Why is blogger, MP and Penang chief of staff Jeff Ooi getting all mired in UMNO politics?

Earlier PAS president Hadi Awang and PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail did the same, too, in opening their doors to some ‘unstable’ characters.

Let the UMNO sickos fight lah, Pakatan Rakyat, do your work for the people!

Now, Jeff joins Mahathir & Co. to ask Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to resign as prime minister, asking the latter to set a date (malaysiakini).

“Many economists and financial analysts have predicted a downturn in foreign investments and an economic slump in the long run if the crisis continues unchecked. So Pak Lah must act by announcing his retirement plan. It will restore investors’ confidence in the long run,” the MP said, adding that investors would not want to invest in a politically unstable country. Since all investors come in for the long haul, they would not want to put their money in a country mired in political uncertainties”.

So says the Penang Chief Minister’s chief-of-staff!

But what does a top investor – Japanese manufacturer Ibiden – which today announced a one year investment worth RM1.2 billion in a third manufacturing plant in Penang – say?

“The company (Ibiden) was unperturbed by the current political crisis in Malaysia”.

Malaysia, says the company manager Yutaka Torimaru, is:

“far more secure and stable than many other countries in the region.”

Echoing him is Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who says that Ibiden’s confidence in Penang proved that:

“Foreign investors were not swayed by Umno’s political dramas. Penang CAT governance, based on competency, accountability and transparency would continue to attract foreign investments.

Chief minister of Penang and chief of staff never discuss these things izzit?

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  1. dodgy inc says:

    Morons vs Morons. Who lose? Rakyat lah

    Before this Wan Azizah made serious blunders inviting Matir to join PKR. Now Jeff Ooi got play into the same trap.

    Hello, you people sleeping walking like AAB or what?

  2. wits0 says:

    Maybe the Americans remember Jeff’s faddist anti-Americanism of his blogger days? Maybe he and people like Stevan Gan may try to woo American investors now.

  3. billauchris says:

    Jeff, let not your heart take over your mind when you write. You must realise that as the Penang Chief of Staff you have to ensure that what you say or do support your Commander in Chief.

    What you say in the Malaysiankini may be likened to the infamous CNN propaganda.

    Let the crisis in UMNO be confined to UMNO. As it is, your State Government must ensure that the UMNO crisis does not affect foreign investments into your State. It is the Penang Government’s responsibility to prevent UMNO’s or BN’s from interfering in your administration.

    Where there is injustice or apparent move by BN to sabotage Penang economy and administrastion like what the Minister of Tourism is doing, let the ire of the people be upon her. She must realise that the money that is allotted to her ministry belongs to the tax-payers of all States of Malaysia. Hence, she has to treat all MBs and CMs squarely and fairly. If she continues to be so childish, please slam a vote of no-confidence on her.

    Invite her for a public debate and expose her incompetence and irrationality in her decision to channel funds to elsewhere other than those already established state’s machineries.

    If that being the case, take another cue from me, retrench all those staff in such establsihed machineries and put the blame on her.

    Come on, you know how to bell the cat in the name of democracy and also in a civil manner.

    Let us see more affirmative actions coming out from Penang, Perak, Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan.

  4. Bentoh says:


    Ms. Susan Loone… you are getting more and more paranoid ever since your Jeff-Ooi-is-a-sexist entry…

    Chinese says finding bones from an egg… I guess this is what ya doing?

    It is such a common sense that when the political crisis lengthened, the not just economy but almost everything will eventually collapse… and what MP from Jelutong said was perfect… If a leader had become such controversial (and incompetent), he/she has to quit, to make way for the others… for the country sake…

    I’m a DAP supporter and I’m also calling for the resignation of incompetent Pak Lah… so am I wrong?

    He’s UMNO’s chief commander but at the same time he is also the one who holds the fate of OUR COUNTRY… so why can’t a member of the august house call for a retirement plan of this NATIONAL LEADER? Remember he is not just UMNO leader… does it make sense?


    And everyone would assume that Ms. writer of this passage to have enough knowledge about economy to blog about Penang business…

    CM Lim also mentioned that the federal government is the unstable one, not the Penang government… how wonderful you left out this point…~~

    The reason why IBIDEN chose to invest here is due to the (stable and transparent) Penang governance (well, according to CM Lim)… and CM Lim is confident in attracting more investment through the CAT governance…

    But that doesn’t mean the vulnerable federal government could also attract investment… So KL-ites, maybe SabahansSarawakiansJohorianetc may at the same time losing lots and lots of wealth…

    and the Penang chief-of-staff seems to be a MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT if i’m not wrong… or shall I rephrase the MP into FEDERAL LAWMAKER?

    a FEDERAL LAWMAKER is responsible to take care of people all over the country… or you might as well ask CM Lim’s father go mind his own business in Ipoh Timur while leaving the pathetic Sabahans alone…

    So… What’s wrong for a FEDERAL LAWMAKER to ask the chief of FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to consider to quit? Or did you mean the MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT (yes… FEDERAL CONGRESS) should mind their own business and close one eye… on the incompetent FEDERAL PRIME MINISTER?

    Penang business itself may very little or not (according to CM Lim which I doubt) affected by the political drama in UMNO… but Malaysia business as a whole IS definitely affected by this sleeping fifth-floor Datuk…

    It’s funny how you ignored the fact that Mr Jeff Ooi is not just a Penang government chief-of-staff but also a FEDERAL PARLIAMENTARIAN…

    Do you need an explanation about what does FEDERAL mean? and do you think you need some advice on the relation between economy and politics?


  5. sonJa iNC says:

    I totally agree with Bentoh on this… Give Jeff a break lah

  6. alex says:

    OOoooooh, bentoh. looks like bloggers can criticise everyone else till the cows come home, but they can’t be criticised themselves.

    What bullshit. The point that Susan is trying to make here is that there are discrepencies in the statement between Jeff and the investor – which by the way, is something that malaysiakini pointed out. Did you read the article?

    Secondly, doesnt Jeff do any home work? He did know abt the 1.2RM Bil investment. And come on, investor review the whole country not just a small island.

    So dont bring in the issue of federal or states. What happens at the federal level affects the state – and vice versa. Dont sound like a BN man who continue to lie to us that these two govts can be separated.

    if the federal government does not lend its support to the state govt, the latter will fail. and the opposite will happen too. Sheeesh! Need I explain all this to you like you are a school kid!?

    It’s you who seem to be paranoid Bentoh. Jeff is an MP and he is open to criticism like everyone else.

    There should not be special treatment for anyone.

  7. wits0 says:

    Aiyah, Jeff was sometimes assertive(not noticed?)in blogging, so what’s wrong with ribbing him a bit. All the more necessary for Susan or anyone to, all the more, now that he’s an MP. Nothing so paranoiac about that.

  8. tikus says:

    It’s Mahathir who should be asked to shut up, not Abdullah resign. See what he did to the market!
    CIMB – Malaysia’s KLCI – Falling off a wedge


    Bearish wedge breakdown. The KLCI declined 13.2pts yesterday, finally breaking below the bearish rising wedge charted since mid-Mar and below the support trend line at 1,289pts. The daily indicators look negative. RSI was not able to overcome its resistance trend line while the MACD may confirm its “dead cross” on further weakness of the index. The KLCI’s immediate support levels are the 1,284pt 21-day SMA and 1,250pt 50-day SMA. Other crucial support levels are the 50-61.8% FR of the 1,157-1,305 rally since mid-Mar, i.e. 1,213-1,231pts.

  9. Jin N says:

    Ms. writer, by reading your article, it implies that it’s better for Penang to be an Autonomous state and therefore not to interfere with the Federal?? Personally, i think Penang will perform much better if it were to be an Autonomous or independent territory.

    I give my full support to Bentoh’s comment which makes a very rational point..Do you think that our current inflation rate which hit an 15 month time high is a new thing? Even before the statictics are out, most of the laymen/working men and women can by their instinct knows that our Economy is heading down the drain..take Philippines for example, back in the 60’s before the Ferdinand Marcos came to power, Philippines’ one of the most developed nation in South east Asia..But look at them today, a portion of their national income are derived from Foreign Remittance and the people there are living in poverty with a high inflation rate..Sure it benefits the upper class of the people but majority of them are the lower class without education..Same goes for Indonesia..Lucky for us, we have a big Middle class which drives our economy but with the curent political and economic situation, our countries performance compared to South Korea who used be lagging behind our country in the 60’s, theyre one of the biggest asian economies and undeniable we need their expertise to build Penang Bridge…Do you think Korea or Taiwan will ask Gamuda or UEM (GLC) to build bridges or airports in thier coutry?
    Here in Tanah Melayu, were blessed by rich resources and free from natural disaster..But how long do you think our country will sustain without re-inventing themselves by making Malaysia competitive in the international arena? We usd to be blesseed with Rubber, Tin, and now Indonesia is the worlds biggest exporter of palm oil, our oil is shrinking and
    how long will Petronas continue to bail our country out of the Economic blunders made by the Government with the PetroRinggits?

    With all mentioned above, it points to one thing which is our Government is a weak Government is a weak government and now is the time for Rakyat, and Jeff Ooi as the representative of Rakyat in Parliament voice out our sentiments..We need a CHANGE!! Thats DAP’s election manifesto and looks like they’re keeping their words and we as the Proleiteriat of the country have to rise against the Bourgeoisie( Umnoputeras) and change the political course of our country for the sake of the upcoming generations..

    With a weaker political leadership under Pak Lah, it opens up a golden opportunity to strengthen our countries political leadership who thinks for the Rakyat rather than Umno. We have to learn from Soviet Union, where Gorbachev’s weak leadership paved way for Yeltsin to make a change towards Russia. If now is not the time for Pak Lah to step down, when will the stars align again so as to tell us that we need to pressure pak lah to step down! Its now or never and i hope that Jeff Ooi and all the Rakyat, have to voice out their own dissatisfaction towards the Government.

  10. tikus says:

    Why dont you all see – the fight between mahathir and AAB is PERSONAL.

    Instead of running the country and their constituencies, the MPs are getting side track by their games.

    What baloney!

  11. Jed Yoong says:

    his buddy is rocky mah…the two “walking together” mah….”brothers”! u rub my back, i rub yours lor…

  12. Kapitan says:

    wan azizah x3, tok nik x 4, the 2 intiligent beings that made the greatest blunder by inviting “the thorn in UMNO ‘s flesh” to cross over and “party ” with you!!!!! He is a thorn in UMNO but he is a knife in your husband’s heart… O wan azizah. And tok nik this “thorn” is a kris sticking in your backside for the past 20 over years!!!!!

  13. wits0 says:

    Some people might read Wan Azizah’s invitation as hidden sarcasm but since politics is also about prception and the vast majority of the people may not be that sophisticated to understand this much, I’ll say it’s more of an extravagant gesture that PR can’t afford to have made. As for PAS, is it the suspicious beginning sign of going back on its previous stand for the same old crummy “unity” thing?

  14. hutchrun says:

    Kenyataan Setiausaha Agung Berkenaan Tun Dr. Mahathir – 20 Mei 2008

    Krisis perbalahan elit Umno sudah sampai ke tahap yang akan melimpah ke peringkat bahawan, menyebabkan Umno kini hilang fokus dan kredibiliti untuk menjadi tunggak kerajaan Barisan Nasional.
    Sungguh aneh melihat mereka yang kononnya sedang sibuk memupuk perpaduan Melayu, hari ini memulakan langkah yang akan memecah-belahkan bangsa dan negara. Umno sudah hilang kewibawaan untuk memperkatakan apapun mengenai perpaduan.

    Langkah Tun Mahathir adalah reaksi beliau berikutan keputusan kerajaan untuk menyiasat semua yang terlibat dalam skandal video VK Lingam. Rakyat diingatkan agar berhati-hati dan menolak sebarang tindakan mereka yang tersepit untuk menjejaskan keselamatan negara dengan mengapi-apikan sentimen perkauman sempit.


  15. whispering9 says:

    “It’s Mahathir who should be asked to shut up, not Abdullah resign. See what he did to the market!
    CIMB – Malaysia’s KLCI – Falling off a wedge”

    ….I dare not claim to be an economist but I understand our local share market. DJI shed a lot of point due to the crisis she has recently notwithstanding the record high oil prices. But what I wish to draw your attention was that Bursa boasted to be least affected by the current world market bearish trend. Any one would have expected that Bursa to be doubly wracked with TDM outburst. Well, it didn’t and that is the worrying part. It shows that we do not have liquidity in our Market now. No liquidity also means someone is holding on the shares, probably, manipulating it. However, the never ending TDM-AAB spat will definite discourage investors or FDI in the near term at Federal Level. Jeff is right on this issue. The weakest link must give way for the sake of this country. Anyway, it is good to rub Jeff up once a while like what wits0 commented.

  16. hutchrun says:

    At least Wan Azizah agrees that M is good for the country. And so Anwar fellow has been guilty as alleged by M.

  17. hutchrun says:

    No wonder that Ezam bloke is running off to join UMNO and pave the way for Anwar to balik kampung.

  18. linlauhea says:

    The opposition victory in GE2008 do comes with some “questionable characters”. Jeff Ooi is certainly one of them. Even as a blogger, he has been downright arrogant. I think no as a Chief of Staff to Guan Eng, the position & status must have gone up his head!

    Well done Susan for pointing out!

  19. hutchrun says:

    Anyway i stopped commenting at Jeff`s when he began smelling roses after Badawi`s magnificent victory. He couldn`t see beyond his nose then.
    I don`t think he`s changed much, but I wish him all the luck.

  20. int says:

    I think in the long run Jeff Ooi is going to be a problem. But many people see certain personality characteristics in him that are fine for a blogger… but when we heard he was getting into DAP politics, some of our eyebrows got raised, and not in a good way. But his recruitment was very good for publicity. I wonder if perhaps LGE is keeping Jeff closeby to keep him on a tight leash, lest Jeff run his mouth and get himself (and the DAP) into trouble.

    Thus far LGE and Jeff Ooi have seemingly contradicted each other on the issue of party-hopping as well, with LGE essentially recognizing the legitimacy of the present Federal government in the spirit of democracy, while Jeff Ooi has welcomed crossovers to “defeat Ketuanan Melayu”. I think that is a substantive difference.

  21. Lallang exile says:


    I salute you again for raising this post about jeff ooi and for posting all the dissenting views against your post. This is what I call true democracy and freedom of the press. We cannot accord special treatement to star bloggers, just like we cannot treat ex PMs like sacred dieties(like some bloggers do.)

    Int’s analysis is the sharpest one yet about Jeff. Jeff’s true colours are beginning to show, and we have to record them as the camouflage comes off. Imagine, someone who blogged about the evils of M is now on M’s side! Even a primary school kid would notice the new allegiance!!!!

    In any case, Guan Eng, you have a handful for I predict jeff will be more of a liability to not just Penang, but you and your government in the long run.

    And I don’t believe it that Jeff – tasked with promoting investment – will shoot off a statement saying the present PM’s tenure threatens the country’s stability!!!!!

    Like what Sue pointed out, the Jap’s statement is the most accurate and unbiased assessment of the country’s presesnt political climate. Unlike Jeff, the Jap is putting his money where his mouth is, or so they say.

    We don’t care the F….K about his personal “katak bawah tempurong” views about politics and investment, but to air them as Pg chief of staff is another matter.

    Shut him up, Guan Eng, before it is too late.

    And Penangites, boot him out the next round!!!!

    And Sue, I support you all the way.

  22. Lallang exile says:


    Where else did Jeff’s statement about M appear. i would like to post in them as well.


  23. Lallang exile says:


    Sorry I can’t help adding this:

    Remember the death threat instigated by Jeff agaisnt some Sun/Edge journo some years ago for something the journo wrote?

    I thought even then that he was very arrogant AND unstable. Coz anyone in his right mind would not call for the blood of another no matter what. In this case, it was over some personal comments that the journo wrote about him, right?

    Kay Tat, what happened to the police report u lodged against him?

  24. Jbond says:

    Alas, this is Jeff. It shows his political immaturity by contradicting with his BOSS. Jeff pls improve on your communication skills. As an MP you must touch base with your party comrades and come out with a single view. By the way, I hope LGE doesn’t listen too much to his chief-of-staff, otherwise LGE might have problems. Jeff has got this air… Grow up Jeff, you are not only a blogger now but an MP.

  25. ban ban says:

    The commenters nowadays are always deviating from the topic, many of them cannot catch the real point of the post.

    Susan’s point, i think, is telling us that politicians (especially those in the same party) must undergo discussions/agreements before doing decisions/announcements. In this case, if there is any BN that is astute enough to attack the statements made by both LGE and JEFF, then the DAP will lost credibility. The PR always do such things to BN, but now PR must not be caught by BN in the same way!

    And i think that everyone must not be too excited with PR, because i do agree with a statement made by UMNO’S Khir Toyo, something like “You have to act like what a government is, because you are no longer the opposition parties”.

  26. Lallang exile says:

    Whisperin9 ,

    Your comments:

    ….I dare not claim to be an economist but I understand our local share market. DJI shed a lot of point due to the crisis she has recently notwithstanding the record high oil prices. But what I wish to draw your attention was that Bursa boasted to be least affected by the current world market bearish trend. Any one would have expected that Bursa to be doubly wracked with TDM outburst. Well, it didn’t and that is the worrying part. It shows that we do not have liquidity in our Market now. No liquidity also means someone is holding on the shares, probably, manipulating it. However, the never ending TDM-AAB spat will definite discourage investors or FDI in the near term at Federal Level. Jeff is right on this issue. The weakest link must give way for the sake of this country. Anyway, it is good to rub Jeff up once a while like what wits0 commented.

    I am no economist either, but vie the following observatioins:

    1) ON KLCI’s recent falls:
    Markets worldwide are also falling because of the oil price hike. When the local market falls, one needs to measure it against international movements as well. Go to George Soros’ website to get an idea of what is happenign in the financial markets.

    2) The KLCI total capitalisation IS small compared to the regions’s. Because of this and the huge tranches held by the various institutional investors (iKhazanah, the various Tabungs, EPFs, etc AND Forerign nstitutions ) the market is illiquid because these institutional investors are HOLDING ON to their blue chips (KLCI constituent stocks).

    Now iin any case, f the foreign institutions believe that the local market is going into a freefall as a result of M’s antics, they would have offloaded big and there would be have been “liquidity” as you say.

    Truth is, the Malaysian market is still cheap compared to the regional ones and China. What is happening is a world-wide phenomena into unchartered waters in the face of oil’s skyrocketing price.

    I am waiting to buy more……………

  27. kittykat46 says:

    Jeff Ooi has always been a Mahathir admirer, notwithstanding his current association with the DAP.
    So he often still sounds like a Mahathirist..but nothing wrong with calling for Badawi’s resignation…lots of people are doing that too.

    Given that the anointed successor is Najib (!!!!), I don’t mind Badawi staying on a bit longer until PR is ready to launch its D-Day operations.

    Najib has enough bad news to last a lifetime.

  28. hutchrun says:

    He was more a Badawi admirer, but that could be on account of his stint in Gerakan. Then he got disillusioned and went over to DAP.

  29. timmy says:

    Come ON lar people. I would rather wish to have contradicting views of Jeff and LGE, at least it shows that you can have your personal opinion even though you are in the same government.

    Or you want Pakatan Rakyat to turn into Barisan style where no one can say anything opposite of what PM said or there’ll be disciplinary action taken.

    For me this is healthy. Jeff can disagree with LGE even though he is the boss. This is what a country should be, everyone can voice their opinion without fear.

    Just like the way Susan was criticising Jeff, this is healthy, not all bloggers think the same. The entitle to their own opinion and this is how a country can progress.

    Please don’t change your style Jeff and LGE, speak your mind and we’ll evaluate. Don’t say something like, “I’ll support whatever you say!”.

  30. Lallang exile says:


    Susan is NOT criticising Jeff. AND, most bloggers are pointng out the change in Jeff’s mind since he took power.

    AND, Timmy, i agree with u that it’s ok to offer differing views.

    But to offer differing views on say, the NEP(which M stands for) and M is not the norm for members of the same political party!!!!Jeff might as well join UMNO or MCA or Gerakan(which he once did)

  31. hutchrun says:

    LKY said MCA,Gerakan, MIC, PPP etc were UMNO`s beggars in BN.
    He should know – he was there for 22 years spitting.

  32. dodgy inc says:

    Jeff’s first act of slapping oneself in public was already a deplorable stunt.
    I’m not saying politicians can’t apologize for their past mistakes but this stunt seems to lack a certain grace.

    Then, using sexist remarks in public disturb were really unnecessary.
    It makes him being likened to the “Nazri’s guy” of DAP.

    With the latest stunt, it seems that his own the first slap wasn’t that effective. We all need to give him a bigger slaps to exorcise the Ghost of Mahathirism from him.

    I have nothing personal with Jeff. All he need is to have learnt more grace and gentlemen behaviours of LGE. Else; he is fast using up all his 9 Cat lives.

  33. novice101 says:

    Jeff Ooi is barking up the wrong trees. This is purely a UMNO family affair, why should he poke his nose into it? What are happening to the many issues he has promised to help the rakyat resolved?

    Should he not put his own house in order first? Nik Aziz and Wan Azizah Wan Ismail should be his concern. PAS’ relationship with UMNO is warming up and, both, Nik Aziz and Wan Azizah Wan Ismail had welcomed mahathir to join their parties, why has he not address these issues? Trying to playing the national stateman?

  34. sklee says:

    Jeff was and still is an Admirer of Tun Mahathir.In fact, I can detect a bit of Mahatirism in him from time to time!He is justing airing his personal view, taking into consideration the anticipated economic downturn that is coming.We may not agree with him, as our PM has indirectly indicated when he will be stepping down.Personally, I feel that it is in the interest of Pakatan to let the PM stay in power as long as possible…..the longer the better!We are living in a transitional period.We should look forward to a situation where we, the raayat, have two viable parties or two viable coalitions to choose as the government in future.

  35. hutchrun says:

    `This is purely a UMNO family affair, why should he poke his nose into it?`

    All must to help it disintegrate. UMNO are the ones who form the Govt. A crisis of confidence will hasten the disintegration process. Just as much as the newspapers dutifully reporting all those calls for the Platitude Minister`s resignation and the resignation of 1,000 UMNO members since M set the trend.

  36. hutchrun says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, May 23 — It seems that everyone wants a piece of him. Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi needs his support to stay on as president of Umno. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad needs his support to force Abdullah out of office before the party elections in December. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin needs a signal from him before deciding on his running mate for the party elections.

    Yes, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak appears to be holding the whip hand. And for now his position is clear. He will be the loyal number two in party and will not move to push out Abdullah’s, preferring instead to wait for the orderly transfer of power under the succession plan.

    His supporters told The Malaysian Insider that he does see any benefit of forcing his way to the top, noting that any power grab could send Umno into further turmoil and make it easier for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the Pakatan Rakyat to mine the instability and prompt crossovers from Barisan Nasional.
    [ ]
    Anwar has said that considers Najib an easy target.

    “I hope they pick him as their next leader so I can fight him rather than the others you mentioned. There are all those controversial defence contracts and all the issues dating back to the time when he was Menteri Besar of Pahang,” he said in an interview with Asia Inc.


  37. caravanserai says:

    In politics
    We shouldn’t have ‘yes’ people all the time
    Even in working relationship
    The CEO or General Manager must view dissenting ideas

    For a project to work
    Ideas and feedbacks should be the norm
    It is here that investors see
    There is healthy democracy at work

    Certain issues dictatorial decision rules
    Like the basic groundwork of a budget entails
    Here CEO or General Manager shall not bulge
    It is the tenure at work…………..

    Politics mustn’t be one sided drumbeat
    It has to flow fighting the ‘common’ enemy
    Though the approach maybe different
    One shouldn’t be a lackey then where is the self worth?

    A leader should know his tenure
    When there is too much grumbling
    He must know when to go
    Lingering on will only make matter worst
    The economy will suffer; productivity declines
    Here you will find the little warlords rule
    They want to be the small kings

    Like in DBKL…………..
    The city folks are up in anger
    What will the minister do?
    He is thinking about his position
    Then going down to the ground

    Let democracy works in the peoples’ party
    Otherwise they are no different than BN
    We can’t afford to have ‘yes’ people running around
    We may as well elect ourselves…………….

  38. timmy says:

    One always focus on the block dot on the white board instead of the white board itself.

    Same goes to public opinion of Dr M and Jeff.

    They did a lot of good things soon to be forgotten, but just because of one controversial statement everyone is poking at them.

    Dr M desperate move, I viewed that why he forcefully pushed Najib to take over is because he knows PM is emptying the country’s coffer. If you wait a year later, all money will be gone, so whether is Pakatan Rakyat or Najib becomes PM, there’s no money left to the country and doom awaits Malaysia.

    Jeff and Dr M had vision this to happen. Even RPK on one of his article mentioning, “I wouldn’t want to be next PM when the country is broke!”.

    Come on guys, don’t look at the surface, at lot of money is swindling out of the country. If we don’t act fast to end the regime of PM, and let the scuffles to continue, we will be broke. Malaysia will be doom.

    That’s why Dr M and Jeff is pushing for PM to step down. It is to save Malaysia, not any personal agenda. Mahathir regardless of what wrong he may did in the past, for one I know, he always loyal to Malaysia and his country. Can you say that to our current PM?

  39. hutchrun says:

    There`s no differnce between Badawi, Najib or TDM emptying the Treasury. BN successfully had a record of 94% flop under the S`gor Toyol alone.

  40. hutchrun says:

    All rats in the rotten ship UMNO.

  41. Sakai From The Ulu Kapit says:

    I am beginning to wonder has Marina Mahathir forked out any pecuniary to Jeff’s lawsuit defense and funded his election campaign?

    “Now, Jeff joins Mahathir & Co. to ask Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to resign as prime minister, asking the latter to set a date (malaysiakini).”-Susan

    Now this move is uncalled for for anyone from the PR to utter! Of coz PAS is like an offshoot of UMNO expect “cleaner”.

  42. Sakai From The Ulu Kapit says:

    I am beginning to wonder has Marina Mahathir forked out any pecuniary to Jeff’s lawsuit defense and funded his election campaign?

    Sorry, forgotten, does that matter?

  43. sandyow says:

    Mahathir can say whatever the hell he wants, asking Pak Lah to step down lah, whatever stuff, we all already know he is like that, and well because he IS mahathir. But Jeff Ooi? I don’t see the relevance. From what I see, he is just making use of the hoo-haa in his benefit. Everyone’s joing in th efun asking Pak Lah to step down now. The people in umno can lah, they hold the power to decide pak lah leaves or stays, but Jeff Ooi? WHat impact is he expecting to have on people? Check the blogs and everyone is asking Pak Lah to step down, but it’s just that: WORDS. Words cant do much.

  44. wits0 says:

    I marvel how Jeff, at one time, saw any good and substance in Gerakan? I thought it is so self evident even then that Gerakan is as pseudo as the MCA. Guess he sort of needed that ‘support’ for outspoken blogging which LKY momentarily gave him.

  45. hutchrun says:

    Badawi and najib should both step down. So should AG and IGP. There are too many axes over their head and they need to be investigated/probed thoruoghly.
    The Agung will then call upon whom he thinks can best form a new Govt. Failing which, fresh elections should be held.

  46. Khoo says:

    Come on guys. Just give Jeff a break. Now we have a lot of rookie politicians who have not fit well into the system yet. Therefore, they tend to make some blunders here and there.

    As they say, you have to learn how to crawl before u walk. Let them be “blooded” and then, they will start to complement each other. Now we see many of them who are just learning their new responsibilities and make silly mistakes along the way.

  47. Ms. Charlatan says:

    “Come on guys. Just give Jeff a break. Now we have a lot of rookie politicians who have not fit well into the system yet. Therefore, they tend to make some blunders here and there.”=Khoo

    I am really trying to absorbed between the lines of silliness and the lines of false pretexts.


    Why you so free, not working ah? Just wondering…. 🙂

  48. dodgy inc says:

    I’m like everyone else here blogs not bcoz of any political affiliation.
    My one vote to the Pakatan doesn’t mean I have sold my life to the devils.

    I hope everyone here are the same. Speak your mind as and when you can sense any wrongdoing in politics.

    Don’t wait another 50 years to regret. Evil-Mahathirism is too much to exorcise from your blood.


    Hutchrun trying to be the next PM. I’m sure to give him my vote.

  49. wits0 says:

    If I’m in Jeff’s constituency I would naturally vote for Jeff but this does not mean he is beyond ribbing. It’s not really his novice status in Parliament and technicalities involve that’s being actually criticized, as much as it’s his known past disposition. It helps to keep anyone straight and narrow through criticism, the efficacy of which has been long lost by 50+ years of Alliance/BN feudal repression and the hero worshipping political culture.

  50. Keris says:

    Jeff is a toad who thinks he is a prince especially after winning the election. One day he will think he is the king ( without clothes ). His blog is so self centred not unlike Madhater but its worth a good read just for amusement especially after a hard day’s work. Other then that he is all rubbish

  51. kittykat46 says:

    We need to keep alive a culture of demanding performance from politicians, of whatever stripe.

    The day PR takes over power in the Federal Government, I’ll become a PR critic.

  52. Lallang exile says:


    You wrote:
    “They did a lot of good things soon to be forgotten, but just because of one controversial statement everyone is poking at them.”

    I won’t discuss M, since you are perfectly entitlted to your opinions.

    On Jeff, there is more than “one controversial statement” that he’s made since coming to power. What about the sexist remark over “desperate housewives” some weeks ago?

    You are either jeff’s boy or suffer from selective memory syndrome!!!

  53. Ahmad says:

    Pleasae ask YB Jeff Ooi to raise in parliment that- BN Goverment want rich to pay higher fuel.
    1) Who is the rich people?
    2) Who is rich people pay higher fuel and claim back from goverment?
    3) How BN goverment differentiate the rich and poor people in implementing fuel subsidy?
    4) Who is going to abused this fuel subsidy later?

  54. Jin N says:

    True enough, the current rot in our political system and UMNO is caused by Dr.M, but one should think again, with Dr.M’s previous Authocratic rule towards our country, we as the Rakyat doesn’t have much avenue to voice our criticism towards our govt, but now as Pak Lah losing grip in UMNO, our countries political situation will perpetuate unless there;s a change in the Govt, i don;t mean change in UMNO, but we have to terminate the social contract that we had with BN(UMNO) where racial tension is at all time high but being subdued by legislation such as ISA.

    Now;s the time for everyone who’s not happy with the current govt to unite and have a one voice against UMNO.

  55. su says:

    Don’t know much about Jeff Ooi as a blogger or politician, but he does come across as rather arrogant at times.

    As for his asking AAB to step down, he is sort of invading UMNO politics. Sure, UMNO’s instability can equal national instability, but so far still okay. Unless Dr M decides he wants to “sell out his country” by “bad-mouthing” about AAB in Japan. Otherwise, let UMNO do what they want to with their own party. Provided they still govern properly.

  56. whispering9 says:

    su…it may not be ‘so far still okay’. The apparent situation could be akin termites working full time behind a perfectly sound board. You heard lots of noises but the appearance is still okay. 😉

  57. fucai says:

    stupid jeffooi . never use his brain to think ! may be no brain.
    if not because of Pak Lah, can DAP rule Penang today.
    Can jeff become the MP?
    sometimes , the DAP MP just like to talk too much.
    fcuker! go to work lar!! dont bark so much

  58. Lallang exile says:


    You said:

    “The apparent situation could be akin termites working full time behind a perfectly sound board. You heard lots of noises but the appearance is still okay.”


    When you find termites eroding/trying to destroy a piece of wood (furniture, houses, etc) what do you do?

    Do you sit by (as what our PM is seemingly doing now) and let the rodents continue their feasting or do you call in the insect terminators to stop the decay?

    In this case, ABB seems to have finally decided to stop the termites by doing a “Lingam” on them.

    Do remember he has other weapons too – ISA, OSA , the Sedition Act, etc – that he have yet to use.

    Fucai made a startlingly apt point : i.e. Jeff would not be where he is today if M was still around. Where would he be? In Kamunting or Sungai Buloh!!!!

  59. hutchrun says:

    Hutchrun, Why you so free, not working ah? Just wondering…. 🙂 – Ms. Charlatan

  60. harry poter says:

    At least those in DAP speak out and become a ring for all like you to comment. But those from PKR are DUMB. We do not know what are in their minds or speak out for the rakyats.

  61. ktemoc says:

    my contributions at Susan’s for today – I think Bentoh is Jeff Ooi – hahhahahahahhahahahahahaaaa – don’t believe me, ask him ler ke ke ke.

  62. tikus says:

    Hahaha! Read this!

    By josh Hong: http://www.malaysiakini.com/columns/83308

    “Whatever it is, the longer the ex- and existing Umno leaders are caught in this maelstrom, the better the prospects are for Pakatan Rakyat to wrest power from the BN, unless if one is on Mahathir’s payroll or serving his agenda, such as Jeff Ooi of the DAP.

    forum free nat scah 200707 jeff ooiI am not kidding, for Ooi has made clear his admiration for the most authoritarian prime minister in Malaysian history!

    Now, Ooi has also joined the chorus to call on Abdullah to come up with a retirement plan!

    Has it never crossed Ooi’s mind that Abdullah’s untimely departure will only bring about a government led by Mahathir’s cohorts?

    Ooi may think Mahathir has fired the imagination of Malaysians to excel, but I am certainly not one of them”.

  63. tikus says:

    Oh yeah … this is where Jeff ooi shows his admiration for Mahathir. Lim Guan Eng, beware! He said in his own words in THE STAR:


    Name an idol (dead or alive) whom you look up to and why.

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He is 70% a good man. He has fired the imagination of Malaysians to excel.


    Ke ke ke. Musuh dalam selimut ini Jeff ooi!

  64. hutchrun says:

    Awww I dunno. As Jeff once said `mahathir is history`. So maybe he`s just being kind to the old man in a confucian sort of way.
    But I do have to thank Jeff for this:

    Going by that calling for Badawi to resign is not wrong. Badawi should resign and be investigated (but I`m not sure if Jeff would agree to the 2nd part).

  65. wits0 says:

    Hutch, the Confucian thing deals with the ideals of a good feudal kingdom/society. It presumes a good benevolent Ruler and therefore good ministers abound. Have we seen such in 22 years?

  66. no thinking aloud says:

    It’s a notion that DAP’s survival depends on Mahathir. The more extreme Mahathir on the non-Malays / non-muslims, DAP will pick up votes from all these frustrated non-Malay voters.

    DAP is grateful to Mahathir, hoping Mahathir would champion the cause of the MAlays and be harsh on the non-Malays thus upsetting the non-Malays who would seek DAP for help.

    DAP is a eunuch party and is operating on a reversible process.

    When DAP is in power, we can expect in fighting among the DAP warlords thus forgetting/ neglecting the interests of the voters who voted for them. There is no raparation for the voters who voted for them. Or the DAP reps would take things easy and every month drawing thick and fat money for doing nothing.

    It’s akin to ‘gaji buta’ for the DAP reps.

    If they would dare to voice their differences against the father and son eunuch team, those dissidents would we booted out from the DAP party.

    So come next GE, the voters would boot all these DAP eunuchs out from the Parliament/ State Assembly.

    So it would be back to a square one. Few DAP reps would be left in the party whole life making noise again in the Parliament.

    DAP could only progress if the father & son eunuch left the rocket for good. The rocket will never go beyond the gravitational atmosphere as long as these two father and son eunuch team is taking control of the rocket.

    It’s kind of the rocket going round and round the earth without any definite goal except to stay in power controling of the rocket aimlessly and kicking other capable pilots who could steer the rocket beyond the gravitational atmosphere to the outer orbit from the earth, and to greater height benefiting the rakyat.

    That’s why this no-more thinking aloud guy is towing the doctrine of the rocket castigating Pak Lah in order to synchronize with their old ‘complementary/ contemporary buddy’ as per DAP doctrine.

  67. Lallang exile says:


    Why is your stance changing about what to do with M via the lingam tapes?

    Most of us want AAB to stay for the moment coz that would be the most expedient way to nab M and the five bigwigs. If AAB resigns now, Najib and/or any other Umno guy would be M’s cohorts adn do his bidding. We could all say bye=bye to the Lingam case then.

    The other option of Anwar ascending via a special deal with the M faction at this juncture is also grim as it would mean the old snake will get off free.

    Worse, the next Pm after anwar would be mukhriz…….

    Which leads me to wonder why u – of all bloggers – are agreeing with jeff for AAB to resign now. You are too politically well informed for that unless you have another agenda on your plate……………………

  68. hutchrun says:

    Why is your stance changing about what to do with M via the lingam tapes?

    Is it. To me it is not. My stance on M has been unchanged for more than 20 years. But no one heard then. Very few seem to hear now too. I stand the same on Badawi and Najis. They should all be sent to Sg. Buloh to learn market gardening.

    I say Mukhriz`ll not be next PM. Even his own Division rejects him and calls him to shut up. As for calling AAB to resign now, there`s no way he`ll do it cos there`s too much at stake for him. He doesn`t know who`ll come in next, his SIL would probly get fried etc etc etc.

    Yes if it heats up UMNO leading to its disintegration then AAB must be called on to resign now. If he wants to continue as Platitude Minister, then may he sit on pins and needles during his reign.

  69. hutchrun says:

    Hutch, the Confucian thing deals with the ideals of a good feudal kingdom/society – wits0
    What I had in mind was `respect your elders`. But unlike Jeff, Karpal who`s closer to M`s age group can afford to do otherwise:

    DAP chairman Karpal Singh today lodged a police report over a remark by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad about judges lobbying him for various posts.
    The act of lobbying is against the law according to the Anti-Corruption Act 1997, said Karpal who is Bukit Gelugor Member of Parliament after lodging the report at the Penang contingent police headquarters here.

    “The Tun himself can face legal action under Section 17 of the Anti-Corruption Act 1997 for not lodging a police report over the act of judges lobbying for posts,” he told reporters.

  70. hutchrun says:

    “I raised this matter in Parliament on Thursday and even Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Nazri Aziz agreed that such acts could amount to corruption,” he told reporters before lodging the police report at the state police contingent headquarters in Penang Road yesterday.

  71. hutchrun says:

    And param makes a case for M to be ISAed:

    He said while he was opposed to the use of the ISA, the principle of equality should require the Government to consider detaining Dr Mahathir before he did further damage.

    “A dose of his own medicine which he administered to the 106 in 1987 should be in order to rehabilitate him in Kamunting,” he said.

  72. hutchrun says:

    And while that`s going on the idiot Finance Minister spews rubbish in Japan:

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today refuted a report by the US Treasury that the ringgit is undervalued, saying the local currency reflects its true value and that of the economy and neither is it contributing to imbalances in the currency market.

    Although Malaysia’s ringgit currency has been strengthening recently, it is still undervalued and central bank curbs, particularly a ban on offshore trading, keep it from rising further, Professor Datuk Mohamed Ariff, the director of the think-tank, said.

    The sooner he buggers off the better all round.

  73. harry porter says:

    No wonder you are not thinking – Last election DAP win because of TDM is making a lot of noise and BN lost Penang and other states because of TDM’s big mouth?

    On the other hand, it seems all very quiet on the western front in PRK and PAS. Or do they speak out only every 5 years or PRK and PAS are so perfect?

  74. hutchrun says:

    TDM is given too much credit for the BN loss. If anything it was the continuation of TDM`s policies under a different head. Generally, BN won the rural areas and lost the urban areas. TDM was a very small factor in the BN loss, inconsequential in fact.

  75. tamade says:

    Susan, you are right. The Pakatan Rakyat people must forget about UMNO, think of the RAKYAT, don’t waste your valuable time. If the Mahafiraun wants to quit UMNO, what’s the fuss? You people should work hard, and please do not let those clowns distract you, come on. Go and find out more dirty deeds of BN, tell the RAKYAT what these dirty buggers have done for the past 50 years. Then find a suitable time, charge them in court and recover their ill-gotten wealth, return it to the rakyat. Besides, you need to implement good policies and make sure it is transparent, be accountable, talk less, work hard. That’s what the RAKYAT want. And we will evaluate your performance.

  76. kesava says:

    Bunyi tin kosong:

    May 24, 2008 16:59 PM

    Malaysian Youth Not Highly Patriotic

    PUTRAJAYA, May 24 (Bernama) — The patriotic spirit among Malaysian youths is not up tp expectation, said Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Ismail Sabri Saturday.

    He gave the index on patriotism among youths at only 68.2 per cent as many of them still questioned the social contract when the country achieved independence.

  77. i-witness Jeff says:

    PLS PLS PLS!!!


    U guys CAN WRITE A BOOK ABOUT THIS MAN—-very very very XXXXXX man

    JETT OOI+ PENANG=??????????????????


  78. hutchrun says:

    Parliament is not a `safe` area:

    Computer theft in Parliament

    Just got to know that the Parliament, a designated security area, is not that secure after all. Not even in the media room designated for the Press Corp.

    Yesterday, Malaysiakini journalist S Pathmawathy lost her brand new laptop, an Apple Macbook worth RM6,000, in the media room. Also missing was her purse along with her car keys. However, they were later found in a nearby toilet, but with all her money missing but the IC intact..


  79. wits0 says:

    “Malaysian Youth Not Highly Patriotic”

    The Governance of land hasn’t inspired them to be. NS hasn’t work.

  80. whispering9 says:

    Patriotism is a dirty word lah. It is frequently used by politicians when they want to send your sons to die in their wars. When you refuse to enrich them by sticking to their programs. When you say NO and they say YES. When you don’t vote for them. Of course, the shallow minded ones think it is about flying the flags. Or tightening the belts when everyone is bloody moody with the rising cost of living. A dirty word. Should be banned from politicians.

  81. Joe Awk says:


    Whom do you have in mind to replace Abdullah? Najib, are you alright? You must be mad. Until and unless a more credible person is in place to replace ABB, why are you hankering for ABB to quit.

    Like has also been suggested, you should go after the old demon fart mahatir, he is bad business for malaysia.

    Jeff Ooi must be overworked. we shall not condemn him but Jeff has to think twice before opening his mouth.

    Just leave UMNO to rot away and if the malays are happy to see UMNO rot, what is the problem with other malaysians?

    Let have faith in human being, let’s be positive and believe that a lot of good will come out of all the changes in our midst.

  82. sloone says:

    Josh Hong asks in Merdeka Review: where does Jeff stand?


  83. hutchrun says:

    But the prerogative to dissolve Parliament is the Agong’s. Abdullah can’t dissolve Parliament. He can only request for Parliament to be dissolved as the power to dissolve Parliament lies in the hands of the Agong. Whether the Agong will agree to the dissolution of Parliament is yet to be seen and would be the most interesting point to consider in this move to frustrate Pakatan Rakyat from forming the new federal government.

    Abdullah believes that a snap Parliamentary election will work in his favour. First, he can use the election to get rid of all those thorns in his flesh. The election can be used as the means to not only purge Umno but the other Barisan Nasional component parties as well. It will be the best excuse to launch a spring-cleaning exercise.

    Second, Abdullah believes that Pakatan Rakyat will not have the funds to finance another election so soon after the last one while Umno and Barisan Nasional is still flush with funds.

    Third, Abdullah believes that the voters are now satisfied. They have already ‘punished’ Barisan Nasional on 8 March 2008 and the ‘message’ has been successfully delivered. The voters, this time around, will swing back to Barisan Nasional, so believes Abdullah.


  84. wits0 says:

    “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel” – Samuel Johnson (1709 – 1984)

    He was of course speaking of the cheap, vile and ugly form of patriotism that Whispering meant.

  85. wits0 says:

    (1709 – 1784), of course.

    People will gladly defend a worthy set of beliefs against external threats. The key word is “worthy”. When you already have the threat as hugely internal, who is interested in external ones?

  86. i-witness Jeff says:

    hello ,everyone!!!!!!

    Why i claimed myself as “i- witness Jeff”????? if u go to yahoo and type:”JeTT OOI”(u know who is JETT OOI….dun sue me, !!i have no money)+cocky”

    pls type= Cocky+”Jett Ooi”

    see how many search results u can find……..

    Trust me, YAB LIM GUAN ENG is a good leader………i know him very well…..trust me…he is a good CAT (competency,accountability tranparentcy)

    “Jett OOI” +” LIM GUAN ENG”= CAT+ RAT………..


    and learn to ” kill the RAT and save the CAT”

    let’s create the first STRIKE in ” Susan’s website” …..ok???……we want the politician to read what we write….what is point if we write and we “syok”……can we unite together….

    “strike in the BLOG”—– theme: kill the rat and save the cat
    Date: 8/6/08

    *i can 100% assure u that LIM will read it…….

    *pls msg or email ur frenssssss……….

  87. i-witness Jeff says:

    someone is implementing “JOD” …………………………….


    ………….save penang!!!!Susan!!!!

  88. robbin hookkk says:

    SUN 8/6/08…ok!!!!!!

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