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Mokhzani leaves UMNO – SO WHAT? Mahathir Mohammad advises UMNO MPs to ‘lompat’ – out of BN – SO WHAT? Mahathir, Mokhzani, Mukriz – ask Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to resign – SO WHAT?

Let’s get back to business.

What I want the papers to pursue is whether the AG will continue to investigate Mahathir over the findings in the Royal Commission of Inquiry that the latter was ‘entagled’ in the issue of appointment of judges.

Will the AG manage to rise above all the political madness, after Mahathir has cleverly diverted attention from his alleged crime to his resignation from UMNO, the sinking party? Dragging all his family in the furore, making headlines all over the world (not his fault) and making a fool of all of us Malaysians.

Let’s get back to business, shall we?

Looks like the newspapers, including the online ones are hysterical, more so than Mahathir himself, to go on and on about his case. What’s the fuss about?

It’s also nothing new or historic, nor is his action earth shattering as all other Prime Ministers, except for Tun Razak (who died on duty), has done it. Mahathir was just another copy cat.

It’s now back to business.

Since the AG has asked the ACA to investigate former chief justice Eusoff Chin and controversial lawyer VK Lingam, what about Mahathir?

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  1. sandyow says:

    Diversion my arse! Tun M’s gotta try harder to fool us people! Stop being a baby and stop panicking Tun. Show us what you’re (not) hiding. Now that he’s out of umno, what next, drop the Tun title? Then he’s totally powerless right?

  2. kittykat46 says:

    Classic magician’s trick, eh.
    Create some diversion elsewhere, so people take their eyes off the real action.
    It certainly helped keep Lingamgate off the headlines. I had suspected the whole episode was related in some way to the Lingam results.

    Yes, lets get back to business.
    What did Mahathir know about Lingamgate, and when did he know it ?

    The “political blackmail by Anwar” accusation doesn’t cut it. At the time the tapes were made, Anwar was in Sg. Buloh prison.

  3. Altantuya says:

    Every day we are watchin Drama Hari Ini and Soap operas! Boring!

  4. donpklaypuks says:

    Of all those recommended by the RCI for investigation, Maha Firaun will be the most difficult to be investigated, charged and convicted by the AG.

    Not that we have a most diligent, intelligent and sharp AG. No sir, he is a BN plant and will always be very quick to NFA a file if it involves having to charge a BN biggy.

    For Maha Firaun to be convicted, the others like VTL, EC, AF, TAM and VT will have to testify against him or be convicted first. Or, some other Judge or Minister will have to spill the beans.

    Also, to prevent Maha Firaun from turning the trial and courts into a Circus, he should be the last of the RCI candidates to be taken to court.

  5. Scott Thong says:

    Hahahahaha! Excellent and succinct image, Susan!

  6. Scott Thong says:

    Spot on about every PM resigning except Tun Razak.

    The Umno curse strikes, again

  7. amoker says:

    Give crony more money sure will keep people happy at their positions of power.

  8. jjcale says:

    What a wanker.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same

    In another year, Malaysian politics, politicians and the people will be back to their old miserable ways.
    PKR will be no different to BN, Najib will be PM and the Altantuya case will be a distant memory

  9. lucia says:

    yeah i agree. bloggers too should stop blogging about the old man’s drama of quiting umno now and concentrate (go back) on the 6 persons to be charged of the lingam tape findings.

  10. hutchrun says:

    The AG should be the one to investigated first:

    I was shocked that Dato Gani even had the gall to make such a suggestion to me. He obviously does not know me. I do not approve of such extraction of evidence against ANYONE, not even, or should I say least of all, a beggar picked up off the streets. A man’s life, or for that matter even his freedom, is not a tool for prosecution agencies to use as a bargaining chip. No jurisprudential system will condone such an act.

  11. hutchrun says:

    The linchpin would be the story behind the appointment of Augustine Paul as a Judge to hear Anwar`s case, and his hasty transfer from Ipoh to KL to enable it.

  12. Great Pretender says:

    Mahathir is the greatest ‘Pretender’.

    Don’t be fooled. Just open up your can of worms and tell all. History will be kinder to you then.

  13. hutchrun says:

    Latest from Anwar:
    I intend to topple government, says Anwar Ibrahim at Singapore press conference. Adds that best option is no-confidence vote against PM Abdullah Badawi, followed by snap election.

  14. Lea Cruz says:

    whats a fuss all about this past dated old man!! Does Malaysia has a better news to report rather than this ugly old man over and over again. BORING!!!!
    Malaysia is boring!!

  15. kittykat46 says:

    For all the talk about reforming the Judiciary, probably the area most in need of reform is not the Judiciary itself but the Attorney General’s Department and the Public Prosecution service.

    It has been blatantly politicised and dishonest when it comes to politically sensitive cases, and incompetent in many other common-or-garden cases.
    Mohtar, followed by Gani have really taken the office to its lowest ebb.

  16. kwai lan says:

    Che Det gotten himself Check Mated this time around ?

    Let Regent of Perak take over the admin…wat u all think huh ?

  17. BobbyNZ says:

    Yes, enough is enough and time to get back to business. All attempts to unseat Pak Lah by TDM clearly shows he has no hold on Pak Lah. TDM is clearly suffering from delusional schizophrenia. It’s best for him to seek psychiatric help.

  18. Thinkvision says:

    He was only jumping from the mother-ship full of ball-less (literally) hyenas into a black hole infested by retarded-politician-eating sharks. But along the way he might catch a ride from the Mongol-slayer submarine to send out his under-water torpedo to frighten and intimidate the occupants of the mother-ship and other ships in the vicinity as well.

    Since the mother-ship is steered by a blind, deaf and clueless captain, his act of jumping-ship might just be a wasteful and futile effort to dislodge the sleeping captain. In the process, he might be run over by the run-away mother-ship and died as a ‘paria’ 4-legged animal that always bark wolf.

    There is no happy ending here. Literally it’s either I ‘die’, you ‘die’ or he ‘dies’! What a shame for Malaysians.

  19. Lallang exile says:


    On Anwar

    SINGAPORE, May 20 — Datuk Anwar Ibrahim today gave a glimpse of the policy which will replace the New Economic Policy if his Pakatan Rakyat coalition comes to power in Malaysia.

    He said that affirmative action will be part of the New Economic Agenda and assured Bumiputeras that their rights will not be compromised””

    In other words, his “New Economic Agenda” would carry on the affirmative policies of the NEP.

    Now, what is new?

  20. hutchrun says:

    [ ]
    “Then Augustine Paul almost hit the roof,” Gibbs said. “Karpal doesn’t mind sticking a thistle up somebody’s nose. I thought he was going out the back door. I didn’t think he was walking out the front after this one.”

    Then Attorney General Gani Patail suddenly rose to announce that he was withdrawing the charge. Referring to representations by domestic and international legal bodies, he said that although he considered the charge properly laid, circumstances favoured the exercise of his discretion to discontinue the prosecution.

    “We thought pretty clearly that the briefs that had been presented made this prosecution an embarrassment to the government,” Gibbs told The Lawyers Weekly, “that internationally it was going to take a black eye. ” The case was going to attract immense publicity, even with the tame press in the country, with international observers there and it was just heading for a show trial that the government no longer wanted.”

    In other words, the international response was a total success. Judge Paul was not done, however. He ordered that Karpal’s conduct in suggesting he be “tribunalized” be reported to the Malaysian Bar Council for discipline. Following the hearing, Karpal approach the clerk to clarify exactly what was ordered. The clerk informed him that the judge had said, obviously out of earshot, that “he was going to put you in jail for contempt, but not with all those international observers present.”

    Gibbs noted that, to date, no contempt proceedings have been launched, and Karpal is pretty safe with the Bar Council.

    “I suspect he is going to be okay there. He is a bit of a legend at the Malaysian Bar.”

    Prime Minister Mahathir will no doubt be unhappy with how prosecution unfolded. In a statement reported to have been made in February during an interview in London, England, he noted that he sometimes “cracks jokes” about lawyers, including paraphrasing Shakespeare’s famous line, “the first thing we do, we hang all the lawyers.” He noted that, of course, he is not against all lawyers, just against some like Karpal Singh.

    “But there are some lawyers who of course go all out and say things which are nasty. Then I would like very much to hang the lawyers, these particular lawyers. But of course, this is just a wish.”

  21. Lallang exile says:


    If M joins PKR and brings his boys along, Anwar might not pursue the Lingam case. With the olive branch, M could now hedge the case to two people – Najib and Anwar.

    I say we keep AAB till the next election, and concentrate on the Lingam case until then.

  22. As expected Mamak Mahathir resignation is only a diversion.
    Other than his wife, only one of his sons and a few of his followers up in Northern Malaysian had only said they will resign with him. There is no one else, out of over three millions UMNO members are or have resigned. What a disappointment !
    Mamak Mahathir must be disappointed no one from the Cabinet has also resigned and had only discussed about his resignation for only five minutes. He must had expected a huge dance about it. Even five minutes is too much for the the big and corrupted liar Mamak.
    Even his own son from the UMNO Youth Wing, who has fat hope and dream to get elected as the leader or P.M. some day is not resigning.
    Lets not get diverted from the main issue for his involvement in the Lingam tape have him indicted as well as for all the crimes he has committed during his time as P.M..
    Before Mamak is be shut the up for good give him a couple of ‘slaps’ may be two black eyes and ensure that the Mamak does not get his final heart attack. Keep him alive to face his shares of Judgment and a taste of his own medicine.
    His children, just like Suharto, must also be indicted . Born a Mamak and die a Mamak, remember !!!

  23. hutchrun says:

    There are skeletons in whiskey Augustine`s closet.
    The main one being his son who was reported by Hjh Marina Yusuf as being on some serious charge. If true, that would point to the AG-Judge-PM nexus.

  24. novice101 says:

    Calling all Malaysians, go out and make a donation to help the cyclone-ravaged people of Myanmar and the earthquake-devastated people of Sichuan.

    The accumulated good will rid Malaysia of all the evil perpetrated by the evil doers. The universal law of cause and effect in action

  25. KIKILALA says:

    Mungkin M terlalu terdesak untuk melihat AAB resign kerana semenjak AAB jadi PM semakin lama semakin banyak ‘mess’ dia terbongkar. Mungkin dia khuatir kelak rakyat tidak akan menyanjung dia lagi.

    Keputusan tergesa-gesa ini mungkin juga satu taktik untuk mengalih perhatian umum terhadap penglibatannya dalam kes VK Linggam. Atau dia ada tujuan lain yang kita belum ketahui.

    Walau apa pun, dia tetap mantan PM yang banyak menyumbang kepada pembangunan negara. Cuma saya tidak berkenan dengan tindak tanduknya sekarang yang sedikit sebanyak menyumbang kepada krisis dalaman parti.

  26. wits0 says:

    Kittykat: “Mohtar, followed by Gani have really taken the office to its lowest ebb.”

    Mohtar could tar no more, rather poetically. The rest of the rogue gallery seems untouchable though. The people can’t be convinced that real reform is possible this way.

  27. targus says:

    its not a diversion.

    read carefully Tun Dr. Mahathir’s statement in full context. he is not worried to attend court charges. he is a man of principles. if he does not agree on anything he will speak out. the world knows him.

    of course you guys like weak leader like PakLah, its easy meat!

    long live Tun Dr. Mahathir !

  28. Navin says:



    BY DOING AS SUGGESTED ALOT OF MAHATIR’S TALK WILL DISAPPEAR FROM THE MSM AND BLOGGS but be dominated by the release of all the detainess under th ISA.




  29. Maverick says:

    what a lot of hypocrisy when TDM was in power and the PM we had a lot of blind politicians
    who were simply praising the old fool of politics for their own personal kickbacks. There was MCA, MIC, Gerakan , PPP and the politicians from the east who sold their race for some crumbs in the name of BN coalition. Did they have the guts to speak about tyrancy and all the misdeeds done by the rulling majority UMNO. It took a handfull of Indians ( Malaysian ) in the name of HINDRAF to spell out the arrogance of the government. All of a sudden there seems to be an outcry for greater transpancy. What a lot of rubbish, it was expected that this old fool will pull another hypocritical stale political stunt

  30. billauchris says:

    Tun resigned from UMNO. HIs resignation has caused and generated wide publicity, great interest and excitement among the common people on the streets. Besides, it has engendered various speculations on what Tun’s long lerm strategy is.

    For Tun to take such a step, I am sure he must have thought or pondered about the matter for some time. Tun is never one who takes rash decision and action.

    I just wonder whether there is a plot that is brewing within some disgruntled and ambitious UMNO members to seize power and control from AAB? One cannot tell what is going to come next. Politics are dirty and murky. To the profane, they may not know how those inside are working out their evil plots.

    I see a drama before me. All are actors. The only way to find out more is to stay calm relax and wait for the next move. By who? For whom? etc.

    If Tun’s rsignation were to signal the rising wave of change for the better, then it is a worthwhile sacrifice for the rakyat.
    If it were for self-aggrandisement, then his effort is wasted.

    Deep in mind, I have this hunch that bugs me to feel that there is much more to come.

  31. orang pasir says:

    Wow! Spot on dear Susan. Mahathir could fool all the people in the world with all his sandiwara but not you! Mahathir is a thief and is forever a thief, no matter what he does.

    According to Muslim’s law, Mahathir the thief would have been ‘potong kepala’ long ago lo!

  32. David says:

    Seems to me that most of you are turning your gun towards Mahathir and siding Abdullah by now.

  33. Ctizen Me says:

    Like all leaders of the Third World our leaders too have personalised national affairs and nationalised personal affairs. If this continues no one, not even the opposition, will able to save this country.

  34. Mahathir the longkang leader. says:

    Ha ha ha, Correct, correct, correct.
    Now that racist Tun is regreting like hell for no one follow him, not even a single MP. Shame is always done by ownself, this is a classic example.

  35. wits0 says:

    Madir has no contracts and new gravy train attraction anymore. Why should they follow him anymore?

  36. raj raman 666 says:

    the other day u puts up a joke about singaporean and its became a political bashing of laughing ended there.

    But today the above picture almost make me drop from my chair without reading your serious topics.
    sorry,cant coments further,my whole family watching me why am i laughing.

    rajraman666.just 4get the oldman and continue my business.

  37. dodgy inc says:

    This old Maha Fart seems to have exhausted all means to get publicities.
    Throwing in the towel to get notice is definitely a cheap scap stunt.

    Very boring indeed, non original and typical acts of a senile old man.

    I suggest throwing away all his clothes, opening up Mother of All Cans of Worm, Expose All and start running about naked in Parliament would undoubtedly create global headlines-news.

  38. whispering9 says:

    “Seems to me that most of you are turning your gun towards Mahathir and siding Abdullah by now.”

    I rather we look towards the future and judge AAB’s performance as our PM. Contrary to the feel-good scenario presented we could be facing crisis after crisis by mid year from economy to food to fuel. Instead, the gmen is just wasting tax monies and precious time on political issues, flavour and gains. How can any gmen perform with the endless politiking. If the present system brings TDM to court or ACA it is just ‘the pot calling the kettle black’. To me it is even ‘the fingers biting the hand that fed them’. Must first clean up the present system and restore proper governance before calling the him black and make a mockery of everything. If we can’t clean up the present mess why lend it immortality by putting all the blame on him? Any court trial will definitely takes years while the equally to be blamed culprits go unnoticed and unopposed, hiding within the government. Just let everything takes the natural course and pay more attention to running this country better.

  39. Edi神 says:

    His resignation is to the less concern of msian…

    Eveyone want to know the Lingam & Eusof & TAN & MADIR thingi

    are 4 of them gay partners?

  40. Muda says:

    As the old man used to sing ” …And I did it My WAYYYYYYYYYYY !! “

  41. wits0 says:

    A greater concern is why the AG is only about to investigate only 2 out of the 6 named in the RCI. Is it because he must be seen to be doing something and that these two are lower in the pecking order?

  42. cakap mesti bikin siap siap says:

    Mathias CHang got this. interesting:)

    Tun Salleh: Guilty or not guilty for judicial misconduct?



    Found Guilty, But Still Not “Guilty”

    It is incredible that after more than twenty years, the issue is still a matter for debate.

    In the normal course of things, especially in trial matters, when an accused has exhausted all his legal rights and is found guilty, the matter of his guilt is deemed “settled”. The guilty party has to serve his punishment and then move on.

    But in the case of Tun Salleh, the issue of his guilt still lingers on.


    I blame it on the failure of the government at the material time to explain adequately to the people the reasons for the setting up of a Tribunal to investigate into the judicial misconduct of Tun Salleh, the former Lord President of the then Supreme Court of Malaysia.

    This has led to the present sorry state of affairs concerning the Malaysian judiciary. How else can we explain that Pak Lah and his spin doctors can still exploit a “dead” issue to divert the attention of the people from his failures as a Prime Minister and the corrupt practices of his family in the process of amassing a fortune worth US$ billions?

    Till today, the principal players involved in the events leading to the dismissal of the former Lord President have failed to explain and or rebut adequately the criticisms levied against them. I refer to Tan Sri Abu Talib, the former Attorney General who brought the charges against Tun Salleh upon a complaint from the Agong, Tun Hamid Omar, the former Lord President who succeeded Tun Salleh and presided at the Tribunal, and last but not least, the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. They owe it to themselves to mount a rigorous rebuttal to all the misperceptions and insinuations that have been orchestrated against them over the years.

    I can say this because at the material time, I played a critical role in defending the judiciary in general and Tun Salleh in particular in several EGMs and AGMs of the Malaysian Bar. I had in a recent article expressed my regret in defending Tun Salleh.

    Maybe this explanation for my stand in withdrawing my support for Tun Salleh will in some measure lift the veil and bring to light the critical issues that led to the dismissal of Tun Salleh.

    But the ultimate responsibility to make things absolutely clear rest with the aforesaid principal players, and if they allow the present state of affairs to continue, they cannot then blame Pak Lah and his spin doctors for exploiting the issue to their advantage and opening themselves to be ridiculed further by their critics and political enemies.

    Matters of Perceptions & Misperceptions

    My motivation for rallying to the defence of the judiciary was simple enough. On hindsight and reviewing the events at the material time, and without the benefit of material facts that have since come to my attention, I am still of the view that my actions were justified.


    I am a lawyer, with over thirty years of experience under my belt and by training, “conservative” in matters relating to the law.

    It can be said without fear of contradiction that generally in most democratic countries, judges are held in the highest esteem and often times reflect the crowning achievement of respected practitioners who have mastered the skills of the craft. They must be of good character, well-versed in the law and of impeccable integrity.

    So, when judges gathered together in conference with Tun Salleh, the then Lord President, to discuss in strict confidence about the alleged “comments and accusations made by the Honourable Prime Minister against the judiciary”, one can only conclude that matters must be very serious and antagonistic, and the conflict between the executive and the judiciary had come to a head.

    Given the status enjoyed by the judiciary in Malaysia and the seniority of judges present at that meeting, it would not be unreasonable to empathise with the predicament faced by the judges, and for lawyers to instinctively rally to their cause.

    While on the one hand, we respect the right of anyone, including the executive to criticize a judgment e.g. for not interpreting the law in accordance with the intentions of Parliament (a valid criticism), it cannot be right for any executive in any country to undermine the independence of the judiciary.

    So, when the judges made that allegation against the executive, and there were no serious or effective efforts by the executive to explain that while reserving its rights to criticize, there was no intention to undermine the independence of the judiciary, lawyers were led to believe that the conflict was beyond the mere criticisms of erroneous judgments. This conclusion may well be misplaced and or incorrect. But nevertheless, it was the perception of a large number of lawyers.

    How else can we explain the rigorous defence of the judiciary by the members of the Malaysian Bar at the material time?

    I held that view on the facts available at the material time.

    The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth

    I have since discovered that the events that led to the dismissal of Tun Salleh were not as he explained in his book, “May Day for Justice”.

    Tun Salleh’s contention was that his complaint to the Agong aroused the anger of the then Prime Minister that led to this “unconstitutional dismissal”.

    How many Malaysians have read this complaint?

    In fact, it was an earlier complaint against the Agong himself by Tun Salleh that triggered the demand by the Agong that Tun Salleh be dismissed for writing a scandalous and imprudent letter.

    For reasons best known to the former Prime Minister and the former Attorney-General, this first letter was not made a subject matter of a charge of misconduct against Tun Salleh. I trust that in the near future, this matter will be brought to the attention of the public so as to dispel any illusions as to the reasons why the then Agong directed the former Prime Minister to dismiss Tun Salleh.

    The second letter by Tun Salleh to the Agong alleging executive interference in the judiciary exacerbated the already precarious relationship between Tun Salleh and the Agong.

    If, as alleged by Tun Salleh, it was the former Prime Minister who orchestrated the events that led to his dismissal, the letter of 5th May 1988 from the former Prime Minister to the Agong [which is reproduced in full below] will debunk this preposterous allegation.


    “[Customary salutations]

    Your Majesty,

    With all respect, I refer to Your Majesty’s Command that appropriate action be taken against Y.A.A. Tun Dato Haji Mohd Salleh bin Abbas on account of his letter to Your Majesty and to Their Royal Highnesses the Malay Rulers which was shown to me when I was in audience with Your Majesty on the 1st May 1988 at the Istana Negara.

    I have been advised by the Hon’ble the Attorney-General that I cannot take any action against him except in the circumstances allowed by Article 125 (3) of the Federal Constitution. That Article allows termination of the appointment of a judge only on the ground of his behaviour or for other causes which clearly show that he is unable to discharge his functions properly. I will therefore investigate and examine the position of Y.A.A. Tun Salleh, and if there is evidence of any behaviour or other causes, which, in my opinion, clearly show that he is no longer able to discharge his functions as Lord President properly and in an orderly manner, I shall then make an appropriate representation to Your Majesty. In the meantime Y.A.A. Tun Salleh must be allowed to continue in service.

    [Customary Conclusions]

    Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

    Dated 5th May 1988”

    (Emphasis added)


    It is clear from the underlined words (and in spite of Tun Salleh’s protests in his book) that it was an order/command from the Agong that Tun Salleh be dismissed.

    It is also equally clear that the former Prime Minister followed to the letter of the Constitution before taking any action as opposed to an immediate response and adherence to the Agong’s command. He was also duly advised by the then Hon’ble Attorney-General.

    Additionally, the former Prime Minister did not suspend Tun Salleh upon receiving the command from the Agong, pending investigations.

    So, how can it be said in the light of the aforesaid, that the former Prime Minister orchestrated the events that led to Tun Salleh’s dismissal?

    More importantly, why did Tun Salleh refuse to apologise to the Agong for his insolent letter after he was informed of His Majesty’s command that he be dismissed?

    Tun Salleh’s 2nd Letter to the Agong

    The first letter to the Agong was the proximate cause for the Agong’s command that Tun Salleh be dismissed.

    It is clear from the contents of Tun Salleh’s second letter to the Agong that the Agong had an additional reason to demand for Tun Salleh’s dismissal. Tun Salleh had in the letter admitted that he could no longer “discharge his functions orderly and properly” [a ground for dismissal under Article 125 (3) of the Federal Constitution].

    So, how can Tun Salleh thereafter complain that there were no grounds for his dismissal and or that his dismissal was unconstitutional?

    You be the judge.

    I now reproduce the said letter for your perusal.


    “[Customary salutations]

    Ampun Tuanku beribu-ribu ampun,

    I as Lord President on behalf of myself and all the judges of the country beg to express our feelings regarding the development in the relationship between the Executive and the Judiciary.

    All of us are disappointed with the various comments and accusations made by the Honourable Prime Minister against the Judiciary, not only outside but within Parliament.

    However all of us are patient and do not like to reply to the accusations publicly because such action is not compatible with our position as judges under the Constitution. Furthermore such action will not be in keeping with Malay tradition and custom. It is to be remembered that we are judges appointed and given letters of appointment by Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong and also Duli Yang Maha Mulia the Malay Rulers to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. As such it is only proper for us to be patient in the interest of the nation.

    Other than that the accusations and comments have brought shame to all of us and left us mentally disturbed to the extent of being unable to discharge our functions orderly and properly. We all feel ashamed because we are not able to avoid from being looked down by those who do not understand our position under the Constitution.

    This letter is an effort to convey our feelings to Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tuanku with the hope that all those unfounded accusations will be stopped.

    We beg for forgiveness and mercy.

    [Customary conclusions]

    Tun Dato Haji Mohd Salleh bin Abas

    Lord President of Malaysia.”

    (Emphasis added)


    This letter coming from the Lord President is a scandalous letter by any measure – an ill-conceived and insolent letter.

    The Agong is a constitutional monarch. Yet, in this letter, the Lord President, allegedly writing on behalf of the entire judiciary invites the Agong to take up cudgel with the former Prime Minister. The fact that the Agong referred the letter to the former Prime Minister shows that the Agong has a better grasp of his constitutional role than the Lord President, a man well-versed in law.

    And given his confession that he is “mentally disturbed to the extent of being unable to discharge our functions orderly and properly,” what choice has the Agong but to seek his dismissal?

    There were other serious charges against Tun Salleh.

    But in my opinion, this alone was sufficient to justify his dismissal as his conduct cannot but be deemed “judicial misbehavior” in the circumstances of the case.

    If anyone brought the institution to disrepute and destroyed the integrity of the judiciary, it is Tun Salleh and not the former Prime Minister.

    Adding insult to injury, and having accepted the fact that “judges appointed and given letters of appointment by Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong and also Duli Yang Maha Mulia the Malay Rulers”, Tun Salleh showed utter disrespect to the Agong [who convened the Tribunal] by refusing to appear before the said Tribunal to answer the charges.

    If, an ordinary citizen is charged with any offences and is required by law to appear before a court of law, how can the highest judicial officer of the country refuse to appear before a Tribunal convened at the behest of the Agong?

    And, as no one is above the law, even the Malay Rulers [as under the Constitution, they are required to attend before a Special Court, should they commit any offences], how can Tun Salleh justify his actions in not appearing before the Tribunal to defend himself, even if it is to complain that the Tribunal was not “properly constituted” [which I do not agree]?

    Tun Salleh and his legal advisers, comprising very senior lawyers did a disservice to the rule of law by their arrogance.


    There cannot be an independent judiciary in Malaysia so long as the myth persists that Tun Salleh was wrongfully dismissed.

    Those lawyers and judges who persist in perpetuating this myth are responsible for the current sorry state of the Malaysian judiciary. And to allow Pak Lah and his spin doctors to exploit this myth for their political expediency show all too clearly that their agenda is not to preserve the independence of the judiciary, but rather to advance their own hidden agenda.


    19TH MAY 2008


  43. Damocles says:

    “and making a fool of all of us Malaysians.” – Susan

    Is it surprising?
    Even Suharto, the former Indonesian President, has been called a great man!
    I’m sure his misdeeds, as well as that of his family, have been well documentated!
    That’s how extraordinarily naive people can be!

  44. Is this a prophecy?

    Someone who built his “new” ship, jump ship,
    What’s next? Will someone who built the tower, jump it too?

  45. wanadoo says:

    BN money train too good to all BN ministers ,mamak ask them to jump without supplying lifejackets…….you think any of them so stupid listen to his bullshit,even his own son is not joining him.

  46. Noor Aza Othman says:

    Susan, what about the barbaric death threat to the brave Karpal; please bring that up since it’s a serious issue of injustice. Is the police going to take action here? An MP, who’s even in a wheelchair like Karpal, is being targeted with racist and fascist intent just for criticizing so-called Malay privileges, yes, privileges that is, and the power of the Malay elite class?! What barbarity is this? This country is increasingly becoming like a Mafia and Taliban country, with criminals, rapists and murderers, and Taliban/Al-Qaeda fanatics going on rampage in this sorry nation-state! besides, Umno leaders and the royalty are not God, for goodness sake! The Malay civilization will remain primitive and become barbaric if the elite Malay leaders from Umno keep exploiting Islam and monarchy to keep the minds of the Malay ordinary class uncritical beings like cows! Just to sustain this elite class’s unjust power of dominance and acts of barbarity and injustice!!

    Noor Aza Othman.

  47. Big M’s resignatiion from UMNO has totally no bearing and concern of Malaysians. He is just another you and me now except for his title. He created all the sins which UMNO and BN inherited against non-bumis to slowly “kill” us all from making a livelihood in Malaysia BUT doesn’t he realise that we (non-bumis) are a resilient lot and could survive even being marginalised for 50 years?

    Susan: yes you are absolutely right. Let’s get back to business. Investigate all those named (and yet to be named), put the guilty behind bars and save the face of Malaysia in the eyes of the world.

  48. Surind says:

    Well said Susan, charge them all & throw them all in jail.

    People, you want justice? Ask your elected reps & supported PR parties what they are doing & are they serious about taking over the federal government asap. It’s clear nothing will come from race based BN. PAS, be careful… better get in shape before we throw you out!

  49. NO ISA! says:

    Well.. Tun Mahathir strategy is success when Malaysian People forgot to fine him on Lingam`s tape… 🙂

  50. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    With all the Ketetuanan Melayu Hype, Political Denials, National Financial Scams, scandals, etc unravelling & the theatrical sandiwaras at Parliament sittings, all the BN wayang kulits…..Just who is managing, stabilizing & correcting this nation & the rayaat plight!

    Our Nation is on the brink of Security, Political, Economic & Financial Chaos.

    Let us all Walk our Talk & move on to Correctly Govern this Nation & the rayaat !

    Hello, We are all in this badly listing ship together !!!!

  51. dodgy inc says:

    During Maha theif’s tenure, our economies were looted to the brinks of bankruptcy. Bailing out his 3 sons, cronies, transferring personal wealth overseas were his only games plan.

    When AAB took over, autopilot activated, went straight into slumber and let looting parties went on to higher gears.

    Now our economies are ditching. AAB was awake, only to plan his escape route.

  52. sandyow says:

    Yes, how great is that, in a way we are not supporting Mahathir, that means we are supporting Pak Lah! 😛

    Hey, gotta give him credit for simply not bowing down to such pressure. It takes a lot of guts when everyone seems to be against you, how many politicians can still stay firm on ground with his stand like him eh?

  53. kcee says:

    This former PM has got such humongous ego that he can’t help himself ranting & throwing trandums when he don’t get his way. Can you imagine had he not resigned what Malaysia would be like? Probably in a basket case like Zimbabwe!

  54. hutchrun says:

    Only Mat-thew can save Najib:

    And Najib is saying exactly what he said the other day – that he’s prepared to meet Dr M on the quit decision. What it means is that the Supreme Council has agreed for Najib to meet the Old Man. The meeting is to try persuade the Thorn to come back to the Flesh.

  55. hutchrun says:

    Only Mat-thew can save Najib:

    And Najib is saying exactly what he said the other day – that he’s prepared to meet Dr M on the quit decision. What it means is that the Supreme Council has agreed for Najib to meet the Old Man. The meeting is to try persuade the Thorn to come back to the Flesh.

  56. kittykat46 says:

    Meanwhile, crude oil prices breached $ 130 per barrel….there’s hyper inflation coming Soooon….and Bolehland is focused on Mahabazir vs. Bodowi.

    There’s a mother-of-all-storms coming

  57. ah long says:

    kittykat….you are 100% korrect. The current oil subsidy is 3 times all the taxes collected from personal income tax.

    This deficit cannot keep going forever. The subsidy is partially funded by a budget deficit. The government has to keep borrowing to finance this deficit.

    The size of the National debt has grown to such proportions that it soaks up 17% of out National budget just to pay the interest.

    BN has already warn that the subsidy has to go. If petrol prices double, inflation will top 20%.

    When the above happened in Indonesia there was a revolution and Suharto got tossed out. What will happen in Malaysia???

  58. novice101 says:

    Just stand aside and watch the show unfolding. See the endless shadow play of the directionless characters.

    mahathir is laughing in his heart at the gutless, spineless AAB. When they meet in Japan he will be wearing the despicable smile. After the meeting he will be pouring scorn at malleable AAB.

    Did any earth shaterring event occur after he resigned? It is already 2 days – it must disappoint him to no end. He thought there will be an exodus, so the majority of the people is right, mahathirism is dead.

    He knew that he and AAB will be going to Japan. He made the move because he knows the spineless lot will ask to meet him there. Now, he will have even more scorn and disrespect for this lot.

    As to najid, what else can you expect from him. Isn’t this his normal behavior. Hadn’t he stood with Ku Li and Musa Hitan till the last minute and then switched to mahathir’s side. Remember? Remember?

    Chandra is not the only despicable person in the present political scenario. Today we have 2 new persons to add to the list and also 2 organisations.

    PAS and PKR are the organisations and Nik Aziz and Azizah are the new individuals!

    The people who voted PRakyat have been sold out by PAS, Nik Aziz and also by PKR and Azizah. Now PAS is talking about “malay interest’ and Nik Aziz and Azizah are offering mahathir to join them. ‘The door is wide open to him’ …..ha!

  59. itioop says:

    The “Bapa Apartheid malaysia” resigned because he feared being sacked from umno after his involvement in the lingam tape

  60. Melayu this lah, melayu that lah! Why are so engrossed in themselves? The idiot who sent the bullet to the Tiger of Jelutong can’t even tell the difference between a bengali and a punjaban! If the guy had wrote there “awak ini India…” I might have bought him a bunga kemboja….

    Ini semua angkara maha tiu apa nama bapa korupsi!

  61. Ahmad Navi Abdullah says:

    Hi Susan,
    You are the fiorst blogger calling on the country to drop the topic on TDMs resignation and to move on. Syabas. The last week has been most boring; Mahathir resigns, his wife resigns, his son resigns, his other son doesn’t resign. That’s all we have been recieving on the MSMs and blogs. The country comes to a standstill; all for an old man who has resigned as PM and should be categorised ‘irrelavant’
    His past is catching up on him and he has to divert attention to something that will catch the fancy of the malay mind; thus his calls for malay unity, malay supremacy and other bull.
    On the other hand knowing his cunningness, he might be planning something bigger. Only time will tell.

  62. Lallang exile says:


    It’s for real and I will get the numbers to grab power, says Anwar
    Thursday, 22 May 2008 10:21am
    ©Today Online, Singapore (Used by permission)
    by Nazry Bahrawi

    A CONFIDENT Anwar Ibrahim met foreign correspondents based in Singapore yesterday and opened the door a wee bit more on his plans to grab power.

    Once the former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister and now torch-bearer for the Opposition has the numbers to make up a simple majority in Parliament, Mr Anwar said he will call for a vote of non-confidence in Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s government.

    The numbers game is a simple one. Twenty-nine more seats — that is what his grand coalition called Pakatan Rakyat needs to send an embattled Mr Abdullah and his ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) packing.

    But his audience did not seem totally convinced. A sense of expectation mixed with scepticism was evident among the foreign journalists, some of whom have followed his sensational roller-coaster political career with professional zeal.

    Do you really have the numbers, or is it just good psychological warfare, asked veteran journalist Barry Wain, who is now writing a book on former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

    Mr Anwar smiled somewhat coyly, then replied: “I’ve said it on April 14. Yes, we have the numbers.”

    Where does this confidence come from? Not wanting to give too much away, he said it came from reading the mood among the BN backbenchers. As though anticipating the follow-up question, the man who believes he is within kissing distance of becoming Prime Minister gave an example: Only three or four of Mr Abdullah’s diehards — and not 30 or 40 parliamentarians — rush to his defence every time Umno’s top leadership comes under attack.

    Want more evidence? Well, look no further than what Dr Mahathir said recently.

    Said Mr Anwar: “Even Mahathir has conceded: Yes, there is a possibility of Anwar taking over. He didn’t say it is going to be a turmoil, or a disaster or politically disastrous for the country.”

    Earlier this month, Dr Mahathir warned Umno members to take Mr Anwar’s threat seriously. He had said: “I first wanted to dismiss this possibility but on studying the situation I feel that there is a great danger.”

    With the opposition now controlling 82 out of 222 parliamentary seats, Mr Anwar said he needs only 30 BN lawmakers to cross over for the opposition to form the government to run the country with a simple majority.

    His concentration is all on the economically-backward states of Sarawak and Sabah, making regular visits there and offering them higher oil royalties if the ruling coalition party members will defect to his side.

    With Mr Anwar exuding confidence and with the Abdullah administration looking weaker by the day, what can the latter do to sidestep a looming checkmate kind of situation?

    Political scientist Ahmad Nidzamuddin of the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia said: “Maybe, if Pak Lah steps down, and someone else is elected by the majority of the Umno MPs -— not necessarily Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak — and if somebody from Sabah or Sarawak is elected as his deputy, this could prevent the opposition from taking over Parliament.”

    There is one other question: Can Mr Anwar become the next PM since he is still not an MP? And what about his plans to fight a by-election?

    A couple of constituencies have been identified but Mr Anwar said this plan is currently in limbo since he has not been given a clear date yet on when he could contest.

    Can someone ask Anwar whether he will let the six go if and when he becomes PM?

  63. hutchrun says:

    Getting down to business:

    364 villages heads in Selangor not recognised

    SHAH ALAM, May 22 — The Selangor state government does not recognise 364 village heads appointed by the federal government through the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development.

    State Executive Councillor for Agricultural Modernisation, Natural Resource Management and Entrepreneur Development Yaakob Safari said this was because only the state government had the right to appoint village heads under the state constitution.

  64. Aiyoo Tambi says:

    Mah-Muki Moki Veli ke poran geh.Semua angle orang sudah sekat pedapatan mereka. Mana ada orang politic ingat rakyat. Semua mau jaga sendiri punya soruu saja. Jadi kita orang lagi baik jaga kita punya sooru. Kalau ini macam negeri kita punya politic ,lama lama ,semua orang soruu misslah.Only in Malaysia boleh. Sebab kita sudah lama di-tipu,jadi dia orang mau tipu ini negeri punya rakyat. Bukalah mata raykat Malaysia…
    Malaysia Boleh…………..Ceri…bye bye

  65. hutchrun says:

    Bapa Corridor gets down to business:
    [ ]
    One wonders how many of these “Corridors” are going to be successful. Given the corrupt practice of awarding “negotiated contracts” — aka indecently overpriced projects awarded to political cronies, political leeches, sons, daughters and sons-in-law, family members or proxies for politicians with huge kickbacks for you know whom — will ensure that those who stride the corridors of power will be bloated by ill-gotten gains. Many with vested interests will be on the gravy train.

  66. David says:

    No point of bashing Mahathir at this time ‘cos it’s not our way to keep things going.
    Win or lose,our suffering will never end.
    With prices of rice and goods rocketing high, I’m pretty sure that in a few months time, it ‘ll be a hell for us.
    I, myself have already felt the pinch and sooner or later, I’ll be force to leave this country for good.
    Mahathir have bred a bunch of power hungry and “blood sucking army of vampires” and it’s his right for him to try to “destroy” his very own “creation” before they destroy him and the whole country.
    It could be a blessing to us all, if he really succeed.

  67. hutchrun says:

    Bersih buat laporan polis ke atas PM, Musa, Ghani dan Rashid
    Wan Nordin Wan Yaacob
    Thu | May 22, 08 | 2:05:48 pm MYT

    KUALA LUMPUR, 22 Mei (Hrkh) – Gabungan Pilihan Raya Adil dan Bersih (Bersih) telah membuat laporan polis ke atas Perdana Menteri, Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan tiga lagi individu berikutan isu pembatalan penggunaan dakwat kekal pada pilihan raya umum yang lalu.

    Setiausaha Sekretariat Bersih, Faisal Mustaffa yang membuat laporan itu di Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Dang Wangi (Tun H.S. Lee) dekat Jalan Stadium hari ini menegaskan, empat individu tersebut harus bertanggungjawab di atas pembatalan penggunaan dakwat itu.

    Tiga lagi yang disenaraikan dalam laporan polis yang dibuat itu ialah, Peguam Negara, Tan Sri Abdul Ghani Patail; Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Musa Hassan dan Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR), Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman.

    Turut serta semasa membuat laporan di Ibu Pejabat Polis Dang wangi pagi tadi ialah, calon KeADILan bagi Parlimen Rembau, Badrul Hisham Shaharin dan Jurucakap National Institute For Electroral Integrity (NIEI), Amin Iskandar.

  68. hutchrun says:

    ‘Royal probe on illegals will give Dr M chance to clear name’

  69. David says:

    Time and time, reports have been made against goverment parties for their wrongdoings and every reports that is made ended up nowhere.
    If report are made against opposition parties, police will swing into action without delay.
    And now, report made against the PM and his gang just because of the cancellation of inedible ink?
    What have we learnt from now?
    As long as Pak Lah and gang rules, no point of wasting time!!!

  70. kai says:

    Hi Lallang Exile

    That article about vote of no confidence, perhaps it’s time to get as many youngers to register to vote. If that happen, most likely BN will simply call for a snap election. I am sure the King will listen to the PM rather than the opposition. After all, don’t forget that the King has to appoint a new government or dissolve the parliament.

    You guys are so lucky.

  71. Sakai From The Ulu Kapit says:

    Bersih buat laporan polis ke atas PM, Musa, Ghani dan Rashid
    Wan Nordin Wan Yaacob
    Thu | May 22, 08 | 2:05:48 pm MYT


    Even before lodging a police report, 1 of the Hindraf leader even acknowledged that the police report won’t go any further, least they expect that they were arrested.

    Police BN.

  72. wanadoo says:

    Firework everywhere when Mamak kutty meninggal Umno apa jadi kalau meninggal world

  73. wits0 says:

    “kalau meninggal world”. Maybe he’ll even get a state funeral.

  74. people power says:

    Dey! People! Time to wake up man! We are the boss of this land and with people power, we want things to be for our way and not this old and greedy man’s way.

    This old sucker had been sucking blood from us relentlessly for over 22 long years and still wants to continue sucking meticulous blood from us.

    Dey! We where got so much blood for him to suck?

    We are dying letting this old leech sucking freely! Are we so dump letting him sucking till we gonged out completely?

    If we are another race in another country, this old and greedy sucking leech would have been ‘gandong’ long ago lah.

    Are we just too nice people or what letting this old and greedy sucker sucked until we got ‘dried dried’ without resisting back?

    Don’t you think this old greedy sucker is too much and would never want to set us free once and for all? This old and greedy sucker is the richest man in Bolehland but he still wants to continue sucking our blood to make him even richer?

    Where got such a man who would never satisfy his insatiable greed in this Universe even he got everything in life for many many generations?

    What does this old greedy sucker really want before stop sucking blood of Bolehians? What is the cut off point before he really really will let the poor and miserable Bolehians go?

    From the contemporary point of observation, seems like this old and greedy sucker wants to suck every drop of blood out from every Bolehian until there is not a single drop of blood in every Bolehian.

    Yelp! While we bloggers are blogging here, this old and greedy sucker is still continued sucking blood relentlessly from every Bolehian, and will continue to suck our children’s blood when his blood thirsty sons and daughters take over the ‘reign’ from him.

    That is why we have this power crazy play of the highest level even at this 21st century.

    It’s time the people power takes over the control of of Bolehland and allowing the rule of law takes over in this Bolehland and send all these lawless and greedy suckers to where they belong.

    People power is the greatest power in this land. It’s time people power shows it true power by all these useless, greedy and stupid parasites behind bars!

  75. Ctizen Me says:

    What is the difference between a developed country and a developing country. Developed country the people are generally well off but the government is rich. Developing country individuals are super rich but the nation is poor. Then you have the Canadian definition of aid- money taken from the poor people of rich countries and given to the rich people of poor countries.

    While the rats nibble away at our cheese in the Treasury people in developed countries circulate jokes similar to the above. We do not hear it because our main-stream-media has mastered the art of giving a positive twist to everything.

    So how do you get back to business? Financial accountability must be the foundation of our management. I for one cannot understand why we need to have a private consultant when we negotiate government to government contracts. Government has all the technical experts in the various ministries and surely there must be capable people who can oerganise the technical back-up necessary for all delicate negotiations. Paying a consultant form outside government not bound by the Treasury instructions only opens the system to all kinds of abuse. I can go on and on but I will stop here because the people in the know know what I am getting at.

    In developed countries citizens and corporations invest money all over the world and take the profits home to be invested in the fatherland. In develping countries it is the other way around. Money from contracts are taken overseas for safe – keeping. It is therefore very simple what the government has to do . Make it attractive for Malaysians to invest in Malaysia. Based on this simple policy we will be able to turn this country around.

  76. yapchongyee says:

    The situation in UMNO is beyond salvation and the sooner that the MCA realizes this and leave the BN the better. In any other country than Malaysia, the report of the Royal Commission is sufficient to bring down the government; but not in Malaysia because Malaysians do not know the rules of the game.

    Malaysians do not respect their own laws and Malaysians lack ethics & morals, so what is new ? Do you expect the present Attorney General to do his duty ? In Australia this sort of situation is likened to PIGS CAN FLY. Do not wait for the AG to take action. I have written to him, the Chief Justice, President of the Court of Appeal, President & Secretary of the Malaysian Bar, HRH Sultan Azalan Shah and his regent and they all do not even respond to my complaint. I charged a certain Court of Appeal Judge with CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR and I set out details that will convict this female judge; but Malaysian authorities do not even bother to reply to my letters.

    The only silver lining is the hope that Dato Sri Anwar will have form government. There has been a lot of self righteous indignation at suggestion that Anwar is unethical to poach BN Members of Parliament by cross over on the floor of Parliament. I do not see any such moral contradiction, but now I hear a perfectly sensible suggestion for Dato Sri Anwar to pass a no-confidence vote against the Dato Sri Ahmad Abdullah Bedawi, and if Anwar has the vote then he will secure the dissolution of Parliament if the government lose the vote of no confidence. This will be cause for a fresh election and the issue of cross over will be removed. However for those who will have to campaign again it may not be that simple to persuade them to do like wise. I believe it is best if Anwar secure his government by persuading BN Members of Parliament to cross over and forget all that bullshit about bloody righteousness, it never ever existed in the Barisan National so why bother.

  77. tamade says:

    This old man wants to leave UMNO because he is very angry with Pak Lah for not protecting him and offers him full immunity from all charges. But he cannot blame Pak Lah, he is the father of all ruins, cronyism, nepotism, and corruptions. He plays racial sentiments, he wants to see the races in Malaysia gaduh with each other, he loves to see one particular race become the TUAN to other races, he wants the Judges to be his yes men, he wants all the rakyat’s money go to the elites of the STINKING PARTY he immersed himself for the past 40 years. So, now Pak Lah and a few others want to clean his shits, he merajuk like a kid and refuses to give way. Pak lah, take a rotan and cane him properly, discipline this bad boy.

  78. rakyat says:

    Mahati & sons Co wants to topple Badawe as Mahati& Sons dont want Badawe to clean their shits. Badawe is cleaning the shits that mahati left behind. All the gold taken left the shit for Badawe. Our PM Badawi is doing the right thing and doing the right job for the nation and people by reforming judicial and corruptions carved by our Mahati & sons. the rakyat owns Malaysia not Mahati & Sons or the PM or the Umnos.Mahati & sons think they can do what they like and withdraw the rakyat money as they wish, as if Malaysia belongs to them. calling Bush, blair and Aussie former PM liars when mahati & sons are the biggest LIARS and Hypocrites!Mahati is akin to Malaysia suharto & family-Charged for corruption internationally.Btw, how come no more news about those sacked judges. Have they taken the ex-gratia.So money can “kow tim”(can settle) everybody in Bolih-Land.Cheap skates.

  79. tamade says:

    BN and UMNO lost badly in the Mac 2008 GE. UMNO’s image of corruption, nepotism, cronyism, leaders’ arrogance, and hegemony made the RAKYAT deserted them . This is the major factor, no one can deny it. The UMNO leaders thought that by having the SPR, police force, ACA,AG and MSM working closely with them, they can manipulate the RAKYAT again, but this time, they are wrong, the RAKYAT have regain their consciousness. They are not dumb fools. So Pak lah has to bring a new lease of life to BN and UMNO in oder to survive,, he must clean all the shits left by Mahafiraun, and his fleet of MBs, CMs. Through this process, the Mahafiraun feels the heat and his status and safety is at stake, so he fights back. That’s nothing personal of Pak Lah against Mahafiraun. He is doing his massive house cleaning. So, just do it, Pak lah, Zaid, Shahrir and those with conscience in Cabinet, and send the corrupts to jail. Now the Mahafiraun has created dangerous situation by playing the fire of racial hates and tensions, he is trying to paint a new picture of MALAY DILEMMA as in 1969. The AG and Police must nab him under ISA without any delay, put him in Kamunting for 6-10 years. Let him repent for the damage he has done to the RAKYAT and Bolehland. So Musa, are you there? Gani, are you there? The RAKYAT is watching, the whole world is watching..

  80. tamade says:

    Susan, BN and UMNO lost badly in the Mac 2008 GE. UMNO’s image of corruption, nepotism, cronyism, leaders’ arrogance, and hegemony made the RAKYAT deserted them . This is the major factor, no one can deny it. The UMNO leaders thought that by having the SPR, police force, ACA,AG and MSM working closely with them, they can manipulate the RAKYAT again, but this time, they are wrong, the RAKYAT have regain their consciousness. They are not dumb fools. So Pak lah has to bring a new lease of life to BN and UMNO in oder to survive,, he must clean all the shits left by Mahafiraun, and his fleet of MBs, CMs. Through this process, the Mahafiraun feels the heat and his status and safety is at stake, so he fights back. That’s nothing personal of Pak Lah against Mahafiraun. He is doing his massive house cleaning. So, just do it, Pak lah, Zaid, Shahrir and those with conscience in Cabinet, and send the corrupts to jail. Now the Mahafiraun has created dangerous situation by playing the fire of racial hates and tensions, he is trying to paint a new picture of MALAY DILEMMA as in 1969. The AG and Police must nab him under ISA without any delay, put him in Kamunting for 6-10 years. Let him repent for the damage he has done to the RAKYAT and Bolehland. So Musa, are you there? Gani, are you there? The RAKYAT is watching, the whole world is watching..

  81. hutchrun says:

    Capt Ahab `Thar she blows` is at it again:

    I’m unfortunately too far away to write too many intelligent things, but I note with some amusement TDM’s “No, I’m not racist what, where got” post.

    The thing I found twistedly funny about it is his use of the ‘i’m not racist, hindraf is racist – those indians, i tell you’ line, which too my overly active imagination might have been a double entrende to prove his Malay, as opposed to Indian, credentials (probably notlah).

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