Image – the ezam mohd nor we used to know – from marhean.

I did get an inkling of it when he quit all his PKR post last year. But it’s beyond me why someone wants to gostan (reverse) into a sinking ship.

Unless it’s a strategy. Strategy Kapal Titanic. Hahaha! A strategy to sink the ship and not to sink together with his old buddies in UMNO?

Even the old nyanyuk (senile) decided to hop out of that sTinking ship days ago.

But then, a sinking ship can offer a golden platter sometimes. Imagine all the hidden treasures and stolen goods buried long ago, now up for grabs?

He didn’t say he would go back yet. He hasn’t made up his mind. Yet rumours are in the air. “It’s a rumour…rumour…rumour…”. Remember the saying?

We are all amazed, that is all. The ones he’s returning too are all delighted, of course. Just as we were delighted when Mahathir hopped out of the party, remember?

Wait till next week, Ezam says. And he’ll issue a statement.

Why does he need to wait till next week to issue a statement? Deal not properly ink yet? What would it be? A minister-ship? A senator-ship? An UMNO Youth chief-ship?

I am afraid at the end of the day, a sinking ship is all he will get.

I remember he suffered much during his prison days. His wife and kids suffered too. Days and nights missing him. Lack of income. Uncertainties. Detention without trial. Incommunicado. Threats. Hunger strike. Iron bars.

I was there. I saw her tears. I saw the sleeplessness in her eyes. I heard the cries of his little ones. Don’t it all count for something?

He hasn’t said he will return yet. Will he…?

He was very much into his NGO work, too. Shouting anti-corruption slogans and calling for good governance. Fighting the very things that UMNO represents. Would he now want to be a part of it all?

He was a great reformasi icon. If only you had seen his passion for justice and freedom those days. Have you heard him thunder about reforms during ceramahs? He was a promoter of multi-racial politics, then.

Aliran even calls him “the incorruptible ezam“. Now what? UMNO is a racist party. It’s like stepping back into a whole new world. A world that is no longer revolving.

He could have rejoin UMNO before elections. He could have won a seat in Parliament. I know of MPs who became MPs because they had the good fortune to jump ships before the March 8 Tsunami. But he didn’t.

So what made him change his mind?

*Oh, I forgot to add. Whichever path he chooses later, I wish him well*.

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  1. Jong says:

    Well as you said Suzan, …hidden treasures and stolen loot now up for grabs, unless he’s suffering from severe impairment of intellectual capacity – dementia!

  2. wits0 says:

    In history, Temujin or Genghis Khan executed the betrayers of Jamuka, his big time rival on the principle that betrayal merits the harshest punishment. The Mongols had and understood principles. In a similar vein, perhaps the maturing Malaysian voters may similarly understand the need for principles in politicians.

  3. clearwater says:

    Bitterness and disillusion with erstwhile comrades in PKR has turned his head and blurred his vision. His past sacrifices came to naught when he left the party. Reforming Umno from the inside? He will need a lot more than idealism to be relevant in Umno politics. I cannot understand his motives and agenda other than personal antipathy against certain PKR leaders.

  4. ghenjis khan says:

    I want to say something about the other person called YB Shaari Sungip ex-ISA detainee and now an ADUN, I believe in Selangor!

    Shaari Sungip has principles and keeps to the teaching of his religion.

    YB Shaari Sungip hold steadfast to your beliefs and faith … do not bargain your principles.

    Your reward is somewhere else.

  5. hutchrun says:

    Sunday, 13-11-2005

    While refuting talk that he would defect to Umno, Ezam said he was committed to the struggle for reforms, adding that he did not see the ruling party as having immediate room for effective reforms.

    If he joins UMNO, he will obviously be believing the opposite now, and that`ll be the substance of his announcement when he makes it.

    As the PKR MB of selangor said: Best Wishes to him

  6. max says:

    Well maybe UMNO really wants him to clean up corruption, and promote transparency in the party (or really just on Dr M’s cronies only?) In politics, you just have to be doubly suspicious of everyone’s true motives

  7. hutchrun says:

    Another point of view worth paying attention to:

    But, Ezam’s move is hypocrisy of the highest order. He has said and call for so much reforms for UMNO or the Government. Yet, none of his call for reforms have been implemented by the Pak Lah regime.

    In fact, whatever corruption or abuse done by Dr.Mahathir has ben compounded and exploited by the people surrounding Pak Lah. Therefore, what is Ezam’s justification for joining UMNO?

    Does he think that he is big enough to reform UMNO? Does he think he can make a big difference in UMNO that UMNO will fall to his feet and change accordingly. Does he seriously think that he can rid of all the UMNO rent-seekers that currently plauging UMNO?

    Will Ezam be able to influence PAk LAh to overturn all of the Draconian laws currently being enjoyed by the Pak Lah regime?

    It is my opinion, that Ezam joining UMNO is only for his own personal interest. He has a personal agenda that he wants to implement and that he wants only to achieve his own personal glory.

  8. hutchrun says:

    “His domain will be the entire Selangor. In other words, he will be put in the position of recapturing Selangor from PKR. He will take Khir Toyo’s place for good.”

  9. harry porter says:

    It is all democratic when Ezam, Chandra and Nallapan leave PRK. It is just like leaving a religion or do we want to be like BN to be called apostacy? If we blame people leaving DAP and finding faults with DAP, so there are faults with PRK.

  10. hutchrun says:

    Yup, PRK can`t make money. Toyol S`gor knows all about it.

  11. hutchrun says:

    SHAH ALAM: Former Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo has called on the Pakatan Rakyat-led state government to stop criticising the earlier government over trivial issues and start working on implementing improvements.

  12. Sabah/Sarawak says:

    Selangor is not his wife to listen to his ideas. Selangor is made of hardcore opinionated people who don’t fall for political apostates like him. I will be waiting to see how he will start attacking those who shared jails with him and praise those who have jailed them all. It will be disgusting and indeed shameful. He is a gutter politician. But I think Pakatan has no regret because he is neither an MP nor an ADUN and if membership is of any value, Ameno (UMNO) has 3.2 millon members and thousands of ill mannered, infantile and an unrefined bigots and warlords.

    Knowing that the same system that he fought against is in place, I wonder how he will defend it. Quite nauseating… Anyway, enjoy some of his videos as he fires salvos against the system and all rants against it.

  13. int says:

    well, he hasn’t jumped ship yet, all he is doing is refusing to commit either way… and because of this he is getting a LOT of publicity. The DAP Perak assembly speaker is also the subject of speculation that she is going to jump into BN, and she refuses to confirm one way or the other. It’s just politics… to get into the spotlight.

    So let’s wait and see what Ezam does.

  14. chanjoe says:

    I attended Ezam’s ceramah in 2004 GE and was greatly moved by his speeches. He was unable to contest becuz of being barred due to his unjust cases.

    To reform UMNO from inside??? Thats the biggest joke. Gerakan’s slogan once was to fight into BN and reform BN from within. Look what happened? Gerakan was reformed to be worst and BN never reformed.

    Ezam can reform UMNO???…..I say my foot!!! Its all for personal gains and very clearly shown.

  15. caravanserai says:

    What could he say when he rejoined UM-NO?
    The years he spent fighting for justice and freedom
    And spent time in jail of what he fought for
    Now he wants to jump into the sinking ship…………
    He wants to be Jack Sparrow
    ‘One more round, my baby, before I see you go’

    The rolling waves rising high
    The storm and thunder lashing the sinking ship
    And here I see
    The man who did play a part in the lost years
    Telling the whole country what UM-NO is
    And I see him furiously rowing his boat
    ‘Let me see you before you go’

    Has his mind turning to stars?
    Out of politics he feels left out?
    Now the dying ship sending signals
    Suddenly he wakes up he wants a share
    The tragedy of once mighty ship
    Now battle worn riddled with holes
    And he wants to share with her

    The way a politician behaves
    Nobody cares what he will be
    In politics only in black and white
    Do the action and talk less
    Result counts in moving ahead

    Ezam going back on his words
    He is reversing what he had said
    About UM-NO and the ills
    For that he spent years in jail…

    Sorry saudara
    You will lose your respect
    You built it years ago
    Now you want to go back
    When Dr M stepped out already

  16. kittykat46 says:

    When Ezam quit PKR last year, it very much looked like a No-Hope party, with one MP and going to be Zero. It was like quitting THAT sinking ship.

    He must have been kicking himself after the March 8 elections. Even Loh Gwo-Burne became an MP !
    He couldn’t very well go crawling go back to Anwar, “Boleh Kembali, Brother ?” So rejoining UMNO was like, inevitable. Mahathir having quit made it more palatable.

    It will be interesting to see who in PKR will follow Ezam back to UMNO.

  17. Ab.Ab. says:

    Why would it be a blow to PKR when he quit the party one year ago? He is of no value. People are shocked not because that he is of any value to PKR, after all, it won without him, but how can anyone who purports to fight corruption and injustice join UMNO? How can that happen? What does he mean? What about the struggle? What will he tell the rest and the nation? How will he start praising his jailers and attacking his fellow sufferers? Will he attack Anwar, Tian Chua, Sari Sungib, Hishamuddin Rais, Raja Petra and the rest and praise the jailers and the system? This is a miracle indeed. That someone can go that line is mind boggling. This is what’s causing anger because his apostasy is beyond comprehension. Unacceptable indeed.

  18. Ab.Ab. says:

    No one will follow him. In fact, I sympathise with him because I don’t know how he will face the people? I don’t know what he will tell the people.

  19. arnab says:

    sometimes you’re such a BITCH arent You! Wonder why you are such a bitchy bitch…. Bitch.

  20. bonapetit says:

    These recipes are from my collection – Sue

  21. Susan,

    He may be known as the Reformasi Icon but the truth is he is just another Malay Supremacist. Don’t believe me? Read these articles: and

    The reason why he left PKR is because DSAI is promoting Ketuanan Rakyat whilst he is still stuck with the idea of Ketuanan Melayu and he was a dictator when he was in PKR. Azmin Ali is more democratic – Read here:

    His move to return to UMNO is Bagai Sireh Pulang ke Gagang – literally means, he goes back to where he belongs, the Manhole!

  22. Pak Kassim says:

    While he was fighting with the reformasi half his mind/heart was with his old friends in umno/bn. The slightest misunderstanding he had with Keadilan was reason enough for him to leave Keadilan. GERAK was just a stop gap measure to make it less obvious what his actual intention is. It’s clear now what he wants is positions of power in what appears to be in the ‘most likely places’

  23. kesava says:

    May 13 ‘a blessing’: Mukhriz sick

    May 23: Former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad warned Friday of possible unrest in the multi-racial country

    Now Ezam join Mukhriz and go wild – maybe in 10 days.

  24. Robert Teh says:

    Ezam the Lamb is entering the Wolves Den!

    The guys in UMNO will welcome him with open arms at this moment when the party is in crisis BUT do you think they will give up their high posts for him? Even for a senatorship , there are many waiting in-line – who will let him jump queue?

    Welcome to the real world, Ezam!

  25. Once a pirate, forever a pirate. One old pirate hopped out from the sinking ship and now a young pirate hopped into the same sinking ship. All in the name of the stupid “Ketuanan Melayu” thing.

  26. Jong says:

    “The DAP Perak assembly speaker is also the subject of speculation that she is going to jump into BN, and she refuses to confirm one way or the other. It’s just politics… to get into the spotlight.” – int

    One correction here – it’s the deputy Speaker. How she ever got the job, search me! I guess to be “Speaker”, one need not know how to speak properly? Hahaaha! 😀

  27. Antares says:

    It’s probably a belated emotional response to Anwar’s choosing Azmin Ali as his mainman over Ezam. He must have been deeply hurt and the only way he can express it is to defect. Let’s not judge the man harshly. He has contributed enormously to the reformasi movement especially in its infancy. I look at Ezam and I see a decent fella, but he’s a very emotional person and emotional wounds take longer to heal.

  28. Richy says:

    There is two side to a coin and the same goes in the case of Ezam. His change in stance, I afraid is due to his animosity with Azmin Ali and his disappointent with Anwar for not favoring him. If this is the reason than Ezam’s principle will be in question.

    On the other hand what if his mission is to sink the ship like Susan said. It could be a very good strategy. Who knows, his mission could be to help Anwar convincing more crews to jump from the sinking ship.


    1) Election almost lost
    2) Batu Putih gone
    3) Governemt ?
    4) Umno ?

  29. im4freedom says:

    Reminds me of the story during the Russian communist era under Stalin. A Russian, very much an anti-communist soul was dying summoned his wife to to get him membership form to join the communist party. The wife protested that he was an anti-communist all his life so why now? He answered “It’s better one of them than one of us who is to die”.

  30. Frankly, why bother with a young upstart who holds no political position, who has not proven himself in any ministry, except for his time in prison if you can call that ‘prison ministry’.

    This big hoo-hah is because so many have left UMNO and others avoid it like leprosy such that any reject is vociferous welcomed with a lot cymbals and trumpeting. Such is that state of UMNO now and it is so pitiful.

  31. Sang Kancil says:

    I am afraid bird of the feathers will always flock together.

  32. I think that he must be damn broke to ever think of joining UMNO. UMNO is where money could be easily made BUT think again PR is now much much stronger and thus making money under the BN banner can now be classified as very remote and practically impossible.

    So, Ezam, please think carefully; think of all the right things you have been fighting for, your family, friends and most of all your integrity. Money is not everything in life.

    You will regret for the rest of your life by doing such a stupid thing and GOD will punish you irrespective of whether he go to heaven or hell. Your credibility (which is so difficult to achieve) will just go down the drain.

    Anyway, the choice is yours and yours alone. Just being concerned about your future and the DEVIL within you taking charge and finally succeed in turning you into a devil as well.

  33. xtheman says:

    I still believe there is no long term enemy in politic world …. however, what could made him to join Umno after all it is Umno put him in jail !!
    Well Show me the mon$$$ !!! and ofcoz the power indeed. What else can Umno to motivate a person who join them. It is disgrace !!

  34. sAH nEE NaY says:

    Dear “Kani nia boh”. By your name, you have already curse someone. I beleive u r hOKKIEN, R U? 😉

  35. slyderrose says:

    Good luck Ezam with your new undertaking. Hopefully your are successful in you endeavour to reform umno….considering all the bandits are still around. If you really having problems with Azmin or DSAI you can always join PAS. Well established organization. I remember when you met some of PAS leaders you told them that you will never go back to umno. Hopefully all the noises not true.

  36. danet7882 says:

    Ink or no ink let’s have another round of General Election.. Don’t lecture me about the cost(RM) cause the cost(RM) will be lesser than those what those goons have taken…. Why not suggest an independent EC and pay them about RM100million as professional fees, well we do have the tendency to pay commision right, Mr Nagib? well RM500million++ also can pay why not RM100million, peanuts, right? Get the EC from Britain since we are commonwealth member.. probably can still get 20% discount, hehehe…
    Give the ‘rakyat’ 3 months to reregister as voter, 1 month for preparation of election then 2 days for election.. don’t worry about the fraud, we use printed material like the one british is using..
    RM100million ‘pao’ printing material… cheap….

    why we need to resort to this, cause we don’t trust anyone but ourselves..
    the current government can’t produce transparency…..

  37. Muda says:

    It seems that everyone has his price . Et tu Ezam !

  38. ktemoc says:

    well, Nalla hopes to be in BN, and Ezam supported Nalla, standing beside him, when Nalla announced the formation of MIUP. Can we add 2 and 2, or shall I venture one of my deeep deeeeeeep deeeeeppest cover conspiracy theory 😉

  39. Mahathir the longkang leader. says:

    People who choose racist party are not worth, just let him go.

  40. artic turban says:

    bak kata pepatah, setinggi-tingginya tupai melompat, jatuh ke tanah juga, berlompat keluar kesini kesana, akhirnya berlompat masuk balik ke lobang cacing (registered trademark of the artic-turban).
    that speaks for itsef, without UMNO they are all hopelessly lost, the grass there has always been bountifull and rich pickings glory. Once an UMNO man always an umno man, ‘You may check out anytime you like, but you may never leave. once you have tasted the corruption of this sodom and gemorrah, you will never change, its an addiction for the malays.

  41. tamade says:

    I am not sure when will Ezam rejoin UMNO. But I am am sure nobody can deny the fact that he is a man of great courage and determination. I salute him for his stand in fighting the corrupted UMNO and BN. Indeed, the RAKYAT of Bolehland will never forget his contributions (direct and indirect) to the 8 Mac GE which brings the downfall of BN. He is leading GERAK to fight graft and injustice in Bolehland. If he rejoin UMNO, how is he going to stand side by side with the infamous 2.4 Million Dollar Man (Mike Tyson), the corrupted Chick Lover (the Playboy of Malacca)), the notorious AP Queen, the 6000 Taxi Permit King, the Grand Master in Shredding Govt Documents (Selangor), the Great David Copperfield of Wang Ehsan (KT) and etc. I am puzzled, really. Well, I hope this is just a rumour. The RAKYAT have high regards for Ezam. He will be tarnishing his family name if he dipped himself into the stagnant, foul-smelled, stinking pond of UMNO. Imagine, a pit full of shit, where the corrupted heads assemble and reap the RAKYAT’s blood and sweat money under the decoy of NEP and shouting the slogan of KETUANAN MELAYU. Just hope that EZAM will remain in GERAK or best if he helps PAKATAN RAKYAT to wrestle the GOVT and be appointed the HEAD of OMBUDSMEN in PARLIAMENT and overseeing the ACA. You can always join Dr Jayakumar of Sg Siput if you want or remain as a NGO leader. So how about that ,EZAM?

  42. billauchris says:

    Ezam’s cross-over or rather betrayal has indeed disappointed all and sundry. You can call him now by whatever name but his name stinks like a skunk.

    He has certainly lost all my respect. A person like him is an invertebrate – a spineless guy – who follows and swings where the wind blows and not according to what his conscience dictates. Understandable, cos “dia tak ada konsyen”. Friends, you must vote wisely if he ever stands for election under the BN’s ticket.

    I am very surprised that the sinking ship took him with open arms so easily. They must be very desperate to do things like that. I thought all along BN or UMNO do not believe in party-hopping. It is OK when members from the Opposition join them but not the other way.

    What Ezam did might also triggger or smoothen the process of the Sabahans and many of the unhappy BN lackeys crossing over to join the PR.

    In politics. I have come to accept the fact that anything is possible. My impossible dream may one day see our Tun joining the DAP to fight the UMNOputras! That will be the test of Tun’s integrity.

    Guys, what do you think? Like to hear from you.

  43. kesava says:

    My dream is Tun being sentenced to prison.

  44. kesava says:

    Saturday May 24, 2008 – Param: Detain Dr M under ISA

  45. Kenny Gan says:

    Is Ezam hunkering for position (and with it money) in Umno? Think again Ezam. You better drive a damn good deal before you go back. Because that’s all you’re going to get!

    Umno will take betrayers back but Umno will not forget. Just look at how Temgku Razaleigh was sidelined for decades after returning to Umno.

    Umno will take Ezam and other ‘turncoats’ back. No problem at all. It keeps them from attacking and making trouble for the party. But if they are thinking or rising in the party, forget it.

    Ezam would have a better chance of rising if he rejoins PKR. There’s a good chance Pakatan Rakyat will form the next govt. by next election if not earlier. Too bad he chooses to join a sinking ship. Even if the ship doesn’t sink, his future on the ship will be confined to the ranks of janitor or toilet cleaner.

  46. yapchongyee says:

    I agree with some of the comments above, that Ezam laft PKR a year earlier, because I did not believe that Dato Seri Anwar will find his way back intothe fore front of Malaysian as the opposition. Who would have ? All the signs were pointed against Dato Seri Anwar.

    Then of course this election came around and the results achieved by Dato Seri was so astounding that even Dato Seri himself could not believe what had happened. At this point I like to give credit to Hindraff for ceating all that rackus and the detention of the 5 Hindraff leaders. I think this did precipitate the ground swell against the fortunes of BN.

    At this pint I want to pass a message to our MCA so called leaders, who have over the past 50 years sold us Chinese for some goodies. These Chinese traitors must realise that they have a final opportunity to redeem themselves and correct their mistakes towards our Chinese people. I say to our MCA members of Parliament that they owe it to their children to support PKR., PAS., & DAP (now called Pakatan Rakyat ! This time we Chinese are lucky because Tun Mahatir is hell bent to ‘dethrone” AAB, a dislike at a personal level. The CHANCE TO DIMINISH THE RELEVANCE OF UMNO WILL NEVER EVER COME AGAIN IF PAKATAN RAKYAT DOES NOT GRAB GOVERNMENT THIS TIME. This is it if DSAI chickens out then there will not be another time.

    UMNO had over the last 50 years had shown that they HATE CHINESE and they (UMNO) will stir up another May 13 and this time they intend to finish their job. What they mean by that threat I do not know but guess at.

    I say to our bloody MCA thieves that there are no moral & ethical imperative in politics. It is a game of the possible, what you can get is what you need to go and grab as grab can be. Even if you MCA bastards become irrelevant, you have a duty to your children to OBSTRUCT UMNO FROM REGAINING THEIR STRENGTH. If ever UMNo gets to be what they were pre election 2008, they will massively rigg the next election. tHIS IS WHAT mca MUST NOT LET HAPPEN. mca BASTARDS CROSS THE FLOOR AND JOIN PAKATAN PAKYAT, because they stand for multiracial Malaysian Malaysia and only in a multiracial context can our children can thrive !

  47. Joe Tan says:

    if he joins UMNO, its obvious what are his true colors… a man without principles.. opportunist and untrustworthy. if so, then its good he joins UMNO; then we know …all birds of same feather flock together..
    let them rot together..

  48. tamade says:

    Ezam be very careful. The Mahafiraun resigned and it could be a trap for ANWAR. He always comments that ANWAR has no patience, Lim Keng Aik and other BN Headsalso concur with his statement. So he resigned in order to make ANWAR think that this is a golden opportunity to blast Pak Lah and put a non-confidence vote on the PM. You see, Mahafiraun at the same time isue dangerous speech to stir up racial sentiments and tensions, while warning about the turmoils and chaos if Pakatan Rakyat were to took over the GOVT and ANWAR become PM. here’s the catch. Mahafiraun has met ALLTANTUYA NAJIS recently and they may have planned something behind everyone, and Pak Lah is kept in the dark. So if suddenly, the DARK HANDS manipulate a Coup DeTat and Emergency Ordinance was brought out to rule the Bolehland, then it will prove that the Mahafiraun is correct. He will say then you see ” I have told you, ANWAR has no patience, and the country is in turmoil if Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar takes over the GOVT.” So, Ezam, think carefully, you will be a chess in their DIRTY Game.. As for ANWAR and others in PAKATAN RAKYAT, be extremely careful and alert. Pakatan Rakyat, what is your contingency plan? Think carefully before you want to ask those MPs to cross over in the next few minths. Don’t let the dirty ones have a good excuse to create trouble. And for Pak lah, Zaid, Nazri, Gani, Musa, you people have works to do now. Please put all those in doubts ( former and present MBs, CMs maybe) under surveillance and use ISA to nab the Mahafiraun for playing fire before bad things break out. In this era of Inflation, Stagflation, Food and Energy Crisis, , we can’t afford to have another racial conflict in Bolehland. Pak lah, Musa, Zaid, Shahrir, Gani, and others in the Cabinet, we count on you.

  49. Jerry says:

    Ezam most likely sent to UMNO by DSAI to counter with TDM move. It’s probably just a transient rumour that made up for buying time. Let us see what’s end look like!

  50. hutchrun says:

    By rejoining UMNO, Ezam can bring his 6 boxes of corruption files as he repeatedly claimed during the heights of reformasi.
    And the boxes may contain some files on Anwar or Azmin!

  51. hutchrun says:

    Ezam was at my home in Dubai together with Anwar Ibrahim, Zunar and now YBs, Dr. Hatta, Dr Zulkifly and Zulkifli Noordin as well as Ben in 2005. First time I met him in person.
    [ ]
    By rejoining UMNO, Ezam can bring his 6 boxes of corruption files as he repeatedly claimed during the heights of reformasi.
    And the boxes may contain some files on Anwar or Azmin!

  52. hutchrun says:

    Ezam was at my home in Dubai together with Anwar Ibrahim, Zunar and now YBs, Dr. Hatta, Dr Zulkifly and Zulkifli Noordin as well as Ben in 2005. First time I met him in person.
    [ ]
    By rejoining UMNO, Ezam can bring his 6 boxes of corruption files as he repeatedly claimed during the heights of reformasi.
    And the boxes may contain some files on Anwar or Azmin!

  53. wits0 says:

    The claimed famous boxes of files have not been forgotten but none has materialized.

  54. sandyow says:

    If he is going into umno and bringing along what he did in Gerak, well it is indeed a good step for umno! But of course, his real intentions of joining nbobody knows, another scripted agenda and conspiracy by someone? hmm…

  55. amoker says:

    Best of luck Ezam.

    Even for Dr M’s authocraticness and when he was in power, he was not able to reform UMNO. I would not think it is possible for an outsider. The news was spread so that the UMNO leaders can gauge the sentiment on the ground and not for you, Ezam.

  56. OnO155 says:

    To each his own…
    If at all Ezam is going back to UMNO only he knows the reason why he is doing so; anad don’t forget he has to answer 3 questions posed by Hishamuddin. How about thousands of unheard questions from those who believed in him? Ezam, … oh Ezam.

  57. hutchrun says:

    PKR`s Rembau `wonder boy` is supposed to be following Ezam on the UMNO trip:

    Badrul sertai Umno bersama Ezam?

  58. hutchrun says:

    “Sekarang ini jelas menampakkan ramai dikalangan AMK akan menyusun gerak menyertai UMNO mengikuti Ezam dan Badrul. Ini jelas dimana AMK Kelantan yang diketuai oleh Sdr Wan Khairul Ihsan juga akan menyertai UMNO. Beliau ditawarkan sebanyak RM100,000 untuk membawa kesemua J/Kuasa AMK Kelantan menyertai UMNO.

    Mesyuarat AMK Kelantan ada membincangkan perkara ini tanpa segan silu. Wan Khairul berkata, ” Tiada guna berada dalam Keadilan sedangkan tiada apa-apa yang kita dapat walaupun memerintah 5 negeri”.

  59. hutchrun says:

    “Sekarang ini jelas menampakkan ramai dikalangan AMK akan menyusun gerak menyertai UMNO mengikuti Ezam dan Badrul. Ini jelas dimana AMK Kelantan yang diketuai oleh Sdr Wan Khairul Ihsan juga akan menyertai UMNO. Beliau ditawarkan sebanyak RM100,000 untuk membawa kesemua J/Kuasa AMK Kelantan menyertai UMNO.

    Mesyuarat AMK Kelantan ada membincangkan perkara ini tanpa segan silu. Wan Khairul berkata, ” Tiada guna berada dalam Keadilan sedangkan tiada apa-apa yang kita dapat walaupun memerintah 5 negeri”.

  60. hutchrun says:

    Ezam to meet PM today?
    May 28, 08 12:12pm

    breaking news It is learnt that the former PKR strongman will be meeting Abdullah this afternoon in Parliament to pave way for his entry into Umno once again.MORE
    A senatorship on offer?
    Fall out with Anwar, Azmin

  61. Robert Teh says:

    Goodluck to him and we look forward to see how far he will get to ‘cleanse’ UMNO from within.

    Zaid is now having a hard time doing this ‘cleansing’ job and it would be wise for him to get some sound advice from Zaid.

  62. Robert Teh says:

    Goodluck to him and we look forward to see how far he will get to ‘cleanse’ UMNO from within.

    Zaid is now having a hard time doing this ‘cleansing’ job and it would be wise for him to get some sound advice from Zaid.

  63. […] says he does not want to be associated with news about Ezam Mohd Nor joining UMNO as […]

  64. Anonymous says:

    Hes Just Gone Nuts. The postjail Trauma takes time to come into effect. Poor Wife

  65. sarban singh satto singh says:

    woiii…. ezam, ada ingat ka,,,, kita pun sama juga, saya satto singh pun anak la. Sama keri pun kita join juga… apa lu tada ingat ka? wooiiii,,,, jangan cirita pasal itu hal la, itu blakang punya hal, saya punya pun lu orang test juga, wooiiii,,, blakang hari kalu lu ada susah… sapa lu mau cari. Woooiiiii,,, ini lumbu juga lu mau dulu mana ada wang punya orang, sikit malu la. wooiiiii,,, diam diam duduk la, cute boy. woooiiii… itu keri dikat pun kasi tau.

  66. sharif says:

    Brothers n sisters.. why worry n complain only. Just collect some ringgit n do a high noon la. Many poor n jobless people out there ready to finish all these foolishness. Come on. Let’s go for it. ENCOUNTER. Now. Now.

  67. sharif says:

    kill …. why waste our liquids. kill. mampus la beruk2 yg nak bodohkan. hire me. only rm 1.20. Done.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Chaptokam is trained by Ezam on the sodomy theory.

    Of course chaptokam is the guinea pig.

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