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So many missing children! It’s appalling! More appalling is that more than half of those reported in the first 3 months of the year are still lost! And look at the figures! 242 missing kids between January – March this year! The actual cases, as admitted by the Minister, may actually be higher.

What are the police doing? ! & % $ @ K !

According to the STAR, Parliament heard yesterday that there were 1,649 cases of missing children reported last year.

“The ministry is serious about such cases and have taken numerous steps to tackle the issue,” said Deputy Women, Family and Community Minister Noriah Kasnon.

But how serious and what were the steps taken? Not very effective isn’t it?

Noriah said of the 1,649 cases in 2007, 86% were from the 14-17 age group and that there was a high possibility that they ran away on their own. Very convenient excuse, isn’t it?

“High possibility?” – The minister was making a statement based on speculation! How sure is she that many were not trafficked across borders as sex workers? Yes, boys and girls alike.

That there may actually be a syndicate operating on our land? That this is certainly a police case?

But the police seem most active when they are interfering in the country’s democratic system – like arresting and abusing people during rallies, and arresting bloggers when they become a thorn in the flesh of certain politicians !

Change now or begone !

*Note: I am not talking about prevention here. That’s another topic for another day. This post is about what action now that the kids are already missing. Hence, I did not touch on parental responsibility.

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  1. sandyow says:

    Police aside, it takes more than that to ensure the safety of our children. What can we do about the people’s ignorant attitude about missing kids? Where is the so called caring attitude we used to have toward our neighbours and the part of us who were always looking out for one another? Where did these criminals get the ideas to commit crimes against small defenseless children? Are malaysian parents going to be more observant and concerned about their child’s whereabouts from now on?

    it’s about all that too. It’s not just the police’s responsibility. It’s EVERYBODY’S.

  2. amoker says:

    For one, we should really tackle the issue on immigrants at the same time. Not all crimes are committed by immigrants but we have to control the situation. For locals, we can be more proactive. For police, they should go back to the streets. I remember once when the big bosses forced policeman to do their rounds, even high ranking ones. Suddenly, their presense is so intense that you can see a lull of violence.

  3. Dy says:

    Get rid of the illegal immigrants.There are too many around.

  4. artemus22 says:

    If millions of ‘pendatang tanpa izin’ can easily infiltrated into our country today, it won’t take them long to realize that it’s also very easy to smuggle little children out of the borders. The first culprits that we should blame are the ones that fail to keep our borders safe. Which ministry is in-charge of that?

  5. jughead says:

    stop employing foreign workers like in supermarket, resturants and cleaners and make our malaysians unemployed. What is wrong for students to work part-time instead as many are moonlighting when they studied in overseas. many Indon-chinese work in supermarkets as checkout, stock fillers and every chinese and hongkies as cleaners in overseas.

    Mata2 also spending time wollaping people like recent tolls in cheras. They are only good in hitting rakyat but close eyes to illegals and wrongdoers.

  6. la cha mau says:

    Malaysian Children are missing. The same can be said, “SO WHAT”? They are not my children, SO WHAT? Even if they are my children..SO WHAT? Counter that by having more sex and producing more….so much more that there is far too many to disappear. In the final analysis….SO WHAT?

  7. Ctizen Me says:

    Never forget that when you blame others for your problems three fingers are point towards you. And if you do it the national style then four fingers are pointing towards you. We should put national interest above self interest and get rid of this problem. I know that you cannot profit the wage earner by beating the wage payer. But it does not mean that they should be allowed to achieve their objectives at the expense of national interest.

  8. UMNO has kept the police busy sorting out the 20 over reports they made on a mere statement by Karpal. Another idiot ~ a UiTM student (supposedly) ~ has lodged a report saying the PR govt has not kept it’s pledge to give $100 to students. Where police got time to look for missing children with these jokers around?

  9. Edi神 says:

    Msia looks more like a mine field now…

    Danger Dnager gaggger


  10. caravanserai says:

    O missing children!
    Many running to thousands
    In the country

    And what do the police do?
    Chasing after the demonstrators of peace
    Running down MPs doing their jobs for the people
    And the crooks roaming free

    O missing children!
    Somewhere parents cry can’t go to sleep
    Pinning their hopes children will return
    Days gone to months then to years
    The tears dry up memory lingering on

    And the police
    Go after the wrong elements
    Wasting time going after NGOs
    And MPs fighting for the good of the country

    And the Darth Vader
    Looking down on his Dark Hill
    Finding ways to sustain his supremacy
    While the crooks steal the children away

    Police O Police!
    Do your right job; catch the crooks
    Children are missing
    You can’t even find them quickly

    And the publicity seekers
    Donating money forget to fight for crimes back home
    O missing children!
    Let the Lord shelter you in His care

  11. wits0 says:

    That’ll make some 2K grieving parents out there. We don’t see the MSM giving constant coverage about them – they’re too PC and self serving(won’t risk offending the System!) to do so. That’ll be seen to be putting pressure on u-know-hoo, if they do.

    The police may be to preoccupied with e.g., the police reports on Karpal. The noosepapers are choosing the trivial sensations for publishing, things which they think the people are interested in, not!

  12. dodgy inc says:

    Police’s modus operandi:

    Solving kidnap/missing person cases don’t pay bills,
    Being in traffics duties and collecting “Kopi Money” are more self-enriching,

    Recovering dead bodies are just too mundane job,
    Blowing up bodies with C4 will get a return favour from the Top and likely to get promotion.

    Keeping the protesting BMC-residents at bay was only for show,
    Getting overtime claims from Highway concessionaires is the real motive.

  13. Margeemar says:

    A suggestion was made to the Education Ministry today by the Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia (PKPIM) that the white blouse school uniform for schoolgirls be changed. According to the report published in Malaysiakini quoting Munirah Bahari of PKPIM, the white uniform worn by schoolgirls attract men’s lustful attention. She went on to add that the uniform disturbs the mind of the menfolk whether they want to look at the girls or not.

    She ‘brilliantly’ deduces that this ‘fatal attraction’ caused by the schoolgirl’s white blouse attracts men to commit rape, adultery and so forth on schoolgirls. Munirah also goes on to add that pre-marital sex and teenage sex are caused by the color of the school uniform!

    Someone please tell me if I’m living in Malaysia in the 21st Century or I’m living in 10th century Arabia! I think the PKPIM should instead find ways to improve the standard of English among Malay students instead of wasting time talking crap like this. The scary thing here is that the Education Ministry might just buy PKPIM’s crap and implement it as policy.

  14. robin hood says:

    How`s this to top it all off. According to Harian Metro, A student from a well known family had complained to his influential father of being reprimanded by a teacher. Said teacher got arrested and spent a night in a lock up.

    Syabas to our ever hardworking mata mata. So where got time to look for missing children? Teachers who scold children are a threat to national security, must arrest them cepat cepat.

    mata mata boleh! (ptui.)

    Gotta rinse off the bitter taste in my mouth now with a crate of beer. Anyone care to join me?

  15. ANg Kong says:

    ”A suggestion was made to the Education Ministry today by the Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia (PKPIM) that the white blouse school uniform for schoolgirls be changed.”

    huh? did i hear it right…on 1 hand, we sent ppl to the space, on the other, we have d mindset of cavemen…

    so what’s next?…. all women should never have been born. they only provide a way for men to commit rape. I just cannot believe how out of touch these ppl are.

  16. ktemoc says:

    la cha mau, I’m utterly shocked by your callous attitude 😦 I’m going to tell your mum

  17. xy says:

    Children are the future of the nation and society.

    The appalling number of missing children and lack of active public campaign to raise awareness of this serious problem speaks volumn about the “care/attitude” those in the relevant positions have towards the generation of our future society.

  18. sandyow says:

    margeemar, for your information, there are many weidos and sickos out there who have this fetish with little children in uniforms no matter what colour. It is true that the white colour is a little bit see through (hence why the girls are asked to where camisoles inside to erm, cover up a little bit). But that said, even by being covered up, there are still cases of women clas in tudung being raped or kidnapped too. So it’s not what you’re wearing, psychos will be psychos and changing the colour of uniforms to make it more decent will not make any difference to them anyway.

  19. CTW says:

    The parents of the missing children must be deeply traumatized by the tragic events and have sleepless nights. When so many children are physically missing, they must be mentally missing first from the minds of the policy makers and law enforcers and those entrusted to protect the children. This is a great betrayal of trust. If we want to measure the level of civilization, look at how the weak and the helpless in society are being treated. A society that is obsessed with the protection of the rich and the powerful has no time, no energy, no will, no interest, no heart and no mind for the vulnerable groups like the children. For too long the priority of the state is protection of the regime and not the people. Besides, our children are also being preyed upon by unethical businesses of violent computer games etc. How do our children look like when they reach adolescence and adulthood? If we no idea at all, something is wrong somewhere.

  20. kota bharu boy says:

    I feel that in Malaysia, esp under the “ketuanan mentality UMNO”, the good life is only for VIPs – police protection, selective prosecution (and conviction), business opportunities, right to express opinions etc.

    I hope this VIP shit mentality will change.

    Since the government is not interested, the Pakatan should propose and fight for a tough law that can protect children since we don’t have Islamic law. For example, if a person is in possession of a child which is not his or hers, and cannot explain why the child is in his or her possession then there should be a mandatory though sentence, maybe 50 years jail or death. This can be debated and fine-tuned but it is only my suggestion. This is the kind of thing that we should be looking at to measure the mettle of a government (or an opposition).

    If you abuse your ASTRO smart card the fine is RM500,000 for the protection of the billionaire crony to make money without being cheated. If you don’t pay toll, also tough sentence.

    In Islam, the laws are just and protective, and deterrent, but what chance have we got to have Islamic law when people are forced to see Islamic law through the eyes of UMNO and Shitamerica (shit again).

  21. Dharma says:

    Time for an audit of the Royal Malaysian Police….. just to see if their big bosses warrant the salary they get.
    How about something simple to begin with
    1. What is the ratio of missing children aged <14 who are reported missing to the number actually located?
    2. What is the ratio of missing children aged 14-18 who are reported missing to the number actually located?
    3. What is the ratio of violent crimes reported to the numbers solved?
    4. What is the overall ratio of reported crime to the numbers solved?
    5. What is the ratio of crimes solved without confession to those solved bt confession? (will show if investigative work is actually carried out)

  22. billauchris says:

    Dear Susan

    The disappearance of children has not been regarded seriously by the authorities. This problem did not just occur yesterday. It has been taking place year after year as reported in the news media. But what is more worrying is the alarming increae rate at which children’s disappearce is taking place. The authorities obviously have turned a deaf ear to this problem.

    Their lukewarm response is understandable as involvement is not as lucrative as setting up road blocks to check up cars and drivers that their respective road tax and driving licences are current. They just could care the traffic congestion they cause.

    Another serious administrative failure of the BN Government is that she has caused by her negligence an alarming increase of imported diseases into the country by not taking affirmative action to ensure that all foreign workers coming into the country to work are free of any medical conditions such as TB, Hepatitis, STDs, HIV?AIDS and Psychiatric problems.

    Just imagine out of the 42,000 that came into the country in 2007, 16,607 had TB, 10,953 had Hepatitis, 2824 had syphilis, 683 had HIV/AIDS, 147 had psychiatric problems and 2329 were found pregnant! (Re: New Sunday Times, May 25, 2008)

    Obviously the medical vetting system is not very reliable. Many of the Formema panel clinics were suspended for not doing a good job. Surpirsingly, only 39 were suspended; I believe the figure could be much higher.

    Foreign workers should never be allowed entry into the country in the first instant, if they do not meet the medical requiirements. And, pre-embarkation medical check-ups on these workers must be conducted by reliable accredited clinics. I think by the time the foreign workers arrive in Malaysia, it is already too late.

    A recommended practice is for Fomema to accredit clinics in countries where labour is recruited. Medical examinations must be carried out in those countries thoroughly before they are allowed entry into Malaysia.
    In this way, we prevent diseases from being brought into and proliferate the country. Otherwise, in the long term the people of Malaysia will have to pay a heavier price for health care.

    Friends, please write to highlight the problem so as to influence the authorities to take appropriate actions.

  23. billauchris says:

    Please refer to 2nd para line 4, which should read, “They just could not care less for the traffic congestion that they cause.” Sorry fo the typo inadvertence.

  24. SHAR says:

    are we not all immigrants, except for aboriginals? where is compassion in the 21st century!

  25. mayra says:

    hola soy mayra tengo 14 años me interesa los chicos desaparecidos ojala todos los niños vuelvan a sus casas . hay una señora que inmento missing children , pero , hace mucho se murio , pero si rezamos a ella y con muchos chicos van a parecer . soy de argentina buenos aires ( lugar donde vivo ) me despido , chau .

  26. AB LIM says:

    *hola soy mayra tengo 14 anos me interesa…..*mayra
    is there anyway you can explain it in simple English?
    Thank you.

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