the prying Western media. Hu could have provided window-dressing for the West: an agreement to sit down with the Dalai Lama (at some unspecified point in the future, once the shape of the table has been determined and so on). In fact, under pressure from the International Olympics Committee (IOC), he still might provide some similar bunkum, but it will not change the nature of the Chinese Communist party. Much like the true church of the Middle Ages, the party has the prime directive of bringing errant provinces into the fold and destroying any opposing systems of thought. The problem is that, as a world leader, Hu has the prime directive of bringing off a successful Beijing Olympics–an event, by the way, that the Chinese people have put a lot of sweat into. And that’s a problem for us too.

    As the Tibetan and Falun Gong protests surrounding the global trail of the Olympic torch pick up intensity, Europe has already begun to pick sides. Haunted by the Berlin Olympics of 1936, universally regarded as Europe’s dress rehearsal for the disastrous policy of appeasement, it is no coincidence that the two populations that bore the immediate brunt of the Nazi war machine, Poland and the Czech Republic, were the first to pull out of Beijing’s political opening ceremony. Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, recently announced that she will not attend either. Nicolas Sarkozy has publicly threatened to do the same and possibly to carry the European Union along with him. You’d have thought that Britain might be inhibited by London’s role as Olympics host city in 2012, but Prime Minister Gordon Brown went back late last week on his previously stated intention to attend the opening ceremony (while still clinging to a fig-leaf appearance at the closer).

    The answer to the question of how comprehensive a boycott we are looking at probably lies in the United States, the global superpower. Given China’s status as America’s second largest trading partner, Washington cannot easily embrace the unbearable lightness of boycotting, but it is hard to imagine that President Bush, who has accepted a Chinese invitation to attend the Olympics, can easily stomach the Chinese rationalizations for the Tibet crackdown either.

    Once you get past the usual Chinese admonitions about interference in internal affairs, the first Chinese argument is that Tibetan monks and activists are essentially terrorists, with the Dalai Lama standing in for bin Laden. Thus Chinese suppression of Tibetan Buddhism and the strategic resettlement of Han Chinese in Tibet are downplayed in favor of a serial loop of badly shot “atrocities of the Tibetan independence forces.” (The Chinese government recently warned of “Tibetan suicide squads,” indicating that they may consider staging an event with better lighting in the near future.) This argument doesn’t really fly. Too many Washington leaders, Bush among them, have met the Dalai Lama, and it won’t work with U.S. journalists either–the Chinese have shut down press access to Tibet all too frequently.

    The second defense, favored by angry young Chinese males in reader comment sections throughout the Internet, parrots the Chinese government’s depiction of Tibetans as picturesque but feckless (like our caricature of American Indians back when we still called them that), who desperately need Chinese modernization for their own good. The problem with the “Han Chinese burden” rationale is that we stopped slaughtering our natives some time ago.

    The third Chinese argument is rarely stated openly. To do so would negate not only the two previous arguments, but also China’s commitment to improve the human rights situation in advance of the Olympics. It goes like this: You are hypocrites. You knew the human rights situation in China when we made our bid. Your journalists only give human rights sporadic, selective coverage anyway. So why are you complaining at this late date? And here, as the context of the original bid and the tragic history of Falun Gong fully demonstrate, the Chinese are dead right.

    Beijing’s was always a blackmail bid. The IOC likes to profess a studied disinterest in politics, but that pose was only possible because of the equally studied neutrality by the United States and other Western countries towards Beijing’s ambitions. I was a business consultant in Beijing during the bidding process, and it was common knowledge that the West would receive some much-needed political restraint from the Chinese in return for our support. It was whispered that the Beijing Olympics would buy peace in the Taiwan Strait for eight years, ensure continued economic liberalization, mollify runaway Chinese nationalism (by bolstering Chinese self-esteem), permit journalists to operate in a slightly more plausible working environment, and inhibit the Chinese leadership from overtly slaughtering its citizens.

    When it comes to Taiwan and economic liberalization, China has technically lived up to its promises, pulling Taiwan into the Chinese orbit through business interests rather than by naval blockade or missile attack. In terms of nationalism, journalistic freedom, and human rights–well, best not to dwell on how that turned out–but in all fairness, the only one of these issues that the IOC appeared to be mildly serious about was human rights. Even there, it was always a same-bed-different-dreams deal. For Western business in China, “human rights” translates as: Please don’t embarrass us publicly. For the Chinese government “human rights” was always translated within the prism of “social stability”: How else can you ensure a smooth Olympics? And the way to ensure social stability was to neutralize the “five poisons”–Tibetan separatists, democracy activists, Taiwan independence supporters, Xinjiang freedom fighters, and Falun Gong practitioners. And here, again, the angry young Chinese men have a point concerning the hypocrisy of Western journalists.

    It was all a charade. The blackmail bid took place in clear sight of the mindbending persecution of Falun Gong, an operation that had already mobilized China’s state security forces on a scale that dwarfs the current Tibet crackdown. The West had three clear openings to bring the issue to a head: when the Beijing bid was nearing fruition in 2000, when an energized Falun Gong movement in the West emerged four years later with documentation that thousands had been murdered and over 100,000 had been thrown into labor camps, and finally in 2006 when credible reports of systematic organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners seeped out, pushing the potential death toll well into the tens of thousands.

    I have interviewed some of the survivors. Roughly half of the Falun Gong practitioners who have emerged from the camps describe physical exams aimed at determining the health of their internal organs, along with close examination of corneas. Ears, genitals, and the other parts of the body usually scrutinized in medical exams–all of which have no value in the organ market–were routinely ignored. Yet it is a curious fact that American newspapers barely mentioned the targeted organ harvesting. Indeed, studies within the Falun Gong community demonstrate that the higher the Falun Gong death toll, the less the reporting. A former Beijing bureau chief of one of America’s top networks accurately represented the average China journalist’s view of Falun Gong in a candid conversation with me: The crackdown was indeed absurdly harsh, even by Chinese standards, but it was a drag to cover the story because “I hate both sides.”

    For American journalists, Falun Gong has three strikes against it. First, Falun Gong’s emergence in 1999 took them by surprise, and journalists don’t like feeling out of the loop. Second, reporters depend on the party’s minimal cooperation for access and accreditation. Falun Gong is the party’s enemy number one, as a Chinese spiritual movement from the heartland is more difficult to contain than a separatist movement like the Tibetans’. This meant the hot zone was not just in Lhasa, but everywhere, and that news stories had to be suppressed directly rather than just by limiting geographic access. Stories about persecution and torture could bring retaliation–blocked websites, detention, and, worst of all, loss of the journalist’s ability to actually work. Stories that stuck the cult label on Falun Gong or, better still, avoided the issue altogether, ensured access.

    The third strike against Falun Gong is that many Beijing-based journalists have gone slightly native. They see themselves as the arbiters of Chinese social progress. Falun Gong, with its insistence on traditional values–marriage and morality–looked like an enemy of the New China that journalists actually like: the hip, urban, ironic, way-cool place where cynical artists dish out scorn for crass Western commerciality. Falun Gong, simply put, is a Buddhist revival movement with all that entails: passion, talk of miracles, are-you-running-with-me-Master-Li individualism, and a reflexive mistrust of establishments and outside agendas. By contrast, the Tibetans had the far safer veneer of an ancient, well-established religion, and Hollywood’s Richard Gere (and even some dimly remembered associations with tantric sex). Here, journalists intersected with their U.S.-based editors who not only tend to be suspicious of religion–particularly revivalist versions–but who also had no idea of how to incorporate the mass murder of Falun Gong’s followers into the preferred storyline of China’s amazing progress.

    Thus, in public, foreign businessmen casually inserted anti-Falun Gong rhetoric into speeches to please their Chinese hosts. In private, when Chinese security needed targeted Internet surveillance technology to catch Falun Gong practitioners, Cisco provided it to their specifications. Oversight in Washington of this sort of activity lagged because politicians absorbed the distorted perception pumped out of China by many journalists and succumbed to the lobbying pressures of businessmen eager to cut deals with Chinese officials. And human rights groups appeared curiously unwilling to protest despite the scale of the Falun Gong persecution and the vehemence of the Chinese government’s resolve to continue it. The record suggests an informal pact with the Chinese government to trade away mention of Falun Gong in exchange for minor concessions, such as scripted labor camp visits and legal exchanges.

    Falun Gong is only one in a long historical line of atrocities the West has chosen to ignore while they were happening. But hating both sides is no longer a valid strategy for the Beijing Olympics. We are assisting in the construction of a simulacrum of an independent, modern society, while the reality is actually quite fascist in nature. Like its forerunners, it alternates between demonizing Western democracy and lusting for the tokens of Western legitimacy to help it maintain power over its citizens–the same citizens it so fears.

    U.S. coverage of China has been weak and our policies inconsistent. Terribly so. But it doesn’t render us incapable of doing the right thing. Falun Gong has been getting little press in the torch relay fracas. That’s not surprising. As an indigenous Chinese movement, rather than a separatist one, Falun Gong has taken a neutral position on boycotting the Chinese Olympics, sensing correctly that it has become a matter of Chinese “face” that the Olympics continue. But we in the West have our own version of face, a genocide line that cannot be crossed without our identity beginning to crack. No matter how much we ignored the crying, the persecution of Falun Gong demonstrably crossed that line, and even if the Chinese leadership calls off the torch relay or makes an effort to resolve the Tibet situation, it is too late for this Olympics.

    Boycotts don’t work, but the political opening ceremony, for better or worse, is Beijing’s big show–its dog party. Let’s admit that we screwed up, quietly declare a no-fault boycott of any ceremonies, and move on. President Bush, please stay home.

    Ethan Gutmann, an adjunct fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, is the author of Losing the New China. He is writing a book entitled The New Chinese Resistance.

    © Copyright 2008, News Corporation, Weekly Standard, All Rights Reserved.

  185. DDT says:

    I’ve just watched the 9 Commentaries on the Communist Party ( are are now better informed as to why the Communist Party wants to eliminate Buddhism, Taoism, Christinity and Falun Gong. I strongly recommend it to you too.
    By the way, it’s the 9 Commentaries (not 9 Commandments as you have incorrectly stated on May 27) and they are not issued by the founder of Falun Gong. Further, the founder has never claimed to be the enlightened one.

  186. KingKong says:

    Lallang exile and friends, you’re my hero. My salute!

    For those who are blind by hatred and don’t want to help the Sichuan earthquake victims, please look at what Red Cross is doing.

    For those who are not familiar about FLG, I want to sell my crap here:

    FLG reviewed by a Christian…

    a religion of lies
    disguises itself as exercise classes
    these exercises are the actual religious ritual
    use “bait and switch” tactics to make new converts

    I believe that all the allegations on the web site are right on target. Can I?

    I should also point out that not every FLGer is the die hard fan of their Master(God) Li Hongzhi. Someone could be simply curious about the practice. When FLG is condemned, these people obviously will feel being attacked too. Wish there’s a better way to handle that.


  187. KingKong says:

    Another two craps I’d like to sell here are:

    1. Religious Tolerance

    2. How To Detect Bias In News Media

    I believe these two are important to democracy as well as world peace.

    Thanks again.

  188. kittykat46 says:

    Wow, this comments thread has been going on for 3 weeks..
    Quite a subject..

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