Who cares about the deepening UMNO strife, but Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim and Jerlun MP Mukriz Mahathir is taking the Parliament for a ride.

Why are reporters even thinking of reporting these silly bull fights instead of policy debates in the August house?

Coz’ the media has lost its direction, ain’t it? Duh!

When Zaid was speaking in the August House about judicial reforms, Mukriz interrupted him to accuse him of working to materialise Pakatan Rakyat’s agenda.

Mukriz also questioned Zaid’s appointment to Appeals Court judge. Hey, what else is new? This is something he should have done long ago. In fact, his dad Mahathir Mohamad could provide him some answers. See ‘Mukriz, ask your father to answer first, lah“.

The show doesn’t stop there of course. Rebutting him, Zaid slammed Mukriz for not being ‘comfortable within BN’.

Hey, shouldn’t this be kept till you spoil brats are back home in your own back yards?

We all know Mukriz is going all out against Zaid because his dad, Mahathir Mohammad, is accused of being “entagled” in the appointment of judges 20 years ago by a royal commission of inquiry, which Zaid is part of.

Zaid is also buddy with prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who Mahathir & Co wants to get rid off, because Abdullah refused to continue his corrupted legacy. Why should he? He has his own to play with anyway.

Like, duh!

Is this what the Parliament has come to? A platform for factional fights? And reporters simply waiting by the gallery?

When the Opposition takes a swipe at BN and vice-versa, some scandals get to surface in the process, but this!

This is nothing but personal attacks based on personal reasons, using personal venom but wasting everyone’s time – including the 219 MPs sitting in the dewan like morons with nothing better to do.

Total wastage of public’s money is an understatement. MPs are corrupted to the extend they go to Parliament just to throw eggs at one another. Pakatan Rakyat, listen! You are not innocent of this either!

It’s a pity that Mukriz is beginning to turn out just like his dad. Already his future is so dim under the present circumstances, he muddies it further by being a total jerk in Parliament.

Meanwhile, Zaid raised other issues in parliament as well – important ones like the judicial commission to oversee the appointment of judges, review of the dreaded Internal Security Act and the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) bill.

But hey, who cares! All these IMPORTANT issues get buried way down in the news. A stupid fight between two retards gets headlines.

Pity. Pity.

We should not give sick politicians the time of day. We must learn to rise about their petty quarrels.

Hey, Zaid and Mukriz, nah ambik sepuloh sen, pi main jauh-jauh (take ten cents and get the hell out of here! This is a Malay saying when you want some one out of your face).

*Image from islam.govt.my, modified.

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  1. one little ant says:

    Now old Tarzan had left, leaving a small ant besieged why wild and hungry beasts.

    Dey! You stupid son, know thy strength before it’s to late. Do You know what I mean?

    What a little ant can do with all the gigantos around? Very soon we have meat balls sauteed with spinach…..

  2. Sakai From The Ulu Kapit says:

    Although I am discontent, in fact pissed-off with the government under the AAB administration, I am in the hope that he (AAB) prevails from other fascist to the like of Mahathir & sons, Najib, Kerismudin until the PR takes over.

    Mahathir & sons will forever be remembered by right minded citizens around the world not only as tyrants but tawdry hypocrites. Mahthir & sons are never wrong as they have only others to be blamed for the evils they have done.

    To Mukhriz Mahahtir, shame on you!

  3. Princess Diana says:

    Just watch the sandiwara lah

    We have Kangaroo Court, now we have Zoo Parliament.

    So we just shut down Zoo Negara lah and watch live Zoo in tv

  4. To all the our Yang Berhormats – don’t wait until poorans gets out of the old log and get under your sarongs! Pooran stings and your balls bengkak. Tiga bulan tak baik oh!

  5. dano says:

    My question is, Mukriz, so far what have you contributed to the Parliament and nation? How did you became a MP in the first place – if not for AAB’s govt letting you stand for election? All you have done so far is bising, bising, bising, bising and bising, besides asking the PM to step down. What a waste of time and rakyat’s money.

  6. robin hood says:

    Pray tell me what is a pooran?

  7. Muda says:

    And the award for best performance goes to …..

  8. wits0 says:

    Kangaroo Court and Menagerie Parliament ever more requires premium membership by YB and YAB titles, it appears, but display little that actually earns hormat!

  9. My2cen says:

    Bagilah 20 sen, harga barang kan dah naik?!!

  10. Payback Time says:

    Mukriz your action determines your destiny..its not going to be rosy..same like your dad..a HIPOCRITE. Trying to look relevant? Always remember your roots…that is half malay. Don’t try to shed your leopard spot and want to become a tiger.. i think you won’t get the chance like your father did. The rakyat this days are well inform. By the way what is your contribution to our nation? What we see so far is you only talking cock and making irelevant remark trying to sound like your racist father

  11. ktteokt says:

    Talk about national unity? Talk about party unity? All big jazz!!! It’s time for UMNO to change to DMNO (DISUNITED MALAYS NATIONAL ORGANIZATION) with all these internal fighting!!!! Throw away the big UMNO signboard above PWTC and replace it with DMNO.

  12. hutchrun says:

    Mukhriz(M2) father must have dropped M2 when he was a baby, so now M2`s loss of memory is earlier than his father`s.
    As time goes on the brain damage will be more pronounced in both Ms.

  13. hutchrun says:

    And this giggler got erection problems:

    “Such problems happen because women cannot accept polygamy. From a preventive point of view, what about doing a big campaign so that women can accept polygamy?” he asked.
    [ ]
    Ahmad Zahid agreed, saying: “That man is a male chauvinist.” To this, Ibrahim giggled.

    When Ibrahim said that it was allowed from the Islamic point of view, Zuraida hit back and said men must be held to blame, too.


  14. Sabah/Sarawak says:

    I want to ask you guys one question: did this stupid Murkiz ever bring a motion, an idea or input to the Dewan? No. He always brings the endless diatribe of his senile father and repeats his father’s hysterical diatribe against his political opponents. Every time he opens his mouth, he talks nonsense against Karpal, Anwar, Lim Kit and Abdullah. What’s wrong with this stupid boy? Can’t he chart a new destiny for himself and get away from the shadows of his senile father just like Gobind Deo did? Nurul did? Lim Guan did? Sheesh!

  15. hutchrun says:

    Like his father he believes May 13 was a blessing.

  16. Lallang exile says:

    Mukhriz is staying in Umno for precisely that – M wants his boy to voice his opinions and in effect, represent him both in Umno and parliament.

    it is sad that the media – even the electronic ones – cannot see thru M’s ploys and plays to it.

    Let’s refocus on LNGAM< LINGAM< LINGAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t let the snake slither away quietly.

  17. John says:

    You mentioned Zaid’s appointment to the Court of Appeal. Actually, it should be Zaki’s appointment.

  18. wanadoo says:

    Mamak Kutty said BN would be in the opposition after next election if Fcuk-lah remain as PM.He didn’t say BN will be in the opp nxt year if any other be PM

  19. Altantuya says:

    And the Best Performance in the Zoo this term is KJ Beruk and Team for outstanding ACROBATICS! Lets give them a standing ovation! Clap ! Clap!

  20. hutchrun says:

    KJ is doing pretty well, considering he`s been able to get Ezam to join UMNO.

  21. hutchrun says:

    Et Tu Mukhriz? Son plants nail in coffin of father’s legacy

  22. sandyow says:

    It is true. But well, the papers report stuff that the public wants to hear. Of course, knowing us Malaysians we LOVE controversies, petty fights and clowning around right? All you hear people talk about in the coffee shops are “Eh, you hear ar they were arguing yesterday in parliament? Damn FAR-NEE leh they all! You hear the joke that MP made about the other? SO stupid leh? But quite funny also! Hahaha!”

    Same on blogs too, some are more concerned on posting petty things too about who is stupider, who has the wittiest comeback, who speaks better Malay among the chinese MPs, etc etc. SO its the same on blogs too anyway. Well, they want to maintain their readership too, so cant blame them!

    It is true also if Pakatan and BN just stop trying to pick personal fights with each other in the Parliament, the reporters (and bloggers) wouldnt have anything to write about in the first place.

  23. A true Malaysian says:


    I agreed with you fully. Malaysian Parliament is not conducted in civilised and fruitful manners since long long ago. Just look at the quality of debates, in fact, is not debate per se, but just hitting and shouting at each other. At the end, no satisfactory answer or solution we rakyat get from all these nonsenses. Like what we read in Tony Pua’s blog, his questions were edited until original meaning gone or hare wire.

    In short, these are not productive at all and waste our tax revenues paid to the government.

    The MPs might as well sit in the comfort of their own home, have their own blogs, and post their questions which suppose to be answered by the respective ministries. Don’t you think that this is more fruitful thing to do, rather then wake up early in the morning, traffic jams, waste petrol monies (which was hugely subsidised), wasting time and the list goes on. The end results, negative (not even zero).

    MPs, please think again what I said. If things keep on like this, what is the use of Parliament. Look grand from outside (the building) but bocor and wastage inside. Come on lah, please grow up.

  24. Ahmad says:

    Hi MP’s and folks.
    Please address the issue of how to solved people problem rightnow!!!!!!!
    1) Rising cost of food
    2) Rising cost of transportation
    3) Rising cost of school children
    4) Rising cost of anything!!!!!!!!!
    5) Rising cost of fuel/electricity
    and many more.

    PLease MP’s (BN or PR) discuss about this and solve people’s problem

  25. asrilamirul says:

    recently some NGO also turn the parliament into a fun park, zoo, or anything you wnat to call it by singing happy birthday songs. those who involve with that are the true jerks. stupid attention seekers.

  26. hutchrun says:

    `singing happy birthday songs` – asrilamirul

    I`m not surprised, when they even celebrate weddings at that fun fair:

    There was mass slaughtering on the Parliament grounds today and several MPs saw red, both literally and figuratively, over the incident. Those responsible, the Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BBC), claimed that it was done with good intentions but some of their peers begged to differ.


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